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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: Nov 21- Nov 30 : Transformation of the old nature and old sanskars

2 December 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Transformation of the old nature and old sanskaras"  from  November 21- November 30

Also, find transcribed classes on website


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

Transformation of old sanskars -21

Transformation of old sanskars -22

Transformation of old sanskars -23

Transformation of old sanskars -24

Transformation of old sanskars -25

Transformation of old sanskars -26

Transformation of old sanskars -27

Transformation of old sanskars -28

Transformation of old sanskars -29

Transformation of old sanskars -30




Madhuban Newsletter - December 2022

1 December 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for December 2022 with points for 1-31 December in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,



Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban December Newsletter in English


Madhuban December Newsletter in Hindi






Homework: December 2022 - The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart - Seated on God’s heart-throne": BK Mohini

30 November 2022

Om Shanti Dear Baba's Family, Greetings of love!


 In the month of December, Avyakti Parivar welcomes you to New Series: "The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart - Seated on God’s heart-throne''.




You will receive a daily point of self-awareness and the method of practice in the YouTube folder links given below. 



Hindi (translated classes) :


Thank you.

In Baba's loving yaad,


BK Mohini

Additional Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris


Avyakti Parivar

A Family of Angels United in Love for One






Recording available: Murli Revision with Sister Jayanti on 29th November in English

30 November 2022

Click on the above image to play the recording. [56:55]



Sister Jayanti - 27 th November 2022, GCH – London Don’t fight darkness, just bring in the light: using the treasures and knowledge that Baba has given us in a worthwhile way.

28 November 2022

Good morning. The song reflected in essence the whole of today's murli. And I remember when Baba took up this subject of using everything in a worthwhile way, we tried to find the right words when we were translating because safal  one word, and in English there's a whole phrase - ‘use in a worthwhile way’. And we tried to see if we could find any other word that could put across that idea, but there wasn't one word. So we have stuck to this: ‘use in a worthwhile way’ - safal karo. And then with that safalta; you can see that the Hindi words match up completely. And of course safalta – ‘success’. Yes, there’s a translation in one word.

It's very interesting how Baba took a whole range of murlis on this one subject: how to use everything in a worthwhile way. And today Baba’s murli is about following in the father's footsteps. But also the example of Brahma Baba is that, not only did Baba use all the assets that he had to establish the Brahma Kumaris, but also right until the very end, 18th January night, Baba spoke a powerful murli that were instructions for the future actually. And through the day Baba had said to Ishu Dadi, ‘I want to settle all my accounts’ and what Baba meant by that was that there'd been a backlog of letters and the day before Baba had answered about 30 - 40 letters and then on the last day Baba answered whatever still remained. And so Baba cleared everything before flying away.

With Dadi Janki I remember when she was in her 80s and 90s, and by the time she was a hundred plus I didn't hear anybody ask her any questions, but certainly during her 80s and 90s so many people would say to her: ‘Dadi where do you get this power from?’ And Dadi’s response was something that many of you know, you would have heard it. Dadi would say: ‘I've never wasted my time, my thoughts, my breath, my money, my body, in anything wasteful. I've always used all of this in a worthwhile way. So today, Baba still gives me the power to do whatever He wants to do.’

And of course age 104, I don't know many people who reach 104 but even prior to that, certainly to be travelling around, then the airport people would look at her passport, their eyes would pop. Literally they would pop! ‘This is her age? And she's still travelling?’ And so she travelled till the end of January when she was already 104. And in India of course they say you’ve already stepped into 105, but it was actually 104. So, how did she get that energy and continue to serve? And not only was she travelling but she was actually giving of herself. And it was interesting that it went full circle because one of her main places for service was Pune and the last few days of service were also in Pune. Before she came to London it was Madhuban and prior to that it was Pune.

So today we have not only Baba’s example but the example of all the Dadis: how do I use my thoughts, my time, my breath, all my assets, everything that I have, my connections, my relationships, can I use all of that in a worthwhile way? And Baba says in Sangam Yug there’s a very different energy at work in terms of accounting systems. In the Golden age, Silver age you don’t give anything; you’re just drawing from your capital that you've earned now. But Copper Age, Iron Age you give one and you'll receive one in return. But in Sangam Yug once it’s a connection with God and give and take, an exchange with God, then God doesn't want to just give you one in return; God gives you a thousand in return. And so you give one and you receive a thousand fold. And so Baba’s explained everything about how if you give your thoughts what happens, if you give your breath what happens etc etc. So a very powerful murli and to keep all of that in mind very definitely.

But the other thing that Baba’s mentioned when Baba’s talking about thoughts, words and actions; Baba’s saying don't allow any of that to be wasteful. If my thoughts are wasteful, it’s very precious treasures that I'm losing. If my words are wasteful and afterwards I say: ‘Well I didn't really mean to say that. I don't know where that came from’. But it's coming from somewhere inside; it's not coming from out there. Out there anything could be happening and I could still maintain my own stability but whatever is emerging is coming from within and so to check that and change that.

But Baba’s also said, if you're fighting with darkness you can feel the anger coming up inside of you. And you can and you can catch it right there and finish it there so that it doesn't go any further. But if it's coming up and your thought is, ‘oh I wish I didn't have this habit’ or ‘why is this happening to me?’ If it’s thoughts like this, it's not going to stop because these are also negative thoughts, wasteful thoughts that I'm having. And so Baba said; you don't fight darkness, you just bring in the light. And you know that example. And the way to bring in the light is, Baba hasn't gone into the detail of that but Baba has said at some point in the murli, Baba is giving you signals and now it's up to you to churn this and understand more deeply, have conversations about it, and you’ll be able to understand more deeply what it is you need to do. And so just very few moments of reflection on this idea of how do I bring in the light to remove the darkness of any of the negative thoughts and feelings that are still there and are emerging.

I’m sure that Baba has given us and we’ve found our own particular way to be able to deal with these things. But just as a starter, if there are thoughts of lust then very, very simply - the awareness of my own original stage of purity. If I switch my thoughts around to that original state of purity, that’s such a beautiful experience that the darkness leaves. Anger: Baba has given so much love and so much peace, can I switch round to that feeling of Baba’s light, Baba’s love, Baba’s peace and in that moment the anger would dissolve. As I said these are just a few thoughts and in every murli Baba gives us many, many other thoughts that can replace all these negative thoughts that we say, ‘well this is natural’. No it's not natural; it's Kali Yugi, it’s tamopradhan. That's not my natural state. For half the cycle, that was natural - the peace, the love, the truth.

So when there’s greed, can I think about the treasures, the abundance that Baba has given me? Even now at the end of the Kali Yug, all of Baba’s children are very comfortable, very happy with all facilities. And so can I think about both the external things that Baba’s given me but also all the internal, spiritual treasures that Baba’s given me and probably you’ll run out of fingers, certainly it would be more than 10. So the abundance of treasures and what is it that I need anymore? Really there's nothing more that I need and so greed goes away; it dissolves. And so for any one of the negative thoughts and feelings we get, just remember what Baba has given us and reminded us of through the murlis and really, truly the darkness leaves.

And so Baba’s asked a question: ‘What is it that Brahma Baba loved?’ And Baba’s answer is: ‘The murli’. And this is why the name of Krishna has always been associated with the flute, the murli. Early on, when I couldn't distinguish between the deities, I knew one thing – and this would have been when I was in my teens and I saw all these images, a thousand different images – but I knew that if there was a bow and arrow that was Rama and if there was a flute that was Krishna! (Jayanti bhen laughing) And so the artists, the sculptors might have different ways that they portray these deities but you see the flute and you know it's Krishna. The image of that has been a very strong one and that's because Brahma Baba loved the murli. And if I benefit from the murli and I use the murli in the way that Baba's sharing it with me, so that each day I study, I learn, I progress; then yes I'll come closer to Baba, both Babas, and I'll be able to move forward in my own life.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: Nov 11- Nov 20 : Transformation of the old nature and old sanskars

22 November 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Transformation of the old nature and old sanskaras"  from  November 11- November 20

Also, find transcribed classes on website


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

Transformation of old sanskars -11

Transformation of old sanskars -12

Transformation of old sanskars -13

Transformation of old sanskars -14

Transformation of old sanskars -15

Transformation of old sanskars -16

Transformation of old sanskars -17

Transformation of old sanskars -18

Transformation of old sanskars -19

Transformation of old sanskars -20




Sudesh Didi – 30th October 2022 Evening – Interviewed by Bhawana Bhen in Gyan Sarovar: Connection to the Seed is Our Fortress of Protection

14 November 2022

Sudesh Didi: Om Shanti. Om shanti. First of all, I would like to welcome you all again, and draw attention to the topic itself. Baba says He is the Seed of the human world tree, and He is the Seed in the Soul World, we are sparkling diamonds of the rosary. Before coming to this planet, we were so near to the Seed. We have seen the picture of the Soul World, it is like an inverted tree. Baba, the Seed, is at the top. The souls of the deity religion are like the neck of Baba. Then, the branches are the expansion. The souls who are from the deity religion, the original eternal divine souls, are so close to Baba. This experience of closeness, in the form of the sanskars of belonging, remains even when we come into the corporeal world. Whatever Baba had given us the last kalpa, even when we go to the Soul World, as soon as we come back into the Golden Age, the property that He gave us, the qualities as the inheritance which we receive from Baba, the spiritual powers received as the child of the Almighty, we enjoy that. Without knowing where we got them from, we enjoy the experience of the purity, peace and happiness; it becomes our natural nature to enjoy these qualities. When we come into the Copper Age, we begin to miss this profound experience. We do not want to lose that, and this is how we started devotion, as the subconscious mind recalls the One who gave us the inheritance. We are in the incorporeal form, but have forgotten knowledge and ourselves, but we do not forget the experience of belonging. As soon as the soul comes to the realisation at the Confluence Age, this becomes fresh. The Tree will not grow without the Seed. As soon as Baba, the Seed, comes onto the planet, the proof of growth is the first two leaves which emerge from that. These two souls, Brahma Baba and Jagadamba, the founders of the Yagya, are the support and the roots of the Tree, together with the original jewels, the Trunk of the Tree in Karachi between 1937 and 1938, formed the foundation of the Tree.

The beauty and the power of the tree is that, the deeper it goes, the higher it grows. This trunk is the strength which gives power to the whole tree. Now, we have the realisation that we are not the branches or subbranches of the tree. We are the roots of the tree, the ancestors of the whole world. And so, this realisation comes back again at this time when Baba comes on this planet, and gives the knowledge of the beginning, middle and the end. So, when a real relationship is established, and by knowing who I am and who I belong to, and what I have received from the Beloved, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, it brings closeness.


Question and Answer

The connection

Q:  How have you experienced the depth of connection with Baba for over 60 years? 

Sudesh Didi: My personal experience of belonging to Baba is actually my first meeting, the incorporeal form, the seed of light, the image of light; not as a picture of Shiva Lingam, not as that the image in the temple.

But I met the Seed in the living Shivalaya (the temple of Shiva), where Shiv Baba comes and lives in Brahma Baba. So, my very first experience of meeting Baba around 1957 to 1958. It is like a seed planted in my personality and in my experience.

Without knowing who Brahma Baba was, and what this Light was, I saw the light around Brahma Baba and the light on the forehead. And this magnetic energy was so attractive, that I felt it was pulling me. Without knowing what was happening to me, I stood up and shifted my position, then I pinched myself to check whether I was alive, whether I was dreaming or awake. I was still feeling the same experience.

I closed my eyes and saw this very beautiful magnetic light was attracting me. I closed my eyes and it felt as if the moonlight was around me. It was a very beautiful experience, a soothing feeling of coolness. It is just like I was a child who was playing open the eyes and close the eyes. It was something very strange and new. I did not know who Brahma Baba was then, and I only went along with my college friend into that gathering in Delhi. I thought perhaps this Guru ji was doing some magic on me. We had heard that Brahma Kumaris cast magic spell. So, I had fear inside. And I started to look my mother who was also in that gathering. Now I understand it was body consciousness. As soon as this fear of body consciousness came in me, the bodily relation came in the mind as support. I wanted to protect myself against this experience.

Afterwards, this experience vanished. Although it is the first time my mother came in this gathering, she had been to the centre before, while I had not been to any centre. When we went home, I shared my experience with her. To my mum, it was such a wonderful talk. To me, I didn't understand, I only understand that Baba was speaking about light. And I began to think, “Is this man born was light? Does he eat light? But he speaks about light.” So, I became confused. But it was a nice experience for a few minutes. My mum said that the knowledge was wonderful, and answered her many questions. But she did not see the light. I saw the light but did not understand the knowledge. She understood that knowledge but did not see the light. And so out of curiosity, next day, I asked my friend, “Where does this light come from? And what was happening?” She said it was the incorporeal God who had entered in the body of Brahma. She said they did not call Him Guruji, they called Him the Father.

But I did not believe, and I asked, “How could the Almighty enter somebody's body? God is brighter than 1000 suns, the body will burst into ashes!”

My friend replied, “How can a father burn his children to ashes?”

Then, she tried to explain, in essence, that the Incorporeal needs the corporeal body in order to speak to human beings, and that He spoke like a human being in His children's language. He was saying, “Sweet children, sweet children.” But at the time, I did not hear Him saying sweet children, instead, I experienced the light.

She said that God’s power was not to burn somebody's body.  His power was to burn all the negative tendencies, all vices; He burned into ashes the body consciousness of human, all the wrong actions that we performed. Although He is the Almighty, but mighty is very light; He is the Almighty, but He is just light.

She said, “If you drop a handkerchief, you do not require much power to pick it up. With a 20kg suitcase, you require a lot of power from the muscles to lift it. But it is not necessary to use the power used to lift the suitcase in order to lift the handkerchief. When we have to lift something small and light, I don't have to use much power. So, for God, we are His children. When He speaks to His children, He speaks with a gentle voice. But His power is unique; it is not the power which causes sorrow.”

I thought to myself that next time I would sit with my eyes open and I see how this light comes. Before that, I studied this knowledge between my college study to understand more. I began to aware of how God is the incorporeal, and He needed a corporeal body. This created more understanding about God. The intellect began to grasp the knowledge.

Soon, Sakar Baba came back from his tour. Although I was at the centre studying the Murli, I was told to wait until the next day to meet him. In meditation, I spoke from my heart to Him, “Baba, God, you are God you have come from paramdham. You are here, and the sisters here said you cannot meet me.” After meditation had finished, I went to pack, to get ready to leave.

Suddenly, I saw a Baba coming from the back of the building. And as soon as I saw him, I left my book and ran like a child to embrace Him calling, “Baba!” My heart felt like a baby.

Baba said, “Child, child.” This word “child” connected me. Baba said, “You can come tomorrow morning, no one will stop you.” Deep within me, I believed that Baba had heard me. Since that day, I started attending in the morning. And I would learn watching Didi Manmohini and Baba doing gyan questions and answers. Didi would hold Baba’s hand and brought him to a room which we called the chamber. So, this was how I receive the course directly from Baba. It was a direct connection with the Seed. This very special experience allows me to emerge the loving feeling again and again.

When it was rakshabandhan, I sent Baba rakhi, and Baba sent me a handkerchief with some rupees in it. This was a traditional symbol of wealth: physical wealth as well as spiritual wealth. The strong connection with the seed and the first leaves were forged. When Mama came to Delhi, I got the opportunity to be her secretary.

So, this connection became so strong, it felt immediately that this was my family, and they also said, “You have been with us before.” You never forget the days of childhood, and I still feel as if it was just yesterday, I am experiencing the same today.

Whenever I remember I belong to Baba, Baba belongs to me, even after 65 years, it is still the same experience of being Baba’s child.

The impact of the connection

Q:  How does this connection impact the yagya, the family and service?

Sudesh Didi: What we have experienced automatically allows us to give the experience to others. My love for Baba naturally extended to His activities with the yagya, whether it was Madhuban yagya or centre yagya, I immediately wanted to live in a centre. Our love Is the Message. Our love in the form of knowledge, dharna, the purity, the relationship we have with Baba, that is giving the power to others. When people come to the centre, they don't meet Shiv Baba directly; they meet those who are instruments there.

So, how much we have enjoyed and experienced, our faith and our relationship with Baba, it is with these that we are able to impart others. If I love my lokik mother, I would speak about her often. And in one way or another, my parent’s personality will come through my personality, because the parent’s sanskars are always impacting the child. So, if someone is born in a royal family, their manners will be like that. As we are a spiritual family, we are growing together and we are supporting each other as brothers and sisters. With the children in a family, whatever the first child speaks about, say if the first child says Mama, the second will also say Mama. Whatever the first child is doing, the second one will follow. Similarly, like Dadis’ love, we followed the way they loved; they were experiencing that power; we were experiencing that dedication, togetherness and love for them.

The second thing is education. This is spiritual love, God loves the souls and we souls, in soul consciousness, experience that love and when we are meeting the souls who are coming to Baba’s home, colour, cast, age or country do not matter, especially when going to serve abroad, this aspect became real. So many countries Baba sent us to; more than 95 countries with different features and different culture in different places.

It is not the feeling of colour; it is the feeling that they are Baba’s children. All are flowers, with different colours, but from the same land, with the same Gardener and we are in this garden together. So, this inner feeling of belonging to the family helps the yagya, and also helps us to grow with each other together.

Another aspect I always see is that we are originally from the same garland in the soul world. We are the rosary of the soul world, the nearest and dearest. Then we are Vishnu, the Golden aged souls, but this thread was broken, and we got lost. That is why we are the long lost and found children and I feel that all these children got lost and now with the thread of this love and with the needle of maryadas, He has threaded us together, and we are the beads of this rosary, the children being together, and it is easier for Baba to handle us when we are together.

So, education and relationship with Baba. The third thing is the company we are able to give to each other. This also sustains us. Company colours. Good company, good environment, good atmosphere of the centre, good feeling for each other. This also helps us help the yagya. Yagya means Baba’s children, not only just a building, or a centre or a place or Madhuban.

The fourth thing is more important. It is our own original sanskars of purity, peace, love and happiness. And this is all of us Baba’s children, the Golden aged souls.  These four things help us help each other and help the yagya.

The level of purity

Q:  Baba says purity is the mother of peace and happiness; purity is the foundation of the Brahmin life. So, you think that the percentage of our purity affects our connection with Baba?

Sudesh Didi: Purity is power. Purity is the mother of all the qualities; purity is the seed of all the virtues. It's not only just celibacy; sanyasis also live a celibate life. It is the purity of our feelings, when our heart is really pure, our vision is pure, that builds the feelings and attitude for the self and for others. And this purity is selfless. Baba says that it is this light that people can really see it with. They see our selflessness, that there is not any kind of possessiveness. Some souls become attached to the bodies; they defame the family. Then, people begin to doubt whether everyone in the family lives this way. So, the more we are honest with ourselves, honest with Baba, the more we are honest and faithful to the yagya. So, it is the purity of our attitude, the purity of our vision and the purity of our behaviour. Honesty is also purity; truth is purity and reality. When there is reality, the yagya is real, the relationship between the soul and God is real. Other bodily relationships are for this time being to play a role, but the real relationship is soul to soul.

Purity in thoughts emerge through our actions, connections, interactions and behaviour. In service, there is honesty and selflessness, and people definitely feel attracted and show respect. It creates a good image for the yagya, as we are not pretending, but live a pure life. People will ask many questions. I came at the age of 16, so people would think we were mad, and had lost interest in the world. The reality of our purity is that we have surrendered, not for anybody else. We have actually given our life with our own self-respect.  

I remember when I was about 19 years old; I was very fortunate that I lived with the seniors, first with Didi Manmohini, then with Gulzar Dadi, with Dadi Prakashmani, then Dadi Jankiji. And we were living at the main centre in Delhi, where Baba, Mama and the seniors would come and visit.  It was a great power. Their purity made us aware of how simple they were. The simple life they led was a sample for us. The more purity is in us, the more simplicity in life, and there is a spiritual attraction that we are something beautiful, and our spiritual beauty is beyond superficial physical beauty. All are good teachers who serve others with the purity of the heart.

Baba’s help

Q:  Does Baba actually help, or is it just Baba’s energy helping to maintain a good stage? Can you share your personal experiences or stories on this aspect?

Sudesh Didi:  In fact, Baba helps us, but He says God helps those who help themselves. Otherwise, we would become devotees and beggars. God does not want us to become beggars, He wants to make us into a sovereign and the more confidence and courage you have in yourself, the more you are determined. So, actually, He helps us create our self-respect; He makes us aware of our responsibility. Our relationship with Baba is of the Teacher and student. When there is something is wrong, the Teachers helps set it right.

But at the time of examination, we have we help ourselves. In an exam, the teacher would not say it is ok to copy or look into the book to get the answer. Baba is making us knowledgeable. He helps us create faith in ourselves and drama.

When we become an observer of our own selves. Up to now we have been saying, God help me, God help me. But in reality, God is asking us to help Him. Is it God helps us or we help God?  He wants the help of purity.

Baba helps us when we are really honest. And we are dedicated, then situations can test our faith. If our faith is strong, and we are yogyukt, Baba will give touching. There are many examples when situations were difficult, but it becomes so easy with His help.

I have three examples. One of which is my passport story. As Baba made me travel to many places. Once I went to Dubai with my Indian passport. And I reached the Dubai airport from London, even though the luggage has checked out, the immigration office said I could not enter the country as the passport showed that I had been to Israel. As I had sisters and brothers waiting outside, and I did not have a mobile phone to inform them, I requested to go out escorted by a police officer while the immigration kept my passport. I said to myself, “If Baba wants me to do service, I will go. If not, then, drama.” I was a stable. The immigration officer accepted my request and sent me out with the police to notify those who had come to receive me at the airport.  

One brother said that his friend was the Indian ambassador. He related the situation to his friend, that they had booked the hotel, and had prepared a programme. The Indian ambassador came to the airport, bringing the stamp from his office with him. He stayed with me for a few hours, took my photograph and made a new Indian passport to enter the country, whilst holding the old one with them to allow me to enter London when I returned.   

So, in this way, my passport story has three examples, three different types. As we remain stable in our yuktiyukt stage, with faith in drama and faith in Baba, there will be help.

The level of purity

Q:  We are actually aware of the present situation of the world, we are seeing economies going down, and during Covid, we couldn't travel for few years, and also, natural calamities are also creating lot of upheavals. How will Baba protect His children in the midst of this current situation of the world?

Sudesh Didi: Baba is our Parent, and a parent is always concerned about his children. And the beauty of Baba’s power and love is that He is very detached. It is not that He just helps us, He is making us independent, in order to make our stage powerful.

It depends on how yogyukt we are, because it is not bout physical help. Situations and problems are gross, but to overcome the situation and to be protected are not gross things. My protection depends on how strong my connection is. The more yogyukt we are, the more faith we have, then naturally, this power of faith in yourself, faith in drama and faith in Baba create stability inside. If I am afraid of what is going to happen, I can ask myself, “Okay, what will happen at the most? I will leave the body. So what? I have to leave the body anyway.”  If it is in the drama that my part is to play another role somewhere else, no problem.  So, if I'm attached to my body, my centre, my position, it doesn't help.

I will only receive help when I am bringing the future into the present, the Golden-aged future, that I, the soul, and the eternal future. The soul is eternal, and my role is also eternal. Whatever is my role is accurate. What protection do we want? There will come a time when there will be food shortage. Okay, I can see how much power I have to control myself. And when I am not worried and have intoxication. There will be victory. As Baba said today, fakhur (intoxication) and fikar (worry); intoxication and worry cannot stay together. Where there is light, darkness cannot stay. So, when I have God as my Protector, and I'm holding the umbrella, not a closed umbrella, then God is my Canopy of Protection. He says He is our Company and our Companion. He says, “If you keep My company, and make me your Companion, I will become the Canopy for you.” But it can only be a canopy only when the umbrella is open. If I keep the umbrella closed, I can still use it as a walking stick, or as a stick to defend myself, but in order to be protected against rain and against sunshine, what I have to do is I have to open the umbrella for it to become a canopy.

So I have to open not only one relationship with Baba, but all relationships: my Mother, my Father, my Friend, my Teacher, my Beloved and, in the world of fire, He is the Firefighter; in drowning ocean, He is the Salvation Army.

So, relationships with God and relationship with each other, with togetherness, we are protected because the power, the collective strength protects us. It can come as a form of enthusiasm from others, or the support for each other. You can see, as an example, the Ukraine family is receiving so much help in different ways. So, we are here together to help each other; Baba, the Umbrella, is to help us, and if we also have faith in ourselves, then we will be protected.

Connection is protection. The connection, not only with God, but with the true self, and perfection and connection with the family. Om shanti.

Sudesh Didi –30th October 2022 Evening Class – Madhuban.pdf




Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: Nov 1- Nov 10 : Transformation of the old nature and old sanskars

14 November 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Transformation of the old nature and old sanskaras"  from  November 1- November 10

Also, find transcribed classes on website


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

Transformation of old sanskars -1

Transformation of old sanskars -2

Transformation of old sanskars -3

Transformation of old sanskars -4

Transformation of old sanskars -5

Transformation of old sanskars -6

Transformation of old sanskars -7

Transformation of old sanskars -8

Transformation of old sanskars -9

Transformation of old sanskars -10




Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: October 21- October 31 - Merciful & Bestower

2 November 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Merciful & Bestower"  from October 21- October 31

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

Merciful & Bestower -21 

Merciful & Bestower -22

Merciful & Bestower -23

Merciful & Bestower -24

Merciful & Bestower -25

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November 2022 Series: "Transformation of old nature and old sanskar": B.K. Mohini Didi

2 November 2022

Dear Avyakti Parivar, Greetings of love!


 In the month of November, Avyakti Parivar welcomes you to New Series: "Transformation of old nature and old sanskaras'' -"पुरानी नेचर  संस्कारो का परिवर्तन''




English Playlist:


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Here is the Schedule for November 2022: 



Thank you,

Avyakti Parivar






Recording Available: Revision for BK Students with Sister Jayanti of 3rd November Avyakt Murli (20-10-2008)

1 November 2022







THE WORLD RENEWAL Magazine (English) November 2022

1 November 2022

Please click on below image to download a pdf of the magazine.



November 2022 Homework: "Transformation of old nature and  old sanskar": BK Mohini - नवंबर  2022: "पुरानी नेचर व संस्कारो का परिवर्तन" अभ्यास (होम वर्क) - बी.के.मोहिनी

1 November 2022

Om Shanti Dear Baba's Family, Greetings of love!


In the month of November, Avyakti Parivar welcomes you to a New Series: "Transformation of old nature and old sanskar'' -"पुरानी नेचर  संस्कारो का परिवर्तन''




You will receive a daily point of self-awareness and the method of practice in the YouTube folder link given below.


Thank you

In Baba's loving yaad,

 BK Mohini

Additional Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris


Homework Link – you will receive a daily video in the below YouTube folder link.




Hindi (translated classes):


Avyakti Parivar

A Family of Angels United in Love for One

Om Shanti




ओम् शांति सर्व ब्राह्मण परिवार के प्रति


ईश्वरीय मधुर यादप्यार स्वीकार करना जी।  


नवंबर महीने मेंअव्यक्ति परिवार अपनी नई सिरीज़: "पुरानी नेचर  संस्कारो का परिवर्तनमें आपका स्वागत करते है।



प्रतिदिन आपको नीचे दी गयी YouTube Folder Link में अभ्यास की स्मृति और विधि मिलती रहेगी।



बाबा की याद में,


सह-मुख्य प्रशासिकाब्रह्माकुमारीज


होमवर्क लिंक - HOMEWORK LINK प्रतिदिन के लिए आपको नीचे दिए गए फोल्डर में मिलती रहेगी।


अंग्रेज़ी  - English:


Hindi (translated classes):



अव्यक्ति परिवार - Avyakti Parivar







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