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Sister Jayanti – 18th October - GCH: Keep giving and your treasure store will multiply

19 October 2020

Sister Jayanti – 18 October 2020 - GCH

Keep giving and your treasure store will multiply

Today we have the first avyakt meeting in Madhuban and we are looking forward to hearing what Bapdada has to say this afternoon. Yesterday Navratri started. The nine nights of the worship of the shaktis continues until 25 October. Usually there would be celebrations taking place but this year everything is calm, quiet and different. It is a reminder that at this time of darkness that the world is now going through, those who took God’s power and shared that power with the world were able to bring about transformation, and so the role of the shaktis was to finish the darkness, awaken souls but also to destroy all negativity. It was not just Shankar who was remembered as the destroyer of evil. Shaktis are remembered for the same task.


Kali, the destroyer of death, Durga the destroyer of all negativity etc All these names of the shaktis are connected with Shiva, Brahma Baba or their virtues and so a big signal that this all takes place at the Confluence Age through our connection with Bapdada and also the role that these souls have played.


Last Sunday we heard a very detailed murli about Mother Amba and Lakshmi and the role these two souls play. Amba and Lakshmi are of course the same soul. When Amba is doing her work, then many, many others are with her. Not just one shakti but many shaktis. It is quite amazing how the memorial continues 2,500 years later but is it an indication that there is something very deep within the soul that emerges at that time of Bhakti? Nine shaktis have been remembered at this time of year before Dashera and nine are remembered in March/ April, just before the birth of Rama.


Eighteen special souls have been remembered. Eight is always a special figure but eighteen have actually been remembered and so this is the memorial of whatever happens today and souls take benefit.


Baba gives us so much understanding that we are able to conquer death, Kali – remove all our weaknesses and all our negativity, Durga, but also taking in all the virtues, Saraswati, the knowledge, and contentment, Santoshi.


So whatever is the greatest need at that particular time that is remembered as a memorial because souls have received that and if there is one particular condition of humanity it is their state of discontent at the present time. Too much money and you want more. If it is hot they want it to be cold and if it is cold they want it to be hot. Discontentment You live in the countryside and you feel that you don’t have enough facilities. If you live in the city, you want to live in the country. Go through everything people complain about and in every situation there is discontentmentInstead we can think: ok according to drama this is where I am, this is where I am meant to be so let me enjoy it and take benefit from it and whatever opportunities come I can take benefit from.


Thirty years ago we had not heard of Santoshi. She has become more popular over the last 10 years because people need contentment now. They are not experiencing it.


In this morning’s murli there are three words we always hear and if we look at the story of the Yagya, the history of the Yagya, it can be put into these three words: tiag - renunciation, tapasya and service, and this is exactly how it was. There was total renunciation of everything at the beginning and fourteen years of tapasya and after that was the period of service. When we come to Baba, and it may not be fourteen years of tapasya in the same way, but the same three patterns exist for all of us also.


The first story, if I am not willing to recognize the difference between what Baba is giving me and what the world can give me there is no sense of renunciation. Why should I renounce if I am content and happy with what I have? There would not be the motivation, the incentive, to make that switch and become a BK. But Baba is offering me something more and so because I see that what I really want is what God is offering me, then I am willing to let go. If I didn’t see that and there are plenty of people who don’t see that – they still think that the world can offer them whatever they want – it is fine, but those who recognise that Baba is giving them something more than whatever is the renunciation that is needed - and on one level it is not a huge amount of renunciation. You still stay at home with your family, you still carry on comfortably, so it is not renunciation like the Jain monks and nuns or sadhus who leave everything and go.


So still in the same situation, but you recognise that where there is a change of diet, change of timetable, whatever there may be, there is something more that Baba is waiting to give you. So the renunciation happens to the extent that there is the letting go. To that extent there is tapasya. Without letting go your head is caught up totally with everything that is around you and you don’t have the space for tayasya. Tapasya really means being able to let go and then I can remember the One and to whatever extent you experienced what Baba is giving you through tapasya - knowledge is wonderful, it is beautiful, but it is through yoga that you are actually able to get the love, the power, the joy and that is the motivation to serve others. Without that experience of Baba’s love what are you going to tell people? It is just theory and this is where Baba says that it is your experience that is the foundation to be able to bring other souls to Baba and so tiag, tapasya, service is part of our journey. Everyone’s journey also.


Then there is one little thing that comes in and that is that there is this thought of taking. I have been able to let go of whatever it was I had before in terms of not letting my mind stay attached to all of that and I am ready for tapasya and I have begun my tapasya, but Maya is omnipresent. God is not omnipresent but Maya definitely is and there is no one who is free from Maya at this point. Those who became free have moved on and Baba has kept some here as an example and I think Baba is keeping them here to be the embodiment of the love that we saw in Baba, Mama and the other Dadis. The wisdom. The power of silence.


Everybody else is still making effort and different things happen but the big thing that comes is the thought that I should get this or that. Whether it is facilities that I think I need, whether it is respect and love that I think others should give me, whether it is appreciation and regard... On the one side I have let go of so much and it is OK. It was because of Baba’s love that I was able to let go and yet these thoughts come into my mind. All of this then means that my renunciation is spoiled but equally my tapasya is spoiled and so what is going to be the quality of my service? My service would not be truly a giving to others but more I have my vision focused on what I need to receive and so it is a word that is connected with another word in Hindi. You have heard the word devta the deity and so there are the deity souls of satyug but devta translates as the one who gives and the other side is levta, the one who takes and so what is it that I am doing. Am I here to become a devta and start that process today of giving, giving, giving or are there still thoughts that I have of receiving from Baba and receiving from the family.


I don’t even need to have thoughts of receiving from Baba because Baba says take as much as you want.This aspect of the desire to receive, to take - Baba has described it in many murlis. If I wait for someone else to give me respect and only then do I give them respect then that is a business. It is not giving and the same if I say they don’t show me any love so how can I give them love.


One person was telling Dadi that they were not very happy because it felt as if they were not loved and Dadi said tomorrow try giving love and then tell me tomorrow night what you felt and that soul really took it to heart and did that and the next day she was giving time to people they were smiling, she was listening and so it was truly a giving and she told Dadi how she was sharing and giving to others and it made her so happy.


So the reality is that if I am asking for something then I may get it and I may not. It depends on the other person and it means I am not free. I am dependent. But if I can start giving without thinking about receiving anything in return then in that moment of being the one who gives, the happiness comes back to me. But of course that love also comes back to me. So give whatever you feel you need.


In India it is a policy that they give in donation whatever they think they need and that comes back to them multiplied and it’s a fact. If I want love let me share it, give it and it will come back in abundance. There is going to be no shortage whatsoever and Baba reminds us that if you want to have renunciation so that you can have tapasya so that your tapasya can prepare you and fill you so that you can then serve, then make sure that there is not the slightest thought of taking and always the thought of giving. Within the giving Baba has talked about having an open door.


In the Sikh religion in particular there is a tradition that the kitchen, the bandara, of every temple being open all the time and there is constantly food being prepared so that whoever comes is able to have something. It is a beautiful tradition and it has continued wherever the Sikhs have gone in the world and in lockdown all the gurdwaras everywhere were cooking and people came and were being fed.


Keep the door totally open so that whoever comes is given something to nourish the soul and you are personally able to constantly keep giving, giving. How much have you received from Baba. You have received all the treasures of knowledge, happiness, power, a huge amount of love and so all the virtues you have received from Baba and so whoever you meet give them something from that treasure store otherwise you are keeping all of that for yourself and you have not served anyone.

So keep giving something from your treasure store and then you will be the children of the one who is the bestower and you will be a master bestower of fortune for others also.


Sometimes Baba has told us to be careful that we are using everything that He has given to us in the right way and I am thinking especially about the powers because it is Navratri, the worship of the goddesses.


Baba gives us spiritual powers and I need them for myself and my own journey so the power to discern is for me, the power to pack up, the power to accommodate, some of these are very much for me. But also I am looking at the contrast between the power to tolerate and the power to face. I am thinking how if there is someone I love then I tolerate a huge amount. It is ok and yet if there is someone I don’t get on with so well a little thing they do is a source of irritation and there can become a huge amount of conflict.


Can I use the power of tolerance not just in one or two cases or one or two relationships but can I use the capacity to tolerate with whoever it is I happen to be with?


The other day Baba’s murli was very strong. A sakar murli and Baba was talking about the military and Baba said that in the military if you are asked to do something or asked to go somewhere there is no margin for discussion. Either you do it and you stay or you don’t do it and you are out. No margin. Baba is saying that he is the commander and this is the spiritual military and so I cannot say to Baba that I can’t get on with this individual and so I want to leave here and go somewhere else.


So instead of using the power to tolerate I use the power to face and I am facing them and opposing them. It is actually two opposites. If I need to oppose something it is not because of differences of opinions it is where I am being challenged on my principles. A basic thing in brahmin life. If I am being challenged for purity then have I taken enough power from Baba that I am actually able to stand up for myself and have the power to face this situation and so that is one classic example that keeps coming up in BK life for new ones who come.


My diet. Do I have the power to absolutely stand up for myself and say no I will not have anything that is not satvic. If I say well what can I do because of this because of that? It doesn’t apply to anyone here. All of you are following all of Baba’s systems but just an example of where it is that I have to stand up for something.


If something is false and comes up in your workplace or a social gathering where it is that I need to be very clear about what is truth and what it is I want to stand up for then I have to have the courage and the power, the faith to say no I will not allow myself to do that.


Dadi said no one should be able to stop me from doing what I know is right and no one should be able to put such pressure on me that I do something that I know is wrong. And so I need the power to face that and do what I need to do but if they put pressure on me to do something wrong I need power so that I don’t get into that trap and say because of this one or that one and so a conflict of sanskars. Your opinion is this. Their opinion is that and that is Ok and even if I tolerate 10 times and this is not just from Baba but it comes from all the traditions because the basic things that Baba has taught us are found in all the traditions.


Also, I have tolerance once, twice, sometimes eight times and then on the tenth time I snap. How much tolerance do I have? What is Baba going to say? So I can’t say I tolerate a lot and it is too much. Am I tolerating one person’s behaviour? It is OK.

I remember someone had come to London and they kept wanting to do things that were really not very comfortable with me and fortunately Dadi was here and she was my mentor and I told her that I didn’t want to engage with this individual again and Dadi said this person is involved in this particular area of service and so if you don’t engage with her whose loss will it be, hers or yours and I had to acknowledge that it would be my loss. They would find someone else to engage with in that particular service and so it was an important lesson.


Baba says don’t misuse the treasures Baba has given you. Don’t waste time or thoughts and Baba also says don’t waste the powers, the virtues that Baba has given you.


My likes and my dislikes get in the way of me using the powers and virtues that Baba has given me. So take whatever Baba gives but also to be able to completely give freely and without discrimination all the treasure that Baba is giving. I share happiness with one and I can’t share happiness with another? That would not be keeping the door open and being able to share and just give freely and generously.


The mantra from today’s murli: don’t be a taker but be a giver and constantly keep giving and your treasure store will multiply. Again everyone has had that experience. You give something to another and the contentment and happiness that comes from that is the treasure that you get today. Never mind Satyug and what happens then. But the treasures are today. These three words definitely go together, renunciation, tapasya and service.


Just a little more about tapasya. The word tapasya - the heat, the power, and so not just a little bit of meditation, remembrance, but being able to create that consciousness that is truly just me and Baba and the power and the force of that and I know that it is this that is melting my sanskaras that I want to change. I don’t know which sanskars I want to change so let me take time for introspection so that I can see which ones are not the deity sanskars. Baba said that if you emerge those sanskars of giving you become a benefactor for yourself and others then in that giving others sanskaras will go away. Use the sanskar of giving and the other sanskars will gradually become subdued and fade away and not appear for the rest of the cycle – the end of kalyug.


Om shanti





Sister Jayanti - 3rd October - Never Forget the One

9 October 2020

Hold Baba’s hand, follow shrimat, and be non-attached and you will have no need to be afraid of anyone or anything. Drama will support you and carry you in the right direction.


Am I ready to drop my attachments now because it is attachments that cause pain? This is an internal change and not an external one. Can I see them as souls? Can I see them as Baba’s children? So that there is no thought of “I” and “mine” that comes in?


These are the practises from each day’s murli that I am experimenting with. Then in the final moments, I know that I will be with Baba and Baba’s help will be with me and I won’t be afraid and therefore will be able to support others around me too.


There was a good question asked on Sunday: Baba talked about staying in the awareness of the point and he asked if there were creative ways of thinking about the self as a point of light as it gets very slippery and the mind goes here and there. Take something from the murli every day. For example, in today’s murli Baba said that the only way to get power and to recharge the battery is to have a direct connection with One. Experiment with it and that is going to help you, especially in this practise of being a point. So you are not just thinking bindu, bindu, bindu. You are thinking: what did Baba say today about this? And so I keep my mind on track and then when it is time for traffic control, maybe more often, but at least at traffic control, it is easy to be a dot and to know that that power is going to come from Baba – within a moment. It doesn’t take long for that electricity to flow.


If I am still thinking about this and that, then it is going to take forever but if I have practised just the point and connected, then Baba is going to give me that power and I am going to be able to maintain that. So let me practise creatively this point that Baba has talked about.


Dadi used to tell us to take any three points from Baba’s murli so as to keep the mind on track. But at this moment I am thinking of taking one point to help to stay focused and stay connected with One. And if you can do it – that is it. It is not a difficult exam that Baba has given us. Baba says that it is a very easy exam. Baba has told you the question and Baba has prepared you already. And so the only thing left is this practise and if I can do this that is fine.


I don’t need to be worried about whether I have dealt with this, whether I have dealt with that. Only you know what you have to deal with now, but keep that practise going so that you know for sure. You don’t have any questions about yourself. You know for sure that in those final moments it will be only one Baba.


Dadi had prepared herself for that final moment for a very long time. She would say that in her final moment she wanted to just be with Baba and she didn't want her mind to go anywhere else. And we would see this in her practise and we are fortunate that we have had that opportunity and all of you have had the opportunity of being with her so closely because many never got that opportunity and whoever got it, that is drama and anyone coming now has no possibility of having that.


So just practise the things you saw Dadi practise and it will help in this moment especially but also as time goes on you will be the instruments to help others too. To go beyond fear I need to be stable and fearless. Not stupid, doing silly things and saying I am fearless, no. There is an Arabic expression that says: God will help but I have to tether my camel. So I have to do what I have to do and God will help. I can’t not do anything and expect God to help me. No question about it.


This is the time when we need to do mansa seva for the world and that means being able to share the power of peace and the power of God’s love. The power of peace means that this is not just for me but it can create an atmosphere of peace where maybe earlier there wasn’t. That power of peace is then able to not only reach those here but it is able to reach those out there and impact others too.


If I am experiencing the power of that love myself and filling with that love then I am able to share God’s love with the world and through vibrations is fine but am I able to share love with whoever it is I am meeting, because if my thoughts are filled with other things about them I won’t have that pure bhavna to be able to help them.


There was a very lovely blessing a couple of days ago in which Baba said: Every thought that Baba has is that of giving benefit. Every word that Baba speaks, every action that Baba performs is only to give benefit to all. So if you want to follow in the Father’s footsteps, think about the quality of your thoughts, the quality of your words and the quality of your actions.


Are my thoughts filled with nothing but good wishes for all with no exceptions? Then that is the clean stage in which Baba’s love can pass through and touch another; otherwise it cannot do that. My own thoughts and feelings will get in the way. But pure thoughts, good wishes for all, then yes, I am following in Baba’s footsteps so then my words are going to be helpful – not of criticism or judgment but encouragement, support, and positivity.


So if I want to follow in Baba’s footsteps, and if I want to do mansa seva then I have to do a lot of cleaning inside and then that pure love can reach out. Baba’s pure vibrations of peace can reach out and there will be benefit for all. It is now the time to practise different things for myself.


When I heard the murli yesterday and also Sunday’s murli from the week before, Baba said: If I have experienced something and I have given another an experience of something then that will not be forgotten. They are used to hearing very clever talks and they are used to hearing very entertaining talks, but the experience… If I can give them an experience of Baba’s qualities and even Baba directly, they will never forget that and they will want to be with you and around you and come closer to Baba through you.


So now is the time for me to experiment and do all the things I have been hearing about for many years.


Om shanti





Sister Jayanti - 4th October 2020 - GCH : The call of the time is stability…

5 October 2020

How many thoughts do we have in the space of an hour? In one day? Especially in day’s world where there are so many types of stimulation for the mind. So, are my thoughts powerful or not? Sometimes we have powerful good thoughts and wonder why they don’t materialise. Maybe it is not the right time or maybe something else was mixed in it; it wasn’t completely altruistic – not completely for the benefit of others. Maybe it was something I personally wanted to happen so in effect, it was my desire rather than a pure thought. If there is some motive filled for the self then that isn’t a pure or powerful thought.


Purity and power are closely connected. When we have pure thoughts we can feel the power. My thoughts are my foundation of my link with God. So, ask yourself is, it possible to have pure thoughts after yoga? Most of the day we are in action rather than yoga. Our thoughts are connected with what is going on here. So, is it possible for me to raise my consciousness to another level?  So, my thoughts are not only connected with what is going on here. If my thoughts are only connected with what is going on here then most of the time I am just reacting and my thoughts are not pure and powerful. So, can I maintain my activity and keep my thoughts up above – on another level? Of course, Baba tells us that we should keep our mind linked to the One above whilst performing actions.


Yoga is my thoughts and then it becomes more than thoughts – it becomes my bond with God. However, at first it is my thoughts. So, whilst I am in action can I keep the quality of my thoughts so elevated that I can feel the presence of God? When I am sitting in yoga then the fire of yoga can burn but whilst I am in activity, if I keep my thoughts with God, I will definitely have a difference type of response to everything that is going on around.


Baba uses three words together to teach us how to keep our thoughts. One is trinetri; instead of looking with these two eyes can I see from soul consciousness – keeping my third eye open. Experiment with this. You will then see the huge difference between thinking in an ordinary way and thinking when using my third eye. My responses will then be different. My response won’t be one of lust or anger… If someone drives past you at a crazy speed then you won’t react; you won’t question why they are driving so fast. There won’t be waste thoughts. You will think; there must be a problem somewhere and you will be able to send good wishes.


I will never know the result of those good wishes because good wishes are incognito. It’s a good way to make us detached from a visible outcome. Looking whilst using my third eye will mean that anger does not come. Otherwise, in ordinary thinking, anger comes and I try to stop it. There is upheaval. Someone told me that if there is a car accident, even if the body is not hurt, but the trauma caused to the body during that situation is like the body had been in a severe accident. The point is that, at that moment, even if there is a near miss, nearly an accident, then the body goes through the same trauma as if the accident had actually happened. So, there is scientific evidence that our thoughts and feelings are connected but they also have a huge impact on the body itself.


Our thoughts and feelings are communicated to others without us having to say a word. We can catch things from body language and vibrations. So, a whole world is created through our thoughts. As are my thoughts so is my world. So, what am I doing? Am I creating the type of world in which I can maintain my own happiness and stability? Or am I caught up in external stories.


The whole story of COVID is, how am I coping with everything – what are my thoughts? If I think; well, it’s a huge nuisance and I hope it doesn’t happen to me – then it may be valid but there is also fear. It can happen to me so I need to follow all the regulations. The different approach; my fear will lower my immunity and my own thoughts of hope and positivity will increase my immune system. So, can I make sure that in every situation can I keep looking at things with my third eye and seeing the deeper significance – beyond everything superficial.


Baba also uses the word ‘trikaldarshi’ – seeing the three aspects of time. In a Murli of a few weeks ago, Baba said that it’s important to see past, present and future… Nothing happens by chance; there is a reason why I am in my situation in the here and now. If I have the question of why I am in this situation, there is a type of exasperation. We don’t know what we did in our past births. There are so many accounts I have to settle. So, we cannot ask ‘why’. I know there is a reason. We don’t know who else was involved with us in that situation. We don’t know if it was the long-term past or the recent past. ‘What, why, if, but’… these create a huge storm of confusion. In a state of confusion, I don’t know what I have to do now. In a state of confusion, I am deprived of being able to think clearly and know what steps to take.


Baba tells us that we know we have been through the cycle – the story of many births - and that now we are in charge of our own futures. We have to decide what we need to do and that is the future we will create. So pure thoughts… can I be aligned with the universe and the way things are moving? Can I understand that I may not know the detail or the reasons but I do understand deep in my heart that whatever is going on is the direct result of what I have been involved with, what I have done?


So now I need to keep my mind very quiet. I have to do what I need to do on an external level but on an inner level I need to keep my mind so quiet that I can hear God’s signals and understand the signals of the drama. This is the call of the time. Are my thoughts aligned with the call of the time? What is it that time is calling me to do at this moment? Am I reacting to things on a mundane level? What is it that I need and would like to do? If I can catch that signal then not only would that signal be fulfilled but it would also make me very happy because if I am aligned with the way drama is going then that will be what is right for me.


Who could have predicted COVID? Not everyone can come to the centre. There is no logic. We cannot plan for the future as we simply don’t know what is going to happen. But if I listen to the call of the time then we will see that things are happening suddenly. The call of the time is telling us that now ‘I need to be stable’. Stable in my own faith, understanding and connection. If I have that stability, I will make sure that I am connected. From a spiritual perspective we do know what we need to do now.


As climate change gets crazier less scientists are in denial. In 1953 when smoking was found to be a danger to health, a number of tobacco companies wanted to pay some scientists to say it wasn’t dangerous. The same thing has happened with climate change… Some scientists were paid to say that climate is natural and is not caused by human beings.


We know that everything that is going on is leading to chaos. So, what is time saying? It is to prepare the self on an inner level so that what is going on around us doesn’t shake us; it’s a time of transitions. Even the transition of seasons creates a type of upheaval. People understand that they need to take care of their health and be careful. So now there is a huge transition and there is more to come – we haven’t seen the end of it. Seeing things through the third eye and understand the three aspects of time then we can see the reasons for upheaval.


We can also see what we need to do and how a better world can come through the power of our thoughts. I need to understand that my response has to be on a higher level… not of greed, ego, anger, lust or attachment. So, trinetri, trikaldarshi and trilokinath. Trilokinath – the master of the three worlds. Can I move from looking at the situation here to being up above? Looking at the world from up above? What would my response be? While I am down ‘here’ I am absolutely entangled. Not just engaged but really entangled and there is no possibility of creating distance and being detached. I don’t have to step back but I have to step ‘up’. I know that I can then look at things from the subtle dimension.


I can look also look at things from an even higher place – from the world of silence and peace. The astronauts saw things from up above and they could identify with the whole planet. It took them 9 minutes to thinking where their home towns were to being able to see themselves as part of a global family and that the whole planet was their home. They felt that the Earth was like a blue pearl in the ocean of darkness. The water gave the impression of a blue pearl and they were aware of how precious this blue pearl is. So, when I identify with one place, person, and role I am trapped, and my security is trapped like a bird in a cage. No freedom to think in a different way. When I move up above, I think differently. There is no attachment and I know what it is I have to do.


Baba has given us all these ideas but it is up to us to play and practice them so that our thinking begins to change. Then I am on track to have a spiritual experience when I sit down to have a link with Baba. How can I keep my mind in a higher state? Each Murli has different methods. Today we spoke of three – trinetri, trikaldarshi, and trilokinath… Try to remember one sentence. Yes, one sentence from the Murli and play with it! Just like sometimes there is a line from a song that stays in your mind and won’t go away – let Baba’s words be ‘stuck’ in your awareness and they will help you to see things very differently.


Om Shanti


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Sharing by Sis Jayanti Thursday 10th September GCH – with Sindhi group

5 October 2020

Sharing by Sis Jayanti Thursday 10th September GCH – with Sindhi group

Welcome to Baba’s House.  It has been many months since you were here.  Normally you would be travelling here and there but this time everyone is at home.  Some have just returned from India. Lovely that you are all here.


This is the first session after Dadiji flew away.  Dadiji chose to go during lockdown.  Hansa and I was saying in Madhuban, that she must have had a conversation with Baba and Dadi to arrange it so that she could fly at a quiet time when no one could come, as she didn’t want anyone extra to come nor did she want flowers, and she just had flowers from the garden.  It indicates that where ever there is a powerful thought Baba makes it happen.


Let’s take up the Murli of Sunday.  The current Avyakt ones are revised from 1986 and this one from March.  There was possibly a thousand there and it was spoken in Om Shanti Bhavan.  Baba is talking about ‘Ruhani Drill’.  When something happens unexpectedly, how long does it take to get our thinking back into balance, so that incident is not overtaking the mind.  How long?  A minute, a day, a month, a year?  It can depend on how serious the situation is.  At some point we will reconcile ourselves with whatever has happened and try not to have waste thoughts about it and see the positive side.  However it takes time.  Baba wants us to practise that it takes less than a second.  Why because something may happen in front of me – perhaps I will be in the middle of an earthquake or a flood: I won’t have time to have waste thoughts about this one or that one, for if I do I will lose the moment I need to take support from Baba.  He is asking the question:  How long does it take us?  We give the example of ‘jeenvanmukti in a second’.  Yet it is taking most of us years! 


When we think about what is not useful we miss the opportunity to connect with Baba and receive His signals.  None of us have a guarantee when the final moment will be.  So what is interfering:


1)       Prakhati – nature, maybe the physical body is pulling me.  Baba says it will exert maximum force.  Or maybe it is nature itself.  I read an article about the Californian fires and how they are coming closer to homes and have become merged and huge.  And many are moving themselves and there possessions out.  One botanist had to collect all his plants into two carloads and he had to keep moving from one place to another.  Then he had to make the decision out of the 50 plants which was most precious to keep.  He was describing in the article the feeling of fear.  California used to be a very comfortable place to live, yet again now it is being hard hit with fires and that are getting more intense.  So earth, fire, water, ether.  We don’t know what is going to happen and so how are we preparing….. in the final moments it won’t be the physical preparations that count but whether I have practised making my thoughts stable and unshakeable in God’s remembrance.  When in a second I can be in soul consciousness and stable in that awareness, when old sanskars are not playing up and are appropriate to the moment.  So the practise needs to be today so sanskars of the last period don’t pull me.  The practise is applying a full stop to anything out there – the body and nature.


2)       Maya – my own memories, what I am still attached to.  What are the internal things that I am struggling with today.  Can I put a full stop and really connect with Baba.  Listening to the Sakar Murli’s recently He has been talking about the power and strength that we can receive from Him.  Today it was the charge and discharge of the battery.


What can I tolerate? If I am still at the point of tolerating someone’s sanskars or habits and there are reactions and waste thoughts about others, then I am still far away from success with the final test that I will have.  It is always said that tests will strike us at our weakest point, our Achilles heel.  Am I ready for whatever may come?  I need power and the only way is to directly connect and draw that within.  How long does it take to connect?  Baba is patient and He says ‘I have told us all’.  Baba has been helping us prepare for the question.  We don’t know how long the Drama is going to carry on.  I can sense how more and more souls are thinking this is all getting too difficult.  Yet there are many things lying ahead for us.  Not just Covid, but I am thinking of the economy across the world.  Can I face everything that is going to come?  Many are thinking when is this going to end and how will it all finish and as it all gets more challenging this silent question will be put into words.  If we at that time are stable and unshakeable we can help and our help at that time will be through our stage…


At this moment many are not convinced but the more they see us stable and unshakeable by the circumstances outside the more they will want to understand what we are doing.  But if we are unstable with too many thoughts….it won’t help at that moment.  Today we know all this is about to happen. 


One thought.  I am a soul, I connect with God, He gives me the power I need and that ‘s the preparation.  I don’t need to do more.  The doors of our heart and homes will be open.  Today we need to keep revising this lesson.  I am the point of light and I am connected to Baba. 


When Dadi would say Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti for many years she would come up with creative understandings of this each time.  But do I practise these?  In 1982 for six months Dadi gave a different interpretation of Om Shanti every day.  She also said she reminds herself of Om Shanti at least 100 times a day…how often do we?  My first thought is Om Shanti, so I can see and not see, hear but not hear.  Have this awareness of Om Shanti by reminding the self many times  now that the world is a little quiet and there is still time to practise.  Baba and Drama are very compassionate in the sense they keep providing small rehearsals so we can practise.  This practise will then help us at the time of need.  So both Dadi’s departure and Covid 19 have been rehearsals and we keep practising. 


Baba reminds us that we are souls, our original stage is of silence, our eternal stage is in silence and our Home is Silent.  Or is it that the habits of the physical senses pull us.  The habit of speaking for example.  So let’s use the opportunities that we have now to practise silence.  Everything is moving cautiously at the moment.  Practising Om Shanti means that I can just check what is it that is pulling my mind, the waste thoughts and where there is a pull towards human beings and care and concern about them.  Maybe it is just about their safety, our near and dear ones.  But Baba is teaching us to have yes concern for everyone’s safety, so we are sending the power of His light to everyone, not just to this or that one. 


I am in my home, and am I a trustee?  This idea of ‘I and my’ is the cause of Maya coming in very strongly.  Baba calls it ‘the door opening to a lot of waste developing.  So what is happening in yoga? Baba made an interesting comment today that the power we are taking today, the recharging is to make us Satopradhan.  The proof is the soul moving towards its satopradhan stage in life, so it is completely clean and pure and there is no effect of anything outside.  Think about pure gold.  It is soft and flexible and it is no impacted by the elements.  Silver is different it becomes dark with the elements.  The quality of the satopradhan soul is flexible and able to adjust….as there is not hidden agenda and no I and mine.  I am easy and ok.  Also whatever is going on outside is not impacting the state of the soul, it remains pure and clean.  Am I impacted by what is going on outside?  The atmosphere is becoming more fearful in the world.  I need to use my inner compass to keep in touch with what is Truth and what is not, as I hear all the stories of the world.  


I need to develop my inner power so I am not afraid.  What brings fear?  Ignorance, uncertainty and there are many aspects to both these.  Ignorance can be thinking I can help someone else.  I can show the road but beyond that there is nothing I can do.  Fear for them is useless.  Fear for our own safety? 


I just need to do what I can.  Attend Murli and give help where I can.  So we use zoom where we can and we have class together.  The seeds of gyan and yoga we sow are what we do today.  So we do not need to be concerned about our future.  We will be ok.  If I am holding Baba’s hand and following srimat Drama is always going to support me and take me in the right direction.  It is attachments that are going to cause pain.  Am I ready to drop attachments now?  This is not an external change but an internal change.  Can I see them as souls and as Baba’s children, so there is no thought of  ‘I and my ‘coming in. 


These are the practices from each day’s Murli I am experimenting with and then when the time comes I will not be afraid and will be able to support others around me.  What are creative ways to play with the understanding of being the  point?  To take something from the Murli each day.  Today’s Murli Baba says the only way to take power and recharge the battery is the connection with One.  Each day the experiment that Baba gives me, keeps the mind on track and in the moments of Traffic Control we can easily connect and feel the electricity flowing from Baba.  If we are still thinking of this and that it could take forever.  But with practise I will have the power to maintain soul consciousness.  Dadi would say take any three things that you like; yet at this moment even if we take one point it will help us to stay focused and connected with One.  It is not a difficult exam that Baba is giving us.  He says He has told us the questions and prepared us already.  It will all be fine.  We can deal with what is necessary.  We also know for sure that in the final moments it will be only one Baba.  Dadiji had prepared herself with Baba for a long time and had said that in those moments she just wished to be with Baba and the mind would not go anywhere else.  We witnessed that happen practically.  So just practise the things Dadi practised and it will help.  And as time goes on you will be instruments to help others too.  To go beyond fear we need to be fearless.  Not in a reckless way.  ‘God will help, but I have to tether the camel’. 


We also need to do MansaSeva.  The world needs it.  To share the power of peace and God’s love.  How much power do I feel from God’s love and peace? The power of peace creates an atmosphere of peace.  It is able to reach and impact many.  The power of love that I experience and fill with, and then share this with the world.  Am I able to do this with whoever it is I am meeting.  Instead of my mind being filled with all the things I know about which won’t be able to help them.


Baba said the other day, is every thought to give benefit?  If we want to follow in the Father’s footsteps is the quality of our thoughts and actions filled with nothing but good wishes for all.  The clean stage is when Baba’s energy can pass through and reach another.  Then I am following in Baba’s footsteps and my words will be helpful – they will be encouraging, supportive and filled with positivity.  I have to do a lot of cleaning inside so Baba’s pure vibrations of peace can reach out and there will be benefit for all.  Now is the time to practise this.


When I have experienced something and given someone the experience too they will not forget this.  If I can give  them the experience of His qualities, or Him directly they won’t forget this and will wish to come closer.  Now is the time to do and experiment with all that we have been hearing about for many years.




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News of Dadi Prakashmaniji's 13th Anniversary and bhog message

8 September 2020

13th Anniversary of Dadi Prakashmaniji (day’s schedule and bhog message) – 25/8/2020

Most beloved, respected Dadi Prakashmaniji, former Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris, loved by one and all, one who ruled the hearts of all – we celebrated her 13th anniversary, Day of Remembrance, on 25th August 2020 with simplicity and deep bhavna. Because of Corona virus, only a few selected brothers and sisters arrived in Shantivan on 24th evening. This time, the brothers of Shantivan had decorated Prakash Stambh with flower-garlands with great simplicity and royalty. From early morning, a fine drizzle of rain was welcoming everyone. Along with this, sweet songs of the many specialities of Dadiji were being played softly. After morning murli class, all senior brothers and Dadis and all those who had come from other places, gathered together at Prakash Stambh. Because of the rains, a waterproof tent had been put up in the garden of Prakash Stambh. While observing social distancing, all were seated in chairs placed at an appropriate distance. For everyone’s safety, all were wearing masks too. First of all, all offered their tribute in a yogyukt stage with the power of yoga in silence. After that, Madhur Vani group sang beautiful songs of memories of Dadiji. Then, in a line, everyone came to offer their tribute with flowers. Some brothers and sisters also went to Dadiji’s room in Dadi’s cottage. After that, from 10.30am to 12.30pm, Nirwairbhai and Amirchandbhai shared their beautiful experiences with Dadiji. Then, Shashiben offered bhog to beloved BapDada and our sweet Dadiji. (The essence of the bhog message is attached). Afterwards, Munniben presented all the brothers and sisters who had come with a gift from the yagya. Then everyone had Brahma bhojan. In the evening, there was a special yoga bhatthi and sharing of experiences with Dadiji. In this way, the beautiful memorial of this day became wound in the reel of the drama.


Divine message:

Bhog Message via Shashben for Dadi Prakashmani – 25 August 2020

Today, on the occasion of our lovely Dadiji’s anniversary, carrying love and remembrance of all brothers and sisters, I reached the subtle region and as soon as I arrived there, I saw that the subtle region was decorated with garlands of many small lights, and very lovely soft music was being played from the garlands. Very beautiful rays were emerging from those garlands and, like a laser show, they were creating beautiful designs. After some time, Baba appeared in the front, and with a smile, said: Look where Dadi is. Just then, I saw that there was a very beautiful star there, and in that, sometimes, I saw Baba in it and sometimes, I saw both Baba and Dadiji. Dadiji’s form was sometimes that of a mother, sometimes that of an emperor and sometimes, in the form of power. Baba was also watching this scene and smiling and then said: Just look at the child’s form. Referring to this, Dadiji said: Baba, all of these are Your forms. You have taught me, You have enabled me to move forward. Baba smiled and said: When children merge Baba in their hearts, then the children are also always present in the Father’s heart. Then Dadi said: When everyone has sat Baba in their hearts, there cannot be any other thoughts of anyone else in their minds, can there? I was just standing there quietly. Dadiji said: Dadi knows that they have placed Baba in their hearts, but sometimes, other matters also come into the heart, due to which children then complain to the Father, and there is also a little slackness in their efforts.


Then Dadi said: Look at what the time is showing us! Always keep just Baba alone in your heart and also remain happy and share that happiness. Then Baba said: Look how Dadi is giving so much love to everyone. Then Baba took Dadiji on a tour of all the departments of Madhuban. A picture of all the departments was appearing on the screen, one by one, and seeing these Dadi was smiling a lot. Dadi said: It is a wonder of Baba that He has made all the children so worthy and given them such big responsibilities in service and everyone is fulfilling their responsibilities and moving along holding Baba’s hand.


Then Dadi related how, from time to time, Baba takes her on a tour of all the centres in this land and abroad. Baba shows me how the children are making effort. Seeing each one’s service and their efforts, Dadi says: Each one is performing very good wonders, but some children become a little careless in taking Baba’s sustenance and then giving the return of it. I asked: What is the return that Baba wants from the children? Then Dadi said: Baba wants:


1) All of you to become companions of one another, to follow one direction and spread a wave of such good wishes in the gathering that you become an example in front of the world. This form of the gathering will make the task of world transformation easy.


2) The characters and qualifications of the new world that is to come have to be visible in each one now. The divine virtues of the deities have to be visible in our lives now. Until now, Dadiji sees that every now and then, because of carelessness, there is a little slackness in the mind and so, now let the sanskars of the new world become emerged.


Then, swaying in happiness, Dadi caught hold of each one’s hand and made everyone dance and was saying: always remain happy in this way and continue to share this happiness. Always remain seated on the heart- throne. After that, I said to Dadi: Today, everyone has sent lots of remembrance to you, and I have also brought bhog for you today. Baba then said: Today, Baba will first feed the daughter. Dadi said: No, I will feed Baba with my hands first. First, Baba fed Dadi and then Dadi fed Baba. Then, taking the bhog in her hands, Dadi said: Come, all of you, Baba’s beloved children, come. Children, seated on Baba’s heart-throne, come! Giving everyone beautiful toli and blessings, she said: remain Baba’s companion and continue to reveal the Father through your face and your activity. Then Baba said: Children now have to imbibe lightness in themselves, and with the blessings you have received from the Father, spread the rays of light everywhere because at this time, everyone in the world is asking for blessings and wants God to do something so that everyone’s sorrow is removed. So, you children have to carry out this task. You children have to reveal the Father through the Godly attainments you have received. Saying this, Baba and Dadi gave everyone a lot of love and remembrance and I came back to the corporeal world. Om shanti.


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51 points from Dadi Prakashmaniji's teachings

25 August 2020

51 Invaluable teachings received from Dadi Prakashmaniji, specially for the day of remembrance.

1. Our final paper is to be a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. Only those who constantly have the one Supreme Soul, our Father, in their vision can pass in this paper. If you have within you the thoughts “This is my relative, my property, my speciality...”, then this “I” and “mine” will not all you to be a conqueror of attachment. Where there is “I”, there cannot be any humility nor can you carry out the task of renewal.


2. Those who are embodiments of remembrance are conquerors of attachment. They are the true trustees. The stage of those who are embodiments of remembrance would not be based on comforts. Some people do service and live their lives on the basis of facilities and comforts. They can never become conquerors of attachment. Do not create your stage nor do service based on the comforts because at this time, we are beggars who are to become princes. Baba has given us a new life. Nothing belongs to us in this new life. To have this awareness and to be a conqueror of attachment is a very subtle destination.


3. Each one has to pay attention that there is no rubbish of any waste in their hearts. The rubbish of impurity is huge. There is also the rubbish of lies and cheating. Similarly, the dirt of nature and sanskars does not allow you to become clean and pure. If someone is gossiping, thinking about and looking at others, then rubbish is being filled in their intellects. To have a vision of blame for someone, to interact with them in that manner, to make out you are innocent and someone else is guilty is also not being clean. Those who have honesty and cleanliness are very humble-hearted. They do not have any body consciousness in them. Those with a clean heart will realise and rectify their mistakes.


4. The influence of bad company completely spoils your stage and it breaks true love. Where there is the influence of bad company, in place of having faith in the intellect, it will create doubts and so each one has to take very good care of the company you keep. Baba has sat us in the boat of truth. It is said: The boat of truth will rock, but it will not sink because God Himself is the Boatman of that boat. No matter how many difficulties come in front of such souls, they are easily able to overcome them. They are never influenced by the company nor are they trapped by others.


5. Obstacles come in front of many as test papers. Sometimes, a paper comes in the form of an illness. Sometimes, a paper comes in the form of the lokik and alokik family. Sometimes, the paper comes in the form of nature and sanskars within a gathering, but those who have made Baba their Companion with an honest heart receive all types of help at the time of need. Baba says: O children, the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. If you do not experience this, then there is definitely a thorn in the intellect.


6. When you have any problem or any task to accomplish, you can resolve that with Baba’s help. If you worry about it or are afraid of it, you won’t be able to resolve it. Those who have an honest heart will not have any attachment to any person, possession or comfort. In order to become free of all of these things, Baba says: Children, just be like flying birds. However, birds can only fly when they have two wings. We also have two wings – zeal and enthusiasm. If you have zeal and enthusiasm, you will continue to fly in Baba’s remembrance.


7. We need to have the wisdom to pick up virtues from each one. Someone may have a very good virtue of churning knowledge, so let me learn from them. If I have enthusiasm, then I will be able to pick up virtues from others. If I want to become karmateet, let me put aside everything else. Internally, just have this one concern: I have to become karmateet. Now, let there not be any obstacle to creating your stage. Let there not be any of the old nature.


8. Sweet Baba has made all of us into carefree emperors of the land that is free from sorrow. This is my personal blessing from sweet Baba that I do not have any type or worry or concern. I do not have any waste thoughts either. The reason for this is that I am an instrument. Those who want to worry can worry, but why should I worry? It is Your creation, so You can worry about it. Since He is the One who is inspiring everyone, since He is responsible, I am just an instrument, so what should I worry about? If there is something, make plans and discuss it but do not worry. Worry is like a pyre.


9. All of you sit on BapDada’s heart-throne and you will not have to worry about anything. Eat whatever He feeds you, wear whatever He gives you to wear, and if He wants us to be in the beggary part, be happy in that, and if He keeps us like princesses, we are happy with that. So what is there to worry about! I have just one mantra, “Yes Lord, I am present!” He is the Lord and He can give any order.


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Sister Jayanti - 9th August 2020 -GCH Purity, truth and love create the bridge to satyug…

11 August 2020

Love and Truth; ­­­ it is said Love is God or Truth is God.  We know that God is love and truth and these are the two most important qualities of the Golden Age.  The title of God that is remembered in Bharat especially is The Purifier.  The One who purifies impure souls.  I am just seeing the connection between purification, love and truth.  Dadi would often speak about honesty and truth connected with cleanliness and purity.  The two are deeply connected.  As I clean myself with the power of God’s love.  Today’s Murli makes it very clear that no matter how much gyan we may have, without the experience of God’s love, it becomes challenging to follow the path of purity and purification.  With Baba’s love everything becomes easy and gives the power to transform.  Without this it would be a hard path to follow.  Often, we think how we are going to manage with the list of dos and don’ts which are the spiritual principles.  But it is not difficult.  If it had been difficult we would have thought about starting the journey. Whatever comes as obstacles or challenges we decided that the love was more important and love gave us the power to carry on.


Today I am seeing how Baba is talking about the power of love and how Raksha Bandan is deeply connected to the power of love. Of all the relationships the one of brother and sister is about purity, and also selflessness.  I don’t think I have ever wanted anything from my lokik brother nor he me.  Sibling love is pure love without motive.   I know that in Bharat they say that the brother protects you and I would laugh as my brother was younger and shorter than me until 15 years old!  Brahma Baba didn’t speak of Raksha Bandan in the 1950’s and early 60’s.  But going to India I would see all the fuss that was made about Raksha Bandan, and I would do it for fun.  To get a pretty rakhi and tie it on his wrist.  I would never have thought it would give me protection.  I give a rakhi and he offers me protection was not on my radar.  Pure love is when we want nothing of the other.  Of the mother, we have huge expectations, and with the Father and teacher there is expectation of giving and taking.  But with a brother, certainly in my relationship there was no expectation and also friendship; very light and easy - nothing heavy.  In Bharat they have the saying that the world is my family.  This foundation is what Baba is doing at Sangamyug.  At Raksha Bandan this is very visible.  I know too as the months go by the support that the family gives each other is very special and unique.  We don’t allow anyone to be alone.  If we know someone needs help, that help is offered.  I know that when senior citizens in this neighbourhood need help it is offered.  So the world is my family.  And in Madhuban this is very obvious.  There is an instant kinship and it is informal.  We know we are all connected to the family.


Baba is saying that love is what enables us to overcome all obstacles.  Obstacles are not what come from outside.  The reason why obstacles come is that something that is happening inside of me and that creates the obstacle, the anger, attachment, greed, lust, ego, careless and the whole list of negativities that come.  So that is why I am facing an obstacle and seeing something as an obstacle.   It is possible to take Baba’s love and clean out that whatever it is that is going on inside and then there are no obstacles and then what I was seeing as an obstacle it will disappear.  When I start looking inside and realise it was my ego that was hurt, and what is it that triggered my anger.  Instead of a reaction I go inside and take Baba’s love, my perception of the situation changes and it is no longer an obstacle.  It is true for all.  The Power of love protects from the obstacles within and so transforms these on the outside.  The power of love is able to heal the soul.  If I am carrying hurts then my behaviour with an individual is not as it could be and that in turn creates more reactions and then more walls are being built, instead of taking them down.


Love is the Power that empowers me to change and allows me to go beyond the physical dimension.  I want to feel avyakt Bapdada’s presence because I wish to be with Shiv Baba in Paramdhan and the power inspires me to let go of the physical costume and take on the avyakt form.  Baba is not only giving us love but also He is teaching us to give love.  If I haven’t been able to do that then I find challenges along the journey.  So I have to take enough love from Baba that I am able to manage.  On the path of gyan, it is not only my connection with Shiv Baba or Brahma Baba but also the family.  If there isn’t a loving exchange with the family then it is difficult to carry on and there isn’t the experience of cooperation or support.


I remember in 1973, when Dadi was not well in Pandav Bhavan, and I took a group of kumaris, who were in Madhuban for training as I was part of the teachers supporting and Dadi would meet the group in the evenings in her room.  She would ask us to share our experiences and then would pick up on what we had said and explain further.  One of the group said ‘I felt as though I am not loved and it was a very difficult day’.  Dadi then said ‘well, try giving love’.  The next day Dadi asked the group how they were and this soul said, it was a very beautiful day today and what changed it from difficult to beautiful was she had practiced taking Baba’s love and sharing Baba’s love.


Baba is teaching us to create a family. Baba says that a kingdom is created on the basis of your study, which is the highest study, and the study will enable us to develop the wisdom to be able to do what I need to do in the kingdom.  It takes wisdom to manage relationships.  The world calls it emotional intelligence.  Baba calls it spiritual wisdom.  With gyan, for example, the understanding of drama and one family, whatever aspect of knowledge that I am touched by, I need to go further than just appreciating the beautiful points Baba gives us in the Murli.  Between knowledge and wisdom is the line of practice.  The more I practice Baba’s gyan the more I begin to feel it, live it, and experience it - this then creates wisdom within the soul.  Then when I am facing situations, I allow the natural understanding, whether soul consciousness or drama, to move in and guide what I do.


Taking responsibility in Baba’s work immediately extends the circle of people we are connected with.  We can be at home, being a good yogi, doing what we need to do and come to class and study.  But that is very different from extending relationships and connections and learning to manage with many.  As soon as I say I am interested to do service, although there are solitary activities, most are in connection with others.  The bigger the range of connection the more wisdom we need to deal with the sanskars that come my way.  Living in a cocoon is ok, but there is no responsibility, learning or growth there.  As it extends and there is greater responsibility I have to learn to love and use God’s knowledge so it is effective in my life, in terms of relationships.  This is why Baba says that knowledge is the basis of our status in the future.  It is connected with responsibility and wisdom and love.


I see how what we are doing today at Raksha Bandan is directly connected to the birth of Krishna and I am not sure how long Baba and Drama is waiting for the 108 to be ready.  I think the 8 are ready and in place.  Dadi would say there is still space, but now I wonder.   Perhaps there is still a margin in the 108.  Yes, Krishna is coming but won’t come until there are some changes in the world; and there have been many changes since the time Baba became silent and no longer wished to come into the physical dimension… During Rakhi here, everyday there was a song…’children you asked Me to come down, and now I am asking you to come up’.  A lovely exchange between the children and God.  We know for a fact Baba is not going to come in the way He used to. Baba now is asking us to go up.  Out of love for Baba I would like to go up. The stage of the Golden Age has to be clean and completely pure.  The birth of Krishna isn’t simply due to Baba not coming anymore, which many think.  But I have no question about it, based on what Baba says in the Murlis, the world has to be clean.  So the purification and the power of love and truth being imbibed within the soul.  So when the 108 are ready, whenever that happens - I don’t think Baba will wait longer than that.  All the signs are moving quickly with a huge amount of turbulence whether nature within or nature outside; So, the cleansing, the new world, and then Krishna will be born.


The important thing is to read what Baba is saying in the Murlis.  They give the answers to the questions we have so keep checking back and you will know.  Why I am thinking about the connection between Raksha Bandan and Krishna’s birth is because in a couple of days Bharat will be celebrating the birth of Krishna, Janmashtami.  And just as they do with Shiv Ratri, the devotees stay awake through the night ... as they say Krishna came at midnight, and then they celebrate.  At Shiv Ratri there isn’t celebration, just fasting and purification, but Krishna’s birth there is a lot of celebration.   So today we will be offering bhog not just to Baba, but remembering Sri Krishna.


The world of Satyug is definitely coming, because God, the Truth, is establishing that world.  The world of love is definitely coming and we have to be the instruments to make that happen by experiencing that here today.  Dadi would say she wanted to see Satyug here, and she was not thinking about golden palaces, but relationships and systems.  Systems based on love.  Why, because the law you are already following because you have gyan.  No one has to tell you this, as you understand the spiritual law.  The system of Satyug is totally the system of love.  Not even a balance of love and law.  Today we have to think where does love end and law begin? At the point when Baba’s children truly adhere to spiritual laws, then on an external level discipline is natural, whatever the need is what I do.    On an inner level whatever we know is right.


A quote from Dadi that has stayed in my mind for a long time is ‘if I have Baba’s knowledge then no one can force me to do what is wrong and no one can stop me from doing what is right’.  This is true, but in the world outside we make excuses saying we didn’t really mean it but we want to please those around us.  But no, ultimately it is me, and what I am doing, so my karma is my karmic record.  Someone maybe an inspiration for me to do what is right, so they get a blessing and so do I.  Equally the other way I have to do what I know internally, deeply, is right.  And so the power of love in the Golden Age.  We know what the law is and it is natural.  We don’t think about it.


Dadi would say in the early days of Karachi, they would be checking themselves; what did I do that was body conscious?  That is very different to today where we ask if we soul conscious.  In the early days, they left behind everyone lokik and it was a new birth; Baba was everything for them and the practice of soul-conscious was very natural. They would check ‘why did I become body conscious’.  Dadi said that they would simply say ‘Manmanabhav’….and ‘hey atma come into the awareness of who you are’.


The power of purity, love, and truth, bridge and link Sangamyug to Satyug and as we experience these in a natural way today we are laying the foundation of the Golden Age and truly preparing for Krishna to come into the world.  Happy Janmasthami to all in advance.


Om Shanti




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