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  1. Demystifying Myths, Return to Oneness: Three Renowned Speakers in Conversation on Saturday, July 16 at 2 pm BST and 9 am EDT
  2. Special Talk - The Secret to Creating Inner Peace - An Evening with a Raja Yogi ~ July 5th 7 pm @ the Boston Meditation Center
  3. Manhattan Meditation- Lecture on Thursday (6/30) : "Where Science meets Silence"
  4. Peace Village Retreat for New Murli Students August 5th to 7th
  5. Invitation for the International Couples’ Retreat at Peace Village June 30th to July 4th 2022: The Father, the Inheritance, the Blessings
  6. À ne pas manquer | Not to be missed
  7. Boston Meditation Center Upcoming Events of July 2022
  8. In-Person Retreat at Peace Village with Meeraben from Malaysia, July 8-11: RE-INVENTING THE SELF
  9. Gentle Reminder - Special Event of the Month at the Boston Center! Saturday series: Yoga + Meditation
  10. The Meditation Museum: Can You Believe It's Been 25 Years in Service! Thank You!
  11. Peace Village Invitation for a Couples Retreat June 30th to July 4th, 2022
  12. Actividades en Español en los Estados Unidos y Canadá - Junio
  13. Avyakti Parivar June 2022 Series: “Creating Heaven Inside Ourselves”: BK Mohini Didi
  14. Boston Meditation Center Upcoming  Events of June 2022
  15. Juin à L'Émergence | June at L'Émergence
  16. It is time to earn fortune with Seva at Peace Village
  17. Anubhuti presents a Meditation Course in Hindi - starts 16 May. Course in English starts 6th June.
  18. West Coast BK Retreat with sisters Waddy and Gayatri on 4th of July Long Weekend
  19. Save-the-Date BK Retreats in May (Hindi) and July (English) at Anubhuti



  1. Silicon Valley Milpitas, California Picnic on Mamma Day 2022

  2. Summary of the USA National Instruments Meeting Beginning June 16th

  3. Godlywood's Peace News Features Washington DC's 25-year Celebration

  4. Report on the Regional Retreat for North America, Latin America and the Caribbean

  5. Houston, Texas, USA - BK Br Mark Meets India's Minister of State for External Affairs, Shri V. Muraleedharan

  6. “What positive quality does a stressful situation teach you?” - Stress Management Workshop organized by St. Louis BK center


Europe News Headlines Europe News Headlines


  1. Cambridge Inner Space Presents A Spiritual Happiness Course: Mon 4th - Thu 7th July, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (UK times)
  2. Demystifying Myths, Return to Oneness: Three Renowned Speakers in Conversation on Saturday, July 16 at 2 pm BST and 9 am EDT
  3. What's ONLINE and IN-HOUSE this week of June 27th at globalcooperationhouse.org
  4. GCH Evening Webcast - 27th June - 3rd July 2022
  5. What's ONLINE and IN-HOUSE this week of June 20th at globalcooperationhouse.org
  6. GCH Webcast: Daily Webcasts for the BK family - 20th  - 26th June
  7. Talk in Hindi: एक श्रेष्ठ माँ का स्मृति समारोह Celebrating the Life of a Great Mother speaker: Chakradhari Didi Wednesday, 22nd June, 7 to 8 pm BST
  8. Live from the Nehru Centre in London: Director Amish Tripathi and Sr Jayanti - Ancient Wisdom, MODERN SOLUTIONS 24th June
  9. Meditation for World Peace with Sudesh Didi - Hindi Event Sunday 19th June, 2022
  10. Special Event : Vision of the Future: Hope, Healing & Happiness | Wed, 22 June 2022 | Inner Space Wembley
  11. Queen's Platinum jubilee celebration at Leicester Centre (UK)
  12. IN-HOUSE & ONLINE EVENT: Raja Yoga for the Mind with Sister Jayanti - Thursday, 16th June 8 pm London time
  13. Self Esteem Course with Mike George Online in 3 Friday Sessions, 7 pm London time
  14. Talk in Hindi: अभिमान से आत्म-सम्मान की ओर From Ego to Self-Esteem by Sister Hemaxi, California. on Wednesday, 1st June 2022 7 to 8 pm BST online
  15. 21 Days to Make a Difference - Leading Up to International Yoga Day
  16. Cambridge Inner Space Presents an Online Retreat in June - Experience a Higher Consciousness



  1. News from Jayantiben London 21st June, 2022
  2. Raja Yoga for the Mind With Sister Jayanti on 16th June 2022 at Global Cooperation House Honors the International Day of Yoga
  3. Queen's Platinum Jubilee UK FULL REPORT
  4. June 16 News from Jayanti Didi
  5. News from Jayanti Didi Sunday 5th June, 2022



  1. Group Dates for Madhuban Season 2022/23



  1. BK side event at UN Ocean Conference - June 30th
  2. Global Bhatti - Saturday, 25 June - Mama as a Mirror: Becoming an Image of Tapasya
  3. Invitation from Global Harmony House New York to join on - June28 - Celebrating The Link of Love - IDY
  4. Kalp Taruh - Project Information for International Centres
  5. IMPORTANT: Registration Open for Global Summit 2022 on “India - The Harbinger of World Peace" (10th to 14th Sept. 2022) at Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan Campus, Abu Road
  6. Golden Drops Introduction by Sr Mohini, Sr Jayanti, Br Charlie, Social Media & Workshop Date
  7. Letter from BK Brij Mohan, Mount Abu: Invitation for Research Papers on Bhagavad Gita
  8. REVISED DATE: INVITATION to the Online Silent Retreat TOWER OF SILENCE #23 18 to 28 June 2022  



  1. RECORDING AVAILABLE of the BK International Day of Yoga event at the UN: Link of Love - June 28
  2. IDY Celebrations in Moscow (Russia)
  3. ORC, Delhi - International Day of Yoga - 2022 celebrated at various Ministries of Govt. of India and Corporates || अंतराष्ट्रीय योग दिवस के कार्यक्रमों का भारत सर्कार के विभिन्न मंत्रालय एवं कम्पनियों में आयोजन
  4. Haque/Loosduinen in Holland- International Yoga Day
  5. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 25th June
  6. Intl. Yoga Day: The event at BK Centre in St. Petersburg, Russia becomes part of the worldwide Yoga Guardian Ring
  7. April - May 2022 UN Newsletter
  8. International Yoga Day celebrated with enthusiasm in Sydney and Melbourne
  9. IDY programs in Discovery City Park, Pearland, India House and BK Center in Houston
  10. Yoga Session by Consulate General of India, Vancouver in collaboration with Brahma Kumaris
  11. Raja Yoga for the Mind With Sister Jayanti on 16th June 2022 at Global Cooperation House Honors the International Day of Yoga
  12. International Day of Yoga 2022, Sri Lanka
  13. New Video Song on Yoga Day
  14. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 18th June
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