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REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of September 21

28 September 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)

27 September -Why Do Good People Suffer? [29:20] Ep 40 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/YMqVbYge7fQ

25 September - You LOVE Them Or Are ATTACHED To Them? Part 4 [21:23] https://youtu.be/6KSUfT0vB1k

17 September - Finish The Effect Of Past Mistakes [29:09] Ep 39 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/197yrs8i3Y8

21 September - How to Love Yourself? Part 3 [17:43] https://youtu.be/46I-DDE0Ovg


REPLAY A Special Sindhi Reunion - "True Belonging: Experiencing God's Love & Protection"

28 September 2020

Om shanti,


The Sindhi family program, inspired by Dadi Janki, which featured Sr Mohini and Sr Jayanti and aired this past Saturday September 26, was recorded and available for you to re-watch or share with the Sindhi family in your areas.




In Baba's yaad,

Brahma Kumaris NY





Brahma Kumairs Page in  The Daily Guardian - Delhi 26 Sep

27 September 2020

Download the page by clicking here.



Sr Jayanti Keynotes Global E-meet on Sustainable Development Goals on September 23

27 September 2020

Agenda – TIME is in UAE  (United Arab Emirates)

3 PM – 3:05 PM  –  Welcome of Experts and Participants. Context and Introduction by CA Rishabh Sawansukha, BizStreet, & SS Sujalaam Suphalaam Foundation, India (Host)


3:06 – 3:18 PM – Keynote Speech by Sister BK Jayanti Kirpalani Ji, Director of Brahma Kumaris (BK) for Europe and the Middle East, and a spiritual leader and teacher for 50 years. She has championed the co-operative role of spiritual organisations in creating a just and peaceful world. Sister Jayanti has been the organisation’s representative to the UN in Geneva since 1982, where Brahma Kumaris is accredited with General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).


3:19-4:20 PM – Expert Panel Discussion, moderated by Mayank Sawhney, MaxGrowth Consulting, UAE (Host), with 1. Anis Asghar, CIO, UNGSII Foundation, London, UK;  2. Alfred Berkeley III, Former President, NASDAQ, Washington DC, USA;  3. Antje Biber, Member of the Managing Board, FERI, Frankfurt, Germany;  4. Roland Schatz, Founder, UNGSII Foundation, Vienna, Austria;  5. Lucie Würmli, COO, Arfina Capital, Zurich, Switzerland; and 6. ML Mantoo, Founder, LFPCL & SS Sujalaam Suphalaam, India

4:21 – 4:25 PM – Distributed Ownership model in Integrated wastelands development for future projects meeting all SDGs; Experience Sharing of Mega projects in Ladakh by Veteran expert Shri ML Mantoo, Founder, SS Sujalaam Suphalaam, Delhi; Mission to develop One Million hectares of degraded wastelands in 500+ districts of Rural India creating 20 million new jobs at all levels. www.lfpcl.com


4:26 – 4:35 PM – Speech by Guest of Honor Shri Prem Singh Tamang, Honorable Chief Minister, Sikkim State, India

4:36 – 4:55 PM – Open House for Guests to interact with Honorable Chief Minister, Global experts, Q&A taken up via chat box during Summit

4:56 – 5:00 PM – Vote of Thanks and Announcements


Keynote Speaker

As Director of Brahma Kumaris (BK) for Europe and the Middle East and a spiritual leader and teacher for 50 years, BK Sister Jayanti ji has dedicated her life to self-transformation and service to humanity. Brahma Kumaris is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations, accredited with General Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and Sister Jayanti has been the organisation’s representative to the UN in Geneva since 1982. She has championed the co-operative role of spiritual organizations in creating a just and peaceful world. She has brought spiritual principles to the discussion tables of politicians, economists, business leaders, scientists and nearly every stakeholder of our times. Sister Jayanti sees the erosion of spiritual values as the underlying cause of the crises that the world is facing today.


Guest of Honor

Shri Prem Singh Tamang (born 5 February 1968), better known as P. S. Golay, is an Indian politician and the current Chief Minister of Sikkim and leader and founder of the Sikkim Krantikari Morcha (SKM). Prior to forming the party, he was a key member of the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) Party.


Shri Tamang was born on 5 February 1968 in the Nepali family of Shri Kalu Singh Tamang and Mrs. Dhan Maya Tamang. He hails from Singling Busty, West Sikkim. He graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Darjeeling Government College in 1988. After graduation, he worked as a teacher in a state-run school. His son is politician Aditya Tamang, who is also a member of Sikkim Legislative Assembly from Soreng-Chakung.


He served in ministerial roles in the Sikkim government for three consecutive terms: from 1994 to 1999, as the Minister for Animal Husbandry, Ecclesiastical and Industry Department; from 1999 to 2004 as the Minister for Industries and Animal Husbandry, and from 2004 to 2009 as the Minister for Building and Housing Department.


In 2003, Sikkim stopped imports of chemical fertilizers in the State, and since then the cultivatable land there is practically organic and farmers of Sikkim are traditional users of organic manure. Sikkim is the first organic state in the world. All of its farmland is certified organic.





REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of September 14-21

25 September 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


20 September - Millions Connect For Peace (Promo video) [1:18] https://youtu.be/IUZ2hcn46pQ


20 September - 24 hrs Meditation Experience on Shaping Peace Together - Awakening TV [3:16] https://youtu.be/RNiqrUFoyBU



19 September -How To Take Right Decisions Always? [29:03] Ep 38 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/a09ZO2PFVeM



15 September - Mistake: A Choice Or Destiny? [29:03] Ep 37 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/AXmlNJ8hLXM


17 September - 3 STEPS To Heal A Relationship: Part 2 [23:47] https://youtu.be/T7dKkUJYTzA


15 September - Mistake: A Choice Or Destiny? [29:09] Ep 37 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/AXmlNJ8hLXM





Event Details: International Brother's Retreat (Sept. 26th)

25 September 2020

Dearest divine brothers, the decoration of the Brahmin clan, those who are seated on God's heart-throne,


You must all be benefitting and enjoying the ‘Sakaash Challenge’ so far and "warming up" for our upcoming event.


At this time, we would like to again extend a warm welcome to all of you and share some additional information and important details for joining our event: Upping Your Game for Now and for the Future.


All brothers are invited to attend the global session, Touching Base, with Br. Ken and Charlie hosted in the Americas Zone. Brothers will be joining the event in their local zones and optionally attend any events.


Event times are shown below and broken down per zone. Please look at the local time in your own zone for each of the events happening around the world.


Attached is the event's Flyer


· Please use the following Zoom connect information to join the events. It is recommended to join 10 minutes before start time.



Zoom Link

Meeting ID


Australasia Event


979 7701 0175


Europe Event


989 2401 2400


Americas Event


979 7701 0175






Sydney Local Time

EU/Africa/Middle East  London Local Time


NY Local Time

Australasia Event

3.00 pm

6.00 am

1.00 am

Europe Event

12.00 am (midnight)

3.00 pm

10.00 am

Americas Event

5.30 am (27 Sep.)

8.30 pm

3.30 pm


· Additional event details:


Events & Topics



Australia /Asia Event

Talk: Upping Your Game – For Now and the Future

Br. Yogesh

Br. Tim*


Panel: Spiritual personality

Br.Yogesh, Br.David (Gyan Sarovar), Br. Ganesh (Sri Lanka)

Br. Tim*


Break Out Session


Br. Tim*

Europe Event

Talk: Upping Your Game – For Now and the Future

Br.  Nizar Juma

Br. Neville


Panel: Best use of time money and energy

Br. Perkin (Nairobi), Br. Alex (Brazil), Br. Brad (US)

Br. Neville


Break Out Session


Br. Mark

Americas Event

Touching Base: Upping Your Game – For Now and the Future

Br. Ken, Br. Charlie

Br. Eric


Panel: Sustaining the self and others at this time

Br. Ken, Br. Ernesto (Mexico), Br. Bhola (Surinam)

Br. Erik


Break Out Session


Br. Marcelo


Attached is the event's Flyers


With lots and lots of love,

The International Brothers Retreat Design Team.





ANTIDOTE TO UNCERTAIN TIMES Event for BK Young Adults Sat 26 Sept

20 September 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,

(Please forward this invitation to all young adults in your area)


A 2-hour semi-global event (America/Europe/Africa/Middle East) for Young Adult BKs

(Our next event will include Australia and New Zealand time zones) 



A way of living Light & Fearless with  Sr. Judy Johnson (Leadership Development Consultant, Author, Halifax, Canada)




Timings are:

San Francisco - 08:30

Calgary - 09:30

New York - 11:30

London - 16:30

Nairobi - 18:30 

Kindly Note: Our next event will include Australia and New Zealand time zones.


Please find attached below the invitation flyer (in pdf format)  

Please register for zoom details: bkiyf.eventbrite.com


The event is for BK young adults (aged between 16 - 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the yagya. It is also open to those 'graduates' (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF programmes or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.


Many thanks,

In Baba's yaad,


BK Gopi on behalf of the IYF Online Programmes Team






Conversation on Uncertain Times - 30 September

20 September 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators, Om Shanti.


Recently there has been a series of on-line panels for BKs to discuss ways they are Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective.


This series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years. You may check the whole series here: http://tiny.cc/UncertainTimesPlayList


Please see the invitation for Conversation #6  Fulfilling my Potential: Getting the Result I Want. This is a private event for BKs only.


Wednesday, September 30th

7:00 AM (New York)

12:00 PM (London)

2:00 PM (Moscow)

3:00 PM (Abu Dhabi)

4:30 PM (India)


As we see the final moments coming closer, do you feel ready? Is there worry that you have not done all you can to fulfill your potential and fulfill Baba's wishes for you? Join us as we consider our final moments as a scene of great satisfaction, having achieved full potential. What will it take to be ready to get the result you want?


The discussion will be in English. Those language coordinators who would like translation please contact Marcelo.


Asha Didi has been leading a spiritual lifestyle since the age of 9 and winning hearts as the Director of Om Shanti Retreat Centre outside of Delhi and Chairperson of Administrators' Wing.


Br. Artem has been in Knowledge since 1990 in Moscow. He was CEO of Telecom company and represents CNC Management Committee, Russia Region, and also COBS.


Sr. Sona has been with Baba for 28 years and she takes care of the service in Abu Dhabi since 2008. Due to the pandemic, she has stayed in Gyan Sarovar and has been serving there.


Conversation moderation by Sr Judy who coordinates the Halifax center in Canada.


With warm regards,

Conversations for BKs team





Saturday, September 19th Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper

20 September 2020

Click here to download.



Brahma Kumaris to Address Celebration of International Day of Peace with other Eminent Ambassadors

18 September 2020


Did you know that 21 September is the International Day of Peace?

To celebrate and to contribute to making the world a more peaceful place, Heartfulness in partnership with the United Nations, along with many ambassadors such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Sister BK Shivani and many others will be coming together for a global movement to ACTIVATE PEACE, Your Super-sense.

Peace needs you!

So, wherever you are, join the celebrations on Monday, September 21st, 2020 at 8 pm IST (India time), followed by a group meditation at 9 pm, on YouTube. Together we can activate this 24-hour chain of peace around the world, by joining the millions.

The ‘Celebrate Peace’ event will be broadcasted in over 100 countries and translated into over 24 languages via online streaming platform partners. Similar virtual events organized by the Heartfulness Institute, such as the International Day of Yoga, have been viewed by over 22 million people, and the upcoming event is poised to reach over 40 million people.

Daaji, the Guide of Heartfulness, said, “At Heartfulness, we will be transmitting on that day throughout the 24 hours. And if you would like to join us in meditation, simply close your eyes and tune into your innermost corner, where you find love in your heart. We will all be meditating together, for peace, harmony, and serenity to engulf this planet.”

BK Sister Shivani, a teacher from the Brahma Kumaris spiritual movement, said, “It’s time to heal the planet and love is the energy which is a healing energy. So when we all come together for our love for the planet, for our love for each other, and for our love for humanity, and together we create peace, we are going to take that first step towards healing our world.”

Deepak Chopra, well-known author and speaker, said, “Bring the presence of peace wherever you go, and if you do that the people around you will feel peaceful not by what you say, not by what you do, even, but just by your presence.”

Shekhar Kapur, noted director and actor, will steer the conversations between the renowned proponents of inner peace, including Daaji, Javier Zanetti, Deepak Chopra, BK Sister Shivani, Sharon Salzberg, as well as Bruce Lipton, Amandine Roche, Bob Boisture, Thomas d’Ansembourg, Marta Bassino, and Michela Moioli. Renowned musicians who have volunteered their time for peace will also be part of the event.

Confirmed partners include the United Nations Information Centre, the Fetzer Institute, Knauf Armstrong, Global Ecovillage Network, Amazoncare, ICSI, Red FM, the Spirit of Humanity Forum, Global Citizen India, Give India, Football for Peace, Education for Peace, Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace, MIT World Peace University, Lovely University, International Cities of Peace, and more.

The Heartfulness network will be supporting Communities of Peace around the world leading up to the main day, by holding online events from 5 September 2020. To participate in your local activities in India, please call 1-800-121-3492 or send an email to peaceday@heartfulness.org.

21 September is a great occasion to come together to create peace to help safeguard and preserve all life on our planet. Please join to “Create and Celebrate Peace.”

#connectingforpeace – Sign up today: heartfulness.org/peaceday



REPLAYS:Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani - Sept 1 through 13

18 September 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


13 September - 1 Mantra For Successful Relationships: Part 1  [20:30] https://youtu.be/VTjNWiPG69s

11 September - Why Does God Put Us In Difficult Situations?  [29:02] Ep 36 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/k_lE-qdbXZg



8 September -Why Is Shradh Performed? [27:30] https://youtu.be/7hMPJEl8ygI

7 September - Having No Expectations From Other People Part 4 [22:39] https://youtu.be/GMLrgPYc8_E

5 September - Can You Send Your Thoughts To Someone?  [29:19] Ep 35 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/2yoMOwwiOss 

5 September -New Songs "Life Is A Festival"  [ 3:45] https://youtu.be/wDNiDniPxhU

3 September - 1 Rule For Parent-Child Communication Part 3 [25:28] https://youtu.be/--rPh7hytYU 


1 September - Stop Karmas from Multiplying  [29:21] Ep 34 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/8z-Etu3nSZI



Madhuban Double Foreign Program 2020 - 2021 Season

17 September 2020

Dear Centre Co-ordinators,

Baba continues to sustain us in so many ways and we have all been keen to know when we may again make the pilgrimage to our sweet home of Madhuban. As we are all aware, the situation of Covid is still quite severe in many countries, including India, and so we cannot say with any certainty when this may be possible.

The Double Foreign programme team are thinking ahead and are preparing a virtual Madhuban experience with the theme of 'Madhuban Our Sacred Home'. The first transmission of a special Murli from BapDada will be on the 18th of October.  

Below is the first communication from the Double Foreign Programme Team. We hope you will all be able to join in.

Please do share this note, together with the message below, with your BK students.

With love,
in Baba's yaad,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Warmest greetings of love to our dear family.

As you most likely understand by now, the first half of this Season from October to January will be online. Our Seniors, the Madhuban Niwasis and the DF Program Team will endeavour to create as special an experience as possible through this new medium of experiencing Our Home.
October 2020
On the 17th of October at both 8:00 and 20:00 Madhuban time, there will be an online experience of Madhuban which will include a live welcome by our seniors and along with many touching scenes: The link for "Home Sweet Home" will be sent out to all the Centres soon. Centers can choose to watch at whichever timing best suits their time zone and a recording will also be immediately available to watch at your convenience.   


Sunday 18th of October is the first date this season for the transmission of a special Murli from BapDada, along with meeting the seniors. The broadcast will begin from 5:00pm India time. Dates for other transmissions during the season will also be sent to you.


November 2020 to January 2021
For November, December and January the DF Program Team will be designing some highly creative programs.  Details will follow.
February to April 2021
For February to April... as we understand Drama will decide the form the second half of the Madhuban Season will take and we will send the design as soon as it is possible.

In Baba's yaad,
DF Program Team:  
Celia, Chris, Dorothy, Manda, Marcelo, Nita, 

Petra, Pratiba, Suman, Sona, Trish, Vijai





REPLAY: Opening the Door of My Heart - An intimate and personal sharing from Sister Jayanti moderated by Br Eric Le Reste of Montreal for NCs and CCs of the Americas & Caribbean - 12 September

16 September 2020


Click on the above image to play.



Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper, 12th September

16 September 2020


Sunday, September 12th (click HERE to download):





Invitation - Worldwide Sindhi Family Program - Saturday, September 26

16 September 2020

Dear Jewels of the Brahmin Family, Om shanti and greetings of love,


A global team from London, Dubai, New York, and St. Thomas are planning for an on-line gathering of the Sindhi family worldwide.  Our intention is to bring them close, to provide sustenance and to appreciate the role they have played in the history of the yagya.


The event is planned for Saturday, September 26, from 8 to 10 AM New York time -  1:00 pm (London)  4:00 pm (Dubai)  5:30 pm (India)  8:00 pm (Hong Kong) We will have a few sharings from members of the community, a couple of songs and talks by Sister Mohini and Sister Jayanti.


We would appreciate your support in helping us find all of the people in the global family who may be interested in this reunion  – Sindhis in connection with our centres worldwide.  Attached is a letter of invitation that describes the program as well as a version that can be sent by WhatsApp. 

This link can be used for the registration   - tiny.cc/Sindhi_Invite

This is the zoom link for the program:  https://brahmakumaris.zoom.us/j/93034342293?pwd=R3RZWmt3SkYrQ1gwS1dXcjA0UVBRQT09


Our request is that the centres in your regions help us reach those who may benefit from this event.


Thank you for your support and cooperation.  If you have any questions -- or if you have a specific suggestion of a close influential and inspiring Sindhi in your community you would like us to invite, please let us know.


For any questions regarding the program, please contact Sr Anjani at anjani.seepersaud@us.brahmakumaris.org or 516 234 4620


In Baba’s yaad,

Sr Mohini & Sr Jayanti


Please click here to download the invitation letter (pdf).


Please click here to download the WhatsApp version.






Invitation to Online International BK Gujarati Retreat - 25 - 27 September

14 September 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Om Shanti. Please find attached an invitation to the Online International BK Gujarati Retreat September 2020 


Theme: Recharge Yourself - Reuniting with our Pure Essence


A beautiful change to receive sustenance from the seniors which will recharge, motivate and strengthen you in your efforts for the present time.


Date: Friday 25 - Sun 27 September 2020     

Time: Kenya Time: 3.00pm - 5.00pm   (India Time 5.30pm – 7.30pm)


Please register online on



Please pass on this invitation to those students from the Gujarati background who would be interested in attending the retreat. 


In Baba's yaad,

Sr Vedanti


Brahma Kumaris
Serve Africa Retreat Centre





Good Wishes from BK Nirwair Bhai, Madhuban

12 September 2020

My dear divine sisters and brothers of all the Godly Service Centres of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya in Bharat and foreign lands, Please accept multi-million fold hearty Godly love-filled remembrances.


I hope each of you must be enjoying the angelic company of Avyakt BapDada while going about your normal routine.


After about 5 months of lockdown, small groups of 50 BKs from different Centres of Bharat have started to visit Shantivan from the end of August for their 3-4 day Madhuban pilgrimage. Baba's children have been missing Madhuban a lot, and so as per the latest Government Guidelines, our responsible instruments are inviting and bestowing spiritual nourishment through a refreshing routine. All the participants seem to be flying with spiritual intoxication.


This year, we have had very good rains in Abu Road and Mount Abu, and all the water reservoirs are full! River Banas at Abu Road had also been flowing bank to bank for a few weeks in between, assuring continuity of water supply to all the towns and villages. These days, the devout have been visiting Mother Ambaji Temple near Abu Road (in Gujarat), and hundreds of tourists from Gujarat and nearby States have also been flocking to the Mount to enjoy the monsoonic weather, and waterfalls.


Mount Abu has received 67-inches of rain during the season so far; let's see what the second half of September brings.


Madhuban Niwasis of all the three complexes have been enjoying their regular routine of Seva and Tapasya Bhattis for Self Empowerment, and spreading spiritual vibrations to combat the wasteful forces in the atmosphere. The more we stay in Baba's company, we are taken away from the old world and the pull of the earth, to experience our Supreme Abode, and the feeling of togetherness with One. Neither can the body nor the atmosphere affect us thereafter...


With all loving good wishes,

BK Nirwair





Message from the RCs

10 September 2020

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Most lovely and respected members of the Brahmin family from around the world,


Greetings of love from the Regional Coordinators.  According to the time, we feel the need to connect with you and share occasional messages and subtle signals for how together we can fulfill both our responsibilities and Baba’s hopes during this time of increased fragility and unpredictability.


Baba has told us that things will happen suddenly and to be ever ready.  This means being free of fear and uncertainty about how our centres will run or what might happen. By remaining merged in Baba’s remembrance with the awareness that “nothing is mine; everything belongs to You” we become accurate instruments.  Baba’s company will give us power to face all situations.  Managing our centers and our service is made easy when we follow shrimat accurately. If you are unsure about anything, talk things through with your fellow centre residents, and if something is still unclear, discuss the situation with a senior.  


The strong energies and extreme conflicts emerging in the outer world are part of these times when all karmas are resolved.  Our role is to continuously do subtle checking of the intellect, remain apart from these conflicts and remove any waste as we bring our perfect form in front of us. Our spiritual journey is an inner one, taken through our minds and intellects and ultimately beyond both into silence and stillness.


When we remain in the constant company of Baba, the quality of our yoga will be high.  By sustaining that clear link, we will be able to take His guidance on big decisions and even on small things.  Most important now is our stage.  By making our stage stable and powerful, by being loving and detached we will be able to face any test.  By wearing our costume of light, made of the subtle threads of pure vibrations, we are able to bring the gifts of love, peace, compassion and kind-heartedness to the troubled souls of the world.  It’s in these times, especially where many of us are being asked to be more ‘isolated’, we have this opportunity to accumulate the power of silence and do mansa seva together.


While Baba’s vision has been our protection, time is calling us to live and to share that vision as we serve selflessly to bring peace to a world in conflict and love to hearts filled with animosity and fear.  In this way we also pass on the sustenance we ourselves have received.


As we bring establishment closer this is also the time for love and unity in the Brahmin family, for harmony among the instruments in all of Baba’s places.  Now is the time to pack up and create both the intention and the ethos that will keep us together as we create a new world with a new consciousness.  Each one of us, in this divine world family, is a humble instrument for this.


With love, in Baba’s yaad,

BK Nirmala on behalf of the RCs:

BK Mohini, BK Jayanti, BK Sudesh, BK Vedanti and BK Chakradhari


Link for the recorded message from the RCs:






Calling All Brothers! Announcing International Brothers' Event on 26 September

9 September 2020

Dear divine brothers, members of the clan of Shiva, and the decoration of the Brahmin clan, hearty greetings from the IBR design team,


At this time, we would like to invite you all to register online for our upcoming event on Saturday 26th September. Attached you will find the flyer for this event: "Upping Your Game - for now, and for the future". Please use the following link to register for the event: https://tinyurl.com/2020IBR


In addition, as a "warm-up" for our event we will be having a special preparation exercise. A week before the retreat we will be announcing a  "Sakaash Challenge", this challenge will run Sept, 17th through the 24th. Being part of this challenge you will come to know and understand "all things Sakaash (or Sakaash 101)" including some hands-on exercises. So, stay tuned and get ready!





This week's Brahma Kumaris page in India's Daily Guardian newspaper

8 September 2020

Click HERE to download pdf.



Links to the Full Series of Conversations on "Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective"

3 September 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Recently there has been a series of on-line panels for BKs to discuss ways they are Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective.


This series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years.  


Please see the list of all Conversations; there is a Youtube playlist you can access all of them:



With warm regards,

In Baba's yaad,


The Spiritual Conversations Team


#1 Financial Insecurity

Ken O'Donnell (Brazil) and Mara Gomes (Portugal)


#2 Intensification of Purification: Emotional Eruptions and Relationships

Gopi Patel (UK), Pamela Donnellan (Australia) and Enrique Simo (Spain)


#3 Finding Your Place: Belonging

Moira Lowe (Argentina), Rita Cleary (Boston), Ash Patel (UK)


#4 Relationship with Time 

Br Charlie (Australia), Sr Pratibha (South Africa), Sr Kim (Malaysia).


#5 Trusting the Divine Intellect when Facing Obstacles - UPDATED LINK

Luciana Ferraz (Brazil), Kiran Coyote (USA), Yogesh Sharda (Turkey)


As this was the most recent one, here is its link: https://youtu.be/mvEIhD_45dE





REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of August 24-31

1 September 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


30 August - Criticism, Comparison, Complaints… Avoid The 3 Cs-Part 2 [21:24]  https://youtu.be/R7jL117F8a8 



28 August - Effect of Imagination On Brain & Body  [25:13] Ep 33 of BEING DIVINE Series https://youtu.be/Uc_kR2B0v4A



27 August -We Got Sanskars In The Womb Part 1  [21:29] https://youtu.be/RGLqyN1Znno



25 August - 2 Steps To Finish Emotional Dependencies Part 3 [17:00] https://youtu.be/AjD-2gT6uTg  






REPLAY of Conversation #5 Trusting the Divine Intellect when Facing Obstacles

1 September 2020

Click here to replay the conversation: https://youtu.be/mvEIhD_45dE