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Service News for the International Day of Peace from Mauritius

19 October 2020

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Nairobi - Kenya - A Journey of 29 years 1991 -2020 - Global Cooperation to Godly Power

4 October 2020

2 October is a special day, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and The International Day of Non-Violence.


46 years ago on 2nd October 1974, Sr Vedanti and Sr Sheilu first set foot on the soil of Africa.  They came to Nairobi to establish centres in Africa. A lot has happened in these years. 


3 decades ago on 29 August 1991 The Global Museum for a Better World was inaugurated. The name was inspired by an international Peace Project, which was dedicated to the United Nations and entitled Global Co-operation for a Better World.  This then became the unique Regional Headquarters for Africa of the Brahma Kumaris.


29 August 2020 turned into a Journey of 29 Years from Global Cooperation to Godly Power.  A unique memorable journey, which we would like to share with you all.  Click on the image below to play the video.






Benefits of Lock-down Time, Nairobi, Kenya

28 September 2020

Dear Divine family around the Globe, Om Shanti and Greetings from Sr Vedanti and Nairobi Family. 

Centre residents and Nairobi family took the most benefit from this time of Lockdown, which we would like to share with you all.

  • Variety of experiences in the Yoga bhattis for 122 days: light & might house, angel, soul world experience, quarantine experience, the sacrificial fire, cave yoga, charging every corner of the house etc. which gave a lot of benefit to the self and giving sakash to the world

  • 14 Day Yoga race for the region which collected over 25,000 hours    

  • An experience of the deep silence of angelic stage, while maintaining social distancing, 10 centre residents gave dristi to almost 200 souls in which they received rakhi, blessing and toli.

  • 226 Online Murli in Hindi & English & Classes conducted by teachers from other countries.

  • 85 Online Classes conducted  for other countries.

  • Distributed toli to students the whole month in July giving Madhuban experience. 

  • Visited 109 BK families and contacts to give them courage and enthusiasm.

  • Godly Power Introduction

Godly Yoga Power Bank was inaugurated on 16 August  

  • 21,512 hours of Meditation were deposited in 15 days of August.

  • Today we have almost 850 representatives from 60 countries.

  • This project is giving so much power to the self, others and the world.   

  • Participants will deposit their hours of meditation at the end of September to present to Bapdada on 2 Oct 2020

  • 29 August 2020 turned into a memorable Journey of 29 Years from Global Cooperation to Godly Power.  3 decades ago, the Global Museum for a Better World was inaugurated on 29 August 1991. A unique memorable journey, the news of which will follow shortly. 

  • Sr Vedanti’s 75th birthday was celebrated as Divine day. 

  • 18 families offered bhog for all souls who have moved on to their onward journey. 

  • FOP has hosted 2 programmes online. 

  • 3 Days International BK Gujarati retreat was conducted online. 

  • Godly Power Bank has attracted 2 organizations to host programmes in the centre.

- Nairobi Family



Invitation to Online International BK Gujarati Retreat 25 - 27 September

20 September 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators, Om Shanti.

Please find attached an invitation to the Online International BK Gujarati Retreat September 2020


Theme: Recharge Yourself - Reuniting with our Pure Essence


A beautiful chance to receive sustenance from the seniors which will recharge, motivate and strengthen you in your efforts for the present time.


Date: Friday 25 - Sun 27 September 2020



Kenya Time: 3.00p m - 5.00 pm  

(India Time 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm)

Please register online:


Please pass on this invitation to those students from the Gujarati background who would be interested in attending the retreat. 


In Baba's yaad,

Sr Vedanti

Brahma Kumaris
Serve Africa Retreat Centre, Nairobi






Transformation - Corona to Crown Nairobi - Kenya News

13 September 2020

Transformation - Corona to Crown

Nairobi, Kenya

10 September 2020

 Dear Divine family around the world,


Greetings from Sr Vedanti.  The year 2020 has been a special year for us in which we experienced major Transformation: from Corona to Crown.


 We went through a Lockdown Inner journey of 122 days from 16 March – 15 July that included various bhattis - light & might house, angel, soul world experience, quarantine experience, the sacrificial fire, cave yoga, charging every corner of the house etc. 


 This gave birth to the Godly Power Bank, an initiative to increase the power of yoga and spread this power to the world.  For more details on Godly Power Bank, please this link:


The bank has been set up in the auditorium of the Nairobi Centre. The owner of the bank Shivbaba on the stage. 18 management staff sit at their respective desks in a semi-circle. The space in the middle is for customers.  The departments are:  Owner of Bank, Managing Director, Bank Manager, Company Secretary, Forex Manager, Customer Service Manager (x2), Personal Manager (x2) Chief Cashier & Cashiers (x2), IT Manager, Loans Manager (x2), Public Relations Manager and Health Manager (x2)


Each day an assignment is circulated via email and WhatsApp to representatives of respective departments, giving the activity for the day. The activities include giving sakash to those responsible in the yagya, each country and the media houses in these countries, all continents, professions & various categories, invoking souls who have left Baba to return, giving sakash of virtues and powers to souls, exchanging the negative to positive etc.  From time to time, each department receives guided meditation commentaries from various instruments.


The Godly Power Bank was officially inaugurated on 16 August 2020.  The report of the bank from 16 August – 10 September:

Number of Countries Participating: 51

Number of Representatives Worldwide: 770

Meditation Hours Deposited 16Aug – 31 Aug: 560 people 18,501 hours


New applications of those who want to join this bank are pouring in daily, where they send their name, photo, email, country, WhatsApp number and the department they want to join.  All these photos put up in the auditorium. 


We will be celebrating 13 September as a Divine Day as below.


6.00am – 7.00am          Murli class – Sakash for the Self

10.00am – 12.00noon    Sakash for the World

5.30pm – 7.30pm          Sakash for the 5 Elements



Best wishes

Sr Vedanti and Nairobi Family

Brahma Kumaris Nairobi 





Janmashtami Greeting and Godly Power Bank Initiative: Sister BK Vedanti - Nairobi, Kenya

11 August 2020

Dear divine family around the world, Om shanti and greeting for Janmashtami from Sister Vedanti.


Time is now signalling us that we have to become complete and perfect.  We have to be the divine images giving visions for the future.


In Nairobi, we are initiating a project Godly Power Bank for BK’s in Africa from Sunday 16th August 2020, the preparations of which have started from 7 August.  Godly Power Bank will be open 24/7 to increase yoga power and spread this power to the world. 


14 responsible yogis were invited to a game of chance, by picking a chit to determine which department they would be responsible for.  Drama chose the accurate management staff for this bank.


The departments are: the Owner of Bank, Managing Director, Bank Manager, Secretary, Forex Manager, Customer Service Managers (x2), Personal Managers (x2), Chief Cashier, Cashiers (x2), IT Manager, Loans Manager and PR Manager.  The roles of the departments are attached herewith.


These 14 yogis will oversee the 11 departments of the bank.  The bank has been set up in the classroom with 14 management staff sitting at their respective desks in a semi-circle, with the owner of the bank Shivbaba on the stage.  The space in the middle is for customers.


An invitation is sent to all bk’s in Africa to apply to join this project.  They can apply by sending their photo, name and email address. Once their application is approved, they are requested to select the department they want to join.   They are then guided further what each department’s role is in the bank.


Over 180 members have already joined this initiative.  To feel their subtle presence, a collage of their photos is pinned up in the classroom.


We are sending an open invitation to whoever wishes to join subtly. We are happy to welcome you.  Your good wishes from the heart will boost the success of the project.




Sister Vedanti & Nairobi family

Brahma Kumaris Nairobi 


Godly Power Bank Departments in PDF format





Various Yoga Bhatti continues..... Nairobi - Kenya

8 August 2020

Report in PDF format



A Unique Talk in Hindi on “Bhagwanuvaach” from Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta – Every Weekend - Sponsored by Brahma Kumaris Lagos

1 August 2020


Lagos Brahma Kumaris invites One & All for A Unique Talk in Hindi on “BHAGWANUVAACH” from the Shrimat Bhagwad Geeta – The Most Auspicious and Ancient Code of Human Civilisation for Healthy and Happy Living with Sis. BK Usha,  Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu.


Every Weekend From 1st August to 13th September 2020

Saturday: August 1, 8, 15, 22, 29  and September 5, 12

Sunday:  August 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 and September 6, 13


Lagos / UK: 8-9.30 am | Bharat: 12.30 – 2 pm Nairobi: 10-11.30 am | South Africa: 7-8.30 am Italy / Germany: 9-10.30 am | Ghana: 7-8.30 am

New York / Caribbean / Atlanta: 3-4.30 am


Note: Kindly connect as per your time Zone by matching it with any of the above time zones.


Zoom Meeting ID: 882 0443 9307

Password: 1GODSPEAKS



About BK Usha:

BK Usha is a Management Trainer, a Motivational Speaker, a Spiritual Counselor, an Author, and a Television Personality. She is a friend, philosopher, and guide for many around the world. Her guidance encourages people to overcome mental stress, anxiety, addictions, and low self-esteem. She has done research on the great epics of India, “Ramayana” and “Bhagwad Gita.”





Happy Raksha Bandhan from Sister BK Vedanti, Nairobi

27 July 2020




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