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Americas & The Caribbean News Headlines Americas & The Caribbean News Headlines

  1. Upcoming Hindi & English Meditation Courses and other programs at Anubhuti Retreat
  2. January 21st Brahma Baba's Program in New York
  3. CandleLight World Peace Meditation Hour By Brahma Kumaris Miami
  4. Living Values Classes for Kids (8-14 years) – ONLINE hosted by Silicon Valley BKs
  5. Recording: Sister Gopi on Integrating Energy, Yoga, and Attachment - hosted by Brahma Kumaris Halifax on 12 January
  6. Peace for the USA
  7. Experiences with Sakaar Brahma Baba with Senior Brother Mohan Singhal on 17th January, hosted by Brahma Kumaris Dayton
  8. January Events and Courses at the Manhattan Meditation Center
  9. Request for Powerful Yoga for USA in January
  10. News from Washington, DC on 6th January
  11. A Month Dedicated to Being a Better Version of Yourself - Hosted by Brahma Kumaris Silcon Valley - Friday  01/01/2021 to Sunday 01/31/2021
  12. Florida Service News: December 2020
  13. Happy New Year Message from Mohini Didi
  14. Seasons Greetings from the New Jersey Family!
  15. Peace Village January Programs
  16. Turning A New Leaf 2021: Online Event on December 31st
  17. Brahma Kumaris Austin Texas:  Raja Yoga Meditation Offers An Enlightening Way to Kick Off 2021 from Jan 4
  18. Upcoming New England Online Events for January 2021
  19. Global Hospital contributions through Point of Life
  20. REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum Week of December 14-21
  21. REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center Week of December 14
  22. Upcoming Programs and Replays of Recent online Programs by Br Marcelo Week of December 14 and beyond
  23. REPLAY - Special Webinar by Sudesh Didi (Germany) “Precious Gift of Time and Love” hosted by Silicon Valley BKs
  24. Peace Village Bookshop is Online!