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Brahma Kumaris, Moscow Celebrate Navratri Online (Hindi only)

19 October 2020

Moscow (Russia): Brahma Kumaris, Moscow extends Multi-million greetings of peace, love, and happiness to you all on the occasion of Sacred Navratri Celebrations.

We are happy to inform you that Raj Yogini  BK Sudha  will be sharing with you the touching significance of Navratri and would give you hints for the best use of the coming nine special days filled with godly blessings.

Please watch:


In the present time when the world is changing fast, it is essential for us all to maintain our spiritual values at every step! Let’s mark Navratri celebrations with full dedication to bring benefit to the self and the world.
Below is an inspirational talk by RajYogini  BK Sudha.
Please watch: Navratri: Bhagwati Jagaran” Part-2 Hindi version




Moscow (Russia): The Flame of Yoga Initiative, a Non-stop 108-hour Relay-Bhatti

7 September 2020

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From 27 to 31 August 2020, in our region (from the Far East to Baltics), a 108-hour relay-bhatti the Flame of Yoga was held for the coordinators of the centers in order to strengthen our overall yoga and accumulate additional hours of remembrance.


The program was open to all interested BKs. We were all united by one thought to get closer to our sweet Bap Dada.


To keep the yoga flame burning continuously for 108 hours, we passed on the ‘baton’ of yoga from center to center throughout eight time zones, from Vladivostok city on the shores of the Sea of Japan to Kaliningrad which is situated on the Baltic coast. All the centers in each time zone conducted deep yoga programs three times a day during 45 days to ensure continuity of the bhatti. Every day there was an online combined meditation hour with Sudha Didi.


To create an atmosphere of the flame of yoga each center lit a candle as a symbol of taking the baton of yoga during their hours of meditation.


We used this time to intensify our personal effort, and each participant could accumulate as many hours of remembrance during the relay-bhatti as they wished.


At the end of the relay, we calculated our results:


Moscow and Moscow region – 497 hours (46 BKs)

The Far East, Siberia, and the Urals – 669 hours (40 BKs)

Volga region and other cities - 463 hours (29 BKs)

Baltic States – 360 hours (27 BKs)

Ukraine – 242 hours (17 BKs)

Belarus – 135 hours (8 BKs)

Moldova – 20 hours (2 BK)

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan - 410 hours (30 BKs)

Tajikistan and Uzbekistan - 30 hours (2 BKs)

Mongolia – 48 hours (2 BKs)


The Flame of Yoga Initiative was attended by:

12 countries,

49 cities,

2 retreat centers,

45 centers,

203 BKs


During 108 hours of the bhatti, together, we have accumulated 2848 hours of yoga.


With love, coordinating team

Om Shanti





Shri Krishna Janmashtmi Greetings from Russia

11 August 2020

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Om Shanti,


Get ready for Welcoming Shri Krishna on Earth, Get ready to eat the butter, the butter of World Sovereignty, Get ready for the complete change.


Wisdom is not in getting tense, afraid of seeing the Pandemic changes. Let us change the Times-from Iron Age to Golden Age, from Kaliyuga to Satyuga through complete transformation in the self this Krishna Janmashtmi.


Congratulations in advance.


On Godly services,

Your brothers and sisters,

Russia and CIS countries.




Brief News on NCCC/NTC Online Regional Retreat Russian Region

9 August 2020

Dear divine family,


We are happy to share with all of you our latest news on the first online Regional Retreat “Divine Experience of Purity and Unity” for NC/CC and NCTs members. It took place on 25 and 26 July 2020 and brought together 65 participants from 13 countries including Russia & CIS, Ukraine, Georgia, and Mongolia as well as 4 senior teachers from Russia and India.


Even though we were spread over 8 different time zones.


In this Retreat from the Baltic to the Far East, every session was organized in such a way that there was a strong feeling of the whole group being together, sharing their experience and drishti.


The retreat began with a powerful online Amritvela meditation, followed by an online Murli class and the opening session with candle-lighting ceremony and sweet greetings from Sudha and Santosh Didis.


The program of the retreat included meditation sessions and short classes on different topics about purity and unity conducted by Chakradhari Didi, Sudha Didi, Santosh Didi and Br. Vijay, such as Master Purifier, Claiming Red Diploma in the Subject of Purity, Unlimited Awareness etc.  They were followed by online discussions in smaller groups after a break or according to the participants’ time zone.  Beforehand, a special selection from Avyakt murlis on related topics was made for smaller groups to discuss. 


The input from senior yogis set the course for our effort on self-exploring and half an hour drishti-yoga strengthened us, giving an elevated experience.


During the closing, seniors shared their wishes and gave their blessings, and participants shared their experiences. There was even a sketch played together by BKs from different parts of the region as well as an online blessing card each participant could choose from the virtual batch!


We wanted to express our sincere gratitude to the most beloved BapDada for His blessings, touching and special sakash, our respected seniors for their most valuable sharing and elevated support during the retreat.


We also appreciate every participant’s contribution and cooperation which made this event a success.


In Baba’s sweet remembrance,

RR Coordinating Team  







Rakhi Greetings from Sister BK Sudha, Moscow, Russia

1 August 2020




Film about Mama:  "Nine Forms of Mateshwari" - English and Russian versions

24 June 2020

Film about Mama "Nine Forms of Mateshwari". English version


Русская версия


With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yad

Multi-media department



YouTube: 4spirituality






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