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Interview in English with Sister Shivani for Moscow, Russia, 19-06-2022

22 June 2022

Om Shanti.


Sending you our video interview with Sister Shivani for Moscow, Russia, 19-06-2022


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With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yaad

Multi-media department








Moscow (Russia) - News of the Excursion of Art & Culture Wing BKs from India to Moscow

17 June 2022

Moscow (Russia): Excursion to Moscow from Delhi. It was a pending trip of a few BKs from Delhi representing the Cultural Wing led by divine sisters from Delhi BK Poonam, National Coordinator and BK Alpa in charge of Tagore Park Centre. 

Four days stay in Moscow was heartily welcomed by the Retreat Centre, Mayak Mira. The short and sweet stay with the Russian family was a mixture of daily powerful yoga practices for inner excursion of the soul and also an external excursion to the historically important places in Moscow.

Apart from spiritual study, regular morning walks, light physical exercises, cultural programmes, ruhruhan, etc. gave an additional input to the body and soul.

Satwik Indian and Russian cuisines decorated the daily dining.

The exchange of spiritual and physical gifts from each other was a part daily timetable. Loving Drishti and heartfelt gestures for each other helped the gathering remain in powerful remembrance of Supreme Father Shiva.

Sudha Didi and Santosh Didi extended the invitation to visit Russia. Thanks to the members of the cultural wing for their encouragement, and the blessings from the senior members of Yagya that allowed the group to take the courageous step to visit Russia in time of need. 

The group left for St. Petersburg to celebrate yet another spiritual venture. 

Have a glimpse of few photographs.




Moscow BKs Observe the International Day for the protection of Children with a Public Event: "Friendship Unites The Hearts"

10 June 2022

Moscow: A programme dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Independence Day of India "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav", to the binding Threads between Russia and India, and to the International Day for the protection of Children, was held on 1st June.

A real festival of joy filled the hearts of the participants of the programme for children organized at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow. The event was dedicated to the International Day for Protection of Children and brought together children and adults from Russia and India.

The festival started with the inspiring words of Didi Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Moscow, and Dr. Vijay Kumar. Guests were invited to get acquainted with the traditions of India and Russia, well prepared in two respective premises. The Indian families went to "The Russian Room" and the Russian families entered "The Indian Room". The Indians learnt a Russian dance and a Russian song, and the Russians - an Indian dance and an Indian song. All the participants were given the introduction of the rules for welcoming guests in the respective countries.

Later, the Indians and the Russians met in the foyer and welcomed each other according to their traditions. All got a piece of bread with salt as per the Russian tradition and were decorated with a garland and a tilak as per the Indian tradition.

The central place in the programme was given to the action of sending good wishes to our Planet Earth. The children decorated the symbolic globe with beautiful paper flowers where their dreams and  thoughts were written. They performed the learnt songs in Russian and Hindi and sang the famous Russian song "Let there always be sunshine" together.

Then the participants proceeded to the main hall to enjoy a festive concert prepared by the children. Mr. Dmitry Smirnov, President of the International Academy of Youth Tourism and Local History named after A.A. Ostapets-Sveshnikov greeted the audience with words full of joy and enthusiasm wishing all happiness.

Didi Sudha asked everybody to repeat the slogan "I am always happy". And the unique atmosphere of spiritual happiness filled the hall.

The Ensemble of the Grand children's choir of the Moscow Musical-Pedagogical College directed by Mrs. Svetlana Averkina performed two beautiful songs both in Russian and English. A few children recited their poems. The audience enjoyed the famous Russian song "Kalinka-Malinka" performed by BK Larisa Gridina on the two flutes: the Russian wooden flute called Sopel and the classical modern metal flute.

At the end the children presented the traditional dances they had learnt before and all together enjoyed the common dance of happiness moving round the stage.

Many other interesting activities for the children and parents were added to the programme. 

There was a feeling that the hearts were dancing united in the spirit of friendship and harmony.

Link of Video Russia_Moscow_Public Program_Friendship unites the hearts:

Link of Photo Russia_Moscow_Public Program_Friendship unites the hearts:

Om Shanti




The Culture of Giving - Launching a new project in St. Petersburg, Russia

2 June 2022

21 Days of Making (and Receiving) Gifts!
A new project “The Culture of Giving: a golden mantra for the golden future of Russia and the world” was launched in St. Petersburg.

May, 29, 2022

The project is dedicated to the 319th anniversary of St. Petersburg and the 32nd anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in this city. It’s first leg, the marathon “21 Days of Golden Gifts” will take place in June, 1–21. On the occasion of launching the project, the Diamond Hall of Lighthouse welcomed a large group of guests from various cities of Russia, India, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus. The event was broadcast live in many cities in this country and abroad.

Addressing the international audience, Mr Kumar Gaurav, Consul General of India in St. Petersburg, underlined the relevance of the project in the context of today’s world scenario. He said, “Whenever I come to the Lighthouse, I feel a kind of divine intervention in this space. The culture of giving is truly the need of the hour. It is not by chance that the Indian tradition considers the act of giving, or daan, to be one of the most important tenets for getting salvation, apart from gaining knowledge and seeking for truth. The culture of giving is as old as India itself, and today we need to revive it worldwide.”

Ms Alexandra Nikolayeva, chairperson, Department for supporting socially oriented NGOs, Committee for Social Policy of St. Petersburg, highly appreciated the record of the social service of the Brahma Kumaris in this city: “The BKs and the government of St Petersburg have been keeping close contacts for more than 30 years. Numerous projects have been carried out for the benefit of this city and its residents. The new project that we are launching today suggests we become part of a 21-day Marathon of making gifts. I think that “21” is a sacred number, and it has not been chosen by chance. They say, it takes 21 days for a habit to be formed. And if we join this action and keep sharing our love, care and time with those around us, our world is going to become a better place to live!”

Ms Ludmila Kuleshova, president of the Lawyers’ Association of St. Petersburg, shared her feelings by saying, “We are present at a beautiful festival of purity, light and kindness. The establishment of the BK centre in St. Petersburg has had a great importance for spiritual and moral development of this city.”

Introducing the project, Didi Santosh, the Brahma Kumaris director in St. Petersburg, shared the inspiring words of wisdom about the deep philosophy of giving as described by the Supreme Giver. She said, “The project is dedicated to a beautiful task of giving for which God Himself comes on this Earth. The Supreme Soul, our Benefactor Father, is always a Giver for us, His children. He does not carry a calculator with Him for counting how much He has given to us. And the elements of nature are constant and selfless givers as well. But we, human souls, somehow have put a lock on our ability to give. We get tired of giving because we forget who we are, whose we are and why we are here. This forgetfulness changes our way of thinking, as a result of which our personality traits, or sanskaras, and our culture, or sanskriti, also change. The purpose of the project is to remind ourselves that we are souls, spiritual, sentient beings. A soul is basically a seed of knowledge, purity, peace and happiness. So let us make sure the seed sprouts and shares its latent treasures with the world.”

Bringing a unique fragrance of blessings and good wishes from Madhuban and Delhi, BK Yugratan decorated the event with a beautiful song “Sahayog se hi hoga sarvodaya” (“The benefit for everyone will be brought through co-operation”). And Mr Mikhail Gavrilov, an opera singer and winner of international contests, dedicated his song “A City of Cool Winds” to St. Petersburg.

A sparkling variety of cultural items, songs, dances and mime skits, filled the audience with joy and inspired everyone to share this joy with others. The viewers were especially happy to greet young dancers who performed national dances of Azerbaijan and Ossetia.

A magic plate filled with delicious dry fruit was given to the special guests of the event. Every plate is going to embark on a wonderful journey: after the treat has been accepted with love, the owner of the plate will fill it again and hand it over to someone else. In this way, the magic plate will go from one person to another at least 21 times! The round-shaped plate with the image of the Supreme Giver is symbolic of the law of actions that says, “Your acts of goodness will definitely come back to you, and you will be rewarded for them manifold.”


click here to download Full Report in PDF.




Moscow (Russia) - Enlightening Meditation Commentaries in English by Sudha Didi

16 May 2022

Dear aspirants of constant peace and happiness, Om Shanti.

Here are some videos of short meditation commentaries which I am sure will help you feel the soul and her original qualities, thereby enlightening the life.



With best wishes and divine love,

In Baba's yaad,

BK Elena Slavnova

Multi-media departmentMoscow


1. Soul and her original nature. Meditation


2. Journey to the Home of the soul. Meditation


3. Power of thoughts. Meditation


4. The Source of spiritual powers. Meditation


5. Path to happiness. Meditation


6. Method of practicing Raja Yoga. Meditation


7. God, my Loving Mother and Almighty Father. Meditation


8. Attainment of spiritual powers. Meditation





Moscow Holds Grand Cultural Event: Festivals Welcoming Spring

9 May 2022

Moscow (Russia):  A program was held recently dedicated to the spring festivals of Russia and India, uniting the cultures of the two countries. It was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Independence of India, ‘Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’, and to “Russia – India: The Binding Threads.The theme of the events was “Festivals welcoming the Spring“

It was a beautiful meeting of Ancient traditions and a new perspective of them on the basis of Spiritual Knowledge. People of different professions gathered on one stage: talented dancers, musicians, singers, spiritual leaders, and, of course, grateful participants.

All present got a fresh look at the Russian festival Maslenitsa, the Indian festival of colours, Holi, and the burning of an effigy of Ravana during Dashera.

The audience enjoyed the bright dances performed by the Indian dance ensembles: “Odissi Jivan Nritya” from the town of Shchelkovo and “G-Taal” from the town of Sergiyev Posad.
BK students prepared a beautiful Russian dance symbolising the coming of Spring. The dance was prepared under the guidance of Mrs. Vera Zakharova, choreographer, and former solo dancer of the State Academic Ensemble of Folk Dance named after Igor Moiseev.

A famous song “Spring is Coming” by Isaak Dunayevsky was performed by Mrs. Ekaterina Furanova, singer, vocal teacher, and laureate of International and All-Russian song contests.  A few songs were also presented by BK students.

The culmination of the program was a talk by Didi Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow. She spoke on the theme of how to conquer the real Ravan that symbolizes the vices of the soul. She started her brief talk by asking a question to the audience: Do they really want to conquer Ravan? Most of the people sitting in the hall raised their hands. Didi explained that it is possible to burn the Ravana inside only with the help of God, the Eternal Flame. When a soul remembers the Supreme Father with love, the fire of the Supreme Love burns the sins and weaknesses inside.

The festival ended with an energetic bhangra dance followed by a few minutes of silence.

You can watch the program here: [1:43:06]





Brahma Kumaris Hold Public Event in Moscow - Dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Independence of India

29 April 2022

The event "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" "Russia - India: The Binding Threads"  was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Independence of India and featured a meeting with Mrs. Galina Yevtushenko, film director, as well as a demonstration of her film "Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi: the double portrait in the depth of the epoch"

The guests of the BK Centre in Moscow gathered in the Lighthouse of the World at the beautiful programme with the participation of the prominent film director Mrs. Galina Yevtushenko who presented the documentary film "Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi: the double portrait in the interior of the epoch" co-authored with her daughter Ms. Anna Yevtushenko. 

Didi Sudha, Director, addressed the audience with words of greetings and wisdom. She emphasized the importance of spiritual values in these crucial times when lots of people are suffering. "It is high time to reawaken our original nature of feelings of brotherhood so that we can together recreate the world free from sufferings and pain".
Mrs. Gina Uike, the Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of India, Moscow expressed her appreciation and gratitude for organizing the programme dedicated to the remarkable date in the history of India. The government of India decided to call this festival of Independence in a very poetic way – "Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav" which means "Nectar of the Great Festival of Freedom".
Ms. Anna Yevtushenko reminded all of the significant ideas expressed by Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi – the two great leaders whose life and work became the inspiration for lots of people around the world. 
Prof. Galina Yevtushenko, Director and Producer, Russian State Humanitarian University, Moscow, greeted the spectators with the words of congratulations on the 75th Anniversary of the Independence of India and the diplomatic relations between India and Russia.  She shared her deep feelings of appreciation and gratitude to the organizers of the event emphasizing the unique spirit of love, warmth and friendliness.
The ceremony of candle lighting on the beautifully decorated stage with the symbols of India and Russia created a festive and elevated atmosphere before the quests could enjoy the film about the genies who influenced the lives of millions, the two like-minded personalities who closely cooperated in the cause of peace though they never met personally in life.

Link to photographs:




St. Petersburg, Russia- Archbishop Father John visits Lighthouse

14 April 2022

April, 2022

“We are passing through tough times. People are in dire need of the energy from the Divine. Their negativity is like a mushroom cap or an umbrella that prevents them from taking the light of God. When we remove the negativity, we open up for absorbing and spreading the energy of the Divine. Then we will never get weak or diseased”, said Father John during his second visit to Lighthouse.


Father John, representing “True Orthodox Church”, one of the numerous spiritual movements within Orthodox Christianity, was invited for a family get-together in Lighthouse on the 3rd day of Easter Week (according to the Orthodox Christian calendar). He was introduced to the latest large-scale service projects carried out by the Brahma Kumaris in India and across the world. After a video show about “The Golden Bharat” project and a ceremony of the postage stamp release in the memory of Rajyogini Dadi Janki ji, Father John met Didi Santosh and a group of BK students.


Referring to Shiv Baba’s picture in the background of the stage, Didi Santosh explained, “This is a photograph of God, but the Supreme Father is alive, and He is constantly giving us happiness, bliss and power. In Hindi, we call Him “Baba”, which means “father”. So you are also a baba, but a little one. And He is the senior Baba, the Father of all the souls, His children!”


Father John shared his opinion that automatic repetition of a prayer does not serve its purpose. “The words of a prayer may be beautiful and clever, yet they may not always resonate with what’s happening inside your heart. Moreover, people often get distracted while praying. They may utter the words, yet they will remember that they have to buy a pack of washing powder tonight. Therefore I advise they’d rather communicate with God by using whatever words emerge naturally from their heart at that time.”


Didi said that a sign of true purity and love for the Supreme Father is that a soul develops an urge to be a giver. In this connection, she shared the good news about a new project dedicated to 32th anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg. The title of the project is “The Culture of Giving: a Golden Mantra for the golden future of Russia and the world”. “The conflict going on now has sparked concerns across the world. The spiritual solution lies in reminding ourselves that all of us are the children of one God. Why should we fight over “yours” and “mine”? We have to get stable in this very wise stage of belonging to the One. As we develop this golden stage, a golden world of heaven starts forming around us.”


Didi presented a book on Baba’s spiritual knowledge “Who am I?” to Father John and offered him to choose a blessing card for himself. The blessing card said, “You are a powerful soul who sustains others with your enthusiasm and the spirit of giving”. “Just see, it proves that Baba knows you very well”, Didi said. After that, Father John enjoyed powerful moments of silence in Baba’s room, followed by a pure brahma bhojan.






Brahma Kumaris Participate in the XII International Conference “Physical development and socialization of students in the modern world”

14 April 2022

April 11, St. Petersburg, Russia: Didi Santosh, Brahma Kumaris director in St. Petersburg, Russia, received a letter of appreciation “for cultural and educational activities aimed at spiritual and moral development of the younger generation in the spirit of brotherhood and friendship between Russia and India”. The letter of appreciation was handed over to Didi by Mr Dmitry Smirnov, president of the International Academy of Children and Youth Tourism. The ceremony took place during the plenary session of XII International conference “Physical development and socialization of students in the modern world” held in St. Petersburg on April, 11, Monday.


This annual conference is an influential platform especially for discussing the issues of sports development in this country. The Brahma Kumaris centre has been actively participating in its sessions for some years already. The articles and presentations on application of spiritual knowledge and Raja Yoga meditation for value education, especially in the fields of sports and tourism, have been published annually in the proceedings of the conference


Addressing the audience of the plenary session, Mr. Victor Romanov, President of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design and an Olympics bronze medalist, said, “I am very grateful to our dear guest from India. The ancient Indian civilization has a lot in common with our values of dignity, humility, self-respect and respect for others.” Further he noted that the key to success in sports lies in ensuring harmony between one’s intellect and physical abilities. “When you discipline yourself by means of your intellect, not just physically, you will be able to accomplish any task successfully.”


Didi Santosh gave a talk on the role of spiritual knowledge and self-realisation in balanced personality development. “To go in for sports means to develop the physical aspect of one’s personality. Yet we observe lots of cases of tension, stress and depression especially among athletes. It means we have to correct something, or have a supplement to the physical development. The addition we may require is the realisation of our spiritual identity. A human being is not just a physical body but a sentient soul residing in this material body and controlling it. As we develop the awareness of the self as light, or current, beyond the limited labels of nationality, race and creed, we begin developing a new attitude towards the society we live in. “I, the soul, has entered this body in order to be a bestower.” And then it’s up to you to decide in what way you are going to decorate the world around you. One of the possible ways is through achieving excellency in your physical development. When others see your bodily strength and flexibility, they may at least be inspired to start doing morning exercises! Another change that happens with us when we realise that we are souls, is that we begin to appreciate our interaction with other souls as a festival. We are here in order to support and give happiness to one another. In this case, adverse external conditions (economical, political, environmental etc) are no longer affecting me, because I realise: I, the soul, am a master. How? Because I am a sentient being having the power to decide. It’s me who makes a difference by influencing external situations. And this is the key to get free from tension and stress, because stress comes when I see myself as a slave or a victim of the situation.”


Addressing the youth group, young students and athletes present at the plenary session, Didi said, “Sports can be a true celebration, provided it gets free from the infection of the tendency to dominate at any cost. The practice of soul consciousness makes us feel that all of us are the children of the Supreme Father and therefore we are brothers and sisters. Then we may compete at various sports events but we keep radiating the energy of good wishes and kindness. If you start practising a minute of silence now and then during the day to remind yourself of these subtle spiritual aspects of your personality, you will surely be able to give a return to the sustenance you have been receiving from your Universities and the government, and this is the best way to glorify the society and country we live in.”



Click HERE to download in PDF version.







Moscow (Russia): Love and Power, March 2022

14 March 2022

"Russia - India: Connecting Threads"

Series of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of India's independence

Love and Power

6th March, 2022

Brahma Kumaris, Moscow began cycle of events dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Independence of India,
entitled "Russia - India: Connecting Threads". 

The first program in the cycle was a festive concert "Love and Strength" coinciding with the International Women's Day. 

Love and spiritual power are two qualities that are given to a woman by nature. It is these qualities that determine the special task of a woman - to maintain and protect peace on earth. The program talked about the role of women in the transformation of the world. By making their thoughts pure and elevated due to the connection with the Supreme, women are able to become mothers for the whole world and elevate humanity. 

The memory of this great mission of women is alive in all cultures, including Slavic and Indian. In Russia, beregini-goddesses were worshipped, in India - shakti. Images of goddesses remind of the divinity of man, and the present events in the world enable us to realize that it is time to return to the original nature - for the sake of the future on earth.

The concert was held in a solemn and elevated atmosphere. There were words of congratulations, author's songs in Russian and Hindi, music, poems by modern poets. A short film gave an introduction about Dadi Janki, one of the wisest women in the world, who dedicated her whole life to spiritual service. At the end, a meditation for peace was held. May the love of God and our pure feelings from the very heart become a support for many souls in these difficult times.




News from Kazakhstan

10 January 2022

The situation in Kazakhstan, a big country of our region, where Baba’s service started 25 years ago and now there are about 70 regular BKs and 3 BK centers. The biggest and the oldest BK center is in Almaty (the former capital of the country). And Almaty is now at the epicenter of the crisis.


On January 2, protests related to economic issues began in West Kazakhstan, gradually spreading to the other parts of the country. In some places, initially, these were peaceful but then turned violent. The city of Almaty suffered the most. The main government building was burnt down, banks, shops, and the airport were looted. On January 6, a curfew was introduced, all means of communications, i.e., the telephone and the Internet connections were cut. Public transport, shops, markets, pharmacies, and ATMs didn’t function. Shooting started in the streets, including two blocks away from Baba’s House, Oasis of Peace. Some people were reported being shot dead and some missing.


From today, 10 January access to the Internet is provided for several hours in the country in general and for 1 hour in Almaty. Some shops, markets, and banks are open. The curfew is still in effect from 7.00 pm till 7.00 am. Sis Almira, the coordinator of the center in Almaty and a member of NCT, Kazakhstan said today that during this time they realized the importance of having printed Murlis and books of Murlis, when BK's are left isolated and there is no online connection.


According to the information available, the BKs are fine. They are all maintaining their good stage with Baba's blessings and the wisdom accumulated during the past years. They can’t meet together but now can give their news through SMS (during the little time when the internet is available). The main difficulties they meet are with groceries and cash, bank cards don’t work as well.


We all send them our good wishes.


The good wishes of the divine family will help the residents of Kazakstan in general and the BK family in particular.


Hearty thanks to Baba for preparing His beloved children for such times of crisis.



In Baba's Yaad

Sudha Didi







New Year Celebrations in Russia and neighbouring countries

9 January 2022

Brahma Kumaris Centres in Russia and neighbouring countries, including sporadically spread BK Raja Yogis, joined together On-line and Off-line to celebrate the most liked New Year Festival. 

The New Year fairy-tale combined with the vision of the New Age, words of wisdom, colourful dances, songs of the soul, greetings from the hearts and many other items in this memorable event. 

The programme covered the Russian audience in particular and the world family in general.

Kindly have a glimpse. 

Link to the New Year Day programme, Russia:


Greetings from BK Mongolia 

1. 20220102_185556.mp4 (36.6 Мб)


With loving regards

BK Sudha





The Living Fairy-Tale: The Festive New Year Celebration for Children at BK Moscow, Russia

8 January 2022

The event started with the vegetarian festival in the dining room where all the guests could taste delicious food while discovering the benefits and advantages of this diet.

Following the festive lunch, both children and adults became spectators of the beautiful performance “The Living Fairy-Tale” prepared by the pedagogical wing. 


Pinocchio, Cinderella, Thumbelina and other heroes from famous fairy-tales set off on a journey in search of the Wonderland where there is ever-lasting happiness, peace and harmony. Their guide was the little Firefly who had a magic lantern that symbolized the ignited light of the soul. 


And the optimistic guests actively participated in the interactive tasks and helped the heroes with joy and enthusiasm.


At the end of the journey, Father Frost (Ded Moroz) revealed the secret that the key to Wonderland lies in our good character traits. Snow Maiden helped the heroes to remember the qualities they imbibed on the way and the Magic Mirror showed a beautiful video about the future Golden Age.


The atmosphere of the festival was filled with magic, light and good wishes. 


After the programme everyone received a present and had an opportunity to take photos with Father Frost and other fairy-tale heroes.


Have a glimpse of pictures and videos at this link:









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