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A Lawn in an Interior Garden.

Eco festival, Tver, Russia.

11 December 2016

December 11, 2016 Center of Spiritual Development, Brahma Kumaris, Tver participated at eco festival A Lawn in an Interior Garden, organized by an ecological NGO My Favorite City.

The event was held to inform the public about the importance of environmental protection and domestic waste reduction.

In the festival area, there were organized master classes, paper and batteries recycling collection center, and books, clothing and other household items exchange center.

The Brahma Kumaris organized its exchange point for "recycling" of negative character traits that can manifest themselves in thoughts, words and actions.

In return, participants received from the Garden of Good Qualities a paper rose-flower with virtues on its petals, which they themselves got during the Virtuescope game.



Protecting the Lives of Children.

A conference at the Civic Chamber of R.F.

2 December 2016

Children are the road users most vulnerable to injury. In most cases, their safety depends on adults’ actions, or inaction. Children are often responsible for road accidents, themselves, by jaywalking, playing near roads, getting off buses or trams incorrectly. Many accidents involving children occur on and near railways.

On December 2, 2016, at the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, a conference on Children’s Safety, and Prevention of Children’s Road Traffic Injuries was held. The conference was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and departments, public authorities, experts, and social activists.

The objective of this forum was to consolidate efforts to improve citizens' responsibility in complying with traffic rules in order to prevent children’s injuries on the roads and railways of Russia.

The main issues under discussion were:

  • Toughening penalties for violation of traffic rules near children's educational establishments where warning signs "Watch out! Children!" and "Pedestrian crossing” are posted;
  • Parental responsibility for traffic violations when an accident occurs for reasons attributable to the child, and the guilt is determined in court; - The need to teach safety on railways, with involvement of experts, and training in preschool establishments, with participation of State traffic police officers from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia;
  • Development of children’s safety culture by means of mass-media, TV, etc.

Mrs. Valentina Petrenko, Federation Council member of the Federal Assembly of Russia, and Chairman of Mothers of Russia, an all-Russian social movement, in her closing speech proposed: creation of an integrated program at federal level to protect the lives of children.

Representatives of the Brahma Kumaris, Center for Spiritual Development (Moscow), headed by Sr. B.K. Sudha R. Gupta, Director, took part actively in this conference. In her speech, Sr. Sudha pointed out that when on the road, the capacity of self-control i.e. the ability to control one’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and senses is very important; indeed, considerable spiritual power is needed to rem¬¬ain stable and peaceful in different stressful situations. This can be accomplished through practicing positive thinking, which children should be taught to develop their sense of self-esteem, and responsibility for their own actions.

The Brahma Kumaris, Center for Spiritual Development released an interesting, helpful book on these vital human values, including a workbook. This teaching material can be used by parents and teachers to work with children aged 7-10. These lessons will help children learn a set of qualities that will help them protect their lives and health.

In support of this Brahma Kumaris, Center for Spiritual Development initiative, the Conference participants signed a promise that no such accident would happen due to their own carelessness.



Women and Family Values.

A meeting with members of the Indian Women Association, Moscow.

22 November 2016

Embassy of India, Moscow took an initiative to invite the Brahma Kumaris to conduct a series of programs under the auspices of the Jawaharlal Nehru Cultural Centre of the Embassy. First program was on "Women and Family Values" with Mrs. Anjali Pandey, Minister of Education, Embassy of India as the Chairperson and, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow as the main speaker.

After introduction given by Mrs. Anjali Pandey, Sr. Sudha gave a talk on the topic, explaining a full spectrum of family values a person needs to feel comfortable at home as well as at work. During the interactive session, she shared practical methods to imbibe those values. At the end, Sr. Sudha gave a brief introduction of Raja Yoga Meditation and conducted a guided meditation.

The event was a success and was highly appreciated by members of the staff of the Embassy of India and other participants, especially its practical part. The Indian Women Association, Moscow extended its gratitude to Sr. Sudha for an impressive session and expressed their wish to organize such programs in the future with the Brahma Kumaris.



A Day Without Road Accidents.

An initiative of the Brahma Kumaris, Moscow.

20 November 2016

On November 20, to mark the UN World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, Interregional NGO Center for Spiritual Development, the Brahma Kumaris Center, Moscow, organized the initiative A Day Without Road Accidents.

It began with a motor rally on the Sparrow Hills observation platform, with participation of the all-Russian Federation of Motorists, all-Russian Automobilist Society, Russian Motorcyclists Society, driving school Auto-course Master, and others.

The motor rally finished on Poklonnaya Hill. After that, a special event was held in the exhibition Hall of Memory and Grief of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

The participants paid tribute to the memory of car crash victims, whose lives were suddenly interrupted, and passed away without saying goodbye.

In commemoration of them, candles were lit and, during a minute of silence, all participants gave their promise to be more attentive and responsible on the road.

The guests of honor gave their speeches: Sr. B.K. Sudha R. Gupta, Director General, Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Development; Dr. Vijay Kumar, P.R. Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Development; Ms. Anisya Olkhova, multiple world and Europe synchronized swimming champion; coordinators of the action: Mrs. Nadezhda Ganikovskaya, Brahma Kumaris Center for Spiritual Development; Mr. Igor Melekhin, commercial manager of Llc. Iksiya; Pr. Inga Koryagina, Docent, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics; Ms. Svetlana Nageykina, Olympic champion in cross country skiing, and others.

Wonderful artists of the Children's Choir School, sponsored by the Academic Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Russian Army named after A. V. Alexandrov, joined the action. Their performance was a life-asserting keynote of the event.



International Day of Peace in Ulaan Baator, Mongolia.

21 September 2016

This year, 21 September, the International Day of Peace turned out to be a warm and sunny day. It brought together many representatives of different religious and spiritual organizations to the Dashcholin, one of the most ancient Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia.

Ms. Beate Trankmann, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Mongolia addressed the audience. She also read out a message from the United Nations. More than 10 representatives of religions and communities delivered their messages of peace, struck the Peace Bell three times and lit a symbolic candle. Key messages were written on special plates to be send to the UN.

The Brahma Kumaris representative, Sr. B.K. Inna Kim addressed the meeting with the word of Om Shanti and said: ‘Dear brothers and sisters, let say it three times, for first one is to remind ourselves ‘I’m a bodiless soul, the embodiment of peace’, the second is to realize, that I’m a child of the Supreme Soul, Supreme Father, the Ocean of Peace and Love and the third Om Shanti we say so that it won't be forgotten that we are one family, brothers and sisters and that’s why it is so important to have pure fillings, good wishes of peace and love towards each other.’ At the end of the event, representatives of all organizations struck the Bell together and stood in silence for one minute, saying their mantras, prayers or being in meditation. The program was attended by a large number of media. The event was covered by all TV channels and major news agencies of Mongolia.



Indian School in Moscow.

Visit of BKs Sr.Sudha and Dr. Vijay.

7 September 2016

September 7, 2016, B.K. Sr. Sudha, Director, Centre of Spiritual Development, Moscow and Dr. Vijay, coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, CIS and Baltic countries, visited Indian school sponsored by the Indian Embassy in Moscow.

It has become a good tradition for Brahma Kumaris teachers and students to visit children from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Africa who attend this school. Children always look forward to these meetings and are remarkably quick in catching on to the essence of spiritual wisdom.

This time, the talk on Easy Ways to Improve Memory was connected with the forthcoming examination. 140 schoolchildren from 6 to 12 grade attended the lecture. Before the talk, Mr. Vellaichami, Director of the school welcomed the guests. Children listened to Sudha Didi with great interst and readily answered all questions she was asking during the lecture. Sr. Sudha suggested meditation practice as one of the easiest ways to improve memory, concentration and attention.

At the end, children were practicing meditation siting in total silence to the meditation music and concentrating on the commentaries Sudha Didi was giving the audience. After the lecture pupils thanked Sr. Sudha and all guests. They told what they had learned from the talk, shared their experience and expressed the wish to have more meetings like that.



Love for Everyone.

India's Independence Day and Rakhi Celebration in St. Petersburg, Russia.

7 September, 2016

The event called “The Thread of Purity” was held in Lighthouse at the confluence of two important festivals, India's Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan. It also became a confluence, or a loving meeting of residents of St. Petersburg with guests who came to this country from different parts of India. The confluence of hearts was beautifully expressed in the cultural programme that introduced a blend of Indian and Russian dances and songs.
The event was honoured with the presence of Mr Arun Kumar Sharma, Consul General of India, with his wife and other family members. Welcoming the audience, he said, “For centuries India has been fortunate to have enlightened yogis, philosophers and scholars who gave the message of universal friendship and brotherhood. This message of peace, love and tolerance is very important and relevant in today's context. India is the land of great diversity but despite all the differences, people live peacefully together, showing respect to one another's culture and religion. The basis of ancient Indian philosophy is that being born as a human, one has to have a higher purpose in their life. Despite having all the physical possessions and luxuries, we still feel the need for spiritual fulfillment. Without that our lives are incomplete. So in our daily routine we must find some time to pray, to meditate, to practise yoga which is going to help us in our journey of life.”

Abhishek Kumar Sharma, a young environmentalist, came to Russia as part of his world tour on a bicycle. He started his journey in India in 2014 and is planning to complete it in 2020, after visiting 80 countries on 6 continents, covering 90 000 kilometers!
“I am feeling very glad over here. I come from the land of purity and diversity – this is the identification of India. The core concept of this bicycle journey is that I am promoting sustainable environmental development and spreading the message of brotherhood, harmony and friendship.”

Ms Tatiana Lineva, chairperson of St. Petersburg Red Cross, member of the Civic Chamber under the Governor of St. Petersburg, greeted everyone on behalf of these organizations saying, “We bow to India for many gifts that this country has given to the West, and the main one of those is spirituality. Spirituality is not about something abstract, it empowers us, making us capable of creativity and helping our fellow beings. I've been in contact with   the Brahma Kumaris centre here for many years, and visited its headquarters in Mount Abu as well, and I do believe that this institution has been given to us by the Supreme. Last year I visited the Brahma Kumaris office at the United Nations and appreciated the important role your organization plays in providing assistance to people in emergency situations worldwide. I can say that I have never seen spiritual teachers having such a professional level anywhere else.”

Explaining the spiritual significance of Rakhi festival, Didi Santosh, director of Brahma Kumaris in St. Petersburg, spoke about how our love becomes unlimited when we attain self-realisation. “Realisation of our true spiritual self unblocks our reservoir of love. By overcoming gratification of sense organs and familiarity, we stop limiting our love to just one individual or a small group of them, and get a fresh and new experience in our life. Otherwise what happens, you sit in the plane for two hours, and although there are living human beings sitting next to you, you just don't notice them. You are busy texting messages to a person whom you consider the only one you love. Then the atmosphere around you is dry. And wherever the atmosphere is dry, there are fires of alienation, hate, and dislike. When I remind myself that we are all spiritual beings, souls, children of one Father, it makes us really valuable. When your love is for everyone, you are truly valuable for this world which is burning nowadays in the fire of anger and hatred.”

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