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March Thursday Evening Insightful Conversations at Global Harmony House

1 March 2021


Join us on Zoom for these Insightful Conversations:
The first one is March 4th!





Learn to Meditate online! Global Harmony House Offers a New Series of Meditation Classes beginning Monday, March 1st evening

1 March 2021



Meditation Classes - Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays for four weeks.
Registration required:




Raja Yoga Meditation Course in English ~ Online - Begins Tomorrow, March 1st PLUS Special ShivRatri Event with Sr Shivani on Saturday Evening, March 13th

1 March 2021



Raja Yoga Meditation Course
English language ~ Online

Mar 1 - Mar 25, Mondays and Thursdays
6:00 - 7:30 pm PST
8 sessions of instruction


Whether you want to learn how to relax, need to be more concentrated and creative, or are searching for personal enlightenment, this course on Raja Yoga Meditation can satisfy each of those needs.
Course covers:

    Introduction to the art and practice of meditation
    Relaxing and re-focusing your mind
    Restoring inner peace and spiritual power
    Harnessing your thoughts, emotions and responses
    Understanding Karma

   Register English Raja Yoga Meditation Course   


Shiv Ratri Special Event with Sister Shivani ~ Online
Hosted by the Los Angeles Center

Mar 13, Sat 6:00 - 7:30 pm PST

Join us for this love-filled conversation on how the magic of world transformation begins when the three invisible energies meet, of God, souls, and time. Our very special speaker for this reflective hour is BK Sister Shivani. BK Shivani is a practitioner of Raja Yoga Meditation of the Brahma Kumaris for over 22 years. Her practical application of spiritual principles on the TV program ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris’ for over 13 years has empowered people to overcome issues of emotional distress, depression and relationship conflicts.

Note: Hindi, Tamil, Spanish and Persian translation available

Register button below will redirect to Los Angeles website

   Register Shiv Ratri special event with sister Shivani   


Ongoing Programs
Creative Meditation:

Fridays, 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm
with harp and live commentary
Saturdays, 10:30 am to 12:00 noon
Sundays, 10:30 am to 12:00 noon

Evening Workshops/Talks:
Mondays, 7:00 to 8:30 pm - different weekly topic
Tuesdays, 7:00 to 8:30 pm - different weekly topic
All times are Pacific Time.

We continue to provide online spiritual sustenance with meditations and classes. You are welcome to share these with your contacts.

For more info about any of the programs and to access the Zoom login,
please visit the events pages on the San Francisco Center or Anubhuti websites.




Change the Script in Your Mind - An Insightful Conversation at GHH with Brother Dr. Karthik Ventkatachalam, Thursday, Feb 5th at 7 pm EST

22 February 2021


One-click zoom link:
Meeting ID: 920 291 213, Passcode: harmony




Launch of Om Shanti Album with Ricky Kej and Sister Jenna

20 February 2021



Washington DC (USA): The launch of the Om Shanti album on Sunday was extremely successful with wonderful feedback. Below are links where you can listen to or download the entire album free of charge. This is our gift to you. Please enjoy and share with your friends, family and networks.







Ubuntu: Sharing the Spirit. Special Program Honoring Black History Month on Saturday, Feb 20th at 10 am EST

20 February 2021


Click on the above image to be taken directly to the Zoom link.




Winter Storm News from Dallas Texas

18 February 2021


Om Shanti Divine Family, Greetings of love.

Due to the unprecedented, historically low temperatures over an extended period, there is a power outage in the center and for few Brahmins since February 14, and we are expecting the outages to continue for the rest of the week.

Texans are not used to these low temperatures. The electric companies are trying to restore power. But it can go anytime. Today we have had power since 9 am.

We are well equipped and managing well to do the Murli classes in the mornings and Yog/Tapasya in the evenings - and are of course enjoying the drama.

Thank you for your loving good wishes.
Sr Ranjan
Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center




Feb 18, 7 pm EST: Rebuilding Inner Strength - an Insightful Conversation about Self-awareness, Self-encouragement, and Reassurance

17 February 2021



How to connect:
Meeting ID  920 291 213,   
Passcode:  harmony




New Initiative - Uniting Souls in America (USA) Mansa Seva

17 February 2021


Dear Divine Family, Warm greetings filled with love.

In our February 14th USA sustenance call, we presented a mansa-seva project to serve the USA. The theme of the initiative is Uniting Souls in America (USA) Mansa Seva. This program is in response to the increase in hate crimes and domestic terrorism. The country we love and are here to serve needs us, ancestor souls, at this time.  Collectively, we can and at least try to unite this country's souls through some common spiritual threads.

This mansa seva initiative asks all BKs to spend at least 30 minutes of our evening meditation to devote to this worthwhile cause, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm, starting from February 15 through Dadi Janki Day (March 27).  

The aim of this time together is to:

·        To see everyone as souls. Not as a particular race, or religion, or ethnic identity but to really see each one as a soul.

·        Through our thoughts, our yoga, and our sakaash connect all souls to their eternal Parent.

·        Become a conduit of Baba's love and spread it to each and every soul in this country.

·        Increase souls' sense of belonging to a higher cause and their Divine Parent.

The team will send out excerpts on Mansa Seva, on Baba's love, belonging, good wishes, and pure feelings for each of the days in this initiative.  We suggest you use these excerpts to guide and deepen your mansa seva.  For February 15, 16, and 17 we suggest you use the Avyakti Parivar points for each day, as these points are focused on the practice of soul consciousness.

In Love and Remembrance of our Beloved Baba,
USA Mansa Seva Team on behalf of Sister Mohini




A Weekend of Love! Nothing but Love! Two Heartfelt Online Events on February 13-14 at Peace Village

15 February 2021



Peace Village hosted Two Heartfelt Events this weekend for “A Weekend of Love!  Nothing but Love!”

  •     A talk on “Be Your Own Valentine” Saturday, February 13, 12 pm – 1 pm EST  with Special Guest: BK Sister Jenna from Washington DC. Please click on the image above to replay the session.
  •     An experimental workshop on “Eternal Love” Sunday, February 14, 10 am – 12 pm EST


We all are looking for everlasting love, a pure love that transcends the limits of time and the boundaries of space. In this creative workshop, we explored together the reservoir of a love that is permanent. The workshop included fun activities for discovery and reflections along with experiential meditation that helped us dive deep into this sweet exquisite love.   The roots of love are in eternity -- Rumi





Please click on the image above to replay the session.




REPLAYS of Online Events at Silicon Valley from January 25th through February 6th

12 February 2021


6 February – Webinar: Are you seeing yourself through the eyes of others [56:01]

February 1st – 7th – 14 -day Goal to Instill Deep Love for Yourself [7 videos, each about 30 minutes long] Playlist:

31 January – Tips to increase confidence in Kids – Raising Confident Kids – Last Class #5 – Parenting Class [58:25]

31 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 31 (Inner Storms – Musician recognizes another great musician. To know God…?) [33:40]

30 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 30 (Inner Storms – Is Pain a Blessing in Disguise?) [35:37]

29 January – Why Everything is so Uncertain [6:59]

29 January – Why Am I in Emotional Pain [3:34]

29 January – Victory Over Uncertainty [1:51]

29 January – Peace in the Storm of Uncertainty [4:11]

29 January – Limited to Unlimited Consciousness [8:29]

29 January – Emotional Self Protection [4:41]

29 January – Deal with Uncertainty in Relationships [3:59]

29 January – Child-like Faith [3:45]

29 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 29 (Inner Storms – Not to Fear, But Understand) [33:01]

28 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 28 (Understand Yourself, Not Make Others Understand You) [30:09]

27 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 27 (World Family, Heal) | Guided Meditation [30:27]

26 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 26 (No Expectations) | Guided Meditation [30:15]

25 January – Be a Better Version of Yourself - Day 25 (Giving, Forgiving) | Guided Meditation [31:00]




REPLAYS of Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center from 25th January through 7th February

12 February 2021


7 February – Learn to Meditate – Introduction Course – Day 2 [1:32:04] with Subhen Bhai

5 February – What Makes You Special [18:53] with Sr Sujan

4 February – Time for Tech Detox [1:06:24] with Sr Rona

4 February – PowerBoost: Using the Third Eye [16:40] with Sr Rona

2 February – PowerBoost: The Energy of Thought [19:46] with Sr Rona

1 February – PowerBoost: True Independence [16:12] with Sarah FitzGerald

29 January – Powerboost Meditation [18:00] with Sr Rona

28 January – I Love My Self [1:09:40] with Sr Rona

26 January – Powerboost: See The Light, Be The Light [16:54] with Sr Sabita Geer

25 January – Powerboost Lunchtime Meditation: Our Present Situation [19:06] with Dr Prashant Kakoday




REPLAY: Experience The Power of Silence for Peace & Harmony in Our World hosted by BK Fresno, CA, USA

12 February 2021

A Meditation for World Peace and Harmony is held usually on the third Sunday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. It includes an inspiring message and guided meditation from an experienced meditation teacher for healing and harmony to our world. The event is hosted by the Fresno Brahma Kumaris.

This month, the theme is The Power of Silence for Peace & Harmony in Our World. Please join us in this very timely message for 2021!

Brother Harsha from the San Francisco Meditation Center will lead us into deepening our experience of silence through meditation and share insightful points of how we can contribute towards peace in the world. Brother Harsha is a practitioner and teacher of Raja Yoga Meditation for 16 years. He conducts classes in meditation and organizes workshops & retreats on different topics related to spirituality.

Click on the image below to play [1:11:30].




February 8th Through March 1st Online Meditation Events offered by Brahma Kumaris San Francisco

12 February 2021



Online Monday Meditation Workshops:

02/08: Finding Peace in A Noisy World
02/15: Realize and Release Your Potential
02/22: How To Love and Be Loved
03/01: Dealing With Anxiety

Register for Monday Meditation Workshops

Weekly Dharma Talks ( Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm PST – Pacific time)
Register for Tuesday Dharma Talks


Online Meditation Events for Inner Peace:

Guided Meditation with Live Harp Music
Friday, 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PST  (Pacific time)
Info              Register

Healing and Inner Silence Meditation
Saturday, 10:30 am – 12 pm Noon PST (Pacific time)
Info              Register

Time For Healing – Creative Meditation
Sunday, 10:30 am – 12 pm Noon PST  (Pacific time)
Info              Register

All Events are offered Online.
Zoom ID and Passcode is emailed upon Registration for each Event.




Peace Village February Events

11 February 2021


Click Here To Register for both events

Click Here To Register

Click Here To Register


Please see our current calendar of events!




Link for Several Published Weekly Articles Written by Sr Chirya for the Owego Pennysaver Online Newspaper Plus Other News

10 February 2021



Om Shanti,

Thought you might have interest in some service news!  We are all fine and enjoying lots of snow and cold, in the bodiless stage!

    Here's a link for a list of several of Baba's weekly articles published in the on-line Pennysaver:
    The Mountain Eagle newspaper is also continuing to publish weekly and is very happy to have me "as part of the team!" says Editor Matt recently.
    Sunday's BK Daily News from Karuna's office also published Baba's recent article on Unity:

    Knowing Our Identity Creates Unity

bkdailynews­.org - President Biden's focus on Unity inspired Sister Chirya to write this article.
President Biden was elegantly humble in delivering one major thought into the collective conscience of the nation in his i…

And here's a photo of an article that arrived in today's Pennysaver.  We were most pleased with how it was published. The photo is one that I took. Many loved the store 'The Hand of Man' (mentioned under the photo). My lokik sister Pat ran it for 45 years and it recently closed.

BapDada in the early days gave me the blessing of my name and continued at one point saying, 'Chirya, you are the one who continues to 'chirp, chirp, chirp' knowledge to everyone'. And it's happening!  Baba is doing and I am enjoying!

All is well,  lots of love,
Sr Chirya




Celebrating Shiv Ratri with 11 new videos

10 February 2021


Om shanti and loving greetings dear divine brothers and sisters,

A small international team has created 11 YouTube video's to celebrate 11 names of God in honour of Shiv Ratri.

One video per day will be shared. Sr. Gopi's voice is the meditation commentary taken from Baba's description of Himself.
Here is a sample of one of the video's, so you can have a taste of it.

Also click here for the playlist to follow if you would like one per day starting March 1.
Shiv Ratri Videos

with love,
in Baba's heart
Halifax family




Release Your Wings Offers a New Meditation Video

10 February 2021



Restore and Refresh yourself with a new guided meditation by Sister Shireen [6:35]




Special Videos featured at the Meditation Museum Week of January 25th

10 February 2021


30 January - Online  Course Trailer [0:52]

28 January - Light - Poem by Akshay [1:33]

26 January - Republic Day of India [4:04]




REPLAYS of Programs at the Miami Meditation Center from 23rd January through 6th February

9 February 2021


6 February –  Fridays with Friends: 'How Does Quantum Apply in My Life? ' with Koen & Yolanda [33:06]

4 February –  Part-2: Developing Unshakeable Core of Strength with Sr. Waddy [18:01]

3 February –  SPANISH: En busca de la verdad... con Amar [24:52]

30 January –  Fridays with Friends: 'Injecting Spirituality in Workplace' with Craig & Tej [24:53]

28 January –  Part-1: Developing Unshakeable Core of Strength with Sr. Waddy [19:59]

27 January –  Spanish: El Poder de las Intenciones Puras con Marjorie [26:13]

23 January –  Fridays with Friends: 'Protecting the self from negative energy' with Meredith & Yolanda [19:47]




February Events at L'Émergence, please scroll down for English

9 February 2021


L'Émergence, votre Oasis de paix

Chers amis de l'Émergence... Om shanti !

Comme vous le savez, suite aux récentes mesures du gouvernement, nos activités se poursuivent en ligne. Merci de votre présence en grand nombre durant le mois de janvier. Cela fait chaud au coeur !
Veuillez noter que certains horaires seront confirmés après le 8 février, date à laquelle nous en saurons plus sur le maintien ou non du couvre-feu. Merci de votre compréhension.

Que votre lumière intérieure reste bien allumée!
L'équipe de L'Émergence



L'Émergence, your Oasis of Peace

Dear Friends of L'Émergence,
As you may already be aware, due to the recent measures that were announced by the Quebec Government, our activities have continued solely online. Thank you for your presence in such large numbers during the month of January. Our hearts rejoiced!
May your inner light remain constantly illuminated!

With warmest regards,
The L'Émergence Team




Visions for a Better World – World Peace Meditation in Miami

8 February 2021


Miami, Florida (USA): A special session on ‘Visions of a Better World‘ was dedicated to the Day of Remembrance of Brahma Baba, observance of Martin Luther King Day, National Day of Service and was followed by World Peace Meditation.

BK Veronica (Waddy), Area Co-ordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Florida shared how both Martin Luther King and the founder of Brahma Kumaris were visionary leaders during transformative moments leading a life of non-violence and generosity. She also underlined how ‘respect‘ is the first inherent quality in being generous.

Please click on the image above to revisit the session.




Anubhuti Has A New Website! PLUS - Upcoming Emotional Liberation Experiential Workshop and Meditation Courses in English, Gujarati, and Punjabi

7 February 2021



Visit our NEW website!


         Register English Raja Yoga Meditation Course       


   Register Emotional Liberation : Find the Light Within    


        Register Gujrati Raja Yoga Meditation Course         


        Register Punjabi Raja Yoga Meditation Course        


        Register 3 Days Experiental Meditation Course        




Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Offers 14-DAY GOAL to INSTILL DEEP LOVE for YOURSELF

7 February 2021



Join us for a 14-day goal to experience your real beautiful self through spiritual glasses (LIVE meditation) and effortlessly fall in pure love with yourself!

    No Prior Experience Needed
    Starting February 1, 2021, from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm (PST)
    Join us with just one click:
    Please calculate your local time here:

Om Shanti




Opening the Door of My Heart with Meredith Porte, Thursday, Feb 11th, 7:00 pm EST

7 February 2021



Zoom Info:
Meeting ID: 920 291 213, Passcode: harmony




Interfaith Harmony Week invite with link

7 February 2021



Dear Divine Family,

We extend a warm invitation for you to join the BKUN team, NY, as we celebrate UN World Interfaith Harmony Week. The event will be premiered on Brahma Kumaris at the UN YouTube channel on Sunday, February 7 @ 12noon EST. here is the link to join us:

Please download the flyer with more details here and circulate this among fellow students and contacts.
Thank you for your cooperation and presence.

In Baba’s yaad,
BKUN team




February Events and Courses at the Manhattan Meditation Center

6 February 2021


Click on the image below to register.




Sundays - Weekly Forum for Healthcare Professionals

6 February 2021


Dear Instruments,

We continue to hold these sessions with the support of a team of BK professionals and they are well received. Please do make this announcement available to your contacts in the field. Thanks.


Dear Healthcare Colleagues & Friends, Warm greetings!
This is a gentle reminder to join our weekly Sunday evening forum … Feel Well - Heal Well: Meditation for Healthcare Professionals, Sunday, February 7, 8:00 pm – 8:45 pm EST.

This week, the session will be featuring, "Happy Food-Happy Mood - A Pathway to Healing" - a conversation between Kanishtha Agarwal, MBBS, PhD, and Shvetank Agarwal, MD, Cardiac Anesthesiologist, South Carolina

As you may know, we have changed the way you join the calls, requiring you to pre-register through this link:

If you have registered once, you don't have to do it again. You can simply use the link that was provided to you when you registered the first time - PLEASE SAVE IT. You can also add it to your outlook or google calendar which will save the link as well.

If you prefer to join through zoom ID, then you may do so. However, you will have to register every time you attempt to join, even though you may have registered in the past.

The Meeting ID is: 982 5619 0814.

Most sessions are also broadcast on PV facebook live.

We hope this is not too confusing and look forward to having you with us this and every Sunday.

HERE you may download a flyer with registration details

Kala on behalf of FWHW team



Cette fin de semaine à L'Émergence | This Week-End at L'Émergence

5 February 2021


L'Émergence, votre Oasis de paix

Cette fin de semaine à L'Émergence




Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - January 2021

2 February 2021


Murli Class by Br. Ken for the BK Florida Family


Jan 24: Br. Ken joined the Florida family and Peace Village family for murli and class. Welcome to revisit his class on Purity via:
Meeting Recording: Click here 
Access PasscodeBrKen-Purity1




Avyakti Day with the BK Family



Jan 18: Avyakti day at the BK Orlando Center


BK Sister Amola of Orlando, Florida has Flown to Baba



Click here for full report with photos.





Who Owns My Mind? An Insightful Conversation with Sister Devki, Thursday, February 4th, 7 pm at GHH

1 February 2021



Upcoming Thursday Evening Series at Global Harmony House - Rebuilding Inner Strength

1 February 2021


REPLAYS of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center Week of January 18th

28 January 2021

19 January - Language Of God Lesson 7 by Sister Liza Haddad [1:18:14]




REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center Week of January 18th

28 January 2021


21 January –  Wednesday Wisdom: The Journey of a Pilgrim - with Sister Veronica [13:03]

20 January –  Spanish: "Una vida de Generosidad" con Amar [25:50]

19 January –  A Life of Generosity' with Sister Veronica [17:43]



Upcoming Online Events for February 2021 at the Boston Meditation Center

28 January 2021

Please register at




REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum from 21 December to 16 January

24 January 2021


16 January - Feeling Great No Matter What! [1:07:30]

14 January - Toward a Meaningful Life with Rabbi Simon Jacobson [1:05:25]

13 January - How to Express and Experience Love Naturally with Kanu Kogod [1:13:25]

11 January - Facing Fear, with Bill Bennett [1:04:35]

8 January - Discover your Inner Resilience [1:02:25]

7 January - Understanding the Power of Thought [1:08:35]

6 January - Prayer Vigil for America [1:08:30]

6 January - Let's pray for America [1:59]

1 January - NewYear's 2020 Message [0:36]

23 December - The Art of Giving [1:02:50]

22 December - Changing My Attitude [1:09:40]

21 December - Meditation Monday [57:50]




REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center from December 14 through January 15

23 January 2021


15 January –  Fridays with Friends: Spiritual Conversation on "Going Beyond Influence" with Meredith & Craig [36:14]

13 January –  'Wednesdays on Wisdom: When is a good time to forgive' - By Waddy [24:00]

12 January –  Spanish: El regalo del Presente con Marjorie [26:11]

8 January - Sweetness of Silence: Conversation between Meredith & Meeta [18:37]

5 January - Spanish Version: The 12 Gifts of Christmas for Me (12 Regalos para el alma for Dias de Navidad) [around 15 minutes per gift] Playlist:

22 December –  Teaser: Special "12 days of Christmas" Inspirational Experience... [00:59]

18 December –  Continue to evolve with "Upside of Uncertainty" facilitated by Craig [09:36]

17 December –  "What's your state of mind? " with Meredith [15:18]

16 December –  Sowing the seeds of Love and Peace Meditation : with Kristina [13:50]

15 December –  "The Upside of next steps" with Sr. Denise Lawrence [1:04:52]

14 December –  "Silencing the Mind" by Alex [11:30]  




The Mind of an Angel! with Sr Dorothy - Thursday, Jan 21, 6:30 pm EST PLUS other January Events at Peace Village

21 January 2021


Join On Facebook Live


Please see our calendar for the month of January!


For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.




Tapping the Source of Serenity & Well-Being - Brahma Kumaris & Northeastern University, Boston, USA

20 January 2021


You are most welcome to join this special event
organised by Brahma Kumaris and the Northeastern University of Boston, USA

Tapping the Source of Serenity & Well-Being
Thursday 21 January  | 6.30pm – 8.30pm GMT (UK)  |  1.30pm EST (USA)
Feel free to share with your colleagues and friends.

   Click here to watch online   



   Drawing Stability and Nourishment from Within - 5 November  

   Transcending the Challenges of a World in Transition - 19 November  

   Create Your Vision Color Your World - 3 December  

   Future Thinking for a World Re-Imagined - 19 December  



Upcoming Hindi & English Meditation Courses and other programs at Anubhuti Retreat

19 January 2021



Hindi Raja Yoga Meditation Course Online

Tue, Jan 19 through Thu, Jan 28
10 consecutive sessions of instruction
5:00 - 6:30 pm PST daily
Class topics: Who Am I, About God, Three Levels of Consciousness, World Cycle, Karma, Powers of the Soul, Foundation of Meditation, and Spiritual Lifestyle

Zoom Meeting link:
Meeting ID: 945 8574 9975 Passcode: selfcare


     Register Hindi Raja Yoga Meditation Course    




3 Day Experiential Meditation Course Online - English

Jan 22, Fri 6:30 - 7:45 pm
Jan 23 and 24, Sat and Sun 10:00 - 11:15 am

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 969 3838 1649 Passcode: Omshanti20


     Register 3 Day Experiential Meditation Course   




World Meditation Hour Online ~ once a month on Sunday

Jan 24, 5:30 - 6:30 pm PST
Meditation for World Peace and Harmony, once a month on Sunday from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Inspiring message and guided meditation from an experienced meditation teacher for healing and harmony to our world. Hosted by the Fresno Brahma Kumaris.

Zoom login:
Meeting ID: 964 8668 0865 Passcode: 330168


     Register World Meditation Hour    




Janvierà L'Émergence | December at L'Émergence. Please Scroll down for English

18 January 2021

L'Émergence, votre Oasis de paix


Chers amis de l'Émergence... Om shanti !

Nous vous souhaitons une excellente année 2021 emplie de tous les trésors que la spiritualité peut nous offrir : que la paix, l'amour et l'épanouissement abondent dans toutes les sphères de votre vie.


Suite aux plus récentes mesures du gouvernement, les activités en présentiel au centre ne seront plus disponibles jusqu'à nouvel ordre. Nous poursuivons toujours nos activités en ligne avec une toute nouvelle programmation. Veuillez noter que les horaires des activités qui ont lieu d'habitude en soirée à 19 h, ont été avancés afin de permettre aux bénévoles qui les animent de respecter l'horaire du couvre-feu. Merci de votre compréhension.


Que votre lumière intérieure soit constamment allumée en 2021!

L'équipe de L'Émergence


Cours, conférences, ateliers disponibles EN LIGNE



Cliquez sur la bannière pour vous joindre en ligne.


Méditations du midi sur Facebook 



Conversation spirituelle : karma & destin - par BK Shivani



L'Émergence, your Oasis of Peace


Dear Friends of L'Émergence,

Om shanti! Happy New Year 2021! May it be filled with all the treasures that spirituality can offer, so that peace, love and fulfillment abound in all spheres of your life.


Following the recent measures that were announced by the Quebec Government, there will be no activities offered in-person at the Centre, until further notice. We will be continuing our online activities with brand new programming. Please note the new timings for our evening activities. They are being scheduled earlier to allow the volunteers who facilitate them to respect the curfew. Thank you for your understanding.


May your inner light be constantly illuminated!

With warmest regards,
The L'Émergence Team



NB: Oasis of Peace is offered online only. No more at the Centre.



Click on the banner to join us online.


Live Meditation every Friday on Facebook!



Special Talk | Power of Good Wishes BK Ken O'Donnell, Brazil







January 21st Brahma Baba's Program

16 January 2021

Zoom Link:





CandleLight World Peace Meditation Hour By Brahma Kumaris Miami

15 January 2021



Miami, Florida (USA): The third Sunday evening session was dedicated to World Peace Meditation and comprised of an online gathering of Miami BK family & friends for a special candlelight meditation. This hour was focused to share blessings & love with the world through the power of peaceful thoughts and its vibrations for the holiday season.



Living Values Classes for Kids (8-14 years) – ONLINE hosted by Silicon Valley BKs

15 January 2021

  • Sunday | 01/17/2021
  • 10:30 am - 11:30 am (PST)
  • 408 809 1908

How do we ensure that our kids learn and sustain values in today’s unsafe world? How do we harness the innocent and young generation’s ability to grasp, learn, and grow it in the right manner? At Brahma Kumaris, we understand that positive living values are needed to raise a “Whole child”. Living values such as peace, love, respect, tolerance, cooperation, honesty, responsibility, and freedom are critical social values cherished and aspired all over the world. Our unique technique will enable them to absorb and imbibe these living values content easily. The classes are catered towards kids (8-14 years) and they have been customized in a way so that learning will be fun and easy.


Recording: Sister Gopi on Integrating Energy, Yoga, and Attachment - hosted by Brahma Kumaris Halifax on 12 January

15 January 2021

Click on the image above to play the recording of Sr Gopi of London reflecting on the Murli of 12th January. 


Peace for the USA

15 January 2021

Om Shanti, Baba’s elevated instruments serving in the United States of America,

The souls we have been given the opportunity to serve are all in need of powerful peaceful vibration. Great amounts of upset, anger, and conflict are palpable in this part of the world.

We are hopeful that you will be able to share extra peaceful vibrations each day for the rest of the month to serve the souls who have to play their unique roles. You may also inspire the students in your area to have mansa seva for the country and the world.

In Baba’s yaad,

BK Mohini

BK USA National Office


Experiences with Sakaar Brahma Baba with Senior Brother Mohan Singhal on 17th January, hosted by Brahma Kumaris Dayton

14 January 2021

Join us for experiences with Sakaar Brahma Baba shared by Senior Brother Mohan Singhal Bhaiji, Shantivan, Mount Abu
Sunday, 17/01/2021
9:30 AM - 11A M EST USA
8:00 PM - 9:30 PM IST INDIA
9:30 AM Meditation followed By Mohan Singhal Bhaiji’s experiences with Sakaar Brahma Baba

Join the program on Zoom:
Meeting ID: 919 1665 6838
Password: shiva

Looking forward to seeing you soon,
Om Shanti

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January Events and Courses at the Manhattan Meditation Center

9 January 2021

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Request for Powerful Yoga for USA in January

7 January 2021

Om Shanti and Greetings for the New Year,

Baba has chosen special instruments to serve in the USA. Each of you is being asked to share our vibrations of peace and harmony during these unsettled days where the change of power occurs in the USA government.

Please suggest to the instruments and students in your area to offer powerful raja yoga vibrations for the citizens and the USA family. It is anticipated that this month may need extra calming energy for all souls here.

Br Erik for BK Mohini




News from Washington, DC on 6th January

6 January 2021

Dear Global Family,

Loving greetings as we continue to observe the drama. I wanted to draft you this short note to let you know all of Baba's children are fine here in Washington D.C..Today we held a Prayer for America on the evening online program, The Next Normal. The images you might have seen on the news represent a small group of people in America who believe whole heartedly in the current leadership. Their storming into the Capitol was a message to help overturn the election results. However, it failed. This is a big wake up call for the leaders in politics here. I have received many calls today and most people are praying and wishing for America to be at peace.

I do request your continued pure wishes and vibrations will help to keep the calm.

Thanks to the many of you who texted and called.
Wishing everyone the best.
In Baba's Yad,
BK Jenna, Washington D. C.




A Month Dedicated to Being a Better Version of Yourself - Hosted by Brahma Kumaris Silcon Valley - Friday  01/01/2021 to Sunday 01/31/2021

5 January 2021



Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley presents:

A Month Dedicated to Being a Better Version of Yourself

Tune in every day to the valuable gems of knowledge & live meditation easily,
meet the 2021 resolution of “Being a Better Version of Yourself in every sphere of life!”

 No Prior Experience Needed

Starting January 1, 2021, from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm (PST)

Join us online Just CLICK HERE

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Om Shanti




Florida Service News : December 2020

5 January 2021

Dec 11 - 13: The Florida family retreat took an online format exploring the Secrets of Silence with special guest facilitator Sr. Denise who joined us from Germany And the family had the fortune to be with Sr. Mohini and Avyakti Parivar in the evenings. The special workshops on the sound of negativity and sessions on dealing with our unique patterns of self-criticism and/or the tendency of correcting and insights into three responses - Emotional, Intellectual & Spiritual were explored & facilitated by Sr Denise.

Here is the link to more sessions from the Retreat.

"The Upside of Uncertainty.... my next steps" program by Sr. Denise

Dec 13: Online Session by Sr. Denise and hosted by Marianne & Craig from Florida

Dec 13: The Florida Retreat weekend concluded with a special public program by Sr. Denise about dealing with uncertainty and how spiritual laws present a bigger picture and new understanding. Marianne (from Miami) and Craig (from Delray) co-facilitated the session available online here.


Christmas was joyously celebrated with a visit from Santa and singing Christmas Carols.

Upcoming Event

Reclaiming Our 8 Spiritual Powers

16 Consecutive Nights

January 4-19, 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

Facilitator – Sister Shireen

Join Zoom Meeting - click here

Meeting ID: 928 0280 5799 Password: bktampa

Past sessions will be posted on



Candlelight World Peace Meditation Hour

Dec 20: The third Sunday evening session was dedicated to World Peace Meditation and comprised of an online gathering of Miami family & friends for a special candlelight meditation. This hour was focused to share blessings & love with the world through the power of peaceful thoughts and its vibrations for the holiday season.

Christmas Day

Volunteering with the Health in the Hood team

Dec 29: Meeta and Tej volunteered with the team (NGO) which provides fresh produce & prepared food to families in the Opa Locka neighborhood of South Florida for those combating hunger and economic losses due to COVID19. Their Filling the fridges program team comprised of dedicated members and other first time volunteers who helped with the packing of the produce and distributed to about 150 cars and about 40 walk-ins who stopped by on Tuesday. The team was appreciative to know about the BK Miami meditation center who has been serving the Miami community with its free meditation sessions for 35+ years and they also enjoyed the cookies "toli" from the meditation center and exclaimed how tasty they were.

Where's Waddy

Sr. Waddy met with the Bahrain Family & friends for a session on the theme of Steps to Build Resilience on Dec 15. Click here to access the session.

Sr. Waddy also met with the BK Colombia family on Dec 26.

Upcoming Events

January 7: Special program hosted by the Northeastern University on the "Future Thinking for a World Re-imagined" at 1:30 pm EST with special guests Sr. Jayanti & Veronica McHugh via

Webinar ID: 954 8358 2154

Delray- Classes

Brother Craig is doing Friday classes.

And we have morning class everyday.


Takeouts are alive and well in serving students in Hollywood and even internationally via virtual media. Yes, a sprinkling of students in Israel, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Italy and in a few other countries are regulars.

BK Rosa

When Rosa Cetlin travels to Costa Rica, she doesn’t let the distance from Hollywood stand in the way of inspiring the Hollywood students with new resources; and they are very appreciative of her frequent messages which keep the lines of communication and growth open.

BK Etta

Etta Stevens’ meditation sessions via FB Live are sustaining the Hollywood Library students and others on Tuesdays 10:30 -11:30 on the Etta Stevens Facebook page and session is also streamed on Roz Reich’s FB “watch party,” and when possible, it is also on the Hollywood Brahma Kumaris FB page. These are archived on YouTube and can be retrieved at your convenience by searching on YouTube for mrsfmradio

BK Gregg

Gregg Blair shares 20 minutes of practical churnings Thursdays 8 PM EST. These, too, are archived on YouTube, search mrsfmradio, as well as his FB page.

BK Roz

Roz Reich records very short meditations daily via her Roz Reich FB page. They are suitable for non-meditators as well as meditators. Give them a try and share. It is very helpful to develop the habit of sharing BK materials with our friends on social media.

BK Ganga

Ganga Baksh continues to give weekly zoom murli sessions on Thursday nights at 6 PM and on-demand teaches the course and soothes souls with her special healing meditations.


The Naples Center continues to give Zoom classes on different subjects!

Moving towards fulfillment in 2021

Brother Vivek shared how to live a more fulfilled life!

He showed us how to tap into the energy of fulfillment.

Transform Weaknesses into Power

Sister Yolanda took us on a journey to our inner world. Being responsible for the state of being you experience. She gave tools to discover and develop the life you desire, in the purest sense.

Developing inner values and having a true look at your inner critical mind and how to set yourself free.

In Silence I am Peace!

Sister Yolanda explained the benefits of being silent and how it regenerates our brain cells and specifically the prefrontal cortex which is involved with higher thinking, decision making, and problem-solving.

Wednesday’s Meditations

Sister Kristina and Yolanda continued doing the Wednesday night guided meditation for the Miami Center.


As a highlight of this month, Naples family joined the rest of the Florida BK family for the first virtual retreat, which normally would take place in Naples!

Most of us prepared and taped the sessions ahead of time which meant that we could be fully present during the retreat.

A heartfelt thank you to the IT team and all those who were involved with the blessed flow of the retreat itself, you did an amazing job!


Live classes continue at the Center

Classes continue to be LIVE both at the center and on zoom. Attendance to morning classes has been regular and students show a definite increase in interest in the depth of churning as well as their increased enthusiasm towards their spiritual endeavors.

Evening Sustenance – Avyakti Parivar

Avyakti Parivar program with Sister Mohini continues to sustain, strengthen and unite us in our efforts as one spiritual family. The expansion in zoom programs both national and international is proving to be the acceptable means of sustenance for the BK family.


With news of yet another wave and the media hype of lockdowns, students are still restricted in physically attending gatherings. Nevertheless, Christmas and New year’s celebrations continued at the Center. For those who attended, Baba’s gathering was joyous and powerful as always. Zoom participants also took their own flavor of joy from Baba’s family gathering. Season’s greeting to all.




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