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The Point - April to May Newsletter from Philippines

27 April 2017

RESILIENCE, the need of these times 


GOVERNMENTS worldwide, seeking to restore peace and order, are revising laws and policies on taxation, immigration, crime, climate change and diplomatic rela- tions. Organizations continue to restructure their systems in attempts to be more responsive to the times. Still, at all levels of society, things seem to be turning for the worse. 


Judy Johnson, a specialist in leadership development and organizational efficiency, points out that this plethora of brilliant plans is just not easy to put in place. “We don’t have the energy of cooperation to get traction for our smart ideas,” she says. “Good ideas abound, but the stamina to follow through is not enough.” 

The natural inclination of the soul and of Nature itself is to seek order. However, Johnson notes, “When things become unwieldy and the atmosphere becomes stressful, the tendency of leaders is to add rules to put a lid on the situation.” 


She explains that resilience is the need of these times that are character- ized by intermittent upsets: “There is peace in order, but we can’t find it when there is stress, frustration, loneliness and anger, and when we attempt to impose the order from the outside. Resilience is about discovering internal order and bringing it out. The only safe place for us is inside ourselves.” 


Sad to say, the mind tends to be too busy, entertaining too many thoughts. Many people would rather escape than look inside themselves, saying, “Who knows what we’ll find in there? Let’s just watch a movie or hang out with friends.” 


It might be said that the “study” of resilience was born in the late 20th century, with the invention of the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan. One of its uses was to monitor the workings of the brain—effectively rendering obso- lete the popular psychotherapy method of discussing traumas to release pent-up emotions, the theory being that when a person relived the painful incident many times, the neural pathways fired up the brain. Thus, we used to hear it said, “Neurons that wire together, fire together.” The more you run that neuron circuit

in the brain, the more the thoughts or behaviors are reinforced.

Scientists used the MRI to study the brains of people who thrived in chaos. “The term used for these people who thrived, not just survived, is ‘resilience’ in the context of ‘bouncing back.’ Thriving is growing, flourishing, blossoming. If you can’t bounce back, you can’t move forward,” says Johnson. 


There are three aspects to resilience, compressed into the acronym, AIM, she explains: Click here for detailed report with photos.



Dr. BK Savita's Visit to China

24 April 2017

Divine Family,


A young woman, Su, who has her own spiritual research committee in China having more than 200,000 followers, went to Malaysia and Mabhuban in 2016 to attend the Inner Peace and Inner Power (IPIP) retreat. When she returned to China, she said she would help any BK who wanted to do service there. 


She also said that her school would be open for BK spiritual activities from that time onwards. She decided to feature the Brahma Kumaris on the occasion of her 100th public spiritual program, and invited Dr Savita behn from Madhuban to address her organization. Around 1300 Chinese brothers and sisters attended the event,  Dr Savita bhen gave a class entitled "Meditation - Better than Medicines". Sister Chen, the NC of China, translated the class and conducted a guided meditation. 40,000 people from across the whole of China watched the event online.



Love of Fiji and Meditation

23 April 2017

Source: Fiji Times Online news article about service in Fiji posted on Thursday 20 April 2017

WORKING in a high pressured environment can have its share of challenges. Pushpa Raniga attests to that. The former Fiji resident works for Qantas Airways in Sydney, Australia where she holds a supervisory role in the customer service area.


"Every day is so different from the other," she says of her working routine.


"Things can just change within a second; say there's a security breach — the whole airport comes to a close and everything has to be stopped, security screening has to be stopped. All of a sudden the whole place is in chaos. Another example if there's a weather adversity, there's a storm coming through; once again the whole airport comes to a stop.


"So you have to manage all these different types of situations. Plus you're working with people of different backgrounds like our staff so you have to understand each person and bring out the best from each person," she said with a smile.


One thing the couple have attested to since moving across to Australia is the art of meditation which they say has kept them sane with life in the fast lane. The couple has been following this art since they were in Fiji in the early '80s and have sworn of its benefits.


"I suppose if you're not meditating you can have anxienties," says Pushpa. "


"Meditation helps a lot on how to deal with different people without getting affected by things. It enabled us to adapt to life in Australia."


Pushpa was recently in Fiji with her husband Jagdish Raniga. The couple said they had been coming to Fiji for the past 30 years after migrating in 1987.


"We still call Fiji home. We've taken a lot of sustenance from this nation, a lot of our childhood was here and we got married here so basically half our lives was in Fiji," the couple said. While Mrs Raniga works the customer service field, Mr Raniga is a school teacher at International Grammer School in Sydney, a profession he took across from Fiji after teaching in various schools.


"I am a high school mathematics teacher," said Jagdish. "I've taught at Labasa College, Queen Victoria School (QVS), Natabua High School and finally International school before I migrated to Sydney in 1987."


So now the couple wants to give back to the community. They want people to enjoy the benefits of meditation which has helped them cope both mentally and physically in a world that can sometimes be filled with chaos.

"When we hear reports of the high suicide rates in Fiji which was not the case back then, we feel like as though you want to help people to understand what life is about," says Puspa. "There is a seven-day course that our sisters from the Brahma Kumaris that conduct classes at centres in Suva, Lautoka, and Nausori.


"They can help you in doing this seven-day meditation which gives you a lifetime sort of foundation on how to deal with situations. The problem should be targeted as early as possible.


"Both for your physical and mental health. It is something that can go a long way for young people who struggle a lot with issues in their life. Suicide is never the answer."



Sr Janaki of Denpasar, Indonesia receives International Women's Day award from Consul General of India, Bali

10 March 2017

Adding to her list of high profile awards (Appreciation Award from Radio Republic of Indonesia in 2011 and Hindu Youth Award from Hindu Youth Intellectual Forum Indonesia in 2012), Sr Janaki received an award for her "outstanding contribution in upliftment and empowering the community" on the occasion of International Women's Day on 8th March.


Download a pdf of the photos.


Sister Janaki receiving an award from the Vice Consul Genaral of India in Bali, Mr Subrata Sarkar for Contribution in Upliftment and Empowering the Community on International Women's Day , 08/03/2017

BK Sister Janaki of Denpasar Bali seen with award from Vice Consul Genaral of India in Bali for Contribution in Upliftment and Empowering the Community on International Women's Day, 08/03/2017

BK Sister Janaki receiving award from the Vice Consul Genaral of India in Bali, for Contribution in Upliftment and Empowering the Community on International Women's Day , 08/03/2017

BK Sister Janaki from Denpasar Bali (white  saree), seen with the Vice Consul General of India in Bali - Mr Subrata Sarkar and others on International Women's on 09/03/17



Report of Santosh Didi's (Mumbai) Visit to Malaysia, 16 to 23 of January

2 Febuary 2017



Republic Day of India Celebrated in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

1 Febuary 2017

BK Sister Janaki seen with HE R.O. Sunil Babu, Consul General of India in Bali during Republic Day of India at the Indian Consulate in Denpasar on 26/1/2017


Download remaining photos here.




Pongal Festival Celebrated at the Asia Retreat Center in Malaysia

30 January 2017



Report on Chinese Retreat at Asia Retreat Center (ARC), Malaysia

25 January 2017



Happy New Year from Hong Kong

14 January 2017

Dear Friends

 Raja Yoga Centre, Hong Kong wishes you

Happy New Year

May you continue to experience Magical canopy of  Baba’s love, peace & Protection



Warm Regards.


BK Rohini and HK Team
National Coordinating Office

Hong Kong Raja Yoga Centre



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