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Brother Doctor Mruthyunjaya ji Awarded A Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition in Washington DC (USA)

23 August 2019

Dear Divine Family, Greetings of Peace,

Please be informed that Brother  Dr Mruthyunjaya (Mount Abu) was invited as a  Special Guest and Speaker for the “Stand Up For Humanity” event on August 10, 2019 at the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool in Washington, DC , USA. Rev. Sylvia E. Sumter, the Senior Minister of Unity of Washington, D.C was the host of the programme.

The program was well attended by Rev. Kevin Ross, Senior Minister, Unity of Sacramento, Ambassador Mussie Hailu, United Religions Initiative, Marianne Williamson, Author and Activiat, Paul Luftenegger, International Award Winning Songwriter, Rev. Donna Johnson, CEO, Unity Worldwide Ministries, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Founder of Agape Int'l Spiritual Center, Sister Jenna and others.

The programme was telecast on  Fox News, NBC and other channels.

Brother Mruthyunjaya was also awarded a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by Congressman Jamie Raskin for his services in the field of education, peace and mental wellness.

The photos are displayed below for your kind reference.





Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas Participates in Festival of Globe 2019

23 August 2019

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley participated at Festival of Globe (Indian Independence Day) Celebrations on 18th Aug, 2019.  Grand Marshal for this year was Bollywood Actor Vivek Oberai. The event was attended by well over 10,000 souls.


Here are a few pictures from the event.

Sr. Kusum giving Godly Message and Independence day greetings.

Click here to watch above video.

Sr.Kusum with Women Community Leaders at FOG

BK Silicon Valley volunteers at the BK booth.

Om Shanti,
BK Kusum Kejriwal




Raksha Bandhan - Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas, USA

19 August 2019


Greetings of Raksha Bandhan from BK Milpitas, USA

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Celebrated Raksha Bandhan on Aug 11, 2019.   The event was attended by 360 souls who got their Rakhi tied.




Dignitaries include State of California Assemblymember KanSen Chu,, Community Leader Ajay Bhutoria, Vaishnav Pariwar President Suresh Gandhi, Sr.Kusum, Atma Dayal Bhai and Ashok Aggarwal Bhai

Talk by Sr.Kusum "Heal Your Inner Self"

Click here to watch above video 

Attendees listening to the talk

BK Cultural event by BK Sisters of Silicon Valley





Happy Raksha Bhandan From Washington D.C.

19 August 2019


Greetings of multifold auspicious love and remembrance. Today marks such fortune on many levels. That which I will never be able to describe.

It is Rakki...A day to remember the power of our individual and collective purity.

India's day of Freedom.

This is day of the Satguru and Janmashtami...It is endless of the wonders that are occuring today.

We broadcasted a special America Meditating Radio segment featuring Indian celebrities and even a non Indian who deeply feels she was and still is an Indian in this birth. The talks are rich and very inspiring. 

Wishing you all the very best for a day filled with much fortune in every second of its existence.

Sister Jenna and the Washington D.C. Family!




Rakhi Greetings from Sister Mohini- New York

19 August 2019







Magical Scenes in the Drama Occur When Br Mruthyunjaya Visits Washington, DC

14 August 2019

Dear Family, 
Please see the service report of Br. Mruthyunjaya's visit to Washington D.C. 

Also, some images to share https://1drv.ms/u/s!Asf5Fd6pB6qxw0vUTmMemYeC0n-m?e=XYjUPV 

In addition, media recognition https://www.abc10.com/article/news/local/stand-up-for-humanity-faith-leaders-call-for-unity-at-nations-capitol/103-2c095a85-a051-4b8e-b16c-53255c38e97e 


Click here for full report.





News of Rakhi Celebrations in St.Louis with Sr. Kala

13 August 2019

Sr.Kala from Peace Village Retreat Center, New York was invited for the BK Rakhi program and was welcomed by Sr.Priya, St Louis center instrument.



About 43 BK students of St Louis, Columbia, Nashville and Kansas city attended the program of murli, meditation and Kalaben sharing.



St Louis Center 2nd Year Anniversary Cake cutting & Bhog offering



Rakhi with students



Group Photo with the St Louis BK Family







Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley at Swedes Mela 2019 ( Indian Independence Day Celebrations)

13 August 2019

Om Shanti and Greetings of Peace from BK Milpitas, USA

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley had participated at SWADES Mela (Indian Independence Day Celebrations in Bay Area, California by Association of Indo Americans). There were close to 20,000 people had participated in the day-long mela and the event had a musical concert by Indian Idol Revant with his entire musical troop. 

Below are a few pictures from the event.


Sr. Kusum 

Sr.Kusum of Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley giving greetings on Indian Independence Day

Dignitaries on Stage include San Francisco Indian Consul General Sanjay Panda, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei, Cupertino Mayor Darcy Paul, BK Kusum, Laurie Smith, Sheriff, Santa Clara County,Rick Sung, Undersheriff, Santa Clara County, Milpitas Planning Commissioner Evelyn Chua and Milpitas Council member Carmen Montano

Sr.Kusum with Milpitas Council Member Carmen Montano

Sr.Kusum with Milpitas Planning Commissioner Evelyn Chua

BK Sevadharis at the Event

Fireworks at the end of the Event



In Photos: Talk by Usha Behen on Practical Application of Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta at Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas

8 August 2019

Sr.Kusum Welcoming Usha Behen

Talk by Usha Behen

Enlightened Audience at the event

Usha Behen with BK Sisters of BK Silicon Valley

Usha Behen with BK Brothers of BK Silicon Valley



Living Values Education Newsletter, July 2019

7 August 2019


Sister Usha's Talk at Common Ground Chapel in Santa Ana, CA, USA

6 August 2019

July 13th, 2019
Sister Usha- Common Ground Temple- Santa Ana

On Saturday morning, Sister Usha shared on the topic of “Increasing the Spiritual Quotient,” at the Common Ground Temple in Santa Ana, CA.  It was a beautiful and deep class, and everyone in the hall took a lot of inspiration from what she shared. Sister Haleema, the instrument of Seal Beach center, introduced the organization and Sister Usha to the audience.

Sister Usha shared that in this world, it was first recognized that we needed a high I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient).  Then people realized that we also needed a good E.Q. (Emotional Quotient).  She said that our I.Q. and E.Q. need to be balanced. Then people realized that it’s not just that we need to have I.Q. and E.Q., but we also need M.Q. (Moral Quotient), which is operating with moral values and appreciating the moral values of others.

She said ultimately, people have understood that we need to have a high S.Q. (Spiritual Quotient).  SQ is the combination of IQ + EQ + MQ, plus spiritual awareness.  As stress increases in the world, we need to increase our strength and spiritual immunity (and therefore spiritual quotient).  The first step to having spiritual quotient is to be aware of the true self, as a soul.

Sister Usha then talked about how to nourish ourself spiritually and raise our spiritual quotient. She said that when the spiritual self and physical self are combined, that is called life. Just as we take care of the body, we also need to take care of the soul. We need nourishment, exercise, and rest for both the body and soul. 
She shared that the food for the soul is spiritual wisdom. Spiritual thoughts are the best nourishment for the soul. Knowledge is power, light, and might. Knowledge gives us strength because when we digest knowledge, it gives us spiritual immunity and maturity. Sister Usha said just as we need spiritual nourishment; we also need spiritual exercise for the soul.  Exercise is practicing the spiritual knowledge that we receive; this also gives strength to the soul and increases our spiritual quotient.  
Lastly, she said that the soul also needs to have rest. Meditation gives rest to the soul because we relax the mind and generate empowering thoughts and recharge the battery from within by connecting to the Supreme Source of power, the Supreme Battery.


Then she gave everyone a yukti to increase their S.Q.  She said that we could use the word OM, to remind ourselves that we need to use spiritual knowledge at every step, thereby increasing our spiritual quotient.  Om is AUM and can stand for our Actions, Utterance and Mind. All three have to be in harmony...thoughts, words, and actions. This is exercise and also gives rest to our mind. So when we say Om Shanti, we first become aware of our thoughts, words, and actions are in harmony...only then will we be able to experience peace in life and truly be AUM Shanti.
A powerful guided meditation followed this deep and insightful discourse.  Then everyone took toli and blessings from Sisters Usha, Pravina and Gita.






Sister Priya of St Louis Conducts Workshop on Managing Anger at the Gujarati Samaj in Nashville, Tennessee

6 August 2019

GCA Hall, Saturday, July 20 2019, 5 -7 pm Manage Anger Workshop
Total Attendees – 79


The Gujarati Samaj of Nashville, Tennessee invited Sister Priya from St Louis for the Manage Anger Workshop for their members.

About 79 members of the Gujarati Samaj participated in the
activities of the workshop like group discussion, reflection, meditation and sharing their experiences.

The main organizers of the Gujarti Samaj were Dimple Patel, Gayatri Trivedi and other main members of the group.






Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya & Sis BK Nagarathna Tying Rakhi to VVIPs of USA

5 August 2019

Mr. Ralph Northam

Respected Divine Family, Greetings of Peace and Love! 
Rajyogi Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, Sister BK Nagarathana of Jayanagar, Bangalore and Brother BK Pawan Peter of Virginia, USA tied Rakhi and presented Godly Gifts to Mr. Jerrauld "Jay" Jones, Member for the 89th District of Virginia House of Delegates, USA and Hon'ble Mr. Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia, USA. They also invited these VIPs to the Global Summit-cum-Expo event of Brahma Kumaris from 27th September to 1st October 2019.

Thanking you and with thoughts divine.  

Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya
Chairman, Education Wing 

Mr. Jerrauld Jay Jones

Mr. Jerrauld Jay Jones

Mr. Ralph Northam





Madhuban Sister Usha's Talk on ‘Purposeful Living through the Wisdom of the Gita’ at Simi Valley Temple, Los Angeles, USA

1 August 2019

Los Angeles,USA: On Friday evening, July 19th, Sister Usha (Madhuban) talked on the ‘Purposeful Living through the Wisdom of the Gita’ at Simi Valley Temple. She shared about the stories depicted in the Gita and the truthful wisdom that can be extracted and imbibed in our daily lives. Brother Vivek introduced the organization and Sister Usha to the audience. 

Sr. Usha shared that the Gita describes the struggles of the human life today and the solutions to each problem. It is necessary to turn the challenges into a stepping stone to success.  When we follow the directions of our charioteer (GOD), we will always walk the righteous path. 

The talk concluded with an experiential meditation led by Sister Usha and sharing of toli & blessing by Sister Usha  





Sister BK Usha's Talk at Pashupatinath Temple in Los Angeles

1 August 2019

Divine Family, Om Shanti

BK Sister Usha from Madhuban conducted a class on Stress Free Living through Raja Yoga Meditation at Pashupatinath temple as part of her 3 day visit to Los Angeles. Sister Pravina gave introduction of the Brahma Kumaris Organization to the audience and welcomed Sister Usha. Sister Usha discussed the importance of meditation in our lives and how it is of a greater need of the current time.

Sister Usha discussed the effects of stress and negative thoughts on the body and how meditation can help clean our aura and heal our emotions and feelings. The temple priest encouraged the class to imbibe the points shared by Sister Usha during the session and discussed the importance of spiritual knowledge with the class. The session ended with toli and blessing given by Sisters Usha, Pravina and Gita.  Brahma Bhojan was served.

Best Wishes,
Sister Gita




Brother BK Ken's Retreat in Dallas, Texas

8 July 2019

We had a wonderful time with brother Ken and sister Lousiana from Brazil in the month of June. 

Bother Ken conducted morning classes with Brahmins, a beautiful retreat on practice of Raj-Yoga for Brahmins and public at the Dallas retreat place 'Tapasya Dham', a session in Infosys on 'Harmony at workplace', a talk on 'Coping with Anxiety' in American airline and at the Dallas center. 

Sister Lousiana conducted a session on 'Integral Health' at the center and at American airline, a talk on 'four faces of woman' at the center, a presentation on 'power of concentration'

The pictures included are:
1) Sister Lousiana's talk in Infosys
2) Brothe Ken's retreat
3) Four faces of woman
4) Coping with Anxiety
5) Integral Health
6) 40 year of celebration in Brazil

Sister Ranjan and service team,
Dallas, USA

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center
13914 Josey Lane
Farmers Branch (Dallas), TX 75234




Living Values Education Newsletter, June 2019

8 July 2019




June 1st to 16th News from Washington DC

19 June 2019

Click on the above image to watch a short (4 min) video of service news

On Monday, June 10, 2019, the Brahma Kumaris in Washington D.C. launched its 18th Dadi Prakashmani initiative entitled, "Say Hello to Your Neighbor." The launch was held at a public program at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum with BK Yogesh Sharda from Turkey and Sister Jenna. The initiative invites folks to reach out and get to know the person in their office building, community, apartment, street and more. June 10th, marks Dadi Prakashmani Day proclaimed by Washington D.C.’s former Mayor Anthony Williamson as a Day of Peace in the Nation's Capital.

The first initiative was marked by the planting of the Dadi Prakashmani Peace Tree on the grounds of the United States Capitol and since then, 17 other initiatives ranging from Kites for Peace, Tree of Blessings, Remember Me, Dancing for Peace, Meditation Marathon, America Meditating and more have become national successes.

See the Launch at 2:11:00 CLICK HERE

Read the full report here: CLICK FOR PAPER READ OF REPORT




Living Values Education Newsletter for May

12 June 2019






Dadi Janki Visits Houston Center in Texas, USA(28th May)

11 June 2019

Dear Divine Family,  Om shanti.   


Forty-four years after numerous visits to Texas, Dadiji returned again to meet over 300 Brahmins at a divine family gathering at the Houston Center in Texas, USA.  Dadiji cut a cake with a representative of each of the four Texas centers, and shared a lot of love with the whole gathering.  Seeing the huge gathering of so many mothers and kumaris, Dadiji was surprised and asked Dr Hansaben where she had hidden so many sisters!  At the end of the program, Dadiji gave everyone toli and blessings. 

On the day of the Satguru, Dadiji did Bhumi puja (groundbreaking) where a BK couple is building Baba’s Guest House across the street from Houston Center.

Dadiji had a personal meeting with Sindhi Brahmins who flew over from various parts of Texas just to meet Dadiji.  Dadiji also had a personal meeting with a group of brothers and sisters from Dallas and neighboring states.  

Dadiji was reminded of how she was tested by neuroscientists in Texas in 1978 and received the title of “Most stable mind in the world”. 

Dadiji visited a family’s home near the center with 4 acres of gardens and dancing peacocks.

Dadiji went on a tour of the center and was just amazed at how beautiful and wonderful everything is, singing praise of Baba. Dadiji said, “Let the whole universe know where I am sitting today.  Wah Baba, Wah Baba, you have done a wonder. Each and every thing is giving the experience of Madhuban.  Baba, I am going to sit here only, I am not going anywhere. Karavanhar is Baba, karnewali is you (Dr Hansaben).  This place is royal and real.  Everything is accurate. It is a wonder.  If what is created is so beautiful, then how beautiful the Creator Himself would be?”  Dadiji said, “Why did you not tell me before?  This is the magical act of God {Prabhu ki Leela}.”

Every morning, Dadiji was very enthusiastic about doing Baba’s service and did not want to waste a moment.

Dadiji gave everyone the experience of the presence of BapDada, all the Ancestor Souls, and the atmosphere of Madhuban.

Direct play video:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wf1u2rfwojwmdm/Dadiji%20Janki%20in%20Houston%20May%202019.mp4?dl=0

Click on above image to download video.


Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

Brahma Kumaris Texas divine family





A Divine Moment in Time with Dadi Janki at Houston Center in Texas, USA (23 May)

06 June 2019

Dear Divine Family,  


Houston, Texas, USA (23 May 2019):  Om shanti and greetings of love from Houston.  

Please enjoy a 3rd video (last) of a divine moment in time with Dadiji Janki at the Houston center in which Dadiji shares her experience of the Houston Center the morning after an evening program with the Texas BK family.


Dadiji said to show this video “to the entire universe!”


YouTube Video link (with English subtitles):  https://youtu.be/stbNlVQBwXI


Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

Brahma Kumaris Texas divine family





Precious Moments with Dadi Janki at Houston Center in Texas, USA

06 June 2019

Dear Divine Family,  Om shanti and greetings of love from Houston.  


Please enjoy a 2nd video with a few precious moments of Dadiji Janki’s divine meeting with Texas BK family at the Houston center. Dadiji enlightens and entertains the BK family with her presence of mind, wit and humor.


YouTube Video link (with English subtitles):  https://youtu.be/yrwasgp-Quw


Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

Brahma Kumaris Texas divine family





Dadi Janki Visits Houston Center in Texas, USA

06 June 2019

Dear Divine Family,  Om shanti. 


Forty-four years after numerous visits to Texas, Dadiji returned again to meet over 300 Brahmins at a divine family gathering at the Houston Center in Texas, USA.  Dadiji cut a cake with a representative of each of the four Texas centers, and shared a lot of love with the whole gathering.  Seeing the huge gathering of so many mothers and kumaris, Dadiji was surprised and asked Dr Hansaben where she had hidden so many sisters!  At the end of the program, Dadiji gave everyone toli and blessings. 


On the day of the Satguru, Dadiji did Bhumi puja (groundbreaking) where a BK couple is building Baba’s Guest House across the street from Houston Center.

Dadiji had a personal meeting with Sindhi Brahmins who flew over from various parts of Texas just to meet Dadiji.  Dadiji also had a personal meeting with a group of brothers and sisters from Dallas and neighboring states. 

Dadiji was reminded of how she was tested by neuroscientists in Texas in 1978 and received the title of “Most stable mind in the world”. 

Dadiji visited a family’s home near the center with 4 acres of gardens and dancing peacocks.


Dadiji went on a tour of the center and was just amazed at how beautiful and wonderful everything is, singing praise of Baba. Dadiji said, “Let the whole universe know where I am sitting today.  Wah Baba, Wah Baba, you have done a wonder. Each and every thing is giving the experience of Madhuban.  Baba, I am going to sit here only, I am not going anywhere. Karavanhar is Baba, karnewali is you (Dr Hansaben).  This place is royal and real.  Everything is accurate. It is a wonder.  If what is created is so beautiful, then how beautiful the Creator Himself would be?”  Dadiji said, “Why did you not tell me before?  This is the magical act of God {Prabhu ki Leela}.”


Every morning, Dadiji was very enthusiastic about doing Baba’s service and did not want to waste a moment.


Dadiji gave everyone the experience of the presence of BapDada, all the Ancestor Souls, and the atmosphere of Madhuban.


Direct play to the video: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wf1u2rfwojwmdm/Dadiji%20Janki%20in%20Houston%20May%202019.mp4?dl=0





Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

Brahma Kumaris Texas divine family





Customized Plan for Road Safety Activities in the US during UN's Global Road Safety Week, 6 to 12 May

24 April 2019

The BKUN Office is excited to share about its active participation in the United Nations – 5th Global Road Safety Week from May 6th to May 12th & HERE is our customized plan for activities in the US!

Take a minute and reflect how your #Spiritual practice has brought #newness in your personal road travels and below are three fun and creative suggestions to express and share such newness during the #RoadSafetyWeek. Each BK center can easily participate and perhaps even explore #new avenues of outreach in serving our local communities.

ONE – Make a 3min video… Get creative in compiling a short 3min video by asking BK students &/ BK teachers from your center 3 simple questions… capture their candid answers simply via your smartphone & email us (bkroadsafety01@gmail.com)

1.      What are some challenges you face while driving?
2.      What are some precautions you take in your driving?
3.      Any tip you want to share to inspire others?

You will be amazed to see wealth of simple yet powerful heartfelt inspiration coming from our #incognito BK family and yes, these clips will be direct contribution to social media awareness with the #newness element inspiring more #transformation. We will be happy to post these clips on the BKUN road safety website, The Transportation Travel Wing website and further compile all clips from different corners of the US to share with the United Nations!

TWO – Community Outreach… Let’s dedicate one of our weekly meditation sessions during this week for road safety - say evening session or a weekend workshop or at the community library session. We dedicate this session to engage in exploration on how the spiritual understanding and practice of meditation helps us adopt #safer driving awareness, makes us calm during the #RoadTravels, helps face challenging road travel situations, and consciously add more safety!

It’s a gift for the participants to tap into more practical benefits from their meditation practice!

THREE – University, Corporate & more … Let’s take this as an opportunity and bring more #newness by extending our introduction (on behalf of the BKUN office) to the local Academic University, other community groups / clubs or even corporate in our connection. 

A hyperlink to the 3 reference documents is this - a reference presentation, reference email and brief about BK Road Safety & BKUN efforts. (These were useful in receiving an invite for a one hour session on #RoadSafetyThroughSelfTransformation at Florida International University (FIU) during the 4th UN Global Road Safety Week – May 2017)


The Road safety team can be reached at bkroadsafety01@gmail.com... And we are happy to answer any questions, provide clarification or share detailed assistance in any of these three activities that you may be considering. (Including any tech help you may seek in editing your 3min Video) …

We would love to know which center is considering which activity & await to hear from you.

 With Diving Remembrances,
BK Gayatri, BK Kavita and the BKUN Road Safety Team

Download pdf of flyer here.



Living Values Education Newsletter, March 2019

6 April 2019

 Join us for an inspiring weekend to reflect on values and a paradigm and process that builds relationship, and empowers positive choices and resiliency in young people.

Learn about methods that invite the co-creation of a culture of peace and respect, and experience activities that help young people of all ages, from toddlers to young adults, explore and develop universal values and positive social and emotional skills. Living Values Education is a comprehensive values education approach being implemented in more than 40 countries.

This workshop is highly recommended for adults who wish to help young people optimally explore and develop values. Please join us to:
reflect on the role values play in your life, schools, communities and the world;
learn about the LVE Approach and the process of developing values;
refine acknowledgement and active listening skills that allow adults to deal with young people's resistance more easily and effectively;
learn about non-violent discipline methods to help all feel and be safe and respected;
experience relaxation/focusing exercises that help young people be more centered and better able to self-regulate;
have more than 140 activities to help young people develop 12 universal values and positive intrapersonal and interpersonal social and emotional skills; and
be comfortable facilitating a process that builds positive social skills, drastically reduces bullying and has young people resolving issues with the language of values within months, inside and outside of the classroom.

Results: The most frequent themes noted by educators implementing LVE are positive changes in teacher-student relationships and in student-student relationships both inside and outside the classroom. Educators note an increase in respect, caring, cooperation, motivation, and the ability to solve peer conflicts on the part of the students. Aggressive behaviors decline as positive social skills and respect increase. 
      LVE helps educators hone quality teaching skills to create a safe, caring, values-based atmosphere for quality learning. Young people learn to use the language of values to reflect on challenges and generate positive solutions. Please see our website for research results and success stories.
     Parents benefit immensely from this approach and note improved relationships, more peace and cooperation in the home, and an understanding of how to help young people develop positive and protective social skills, and deal with bullying and social media concerns.


Diane G. Tillman will lead both workshops. Diane is a former School Psychologist, Licensed Educational Psychologist, MFT, and the primary author of the award-winning LVE series of books. She authored "Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect: A mindful guide to parenting" in 2014 and is currently updating and revising the LVE Activities books.

Ed Wondolowski and Stephanie Kerr will co-facilitate the retreat in New York at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center.  Ed Wondolowski is an Emeritus Professor of Management, Bentley University, and a past president of LVEP, Inc.  Stephanie Keer is the Education Solutions Manager at Konica Minolta and an adjunct Professor of Psychology, New York University.

Annie Jorgensen and Kyoko Kimura will be co-facilitating the retreat in California. Annie has a Master's in Educational Counseling. A retired primary and special education teacher, she taught LVE for ten years in the classroom, with stellar results. Kyoko, a gifted flutist,  is a music teacher in the public school system who enjoys combining values education with music instruction.

Cost: There will be a $30 charge for the workshop to help cover LVE expenses.  For those staying at the retreat center, please plan to make a separate donation for meals and accommodation.

On-line Registration for August in New York: 
For questions about retreat facilities: registration@peacevillageretreat.org | 518 589-5000

For questions about the LVE workshop, please contact: ed@livingvalues.net | 518 589-5000 Ext. 24

On-line Registration for the July workshop in California will be available in mid-April.

For questions about retreat facilities: 

For questions about the LVE workshop: 
usawestcoast@livingvalues.net | 916 847-0481



Maha Shivratri Celebrations - Milpitas, Silicon Valley (USA)-2019

28 March 2019

Omshanti and Greetings of Peace from BK Milpitas, Silicon Valley Family, USA,

We had a wonderful Maha Shivratri Celebrations program on March 10th, 2019. Here are few pictures of the event.

Maha Shivratri Live Cultural Songs Performance     

Video: https://youtu.be/ryTsL1XEvV4

Dance Performance by BK Sisters

Video: https://youtu.be/0d3cQThGcck 

337 Souls participated in the the Maha Shivratri Program.

Talk by Sr.Kusum on "Does God Really Come? When? How?

Video: https://youtu.be/kY9rrdFu6p4

Candle light Ceremony dignitaries include CA assembly member Kansen Chu, Saratoga City Council Member Rishi Kumar, Vaishnav Pariwar President Suresh Gandhi, and Community leader Ajay Bhutoria.

California Assembly Member Kansen Chu presenting the Award to Sr. Kusum

BK Literature Stall

Enjoying Brahma Bhojan after the program 


BK Kusum

BK Milpitas,Silicon Valley, USA



Madhuban Experience retreat at Peace Village - April 5-7

20 March 2019

Dear Center Coordinators,  Om Shanti and loving greetings from Peace Village. 


We warmly invite you to the Madhuban Experience Retreat 2019, from April 5 - 7, arrivals April 5, between 5:00 and 7:00 pm. 

Sister Mohini, freshly back from Madhuban, will be our spiritual resource for the weekend, sharing her depth of  wisdom and powerful presence, that we may experience our full potential as Baba's Instruments.

For this retreat we will be giving priority to those BKs who were not able to go to Madhuban this year, and to the new eligible BKs who have never been to Madhuban.

Please honor the BK dress code at all times during the retreat.


Also, this year you can encourage if there is anyone who would like to stay a few days longer to take benefit of the solitude in Peace Village as per Baba's recent murlis. 


Please send in all registrations by March 25, 2019 with complete details, using the attached form to: registration@peacevillageretreat.org.


Recommended quotas are as follows:


Harmony House - 25

Manhattan - 10

Queens - 10

Cinnaminson - 10

Edison - 25

Boston - 25

Washington - 20

Chicago, Michigan, Ohio - 10

Other centers - 15

Canada - 20

Albany - 10

In Bapdada's yaad,
Sr. Kala & Retreat Team


Download Registration Form here (Center Coordinators only)



Florida Service News-January 2019

6 February 2019


Library Service

Overcoming Anxiety at Jimmy B. Keel

Brother Manoj offered this 2 part series to help souls understand the why's of anxiety and loosening its grip. He guided the souls to learn how Raja Yoga Meditation could help change thought patterns to break the barriers to anxiety.

Pilgrimage of Love Retreat

Sister Mary from Chicago visited the Tampa center and facilitated a one day retreat for BK's to journey deeper into yoga on January 12th. This retreat was part of preparation for January 18th and was designed to rekindle the flame of pure love for Baba by taking a few simple steps in self-transformation.

Pilgrimage of Love Public Program

On January 13thSister Mary facilitated a public program to celebrate the life of Brahma Baba. Marybhen spoke about the spiritual foundation he laid for a world filled with peace, love and dignity. The program also included a video about Brahma Baba's life.


Workplace Meditations

Jan 8: Workplaces Meditations continue at the corporates - Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Perry Ellis, NBC Comcast Universal in the new year. New employees join continue to join these lunchtime meditation sessions and express appreciation for the new way of thinking it offers.

Workshop on The Power of Pure Intention

Jan 12: An enthusiastic group of 16 attendees came together for the fisrt workshop of 2019 on "The Power of Pure Intention". 

Facilitators Amar and Meeta beautifully explored the aspects of how we can experience power by adding pure feelings to our Intentions and thus bring newness in our thinking leading to more learning and growth.

Mindful Media Dialogue

Jan 17: Meredith recently had the opportunity to participate in the Mindful Media Dialogue at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens. This thoughtful and inspiring program was dedicated to strengthening the global role of the media who help connect us. Some of the participants included Miami Herald Editorial Board Member Nancy Ancrum and Knight Foundation journalism program director Karen Rundlet.NBC 6 Anchor Jawan Strader was the interviewer for Meredith’s panel. 

The takeaway from the dialogue was commitment to truth, telling stories that inspire, and good journalism matter.

50th Remembrance Day

Jan 18: Special arrangement of 50 white roses was a loving tribute to celebrate the special 50th Remembrance Day of our founder dear Brahma Baba.

Special Sunday Evening Program on - Finding Comfort in the Heart :

Jan 20: A group of 37 came together for this talk and reflection on Finding Comfort in the Heart. Meredith welcomed the guests and facilitated an engaging conversation between the key facilitators Marco and Amar who shared their journey of finding comfort with the understanding of RajaYoga Meditation. The attendees were a mix of very old contacts, some regular evening students and there were some who came for the first time.

The conversations seemed to provide beneficial insight into how meditation is an experiential journey geared around our way of thinking and understanding about the self. Experiences of both the facilitators provided new perspectives of looking at commonly observed discomforting situations.

BK Veronica, Director of the Miami BK Meditation Center further shared the dynamics between thoughts and feelings, drawing the link between the heart and the mind.

For a snippet from the eveningclick here

Spanish Workshop on El Secreto de la Proseridad: Las Intenciones Puras:

Jan 26: Marjorie facilitated this Spanish workshop on "The secret of Prosperity - Pure Intentions" where a group of 16 attendees including 2 first-timers participated.

The workshop comprised of reflective writing where the participants could translate the new learnings in their individual situations and continue to empower the self.

Florida Visitor - Sr. Judy in Miami

Jan 27: The family had a lovely opportunity to benefit from the presence of Sr. Judy (from Peace Village) on Sunday. She met with family and shared her insights and experiences. For some snippets from her sharingclick here.

First time visit to Miami, Sr Aarti from Albany

Jan 31: Sr Aarti (from Albany) was joined by our own Sr Helen from Tampa and they met with the family for the Thursday morning class. Sr. Aarti very lovingly shared her beautiful story of being with Baba and of being on this fascinating spiritual journey.

Two Special Birthday Celebrations

Jan 10: Special #70th Birthday of dear sister Sheila was celebrated with great love. The family lovingly shared heartfelt wishes for this special sister who is Babas sweet gardener.. planting and nurturing loving seeds in Holywood library and in Babas garden.

Jan 27: Tatiana our dear sister from Russia celebrated her special #50th birthday with the Miami family with lot of love and enthusiasm. She also took leave from the family to be back in Siberia, Russia.

SEO Ranking for #BKMiamiMeditation going up.

January: The website team shared that the SEO ranking i.e. Search Engine Optimization ranking for the "BK Miami Meditation" search is going up which has given a bonus to have a calendar of meetup events linked to the google search results.

'SEO' is what Google is based on when searching for words and its ranking typically goes up when online visitors often go to the site, comment, create a post, etc. 
It is a valuable feedback that consistent outreach via meetup events, twitter posts , Facebook posts, youtube videos, eventbrite posts , instagram posts, etc is resulting in increased online access by online users.

Wheres Waddy:

She was in Cambodia for a program with the Youth Group and then back in Vietnam for BK programs in Danang and Hanoi.

In Feb she will be in Madhuban for the NCCC meetings.


January 5 - sustenance workshop at Sr. Anne’s home entitled: “New Year’s Resolution: Peace and Harmony Within. “ Four regular students and one new student attended.

Br. Hanuman Visits Guyana
Jan 26 through Feb 2. Br. Hanuman is currently in Guayana visiting the main center and all sub centers providing support for instruments and students. Highlights include a flag raising ceremony, giving murli class, and helping a group of BKs learn how to give the seven days course.

Lady Lake Wellness Fair
Jan 30: Sr. Anne hosted a Brahma Kumaris Meditation table for this event. Over 250 patrons visited the fair.


Hollywood Library & Dania Beach Library Special Guest Speakers

Guests brought new perspectives to think about in the new year:

Sr. Waddy and Sr. Tatiana

“Balancing the Heart and the Head.” View this short “take out - www.facebook.com/clip” which received over 600 hits on Facebook.

For more video from the session click here - https://www.youtube.com/watch


Becoming the SEER

For 3 weeks in a row, we presented a program of "How to Be a "Seer"." 
Explaining the soul identity, the world of illusion and how to see from the 3rd eye. 
Each week exercises for practical application were given. Over 100 souls participated each week.


January: Month of Remembrance Bhattis and Classes

After an active and celebrative December, January ushered in a wave of tapasya and deep silence. Students focused on their spiritual stage by joining the world family in intense yoga programs and classes. The family gathered together for collective yoga for five days weekly to synchronize with the international family efforts for this special month of Tapasya.

Click here for more pictures and full service report.


Congratulating NY Congressman Delgado and Inviting him to Peace Village

29 January 2019

Om Shanti,
The Brahma Kumaris were invited in January 2019 to  attend the in-district swearing-in of newly elected Congressman Antonio Delgado to the 116th Congress for New York's 19th district Saturday afternoon. The event was held at the Opera House in nearby Hudson, NY.
Sr Chirya happily met and extended a loving invitation to Antonio and his family to visit Peace Village Retreat Center.  Delgado and staff are busy opening several  key offices in the district to keep his promise to open the communication channels between the people and the government.

Delgado, 41, of Rhinebeck, Dutchess County, is now legislating for the 19th District, which stretches across the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Southern Tier to the eastern end of Broome County and includes Peace Village Retreat Center in Greene Country, NY.  Delgado grew up in Schenectady, and is a Harvard-educated lawyer and Rhodes scholar.














Taking the oath for office. Shown here with his wife Lacey and their two sons


Delgado - "We won! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unwavering support. Our campaign prevailed by leaning into our shared principles and values in the face of divisive and hateful attacks. . . . .I am grateful that we can work together ........ and re-engage with our democratic principles. We can uplift each other to support a new generation of leaders who are dedicated to restoring the American Dream for everyone.

Often I think about what words Dr. King would offer us during this administration and I’m reminded of this quote:
"Darkness cannot drive out darkness: Only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: Only love can do that." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

With our victory, we have the opportunity to....... get back to solutions oriented government that promotes the public good rather than enables private greed. . . . .  - affordable healthcare, tax reform, public education, and good paying jobs. Together, we can build a better future for our community, our families, our neighbors, and our country. Thanks again for your support.

Now the work begins!  All the best,
Antonio Delgado



Living Values Education Newsletter for January

28 January 2019

On the back cover:
Children love to explore. They are naturally receptive, enthusiastic about learning, and spontaneously caring and creative. They thrive in a positive, nurturing, values-based atmosphere where they feel safe, and easily assimilate learning about peace, respect and conflict resolution. Providing the opportunity for children to explore and develop values is increasingly important in today's world as children are exposed to violence and inappropriate models of behavior at younger and younger ages.
       The Living Values Education Activities in this book incorporate a variety of ways to introduce, explore and develop values. Learning new concepts, sharing and thinking, creating, and teaching social skills are combined with stories, playing, art, singing, movement, and imagining. In the process, personal social and emotional skills develop as well as positive, constructive social skills. The values activities can be used by nursery and pre-school teachers, day-care center staff, elementary school educators and parents and caregivers.
Growing from strength to strength, Living Values Education has enriched the lives and educational experience of educators and millions of young people around the world since its initial pilot in February 1997. A global endeavor dedicated to nurturing hearts and educating minds, LVE provides an approach and tools to help people connect with their own values and live them. During professional development workshops, educators are engaged in a process to empower them to create a caring values-based atmosphere in which young people are loved, valued, respected, understood and safe.
Comments from pre-school teachers, primary school educators and principals:
  • I have used Living Values Education from start to finish this past school year with my preschool students. I absolutely loved it, the children loved it, and the outcome was really spectacular.
  • The children here are greatly loving the activities and music. They love singing the songs. LVE blends with both Montessori and state standards.
  • LVE creates such a positive environment and attitude for everyone -for the whole school community. The students use the positive skills they have learned to solve challenges and use values in their everyday language.
  • There simply is no bullying.
Authors: Diane G. Tillman is the primary author of the award-winning Living Values Series of five books, ten additional resources for young people at risk, and a parenting guide. A Licensed Educational Psychologist, she worked in a California public school system for 23 years as a School Psychologist. With LVE since its inception in August of 1996, she traveled to 30 countries in all regions of the world to conduct LVE seminars for educators, UNESCO, street-children agencies, refugee camp educators and Ministries of Education. Diana Hsu was a wonderful educator and friend who contributed delightful stories, songs and activities to the original LVE activities book for children three to seven in 2000. She passed away years ago. Her original activities are included in this book. Activities from other dedicated and cooperative educators around the world are also included.

On the Back Cover
Living Values Activities for Children Ages 8 - 14, Book 1 
contains eight values units:
Peace I . Respect I Love and Caring Tolerance Honesty Happiness
Responsibility . Simplicity and Caring for our Earth and Her Oceans  
Living Values Activities for Children Ages 8 - 14, Book 2
contains eight more values units:
Peace II Respect II Cooperation Humility Compassion
Another Value We Love Freedom Unity
Growing from strength to strength, Living Values Education has enriched the lives and educational experience of young people and educators around the world since its initial pilot in February 1997. A global endeavor dedicated to nurturing and educating hearts as well as minds, LVE provides an approach and tools to help people connect with their own values and live them. During professional development workshops, educators are engaged in a process to empower them to create a caring values-based atmosphere in which young people are loved, valued, respected, understood and safe.
Educators are asked to facilitate values activities to engage students in exploring and choosing their own personal values while developing intrapersonal and interpersonal skills to "live" those values. Given the increasing negative influences young people are exposed and subjected to, this updated book also includes activities to help young people understand the influences, stay safe, and increase their motivation and capacity to be a positive force for good. A few of the areas addressed are dealing with bullying in assertive and proactive ways, reflecting on and creating their own guidelines for involvement in social media, learning how to encourage themselves in positive ways and manage their emotions, be safe from being entrapped, and develop a voice and positive social skills to create inclusion and respect.
The sixteen values units in the two updated Living Values Activities books include other related values such as kindness, fairness, determination, integrity, appreciation, diversity, gratitude, inclusion and social justice. A values-based learning community fosters positive relationships, quality learning and quality education. With Living Values Education, educators and students become co-creators of a culture of peace and respect.
Results reported by a K-12 LVE school which has implemented this approach for 18 years:
  • The school has grown to be a family - a community of learners.
  • There is a strong feeling of welcome, joy and acceptance.
  • There is a powerful and peaceful values-based learning atmosphere.
  • The students express their values using their own moral compass
  • The students became ambassadors of how to live their values.
  • There are virtually no referrals for any form of physical violence.
  • Peace Time and Mindfulness are widely practiced.
  • The academic standards are higher.
Author: Diane G. Tillman is the primary author of the award-winning Living Values Series of five books, ten additional educational resources for young people at risk and a parenting guide. A Licensed Educational Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist, and a values-education authority, Tillman worked in a California public school system for 23 years as a School Psychologist. With Living Values Education since its inception in August of 1996, she has traveled to more than 30 countries in all regions of the world to conduct professional development workshops and LVE seminars at conferences, retreat centers and refugee camps, for educators, UNESCO, street-children agencies and Ministries of Education. This book includes activities from educators around the world. 



Washington DC Center Invites You to "Open Your Heart to a Nation of Peace"

22 January 2019

Dear Family,

Om Shanti and special greetings of love on this doubly auspicious Martin Luther King Jr's Day., Baba's special Day of Service. It has been an entire weekend of constant visuals of Brahma Baba's life, thus amplifying his story and his presence in our lives. Every day for five days we played videos featuring Brahma Baba and old yagya songs. Fantastic. 

We will be hosting an ongoing Meditation for Congress...See the video HERE

Wishing you a year of love in 2019,
Washington D.C. Family



Final Webinar on Sunday, January 20 with Sister Mohini for Mahadani initiative

18 January 2019

We are writing to invite you to tune into our final webinar for “A Great Donor” (Mahadani)  initiative. This webinar will feature Sister Mohini and is scheduled on Sunday, January 20 at 9am New York time. 

Register here:  https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5635228385934785282 


The Mahadani initiative began on August 25th(Dadiji’s Day) and will end on January 18th with daily points for self-exploration and remembrance.108 yogis from around the globe shared their experiences.  The object of the initiative was to help our divine family become filled with all attainments and be great donors. 


The concluding webinar for the Mahadani initiative is on January 20th with Sister Mohini as our spiritual resource.   


Join us and take benefit from this amazing yogi – Sister Mohini.

Sunday, January 20th, 2019
9AM - New York Time
2PM - London Time
7:30PM - India Time

Registration:  https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/5635228385934785282 


Please note the webinar will be in English, please arrange for local translation. 


In Sweet Baba’s Remembrance

BK Sustenance Team



Top Moments of 2018 from Washington DC Meditation Museum

18 January 2019

Greetings of love.  
I am forwarding to you our service report for the year do enjoy it.


Here is wishing you loads of love for 2019. 

Sister Jenna and the DC Family



Sis Chandru & Interfaith leaders bless California Governor on his Inaugural Day

16 January 2019

Governor Gavin Newsom and his wife Jennifer Siebel-Newsom flanked with Sis. Chandru and faith leaders of California.


California: Sister Chandru and prominent Interfaith Leaders were called upon to bless the 40th Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, on the Inaugural Day.

Sis. Chandru's blessing to him was to work together in partnership with God and people with energy, vigour and enlightenment. As all clergies and leaders joined her in "Om Shanti" chant, the entire space reverberated with peace.

Governor Newsom and his wife Jennifer became very emotional when all the faith leaders circled around them to give a collective blessing. 

As a response to the entire Interfaith Unity Service, the Governor tweeted:
"What an incredible blessing to start our day with prayers for California from faith leaders all across our state. Feeling inspired and humbled."

Sister Chandru in the Blessing Circle of faith leaders.



Consulate General of India in Houston, TX Receives New Year's Greetings from Br Mark Ram

9 January 2019

Houston, Texas, USA (7 January): Bro. BK Mark met the Consul General of India in Houston, Dr. Anupam Ray, and conveyed best wishes for a Happy New Year on behalf of BK Dr Hansaben and divine family in Texas. The Consul General was presented India’s tricolor toli.  The CG was so happy to see India’s colors on Baba’s toli that he took a picture and posted it on his Twitter account!  https://twitter.com/anupamifs/status/1082480624877953024.  Also present was Deputy Consul Mr Adhana.   

Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

BK Dr. Hansa Raval

Houston, Texas, USA



Florida Service News for December 2018

5 January 2019


'Meditation to Lighten the Wheel of Karma' by Sr. Gayatri


Dec 4: Sr. Gayatri Naraine was the guest facilitator (from New York) for the evening program on "Meditation to Lighten the Wheel of Karma" and live translations in spanish were provided by Amar for the spanish only participants.


The session presented many deep understanding about the philosophy of Karma and its cycle. The highlight was how we can all change our Karmas by changing our feelings which precede the thinking and performing actions. Here is a snippet from the session.


Florida Retreat


Dec 7-8-9 : About 40 plus souls from Miami joined the annual BK Florida Family Retreat in Naples where Sr. Gayatri Naraine very lovingly took all on an inner-reflective journey of Clearing the hearts.


The retreat was a beautiful journey were the subtle connection between the heart and the mind was explored and how we create thought patterns or belief systemsespecially when the heart registers a strong feeling and then the MIND is at work in drawing a conclusion about what went wrong. The reflective sessions provided a powerful atmosphere to look at these thought forms, see them, listen to them, let them speak, let them be heard. And then in loving remembrance of Baba heal themto return back to the feeling of being whole again.


In addition to participation of BKs from Miami, Tampa, Naples, Delray, Holywood, Orlando, Ocala, there were international attendees - Martha & Dhanesh from Mexico and Pricila from Costa Rico who enriched the gathering with their participation.


Click HERE for some loving moments of the retreat.


Some Glimpses from the Florida Family BK Retreat facilitated by Sr. Gayatri


Click here for the full report.







Magical Moments of 2018 from the Meditation Museum, Washington, DC

3 January 2019

Warm Hello 2019!

Try a little experiment for 2019. Keep your eyes open and think to yourself, “I am present, I am available, I am aware and I am opened to Love." If you can value your present moment you will certainly value your future.

Our Service Report for the Meditation Museums is below. We held 323 events for the community in 2018! Can you imagine that. Who thought when you meditated it wasn't about sitting down and doing nothing ;-)

It has been a full year and we appreciate your continued presence that says, what we do matter. Enjoy the below videos. The four minute one was by Vedin who is 9 years old.


Kind wishes, 

Sister Jenna and the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums. 
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New Year Greetings from Peace Village Family

2 January 2019



New Year Greetings from Brahmakumaris, Silicon Valley Milpitas, USA

2 January 2019



In Photos: Christmas at Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Milpitas

29 December 2018

Omshanti and Greetings of Peace from BK Milpitas, USA

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley celebrated Christmas. More than 250 people attended the event. The program included Christmas songs, Christmas carols by kids and a visit from Santa followed by lunch.  Here are a few pictures from the event.

BK Kusum

Christmas Greetings by Sister Kusum and BK Brothers and Sisters

Christmas songs and carols by BK Silicon Valley kids

Audience enjoying the cultural events by kids

Santa's visit - Santa entertaining the kids



Holiday Greetings from Los Angeles BKs

29 December 2018

As the New Year approaches, a wonderful sense of enthusiasm, renewed purpose and new beginning inspire each and every one of us to move forward.

We all feel that the coming 2019 will be filled with newness, surprises, growth and more!

May the joy that you give to others, return to you multi-million-fold and may true love follow you wherever you go.

With the Supreme Father by our side, may you face every moment with courage and calmness knowing that success is your birthright.

The Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris Family would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your presence, friendship and contribution in many ways.

We are inviting you to continue to come together, as incognito effort-makers, to be the flying angels, agents of change and ambassadors of peace in these very turbulent times on our precious earth.

Let us come together to hoist the flag of peace and victory with certainty and dignity.

Wishing you a divine time for 2019!

Your Spiritual Sister, BK Gita &
Your Loving Los Angeles Family



Dr. Binny Receives Appreciation Award from Gurudwara & Addresses Parliament of World Religions

6 December 2018

Vancouver, Canada: Dr. Binny, Regional Director for India, Global Peace Initiative received “Appreciation Award” from Khalsa Diwan Society. She addressed the leading seven prestigious Akali and Khalsa Sikh Society and Historical Heritage Gurudwaras here. She also spoke at many leading Gurudwaras in connection with Guru Granth Shibh and Guruvani teachings on the theme "How to Live a Blissful life…with Happiness and Peace!" Many Sikh delegations Sangat and families appreciated the experience. 
Dr. Binny was also interviewed by Zee TV Canada, Joy TV and the popular RED FM Radio "Harjinder Thind Show" in Vancouver. Thousands received the message through these interviews and many started Rajyoga classes. She was the featured speaker at a Diwali Celebrations function organized by Vancouver MPs and MLAs and at also the BKCenter. Dr. Claudia, Vancouver Center Coordinator, Dr. Binny,  Sisters Harpreet, and Anu and Brother Rakesh had an opportunity of meeting many dignitaries and sharing BK activities. Dr. Binny also addressed the Dasmesh Punjabi School where three hundred children received the message of  Living Values.

Dr. Binny Sareen, representing Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu, spoke at the Parliament of World Religions in Toronto Canada. This year the theme of the Parliament was "The Promise of Inclusion, The Power of Love:  Pursuing Global Understanding, Reconciliation, and Change".
Dr. Binny, who was invited as a distinguished speaker, addressed sessions on Women & Spirituality: a World Perspective and on The Powerful Influence of Spiritual Leaders. She shared the Peace message of Dadi Janki ji during her address in the presence of distinguished religious leaders from all over the world, and also shared the significant leading role of the Brahma Kumaris in uplifting spiritual awareness and fostering women empowerment all over the world. She also conducted meditation which was well received by interfaith leaders. 

Sisters Maureen of London, Mary of Chicago, Valeriane of Geneva, and Savi of Toronto also addressed this prestigious event. More than ten thousand delegates from 90 countries representing more than 200 faiths were present. 

Dr. Binny Sareen
Regional Director for India, Global Peace Initiative 
Director General, Int. Peace Initiatives (Hon.),
Mount Abu, Rajasthan



Report on Parliament of the World Religions, Toronto

20 November 2018

The seventh Parliament of the World’s Religions convened in Toronto from November 1-7, 2018, 125 years after the first Parliament tool place at the Chicago World’s Fair.  7,500 people representing nearly 200 religions participated.  The theme was ‘The Promise of Inclusion; The Power of Love.’


The Brahma Kumaris had a beautiful booth showing a big tree of virtues which represented the expression of the true nature of all embodied souls, regardless of religion.  Shiv Baba was shown as the Seed of the tree and also above the tree in the Incorporeal World as the Father of souls.  The picture attracted much interest, and conversations about the picture sparked many friendships.  Each visitor left with a virtue card shaped like a flower and a booklet with a virtue for each day of the week.


The Brahma Kumaris also participated in many panel discussions on environment, science and consciousness, women’s leadership and interfaith activities, and conducted an early morning meditation.


A big player at this Parliament was a loose coalition of spiritually-based activists who are addressing social, environmental and political problems from a spiritual base but not necessarily from any religion.  They use the term ‘inter-spiritual’ to describe what they all have in common. One such participant said, “It’s not about what we believe; it’s about what we can do together.” 


Some newcomers to the ‘The Promise of Inclusion’ were the millennials and the LGBT community.  Both groups want to share in the process of making the world better, and both groups encouraged the people of religions to embrace diversity and stop focusing on differences.  They and all newcomers to the Parliament were met with beautiful gestures of love and welcome.


The BK team at the Parliament included Sr Maureen and Sr Georgina from UK, Sr Valeriane from Geneva, CH, Br Damian from AU, Sr Savi, Sr Pam, Sr Tanya Sr Nora, Sr Debbie and Br David from Canada, and Br Erik, Sr Madhavi and Sr Mary from USA.  The team was showered with royal hospitality from the Toronto BK family.  Both the Toronto family and the visitors felt blessed by Baba and drama to have participated in this important event, and all look forward to an even fuller participation in the next Parliament in 2 or 3 years.


Please see full report with pictures here.




In Photos and Videos: Diwali Celebrations in Milpitas, Silicon Valley California

20 November 2018


Dear Divine BK Family,


Greetings of Diwali.


Here are the Photos and Videos.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/TVipJACgTek

Dance Performance(Dhin Tana Song) by BK Sania and BK Aditi

Candle lighting ceremony by Distinguished guests and Sr.Kusum

Video Link: https://youtu.be/JLnll3pERZc

Talk by Sr.Kusum on "Creating a Life Style with Divinity"

Video Link: https://youtu.be/2A0zXKjT9OQ

Happy Diwali Song by BK Brothers and Sisters

Video Link: https://youtu.be/iSBo7eXBx5U

Cultural event by BK Punjabi Group

Audience enjoying the BK Diwali event. Over 400 souls attended the event.

Dinner prepared by BK Silicon Valley family





Diwali Greetings and News from Washington, DC

16 November 2018


To Our Global Family,


A very warm and special Om Shanti from the Washington DC family. Every Diwali always seems like the most special one. Yet, this Diwali has many of us celebrating the great fortune that Baba found each and every one of us to be His special instruments of Love, Peace, and Happiness. These times are signalling us what Baba has been preparing us for, to be the Light in our world.


So, may these unique times be yours to always cherish the fortune offered by Drama, Baba, the Family, and Friends. It is our pure wish that our feelings of pure love and happiness, spread far and wide, similar to what Baba continues to share with us every single moment. Our words could never express what He has meant for us. And, what it has meant having a global family generating such light in all four corners of the world.


So to each and everyone, a very auspicious and powerful Diwali greeting filled with so much love and happiness .


Warm Wishes and Love, 
Sister Jenna, Gita, Bubli, Br. David, Santosh and all from the Washington DC Family. 

P.S. Enjoy our simple Diwali event for Friends CLICK HERE




Inauguration of the Newly-Renovated Toronto Center & Diwali Celebrations with Sister Mohini in October

9 November 2018

Download full report here.



Diwali Greetings from Sr. BK Chandru and San Francisco Family

9 November 2018



Diwali Greetings from Sr Mohini - New York

9 November 2018




Peace Village - God's Love & Story of Yagya - Celebration with Mohini bhen and Jayanti bhen

9 November 2018



An amazing gathering of the USA and Canada family came together at Peace Village from September 27-30, emerging and sharing an Ocean of God’s Love and Divinity. The theme was “Experiencing God’s Love: the Story of the Yagya” as we joyously celebrated Mohiniben’s 60 Years and Jayantiben’s 50 Years with Baba, 40 Years of the Brahma Kumaris Serving in North America, Baba’s Yagya and creation, and the joy of each one moving closer to their unique stage of completion and perfection.


Mohiniben and Jayantiben were grandly welcomed to Inspiration Hall



The hall sparkled with many celebrating anniversaries with Baba and in service. We all created a very powerful and love-filled atmosphere together.


Click here for detailed report with photos.







Service at World Hindu Congress 2018 in Chicago

9 November 2018


Om Shanti,


BK Sister Ranjan of Dallas, along with other sisters, attended the 2nd World Hindu Congress at Chicago by invitation. Below is the Peace News video link (Hindi only).






News from Washington DC Since Sr Jenna's Return from Madhuban

2 November 2018


*Today is Global Oneness Day CLICK HERE..I would love for you to share or join in https://vg165.isrefer.com/go/g1d2018/a1511 


*Tomorrow, we will host the Spirit Film Festival and if you haven't seen these short films, you must. There is one solely on the power of Silence and Drishti. Can you believe it! CLICK HERE https://madmimi.com/p/193e1d 


*Last Sunday was my first time with the family after being way for three weeks, and how absolutely special that was. They are so special. 


*I do wish to recommend if you can, add a Work Place Session program on your website and for your area if you do not have one already. II believe it has a lot of potential for service.  See here https://www.meditationmuseum.org/work-place-sessions.html Since we posted a few months ago and with no enrgey other than posting the page that we are available for workplace sessions, I am please to share that we have received over 10 invitations to businesses. Last week alone we hosted Marriott Sales Staff at the Museum and National Association for Black Accountants was held at the National Press Club. There are also many others planned.  CLICK https://www.facebook.com/MeditationMuseum/ 


*Desert Rose from South Africa, the BK musicians performed at the Museum while I was away. They were guests of Alice Walker who will be on the radio show. Andy Shalall who owns Bus Boys Poets where they performed is a close contact here too, so it was very much like a family experience as shared by Antonia. I did get a chance to host them for lunch the day after I returned from Madhuban and we had a wonderful time. 


*Antonia attended Snatam Kuar, singer and songwriter concert. She emailed us two months ago that she was leaving our names at the door.  I was to also attend, but I just could not stay awake for that after coming back from Madhuban only three days upon my return! She did send a lovely gift though. 


*The souls from America Meditating Retreat held a ZOOM feedback call a few days ago and they shared their joys and challenges being back after being in Madhuban. Imagine, where we have taken these souls. To the core of the Brahma Kumaris, Madhuban. Meeting with Dadis, seniors, Brahmins, and exposing them to the service of Baba's world. Wonderful drama. They even shared the stark difference of being in Peace Village versus Madhuban. It's quite a wonderful unfolding story isn't? There is talk about hosting a regular call and they are now receiving Baba's Blessing and slogan daily. We are now thinking of hosting another retreat for next year in Africa, Malaysia, or Australia. It's a thought.  CLICK HERE https://1drv.ms/f/s!Asf5Fd6pB6qxtSJZ9BZYNVnvZ6MI


*The center spread in the Washington Post has brought quite a number of new souls to the Museums. So, it has been moving well. Br. David has been quite creative designing new signs for the place. And, he has done a fantastic job with redoing the Museums where the stage in concerned. Beautiful. Click here https://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/museums/meditation-museum-communing-with-the-divine-in-silver-spring/2018/10/11/4bbeb196-c5fd-11e8-9b1c-a90f1daae309_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.6b536b4238bf 


I could go on, on, but I simply wanted to check in and offer a little update.  





My favorite pictures!

Senior Journalist and Actress, Rolonda Watts...very powerful soul. 

Shashi meeting with Marla Maples

America Meditating Alumnis

Meeting Santosh Didi

Special Event at the Hospital

Meeting Jayanti bhen

Their first Bus Ride

A little bird flew into the Museum a few days! Highlight!

Desert Rose

The big DAY with Dadi

She took so much!

Pandav Bhawan

Feeling close in Shashibhen Room and Thanking her for all the wonderful accommodations!

Okay, the BK Spiritual FOB (Friends of BK's)




Brahma Kumari's Florida Service News - October 2018

2 November 2018




Workshop on Leading a Life of Purpose


Oct 13: Meredith and Meeta facilitated a workshop on "Leading a life of purpose"to explore how our lives are so often taken up by routine responsibilities and activities and how meditation and spirituality can help us move towards lives of deeper meaning and fulfillment. Through journaling and reflective meditations the group reflected and expressed their inner thoughts. There was some resounding expression in the form of frustration and even desperation of how 'even after working on several accomplishments in life there is this question of #WhatNext and an inner search for seeking of a greater/ fulfilling purpose'. Most of the participants expressed how they appreciate the opportunity to explore meditation and they look forward to adding more spirituality in their daily lives....click here for the service report with photos.






BKs participate in Mahatma Gandhiji's 149th Birthday Celebrations in Houston, Texas

2 November 2018


Dear Divine Family,


Om Shanti and greetings love.  Brahma Kumaris in Texas joined the Consulate General of India and the Mahatma Gandhi Library for a 1000 Lights of Peace program in celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s 149th birthday.


BK Dr Hansa Raval shared her personal experience of putting a garland on Gandhiji when she was a little girl, and in return Gandhiji put the garland back on her.  Dr. Hansaben attributed Gandhiji’s success to his vows of chastity and renunciation, his belief that God is Truth, and especially the support and strength he received from his wife Kasturba.  Dr. Hansaben emphasized Katurba’s role as an equal partner in India’s independence movement, as she spent many years in jail, solitary confinement and hard labor camp.  Kasturba left the body while she was under house arrest.


United States Congressman Al Green (Texas) in his remarks said Mahatma Gandhi was the torchbearer before Nelson Mandela in South Africa and Martin Luther King in the USA. Gandhi gave the world the paradigm of peace without force and today the world needs a Mahatma Gandhi, Green said.


India’s consul-general in Houston, Dr. Anupam Ray, in his address pointed out that Gandhi was a luminous character and he lived among us today, as evidenced by the large gathering at the event.


The event ended with a beautiful candle lighting ceremony.


Please see pictures at link below:



Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

Brahma Kumaris Texas divine family