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Sister Claude of Marseille has flown to Baba

13 June 2017

Last Wednesday, our Sister Claude, one of the old & gold jewels of Baba’s French family, left her corporeal costume to fly to BapDada.


Sister Claude took gyan in 1986, one of the first ones in Marseille. She was then a journalist. Very quickly, she got invested in service, especially in the ‘Global Co-operation for a Better World’ initiative and was instrumental for creating the contact with the wife of Marseille’s Mayor, met on the Marseille Exhibition in 1989.


Very creative, Claude had a lot of love for churning gyan, always able to find practical examples or scientific experiences to give explanations. With her refined and sharp intellect, she loved sharing knowledge with others, with tact and discernment.


Claude always was very attentive and careful towards her children who never came close to her spiritual family and remained independent, loveful and detached.

For many in the centre, she was like a mother. Generous and benevolent, she saw everyone, pakka or not, as Baba’s child, as part of the family.

She found a bridge with souls who had taken some distance over the years, understanding, consoling and comforting them…


Claude has been courageously fighting against cancer for many years. Since 2013, the body has been too weak to allow her to move and come to the centre. 

After four months in palliative care unit, she flew to Baba on Wednesday…


Souls who have had the joy to share a beautiful spiritual friendship with her love her total absence of judgmental attitude towards others, her acceptance of each one with his/her difference, and her insight of the unique part of each one.


As she herself was saying, she had decided to go along BK path at the highlander’s pace. Determined and faithful, Claude was a fearless soul, filled with benevolence.


She will be remembered as the stick for the blind, guiding souls towards light with patience and motherly love. Also a good number of souls in Marseille thank her for her care and sustenance through her knowledge of alternative medicine and Qi Gong, which helped them remaining alert in action and Baba’s service.


Now that this elevated soul has spread her angelic wings, we wish her a wonderful journey, borne by our gratitude and our love… You had the wish to interview God so may you spend some time with Him now to ask all the questions you wish!


Report in English


Report in French




News of Rambhibhai Karsan Modhwani (Maaji) of Loughborough and London

16 May 2017

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


Our dear Rambhibai (Maaji) of Loughborough and London left her body on Saturday 13th May.  She was aged 96.


Rambhibai was born in Bharvada, Gujarat near Porbandar, the eldest of 6 children.  At the age of three she moved to Madagascar.  After returning to India she married at age 20 to Karsanbhai who was serving in the Indian army.  In 1950 she moved to Uganda (following her husband who moved there in 1942).  They had six children (three girls and three boys). 


When the family went through difficulties Maaji became very involved in supporting Karsanbhai in the business and also managed to give a very loving and comfortable life to their 6 children.  Karsanbhai along with his community’s help was accumulating funds to build a school in his village in India.  And one evening in 1969, Karsanbhai’s own servants attacked him with a machete for this money.  Maaji intervened to protect her husband and was struck on the head a few times and nearly lost her life.  Covered in blood and with wounds on her head, she stood up to the attackers, at which point they retreated and fled the scene.


In 1970 the family moved back to India.  By 1973 the whole family came to the UK.  In 1976, Maaji’s second to eldest son Sanatbhai introduced BK Kandhubhai of Leicester to the family.  Karsanbhai instructed his whole family and neighbours to take the Raja Yoga course.  Karsanbhai, Maaji and Manibhen became regular students and were in close connection with Dadi Janki, Sudesh Didi and Jayantiben in London.  This was the first family in the whole Rajput community to come to the Brahma Kumaris.  A little later, Karsanbhai moved to India to serve the community there and visited UK now and again.  Karsanbhai left the body in India in 2012.


A BK Loughborough centre was opened in 1977 and Maaji and Maniben lived and served there.  1986 was a turning point when new sisters came to run the BK centre in Loughborough.  Maaji spent her time between London and Loughborough.  She was asked to join the London centre in 1988 and after a lot of persuasion, Maaji came to London to live full time at Tennyson Road.


From the beginning and throughout her stay in London, Maaji was a very pukka and regular student, she was very enthusiastic and would not miss out on any BK event charming her way to the front seat every time.  She served a lot in the kitchen.  She was absolutely tireless and very hard working. Maaji continued in this way in until she had a fall in 2009.  Undeterred by her disability, she continued to help in the kitchen whilst using her zimmer frame.  In the last two and a half years, her health really deteriorated and she was physically unable to continue her duties and came to live in Global Co-operation House.  She was exceptionally well cared for by her boundlessly loving carers from her lokik family and the BK family.


Maaji has given a lot of happiness to all of the family. Single-handedly Maaji passionately introduced Baba’s knowledge to all five generations of her family.  Maaji was religious throughout her whole life and when she was received Baba’s knowledge, Baba became her world.


The final farewell for Maaji will take place on Thursday 18th May.

At 1.00pm the chariot of Maaji will come to Diamond House for the ceremonies.

At 3.00pm the funeral service will take place at Golders Green Crematorium:

Golders Green Crematorium, Hoop Lane, London NW11 7NL

We send all our good wishes and love, in Baba's remembrance to such a special soul.


In Baba’s yaad,

BK Jayanti


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News of Senator Shahani, Philippines

24 April 2017

Dear Centre Coordinators,

Loving greetings from Manila, Philippines!


Late Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani (fondly called by the BK as Sister Shahani) flew to Baba’s lap on Monday 20 March(BapDada’s coming) 2017 after three years of battling with 4th stage colon cancer.


She came in contact with the Brahma Kumaris in 1985 in Nairobi, Kenya when she served as secretary-general of 3rd UN World Conference on Women. She fondly related to us how she first met the Brahma Kumaris. The BK sisters were the first to greet and welcome me when I arrived at Nairobi Airport. After the pomp and show of the conference and the tedious work of packing up conference materials it was the BK sisters who met me again, to bid farewell again at Nairobi Airport. They were warm and very friendly which I felt was a good send off after the Conference. I was even surprised that BKs and BK sisters contacted me when I returned in the Philippines." 


In 1986, Sister Letty Shahani retired from the United Nations, returned to the Philippines and was appointed as under-secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and also to head the National Commission for the Role of Filipino Women (NCRFW) by the then first woman President Corazon C.  Aquino. Since then Sister Letty Shahani had been in close contact and connection with the Brahma Kumaris in the Philippines. She graced the BK finale of the Million Minutes of Peace Appeal (MMPA) in Celebration of the UN International Year '86 with the then Vice President of the Philippines, Salvador Laurel and his wife Mrs. Celia Diaz-Laurel who chaired the National Committee of MMPA, Philippines.


Since her return to the Philippines she was the most prominent BK VIP contact and connection who served as a senator in the Philippine Senate from 1987-96 and became the first woman Senate President Pro-tempore from 1994-96. During her senate days she took Raja Yoga course and as Bapdada’s child she met Dadiji in 1989 in the Philippines, and in 1997 brought Dadi Gulzar to meet her brother the then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos.


In 1993, Sister Shahani served as a member of the Global Cooperation for a Better World International Committee. Influenced by the BK principles, Sister Shahani initiated the nationwide Moral Recovery Program (MRP), which sought to integrate ethical values into nation building and government.


After politics she played a more active role in BK service bringing the BKs to meet politicians and women leaders, and to attend with her international and local conferences held in Manila. She became the President of the Brahma Kumaris Philippine Foundations, Inc. from 2010 to May 2014 right after BK Global Functioning. She was very proud of being Baba’s child and she dreamed of a BK retreat center in the Philippines so she sought the blessing of Dadi Janki to have a retreat center. Her wish came true and Dadi came 2003 to open BK Philippine retreat center which was the first in South East Asia.


For the BKs she demonstrated and taught us diplomacy and how to build partnership with organizations. She demonstrated great enthusiasm in sharing Gyan to her VIP contacts and colleagues. When given a chance she spoke highly of BK work and advocacy in the country and the world. A few months before leaving her body she was interviewed by CNN Philippines in her farm house in Urdaneta, northern Philippines. During that interview which was played nationwide she proudly told the reporter about her BK involvement as she showed the wall where photos of Shiv Baba, Brahma, Dadiji and Dadi Janki were displayed. She fondly shared the spiritual influence of BK in her life and how she found real solace in the practice of meditation  


We remember her as a highly principled and humble soul who proudly incorporated and shared Baba’s spiritual knowledge in all aspects of her life as a politician, a diplomat, an advocate for women’s rights and as rural farmer-entrepreneur advocating care for the environment.


In the last day of her wake on 27 March before the cremation, BKs had the last memorial ceremony were Dadi Janki’s message was read, Sr. Rajni shared her personal experience with her and BK Jun Serrano, President of the BK Board of Trustees also shared how he learned from Sister Shahani how to lead mainstream BK Foundation work in the country. Sister Shahani’s friends, family members and close friends were asked to pay their last tribute as each of them put rose petals or a rose in silent thoughts of appreciation and gratitude for her being a sample and example of a woman leader, a politician, a diplomat and a spiritual student.  Her friends and family members including the former President Fidel Ramos were appreciative and full of gratitude for the BKs' daily presence while she was in the hospital for a month and at the cremation.   


We have lost a sweet sister who had been a very effective instrument in BK service in the country. We thank BapDada for the role Sister Shahani played in His service. 


In Baba's love and remembrance,


BK Becky


Report in PDF format.



Pankajabehn of Pandav Bhawan (Madhuban) Has Flown to Baba

8 April 2017


Om Shanti Divine Angels, Please see the attached photo which the details are self explanatory. Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul. BK Santha Krishna Personnel Admin Dept,



Tributes to Pankajabehn

Pankajabhen was and is a wonderful soul, always smiling and cooperative. It was always a pleasure to offer bhog with her in Baba's room. Lovely soul. Was also often admitted in Global and we always enjoyed her company even as a patient.
In Baba's sweet remembrance.
Mathilde Sergeant


Pankajabehn was an incognito 'mother' to more than a few of us Double Foreigners. She was always ready to help, whether it was finding lost laundry items, sourcing a special type of sari or shawl, or caring for us when we were 'under the weather'. I fondly recall her taking me to the kitchen and preparing tumeric milk for me and I learned how to prepare savory dahlia from her. Offering bhog with her in Baba's Room, Pandav Bhawan, was always a powerful experience. For many years she also conducted Amrit Vela meditation in History Hall. Her presence in Pandav Bhawan will be greatly missed.

With Baba in heart and mind,
Kiranbehn, Brahma Kumaris Centre, Eugene, Oregon USA









Christine Mahoney, Australia



Binabehn of Kolkata Konnagar Has Left Her Body

8 April 2017


Om Shanti Divine Angels, Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul.

BK Santha Krishna
Personnel Admin Dept,




Demise of BK Chandrikabehn of Vileparle Mumbai

3 April 2017

Dear Divine Family, Please accept Godly remembrances. Please find the attached PDF file - news of demise of BK Chandrika Behen of Vileparle centre. Our heartfelt tribute to the departed soul. On Godly Service BK Yogini Vileparle Subzone, Mumbai

Obituary in Hindi only




30 March 2017


Dear divine sisters and brothers,
Om shanti and loving greetings from Moringen.

I had just returned total refreshed from the land of blessings.

I would like to inform you of the departure of Sister Leonore from Hamburg. She came to Baba in 1978 and she became the instrument to open the centre in Hamburg,

She flew in Babas lap on saturday, 18.03.2017 after being nearly 40 years with Baba. Her husband, Peter who left the body a few years ago, was very cooperative with her BK life as are her daughters Ana, Diana and Beatrice. 

Leonore lived a good family life and continued to study Raja Yoga and be involved in service in many different ways. 
She had great interest in Baba's teachings and was a wonderful 'churning' expert. Her love for Baba and the Yagya made her an instrument and a pillar for supporting and building up BK service in Germany. She was dedicated to this from the beginning and had a close connection with Dadiji, Dadi Janki, Sr Jayanti, Didi Sudesh and the whole german family. She was the president of the Raja Yoga trust in Germany. 

She was loved and respected for her yoga, clarity, love and her guidance with maturity and wisdom.

Leonore was always reliable. Everyone deeply appreciated her natural virtue of honesty. She was royal, tactful and very loving in everything she did.

Last year Leonore celebrated her 90th birthday and the BK family put together a book of appreciation. Even at this age she was always up to date with whatever service was taking place and gave her input. She was always available for her equals and young ones and always found the right words of encouragement and enthusiasm. One wish she had was for everyone to travel her or his spiritual path with Baba and live an authentic BK life.

In the teachers Meeting last weekend in Moringen and  we remembered her by seeing many pictures of her with spiritual journey.
According to her wish, her memorial service will take place in Hamburg centre with her family.
In her loving memory
BK Sudesh and German family



BK Asha Behen, In-charge of Babai Centre (Bhopal Zone, MP) Has Passed Away

19 March 2017

Divine Family, This is to inform you that our Beloved Sister BK ?Asha Behen (Age: 46), Centre In-charge of Babai Centre, (Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal Zone) has left ?her body on 14th March 2017 and ascended Bapdada's lap. She left ?her body ?suddenly due to heart attack.? ?The cremation was performed on 15th March in Babai?. Our heartfelt tribute to the departed soul.

Babai Centre






Sister Leonore of Hamburg, Germany has Flown to Baba

30 March 2017


News of Sister Elena Marcos, who flew to Baba on 4th March

10 March 2017

On 4th March, our sister Elena Marcos, also known as Prabhu Ki Leela ("Games of God" - a name given her by Didi ManMohini and Dadi Janki as she was well known for her tears of love for Baba in her early years), flew to BapDada´s lap. Elena was 84 years old and had been in gyan for 41 years.


Sister Elena was born in Spain but was living in London when she came to Baba in 1975. She studied at Tennyson Road with Sister Jayanti and Didi Sudesh. During her first 5 years as a BK student she served in London UK, Scotland, Belgium and New York USA.


Dadi Janki then sent to her to Mexico where she served tirelessly, first in Cuernavaca and later in México City. She also traveled from México to Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia and Costa Rica for service. She was National Coordinator of México from 1980 to 2011. 


Elena was a soul who had unshakeable faith in Baba and showed total courage and determination in service. She was the embodiment of honesty and humility. She had total love for God and followed Shrimat with accuracy.


Her last visit to Madhuban was in 2012 to participate in celebrations for those who had been living in a BK centre for 25 years or more. Her illness began shortly afterwards.


Even though she was unable to serve at a physical level during the last five years, she was serving in a special way on a subtle level. She served the souls around her and all the souls of the BK family. She was visibly in her angelic stage. Those souls who took care of her continue to express gratitude and  feelings of fortune for the opportunity of taking care of such a pure jewel of Baba.


The Mexican family is especially grateful for the sakaash of our Dadis, Dadas and sisters and brothers, as well as for the seniors who supported Sister Elena and those who took care of her to make her care and transition easy and  light.


In Baba’s yaad,
Sister Mohini





News of Br Jon Wright of London

5 March 2017

Dear European and Middle Eastern Centre Coordinators,


News of Br Jon Wright from London


Jon Wright left his body on 13th February 2017 through cancer just a few weeks after his 65th birthday. He had been in gyan for almost 40 years and was a lifelong bachelor.


Jon studied chemistry at Warwick University but never followed that career. Instead he studied accountancy and qualified as an accountant. It was then that he developed his sharp business brain.


Jon's main hobbies were chess, golf and walking. He would regularly play chess tournaments all over the country and occasionally abroad, especially in Gibraltar. He was always highly placed and won on several occasions.

Jon valued his privacy and was known to go away for several weeks at a time on his own, often in his camper van. He travelled quite a lot in his life, visiting India, Australia, USA and many places in Europe.

Jon was a well-liked, respected and loved member of the Brahmin family in London and over the years he served in many ways with a warm and generous heart.

In the early 1980s he helped serve at the Bristol Centre for about six months. He was instrumental in helping to set up the Janki Foundation in the 1990s and remained a trustee until 2008.

For many years he enjoyed driving Dadi Janki and other sisters to various Centres around the country and latterly he was often seen vacuuming the floors in Global Cooperation House.

Jon was a key member of the Brothers’ Group which used to meet regularly in Oxford back in the 1990s and he played an important role in Spirituality and Men for 17 years, hosting some of the programmes, leading workshops and contributing to the discussions beforehand. He had a natural rapport with other brothers who liked his authentic, no-nonsense approach to life.

Jon had a great love of truth, clarity and spiritual knowledge. He had a sharp, analytical intellect and was well-known for his deep churning and his inspiring questions that would always make a Murli revision session lively. He loved playing with the jewels of knowledge and often attended churning groups.

Jon was very sociable and loved Brahmin company and Baba’s food. He liked nothing better than convivial conversations in the dining room covering everything from alternative medicine, chess and camper vans, to politics, economics and mysticism, particularly in relation to the Kabala, reflecting his curiosity about the world. Jon was very warm and witty and everyone enjoyed his humorous observations about the peculiarities of human nature. Jon lived in a house with four other BK brothers who generally found him easy to live with.

He is survived by a sister and 95-year-old father. The funeral will be a quiet family affair and will take place in Suffolk on Monday 6 March 2017.

The London BK family will celebrate his life on Saturday 11 March at 7pm in the Seminar Room when there will be yoga until 7.30pm followed by sharings from those who knew him.

We send our loving good wishes to Jon as he moves on to his next role with Baba's love.

Love and regards,

In Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti

News of the funeral of our brother Jon Wright


Jon’s funeral took place on Monday the 6th March.  Here is a message from John McConnel who attended the funeral with others.


All went well. We (Liz, Joy, Dave and myself) after some adventures and delays arrived exactly on time as the coffin was about to be taken out of the hearse. Jon's father, sister (Kath) and her husband, a cousin and two school friends who flew in especially from USA were present for a short but lovely tribute led by a celebrant who made the occasion very special. He read out a sketch of Jon's life as written by Kath and we were all asked to add the colour of our memories. Kath's husband read out a short piece from Shakespeare's The Tempest and three Beatle's songs were played. Afterwards we went to a pub for the reception where we had a chance to share memories of Jon which brought together the Brahmin and lokik parts of his life creating a fuller picture which was very beneficial for the family, especially Kath. We took flowers, a condolence card, toli, The Gift of Peace book for the father and Kath and a version of our tribute to Jon.


Mr Wright coped with it all very well. He is amazingly fit and active for 95 and has recently finished what may be his last painting (due to an eye condition), a 4ft by 2 ft canvas of a country scene.

The sad thing about it all was that Jon dealt with his illness all by himself. He told no one of his condition. The family only found out a week before his passing when he was in intensive care. The Royal Marsden found details of an emergency contact in his file and told the family. His father visited once and his sister was there a number of times. He had lost a lot of weight as he could not swallow any food and he could not speak - he had to use paper and pen to communicate. After coming out of intensive care he was on a ward for a couple of days and then he had a haemorrhage and died. 


He had recently bought himself a new car and was planning to retire and live in Gibraltar.




BK Sanjeevan Didi, incharge of Moga Center (PB), has flown away to Baba

27 Febuary 2017

Divine Family,


This is to inform you that our beloved BK  Sanjeevan Didi (Age: 70), Centre In-charge of Moga Centre, Punjab State, Punjab Zone has left  her body and ascended Bapdada's lap.


She was very loving, spiritual and divine soul. She left  her body  suddenly at 5.45  am today. She  has been in service for last 51 years.  The last rites performed today in Moga in the presence of BK Uttra Didi from Chandigarh and large numbers of brothers and sisters.  Our heartfelt tribute to the departed soul.


In Godly Service

BK Neelam behen

Moga Centre



News of Passing Away of Sr Jane, Pinner, UK

7 Febuary 2017

Dear Divine Family


News of Sr Jane, Pinner, UK


Sr Jane from Pinner passed away very peacefully on 31 January. The funeral will took place on 2 February in Bushey. Jane took gyan over 10 years ago. She instantly recognised Baba and used to come to Inner Space Wembley to listen to Murlis during the week and to Global Co-operation House on Sundays while she was able to travel. Her husband, Peter, had also taken knowledge and continued to support her. They lived in Pinner and after Peter passed away and her physical disability increased, she moved to a Jewish home in Bushey. 


A few of us from Inner Space had gone to visit her on 2nd January. She was overjoyed to see us and seemed very happy and content. She was telling us about how she listened to classes and the Murli on her ipad. With help she had laid out the tea with a selection of fruits, nuts and dates. When we think of her what comes to mind is royalty, dignity, generosity, and love for gyan and God. 


Some of you may remember a few years ago she was in comma and Peter used to read to her from the Companion of God book, and she had come out of the comma. A few of us will be attending the funeral.


In Baba’s yaad,


Wembley Inner Space



BK Rameshbhai Shah's Departure to the Subtle Region

28 January 2017

To our beloved divine sisters and brothers at all BK Centres in Bharat and abroad,


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.


It is feelings of deep love and regard that we wish to inform everyone that our beloved Elder Brother, the Additional Secretary-General of Brahma Kumaris and Managing Trustee of World Renewal Spiritual Trust, Respected Rajyogi Rameshbhai Shah ji,  (Aged 83) flew to the angelic region at 7.23am onSaturday, 28-1-2017, and is now in BapDada's lap of sweet silence and comfort. 


The chariot will be taken from Trauma Centre, Abu Road, to Pandav Bhawan on 28 January afternoon, and laid in state in History Hall, for everyone to pay their respects. Continuous Yoga will take place this evening and through the night.


On Sunday, 29 January 2017, at around 10am, the chariot will be taken on its last pilgrimage around the 4 Pilgrimage Places, Museum, Global Hospital, and Gyan Sarovar, before being taken back to Shantivan. It will be laid in state outside Tapasya Dham for all those who wish to pay their respects.


The cremation will take place on 29 January, at 4.00 pm, at Mukti Dham, near Shantivan, Abu Road. 


Please join us in creating a powerful atmosphere of silence, filled with Baba's love.


On Spiritual Seva,

B.K. Nirwair

Mount Abu


Tribute to Br. Ramesh Shah Ji - Click on the above image to play this 1:24:20 minutes video. Narration in Hindi only.




Bhog Message for Respected Ramesh Bhai


Today, as I reached the subtle region, carrying love and remembrances from all of you, especially from respected Dadis, all teachers, senior brothers and all brothers and sisters, what did I see as soon as I reached the subtle region? Very beautiful stars were sparkling in a V shape on one side. On another side, they were sparkling in the shape of a half-moon. On the third side, there were stars in various different designs. The light from those stars was very beautiful and the reflection from those lights was making different designs in the subtle region. After some seconds, Baba was visible coming from a distance and Rameshbhai was with Him. From the stars that were in the V shape, many beautiful angels began to emerge and they were holding garlands of light which they were putting on Rameshbhai. Light was automatically emerging from the stars that were in the half-moon form and creating garlands of different designs, and from the stars that were of different designs (on the third side), the light emerging from these was in the form of beautiful tilaks and crowns which were fully decorating Rameshbhai. This decoration was looking very beautiful. Rameshbhai was looking towards Baba and Baba was also giving very sweet drishti to Rameshbhai. Rameshbhai asked Baba: Baba, what is happening? Baba replied: Child, today, all the souls whom you have served in Bharat and in the whole world, whom you have inspired and with whom you have created new plans on the field of service, in return for all of that, all of them are decorating you in their own way. Everyone has so much love for you in their hearts and everyone is remembering you with so much love. 


I said: Rameshbhai, you have left all of us. He said: I have not gone away, I was with Baba and I am with Baba. Baba then said: In the last few days, the child’s body was working at a very slow speed. The doctors were doing their work and the body was doing its work, and this child was with Baba in the subtle region and having a very good heart-to-heart conversation with Baba. I was wondering what the conversation would have been. Baba smiled and said: From the beginning, this child always felt that new plans for service should be made, what the systems of the future world would be, and how intense our effort needed to be at the present moment – he was talking to Baba about all of this. Hearing this, I felt that all of this will automatically exist in the golden age anyway. Rameshbhai said: No, in order for it all to be automatic, we have to create the sanskars before that, then the laws and regulations, and then its setting will all work automatically. I said: While sitting here (in the corporeal world) you used to do all of that. You always used to be engaged in creating the laws and systems of the yagya and the government. Baba said: While doing everything here, the child used to think a lot about what the future world would be like and what the economics of that world would be. He always used to write something or the other about that too. How to do all of that practically – he will now carry out all of that at a fast speed in advance. 


I said: Baba, all the brothers and sisters will miss Rameshbhai, they will especially miss him in the yagya. Our senior brothers and the Dadis will also miss him. Rameshbhai smiled and said: Baba has given His company to everyone and Baba is inspiring everything and I am with all of you. I said: You were looking after so many departments. From the beginning, you created many new plans for service. As he was hearing this, he laughed and said: I didn’t do that. Baba made it happen because it is Baba’s work. Baba taught me and inspired me. 

Then Baba said: From the time that this child recognised Baba, he has been an example in the lokik and alokik family. Having been a trustee, he did everything accurately and efficiently, making sure that nothing was lacking, that there were no mistakes. No matter what happened, he was very strict, and always had the aim of making sure everything was done accurately. He made sure all the systems of the yagya were correct, that there was never anything wrong, and he did everything with a lot of love. In all departments, he has his experienced jewels with him who are doing everything now and will continue to do so. I said: Those from all departments are remembering you a lot. He said: Tell everyone, if you continue as a trustee and always keep Baba with you, if you have faith in one another, are co-operative with one another, and keep the gathering strong as you do everything, then Baba will touch you with new methods. Baba is bound to you to make sure every task is carried out accurately. Baba said: This is My task, I am with you and I will always fulfil the responsibility. 


Then Baba showed a very beautiful scene. Many various scenes were coming in front of me as scenes and scenery. Seeing all of that, Rameshbhai asked Baba: What is this? Baba replied: Child, in the final days, you always used to think that many should receive Baba’s message through the Godlywood Studio. You carried out the work to give the message here, but now I am making the child an instrument for ‘Holy wood’ through which everyone will remain healthy, wealthy and happy in the golden aged world. What will be the scenes of that world – Baba is showing you those scenes now. 


Then I placed bhog in front of Baba. Baba said: Child, you have not accepted bhog for a long time. So, today, special bhog has come for you from Madhuban. So he said: First call our Dadis and senior brothers. In a few moments, all of them were emerged in the subtle region. Then Baba first fed Rameshbhai with His own hands. Rameshbhai said: Baba, feed everyone. Baba took a little piece to feed each one and said: Open your mouth. And I saw, that instead of everyone opening their mouths, everyone had little plates, which had Brahma bhojan from the yagya in it. Seeing that, everyone was very happy. From the beginning, his mother (Shanta Mata) never used to allow anyone to go without feeding them. So, today, that scene is in front of me and Baba made the whole family emerge there. Everyone was very happy to see and meet one another. 


Then Baba asked Rameshbhai: Do you want to say anything to anyone? He said: Let everyone continue to move along as a trustee and continue the work in Baba’s yagya accurately. Let there not be any consciousness of “I” in it. It is Baba’s task and Baba is inspiring it. Make sure that there is never anything that happens that makes the activity of the yagya become slack. Let everyone do this accurately by paying a lot of attention while keeping Baba with you. Then Baba gave remembrances to all those who served him, the doctors and his companions from his departments and asked them: Did you all serve him or what did you do? Baba then said: This is not service, but you have got that experience. Working with such a brother, you learnt and experienced a lot and also accumulated in your account of charity. In return of service, you received this fruit and also blessings. Then Rameshbhai gave remembrances to everyone and said: All are Baba’s hands. Let all these arms continue to work accurately and make everyone move forward. Seeing this scene, I came back to the corporeal world. Achcha. Om shanti.


Click here to download the message.


Offering Bhog & Sandesh - Click on the above image to play this 54:29 minutes video. Narration in Hindi only.




Kathmandu, Janakpur Subzone Incharge BK Ganga Bhen flew to Baba

25 January 2017

Divine Family


Please accept Godly remembrance and love from sister  BK Raj, Kathmandu,


Please  find herewith the  attached news of demise  of  BK Ganga  Behen, Janakpur, Kathmandu, Nepal Sub Zone Incharge .

Our heartfelt tribute to the departed soul.

Please see the attached file in hindi.  


On Godly Service


BK Raj

Kathmandu , Nepal


Tribute in Hindi



News of the Passing Away of Br Mario of San Fransisco

17 January 2017

Bro. Mario Reyes (San Francisco) left his mortal body peacefully and flew to Baba on January 15, 2017. He was 74. He had been diagnosed with liver cancer in mid-2015.

Br Mario was one of the first BKs of San Francisco. He took spiritual birth in April 1979, in the very first two-room center located on Irving Street in the city's Inner Sunset district. In 1981 or 82 he became a center-resident.

Br Mario was sincere, honest, surrendered, kind-hearted and had a very good sense of humor. As a Raja Yoga meditation teacher, Mario conducted the center's weekly Meditation Open House, after which most people would sign-up for Raja Yoga Meditation Course. He did service to glorify Baba and never to gain name and fame for himself.

As the center's resident graphic artist, one of his most widely known works was the design of the book “Jewel of Light” honoring the life of Dadi Prakashmani, Administrator of the Brahma Kumaris for 25 years.

As a singer and keyboard musician, Mario performed as part of an early album of BK English songs “A Better Day” produced by the San Francisco center.

As a photographer, some of Mario's classic photos of the Dadis and the Brahma Kumaris organization are widely used in various BK publications and videos. In addition, as a videographer, Mario created many videos of Dadis, Madhuban and senior brothers and sisters.

Locally he worked for a number of years for the San Francisco Interfaith Council and was a well-liked member of the interfaith community.

Mario was greatly respected by his friends, colleagues, meditation students and contacts. He will be greatly missed.

In Baba's service,

BK Chandru


Photo Album of Memories with Br Mario:




BK Rani Bhen of Barshi Center (Solapur Subzone) Left Her Mortal Body: Tribute

14 January 2017

Divine Family


Our Respected Brahma Kumari Rani Behen (Age-23), Dedicated Sister of  Brahma Kumaris, Barshi Centre under Solapur Subzone (Mah) left her mortal body on 9th January 2017. The cremation took place on 10th January, 2017 in the presence of BK Somprabha Didi, Subzone Incharge and seniors teachers of Subzone,  Loukik Family and Brahmin Family.


Our heartfelt tribute to the departed serviceable soul.  Please see the attached information in hindi.


BK Sangita

Centre-In-Charge, Barshi (Mah.)


Tribute in Hindi.




Senior Br Laxman of Sonepat, Vishwakalyan Sarovar, has Passed Away

9 January 2017


Divine Family


Our respected  senior brother,  Laxman Bhai of   Sonepat-Vishwakalyan Sarovar (Haryana) left his mortal body on  8th January 201 7 .   He was  87 years old .  He  had been  sick and  was admitted to Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad. He left his body at  0 4 .06  pm at the hospital. The cremation  will take take place on 10th January 2017 at  10.00  am  in Mount Abu.  


Br Laxman is the elder brother of BK Atam Prakash bhai, Editor of World Renewal and Gyanamrit Magazine, Our respected Dadijis, Seniors , Madhuban  niwasis and  the whole Brahm in family are extending  their lovingtributes to  this great ,  serviceable soul.


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Sister Samira of Paris subcenter (Deuil) has flown to Baba

4 January 2017

Our sweet Samira, from Deuil center, in the suburbs of Paris, passed away last Friday, December 30th. About three weeks ago, she had been admitted in palliative care and since then, she has been preparing herself in silence and remembrance. Fully aware, she had become an image of tapasya.


A mother of six, Samira was a fervent Muslim from Tunisia. She took gyan in 2001 and as she herself was saying lately, while she was already seriously sick: “These were 15 years of joy and wonder”!


Of course those who met Samira only in Madhuban or for Rakhi national retreat would all agree that she was a mother of goodness and a humble, discreet and introspective soul, but all those who knew her better all sing her joie de vivre, her ever positive energy, her stability and resilience.


A generous big-hearted soul, ever ready to give and serve, Samira had a lot of courage and strength and destroyed a lot of obstacles on her way. Her husband was a very religious-minded political refugee and he didn’t have the right to live within his family. Some years ago, having suffered a stroke, he was allowed to go back home and live with his wife. Samira then accompanied him until his death, about 3 years ago, with her loving vibrations, her joyful songs and Brahma Bhojan. He was very happy to end his life in this way.


Samira was conducting morning class in Deuil center on a regular basis. Everyone keeps in mind her wisdom and depth, her authenticity and the strength of her love for God.


She also conducted workshops in another suburb of Paris, Eaubonne, with groups on Positive Thinking, Meditation and so on.  


Samira leaves with us the fragrance of her spirituality, her purity and her constant cheerfulness.


Her funeral was held yesterday, on January 2nd, in the privacy of her lokik family.


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Sudden Transition of Sr Satya of Paris

29 December 2016

On December 21st, we received the sad news that our beloved sister Satya had been killed in an accident earlier on in the day. Her step brother had been informed by the police.


Satya’s car had broken down on a national highway. Having set up warning triangles, our dear sister was overrun by a car and instantly killed. Apparently, the driver was using his phone while driving and had taken illegal drugs.

Because of the police investigation, Satya’s body could not be cremated but had to be buried and yesterday morning, about 20 of us Brahmins, were present for the funerals and to support Satya’s step brother and his daughter, her only family, as well as several colleagues and friends. 


Satya was still called Cathy when she took her spiritual birth in Strasbourg at the age of 28, in 1984. She then very quickly moved to Paris, where the whole family was at the time. Her life before gyan had been difficult as she had searched for her father, who was from Sri Lanka and who passed away before she could find him. So when she found Baba, He really became her world. 


Although an incognito server, Satya is one of the ‘old and gold’ jewels of Baba’s French family. A very introspective and powerful soul, she was a person of integrity and maturity who tirelessly and honestly worked on herself. 

At the end of the 1990s, she wished to have her name changed as she could feel a real inner shift and Dadi called her Satya (Truth, Sincerity). It was for her Baba giving her a new name and a new life. She was an inspiring example of deep self-transformation.


Affected by a nearly total loss of hearing in her forties, Satya still started to sing in a choral and could perform in BK gatherings, singing jazz songs with really much talent.


She had the great fortune of meeting BapDada personally. 

Here is in essence what God tells her at every cycle: 

“You are a Shiv Shakti; a serviceable Shiv Shakti, always combined, a powerful soul always busy in making others powerful.

You have made Baba your world. You must go ahead and reach your karmateet stage.

Baba is always with you.”


We will always keep in our memories her loveful clean heart, her benevolent, non-judgmental and empathetic listening skills as well as her eyes sparkling with joy and understanding. She enjoyed so much sharing gyan with contact souls. A true teacher, she also was a living mine of virtues and the embodiment of the spiritual friend for many. 


We already miss her beautiful energy.


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BK Pravinbhai Kanani from Leiscester Passes Away

29 December 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


Pravinbhai, (73) came to Baba in 2011, and very quickly became a regular student at Leicester centre. He was very enthusiastic and active in Baba’s service. He contributed wholeheartedly to various duties in Harmony House, e.g. caretaking, car parking assistance and driving BKs to various programmes. He was very much loved by his lokik and alokik family.


In early December, he had emergency heart surgery. A few days later an infection developed which resulted in of poisoning of the blood (sepsis). Unfortunately his condition deteriorated rapidly, and for two weeks he was on a life support machine in ICU, Glenfield Hospital in the hope that he would get better.  Finally doctors advised Pravinbhai's wife that they could do no more. His life support machine was switched off at 8.00pm on Tuesday 20th December. Pravinbhai left the body peacefully at Glenfield hospital at 8.20pm after showing tremendous courage fighting his condition.


The Leicester family regularly had yoga for him and visited him in hospital to give Baba's vibrations.


Although Pravinbhai was young in gyan, he had immense love for Baba. He has left the lokik family and alokik family with beautiful memories firmly etched in our minds.


His final rites and farewell will take place on Friday 30th December. The full service will be conducted by BKs.


In Baba’s yaad pyaar


Leicester Centre



News of Br. Kim Nielson, Slough

23 December 2016

Brother Kim came to Baba on the 4 February 1981. He lived in Windsor at the time and Brother Julius gave Kim and his friend the course in Baba's House in Chalvey, Slough. They became regular morning class students and on their first visit to Madhuban, upon seeing them Avyakt BapDada said “Two princes have come. .....”.


Kim gave his full support in service assisting Julius in exhibitions in Slough. Being an electrician by profession, Dadi Janki called Kim to London for service when classes began in Dudden Hill Community Centre. He lived in Shanti Bhawan for many years. He also helped Brother Shantaram in the electrical department in Madhuban.


About fifteen years ago, Kim was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It was a very aggressive form of the disease and his health deteriorated quite rapidly. He first found it difficult to walk and then became progressively totally paralysed. He moved back to Slough and Windsor and spent the last 10 years of his life in various care homes.


Kim showed great courage and determination throughout. Despite an extremely debilitating, frustrating and increasingly painful condition, he never complained but made the most of what life presented to him to reach a state of gratitude and inner serenity that was an inspiration to those who witnessed his last few years. Over the years the BK family in Slough and BKs from London, lovingly took care of Kim.


Kim passed away very peacefully and with dignity on Friday 16 December 2016 at 10.30am at the age of 60 years. He had received a lot of love, blessings and good wishes from all the BK Family who knew him.



News of Bipinbhai from Loughborough

23 December 2016

Om shanti


Bipin Patel from Loughborough flew to Baba on Friday 2nd December at 4.10am.


Bipin Patel came to Baba in 1983 with his wife Bala. He met Maniben in Loughborough, came to the Centre and was given knowledge by Maniben, Kandubhai and Laxmanbhai. Bipin and Bala started attending the Centre every day and became very serviceable. Bipin used to drive the minibus and took everyone to London, Leicester and different Centres in the UK. 


Bipin and Bala were introduced to Dadiji, Sudesh Didi, Jayantiben and many seniors at Tennyson Road. He first went to Madhuban in 1997.


In 2001 he became ill and in 2013 on his way to the Centre he fell and developed a Spinal Injury. Since then he has had many treatments and became wheelchair bound. His treatments took place at Sheffield Specialist Hospital and Georgina, from Sheffield Centre visited him there.


Bipin lived in a Specialist Care Home in Leicester and Bala brought Bipin on occasions to Loughborough and also Harmony House Leicester. Sudesh Didi tied Rakhi on him last year in Leicester and Induben tied Rakhi on him in Loughborough this year.


Last week he was in Sheffield for treatment and became ill whilst in hospital. Bipin flew to Baba at 4.10am, at Amrit Vela, whilst in meditation with his two daughters.

We send all our good wishes and love, in Baba's remembrance to such a special soul.




Loughborough Centre



Shakuben of Wembley Passed Away

5 December 2016

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


News of Shakubhen from Wembley


Om shanti. This is to let you know that Sr Shakuntala Patel (Shakubhen) from Wembley left the body on Friday 4 November around 12.30am. She was 66 years old. Shakubhen was the wife of Bhupendrabhai, and Jenita's mother. Shakubhen had some chest pains in the last few days and had booked an appointment to see the doctor.  On Thursday night she had served dinner to her family and at some point Jenita noticed that she was having trouble breathing so they called for an ambulance. They tried their best but the soul left the body within a few hours due to heart failure. She was diabetic and had a history of high blood pressure. 


Bhupendrabhai's father took gyan in Baroda many years ago and had spent the last five to six years in the UK. Bhupendrabhai and his family took gyan about 13 years ago at Inner Space in Wembley.


Shakubhen was born in Baroda and had a Bachelor of Science and Masters degree in Organic Chemistry. In India she taught in higher secondary school. In the UK she worked in the Post Office and then ran a shop with a Post Office at Monks Park in Wembley.  For the last few years she helped at Global Co-operation House in the kitchen in the mornings and once a week at Inner Space in Wembley.  She was a generous soul who loved cooking and serving others.


We continue to send our loving thoughts and vibrations filled with good wishes to the soul of Shakubhen and all the family.


With love,

In Baba's remembrance,

BK Jayanti



Tribute to "Aunty" Betty Naraine

2 December 2016


Tribute to “Aunty” Betty Naraine


On Thursday, December 1, 2016 a ‘suddenly’ moment struck.  At 4:35 am Aunty Betty left her body.  She was 88 years old.  The day before she suffered from a stroke.  Apart from sciatic pain, she was very healthy and self-sufficient with absolutely no signs of anything major about to happen.  So this was a test for the family – a test of ‘suddenly’.


Aunty Betty and Uncle Steve came to Baba in December 1975 when Sister Jayanti visited Guyana.  Their meeting with Sister Jayanti was one of instant remembrance of their spiritual heritage resulting in complete transformation in personal and family life.  Sister Mohini played a pivotal role in sustaining the deepening of their spiritual purpose and meaning.  Auntie’s love for BapDada and the entire family was deep, true, and real.


Aunty was considered the spiritual matriarch of the extended lokik family.  She was like a living library, the person to go to if one needs to know who’s who and what happened when!  Her home was always open to family and friends, and her kitchen was the sweet spot that everyone gravitated to.


There is the saying – it’s not as easy as going to your Aunt’s home.  In the alokik family, she was called Aunty by all -- BapDada, Dadis, seniors, equals, and young ones.  The experience from Nirwairbhai below captures the spirit of this relationship:


“Thinking of Aunty awakens such sweet memories in our hearts as she always showered so much love on all of us. True to her name, we all know how sweet and gentle the soul is and will always be. She played such a wonderful role side by side of Uncle Steve in glorifying Incorporeal God Shiva's work in Guyana, other Caribbean islands as well as in Delhi and Canada, for which she will always hold a special place in this elevated Age of Transformation.” (BK Nirwair)


The tributes received are being threaded into a global eulogy of love, appreciation and special moments remembered and will be shared at her funeral on Monday, December 5 in Toronto, Canada.  Some of these include:


“The praise of mothers that give physical birth to souls is the greatest of all as there is an everlasting bond shared.”  (BK BrijMohan)


“As I heard the news, memories of Uncle-Auntie’s first visit to Madhuban got emerged. Auntie’s love for Baba, Dadis, Seniors and Madhuban Niwasis was deep and endearing. The soul had developed beautiful qualities of a Mother, Friend, and of being Baba’s serviceable instrument, accurate in all maryadas and following systems.  She has earned the blessings from BapDada, Dadis, Seniors and all the Brahmins she served, and for sure is happy in BapDada’s company.”  (BK Shashi, Madhuban)


“Aunty...we are with you, and with your family and we know that she in Baba´s lap and in her next part of her journey...full of love, peace, and service.” (BK Noni and BK Nicola, Peru)


“Aunty had a beautiful crystal gift for Baba.  After navigating her through the sofas, we eventually made it to the side of the stage where one of the brothers let us go up.  I let go of her hand when she was safe on stage and as I turned around to leave, she grabbed my hand ever so tightly and began marching straight for Baba, with me in tow!  It was like an eagle with her eyes focused on one thing – God help anyone who gets in her way!


“She's a real guide because she's known how to let herself be guided -- she's never lost faith in the destination.” (BK Gopi, UK)


“Look at the time she flew, Amrit Vela. We were sending sakash. We will miss her but her new part will emerge. For a Brahmin, living is pleasure and leaving is also pleasure. Because we know the knowledge of soul, drama, and karma.” (BK Hemlata, Trinidad)


“Funny the snapshot that stays in the head when it comes to Aunty Betty is of her laughing.” (BK Waddy, USA)


Om Shanti


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Additional Tributes


Aunty Betty Naraine left the body, swiftly and quietly on Thursday morning, December 1st at 4:25 am, following a stroke on the day before.  According to her doctor, she experienced no suffering.  She was born in Guyana, where she lived until she and Uncle Steve Naraine moved to Toronto, Canada, in the early 90’s.


Aunty is a pillar of the Brahmin family, a key part of the foundation of the yagya.  She welcomed Sister Jayanti into the family home in December, 1975, before she had ever heard of the Brahma Kumaris and immediately recognized the truth of what she was hearing and seeing.  After Sister Jayanti’s visit, she asked to have a sister come to stay in Guyana.  Baba sent Sister Mohini, who established service in Guyana, which was a seed of service in the West. Aunty welcomed Baba and the Brahma Kumaris with a lot of courage and determination and gave herself over to this most important service of her life.


Aunty was incredibly strong, maintaining a total stage of complete remembrance and dedication.  She had the gift of natural warmth and love and won hearts through spiritual friendship and company.  She loved to share stories of the yagya and had deep affection and appreciation for the sisters who had come to Guyana to find Baba’s long lost and now found children there.  She was a model of one who could live in a household and remain completely surrendered to Baba. 


Sr. Mohini




Dear divine family,


Our dear Aunty went to Baba at amrit vela on Thursday, 1st December, 2016. The hour and the day are themselves a reminder of the soul's wonder and fortune.


Aunty was Baba's very first child in Guyana, and couldn't have played a more magnificent role as the eldest child.  She was born the instant she heard about Baba.  From then on "Baba" and the seniors were the lyrics of the songs she serenaded everyone with.  Aunty become the foundation of establishment of the yagya in Guyana, saw to its growth, protected it, upheld it and remained as a pillar throughout, at times visible and at times incognito, but always there.  In every service that followed she represented Baba with the authority of an eldest child.  For her, every thing simply had to be the best, after all, "when else will we get this chance to do something for God?"  And she instilled the same attitude in everyone who set foot onto the service field alongside her.


We said farewell to Uncle three years ago, and now to you Aunty.


We will not see the likes of a pair of souls like this for another 5000 years.


In the words of your song Aunty, "If the Creation is so beautiful, how beautiful must the Creator be!"


With gratitude,

Sister Jean, Sister Ahilia, Br Mark, on behalf of all the Guyana family, those living in Guyana as well as the many who have migrated to other lands but took their spiritual birth and early sustenance in this blessed land.


Graceful Gratitude - Message from Sr Gayatri including Bhog Message via Sr Mohini





BK Balamurali Bhai of Madurai (TN Zone) Passed Away

2 December 2016

Om Shanti Divine Angels,


BK Balamurli Bhai (Age- 55 years),  Senior Dedicated Brother of Madurai (Tamil Nadu Zone) has left his mortal body today on 1st December 2016.


Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul.



Rajkumari behn of Hoshiarpur and Urmila behn of Saharanpur have passed away

11 November 2016

Divine Family,


Our Respected Divine Sisters Rajkumari behn, Centre Incharge of  Brahma Kumaris Hoshiarpur in Punjab, and Urmila behn, Centre Incharge  of  Brahma Kumaris Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, have passed away.


Our heartfelt tribute to the departed souls.


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Sister Bebe from Tampa has flown to Baba

9 November 2016

On Tuesday, November 8th, BK Bebe (Anne Elizabeth) Butler passed away peacefully surrounded by her family. Bebe was 42 years old and passed away from ovarian cancer.


Bebe came into Gyan at the Boston Center whilst in college in 1996. Her speciality of purity was so visible in her smile, her creativity, her genuine caring for others, her lightness and easy nature, and her deep love of God. 


Bebe later moved to Tampa and lived at the center for many years. At the center Bebe was a comedic breath of fresh air and a solid angelic presence at the same time. She valued the importance of play as adults, opportunities to laugh, sing, dance, or simply enjoy sweet moments with the family. Her dedication to service and her unique gift of art allowed her to pioneer various local, national, and international BK initiatives. 


Bebe played an important role in developing the modules, templates, meditation commentaries and activities for the Spotlight Values initiative ( Bebe was one of the creative spirits, as author and voice, on many of the BK Sustenance programs such as Amritology, Enchanted Murli, and most recently Seeing into Being. Bebe solely wrote, recorded, and created all the meditations for Release Your Wings show These meditations are very popular material used in BK and non-BK lectures and workshops around the world.


Locally, through workshops, lectures and creative sessions Bebe gave everyone she encountered the gift of seeing their true self. Bebe's sweetness, listening ear, and understanding nature combined with her comedic style left everyone's heart filled with love, peace, and joy. Bebe was instrumental in developing a variety of Tuesday Insight series programs at the Tampa center. Bebe had a keen eye for aesthetics and art and beautifully transformed the center into sacred spaces for many ceremonial events. Her artwork is displayed in many centers and homes.


In her lokik work, Bebe touched the lives of children through theatre in libraries via the Tampa Creative Arts Department. She shared her time by empowering young women through the Girls Stories program. Bebe also dedicated herself to creating unique art pieces on wood, which she later transferred to digital prints. Many of those images you can see on various BK sites as artwork for programs and events. Some BK print books also contain her artwork. More recently Bebe followed her passion for creative healing arts via Bebe created summits and workshops surrounding the topics of healing arts and had an overwhelmingly good response from the online community.


In appearance and attitude, in fact everything about beloved Bebe reflected the classic image of an angel.  She walked gently on the earth caring for all of its creatures, knowing that she was given a special mandate from God to remind others of His presence.  This she did from her heart, in such creative ways that it never failed to touch the hearts of others.  Bebe's only wish was that Baba would surely take her somewhere where she could still be with her Brahmin family.


Here are some of her most popular meditations:


On Releasing Anger

On Tolerance

On Purity

On Forgiveness

On Respect

On Beyond Fear

On Peace

On Dignity


Dear Friends, 


Our dear Bebe Butler (Anne Elizabeth Butler) passed away peacefully on Tuesday, November 8th in the evening surrounded by her loving family. Bebe was 42 years old and passed away from ovarian cancer. 


You may have grown up with her loving presence as a friend. You may have met Bebe through her work in the Creative Arts Department where she delighted and educated young minds through theatre. You may have met her through the community service she did for young girls. You may have met her at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center where she dedicated her life to spiritual education, developing unique workshops and tools for creating a better life. You may have fallen in love with her artwork. More recently you may have connected to Bebe through her following her passion for Creative Healing Arts. Then again, you may have not met Bebe herself but felt connected through the hundreds of meditation commentaries she created helping people find a sense of peace and calm in their lives. 

In whatever way you may have been touched by Bebe in your life, we know that it left you with a smile, a sense of calm and angelic presence, because that was a natural part of any interaction she had.

Details for a memorial service will be announced as soon as they are available. Please email any inquires to



The Spotlight Values team is missing one of their foundational teammates today, angelic presence of Bebe Butler (April 24, 1974 – Nov 8, 2016), who flew like a bird last night to start a new journey.  Bebe was full of creativity, lightness, easiness and spiritual maturity and shared with the world at every moment of every day.  Our journey of friendship began a few years ago when the team came together to create an initiative called ‘Spotlight Values’.  Bebe was an amazing soul to work with! She had deep respect and love for everyone on the team and tremendous vision for what the initiative was destined to accomplish.  She was one of the pillars who held the initiative close to her heart helping it blossom through her creativity. Bebe’s became a master at creating meditation commentaries that hundreds used in support of their spiritual practice. The journey of creating meditation commentaries started for her from Spotlight Values. In addition, Bebe also created many value based activities to empower the teens and young adults through Spotlight Values initiative.

Bebe was a natural yogi.  Her meditation commentaries revealed her depth of spiritual understanding and maturity.  Bebe’s love for God was unlimited. Whatever may be the conversation, she would bring the presence of God. Bebe touched the hearts of many souls through her pure benevolence.  She was a tireless soul who balanced her life with career, art, spiritual endeavor and spiritual service.  She lived a beautiful, simple, meaningful life.  Bebe, you are eternally in our hearts and minds. We will cherish the memorable moments you had left with us.





Sister Sarla of Rajnandgaon Center (Chattisgarh) has Passed Away

7 November 2016





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