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News Headlines News Headlines

8 October - Poster of Animated Film - The LIGHT released by Munni Didi

7 October - Pause for Peace Celebration with Sister Vedanti & Sister Deepti in Sacramento, California

7 October - Godly service at Peace Festival (IDP) held in Owego, NY

7 October - Happy Diwali Message 2019 - Sr Mohini (in English, Hindi, French, Spanish & Portuguese)

5 October - Information on Double Foreigner Programs, Madhuban 2019/20 for October Group 1 through to February Group 7 (Including Retreats & Workshops)

29 September - Green Newsletter for September, 2019

24 September - Madhuban Youth Retreats December 2019

24 September - Sr Jayanti's visit to Ghana

24 September - Sister Rajni Daulatram's Visit to Brazil for Rakshabandhan celebrations

20 September - Service of Westerners in St Louis, Missouri

20 September - Dr Hansaben Interview on Times Now Regarding PM Modi in Houston

18 September - International BK Children's Retreat 2019

18 Se[te,ber - Dr Hansaben Interview on Times Now Regarding PM Modi in Houston

18 September - BK participates in UN Conference in UTAH in August

16 September - IT Wing's National Conference - "Awakening the Wisdom Within" Held in Shantivan, September 6 - 9th to 24th November 2019

14 September - September - October BK UN Calendar of Events

14 September - Greetings of Peace and more Service News from the BK Family St. Kitts & Nevis

14 September - July - August UN Newsletter

12 September - Moscow: Programme Celebrating 30 years of the Humanitarian Service History of the Brahma Kumaris in Russia plus the Ssamman (Honouring) Programme of Delhi Centres Instrument Teachers.

12 September - UNCCD COP 14 Service Report from New Delhi, India

12 September - Confluence of Two Capitals: 50 Senior Raja Yoga Teachers from Delhi led by Didi Asha & Didi Shukla Visit Russia

12 September - Vedanti Didi and Diptibehn visit Costa Rica: Celebration of 30 Years of Service and Launching of "Pause for Peace" Campaign

12 September - UN Calendar of Events for July and August

11 September - Br Amirchand's visit to the USA

11 September - CHANGE IN DATE - Business & Industry Wing Programme at Gyan Sarovar is from 20th to 24th November 2019

11 September - Sister Ranjan of Dallas, TX ties Rakhi at the Dallas police station

10 September - Visit by Sister Rona from New York: Rakhi and Carribean Retreat

9 September - FLORIDA Service News : August 2019

9 September - Br Amir Chand of Chandigarh Visits Toronto, August 16-20

9 September - "The Art of Forgiveness": Sister Vedanti's Visit to Los Angeles

9 September - SpARC Wing Presents Research Results during International Scientific Program, in Tokyo, Japan

9 September - In Photos: "Success Through Yoga Experimentation" - Sister Vedanti's Talk at BK Program in Milpitas, CA on 29th August

9 September - Godlywood News n' views - September Issue

9 September - MEGA INDIA DAY MELA 2019 Celebrated in Sacramento, CA

1 September - Important Madhuban update on Health, Hygiene and Water