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Giant scroll bears 5000 messages of Love from Australia after terror attacks

28 May 2019

BK Brother Shekhar Kamat from Melbourne Australia has created a project where members of the public can express their good wishes for others who are experiencing disaster or crisis. The good wishes are written onto a long scroll of paper which is then delivered to those who are affected. Below is news of the latest activity under this initiative.



An enormous scroll bearing thousands of messages from Australia has been presented to Christchurch as a gesture of love and support in the wake of the terror attacks.


More than 5000 people from across the state of Victoria signed the 100m scroll, filling it with touching notes to show their solidarity following the atrocity.


The document was handed to Mayor Lianne Dalziel earlier this week and on Friday was taken to the Al Noor mosque, where 44 people were fatally shot.



The gesture was initiated by Shekhar Kamat, founder of Goodwishes, a Melbourne-based organisation that provides a platform for people around the world to support each other in times of disaster and great crisis.


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Pause for Peace - News of Sr Vedanti's visit to Papua New Guinea

14 May 2019

Sister Vedanti and Priya from Nairobi, Kenya visited Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea (PNG), in May. There were many avenues available for service. However, the Pause for Peace project from Africa became the launching pad for service in PNG. The project was a real gift, which opened many doors to connect with a wide spectrum of people. Whoever was approached with this theme of Pause for Peace was very receptive. 


A variety of programs were held in various places. The programs took place at banks, the United Nations, various education organizations, Women’s leadership groups and with a Yoga for Health association supporting youth communities. A courtesy visit was made to the High Commissioner of India to PNG. A big public event was held in association with the High Commission of India to PNG on “Take a Moment to Pause for Peace” together with celebrating 150 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth. 


Personal visits took place at the homes of families and their friends to give an experience of Pause for Peace. Many had wonderful and different experiences through these programs. They shared: 


Realization that in their daily lives, they pause for many things but they hardly pause for themselves.

Recognition that they spend their time living in the past or the future, and miss their experience of being present in the now.

Reflection that there was power in meditation after experiencing live guided meditation commentaries. 


In total, twenty five programs were held throughout Port Moresby with over 300 attendees.



Click here for detailed report.




Half Day Retreat at Asia Retreat Center with Br Sachin Suksohale of Global Hospital, Madhuban

14 May 2019

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Self-Care and Meditation....more Service News from Tacloban City in Phillipines

14 May 2019

The second year of Brahma Kumaris' service to Leyte province benefited social workers on the first day (April 30), a mix of teachers, insurance agents, business persons, contractors and others on the second day (May 1) and students taking bartending and wellness massage courses on the third day (May 2).

The programs were held in the capital Tacloban City, nearby towns Palo and San Jose which were devastated by Supertyphoon Yolanda in November 2013.


Self-Care and Meditation
April 30, 2019

The first program on April 30, which tackled Self-Care and Meditation, had 45 social workers from different departments, sections, units and areas of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in attendance. 

Also present was DSWD Eastern Visayas Officer-in-Charge Director, Yvonne Serrano-Abonales, a classmate of BK Rani, who was instrumental in introducing BK and its services to her. Abonales gave the opening message of the program.

BK Becky Ortega, a senior meditation teacher,  discussed the importance of self-care and meditation and detaching oneself from worldly things, well-being and healing, ways to  handle stressful situations, and positive thinking.

Other meditation practitioners provided the break activities such as physical exercises and ukulele playing

The participants found the  group sharing of how they take care of themselves, effective. And that  one-day program was not enough.  They looked forward to longer sessions.

The program was a joint activity of Brahma Kumaris and the Department  of Social Welfare Development (DSWD).  The DSWD shouldered the arrangements for the attendance, venue, and facilities as well as the food,  seminar supplies and materials. Brahma Kumaris  took care of the resource persons, program proper and other support activities.


Karma and Silence

May 1, 2019


May 1, remembered as Labor Day,  is a regular holiday in the country.   Forty-four (44)  people took the opportunity to participate in  a one day public program of Brahma Kumaris.  Two meditation practitioners for over two decades who are corporate executives were tapped as the main speakers for this program.  

As to the composition of the participants, many were classmates  of BK Rani.  Others  were friends or connections of her sister, who has taken a course on Inner Peace Inner Power in the BK retreat center in Tagaytay, and two nieces who attended the  Peace of Mind international program  in the spiritual headquarters of Brahma Kumaris.   

In the morning, BK Jonathan discussed the law, principles, philosophy and types of karma using a power point presentation.  

Some of the questions raised were: Why is it that despite helping others, what comes back is still negative? For example, if you lend someone money intending to help that person, you are not paid back? How do you end your karmic account?  Is it possible to have positive thoughts for others but they don’t accept your advise? How do we purify our thoughts?  


Vegetarian lunch prepared by meditation practitioners were served which was much appreciated by everyone.

After lunch, BK Juan Luis (JL) conducted exercises and several workshops on depositing and withdrawing karmic accounts, on forgiving the self and on gratefulness.

He shared how meditation helped shape him as a person. What he does, he said, is write and focus on positive things he wants to practice then meditate on them and act on them. 

Sister Becky, at the end of each talk, discussed the meditation process with a live guided commentary

These programs really showed how having good relationships with the lokik family can help in organizing BK service.  BK Rani’'s lokik sister coordinated the activities in Leyte.    She also mobilized her relations, connections and resources for the use of BKs in the service.

Self-Care and Meditation
May 2, 2019


A meditation student organized a session in her own school, accredited by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), for its 35 enrollees of   bartending course and wellness massage (hilot) course.  


BK Becky, a senior meditation teacher,  discussed that in both courses of  bartending and wellness message, the quality of concern for clients is important.  This must begin with the self by learning positive thinking which sets one’s consciousness.  This can also keep the self protected from absorbing negativity.  


Much thanks to the BK team who took air travel, shared their resources and made themselves available to continually sustain this valuable region of the Philippines!  It is truly an inspiration for other meditation practitioners to serve their hometown.





Sister Ranjani's Visit to Malaysia 26 March to 2 April

21 April 2019

Sis.Ranjani, a Zonal Co-ordinator of Youth wing of Brahma Kumaris for Tamilnadu , was in Malaysia from 26th March till 2nd April 2019. During her visit, Sis.Ranjani participated in various godly services displaying her divine spiritual wisdom, teachers training skills and as a good orator.

National Tamil Teachers Retreat My Baba, My Family & My Responsibility
Sis.Ranjani was invited as the main speaker for the National Tamil Teachers Retreat attended by 130 BKs. The participants were teachers and right-hand instruments that have a crucial role in the center’s services. Sis.Ranjani along with Br.Letchu & Br.Pure sustained all the participants with their divine insight and powerful vibrations that have left an everlasting caring feeling in the heart of participants.

The retreat was well-planned by young organizing team with high zeal & enthusiasm. The participants were kept well focused with various contemplative sessions. Sis.Ranjani’s sharing on application of spirituality applied spiritual, her clarity of gyan and her shrewd sense of humor affectionately empowered all the participants. She is an exemplary instrument with training skills. Indeed, she is a special gift by Bestower for the retreat.

Click here for full report.



Doctors and Teachers Learn How to Improve Concentration in Bali

15 April 2019



Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia - 29th March 2019:  31 doctors and 20 Bks gathered in the Gita Patshala on Himalaya Road to listen a talk on the topic “Power Of Concentration”. The talk was given by Sister Janaki of Denpasar centre. She talked about the benefits of concentration and how to have quality thoughts. There was a question answer session followed by dinner for all. Talks like this which last for one and a half hours will be held once every two months, so that doctors also become spiritually enthusiastic. Dr Putu Yasa, who arranges such programs at the Himalaya Gita Patshala, said that he would continue to give cooperation for this kind of service in the future.

A section of those who participated. 


A section of those who participated.

Sister Janaki seen delivering her talk during the session



Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia - 30th March 2019:  About 50 teachers from various schools in Denpasar participated in a seminar to encourage teachers to write. The event was organized by Pilar Printers. Among the different items for the seminar was an inspirational talk on “The Benefits of Writing” by Bk Sister Janaki of Denpasar centre.

She talked on the importance of concentration and of experiencing happiness seeing the details and the beauty of every act.

The talk was followed by a question answer session and breakfast. More seminars on this line will be held from time to time by Pilar Printers, Denpasar

Warmest Regards

In Baba’s Yaad

Bk. Janaki

Sister Janaki seen delivering  her talk during the session                                                  

A section of those who participated.

Bk. Sister Janaki with BK Brother I Made Jana

A section of those who participated.  In the middle is Sister Janaki and to her right is the Head of Pilar Print, Ms. Thiolina FM.



IN PICTURES: Chinese New Year Celebration at the Asia Retreat Centre Malaysia and at Harmony House, Bangsar

10 February 2019



Pictorial Presentation: 50 Years On Retreat at the Blue Mountains Retreat, 17-20 January

4 February 2019

Dear BKs, Warm greetings.
We hope you like this presentation of the beautiful 50 Years On retreat at the Blue Mountains, 17-20 January 2019.
Loving wishes,
in Baba's sweetest remembrance,

Presentation can be downloaded here



Chinese New Year Greetings 2019 from Sister Meera, Malaysia

4 February 2019



Xmas Greetings from Sister Bhavana of NewZealand

25 December 2018




Christmas Greetings from Gianyar - Indonesia Family

25 December 2018




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Greetings 2019 from Sis BK Meera, Malaysia

23 December 2018



Brahma Kumaris at 15th Annual Yoga Workshop, Sri Lanka

17 December 2018

Dear divine Bro. Ganesh, 


Dr. Chamin Warnakula the renowned yoga master in Sri Lanka had his 15th annual yoga workshop last Sunday 2nd Dec. at the National Youth Centre stadium in Maharagama. 


The full day pgm was attended by 1700 - 2000 public from many areas of the island covering a very good cross section of individuals. 


The former Commander of SL Army Lft. Genaral Daya Rathnayaka was the chief guest. Officers from the Presidents security unit, leading business personals, educationists, prominent media personals were guest of honours along with we BKs. Sr. Sreema took part on your behalf for the welcoming procession, lighting of traditional oil lamp and the opening ceremony of the event. 


Dr. Chamin was very much interested in introducing Raja Yoga at this event since his visit to ARC last September. So as his plan we got a chance to do a presentation on Raja Yoga for Stress free living followed by a meditation session to all 2000 crowd. He had all the arrangements made for us with all facilities, whatever he used for his presentation. So that the presentation became very professional and unique to the participants. He also gave a good introduction of Brahma Kumaris and Raja yoga sharing his personal experience before handing over the stage to us. 


We also had a very good sales of CDs and BK publications at the lobby. Nearly 1500 notices were distributed which carried the message of Raja Yoga and tips for Stress free living. 


Thanks to Dr. Chamin, so many were fortunate to receive Baba's message. 


Some photos are attached herewith. 


Brother, Hope you will like to share this news with Bro. Charlie and POM group, Sr. Meera, Bro. Letchu, Bro. Pure, Sr. Ceilia, Bro. Peru , Sr. Susan and whole ARC family who were special instruments in sustaining this soul at his visit to POM in Gyan Sarowar and ARC, Malaysia. 


Thank you. 

In Baba;s yaad, 

BK Rammi




Sr Judy Johnson Visits Thailand, 15-25 October 2018

15 December 2018

From Madhuban, Mt.Abu, Sister Judy flew directly to Thailand to spend time with the family engaging hearts and souls in sharing the Arts of living practically.


Beautiful experience was shared in English from two programmes, beside deep impact expressed in Thai for full Thai service news.


17 October, 18, The work-shop on “Engaging Hearts and Minds” by Sr. Judy Johnson at Aditya Birla Chemicals (Thailand) Limited, Samrong was well received and appreciated by all audience. About 30 officers from middle & senior management team (mix of Thai & other nationalities) of the company attended the program. CEO of the company also attends the program.


It was not just a lecture but mix of presentation, exercise and meditation which made it very interesting. She beautifully explained why in current world of chaos & complexity, engaging hearts and minds of people is very important for leaders. Current engagement in corporates is at IQ & EQ level mainly and why this need to be extended at SQ level. It is very important to discover core to increase productivity of the people. All people heartily participated in the exercise of story-telling and reflection process and understood relevance for leadership. The program ended with meditation in very creative way. People were touched by blessing cards they received with powerful vibrations from Sr. La. On the whole it was an excellent program appreciated by the team including CEO. (Br.Kailash).... click here for detailed report with photos.





Special Program 'In Other Worlds' held at the Museum of World Religions in Taiwan on 4th November

16 November 2018

It was with delight that we came to know from Brother Kim Cunio, a BK of nearly 30 years, that he had been invited to judge the music scores for the International Animation Festival in Taipei.  Dr Cunio is Associate Professor at the Department of Music at the Australian National University in Canberra.  He also specialises in spiritual music from all traditions.


The program, 'In Other Worlds',  was held at the atmospheric Museum of World Religions on Sunday afternoon on 4th November.  Although the audience was small and many of Kim's instruments had been damaged in the flight, the program was extremely successful.  


Previously Kim had researched how to run a Laptop Orchestra and was able to do the concert using his laptop!  With his amazing voice, a laptop and a few little instruments, Kim created a magical atmosphere with everyone participating. His son Samarai delighted everyone with his tabla playing, showing the audience the art behind it. 


The program was concluded with guided meditation from Sister Morni, as well as an interactive discussion between Kim, Morni and the fabulous bilingual MC, Jane Lewis. By the end of the meditation everyone floated 'in other worlds’, and a new type of service was shown in Taiwan.


BK Sister Morni

BK Spiritual Study Center, Taipei, Taiwan





Happy Diwali Greetings from the Indonesia family

9 November 2018



UN International Day of Peace Celebrated in Sydney

11 October 2018

Sr. Margaret Parker represented the Brahma Kumaris at an Interfaith Prayer Service at the Uniting Church in Parramatta on Friday 21 September to mark the United Nations International Day of PeaceThe Uniting Church pastor, Rev. Dr. Manas Ghosh has been conducting this Interfaith service for the past fifteen years. The service started with the lighting of the Peace Candle by Dr Zeny Edwards from the UN Association of Australia while the congregation recited the international prayer for peace. This year, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Coptic Orthodox and the Sufis joined for the first time. After the prayers, there was an address from the Moderator of the Uniting Church, Rev. Simon Hansford, followed by the lighting of the candles by each member of the congregation. Along with Sr. Margaret, Sr. Vijaya Padayachy, Bharat bhai, Br. Graham Mooney, Br. Josh and Sr. Ranjula attended.

Another Interfaith Prayer Service on Friday September 21 was attended by BK Helen Chapman at the Lindfield Uniting Church, in northern Sydney.  About 120 people were present when the service started at 11.00 am. Twelve representatives from different faiths were present to participate in the leading of a prayer or reading of their particular faith. Helen presented a meditation for peace.

The service started by the payment of respect to the Elders and Leaders of the Kuringgai and Terramerragal peoples whose care, respect for and connection to this land has  been nurtured for countless generations. This was followed by the lighting of the Peace Candle by a local high school student. A lovely touch to the service were 12 local primary school children who each read a short, thoughtful description of their hope for our world. Concluding the service another high school student rang the peace bell 12 times, then all present were asked by the Presider: Rev. Mary Pearson, to come forward and light a peace candle representing the light within each of us. A final prayer and delightful refreshments were ready for all to enjoy while meeting and greeting each other.


On Sat 22 Sep, Sr Priti, Br Dan and Bharatbhai from Five Dock, attended the World Inner Peace Celebration. Along with representatives of many other faiths, BK Sr Priti spoke briefly on inner peace, introduced the BKs and gave a meditation commentary for the audience of about 200.  There was also an exhibition outside the Prymont Theatre Foyer about loving kindness, compassion, inner peace and sustainable development goals (SDGs) where BKs also had a table to give out pamphlets.

Below is the flyer for the World Inner Peace Celebration. This was the second year BKs had been invited to participate this event.



2018 International Day of Youth - Service News from Bali, Indonesia

15 September 2018

2018 International Day of Youth was celebrated in Bali Indonesia with a workshop by the Youth wing of the Brahma Kumaris. The 78 Youth included those from the Brahma Kumaris Youth group, Campuhan College students, Bumi Sehat Youth Centre students and Rotaract Bali-Ubud members. The two-hour theme for the workshop was Fortune of the Future: From Waste to Best where youths were asked to recognize their specialties so that they can use them in worthwhile way and as an agent of change that brings benefit to themselves and others.


Sister Mona
Coordinator Ubud Centre Bali - Indonesia

See additional photos @



Sister Shivani in Perth, Australia!

9 September 2018

Om Shanti, Greetings of love from Perth, Australia.  


Baba's instrument, Shivaniben visited Perth, Australia from 7th to 9th August as part of her 'Awakening' Australia Tour. 


We have compiled the attached report with a lot of bhavana to express the wonders that Baba has done through His children. It has been a golden opportunity in Drama. 


Thank you Baba, Drama and meethe parivaar. 


In Baba's sweet yaad

Sapna Ruparelia

Service Representative of WA


Download report here.






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