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Non Stop 108 Hours Of Yoga Bhatti Organized - Service News From Moscow, Russia

07 December 2024

Call of the Time: Stage of LightHouse     

*This unique Bhatti began today, 29th December 2023 at 09.00 hrs MSK from Moscow and will finish on 2nd January 2024at 21.00 hrs MSK. 

The bhatti began with lightening of candles and the words of inspiration from Sudha didi about the significance of this bhatti at this period of time in the Drama. Few BK's too shared their feelings. The faces of all present in the gathering and behind the screen (Online participants) were shining with unique joy. 

*BK's from 12 countries, 45 cities with 9 time zones of this huge region( Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia) are participating in this beautiful bhatti.

*Time Table has been created for all the centres for all these 5 days taking into consideration the local time of each place.

*Each centre will join for a minimum of one hour or two hours at the time which has been fixed for them during this bhatti.

*The fire of yoga for the subtle yet powerful service will be passed on, without any break, from centre to centre, from city to city and from country to country.

Baba's words in the Sakar Murli of 7th December 2023 became the inspiration for planning this bhatti. 

Baba said that big people in big cities will become the instruments for spreading Baba's message to the world. 


Hence the main thought which all the participants will have during this bhatti:

I am a lighthouse - stable and strong...

I am the beloved child of the Supreme LightHouse, the Almighty Father...

The rays of light and might emanating from my Father and me, the soul are reaching the whole world...

These rays are attracting the souls, including those who will become instruments for spreading the Father's message far and wide...

I am a stable and strong lighthouse, the trustworthy helper of the Supreme LightHouse...


Besides the fixed time during the bhatti for the centres, bhatti will continue at all the centres from 09.00 am to 6.00 pm local time, when BK's can come and contribute to the creation of the powerful spiritual atmosphere in Baba's homes. 

Every participant has the aim of collecting 21 hrs of yoga bhatti during these 108 hrs.

We invite you all to join this Bhatti. 


 Link to photos



"Nobility" Award Presented to BK Dr. Vijay At The Ceremony Of Awards "Golden Pen Of Russia" - Service News from Moscow

31 December 2023

News from Moscow

Ceremony of the awards within the framework of the project

"National Literary Prize 2023", Russia

More than 60 writers, scientists, and cultural workers from different countries united by Russian tradition and the Russian language gathered at the Central office of the All-Russian public organization "Labour Valour of Russia" at the Ceremony of Awards "Golden Pen of Russia". The President of the organization Mr. A.G. Levin, opened the ceremony. He marked that the organizations "Labour Valour of Russia" and "Golden pen of Russia" have been holding many joint conferences and congresses for 15 years.


The official greeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mr. Sergey Lavrov was read: “Writing is similar to the diplomatic service, since the main tool of diplomats is the word and the pen”. “I am sure that the competition will contribute to the development of cultural diplomacy of the Russian Federation”. The representatives of Vietnam, China, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Tatarstan and others expressed their sincere and warm love for Russia. Dr. Vijay, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow extended congratulations to all those who received the special awards for their work and also thanked the organization for awarding him a special statuette named “NOBILITY”, in the nomination of Public Relations. He highly praised the ever trustworthy relations between India and Russia.


National books translated into Russian and from Russian got a chance to present China, Vietnam, India, Germany, Israel, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, America, Palestine, Syria, Bulgaria – more than 30 countries. Lively communication was characterized by musical performances, recitation of poems, brilliant extemporization, and national clothes and cuisine.

Brahma Kumaris were invited at another programme "Labour Valor is Heroism Beyond Time" - a Forum which was organized in honor of the 85th Anniversary of the establishment of the title of Hero of Socialist Labour and the 10th Anniversary of the title of Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation. Heroes of various professions from different regions of the big country gathered for the festival. BK Nadezhda Ganikovskaya, (82 years old) along with other BKs met personally and congratulated Heroes of Great Nation.

Link to the photos, etc.

-- With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yad

BK Elena Slavnova

Multi-media department Moscow



Happy New Year! from Sudha Didi, Moscow

31 December 2023



Azerbaijan, Baku, Celebrates 15 Years Of Presence of Rajyoga, An Almighty's Gift

8 December 2023

Service News
November, 2023

15 years ago the first rays of ancient wisdom of Rajyoga touched Baku (through some BKs studying this knowledge in St.Petersburg) the ancient and modern capital of Azerbaijan. Since then several experienced souls, Godly servers from the region (Russia, CIS and Baltic states), have been regularly traveling here and staying for a long duration of time to keep the lamp lit, and the Brahma Kumaris Centre has been rendering its services in the field of character development, values for life, and stress-free living in Baku and other parts of this country.

This year, a series of special events have been held to celebrate the birthday of the Centre. The pinnacle event was that of launching the value-based project “Culture of Humility” by joining which Baku has become yet another jewel in the beautiful necklace of cities where the project is already under way. 

The launching ceremony took place at the prestigious Ataturk Centre, November 16, with participation of prominent Azerbaijani scientists, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, heads of cultural establishments, and journalists.


Humility, when understood and practiced at a right spiritual, cultural and social perspective, is a virtue that makes individuals, families, communities and nations mature, dignified, strong and successful.

Santosh Didi, joint regional co-ordinator (Russia, CIS and Baltic states), a spiritual leader with more than 45 years of experience, was especially invited to Baku by “Simurgh” Association of Culture of Azerbaijan to introduce the project that had been successfully carried out in St. Petersburg and other cities of the region since June, 2023. Within 6 months, thousands of people could learn about, share and practice “21 Facets of the Diamond of Humility” by taking part in a series of dialogues, public events, festivals and joining the 21-day Marathon of Humility on YouTube.

Explaining the spiritual concept of Humility, Didi said, “Humility makes an individual or community of people realise that they are part of the integral whole, similar to branches and leaves on a tree. As we learn to see ourselves as parts of the World Tree whose seed is the Supreme, this awareness makes us capable of extending and accepting co-operation without ego or false modesty. The true Humility makes us free from intolerance, rigidness and impatience. It creates the atmosphere of complementarity and mutual respect, rather than that of competition and tension.”

Prof. Fuad Mamedov, president of the “Simurgh” Association of Culture of Azerbaijan, a leading expert in culture studies, author of numerous books, monographs and articles, underlined the importance of a balanced personality development that should include intellectual, moral and spiritual growth. «A sustainable global civilization is not possible without a high level of spiritual culture of nations, which starts with a high level of spiritual culture of individuals.”

Prof. Galbinur Pasha, Doctor of Medicine, poet; Mr Alik Kerimov, director of Metak plant; Ms Dilyara Nagieva, vice chairperson of Women’s Society of Azerbaijan; Prof. Elkhan Beilerov, director of Institute of Psychology; Ms Liana Vezirova, director of Museum Centre of Azerbaijan, and many other dignitaries joined the event.




"My Eternity is Like a River" - A News Report From the 34th Anniversary Celebration Event of Opening the Centers in Russia

7 December 2023

News from Moscow:


My Eternity is Like a River....... Musical and philosophical programme "My Eternity is Like a River..." dedicated to the 34th Anniversary of opening the branch of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Russia.

Brahma Kumaris Centre in Moscow, Russia
celebrated the 34th anniversary by presenting a performance “My Eternity is Like a River” dealing with the theme of reincarnation, in the Concert  Hall of Mayak Mira (Lighthouse of the World), Moscow. 

Programme began with the greetings by Sudha Didi, Bro. Vijay and the invited guests. Mrs. Svetlana Savitskaya, Writer, Chairperson of the organising committee of Golden Pen of Russia rewarded Didi Sudha with a Leo Tolstoy medal "For Guidance and Education". Mrs. Tatyana Kuznetsova, Head of a literary lounge, Artist, presented her painting with the words that Brahma Kumaris Centre gives light like the sun and flowers, stretching to the sun, symbolizing people attracted to spirituality.

 “My Eternity is Like a River....."
What makes us find answers? Are these our questions? Or our sincere
desire to learn? Or the time has come to open all the secrets?

Didi Sudha, General Director, performed the role of
the owner of the bright and beautiful Castle of Eternity. She answered exciting questions asked by the hero of the play, inquisitive reporter Darya. The questions asked were such which have occupied the minds of people in the world for centuries- What happens with a soul when a person dies? Can we choose our future birth and what it depends on? How can we change the present, if it is the result of our past? Can God, the Almighty help us to change our fortune?

A serious conversation about the aspects of spiritual knowledge was
illustrated with excerpts from the film "Reincarnation", with songs and

The roles in the play were performed by professional actors: soloist of the State Academic Operetta Theater Konstantin Uzhva (Time Keeper) and theater and film actress Daria Krakhmaleva (Reporter), the Soul Dance was performed by professional ballet dancer Anna Wellington.

Writer, Chairperson of the organising committee of Golden Pen of Russia Svetlana Savitskaya rewarded Didi Sudha with a Leo Tolstoy medal "For Guidance and Education". Head of a literary lounge, Artist Tatyana Kuznetsova presented her painting with the words that Brahma Kumaris Centre gives light like the sun and flowers stretching to the sun symbolize people attracted to spirituality.
Link to video:
My Eternity is Like a River....... Musical and philosophical programme "My Eternity is Like a River..."

Link to photos:

With best wishes and divine love
In Baba's yad
Elena Slavnova
Multi-media department






Brahmin Family in Azerbaijan, Baku, Celebrates 15 Years of Almighty's Gift Of Knowledge

4 December 2023











Spiritual Vision for Academic Achievements and Happy Living - Two Sessions For University Students In Lighthouse In St. Petersburg, Russia

25 November 2023

As the academic year at the universities of St. Petersburg is gathering momentum, groups of students and their professors have visited Lighthouse, the Brahma Kumaris Centre in this city, to know more about the theory and practice of the spiritual wisdom of raj yoga.


In November, Lighthouse hosted two events for students of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, Herzen State Pedagogical University and the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities.


November, 12

Addressing a group of about 50 students of St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design, Didi Santosh said that raj yoga meditation enhanced our “telescopic” and “microscopic” vision. “As we practice meditation based on knowing our true inner self and connecting with the Supreme, our intellect develops the ability to foresee the consequences of how we spend the energy of our thoughts. Positive thinking enables us to save and accumulate our inner energy, while waste and negative thoughts lead to energy depletion. The ability to take into consideration even the far-off results of our today’s thinking can be compared with the ability to see faraway stars and galaxies with a telescope. On the other hand, meditation makes us detect even the minute microbes and bacteria of weaknesses and defects that cannot be observed with an eye unaided with the tools of spiritual knowledge.”


November, 20

25 students of Herzen State Pedagogical University and the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities, majoring in comparative studies of religion, were especially interested in the history of the Brahma Kumaris organization and their spiritual and social role in today’s world. In a friendly dialogue, 4 aspects of this unique world spiritual organization were touched:


- the format of spiritual study rather than that of religious preaching,

- the leading role of women as spiritual teachers and administrators,

- a universal spiritual approach beyond any limits of nationality, caste or creed,

- and a lotus-like lifestyle in which a raj yogi does not renounce their society or the world, rather they become spiritual social workers who serve to enhance the quality of life for everyone.


The session was followed with a guided tour of the museum “Panorama of History of Mankind” and the Yoga Gallery. And the moments of silence spent in the World Benefactor Room (Baba’s Room) were both relaxing and empowering.







Godly Service in Khabarovsk City Located Far East of Russia - News Report

20 November 2023

The Knowledge of the Supreme Father has come to one more city of Russia and some souls have got the message. Seminars and lectures were held in Khabarovsk city in October. It is the largest city in the Far East of Russia with a population of more than 6 million people, one of the largest political, educational and cultural centers of this region.


Located at the center of the intersection of international railway and air transport routes on the right bank of the Amur River near the border with China.



The topics were: "Positive thinking", "Speech defines a person", "Another immune system", "Life without conflicts", "The creation of destiny or the philosophy of karma". The classes were accompanied by visual information – presentations and videos. All the participants were presented with cards about benevolence and virtues. They could choose a handout on the spiritual topics and get answers to the questions asked.



The audience was interested in the topics. Everyone got something new for themselves. Few people had a desire to listen to a preliminary course which continues on-line.


We liked the calm atmosphere of the city and the friendly attitude of the citizens. Khabarovsk city is waiting for a new meeting with spiritual wisdom!





Diwali Celebration News From Moscow, Russia

20 November 2023

Deepawali was celebrated in a beautiful gathering of the love filled sweethearts, deepmala of Deepraj BapDada. The scenery included the the secret of Confluence Age and the birth of the Nine Deities-Nine forms of goddess Durga. Our Angelic Dadis were also invoked as the nine mothers performed an angelic movements of Vande Mataram with their angelic gestures holding the ignited lights depicting the enlightened souls on the earth ready to return to Deepraj Shiva. Accordingly a live song was sung "let's fly to Baba".


Hearty welcome. Enjoy the news please.


Link_Diwali 2023_Russia Moscow: 



Link_Nine Godesses:



Link_Angelic performance_Vande Mataram: 



Link_Greetings_Didi Sudha and bro.Vijay:






With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yad

Elena Slavnova

Multi-media department






"Women's View: Investing In The Future" - Santosh Didi Participates In V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum

17 November 2023

V International Municipal BRICS+ Forum took place in St. Petersburg, November 9–10, with 56 participating countries, 7000 participants, and 121 events happening at various venues of the huge EXPOFORUM Convention and Exhibition Centre.



Santosh Didi was invited as a key speaker at the round table “Women’s View: Investing in the Future”. The event gathered together women leaders and experts in the fields of politics, science and technologies, social service, healthcare and education.


The round table was organized by Women’s Alliance, St. Petersburg branch of the Union of Women of Russia.


Introducing Santosh Didi, Ms Elena Kalinina, chairperson of Women’s Alliance, rector of St. Petersburg Socio-Economic Institute, said, “The Brahma Kumaris Centre in this city led by Didi is carrying out a mission of establishing harmony, goodwill, unity and mutual respect. Women’s Alliance has been co-operating with the Brahma Kumaris since many years. Many women, members of our Alliance, have become students of your organization as well.”


Didi spoke on “A new dimension of soft power in the rapidly changing world” explaining how the most important investment at the present moment is the investment in one’s own mental and spiritual empowerment. Traditionally, soft power is understood in terms of diplomatic, academic, technological, cultural, and sports achievements. However, despite significant advancements of women in these fields, they may fail in many cases to influence the society and the world positively on a permanent basis without developing a spiritual dimension of their soft power. The practice of raja yoga meditation enables people to master 8 vital skills, or powers, for successful life. As I realise my eternal spiritual nature of being a pure and positive soul and a child of the Supreme, I develop the powers of tolerance, accommodation, decision-making, co-operation and others that are crucial for my personal, professional and social life. By achieving the balance of the external and internal through the practice of silence and introspection, women will be able to take on the leadership in bringing peace, happiness, health and prosperity to their countries and the world.








“Golden Steps towards the Golden Age” - Service News of Diwali Celebrations from St. Petersburg, Russia

17 November 2023

Diwali celebration at Brahma Kumaris Centre, St. Petersburg, Russia

November, 11, 2023

About 250 guests celebrated Diwali at the public event “Golden Steps towards the Golden Age” in St. Petersburg. As they were lighting their wax candles and earthen lamps in the divine presence of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan, everyone created a determined thought of keeping their inner light always lit. Diwali greetings and video messages from Mohini Didi ji and Jayanti Didi ji, additional administrative heads of the Brahma Kumaris, as well as other senior BKs were shared with everyone.

Greeting the audience, Mr Kumar Gaurav ji, Consul General of India in St. Petersburg, underlined that Diwali, the most important festival of India, became a global festival celebrated worldwide. “May this Diwali bring you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity”, he said.

Bro. Vijay Kumar described Diwali as the day of greetings of our hearts. He said, “We definitely have to shower this light to all those living on this planet. This is the only solution to remove the sorrows of souls forever.”

Explaining the deep spiritual significance of Diwali, Didi Santosh said, “This festival is loved not just by those living down below, on this Earth. It is loved very much by the One who lives up above. Why? Because our Supreme Father loves newness. He is Light, and the Light does not like darkness. We, souls, have brought darkness to this world through the dark state of our minds. By connecting to the Supreme Light, we ignite our inner light of purity, knowledge, peace, happiness, power and bliss. These are the golden steps that change the world around us into the golden world.”

A beautiful cultural program inspired the audience to sing and dance together with the performers on the stage. And of course, Diwali celebration is never complete without sharing sweets! The guests enjoyed delicious gulab jamuns and jalebis as well as a special brahma bhojan.

The Indian Consulate staff, members of the Indian community in this city as well as guests from about 10 cities of Russia joined the event.

Click here to watch the video of the event.



Diwali Greetings from Russia Brahmin Family

16 November 2023

Dear Baba's Deepmala,

A very Happy Diwali! 

Hearty congratulations on the occasion of this special festival of creation of the Yagya, the garland of ignited souls by DEEPRAJ Shiv Baba.

With love from Russia 

BK Sudha and Russia Family


In The Lap Of God" - Rakshabandhan Celebration News Report From Moscow

3 November 2023

Retreat Centre Mayak Mira, Moscow, welcomed the new learners of Raja Yoga from Surgut, Vologda, Moscow region, etc., for a special retreat on the theme "In the Lap of God" in late August, 2023.

The retreat program was rich with classes on Raja Yoga, meditation, practical activities and spiritual conversations.

Senior Teachers Didi Sudha and Brother Vijay shared the Knowledge of God and their spiritual experiences. They spoke on the topics: "What is spiritual awakening?"; "Life of a Raja Yogi in God's Hands"; "Murli is a Divine Flute"; "Purity is our protection"; and gave an interview on the theme "God in My Life..."  

In the beginning, participants had a new experience of yoga during Amritvela meditation ̶"A Soul in the World of Light Next to God." Special experience of internal silence and powerful vibrations awakened the pure intention to use their time for deep self-reflection during the retreat.

Retreat Participants highly appreciated practical meditation sessions "Meeting yourself"; "I am a spiritual light"; "Almighty Light" which opened the world of new feelings and subtle sensations. Walking in solitude and reflecting on their own qualities "Why should I value myself and why should others respect and value me?" brought a new awareness of their uniqueness and self-esteem. Participants talked about their inspiring discoveries. They expressed a special gratitude for the practical experience gained during the seminar "Practice of soul consciousness and the importance of drishti”.

Going into the depth of wisdom and truth of God is impossible without understanding the role of the founder of Brahma Kumaris University. The class on "The Father of Mankind a special tool of God" opened the story of the early days and establishment of the God's yagya.

Questions related to the practical life of a Raj Yogi were very interesting to the participants of the retreat. The importance of bhog and other aspects of spiritual life were shared by experienced Brahmins very vividly and with humor.

The retreat culminated with the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The spiritual meaning of Raksha Bandhan touched the new participants who accepted rakhi, tilak and blessings from the Supreme Protector with deep awareness.   

The warmest feelings and gratitude overwhelmed the hearts of the retreat participants, who could not find words to express their deep experience:

Igor from Surgut city: "These days turned out to be an extraordinary festival for me... I am leaving, overflowing with strength, power and love..."

Cholpon from Moscow "I love everyone very much. Thank God for this meeting and for everything that happened here. "

Alla from Lyubertsy town: "This is a very important event for me, together with the conversations and meetings. I may not have understood everything yet, but I have a strong feeling that I need it. I discovered "Humility” for myself.

Lily from Sochi city: "I learned how to trust and respect the instructions of the Seniors deeply.

Larisa from Lyubertsy town: "This is a new stage in my life. I received the experience of God's family and His blessing. I would like to live in the Golden Age..."

On the day of departure, of course no one could control the tears of pure love.


With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yad

Multi-media department



Celebrations, Festivities & Nature - News of Service From Brahmin Family in Latvia (Baltic States)

27 September 2023

Service News from Latvia (Baltic States)

Rezekne celebrated its 738th anniversary of the city in early August. Four events were part of the celebration and the opening took place with a traditional festive procession in which the city's institutions and organizations gave presentations. On August 5, the city park became the venue of the large festive program and a fair.

The BK Teachers and students from Riga, Daugavpils and Rezekne set up an exhibition with pictures of knowledge and virtuescope in Russian and Latvian languages.

The BKs introduced the University, shared their personal experience of spirituality and gave knowledge of the soul and its qualities, the Supreme Soul – who is the Eternal Source of all the spiritual qualities and powers. The "roulette of virtues" grabbed special attention among children. Adults received special gifts: booklets and blessing cards. Those who were interested were invited to the upcoming programs and courses of the BKWSU.

Serving the Nature

Now is the time to serve nature and make its every element renewed, beautiful, clean and calm. With this aim, on July 30, BKs from Latvian centers organized a picnic in the village of Saurieshi near Riga.

Birds chirping and the gentle rays of the sun accompanied the Murli class. After breakfast and a short break was a collective one hour meditation with commentary to serve the elements of nature.

Playing badminton, outdoor games, a quiz based on spiritual knowledge, sharing experience in a light, peaceful and cheerful atmosphere were part of the day. All were happy and wanted to continue this picnic tradition.



The Ship of Our Dreams. Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times - A Spiritual SATsang with SAT Senior Co-Ordinators

19 July 2023

The Ship of Our Dreams. Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times”


A wonderful spiritual SATsang with SAT Wing senior co-ordinators (India) at the Brahma Kumaris, St. Petersburg, Russia

July, 2023


Every year, the month of July brings us the inspiring memories of the yagya’s original jewel Manmohini Didi ji, additional administrative head of the Brahma Kumaris. The public event “The Ship of Our Dreams. Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times” dedicated to this unique personality was held at the Diamond Hall of Lighthouse on July, 15, Saturday. Luckily, the event coincided with the arrival in St. Petersburg of about 50 members of the SAT Wing from Bharat.



The Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Services Wing (SAT Wing) of the Brahma Kumaris aims at promoting peace, stress-free living and inculcation of spiritual values, serving people engaged in these three sectors in particular. St. Petersburg is Russia’s largest sea port and tourist destination, receiving 8 million tourists on a yearly basis.

We were blessed to receive Prem Didi, BK director in Punjab, Sheela Didi, BK director in Northern Assam, Lakshmi Didi, BK director in Haryana, as well as other senior raja yoga teachers and the SAT Wing co-ordinators from every corner of Bharat, including Mount Abu.



At the public event in Lighthouse, the stage backdrop featuring a beautiful ship with scarlet sails was symbolic of the art of navigating the rough seas of today’s world of turmoil.


Bro. Vijay Kumar greeted the respected guests from Bharat and the audience sharing his feelings on the occasion. Kamlesh Didi, the SAT Wing national co-ordinator, introduced the aims and objects of the Wing and explained how spiritually oriented courses designed by itwere helping people in the shipping, aviation and tourism sectors to discover their true identity by undertaking a spiritual journey into their inner world.


Santosh Didi held a deep heart-to-heart conversation on the stage with Sheela Didi, Prem Didi and Lakshmi Didi on the topic of the event: Peace, Happiness and Power in Changing Times.



Santosh Didi: In the present volatile time, talking about Peace is just a theory or Peace can be experienced in our practical life?


Answering the question, Sheela Didi gave everyone a simple and deep mantra for keeping their Peace intact under any circumstances. She said, “As we start experiencing ourselves to be eternal souls, we realise that peace is our true religion. The environment and situations around us may be negative, but if we hold tightly to our inner religion of peace, we can stay unaffected by external influences.”



Question: It may happen that the life in which there is only Peace becomes dry. How can we load the goods of true Happiness on the ship of our fortune?


Prem Didi shared her personal secret of staying happy and smiling: “I always remind myself that this life is very elevated, valuable and short. Therefore, whatever may happen in the atmosphere around us, one has to keep making effort to stay happy. Come what may, we have to save our happiness amidst these ups and downs.”



Question: How can we make sure the foundation of Peace and Happiness remains stable against all odds?


Continuing the lively dialogue, Lakshmi Didi underlined that for making our Peace and Happiness stable, we need power that comes through connecting our mind with the Supreme Source of Energy, the Supreme Soul. Saying this, Didi made everyone go deep into the experience of silence by conducting a meditation with an inspiring commentary. The moments of powerful silence were followed with a beautiful song about how raja yoga teaches us the art of life, performed by BK Kiran.


Among special guests of the Dialogue was Prof. Geidar Imanov, academician from Baku, Azerbaijan. Addressing Didi Santosh and all those present in the hall, he said, “Whenever I get a chance to be in St. Petersburg, I definitely come to the Brahma Kumaris centre so that at least once a year I could visit heaven! I am grateful for your having created such a unique place and wishing you all the best.” Ms Valentina Suloyeva, director general of the North-West Regional Health Centre, thanked Santosh Didi and the team of Lighthouse for creating the atmosphere in which everyone could stay peaceful, happy, powerful and pure!


The visit of the SAT group members was short, yet filled with unforgettable meetings with the centrewasis and all the Brahmin family of this city as well as those who arrived in St. Petersburg on this occasion from many cities of Russia, Belarus and Georgia.


No one wanted to waste even a single precious moment of these 4 wonderful days and nights! So even at midnight on Saturday, 15, everyone was determined to go out to see a splendid ceremony of opening of the drawbridges on the river Neva!


During these 4 days we were sailing the ship of lightness, flying the vimaan of joy and touring the three worlds with our respected senior yogis who were sharing their inner spiritual treasures with all of us from the depth of their generous hearts. This wonderful scene has been recorded forever in the World Drama, and how lucky we are to think that it is going to repeat again and again!


Click here to read full report with photos.


Click here to view all photos.





Mongolia, June 2023: Lectures for prosecutors and prisoners - Mongolian prosecutors are interested in KARMA

17 July 2023

In mid-June, BK Inna Kim, Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Mongolia, was invited to give a lecture on karma for the Prosecutor's Office’s staff in the city of Kharkhorin, Ovorkhangai region, 250 miles from Ulaanbaatar (the place whereGenghis Khan founded the ancient capital of Mongolia).

Our new student BK Sis. Khorolgarav graduated from the University of Law in Ulaanbaatar and left to Kharkhorin for her job. She wanted to share spiritual knowledge with her colleagues because the profession of the prosecutor is very nervous and sometimes even corrupt. The long discussion about the possibility of the programme resulted in our trip to this beautiful place in Mongolia where we met many new people.

All the 16 members of the Prosecutor's Office gathered in the conference room to hear about the deep spiritual aspects of the philosophy of KARMA. Their faces showed genuine interest. During the meeting, there were many questions and answers, and proposals for further cooperation because all the people understood the importance of spiritual knowledge at present time, when stress and crimes are widespread in the society. The meeting ended with a five-minute meditation. Everyone could feel deep inner silence and peace. The atmosphere completely changed and nobody wanted to leave the room. Every participant got a sweet toli and a card with his/her special virtue. Then some people asked for individual talk or consultation.

Every morning during the next three days, all the group met online for a short Raja Yoga meditation course. They have got an introduction of the soul, the Supreme Soul and the Raja Yoga method on how to maintain peace and remain honest.

One of the prosecutors suggested holding a special online class on KARMA for prisoners. At the end of June, 300 prisoners and the staff gathered in a large hall in front of the screen. At first it was difficult to attract their attention and to make them interested, but a sincere brotherly attitude towards each participant, a talk about their good qualities, simple points of knowledge which are important in life, and God's support melted the ice, and smiles appeared on their faces. Collective meditation completely transformed their mood. At the end of the lesson, they clapped, showed ‘likes’, and thanked the organisers. We felt that their gratitude came from the heart. 

One of the participants came up to the microphone and said that the words and pictures of the presentation touched him very much, and he realized that he should not blame anyone. He understood that he might go forward and be very attentive to his thoughts and consciousness.

We hope for further cooperation with the justice authorities not only in this aimag (region), but also in other regions of Mongolia.

Link to photos:


Click HERE to download full report.




Service tour of BK Sudha to Kazakhstan

15 July 2023

Dear brothers and sisters, Om shanti.

Brahma Kumari sisters have taken up the mission of spreading spiritual values all over the planet and towards this end they travel to new countries and places as the torch bearers of God's love and power.

I am extremely glad to forward to all of you one such unique news report by Peace News of Godlywood Studio on the service tour of B.K.Sudha (Director of Brahma Kumaris Moscow) to Kazakhstan. During her visit she visited prominent places and met prominent people and rendered the message of spiritual love.

Please follow the link to watch the video and share with everyone.

With warm regards,

BK Harilal

Executive Director 

Godlywood Studio




Visit of the BK Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Wing (SAT) to Moscow, Russia

14 July 2023

Dear World Family, Sweet divine remembrances from Moscow. 

Happy to inform you that the senior members of the Shipping, Aviation and Tourism Wing (SAT) of Brahma Kumaris headed by the National Coordinator, Kamlesh Didi, were heartily welcomed by the BK Russian family, Moscow

The programme was held at Mayak Mira and watched by a big number of souls. The Russian family hugged the guests with warmth and spiritual drishti. 

Among the Wing Coordinators were Prasannabehn, Muthumanibehn, Nilimabehn, Shashikalabehn, Sonambehn, Manjulabehn, Surekhabehn, 

Santoshbhai, Ravindrabhai. And other 40 members of SAT services represented the group. 

Thanks to the special guests Prem Didi from Punjab and Sheela Didi from Assam for accepting the invitation to join the SAT Wing. Kamlesh Didi explained the Aims of the SAT Wing and also the achievements since it was formed. The presentation was highly interesting and the Russian family was inspired to create a small SAT group to cover such services. 

Thanks once again to the SAT Wing for coming to visit Moscow and St. Petersburg. Thanks to Dr. Nirmala Didi, Chairperson of the SAT Wing and Meera Didi, Vice Chairperson. 

Kindly have a glimpse of the beauty on the first day of the SAT Wing's visit. 

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With best wishes and divine love

In Baba's yaad

Multi-media Department





BKs in Ukraine hold a program on "The Spiritual Symbols of Eternity" in the Art Department of the Regional Scientific Library

06 July 2023

In the first part of the event, BK Maria Guska, Art Historian, Coordinator, Ternopil Center of Spiritual Development, gave a lecture about how spiritual symbols of Eternity such as the soul and the three worlds are hidden in the traditional Ukrainian embroidery. Theory of explanation was part of her thesis in college times.

The second part of the programme was dedicated to the International Day of Yoga. BK Nina Danilenko, Coordinator, Brahma Kumaris, Kyiv gave a lecture on the topic "Yoga as a method of accumulating inner power, and enlightening the human soul". In her address, Nina Danilenko spoke about the soul and its qualities, about the art of self-management and about revealing one's inner potential.

The theoretical part was followed by a guided Raja Yoga meditation, conveying an experience of lightness and power.

The programme of its kind developed great interest among the participants. The question and answer session added light to the atmosphere as the selected topic revealed the depth of the ancient knowledge lying in the soul and depicted in human art. The one-hour programme, which helped the listeners feel inner peace and love, seemed to be quite actual and also a need of the time. Download a brief video glimpse [20 seconds] HERE.

Guests were invited to the next meeting with the theme of "The Art of a Healthy Lifestyle".







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