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News Headlines (Resources) News Headlines (Resources)

30 March - Message from the Janki Foundation re: Dadi Janki

29 March - The moments of Dadi's departure - experiences of Sr Jayanti

29 March - Message from Dadi Ratanmohini Ji and Transcript of Bhog message for Dadi Jankiji via Rukmaniben - 28th March

28 March - Transcript (E & H) of Dadi Jankiji's bhog message in essence from Shashibehn on 27th March

28 March -Join Sr Shivani, Sr Denise & Sr  Chandru in the San Francisco Tribute to Dadi Janki and World Meditation - 9:30 pm New York Time

28 March - Webcast Tribute to Dadi Janki – Sunday March 29 - 7:00 am New York time

27 March - Brahma Kumaris Pay Loving Tribute to Dadi Janki, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, including Messages from President and PM of India

27 March - Dadi Janki's Funeral Photos 27 March

27 March - Dadi Janki's teachings - shared during the cremation ceremony in Shantivan - 27 March (Hindi & English)

27 March - Dadi's Bhog Message with English Translation - 27th March video

27 March - Tribute to Dadi Janki from the Americas

27 March - Honouring Dadi Janki

26 March - Tributes to Dadi from Brij Mohanbhai, Dadi Ratanmohini, Santosh Didi, Godlywood Studio

26 March - Dadi Janki, Brahma Kumaris Chief Passed Away Today: Biodata and Photos

26 March - News of the Passing of Dadi Janki

25 March - Message from BapDada for Dadi Janki (and Hansaben) via Mohiniben

25 March - News from Jayantiben in Gyan Sarovar: 24 March

25 March - Latest News from Jayantiben in Gyan Sarovar: 23 Mar

25 March - Message from BK Nirwair RE Dadi Janki on 21 March

25 March - News from Jayantiben in Gyan Sarovar: 20 Mar - Dadi Returns to Mt Abu!

24 March - Physical and Spiritual Precautions in Times of Chaos - 25 March at 4pm (India time)

24 March - Update on the Murli Experiments

24 March - Corona to Karuna - Sister Mohini's Karuna Response to the Coronavirus DATE: 23 March

24 March - KARUNA RESPONSE to the CORONAVIRUS: message from BK Sr. Mohini

19 March - Corona to Karuna – Webinar with Sister Mohini Sunday March 22nd

18 March - Directions for Centres abroad re Visitors to Madhuban

18 March - Important Message from Bhartiben Lotus House

17 March - Notice from Delhi-ORC regarding Visits

17 March - Please Have Special Yoga for Dadi Janki

16 March - Coronavirus Guidelines from the NC Office for the Americas

16 March - Message from BK Nirwair regarding Dadi Jankiji's health: 16 Mar 2020

16 March - What to do to stop spreading Corona virus

16 March - Maha Shiv Jayanti Greetings from Nirwair Bhai (Madhuban)

15 March - News of Sister Winnie White from Birmingham, UK

14 March - Next FOP Retreat in Nairobi, Kenya: 19th (Arr) - 20th / 21st, June 2020

14 March - UN February Newsletter

12 March - URGENT: Update about Travel to India - ALL VISAS SUSPENDED

11 March - Dadi Janki's Health Updates in English and Hindi - 09-03-2020

11 March - Suspension of visas for those from France, Germany, and Spain and those who have traveled to these countries since 1 February 2020

10 March- Self-reporting Form from Ministry of Health to be filled out by all foreigners on arrival in India

8 March - Urgent notice regarding travel to India

8 March - Date for responses on the gravel extraction site near to GRC extended to 14 March

8 March - UNEP: Young Champions of the Earth Contest

8 March - News of the Fire in the Center in Guyana

8 March - 'Godlywood News n' Views' March 2020 edition!

7 March - GUIDELINES for Coronavirus for the USA

5 March - The Promise of Happiness - celebrating world happiness day

4 March - BK Prabhakar Bhai of Gyan Sarovar left for Avyakt Vatan on 02-03-2020

4 March - In Photos: Shiv Jayanti Flaghosting Shantivan

4 March - News from the Janki Foundation

4 March - In Photos: Avyakt Milan & Shiv Jayanti in Diamond Hall

3 March - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - February 2020

2 March - Update on COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

2 March - Eco Inspirations for You - February 2020 issue 2

2 March - Maha Shiv Ratri – A Spiritual ‘Tour’ of Ancient India’s renowned 12 Jyotirling at GCH

2 March - Sign up to stop gravel extraction at Oxford retreat center and update Coronavirus

2 March - Singapore News - Jan / Feb 2020

29 February - Urgent Action Required - Mining Impact to Global Retreat Centre, Oxford