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Sudesh Didi – 23rd January 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London Faith brings victory

24 January 2022

 Om Shanti Om Shanti Good morning, golden morning.

Every morning, Baba makes us aware of the teaching He is giving, the yoga He is teaching. And in essence, as today's Murli,  aana and jaana,  coming and going. Didi Manmohini’s mantra was: Now is the time to go Home, ghar jaana haiJaana, means to return. The return journey is the aim of the devotees as well. So, she also wants to return. 

All people in this world are looking for Moksha. But they are not aware of the experience of liberation is a contrast. It's the freedom from bondage and the achievement of happiness. It is like a contrast of a healthy body and a diseased body, of happiness and sorrow. And Baba’s main mantra of aana and jaana, in the teachings of knowledge and yoga, dharna and seva, the mantra of Manmanabhav, be mine with your mind, tune your mind to me, focus your attention on Myself, make your mind like My Mind.

These are the stages: Turn your mind away from others and tune with me. When it is tuned, you are connected, and the intellect becomes focused. In fact, the mantra is of Manmanabhav but yoga of the intellect is “Yoga of the intellect with Me” because it is the power of understanding, faith, nishchay, to make sure that these feelings of the mind are real feelings. These are based on my experience. This is when the intellect is clear, then with both mantras, Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav, I become a balanced person with knowledge and yoga; I become Vishnu, the embodiment of virtuous, the embodiment doing actions with divine virtues. So much time has been taken because, in order to bring the truth in life, it takes time.

Faith brings victory. In Hindi it is Nishchay buddhi vijayanti (Faithful intellect is victorious), those who have a faithful intellect. Nishchay means deep within the intellect it is clear, it is convinced, it is aware and recognise the contrast between truth and falsehood; it is experienced and is able to make it clear everything as it is this, and what is right. And, in order to make us aware of the truth, Baba is taking a long time. What we had been believing, we thought it was the truth. On the path of bhakti all that we believed, which we were deceived, looked very true, but it is not true. “I am so and so,” So, we were convinced that, in our whole life, we were body, our bodily name or position or fame, but it was not true. In order to achieve this, we were struggling in our whole life in this concept about bodily relations, in the concept of the rituals and systems of the world. This is why Baba has to explain. But the intellect is able to grasp this, and that is why some people get confused. Again and again, Baba is speaking about the scriptures. Only when I have understood the real facts behind, the truth behind, truth brings victory.

Truth is power. So, it has to be given the contrast. And that truth is the truth which are the eternal qualities, powers of the soul. And because truth is immortal; truth never changes. Falsehood changes, it's clever. It changes its favour, its flavour, and its form, but truth is truth.

I am a soul, bodiless soul, originally a pure being. This is truth. I am an eternal, immortal being. With all this fear of death, fear of society, fear of the problems, then the power is lost because we think it's real. This is why Baba has to explain the cycle also. If He had not given the knowledge of the cycle, then we would not understand the contrast, or what we are making effort for, or what it is Baba wants us to achieve. And so, contrast the whole cycle of swardarshanchakra, then that becomes aim to achieve because when the intellect is clear, convinced and has experimented the practice, there is no doubt. Unless the intellect has understood, it gets blocked again and again by what we have convinced ourselves, that becomes a barrier. Then Baba has to remove it for us. And so, every day, Baba takes the broom to clean, gives us a shower to take away the dust and influences.

The influences are attraction, temptation, desires and gradually, it becomes a bondage, that becomes suffering. Baba wants us to have faith, that in fact, you are a free soul; the body is not in bondage. You have been influenced by the desires, and that becomes a disease. Desire is a disease. When desires are not fulfilled, the intellect begins to doubt in the self and in others. Then Baba makes them clear for us. Doubt is there, doubt is danger, doubt is delay, doubt creates waste, a lot of waste through imagination. A lot of energy is lost through confusion, and you begin to lose your power.

So, first, faith in yourself. Faith is not just in the mind, faith is in the feeling. With the right understanding, it is an experience. Nishchay buddhi, the intellect begins to experience. Whatever we do, whatever actions we perform, they begin to trust ourselves; they begin to trust others. And nishchay, faith, in other words, in English translation is faith. Faith is belief. And if we call it belief, then I need to believe it. And when that belief or faith in translation is also fine, lives within, and we become that, then it is nishchay. It becomes my personal property, my personal achievement, then you are able to become victorious because you have faith.

When this faith lives in me, I begin to conquer sense organs. This means, you understand and change ideas; you understand and change your actions; you understand and become powerful enough to overcome influences. We are not fighting anything; we don't conquer anything else. We are conquering our own falsehood. We are conquering our own ego. The moment we tried to conquer others, we fail. We are defeated. The moment we pay attention to conquering ourselves, we become victorious because conquering others is a false fight. Fighting with others is a waste of energy. How can you conquer the ego of others? The more I criticise, the more I become egocentric. And I will take in their weaknesses.

With faith in myself, I am a pure soul. I recognise you are a pure soul. This faith brings great relationship, and with the relationship is the power of intoxication. Because it's not only my power, truth is teaching me truth. God is truth. And this truth is benevolent. Truth is not painful. Truth is a healing power. It's benevolent. This is why Baba says Baba’s praise is Satyam, Shiam, Sundaram (The Truthful, the Benefactor, the Beautiful One), because this truth is benevolent, and it is beautiful. And when it is beautiful, we believe this belongs to me. And it is mine because it's my Baba. So, when I am a soul, the faith that I, the soul, am the child of God, this intoxication and relationship. 

With these two I have a very powerful experience of two little girls. When I came to London in 1974. There are two girls coming in the class with her parents. One girl was called Shelly, she was three years old. She had a very, very bad cold. She was vomiting. I told her mother, “Please don't bring her to class. It's too cold.” She says, “But she gets up so early. She prepares everything, dress, and she actually encourages us that we have to be in the class.” I didn’t believe it, actually. I thought it was the mother because she didn’t want to miss the class. So, the next day I told Shelly, “You should not come to class.” She said, “Why? My mama comes, my grandmother also comes, my father also comes. Why should not I come?” I said, “Shelly, because you are sick. You are coughing and sometimes vomiting.” She replied, “Sister Sudesh, I am not sick. It’s only my body's sick.” I was so ashamed. Such a powerful arrow hit me. She's the one who was practical. I was a priest. This little girl had a strong belief that she was not sick. And she was not influenced. That was a very powerful realisation. It was the faith that the parents had instilled in her. And she was able to believe in it and live in it. Of course, the parents were taking care of the girl’s medicine as well. She was okay in two days. Then the other girl was Mona. She was also two and a half years old. She loved me and I loved also, Again and again, she was running after me when I stepped into Tennyson Road. She said, “You come to my home. You should come to my home.” I said, “How would I go? I don't have a car.” She said, “I have a car. Come, I show you I have a car." Outside Tennyson Road, the car was parked there." She said, “This is my car.” I said, “But this is not your car. This is Manu bhai’s car.” She said, “No, my papa’s car is my car.” Such great intoxication: Papa’s property is my property. And I realise Baba also reminds us about His property. Baba’s property is your property, and still, what is missing? This little girl’s innocent intellect has faith. 

When I become more innocent and recognise with a pure intellect, then this divine intellect has faith and becomes victorious. Then I begin to trust the self, begin to trust others, believe in others. Whatever you believe lives, and that becomes living. Victory is our birthright.

Om shanti.  


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Sister Jayanti – 23rd January 2022 – GCH, London Practice coming and going…

24 January 2022

The month of blessings of January continues. In January, when there is a determined thought Baba gives special help and so that thought becomes fulfilled in terms of effort for the self, and secondly powerful thoughts for service seems to take on a very special form in January with very beautiful results and thirdly that it is also the season of very dramatic natural disasters.  I see these things happening each January.

The whole of Sangamyug is a time for blessings but within Sangamyug there are special periods. January is very definitely a special time and the murli that Baba has spoken today reminded me that whatever it is that Bap and Dada do together becomes an example of leadership.

On the one side, we know God is the almighty authority but yet we don’t experience exactly who God is until God becomes – as He put it a little while ago - a Householder.  The experience of God in a very practical way is Mother, Father, Teacher, Satguru, Friend – all of that happens only when He actually comes here into the physical world, and the soul of Brahma Baba is the one who has been selected, destined, to play the role of being with Shiv Baba.  So when that part begins to unfold both of them, together, play the role of the perfect mother, the perfect father, the perfect teacher and so today Baba spoke about how when we go to Madhuban we don’t feel we are going to an ashram but we go to our Home and it is very much that feeling that we have come home again.

Not only was Bapdada, the Parent, able to give us that sense of belonging but he trained the Dadis through his own practical life and his example to the extent that the Dadis also gave everyone that sense of belonging.

People used to see Brahma Baba’s photograph in the early days in Tennyson Road when there was just a handful of us.  So many would look at Baba’s face and say:  We know him.  Or they would say:  Which country is he from?  He looks as if he is from my country.  And this would be people of many different backgrounds and so this sense of belonging was something that was there almost in a very physical, tangible way but also something that we saw with the Dadis.  It didn’t matter, young or old or whatever someone’s background may have been – no matter which Dadi, they each developed that same characteristic of being able to give everyone and anyone this feeling of belonging and so today going to Madhuban I think all of us get that sense of belonging even though the Dadis are now not there physically,  but definitely Baba’s presence and the Dadi’s presence is very much there.

The role of mother and father and family in creating that sense of family is something that is a very powerful experience that Baba is able to give us and in today’s murli Baba is truly the Supreme Teacher.

The sign of a good teacher or even going a step further - an excellent teacher - is that they are able to make very profound things very simple.  So simple that even though we have been out of touch with ourselves and God for thousands of years yet still when Baba explains something we say yes it makes sense or we say that it was a feeling that I had but I didn’t know how to express it.

Baba said the whole of knowledge and yoga can be summed up in two words. Baba often says this. Sometimes He says Manmanabhav and Madhyajibav.  Remembrance of God and the inheritance of the kingdom.   Or sometimes Baba says Alpha and Beta and again that is God and Beta, the kingdom, and today Baba has used two other words, and you would not usually associate them with anything spiritual.  Baba has used the expression “Coming and Going”.

Baba took up the explanation of coming and going in many different ways.

There was a sakar murli, and it gets repeated in the cycle every 5 years, and in that murli Baba says: “coming and going” and Baba has mentioned it again today.  You go home and then you come down again and then you go home and you come down again and that coming and going, not just a momentary yes, I can experience Paramdam in a moment because I know what it is and I can go there and then I can come down and experience life here, but Baba is also referring to the whole cycle.  We go home and then very quickly we come down into the Golden Age and so the going and the coming very fast.

But the thing that Baba is taking up in today’s murli is a very practical experience that Baba wants us to develop and that is: in one moment step away from karma and experience being beyond karma - just in that relationship with God and the next moment be able to come down and engage in karma but don’t get trapped by the bondage of karma, and two words – coming and going. Yet it is such a profound subject to be able to be so detached.  Being detached on its own is OK.  Being loving on its own is OK.  We are used to one or the other but we are not used to keeping both these with that same intensity and experiencing both these things.  Baba is saying karma yoga.  That is what it is about.  We have used this expression from the beginning when we talk about Raja Yoga.  We say that Raja Yoga is also Karma Yoga but to actually be able to use the expression Karma Yoga, yes yoga,  detach and go to Baba, but then karma yoga, to come back into karma.  And two signs of really being able to come into karma but yet still remain a yogi - not that I am a yogi at one point and  then I am immersed in Karma at another point, but that I am able to manage both, and the sign of being able to do karma and yet still be a yogi, there are two signs - no sorrow - you come into karma and do what you need to do but there is no impact of any sorrow and it is a fact that when I get immersed in karma then all sorts of influences can touch me and so Baba says both things, no experience of sorrow and no influence of anyone or anything and not just the things out there but no influence of my own sanskaras. Then I can never say: this is how I am.  I have a loud voice so I can’t make it soft.

We can’t ever say that.  Baba would say: are you the master of your senses? If you are the master of your senses you can turn the volume up or down as you need to.  You can’t say this is how it is.  That would be the sanskar that you take up with you when you go up and bring back down with you when you come down. A harsh tone and a harsh voice.  So where is your entry point for satyug?

If I am still fighting with that sanskar until the end the door of Satyug is closed and the Silver Age is open.  The warriors, the battlers, the ones who are still trying to conquer until the end and so Baba is saying: no influence.  Anything that is outside or inside.  Just to be able to do the karma that I need to do whether there is the karma of fulfilling a responsibility or the karma of service which is also a responsibility to the world but not an immediate responsibility in that sense. There is family responsibility and responsibility to the self and to the world.  Whatever it is, engage and once the karma is done,  be able to go up again.   And so coming into action and then going back again into silence, into yoga, detachment.

Baba is saying that if you don’t practise this now - this state of being bodiless one moment and then coming back - what are you going to do at the end?  It you are struggling to be detached from the body you will not be able to go home fast.  There will be a lot of entanglements that you will have to deal with and just thinking about how horrific the scenes that are ahead of us in the next immediate future will be.  I need to be bodiless for a moment, connect with Baba and then do what I need to. To support whoever is around so that I can play the role of being Baba’s messenger and helper at that time.   To let souls be able to go home with love, to be above to connect with their Father with love - I need to practise the bodiless stage otherwise I will be afraid, concerned, anxious, in tears because it will be difficult.  But with my practise of being bodiless then I can be God’s messenger and helper and play the role that Baba wants me to play.

Just imagine, it is only a handful of Brahmins and even by the time it is God’s revelation it is not going to be a majority or people.  A very tiny minority is preparing to come to Satyug but that tiny minority has to be able to serve everyone.  We don’t know where we will be but it will be right according to the drama, but each one’s preparation today is going to prepare us for what Baba wants us to do at the end.

So two words – easy to remember the whole murli today:  coming and going.  That is it and the whole murli will emerge in front of you.

Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: January15 - January 21 Tapasya

24 January 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached Mohnini Didi's transcribed classes of  January 15th - January 21st on Tapasya

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


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New App and Website: "Murli Shabdavali - Meanings of words in Murli"

24 January 2022


In the year 2000 respected BK Ramesh Bhai Shahji in one of his classes, suggested there should be Baba's Murli Glossary which can be useful to Baba's children especially double foreigners.  They can have a better understanding of Baba's Murli by referring to them. 

I am happy to share this good news that on behalf of SpARC wing and Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad, we have been working on the meanings of words spoken by BapDada in Murli for the last 20+ years. The book named "Murli Shabdavali" was  shown to Avyakt BapDada by Ramesh Bhaiji and BK Kuldeep Didi ji, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Shanti Sarovar and  the book was released with the blessings of BapDada.

Recently, with the assistance of the India IT team we created an App and website based on this book, to make it available to the BK family. 


Android App:

For now, the meanings of murli words are available in Hindi, English and Telugu languages. The same has been reviewed and approved by Raju Bhaiji and his team. 

This app was launched on 18th January, 2022 after Avyakt BapDada Milan by the lotus hands of Respected Dadi Ratanmohini.

Kindly find the attached photos regarding "Murli Shabadavali" Book inauguration and App and website launching program.

With Best Regards
BK Shrikant
National Coordinator, SpARC




Seniors’ Sharing after bhog offering on the Day of Remembrance of Brahma Baba – 18th January 2022 Morning- Auditorium, GCH, London (Day Three of Global Silence Bhatti)

21 January 2022

Sharing from Jaymini bhen:

Om shanti. It is not only the three of us were sitting here on the stage offering bhog, but in fact, each one of you, wherever you are seated here in Baba’s House, Auditorium, Conference Hall or on the balcony. Everyone, each one of us, we are offering bhog to Baba from our hearts.

This is one very special day of the year when each and every Baba’s child, from Amrit Vela, or very early morning, Baba calls it night at 2am in the morning. All of us are thinking of Baba. This thinking is like thanking Baba, for giving us this life. And this is what I have been doing, which is thanking Baba for everything that Baba has given me, and the life that Baba has given me. There are no words to it.

It is really happening… what is being remembered on the path of bhakti in every culture, every religion, in fact, we are the ones who are going through that experience. We are the one who are experiencing first hand. So, what a great fortune Baba is Bhaagya Vidhata, the one who creates the fortune, the Fortune Maker, but we also are the ones who enables others, our brothers and sisters, to create their fortune. It is each one of us Brahmins,  Brahma kumars and Brahma kumaris, who actually are the master creators of fortune. It is a great fortune to have that title that Baba has given all of us.

So, the thanks to Baba is something that emerges practically with an experience of great great feeling of what Baba said today in the Murli today, prasannata (happiness) and santushtata (contentment), these two words are echoing in my ears. Prasannata, I, the soul, am content, prasannchit (embodiment of contentment). It is something very deep, and it's an experiential word of giving thanks to Baba, and experiencing contentment. So that gives me great great feeling of belonging to Baba and belonging to the family.

Om shanti.

Sharing from Jayanti bhen:

Om Shanti. A little similar to what Jaymini bhen has been sharing. Over the last several days, my thoughts also have been very much about our fortune that we've actually been able to experience God. For some of us, the amazing fortune of Sakar Baba. But from, I think, practically everyone here in this room, the fortune of meeting Avyakt BapDada through Dadi Gulzar. So, one era finishes and another one begins. But that also has now finished. So, from Sakar, to Akar (angelic) to now, Nirakar (bodiless). So, just simply our connection with the Nirakar. But, even for those who didn't meet Sakar Baba, still, the amazing fortune of hearing Sakar Baba’s Murlis.

Sakar Murlis and Avyakt Murlis together, give you a very beautiful picture of who this personality is, who became God’s chariot, and did so much for the world, and then hid himself away. Other people get recognised and praised and there's a lot of recognition. Incorporeal Baba, anyway, is totally incognito. But, Sakar Baba also, like today, Baba reminded us of that slogan of humility. Brahma Baba is doing so much, and, hiding himself away in the Subtle Region. But, now is the time to reveal both Fathers to the world, that, this is actually something that has happened, that God came on earth, carried out His task. And yes, still, whatever little time remains, still the fortune of creating our fortune of being with God, experiencing God and serving with God. So, Sangam-yug (Confluence Age) is an amazing time, a short time, but absolutely miraculous time in which everything happens in a miracle. 

Om shanti.

Sharing from Sudesh Didi: 

Om shanti. Om shanti. Today is a special day of Om Prem (love).  It’s Baba’s love for us and our love for BapDada.

Love, role, and responsibility. Love means relationship; role means awareness of responsibility and becoming a detached, active observer. Detached, and yet, very active. Detached observer, active actor.

Brahma Baba’s role has been very special. The intoxication is great. Someone asked if Baba was very strict because when we hear the Murlis, we feel that Baba was very strict, that the Murlis are very straightforward, very clear. Some asked if Baba was, at times, jolly and entertaining as well. I said, very much entertaining, but in a unique way. On one side, we see that because there is the responsibility of world transformation. This task is not an ordinary task. It's Godly task. But world transformation does not just mean just the transformation of matter. This world is with his children. So, it was with love. 

The first power he put in was the power of love. Because of love, love for God, love for his task, there was total surrender and renunciation.  His love could work only because his love was totally detached from the lokik (worldly) way of love. It was alokik (spiritual) love. He loved his physical children also, but it was not love based on attachment. It was the love that they should make their lives a yogi life. Otherwise, they don't have any right to whatever God's property. So, whatever Baba has, is for Godly task. There was no attachment, but very benevolent consciousness that if they become yogis, then the whole kingdom belongs to them.

So, Brahma Baba had total renunciation, and he played the role with great intoxication, that “I'm the father of humanity. I am Brahma.” But not the Brahma with ego in bhakti, but it is of the children and the parent. So, with great love, because parents cannot tolerate weaknesses, defects, vices of the children. Parent wants to see their children always shining. Baba was extraordinary. He wouldn't like to see anything negative directly or indirectly. He did not mention anything negative directly, he would say it in the general class, or sometimes puts it in an entertaining way. In this way, he would not speak about defects to someone else, but still, be able to teach by telling. For example, if there was anything which Baba had to draw someone’s attention to, he would say to Didi (Didi Manmohini) that something was not right. True love is you tell the daughter in order to teach the daughter-in-law. For those who are still trying to belong to the family, you don't tell them about their weaknesses directly. So, Baba was actually very balanced, of giving a very deep aspect of life transformation, world transformation, and yet, he himself was very simple and very entertaining. He accepts very ordinary names for himself. 

Here he is going to become the balanced energy of Vishnu, Shri Lakshmi and Narayan, the world emperor, and what entertaining title does he give himself? Post office. Yesterday, Baba said he is the post office. In the post office, all the information is sent and received. And…Long Boot. Now, who would like to be a boot? It is not a very good title. But there is a lot of joy. It was on one side, very high intoxication, and on the other side, so simple in every aspect. Landlady, I am also a landlady, because Baba has received this body. So, very simple things are made into something very entertaining, but having right intoxication. This is why he wants us to become like that, also with the same balance, with the understanding of the deep aspect of life, the deep understanding of creating the new world, and at the same time, lightness.

Om shanti.  


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Bhog Message from Pandav Bhawan on 20th January in Hindi & English and from Shantivan in English

21 January 2022


bhog message -- sr. shashi hindi




bhog message -- sr. shashi english





bhog message -- sr. rukmani english










18th January Bhog Messages

21 January 2022


bhog message -- sr. shashi hindi




bhog message -- sr. shashi english




bhog message -- sr. rukmani english



Video version:




bhog message -- Mohini Didi english

18-01-2022 Morning








Sudesh Didi – 16th January 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London (Day One of Global Silence Bhatti): 18th January is the most important day for Brahmins

19 January 2022

Om Shanti Om Shanti Good morning, golden morning, diamond morning to the sparkling diamonds.


For us, every day of the month of the year is special because the Conference Age is the auspicious time when the Supreme, the Most Beloved, the Benevolent Being Himself, comes to bring such gifts which we never could get from any human beings. Amongst all the days, we celebrate many celebrations, but amongst all the festivals, Happy Day which is called dil, the heart, the heart is festivity, joy, bliss, love, happiness, sharing, giving, receiving, and meeting. But the importance of every festival, the three days in this Brahman life is very, very important in the whole year. Of course, Shiv Ratri, the Supreme Soul Himself coming onto this planet, to change the night into day, to bring the light in this dark night of the Kalpa Tree, and shine the whole Tree with sparkling lights of the eternal qualities of the self. And this is why He's reminding us, “Do you have the intoxication that you are these, which the Christmas tree is decorated with? It is you, the shining stars. You are the angels, those who become practically free from bondage, free from burden, and totally light and double-light, in other words, karmateet. If Baba had not come onto this planet, the transformation of the world would not take place. And so, it is the incarnation of the Seed of the Kalpa Tree. This is why today we are reading the Murli of Christmas. It is a big day in India.


I was thinking why they call it a big day there because in the village it is not necessary. They call it Christmas or Kishmiss or Bada Din (Big Day). It was anyway a very special festival, but then at the time and it was time of changing the religion due to any reason. For the ones who have newly converted to Christianity, it must be a Big Day. 


So in India, Big Day is remembered instead of Christmas Day. But in fact, it's a reality. It's a Big Day, not an ordinary day. But for us, this big day is a double day, because the Incorporeal comes onto this planet Himself, not only to transform the world, but the foundation, the roots of the Tree. The foundation is great, great, great grandfather. The role of Brahma becomes very clear. The Incorporeal Role is incognito, but the practical role in this world of transformation, from Shudra to Brahmin, from Brahmin to an angel, and from an angel to a deity. This role is for the whole Cycle, which declares and clarifies the journey of going through the whole Cycle of self-realisation.


Without self-realisation, there is no transformation. Without self-realisation, there's no purification. Without self-realisation, there would not be the freedom from possessiveness. The strangest thing is, we know things which are wrong for the self and for others. For something which is wrong, wisdom would recognise it and let it go. But when we see weakness in this and weakness in that, how many times do we repeat that something which we recognise as rubbish. With virtues, we rarely repeat many times.  Cleverness, just clever intellect itself, is not wisdom. So, Baba changes the process of realisation. The real self-realisation, you realise something which is really wrong, and real deep deep transformation takes place.


For Brahma Baba, it was magic, fast, instantly he surrendered everything. For us, the most important day is 18th of January. The one who is the embodiment of following Shrimat, the Conqueror, Smritilabdha, the final realisation, the memory, the realisation, the awareness, which was lost, is regained. Smriti  means awareness. Labdha means found. We had lost that, and it was found, I was a deity and will become a deity again. I was an angel, I will become that again. I was perfect, I will become again. This is the whole Cycle, so swardarhanchakradhari (spinner of the discus of self-realisation).  So this is an example, a sample, an inspiration, the power and strength of Brahma Baba. So, this is why, 18th January for Brahmins, is the most important big day. Brahma Baba himself has achieved that destination and is inspiring us to follow his footsteps. 


In order to become this festival in a practical way, that we have become, we tie the bond of protection, with this practical promise. Without purity, there is no divinity. Without purity, there's not any kind of sparkle in life or respect in life. So, Brahmin means practical Brahmin. It is not only because Brahma is Brahma, and we are children of Brahma. Brahmin Baba doesn't accept them. He calls it half-cast if we don't become. 


So, it's a determination of power of purity, and that comes strongly through Brahma Baba on 18th of January, nashtomoha, free from all kinds of attachments, body, bodily relations, past sanskaras, habits and so Brahmin becoming deity. Brahma Baba is our example, and there is always joy, and this is happy toli Baba is giving us. So, it's a happy day. It's a lucky day. It's a benevolent day. This day is the most important day of a mirror of Brahma Baba reaching his karmateet stage. The power of silence, with renunciation, and with this Godly quality of benevolence. Many sanyasis also renounce. Some people also maintain purity. But we have a deep desire for benevolence, and that's why BapDada came together, sanskaras mean Godly sanskaras. This is Brahma Baba, and this is why we are Godly children. We have Brahmins, but we are Godly children, divine children. So, on 18th January, these three silence days in this month is the month of blessings. Om shanti.


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Sister Jayanti – 16th January 2022 – GCH, London, am. Day one of Global Bhatti - Brahma Baba demonstrated soul consciousness….

19 January 2022

Om Shanti. Good morning.  The songs were about Sakar Baba.  We wish to honour Baba today as well as on the 18th, as of those here today, will be at other centres then. The bhog today has also been prepared in his honour especially on his anniversary.  It has been 53 years in his waiting and through this span, shortly after he became avyakt, world service started so the feeling that it was him, angel Brahma Baba who started service outside of Bharat and who continues to sustain that service.  Sakar Baba, the pioneer in the corporeal form, and laid the foundation for the Yagya in Bharat.  Outside of Bharat it has been the angel Baba who began service and awoke all the Brahmins and continues to be with us.  Baba fits with the image of all the things that describe a leader.  He never used the term leader for himself.  Nor did the Dadi’s use this term, although they followed very accurately in His footsteps. 


Baba would say ‘I am the father’. Whoever came in front of Baba, whether senior in age, his dristhi and attitude was such that they felt he was their father.  Not just people of all ages, but also the animals too he treated as his friends…and even for the animals he would use the term ‘bache’.  When Baba, in 1966, was giving us toli in the hut he took another piece and put it on a concrete plinth, and said, this is for my friend, my ‘saki’’.  I wondered which friend he was speaking of.  Then a little bird came along, and it was used to arriving at 10.30 and looked at Baba, took the toli and enjoyed it!


Baba’s vision of love and everyone belonging was very much Baba’s way of being the one who showed us what we have to do.  The leader in all aspects.


If the meaning of leader is to show the way by practically demonstrating everything, leading by example, truly Brahma Baba did that.  The three words in the mantra, NiraKari  NirviKari  NirenKari,,,,,incorporeal, egoless, viceless, he demonstrated at all times.  So that when anyone came in front his drishti would pull them out of body consciousness and give them that experience.


I met Baba as a child and I didn’t see Baba going through a process of conquering the vices.  Nowadays, we see things in terms of processes, but for him it was immediate.  Baba’s vision from just thinking of his limited family to seeing everyone as his family.  In a sense it was there already before Shiv Baba arrived. It must have been the remnant from last kalpa as it was still there.  Dadi Janki would relate the story about how she and her father went to visit Baba in Kolkata many years before Shiv Baba came.  Baba asked them where they were staying and told them to come and stay with him, even though they were not immediately related - Baba’s big heart and belonging.  And when he did his devotion, prayers would be for family and then for everyone, for the whole world.  Lastly it would be for the self.  When he took a dip in the Ganges, it would be first again for family, the world, then self.  He held the stage of everyone belonging:


1)       The incorporeal experience of the soul, connected with all souls, was somehow still there.  When he then understood Raja Yoga he stepped into that role of Father of the People.  Baba’s practise of soul consciousness became a powerful magnet for helping others come out of the consciousness of the body. 

2)       Viceless yes.  I saw Baba in that stage where there was no trace of ‘I or my’ or trace of negativity, ‘devils’.  He had somehow been able to deal with these. I don’t know how or when, but there was no trace of these for many years.

3)       The most difficult thing to let go of is ego.  Although it is one of the bunch of vices, yet ‘egoless’ is a specific word that Baba used, in terms of the three words of the mantra. Again and again Baba demonstrated his humility.  As when Shiv Baba was speaking the Murli and would say ‘don’t remember this one’, Brahma Baba would agree totally.  No need to thank or give praise to the instrument…all praise to the one.  He demonstrated the state of egolessness again and again:  For example, with the story of Baba washing the feet of the mothers who had walked up the mountain, in the late 1950’s.  He had waited up for them and asked Lechu Dadi to bring hot water so he could wash their feet as they had come through the rain and mud.  Who would do that?  Baba was advanced in age, more so than the group but Baba’s humility and care was such.


Also if souls asked questions and he didn’t have an answer.  He would say straightforwardly that ‘Baba doesn’t know’ and would say he would go to Shiv Baba and ask him and come back and tell us.  So no pretence with whatever it was.  There were some designated trance messengers at that time and he would say to them.  Children are asking this question, please go to Shiv Baba for the answer and come back and tell us.  Just as it is, no artificiality. Brahma Baba knew so much, and had done so many things according to his worldly life experience, which was enormous. Yet even with the churning of the spiritual knowledge and understanding of that, he would say easily, no problem I don’t have the answer to your question. 

At mealtimes, the bell for lunch in Pandav Bhavan was rung at 12.20 and he would eat at 2.30pm.  He would ensure there was enough for all, by waiting until everyone had eaten first.


Karachi was a time of abundance, but Abu was the time of renunciation, with the cold and little to eat, immediately after the war.  Imagine the journey there, arranging 350 people to move! Through that time, with little available, he would want all the children to have eaten before him. A time in which he demonstrated his concern and care for others with great humility, which always revealed his leadership.


Today since early we have started the global silence Bhatti. There are three themes and I am seeing how Baba demonstrated each one.   Today it is 1) Bodiless: Tomorrow 2) Avyakt- the subtle angel; and 3) 18th January is the theme of Light and Might


Brahma Baba’s journey demonstrated each one of these aspects:


The first aspect of ‘bodiless’. Baba would practise again and again.  We would witness him, very quiet and detached.  We would see how he observed the body.  Letting the body be still and giving Shiv Baba’s vibrations to the body, to give it strength.  That kept the body going until 93 years of age:  with no false teeth, or hearing aids!  How did Baba manage this?  By giving that sakaash to the body every day.  Not just to keep the body in good condition but the practise so that in the final moments it was very easy to slip away and fly.


The second stage is the ‘avyakt, the angelic’.   Even when Baba was in the physical form, for his last year or so, he was almost not here.  Engaged but the observer, as he demonstrated the subtle and angelic stage of consciousness whilst here.


And the third stage of  ‘light and might’.  Taking that power and radiating it out to the world.


SudeshDidi will now join us.




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Bhog Message from Shantivan on  13 January

19 January 2022


bhog message -- sr. rukmani hindi




bhog message -- sr. rukmnai english









Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: January 8 - January 14: Tapasya

19 January 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached Mohnini Didi's transcribed classes of  January 8 - January 14 on Tapasya

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: January 1 - January 7: Tapasya

19 January 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached Mohnini Didi's transcribed classes of  January 1 - January 7 on Tapasya

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


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Tapasya- January 1st

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On REPLAY: A Special Master Class on Brahma Baba with Sis Jayanti in preparation for Avyakt Day 18th January.

14 January 2022

This special class was live on January 10th. You can access the replay here;






Sister Jayanti – 9th January 2022 – GCH What is going on internally?

10 January 2022

Om shanti. Good morning. Today Baba has spoken about the creator of the three deities but also one who plays three very specific roles. The very beautiful thing that Baba has talked about is the attainments that one experiences in the Confluence Age. Through the rest of the cycle it’s the result of past karma but through the Copper and Iron ages you don’t necessarily get the instant return of karma. Sometimes you do. You plant coriander seeds, they germinate, they begin to sprout within weeks but you plant a mango seed - although I think they’ve done some genetic modification now - but originally you could only get fruits from mango trees after about five years. I think with GM they’ve shortened the time span but generally it was years. And, so through the Copper and Iron ages some karma brings immediate return but some karma maybe comes in the next birth or the birth after and, in terms of our love for God, the devotion we experience, the bhakti we undergo, you are always told, yes, you’re going to get the fruit but you don’t know when and so you carry on, you carry on for 63 births and maybe there’s a little bit of return you do get but not the expectation that you’re going to meet God in your next birth or your next birth. Then Sangamyug comes and you do find God or God finds you.


From then the story of karma is totally different. Baba speaks about two types of karmic return. One is the immediate fruit that you get in Sangamyug itself. You give with one hand and you receive with the other instantly. The instant fruit of karma. But the other is, yes of course you get the result through the Golden and Silver ages, and so it’s very long-term results. Because it’s a direct connection with God, of course whatever you do, you don’t get one in return, it’s multiplied and you get a hundredfold in return. Just reflecting on the attainments of Sangamyug and in one word Baba has summarized it as: ‘Whatever you can do in Sangamyug there can be success’. And, of course, the criteria in between is the quality of my relationship with Baba because my relationship with the Father very much depends on my love and my relationship of total acceptance of whatever the Father says. The Teacher, Baba has described as the Bestower of Fortune. In the Father role, Baba has described it as the bestower. The Father is giving everything, absolutely everything to the child. How could the child survive if the parent didn’t give the child everything? Survival isn’t possible. So right from the very start when we come to Baba, go back to your experiences of spiritual childhood and you’ll feel the intoxication you felt, the love that you felt, the joy that you experienced, how everything seemed so easy. But that was because you recognized Baba. But even that, it was a gift from God that you were able to recognize Baba. But yet, your fortune from your past karma, from the past cycle and Baba blessed you with a divine intellect, you recognized Baba and Baba gave you all these experiences in those very early days. And that was because your love for God had awakened. Further you were studying, you were doing something, you were understanding the knowledge, you were practising the knowledge. The knowledge of the soul was so amazing that you began to experiment with it immediately and you got the return of it instantly.


Then, the Teacher, and yes, the murlis fascinating, every murli is opening up new secrets, new ideas that you hadn’t thought about and as a result of your study then the Bestower of Fortune. First Baba blessed you with knowledge but then further the Bestower of Fortune was blessing you with amazing aspects of attainment. Your fortune of knowledge but also the knowledge was leading to good karma because it was a deeper and deeper understanding of karma. And, you knew that you were getting a return of your study. If, in the early days, Baba hadn’t been so available and so giving then who would think about coming for murli on a Sunday morning when it’s still dark and cold and rainy outside. But the murli is so powerful and attractive that it brought you to Baba’s house. So you are studying and Baba was giving you the immediate return.


The third thing, and I just want us to reflect on it a little bit further because it has come up in several murlis in recent times, sakar and avyakt, but the relationship with the Satguru and my obedience to the Satguru and, in return for my obedience then the blessings that make life very, very easy. Others looking at you say that it’s a difficult thing that you’re doing and you say it’s very natural, it’s very easy and I enjoy it as I get so much benefit from it. So instead of thinking about anything as renunciation you’re seeing the advantage, the benefit that you’re experiencing so these are the blessings that you’re feeling from the Satguru, but blessings come only through obedience. Baba has made that very, very clear in several murlis now.


It’s like with fortune, sometimes some say, well, this one’s lucky and I’m not so lucky but luck and fortune are actually dependent on my karma and, in this case, first my study. And, the study opens up the door for good karma. The study allows me to do good karma and the study then brings me fortune and good luck. Same thing, how does it seem so easy for this one and not so easy for this one? What is the difference? The difference is the obedience and the obedience is not just in terms of the main principles. Yes, absolutely these are important, fundamental, the foundation, but also all the subtle things that Baba talks about. What is the vision with which I see others? Is it a vision that is critical vision? Is it a vision that’s judgemental? Or is it a vision of brotherhood, recognizing my family? And so Baba has also talked to one group, well two groups together who have come as sevadaris. But I’m seeing very much the connection of obedience, the Satguru and then Baba telling us, ‘Only see that which is good, don’t see anything that is wasteful, and Baba hasn’t gone further than that, obviously nothing negative but definitely not even anything that is wasteful.


Baba has explained how much loss there is, loss of my physical time, my physical energy and the sense at the end of it all, if I allow it to carry on, then a sense of nothing that is accumulated within the self. Now, here I am studying for years maybe, or just a short time maybe, but whatever it is, and I’m saying I’m doing all of this but how come I’m not getting any attainment? There isn’t any sense of fulfilment and having taken from Baba. And, of course, disheartenment and many things after that too. But the difference between the sense of accumulation and the sense of weakness and emptiness is connected very much with Baba’s more subtle srimat and my obedience or lack of it. Of course, I don’t see it at that time, and then hopefully I read or hear Baba’s murli that gives a very clear straight line connection between the emptiness, the lack of attainment and the cause of that. And, if this is what I’m feeling and this is what Baba’s explaining then this is a message for me. Then Baba says, don’t miss a single murli. I explain everything very clearly to you, so today’s murli Baba’s explaining in a lot of detail what it is I need to do to feel the attainment and the contentment and fulfilment that comes through attainment and how a subtle weakness … normally, you wouldn’t say that waste thoughts are going to lead to a lack of attainment… well it’s not something that you’d instantly connect but Baba has connected it very, very clearly. Yes, externally, I’m reading the murli. I’m doing everything, but internally what is it that’s going on? And, so Baba’s murli is a real, real mirror to be able to see the self and apply it to the self. Then again that’s difference. I think, oh that’s interesting but does it apply to me and in what way does it apply to me? And maybe it doesn’t apply to me at the present time but maybe it will apply to me so I have to be careful and watch it. And, so, fortune, attainment and blessings making everything flow smoothly and easily and the experience of success. And, Baba saying that these three relationships are in order then the result is success in everything that you touch and so we’ve seen with the Dadis, every single pure thought became practical, things that people would have said were impossible became practical.


A story that I think many new ones here haven’t heard is: at the time of the very first huge fair that they put together in Delhi. This was in 1981, a huge thing that was put on and a big mela and it was to be at Red Fort. That’s a government place and everything had been organized and then it was announced that the President of Russia was visiting and we thought okay. But they wanted to welcome him at Red Fort because that’s a historic place and at that time Russia was feeding India. Grain was coming from Russia to India and they called him Andata, the one who was giving food to India. So the government asked us to vacate that land and to pull down the exhibition and put it somewhere else would have been enormous work and expense and Dadi Kumarka heard – she was in Delhi. Just powerful powerful yoga, just determination that we’re going to keep that place. They had all-night yoga and the next morning they heard, ‘you can keep the place’. Indira Ghandi had sent somebody from her staff to look at the ground to see what was happening and Dadi Kumarka said to them ‘keep going, keep going, work hard, work hard’. All the statues had been put up, the statues of the goddesses and everything. This guy comes along and sees this and reports back to Indira Ghandi and says ‘if we make them pull down all the statues and everything it’s going to bring a curse on us’. And so, a bit of bhakti, a bit of superstition, but whatever it was, yoga power and Baba, and it worked and they changed their mind and instead of taking away that space they found an alternative, equally historical place and it worked. So powerful thoughts, and success in everything you touch. So, beautiful stories and many examples but that was a very dramatic one.


Om shanti


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Bhog Messages from Madhuban Thursday, January 6, 2022

7 January 2022

bhog message -- sr. shashi hindi

bhog message -- sr. shashi english

bhog message -- sr. rukmani hindi

bhog sandesh -- sr. rukmani english




Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: December 22 - December 31 - Constant Happiness

6 January 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached Mohnini Didi's transcribed classes of  December 22 - December 31st - Constant Happiness.

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


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Constant Happiness- December 22nd

Constant Happiness- December 23rd

Constant Happiness- December 24th

Constant Happiness- December 25th

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Constant Happiness- December 27th

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Constant Happiness- December 29th

Constant Happiness- December 30th

Constant Happiness- December 31st



Sister Jayanti - Sunday 4th July 2021 - Revision Avyakt Murli of 30.01.1988

5 January 2022

Om Shanti to everyone. We are hearing the whole story of Brahma Baba. A story of love, of faith, of courage, immense courage, a pioneer. An amazing story that the world still doesn’t know about, and I hope they will come to hear about that story very soon. Baba spoke about the Almighty Authority Father seeing his first creation, elevated creation, and I was thinking about how the Creator is always the most powerful. Creation will always be a little bit less, but Brahma Baba being number one, became not quite like the Father, but yes like the Father. The Father will always be the Father and the Creator will always be the Creator, and the creation will always be the creation. The first deity, Adi Dev, the one who is first created in the subtle region, then giving birth to Brahma Baba here, and through Brahma Baba, all the Brahmins. The first one in the Confluence Age, and also the first one in the Golden Age and the one who is remembered as Adi Dev in the temple of Dilwala. The image of tapasya is that first divine being, then the first deity of the Golden Age, Krishna. Adi Dev, a very powerful, beautiful title; the first man, the first deity, the first one, the original one. Baba spoke about how this amazing individual had first of all become the karmateet angel, the first one, number one.


Then you have Baba reminding us of the story of the surrender and how powerful that was, and because of that first surrender, he claimed the number one status. That was going to be in the future - what lay ahead of him at that time in the Confluence Age was a very different story. Here is a person who was honored by his community, respected by everyone, even by the kings and the Viceroy at that time, even by the gurus of that time, everybody saw him as being very elevated. Then as soon as he comes to God, there’s a very different experience, and so he gets attacked by bad words, bad language. People are understanding that what he is talking about is purity, and it’s not what they want. It’s definitely not what they want and so he has to tolerate a huge amount of abuse. Yet his power of tolerance was - how do you see tolerance? - do you see it as gritting your teeth and saying, “I better get on with it?” No, for Baba it was very different. Tolerance meant being able to smile no matter what was happening, no matter how much opposition there was. Baba kept smiling and this was his tolerance. Not a trace of anything in his thoughts, not a trace of anything in his feelings, and so what was reflected on his face was just that gentle loving smile.


For most of us when we are praised, we are very happy to hear that, and we smile, and Baba said ‘that’s not tolerance’. Tolerance is when you hear defamation about yourself, bad words being spoken about you and yet you're able to tolerate means you’re able to keep smiling. How many of us are able to do that and manage that stage? Brahma Baba had to do all that to be a role model, that on a human level we could see and follow in those footsteps and become the same, like the father. Then Baba took that up further in terms of three different aspects of what it is that we need to tolerate. One is where there is defamation, bad language being spoken about you, people who have given you love and now they’re no longer giving you love. They are seeing you as their enemy, so how do you face all of that? You just make sure that you have nothing but good wishes and good feelings for them. So, your tolerance will show, not in gritting your teeth and saying, “let me get on with it”. No, through a very genuine feeling in your heart that’s able to emerge and be expressed in your kind words to them and your love for them. One is the situation where they come to you as an enemy, yet what you're doing is actually sharing with them mercy, compassion, so that they too may begin to have a change of heart, good wishes and good feelings. You’re not waiting for that result, you’re simply giving them mercy and compassion because you know that it’s an external negative influence, a shadow of anger that’s over them. They’re not in their right consciousness, they're not in their right awareness, and so anger, lust maybe, has overtaken them. There’s another influence working. You’re separating the original qualities of the soul from this temporary influence that’s working.


In the story of the yagya the people who were opposing Baba were good people, they were well respected in the community. They were into philanthropy. Baba’s not saying that they were bad people, no, they were good people but for the moment there’s an influence. So, being able to have nothing but mercy in your heart, not even thinking that I have to forgive them. You haven’t taken anything negative from them, there’s nothing to forgive. All you're concerned about is their wellbeing and there’s a spontaneous generosity, mercy and compassion for them. They too should pass through this and come out the other side. So, one was all the things that happened at the start of the yagya and in the period of establishment, and Baba’s amazing cheerfulness through it all. The second thing that happened, through the period when service first started, again, many challenges; little challenges, big challenges. Sometimes it was a challenge because of individuals who wanted to follow purity, again that factor came in. At one point it was the challenge of the beggary part of the yagya, and at another time it was a big challenge. The government was not giving us back our land that had been requisitioned. Everybody else got their land back. We didn’t get our land back for many years later. Yet Baba treating little things, big things, absolutely as if it’s a game. It’s not a mountain I am having to cross, it's as light as a ball. If you hold a ball, it looks big but it’s very light. You’re able to stay light as you play with the ball and so he was able to stay so light that he didn’t even feel that it was a burden or a big thing. No, it's a game. And because of Baba’s lightness he was able to make everyone around him light also. Baba’s responsible, Baba’s taking care of it, Baba’s light about it so I can be light about it also. Otherwise imagine a parent not having money to feed one child, never mind not having money to feed 350 children. Can you imagine the anxiety, the fear, the stress the parent would go through? And here Baba’s absolutely responsible, but it’s a game, it’s a ball, a ball of light. So, Baba remained very light through all of that. And Baba treating every situation with that sense of nothing new, you’ve gone through this before, it’s not a big deal, we can deal with it, it’s fine. And so even that problem wasn’t seen as a problem. It’s something that’s come, nothing new, it will come, and it will go. And so that attitude in which absolutely no problem is visible. If I am confused - Baba spoke about that later in great detail - I am going to get heavy about it and the problem is going to be huge. Even if it’s as big as a mountain, can I minimize it, reduce it so that it becomes a little thing? And the opposite happens, if I don’t have tolerance capacity, a little pebble, a tiny little pebble, and I think too much, and my thoughts make it huge. It’s as huge as a mountain. How am I going to deal with it? Why did this happen? It shouldn’t have happened. None of these thoughts came for Baba at all. It’s come, it will pass, nothing new. You hear this in the sakar murli’s. How many times Baba says nothing new, every kalpa, it's come and every kalpa I have been victorious. So, the memory returning, the memory of the past kalpa, and being able to reduce big things, minimise them so that then you can deal with them very easily. Instead of the rattle that goes on; why, how, if, but, maybe this, maybe that, it shouldn’t be like this, and a little thing gets blown out of all proportion. Which side am I on? The one who minimizes things so that we can deal with it easily or the one who expands things and makes everything so huge that it spoils the whole atmosphere. I can see how sometimes I am one and sometimes the other, but can we always be the one who is able to minimise. Why? Because if I take the long route, I am going to find myself tired, exhausted, breathless, and I’m going to say “I don’t like this”. If I find the shortcut by minimising it, then I will be fine and able to deal with it quickly, very easily. My time and energy will be saved, I will be enjoying the journey, and I will be fresh on arrival. Otherwise, I will be exhausted. Baba kept using this word rattle, and how when there is an empty vessel then you put something little in it and it clatters, there’s a clatter, clatter, rattle, rattle, it’s a horrible noise. But if a vessel is full, is complete, then it has great depth and it is silent.


Using gyan and yoga in our lives so that we are able to go into the depth of silence, and experience that richness and fullness in which things that are really are insignificant. The important thing is how I’m using gyan and yoga at this moment in my life. So, is it a wasteful rattle that is going on in my head? If it’s going on in my head, it’s also going to come out in words. Can I learn to get away from expansion and come into the essence? If I am using gyan, if I am using yoga, I have that capacity of tolerance, not just in questions of why, how, what, if, but. In any situation I will be able to get to the essence and be able to share that essence, instead of getting into expansion that’s going to take time and energy on everyone’s part. On all levels let me develop this art, this skill to be able to come back to the essence and use that in my life. Also help others come to the essence rather than go into expansion that’s going to take up a huge amount of time, space and energy. If my time and energy is being wasted in expansion, again, Baba’s saying I will feel myself exhausted and tired, I will feel that there’s no joy, no pleasure in Sangamyug. If I am able to get to the essence of everything that I am involved with, anything that I am doing, then in that essence I will be able to experience the pleasure of Sangamyug.


Baba spoke about the famous 14 years of renunciation and how sisters who had come from very royal homes and had done nothing like that ever in their life, perhaps not seen anything like it in their life, how they took on the task of using the cow dung and patting it into patties so that then it could be used for lighting the fire to get hot water. This was especially in the beggary part. Even in the days of Karachi, because there was a war going on outside, you couldn’t go out, you couldn’t buy thing’s, so they used to make their own slippers. Different people took on different roles, and somebody became a shoemaker, a gardener, a mechanic. Dadi Nirmal Shanta played the role of a car mechanic. There is a photograph I have seen of her lying under the motor car that they had, and she is smiling. Everything was done just simply out of love. It wasn’t considered labo. It was just an experience of love. So those 14 years and Baba asked them, how did it pass? Did it pass like a struggle and labor and effort or was it a joy, was it pleasure, and If you were to have the opportunity again, would you want to have those experiences again in the same way, of being able to do all those different tasks that you have never ever done in your life before? Dadi Ratan Mohini tells a story of how they were building roads when they first came to Abu, they were in Brijkoti, and so no proper road, there weren’t any lights there. Somebody came along, taught them how to build roads, taught them how-to put-up electricity poles and that’s what they were doing. So, learning many different skills that they would never ever have imagined was possible. And yet today Baba said sometimes people say why did I surrender? Did I surrender just to do menial housework? Am I not supposed to be a teacher? I gave up everything. I’ve renounced the world, I sacrificed everything, but I came to be a teacher, I didn’t come for all of these things. Baba said whether you are doing something very simple or whether you are speaking to a thousand people, do it with pleasure, do it with the same pleasure and maybe for some speaking in front of one is more of an ordeal than doing the physical work. Let me learn to speak in front of not just one, but a hundred, a thousand, with the same pleasure. So am I able to experience the pleasure of Sangamyug at all times in this way? There’s the two words that Baba was playing with, morg and mong, mong is confusion, morg is pleasure. You can see how close these two words are.  Avyakt Bapdada very often finds rhyming words. So that stage where something has happened and I’m not tolerant, then many waste thoughts and a lot of confusion. It shouldn’t be like this, why is it like this, it should be like this, why isn’t anybody listening to me, why can’t they agree with me? All sorts of confusion, confusion, confusion in the mind and it’s like if you’ve got a ball of wool or you’re doing some embroidery - maybe today’s generation has never knitted or done any embroidery - I remember doing both at different times, and when the thread or the wool gets tangled up, it can cost you hours and hours to try and untangle. Whether it’s the thread or the wool, it’s a real pain, it really is. You have to be very careful that you don’t let the thread get tangled up. The same thing, what’s going on in here, are the threads already tangled and crossed and confused? If that’s what’s going on in my mind, what’s going to go on in my attitude? Confusion. What’s going to be happening in my vision? Confusion. What’s going to be happening with my actions and the world around me? One person can cause confusion for many people, not just with themselves but their whole world around them then gets confused. Stay in pleasure without any confusion, everything is clear.


Baba’s been very clear about everything. Whether I have facilities or I don’t have facilities, the soul is lost in God’s love and so there is pleasure. Whether I have the facilities or I don’t have the facilities, like the period of the tapasya that the Dadi’s went through. So, my happiness, my pleasure doesn’t depend on the external situation. It’s the inner state of being in the experience of God’s love. Baba spoke about that inner fullness and state in which I am complete, and I know nobody’s complete, but I am on that journey and I am content, there’s no discontent. The final state of satisfaction will come through effort, but at the moment, no confusion, everything is clear, and usually Baba will provide, and everything is available. So even if there are difficult situations, I will be able to see a clear path through them and move forward. The other way, if I am already confused and discontent inside, then even though everything is clear, even though I may have all the facilities around me, I'm not able to enjoy those facilities and certainly I’m not able to see the straight, clear path ahead because of my confusion. And so, I will muddle along and there will be more confusion, more confusion and it’s just going to get worse and worse. Baba’s saying, sort it out, sit quietly and go deep inside, use gyan and yoga. Let there be that clarity which will bring pleasure and joy. If you allow that confusion to grow and grow and grow, it’s the tangled web, the tangled thread just getting bigger and bigger. So that’s what I need to do. Baba also spoke about how one is the situation where others are defaming you or becoming your enemy, the second is the situation where circumstances are really challenging and how do I deal with them, with tolerance.


The third is a situation which probably is the most difficult one and Brahma Baba had to face it, and sometimes we face it. We sustain somebody for so long genuinely, altruistically, just out of love for Baba and that soul. Nothing else is intended, but then they turn around and become a traitor. Baba used very strong language. In Baba’s days traitor was somebody who was discontent and left the yagya. Then people were waiting to hear stories about that, and so bad news stories would spread around the whole community. This is why, not just the fourteen years but even afterwards there were challenges hearing the name of Brahma Baba or Om Mandali or Brahma Kumaris. The third, the traitors. How did Baba deal with that? Whatever they were discontent about, little matters, big matters, with a lot of love and good wishes Baba would try and help them. If it was something that they had failed in that was causing them discontent, Baba’s love and big heart would give them the courage, and even somebody who was failing, Baba would enable them with his love and absolute tolerance, allow them to move forward so they didn’t get stuck. Some of these souls would come defaming the first day, and the next day come and say Baba truly is Baba, the only One who could allow me to move forward in this way. Or even some of those who left, they might complain about other people, but generally they would not complain about Baba or Mama. They would say Baba and Mama’s sustenance was incredible. I met some of those people in Bombay in particular, but they were really just full of love for Baba and Mama, because Baba had continuously shown kindness and mercy towards them. He had not allowed anything else to come into his mind. So, even traitors came back. Baba went to Bombay, Delhi often, and so some of those souls would come back to meet Baba and Baba would give them no feeling of why did you leave, what happened? Baba would just simply again give them love and say “child, welcome, it’s your home and keep studying, keep moving forward”. Not a trace in Baba’s mind or heart or soul of the things that had happened in the past. So Baba’s demonstrated how to deal with all sorts of levels in which I might lose my tolerance capacity. Avyakt Baba is reminding us that these are the things that were possible for this human being, why don’t you follow in his footsteps? Develop the same, and then you too can become that angel that Baba became. Tolerance isn’t gritting your teeth and a frown on your forehead. Tolerance is so light, so happy, so full of goodness, of virtues and good wishes for others that you're able to rise above it. And the mountain is reduced to just a ball, or not even a ball. Just a ball of light so that you’re not carrying any weight at all. The reminder of Hanuman, the one who carried the mountain on the palm of his hand. Tolerance to this extent is real tolerance. I can’t complain about what I am having to go through. Baba went through all of this and much more. What I can do is learn to be able to create that higher consciousness within myself, increase my own inner capacity. Somebody said Raja Yoga is the way to increase capacity, capacity building. It was a non-brahmin who used this expression first and it was a nice expression, we are building capacity for ourselves and teaching others how to increase their capacity also. So that was the first part of Baba’s murli, and of course talking to the brothers, talking to the mothers which was all powerful and uplifting, but let me stop here because generally there have been many questions so let’s see where we go from here. Om Shanti.


Q - When we tolerate, we are not doing somebody else a favor. Sometimes we think we are doing somebody else a favor. Today Baba made it really clear that it is really for your peace and sanity and that’s why we tolerate.


Jayanti bhen what about you? I know you have to tolerate a lot; you are our Brahma Baba at the moment, we are seeing you in action and you are constantly smiling, which is wonderful. Something from your personal perspective about tolerance, why do you tolerate?


A - It’s something which I have seen Dadi do and if you listen to her classes, and of course thousands of her classes are still available. She used to pick up on tolerance in a big way. For her tolerance was a very important quality to develop. Sometimes I have had to tolerate when people have spoken badly about me, and I just have to remember that I am who I am and Baba knows me, and if this person doesn’t know me it’s okay.  If they are bad mouthing me and telling others, well, others can see for themselves and judge for themselves who I am and what I am. So, it’s important not to be bothered by this and keep smiling and keep carrying on. I Just know if I have waste thoughts about other people because they’re not the way I would like them to be, I remind myself can I see their specialty. Through the month of June, we were hearing many of Mama’s qualities and one of these was being able to see specialities. Avyakt Baba has also spoken about this. Especially through the month of June I was thinking that can I see specialty even in the ones who are not as should be happening? They are doing things as I see, that's not quite as it should be but let me see their specialty. And so, you develop the skill. If you have the aim to develop a particular quality, it’s possible. We don’t start off as angels, we start off as shudras on the path and gradually we learn. Baba’s murli last week, being able to see virtues and being able to absorb virtues with my intellect. It’s not tolerance which is difficult, it’s something that’s shifting inside of me. Then when I make that shift, there’s happiness, there’s no sense of a burden of being tolerant. So, what all of this is doing for me is carrying me further in my journey. I am learning, I’m growing, I’m stretching, I'm moving forward.


Q – What about the obstacles in the yagya, what do you do to face those? What’s happening in London, Oxford, at the moment? What do you say to yourself?


A – When we had the problem with the plumbing it was a big obstacle in service and I just had to think about it and say, that’s fine, it’s going to be fixed and it’s also time for a break for everyone who has been serving so hard in Oxford. I thought maybe it will take a couple of years, well it’s taken a bit longer than that. It’s true, not just the pipes needed renewing, but I think everybody’s awareness also needed to be renewed because people were quite exhausted after most of them had been there for that whole period of 25 years, some came just a touch later but still it was over 15 years that everybody had been there. If you see it with purpose, what is the purpose behind this? Baba said go into the depth of it. Yes, it’s time for a break, and time for everybody to contribute and create their fortune and so both of those things have happened, and we are coming to the end of that journey. Regularly we keep having to put off the date that we are going to get handed the keys because they test one block when it's ready and there is something that needs to be sorted out with the electrics, and so something else happens somewhere else. When you hear about it, it sounds funny, but it’s not very funny. They were putting up big ducts, canopies for the kitchen because there is so much going on and you need big ones. And so, double the size that they were before because of safety standards having progressed. So, the ceiling fell - can you imagine -  we had to sort out the whole ceiling. Not me personally, but the people who were doing Baba’s work also had to be very detached and not sort of grit their teeth, thinking why is this happening again? But no, it’s happened, it’s okay. It’s okay, Baba will help us, so really I have to say the instruments that have been dealing with it on the ground, they’ve kept that attitude all the time; it’s Baba’s work, everything’s going to be fine. And it will be fine, everybody that comes will definitely have a very powerful experience. So that was a big one, a real big one. But every day there’s little things that happen and if you can laugh at it, smile at it that’s okay, but if you get upset by it you fail, because then you have to sort yourself out or you have to take help from somebody to sort yourself out. And that’s time and energy that I’ve lost but also, I have pulled it from another.


Q - Jayanti bhen can you give us an update about Oxford?


A - We are hoping that we are going to be ready to move in in a few months’ time, because all of the inside work is still to be completed in terms of interior decoration and stuff. The main work that you are never going to see, hopefully, are the pipes and everything that has been put in, the electrics that have been changed. The interior design and furnishings, now it’s their turn so that’s going to take a few months. So, we hope by November we will be able to welcome Brahmins to come and have some silent retreats and experience the power of yoga which Baba’s been talking about for us for quite a while. Especially since the pandemic started, the focus has been yoga, but many of us have been still active whether with Zoom, or whatever. Towards November I think we will be able to maybe invite people in but if that date changes to December, don’t be surprised because things keep happening. Publicly, we will be thinking about retreats probably sometime in May, starting at that time. It’s still a bit of a journey, but it’s a settling journey, it’s not the hard work that it was before. Another thing is that Manda bhen wanted really to change her role and have time for herself and yoga and so on, exploration in the inner world, and so she is going to be around, but it’s going to be a team that’s now working collaboratively to do the main things that happen in Oxford, with of course a bigger team of residents with them. So, everything new, new chapter, so with Baba as our canopy of protection all will go in the way that Baba wants.


Q – Thank you Jayanti bhen. Could you elaborate a little more on this point? Someone who is afraid is never able to go into the depths. One with essence remains constantly full, this is why there is depth in something full. So, what’s the connection with being full and not being afraid?


A – When I am afraid it’s creating a huge amount of rattle, waste thoughts in my head. All sorts of questions, what if, what if. I will share a little practical story. There was an interview that Liz Hodgkinson had done with me many years ago and the whole thing was about anxiety and fear, and of course anxiety leads to fear. She had some research that had been done by a newspaper, this was way back in the 80’s I think. The situation and how we interpret it still stays the same. The newspaper people had asked people, when you had fear of something happening or you were very anxious about something happening, how often was it that that fear was actually realized. For example, if you were not feeling too well and you thought it might be cancer, or you thought that something bad would have happened to your child because the child was not coming home at the right time. This is before mobile phones. Now you just phone and say what’s going on. So, the percentage was 80 times out of 100 the things that they were fearful of never happened, and so it was just a waste of time, waste of energy, waste of power really. 20 percent of the time the things that they were afraid of did materialize but of course they had wasted so much energy in just thinking, thinking, thinking that they didn’t have the capacity to deal with that situation in the best way possible. What Baba is telling me is that if there is gyan, if there is yoga, if there’s faith, if I am filled with God’s love and power, with faith in God, faith in Sangamyug, faith in drama, then I go into the depth of that and I am able to stay very full, and silent and content, and am able to find the solution to whatever is going on. My fear creates so much confusion that all these negative and waste thoughts are really pulling me down. Even the little energy, the little strength that I had at that moment it’s actually being depleted by my own thoughts, not by the situation, but my own thoughts.  When I come to that stage where I’m afraid it’s because I don’t have faith, I don’t have understanding and I am not able to go into the depth of gyan because other things have taken over my consciousness. But let me not allow that to happen, let me be able to go into the depth of gyan and yoga, and stay full and content and be able to be silent, to take power from Baba to deal with whatever may come. The difference is between the empty mind rattling or the empty vessel rattling. It’s a lot of stuff going on, I am speaking about it, and I am creating confusion for others also. Fear, anxiety, confusion, all of them going together.


Q – When one does service like washing the dishes or repairing the car and they have a bunch of waste thoughts, is that still service?


A – Not really. My time and energy has gone in the wrong direction. If I’m appreciative of the service opportunity I’ve been given and I see it in that way as an opportunity, then my thoughts are filled with love, with joy, and I am receiving power as a result of that service. That service, whatever it is that I am doing, is probably going to turn out to be excellent. But if I am having waste thoughts in whatever I am doing, then certainly my energy loss at that moment is huge and it’s visible on my face, and I am turning moody and getting upset. Even the happiness that I had before, I am losing. I have done something, but I haven’t earned anything from it, I haven’t accumulated fortune. It’s very important to do service in the right consciousness and to see each opportunity of service as fortune because I am doing it for Baba, I am not doing it for a human being. This is the thing: (a) we look at somebody doing something else, and we compare and so that comparison means that I then lose my self-esteem. Why aren’t I doing that, am I not good enough? It might be jealousy that’s biting away inside and making me lose all my goodness and it’s leading me to loss, weakness and degradation inside. Baba is saying, everything that you do for Baba with love is an opportunity to experience God’s love and to feel the return of happiness from God for that. Whatever comes your way, just simply enjoy it and you won’t feel it’s any labor of any type. Nowadays, with lots of people when they are washing dishes, I see that they have their buds in their ears and so they’ve got their phone or iPod or whatever it is with them, and so really, it’s an opportunity to listen, to hear Baba’s songs, to hear Baba’s versions and the time will go by like this. Wherever it is that you need to give your head to something, that’s different to where it’s just automatic work that needs to happen, but you can do it with a different consciousness, a higher consciousness and know that you’re doing it for Baba.


Q - Like Baba says in Sindhi, your heart is with Baba and your hands are doing the work? There are quite a few questions about this essence and expansion. One person is saying that I feel I have to explain myself because I am so misunderstood. But Baba didn’t have to explain himself as such, so how to move from expansion to essence calmly, silently, simply?


A – It’s my own misunderstanding that’s telling me that nobody understands me. Maybe they do understand me and maybe what they are saying is coming from a different perspective to mine? Maybe I haven’t understood them? So let me just explore that and see if that could be the case, instead of trying to explain and getting myself more jumbled and more confused and more tangled in my own web. The web I have created, let me just stay silent and see, well can I understand things from their perspective rather than thinking I’ve been misunderstood, maybe I have misunderstood something? That's a very important perspective to have. But also, something that I mentioned earlier, who I am, what I am, is going to be seen through my face and my activity. I don’t need to prove anything, that which is true will be visible as the truth, I don’t need to prove. Baba uses this expression “zid and sid” if I am stubborn then I insist I have to prove myself, and you have to understand what it is that I am going through, but that’s just my stubbornness. I don’t need to prove anything, what is true will be revealed in its own time. It’s a very important lesson to learn, and certainly if there has been some type of misunderstanding the more you try to prove it the more others see it as you being stubborn about it. So let it lie, it’s okay. Maybe I try once and if that’s not working, really I have to put a full stop to it. When I learn to put a full stop to it, as time goes on whatever the misunderstanding is going to become clear.


Q – Sometimes they say, are you conveying or are you convincing?


A – Exactly.


Q – On the topic of expansion I thought maybe you would like to let everybody know how to make their emails simple? How would you like us to write to you Jayanti bhen, how many words, how many lines?


A – Baba gave Dadi a very lovely message many years ago when Dadi used to stay up until 11pm at night. We used to print out emails for her and she would diligently stay up until 11 o’clock at night reading emails, not just hearing a translation or summary but reading it all. And Dadi Gulzar had seen this quite often because they shared their cottage, and she must have told Baba because Dadi didn’t say anything to Baba. And so Baba spoke about it in the murli and Baba said, on behalf of Dadi I am telling all of Baba’s children, all the double foreigners especially, just send Dadi a note of ‘I am okay’. That is the best news to send and that doesn’t take three sentences, it doesn’t take 3 pages, it’s just one sentence, I am OK. So that’s the best news to share. Yes, I understand that sometimes it’s not possible to say all is fine, all is okay. Send a summary and news can be in essence. If there is a question, sometimes the question gets lost in all the other details, and so whatever it is, tell me what your question is, and then whatever background it is you think is needed, that’s fine.


Q - Also related to the email, there was a discussion going on during the week, some people are feeling that as some premises are not being used at the moment, Baba’s premises, should they be closed down, because there is so much rent, and then people are not able to come because of lockdown. What is your view on this?


A – I feel very sad. It’s not emotional sadness, but it’s a feeling of loss. Where there is a center, and we close it down, it’s a loss for the community. Not just the people who are coming, but the people who knew us and were our friends and contacts and neighbors. Even though they weren’t coming they knew it was there, it was a place of peace and if they ever went they could find some solace. The community of Brahmins that were coming - and I know that even though it’s lockdown and people sometimes say that it’s fine that they are sitting at home and being sustained to a great extent - I know that it’s a big difference between walking into Baba’s home and feeling that safety and protection. A situation where I am just alone at home, or even with my family at home, but being in that atmosphere is very special. It’s a pilgrimage place. Baba calls every center a yagya, a pilgrimage place. So just wait because I think that now we are at that point where in different ways whether it’s through vaccination or herd immunity, whatever it is, things have actually become a little bit calmer than they were before. You have been hanging in there for 18 months maybe by now, so just give it a couple more months and see if your country opens up and people can start coming. I think a lot of countries might be opening up because there is a recognition of something very important about how there have been mental health issues created through lockdown. I think many health ministers are now balancing the whole subject of the virus against lockdown. In the state of not just the economy, but also mental health issues. Baba’s home is a place of refuge for people to come and find shelter and peace, and find absolute space where they can be safe and secure. And I am not talking about coming for physical shelter but really a place of peace where they can be in that experience of God’s presence, so my suggestion would be to hang on in there for just a little while longer and see how things evolve, and probably you will find that many people have been waiting to come back to the centre. Many who have taken courses through Zoom, they’re going to be finding their way to a centre. Just imagine they have not had the experience of the Dadi’s, not had the experience of Madhuban, not had the experience of personal Avyakt Babadada in the presence of Baba, so at least we can offer them a center where they can come. And who knows? Maybe your halls and classrooms are going to be fuller than they ever were before. So, hang on a little while and see what the drama brings.


Q – A question about feeling disheartened, and they are saying well only Baba, the 8, 108, 16,108 make it, so how can I overcome disheartenment and still keep smiling? And not be fed by this old sanskara of disheartenment.


A – A very interesting thought about Satyug is that everyone in Satyug is going to be happy and so even if, and I don’t know what the final results are yet, there’s still a long way to go in terms of my own effort. I know I can do more than I have done so far and all the tips that we get in the Avyakt murli are quite incredible. Every murli is powerful and helpful but especially in these recent murli’s, Baba’s been telling us how to move forward. Okay you have been doing this, now take a step forward. Today again, you have been taking the long route round and so instead of using your time and energy to take that long route, can you find the essence, the shortcut? Ater your time with Baba, you know what the long route is, and you know how to make a shortcut. So practice that. Practice going down the shortcut so that you are able to save your time, your energy, and you won’t feel disheartened. Otherwise, the loss of time and energy is what causes that disheartenment. So, know that this period of time Baba is still giving us a lot of support, a lot of help, a lot of mercy, a lot of forgiveness to help us move forward. So take advantage of the time that we have left.


Q – How do you tolerate jealousy? When you know that a Brahmin is turning other Brahmins against you because of jealousy?


A – The lesson I learnt from Dadi about this is , if I have a little bit of ego about my role, my position, my specialties, my service, it will cause jealousy to flare up in others. And where I’ve dealt with it with deep soul consciousness and humility, then people will appreciate and not be jealous. Mama’s example, she was one out of a whole group, but she moved forward, she moved ahead, and no one was jealous of Mama but everybody appreciated what she was able to achieve in her life. There was no competition with Mama and so how did Mama achieve that? Absolute humility and also constant sustenance of others. Can I give my time and energy to others so that then I win their hearts and then there is no jealousy? 


  Q – Finally, which are the areas in which you don’t need to tolerate? 

  A– For me the fine line between tolerance and facing up to something is if my principals are being challenged. If I am being challenged in terms by principals, let me be a shakti and let me be able to face it and do what I need to do. Then I don’t have to tolerate at that moment, and the situations that Baba’s spoken about - tolerance and a big smile. The person doesn’t even feel that you’re tolerating. I think that’s another aspect of it. We sometimes think tolerance is having to put up with something. Baba wasn’t putting up with something, Baba was creating that awareness of helping the other. Baba was changing the big mountain into something that was very light. So, change of perception is what tolerance is all about.


Om Shanti


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Sunday 2nd January 2022 - Sister Jayanti GCH, London Follow the Father and create an atmosphere through the power of your mind, throughout the day.

4 January 2022

Om Shanti. The song was about Brahma Baba.  The one who has yoga with God, Brahma Baba, Yogeshwar.  The lyrics of the song are the basis of today’s Murli, which is about mansaseva, to serve through the mind.  Baba is saying that we have learnt to keep ourselves very busy with service.  We have made plans and are engaged in many different things, and yes this is good.  But in order to be more effective and to use time, expense, energy in the best possible way let it be that we are having two kinds of service simultaneously. Whatever we do through words is fine, yet also learn to serve through the power of the mind.  When we learn this, we are serving the self and the world simultaneously.  It means that when we wish to do this, we need to serve our mind first.  We need to clean it out.  We are serving the mind and through the mind. 


How do we serve the mind so that it is an effective instrument that Baba can use?  Baba says fill the mind with nothing but pure feelings and good wishes for all.  For this we need to do a lot of cleaning.  This is a Murli spoken in 1989 and He reminded us that He gave us this homework two years prior.  He has been talking about this for a very long time! Also in recent Murlis Baba has been talking about waste thoughts and how it is these that interfere with being able to clean the mind and being able to be a good instrument for Baba to use. 


I was reflecting on the Murli today, how Baba often says  ‘last go fast’ and how those who took up Raja Yoga on zoom and other activities in the last couple of years, now have a chance to catch up with the Murlis of the 80’s and the revised Sakar Murlis we are now hearing.  In the last few holiday days, we have heard several Murlis about letting the mind become clean and pure and powerful.  Baba gives us all everything.  We also now have access to all the teachers across the world.  There has never been a time like this, that started in 2020 and continues…..everything has become easy and we get the best of everything at this moment and it is completely available for everyone.  Those who have been with Baba for decades also have the chance to reflect on the extent that we have used Baba’s versions in our lives.  There is benefit for all.  Baba says that whatever Baba does and we do there is benefit for all. 


Today Baba is teaching us how to be able to serve through the mind.  At the same time, He is not saying ‘don’t use words’.  I am underlining this as a few say ‘I can sit in yoga day and night’.  And yet this is not what Baba did.  If we are following the father, then the example is always Brahma Baba. Yes, he slept few hours, but it was a deep sleep and within this time both mind and body were refreshed.  Then the extra time, was time spent in yoga in the early morning.  Through the day, he kept an elevated stage of consciousness and through that did everything that needed to be done on a physical level. Baba says do everything together.  Serve through words and make plans that you need to, but make sure that the power that souls are experiencing is because you are creating the atmosphere through the power of your mind.  This is then homework for the whole day to see what thoughts are coming and to what extent can I really put a full stop to waste thoughts.  Baba gives us many realisations as to why waste thoughts come and I remember one particular year when there were many classes on the subject of waste thoughts.  Dadi Janki was also meeting individuals from abroad and understood what the family was going through.  When she returned to London in April, we asked her the question, what are the main causes of waste thoughts?  She responded ‘ego and attachment’.  It comes up in the Murlis but this was very interesting to hear Dadi’s practical experience after talking and helping thousands over that period. 


Yes when the ego gets bruised, many thoughts of ‘’why’ and ‘ should’ come up and a huge amount of waste thoughts.  Also attachment and whatever is ‘my or mine’  gets used in so many ways all the time. Big ones, attachment to property, position, people.  But what are the little things that we say ‘my’ to?  


At this moment in Sangamyug and at the beginning of the Year and the beginning of Baba’s month, what is it that I still consider to be ‘my and mine’ and to what extent am I ready to let go of all of that so I no longer use these words.  Dadi Prakashmani would never use the word ‘I’.  She would say ‘today,Dadi had the thought’.  She was demonstrating the inner stage of detachment from I and mine and this was very visible.


When Dadi Janki was in India she would ask us if we had been using the sitting room and we would say ‘no Dadi, it is your sitting room’.  She would respond ‘mine’ its not mine!’  Baba has used the expression ‘to burn all the accounts of the past’…Hisab ‘Accounts’ and Kitab ‘Book’.  All my karmic accounts are noted in a book. This idea comes within western mysticism too where there is the idea that there is a book ‘up there’ in which everything is being noted.  Everything is being noted here, but also with the awareness that it is fixed in the drama. Baba is saying ‘finish your accounts, and burn the books’ so that we are free and clear and in this state we can be truly karmateet.  Baba is also saying do it now, so that we can be clear and clean instruments for Baba. 


A Murli to reflect, experiment with and practise.




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Sister Jayanti – 1st Jan 2022 – GCH, London January is the month for blessings

2 January 2022

Om shanti. A very, very happy and auspicious and magical New Year for each and everyone. I'm sure it's going to be a very beautiful year, auspicious for each one of us personally, but also auspicious for seva and the yagya. And so, I'm looking forward to the end of covid and the beginning of new experiences with Baba. And we don't have to wait for one to do, before we have the other because this year the very special program for tapasya I'm sure is going to be very beautiful for all of us and will definitely take us many steps further on our journey to the new world.


I want to just mention what touched me very deeply from Baba's murli yesterday. The whole murli was perfect of course, as usual, very powerful, but right at the start Baba was congratulating us for three things. One was our new birth. And it's a fact that since we came to Baba everything has been different, everything has been new and the more we stay in the awareness of our new birth, the more fortune we create all along. And of course, sometimes out there it's still kali yug and so we forget, and so Baba’s very powerful reminder, ‘congratulations for your new birth and a new you’. And the second congratulations Baba was giving was that the new world is just ahead, not so far away at all. Just see that sparkling costume in front of you. And Baba didn’t mention all the other things that sparkle in the Golden Age but in fact, it's not just the costume; and of course Baba meant your beautiful new physical form that's there in front of you. So it’s not an evening gown but it's the beautiful costume that's waiting for everyone. But also everything within the Golden Age sparkles with purity and truth. And so just imagine what Nature would be like. Here sometimes we see beautiful scenes and we are entranced by them. And so Nature even at the end of Kali Yug can be so beautiful. Just imagine, leaves are supposed to be green but here at Christmas time every year we have red leaves. And so, how does Nature manage to do all of this? It's quite incredible. And that's at the end of Kali Yug and so can you just imagine the sparkle of Nature in the Golden Age and the beauty that's filled because there's total purity and truth.


I always remember that avyakt murli that Baba spoke in which Baba described everything about the Golden Age. Very, very lovely but one special thing I always remember is, you don't have to use perfume because not only is it that the flowers had their fragrance but also water. Water carries the fragrance of all the herbs that are growing within it. And so today when you have some water and you put in a few mint leaves and it tastes much nicer than it would have otherwise. But just imagine the water that's flowing is flowing above all the herbs that are there in a natural way and so the fragrance of the water is also there all around. So the sparkle of the Golden Age is something that's just ahead, not so far away.


And the third thing that Baba congratulated us for; for the very beautiful meeting not just with Baba, once in a kalpa, but also with the whole family. And so I've been appreciating the family a lot. I see how each one is blessed with very special talents and skills and qualities and each one contributing in their own way. And we come together with that vision of being able to lift the mountain of Kali Yug so that Satya Yug can come very quickly. And so I’m very, very appreciative of the family because even Baba said the other day; Baba’s the Main Contractor but the Contractor doesn't work on His own. If you're trying to give a contract to somebody and they tell you ‘well I'm a one-man show’, you’ll say ‘Ok forget it’. You wouldn't go down that road with them. You'd look for another contractor who has a good team with them. And so Baba’s saying, ‘I need all of you’. And so you are also responsible for this transformation to a new world. And so Baba needs us. So how much more is it a reality that we need each other? Not dependency because that's bondage, but yet interdependent; able to work together, appreciate each other and definitely, that's the transformation of sanskars that happens. When I'm sitting on my own, doing my own little contract, I've no idea of my sanskars. So when I come within the gathering and I work with the gathering, then I see my sanskars. And there's also then the motivation to adjust and flow and amend and whatever else it is I need to do and so Baba then gives the power to be able to do that also.


And today, we've started more or less at the same time that we usually do on Sunday, but from tomorrow - usually in the month of January we have extra yoga anyway and especially with the lead up to the global volcanic yoga experience - we are going to fit in half an hour’s yoga before we start class… Somehow we have to find a way to, for the 3 days definitely [January 16 -18], have 8 hours yoga. And most times we’ve thought OK well karma yoga is fine; I'll stay in Baba's remembrance and have a chat to Baba while I'm doing other things but we don't necessarily have that intention of 8 hours. Some do but I don't think it applies to everyone. But now I think Baba’s really wanting us to move ahead this year for the high jump. And so from wherever it is we're at now, the move to 8 hours is going to be quite something.


Through the month of January, what we've usually had is the possibility of having silence generally in the house, but I know there's a lot of activity that goes on specifically in the dining areas. It's lovely that there's always a buzz in the dining areas; just communication and meeting each other and chatting with each other is really lovely. But maybe we can learn to communicate with each other through our eyes, through our smiles. So again a very good rehearsal for Satya Yug, our angelic consciousness and practising that. And so, can I be in Baba's remembrance? And of course, we can say that ‘well I can remember Baba and eat and talk at the same time.’


So, trying to keep silence (Brahma) Baba himself says, ‘I remember (Shiv) Baba and then I forget’, but that was also to encourage us because I know that BapDada was together and certainly when I had the amazing fortune of having Brahma bhojan with Baba, or picnics with Baba, Baba would be the embodiment of Bap and Dada together and you could see that beauty, that sparkle, that light, that power that shone from within. And so if I'm with somebody, I don't forget them; when I'm not with somebody, then it's possible to forget them. But if I'm with somebody and they’re accompanying me, I can't forget them. So (Brahma) Baba was reminding us, yes remembrance is important, but Baba was actually encouraging us by saying that ‘I forget (Shiv) Baba’ because the reality was that (Brahma) Baba didn't forget (Shiv) Baba. Baba kept Baba with himself all the time. And yes, Baba also says that ‘I invoke Baba to come and be with me when it's time for service’. So Baba made that effort also. So, for us the silence in the dining areas [in Global Cooperation House] so that then we can be in more remembrance and keep taking that remembrance to a higher and higher level.


January is the month for blessings and so whatever aim it is we have, Baba’s special blessings are there to make it happen as a reality. The difference between blessings and inheritance: the inheritance, it’s there and yes I have to become worthy and I claim it but blessings implies no effort. You just have the thought and Baba makes it happen. So the month of January has a special gift of having blessings, being able to take blessings from Baba. And so I think whatever is my own personal aim, that is what is going to happen as a reality. And everyday refreshing the aim is important. Baba would say to us, it’s come in the avyakt murlis sometimes, that when you have a deep realization then that realization is amazing, it's wonderful. And then a week later you ask yourself, ‘What was that realization?’ And so to remind yourself of your realizations and to remind yourself of whatever is the goal, whatever is the aim, that then helps water that goal but it also becomes then easy to take help from Baba and to actually make it happen as a reality. And so let that also happen through the month of January. Baba's blessings coming so that then, no labour, no effort involved. Baba uses both these words: Baba gives the inheritance and Baba gives blessings.


And then there was a third word that Baba had actually used; dua - ‘good wishes’. And good wishes help us fly. So yes, I want to be able to fly. And so when the Lord is pleased with me, when the Mother and Father consider me worthy, then they give from their heart those good wishes and that helps each one of us fly ahead. So we can take three things from Baba. The study is absolutely what we need to focus on. But apart from the study (and as you study and you practise you see the results of that immediately), but apart from the study there are all the other things that we receive from Baba, so powerfully, beautifully.


It's easy to keep Brahma Baba in front of your eyes. To keep a dot in front of your eyes is more difficult but of course then you have to be the dot yourself to keep the Dot in front of you. But Brahma Baba, very easy to see him in front of you, be with him, chat with him, walk with him, eat with him, invite him to eat with you. So all relationships with that One but a very lovely comment that Baba had made that only at one point in the Cycle does God become a householder. It was last week that Baba was talking about that. And, of course, the biggest household is the household that BapDada has. Nobody else has a household as big they have. And so even with all of that, yet Shiv Baba, loving and detached - of course, but Brahma Baba also achieving the same; absolutely loving, absolutely engaged, but also detached knowing that Drama will take its own course. And so, important to just be aware that keeping BapDada…when I say Brahma Baba then I'm not talking about just the man alone, I'm talking about BapDada together. But that image of BapDada together is a very powerful one and really helps you go beyond anything mundane. And so when I think of BapDada together, then that immediately transforms me to a higher consciousness, while here in the physical world through action and whatever, but also BapDada in the angelic form of Brahma Baba and it's very easy to go to the Subtle Region and take on your own costume of light also.


And so from here - Baba, to there – Baba; and so if through my activity I’m keeping BapDada with me, then it becomes very natural and easy to fly to the Subtle Region. Otherwise it's hard work but Baba makes it a blessing. And so think about all the variety of blessings you personally have received from Baba; make a list of all the blessings and it'll be a long list. And so things that have happened for you without you knowing that it's going to happen, things that have happened for you without you planning them, things that have come to without you working hard for them. And yes there’s always intention and effort but then it happens and when it happens, that's the blessing. And so you say you want to give up attachment and you're struggling, struggling, struggling, and you know when they say that; Ravan you cut off one head and then you look at the other head and then meanwhile the other head has come back again! And so it's a fact. I’m dealing with ego and there’s attachment; I start dealing with attachment and there's something else. So for whatever it is I’m dealing with if I say, ‘Baba I'm aware that this is what I need to do and this is what I want to let go of and I want to move forward. I need help.’ And Baba will see your deep realization and will recognize that yes, you're ready for transformation and Baba will make it happen.


So take all the blessings. It's beautiful that the year begins with January and January is the time for special blessings. So we begin the year with that awareness of special blessings.


Om shanti.


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