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Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Presents a 21 DAY GOAL TO HEAL THY SELF

28 October 2020

In today's world, everything (body, relations, work) seems to be hurting or causing hurt.
Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley is offering a 21 day free series to effectively and efficiently meet the goal of healing thyself which in turn will heal everything external.

The inner GPS (below) will be used to locate the sweet spot of unshakable pure love for the self!
G for Guidance (wisdom)
P for Power (Inner)
S for Self Sustenance

No prior experience is needed

Starting October 26th, Every day from 7:30 pm – 8:00 pm (PDT)

Now Join us online in Just 1 click




Brahma Kumaris Boston: Upcoming Online Events for November 2020

27 October 2020



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center Week of October 19

27 October 2020

23 October - Lecture: Art of Relationships

[1:08:13] https://youtu.be/Ic0o8kY_cww 

23 October - Meditation Courses Trailer

[1:37] https://youtu.be/HvDGWT21lQ8 

22 October - Lecture: Art of Relationships

[0:58] https://youtu.be/vp3scZaSiP4



REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum, week of October 19

27 October 2020

23 October - Rebroadcast: Love is the Way

[56:59] https://youtu.be/0jvK21pm2ko

22 October - A Qualified Mind 

[1:03:27] https://youtu.be/mPEnHJ2IBrs 

21 October - Put Down the Burdens of the Past

[1:13:13] https://youtu.be/M3DNi7nVwxU 

20 October - Valuing Time

[1:05:04] https://youtu.be/oneBcNk0-Sc

19 October - Being Light – Spreading Light

[1:10:28] https://youtu.be/o2gSlJentiE



REPLAYS of Recent online programs at the Anubhuti Retreat Center. Week of October 19

26 October 2020

24 October – Experiencing Pure Love: Guided Meditation and Healing Harp

[55:19]  https://youtu.be/2ti3i26RIe4

19 October – Feeling Happy Again, Making the World Happy

[1:09:21] https://youtu.be/_0RJoIeAVp8



REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center Week of October 19-26

26 October 2020

23 October – 'Gift of Peace' Meditation with Tej

[11:01] https://youtu.be/puAx-Q3hq4E

22 October – Stay connected...Spiritually with Meredith

[15:29] https://youtu.be/vlBe1lFdl40 

21 October – The Quest for Well-being PART 1 

[43:10] https://youtu.be/PR_voEL2yWo

20 October – Special Closing Remarks by Sr Jenna

[6:56] https://youtu.be/uwyz7P0cAl0

20 October – Peace Meditation with Sr Jenna

[3:02] https://youtu.be/qRlPCF3aLQA 

20 October – Peace Q&A with Sr Jenna

[16:41] https://youtu.be/JtGNDVhoIAg  

20 October – Sr Jenna on World Peace

[36:05] https://youtu.be/W58G3Rykxhc

20 October –  (Spanish) Agradecimiento y bondad.... nuestro estado natural con Amar

[14:17] https://youtu.be/QkikPecZnAA

19 October –  What is the Mind with Dev & Vijai

[14:27] https://youtu.be/0OJjmMO1FVk



Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Presents “How To LET GO & Release The Past?” – Class by Senior BK Sister Rajni (Japan)

26 October 2020

Click on the below image to replay [54:33]



November Upcoming Meditation Classes at the Manhattan Center

26 October 2020

Dear Friends, Greetings of Peace.

Please take note of the upcoming Meditation Courses, free online. 

Monday Nov 2, 7-8 pm EST (3 x per week for 4 weeks).

Monday Nov 9, 10-11 am EST (5 x per week for 2 weeks).

For more information and to REGISTER:




Peace in the Park: Breathe Peace follow up: Oct. 30 @ 5pm

26 October 2020

Dear Friends,
Greetings of peace. We sincerely hope this notice finds you well.

We extend heartfelt thank you for participating in the PIP event on Oct. 2. As we had mentioned on that day, we have a follow-up event planned for you - a series of three 30 minute episodes entitled, Are you still breathing?

First episode: October 30 at 5:00-5:30 pm.

The PIP Breathe Peace Series will continue to bring you the ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical methods around breathing so you can gradually build your way to a peaceful, centered, and happy state of mind.

Sharing | Yogic Pranayama | Meditation

"Oxygen is to the Body as Peace is to the Soul"

Meeting id 991 8993 4347, and passcode: PIPbreathe.

The event will also be live-streamed on facebook
Looking forward to being together again.



REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum, week of October 12-19

26 October 2020

16 October - Foundation Course in Meditation Class 5 - Eight Spiritual Powers [1:10:31] https://youtu.be/L0BxgHwjOT8  

15 October - Foundation Course in Meditation Class 4- World Drama Cycle 

[1:20:46] https://youtu.be/xW_CRWHXgdM

14 October - Foundation Course in Meditation Class 3 - Law of Karma

[1:11:09] https://youtu.be/fbupBqtK9qM 

12 October - The Energy of Food and Conscious Cooking

[1:08:18] https://youtu.be/4PyypFen_iY

10 October - Special Event! Screening ZoomMeditation Docu-Movie

[1:13:15] https://youtu.be/y0uiqXp6Fi8



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center Week of October 12

26 October 2020

15 October - Lecture: Self Esteem and Self Confidence

[ 1:04:56] https://youtu.be/NewQyTKobj0

15 October - Powerboost: Past Is Past

[17:59] https://youtu.be/aLKvXcgYpH8

10 October - Conferencia: Silenciar el Zumbido Interior

[1:03:47] https://youtu.be/qJtgZGskvCE



REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center Week of October 12-19

26 October 2020

16 October – Spiritual Insights on "Is confinement a benefit or a loss?" by Craig [13:41] https://youtu.be/WJKRfWIgPjk

15 October – Evening Meditation on "Don't Lose Hope!" with Meredith [12:25] https://youtu.be/8E1-JDAHQx0 

14 October – Take a Moment, Take a Deep Breath, Wednesday Evening Meditation by Kristina

[7:55] https://youtu.be/Z9ETTzg9l0U

13 October –  Martes: Meditando al atardecer for spanish speaking amigos by Marjorie

[11:20] https://youtu.be/KhrklwZXld0 

12 October –  Meditation & Insights on Consistency with Dev & Vijai

[13:40] https://youtu.be/vgsE16iRZEY



REPLAYS of Recent online programs at the Anubhuti Retreat Center.Week of October 12

26 October 2020

18 October – Song: There is Only Love [ 4:00]


18 October – Song: We Are One Family

[4:24] https://youtu.be/jW4P6KcyojE

14 October – Health and Well Being: Ayurveda, Pranic Healing & Raja Yoga - Professor Ram Mohan Rao
[59:05]  https://youtu.be/LWXUu_-F60M

13 October – The Power of Silence Workshop - Mohan Bhai 
[59:16] https://youtu.be/E5FqdPr3OB0



Six Session Online Course in Raja Yoga Meditation Begins Oct 19 (Peace Village)

19 October 2020

Raj Yoga –  the Key to Self Discovery and Self Mastery.

6-Session Online Course  in Raja Yoga Meditation presented by the BK teachers at Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center.

Mondays/Thursdays 6:30 – 7:45 pm | New York Time | Beginning October 19, 2020

This course in spirituality and meditation is especially designed to build your capacity during times of change and challenge. It will empower you to keep your mind focused on the positive, come closer to your Higher Power, and find peace and joy in spite of all uncertainties. You will stand out as a beacon of light in the darkness.

Give yourself a chance to find new meaning in your life:

Who am I, really?
Who do I belong to, always ?
Where is my true ‘home’?
What is my purpose in life?
What destines my future?
How do I meditate in the midst of any situation?
Register for this course here



Support for Chandrubehn

17 October 2020

October 16, 2020

Dear Bapdada’s most beloved instruments of USA:

Greetings of love.  As we enter into the Season of Fall, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of silence and yoga.  We are encountering situations of ‘suddenly’, which require being more in the tapasya of ‘eknami’ in the remembrance of One Baba.

Our dear Chandrubehn has been having challenges with her body and is at present in the hospital.  I am requesting that we all dedicate 10 minutes of yoga after the Murli class and together with Baba to send her sakash for a fast and strong recovery.

I am suggesting that we do this for 9 days, during the time of ‘navratri’ starting tomorrow, October 17 and concluding October 25.  Let us be united under the canopy of one strength and one support.

With love in Bapdada’s yaad
Sister Mohini



BK Dallas Navratri Programs Oct 17-25

16 October 2020

Dear Divine Family,

We are happy to share the below programs.  An inspiration came during meditation to reveal Shiv Shaktis during this Navratri (Celebrating 9 days of Shiv Shaktis).  It just happened that we informed and invited senior sisters on such short notice to share their experience of being Shiv Shakti and all of them accepted it with love.

This program will also include a short video of Dadis.

Please see the details below for 9 days and forward it to Brahmins and the public.

Promo video  *9 Days with 9 Special Shiv Shaktis*

To watch on YouTube:

Below is the link for Flyer:

Here are the zoom details:

Meeting ID-98156115835
Password- 816108

BK Ranjan
Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center Dallas, USA



Peace Village Online Retreats, Courses and More! October 10 through November 8

14 October 2020

When your open your eyes in the morning, sit for a moment and appreciate the gift of a new day, create a peaceful thought and enjoy some moments of silence throughout the whole day.

Even during these times of great challenge and uncertainty, every day brings a special gift.  Creating this practice will allow me to focus on the blessings and share positive energy with others too. 

Upcoming Online Weekend Retreats

CLICK HERE for more info and to register for this retreat! 

Online Retreat:  October 16-18
Grow Your Virtues and Flourish


With clear, easy-to-understand examples, and a rich supply of beautiful meditations, the Grow Your Virtues and Flourish retreat will demystify the whole process of living a satisfying virtue-driven life.

Click Here for more information and to register for this retreat. 

Online Retreat
Inner Peace Inner Power for Beginners

November 6 - 8

The introductory part of our Foundation
Course in Raja Yoga Meditation

For those who want to move closer to their true nature as spiritual beings, and to the Supreme being, through deeply understanding and applying the law of karma and the 8 master powers attained through Raja Yoga Meditation.

Click Here for more information and to register for this retreat.

Online Retreat

Building Spiritual Capacity

November 6 - 8

This retreat is about building the strength of the highest self.
This retreat is about building the strength of the highest self.  The truth of each of us is a loving, peaceful, joyful soul.  When we live our lives in the self-respect of this awareness we are happy, we are powerful, and we serve the world around us.  To be stable and resilient in this truth requires spiritual capacity which is built through, attention, understanding and determined practice.

This retreat will share tools for creating a personal practice that strengthens our spiritual capacity through regular meditation, nurturing lifestyle choices, and a clear understanding of the self.

Click Here for more information and to register for this retreat.

Upcoming Online Courses

CLICK HERE to register for this 3-day Course

CLICK HERE to register for this 6-session course

CLICK HERE to register for this workshop



First Weds of the Month: 8:00 - 8:30 pm

Learn to take power from your connection with the God of your understanding.  Dedicate some quality time with a healing and inspiring meditation. 

This meditation is sponsored by:
Moiuntain Top Cares Coalition & Peace Village.

Here is the Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 856 9004 0643

Feel Well, Heal Well Lounge
Weekly Forum Every Sunday for Health Care Professionals
8:00 pm – 8:45 pm (EST)

You have given your best … it is now time to ‘rest’ — even if for a few moments so you can continue to be at your best.
de-stress and debrief in a positive company
be inspired by experiences and insights of other practitioners
recharge with simple guided meditations
Join on ZOOM
Meeting ID: 972-7994-8007     PASSWORD: peace



“Calm the Mind and Connect to God”: Joy Lutheran Church Service By Brahma Kumaris Ocala

14 October 2020

Ocala, Florida (USA): BK Sister Anne has begun a weekly 30-minute Zoom class (Saturday’s on Zoom and Facebook live) for Joy Lutheran Church in Ocala. The series is called “Calm the Mind and Connect to God” and focuses on creating peace of mind through spiritual thinking. The class has received very positive feedback from participants as well as Pastor Art. Many parishioners in different parts of the country also watch the videos on Facebook. This service continues to be coordinated by BK Sister Robin.



REPLAY: “Healing Begins When Hurting Ends” presented by BK Silicon Valley

14 October 2020

Please click on the above image to replay the webinar. [1:02:28]



Zoom Meditation DocuFilm Release and Screening at the United Palace Theater 10 October, 8:45 pm ET

14 October 2020

Om Shanti to Friends across the globe, I hope this finds you well.

The year 2020 has certainly been a strange and distressing year. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads through the world, movie theaters have been closing worldwide and blockbuster movies are being pushed to 2021 releases or even being cancelled. People are finding new ways of conveying stories.

America Meditating Production is proud to announce the release of “Zoom Meditation,” a Docufilm written and directed by Sister Dr. Jenna. It will be released at the United Palace of Spiritual Arts, New York's iconic entertainment venue and artistic hub in the heart of Washington Heights. Built in 1930 as a grand movie theater and one of five Loew’s Wonder Theaters, the United Palace is famous for its eclectic architectural styles, classic motifs, and international decorative touches.

Join us for this screening Saturday, October 10 at 9:45 pm ET/ 8:45 pm CT/ 6:45 pm PT as Bishop Heather Shea interviews Sister Dr. Jenna on the making of “Zoom Meditation.” Be the first to watch the screening of #ZoomMeditation for Free.

Host a watch party, get out your popcorn and snacks, and gather the family to enjoy an hour of lightness.

CLICK On America Meditating or United Palace You Tube Channels to watch!

I look forward to seeing you!
Sister Dr. Jenna and the Crew! 

P.S. Get your copy now by clicking [HERE]

All proceeds go to the Meditation Museums.

#MeditationMuseum #SisterJenna #AmericaMeditating #Zoom #ZoomMeditation

Footnote by Sr Jenna:
I wanted to share with you something new we have put together. Our first docufilm from zoom from meditation sessions we held. We took it from the limited into the unlimited. It has opened me and the team up to learning more about some talents, creative forces, visions, and interests we had merged. 

This film is also to remove the hype of sensationalism and to believe in something simple and truthful from home during a pandemic. It's on a few networks now... I am already catching thoughts for something more..;-)

See the link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btraGK9NWL4 
Description from the YouTube page:
" Zoom Meditation is a 2020 documentary film written and directed by Sister Dr. Jenna and produced by America Meditating Productions. The film focuses on meditation in a Zoom world and explores how a diverse group of individuals are using meditation as a tool for mental and emotional well being during these challenging and disruptive times."



REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum, week of September 28- October 05

14 October 2020

02 October - Making The Most of Time 

[1:02:43] https://youtu.be/9CS296dl1-w

01 October - Seeing Through Illusions - Claiming the Pathway to Happiness

[1:12:44] https://youtu.be/YBgc4d0OFEA 

30 September - Dealing with Conflict

[ 1:07:30] https://youtu.be/i-Migqv04JE

29 September - Preserving Our Energy 

[1:10:33] https://youtu.be/0jPoYfHAlHU

28 September - Navigating Work Life and Personal Life

[1:12:46] https://youtu.be/ahsmcrRvJn8



REPLAYS of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center Week of September 28

14 October 2020

28 September - English Murli by Santoshben (Russia) [1:32:34]https://youtu.be/P71_uRBldPk

28 September - Hindi Murli by Santoshben (Russia)

[1:31:04] https://youtu.be/oB_m5sYU_gg 

28 September - Hindi Murli by Sudhaben (Russia)

[1:31:19] https://youtu.be/5zGndY0harc

28 September - English Murli by Sudhaben (Russia)

[1:06:21] https://youtu.be/XGZp1SGg8vc



REPLAY of "Breathe Peace", a Virtual Peace in the Park Experience

9 October 2020

Peace in the Park: Breathe Peace is " A Celebration dedicated to UN International Days of Peace and Nonviolence... In the enriching conversation, you’ll learn the ancient Yogic wisdom and modern science behind breathing and how this can empower you to live a better life physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A panel consisting of a group of wellness professionals will explore ways of better & peaceful living with the audience, live. You will be pampered with Soulful performances to provide you a unique experience designed to bring you wisdom, peace of mind, self-empowerment, entertainment, and love.

Click HERE to play [2:13:05]



Living Values Education Newsletter, October 2020

9 October 2020

LVEP, Inc., USA            October 2020 Newsletter

Dear LVE stars, educators, parents and friends,

Loving greetings.  I hope this finds you and your circles of family and friends doing well.  It is an unusual time, a time that is unsettling in many ways.  My hope is that we will emerge from this with more kindness, love and compassion.  Meanwhile, let's be light and courageous as we live our values of peace, and equality for all. 

The eight-session LVE Webinar on Zoom went very well, with people from many countries in attendance.  There was rich sharing of experiences and we all enjoyed very much.  Many thanks to Rita Cleary, Natasha Panzer and Annie Jorgensen for moderating, and the LVE leaders in different regions of the world who shared some of their amazing work with LVE over the years. 

Dr. Leena Khanzode, a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist in Los Altos, California, is on the LVEP, Inc. board of directors.  She is certified in teaching Mindfulness to Parents, Children and Teens and has kindly offered to share some podcasts with you.  Some of them are for teens, and some for parents.  They are listed below.   I hope you enjoy them.  Thank you so much, Leena.  

With love and all good wishes, take care,

Diane Tillman
President, LVEP, Inc.

What is Mindfulness:

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment with kindness and curiosity, so you can choose the right behavior. You are bringing you kind and curious  attention to the Inner world - your breath, sensations in the body, thoughts, feelings and looking at the choices to choose the right behavior and the Outer world without any judgement and accepting everything as is.    

Dr. Khanzode shares below some of the mindfulness exercises she has conducted before and recorded:


Here are the individual links to Mindfulness Exercises for Parents and Teens:

1) Mindful Eating Exercise:


2) Mindfulness Exercise- Thought Watching


3) Mindfulness Exercise: How to manage your Feelings 


4) Mindfulness Exercise: PEACE


5) Mindfulness Exercise- Loving Kindness 


About the Podcast:

Taarika Foundation launched a podcast series for Parents and Youth in May 2020.  It is called "Mindful, Beautiful &Thriving", a series focused on youth mental health for parents and teens available for free on Apple & Google podcast and Spotify.

We have 2 segments to our series-

One is for Parents- with short episodes on Mindful Parenting, improving communication & relationship with your child/teen, tech savvy parenting, learn how to recognize mental health issues in teens and about different treatment options.

The other segment is for Teens- focused on stress management, time management and study skills and of course give them an opportunity to talk comfortably about their emotional challenges related to going through teen years and how to get help.

We have received great feedback for our podcast on Mindful Parenting. Sharing links to the the popular episodes in the Mindful Parenting Series:

Neuroscience Basis to Mindful Parenting:


What does OFNEEDS mean in Mindful Parenting


Some of the other episodes in this series that were well received are:
Repairing the Rupture and How to manage Fear in Parenting.

Dr. Leena Khanzode is a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist in Los Altos, California. She received training in adult and child psychiatry at Stanford, where she is also an Adjunct clinical faculty.  Dr. Khanzode is also the founder of Taarika Foundation, which is a 501(c) non-profit organization whose mission is to raise awareness about mental health in children and adolescents by breaking the stigma around mental illness and improving mental health in children and teens in the community. She is on the board of the USA LVE entity, Living Values: An Educational Program, Inc.



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center Week of September 28- October 05

9 October 2020

02 October - Disheartened? Take a Rest

[1:03:22] https://youtu.be/yBQxFWaue90

01 October - Disheartened? Take a Rest

[1:04:02] https://youtu.be/gpUf4GBt6aw

30 September - Aprender a Meditar -Dia 2

[1:04:12] https://youtu.be/Gb04j2I_Vc0 

30 September - Learn to Meditate - Foundation Course - Day 1

[1:05:11] https://youtu.be/oCK1S4uz3Ac

23 September - Learn to Meditate- Foundation course -Day 3

[1:19:46] https://youtu.be/gLaPjH7QcY8 

23 September - Aprender a Meditar -Fundacion - Day 3

[1:15:33] https://youtu.be/ig7Ld_je3wg



REPLAYS of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center Week of September 28-October 05

9 October 2020

02 October – Changing with Choice & Not Force: Insights & Meditation By Craig [21:43] https://youtu.be/da-mdrkAoAU

01 October – Stability Even Under Pressure by Meredith

[16:04] https://youtu.be/e51vTdoQu6g

30 September – Surrender And Set Yourself Free by Yolanda

[12:34] https://youtu.be/XJfdQQocGEQ 

29 September – Meditando al atardecer con Marjorie

[11:58] https://youtu.be/RL34NrHAMW0 

29 September – “Experiencing Loss” with Rabbi Litwak from Temple Sinai in Aventura, Florida by Meredith [28:34] https://youtu.be/ZAfS1E4EFE8

28 September - Meditation and Insights on "Upping the Game" by Dev & Vijai

[18:36] https://youtu.be/fKcGuscqSr0



Silence the Inner-Buzz Lecture on 8th October Plus Other October Events and Courses at the Manhattan Center

8 October 2020



October at L'Émergence, Brahma Kumaris Montreal Canada

5 October 2020

L'Émergence, your Oasis of Peace 
Dear friends of L'Emergence,

Greetings of Peace.
Whether on-site at the Centre or online, welcoming you is always a pleasure. Activities on site are maintained and will evolve according to public health guidelines. All of our activities are also available online. Rest assured that we will continue to maintain all COVID precautions and sanitary procedures as our commitment to your health and safety. 
Looking forward to welcoming you,
The L'Emergence Team 

Registration required  |  Please click on image below.

Registration required  |  Please click on image below.

Join us on Facebook to meditate!

Words of wisdom from Sr. Jayanti



“Inner Technology”: 15-Minute Sessions for Young Corporate Leaders with Sr Shireen

5 October 2020

Tampa, Florida ( USA ): In coordination with BK Abhishek, BK Judi from Calgary (Canada), BK Dorothy from Peace Village (New York), BK Shireen from Tampa (Florida) is conducting 15-minute sessions for young corporate leaders.

The theme of this two-week series is called Inner Technology.
The aim of these sessions is to build solutions, rejuvenate, and explore “Inner” strengths and values.



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - September 2020

3 October 2020


Click here for full report with photos.



Compassionate Non Violence

03 October 2020

The subtle fabric of the soul is complete peace. A violent thought, word, or action is like a tear in the fabric, it harms the soul before it touches another. When feelings of fear pierce the soul, people may behave in violent ways. The corona pandemic has seeded an atmosphere of fear and panic, allowing waves of exclusion, resentment, and prejudice to emerge. Compassionate nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. On the International Day of Non-Violence, let us come together to spread waves of compassionate nonviolence in the world.



Zoom Event Link:
Meeting ID: 2210824743
Password: peace108
Offered free of charge as a service to the community.