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Join Online: Funeral and Memorial Service of Rajyogini Sister Chandru

3 June 2022

Dear Divine Sisters and Brothers, Om Shanti.


In the honor of Rajyogini Sister Chandru, meditation for 13 days (until June 12) is being held in the evening 6:30 - 7:30 PM (California Time).

Join on Zoom ID 971 2498 2532, Passcode 18011969.


(Direct Zoom Link)

Flyer can be downloaded here.



The Funeral Service will be held on Sunday, June 5, 8:00 - 10:00 AM (California Time).

Join online on Zoom ID 849 5146 8828.

(Direct Zoom Link)

Livestream on

Flyer can be downloaded here.


The Memorial Service will be on Sunday, June 12, 10:00 AM - Noon (California Time).

Join online on Zoom ID 849 5146 8828.

(Direct Zoom Link)

Flyer can be downloaded here.


We look forward to celebrating with you the life of a great Rajayogi, one of the original jewels of the Yagya.


Thank you.

In Baba's Service,

Sisters Gita, Hema, Elizabeth, Sukanya & Kyoko



An Official obituary for the general public is available here







Chandru Didi of San Francisco Has Gone Into Baba's Lap

1 June 2022

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti.


On May 31, 2022, at 2:06 pm (California Time) our Most Respected and Dearly Loved Chandru Didi peacefully took the lap of BapDada.  The BK family was with her in the atmosphere of Baba’s loving presence. Please join us for the 13 Days of Special Meditation on Zoom, beginning today, June 1st, noted in the flyer below.


Chandru Didi had been ill for some time and had suffered a series of strokes. She had a severe brain stroke last Wednesday, May 25 and from that time was under the care of the best team of neurological doctors at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Hospital. She was 73 years old.


Chandru Didi  was born in August, 1948 in the city of Mumbai, India. She started her spiritual life at the age of 13 and took her initial spiritual sustenance from the founding father, Brahma Baba. She became a surrendered instrumental teacher for the Brahma Kumaris in 1964, so her practice and teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation and spiritual knowledge spanned nearly six decades.


During her early years as a yogi, she traveled extensively in India, arranging and attending spiritual conferences and teaching meditation.  From 1972-75, she helped set up BK Centers in Africa, including in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Kenya. In 1975, spiritual service led her to Canada where she established centers in Vancouver and Toronto.  In 1977, she began serving in the USA and was instrumental in starting the first U.S. center in San Antonio, Texas.


Chandru Didi was a member of the National Coordinating Team in the USA, the Director of West Coast and Hawaii BK Centers, and Vice President of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization (BKWSO), USA.


In the Bay Area, she has been the Director of the San Francisco Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center since 1979 and the Director of the Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato, California since 2007. She was also a founding member of the United Religions Initiative, the San Francisco Interfaith Council and the Interfaith Center at the Presidio.


Her purity, love, honesty, spiritual power, true dedication to Baba and Yagya has inspired many to lead their lives on the spiritual path.


In BapDada’s Loving Remembrance,

Sisters Gita, Hema, Elizabeth, Sukanya and Kyoko

[BK Meditation Center, San Francisco and Anubhuti Retreat Center, Novato, California]





Chandru Did Sharing an Experience with Brahma Baba (Download to play) [2:34]


Experiences with Dadi Prakashmani [6:38]


World Transformation Through Self-Transformation [1:09:28]


Giving Tribute to Dadi Janki on Dadi's 100th year [5:18]


Sharing her Experiences with Shiv Smruti Part 1 (Hindi) [1:16:07]


Sharing her Experiences with Shiv Smruti Part 2 (Hindi) [59:32]



Tributes to Chandrubehn


Awakening TV: BK Chandru Didi - You are God's Divine Angel [6:41]


Godlywood Studio: Hearty Tribute to Divine Sister B.K. Chandru (USA) [3:05]


Sister Denise Lawrence Tribute [3:55]






News of Peter Keogh of UK

30 May 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


Peter Keogh recently passed away in Worthing, UK after a long illness which he managed with great courage and dignity. His spiritual study and service began in the Park Lane Office in London in the mid 90’s. After that Peter became part of the design team for Inner Space Covent Garden.


Peter was living in Luton at that time, running courses in his home and commuting to his work as a communication’s engineer in Central London. His work then took him to Hong Kong where he continued to do service. After that he served in many places including Vietnam and Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand. However his most significant legacy was in Norway, where he served tirelessly for over 15 years. He also supported the BK Environmental Initiative by collating and editing the COP newsletters.


Peter was passionate about service and was probably at his happiest when sharing the spiritual insights which he had found so useful at a challenging time in his life. True self- esteem was really important to Peter and the course he developed on this theme helped many souls. He was amazingly organised, perhaps as you would expect from an engineer. He created an enormous library of BK classes from his favourite teachers around the world (digitalising tapes and CDs in the process!) and did the same with the Avyakt Murlis. Peter loved efficiency and effectiveness and his engineering and technology background was often put to good use to streamline systems and find solutions for everything; this was his real forte. He spent many an hour dedicated to creating systems to make things easier for BK Centres.


Music was a passion of his since childhood when he learned to play piano and flute. And when it came to celebratory performances he was a good singer with a powerful voice, singing in choirs in the UK and Norway. Peter was appreciated as a special soul, a friendly, outgoing person who could always be counted on to help wherever it was needed. His quick wit,  light-hearted personality, sense of humour, and the authenticity of just being himself made him completely trustworthy and endeared him to so many of us across the globe. His love, courage and determination in self transformation and service have been a wonderful example. Nothing was ever too big for Peter, and nothing was a problem. In fact, when anyone complained about anything his refrain was always “but the sun is still shining behind the clouds” – we are sure you are, Peter.


The Funeral Service will take place on Tuesday 7 June 2022

11.00am Worthing Crematorium, Kingswood Chapel, Horsham Road, Findon, Worthing BN14 0RG



We send our good wishes in Baba’s remembrance to Peter and his family.


With love,

In Baba’s yaad,

Sr Jayanti


Please download a pdf of this obituary HERE.

Please download a pdf of the funeral flyer HERE







Tribute to Sister Dolly of Greece

9 May 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Our sweet Sister Dolly flew to Babalap on Monday April 25. She was 92 years old. Dolly wathe first BK iGreece. She took the course in 1981, from Anthony Strano, at an office in central Athens where Anthony was being hosted when hfirst arrived to Greece, knowing nobody, with a book in his hands, and a recommendation to meet its author. And indeed, Anthony met the ladand waeventually hosted at her office for a time. Dolly was a friend of thilady and thiis how Dolly and Anthony met

Dolly, soon after, went to Madhuban and meBaba personally, took His Drishti and the blessing that said: Your face is the monument of Arjuna whose face shone when he had a vision of God”. Then she went to London, where she met and received blessings and sustenance from Dadi Janki. It was Dolly who was the instrument, ievery way, for the creation of the first Official Center in Athens, on Pamissou Street. During her whole life she supported the service in Greece with so much love and faith iBaba.

She was the very original jewel and the pillar of service in Greece. The title Baba had given her was Baba’s Doll”! She is survived by her two children, Kostas and Lily.


With feelings of love and gratitude for our sister,


The Greek Family



click here to download in PDF




Sr Margaret McCathie from Stirling Passed Away

27 April 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


This is to inform you that Margaret McCathie, a much loved personality and very dear friend of the Brahma Kumaris and the Janki Foundation passed away recently.


Margaret was an amazingly enthusiastic soul. Mother of four, she lived in Stirling, where for many years, she ran a bed and breakfast with her husband Kenny, but would often attend Sunday morning class in Glasgow. In 2003 she attended the Peace of Mind retreat in Madhuban, where she was fortunate to have been part of a small group of retreat guests who had stayed on to meet BapDada.


She was also a lively member of the Janki Foundation community, and was extremely supportive of the Foundation’s work: running workshops at retreats, conferences and speaking at various programmes.


Margaret had an incredibly infectious laugh! She put this to good use as a laughter therapist, helping others see the funnier side of life. Margaret also recorded for the Lifting Your Spirits CD, the two tracks ‘Healing power of laughter’ and ‘A big deep laugh’.


She had a depth of wisdom born out of  her own personal experience of mental health issues and with a leap of courage, she trained with Patch Adams, the American doctor, activist and clown and took the ‘healing clown’ concept into healthcare settings. Before her ‘debut’ clowning visit to a children’s ward, she famously asked Patch Adams “What should I do?” He told her, “Margaret, just give them love.” Her reply, “Oh, I can do that, no problem.” It was so Margaret.


Her warmth, care, kindness, compassion and wisdom will be deeply missed.


The date of her funeral is not yet confirmed. If anyone wishes to know about the funeral arrangements then please contact Leeds Centre at and they will let you know once they have the details.


In Baba’s yaad,


Sr Jayanti






Br Peter Osborne of GRC flew to Baba

20 April 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


We would like to share news of the departure at the age of 83 of one of our much treasured local family members, Peter Osborne, who with his wife, Karin, was one of the first students when the Global Retreat Centre opened nearly 30 years ago. They remained a foundational support for GRC, and were treasured by Dadi Janki, whose relationship with Peter was one of mutual love and unspoken understanding. He was humble in his interactions with Dadi and other seniors, conveying gratitude towards them - and all the good things in his life - with an attitude of “I don’t really deserve this!” 


He passed on easily at the couple’s home in Oxford on Tuesday evening, 12th April, after a long illness. Karin was with him. She noticed a great peace, and silence, and then that Peter wasn’t breathing anymore.


The GRC family remembers him especially for his child-like innocence, honesty, and transparency. He never tried to disguise thoughts or feelings that others might be embarrassed to reveal, and this made him funny at times, without even trying.  He had a natural intelligence, quick wit and humour, making him refreshingly easy to be around.  He was also an attentive listener, with thoughtful and considered responses, enabling others to feel valued.


Peter was a keen angler, and an example of his gentle humour came in an exchange when he had asked if he could fish in the River Thames from GRC’s boathouse. Sister Manda told him: “Peter! No - you can’t fish from Baba’s land!” after which he turned to Brother Doug, saying “Can I fish from the back of your boat, please?”


Originally a cameraman in the film industry, he was a familiar figure at most major GRC events, taking photos - especially of Dadi Janki. He had run a wine business, and after retirement gave many hours of service at GRC as a warm and friendly receptionist.


Karin was the love of his life, and a steadfast support on his spiritual journey. He also had great love for his wider family, and was a model grandfather, playing the role with much kindness and pride.


In a natural way, he both received and gave a lot in his long relationship with Baba’s family.  He will be valued and well cared for in his next birth.


The Funeral Service will take place on Monday, 25th April, at 11.00am at Oxford Crematorium, Bayswater Road, Headington OX3 9RZ.


In Baba’s yaad,


Sr Jayanti







News of Sr Ellen from The Netherlands

19 April 2022



Our spiritual brother, BK Piyush Sanghani of Naperville, Illinois (near Chicago), has flown to Baba

13 April 2022


click here to download Flyer in PDF



News of Sr Sonja from The Netherlands

12 April 2022


click here to download Flyer in PDF



News of Sr Anjana from Nottingham

7 April 2022

Dear brothers and sisters,

We just received the news that Anjanaben from Nottingham left her body at 12.15am this morning. Her family was with her.  She was the first serviceable jewel of Nottingham and was 46 years with Baba.

We will send further details in due course.

With love
In Baba's Yaad
BK Jayanti



News of Sister Blanca from Madrid, Spain

28 March 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Sister Blanca, one of the senior sisters from Spain, left the body on Friday, 25 March, after a long illness.

Sister Blanca was a Centre Coordinator and an excellent Raja Yoga Teacher. She came to Baba in 2000 in Madrid. Having a professional background, she was one of the main teachers in Barcelona and she was serving in the Accounts Department at a national level. Some years later, she opened a centre in Zaragoza, a big city of Spain. While being the Centre Coordinator in Zaragoza, the service flourished, big programmes were organized, and they served many professionals. 

Some years later she moved to Madrid, where she has been part of the coordinators team and one of the main teachers. Her talks and meditations on the Spanish Brahma Kumaris YouTube channel have received many visits and helped to spread Baba´s message around the world. Her ability to translate Baba´s knowledge for the general public was outstanding.

Sister Blanca was a very, very special soul, loyal and faithful to Baba. A very good effort maker, sincere and had lots of love for Baba and the family. She was very friendly and knowledgeful. 

Sister Blanca left in us a trail of light, joy, sweetness, knowledge and spiritual power that we won't forget.

In Baba's remembrance,
The Spanish family



News of Sister Marlene of Halifax, West Yorkshire

21 March 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Sister Marlene Grimshaw passed away on 14 March, 2022 aged 74. She had been a student of the Brahma Kumaris since 1996 and first took the Raja Yoga course in Bradford. She already had a very deep love for God and her involvement with the spiritualist church for many years made it very easy for her to accept the teachings of Brahma Kumaris.

Sister Marlene was very mature, caring and wise and held regular meditation sessions in her home in Halifax, West Yorkshire, where she also ran courses for a number of years. She visited and helped out in many centres in the UK, including GRC and Manchester Inner Space. Sister Marlene also visited centres abroad in Israel, Africa and Australia endearing everyone to her with her happy, caring and willing disposition.

Sister Marlene passed away peacefully in the nursing home where she had been living with Alzheimer’s for the last three years.

We send our loving good wishes to the soul and to her husband Barry, daughter, son and grandchildren.

The funeral will be on Monday 11 April at 11.15am at Park Wood Crematorium, Elland, Halifax HX5 9HZ.

With love,

In Baba’s yaad,

Leeds family


click here to download in PDF



News of Sister Maureen of Cambridge

14 March 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Sister Maureen of Cambridge left the body on Sunday 6 March, around 12.30 pm, at 88 years of age. She was in hospital with a heart condition. Sister Maureen came into gyan through U3A (University of the Third Age) some twenty two years ago. 

As an intelligent person she took to Raja Yoga straight away and made the study of the murli and the teaching of Raja Yoga her specialty, whilst serving in Cambridge InnerSpace.

Her editorial skills were put to endless use by BK publications, a big and  incognito contribution to Baba’s service.

Her punctuality and meticulous dharna was not made obvious because of her humility, but her churning power came to the fore each day at Morning class and will be remembered by many. Along with this was a silent, pure desire to improve accurately in order to pass with a high number.

She refined her skills in nutrition to quite a degree keeping herself fit and well through them. Fortunately this extended to a skill in a Supreme chocolate pudding which was a feature of every Cambridge Christmas party.

Maureen did not leave Cambridge during her time, so she will be known by many  who have passed through the Centre, leaving a legacy of her faultless memory, clear intellect and unassuming ways.

The funeral is likely to be held in Mid Sussex where her son lives. If you would like to know about the funeral arrangements, please send an email to and we will let you know as soon as the date is fixed.

We send our good wishes in Baba’s remembrance to Sister Maureen and her family.

In Baba's yaad,
Cambridge Centre



News of Patricia German

13 March 2022

Patricia German (1931 – 2022)

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Our dear sister Patricia German peacefully left her body on 9th March, a few days before her 91st birthday. She died on the island of Mallorca where she moved from London in 2017 to be near two of her daughters, Glynis and Sian.

Patricia was the wife of the late Jerry German, a great friend of the BKs, the mother of five children and grandmother to nine grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Patricia was born in Kingston Jamaica in 1931 and came to the UK in 1949 to study French at Bangor University. It was during this time she met her future husband, Jerry. They married in 1952 and returned to Jamaica where Jerry had secured a teaching job in a boarding school. Patricia taught French at the school and organized many after school activities for the children, including a drama club and a debating society.

In 1966 they returned to the UK where Jerry had a teaching job in Notting Hill (London), followed by another job in Wales and one in Nigeria (1977-80).

On their return to the UK, Patricia retrained as a herbalist and iridologist. In 1985 she took the raja yoga meditation course, which satisfied her long search for spiritual truth. After that, she dedicated her life to serving people in a different way.

Prior to the opening of Global Cooperation House, she hosted many classes in her home in Hampton. She attended the Hounslow Centre regularly and every Tuesday for many years she came to GCH to help run the Women’s Group, which she co-founded, and to work on reception where her warm smile and welcoming manner touched many people. She was also an enthusiastic teacher of the Positive Thinking Course and a keen supporter of Brixton Inner Space.

On her move to Mallorca, she held twice-monthly classes in her home, which attracted and sustained many people on the island.

Patricia was a woman of great energy and spirit, who walked her talk. She was a powerful role model to numerous women of colour and has been described as a ‘living legend’ and a ‘spiritual magnet’. She was passionate about fairness and inclusivity. She was fun loving, kind, caring, generous, humble and sincere but also feisty with a bright, questioning intellect, who enjoyed challenging conversations. Young at heart, she was very friendly and had the ability to reach out to people of all ages and backgrounds. She was much loved by her family and many others.

Deeply loved by God, a special soul has flown on to the next beautiful chapter of her eternal journey.

The funeral will be held on Monday 14th March in Mallorca at 11am UK time.


To watch the funeral, please go to:

Meeting ID 883 7200 7907

Passcode 104658


There is a condolence book online where you can write your tribute:


With love

In Baba’s yaad

BK Jayanti


click here to download PDF version.



BK Dr Avdesh Sharma Has Taken Baba's Lap

11 March 2022

I want to express my deepest sympathies to all on the suddenly planned leave of BK Dr Avdesh Sharma Bhai ji into Baba’s lap. Baba definitely has plans for his extended divine services with the advance party.


All of us are familiar with Dr Avdesh Sharma ji, a world-renowned psychiatrist and a loving honourable pillar of our Medical Wing, an athak sewadhaari in all respects.


His divine services will always be remembered. He had always added innovative ways to broaden the sphere of Medical Wing Services. He has left a memorable impression and inspiration for the coming generations.


With warm regards,

BK Dr Banarsi Lal

Secretary, Medical Wing


Dr Avdesh Sharma sharing his experience on Awakening TV [22:02] (Mostly Hindi):






News of Br Sandeep Somavarapu

5 March 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


Brother Sandeep Somavarapu left his body on 4 March 2022, just before his 39th birthday.



Brother Sandeep was born on 22 March 1983 in a town near Hyderabad, India. He became a student of the Brahma Kumaris in 1996 at the age of 13 along with his mother. He was a yogi soul and would sit in yoga for hours effortlessly. He also had an immense interest in Hatha Yoga which he started practising in 1998.


Brother Sandeep moved to Hyderabad in 1997 to pursue his higher education. He then came to London in 2006 to pursue his master’s degree. He was connected with Global Co-operation House from that time. He worked for Onepoint Consulting from 2008 until 2019.  At GCH, his service was to provide IT support to those in Global Co-operation House and other BK centres. He was always cheerful, patient, accommodating and ever willing to help. He would invariably find a solution for any challenge. Nothing was too much trouble. He was also very well-read and would engage in in-depth conversations about Raja Yoga knowledge, Indian history and many other subjects. He took the opportunity during these years to deepen his knowledge and experiences.


Brother Sandeep’s health deteriorated in 2012 because of kidney disease and he returned to India in 2017 to be with his family.  On 4 February 2022 he tested positive for Covid 19 and left his body on 4 March with post Covid complications.


In his short life in this body, he gave happiness to so many and earned an abundance of blessings. We send our loving good wishes to the soul and to his family.


With love,

In Baba’s yaad, 


BK Jayanti








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