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News Headlines News Headlines

23 August - Brother Doctor Mruthyunjaya ji Awarded A Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in Washington DC (USA)

23 August - Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas Participates in Festival of Globe 2019

19 August - Rakhi Greetings from Sister Jayanti and the UK family

19 August - Atam Prakash Bhai’s visit to Taiwan

19 August - Sister Marina of Greece flew to Baba

19 August - Raksha Bandhan - Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas, USA

19 August - Happy Raksha Bhandan From Washington D.C.

19 August - Rakhi Greetings from Sister Mohini- New York

19 August - Rakhi Greetings from the Indonesian Family

19 August - News of Brother John Penn of Ilford

19 August - BK Yogesh Sharda’s (Turkey) Visit to Baku, the Capital of Azerbaijan - July 2019: Learn to respect yourself, and you will be respected by others

14 August - Raksha Bandhan Greetings from Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya Bhai, Madhuban

14 August - Newsletter - Climate Emergency, Deep Adaptation and Spirituality in Society

14 August - Magical Scenes in the Drama Occur When Br Mruthyunjaya Visits Washington, DC

14 August - Service News from Saint Lucia

13 August - News of Rakhi Celebrations in St.Louis with Sr. Kala

13 August - Rakhi Greetings from Sister Bhavana, New Zealand

13 August - Rakhi Greetings from Sr Elizabeth and Ethiopia family

13 August - Rakhi Greetings from Hong Kong Family

13 August - Happy Raksha Bandhan from Sister Vedanti & Nairobi Family

13 August - Rakhi Greetings from Sister Bharati & Singapore Family

13 August - Announcement  - Theme 2019 / 2020 DF Season

13 August - In Photos: "Green India Clean India" Program at Central School of Mount Abu

13 August - Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley at Swedes Mela 2019 ( Indian Independence Day Celebrations)

8 August - International Day of Yoga & Follow up Events in Hong Kong

8 August - In Photos: Talk by Usha Behen on Practical Application of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta at Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas

7 August - Living Values Education Newsletter, July 2019

6 August - Sister Usha's Talk at Common Ground Chapel in Santa Ana, CA, USA

6 August - Sister Priya of St Louis Conducts Workshop on Managing Anger at the Gujarati Samaj in Nashville, Tennessee

5 August - Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya & Sis BK Nagarathna Tying Rakhi to VVIPs of USA

2 August - Report from Good Mood Food 28th July 2019 at GCH

2 August - Didi Chakradhari's Visit to Malaysia

2 August - Sister Greta Ring of Norway flew to Baba

2 August - Greetings of peace and Service News from the BK Family at St. Kitts & Nevis

2 August -  BK Laxman Bhai of Delhi Malviya Nagar Passed Away

2 August - Didi Nirmala and Dr.Savita's Visit to Thailand - More Service News

1 August - Madhuban Sister Usha's Talk on ‘Purposeful Living through the Wisdom of the Gita’ at Simi Valley Temple, Los Angeles, USA

1 August - Sister BK Usha's Talk at Pashupatinath Temple in Los Angeles

27 July - Rakhi Letter in both English and Hindi from Dadi Janki, Madhuban

27 July - Rakhi Celebrations with Sr.Jayanti and More Service News from Japan

25 July - Rakhi Messsage from Sister Mohini Available in English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese and French

24 July - UN Calendar of Events for July and August

24 July - International Yoga Day in South Africa

24 July - Madhuban Sister Savitha's Visit to Taiwan & Hong Kong