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Madhuban Newsletter for November 2021 with Daily Points in English and Hindi

29 October 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for November 2021 with points for 1-30 November in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department, Madhuban


Newsletter in Hindi


Newsletter in English






Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: October 15- October 21 - Siddhi Swaroop

29 October 2021

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of Siddhi Swaroop from October 15th- October 21st  .

Thank you
Avyakti Parivar

Siddhi Swaroop - october 15th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 16th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 17th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 18th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 19th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 20th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 21st




Sister Jayanti – 24th October 2021 – GCH Be divine because you are now God’s children

25 October 2021

Yesterday we heard a very beautiful murli. How many of you were able to hear it? We’ll repeat it again tomorrow morning and we’ll read the murli of today’s date. When I was reading that, it’s the ‘89 murlis, November, and it struck me it’s only two days after the first murli, and Baba would come very frequently. It was much later on that Baba would come every two weeks or even sometimes every three weeks with a gap, but at that point still it was every two days. When I read the murli I was aware of the circumstances behind it. We have had a season without BapDada’s coming and the number of Brahmins everywhere has grown and everyone wants to come to Madhuban, and Dadi Prakashmani had the not-so-enviable task of satisfying everyone so it seems that a large number of people have come, more than the accommodation that was available in Pandav Bhawan, and we didn’t have Shantivan, and we didn’t have Gyansarovar, only Pandav Bhawan. So people are being informed beforehand, you are coming but what you are going to be is maybe a queen of the floor. It was an expression Baba would use and it meant that you are going to get a mattress on the floor, you’re not going to get a proper bed. And, you can only come for x days, you can’t come for an extended period. But many people have taken that on board and have come, so it’s very large groups that have come and are there in Madhuban at the time.


But why I mention that is because Baba often speaks about the qualities of a world emperor and one of the qualities is a very big heart. Everyone belongs to me, I belong to everyone. Dadi Prakashmani never had the thought that only this can come or whatever, but a big, big heart, and that I need to satisfy everyone. And that is actually what happened with Shantivan. At first it was just a fuel stop place with a bit of agriculture. We would go down there for picnics. There was no other activities going on. The lorries were there and it saved the lorries going all the way up the mountain. At some point about eight years later, in the mid-90s, Dadiji saw that there was a huge space in Shantivan and had the thought, “can we have a big tent?” Then it can be ten thousand people who can come and be in a big tent. And so, that’s how Shantivan started. With Dadi’s big heart, whoever wants to meet Baba should be able to come. This time also, Dadiji, “Yes, come” but there’s restrictions of accommodation.


But also Dadi Janki. Wherever in the world, Bharat or elsewhere, wherever anybody needed help, whatever resources, Dadi would make sure that she found a way to fulfil their need for Baba’s service. And Dadi Gulzar, a little bit different. When you saw her, Dadi Gulzar, of course, love for everyone, no question, but she was never into anything practical. The others were looking after everything practical. Her role as Baba’s instrument, and her role was unlimited and that was huge, but very interesting again to remember how Brahma Baba had a big, big heart, and Mama the same.


When you talk about the eight jewels and last night Baba was saying the qualities of the rulers will be visible here and now. That’s another murli but I won’t go into more detail, a very beautiful murli. You can see, that yes, definitely, Baba, Mama, of course, but certainly these three souls, the role they played, and the other one, Didiji, also very definitely. Didi Manmohini. Now there’s many Didis, but Didi Manmohini, the first Didi. So you see this big heart, this generosity, this caring spirit, concern for every single individual, that again struck me in the context that Baba is speaking.


Baba is talking about divinity and how do we move from Kaliyug to a state of divinity and I’m not sure what polite word to use for the condition of humans today, sub-human, less than human, but that really is the condition of the world generally. And, yes there are shining lights here and there but, generally speaking, really the qualities of even a human being in terms of consideration and respect, these are not even divine qualities, they’re human qualities. Cooperation, non-violence – these are human qualities. What happened to them? And, so to come back to those, firstly just being human, and then beyond that to becoming divine.


From the sakar murlis there’s one thing that comes through again, again and again, and that is remembrance, smriti, awareness - to keep that awareness that I’m God’s child all the time. But how do I keep that awareness? And, of course, there’s that trajectory, there’s smriti, vriti and drishti, kriti then sanskriti and then shrishti. Is anyone not familiar with these terms? So, smriti – awareness, vriti – attitude, then drishti, it’s part of Brahmin language, you know it. And, then kriti – actions, then sanskriti – the culture, and then shrishti – the world. Baba has often taken this trajectory on how your awareness can change the world, ‘when you change the world changes’, and all the steps in between also. But the question, how to keep that awareness? The sakar murlis have given a very clear indication of that, that you are able to come to a state of awareness when you check what’s going on in your churning. Baba uses the word churning quite a lot in the sakar murlis, the avyakt murlis also, but it started way back. And, so what is it that’s going on in the machine, that’s going on non-stop, the narrative that’s going on in here? What is it that’s going on? Changing my sanskars - my thoughts are coming from my sanskars - changing my sanskars takes a lot of yoga power. With my thoughts I can be faster and I can start working on something in a very conscious way, to be able to change what’s going on in here. That’s taking something from Baba’s murli every day. Taking one point, two points, three points, whatever it is, and use that as a method to change the quality of my thinking, and also asking myself the question, and that will trigger what I’ve read in the murli in the morning. What does Baba say about this? How does Baba see this? And, if I keep reminding myself of that, there won’t be negative thoughts, there won’t even be ordinary thoughts. Baba has talked a lot today, don’t even just be human, don’t just be ordinary, be more than that, be divine because you are now God’s children.


And, another thing connected with that in just a minute. But, when do I start firstly even revising Baba’s murli in my mind? We finish the murli then we go off to our homes, there isn’t anything I need to do in that immediate space usually, but most often in the immediate space between murli and breakfast, and even during breakfast, there’s nothing immediate that needs to take my head space or it doesn’t need to take that. What I can do in that period, whether it’s going home and it’s taking me ten minutes or it’s taking me half an hour but rather than think about my ‘what to do’ list for the day, if I can use that time to revise Baba’s murli, it’ll underline a few things in my awareness.


Let me go back to the Hindi words, manan, chintan, mantan. ‘Manan’, where I’m just reflecting on something, and then ‘chintan’, if I’m reflecting on something it’s underlining something in my awareness and it’s going deeper. The word ‘chinta’ is worry and the word ‘chintan’ is just that … I don’t know the proper English word for it … that’s right, it could be … ‘manan’ could be revision and ‘chintan’ could be reflection. And, the more I reflect on Baba’s murli, the more aware I become, but also it leads me to that churning, that space where I can draw something powerful, the essence of what I’ve heard for myself. So keeping that essence with myself is what’s going to then lead to a state of awareness. ‘Mantan’ and ‘simiran’ is going on automatically in your mind, the soundless chant. You’ve been revising it, reflecting on it and so it’s now deeper within you and so it will come up automatically, and so the ‘simiran’, the soundless chant, in which it’s going on inside and then the ‘smriti’, the awareness. So Baba has given us many different steps and, in fact, I also have to say that it was Dadi Janki who clarified in more detail all of these different steps. Within the whole yagya, it was Dadi Janki’s role to actually clarify many, many aspects of Baba’s gyan. It was a blessing she had from Baba in the fifties. Baba asked her, in Amritsar, early morning. She’s there in Amritsar, Punjab, and Baba has come to visit and before going to class she has gone to meet Baba, and Baba said, ‘”Janak, do you churn?” She didn’t want to say no, but she couldn’t say yes. And, so from her face, Baba said, “okay, you have a big head and so what you do is fill that big head with churning and the jewels will emerge”. And, she took it as Baba’s blessing, and after that, and it would have been 1955-56, till the end of her days, her speciality was churning, reflecting. At amrit vela, I would see Dadi glance at the murli. She wouldn’t spend 15 minutes, but just a few minutes, just glancing at the murli, just getting something that she would then use for amrit vela in her meditation and then 10.30 or 11 o’clock at night was Dadi’s usual timetable, and she’d say to me,  “Did you think about what Baba said this morning?” And, I would say, “tell me Dadi, what did you think about it?”. Most times my head would have been into many things. And so it would be a very lovely reminder, something from Baba’s murli and so there was nothing else in her head except Baba’s murli, and how to do everything on the external level through Baba’s murli.


So, don’t let yourself be ordinary because if there’s ordinary thoughts there will be ordinary words and ordinary actions and Sangamyug is too precious to just let it pass by on an ordinary level. There’s no accumulation, so even if the work you’re doing seems simple but your thoughts being elevated make it spiritual. And the way to make it spiritual is through the steps of revision etc, etc. So the more I think about Baba’s murli, the more I am able to move away from that level of ordinariness. And, a very interesting comment that Baba has made today, that, for you this is the period of accumulation, and the account for others is different, and so, well, what is the difference between the world out there and Baba’s children? Well, they don’t have spiritual gyan. They don’t have that knowledge. But, also their entry point to the cycle is just from the Copper Age and so from Copper Age onwards, yes, whatever good they have accumulated through their prayers, their good deeds, their philanthropy, whatever it is. And, of course, philanthropy today is very mixed. It’s for many other motives. It’s not just for the sake of others, which is what philanthropy is meant to be, for the sake of other human beings. a) There’s name and fame that’s connected and, b) they give philanthropy in a way in which there’s an income being generated from it, so it’s a bit messy at the end of Kaliyug. But, that pure state of actual giving, so souls with those sanskars will have an accumulation, a prayer, their love for God and then whatever goodness there is. So they bring that with them to the Copper Age and that determines their role within the tree, but it doesn’t bring them into Satyug, as the starting point for Satyug is where I recognize God and then my efforts, numberwise, and that whole story, the recognition of God. So, their account is different, and that’s okay.


For us, the only time for accumulation is now and Baba has used the expression ‘now or never’. And the sand of time is trickling very quickly now, so if my time is going into anything negative there’s a big impact of that but, the second stage, ordinary, and it’s precious time being lost, and so can I do what I need to do on the external level but keep my thoughts very clean, very pure, very elevated, and, if I can do that, I’ve moved from ordinary into, not just positivity, but beyond positivity, elevated. A comment that Dadi would often make, you talk about positive thinking, okay that’s a good step but it's not good enough. You have to go beyond just thinking positively and move to that stage where it’s elevated.


And, so if I’m keeping track of what’s going on in my mind, then yes, I’m going to be able to accumulate. And, yes, the first step of accumulation is the quality of my thoughts and that’s going to be reflected in my words and actions but what level am I thinking in? Me, or immediate family or a circle of friends and family or the unlimited, and at this moment we still have choice. Baba reminds us that very soon the board of ‘too late’ will come up. That’s in the murli from last night. But at the moment still, and when Baba spoke it there was a lot of time left still, even though individuals didn’t know how much time. But now, today, we can see that circumstances are changing very quickly so can I just accumulate at every moment? And, again a very lovely statement from Baba, “one moment of love from you for Baba brings you multifold times love back from Baba”, so that is also accumulation, so am I using my time in Baba’s love and accumulating that drop by drop by drop – and the multiplication – and Baba is ready to give me a huge amount of love at all times.


In the Golden Age, souls are completely content. In the Copper Age, even then when we start searching for God, I know that it’s been the power of God’s love that we were feeling that’s enabled us to go through the search and all the troubles of Kaliyug. Troubles didn’t start for us in the Copper Age, they probably started for us in the Iron Age. But, all the troubles that souls have experienced, the trauma they have gone through, in whichever birth, but God’s love has still kept us going, or if not God’s love, the love for Truth, and that brought us to Baba. So, the accumulation is not just for half the cycle but is for the whole cycle. That’s another big difference between lokik and what we’re doing today.


And, Baba has mentioned another very interesting thing. What are the signs of perfection? And, Baba’s comment is that when you have the sense of fullness, and you can’t just say you’re nearly there. Some people think they’re nearly there, but Baba’s saying that you’ll feel it because there will be the signs of fullness within and when you really are feeling full, the sign of that is no desires, not subtle, not gross, nothing, just absolutely that state of fullness in which the physical senses don’t pull me. I’m not trapped by like and dislike. I like it like this, I don’t like it like this. No. It’s okay. That state of going beyond the physical senses, that state of going beyond wanting regard, respect, power, and the state in which really that soul is so full of self respect, it’s not a matter whether you give me respect or you don’t, but the soul is full. And the stage Baba often talks about, in sakar and avyakt murlis, no desires, nothing at all, not even for service. The machinery of service happens automatically with God’s power and to whatever extent I want to create my fortune I have to tap into it and do whatever it is I can, but God’s work is not going to stop, it’s not going to wait for a human being. It’s fixed within the Drama and it is going to happen. So, that total state of being an instrument, being a puppet. Again, the example of the Dadis. I think it was last week Baba said, service is your shadow, it’s going to follow you wherever you go. You don’t have to think about it. I want to do this, I want to do that. Baba will touch you, the door will open and it will happen. So powerful awareness where Baba is then able to reach me and touch me. So, again, Baba’s comments and reflect on those comments, little sentences, little phrases, and there’s a huge amount of depth there. So all those things mostly from today’s murli.


And, one other thing that I want to comment on. Baba is saying, never let go of your happiness. Even if you’re having to let go of the body, leave it happily and you’ll carry that sanskar of happiness with you. I’m not saying to Baba, protect me so that this body continues to survive. I’m saying to Baba, Baba, for as long as I have this body, I am grateful. It’s enabling me to do service and to remember You, both. But I’m not saying to Baba, protect this so as I don’t have to leave it. Baba’s got a lovely comment, “even if you leave this body, do it happily”, even if it’s the time when the transition period is very close. But even if you take another body, it’ll be better than this one because this one is already x years old and the next one will definitely be better. Satyug, of course, it’s going to be satopradhan. But, even if there’s a little bit of space now, it’s okay. So, keeping my happiness alive, no matter what goes on, but I have to make sure that I stay happy. It’s not an external thing, rather if external circumstances are taking away my happiness, it’s a huge loss of my fortune. But whatever are the external circumstances, can I keep myself light and easy and happy. And, it means there’s something I have to do inside to achieve that, and again it comes back to the right thinking. Is the wheel of my thoughts moving in the right direction or has the wheel started to move in the wrong direction? Be able to check what it is that triggers the movement in the negative direction. Baba has talked about checking yourself deeply. Not superficial checking. Baba has talked a lot about that but really checking yourself deeply. So part of the process of deep checking is, ‘what do I still desire?’ The second thing would be, ‘what is the trigger that takes away my happiness?’ Once you identify the triggers you don’t have to wait for it to happen. When the wheel has started moving in the opposite direction then it’s a struggle to get it back. But when I know that this, this and this is a trigger, so before the thoughts start flowing, you stop them there. And, this thing about accumulation through thoughts, words and actions. It isn’t a difficult thing. It’s really just the mindset that I have, the awareness that I have and something simple can become powerful and elevated, just making sure that my thoughts are in the right direction and accumulation of fortune is still possible.


Baba has made it very, very easy for us to create fortune at every moment, at every step. My own experience is that, if I’ve been churning, I’ve been keeping the mind on track then opportunities open up that weren’t there before, or if they were, they were hidden behind a wall or behind a door and I couldn’t see them. But sort out the inside and the doors open and you walk through the doors and it’s huge, huge opportunity for fortune for every Brahmin at all times. Sangamyug means that there’s always opportunity and always fortune available for absolutely every single soul.


God is unlimited and so God doesn’t say, you can have and you can’t have, or it’s not that it’s restricted to one group or anything like that. It’s just open fortune, open treasure. If I believe what Baba’s saying, well this is what Baba’s saying, so the challenge is my faith. How deeply do I believe all the things that Baba tells me in the murli? Or am I turning things around a little bit differently?


Om Shanti



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Sudesh Didi, 17.10.2021 - Sunday Morning Class: Mercy, Love and Blessings GCH

21 October 2021

Mercy, Love and Blessings

Om shanti. Om shanti. Good morning. Golden morning. Happy morning. Beautiful song of the Ocean of Love.

 We are lost in Your Love, merge in Your Love. God is Love. God is Light. God is Truth. His power, His praise is the Ocean of Love, the Merciful Lord and the Bestower of Blessings. Which aspect of this love am I, the soul, connected to?

What is the difference between mercy, love and blessings? It is the power of love, God's love, that brings Him here from the incorporeal world to the corporeal world. And the soul experiences love only when He comes on this planet. In the Golden Age, we are not aware of where we get all this fortune from: happiness, power, purity, wisdom, truth, sovereignty and kingdom. So, when we do receive it, we do not express this love. He does not come into Golden Age. He does not come in the Copper age and Iron Age, either. In the corporeal world, there is peace and power. But souls do not experience love there in the Soul World. Only at the Confluence Age does He express and give the proof of His love.

On the path of bhakti, we experienced the mercy of God. This is an aspect of love, but it is in the packet of mercy. The difference between love and mercy is that love offers support, sustenance, care, attention and protection beforehand, and not at the time of need. God the Father, the Parent, at this time at the Confluence Age, also gives love, and at the same time, He expresses how He has been merciful.

Love means relationship and belonging. On the path of bhakti, the souls do remember God, but it is a different relationship. It is the relationship of a beggar asking for peace and asking for love. Love does not wait to be asked. Love is given without needing another to be aware of what they are receiving. Therefore, it is called selfless love, benevolent love, pure love, unlimited love, divine Love and spiritual love. Baba says that it is the love that brings you close to Him, and His love is drawing us to Him. But how does He first express His love?

Many souls say, "God is love, but I don't experience love." How does He express His love? First thing is to make me aware. When there is love for another, we protect them, support them, uplift them and enable them just like how parents express love for their child. Parents do not give love only after the child is born. Their love is expressed beforehand: all the preparation of the child's comfort, thinking of their education, thinking of all their vision that how the child will study and what he will become. Parents have dreamed beforehand of their elevated stage. In the same way, when God comes here, He comes with the dream, as parents have their hopes and dreams for the children, to see us again, to make us into what He had made us before, a pure divine being, an elevated soul.

We first need to be aware of what kind of love He gives. It is not emotional love; it is not physical love; it is not the love that you experience from human beings. It is Godly love. God is bodiless, and He gives to bodiless souls. Yet it is not through the fact that He is bodiless and souls are bodiless. The wonder is that the Incorporeal, who is bodiless, comes into the body in order to make us experience His love. He says, "You have been in the body for a long time. Now if you want to experience My love, be bodiless." It is spiritual love. It is pure love. This pure love is magnetic. Spiritual love is magnetic energy. Spiritual love empowers the soul. Godly love empowers the soul to break all the bondages, to overcome difficulties and to conquer challenges.

It is only when I understand that God loves me, the soul, and not the body, that I can be empowered. He first gives His love in the form of the knowledge and creating self-respect in me. I have lost love for my own self when I lost my self-respect. I lost self-respect and began feeling guilty when I became a sinner, when I became impure, unworthy and downtrodden. I could not love myself.  

God first makes you aware of how valuable you are, how pure you are, how respect-worthy you are. This is why His love is expressed in the form of knowledge. And it is not incognito. It is general for everyone. Baba gives to everyone. So Father is forever, He is for all souls, but His love is expressed in the relationship of the Teacher. Firstly, He makes you aware of who you are, what your qualities are, what your original status is and what strength is within you. In this way, He is giving me my new identity, giving me my self-respect. When we understand the knowledge clearly, and what we have received from God, automatically, gratitude comes.

If we have not understood the knowledge, no matter how much Baba is giving, we are not able to catch His love or appreciate what he has given us. It is as if I am not recognising the value of the diamond. If someone gives me a diamond, and I think it is a stone, no matter how valuable it is, for me, there is no joy in having it. This is how Baba first gives me love in the relationship of the Teacher.

Although Baba is the Father and the Satguru, the Liberator for all, His love can be experienced, can be achieved, and be enjoyed through our relationship with Him as the Ocean of Knowledge, as the Teacher. He gives love in the form of knowledge. And the more you are able to realise yourself and know myself, the more the self begins to accept and understand the teachings. And in this way, I experience how this true love is protecting me, guiding me, enabling me to become powerful.

When I cannot experience His love, it means something is missing, that I am not believing what He is saying is true. He is the Truth. But as He is telling me what I am, I hold on to my stage of the past in the path of bhakti. Then I put my weaknesses and my defects before me. That blocks me from seeing my real qualities of the ideal self. In other words, body consciousness does not allow me to experience love, neither of my own self, of other human beings, nor of God.

In soul consciousness, the soul is experiencing God's love with pure consciousness. As the soul has love for Baba, and begins to gain experience, they are able to catch Baba's love. It is just like Baba showers upon you the blessings, while continues with giving mercy.

Mercy means that we have made mistakes. We have been suffering, but He does not blame us. He comes to protect and support us. Mercy is after-support. If somebody is sick, you feel mercy. If somebody is poor, you give them wealth. Mercy is after-support whereas with love, you make arrangement beforehand. At the Confluence Age, He makes all the arrangements of the Golden Aged kingdom for me. But at the same time, he is enabling me to achieve the power from the Almighty. So the sustenance of the Father's love is experienced by being soul-conscious and Godly love is experienced through teachings. Baba says that you are not able to imbibe it, you are not able to take in His love because the soul is not understanding the value of what Baba is giving me.

Love is not a physical thing. Love is the power of purity. The power which enables the soul to transform itself. If mistakes are made, He does not reject us or hate us. He reminds us that we were elevated. He first shows me my beauty, then He shows me the contrast. In showing the contrast between my original beauty and my ugliness from the past, I can understand and begin to love myself. As I, the soul, begin to love the self, I am able to experience and appreciate God's love more and more.

It is true that I am the child of God, and the inheritance is my birthright. All my qualities, all my powers are natural qualities in me. But without having a relationship with the Teacher, without knowledge, I cannot claim the inheritance. The reason that other souls do not claim the kingdom, though they are also the children of God, is because the relationship with the Teacher is missing. So at this time, He becomes our teacher, and supports us in different ways. This is why Baba says today that, as soon as there is this loveful relationship, Baba gives you the blessings of being ever-fortunate, ever-healthy and ever-wealthy. By eating the nourishment of happiness, by recognising the value of what Baba is making me, He liberates me from my sufferings and my weaknesses. Baba explains that because souls sometimes are not able to appreciate His sustenance, they block themselves from it. For example, your mother cooks something for you, you say, "Oh, it was so tasty." Then, time and time again, your mother cooks something fresh with attention for you, you like it and appreciate it more and more. So when I begin to appreciate what Baba is giving, I begin to believe in myself more and more, and my connection with Him naturally becomes stronger. In this way, I begin to recognise the Truth, and say, “Yes Baba, what you are saying is true that I was a divine being, and I will become again.” So then the mantra of Manmanabhav, my mind is focused on Baba, is experienced. My mind becomes clear and powerful, because the soul is experiencing love.

When the mind has not accepted this love, the thoughts will not change. Without knowledge, thoughts cannot be changed. It is with the right understanding that your intellect guides the mind. If the intellect is not connected, which means the knowledge is not in the self, faith is not in my intellect, no matter how much I say I love God, I would not be able to imbibe that.

The proof that I have imbibed the sustenance is that, not only do I love God, I have love for everyone in every situation. Fire is fire. It does not mean that fire only burns in one place and shows no heat in another. So reality is reality. If I have really accepted and understood His love in the form of His teachings. I will put that into practice, because whoever you love, you accept their guidance. If you love, you naturally will understand the signal as well. If you love someone, you want to give the proof to what you say. So you will be able to imbibe this soul-conscious love in a practical way. You will automatically begin to have love for other souls as well.

In soul consciousness, I am able to give love to others. In body consciousness, I become possessive. I do not let go. I am giving love, but I am trying to draw something from them rather than giving. But love means let go; love means be light. Although the weaknesses are there, you are open to understand, you are open to communicate with them, you are open to guide them. You do not hate them. You do not reject them. So first thing is that the teachings become natural in my life. It means I would be able to imbibe love in the form of knowledge of virtues. It is not only just the knowledge that I am a soul. Love is one of the virtues and one of the powers. Love presents itself as one of the qualities. This is why, in a mother's love, she cares. She has dedication, parents' love for the children, they work very hard, and then they support their children. And so at that time, the hard work is not considered hard work. Love makes it easy. So, if I love Baba, then whatever knowledge He is giving me, I will become the embodiment of knowledge. This means the embodiment of knowledge of the original qualities of God, the original power of God and the original power of myself.

The proof is that, in soul consciousness, we automatically go beyond cast, colour, age, religion; you go beyond all these barriers which have created violence and problems in the society. God's love instantly makes us let go of past influences and open ourselves to understand, open to accept others and open to appreciate the specialties of others.

Another aspect of God's love is His pure vision. It is not possible for Him to have a vision of me being degraded. His vision for me is that I was a divine being, I was a perfect being, and I was double-crowned king. I was so elevated. So God's love has a pure and divine vision. In the same way, even if there are some weaknesses in others, you will immediately think of helping them, improving them, supporting them. Baba says, "Have mercy on others; have love for others. The souls are crying, but you will liberate them, and make them like yourself." So Baba's love becomes real love. You will begin to experience help from everywhere. Baba, then, begins to support, indirectly, through an instrument. Brahma Baba reminds us that all the Brahmins are Shiv Baba's hands. Once you begin to imbibe virtues, when you encounter any difficulties, problems, or challenges, you automatically receive help. The family will begin to support; time begins to help; circumstances change. Indirectly, through His children, Baba becomes our support and strength, to empower the soul.

When I am able to understand this pure love, my love also becomes selfless and benevolent. My meeting with each other and my relationship with each other make me free from worldly attraction and worldly desires, then automatically I recognise the truth, true love and my relationship with Baba. Having Baba, the Bestower of blessings, naturally, one does not need to make effort anymore, because blessings are automatically received from God. So Baba, the Satguru, liberates you from working hard, from hopelessness and from unworthiness. Baba says, "Love makes everything easy because you are getting support and sustenance. I am your Companion. You keep company with Me. I am your Canopy." If I can understand, believe and imbibe this power within me, then automatically, with the truth of knowledge that Baba has given me, with the truth of spiritual yoga power Baba has given to us, you feel liberation and nothing is difficult.

Baba is the Teacher. Easy Raj Yoga is the aim that Baba has given, and it becomes our total focus. Baba's power, family's power, the power of your elevated actions automatically enable you to reach your goal. Then your vision for the self and others will constantly be elevated.

As I gradually let go of body consciousness more and more, I begin to love myself more and more. As I let go of the weaknesses of others, and open myself to learning from them, my vision and my love are filled with pure feelings. As my heart opens, I will be able to support them. It is mercy. Love begins to be expressed in the form of mercy, in the form of support, in the form of forgiveness, and in the form of benevolence. Then Godly qualities become our qualities. This is the proof that I have received God's love. If not, it means you have not made this your natural energy.

When you give without being asked, you become a deity. When you are asking, you become a devotee. So, this is Brahmin jeevan, Brahmin life. When I begin to have love for Baba, love for myself, love for service (A serviceable child cannot stay without service.) This love is the proof that I am Baba's helper. Your dedication becomes natural; your sacrifice becomes natural; you will not calculate how much time and energy you give.

Godly quality of love is expressed in the form of knowledge, in the form of relationship, in the form of supporting myself and supporting others, and connecting souls with God. This means you love yourself, love God, and love others. Then Baba starts giving blessings and others start giving blessings. But in order to experience the Bestower of Blessing, first, you have to experience a relationship instead of God's mercy.

Mercy is second-quality love. Blessings is the first-quality love, because it makes everything easy, and that is possible only when I have the qualities of honesty and humility. When I'm honest, I do not have possessiveness and ego.  As I am giving, I am aware that it is not me, but the power of God that is doing the task. He made me an instrument. It is not the doctor, but the medicine that cures the patient. In the same way, as we remove the I-consciousness in you, you will begin to appreciate more and love others more. You become so happy when others are experiencing happiness. The proof of love is that I would never have jealousy if I see God loves others. In physical love and worldly love, there is jealousy, there are waste thoughts, there is criticism, and someone will create obstacles. God's pure love is true love. When there is true love, the more you experience Baba’s love, the more you come closer to Baba, the more you begin to progress. What will happen? You will experience happiness. For example, as your students receive knowledge, they begin to experience God’s love, are you happy or are you jealous? You are happy, because true love has no weaknesses, no vices, no defects, only perfection. This is why God's love is truth. God's love is purity and purity is the power. Satguru’s love is true love, which makes us into gold, real gold.

Om shanti.

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REPLAY: Murli Revision with Sis Jayanti Date: 18th Oct, 2021

19 October 2021

Murli Revision with Sr.Jayanti 

YouTube Link   https://youtu.be/1GRShS_BjoI



Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi :October 8- October 14 - Siddhi Swaroop

19 October 2021

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of Siddhi Swaroop from October 8th- October 14th  .

Thank you
Avyakti Parivar

Siddhi Swaroop - october 8th

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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi :October 1- October 7 - Siddhi Swaroop

17 October 2021

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of Siddhi Swaroop from October 1- October 7  .

Thank you
Avyakti Parivar

Siddhi Swaroop - october 1st

Siddhi Swaroop - october 2nd

Siddhi Swaroop - october 3rd

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Siddhi Swaroop - october 6th

Siddhi Swaroop - october 7th



Sister Jayanti – 10th October 2021 – GCH, London In storms we need to mould and adjust

11 October 2021

The memory of this particular murli is very clear in my awareness because this was a time when, in August 1988, Dadiji had specially called a group of about 15 people, all of those who were working across the world to Madhuban. Then in Madhuban we were meeting the main instruments of Bharat to be able to see how to work together for this international project. Baba has talked about it a lot and again today in the murli Baba is also talking about “the Global Cooperation for a Better World”.

It was quite a challenge. It was the first time that Bharat was working with people from abroad in an intimate way. Until then, we were always guests in Bharat.  And so whatever was decided by Madhuban and (of course that system still continues today for everything) was fine and that is what we would do. But after the successful “Million Minutes”, it was clear that things had to be done a little bit differently. Not just seminars and conferences, but a very different approach. So working with the UN office, Baba’s office in New York and then London as the Coordinating Office, and Nairobi and Sidney… Moscow came a bit later. But working with India was a very interesting experience for us and for them. We were managing to dance together pretty well and Baba was very pleased to see this, especially when He came at that time.

You heard the murli last week in which Baba was saying He was not going to come back for the next season - which was a fact, Baba did not come for the following season. But in between, Dadi Gulzar was in Abu for these meetings and she was able to be Baba’s chariot and so we had a very special meeting with Baba, and you will be hearing about that in the murli. Baba’s point was very specifically that when Brahmins come together with their ideas, and there is one thought and one idea today, then in the future that can lead to the same sanskars. Not in terms of loss of individuality, but in terms of purity, love, and truth, all of these qualities which are the essential qualities of the soul. And these qualities belong to every human being, not just the Brahmin family. To one extent or another, these original qualities belong to every human soul.

Baba is saying that at this moment you are coming together with one idea, one thought, but now move forward to the stage where sanskars also come together. For the Brahmin family it is not just those original sanskars coming together, but of being “Bapsamaan”, and so to be able to create the sanskars to be like the Father. And when that happens, that will be the magnet to bring all souls closer together. And through that there will be God’s revelation.

So Baba gave us a big challenge to bring all sanskars together – not just by having one idea, or another idea today, but can we all come together with those same sets of sanskars with the aim of becoming Bapsamaan? The most important quality that Baba has mentioned is the quality to mould the self. If you think about trees that are tall and strong, it is because their roots are very deep and  also because they are able to bend with the wind. And so yes, I have to be firm on my basic principles. And so those roots are very interconnected with each other; deep-roots, strong roots and so our faith, our vision is the same. And so the roots come together very powerfully, but the tree has to be able to bend otherwise it will break.

Baba is reminding us that, whatever are the situations of the world, whatever are the storms that are going to come, we have to be able to mould and adjust. So yes, having very deep roots is going to be powerful and helpful. But also, a couple of days ago, Baba was talking about:  “marjeeva jeevan”: the living death and the rebirth.  And for Brahmins – the word “Brahmin” means twice born “dvija”, and so it is not about castes, but rather it is that idea of spiritual rebirth.  And that idea of spiritual rebirth comes in many traditions and Christianity especially.

But what does Baba mean when He’s talking to us and saying:  make sure that you don’t come alive in the past birth but you stay in your spiritual birth, your new birth, as a Brahmin. Baba specified that: Let there be not any sanskars of your past birth, but let there now be the sanskars of your new birth. Let there be a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of working and a new way of living.  And in that stage yes, it will be my original deity sanskars that will emerge following that train of thought that Baba is using.

When you physically let go of the body then you let go of everybody around you also. And when you are reborn then you have a new set of relations and there must be karma from the past that is carried to have brought you to that family.

But it is also an opportunity for a very new interaction and new sanskars. And the family is new and so the quality of interaction is very different and very new. nd here, whether it’s lokik or alokik, I am with the same group, I am staying with the same people and maybe I’m changing, but they are not changing and so at that moment what do I do? How am I able to remember my new birth and my new sanskars?

And so when Baba says it takes effort… and usually, most often, when the expression “it’s difficult” comes then it comes for 2 things: it comes for soul consciousness and Baba says “it takes effort’ [to become soul conscious]. But it also comes for remembrance of God. Being stable in the remembrance of One is also not so easy; the mind slips away very quickly.  

So especially for that first step of soul consciousness, I have to keep reminding myself: this is my new birth, it isn’t my old birth. I am new. I now have a new set of Parents; yes I have the old parents still with me and I am connected with them, but my new parents are BapDada. Most of you did not meet Mama, but most of you have met BapDada.  So BapDada are my new Parents now.

And so what is their hope and expectation for me? Am I able to fulfill those hopes and expectations?

And so I was thinking that to allow that flexibility to come I have to keep reminding myself of this new birth and a shift from my old way of thinking…whatever that may have been. And now I want to be able to claim Baba’s love and experience Baba’s love …(the meditation song was very beautiful; Baba invoking us to come to the subtle region and experience the love of the subtle region and experience the joy of Sangamyug through that)… and so if I stay down here I can’t experience Baba’s love. But if I’m following Baba’s directions in all the things that I do, then I can stay up above and Baba’s love becomes real and accessible.

And so today’s murli is very much about Baba seeing how everyone is coming together with love and as a result of that Baba came to meet that group and of course acknowledging Bharatwasis and the souls that came from abroad from far away. But in particular, on a very practical physical level at that time, it felt that seeing us altogether Baba is responding to that and Baba was giving us a huge amount of love.

And so today the same thing applies: if we are doing what Baba wants us to do…and it is interesting that Baba always played with “UK” as “OK”, but also, UK, the United Kingdom.  And so in satyug truly there is the United Kingdom, but, the rehearsal for that and the experience for that today is to be able to come together in that love, so that then it is not “my idea” or “your idea” but we are able to tune into Baba and see what is it that Baba wants.

And once we are able to do that then it is going to be the same idea and the same thought – it’s not going to be a debate. It is going to be absolutely harmonious and we are going to be able to move forward together. And Baba very categorically is saying that, that is the magnet that is going to be able to reveal Baba to the world: seeing the unity of many different traditions coming together, many professions coming together, many everything coming together!  All the variety, all the diversity, is coming together as one.

It’s true that when people see a multicolored rainbow gathering, their question is “what is it that holds everyone together?” And we would always say, it is our love for Baba, and through that our love for each other also. Yes, we are together but yet, the next step is are we able to bring our ideas and our thoughts absolutely together so that truly, it is one idea and one thought and that is what manifests in a practical way. So Baba was giving us the return of our love and unity and actually coming to meet that particular group from abroad but also the instrument from Bharat.

Another very interesting thing that Baba was talking about in the murli was about bringing different groups of professionals together. Baba had also mentioned it in last week’s murli as well. The person who picked up and ran with this was Jagdishbhai. Jagdishbhai put in a good amount of time and energy gathering different professionals together. And of course what made it easier was that even then the population of the Brahmin family in Bharat was 10 times bigger than the one abroad.And so there were always people who belonged to all the different professions who were then able to become the foundation for creating a situation, where other lokik professionals would come and join.

And so today Baba is saying again that you started this and so do as much as you can. And what you can’t do is also fine, even a little is okay. But whatever you are doing now is going to be the seed for the future. And many years later today, one of the most active things that happen in Bharat is that they have gathered all the different professional wings and of course now there are thousands of wings and all of them are serving very intensely within those particular wings. And each wing is managing to do amazing things.

And so Baba definitely predicted everything that would happen through Global Corporation. We don’t have ‘Wings’ here and I don’t think anywhere outside of Bharat, they have Wings as such- you have little groups and so different professional groups that have been serving and that has been one of the most rewarding services in GRC. And I’m sure that Baba will inspire us to do even more later on with GRC.

But it was again a very interesting experience, whether it was medical people or whether it was mental health or social workers or teachers, all the different varieties of professions and people coming together for that and carrying away not just inspiration and good feelings but they would actually carry away and do something. Not just Brahmins but lokik people who would come, they would carry that idea away and do something within their profession. And so I am seeing how Baba gives us signals and to whatever extent we pick up on those signals it becomes very powerful and a beautiful reality. So the service that started way back then, has been flourishing all these years and continues and moves forward even further. But the main lesson for us is learning to mould, learning to adjust and learning to be flexible.

Om shanti


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Sister Jayanti – 18th July 2021 – Revision of Avyakt Murli of 16.02.1988

7 October 2021

Om shanti to everyone. Yesterday’s murli was about celebrations, with very beautiful comments from Baba. It’s wonderful for me to know that. BapDada is so happy when he incarnates, and he sees his children as his first creation. Baba kept expressing this in such a lovely way saying you are my loving children, you are my cooperative children, you are the children who have been supporting me in the task of establishment, you are the ones who are always loving and close. God’s appreciation of his children was very beautiful to hear and to feel and I think everybody must have felt very uplifted by that. God is celebrating our birth with his birth.

I was hearing the Shivratri murlis most of the time for the last 50 years and I used to wonder where Baba was getting such material from as the topic was the same, Shivratri. Yet every time I hear a Shivratri murli Baba comes up with new aspects in his sharing and it would just give me an awareness and it felt awesome that here was the unlimited ocean taking up one subject but sharing different aspects of it every single year. Yes, it truly is a taste of the ocean when Baba talks about any one of the festivals and in particular we always had the good fortune of Shivratri and then later on Holi.

So this time it is the appreciation of the loving children who are the nearest and the dearest. The whole world contains my children, they are the eternal children, but you are the original children. Baba differentiates between the two and then talks about the Bhagats celebrating the incorporeal as the image of the shivalingam but for us that awareness is the point. Or ‘the dot’ and yet within that dot is the ocean, the ocean of knowledge, the ocean of virtues, the ocean of powers and so for us that is our understanding of awareness. For the Bhagats, maybe some of them understand that the lingam is just the memorial and the reality is God as light. We hoist ShivBaba’s flag and it’s usually a sign of recognising Baba’s home, that this is the home where God is and so God is in charge and we take it as an opportunity to serve souls in many countries. I know that in many countries it’s taken as an opportunity to invite guests and to have them hoist the flag with us and Baba is saying that service of the corporeal world is the service that now the children are responsible for but What flag is Baba hoisting? And so just imagine multi-thousands of flags being hoisted in Baba’s heart. Can you think about how big Baba’s heart is to be able to establish all those flags and hoist them all? In Bharat they have this lovely system that we have copied when we hoist flags abroad. The rolling up of the flag is done in such a way that the flowers are held there. When the flag is hoisted the trick is to pull the string that’s going to unfurl the flag and allow the flowers to come down - 99% of the time it happens but there is always a moment of tension when you are under the flag. Are the flowers going to get stuck and then with a little help from above the flowers fall on us and Baba is saying that when the flowers fall on you then Baba is remembering your specialties because the flag is your specialties and when Baba unfurls that flag then those blessings that reach you are the blessings of immortality, the blessings of being imperishable, the blessings of being stable and unshakable. I had a chance to reflect on the different aspects of each of these words and where Baba’s saying ‘May you be imperishable always’ I interpreted that as a reminder of the imperishable soul, the eternal soul that I am and the blessing of immortality that I have. In Satyug we have immortal lives, death never comes to us. It’s just literally a transition, leaving an old body and entering a new one.

In Sangamyug we have seen how Brahmins come and sometimes sadly they go and so the blessing of immortality in Sangamyug is ‘may you be immortal’ in this Brahmin life of yours and may there never be anything that makes you shake. You are absolutely stable and you are immovable in your faith and your principles and so sometimes little things come and shake us but Baba’s blessings make you stable, immovable and unshakable. Every word that Baba speaks is absolutely significant and sometimes we hear these words and we don’t take time to reflect on them. Later I spent a moment reflecting on the difference between those words: eternal, imperishable and   immortal. Baba was talking more about his joy. Why? Because this time last week we were hearing about Brahma Baba and his special love for his children and today we are hearing about Baba talking about God speaking about his love for his children. Why? Because these are the ones who left Paramdham very early on and went through the whole cycle of 5000 years. Brahmins also took spiritual birth and incarnated with God. That was the moment of the beautiful meeting of God with the beloved children whom he had missed all this time. When there is a reunion of those who loved each other deeply, especially if it’s a reunion after a long separation, then it’s a very beautiful meeting and so the children feel they have been searching for God for half a klapa and they are so happy that God has found them but God seems to be even happier than us because we don’t remember him but he remembers us and came to find us. Such a beautiful expression of love.

Baba spoke about something else that happens in terms of Sangamyug. When Baba speaks about Maya everybody loves it. When we are in front of Baba or even in class hearing all about God’s love and all of that, then Baba starts talking about Maya. It makes you laugh and there isn’t a sakar murli that doesn’t speak about Maya or even an avyakt murli in which there isn’t some reference to Maya. Baba’s very interesting comment is that Maya loves you so much that she is pulling you and wanting you to belong to her again and so Maya plays many games but do I recognise it as a game? She throws the ball of lust and anger. Am I swift enough to throw that ball back at her, catch it, understand it, recognise it and know that if I allow this ball to stay with me it’s going to become bondage? Very quickly it comes, but I throw it straight back so that it doesn’t stay, it doesn’t linger. If it lingers it’s going to create more and more problems. Baba spoke about throwing the ball, which in many of the games we play also means kicking the ball. Kick it away, fast. Baba also spoke about Mickey mouse and maybe this was the first time in an avyakt murli we heard about Mickey mouse.  Baba’s watching all the games the world plays and the cartoon people creating characters like Mickey mouse and all the cats, mice and dogs and all the other creatures that they have created and how all of this is going on within the cartoons and Baba’s saying that’s exactly what it is, it’s a game, it’s a cartoon, don’t let it affect you, don’t be scared of it, don’t be confused by it. Treat it exactly as it is, it’s a game. Baba’s saying imagine you are a spectator or you are in the game whichever it is and if you think the ball is coming, it’s going to actually hit you. You are scared and want to step out of it but it’s not going to hit you. It’s for a different purpose, it’s a game - you catch it and you throw it straight back. Why should it hit you? So don’t be afraid, or get confused or upset. A very lovely comment by Baba that I appreciated greatly was Baba saying anything that has come will also go. Nothing stays the same forever and sometimes you think, oh! This has gone on too long. But it’s okay, there was a moment when it came and there’ll be a moment when it goes and if you watch a drama there is no scene that goes on and on and on forever. It has a starting point and a finish point and the drama scene changes and so does this eternal drama. Sometimes, things may take a little bit longer. It’s come and there will be a time when it’s gone and so the lesson is: don’t get impatient, don’t get upset or angry about it, it’s a game and it’s drama. It’s come and it will be gone.

Baba gave us a very special blessing that he kept reminding us about through the whole murli. He is a poet and finds rhyming words in Hindi such as utsay (festival) and utsah (enthusiasm) and so when there is a festival it reminds us to maintain enthusiasm. Other people celebrate the festival for a day or a few days but Sangamyug, a special time of meeting with God, is the festival day for every single day. So don’t let festivities finish on one day or in two days but just remember every day is a special meeting with God, every day is a day of blessings. The song that was played at the start  was thanking God for the special opportunities that God has given us to keep thanking him for all the things and the attainments that have been given in Sangamyug so that each day, each moment of Brahmin life was felt with enthusiasm. I know I have to maintain that continually. I didn’t know Brahma Baba on a day to day basis. Dadi Prakashmani did lose her enthusiasm once. When Baba announced that he wouldn’t be coming one year Dadi was so disheartened. But the next day when she asked us if we would come even if Baba didn't come and we all put up our hands, the smile returned to her face instantly. But that was the only time I ever saw her lose her enthusiasm and that was because Baba announced, ‘I will be coming next season’. And so that was something difficult for Dadi to bear but everybody inspired Dadi to be enthusiastic again when we said, We will come whether Baba comes or not.

Dadi Kumarka, with her enthusiasm, supported the construction of a bakery in Madhuban and buying a bicycle. These were methods to bring the family together. Whoever was around would come and just experience the joy of the family gathering. It’s great there is a bakery now, and a new bike. In lokik life we don’t enjoy things in a way that Brahmins do, or in a way that the Dadis inspired us to. Dadi Janki used to give almonds and toli to everyone she met along the way and she does that in Global House which is full of Brahmins so that’s fine, but she does that in the airport. In the last few years we had to carry big boxes of toli to the airport when we knew Dadi was coming back. Hansa would carry a lot of toli anyway but it was always for everybody and it became a great service and brought a beautiful smile to people’s faces. Enthusiasm in all the little things kept that love, that flame of God’s love alive in everyone’s hearts. Didi was the other person I saw being continuously enthusiastic, for example, she would say ‘Shall we play musical chairs today?’ and we didn’t even have a park. We used to visit Peace Park but it was not our property at that point but we had picnics there anyway. We would just go on a mountain there on the rocks or be in the courtyard of Pandav Bhawan just outside the Baba’s room in that little space. She would have the chairs lined up and she would have great fun with all of us.

When I have God in my heart, there can be love and enthusiasm and Baba pointing out how or when people are worried in lokik life about the task they have to do. When they have too many things to think about it becomes a burden and so then you hear them say: ‘Oh! I am tired now’. They haven’t done anything, they were just thinking about it, then the mental energy expanded and they got tired and for Brahmins it’s been big plans and it’s been hours and hours that we sat there. It’s okay! We didn’t even notice the time, three hours will go by in meetings, People say would you do a three hours meeting? Well it’s a lot of people, it’s a lot of feelings, it’s a lot of opinions and everything has to be considered and so three hours were fine. Dadi Ji used to go every day to be with the people who were lifting the rocks when Omshanti Bhawan was being built. She was there in front of the queue, lifting the first few rocks by herself. It was heavy duty physical work but her enthusiasm inspired enthusiasm in everybody else, it kept them flying but it also kept us flying and so we need to continue the legacy. We also stay enthusiastic and inspire everyone around us to have the same enthusiasm and  festivities all the time. But Baba also then gave us two words to be able to maintain that stage of enthusiasm. Baba gave us these words last week and repeated them again: ‘sakshi and sathi’, the observers and the companions. First become the detached observer. I can be the detached observer in soul consciousness. I can experience God’s love and not get trapped in all the things that are going on. You know, sometimes you get so embroiled in the game, where we are ready to fight each other because the other party seems to be winning. You clap for the one who has won even if your own team has lost. You clap for everyone and so in Kalyug, at the end of Kalyug, people have actually forgotten about that detachment perspective of a game. Baba’s reminding us it’s a game, be a detached observer, and then you can keep God as your companion, otherwise you will lose sight of God again and you will not have that enthusiasm. Again Baba’s reminding us that he is supporting us. We need to be able to be with Baba and not get entangled with all the things that are going on around us.

This beautiful murli of festivities talks of being up above and also of Baba’s appreciation of the ones who he loves so much and how they are helping him in the whole task of establishment with their love and cooperation. I don’t think it’s just for those just sitting there. No, Baba said he’s seeing souls who were there but also it needs to apply more widely. All the souls who are hearing Baba’s murli with love in their hearts, give love from the comfort of their hearts to all those children. We used to carry cards, letters and tolis to Madhuban and I am sure we’ll still continue to do that, once the gates of Madhuban are open again to visitors. I am sure that we will carry all those tolis because Baba’s children love tolis and so that system will continue. Baba appreciated that, thanking them all and literally merging them in front of his eyes and giving all of them appreciation and love and tremendous appreciation for the honesty of the children abroad. They write to Baba. What does Baba do?  Baba remembers you and Baba gives you blessings and power so that you are able to deal with whatever it is that comes your way. Baba’s love keeps that enthusiasm for us in moving forward. Baba is also saying that, if you are enthusiastic, obstacles come but you are able to overcome them very naturally and easily so don’t get stuck, just hand it over to Baba. You have the courage and the power to be able to go beyond. Baba is also talking about the fruit that you receive if you have done something with Baba’s love with courage and faith. Then the return of that will immediately be the power and the joy that you feel, not exhaustion. If there is exhaustion after service there was something missing in the consciousness with which I did that service.

Baba also talks about the value of Brahma bhogen. Food prepared in God’s remembrance and food offered to God and food eaten in God’s remembrance is power for mind and body. No one’s ever become sick if it’s food prepared with love and in God’s remembrance. Baba’s also mentioning something very interesting. If there is impure money then maybe it’s because of a shady deal. Whatever, it has happened and somebody has accumulated money which is not very clean. They accumulate hundreds and thousands but the burden they feel after that is multi-million times that amount and so it’s just not worth it. But on the other side, sometimes when money comes into Baba’s box we don’t know what the sources are and Baba’s told us that it’s okay! Why? I must not do anything impure to collect impure black money but if it comes into Baba’s box What are you going to do? You can’t identify it. Baba says that if it’s used to create Brahma bhogen, and is used for food that’s cooked in Baba’s remembrance and is offered to Baba even that source is acknowledged and it’s purified. Let me make sure that food is cooked in God’s remembrance and offered to Baba, then served and eaten with that love and appreciated by all. Let me be able to offer Brahma bhojan. Let me be able to offer bhog to Baba on a daily basis to keep my mind and body healthy. So, one last comment that’s touched me again, I see it in two different ways. Baba’s comment was: Baba’s seeing all the children abroad and seeing that they are doing service which is actually beyond their capacity and they are still doing it with love and enthusiasm. I sometimes feel that Baba’s asking me to do things which are beyond my capacity and if I feel, I can’t do it, it’s too much, then it becomes pressure. But on the other side, Baba’s offering me an opportunity to do something more. Baba gives me strength and wisdom and helps me move forward. All of us who came to Baba early in terms of a physical age, didn’t know What to do about the service. We didn’t know anything and service was always a few steps ahead of us but Baba taught us all that we have grown and now we say yes, we have a lot of experience accumulated through that. Sometimes you can say, ‘Oh. It’s too much pressure’ but soon you realise that when God gives the task, he also gives you the power with which you should be able to fulfill that task. So this murli is said with a lot of love and has very practical information about what happens on the ground when you are on a field of action. So many things can happen so Baba is dealing with all of that in a very practical way. Thank you.

Question: Did you ever lose your enthusiasm, Jayanti bhen ?

Answer: I was very fortunate that Dadi was there so her enthusiasm many, many times inspired me to keep my enthusiasm.

Question: How do we know whether Baba’s testing us or Maya’s testing us?

Answer: Baba doesn’t test us, think about the examination and big examination. It’s never the teacher who sets big exams, they come from the university your school is affiliated with or whatever, and so they come from outside, they don’t come from the teacher. So today Baba, my teacher, is holding my hand, willing to give me extra help, extra sustenance, extra situations to carry me through everything so it’s not Baba who is testing me. It’s Maya who is testing me, Maya the illusion. Maya knows my weakness and so Maya’s going to come to me through that particular weakness and so when Maya comes, say Baba with love, say Baba from your heart and so Baba will be there to remind you how to deal with that particular situation.

Question: Explain why we say brahma bhojan?

Answer: We say Shiv Baba’s Bhandari but we also say Brahma bhojan and so when Shiv Baba comes on Earth he selects an individual. It’s a story of 84 births and it’s the soul of Krishna, but he selects an individual who has the physical means to create the yagya. In India, if you are a rich businessman then you have the capacity to be able to hold a yagya because it takes a lot of facilities to have the Brahmins there to create the yagya. Plus people have to be fed and nobody knew at that time that it’s going to be an unlimited yagya but even at that point Baba knew that it was 350 souls who were there to be fed. Baba surrendered everything he had. People like Dadi Chandramani and her lokik father, Dadi Shantamani and her lokik father helped with the finances and whatever they surrendered became the pot from which everybody was cared for. Shiv Baba found that the soul whom he named Brahma was the first one who surrendered everything. Then Brahma bhojan was being fed to everyone. Shiv Baba has nothing to do with food. The one who does everything says ‘I have done nothing’. He doesn’t experience any fruit or reward or even the experience of receiving a result. He is totally altruistic. Part of the experience of receiving bhojan is to be aware of the taste of food and enjoy it. Shiv Baba has nothing to do with that but Brahma Baba knows about the food and nutrition. He is the one who has to feed all the children because it is his physical and spiritual creation here in the physical dimension so that’s why it’s called Brahma bhojan.

Question: What is this fuss about vegan or non-wheat (we should basically eat what we get)?

Answer: In the days the yagya started, every family had a cow in their garden or in their backfield and it would always be a member of the family. Everybody would go out to caress it and spend a few minutes with it. Just to say hello to everybody in an extended family and most of the families were extended families. You know what it has been fed, wholesome nourishment and the milk that came from that cow was non-violent. The milk was considered holy, the sacred food for God. Compare that to what there is today and the horror stories of everything going on. You see the results. Ten years ago I didn’t know anyone who needed to have gluten free food and today, there is a whole long list of people I know who have allergies to things like gluten and the conditions of the elements. Even 80 or 50 years ago things were very different and today elements are poisoned. It’s not nature’s fault, rather it’s what we have done to nature so that now all the elements are poisoned. And the milk we are getting from cows is totally violence based and so people say that our kitchen should be vegan. Our kitchen should be free from XYZ because of the state of the world and the state of the bodies. So, if I can have everything, great, but if I can’t I also need to be very aware or very tolerant of people who can’t eat everything. Many, many places in centres that I know off are totally dairy free and it’s much easier now of course. If I cook for everyone in a retreat, for example, I don’t even know what everybody’s diet is but I can make it dairy free so that I don’t have to think about two types of cooking. Baba wants us to eat Brahma bhojan and, if it happens to be vegan Brahma bhojan, Baba will enjoy it tremendously and if two types of bhojan are offered to Baba that’s also fine. I think that Brahmins are going to be more and more accountable to people especially in terms of dairy and non-dairy food because the world has woken up to the concept of violence and also environmental degradation.

Question: Black money that was offered to Baba in Brahma bhojan ?

Answer: It was a question that arose for Brahma Baba.  Those who surrendered him in the beginning of the yagya, surrendered what they had. It was clean but when service started, money started coming in from outside then Baba reminded them of two things:

A: If there is money coming from uncertain sources, there is a spiritual mechanism at work so that money will go towards other aspects of service such as printing and things like that.

B: Money that is clean comes from Brahmins and will go directly for food. Baba also added that because the system of Brahma bhogen had started in Abu. Long story. I am not going into that now, but at that point the centres had also started and then sisters said that money is coming from people and we don’t know the origin and so Baba said to them, this is why Baba wants you to offer everything to Baba first, before you eat it so that whatever other impurities there are will be cleansed . The new centres at that time had no infrastructure to think about. There was a much more direct connection with food. Offering bhog to Baba every single day was also a safety measure.

Om Shanti

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Sudesh Didi - 27th September 2021   Morning Class - GCH, London:  Become bodiless and being a trustee

7 October 2021

Om shanti.


Today's vardaan, blessing, avyakt signal, is bodilessness. In English, and in Hindi, Baba tells us to practise being bodiless, videhi, so that in the end, we do not have to battle with any obstacle. All weaknesses, defects, vices, bondages, fear, worries, tension, are connected with the body and bodily relations. The soul has to come in the body, of course, it is the law. Even God cannot express Himself or teach us without taking a body on loan. He is ever-bodiless. He takes a body but is always incorporeal. God is making us like Himself. Our aim is also to become like Shri Krishna. So first, we become bodiless and then we become Narayan.


For that, we need to be videhi. The title of Baba is not videhi, but the Incorporeal. There is a difference between the terms bodiless and incorporeal.  The soul is incorporeal but it comes into the corporeal to play the role. As soon as the role is played, it is connected with the body and bodily relations. Then the first bondage becomes that of my own personal body because this is my personal property, my direct connection with matter, with elements. This means I am seeing myself more on this level rather than incorporeal level. Yet, to remain in the incorporeal level for a long time is not an elevated state because the souls who have the part of staying in the state of mukti for almost 5000 years are in the Soul World majority of the time, but they are not elevated. Baba says the stage of those who are coming now, at the end of Iron Age, are just the leaves. This means the power is not there. They come into the body and they bring from the Soul World this bodiless stage because they have been in Moksh and yet do not become worthy to claim the inheritance of liberation-in-life. So, the secret is that to connect with matter, yet at that time able to conquer the influence of matter, of material objects, of worldly attraction and connection which eventually becomes a bondage.


Baba comes as a Guest. He enters the body, but comes and goes, and does not become influenced by matter. He says “I am a Guest. I am a Traveller.” So we also want to keep this consciousness of being a guest. Now we know that we are guests, long term guests. But when we have been living as a guest for a long time, we begin to feel we are hosts to everything belong to us. Through time, this has happened with us. Now Baba says, “Be bodiless”, it means, to use your body as a trustee, and to not become a grihasthi (householder). So there are the words trustee and grihasthi. Grihas means home or house; do not be a householder. Stay in the house, but do not have this consciousness of mine, or I. If we use ‘my’, then only connect ‘my’ with ‘who belongs to me’. My Baba!  Whilst in this body, I am the trustee of it. This practice helps us overcome the vices, weaknesses and desires, which come through the door of body consciousness or through bodily organs.


Sometimes in meditation, we are totally detached and we enjoy a very good meditation. Then we hear some sound or we see something, and we become disturbed. This shows that I am not actually conscious of the fact that I am a soul. I am still not disconnected, and I still have not switched off. Why can’t I switch off? Because I am not absorbed in this soul-conscious quality. Furthermore, when I connect with Baba, not only do I need to become detached, the important aspect is to be attached. With detachment, a Sanyasis also has detachment and disinterest. But their connection is not with the Supreme Soul. Their connection is with the Brahm Element. This is why they do not become completely satopradhan.


In order to become completely pure, satopradhan, in order to go to the Golden Age to experience all the comfort and achievement of healthy body, pure mind, good relationship, prosperity (not materialistic), this consciousness of “nothing belongs to me” is needed. Even my body is not mine. Brahma Baba is our example. Brahmas Baba became number one because he became a trustee of his body, a trustee of his wealth and a trustee of his relationships. By remembering Shiv Baba and following Brahma Baba, I am automatically protecting myself, and at the same time, I am doing service. Okay, I am a host in this house, but I do not have the consciousness of “mine”.  Then there is no bondage or attachment. Therefore, whatever service we are doing, that service will not create any karmic bondage. Of course, we are in the body, it is important that we perform actions: food is important, looking after the body is important, but we perform these actions as a trustee.


Without attachment, this bhandara, this treasure store of service, is open, and whatever action I perform, Baba is doing it with me. I am sitting here as mastak mani (jewel of the forehead) and I am seeing others as souls. But this needs a lot of practice, and this is why Baba says, “Knowledge is easy.” Speaking is easy, but being it, experiencing it, that needs practice. Then you can do service and truly give happiness to others, with much more inspirations and receive love from everyone's heart.


Yesterday in the Avyakt murli, Baba was speaking with individuals. He says that Karma Yoga does more service and brings more blessings than giving knowledge through words. Otherwise, knowledge is a very good method to connect the intellect of the soul, to make them aware who God is, that is, to give Baba’s introduction. But in the murli yesterday, Baba said that bhashan (speech) is less powerful in service than when someone is doing Karma Yoga such as cleaning and washing dishes, and doing it with great love. Seeing their actions, others can also say, “Yes, I can also do this.”  


In giving lectures with words, many will think, “I do not know whether I can give a speech or not.” “This one is doing very good speech, but I cannot do the same.”  Immediately, instead of becoming more soul conscious, one is in a kind of body consciousness of “I cannot do.”  While Karma Yoga generates the thought that, “I can also do this”, service is inspiring service. With speech, though someone is giving a very good lecture, doing a very good seminar with very good administration, yet it impresses some, while at the same time, depresses others, as we immediately go into comparison.


The second aspect of being a trustee is that, whatever I am doing, if it is successful, it is Baba’s service. If it is not, I have to be honest with myself, to be aware what I am missing, which point I was not conscious of that now I have to pay attention. So the first quality of the trustee-consciousness is honesty, Along with honesty, whatever I am doing, I am doing with interest, doing with understanding and doing with love. For whom? For Baba’s service. As the task comes from Baba, I am Baba’s trustee. As neither does this body belongs to me, nor do any bodily relations, it means I am not taking that burden on me and yet, as a trustee, I am looking after the bodily relations as well as taking care of my body.


Another aspect is the aspect of the intoxication that it is Baba service and that Karankaranvanhar who is making it happen. This is definitely God's task and I am Baba’s child. Baba reminded us yesterday, “You are the stars of success.” There is faith and intoxication. In soul-consciousness, there is faith because soul-consciousness naturally makes us God-conscious, and being God-conscious brings self-respect.


So the words in Hindi are: dehmaan, abhimaan, swamaan (body consciousness, self-respect).


“To dehmaan hai, to abhimaan hai . Aabhimaan hai, to meree koee baat maani. Mein trast yoo na meri koee baat maani. Mein malik ko na meri koee baat maani.” It means that the constant state of body consciousness is making me perform gross actions. Then I have expectations, in a gross way, that others should accept what I do. It could be that others are accepting and appreciating what I do, but may not convey that through words due to any reason and I say, “They didn't even say thanks.” “I did not see a smile on their faces when I was doing it.” So body-conscious vision influences the mind, making my thoughts also body conscious. But in soul-consciousness, I am not thinking about others. I am thinking of Baba and I am thinking of Baba’s service.


Dehmaan abhimaan means whatever I am doing, you should accept that and you should give me respect because of what I do. That is called abhimaan. Or if you do not love and respect me, I feel upamaan (insulted), I feel rejected, and I feel ignored. So this brings us on the more gross level. ‛Body-less’ is the practice of using my body less and less. That is not only just using my mind less and less, but that of my body less and less. This level of self-control is possible only when my connection is with Baba. And that power of purity which Baba says is the main secret. Purity is not only celibacy. It is the purity of changing my attitude.


Yesterday Baba said to do subtle service, because “everything change karatee hai”. That means a change in the attitude of the mind. When the attitude is pure, automatically, when you are staying in swamaan (self-respect) - accept, believe and behave. Then it is sankalp mein drdhata, it means this thought has to have the power determination, that this is what I am.  With focused determination of this is what I am, that moment I am becoming the embodiment of that quality. Just like when we become the embodiment of weakness, when in my mind, wrong thoughts about somebody comes, then the feeling of dissatisfaction comes, my attitude changes, my vision changes. Then it takes no time for me to become angry; angry words come and the face changes. So I use the organs of my body without directing them. Without direction, the organs just act.


Videhi practice is with the awareness that I am the trustee of my body, and I am only using God's qualities. This is why I am here. Baba says that when we serve our lokik family members, do not give them gyan. With lokik family, service is done through virtues, then there will be more blessings. Whatever actions we perform should be filled with virtues. But virtues cannot come without having yoga with Baba. We also need to pay attention to how we use our sense organs, and this is why we use the term ‘bodiless’.


There are three different aspects of bodilessness:


1.       I, the  soul, am originally without the body, am bodiless, so incorporeal.


2.       I am now in the body and I practise being bodiless. God is not called Bodiless; God is not called Avyakt. Brahma Baba practised being bodiless, then Brahma became avyakt. This title of Avyakt and Bodiless is not of Shiva.  Of course, we call Shiv Baba the Incorporeal, as He does not have a body. He is incorporeal and ever-bodiless. So in my original eternal stage, I am ever-incorporeal, ever-bodiless, but I must have a body. Why? So that Godly qualities can be experienced and expressed. This practice of our Godly qualities in the bodiless stage, in soul-conscious stage, in the avyakt stage, is possible through sit-down meditation. In meditation, we experience peace, we experience happiness. Baba tells us that the more we do yoga, the more the soul receives power. The power is not received through remembering deities. Sri Krishna cannot be called the Almighty. The might of knowledge, the might of purity and the might of virtues or the might in action come only when I am in connection with the Almighty Shiv Baba.


3.       The secret about the elevated bodiless stage of Brahma Baba is that he became a trustee not only of his body, worldly relations and wealth, he became a trustee of all that Shiv Baba gave him. He said, “I am not doing anything.” Knowledge is given by Shiv Baba; Purification is by Shiv Baba; The Guide is Shiv Baba; The Liberator is Shiva… and here we are following his footstep of “Nothing is mine.”


This level of total trusteeship brings royalty because I do not have desire of wanting anything. So Brahma Baba did not allow anyone to praise him. He says, “Does Krishna need praise?” No. It is only his birthday that is celebrated. At the time, Baba did not encourage us to celebrate birthdays. He said we could celebrate spiritual birthdays.


While being free from all types of praise, it impacts a lot on our attitude because being bodiless means desire-less. What does desire mean? Desire means disease. So this is why bodiless-ness means Ichcha Matram Avidya, ignorance of desires. It is possible to reach this state again and again.


The more trustee-consciousness, the more bodilessness.  That is why King Janak  was called Vidheha ( ‘dead’ or ‘liberated from the body’). He had a kingdom. He was royal, but he was a trustee of this. King Janak remembered three things, which Baba is reminding us today:


1.       Every moment can be my last minute.


2.       The full attainment given by God, and therefore, I should remain constantly full. It should never go away.


3.       You are living light. Your light should always remain lit and this awareness makes you bodiless.


These are demonstrated in the story of Janak:

Two sannyasis went to see Janak. The first one wanted to know, “How can you attend to your duties, while still keeping the mind on God?” The second one wanted to know, “You live in this world, yet how can you be a Vidheha? We are sannyasis and we do not experience this. How do you can experience this state of bodilessness. While living in the kingdom, nothing seems to influence you or attracts you.”


King Janak took out two things, a lamp of diva, and a bowl full of milk. He gave one to each of the two sanyasis.


To the first sannaysis, King Janak gave a lamp of diva and said, “I will definitely answer your question, but I first need to attend to some business of the kingdom. While I am away, you can have a tour of the kingdom and see how things are. But as you go, you should carry this oil lamp on your head, and be careful that you do not spill any oil, or let the lamp fall.”


When the sannaysis returned, King Janak asked him, “How did you find the city?”


The sannaysis replied, “My eyes were watching the things going on in the city, but my mind was all the time on the lamp. Every minute, my concentration was on the fact that this light should not go off. I saw things but they did not interest me.”


King Janak said, “In the same way, I am God-conscious, even when I attend to my worldly duties. My aim is with God.”


To the second sannaysis, he gave him the bowl of milk, and said, “There is milk in this bowl. You take this bowl and come along with me. Please see that not a single drop of milk is spilled. Then only I will tell you why I am called Vidheha.”


He took the bowl and followed Janak everywhere. There was a beautiful procession and dancing, but he had to be very careful because the bowl so full that by the slightest movement, the milk might have spilled.


When they came back, Janak asked him, “Did you enjoy the beautiful scene? Tell me what you have seen.”


The sannaysis answered, “Every moment, my thought was on the bowl and milk. I saw nothing except paying attention that this bowl of milk did not spill.”


King Janak said, “Likewise with me, I also see nothing. All the time, I just watch my attention. Where is it going? Making sure that it won’t spill away like the milk.”


So Baba says, “Remember your intoxication; remember your inheritance; remember your kingdom; remember you are becoming deities. Do not lose the focus of becoming devta, a perfect deity. Remember perfection.” First thing is the light of soul-consciousness, remember its perfection. Second, remember any moment can be my last moment. Third, make sure your light remains lit and remember your aim and object. Then you are bodiless.


Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: September 22 - September 30 - Pilgrimage of Silence

6 October 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of Pilgrimage of Silence : September 22 - September 30.


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 22


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 23


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Pilgrimage of Silence - September 26


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Pilgrimage of Silence - September 29


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 30






Sister Jayanti – 3rd October, 2021 – GCH, London Speak Less, Speak Sweetly, Speak Respectfully

4 October 2021

Om Shanti. Good morning.  Baba’s Murli is at the end of the Season in 1988.  The words of the song reflect totally the Murli itself.  For those who don’t speak Hindi, the words were talking about how you surrender to Baba and Baba surrenders to you.  Let my thoughts be what Baba wants me to think.  Let my words be only what Baba wants me to speak.  Let my ears listen to only the things that Baba is speaking.  Let me play with You and Sit with You.  This is what Baba is talking about in the Murli.  It is directly connected to the project that came directly from Baba, global cooperation for a better world.  Baba had told us that there has to be a bank, in which we get people to accumulate.  At that time no one liked the ideas of banks, but Baba insisted we use the idea of a ‘bank’.  He turned this around and said that first and foremost it is a bank for Brahmins….up above in the subtle region.  Baba keeps an account for each one of us, and what goes into that bank account…are the words I speak putting in, or drawing out.  The actions I perform am I depositing and are they worthy to be deposited.  Baba was also preparing us for the next year.   Baba would tell us categorically that ‘I’ve given you so much for the past six months, are you going to give the return’. 


Baba would turn night into day to serve each one and give whatever was needed.  This was true.  At midnight some would go for dinner and the kitchen was kept open through the night literally. We would still often be sitting there at 4am or 6am having been there all night and Boli Dadi, who was in charge of the kitchen, would prepare and bring bhog and put it directly in front of Baba early in the morning and after the mediation, often Baba would then share it.  So sweet powerful memories. 


Now Baba was waying that He wanted to see the result of everything He had given us.  He gave the timeframe also.  He indicated then too that He was not coming to meet us for a period of time.  He shared in the previous Murli, that the chariot was not so well, and He thanked the chariot for the service that the chariot had done.  It was a Murli for closure of the Season. 


I never saw the Dadi’s debate or even discuss anything.  It comes from the root word for ‘noise’ percussion.  Yet they would have a conversation about things, and sometimes take a few minutes, before coming to a conclusion.  I remember a particular time when Dadi Janki was here and Dadi Ji was in Madhuban.  At that time they would speak each day.  This particular conversation was regarding Maharastra.  Dadi Ji had a very different approach to the situation and within the moment of her sharing her idea, Dadi Janki said ‘Ji’ Dadi.  Finish.  Also with Baba, Dadi Prakashmani nor any of the Dadi’s would enter a debate with Baba.  Apart from this one time when Dadiji said to Baba’ What do you mean by we have to show the result of what You have given us, and do you mean you are not coming’.  Baba absolutely still, understanding her feelings, and said ‘Yes that is what I meant’. Dadiji tried to shake Baba and tried to negotiate…Baba you don’t have to have personal meetings…..Baba was adamant.  On a spiritual level it was accurate as we needed time to digest and put into practice all He had shared.  However there was another reason, which Baba knew, which we didn’t.  After the season finished Dadi Gulzar went to Bombay and she was diagnosed with Cancer, and the treatment started and with Baba’s blessings the chariot recovered and she continued for so many years after that.  She said it was with Baba’s blessings and everyone’s blessings she was given extra life.  Incredible how the Drama evolved!  Soul, chariot and Baba amazing!  Baba was preparing us for that . 


In this Murli He was not only explaining exactly what the results of the project would be but how our consciousness had to be through it.  He predicted everything that would happen and what we needed to do to prepare on the inner level.  And then the prediction of the ‘bank’ and the quality of thoughts and needed required.  He used an interesting expression regarding the quality of words, became a slogan.  We had a leaf cut out of plywood, painted green with the slogan:  speak less, speak sweetly, speak respectfully.  We would see this everywhere around Pandav Bhavan in those days.


There is a sister here who was practising silence for a week.  Here she would keep her silence badge on, although obviously not at work.  After a week she shared with us, that she would speak when essential and get on with what she needed to do. ‘ However it gave me a lot of inner space and time for soul consciousness and Baba in my mind.  This mean’t I was able to reduce the energy spent in speaking.  I found myself speaking much less here and at work.  I found that I was happier, lighter, and able to manage the silence and it was a great feeling.  I am left with this sense of how it is possible to keep Baba with me more’. 


Can I ask myself a few questions before speaking.  Is it helpful to the self and other, before I say something.  It is reality, truth or something of my imagination.  What is going to be the outcome if I say this.  A short mental checklist before speaking which would mean that a lot of waste would be eliminated and time saved. 


Speaking less, and thinking what Baba is telling us, will bring the self and others closer too.  This is a very important lesson from Baba.  Then Speaking sweetly.  If it is about gyan then it will be filled with sweetness.  Baba is asking us the question:  Have you been able to eliminate the consciousness of I….of inferiority or superiority…if so then there will be sweetness. If not it will be the ego or the inferiority, and needing or wanting from others and a trace of vice on some level.  If I have surrendered the ‘I’, it means that the soul is purifying itself and sweetness is an indication of the purity of the soul.  If there isn’t the purity, then there is harshness and strong language, insistence and force will come out.  Within the background of what is sweet, all of this comes in.  This is cleaning the soul and eliminating what is impure so the soul is left in its original state of purity.


Thirdly, speak respectfully.  Baba gave the example of Brahma Baba and how he would speak to the junior ones with a lot of love and respect and this was how he was able to win everyone’s hearts.  The only way to maintain respect for others if there is swaman, respect for the self.  The visible proof of this, and the dignity inside, is the respect with which I treat others also.  If I am forcing or insisting the ego is saying ‘ I know best’.  Pause for a moment, and ask ‘is this how Baba would behave or do?’. Baba said the training He gave in that period, and we continue to have, is to become Bapsaman.  To become like the Father. Yes we will become angels and deities in the future.  But if we keep the image of Baba and what it is he did and how he did it, we are on the straight-line route to the Bapsaman stage.


The inner state of self respect  means I am not seeking anything from you, and I am able to give something, respect to others.  This is therefore a very important idea Baba gives:  Speak Less, Speak Sweetly, Speak Respectfully.  Can you imagine the transformation that would happen if we kept this mantra in mind.  In the self, our family and especially in Baba’s house! 


Baba gives many mantras for different times of day.  Manmanabhav early in the morning.  Here it was a hub of activity in the morning and there was a very sweet feeling of silence also with everything moving beautifully.  Then through the whole day, how do we use our words…


I was focusing on the conversation Dadiji had with Baba.  I think I have only seen Dadiji unhappy that one time, when Baba flew away then.  Next morning she came to class, wondering what she can do about it, and she had tried and it hadn’t worked.   She picked up the Murli to read and then she shared what was in her heart.  She asked:  If Baba doesn’t come, how many of you would still come?  (It was a big gathering of double foreigners in Om Shanti Bhavan).  Everyone keenly raised their hand.  She looked surprised and asked ‘What would you come for’? And different souls said a variety of reasons:  The Murli, the Dadis, the icecream!  Dadi’s face changed dramatically.  Everyone had made her so happy she changed.  She then said they would plan something special in the next season.  It was beautiful to see how everyone responded to Dadi’s love and how Dadi responded. Everyone so appreciative of Madhuban and what it can give.


Many ask me what about Madhuban without the Dadi’s.  The solitude, the tapasya is still possible and the timetable is there.  I don’t know of another place in the world where there is the timetable and atmosphere that there is there.  In Madhuban the atmosphere is just amazing. Lets see what will happen this year.  The systems started with Mama.  Baba gave the directions and then Mama would initiate them.  Then the Dadi’s maintained and added to this.  Then even though the numbers increased the atmosphere becomes just more and more powerful.  All of that is still there for when we will next get an opportunity to go there.  However more and more it is about focusing on what ‘I need to do’.  Instead of what has been given to me.  We have been given so much:  the information, the tools, the knowledge.  It is the inner effort that we need to make, the subtle attention.  Am I putting the practices into my life.  If I do this is following srimat yes, but it is preparing myself for the scenes that are beginning to show themselves…the chaos and trouble.  (In UK we see panic buying of petrol).  When there is a lot of fear around, from fear to panic is a tiny step.  There are lots of messages of fear being sent out and it is very easy therefore to create panic…and then chaos.  This is a big lesson for Brahmins.  What is my response to all of this? Am I ready to adjust and be flexible or am I in a specific way of thinking and being?  There are lots going on that are clear mirrors.  Baba says that our words and actions are clear mirrors of our thoughts.  We know this and we can see our words and actions are clear mirrors for the self and everyone else to see.


Dr Nirmala planted the seed for a centre in London in June 1971.  Dadi Shiel Indra went to Baba to see where the centre for London should be as we had clusters of Brahmins across London.  I went to Jagdishbhai and said How are we going to decide and he said:  Baba will decide.  When we went to Dadi Shiel Indra, she said she didn’t remember of who is where.  Jagdishbhai  took out a map  and showed her where we went in Knightsbridge, the spiritualist association of GB, the first venue to host Brahmins in central London,and where different BK souls live across the city.  Jagdishbhai told Dadi: All you do is to ask Baba to point you to wherever we are to be.  We sat in meditation, in Sidmouth Road,  and she flew to Baba  and after she asked for the pencil and pointed to North London, where Rajniben lived and look now all these years later we are within a mile of that place.  It is interesting how Baba works.  He makes us think but He does the work!  The centre was then there in Tennyson Road.  So we are celebrating in honouring the 50 years of service outside of Bharat.  With celebration for the London family and the UK family, and for our friends and contacts.  Next Saturday the celebration will be after Murli, from 7.30am until 9am (BST).  Then for the next 50 days there will be programmes throughout the UK, with the finale here again in November.  Each Sunday afternoon there will be public online programmes each week and other things.  As usual in Brahmin life, the wheel moved a bit slowly but it is coming together and we will let you know  how it is all developing. 


This is the bhog for the ancestor souls.  It is for recent departures and ancestors.  Also it has been requested for the ‘living death rebirth’.  Offering for the new brahmin birth. To say Baba I am finished with the old world and I don’t know who will be for me later on, but I wont to offer bhog.  So bhog is being offered to Baba for all souls, with a lot of love.  OM SHANTI


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Madhuban Newsletter (Patra Pushpa) for October and Homework Points for a Tapaswi Life

4 October 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om shanti and greetings.


Please find below links to the October 2021 Madhuban Newsletter in English and to the Hindi Patra Pushpa.


With much love




Newsletter in English


Patra Pusha in Hindi







Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: September 15 - September 21- Pilgrimage of Silence

1 October 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of Pilgrimage of Silence from September 15 - September 21.


Thank you,

Avyakti Parivar


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 15


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 16


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 17


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 18


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 19


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 20


Pilgrimage of Silence - September 21






Sister Jayanti – 26th September, 2021 – GCH, London Always something new to learn……

1 October 2021

Om Shanti. Good morning.


Baba’s Murli is about the Sun of knowledge, the moon of knowledge and the stars of knowledge ,and the variety of stars, which Baba has described in a very specific day.  All the stars have taken so much from the Sun and are also now sharing with others and it is numberwise.  Baba’s Murli is sweet and profound and yet it is straight and clear and He is not shy of telling us the truth.  When you listen or read about all the different types of stars you can see where you fit in.


One of the questions that came up yesterday, at the UK Teachers retreat, was ‘could I describe the different steps of becoming an angel in a few words?’  There were many other interesting questions but I am going to take up this one in particular, now too.  Dadi


Janki was a master ocean and able to share a huge amount on any topic under the Sun.  Yet Dadi was also able to share in a few words, the real essence, big subjects.  So on this topic I remember Dadi sharing.  The first step is to be Baba’s student, then a Raja Yogi and then the Angel.


Step One: the Student:

With the awareness of becoming a student we have to let go of the consciousness of the body.  We have an 86 year old coming to class here each morning – how does she do it….by dropping the awareness of her age and being the student ready.  It is not just letting go of the consciousness of age, it is also a factor of position.  Whatever role, position, responsibility in life, we also become a student.  Letting go of age is not difficult.  Letting go of the ‘householder’ consciousness is a big one.  Yes, we need to fulfil responsibilities at home and do what I need to for the household but I will be able to manage all this much better when there is the consciousness of being Baba’s student.  As the things that Baba is teaching me everyday shift my perspective.  I don’t complain, or get bored, or ask why is no one helping.  I do what I need to do with love and everyone cooperates.  Changing from a householder to a student is a big step.  Whatever role, title I play within Baba’s work as well as professional life, can I foremost be a student so I can keep learning all time.  The Dadi’s were amazing examples of this, and Brahma Baba also used the expression ‘I am learning something new all the time’.    There was an occasion when Didi Manhohini asked me to show Baba my contact lenses, which were a new thing in the 60’s, and when I demonstrated to Baba how I used them, he said: ‘something new for me to learn!’.  This is a very lokik thing but still.  Dadi Janki right until the very end would really study.  Dadi would make time to read Gyan Amrit, World Renewal  (not lokik papers), and also a gyani book by her bedside and would make time to read that every day.  So this consciousness of being a student and learning and letting go of the ‘hats’ or titles and so on.  Not only does this keep the intellect fresh and engaged but also a powerful mirror for our behaviour throughout the day.


Step Two: the Raj Yogi

Then the second step being a Raj Yogi.  Many would say they are BK’s but not many would say ‘I am a Raja Yogi’.  If so two things demonstrate this v clearly.  Firstly it is the conquest of the mind and then the master of the senses.  The ones who give happiness through each of the senses - Sukhkari – the one who gives happiness through each of the senses….  Are my eyes radiating God’s love and light or are they ‘throwing daggers’?  We don’t have to say anything as the eyes share without speaking,.Can I definitely say as a Raja Yogi, my eyes see beauty and truth, my ears only listen to truth and not gossip, slander, criticism etc.  Then my mouth, is it sharing words of empowerment, upliftment, encouragement or something else?  Is each and every organ Sukhkari - able to give happiness to all through the senses and also through our behaviour.  The conquest of the physical senses is a big step in becoming Raj Yogi.  This is visible first and yet is it secondary.  The first conquest is of the mind.  In hatha yoga it is first the conquering of the physical body, to then discipline the mind.  I know for a fact this doesn’t work, however brilliant a hatha yogi may be, the conquest of the mind is a different story.  The real conquest of a Raj Yogi, is the conquest of the inner faculties of the mind.  Kalyankari….always concerned about giving benefit.  Am I able to see each step of the Drama as being beneficial. This is a training I have to give myself as in Kaliyug we are not born with this.  In Satyug there is natural purity.   Baba gives us this through the Murli, and demonstrated it through the Dadis.  Yet I have to give it to myself.  Kalyankari…..a word that is also used as a name for God, Shiva, as The Benefactor, The Kalyankari.  Am I am able to see everything that is going on as benevolent and there is benefit for the self?  This doesn’t happen overnight and many challenges that come up.  Yet  the training and reminder to the self to ask the self again and again:   How is it beneficial?  What is of benefit in this?  When I keep looking in this way it will become natural.  When I see benefit for the self, first, then I can start to benefit others.  Without doing this and if there are still bugs within of ‘it should be like this and that’ then I am not taking benefit and what I share will be of the same level.  


Baba talks a lot about good wishes for all.  This only happens when I see benefit for the self and then I am able to give benefit for all through good wishes.  These are steps and by the time there is nothing but good wishes for all, then we can give God’s love and light to all and experience His light with us and share it.


Step Three:  the Angel 

I feel there are angels up there.  It is now Sraad, the time of remembering the ancestors and offering bhog to all our ancestor souls. The beautiful thing about Sraad is it not just for one or two, but all the ancestors.   Some of these souls are the angels ‘up above’.  Yet there are the angels on earth.  Count how often God has worked through a human being to do something for you.  God works in wonderful ways and the most wonderful way is to see how He works through others.  Many different angels come to our support and aid, when we are in a moment of darkness and distress so let me acknowledge these too.  Also If I am sukhkari, giving happiness and kalyankari, giving benefit, then that is the role of the angel.  Sharing God’s light and qualities.  Externally I have never seen a ‘flying yogi’, as we don’t perform levitation here!  But definitely I have seen very powerful souls, who no matter what situations come to them, are able to fly and remain up above, internally.


So the stage of the angel in three steps for not just thinking about, but practising and being…


There were many other interesting questions that came up yesterday in the Teachers Retreat that can be answered another time, and I am going to leave you with one very interesting question that came up: ‘What is subtle administration?’  Sukshmakaribar.  I leave this with you for your churning and homework.


COP 26 is happening in Glasgow soon (1-12 November 2021) and 4 days ago it was confirmed that NGO events are happening in person, so we will be present there.   I have taken up the subject of ‘consciousness and environment’ here after attending every COP, year after year…so possibly 15 times.  Also Christina Figueres, who was the architect of the Paris Agreement, came here to converse with us about this.   Now we have a chance to interact for a short discussion on the subject of the environment and reflect on our relationship with the environment.


Then we will offer bhog to the ancestors..




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