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The Ship of Our Dreams. Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times - A Spiritual SATsang with SAT Senior Co-Ordinators

19 July 2023

The Ship of Our Dreams. Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times”


A wonderful spiritual SATsang with SAT Wing senior co-ordinators (India) at the Brahma Kumaris, St. Petersburg, Russia

July, 2023


Every year, the month of July brings us the inspiring memories of the yagya’s original jewel Manmohini Didi ji, additional administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris. The public event “The Ship of Our Dreams. Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times” dedicated to this unique personality was held at the Diamond Hall of Lighthouse on July, 15, Saturday. Luckily, the event coincided with the arrival in St. Petersburg of about 50 members of the SAT Wing from Bharat.



The Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Services Wing (SAT Wing) of the Brahma Kumaris aims at promoting peace, stress-free living and inculcation of spiritual values, serving people engaged in these three sectors in particular. St. Petersburg is Russia’s largest sea port and tourist destination, receiving 8 million tourists on a yearly basis.

We were blessed to receive Prem Didi, BK director in Punjab, Sheela Didi, BK director in Northern Assam, Lakshmi Didi, BK director in Haryana, as well as other senior raja yoga teachers and the SAT Wing co-ordinators from every corner of Bharat, including Mount Abu.



At the public event in Lighthouse, the stage backdrop featuring a beautiful ship with scarlet sails was symbolic of the art of navigating the rough seas of today’s world of turmoil.


Bro. Vijay Kumar greeted the respected guests from Bharat and the audience sharing his feelings on the occasion. Kamlesh Didi, the SAT Wing national co-ordinator, introduced the aims and objects of the Wing and explained how spiritually oriented courses designed by itwere helping people in the shipping, aviation and tourism sectors to discover their true identity by undertaking a spiritual journey into their inner world.


Santosh Didi held a deep heart-to-heart conversation on the stage with Sheela Didi, Prem Didi and Lakshmi Didi on the topic of the event: Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times.



Santosh Didi: In the present volatile time, talking about Peace is just a theory or Peace can be experienced in our practical life?


Answering the question, Sheela Didi gave everyone a simple and deep mantra for keeping their Peace intact under any circumstances. She said, “As we start experiencing ourselves to be eternal souls, we realise that peace is our true religion. The environment and situations around us may be negative, but if we hold tightly to our inner religion of peace, we can stay unaffected by external influences.”



Question: It may happen that the life in which there is only Peace becomes dry. How can we load the goods of true Happiness on the ship of our fortune?


Prem Didi shared her personal secret of staying happy and smiling: “I always remind myself that this life is very elevated, valuable and short. Therefore, whatever may happen in the atmosphere around us, one has to keep making effort to stay happy. Come what may, we have to save our happiness amidst these ups and downs.”



Question: How can we make sure the foundation of Peace and Happiness remains stable against all odds?


Continuing the lively dialogue, Lakshmi Didi underlined that for making our Peace and Happiness stable, we need power that comes through connecting our mind with the Supreme Source of Energy, the Supreme Soul. Saying this, Didi made everyone go deep into the experience of silence by conducting a meditation with an inspiring commentary. The moments of powerful silence were followed with a beautiful song about how raja yoga teaches us the art of life, performed by BK Kiran.


Among special guests of the Dialogue was Prof. Geidar Imanov, academician from Baku, Azerbaijan. Addressing Didi Santosh and all those present in the hall, he said, “Whenever I get a chance to be in St. Petersburg, I definitely come to the Brahma Kumaris centre so that at least once a year I could visit heaven! I am grateful for your having created such a unique place and wishing you all the best.” Ms Valentina Suloyeva, director general of the North-West Regional Health Centre, thanked Santosh Didi and the team of Lighthouse for creating the atmosphere in which everyone could stay peaceful, happy, powerful and pure!


The visit of the SAT group members was short, yet filled with unforgettable meetings with the centrewasis and all the Brahmin family of this city as well as those who arrived in St. Petersburg on this occasion from many cities of Russia, Belarus and Georgia.


No one wanted to waste even a single precious moment of these 4 wonderful days and nights! So even at midnight on Saturday, 15, everyone was determined to go out to see a splendid ceremony of opening of the drawbridges on the river Neva!


During these 4 days we were sailing the ship of lightness, flying the vimaan of joy and touring the three worlds with our respected senior yogis who were sharing their inner spiritual treasures with all of us from the depth of their generous hearts. This wonderful scene has been recorded forever in the World Drama, and how lucky we are to think that it is going to repeat again and again!


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Mongolia, June 2023: Lectures for prosecutors and prisoners - Mongolian prosecutors are interested in KARMA

17 July 2023

In mid-June, BK Inna Kim, Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Mongolia, was invited to give a lecture on karma for the Prosecutor's Office’s staff in the city of Kharkhorin, Ovorkhangai region, 250 miles from Ulaanbaatar (the place whereGenghis Khan founded the ancient capital of Mongolia).

Our new student BK Sis. Khorolgarav graduated from the University of Law in Ulaanbaatar and left to Kharkhorin for her job. She wanted to share spiritual knowledge with her colleagues because the profession of the prosecutor is very nervous and sometimes even corrupt. The long discussion about the possibility of the programme resulted in our trip to this beautiful place in Mongolia where we met many new people.

All the 16 members of the Prosecutor's Office gathered in the conference room to hear about the deep spiritual aspects of the philosophy of KARMA. Their faces showed genuine interest. During the meeting, there were many questions and answers, and proposals for further cooperation because all the people understood the importance of spiritual knowledge at present time, when stress and crimes are widespread in the society. The meeting ended with a five-minute meditation. Everyone could feel deep inner silence and peace. The atmosphere completely changed and nobody wanted to leave the room. Every participant got a sweet toli and a card with his/her special virtue. Then some people asked for individual talk or consultation.

Every morning during the next three days, all the group met online for a short Raja Yoga meditation course. They have got an introduction of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the Raja Yoga method on how to maintain peace and remain honest.

One of the prosecutors suggested holding a special online class on KARMA for prisoners. At the end of June, 300 prisoners and the staff gathered in a large hall in front of the screen. At first it was difficult to attract their attention and to make them interested, but a sincere brotherly attitude towards each participant, a talk about their good qualities, simple points of knowledge which are important in life, and God's support melted the ice, and smiles appeared on their faces. Collective meditation completely transformed their mood. At the end of the lesson, they clapped, showed ‘likes’, and thanked the organisers. We felt that their gratitude came from the heart. 

One of the participants came up to the microphone and said that the words and pictures of the presentation touched him very much, and he realized that he should not blame anyone. He understood that he might go forward and be very attentive to his thoughts and consciousness.

We hope for further cooperation with the justice authorities not only in this aimag (region), but also in other regions of Mongolia.

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Service tour of BK Sudha to Kazakhstan

15 July 2023

Dear brothers and sisters, Om shanti.

Brahma Kumari sisters have taken up the mission of spreading spiritual values all over the planet and towards this end they travel to new countries and places as the torch bearers of God's love and power.

I am extremely glad to forward to all of you one such unique news report by Peace News of Godlywood Studio on the service tour of B.K.Sudha (Director of Brahma Kumaris Moscow) to Kazakhstan. During her visit she visited prominent places and met prominent people and rendered the message of spiritual love.

Please follow the link to watch the video and share with everyone.

With warm regards,

BK Harilal

Executive Director 

Godlywood Studio




Visit of the BK Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Wing (SAT) to Moscow, Russia

14 July 2023

Dear World Family, Sweet divine remembrances from Moscow. 

Happy to inform you that the senior members of the Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Wing (SAT) of Brahma Kumaris headed by the National Coordinator, Kamlesh Didi, were heartily welcomed by the BK Russian family, Moscow

The programme was held at Mayak Mira and watched by a big number of souls. The Russian family hugged the guests with warmth and spiritual drishti. 

Among the Wing Coordinators were Prasannabehn, Muthumanibehn, Nilimabehn, Shashikalabehn, Sonambehn, Manjulabehn, Surekhabehn, 

Santoshbhai, Ravindrabhai. And other 40 members of SAT services represented the group. 

Thanks to the special guests Prem Didi from Punjab and Sheela Didi from Assam for accepting the invitation to join the SAT Wing. Kamlesh Didi explained the Aims of the SAT Wing and also the achievements since it was formed. The presentation was highly interesting and the Russian family was inspired to create a small SAT group to cover such services. 

Thanks once again to the SAT Wing for coming to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks to Dr. Nirmala Didi, Chairperson of the SAT Wing and Meera Didi, Vice Chairperson. 

Kindly have a glimpse of the beauty on the first day of the SAT Wing's visit. 

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With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yaad

Multi-media Department





BKs in Ukraine hold a program on "The Spiritual Symbols of Eternity" in the Art Department of the Regional Scientific Library

06 July 2023

In the first part of the event, BK Maria Guska, Art Historian, Coordinator, Ternopil Center of Spiritual Development, gave a lecture about how spiritual symbols of Eternity such as the soul and the three worlds are hidden in the traditional Ukrainian embroidery. Theory of explanation was part of her thesis in college times.

The second part of the programme was dedicated to the International Day of Yoga. BK Nina Danilenko, Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, Kyiv gave a lecture on the topic "Yoga as a method of accumulating inner power, and enlightening the human soul". In her address, Nina Danilenko spoke about the soul and its qualities, about the art of self-management and about revealing one's inner potential.

The theoretical part was followed by a guided Raja Yoga meditation, conveying an experience of lightness and power.

The programme of its kind developed great interest among the participants. The question and answer session added light to the atmosphere as the selected topic revealed the depth of the ancient knowledge lying in the soul and depicted in human art. The one-hour programme, which helped the listeners feel inner peace and love, seemed to be quite actual and also a need of the time. Download a brief video glimpse [20 seconds] HERE.

Guests were invited to the next meeting with the theme of "The Art of a Healthy Lifestyle".




Participation of Brahma Kumaris, St. Petersburg, Russia in IYD 2023

30 June 2023

On June18, 2023 the Brahma Kumaris were invited by Consulate General of India in St. Petersburg to take part in the Yoga Festival. This year, the Yoga Festival dedicated to the International Day of Yoga, was held in a beautiful Tavrida Park of St. Petersburg. By coming to the Brahma Kumaris stalls, the visitors could get acquainted with the basics of the ancient spiritual knowledge and the practice of Raja Yoga, take pictures of themselves seated on a pure Lotus throne, and spin a wheel of the Virtuescope.  In a quiet place near a picturesque pond with a bridge, there was a pavilion of the "Space of Silence" with light music and yoga commentary for getting a practical experience of the inner treasures of the soul.

In the evening a lecture on Raja Yoga took place for guests in the Consulate of India.

On June, 21, in Lighthouse, BK centre in St. Petersburg, Brahma Kumaris students and residents of the nearby houses happily joined the celebration of the Yoga Day on the territory of Peace Park.

2023-Yoga Day events in St. Petersburg, Russia.mp4


Brahma Kumaris Address International Scientific-Practical Conference in Kazakhstan, Honored With “Ardak Order” Award

27 June 2023

Kazakhstan (Central Asia): Didi Sudha, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow accompanied by BK Irina Lemeberg visited Kazakhstan. During 8 days stay in Kazakhstan, Didi was serving in Astana, the Capital city, Aktobe and Karaganda.

Didi gave a talk during the Public Programme held in the City Polyclinic of Astana on the topic “Healing Power of Spirituality

Didi addressed more than 500 Indian students of the West-Kazakhstan Medical University, Aktobe.

Didi addressed the International Scientific-Practical Conference on the theme Nursing Reform: Achievements, Challenges and Perspectives held at West-Kazakhstan Medical University. Didi spoke on the topic “The Spiritual Dimension of Health in the Practice of Nursing” and the conference was attended by more than 600 people.

Didi met the key participants and organizers of the Conference including Rector of the University, representatives from the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Association of Medium Medical Workers of the Aktobe Region and Head of the Department of Public Health.

Prof. Tolebay Rakhypbekov, President of the National Association “PRIMARY HEALTH CARE” presented Didi Sudha “Ardak Order” award for the great contribution to the spiritual service of mankind, for the education of spiritual wisdom and healthy lifestyles.

The “Ardak Order”, is awarded to outstanding politicians of Kazakhstan and foreign figures serving the people in the name of the republic’s prosperity and innovation.

Didi participated in the experts meeting “Fair Kazakhstan: Moral Dimensions”
at Karaganda Medical University where she delivered a speech on the topic “Spiritual and Moral Guidelines of the Individual: the Ways of Knowledge“.

She also met and addressed more than 300 Indian students at Karaganda Medical University.

Please click the image below to download a pdf of the full report of Didi's visit.




Brahma Kumaris Meet Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation

22 June 2023

Moscow (Russia): Senior members of the Administrative Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation (RERF), Brahma Kumaris, India visited Mayak Mira Retreat Centre, Moscow.

The aim and object, the structure and functioning of the Wing was shared with the Ambassador of India to the Russian Federation, Pavan Kapoor by BK Sudha, Director of Brahma Kumaris, Moscow in a recent meeting with him at the Embassy. His Excellency noted the significant role being played by the RERF in the field of Administration and Management. He also got inspired to learn lessons of Rajyoga. BK Dr. Vijay, Mr. Jose and BK Dr. Alexie were also present  with the Ambassador to brief him about the activities of Brahma Kumaris in Russia and in neighbouring countries.

This divine family from India arrived in Moscow not only to get acquainted with the important places in the Capital of the country but also to learn the cultural traditions of Russia, the creative talents of the divine family in Russia and much more.

The group of 24 senior teachers were welcomed warmly by BK Sudha and by the BK family in Russia.



News From Ukraine

12 June 2023

"Karma Yoga as a basis of Raja Yoga", was the theme selected for a three-day gathering of BKs at Sangam Retreat Centre (SRC), Mshanets village, Ukraine. Thirteen brothers and sisters from Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev and Vinnitsa actively joined to merge in the divine family atmosphere of cooperation, peace, love...

The three-day stay was quite active, with a planned time-table which included meditation in the early morning hours, regular Murli class, love-filled karma yoga for 4 to 5 hours, ruh-rihan on deepening the understanding of relationship with One, spiritual drishti to each other, good night yoga and of course, "Brahma bhojan". The presence of Baba and Mama along with Dadis and seniors was felt in everyones' hearts. Madhuban was merged in the eyes of every child of Baba.

Thanks to the international family for your good wishes, which are also constantly felt.

Om Shanti

With love to divine family 

Ukraine sevadhari children



The Culture of Humility. A Golden Mantra for the Golden Future of Russia and the World - A new project launched by the Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, Russia in May, 2023

2 June 2023

A new value-based project “The Culture of Humility. A Golden Mantra for the Golden Future of Russia and the World” was launched in St. Petersburg on May, 28. The Project is dedicated to 320th anniversary of St. Petersburg and 33rd anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris Centre in this city. It aims at enriching the culture of life by inspiring people to adopt the virtue of humility for harmonious relationships, mutual understanding, conflict resolution and co-operation.

A grand opening at the Diamond Hall of Lighthouse was held with participation of 23 special servers, Brahma Kumaris senior faculty members, representatives of the BK Administrative Wing who came to this country from Madhuban, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Lucknow and other parts of Bharat.

Opening the event, BK Vijay said, “A soul descends to this planet Earth with a mission of sharing its treasures of Purity, Peace, Love and Happiness. In today’s world we have lost those treasures and therefore we are facing problems. Now we have gathered here to rediscover our lost treasures and enjoy fruition.”

BK Harish, national co-ordinator of the Administrative Wing, Madhuban, greeted the audience by saying, “I wish to express my multi-million fold congratulations to Santosh Didi and the BK team in this city on the occasion of the Centre’s birthday. The service of the Brahma Kumaris has brought about positive changes in the lives of thousands of people in Russia. Today I am remembering our Dadi Prakashmani ji. Her special slogan was, “Be an instrument, be humble and creative”. She was the chief administrator of an organization having its branches in 137 countries of the world, with hundreds of thousands students, yet I never saw arrogance, conceit or ego in her life. It is due to her virtue of humility that such a great service has been taking place.”

Rev. Buda Badmayev, chief priest of the Buddhist temple of St. Petersburg, underlined that we, living human souls, unlike non-living objects, possess the ability to be aware of the self and others. Since we are bestowed with a gift of consciousness, awareness, we should develop love and mercy for everyone. And the virtue of humility is the very first requirement for that. “On behalf of the Buddhists of Russia, I wish the new project of the Brahma Kumaris to be successful. If everyone of us imbibes spiritual values and shares them with others, our world will become richer and more beautiful.”

BK Radha Didi, zonal co-ordinator of the Administrative Wing, said, “A spiritual virtue of humility can be compared with physical bodily flexibility. A person with a flexible body is considered to be fit, in a good shape. Likewise, a person possessing humility enjoys flexibility of mind, which enables them to understand, accept and adjust. In this way, we can bring a lot of benefit to our world.”

Mr Anatoly Konstantinov, chairman of The Culture Union of Russia, said, “When I received an invitation for the event, I noticed that Didi Santosh had signed it as “sisterly yours”. I could not say “no” to my sister! And I would call all of you my brothers and sisters as well. This wonderful Centre was founded in St. Petersburg 33 years ago. It has brought a mine of wisdom from Bharat to this country, and it has continually generated enlightening and inspiring projects. As for me, I am going to join this 21-day marathon of Humility, and I am going to practice this virtue with diligence and joy”.

Didi Santosh compared the virtue of Humility with a seed, “When we plant an apple seed, we know that it will grow into an apple-tree. When we plant a seed of humility in our life, it sprouts giving us a fruit in the form of making us eligible to receive co-operation. The one lacking humility is left alone. The one possessing humility is aware of their value and the value of others, and therefore is able to extend co-operation when needed and receive co-operation when needed to do bigger tasks. No creation or constructive work for the benefit of all is possible without humility”.

Among other VIPs who took part in the event were Prof. Viktor Romanov, President of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, Prof. Boris Ivchenko, Head of the Department of the Baltic State Technical University, Ms. Natalya Evdokimova, Executive Secretary of the Human Rights Council of St. Petersburg under the President of the Russian Federation, Prof. Alexander Shabrov, President of Adaptive and Preventive Medicine Alliance, and staff members of the General Consulate of India in St. Petersburg.

Mr Albert Asadullin, honoured singer of Russia, national singer of Tatarstan, thrilled the audience with his beautiful performance.

28 May is the Day of the Azerbaijan Republic. The dance group “Chinar” charged the atmosphere of the event with joy and energy by performing their colourful Azerbaijani folk dances.

Cultural items by Divine Light group described the depth and beauty of Humility using the language of dance, songs and video images. BK brothers and sisters from 10 cities of Russia, Belarus and Georgia joined the celebration. The event continued for about 3 hours, yet no one was willing to leave.

On June 1, a 21-day marathon “Humility for Renewal” will start on Brahma Kumaris YouTube channel. 21 facets of a beautiful diamond of Humility will be introduced, examined and practiced during the marathon. The Grand Finale will take place in Lighthouse on Sunday,June, 25.


Please download the full report with photos HERE.

Video news of the event (link)

Photos of the event (link)



Service News from Brest, Belarus

1 June 2023

Brest is the first centre opened in Belarus in 1991. Respected Gulzar Dadi Ji visited this II World War hit the city. Dadi Ji laid a strong foundation for spiritual growth in the country.

In May, 2023, BK Dr. Alexei from Moscow made a short visit to this city to conduct a lecture to the medical professionals and also to meet the BK family of Brest city.

As a doctor specialized in healing souls as well as bodies, Bro. Alexei delivered a lecture on the theme "Facing Negativity and Aggression through the practice of Raja Yoga in the Brest Regional Pediatric Hospital. Doctors and nurses gathered and listened to him carefully.  They were explained about the methods of psychological defense against situations of aggression and how to remain stable and flexible. The power that helps man is not to react to the insults, rather look at every situation as “a detached observer”. And of course, “between the lines”, his words conveyed a spiritual message in a subtle way such as: “All of us, souls, brothers, play our unlimited parts on the stage of the World Drama”.

It’s necessary to note that after the lecture, the Dy. Chief Physician requested Bro. Alexei to see a seriously ill girl in the intensive care unit. The words of Bro Alexei helped the patient with suicidal tendencies and gave her spiritual support and strength. 

Pure memorable feelings of BKs in Brest:

32 years ago, Baba found His long-lost children in Brest city. 

During these warm days of May, during the visit of Bro. Alexei, the family recalled their spiritual birth, sang the praise to Baba and their happy fortune. Recalled the seniors who supported and gave them love and power (Dadi Gulzar, Respected bro. Jagdish, Didi Chakradhari, Didi Sudha, Didi Santosh, and Br. Vijay). Big thanks to their unlimited care that made BKs realize their unique spiritual nature. Big thanks to the invisible presence of Baba and senior instruments that the family grew and developed, overcame obstacles, and passed exams. If there is faith in the intellect, victory is destined. 

The most joyful celebration was the 32nd Anniversary of the opening of the Centre in Brest.  Everybody shared his or her inspiring stories from Brahmin life, sang divine songs, lit candles, cut cake, received blessings and so on.  

Every moment of these three days was saturated with happiness, with zeal and enthusiasm, sakash of peace and purity to the land of the Brest Fortress. And of course, Bro. Alexei shared his invaluable experience with the family. In his daily classes, he emphasized the importance of purity in all aspects. He experimented with yoga to serve the five elements of nature. At the time of departure, the family said in one voice “Go soon – come soon”!  

With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yaad

Multi-media department


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BKs in St. Petersburg, Russia Celebrate Earth Day and Cosmonautics Day event - April 2023

25 April 2023

A Flight to Open Space and Beyond:

staying free from turbulence during turbulent times

A public event dedicated to Earth Day and Cosmonautics Day (International Day of Human Space Flight)
St. Petersburg, Russia April, 2023


The month of April brings about two special days that seem to be polar opposites. On April 22, we celebrate Earth Day that raises awareness of the need for environmental protection down here. And on April 12, 1961, a Soviet astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first human to go up there, into space. His 108-minute flight set a new horizon for humanity to rise up above the Earth’s gravity. However different these special days might seem, they are interconnected. And spirituality may become a subtle thread to get them together.


A public event dedicated to both festivals took place at Lighthouse, Brahma Kumaris centre in St. Petersburg, with participation of prominent figures in the fields of aviation and space exploration.


Mr Oleg Mukhin, vice president of the Federation of Cosmonautics (Astronautics) of Russia, member of the Russian Academy of Cosmonautics, addressed the audience by quoting the world’s second spaceman Gherman Titov: “All of us are astronauts. We are all flying the spacecraft named Earth.” He underlined that although the history of space flights has been a long one (more than 600 astronauts have gone into space during the last 65 years, about 120 of them from Russia), yet the interest in space exploration has not diminished. “It opens a new path for humanity, but we should walk this path together. All countries of the world should get united for that. We need to stop fighting and become friends for the sake of life in the Universe,” Mr Oleg Mukhin said.



Answering a question about qualifications that make pilots and astronauts successful in their mission, Ms Radmila Tonkovic (Serbia), a chief guest at the event, pilot, aviation journalist, editor and author, member of the Association of women pilots of Serbia, said, “Pilots cannot do anything alone, without a team of motivated doctors, engineers, technicians, etc. All team members are friends or even brothers. Without this brotherly attitude and team support, nothing is going to work. Secondly, when something happens up there, a pilot remembers either the Supreme or his / her mother! Who else can help at that time? God is the Ocean. God is limitless, like Space itself. Therefore we seek His support.”



Didi Santosh told the audience how in 1936 God, the Supreme Father, already gave a revelation about the three worlds and the Past, Present and Future of humanity. God reveals that love for the sky and stars that human beings have been experiencing originates from the soul’s memory of its eternal highest abode and of the time when the soul was absolutely pure. Purity and power of mind enabled souls of that original period, satyug, or the golden age, to use sophisticated physical vehicles called vimans to travel far and wide. In a sense, everyone of us was an astronaut at that time! In the course of time the souls lost their wings because of ignorance and vices. Now God is invoking us to restore our broken wings so that we can enjoy the golden era of humanity once again.


Didi suggested everyone in the audience should become a pilot or an astronaut there and then, for at least a few minutes.


“Physical aircraft or spacecraft can be damaged or even destroyed due to technical or natural reasons. However, the soul is protected from any kind of turbulence. In a second it can go beyond all galaxies, to its original abode where the Supreme Soul resides.” Didi explained how the practice of raja yoga meditation is not a kind of escapism. “As we go up above in meditation, we are able to see the whole picture from there. When for a moment you disengage yourself from what you see as a situation or problem, it does not imply you are not interested in finding an appropriate solution. We are interested in the solution, but it will not come through worrying or quarreling, arguing or looking for the side that is guilty. Disengagement, or silence, meditation, allows us to tap into the energy of our pure feelings and use it so that the problem is solved.”


A felicitation ceremony took place for those who dedicated their life for the challenging task of aviation and space exploration.


A thought-provoking presentation “From Chaos to Order” reminded everyone that the Greek word “Cosmos” (Universe, Space) basically means “order”, or “harmony”. Understanding the laws of Cosmos / Universal Eternal Order enables us to see the Past, Present and Future. When Order comes, Peace comes.


The Art and Culture group decorated the event with heart-stirring songs and a short poetic and musical drama about the purpose of our life in this limitless World Drama of Space and Time. The artists even designed and created a small model of a golden-aged viman! All the special guests got a chance to sit in it and emerge the joy of the time when we could fly so easily with the power of our pure mind and heart.


Download a pdf of this report  HERE.







News from Moscow: GOD EXISTS?!

21 April 2023

A deeply touching program was organised by Brahma Kumaris Centre of Spiritual Development, Moscow under the theme "God Exists?!".

BK Elena Titova and BK Dr. Aleksey opened the programme with the words of their feelings over the theme. BK Elena shared her experience of God in a poetic way and the audience responded with applaud. BK Aleksey recalled his first visit to the Church when he saw a unique white light that made him believe in God.

Both the facilitators concluded their sharing with affirmation that the understanding of God became so clear to them when they learnt the lessons on the theme of God at Brahma Kumaris.  

Probably, there is not a single person in the world who would not think about God in his life. Everyone has questions: either about Him or to HimSelf.

Seekers of the answers for whom the theme of God is vital gathered at the Center.

The beginning of the programme enabled the listeners travel on an amazing journey from within getting acquainted with the ideas, conclusions, creativity and experience of a wide variety of people, including scientists, politicians, poets, musicians and, of course, children - the greatest sages.

Prominent scientists such as Nobel laureates in physics, chemistry, biology have published the book “We do believe! God exists!". However, the authors were still left with many questions for them too. Therefore, just the faith in God is not enough. 

In India there is a wonderful expression "Faith in God leads to the victory." The true victory refers to the victory over the causes that deprive the soul of happiness. In order to gain a complete victory over such a dark side of personality, man needs not only to believe in God, but also to 'know' Him. When the human soul knows Him exactly about who He is, what He is, where He is, then man can communicate with Him, can form a relationship with Him and can stay always close to Him. It is this connection with the Almighty that fills the soul with the purest energy, which protects against wrong actions and helps to maintain peace of mind, that transforms people.

The International organisation, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, founded in 1936 in India, imparts a wide spectrum of Knowledge about God and the method to be connected with Him. 

Dr. Aleksey, warmly invited Sudha Didi to throw light on the subject. 

Didi Sudha, General Director of the Centre and an experienced orator of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, shared with the audience the knowledge and understanding of how God is our Mother and Father, how the humanity truly is His creation, about why He is called as the Omnipotent, Purifier, Ocean of Knowledge and Love, Bestower of Liberation and Salvation, and so on. Such universal spiritual wisdom sheds light on many questions of mankind. 

Followed by her short and sweet talk on God, Sudha Didi invited the participants to spend few minutes contemplating on God, realizing themselves to be a soul — pure conscious energy in the center of the forehead. Everyone seemed to have dissolved in the light and love of the Supreme Father. The atmosphere was filled with silence and elevated feelings that God exists!

Concluding the event, Sudha Didi added: we live in a unique time when the forgotten Truth about the soul and God is being revealed to humanity. The present time actually gives us an invaluable opportunity to allow God come into our lives. It is God who ignites the light of the soul. And when the light of all of us is ignited, then the world will be transformed!

Official video of the public programme: God Exists?!

Link to the telecast quality of the programme: "God exists?!"

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In Baba's yaad

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God Shiva’s Birthday Celebrated in Russia, CIS and Baltic States

4 April 2023

Russia, CIS and Baltic States: Shiv Jayanti – the most beautiful festival for the students of Brahma Kumaris was celebrated with a lot of love, happiness and splendor in Moscow, many cities of Russia and other countries of former Soviet Union and Mongolia.



News from Moscow: The Festival of Indian Culture

24 March 2023

The Festival of Indian Culture was held at the beautiful Palace of Culture "Pobeda (Victory)", Moscow Region. The festival was jointly organized by Brahma Kumaris (Moscow), Committee Culture and Tourism, Ramenski Municipal District, Moscow Region, Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre (JNCC) of the Embassy of India, Moscow and Indian National Cultural Centre "SITA" (Moscow). Aim of organizing such an event was to give a glimpse of the History and Culture of India to the mass.

The administration and the entire creative team of the Palace of Culture warmly welcomed the guests. The program of the festival was very intense and designed for the whole day. The guests of the festival had the opportunity to participate in various master classes. The first master class on Hatha yoga immediately gathered many people who wanted not only to listen, but also to test themselves as a Hatha yogi. There were also wonderful master classes on playing the Indian national drum (Tabla) and learning traditional dance in the style of "kathak". Master classes were conducted by teachers from JNCC. The lecture by BK Olga Smirnova about the deities and temples of India aroused great interest.

Many guests were specially attracted by the lecture on Raja Yoga by BK Sudha Didi, Director, Brahma Kumaris (Moscow). In her speech Didi elaborated the causes of sadness and suffering of people. She further suggested the remedies and gave methods to lead a happy life. At the end of the lecture, Didi conducted meditation that made everyone present at the lecture feel that they were all children of God – happy and joyful, beloved and lucky in all aspects.

The photo exhibition by BK Ludmila Petukhova immersed the guests of the festival in the atmosphere of such a distant and so close India. The exhibition was very much liked by both the guests and the organizers, and the author deservedly received gratitude from the Administration of the Palace of Culture "Pobeda". 

Greetings were extended at the opening ceremony of the festival by Sudha DidiMrs. Nina Guskova, Dy. Chairman, Committee, Culture and Tourism, Ramenski Municipal District, Moscow Region, Mr. Igor Shilov, Deputy Director of the Palace of Culture, Ms. Tatiana Kuznetsova, Head of the Literary and musical living room of the Palace of Culture, Mr. Manoj Kotwani, President of the Indian National Cultural Center "Sita" and others.

At the concert, Indian items were followed by Russian dances by the members of the Palace of Culture and by the students of Brahma Kumaris. The news of the programme was telecasted by Ramenskoye Television, Moscow Region. 

Despite the fact that the Indian festival, Raksha Bandhan, is celebrated in August, the guests were happy to accept an Indian amulet as a gift – the sacred thread of rakhi. Guests received a blessing card and also a spiritual book as a gift. The game "Virtuescope" attracted both adults and, especially, children. 

Besides all above, the happy guests of the festival also had the opportunity to taste dishes of the national cuisine of India, buy Indian tea, spices, Indian products, souvenirs. Many women were interested in having Mehndi on their hands. At the end of the festival, a film from the history of India was shown.


More photos

Link 1

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Greetings from Russia BK Family on the Occasion of 87th Trimurti Shiv Jayanti

22 February 2023

Divine family 

Please accept the heartiest congratulations on the most auspicious Holiday of the Confluence Age - 87th Trimurti Shiv Jayanti! 

Beloved Shiv Baba's Jayanti!

During this auspicious time, the hearts of all Baba's children are singing songs

of love and gratitude to the Merciful Supreme Father, to our wonderful Fortune and

to the special souls who had become instruments in spreading Godly Knowledge

and supporting God's children all over the world.

You are Baba's true right hands!

Your love filled with God's power never ends!

You have shared with us so many diamonds!

May your path be decorated with flowers!

May your beautiful flight inspire the whole world

to return to Purity and become real gold!


Once again, greetings to you all on the occasion of the Bholanath Shiv Baba's Happiest Birth Day!

BK Chakradhari, BK Sudha,

BK Santosh, BK Vijay and BK family from Russia Region



St Petersburg, Russia, 17-22 January, 2023: The Power of Three Dots - A Special Public Event Dedicated to Smrit Diwas of Brahma Baba and Spiritual Retreat for BKs of Belarus

27 January 2022

The Power of Three Dots

A special public event dedicated to Smriti Diwas

and spiritual retreat for sisters and brothers of Belarus in Lighthouse

St. Petersburg, Russia (17-22 January, 2023)

Reminding of Brahma Baba’s complete renunciation, intense tapasya and unlimited service, the month of January inspires us to contemplate, compare and come closer to Baba’s level of perfection. It also reinforces our hearty wish to make each and everyone around us to get acquainted with this unique personality that has become an avyakt angel.

The public event “The Power of Three Dots” that took place in Lighthouse on Saturday, January, 21, drew the audience into an experience of Adi Dev’s 

presence through a stage play based on Baba’s life story. Dialogues, songs, dances and historic black and white photos turned into a magical Time Machine transporting the viewers back to those early days when Baba’s yagya had been established and God’s unique act of creation had begun. The stage performance threw a bridge over the river of time reminding of the three dots
(Self-realision, Connection to God and Awareness of the Eternal World Drama) that are going to make us victorious over the darkness of negativity.

Santosh Didi shared an inspiring vision of how the power of just one example of positivity could become a trigger for transforming the entire world, provided that positivity would be filled with the strength and blessings of the Supreme.

Many IPs, educationists, scientists, social workers who are close contacts of the BK centre, as well as representatives of the Indian community in this city, attended the event.

A group of about 20 sisters and brothers of Belarus became a special decoration of Lighthouse. They arrived here to be part of a spiritual retreat especially dedicated to 29th anniversary of Baba’s service in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. The program of the retreat included sessions and workshops on practical application of the spiritual knowledge, video classes of the Yagya’s special jewels, such as Jagdish bhai saheb, Amir Chand bhai saheb, Rukmani Dadi ji, and a joyful birthday party! The “Go Soon Come Soon” ceremony on January, 22, made everyone feel how lucky we were to be part of the unlimited family of two wonderful fathers!


Click here to download and view the event



News from Moscow (Russia): Prestigious Social Award to Brahma Kumaris on the occasion of the completion of 33 years of service in Russia

2 January 2022

Moscow: Back in early 1989, the foundation was laid to open the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow. The founding members were Late Revered Bro. Jagdish Chander Hassija, Chakradhari Didi, Sudha Didi, Santosh Didi and Bro. Vijay. The beginning of service in Russia received Blessings from BapDada and also love-filled feelings from Dadis and the Madhuban holy swans.


During these years, Brahma Kumaris brought together people from across Russia and 15 more countries who were keen to learn Raja Yoga. Brahma Kumaris played a significant role in its capacity, affirming the close relationship between both the nations, India and Russia.


On the occasion of 33rd Anniversary of services of Brahma Kumaris in this part of the world, on behalf of the founding members of Brahma Kumaris in Russia, Bro. Vijay received a prestigious Social Award "Labour Valour of Russia" ("Трудовая Доблесть России") along with the "Medal of Honour and The Certificate of Appreciation."


The Medals of Honour are awarded to citizens who have achieved great success in industrial, scientific, cultural, sports and social activities, as well as members of the armed forces who actively participate in labour and patriotic education of youth, who support statutory aims and objects of the organisation, active promoters of the constructive work contributing to the formation of a new Russia. 


          The award was presented to Dr. Vijay by Mrs. Svetlana Savitskaya, President of Literary Society of Russia and Mr. Alexander Bukharov, Founder of the National Literary Award "Golden Pen of Russia" (Золотое Перо Руси) and Mr. Nikolai Ivanov, Chairman of the Union of Writers of Russia, - and nominated by the All-Russia Social Organisation (ASO) of Heroes, Cavaliers of State Awards and Laureates of State Prizes "Labour Valour of Russia".


Praising the mission of the above All-Russia Social Organisation, Dr. Vijay Kumar asked Mrs. Vera Boldecheva, Member of the organising Committee, Writer, Poet, and Chief Editor "Maya Mosckva", about why such an award is being given to him. She replied: "Bro. Vijay, your good deeds in Russia are still insufficiently recognised. I am happy with the small contribution that I can make to your invaluable activities.


Link to the Awarding Ceremony:


Link: A brief about Russia and beginning of BK services in Moscow in 1989 (HINDI)


Link: A brief about Russia and beginning of BK services in Moscow in 1989 (ENGLISH)


With best wishes and divine love

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