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5 July 2022

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Madhuban Newsletter in English and Hindi - July 2022

5 July 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for July 2022 with points for 1-31 July in English and Hindi.

In Baba's yaad,

Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban Newsletter in English


Madhuban Newsletter in Hindi






Satguruwhar Bhog Messages for the 30th June, 2022

1 July 2022



Bhog Message on Avyakti Parivar from Mohini Didi [05:16




Bhog Messages from Pandav Bhawan (Sr Shashi) [0 to 11:13] and from Shantivan (Sr Rukmani) [11:14-17:44]






Sister Jayanti –26th June 2022 – GCH, London Practise tapasya and sympathy and use the treasures that Baba has given you and obstacles and service will be like a game

28 June 2022

Om Shanti. Good morning. You were hearing the word tapasya come frequently in the song and the murli is all about tapasya. But the song also was expressing how tapasya is the beauty of life, tapasya is what brings sweetness, tapasya makes you an angel; many things about tapasya. And Baba has explained tapasya in a very practical way today but also in a very simple way. If people out there were asked to define what is tapasya they would give you many long definitions and complications. And Baba is saying, in just a few words: ‘I belong to you and you belong to Me’. That's it. That is tapasya. And so the Supreme Teacher is explaining something very profound and powerful in a very simple way. That's it. I belong to One and that One belongs to me.


And so you can see how by the last few years of Dadi’s classes (Dadi Janki), towards that period, Dadi had condensed all of gyan into three sentences: Who Am I? Who do I belong to? And what must I do? And so it's a classic way to help us move forward, condensing everything in a very simple way. And then of course Baba’s explained tapasya in a very profound way and that is that, if there truly is tapasya then the proof of that is your happiness but, Baba has expanded on it, that happiness comes when you see that everything you have is being used in a worthwhile way. Think about it. You might have £100 but if £1 gets lost, how much time will you spend searching for it? ‘I know I put it there. Where is it? I have to find it’. And so whatever you use in a worthwhile way is fine, but to lose something and see it go to waste is something that brings down our happiness.


And so Baba’s saying that you've made the Bestower of Fortune belong to you, so all aspects of fortune are with you. Many, many details. But what makes you happy and what is the proof of your tapasya; that all that you have is being used in a worthwhile way. And of course Baba always talks about the treasures that are the subtle treasures: the treasure of time, the treasure of thoughts, the treasure of gyan, the treasures of knowledge that Baba has given, the treasure of virtues, the treasure of values that Baba has given. So the more you use all of these things in a worthwhile way, the more your own treasure store expands and grows. And so it's not that by using them you lose out, but actually using them is the way in which you're able to move forward.


So a very beautiful murli in which every single sentence is extremely powerful and needs attention and focus. But there are a few things I'd like to take up and one is where Baba’s talking to this group which seems to be the trustees of the hospital and it's a murli from October ‘91, and September ‘91 Global House started, September ‘91 Nairobi Global Museum started and then October ‘91 Global Hospital started. So it was a whole series of things that were happening and Baba’s saying to the trustees who have been responsible for making the hospital happen that it's their fortune that they've had this opportunity but also Baba’s asking them; does the responsibility feel heavy? And Baba’s just mentioned one thing; there’s one thing that causes heaviness to come in, where you think that I have to do it instead of realizing it’s Baba’s task and I'm an instrument. And as an instrument my responsibility is to be as accurate as possible but I don't have to carry the burden; I don't have to worry about it, I don't have to be anxious about it.


And so Baba was teaching that lesson right from the beginning and then the reminder in this murli, but it's also a lesson for us to learn today, right? Somebody mentioned how, although Mama’s murli - the one we read on Friday, Mama's day - was spoken in the 60s - I think it was a murli from 1963 - so Mama spoke it then and today how many years later, decades and decades later, it’s still relevant in contemporary times. And that's the beauty of truth. Truth doesn't become old or irrelevant. Truth is always, always relevant. And so Baba’s saying, make sure that you remember whose task it is, then there's no heaviness or burden or anything else that comes when it's just normal human activity. Use the treasures that Baba’s giving and it will feel like a game. Even service is a game.


And a very pertinent question that arose at that time, because when Baba had told us and we heard that murli way back, but it was in around October, November 1990 and Baba had said the coming year is going to be the year for tapasya and people had asked the question: ‘Well are we not supposed to do service’? And Baba had said: ‘You'll see what happens but you focus on your tapasya’. And now after a year, the year of tapasya nearly ending, people are still saying; ‘but how come there’s so many big new projects to deal with? On the one side tapasya, sit in silence, and on the other side so much happening and more work, more intensity, more everything’. And Baba’s point is that, it's not more, more, more work; it's all a game. All these projects are a game. And yes, your existence as Brahmins is to serve and so your tapasya is actually preparing you to be able to serve in the right way.


And so the obstacles that come – Baba’s mentioned that there will always be obstacles - but when you're on a football field and I'm sure many of you have played football and if you haven't played it, you've seen it, but sometimes you want to hit the ball and it's not coming to you and that's not a nice feeling. But when the ball comes to you, sometimes it doesn't come in a position in which you can hit the ball. The ball is hitting you on the shin and there's pain. But you don’t say, I'm going to leave the field and go away and sit in a corner. You carry on with the game and you're happy that the ball has come. And so when obstacles come it's simply that, it’s simply a little thing that happens and it's okay. You just get on with the game and do what you need to do.


So many, many very practical things that Baba has mentioned about tapasya and the impact of tapasya in different ways. But today Baba’s mentioned another aspect of treasure and Baba said that the biggest treasure that you have is sympathy. And Baba is using the English word so there's no confusion about ‘is the translation okay?’ because that comes up very often. But no, tapasya means you're increasing your capacity for sympathy. And I'm sure that you have your own experience of how to increase something that's very needed. But just reflecting on it myself what I thought was that, well the first step for anything in Brahmin life is always soul consciousness. In soul consciousness then I see my family and not just here but out there too. And when I see everyone as my family, then that kinship, that connection and especially Baba’s saying what is needed is not temporary sympathy but eternal sympathy, long-term imperishable sympathy. And so when I see my family, then automatically I want to do something to help them.


But also in soul consciousness when I connect with Baba, then Baba’s able to give me a lot of love and the power of that love expands my heart. And where maybe my heart was cold and not so warm, and many things happen in life that cause this to happen at the end of kali yug. At the end of kali yug in our 83rd birth, and maybe things sometimes happen even in our 84th birth, and we hold those things and our heart becomes hard. We think we're protecting ourselves; we don't want to be hurt anymore. And so that hardness and harshness then means that we’re not receiving Baba’s love but we are not able to give Baba's love. And in soul consciousness I'll be able to allow Baba’s love to reach me and start making the heart of soft again. Because lack of sympathy; and certainly it's a reality in London. Somebody falls down and how many people walk past thinking, ‘I don't want to get involved, I don't have time, too much to do, carry on’. And finally maybe somebody stops to see if the person who has fallen needs help. I don't know whether it's ever happened to you but it's a classic story of busy places. And when there’s a heart that's warm and filled with Baba’s love then there's an immediate connection of sympathy that happens.


But also a feeling of love comes when first there’s detachment. In Hindi they always say ‘nyara’ and ‘pyara’, detached then loving.


And of course soul consciousnesses is detachment but in another way when there's detachment, Baba often tells us that what you need to do is experience being bodiless and separate from the body. I the soul, I am in the body now, but when I'm detached from the body, and I'm actually still - not up there - but I'm here and I'm able to observe what's going on; then I think that that detachment in that way is also something that can increase my capacity to have sympathy because in that state of being detached and the observer, not only am I seeing what their need is, I'm also seeing what my response is. Is it to step away or is it that seeing them, I ask myself the question, what would I want if I was in that position? Whatever situation it may be; it might not be so visibly drastic as somebody falling down but whatever it is, can I be detached enough and be an observer and ask that question of myself; what is it that I would like for myself? And at that moment, the sympathy truly becomes something that comes from the heart and I’m able to reach out and give the help that's needed.


The theme for the year that was finalized in Madhuban, kindness and compassion, and now today Baba talking about sympathy. And Baba’s saying that Baba's going to tell us more about the subject later on and when Baba says that, Baba doesn't forget. When we say, okay I'll talk about this later, we forget. But Baba doesn't forget and so Baba remembers and so expect there to be a murli, I don't know what next week's murli is, but at some point there's going to be a murli on sympathy for sure. But just think about how you can, on an inner level, increase your own capacity to be able to have sympathy. And Baba’s saying that yes, something is needed in words, something needed in action, but maybe also just something needed in your attitude, something needed in your awareness and consciousness. But some sort of response to another who is in need of help; thoughts, words, actions, whatever. And so can I increase my own inner capacity so that I can be an instrument to offer sympathy?


And so Baba’s murli is taking up many, many details in different ways. But the other thing that is definitely worth thinking about; Baba’s saying Baba offers you all fortune, every type of fortune. Make a list of how many types of fortune can actually exist and to what extent you've been able to receive all those aspects of fortune from Baba; just immediately it’s there, available, at once. It's not even that you make effort and then receive fortune. Baba the Bestower belongs to you and so, instantly… So this mantra of, ‘I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me’ and the doors of fortune open up immediately.


But what are those aspects of fortune that I've already received from Baba? That appreciation of how much Baba has given me already will open the door for more fortune to come. When I don't appreciate fortune, then I'm not feeling it, I'm not experiencing it, I'm not grateful to Baba for it, and it's difficult for more fortune to come to me. But when I appreciate it, then the door opens even further and more fortune comes.


And again Baba in one word has explained something that's very interesting, especially for the family and that is, when you have sympathy for others what is the comeback of that? And Baba said; the family is content with you. And it's a subject that Baba’s often taken up - contentment - because it's very much a quality that's the essence of Brahmin life and getting that certificate from others. But today Baba’s saying; if you offer sympathy then the return is that souls are content. And so tapasya and the impact of tapasya, and what is needed for tapasya, the fruit of tapasya. Very powerful, beautiful murli. And so enjoy the murli when we have that later.


And the other thing that caught my attention within the whole murli, many things about tapasya, but Baba also saying that your sympathy, tapasya bringing sympathy, but tapasya and sympathy is needed by everyone at this moment. This is the treasure that some have but many are wanting it, to develop it in themselves, but also needed in the world. And so Baba is preparing us for the things that we know are going to come and where people will be experiencing a huge amount of sorrow. But Baba’s children will have prepared themselves to be up above whatever are those scenes that are going to come. We keep catching a tiny little glimpse of things that can happen in the world, but the preparation time in which I'm actually filling myself with that power that I'm needing to be able to do whatever it is that might come in front of me. If I use each moment in a worthwhile way now, then I know that, yes my tapasya is filling me up to the extent that I need. If I don't understand how to use my time well, and one of the things at the end of kali yug is that there's many, many distractions that can happen, more distractions at the end of kali yug than even 50 years ago; just in my own lifetime I've seen how many distractions can come. So am I allowing myself to get distracted by all the things that can happen? Or am I very stable in my purpose? What is it that I need to do?


And last week Baba spoke about the karmateet stage; Friday Mama spoke about karma philosophy and who is responsible for my own situation; not anybody else, not God, not destiny, but my karma. And so all the signals are telling us, what is it that I must do? And so it's a good lesson to remind ourselves every single day. What is it that I need to do? Whatever others are doing, that's their business. But what do I need to do?


Let's offer bhog to Baba. And again, we've had many different messages of people in different situations wanting help for sons and daughters and fathers and mothers. So, whoever it is, just be with Baba and let Baba’s light touch whoever needs that help. Om shanti.


Om Shanti


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Sister Jayanti – 19th June 2022 am GCH Let the mind, intellect, and sanskars shine with light

22 June 2022

Om Shanti, Good morning.

The song was about Mama and we kept hearing the word Ma.  Mama’s day comes on the 24th June, on Friday of this week.  We will be having special bhog on that day at the centres.  A few sentences from what we heard ‘What is the speciality of your love’.  You were the one who proved the combination of Shiv and Shakti together.  So many beautiful thoughts about Mama.  I have to remind myself that Drama is accurate in the sense that a handful of souls outside of Bharat were able to connect with Mama.  Even within Bharat itself only 10% knew Mama.  The secret of Mama becoming avyakt so early, I am yet to understand.  But it happened in Drama and was accurate.  A few years ago I was aware we didn’t know Mama well. At that point we were hearing Mama’s Murli just once a year.  Since Baba became avyakt and almost incorporeal over the last few years and also the Dadi’s becoming avyakt, you will have noticed that we are now having many extracts from Mama that are coming with the daily Sakar Murli.  Who feels they know more about Mama now, having read these short passages?  It is true when we look at a person’s face, we can know something, but when they start speaking we can work out what is going on in their mind and hearts and get to know them.  We see from these extracts Mama’s clarity is absolute.  She often takes up subjects that are related to people out there and will take up just a few points and clarify that aspect.  For Brahmins too just in the space of a few sentences she is able to explain topics clearly.  Both the power of her faith and her purity come through very strongly.  We are not hearing the power of her voice yet her voice was very powerful.  The amazing quality of her effort was such that from the time she came to Baba until the time she become Mama, was a span of only 18 months.

I was meeting someone who said he had been with Baba for 3 years and in a way this is a short time, and yet proof by Mama that linear time has nothing to do with effort and the ability to move forward.  I was asked is it possible for last to go fast and go first and I said Yes!  Mama is this example, becoming number one shakti.  This is great proof that with intention and effort we can all go ahead very very fast.Today Mama is still sustaining us through her teachings.  It is happening a lot more now than earlier and that is the benefit of the Drama.

One Murli today is very short in which Baba has spoken about the accumulation of the acts of charity, punya karma. Pure action.  Within that Baba has spoken one sentence which carries a lot.  This sentence Dadi would talk about what is the difference between donation, ‘dhan’ and ‘punya’ - elevated and charitable action? Dadi would define donation as ‘You have a certain amount and out of that this much is going to be for charity and good deeds’. But ‘punya’ looks at the need of the situation and maybe it is time they need, your company, your kindness, your money they need and then you try to give that cooperation and fulfil that need, rather than ‘I have this much and can spare this much’.  With punya there can be acts of charity through the whole day. Whatever we do in Baba’s remembrance now in Sangamyug can be an act of charity.  They way we are thinking, speaking and doing filled with Baba’s love and light, that is what it is.

Baba also mentions ‘lightness’ and because we have been accumulating ‘punya’ karma and all wastage and subtle sins have stopped, we continue to accumulate goodness. Then we approach the karmateet stage. With this the particular quality of lightness shines within the mind, intellect and sanskars.  This is the process of purification as we are no longer bogged down with waste that made us heavy.  The mind filled with God’s love feels light and happy and the intellect is light; clear with an accurate capacity to discern. A sign of sanskars being light, is that our sanskars are like the Father’s sanskars.  Then we are able to stay up above and not be pulled down into the gross.  Check how close or far you are from the karmateet stage just by asking the self ‘how light am I?

The second Murli was about giving and taking happiness, and also about not giving and taking sorrow.  Even when someone is attempting to give us something, why do we take it.  Because if we take sorrow we are going to give it also.  Whether it is the negativity of the world or within people’s attitude, I protect myself with Baba’s light surrounding me, so I don’t absorb it.  Each morning we wake up and remember Baba and this has become very natural for everyone here.  But do I remember Baba with love and joy?  If my remembrance is filled with love and joy then this happiness will stay with me throughout the day and the less space there is for sorrow to come in.  If I am giving happiness to others, how much am I carrying in my pot to distribute?  If I have been filling myself with happiness from Baba every day and keeping it safe throughout the day I will have enough for me and to share with others.  The mantra is ‘Be happy and give happiness’. Take happiness from Baba and give it to others.  If I think anyone here is going to make me happy, this is a wrong expectation so let me sort out what I am expecting and who from.  There is the One Source and He is unlimited and Baba says take as much as you wish.

We understand that our thoughts and feelings are our own creation. This is the basic lesson of Raja Yoga.  Can I begin the day  with such a powerful consciousness of  love and joy and regenerate thoughts that will keep me happy throughout the day.  When I churn on what Baba has given me in Sangamyug then happiness increases very quickly.  We remember Baba but forget Sangamyug.  We remember Baba but forget the inheritance Baba is giving us.  It has become a natural practice to say ‘good morning, Baba’; be with Baba, but to actually feel sweetness and joy we can make effort for and if we do this in the morning our stock of happiness is filling and when we move in the right direction it will continue to fill throughout the day.                                                                



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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: June 11- June 20 - Creating Heaven: Inside Ourselves

22 June 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  Mohini Didi from : June 11- June 20 - Creating Heaven: Inside Ourselves

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: June 1- June 10 - Creating Heaven: Inside Ourselves

14 June 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  Mohini Didi from : June 1- June 10 - Creating Heaven: Inside Ourselves

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


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Sister Jayanti – 12th June 2022 – GCH Every moment is an opportunity to earn blessings

13 June 2022

Om shanti. Good morning. The song is a lovely reminder of Madhuban. You kept hearing the name Madhuban many times and it speaks about how Madhuban is our home, the place that’s beautiful, the place that’s beloved, the place where God incarnates and creates our fortune, the land of the deities, the whole praise of Madhuban. And, of course, it’s linked with today’s murli. Baba has emphasized how Baba comes only in Madhuban. It’s interesting that it’s a time when there’s lots of artificial Babas around and so Baba is reminding us again that Madhuban is the place where Baba comes and Baba comes in that specific place only, so a lovely reminder. And, of course, you’ll be hearing about Madhuban’s programme and a warm invitation to come to Madhuban especially when we have the meeting with Baba. 12th October I think is the first meeting, but at some point you’ll be getting all the dates etc.


I want to take up one particular aspect that Baba has spoken about in the blessing, but the blessing is very much connected with the main body of the murli. Baba has made it very easy for us to do good karma. How do you define ‘good karma’? And there can be many different definitions, very simple ones: soul consciousness, God consciousness, but also, of course, a lot of detail. But today Baba said, if you do elevated karma then that karma is such that you receive blessings from the hearts of others and from your heart you are able to give them blessings. So Baba doesn’t say, do this, do this, do that, don’t do this. No, you can understand yourself. But, as you’re doing whatever it is you need to do, it definitely depends on your intention, it depends on your attitude and then as you express it in words it depends on your tone. It depends on the quality of interaction you have. But also what is the outcome? I do something and has it earned me the blessings of the hearts of others? And the word that Baba is using is ‘doua’ and we usually translate it as blessings. And I was just reflecting on it, and the feeling of that is not just blessings but also that sense of appreciation, of love and respect. So, yes, there’s a phrase that comes in the sakar murli and again it is connected with one of the bhakti songs and it talks about receiving the blessings from your parents and of course in bhakti it’s always lokik parents that people think about, and today we would think about, yes of course, what I owe my lokik parents but also, more than that, what do I owe the Mother and Father, the Supreme, and also Baba and Mama and so on. But this word ‘doua’ carries a beautiful sense of receiving that which is eternal, that which is going to stay with you forever. Anything else you receive can come and go but the blessings you receive are very special, they stay with you and help you on your journey. So just check, I’ve done this, am I worthy of receiving blessings for what I’ve done? And am I giving everyone I’m in contact with blessings from my heart also?


And the other aspect, if there’s elevated karma then there’s going to be happiness, happiness that you experience and happiness that you are able to give to others. And, all of this is part of the stock we accumulate in Sangamyug that lasts us half the cycle, maybe more, right through the end of my 83rd birth, probably. And, so how much can I accumulate within the short space of Sangamyug? And if I remember that every moment is an opportunity to earn blessings then I’m going to be able to accumulate enough for the whole cycle.


Many people say to me that I didn’t have to work for this, I didn’t have to make effort for this but it happened through blessings. And that’s in their last birth, in Kaliyug. And, the blessing of course that brought us to Baba, just imagine how much good karma there was that lasted through the cycle that brought us to Baba at the end of the cycle. So a very lovely murli about accumulation but also how to accumulate? What to do? Baba has take up a lot of detail of that.


But, again, one of the blessings London has is that we always have Baba’s children, seniors and instruments come from not only Bharat but especially Madhuban. And, Rajasthan is the place that is the land of kings, and the capital of Rajasthan is not Abu. Abu is the capital of the world! But Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan. In sakar murlis you’ve heard Baba talk about having a museum in important places and the first museum that was created for Baba’s service was in Jaipur and that place still exists actually. A very busy street downstairs and you go up the stairs and there’s the centre and you go up further stairs, so lots of stairs but a very lovely centre, a big hall. And, to have that in the middle of the bazaar that’s quite something. And, so the sister who’s now the instrument for that but also of course 80 other places and also part of the management committee in Madhuban, is Sister Sushma and she’s back here after years and years, decades. She was last here at the end of the 70s and 1980 and she was a pioneer for Germany and Belgium and other places and she’s now back again in the West.


Om shanti


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Sushma Didi and Chandrakala Didi – 11th June 2022 Evening Class - GCH, London: Question and Answer

13 June 2022

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi) Om shanti.  Om shanti, Sushma Didi. We are so lucky to have you here with us. London actually is really fortunate. And I often feel that we have received so much from Dadi Janki, Jayanti bhen and Sudesh Didi. And we continue to have great souls like you pass by and be with us, and it's my great fortune to share the stage with you tonight.


When you came just for the last few minutes for the meditation, I felt, “Do we need to have a question-answer session tonight?” That was so powerful that I felt why don't we just have a bhatti. But I know the expectation is to have a bit of a Q & A, so I will ask you, and it's about meditation and solitude.


  1 The churning of knowledge

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)  You mentioned in your class about Baba telling the children to go to the rooftop, onto the terrace, of History Hall and of the Training section. I want to first, hear your experience of having obviously obeyed Baba in doing that, in going on to the rooftop, and spending time in solitude after Murli, and just absorbing that Murli. What did it feel like at that time? Did you all go together? Did you all go on your own? Take us there onto the rooftop.


Sushma Didi: Om Shanti. When Baba was in Sakar, Baba used to ask us children you should have manan- chintan, that is, the churning of knowledge. So, after you had listened to Baba’s Murli, just you go in solitude, and sit somewhere and see what Baba had explained to us.


So far, myself is considered, truly speaking, I don't know what is the churning. But whenever I sit in front of Baba, even if I'm here now, I just go anywhere. I go and sit and call Baba, “Baba, You come. I'm just an instrument.” As I'm speaking through this mic, the sound is spreading all around. Similarly, I am just like a mic, you know, this is Baba. So, what I have experienced is that you just surrender your intellect, and mind, in front of Baba. Some people are thinking, what Baba was saying that, yes, golden age, you will become a deity, is it possible? This is not the churning. While I am having questions, how will it happen? How will this whole world become pure, and how all the people will be transformed? Some people are having to churn like that. It is not like that. It is just what Baba has said. Yes, Baba.


I think this is something of inheritance for me, also: whatever our seniors, Dadis, senior brothers, Baba is saying, by birth, I'm very very obedient. I can say this is that innate quality. So whatever Baba is saying, I say, Yes, Baba, Ji Baba. And this was the speciality of our Mama and of our Dadis. Whatever Baba explained, whatever Baba told them, they said, Yes Baba. There was no question. Nowadays people have many questions. How will it happen? Where is the soul? Where is God? How to meditate? Sometimes I also listen to these questions such as what is meditation and explain to tell them what meditation is.


Meditation is nothing except just go and sit in front of Baba, God Supreme and you feel His energy. Similarly, in the Murli, whatever Baba has told us, just keep that essence in your intellect. Just “Yes.” to Whatever point I like from today's Murli. The speciality of Murli is that Baba is making us intoxicated all the time. We have seen Brahma Baba. All the time, Baba was remaining in intoxication. Even in Murli, you will find Baba is saying, “Look, tomorrow I will go and I will become like that.” In History Hall, if you go on the side where the brothers sit, there is a picture of Shri Krishna, Lakshmi and Narayan, big translight pictures, and Baba had a very clear vision, “Tomorrow I will go and I will become this.” Just as we are changing our clothes. This was Brahma Baba was feeling. So, knowledge means to remain intoxicated.


Now we have to check. I'm sitting in front of Baba, am I intoxicated? Then my churning is okay. I'm not thinking that. Yes, Baba said this. This doesn't happen. Baba said this. How will it happen? Baba is saying you change. I never think, I always say, “Yes. Baba.” Baba is saying, “You have to change.” You become peaceful. You become loveful. Whatever I have to do, focus on that. In this way. I think this is what churning is. This is my way. Maybe others have different thoughts about churning. But I take Baba’s Murli, take Baba’s versions, in like this.


Sr Dipti:  So, to remain intoxicated, be obedient like Mama and surrender the intellect to Baba.


Sushma Didi: Surrender the intellect.


 2 Balance between remembrance and service

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)  It's true you also mentioned that we go straight onto our jobs and our responsibilities without spending that time reflecting on the Murli. And often I feel that it would be good to be able to go out, spend time with nature and just have that little bit of reflection before going onto seva. But then, there's a kind of guilty feeling that there is so much to do and that I should go straight into seva. So, what is the right balance?


Sushma Didi: One thing is Baba has given us the opportunity, as Baba has said today: Children are saying that Baba, we have no time. Baba is saying, how can you say this, that you don't have time? Throughout the day, do your duties, that is also meditation, yoga. Yoga means to become perfect. If I'm doing my duty honestly, perfectly, then it is meditation, then it is yoga. Because how I am working, how you are working, the whole thing depends upon what my consciousness is.


Then automatically, responses are according to my consciousness. If there is sweetness, there is purity, there is honesty, there is positivity, whatever the events, situations, or different people we are meeting throughout the day, but the responses are always positive, always peaceful, it means I am in meditation; I am in yoga.


Don't worry about that. Never feel guilty over that. Yes, feel guilty if I'm doing wrong. You said something, and I reacted strongly, saying: How can you say this? This is not the way to speak. And how am I speaking? Is this the way to speak? Then, I feel guilty. Baba is saying that, in behaviour, in looking, in speaking, be peaceful. If I'm peaceful, okay, someone’s insulting me, doesn't matter. My karmic account premium is finished. As we have a lot of burden of our past karma, so we can pay. We cannot pay it all in one go. So, just in premium, yes, someone is insulting, okay. One premium is given. That one has done something wrong. Second, and third, in this way, we are finishing our karmic accounts. And Baba is always with us. But after Baba has given us this freedom for eight hours, you do your duties. Maybe you have a job and you are doing it for 10 or 12 hours also. Okay, Baba knows that. Don't worry about that. And then, have your time for your sleep, also. So, twelve hours’ job, six hours’ rest, how many hours? 18. Still, you have six hours. Take two hours to eat and walk and all these things. Then you still have four hours.


So, for four hours, I have to manage. These four hours. I have to remain in silence, in solitude, as Dadi Janki used to tell us: In the morning, stay in silence. I have learned this from Dadi Janki. Before reading Murli, as we come in Murli class, 6:30 or 7:00, I never speak.  I remain in silence. Four to seven. In India, we start over Murli at seven. So, from four to seven, I'm in silence. Sometimes, there is a programme or something, and if someone comes to ask about something, I have to speak. Okay, now, whispering voice: Yes, you do this, like this (whispering), but remain in silence. So, in this way, we can make our own progress, also. So, stay in silence for three hours. Do you know what three hours are? Very valuable.


Seriously, sincerely, if you are in silence, really, no other thought inside, this is what I feel. But it is not like that. Yes, in silence externally, and inside as Baba asked in the morning: You are sitting here on the chair or face to face with Baba…


 Sr Dipti: That sometimes happens during traffic control. We are in silence, but we're thinking about what to do next.


Sushma Didi: So, we have to put this into practice. First, keep silent in the morning hours. Try. I have learned this from Dadi Janki. In the morning, no talking, whether you are reading your Murli, you are getting ready for your class, whatever you are doing: Yes, Baba, Baba. Always take one or two directions of power in the morning, we sit in Amrit Vela meditation, at that time Baba touches. Sometimes I feel Baba is saying: Now you give current to this whole universe. Okay, Baba. Just go and sit with Baba. How to give current, how to give this sakaash, power, to this whole universe. For a long period of time, Baba is giving this practice in Amrit Vela, sitting so powerfully and giving drishti to this whole universe. And what are we doing? Some people are coming, sitting in meditation and then… (fall asleep with head tilted back and the mouth opens), as if Baba is giving them toli in the mouth. Please don't sit in that way. Sit like this (upright), Baba Himself gives. You know, there is the sun. The sun is not saying: yes, I'm giving light to this Conference Hall or Meditation Hall. The sun does not say that. If you have put your clothes outside, the sun does not sat: Now, my rays are making the clothes dry. It is not like that. Just go and sit with Baba. Let Baba work, not me. Baba is working. So, if 3-4 hours, we are with Baba in silence, automatically, there is a change in our consciousness of the duties that we play. We play our duties perfectly and honestly. Don't feel guilty. Guilt is not our religion, not our swaroop. I'm the embodiment of peace, not the embodiment of guilt and regret. No. Say, thank you, Baba. Thank you, Baba. In foreign countries, thank you is very common. We say thank you for everything. But yes, sincerely, say thank you to Baba.


Maybe today, at Amrit Vela, I got up at 4:30 or 5:00, I got up late. Don't feel: Oh, I missed my Amrit Vela. I missed Amrit Vela. Now I'm missing my energy by feeling guilty. No. Okay, maybe the reason is laziness. Yes, now it is 5:00. Yes Baba, sweet Baba. Good morning Baba. Take power and give this power.


Meditation doesn't mean just take, as some people complain: You spiritual people, you religious people always taking for yourselves, from God. What are you doing? What type of service you are doing? People ask this question. So, we never sit in this way. Baba was giving power to this whole universe. In the days of sakar Mama and Baba, there were a few students in Madhuban, sometimes, maybe two or five or ten. And if there were 25 to 30 people, then one line is formed at the end of the Murli. Nowadays, we have great rush in Madhuban. But even at that time, as Baba was speaking the Murli, it was as if Baba was saying it to this whole world. Baba is unlimited. So, Baba was keeping this consciousness: I'm not speaking only to these four or five children. He was speaking to the whole world. All souls are His children. Do we have this consciousness? It is said also in the lokik world also, these words are imperishable. That's why in bhakti (devotion), people are doing: Om…(chanting), because of vibrations. People are trying to recall those versions of Gita of the Mahabharat time. So, still, there are those words in this universe. So, these words are very valuable. Our vibrations are very valuable. Now it is 5:00, I got up late, it doesn't matter. Baba, I'm here. You are with me.


In one Avyakt Murli, I was in Madhuban. Baba came and, literally, you could feel that Baba had His hand on my head. You feel like this. Baba’s Hand is on my head. So, whatever we are doing, thinking, always with Baba, in front of Baba.


That is the meditation that we have to experience. So don't feel guilty. Just make your time successful. Don't lose your energy. Don't waste your time. Time is money. If I'm saying I'm repenting now: Oh, Baba. I was not feeling well. So, I got up late. Baba said: It doesn't matter. Drama. Put down, full stop. You were sick. Baba agrees with you. Yes, you were sick. But now you have got up. Be energetic. Be happy. Be powerful.


After getting up again, you are crying: Baba, what can I do? I missed Amrit Vela twice or thrice in a week.


But now you make this moment powerful. So this is the way to make progress. We are Baba’s children. We are here at the Confluence Age. We are not here to get punishment. This is the punishment. I got up late. One mistake. Then I'm repenting. I'm giving punishment myself. No one is giving me punishment. So don't punish yourself. Say Yes, Baba. I'm here. I got up late Baba. Whether the reason is genuine or not, leave aside, put a dot, and now, I am a dot, a point of light, in front of Baba. Go straight away to Paramdham (Supreme Abode),  sweet silence Home, and feel that silence.


3  Decision to dedicate life to Godly service

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)  So, rewinding back to 1971, when you ventured into full-time Godly service. You already came from a spiritual family. So, it must have been easy for you to decide to take that path but what was the one thing or maybe one person who ultimately made you decide to go on the Godly service?


Sushma Didi:  I feel some things are gifts, a reward, in your life. I feel proud of it. We are not rich people, as people say in worldly life, we are not from a rich family. But yes, I am from a very rich family in terms of values, in our family values. So, this is the fortune.


So, we should never compare: Her background was like that, but my background was not like that. What to do? Can we compare with anyone?


Today, we went to see that Vegan Fair, and there was the security guard standing in front of a very big gate. That gate was beautiful, so, we wanted to take a photo. We asked the security if we could take a photo? He said yes. And he said, “You are special, wearing white dress.”

We said, “Yes we are practising meditation.”

“Yes. So, you are taking vegetarian food. You are vegetarian.”

 I said, “Yes, pure vegetarian.”

The man said, “But we think if we want to become intelligent, we should have more protein and protein is in the animals.

I said, “Yes, you are right, brother, I think more protein is in peanuts, moongapalees, and akharot, walnuts.”

He said, “Yes.”

Then, he changed his mind and said, “Yes, those who are vegetarian, they are very intelligent.” In one second, he changed. I asked where he was from. He said he’s from Turkey.  

He said he feels people who are taking non vegetarian are intelligent.

I said, “yeah, you are right.” Because that was the vegan fair, I could not speak about butter or milk. So, I said peanuts, cashew nuts and other nuts. And then, as the food, so is the mind.

He said, “Yes.”

“If you have taken any beer or something, then how will you talk, how will you react?”

 He said, “Yes.”

“So, as the food, so is the mind. Food is pure, mind is pure, positive, no efforts to make.”

He said, “Yes.”

He changed his view and agreed with us so quickly. So, we shouldn't compare. Then, he asked this question,

“From the beginning, you are vegetarian?”

 I said, “Yes.”

“What about those who are not vegetarian from the beginning?”

 I said, “Yes. Many people come here to learn meditation. By birth, they are not vegetarian, but when they get knowledge, they transform themselves. They change.”

“Change is possible?”

“Yes, change is always possible.”


You see the point? Change is a universal law. Is there any technique that I should remain always young?


I don't want to become old. There is no technique; change is a natural process. Whether it is the body, time, atmosphere, or working culture, everything is changing. So why should we say stop change? No one can stop change, no one can stop this moment. I will give you one million pounds. You stop this moment here, Sister, can you? So change is there, we have to accept it, but I have to change myself with time, then I'm happy. If I'm not changing with time, if I am behind, then I'm not happy. So, change with time now. It is now evening. Yes, I have to accept it. But I cannot say, no, no, this is morning. Look at the sun. Look outside. But no, it is evening.


Sr Dipti:  But when you started your world service, you first came to the UK? What inspired you to surrender?

Sushma Didi:  I surrendered myself in 1971. And because I was only five, six years old when my parents came. I'm in connection with Brahma Kumaris. We were children. And at that time, there was no exposure. But we used to listen to the talks and sharing of the elder ones. So senior sisters, Dadis, were explaining that now God has descended on the earth, this Kaliyug will change. And God is saying: You become My helper, My right hand. So, from the beginning, I said, “Look, people are saying, God, you help me. And here. God is asking, Children, can you help me? You see the reverse. I said: Yes, we will help God. Actually, from the beginning, this was the thought. So I surrendered because I have to help God.


Sr Dipti:  God asked you and you said yes. It was a wonderful decision.

Sushma Didi: So, I became Brahma Kumari, because God wants help. So I'm ready. And you see, in return of that, He is taking a lot of care.


4  To keep positive in the midst of negativity

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)  I want to ask something for our new students. We have been teaching over zoom so many new students for the past couple of years. And when they come to learn about the mind and intellect, and how the patterns of thoughts are, one of the biggest questions from them is, as they learn about thinking positively and sticking to that positiveness, they ask that: I now know about changing my thoughts to be positive, and getting rid of waste thoughts, getting rid of negative thoughts, but I'm surrounded by people who are full of still negative thoughts. So how can I keep positive as I am surrounded by negativity?


Sushma Didi:  Then, what do you want? If you want to remain negative, then remain negative. It's your choice. Ask yourself: Do you want to become positive or negative? What is your choice?


Sr Dipti:  The choice is positive, but the energy around them…


Sushma Didi: Nothing can impress us; nothing can affect us

You can see, I'm wearing this cotton (sari made of cotton), right? I always wear cotton. Other sisters in our yagya are wearing saris made of synthetic material. So, this is my choice. People say it will get creased. I said: I like it if it is creased. So, this is my choice. When I was coming here, our sisters in Jaipur asked, “Didi, you are going to London wearing this cotton sari?”

I said, “Yes, why not? London is asking me, whether you are putting on synthetic or cotton? I got visa. They didn't ask me whether I am wearing cotton or not. So this is my choice, Sister. I feel free, I feel light with this cotton. So, it is your choice whether you want to become positive or negative. If you have to become positive, then be positive. But if you ask for the technique to become positive, then yes, in order to become positive, be peaceful inside. To be peaceful doesn't mean lazy. To be peaceful means very active but remain peaceful. Be active in the positive sight.


If there is snowfall outside, you are not going to fight with snowfall. Why is there snowfall? I don't like it. I'm feeling very cold. What do you do then? You just go inside and take out your sweater or coat, and you put it on because it is cold. We are not fighting with nature.


Similarly, we are not to fight negativity. We know everything is negative in this world. Every human being has negative vibrations. We know that. And the shield for that is meditation. Remain under the Canopy of Shiv Baba, the Supreme One. I'm under the Canopy of Baba, so I'm safe. So, we have to use that technique of how to become positive, but not to fight with the negativity. Suppose we go outside on the road to people fighting with each other, and quarrelling. What will you do? Do you tell them, “No, you don't fight.”? Instead, you can only walk around them. So, there are negativity: negative people, negative sanskars, negative vibrations, what do we have to do? We create positive. That's what Baba has done.


5  Advice for the teachers

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)  You are the mentor of mentors. You coordinate over 80 centres. So, what would be your number one advice to us teachers here?


Sushma Didi:  All are number one. To become number one, what do we have to do? Should I tell you the secret? Don't try to become number one. Don't try.  Suppose my English is not so good as yours. So, to become a coordinator like you, perhaps I should start to learn English because I should speak very good English so I can coordinate. No.


Whatever the quality I have, use that quality in Baba’s service. And I only keep one thought: Baba, whether they are 84 births or 50, whatever there is, in each birth, I need Your Company and Your Shelter. That's all.


I'm not thinking to become number one emperor in the Golden Age. No. If you keep on doing study, study, study, naturally, you will get good marks. So, the trick is: Make Him Companion. Baba, in every birth, everywhere, I only need Your Shelter. I want to remain under Your Canopy. Baba, You are with me and I am with You. Become number one in this, then we all are number one. Is it right? So don't try to follow anyone.


6  The definition of a protector of the yagya

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)   I'm going to ask you about being a yagya rakshak (protector of the yagya) now. So based on your experiences with Mama, with Baba and with the Dadis, and your own dharna, can you define what is meant by being a yagya rakshak, a protector of the yagya?


Sushma Didi: Who want to become a protector of the yagya? Become a protector of the self. Is it right?


What is yagya? This big building? Or these walls? This is not the yagyaYagya is with us, the souls. If I'm protected, the whole yagya is protected. If I'm not protected, and I'm doing wrong things, as Baba is saying, parchintan, thinking about others. So, you want to become yagya rakshak, don't have parchintan,  thinking about others. Why is this one sitting like this? Why are you sitting like this? Why are you sitting like that? Why are you coming late in class? This is not yagya rakshak, not the protector.


I'm a yagya protector. So, I have to be punctual, regular in all the directions given by Baba. Become number one in the code of conduct. Then we can become a protector of the yagya. So, protect the self first. I am doing wrong things. Baba is saying come for Amrit Vela. And I'm sleeping and I'm snoring at that time. Like that (making snoring sound). What type of protector am I? Baba is saying: When you sit in meditation, be powerful. We have seen Brahma Baba. Brahma was always sitting like this (upright and alert). Have you seen any picture of Brahma Baba like this (slouching)? Baba is sitting like this (powerfully). So, whatever Baba has done, that I have to do. What Dadi has done, I have to do. Dadi didn’t say that you were wrong. Yes, maybe I did the wrong thing. Then, Dadi was suggesting what Baba was and she was reminding us what Baba told us. Why are we here? She was reminding us.


But, what do we think nowadays? I am a yagya protector. And look, you are doing the wrong thing. You shouldn't be and then I'm opposing. Is this yagya protector?


yagya protector is cooperative, not doing opposition. Yagya protector is remaining with Baba all the time, instead not discussing about others and complaining about what is wrong: You know, that brother was doing wrong thing, that sister was doing wrong; you know this and that sister, we have seen her in the mall all the time and going here and there for shopping… Who has given you this duty of security? Has Baba given you the duty to check where I'm going, and who I’m talking with? No. First is no parchitan (thinking about others). Second is no pardarshan (looking at others), don't see others. See only Baba. I'm not a policeman here to see everyone. Where are you going? Show me your bag. What are you eating? Show me your plate. I'm not a policeman. I'm not here to do inquiry. Brother you're sitting here? What are you seeing? What are you looking at? This is not my duty. You two sisters are talking. What are you sisters talking here in the class?


No, I'm not an inquiry officer, am I? I'm here to become an angel. I'm here to become Baba’s child. I'm here to get the inheritance of God and what am I doing? So yagya protector means be always with Baba. Whatever Baba is saying, say: Yes, Baba. Then we are happy and we are intoxicated.



7  The definition of a protector of the yagya

Sr Dipti: (to Sushma Didi)   Last question, this is from the Avyakt ishaara point (the point in the Avyakt Signals): “At the present time, Maya is opposing you, and have created many royal Godly forms. Therefore, there is a great need to increase the powers to discern and recognise Maya.”


So, my question is: What does Baba mean by Ishwariya roop of Maya, the Godly form of Maya?


Sushma Didi:  Do you have this Maya, this Ishwariya Maya? Yes, all of us Brahmins are in the grip of this Godly Maya. You see what type of Maya it is? When Baba was in sakar,  Baba used to say that Maya is very clever, and Maya knows what you like. Whatever you like, Maya comes in that form.


Once, Baba was in Delhi, and there was one mother sister, she was regular in class and was from a very good family, but she was in bondage because the family members were opposing, and stopping her from going to Brahma Kumaris. So, when Baba was in class daily, every day, that mother would come to class. But on that very day, she didn't appear in class. After class had finished, she turned up.  Baba thought something had happened and asked how she was, thinking the husband or the brother said she was not to go, because sometimes, she got slapped physically. But that day, her face was so happy. She said,


“Baba, you know what happened? Today after Amrit Vela, I went back to bed and what I saw Baba speaking Murli and I was in the lap of Baba.” That was only the dream. She was dreaming as she went back to sleep to have little bit rest.


So, Baba said, “This is Maya. Maya knows that you like Baba’s lap, and in the dream, you felt you were in Baba’s lap but you missed today's Murli. You follow my point?


How does Maya come nowadays? What are we doing? What are we doing? All the time with WhatsApp, YouTube.  I like Suriya bhai’s (Suraj bhai’s) classes, or that one's classes.


We have to remember Baba, but we are remembering…? “Dipti bhen, today's question-and-answer session was very good.” Yes, okay. Once in a while, we listen to someone's class. I'm not criticising that class, but people are doing their work, and the class is on, who is listening to that? Our sisters, mothers, those who are living in their households, say, “When I cook the food, I just start someone's class.” Who is listening? “I was eating and I thought this is the only time for me to listen the class. I started Murli and that one was speaking Murli, and I was listening.” Who is listening? Was I eating or listening? Sometimes even sitting in Murli class, I am supposed to be the one reading the Murli here and someone is watching the Murli page through their mobile. So, I don’t know whether they were watching the Murli page or they were checking to make sure Sister is reading each and every word or not.


But what points are we to imbibe and inculcate? After that, you ask them,

“What was in the Murli?”

“The Murli was very good. Baba said: Become bodiless and remember Me.” But every day, Baba says this, you know. So, this is Maya, dear brothers and sisters.


We should keep fast. Not fast of food. Yes, that is also important. That is another topic. But, fast of this mobile, WhatsApp, YouTube. Listen to Baba’s Murli. There is no other teacher better than Baba. Is there any?


So, listen to Baba, sit in front of Baba, say hello to Baba. Don't talk too much. Sorry to say this. But yes. Don't talk too much. But listen to Him. Listen to what Baba is saying from the bottom of your heart, with truthfulness. Be true.


Today, I was saying in Murli class, there are two qualities, which are called God’s. God is love and love is God. God is truth and truth is God. So be true to yourself. Be true to Baba. Love yourself. Love Baba. And then, you see how blissful this life is. So, be blissful. Be happy. Be with Baba.


Sr Dipti:  Thank you so much. Chandrakala Didi, I would like to invite you onto the stage. Welcome, and lovely to have you with us here.  


8  A worldly job or a spiritual instrument

Sr Dipti: (to Chandrakala Didi)   You have achieved quite a bit in your life. And so, I'm going to ask you a question, which is from the youth. It's about education. You hold a postgraduate degree in political science and a master degree in journalism.


  So, the question of the youth is, this is one of the biggest questions that young adults have, they are Baba’s children, but it is about their academic studies.


  I'll say it in the way that they think: Because they don't know how long Confluence Age is, they are torn between whether they should continue their studies, get into a job and succeed in that way, or the Confluence Age is too short, so I should forget about the old world and just live a spiritual life.

  What would your advice be to them?


Chandrakala Didi:  Om shanti. Actually, we all know the situations of the world affairs which are going on.


Now, the youth also knows what is going on and how all the countries are developing and progressing, or where there are quarrels. They know everything; nothing is hidden, nowadays.


So, the thing is about the Confluence Age, whether it is too long or not. The first thing we have to decide for myself is: What is my real goal, whether I want to be an instrument of Baba’s service. If this is my goal, this is my aim of life, then nothing to think about. Whether it will be long or short, my aim is to be an instrument so, I should become. If my aim is to do a (lokik) job, that is a different aim. If my aim is to do a job, that is totally different.


Here, there are the sisters who have already given their lives for 50 years, 60 years, 40 years. They never asked: Is the Confluence Age short or long? This is the decision, and the final decision of the self.


9  The duration of the Confluence Age


Sr Dipti: (to Chandrakala Didi)   And how long do you think we still have of the Confluence Age?

(A wave of laughter from the audience)


Chandrakala Didi: Does anyone know about the end of their life, until when, and for how long they are going to live? We don't know. Do we know? Maybe till tomorrow, maybe till tonight, maybe for a month or for a year. We don't have to go into the last point of when it is going to be finished, after a year, two years, four year. No. this is about your effort.


This is the time you have got to put in the effort. Sometimes, in the Murli, Baba says: Don't go into the jungle. Manan chintan ka bhee jungle hota hai. (Churning can also takes us into the jungle.) Don't go in that jungle, but you have to understand totally, that worldly affairs, the worldly situations are not so good now.


It is now not a healthy atmosphere. So, the end is nearby. But you cannot say after a year, or after six months, no, you cannot say that. But this is the only period we have got to make full effort. So, I should make effort.


Sr Dipti: So, make effort as if Confluence Age is forever, but live as if this is your last moment.


Chandrakala Didi: This is always said about Mama. Mama used to think that this is the last minute, the last second, the last kadee. This is the last second, I am living. She never used to say: I have to live for six months more, or three months to make effort. No. This is the last moment. So, I have to work like that, that this is my last second, and put full effort.


10  Relationship with Baba


Sr Dipti: (to Chandrakala Didi)  How have you deepened your relationship with Baba over the years?

Chandrakala Didi: Since childhood, I always used to think: Baba is with me. Baba is always supporting me. So, since childhood, when I used to go to Madhuban and I have got the sustenance from Didi Manmohini. Many of you must have seen her also. Didi Manmohini used to always tell us about the fact that for Mama, everything is about remember Baba. And even Dada Vishwa Ratan used to always say: See Baba as your right hand. Mama is always your companion, and Baba is here on the right hand. I always remember.


Yes, because I've met Brahma Baba also. So, I used to say, Baba is with me. Since childhood, I used to say, “I don't know anything about everyone. But I know Baba. I have deep relationship with Baba. I love Baba. So, Baba is with me. As time passed,  I would ask them how to meditate, and because of childhood, they never used to say too much. Manohar Dadi said, “Okay, I'll teach you meditation. Remember I am a soul. Main ek atma hoon. Shiv Baba kee santaanon. Paramdham se kya. Bas. That’s all. So, I used to say three sentences: I am a soul, the child of Shiv Baba. I am from the Supreme Abode. After that, finished. So, she used to say, just see the eyes of Baba. And that was the meditation. So, I used to go and sit and see Baba’s eyes, Baba’s eyes. Then I would feel love, strength and everything. So, the connection was there. I got the connection.


Sr Dipti:   I feel Baba is our big Security. I think you probably know that the Queen was celebrating her Jubilee. And I came across something that I did watch. You could see all the security guards that they have around them. And that made me think that, we have Mama and Baba on either side of us, as our subtle Security Guards, but the strongest Security Guards. You have answered my next question already. Thank you for that.


(To both Didis) Thank you very much for your time this evening, and for your company and your answers. Thank you.


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Sushma Didi (Jaipur) currently in UK– 10th June 2022 Friday Morning Class - GCH, London: The partner of the Supreme Almighty

13 June 2022

After listening to Baba’s Murli, really, we become very strong, and many thoughts come into our minds.


As Baba said, it is the rain of knowledge and there were so many points in the beginning and throughout the Murli. And then at the end, what did Baba say? Do you remember? It is an unlimited seminar, that Baba is doing with souls. You know, this is the seminar of souls with the Supreme Soul. What I feel, Yes. After listening to the Murli, and after reading the Murli, we should go for some time in silence.


In the beginning, this is what was happening, when Baba, Mamma, and our Dadis were in Karachi. After Murli, Baba was taking all the children to the beach, Clifton Beach, and everyone used to sit. Sometimes, Baba would say, “You sit and churn.” And Dadi Ratanmohini was telling us that sometimes they were sitting to practise what Baba said, and He said today also, that you are souls, and finish this body consciousness but ignite this consciousness “I am a soul”. Dadi Ratanmohini used to tell us that they were sitting in front of each other, face to face, and giving drishti to each other, and making this practice firm “I am a soul. I am a soul.”


After Karachi, they came to India, in Madhuban, Pandav Bhawan. Before Madhuban, they were living in different places, but when they came to Madhuban, and Baba did this construction, first of all, History Hall, and then the Training Centre, and Baba suggested many times, “After Murli, children, you go on the roof (terrace) and churn what Baba has said.”


What I feel, yes, after Murli, it is just like you are sucking what Baba says. We always say, yes, the Murli was good. But when asked “What was the point?”, we say, “I forgot.” The whole day, I was very, very busy. The reason is that, after listening to or reading Murli, immediately we go to our own job and responsibilities. No doubt. But while we are doing our duties, and jobs, try at that time, to remain inside silent. Automatically, then, Murli gives us energy.


We listen to Baba’s Murli, then we are very happy. Today, Baba’s Murli, Oh, wonderful. Baba said, “You should remain very much intoxicated. But how? How do I remain intoxicated? And, to what extent am I intoxicated?


Baba said, “I have come here to make you wealthy.” You are becoming wealthy but the criterion is that you have to become worthy like the deities. So, I'm intoxicated after reading or listening to the Murli, but to what extent am I intoxicated?


In one second, our intoxication disappears when someone has not done the right thing or someone is saying something. So, Baba’s Murli gives us energy, powers if we remain in silence. We are working, and we are going away after Murli because we don't have that much time. Okay, after Murli for 10-15 minutes, only 10 minutes after Baba’s Murli, and just see what Baba said. Don't try to remember, yes, this was a point…,yes, I'm trying to remember five points.  No. Just to see what Baba said, which is the point that gives me more light and power. Automatically some points are coming into our mind, and then try to keep our attention throughout the day. This is the way we make ourselves strong and pure. Otherwise, we are fluctuating all the time.


So, we have to make our partner. Who is our partner? Baba. Today Baba has given us offers, “You are My helper. You are My partner.” For what? For what? To change, to transform this world, to change this old world into a new world.


I came in the field of service, I came in knowledge when I was only six or seven years, with my parents. We came in knowledge, we invited Baba, Mamma, it was okay. But after finishing studies, someone was saying, Okay, you should do a job, or this or that. And Dadi was saying, “You come for Baba’s service.” And this point, from the beginning, from my childhood, first, in the childhood I was making just joking for fun, “Look, God has come and He's saying, ‘You come and become my helper to change this world.’ People are asking, God, God, you help me. Here, God is saying to His children, ‘you come, and you help Me.’”


And when we were children, I used to say, “We have the helpers of God, we are the helpers of God.” You know, sometimes playing and jumping like that. But when the time came after education, I said, No, it is a very good offer, to become God's helper. So, whose helper am I? Supreme Almighty, God, who the whole world is calling. He has selected me. He has made me His own partner. Those who are from a business background, know who can be called partners. How much share a partner has to put? More than 50%, is it like that here? More than 50%, if I put in our business, then we can become co-partners.


It means as I come in Baba’s service, I recognised. I accepted. Yes Baba, I'm Your partner; I'm Your helper. As you say, Baba. So, more than 50% of we have shared with God. People can deceive us, people can reject us, and people can push you out. But here, God is Supreme. He never rejects. Does He reject? He gives us a guarantee, assurance, 21 births guaranteed. In today's world, there is no guarantee, they only always issue a warranty.


Baba is giving us so much assurance and confidence. Why should I not become Baba’s partner? So, Baba has given us blessings. Today, Baba said, “You are here to get Saam Raaj, to get a kingdom, the kingdom of our own world, not a kingdom in this Iron Aged world.


Sakar Baba used to ask us sometimes, “Children, will you take it if someone asked you to become the king of this kaliyugi world, or you become some prime minister or president of this world?” You will never take that cap on your head because it is full of thoughts. But Baba is giving us double crown: the crown of purity and the crown of jewels.


So, this is a time when we have to increase the size of the crown of our purity. There are now ways and technics which people are trying to see your aura, and they are saying they can feel how big your aura is. So, this is the time that Baba is giving us the crowns: the crown of purity, the crown knowledge, the crown of divinity.


So, we churn Baba’s Murli. Today Baba says, “You remember Baba, as well as churning this knowledge, then you become the king of the new age. So, Baba’s Murli is not really the Murli like, we came and we just listened to Baba’s Murli, and sometimes, we are listening to the Murli while we are reading messages on WhatsApp at the same time. There is no concentration, and nothing is going inside.


Listen to what Baba is saying! This is not an ordinary class. Who is teaching us? It is easy to say, “Yes I have faith. I trust in God. This is only Baba, this is only God who is teaching us, and making us into deities. But when there is pareeksha, examination, test. Baba said this thing, then why is this happening? This one is Baba’s child, why is it so…? No.


All of you have seen Dadi Janki, saying listening, detach. You have this experience, haven’t you? If I have something in my mind, some confusion, something, then she's listening also. She was giving us suggestions, and then detached herself. This is what Baba does, telling us, giving us directions, and the Baba is detached, because Baba has given us full freedom, do whatever you want to do. But the track is this, which track? I'm the helper of God. Automatically, when everything is positive, powerful, pure and my each and every action, my action is a seed of my fortune, automatically, you become fortunate.


I think people are very much worried about their fortune. Oh, but this is my fortune, oh this is not in my fortune. Don't worry about fortune. Be a partner of Almighty Baba, get His directions and just try it and go on that track. Okay? Om shanti.


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Satguruwhar Bhog Messages for the 9th of June, 2022

11 June 2022


Bhog Message from Avyakti Parivar  - Mohini Didi [05:25]



Bhog Sandesh -- Sr. Shashi Hindi



Bhog Message -- Sr. Shashi English



Bhog Sandesh -- Sr. Rukmani Hindi




Bhog Message -- Sr. Rukmani English









Sister Jayanti – 5th June 2022 - GCH, London Contentment is the basis of inner security

7 June 2022

The meaning of the song was:  Baba, You are my treasure; and today Baba has spoken about how He has given everyone the treasure.  It is not something you wait for in the Golden Age but all treasures have been given to you already and then it is up to each one of you to take them and use them in your life.  So all the powers, all the virtues and complete knowledge.

It is a very interesting Murli on contentment and we have heard many Murlis on contentment and Baba has explained many aspects    but today Baba has taken up just one aspect - contentment with the self.  What is going on inside and when Baba says I have given you complete knowledge that is the reality.  There is nothing that Baba has not explained to us and so one subject is contentment and the other one I want to touch on is co-operation and the third subject that is linked with both of these is the subject of contrast and comparison and that came from the sakar Murli of the other day.  In the sakar Murli Baba often speaks about the words we use in Satyug and which words should not be in the Brahmin dictionary and so definitely will not be there in Satyug either.

Today Baba is mentioning a word that should not be in the Brahmin dictionary; so Baba teaches us about language - many aspects of language, and when Baba says that in Golden Age there are no contrasts it was in the context of what is happening in kalyug and what is happening in Satyug and you see the contrast, and according to that you are able to have unlimited disinterest in whatever is going on in kalyug.  But not just contrast.  When there is comparison, competition immediately comes in and so there is a very different situation and it doesn’t allow cooperation to happen.

I was in Holland for a few days and it was a conference on water.  They have had drought for 4 years.  The water is being kept outside and doesn’t come inside because Holland is below sea level.   There was one woman from Greenland who spoke about how the ice mountains in Greenland are melting and that you can literally see the mountains gradually breaking up and the melted ice after a while becomes sea water.  It gets mixed with the water from the sea.

Today’s Murli is a powerful reminder of the elements and what is going to be happening in the next little while and Baba has spoken of a clean-up that is going to be needed and asked the question: can human beings clean the planet?  And many are talking about it but can’t really, and so within this conference many things come up and the first evening I was talking to a woman from Tesla about Covid and electricity  etc.  There were two men, speaking in Dutch, who were sitting at the same table as us who are on the Board that runs this programme and I asked them if they were talking about the matters of the Board because you seem to be having a very intense discussion and they said they were speaking about how both of them find in their workplaces there is a lack of co-operation.

They asked me about the cause of a lack of co-operation from a spiritual perspective and I said “ego”.  They were interested as they had not thought of that.  They are not on a spiritual path but they were interested.  So the first night that is what one of them said and the next day I was on a long car journey with that same man.

The other man, I met him on the last night of the conference and  he said that he had seen things from the Brahma Kumaris on YouTube and that he was finding that the things that the Brahma Kumaris are saying he is finding fascinating and  that he wanted to come to GRC when it opens.  So big transformation from the first day to the fourth morning.

I read the Murli on contrast the next morning.  So contrast then comparison, competition and conflict and then of course the subject of ego and cooperation.    

Everyone talks about teamwork nowadays.  In Holland there was a big shop and in the window it said teambuilding and various other things about empowerment etc.  We know that we have to work in teams.  It is impossible without a team.  Some teams are successful and some break down and this happens in Baba’s work also.  We are in GCH due to many teams making it happen.  Definitely, when I feel comfortable and secure inside, content inside, then teamwork is possible and without contentment inside there will always be competition whether it is subtle or gross but it will be there and so Baba is creating teams for Satyug, but the teams have to be affective today in order to bring about Satyug.  In Satyug everything will work together in total harmony.  Not only human beings together but nature working in cooperation with us.

What is very clear is that when there is insecurity inside that creates a lack of contentment, competition, conflict and all those things and there in comparison and insecurity in the world out there,  and also in the Brahmin family.  We are not there yet but we are in the process. However much I remember who I am as a child of God, as an instrument for God, as one of the deity clan, then in that awareness there is total contentment, there is total security because that is my own personal property.  What Baba has given me and what my awareness is.  That is imperishable.  It can’t be shaken and it can’t be touched and the more I know myself,  not just in terms of these titles that Baba has given me but truly knowing what it is I have to sort out and how with Baba’s help I am sorting it out and removing it, to that extent I am experiencing that security and self-esteem.

It also removes fear because fear is connected with anything out there.  But inside whatever I carry within and who I am within, that is mine, my treasure and no one can touch it.

Today Baba said that there are two types of personalities in the world out there.  God is up above and doesn’t experience the things down here and yet God knows everything that is happening down here and therefore is able to explain everything and help us deal with it.

So there are two types of personality.  One is to have a personality on the basis of being big or beautiful – the physical, bodily personality - and the other is the personality of position.

Baba spoke recently about how the thrones have gone and now it is chairs and how anyone can pull the chair away from you and you come crashing down and it happens all the time. It could be a little position but suddenly I lose that position.  I am no longer head of my team even though it is a tiny team but for whatever reason I am no longer the  head of that team and it is a loss of identity.  Truly our identity gets connected with so much externally that that becomes a big crisis and Baba is saying no, your personality is your purity and today Baba has added that contentment is the purity of your personality because purity is that state of total cleanliness. Nothing else coming in at all.  The quality of your thoughts, the quality of your awareness, the quality of your attitude.  Baba has spoken about how you change your attitude and you change the world.  Your attitude changes the world.  Something to reflect on.

My purity, thoughts, attitude, feelings, awareness and sanskaras. You can feel when someone has good intentions and they have goodness. And on one level every human being has goodness but for some it is merged a little bit deeper.  For some it is very clearly visible and what we are doing through meditation is emerging that goodness more and more so that Baba is saying that others can see it on your face, others can see it in your behaviour.

Baba also said: Yoga is the method, but the results are the fruit and so yoga in itself, if I have 4 or 8 hours of yoga – good - but am I seeing the results?  Explore these things that Baba says on a personal level for ourselves and we begin to understand more and more.

I have never connected contentment as being the foundation of personality and Baba says it, and we realise that it is.  Contentment is everything but contentment is part of the purity because when there is contentment then my intentions are going to be clean.  My interactions with others are such that I am not wanting to take from them but that I can give to another.

Baba has given us everything and so there is something that I can give to another.

It is Mama’s month and Baba has spoken so many murlis recently about Mama.  It is like preparation for Mama’s month.

Om shanti


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: May 21 - May 31: Zeal & Enthusiasm….. Flying stage

3 June 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of  Mohini Didi from May 21 - May 31 : Zeal & Enthusiasm….. Flying stage


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 21


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 22


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 23


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 24


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 25


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 26


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 27


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 28


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 29


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 30


Zeal & Enthusiasm - May 31






The World Renewal Magazine - June 2022

1 June 2022



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Madhuban Newsletter in English and Hindi - June 2022

1 June 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for June 2022 (with corrected heading) with points for 1-30 June in English and Hindi.

In Baba's yaad,

Murli Department, Madhuban


Newsletter in English


Newsletter in Hindi






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