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Enlightening, Enriching and Entertaining (Corona-safe!) Journey of 130 Pilgrims from Russia to Abu and Delhi (and then back to Russia) in March-May 2020

15 May 2020

With hearty gratitude from the whole group to:
Dadi Janki, Nirwair bhai saheb, Nirmala Didi, Munni Didi, Dr. Pratap, Asha Didi and scores of other Godly servers from Madhuban departments (Transport dept. in particular) and Delhi darbar senior instruments for their direct or indirect participation for making this happen.


We are 30 years old (or young)!

May is a special month both for St. Petersburg, Russia, and for the BKs’ family here. It is a month of celebrating V-Day (in Russia they mark it on May, 9) and the city birthday (May, 27). Baba also came to this land in North-West Russia in May 1990! Since the moment of its birth, Baba’s lovely child, St. Petersburg BK Centre, has always enjoyed a special luck and privilege to be taken care of by our Dadis and respected senior brothers whose sustenance has been making us grow healthy and happy! We have always had a good fortune of having special jewels of Baba’s yagya visiting Russia on the occasion of our spiritual birthday. The memory store has so many beautiful scenes in it with Dadi Prakashmani ji, Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Manohar, Dadi Chandramani, Dadi Ratan Mohini, as well as with our most respected Jagdish bhai saheb, Nirwair bhai, Ramesh bhai and Brij Mohan bhai personally visiting this land a number of times.


And this year we are 30! How could it be possible to mark this special occasion without our seniors? But Dadi Janki ji visited Russia just recently, in 2018, and then she traveled widely across the globe, and also taking into consideration her very fragile health condition, it was decided at the teachers’ meeting that we would definitely come to Madhuban ourselves in March, 2020, to extend our heartfelt greetings to Dadi ji personally. Everyone was inspired with the thought that we would celebrate the Centre’s jubilee year in the land of BapDada’s blessings!


Days of Silence and Power in Madhuban

The group of about 130 brothers and sisters reached Gyan Sarovar on March, 12-13. The situation with quarantine measures because of the coronavirus pandemics enabled us to spend more quality time in silence and powerful Baba’s remembrance! Our hearts are filled with deep gratitude to Baba and Drama that enabled us to be present in Gyan Sarovar during those days when a unique scene of transition was going on. It was similar to the great transition time of 1969, when Baba became avyakt. Dadi ji’s passing away and moving to the advance party was yet another pivotal moment of the Confluence, because great souls like her, are the hands of the World Drama Clock that clearly give us a here for full report with photos.





Moscow (Russia) - Creative Contest "Let's fight against the Coronovirus"

11 May 2020

Creative Contest "Let's fight against the Coronovirus" was organised by the Embassy of India, Moscow. Participants were invited to submit artwork in one of the three categories viz; 1. Poetry, 2. Slogan and Logo for Solidarity against Corona, 3. Digital Art.


Author of the best work in each category was felicitated and rewarded with a Gift Certificate. Sudha Didi participated in the Category of Poetry with the title "Hriday Me Karuna Bharna". After a few days the Embassy of India announced the results of the Contest and congratulated BK Sudha, with the following letter, having won the Second Prize in the Category of Poetry.  "Congratulations ! We are happy to say that your work has been selected for the 2nd prize in the Category of Poetry".

Embassy of India, Moscow.""


Video clip link of Sudha Didi reciting the poem is below.


Written text (in Hindi) of the poetry "Hirday Me Karuna Bharna" can be downloaded here.





Brahma Kumaris Moscow is offering Online Deep Meditation Sessions Daily from 4 to 10 May

8 May 2020


Moscow ( Russia ): Brahma Kumaris Moscow are offering online Deep Meditation Sessions every day from May 4 to 10, 2020, at 5 pm Moscow time (7:30 pm IST).


Meditations will be conducted by Rajyogini BK Sudha, Director of the Brahma Kumaris in Moscow. Each meditation session will continue for about an hour, and will be in English with simultaneous translation in Russian. You are heartily welcome to join.


Please see below the links to the web telecasts on the theme.


Links to the web telecast:

♠ Awareness Determines the State of Mind 

 4 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST)

♠ Attitude Creates the Atmosphere

5 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST)

♠  Vision Creates the World

6 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST)

♠ Actions Create the Destiny

7 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST)

♠  Power of Forgiveness

8 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST)

♠ Past is Past

9 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST)

♠ World as a Family

10 May, 2020 – 5.00 PM Moscow time (7.30 PM IST, 10 AM EST).





Yog-tapasya inspirations from Russia - a brief news of spiritual efforts

20 April 2020

A 21-day Unified Yoga Bhatti was organised in the Russia Region from 29th March to 18th April 2020.


The aim of this Bhatti was to accumulate the inner subtle power - the power of purity, peace, love, etc. and to spread the light of these powers throughout the world to help the souls who are in need of this light.


The above thought came to our minds when our beloved Dadi ji was still in Ahmedabad at the Sterling Hospital ICU. But at that time many of us were still attending programmes in Madhuban. After returning back to the service places it got implemented.


More than 400 BKs joined in this special Tapasya programme. They represented 12 countries including Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia. Because of unavoidable situations, four other countries could not join the Bhatti physically though they were with us subtly.


This special programme took place in 60 cities at the synchronized time (11.30 to 12.30 Moscow time).


In such a way, we believe, more than 8400 hours, filled with compassion and love from the heart to the brother souls from all over the world, were dedicated during these 21 days.


To continue these compassionate moments to the world service at this crucial time we have begun a one-week programme (Week of Ignited Light) with the thought: "I the soul, am an ignited light filled with the benevolent feelings to all my brother souls, children of one Father".

  1. Every BK is advised to practice silence for 4 hours from 9.00 to 13.00 for the whole week.
  2. From 10.00 am to 9.00 PM, one or another BK sits in Baba's room for one hour so there is a constant ignited light of soul for 11 hours.
  3. Each day, one BK will be in the state of Ignited light and will observe silence the whole day (from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm). In addition, there will be a special practice of 4 hours of yoga during the day, besides the yoga at Amrit Vela, the yoga before Murli and the evening yoga.

Of course, all BKs join the International Unified Yoga program which began on 12th April and continues to give its practical fruit to BK family and to the world family.


We all appreciate each other for taking a new step of joining the hearts for world service. Success is guaranteed for us in these wonderful scenes of the Drama!


Thanks to our respected Gulzar Dadi Ji, Ratan Mohini Dadi Ji, and Ishu Dadi Ji;


Special regards to our senior respected brothers Nirwair Ji, Brij Mohan Ji, Karuna Ji and others; and


Loving regards to our respected RC Didis Mohinibehn ji, Nirmala Didi Ji, Sudeshbehn Ji, Jayantibehn Ji, Vedantibehn Ji and Chakradhari Didi Ji, for the greatest sustenance which you are constantly extending to the World Family of God.


With best wishes to your good health.


In Baba's yaad

BK Sudha, BK Santosh and BK Vijay

along with the divine family.




St. Petersburg (Russia) Video: Golden Moments - 30 Years of God's Love & Divine Light 10 Years

14 April 2020



Respect in Action By Sister BK Sudha, Moscow, Russia

7 April 2020

Om Shanti.


Sending you an article based on my experience at Amrit Vela today.

This article is dedicated to Dadi Janki Ji.


                                Respect in Action

                         By Sudha behn, Moscow, Russia



Baba has been explaining to us the importance of Amrit Vela, Murli Class, Rajayogi way of life. We all do understand this. HoweveBabr, the question is how much this understanding is visible in our practical actions.


When the head of a country or any organization organizes a meeting, the participants of the meeting reach before the arrival of the head and take their seats. Arriving late is a sign of absence of respect for the one who is heading the meeting.


Every day at Amrit Vela Baba (God, the Highest Authority, the Supreme, the Almighty, the Purifier) comes to meet His beloved children. He comes from His Home, Paramdham to charge the children for the whole day and to apply on their forehead the tilak of victory. Baba comes exactly at the right time, not even one second late. Should I not sit before Baba’s arrival, ready to be connected so as to get fully charged and get the tilak of victory? I should…


At Amrit Vela, Baba gives special sakash, blessings and inspirations to His serviceable children. Should I not come to meet Baba as a child who is worthy of receiving Sakash, blessings and inspiration? I should…


Before filling my intellect with pearls of wisdom through His sweet Murli, Baba does a very good massage on the heads of the children, who are close to Him and who value these pearls. This is why Baba asks the children to be in yoga before the Murli begins. Should I not reach before Baba comes to give me a good massage? I should…


Murli is the spiritual conversation of the Spiritual Father with His spiritual children, the souls. The souls who know themselves as souls. Only they understand Baba’s language. I want to understand Baba, is it not? Should I not sit in the awareness of being a soul and with full concentration? I should…


Baba compares us with the army. Why? One of the special characteristics of army men is DISCIPLINE. Discipline of body, Discipline with respect to time and with respect to following the orders of the commander. We are Spiritual Army. Our special characteristics are also Discipline. We are Rajyogis. We learn to discipline our mind, discipline our sense organs, discipline in our every action during the day and discipline in relation to time.


Let us remind ourselves every day as often as possible -who am I, who is mine, what I am supposed to do. This is what our sweet Dadi Janki Ji kept on repeating every day in her every class…


Thank you Dadi for your wonderful teachings…

In Baba's Yaad

Sudha behn


Article in PDF file format





Short Films Dedicated to 18th January from Moscow

20 January 2020

Om Shanti

Sending you 2 more short films dedicated to 18th January.


In Baba's yad

BK Sudha


1) Film "Letter" (God's Letter). New version. English version.


2) Film "18 January".




Latest Songs in Russian created by BKs, Moscow (YouTube Link)

20 January 2020

Om Shanti


YouTube links to the latest songs in Russian created by BKs, Moscow. Hope these songs will do good.


Title: Enchanted by Purity

Created by BK group: Music of Silence.

YouTube links to the songs and clips from the album "Enchanted by Purity", by the group " Music of Silence"

with additional information in English.


With best wishes and Happy New Year


In Baba's yaad

BK Sudha

Moscow (Russia)


1. Очарованье чистотой

(Enchanted by Purity)


2.  Неуловима музыка тишины

(The Intangible Music of Silence)


3. Пред взором Высшего Отца

(In Front of the Eyes of the Supreme Father)


4. Хрустальная капелька любви Бога

(Crystal Drop of God's Love)


5. Дождь прошел и опять Белый Свет

(The rain is over and The White Light, shining again)


6. Чистый Ангел над землей

(Pure Angel, Flying Above The Earth)


7. Чистый Свет Белый Свет

(Pure Light, White Light)


8. Я вернулась в Дом свой неземной

(I have retunred to my Unearthly Home)


For more information, refer to BK Bro. Valery Dobrov,


Head, Video & Audio Department

Brahma Kumaris, Moscow



BK Sis. Elena Slavnova




Public event in Moscow "Enchanted by Purity".

28 October 2019

Moscow (Russia): A public event was hosted by Brahma Kumaris,  Moscow with a unique theme "Enchanted by Purity".  The programme was organized with the aim of developing understanding of the importance of purity in the lives of the people. Through inspiring speeches about the value of purity in the present time and a beautiful spectacle on the theme, followed by an enlightening concert all together made the programme a greatly successful and a remarkable event on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary celebrations of Brahma Kumaris services in Russia



Opening the event Didi Sudha, Director, said that the very theme "Enchanted by Purity" gives us the feeling of the Light that Purifies. I feel that the virtue of purity was embedded in me, the soul and therefore, since my child-hood I desired to live in the world of deities, she added. She further expressed that purity is defined as the elevated thoughts, words, actions and relations, and that the power of Purity is the basis of establishing peace in the world and the Bestower of Power of Purity is only One - God the Purifier!


Recalling her young age Didi Sudha spoke, "I was always inclined to go into the depth of purity in all aspects of life - intellect, thoughts, feelings, character, relations. When I saw the teachers of Brahma Kumaris institution, I was really enchanted by their way of pure life and decided to become like them to spread the message of purity and to reveal the Purifier Father, all over the world. I am happy to be committed to my this mission".


Didi Chakradhari, Regional Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris, Russia Region, narrated the story of her developing the faith in the Descent of God at the present most auspicious Confluence Age of the World Cycle and the beginning of His task of world purification. Audience listened to her in deep silence and touched by her words.


Dr. Vijay, Coordinator, explained the meaning of spiritual growth as the attainment of stability of mind, maintaining the inner peace, merciful heart, love, happiness and of course sustaining the virtue of purity.  



Mrs. Pacheco-Reinaga Galina Nikolaevna, Member of the Council of Deputies of the Vostochny Degunino Municipal District, Moscow, Director of the Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children, brought a very warm video with loving words of congratulations from the children. This family center was the first to adopt Project of the Brahma Kumaris “Space of Inspiration - we discover, we study, we assimilate, we bestow". The project is dedicated to moral values inculcation among the children and youth.


Galina Nikolaevna said: “We have known each other for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for me to visit the Center. But my heart is always here in the Centre. I know, I am loved here and awaited here. And only here you find that original purity that the soul seeks to. And here you find the Source of this Purity. Brahma Kumaris is very important for us also because the organization helps in the best way, with pure heart and soul."


Dr. Gordina Lyubov Sergeevna, President of the Noosphere Spiritual and Ecological Assembly of the World,  Honoured Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation said,”I have put aside all affairs and came to congratulate the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University on the occasion of it's 30th Anniversary. The university gives an idea of the spiritual nature of man. What exactly is the soul, the eternal conscious energy, what is the main driving force of man. This idea inspired our organization of a group of Russian scientists, to give a scientific definition of the concepts: man, spirit, soul and elevate these concepts to the rank of the right field. We created a document that was discussed in the State Duma (Parliament of Russia). Now for the first time in world legislative practice these concepts are fixed. Who is man? There is a definite answer. Thanks to the University for serving us.” 


Mrs. Dudova Lyubov Vasilyevna congratulated the Brahma Kumaris on behalf of the Commission for the Development of Education and Science of the Public Chamber Russian Federation. “Your University of Spiritual and Moral Education has been sowing the rational, the good and the eternal, for 30 years. 30 years bring up the light and spiritualize people. Congratulations on your 30th anniversary! I wish you success in everything! And many, many times over 30! And may there always be light in your home.”


Mrs. Irina Aleksandrovna Bosenko, on behalf of the All-Russian Public Organization of Heroes, Cavaliers of State Awards and Laureates of State Prizes “Labor Valor of Russia”, presented Didi Sudha with the honorary medal “Labor Valor, Russia” for its the great contribution of the Brahma Kumaris to the spiritual and moral education of residents of Moscow, the strengthening of nation-wide values and peacekeeping.


Mrs. Kvazem Karina Rafaelovna, Chairman of the Interethnic Women's Club «Commonwealth», head of the interactive museum Our World Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and the School Club of Children's Diplomacy P.L. Kapitsa (No. 1557) prepared for everyone a sweet gift - a gold chocolate medal with the Brahma Kumaris logo and the inscription "30 years". This commemorative medal from the stage was awarded to all participants in the festive evening.


Mr. Atnagulov Rais Radiusovich, President of the International Public Organization of Charitable Funds “MAMA” warmly congratulated everyone on the occasion of celebration and handed over Gold Diploma for a huge contribution to the spiritual and moral recovery of society and in honor of the 30th anniversary of service in Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic states to the General Director of Brahma Kumaris in Russia to Sudha Rani Gupta.


He said: “Today you are 30 years old and its exactly 15 years of our cooperation with you. We held together the International Congress of Mothers at the Brahma Kumaris University of the World Spiritual University "Women and family values" in India. Our Russian delegation was then invited to the Presidential Palace by the then President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam. It was an unforgettable meeting. I remember the words of the President that Russia and India are two spiritual sisters and that we will always be bound by ties of cooperation and mutual respect.


Mrs. Larisa Trunina, Deputy Head, General Secretariat, Assembly of Eurasian People, Moscow, “Dear friends! The heartiest and warmth congratulations on the 30th anniversary of Brahma Kumaris in Moscow All these years, you are a friendly, sincerely dedicated team, confidently bring Light and goodness to the people! Your service to the common good deserves the highest respect! I wish you all Peace, Joy, Happiness and further spiritual Ascension! The anniversary date says that there is something to remember, there is something to share. But life is unlimited, it opens up new horizons. Happy meetings, new opportunities and open paths!



The Concert "Enchanted by Purity" was successfully conducted by Konstantine Uzhva, Actor, Moscow Theatre of Opera and Elena Titova, Linguist, Specialist in inter-cultural communication and Teacher of English and German, with the help of enlightening performances by B.K. Julia Sabitova, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Laureate of International Competitions; Seleverstova Ekaterina, Artistic Director, Indian Dance Class and President of the Foundation for the Study of Indian Culture of Moscow; Kvazem Karina Rafaelovna, Chairwoman of the Interethnic Club "Commonwealth". The Chairwoman presented the Commemorative Medal depicting the BK logo and 30 years of services of Brahma Kumaris. Other performers included Ekaterina Ivaniy, Teacher, Psychologist, Singer and participant of the Eurovision 2019, Laureate of international and all-Russian competitions, who sang the song “Winged Songs Are Pouring” and Irina Bosenko, Member of the Board, “Union of Orthodox Women of Russia and All-Russian Public Organization of Heroes, Cavaliers of State Awards and Laureates of State Prizes "Labor Valor of Russia". She handed the Honorary Badge “Labor Valor of Russia” to the General Director of Brahma Kumaris.  Vazgen Oganesyan - Vocal teacher, singer, poet, winner and laureate of international competitions, holder of the Order “Heart of Danko” in the nomination for personal contribution to the development of Russian culture; Polina Kachura, Singer; Zhanna Yakovenko, Singer; Vaselisa Yakovenko, Singer, and many other artists also contributed performances.



An album of songs in Russian was released on the occasion on the theme “Enchanted by Purity”

Author: Valeri Dobrov

Script: Valeri Dobrov, Vyacheslav Barinov

Group: Music of Silence

Singers and musicians: Valeri Dobrov, Polina Kachura, Zhanna Yakovenko, Vaselisa Yakovenko


Link to the CD


Link to videos (Telecasting quality. Editing version)


Part 1

Part 2

Link to photographs

To  download any photos, click - "скачать".





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