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Season's Greetings from Global Peace House, Mauritius

24 December 2014



News & Photos from Curepipe - Mauritius on World Day of Remembrance

25 November 2014

To mark the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, this year the BKWSU of Curepipe has organised an exhibition on ‘Road Safety through Self-Transformation' from 10 00 to 16 00 followed by collective meditation from 16 00 to 17 00. 

The programme of the day was comprised of the following: Click here for detailed news report.



News and Photos on World Day of Remembrance

25 November 2014

South Africa holds one of the records for the highest level of road car accidents.  South Africa holds the record for some of the highest number of road car accidents in the world - this was shared by Mickey Padiachee in his opening of the days commemoration. Mickey highlighted that the UN has declared the 3rd Sunday of November as World Day of Remembrance, particularly to create awareness and highlight the importance that all road users become more responsible......click here to read more.



Global Finale Program Report - Being With One - Victoria, Seychelles

27 September 2014

It has been a hectic period for us, having prepared programs for rakhi, holding yagya conversations, being with one, and at the same time preparing to leave for Madhubhan, more so immediately after the program on the 24th september.  Nevertheless the being with one program week progressed well as expected and we continued to receive people along the week especially in the evening and shared baba's gyan and meditation to them. 
The day of Sunday for the global finale was always going to be a challenge but since it was a global initiative we proceeded and successfully held the program. There had been heavy rains during the week and we feared that would affect the program fortunately that day the rain eased.
We had invited the Anglican Archbishop who spoke about Gods love, a catholic sister - Gods mercy & compassion and a Muslim representative - peace, basically trying to make it like an interfaith affair.                                                                              
Preparing to release the peace doves
The day started with two inaugurations, one lighting of the candles with the invited guests and then the releasing of peace doves by the children over the ‘may peace prevail on earth' chants. 
Bro Francis and sisters Valentina and Riya shared their experiences with God, their first encounter with God when they experienced him as light. God as the light seemed to become the theme of the day as even the Bishop shared a beautiful experience he had one day once their boat had begun to sink. He shared that they had stayed for six hours without rescue and just when he had lost all hope and started to prepare to die, some light, strong divine light appeared in the sea from nowhere, and he immediately felt that he would survive, he felt strong and assured of life and few minutes later he saw a rescue helicopter coming his way and was rescued. That was very powerful for the audience coming from the bishop. He even went further to explain the depth of Meditation, how going deep inside the self is powerful and he quoted one verse from the bible that Gods kingdom lies within each one', that was incredible. The other guests also narrated their sweet experiences with God.
Visual Meditation commentary
We had arranged the program such that after every one or two speakers we would invite them into either an audio or a video guided commentary. Towards the end we made them write letters to God, as yet another way of connecting to God and everyone really enjoyed it.
Writing letter to God   
As per the bks custom we finished the day with gifts, blessings and Toli. Everyone was happy, some shared they experienced lightness, others said they had never had such an experience before but could not express what it was. Many resonated with the idea of God as light. We also reconnected with some old bks.


Being With One: Healing our World with the Light and Power of the Source - Light House, Lagos, Nigeria

27 September 2014

Because of certain circumstances One Initiative Project started from 17th of September and went on till end.  Every day meditations were really very special and unusual.  Morning 7 to 7.30 am and evening 7 to 7.30 pm were the timings of meditation for all. Murli was pre-poned to 6.30 am to 7am and all the brothers and sisters co-operated in these days.  There were 30 to 35 souls every morning and over 20 souls every evening for meditation.  These meditations were conducted with special commentaries on "Being with One".  8 new souls had taken insperiences in the meditations and 4 are doing the course.  This project is really special and blessed with Baba's Magic.  
The website of One Initiative was very helpful and saved the time from designing etc and we just had to print the blessing cards, banners, brochures, virtue booklet etc. The songs, visualization videos and interviews etc. uploaded in the website also was very useful in the final programme.  We used all of that in the meditations and Grand Finale programme.  We were told not to have big gathering because of EBOLA threat.  Still in such short notice there were over 80 souls including few dignitaries making it an interfaith event.   
Inspite of all protocols very graciously  His Excellency Head of Lagos State of Indian High Commission Bro.Chowdhary and his wife Mrs. Lakshmi agreed to be the Special Guests of the evening for the purpose of Peace and after the half hour meditation and creative commentary in connection with One, while sharing his insperience Bro Chowdhary was not able to talk and just said 
"This is a beautiful experience I never had such a one before and in Nigeria it is necessary for everyone to practice this."  
He was deeply touched with the special colorful blessing of ONE.  
Chief Mrs. Aderemi Ilaka represented Christian Faith and spoke that this meditation reminded Madhuban.  A year ago she visited Madhuban and without pause she went on and on about madhuban and Dadi Jankiji and everything……
Her experience inspired many to visit the holiest spiritual pilgrimage of Madhuban.  She also spoke this silence is very sweet and without peace there can be no love in the world. 
The Head Imam Chief Abdul Hafeez of the League of Imams and the president of Moshin Central Mosque represented the muslim community.  He also said for the purpose of peace we are here and this organization is very friendly with all the religions and we feel happy to be associated with them.
If every religion is committed to peace like this organization of Brahma Kumaris then this world will soon be a peaceful world.  He also spoke about the state of Nigeria and bokoharam.  He was thankful to be part of the quiet moments of meditation.He expressed his interest to visit Madhuban head quarters.  Later
Everyone lighted the candles and marked the occasion with 5 mins silence taking and spreading the light and power of the ONE into the whole world. Then all took their packed meal, special ONE blessing card, virtue booklet and Toli.
All Departed with Wonderful insperience and inspiration to return to Baba's House. Thanks to Baba, Drama and the Family for this wonderful magic.


Being With One: Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi, Kenya

26 September 2014

On Saturday 13 September 2014 over 170 people gathered to launch the Being with One project at Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi. Being with One has been a glimmer in the past few months but after the unprecedented successful publicity of a 6 page supplement in Kenya's leading newspaper, The Daily Nation, on Thursday 11th Sept 2014. Sister Vedanti, with divine Inspiration, felt enthused to make it a reality in honouring all the 
supporters and promoters of this auspicious event. Sister Dipti gave context to the Being With One event explaining what the week will involve, cordially inviting the guests to take maximum benefit of the programme, encouraging them to invite their friends and families to participate. She shared such an event is needed in the prevailing current situation. 
The evening continued with personal sharings and experiences of upholding faith and love for One by Sister Vedanti, Brother Kinyua (Liberia), Sisters Bhavna and Anjana (Sierra Leone) which left the guests in pleasant admiration and marvel.
The evening struck a chord with Sister Vedanti's 70th birthday celebration with cake cutting, presentation of her birthday card with a live birthday song sung in French by the brothers from West Africa. All the way through the programme it truly felt as the One was very much present amidst this grand auspicious occasion. The evening closed with a powerful meditation followed by a delicious buffet dinner for all in a beautiful royal dining setting.
During the whole week each day was dedicated to one of the Qualities of the One. A programme for collective groups from 6.30am - 7.00am with a short talk on the quality and an experience was organized. During the day the students booked slots for one hour where they brought their families and contacts for an experience. In the evening there was the meditation course from 6.30pm - 7.30pm. In all the groups the highlight was Writing a Letter to God and posting it in the post box located in the Write to God Monument. 
The centre has become an oasis of peace as all the 20 centre niwasis were in silence for the whole week. All those who entered the building felt these vibrations. Souls were just being pulled like a magnet to the centre. In total over 500 new souls must have benefitted during the one hour experience. 
The meditative evening started with a wonderful presentation of the 7 Qualities of God. This presentation mesmerized every one and took them into the experience of being with the Light of God. They were then led into a special commentary of Healing our World and a special commemorative tribute was also given to the victims and the families of those who were affected in the Westgate Siege a year ago. Many commented they had never experienced such peace before. On Monday 22nd Sept around 30 people came to the centre to start the beginners meditation course.


YBWC and 7 Billion Acts of Goodness

26 September 2014 - Mauritius

The Youth for a Better World Club (YBWC) which is the youth wing of Brahma Kumaris, Global Peace House – Coordinating Centre for the North of Mauritius has undertaken and launched in April 2014 the global initiative called "7 Billion Acts of Goodness". This project initiated by BKs in the United States was adopted by BKs Youth of Mauritius with the aim of raising the awareness in the hearts of people and particularly the youth that goodness is an intrinsic virtue which resonates within every soul and to inspire them to perform benevolent actions first towards the self and then towards the 7 Billion people currently on the planet, thereby creating a culture of care and compassion in the world.
As part of this project, the members of YBWC have been carrying out awareness programmes in secondary schools, youth clubs and associations, youth centres via a series of presentations, interactive sessions and workshops and drama to inspire the young energies to participate in that initiative. To allow the youth to showcase their creativities, we launched a Video Clip and a Best Acts of Goodness box competition. 
Young minds were introduced to the several concept: that it is also very important to value all the good qualitiesin them, that when they focus their attention on virtues, these become stronger and emerge on the surface, that happiness comes from learning, cultivating and practising virtuous character, that values education is just as important to academic education, that as each of them become the best example others would be encouraged to emulate them and lead the changes throughout the world, that everyone is a star, that just need to let it shine and thereby become their own hero.
On the 23rd of August 2014, to mark the International Youth Day, students, teenagers, parents and teachers were invited to a ‘Concert des valeurs' which was the climax of the 7 Billion Acts of Goodness initiative. It was a programme comprising of cultural items presented by youths who participated in the project, and the award of prizes to winners of video clip and acts of goodness box competitions. We witness Baba's magic and power as nearly 275 souls turned immersed themselves in the peaceful vibrations of the centre thus creating a very lovely atmosphere. There were addresses by the president of the Youth for a Better World Club, Sister Gaitree the Coordinator of Centres in the North and Port-Louis Regions amidst cultural items and video clips. In her speech Sister Gaitree mentioned about the need to adhere to values and draw nourishment by connecting with the Divine. The audience was guided through a meditation commentary to pledge their act of goodness on paper leaves and then hooked them on the tree of goodness before leaving.


Practical experience of Being with One in Sierra Leone Ebola Crisis

6 September 2014

We sisters Anjana and Bhavna, originally from East Africa, are serving in Freetown, Sierra Leone for the last 9 years.

Ebola  outbreak 

We first heard about the Ebola outbreak in a nearby country, Guinea Conakry and then in Liberia.   The outbreak was then reported in the town Kenema, bordering these two countries, 300 kms from Freetown where Baba's centre is located. In the beginning the people weren't taking it too seriously as they had very little information about Ebola. This created a lot of rumours and misinformation.  On 31st July 2014 the President of Sierra Leone announced a state of Health Emergency which included a number of measures on what to do and what not to do. No public gatherings of more than 5 people were allowed in any place. All the people started wearing hand gloves and all public places like supermarkets, banks and government offices kept chlorinated water to wash hands; we also kept chlorinated water at the centre.  There was fear of shaking hands and any physical touch.  Since 2 months we had even stopped eating any vegetables as a precaution.  There was an atmosphere of panic everywhere.  Baba's children who were from foreign countries started evacuating their families out of the country. We were being advised to stock up on food and water. The Government even announced one day as a public holiday for the whole country to pray. 

Rakhi Celebration

We took Vedantiben's advice if we could keep a Rakshabandhan program and she said to go ahead and celebrate. We sent invitation emails to all students and contact souls to come and take blessings on Raksha Bandhan day. In this  situation of panic they were surprised that the Brahma Kumaris had invited them and they were very happy. To create a light atmosphere amidst this chaotic situation we decorated the centre with beautiful lights and candles. On Sunday 10th August from 8.00am - 8.00pm many students and contact souls came to have their rakhi tied with appointment.  On arrival at the centre one of the sisters helped them to wash their hands up to the wrists with chlorinated water.  Since it was a State of Health Emergency only 2 - 5 people were allowed to go to Baba's room to have their rakhi's tied.  The feeling was that everyone needed some advice from Baba's centre so the centre became an advice and support centre. Around 250 people came to Baba's house during the whole day and left with a feeling of lightness.  

The Living Yagya

We have had wonderful experience of being part of this unique Godly family. We got a lot of support from the Freetown Brahmin family, our Regional Director Vedantiben.  Through regular calls and emails the Nairobi family also supported and guided us at every step with our travel procedures. During this time we were also preparing to go to Madhuban so we had sent our passports to Accra, Ghana for Indian visas.  The passports got delayed as one by one the airlines suspended their flight to Freetown.  The Accra family and Sr Grace in particular helped to facilitate getting the passports back via DHL.  Since we did not have our passports in hand we could not travel, in the mean time we received the news that the direct flight to Nairobi, Kenya Airways had suspended its flights.  With full faith in Baba our internal stage was constantly very stable.  We created a bhatti for ourselves to sit in Baba's room every hour.

Being with One

We were remembering Baba's words: "That a day will come when students will not be able to come to the centre even when they really want to", this became the practical experience in Freetown where all public gatherings were banned. We also could not go out anywhere.  The project Being With One is a timely project.  We were constantly connected with One not just for ourselves but for the students as well as they expected us to support them spiritually to make them courageous.   We had to take support and courage from Baba in order to share it.  We enjoyed the company of the One and it made us fearless.  There was a feeling that in the end we will not see what is happening outside but Baba will take us beyond.  We felt that Baba's canopy of protection was upon us all the time.  Just like Baba says: It was a feeling of the kittens being safe and sound around this chaotic situation.

A long Journey Home

By the time we got our passports back, most of the airlines had suspended their flights to and from Freetown including the direct flight Kenya Airways. Kenya also banned other West African passengers from the affected countries from landing into Nairobi apart from Kenyan Nationals. We made several attempts to book on the only flight out of Freetown and at last after two weeks we got a circuitous route on Royal Air Maroc to Casablanca via Monrovia and then on Turkish Airlines to Nairobi via Istanbul which took almost 40 hours. Since one of us was not a Kenyan national, we were remembering Baba all the way visualizing Immigration officers at the Nairobi airport stamping the Tanzanian passport without perusing the original port of embarkation and this is what actually happened!  They stamped the passport without any questions; The Magician at Work!

Thanks to Bapdada, Drama and divine family.

Anjana and Bhavna


News report from Global Peace House Mauritius - Four Faces Of Women Programme

2 September 2014


News report.



Being with One: Experiences with the Ebola epidemic in Liberia

28 August 2014

I am Br Kinyua from Kenya and have been doing Baba's service in Liberia, one of  the West African countries that have been badly hit with the deadly Ebola virus, that so far has no known medical cure and kills up to 90% of those who get infected . When the outbreak was announced one of the recommendations by the Government was that public gatherings of any kind should be halted as Ebola is basically spread through bodily contact.

We had to halt all our programmes as they constituted public gatherings, we even had to cancel a planned visit by brother Atam Prakash of Madhuban and our regional head Sr Vedanti. Progressively as the situation got worse schools were closed down and even whole ministries of the government were closed down where the virus had struck one of the workers. Eventually most of the hospitals also closed down as a number of medical attendants also succumbed to the virus. We reluctantly had to close the Brahma Kumaris centre even to regular students eventually.

This meant spending weeks on end in the centre alone, we could only read the murli and share some inspirations with students over the phone only.  It was around this time that the project of ‘Being with One'  concept was circulated; and I thought how drama and Baba was giving me and the Liberia family a unique chance to very practically experiment with Being with One. It gave me a chance to test how much Baba is my constant companion after having no physical company for day after day.

The Living Yagya concept  also  has come to me in a very practical way, as besides the constant companionship I experienced from Baba, there was the constant sustenance I got from the Brahmin family.  There were constant calls and emails from Sr Vedanti with inspirations and ideas on how to keep up my stage, long calls from brother Perkin from Nairobi.  Br Tony of Nairobi worked very hard to get me on a flight out of Liberia especially once the airlines started canceling their flights to Liberia with most foreigners trying to get out. There were many others who sent messages or personally called giving support and inspirations that made clear the feeling that this is a very living and well functioning family.

I at last was scheduled to fly out on 20th August on a Kenya airways flight to Nairobi when a few days before this date, the Kenya Government banned any flights after 19thAugust, which meant my scheduled flight was not going to happen. Their last flight would be on 18th August out of Monrovia. Br Tony in Nairobi tried to have me on that last flight to no avail. It was fully booked with a long waiting list. I was advised to go to the airport and try my luck. On that day I went early to the airport but the manager said there was no chance he could put me on that flight as the waiting list was long but I could wait anyway. Reasonably it looked like there was no chance of getting on that last flight. Their systems were down and so the check-in was being done manually and it took a long time while we waited.   All the time I was feeling like Baba was right there with me. A lot of those on the waiting list gave up and left as we had been waiting for nearly 6 hours and eventually when only 9 of us were remaining and the manager announced that he had 3 seats and a shouting match ensured as who amongst us 9 would be taken.  I kept my cool and at some point the manager pointed out to me and told the others that if they could be as patient as I had been, then it would be easier for him to see how he could help us. Anyway after their reconciliations everybody did get on last flight, and I was literally the very last passenger to get a seat on that last flight out of Monrovia.

As I sat on that flight back to Nairobi I reflected on how fortunate I am and also the huge task that Baba keeps reminding us we have to do. The fear that the Ebola virus has created and disruptions in the communities involved means souls are in dire need of peace as most of the physical supports like hospitals are not functioning and even churches that are meant to be places of solace, people cannot attend as public gatherings not allowed and even whole communities are being quarantined. Its not so much the deaths that Ebola is causing but the big problem is the fear and uncertainty it has created in the whole country and the whole West African region. The vibrations of fear are pervasive which makes souls sometimes behave in ways that are irrational and sometimes these behaviors cause more damage. The appropriateness of Being With One could not be more relevant and timely!

Thanks to Baba and drama for this chance to strengthen  and test my companionship with the One and the whole Brahmin family for the support and sustenance in different ways.

Br Kinyua




A Unique Experience of Being with One in jail!

18 August 2014

Just after midnight on  11th August, due to a visa technicality, Sr Vedanti was detained for nearly 12 hours in a holding cell upon arrival in South Africa. Read the fascinating account of her experience here




Senegal Service News

1 August 2014

Ongoing Values and Meditation classes at a local private School in Dakar
On the 5th July 2014, at the awards giving ceremony for the year end at a prestigious private school in Dakar, Senegal, along with the Mayor of the city,  BKs were invited as chief guests.  At the school, GROUPE SCOLAIRE SEYDOU NOUROU TALL, a private school and college of 2000 students, the Brahma Kumaris have been offering ongoing classes on values and meditation to both the students as well as the parents association.
The Director of the institution Mr. Babacar DIOP, is currently one of our regular student for the last three months. During the ceremony there had been an acknowledgement of the benefit experienced by all expressed both in words and as written testimonials.
Retreat on 06th and 07th June 2014 at the residence of Sister Yaye Bani Diop at Fann, a retreat was held on theme "Refresh, Recharge and Rejoice in BEING WITH THE ONE".  The theme is related to our international project in September. The retreat offered an opportunity to strengthen our connection with Baba and deepen our values in our spiritual life.  We were fortunate to have Brother Hery-Zo, who travelled a long way by road from Guinee Bisau, to come and assist in running the retreat. There were 21 participants. During the retreat we included reflective exercises like a write letter to the self and God.  We explored in greater depth the 8 Powers, Care for mother earth, and as the month of June reminds us of sweet Mama, a part of Yagya History during the time of mama day was also explored using Adi Dev as a reference.  As part of our meditation experiments we visited the Light House and had yoga giving sakash to the whole country. Below is some memento of the retreat as well as some experience of participants.
Some experiences quote

Omshanti. It was with great pleasure that I discovered the retreat of bk. the experience was rewarding and successful in the way of baba.  The retreat help me a lots to understand this many thing about the spirituality of the things that is related to the vision I had of spirituality:
o    Tolerance
o    Love for our neighborhood, whatever religious affiliations are
o    Return to the source (BABA) whatever the situation that we are confronted

Om shanti. It is a great pleasure to me to be in front of my keyboard to share the joy and happiness of this retreat. Because I think it's I had to be there and   sooner or later I had to encounter with my Brahmins family. And this is not an experience but a temporarily living reality short but everlasting in spirituality. So it was not only a retreat but something related to the heart. Before, I ask myself the questions I, the soul why participate in this retreat? Several reasons came to the surfaced of my mind among them the largest were:
o    To protect myself as well as my brotherly soul
o    To uplift myself
o    To understand and have better relationship with Baba
o    Make the right decision regarding my future

After two days of retreat, clearer vision of faith and feel a supernatural light guided me and whispering in my heart. I, strengthened myself     bravely to walk towards Baba the holiness and taking firm resolution to take right steps in all my doing. "Being world transformer, and link with generator, now, I am spreading the light of unconditional love, infinite peace, eternal bliss, divine purity to illuminate all my brotherly soul"
Sister Marie Madeleine

Dear Brothers and sisters
I went to the retreat without knowing what to expect. I can say I did it only because my intuition told me to do so. Usually, I do not mix with people easily, due to shyness and reserve nature. I did not have proper understanding   of raja-yoga. At the end of the retreat, I can say that I have received the peace in my heart, I felt very relaxed and full of new feelings, feelings of peace, sharing... I wanted to do thing right, stop being sad, give smile to my family. Now, I do have compassion in the heart, despite the problems that my family is going through, I am very serene. I am just trying to apply some of the principles that had been raised, and boost the morale of those surrounding me. I feel positive energy within and I am cheerful. So it was a very successful experience with very nice people, authentic, with simplicity and Serenity. Let us hope Baba continue to inspire us and recharge us. Om Shanti
 From Sister AMINA WAZNI

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Celebrating Nelson Mandela Day

1 August 2014

WRITE TO GOD, CONSTITUTION HILL AND THE BRAHMA KUMARIS collectively hosted, LIVING THE LEGACY a celebration of Nelson Mandela Day

South Africa and the World celebrates July 18 as Nelson Mandela Day, when people of all walks of life dedicate 67 minutes to serving to make a difference.  It is a day, inspired by the life of Nelson Mandela, that is so aptly described by his words, "What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived.  It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life  we lead."

Over a hundred young and the young at heart gathered at the Lekhotla, The Womans Jail at Constitution Hill for a morning of acknowledging Madiba's legacy but also reflecting deeply on his practical wisdom.

We were inspired with poetry by Tshiamo Lerumo and first hand experiences from Rehana Moosajee, whose work within the city of Johannesburg in the transport sector has had significant impact on the lives of people.  

A young, dynamic and progressive entrepreneur Tshepo Thlaku spoke eloquently of active citizenship and how we need to actively build communities where democracy works rather than wait for the change.  Sahm Venter from the Nelson Mandela Foundation touched us deeply with stories of Madiba's values of dignity, humility, courage and commitment to peace and reconciliation.  Ma Yvonne Mhlauli reminded us of the sacrifices that thousands of South Africans made for this precious democracy of ours, by sharing her personal experiences of having been a political prisoner at Constitution Hill.

The audience was guided into the value of introspection by Sister Pratiba who quoting Madiba expanded on the idea that any meaningful impact on society can only be made when we create the practice of reflecting on our actions, values and attitudes and have the courage to change and improve the self.  The Write to God Campaign of the Brahma Kumaris, is creating awareness in society for the importance of integrating reflection into our lives.  The audience was encouraged to write a letter to God, expressing what is in the heart honestly and in the quietness to find the courage to realign the self with their deeper values.

Finally people were encouraged to take a bigger step of service, so that Madiba's legacy continues to inspire positive action through our lives…  Living the Legacy was a seed… a beginning for ongoing learning, reflecting and serving.

Detailed News




Service Report of 50 days trip in Kinshasa and Brazzaville

1 August 2014

It is with utmost satisfaction and gratitude to my seniors that I write the below report of my "golden jubilee" trip of service (50 days) outside Cameroon during the months of April, May and June. A trip which made me dream a lot and thanks to it's magnitude and overwhelming success, makes me want to become a "real Dada" fast !
TV interview, Seminars, get-together and workshops on various themes:
In fact, the very next day of my arrival at the centre Kunjuben had planned a TV interview at the  National RTNC TV station. Next was a grand reception  followed by a seminar on the theme "Dignity of Labour", during which the various ways of being an ambassador Baba in the workplace were explored. The 30 Baba's children most of them professionals from all walks of life, came up with very creative and innovative ideas to serve in the work place such as:
•    By being honest, authentic and obedient to one's seniors in the workplace
•    Be hard working, productive, efficient and dynamic by maintaining the Karma Yoga stage.
•    Be a role model for one and all and use the work place as a forum to assert one's spirituality.
•    Avoid the pitfalls of familiarity, ego-centricity and bossiness in the work place to glorify Baba
•    Update one's skills and competence regularly to keep abreast with modern technology so as to earn a quick promotion both for self and BABA and use the extra fringe benefits thus gained, for Baba's house
The next few weeks were very rich and intense in activities with lots of "sustenance giving" classes, sharing of experiences, question-answer sessions and most of all group meditation and yoga-experimentation. A few more lecture sessions were organized on various themes such as:
•    How to conquer Anger
•    The explosive energy of celibacy
•    The special Karma of Africa
•    How to lead a stress free life
Spiritual Retreat on the theme: " Conqueror of obstacles" at Aurora Institute of Education
Kunjuben who by now is an expert in organizing spiritual retreats, hired a whole school to empower her students on the theme "conqueror of obstacles" during a one full-day retreat at Aurora Institute of Education. This marked the whole-hearted participation of some 40 students who impressed everyone including the Principal of the Institute, Mrs Jayshree Aurora thanks to the high sense of discipline and commitment they showed on that day, coupled with observance of silence throughout. This was indeed the most memorable moment of my visit as it provided lots of learning opportunities to us all. The retreat culminated with a very entertaining cultural program and all went back fully recharged and in a festive mood..
New Brahmin creation at God speed and visit to Brazzaville
Some 15 students registered for a 6-day "Foundation Course" in Raja Yoga Meditation and to my utmost surprise, none of the them were absent on a single day and most of them are now following regular Murli classes and also having morning or evening meditation in the centre. In truth, I never imagined it would be that easy to create a "Pakka" Brahmin but Kinshasa centre does it at "God speed", in the literal sense!
A few more get-togethers were organized for the Indian community as well as for the small Mauritian community in Kinshasa, at the centre and at one Mauritian brother's place respectively. Both events were very refreshing and heart-warming and proved to be unique opportunities to serve in a light vein.
The icing-on-the-cake was a short 5 day trip to Brazzaville where I had the chance to interact with the 15 profoundly zealous and enthusiastic Baba's children for 4 consecutive days under the stalwart guidance of  Bro Hermann, a local brother who is now a full-fledge resourceful teacher of Baba's spiritual university. The local students are on the look-out for a more presentable centre and certainly need to be given all our support and back-up in this endeavour of theirs.
A real miracle to witness in the field of service
The success and scale of service in Kinshasa is no doubt defying all logics: in fact the main instrument serving there namely Kunju Ben (originally from Ahmedabad) barely speaks a few words of French language and is serving there alone at present. Her determination, perseverance and judicious balance of Love and Law has indeed endeared her to one and all and also attracted the admiration and sympathy of both the local population and the Indian business magnates of Kinshasa, who are by the way her main sponsors there. The centre is flourishing like a spark of fire and is a real wonder to see and be; so as to confirm that a great miracle is happening in one of the remote corners of the globe more precisely in central Africa in the field of service.
I recommend anyone who wants to know about the real ingredients or formulae for success in service to visit Kinshasa centre to ascertain for themselves both the quantity (almost 100 Brahmins -  both local and Indian) and quality (highly mature and truly motivated Raja Yogi souls) of this service place. They will no doubt be wonder-struck and amazed by what they will witness and experiment. The credit no doubt also goes to the country Guardian, Bro Perkin who has a constant eye on this very unique service centre and keeps on inspiring French speaking Brahmin souls from various corners of the world to visit and sustain the Brahmin population of Kinshasa.
Bro. Pravin Govindjee from Paris is the winner of the next "Lucky Jackpot draw in the field of service", as he has been appointed as Baba's roaming ambassador to serve there in the month of August. I have not an iota of doubt that drama and the Congolese People will reserve him a wonderful pleasant surprise, and leave him wonder-struck, as it had the same effect on me and all the previous server-visitors.
Thank you Vedantiben, KunjuBen, PerkinBhai, Patibhaben and Baapdada for keeping me along all the way through.



Write to God Project

1 August 2014

WRITE TO GOD PROJECT - Which was launched in April 2014, has been on a high note ever since. We have been striving to do varied service and with baba's help have had the opportunity to go to schools, colleges, religious institutions, community meets, exhibitions and also received a very heartwarming response. The project process though is still ongoing and we hope to achieve our set target and help connect as many souls to the supreme father.

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Visit of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Her Excellency Mrs Margaret Kenyatta

9th July 2014 - Nairobi

We had the fortune of the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya HE Mrs Margaret Kenyatta visit the Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Serve Africa  on Wednesday 9th July 2014. Her Excellency had confirmed her visit almost a month before the visit. Just two days before thousands of Kenyans rallied for an anti-government demonstration in the capital's central park amid heavy police presence, with political and ethnic tensions. The BK's had an all night vigil that everything remains peaceful and the programme goes on as planned. The officials from the State House visited the centre many times in advance to prepare for the visit and it was a chance to serve them as well. On the day of the visit there were over 20 security officers, media persons, state house housekeeper, butler etc on duty all around the centre from almost 2 hours before the programme. The red carpets were laid from in the parking area to the entrance of the reception.
The centre was decorated with fresh flowers everywhere. The escort police siren could be heard from far and Her Excellency arrived on the dot of 11am and was welcomed by Vedantiben, Kenny, Mary Coulson and she was presented with a
lovely bouquet by Priya.  
She was escorted to the office where she signed the visitor's book stating that she had the pleasure of visiting the place again. She had been coming to the centre many years ago for classes so all the memories were returning.

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Serve Africa Project Celebrates 10 years

3 July 2014

Month of June has always been a special time due to Mama's day, and it is indeed distinctively unique month, in the development of Africa as:
* 10 years ago, on Mama's day Dadi Janki inaugurated the Serve Africa Project.
* On Saturday 21st June 2014 - we inaugurated the Write to God monument. This monument will serve as a permanent repository for over 100,000 letters already received as well as a peaceful environment where members of the public can come and write and post their letters.
* 40 years ago service started on the land of Africa with the arrival of Rameshbhai and Ushaben of Mumbai followed by Dadi Janki. Sr Vedanti and Sheilu arrived later in the year.
Sr. Vedanti reckons that the past forty years have been an adventure! Since Sr. Sheilu's and her arrival in 1974, both had to discover pioneering & innovative ways of going out into the society to seek, inspire, encourage, share practical experiences and overall arouse interest in our local Community at the same time learn new languages and culture. "It has been an astounding journey over the past four decades, for all of us involved and with whom we shared Baba's knowledge" concluded Sr. Vedanti.
Newness and creativity are interwoven aspects of our African cultural and it has become the backbone of our growth at Serve Africa Retreat Centre. We took this opportunity to invite all Brahmins from round the world to attend the celebrations.
Our invitation was well received and we had representatives from Botswana, India, Italy, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, UK, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Launching of Write to God Monument - Saturday 21st June 2014.
Silence permeated in the atmosphere, as all the participants were warmly invited by ushers at the start of this auspicious occasion. The project "Write to God" is giving many souls exceptional experiences, touching hearts all around Africa bringing them tears of joy. As guests were welcomed a bag was handed over, which contained all essentials to write a Letter to God including a tea-light candle and a personalized blessing.
The event marquee stunningly decorated in yellow and orange with fresh flowers & plants. As the program commenced, a procession of dignitaries naming a few HE Yogeshwar Varma - High Commissioner of India, Hon Amos Wako - Former Attorney General of Kenya and the first Senator for Busia county, Mr. Joe Akech - Ex Mayor, Mr. Nitin Malde - Chairman, Hindu Council of Kenya, Mr. Lochab, Supreme Sikh Council, Sr Chandrika - Brahma Kumaris, Ahemdabad, India, Sr Vedanti - Director, Brahma Kumaris, Africa, Dr Hasmukh Dawda - Trustee, Brahma Kumaris, Kenya, Dr Markandey Rai - Advisory Board of Write to God, Mr. Manish Shah - Friend and Supporter of Write to God, Mr. Michael Owino - Friend and Supporter of Write to God, Mr. Batukbhai Shah - Chairman of Ram Mandir, were guided to their seats, while a song by Mary Olive, Nancy & Fridah ceremoniously played in the background.
Each participant was given an opportunity to be still, felt solitude whilst their poured their hearts out to GOD. Sr. Vedanti clarified, "When we would like to create a positive habit, repetition is very necessary hence we first need to understand the importance of stillness, solitude and when we have created that atmosphere of silence of mind; God speaks to us".
The story of Write to God was shared and a few shared their experiences.
The celebrations continued with more songs, heart-touching letters reciting, a graceful dance routine and many more fascinating performances.
Sr. Chandrika of Ahemdabad, India took everyone on a journey of deep experience of silence
Sr. Vedanti introduced the "Write to God" letter collections book. All the dignitaries were introduced and later lit a candle of hope and tranquility with the audience waving Baba's flag
Nearly 400 souls witnessed the mesmerizing experience, as they watched the live transmission on the screen from their seats, of the inauguration of the Write to God monument, located in the manicured gardens of Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi.
The audience also lighted candles and posted their letters in the Post Box followed by refreshments.
The programme was also covered by many media houses and three of them gave full page coverage in their respective newspapers with one saying God has a Post Box now!

40 Years of Africa Service 1974 - 2014
10 Years of Serve Africa Celebrations 2004 - 2014
Sunday 22nd June 2014

In Africa, we feel Baba's light have been and continues to be, upon us, during which Baba has held our hand and led us through the maze of countries, that were in turmoil and in a state of fear and uncertainty and helped us establish presence in every corner at the same time protecting us.
We will always remember with a great deal of fondness and can not thank enough, when our Dadis, seniors, experienced brothers and sisters have contributed, visited and participated in our enthralling voyage through-out various parts of Africa. The highlight of this event was Dadi Jankiji's subtle presence through the video recorded message which touched everyone's heart and brought tears in their eyes.
Infinite numbers of souls have recognized GOD and have dedicated their lives to serve from all parts including from this enchanting continent and the surrounding islands and have single-mindedly driven us to where we are today!
After a few energetic days in the Green city in the Sun (Nairobi), the afternoon arrived for us to bid farewell to most guests, who continue to care, share and inspire positivity in their daily living world-wide.
In Baba's Sweet Yaad
Nairobi Family

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Br Atam Prakash visits Togo

3 June 2014

We welcomed Atam Prakashbhai to Togo on Sunday 4th May. That very same evening, he was invited to speak at a conference on the topic "DISCOVER THE SPIRIT TO A BETTER WORLD" at BE Community center(Centre Communautaire de Be). Togo's National Television (TVT) journalists attended the program and interviewed both Atam Prakashbhai, Vinabhen (BK teacher in the region) as well as comments and impressions from some participants.  This footage was shown several times within the news bulletin that day.

The BK family took special sustenance and many attended amrit vela at the centre and part took of the morning classes until 7:00 a.m. and the evening from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for meditation and special dharna class.
Monday 5th May morning, Karimbhai of Burkina Faso came to benefit from Br Atam Prakash's visit and also to help in service.
Tuesday 6th May  we visited various contact souls who have been very co-operative with Baba's service in Togo and on the 7th May Br Atam Prakash left after conducting powerful amrit vela and class.
We thank Baba, Drama and all of you for your good wishes for this successful visit and the progress that each one felt they had taken.

Togo's Divine Family

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10th Anniversary of Serve Africa

30 May 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers
Om Shanti.  Please accept love and greetings from Nairobi.
We are coming close to Mama's day and it is indeed a very special day in the development of Africa. 10 years ago on this day Dadi Janki inaugurated the Serve Africa Project – through which a great deal has been achieved in the history of service, not only within Africa but indeed in the history of service in the yagya. In Africa, we feel as if Baba's  light was upon us over a two year period from 2004 - 2006, during which Baba held our hand and led us through the maze of countries that were in turmoil and in a state of fear and uncertainty and helped us establish centers in every corner.
We will always remember with a great deal of fondness, when Dadi came to visit us for a week-end and we took her by Helicopter to a remote corner of Western Kenya called Kericho – where so many had come from all parts of  Africa and the surrounding Islands, including Mauritius to help ‘Serve Africa'.
Serve Africa has gone from strength to strength and this year we are completing 10 years since the project started.  Thank you all for your good wishes that we have been able to come this far in Africa.
The Write to God Initiative was launched by the Brahma Kumaris on the 1st December 2012 - Jan 2013 at a time when there was a lot of political tension everywhere due to national elections on 4th March 2013.
Together with this we will also be inaugurating the Write to God monument which is situated in the garden of Brahma Kumaris Serve Africa Retreat Centre in Nairobi.  This monument will serve as a permanent repository for over 100,000 letters already received as well as a peaceful environment where members of the public can come and write and post their letters.
We take this opportunity in inviting whoever would like to attend this programme of the inauguration of the Write to God monument on Saturday 21st June 2014 and celebrating the 10th anniversary of Serve Africa on Sunday 22nd June 2014.
With warm regards




Visit of Sudesh Didi to South Africa

21 May 2014

On May 1st Sudesh Didi arrived in South Africa, Johannesburg and about a 150 BKs gathered from all parts of the country as well as from the neighbouring countries of Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique for a retreat. The retreat was entitled Silence - An Act of Love, and offered a great opportunity to explore silence, yoga, introversion and mansa seva to a greater depth. The retreat included workshops and bhattis, which provided a powerful atmosphere for souls to experience the depths of gyan and yoga.

Some jewels shared, "To harmonise is to make God's task easy. As a garland, with a signal the whole gathering moves forward. … the purity of heart is an act of silence, it is an acceptance of each other. Words are not necessary in such silence, but love is expressed through our eyes….In silence our vision is of hope and very elevated."

Everyone left the retreat feeling inspired, refreshed and a deep feeling of belonging and family. Sudesh Didi's sharing of her experiences with Baba in the early days generated a beautiful atmosphere and enabled all to feel the magic of that time.

The retreat ended on the 4th May, and that evening at 8:00 p.m. Sudesh Didi was on national radio, SAFM for an interview. It was a very well received interview where the topic of spirituality was explored and the power to make choices aligned with the innate virtues of the soul. The next day after morning class Didi was taken to Lenasia where at 10:30 there was a radio interview on Eastwave Radio, a local community radio station. Although the interview was scheduled only for half an hour, the presenter extended it for another 45 minutes since there was such a positive response from the listeners. Didi had a lovely meeting thereafter with Isu Chiba, a political prisoner who spent 18 years on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela. That evening there was a public lecture at a local temple hall on the theme, "Happiness, the power within." The audience was very receptive as Sudesh Didi in simple language created the awareness that " to experience happiness one has to live with goodness. The one who creates harmony and lives with harmony will always experience the fruit of happiness."

The next morning after a powerful class, we had a short program at a community based organisation called PUSH in one of the poorer communities of Johannesburg, Eldarado Park. A very inspirational talk was given to a group of almost 50 home-based carers - many were young people. Sudesh Didi spoke at depth on the importance of maintaining positivity and inner dignity - empowering oneself spiritually is the only real authentic way to protect the self from violence and to serve in making a real difference.
Thereafter, Sudesh Didi was taken to the Soweto centre to engage with a small group of souls from the local community there on the theme, "Living a Life of Purpose". That evening there was a program at the Killarney Country Club, on the theme Destiny… A matter of Choice or Chance. The format of the program was an interview of Didi by Sharda Naidoo, a development economist. This being the eve of our elections in the country, there was a keen interest on the topic. Didi shared extensively the basic spiritual
principles of karma and that true relationship was at a deeper level a resonance of our higher qualities.

On Wednesday morning after class, Sudesh Didi flew to Cape Town where she had a public lecture on the topic Destiny … matter of choice or chance. The evening began with the beautiful music of Desert Rose, a sufi group who had recently been to Mount Abu. During her talk, Sudesh Didi shared how we create our destiny based on the quality of our thoughts. She further highlighted that actions performed from a place of selflessness and love is what brings fulfilment to the soul. The next morning, the Brahmin family had the great fortune of offering bhog with Didi for Satguruwar. Through her powerful
drishti, Didi took us all beyond into the experience of deep silence – of being with Baba. She shared the significance of bhog and how it is that when we offer bhog, it is the love that provides the power to control the sense organs and that love, faith and feelings of belonging are created when offering bhog. The morning ended with the sharing of sweet drishti and bhog. That morning she took a flight to Port Elizabeth, firstly to visit Sr Grace who is recovering from a stroke, as well as to sustain the family.

The final leg of Sudesh Didi's visit was to Durban. Didi arrived into Durban on Friday afternoon to be welcomed by the mothers of GPH whom had become like little children receiving their spiritual mother. The evening was an opportunity for Didi to interact and dialogue with spiritual leaders from the Hindu faith. The Deputy Indian High Commissioner and Mr Ashwin Trikamjee, the president of the South African Hindu Maha Sabha, welcomed and felt honored to meet Didi. Didi took up the aspect of Supporting Humanity, by being beyond the pull of the elements and a powerful dialogue on ego and its impact on service ensued. The spiritual leaders were enthralled by Sudesh Didi's command of the topic and many remained thereafter to interact even further with her after the event.

On Saturday morning Didi took class and murli at the Inner Light Centre in Phoenix, where about 60 souls from the family gathered to be with Didi - it was an intimate gathering where Didi shared many stories of her early days with Brahma Baba. Thereafter the family then enjoyed breakfast with Didi, and Didi shared stories and had enlightening conversations with the mothers. Karma - Your Choice or Your Destiny, a public program was held at the beautiful Chatsworth Multicultural Centre and was attended by about 300 souls most of whom had never previously attended a BK event.

Sudesh Didi was glowing and light in Chatsworth ,where she took the role of the teacher and explored the aspect of karma. In a very clear way she explain the aspect of the spiritual being - showing the differentiation between matter and soul. She elucidated the concept of the soul and how the soul becomes tarnished. She further explained about positive action,negative action and neutral action. It was a well attended programme in which more than four hundred souls sat silently in the amazement of her glowing peace.

Immediately thereafter Sr Sudesh was taken to Pietermaritzburg to a program held at a temple hall. The ambiance was serene and peaceful, contributing to the concentration levels of the audience. Sr Sudesh held the audience spellbound by her captivating words of wisdom, presenting to them a new aspect of karma. A pin drop could be heard in the temple. Her pearls of wisdom had left such an indelible mark on the intellects of the present souls, such that they have already requested her return. She paid such respect to the idols that adorned the temple - even offering a rose to the main deity. This made the officials of the temple feel very connected to our organization. She concluded with a meditation commentary, leaving the audience with such a wholesome experience. There were 350 souls of all races and walks of life present at the meeting and toli & blessings were given at the exit.

On Sunday, Didi met most of the KZN family with class and murli followed by a mothers day celebration. Didi also shared the understanding of the different mothers that we are fortunate to have at this precious time of the confluence, one of whom is mother drama that massages the organs that are stiff and painful. The experience of the sharing of blessing and toli with the mothers became a special ceremony which was experienced as receiving a personal blessing and toli by Bapdada through Didi's dhristi. Every last minute of Didi's was used in a worthwhile way as she was whisked off from this ceremony to the airport where she lovingly bade us farewell.

Didi's fragrance lingers on as we remember the innocence, love, sweetness, humility and lightness that captured the hearts of each being that had the fortune of experiencing her presence. The family of South Africa is very grateful for the opportunity of having had Sudesh Didi being with us and offering such selfless and loving sustenance.




Atam Prakash Bhai's visit

21 May 2014 - Accra, Ghana

One public programme was held on the evening of May 2. Brother Atam Prakash shared about "The Power  of Understanding". 70 souls attended the programme, including about twelve first timers. Brother Atam Prakash shared his thoughts on three types of understanding … the self, the Supreme Being and of living a spiritual lifestyle. He explained that in order to have peace in our lives we really need to understand the self – to experience the self in its truth; the reality of who we are. This, he explained, is a natural desire of all regardless of their status in life. He went on to explain how when stress or sorrow begins to enter and overpower our lives, it is then that we seek a higher power. This higher power is accessible to everyone once we understand who we are and to whom we belong.

The next public programme, a day retreat, was held on May 3 from 10am to 4pm and was jointly facilitated by brother Atam Prakash and Sister Grace. The theme of the day was "Moments of Magic" and was divided in three parts ... Part One – The Principle of wholeness

"The more rested I am, the more relaxed my mind and body, the more in touch
 I am with my true self, the more free I feel, the easier I become, the more whole  I am. And the more whole I am, the more moments of magic (synchronicity)  seems to occur. On the other hand, when I am out of balance, tired, stressed,  agitated, wrapped up in concern or in some other way off centred, these moments  do not manifest nearly as abundantly."

Part Two - Intentions versus Desires

"Intention is not desire. Our desires are our beliefs as to how we might get what we want. We desire money because we think it might bring us greater peace of mind. We desire a mate because we think we will then be happy. Sometimes these ways work (for a while); sometimes they don't. Sometimes something completely different may bring us what we need. Our intentions are what lie beneath our desires. Our task is not to force the world to be a certain way, but to be aware of our underlying intention, and so provide a direction in which moments of magic can flow."

Part Three – Harmonious Relationships

"I can sit alone in some cottage in the middle of a forest, at peace in myself, centred and whole, and clear in my inner intention, yet there are very few moments of magic. These moments nearly always seem to involve other people in some way. It is as if our interplay with others provides greater opportunities for magical moments. I play my part in the world and I allow others to play their part."

There were also two programmes for Brahmin and contact souls. These were based on Volcanic Yoga. Brothers and sisters took full benefit of all the programmes. There were very powerful experiences of connection with Baba on a subtle yet deeper level, as narrated by some.

Brother Atam Prakash enjoying the night time ambience of the centre's garden.

Thank Brother
BK family, Accra, Ghana





Service News from DRC Congo

21 May 2014

Detailed News


Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

28 April 2014 - Wooton, Mauritus

On sunday, the 13th of  April 2014, in Mauritius the ‘yagya' obtained an agricultural lease  for a plot land of about one hectare in a very strategic place in the central part of the island, at Wooton, Curepipe.  Last year the Government approved the conversion of agricultural lease into residential lease and was given a religious and social lease to develop the land free of charge.
The National Board chaired by Respected Didi Chandra ji approved construction of an ‘Academy for Integrated and Sustainable Development' as well as a Hall and set up a committee  to implement the project.
With the blessings of Baap Dada, Dadis and the whole Brahman family, the foundation stone laying ceremony took place on Sunday 13 April 2014, under a huge white marquee tent with a fully packed audience (above one thousand)  comprising members of National Assembly, religious leaders, social workers, VIPs, cooperative souls and Baba's children.
Practically, we experienced Baba's vardaan that success is our birth right. During a period of heavy rain, the whole programme took place under a sunny sky to the wonder of one and all. It was Baba's magical final touch to acknowledge the arduous efforts made by his children to realise this major event.  
The first part of the programme was a cultural show presented by Ebanez school of Music.  It was followed by addresses
a)    Respected Sister Chandra, Director of BKWSU, Mauritius
b)    Respected Sister Vedanti, Regional Co-ordinator of BKWSU for Africa
c)    Respected Sister Sudesh, Director of BKWSU, Germany and Europe
d)    His Excellency Mr Rajkeswur Purryag, GCSK, GOSK, President of the Republic of Mauritius
Finally, the Foundation Stone plate was unveiled by eminent guests.
The President of the Republic of Mauritius was our chief guest of honour. In his address, he boldly requested the Academy to contribute to his crusade of spiritual empowerment of parents so that they fulfil their role and responsibility towards their children.  The children are in fact the future citizens of the country on whom depends its progress and prosperity.
Among the eminent personalities who attended the function were Hon. M. Choonee, Minister of Art & Culture, Hon. Nita Deerpalsing, Member of National Assembly, Hon. Patrick Assirvaden, Parliamentary Private Secretary and Mr Mario Bienvenu, Mayor of Curepipe.
The programme was highly appreciated by one and all.



Being Ever Ready in Seychelles

16 April 2014

On March 18 we were fortunate to receive His Excellence the President of Seychelles Mr Alex James Michel and Daughter Laeticia who made an impromptu visit at the centre. We were alerted in just about 10 minutes that he was on his way to the centre around 8am. Bro francis, Sisters Valentina & Elke and a contact soul Dr Salvan were in hand to welcome him and his daughter. Bro Francis explained about the values that lie within us and how through Raja Yoga meditation we try to reconnect with them. We shared blessings and presented him with the book ‘companion of God'by Dadi Janki. An impromptu, brief and significant encounter as well as a lesson of being ever ready. (Enclosed find the photos)

We are currently organizing an Easter peace of mind retreat for three days 17th to 19th of April full board at a catholic place in Mahe and so we are looking forward to that. So obviously we won't be attending the Nairobi retreat.


Service News from Seychelles

9 April 2014

On march 14th we participated in  an interfaith gathering organized by the Hindu council of Seychelles to welcome H.H Swami Madhavapriyadas graced by the Designated Minister Vincent Meriton, where all the main religions were represented with the catholic & protestant bishops in attendance, archbishop of the Anglican and representatives from the muslims and other religions. The Swamiji owns the Swaminarayan Gurukul Viswavidya Pratishthanam (University) in Ahmedabad Gujurat India. Bro Francis was personally introduced to him by the chairman of the Hindu council Mr Pravin Darad and participated



Service Report from Zimbabwe

9 April 2014

Detailed News



News of Kantabaa of Dar es Salaam

9 April 2014

Please see the Transitions news page.



Open-ended Committee of Permanent Representatives UNEP

9 April 2014, Nairobi, Kenya

Detailed News



Br Yogesh visits East Africa

19 March 2014

Yogesh Sharda's itinerary

11th April Arrives from Istanbul
12th April Nairobi - Kampala
16th April Kampala - Blantyre
18th April Blantyre - Nairobi
21st April Nairobi - Kigali
23rd April Kigali - Nairobi - Istanbul

19th - 20th April  Brahmin Retreat at the Serve Africa retreat Centre, Nairobi.  It will be a weekend retreat to be inspired, spiritually nurtured and refreshed.  Arrival can be on Friday 18th April and departures  on Mon 21stApril 2014.

The topic would be "Brahmin Intelligence" and will include:

* The Bridge from Theory to Reality
* Discovering "Where I am at?" in my spiritual journey
* The Balance of Virtues in practical situations
* SwaRaja - a meditation workshop
* Meeting my Angelic Self



Maha Shivaratri celebrations in Africa

17 March 2014


Maha Shivratri is one of the religious festivals which is annually celebrated with great pomp and fervour throughout the island. Huge logistics are involved in the preparations for over one to two weeks.  As one of its service activities, every year Global Peace House of Mauritius caters for around 1500 pilgrims some of the northern villages who set out to accomplish their pilgrimage on foot 3-4 days before Shiv Ratri to reach Ganga talao which is located in the south of the island. On their return journey, the pilgrims are usually welcomed at the Global Peace House.

Hence, a big tent is erected on this occasion and the services offered range from refreshments, accommodation for rest and sleep, bathroom and toilet facilities. In addition to providing the physical comforts, we also seize this opportunity to provide food to nurture the soul such as: a display of charts and projection of films supported by explanations to spread Baba's message, knowledge sharing on Soul & Supreme Soul, provision of a meditation room to initiate them to meditation.

Furthermore, the prevailing cleanliness at the Global Peace House and its peaceful atmosphere contribute create a holy ambience which the pilgrims find very appealing. As a result, they leave the place, deeply blessed with a taste of a holy & peaceful atmosphere and also a glimpse of greater wisdom which they cherish indeed.


Shiva Ratri at other places in Africa




Sr Kala's visit to South Africa

February 2014

For the first time ever to the continent of Africa, Sister Kala and Kamla arrived on January the 29th for a tour of South Africa and especially for a woman's retreat in KwaZulu Natal. They had literally 24 hours in Cape Town and managed to meet the family for morning class on the 30th, enjoy the abundant natural beauty and a public lecture in the evening on the theme,"A Beautiful Mind". From Cape Town Sr Kala toured Johannesburg where an afternoon lecture on Healthy Body Healthy Mind was held at the Observatory centre and a half day retreat for brahmins at the Lenasia centre. Sr Kala and Kamla spent two days in Port Elizabeth meeting the family and finally the last part of her tour was in Durban.

Women Of Spirit Retreat
On a beautiful estate, called Princes Grant in northern KwaZulu Natal, 75 women from all parts of South Africa gathered for a weekend retreat on the theme "Stepping into Greatness with gratitude, grace and wisdom". It was a perfect setting for participants to explore deeply their inner core qualities, as Sr Kala gently guided them with spiritual wisdom and reflective questions.  The retreat provided a warm, safe and empowering atmosphere for personal reflection on what constitutes human greatness and more importantly to recognise that greatness within the self. Through meaningful conversations it offered the women gathered there an invaluable opportunity to shift perspectives of past disempowering experiences and to move forward with a deeper sense of self and loving support. Sr Kala's warm and gentle presence helped create the space for honest and deeper interaction. It truly was a gathering of women of integrity and strength…

Some shared comments
"It was very inspiring and amazing to be amongst women with such great and good GOD spirit."
"An truly amazing re-awakening well deserved week-end."
"Thank you for highlighting that the source of all great qualities within us is from the Divine and that we are trustees of Divine qualities."

News in Pictures




Sr Vedanti's Tour of Southern Africa

January 2014

2014 has started with a special blessing from Baba and drama - the Southern Africa region had the great fortune of a tour by Sister Vedanti, especially to be with us for the 18th January in South Africa. Whilst being here Vedantibhen was inspired to extend her tour and to include a visit to all the neighbouring countries linked to South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. Below is a a report of her tour in the region…. a month of flying and visiting every centre and city where Baba's work is currently taking place.

some highlights were …
January 18th with the family in Johannesburg at a special venue called the Mayarha Lodge ….A special bhatti with class was held in a beautiful, natural setting with BKs gathered from all the centres in Johannesburg and the surrounding areas. "The Diamond Within", was the public program held, both in Lenasia and Soweto. the next day - where Vedantiben shared powerfully on the qualities of Brahma Baba. The following day she went to Port Elizabeth and spent two days with the family which included a public program on the theme. In Cape Town, a talk was held at the centre on the theme, "Footprints of Wisdom", which was an opportunity for Vedantibhen to share personal experiences with Brahma Baba.

The weekend was in Durban where various meetings were held during the annual service planning meeting. It was a great opportunity for Vedantibhen to hear of the variety of programs and service taking place in various parts of South Africa, and especially to spend time with all the teachers and instruments. It was a weekend, which particularly created a very powerful feeling of belonging and sustenance for all souls, especially the instruments. The following days, various talks were held in Durban with groups in the various surrounding areas of Durban as well as a public talk on the theme "The Diamond Within" at the main centre in Durban.

While being in South Africa, Vedantibhen extended her stay and included visits to the neighbouring countries of Mozambique, Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia.

Some highlights from these countries were

Apart from talks in a temple and mosque, one of the highlights of Sr Vedanti's visit was meeting a gathering at Sr Estrela's house in Tsalala ( a very under-developed part of the Mozambique) which is Baba's new home. It was a beautiful gathering of 25 souls from Tsalala and Maputo City. sitting on grass mats underneath the trees, Baba's flag was raised and Sister Vedanti encouraged everyone to contribute something for Baba's new home. Watching the scene we were reminded of the story of Sudama . The bhavna of the souls from Tsalala was very moving and everyone was touched by this special ceremony for Baba's new home. Although it was a short visit we all felt recharged and renewed and many powerful seeds were planted.

A Time for Healing was the theme of a gathering of over 120 souls in Windhoek. This was a program put together by the students of the city, within a week… a wonderful example of co-operation, commitment and dedication by the students of Windhoek.

Gaborines hosted a number of events including a gathering of professionals and in particular women who are  influential in in Botswana.

This was an opportunity for the family to take sustenance and inspiration.

There were many meetings, both with groups, with families, friends of the BKs etc., a special opportunity for special sustenance by Baba's special instrument Sr Vedanti. All that the South African family had to say with deep gratitude was Wah Baba, Wah Drama and Wah our fortune.

Thank you Baba, Thank you to Vedantibhen.

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News from Global Peace House, Mauritius

28 January 2014

During her recent short visit to Mauritius, Dr Kala (Peace Village, New York)  gave an enlightening talk on 'Emotional Maturity - Be inspired and Happy' at Global Peace House on Tuesday 28 January 2014. Though it was a working day, around 80 Civil Servants were present to attend the session.


Brother Atam Prakash to Visit West Africa

28 January 2014

Brother Atam Prakash Bhai of the Toli Department in Madhuban is coming to West Africa in the month of May. He is a very powerful yogi brother and conducts Bhattis and meditation classes for all. 

We have tentatively distributed his visit among the countries and the dates are given below. Please note that these dates have not yet been confirmed.

Abidjan   3rd May           

Abidjan-Monrovia   5th May            

Monrovia-Accra   8th May          

Accra-Lome   12th May          

Lome-Cotonou   13th May         

Cotonou-Lagos   16th May          

Lagos-Mumbai   26th May

Submitted by Sr Rewa, Light House, Lagos, Nigeria




Quatre Borne Centre

26 January 2014

A public program was held at the centre on Sunday 26 January at 3.00 pm. Overseas guest was Dr Bk Kala from New York along with Sister Kamla. Other two guests were Mr Geerish Bucktowansingh, President of MACOSS and Mr Danen Beemadoo, Mayor of Town Council of Quatre Bornes. All three guests addressed the audience. There was a guided commentary by Sister Kamla and other items were a dance and a mime on four features of an Angel.


Call of the Present Time

25 January 2014


'Call of the Present Time' was the theme for reflections and sharings by opinion leaders from different fields during a public programme organised by the Brahma Kumaris on 25 January 2014 at Global Peace House.

The programme was held in the context of the Commemoration of the 45th Anniversary since the Founding Father of the Brahma Kumaris known as Brahma Baba, left his mortal coil for the heavenly regions.

The guest speakers namely Father Jean Luc Rencker of Pont Praslin Church, Mr Geerish Bucktowonsing, Chairman of MACOSS (Mauritius Council of Social Service), Mr Ranjiv Woochit, Chairman of the District Council of Pamplemousses and Sister Gaitree, Coordinator, Global Peace House shared to an audience of around 160 their reflections on the tars of the present society and the solutions for a brighter, happier and more peaceful society for a brighter, happier and more peaceful society. A few of their insights into what needs to be done:

Invest more in self development and self mastery to create better human beings who would play better roles in the family, the society and the world. The practice of meditation recommended will help towards that end.  Promote values professed by all religions such as respect, compassion, charity, trust, cooperation in our daily interactions.  Develop purity of thoughts, righteousness of the heart and consistent positive mindset.


Celebrating the Day of Brahma

18 January 2014 - Seychelles

We had quite an great day on 18th of January in celebrating the day of Brahma. Although this day is usually a day of silence we added a theme to it ‘'aspiring for a higher purpose of living''. The day was marked by two events at different venues. In the morning, we were at the Centre while in the afternoon we went out up the mountains. In the afternoon, we went up to the mountains, in a nice view point place ‘mission view lodge'' where one gets an exquisite view of the other side of the island. The place is so quiet that  human sound is an unwelcome intrusion and one actually feels it when one speaks, and so an ideal place to mark our silent day.   The elements cooperated and as soon as we arrived, it started to rain heavily and so the place was vacated and obviously no one wanted to visit as well and so we ended up having it entirely for our own.

Bro Francis introduced the theme of the celebration and expounded on how Brahma Baba chose to live a higher purpose of his life as opposed to his earlier life of just maintaining  and sustaining it.   Finally we embarked on our highest spiritual purpose of giving what yogis give, pure vibrations of peace to the world for 30 minutes. By then the surrounding had all turned into the subtle region as mist engulfed the whole place.  Toli and Blessing were shared and everyone was delighted.

The day of Brahma was also featured by two main newspapers in the Seychelles, Nation & Today Newspaper.  All in all we had a great day and a great start for the New Year.


Curepipe Centre News

January 2014

On 07 January 2014, an  ‘Inter-Island Retreat' was held at  Peace Cottage,Wooton, Curepipe -  a beautiful retreat centre in Mauritius.  Brother Pradeep conducted a session on ‘Meditation and Health'.

Peace Cottage was converted into a Silence Zone from 13 to 17 January 2014 in the context of 45th Anniversary of the ascension of Prajapita Brahma to the Angelic Region.

There were exhibits on the teachings and the life of Brahma Baba.  Pictures of his personal belongings were projected continuously.  A meditation room was prepared specially for those who were keen to experience deep silence.  Students of the BKWSU as well as the general public visited exhibition in silence and enjoyed the peaceful and cool environment outside.  The event was covered by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation and broadcast during the evening news.  

One Day Seminar on ‘Stress Management' was held at Peace Cottage on   20 January 2014 for students of AIESEC, an International Network, Mauritius Group. There were 15 participants from Brazil, Argentina, China and Mauritius.

During her visit in Mauritius,  Dr Kala, Director, Peace Village Learning & Retreat Centre, New York, USA delivered a lecture on the theme ‘How to create a healthy family climate'  on 25 January 2014 at 16 00 at Curepipe Centre.  The audience was comprised of parents, professionals and medical practioners.  Through their questions, they showed their interest and concern about the theme.



Personal Transformation and Road Safety Initiative

January 2014 - Mauritius

Detailed Report