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March Madhuban Newsletter and 31 Points of Homework for Our Tapaswi Life

7 March 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please see below the Madhuban Newsletter for March 2021 and download the homework points for 1-31 March.


In Baba's yaad,



Murli Department, Madhuban



Madhuban Newsletter – March 2021

Special inspirations for always remaining merged in God’s love (18/02/2021)

(Letter of Remembrance)


Beloved Avyakt Mother and Father BapDada’s deeply loving instrument teachers, brothers and sisters of this land and abroad, who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, those who always experience the stage of being merged in love, ones who are constantly swinging in the blissful swing of God’s love, ones who are full with all attainments, who are full with the fragrance of spirituality, together with God’s love filled with sweet remembrance, many, many hearty greetings for the festival of the incarnation of the Father, the Innocent Lord Shiva.


All of you souls who have experienced God’s love will, while celebrating the birthday of our Father, the Innocent Lord Shiva with zeal and enthusiasm, hoist the lovely flag of Shiv Baba at every place and, while giving everyone the pure message of God’s incarnation, and give greetings. This day is filled with happiness for eating and feeding others Dilkhush toli. This is the birthday of the Father and us children that is as valuable as a diamond. It fills all the Brahmin children with new zeal and new enthusiasm. In this period of corona, all of you must definitely be doing lots of service in your own areas, according to the atmosphere there.


Now, all of us have this one aim: Let everyone recognize the World Protector, the Bestower of Salvation for All, the Father, the Seed-form and claim from Him their birthright, inheritance and blessings. Let no soul be deprived of God’s message. Definitely, all of you must have created a programme filled with newness. From Madhuban, for this 85th Trimurti Shiv Jayanti, some points are being sent to you and whatever you are easily able to do, definitely do that. Along with service, BapDada’s special signal according to the time is: My children, now become full with all treasures and create an atmosphere of contentment. With your yogyukt and tapaswi life, become an image that grants visions. Let each one’s internal stage be of being merged in God’s love, so that others start to have a vision of the Father through each one, such that the physical form disappears and they constantly experience the incorporeal Father. In order to create such a stage, let constant yoga programmes continue at all places. For the whole year, let us all together have such special tapasya that each of Baba’s places becomes a “Shanti-kund” (a sacred place of peace). Let everyone experience the rays of peace emerging from this place and spreading everywhere.


While hoisting our beloved Innocent Shiv Baba’s flag on the auspicious day of Maha Shiv Ratri, also let your determined thoughts be like a promise which enables you to create your highest of all stage. Five pure thoughts are being sent to you.


  1. Do not go into the expansion of any situation, but put a full stop to it and merge it in the point.
  2. Renounce the attitude of the consciousness of “I” and always be lost in the love of God’s remembrance.
  3. Sacrifice all your weaknesses in God’s love and finish the influence of falsehood and impurity.
  4. Become full with spirituality and good wishes and be loving and co-operative with all.
  5. With the awareness of elevated self-respect, finish body consciousness and become humble and give everyone respect.

While having these pure thoughts, let each one create their highest of all stages.


With these good wishes, lots and lots of love-filled remembrance,


In Godly service,

B.K. Ratanmohini


Download "Homework for a Tapaswi Life" here.





International Women's Day Special - Two Events Celebrating Women in Leadership

7 March 2021



31 Points from Dadi Janki for the month of March

6 March 2021

Dear Divine Family and Baba’s elevated instruments abroad,

Greetings of love from Madhuban. We’re sending 31 points from Dadi Janki as reflection points for you for the month of March. We hope you will use this month to renew yourself in the experience of Dadi’s power and love of God. 

In Baba’s sweet yaad,

BK Nirmala on behalf of the Regional Coordinators

Click HERE to download the 31 points.



Thank You and Goodbye from Living the Legacy of Love Team

3 March 2021

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Dear Divine Family, Greetings of love and peace.


It has been such a pleasure and a joy to bring to you all the project 'Living the Legacy of Love'.  


28th February, will be the last day of the videos.  We just wanted to give you all a big thanks for joining in and making this project a big success.  We have had many comments and touching stories from those who watched the daily videos and participated in the meditation. Thank you for all of that good feedback also.


Feel free to return to ALL the videos again and again on the BK Sustenance website to view them and take inspiration from them.


We have also uploaded the following links for easy access:


Link to Sis Elizabeth's Song


Link to Finale of Living the Legacy of Love


Link to a special video created by Sis Brigitte which can be used for meditation bhattis


From all of us, a very warm goodbye and om shanti


Living the Legacy of Love Team





31 Facets of  "Diamond Dadi" for Reflection During the Month of March

28 February 2021

To the BK Family from BK Mohini and the Avyakti Parivar,


In this month of March, we are reflecting on the exceptional life and attainments of Dadi Janki.  Throughout her long and beautiful life, she was a lamp of hope and encouragement to all who met her, insisting that cleanliness, honesty, and truth are the way to God’s heart.


Below you will find 31 points, facets of the diamond that was Dadi Janki.  We hope you will take one point each day for reflection, starting in the morning at Amrit Vela.  Throughout the day, return to the point, journaling or pausing to reread and churn on the depth of what it has to offer.  Make it a part of your experience, with the aim that by the end of the month, when we celebrate the one-year commemoration of Dadi’s life, you will feel you have been transformed by the gifts of Dadi’s legacy. 




1. Recognise both Brahma Baba and Shiva Baba.  Know who is teaching you, whom He is teaching through, what He is teaching you, and what you have to become.  Never forget this, for this is what strengthens faith.


2. My future is in my own hands, and if I move along with my hand in God’s hand, that future will be the best.


3. I have stayed all my life with God.  I have heard Him.  I have talked to Him.  Nothing and no one can come in between God and me.


4. There is a feeling of great security and comfort knowing that a powerful, wise elder is protecting us in a subtle way.  Each of us is so fortunate to have God's own hand of blessings on our head.


5. The exchange of love, the giving and taking of love at a subtle level, is a very great thing.


6. A charitable soul knows what is needed and gives that at the time of need.


7. To be truly honest, I need to learn to see myself as a detached observer.  This helps me to see myself clearly and to go beyond all hurt and grief.


8. Say Om Shanti three times:  first, remember the self; second, remember Baba; and third, remember our home.


9. Remembrance comes first, then service.  Service is to walk, talk, and move around.  Remembrance is to create a beautiful atmosphere.


10. Each soul has his/her own individual part.  Don’t compare or compete.  There is no point.  I cannot become like anyone else.  I am who I am – unique.


11. To live in today’s world and remain happy, I have to make my heart strong.  Not hard, but compassionate and strong.


12. We attain things not by asking for them, but our simplicity and truth naturally attract attainments to us.


13. To imbibe the knowledge of drama with acceptance in my heart, and without any expectations is to have faith.  No matter what happens, I know there is going to be something better.


14. To become free from “I” and “mine,” I need to understand the first lesson deeply.  Understand the seed of “I” and “mine.”  “I” means to go inwards, and “mine” means to go upwards.


15. When you respect time, time respects you, and no one will waste your time.  When time is used in a worthwhile way, you will accumulate marks that will enable you to pass the final examination.


16. Keeping Baba as your Companion, be detached and loving.  Have a big heart, a brave heart, and a benevolent heart.  Then, no matter what happens, you will remain untouched.


17. Understand the feelings and intentions of a person.  Intentions (bhav) create feelings (bhavna), and feelings influence our words (bhasha).


18. Feelings of friendship, forgiveness, and fearlessness make my nature receptive to good.  Such a nature will not only change the way I am with myself, but also will change the way I am with others.


19. The more dependent I am on something, the more I am in bondage to that something.  Real happiness comes only from God.  Baba would say: “Don’t depend on anything, including the body.”


20.  Whatever I do, I do it with sincerity.  I do it with my heart.  My efforts are never superficial.  I make thorough and sincere efforts.


21. Baba’s Murli gives an x-ray and clear image of my inner self.  Baba has a cure for every type of illness.  He first takes an x-ray and then gives the medicine.


22. Are Shiv Baba, the Father of all souls, and Brahma Baba, the Father of Humanity, going to care only about Brahmins?  In fact, they have to think of the whole tree and serve all souls.


23. To follow in the father’s footprints, I learned to serve the whole world with the dharna of pure feelings and good wishes, and not just serve those who are directly in front of me.


24. Peace, cleanliness, and love should deeply penetrate the soul.  Due to whatever reason, whatever sorrow I have taken inside me, that is my mistake.  It is not the mistake of the one who gave sorrow.  Realize this.


25. I don't need money to do service – my pocket is empty, and I don’t carry a purse.  All I need is the sense to use whatever comes to Baba in a worthwhile way.


26. Renounce in a way that the inner eye never has the desire to even look in the direction of that which you have renounced.


27.  Power is of the Almighty Authority.   Strength is to become complete with all virtues.  Energy is the effort to never allow myself to become weak.


28. I asked Baba once, “What is rest?”  Baba replied that rest comes from staying in silence so that both mind and body are refreshed.


29. Baba’s words make us aware of what we have to do; and the scenes of the drama make it easy for us to follow His directions.


30. It was Baba who created the system of keeping the eyes open while in remembrance.  Our whole life’s transformation happens through our eyes.


31. As we go about our lives, let us smile at whomever we meet, for a smile creates a connection.  Are you so busy that you cannot smile?  This is subtle effort.  Ask yourself:  Am I sharing enough?


Click here to download the PDF version.





BK page in the Daily Guardian for February 6th

24 February 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.


IMPORTANT Update on Dadi Gulzarji's health - please read fully

20 February 2021 - sent on 18th February

Dear Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s jewels of light, all BK teachers, brothers and sisters in this land and abroad, and all the members of the divine family,


You will be pleased to know that our supremely respected Dadi Gulzarji’s health is gradually improving. After some intense checking, doctors have informed us that all parameters are normal. I spoke to our beloved Neeluben today who also gave the good news that Dadiji is conscious and is responding when spoken to.  Doctors are looking after Dadi with a lot of love.


Dr. Pratap Midha (Director, Global Hospital) stayed with Dadiji for one week, and after co-ordinating with other doctors, has now returned to Mt.Abu. At this time, respected Dr. Ashok Mehta, B.K. Ashaben  (Om Shanti Retreat Centre), Dr. Brijesh (Gwalior), Dr. Kavitaben (Hyderabad) and Dr. Benarasi continually have discussions with experts and all of them believe that Dadiji’s health will improve quickly and she will return to Gamdevi centre.


We have been receiving everyone’s messages for Dadiji’s good health, and extend many, many thanks in return. We request that you continue to cooperate with your vibrations of tapasya, and Dadiji will surely be discharged soon from Saifee Hospital, and return to Baba’s Centre at Gamdevi, Mumbai.


Please do not pay attention to all the false rumours that have spread about Dadiji. We will continue to keep you up to date about Dadiji’s health in the future.


It is our firm faith that Avyakt BapDada is looking after His chosen chariot very well and is giving His blessings for her to get well soon. Many, many thanks together with Godly remembrance to all brothers and sisters.


In Godly service,

B.K. Nirwair

Dr. Pratap


18 February 2021


Dear All, Greetings from Mumbai, 


Since morning there have been loads of FAKE messages being circulated across various social media platforms with regards to our Beloved Dadi Gulzar jikindly see attached image for reference. As a result of this chaos, we have been flooded with calls and messages from all over the world. Hence, we requested Dr. Ashok Mehta to give us proper and authentic information with regards to Dadi Ji’s health as he has been present in the hospital from day one. Being a senior Dr. and also the one who has treated Dadi Ji over years, it was best to ask him to give us proper information. 


So here is what he has said today at 3 PM (IST) 

"Dadiji is recovering, and her general condition is improving. She is haemodynamically stable, and passing adequate urine. She is conscious, responding to verbal commands. She is being weaned off the ventilator."


We hope the message is clear. Also, we would request all to PLEASE do not believe and circulate any messages on any social media platforms if it has not come from any official source. 


On Behalf of Karuna ji 






Latest Update on Resp. Dadi Gulzarji's Health - 16 February AM

17 February 2021

Divine Family.


Please accept loving remembrances to the decoration of the Brahmin clan, our sisters, and brothers from Bharat and foreign lands.


We are updating you on Respected Dadi Gulzarji’s health. She remains under the careful observation of her doctors. All the doctors are paying special attention to Dadi Gulzarji’s health, and the chariot is being looked after very well. Please continue to extend cooperation through your powerful yoga.


On Godly Service,

BK Dr Pratap (GHRC, Mt Abu)

at Saifee Hospital, Mumbai





Save the date!- FINALE - Living the Legacy of Love

15 February 2021


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Homeward Bound - Program for DF Madhuban Retreat on 27th & 28th February IST

15 February 2021

Double Foreigner Program  2020 - 2021 Season  –  27 & 28 February

Note: This entire program is also available here:



Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.


Please find the details for the February Double Foreigner Program as follows. 


Saturday 27 February,  8:00 - 8.45 am IST 

Nakki Lake and Baba’s Rock with Br David

Enjoy the legendary walk from Pandav Bhavan to Nakki Lake and Baba’s Rock as we DFs always do when we visit Madhuban. Brahma Baba and the children used to take the same route and climb up to the Rock in the mornings and evenings. You will notice the amazing work done by the BKs to beautify the lake with plants and a waterfall. And then finally spend those precious moments watching the sunset in powerful remembrance of the Sun of Knowledge.




Saturday 27 February,  8:00 - 9:00 pm IST 

Current Subtle Signals - Sr Jasu (London) interviews Rajubhai Ji (Madhuban) 

To expand on the subtle signals that we are getting from Baba and drama and the spiritual stage we need to create to respond to those signals. Is the subtle region closing soon? Will Madhuban be open for us to visit again as we did before the pandemic? AND MUCH MORE!! There will be time for Q&A from the listeners. (Live on zoom) 


Live on Zoom:  ID 93181568429   Passcode: 108




Please Note:  Rajubhai will speak in Hindi so when you enter the zoom, click on the translation button for the English translation


If connecting by the computer: 1) find the ‘interpretation option’ on the bottom of the screen. 2) select the ‘interpretation option’.  3) choose the language.


If connecting by mobile phone: 1) select the three dots option on the bottom of the screen. 2) select the interpretation option. 3) select the language


Sunday 28 February 8:00 - 9:00 am IST 

A Unique Story - Pandav Bhavan - Narrated by Sr Jayanti

A beautiful narration of Pandav Bhavan’s journey through the decades; from early days and humble beginnings to the ultimate place of peace on our spiritual pilgrimage. Sr Jayanti guides us to appreciate how each brick was laid in the growth of Pandav Bhavan - from the beggary part to expansion of service in India and the foreign lands. Pandav Bhavan has always been, and will continue to be, our sacred home and the heart of Baba’s yagya. 




Sunday 28 February  3:00 - 4:00pm IST 

What Is Next? - Sr Sona interviews Sr Denise

At every level people are faced with uncertainty. We want guarantees. We want to know in advance how much time and money we can expect. Even Brahmins want to plan ahead for our holidays and special events... including our trips to Madhuban. We want to know what is next.

But in these times of uncertainty, we BKs have to go with the flow like never before. We must be agile and use our power to adjust to the unexpected rapidly and without taking on undue stress. We must be flexible enough to adapt to increasing levels of stress, emotional pressure, social and professional instability. What role does our direct connection with Baba play in this scenario?


There will be time for Q and A from the listeners. 


Live on Zoom:  ID 93181568429   Passcode: 108




Sunday 28 February 8:00 - 9:00pm IST 

A Yoga Bhatti with Mohini Didi (NY)

Mohini Didi will be guiding us into a Global United Bhatti to reach our powerful stage through a 15 min sharing and deep drishti. 


Please turn on your cameras as we will be showing faces and eyes from around the world so we can all connect in the subtle region. (Live on zoom)


Live on Zoom:  ID 93181568429   Passcode: 108




For questions please do email us at:

For questions about languages other than English contact your language coordinator.


(see links below for Hindi and Tamil).

Zoom Link for All Sessions (Hindi):

Zoom Link for All Sessions (Tamil):

To watch the programs after they have been broadcast:


Much love, 

In Baba's yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team






BK page in the Daily Guardian for February 13th

15 February 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.



Regarding Dadi Gulzar’s Health update on 14th February

14 February 2021

Dear All,

Most of you are aware of the emergency hospitalisation of our beloved Dadi Gulzar Ji at Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital yesterday late evening due to renal issues. In this regard, today we have received a short message from Dr. Pratap Midha, who reached Mumbai to see her. 

"Om Shanti. There is improvement in Dadi Gulzar’s condition since yesterday. It was planned to put her on dialysis, however, tomorrow her team of Doctors will review her progress and then take a call on dialysis. For the next 24 hours, her team of Doctors is paying great attention to her health parameters. You all are requested to continue with the Akhand Yoga Bhatti at your Centers and keep giving Sakaash to the soul so she gets well soon."

Dr. Pratap

Dr. Banarasi



12 February (Late Evening): Dadi Gulzar’s Health Bulletin

14 February 2021

Om Shanti, love and greetings to all the Brahmin family.

Dadi Gulzar's health has improved further. The dosage of her medicine has already been reduced. Dadi Ji is resting. Thank you for your constant yoga tapasya support.  

In the service of Baba,
Dr. Pratap Bhai
Dr. Banarsi Bhai
Mumbai, Saifee Hospital


11 February 2021 Dadi Gulzar’s Health Bulletin :

Dear All, Om Shanti and Greetings from Mumbai 

Following is the health update on Dadi Gulzar Ji as given by Dr. Pratap Midha:

'Om Shanti. Dadi Gulzar's health is improving. She does not need dialysis as of now.

Her blood pressure, heart rate, and other parameters are normal. She still needs special care,

due to which she is being kept in the ICU. Her team of doctors is taking very good care. 

Thank you all for the powerful vibrations of good wishes.

On Behalf of Karuna Ji 




REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani from 27th January through 8th February

9 February 2021

8 February - 1 Method of Self-Care: Ep 1 [28:33]

7 February - How to Increase Self Control and Will Power? Part 4 [22:06]

6 February - ONE Thing To Do Before Death [10:15]

4 February - Don't Let People Stop You From Change [29:21]Episode 64 of Being Divine Series

2 February - 5 Minutes A Day To Fulfill All Your Desires: Part 3 [23:58] Episode 62 of Being Divine Series 

31 January - Vibrations Around Me ... Affect Me [29:05]

29 January - When You Think Of Unhappy People: Part 2 [22:34]

27 January - 4 Effects Of Your Every Thought [29:10] Episode 62 of Being Divine Series



BK page in the Daily Guardian for February 6th

8 February 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.



Watch the Replay: Interview with Sister Jayanti on "Nation Wants to Know", Republic TV, January 30-31

7 February 2021

Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti spoke to Republic TV’s Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami on Saturday, about meditation, Raj Yoga, soul-searching.

Amid the ongoing strife in the world over Coronavirus and clashes in India over farm laws, Brahma Kumaris European Director Sister Jayanti spoke to Republic Media Network Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami on Saturday about meditation, Raj Yoga, the need for introspection, and soul-searching. Sister Jayanti, who hails from London, also spoke about coming to India in search of her roots and joining the Bramha Kumaris to know more about herself. Envisioning a harmonious future for humanity, she said that we will move to Satyug – the age of truth.

Sister Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris speaks to Arnab, shares the BK philosophy against violence.

Crime continues to be one of the major challenges for most countries and India too faces the task of keeping the law and order situation intact. The most recent example of this was the farmer protests against the government’s three agricultural laws, that led to violence in Delhi. Amid this chaos, numerous spiritual organisations and mystics have been spreading the message of peace across the world, aiming to help people on an individual level, in an attempt at reducing the cases of law and order problems in the country.

Sister Jayanti speaks on COVID lockdown & recharging the battery

With the world battling the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent consequences, the past year since the virus outbreak has been difficult for people across the globe. The fears of lockdown and feelings of being caged took over individuals as governments imposed stringent curbs to cut down the spread of the virus. As a result, several beings were left alone and uncared for facing tougher times without any preparations.

Shedding light on methods to cope up with the difficulties faced by the globe today, Sister Jayanti Kirpalani of the Brahma Kumaris spoke to Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami and elaborated on the way to traverse through the lockdown and recharging the ‘inner battery’. Drawing parallels between our technology devices and the human body, Sister Jayanti remarked that just like mobiles, bodies were also discharged after prolonged use.

‘Awareness of the inner being’

Elaborating on the ways to get through tough times in the current state of affairs, she said, “Just looking at the current state of the world, I would say that this is such a difficult time for many many people to travel through and it feels as if it is a time that is very heavy, very difficult but also very dark. At such a time, meditation and the awareness of the inner being soul and the connection with God is the most critical aspect of our life. Because if I can go within and come to that awareness in which I can have a stable mind and a loving mind, a generous heart, and an intellect that is able to recognise the difference between truth and reality and that which is false and illusions.”

“I think that if I can develop these facets of my own being through meditation, I’ll be able to traverse this very difficult journey of life and without that inner capacity and inner strength, it's going to be very difficult. I know that for many people a long lockdown across the world has been a very difficult challenge and that’s because either they felt lonely, they had nobody who could support them or they felt too much burdened by the family,” Sister Jayanti added.

Emphasizing the need to recharge and rejuvenate, Sister Jayanti said, “If you have a battery, it gets discharged. Like with your phone, if you don’t charge it gets discharged. The same thing is with your inner being. You need to give time to recharge your own inner battery, your mind will become sensitive, your decisions will fluctuate. If you recharge your inner battery with meditation, you will have the power to deal with everything. It is important, especially today to give time to yourself.”

When asked about the message and teachings of the Brahma Kumaris, Sister Jayanti noted, “We feel it is very important to be able to study spiritual teachings because very often so far we have just been taught to believe something and not necessarily have an understanding of the ideas that come up. So, the Brahma Kumaris believe that the first step is to be able to understand yourself.  Very often it is said how self-realization leads to God-realization. So for me, that was absolutely true. When I began to understand what is the soul, but more importantly I began to understand the existence of the inner being, the being of light and peace."

Sister Jayanti speaks on impact of COVID-19 on world & need for recharging ‘inner battery’

‘Light is not fighting with darkness’

Sister Jayanti Kirpalani replied, “When there’s great darkness and light begins to end to the world, then it is a battle between light and dark. But always, not just in fairytales, but in reality, ultimately it’s the light that wins because the light isn’t fighting the darkness. If there’s darkness, what do you do, you just light a candle and the candle and the power of the illumination of the candle, will gradually allow the darkness to go away.”

Kirpalani also stated,” In a way, ignorance and darkness are coming because there is an absence of light. But when light begins to enter the world, the darkness disappears.”

‘Soul can be healed through meditation & God’s love’: Sister Jayanti shares mantra

Speaking further with Republic Media Network’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, Sister Jayanti opined that it is possible to heal the soul. According to her, the soul can be healed only through meditation and God’s love. Maintaining that the healing of a soul is a very different matter as compared to physical healing of the body, she stressed that meditation strengthens one’s connection with God. Moreover, Sister Jayanti contended that God’s love can then be shared with as many people as possible.

Sister Jayanti also remarked, “If you scratch below the surface, I don’t think there is a single human being around at this moment who doesn’t have a pain or sorrow that they are carrying. It is only through meditation and God’s love that soul can be healed. In physical terms, I scratch myself and there is a bit of blood, or I have an accident and there is a lot of blood spilled. (There is) a race to heal the body. But the healing of the soul is a very different matter.”

She added, “It is not even a question of time. Something may have happened 10 years ago, 20 years ago and I still carry the pain of that. My experience is that in meditation, I am genuinely feeling that I want to come closer to God. I want to be able to move forward. Then, my connection with God opens up a stream of love. And the power of God’s love is such that the power is able to heal the wounds of the soul. And my wounds have been healed and I am filling myself with God’s love so that my own heart becomes open and generous, then I can share that pure love not with one, not with two, not with 4 but with each and every individual that I am in contact with.”

Continuing her explanation, the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris contended that the entire world is in need of healing at the moment. She said, “The whole of the world is in the need of healing at this moment. This is why there is such anger and violence and aggression that we see continuously. When I am hurt, there is a saying that goes something like this - 'hurt people, hurt people'. This is a fact. So, if I can heal myself with God’s love, then I can also be an instrument to connect others with God so that they can also take this healing power of love from God.”

“Not only is it possible to heal oneself through God’s love, It is possible to go through a whole transformation. And through that transformation be able to remove whatever is negative in oneself. If you think about it, you see that whenever there is a negative thought- its ego, its anger, greed, attachment whatever, the basis of that thought is a false notion that my identity is connected with my physical form,”  Sister Jayanti elaborated. 

Sister Jayanti’s world vision

Speaking about her vision for the world in the future, she said, “I always think about myself. Can I think about the world and its needs? Mahatma Gandhi said, ‘There is enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for one’s greed’. Humanity will move together to the next level. Satyug is the age of truth – a world in which all of us can live harmoniously as one family, one world”.

‘Light always wins’: Sister Jayanti’s top 10 quotes on Brahma Kumaris’ philosophy

1.’Meditation a necessity in today’s dark times’

While talking about the anarchy being witnessed by the world in today’s time and the pain that the pandemic had caused, Sister Jayanti said, “In today’s world, at this moment of time when we are all part of the global family. Looking at the current state of the world it is such a difficult time for many people. It is a time that is heavy, difficult, and dark. Meditation, connection with the inner being of the soul and God is very important at this point of time. The first step is to have self-awareness and the second step is to connect to the Divine, the Being of Light.”

2.’In the battle between light & darkness, light always wins’

Mentioned above, but worth mentioning again in this context: “When there is great darkness and light begins to enter the world, then it is a battle between light and dark. But always, not just in fairytales, but in reality, ultimately it’s the light that wins because the light isn’t fighting the darkness. If there’s darkness, what do you do, you just light a candle and the candle and the power of the illumination of the candle will gradually allow the darkness to go away. In a way, ignorance and darkness are coming because there is an absence of light. But when light begins to enter the world, the darkness disappears,” she said.

3.’Recharge your inner battery with meditation’

Drawing parallels between our technology devices and the human body, Sister Jayanti remarked that just like mobiles, bodies are also discharged after prolonged use. “If you have a battery, it gets discharged. Like with your phone, if you don’t charge it gets discharged. The same thing is with your inner being. You need to give time to recharge your own inner battery, your mind will become sensitive, your decisions will fluctuate. If you recharge your inner battery with meditation, you will have the power to deal with everything. It is important, especially today to give time to yourself,” she stated.

4.’You have everything you need within yourself’

Stressing on the need for introspection she said, “First you must give time to yourself for introspection. You need to understand you have everything you need within yourself. You just need to connect with yourself under the layers and layers of dust that have accumulated. I need to slowly get deeper and reach the shining star that I am.”

5.If you have self-esteem, you can treat others with dignity and respect

‘If you have self-esteem, you can treat others with dignity and respect. I don’t need you to give me respect but rather I am able to give respect to you and probably you will start giving me respect in return.

6.’Happiness is something I have within myself’

Sister Jayanti also asserted that happiness never lies in persons or material things. “Happiness is something I have within myself. When I connect with the divine, I am able to connect with the happiness that is truly mine. I don’t need things or people to make me happy,” she stated.

7.’Healing of the soul is not a question of time’

Talking about whether souls could be healed at any time and age, she said, “Only through meditation and god’s love can the soul be healed. Healing of the soul is not a question of time. I can carry the pain of something that happened 20 years ago. In meditation, when I feel I want to move forward, my connection with God opens the stream of love, and God’s love has the power to heal the wounds of the soul.”

8.’Your identity is much more than your physical form’

“Whenever there is a negative thought, the basis of that thought is a false notion that my identity is connected with my physical form. Not true. My identity is something much more than my physical form. It is latent within my inner being,” she remarked.

9.’Each one of us has gifts from the divine’

“In the eternal identity of who I truly am, I see everyone as equal. Each one of us has gifts from the divine. There will be no ego if you recognize this. We need to maintain awareness of who we truly are. Every human being is valuable, every form of life, nature, and the planet is valuable,” she stated.

10.’There is no lack of anything, only a lack of love’

“When I’m in this limited form, I think about me, what I want, and the members of my family. That is a limited narrow way. Can I think of the world as my family? Being concerned for their needs as I am for my needs? There is not a lack of anything in the world, there is a lack of love; we are not willing to share,” she stated.



Masterclass with Didi Sudesh - Feb 6th (6:30 am EST; 11:30 am GMT;  2:30 pm AST; 5:00 pm IST)

5 February 2021







BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 30th

31 January 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.


Sister Jayanti to be interviewed by Arnab Goswani on Republic TV Sat 30/Sun 31 January

31 January 2021

Dear  Brothers & Sisters


Sister Jayanti will be interviewed by Arnab Goswami, Chief Editor of India's Republic TV on The Nation Wants To Know programme this weekend:


Saturday evening 30 January

10:00 pm India Time (IST)

4:30 pm UK Time (GMT)


Sunday morning 31 January

11 am India Time (IST)

5:30 am UK Time (GMT) 


Sky Channel 708


Republic TV's promo video for the interview is here:



With all good wishes

Rachel Priestman

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK)


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REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of January 18- 25

28 January 2021

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)

25 January - Your Mind Connects To Those You Think of - Part 1 [24:24]

23 January - Finish Your Pain and Guilt [29:27] Episode 61 of Being Divine Series
21 January - How to be Easy Going Always?: Part 3 [23:03]
19 January - What Can I Get From God? [24:46] Episode 60 of Being Divine Series


BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 23rd

23 January 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.



REMINDER to register by 25th January for "The Sanctuary Within" Global Silence Retreat

23 January 2021

Dear Divine Brahmin Family, Warmest Greetings of Love.

Certainly, you must all be extremely inspired and enthused after an especially powerful Day of Remembrance, January 18th.

We are sending this note as a reminder of the upcoming Global Silence Retreat from 29 to 31 January, an event that is open to the entire BK Family. The registration deadline for this retreat is Monday 25 January 2021.

Please refer to the accompanying invite for details; the registration link is: 

In Baba's loving remembrance,

Global Silence Retreat Team

(Srs Moira, Karen, Kathryn, Linda, Kim, Tanya, Sunaina, Yolanda, Chrissy, and Judi)



REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani from 22 December through January 18

22 January 2021

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


18 January - New Animated Movie: Story of an Angel: Brahma Baba [33:25]



17 January - Animation Story: Do not kill me, Let me Live [3:27]


16 January - Animated Story of an Angel - Brahma Baba [5:58]


14 January - Understanding God [29:18] Episode 59 of Being Divine Series



12 January - Why Do We Go Back To Wrong Habits?: Part 2 [22:36]

10 January - How to Experience God? [29:07]  Episode 58 of Being Divine Series


08 January - Two Minutes to Heal Your Upset Mind, Part 1 [18:38]


06 January - Create A Personal Relationship With God [29:17]  Episode 57 of Being Divine Series


04 January - Three Thoughts To Heal A Relationship [07:53]

02 January - Experience God's Unlimited Love [29:08]  Episode 56 of Being Divine Series


31 December - 2021 Will Be ... What YOU Want It To Be [20:56]


31 December - LIVE Musical Concert by Harish Moyal: 1 Jan 2021 [3:24]


30 December - Happy New YOU in 2021: New Song by BK Dr Damini [3:54]


29 December - 9 Hrs New Year Meditation - 31 Dec to 1 Jan [2:56]


28 December - Make Family Emotionally Stronger [7:48]

26 December - Every Karma By God's Will [28:57] Episode 55 of Being Divine Series


24 December - 2 Morning Habits Will Change Your Life [19:56]


22 December - How To Receive God's Blessings? [29:16] Episode 54 of Being Divine Series 




Madhuban Newsletter - January 2021 (with additional points)

18 January 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for January 2021 which includes the 18 Steps of Father Brahma (sent previously) for special effort for 18th January 2021 for Father Brahma's Day of Remembrance.


This also has additional points from 19 to 31 January for the remainder of the month.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban Newsletter in Hindi


Madhuban Newsletter in English






BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 9th

16 January 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.


National e-Launching of "Youth for Global Peace" on January 10

16 January 2021

The Youth Wing of Brahma Kumaris has taken up an initiative for 2021 called – “Youth for Global Peace” to empower youth physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually to face current challenges.


Key dimensions of the project:

On the first Sunday of each month, a national event will be organized from the Youth Wing headquarters based on a theme. Other regional centers of the Brahma Kumaris, based on the same monthly theme will have programs such as online webinars, youth dialogues, competitions, youth challenges through social media, etc. The age limit is kept from 18 years to 35 years.


To watch the replay of the e-Launch: [1:39:34]


This was streamed live on 9th January 2021. The launch featured:

Blessings  – Dadi Ratan Mohini, Chair-Person Youth Wing  

Inaugural Speech  – BK Nirwair, Secretary-General, Brahma Kumaris

Experiencing Inner Peace – BK Chandrika,  Vice Chair-Person, Youth Wing

Greetings - Umesh Patel, Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Chhattisgarh

Keynote Speech  – BK Shivani, International speaker 

Greetings – BK Vedanti, Director, Brahma Kumaris Africa

Dance Performance  – Gracy Singh, Actress  

Greetings – Amit Dhawan, Actor & Director  

Song by  BK Yugratan

Greetings  – Avni Varia, Artist & Heritage Professional 

Project Introduction – BK Geeta, Core Committee Member, Youth Wing Event Coordinator – BK Rupesh, Mt. Abu

Pledge  – BK Jignesh, BK Coordinator, Sweden  

Vote of Thanks – BK Kruit, National Coordinator, Youth Wing


Organizer: Youth Wing, Brahma Kumari |






2021 January Archive of International News