Information on Double Foreigner Programs Madhuban 2020

February Group 8 – March/April Group 11  
(including Retreats & Workshops


Group 8 will include special bhattis, panel discussions, workshops and master classes from our RCs and seniors, panels from the Mental Health Team, a workshop on Sustainability and Climate Change, along with small group conversations to enable interactive learning and deeper experiences.  There will be a special celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Gyan Sarovar on the 22 February.




Group 9 program will include master classes from our RCs and seniors, a tailored Bap Samaan journal with reflective exercises for those who wish to have in a more self-reflective study, a Green Day, a Retreat tailored for those 30 years and above in gyan, a Self-Compassion Retreat, a Retreat on Reframing Virtues, a Spirit of Care Retreat, sessions on Disaster Management, Mental Well Being session, classes designed for Centrewasis, sessions especially tailored for First Timers and yoga bhattis.



The focus for Group 10 will be master classes from RCs, a 2-day Silence Retreat, a 1-day experiential retreat on the Power of Self Belief, an orientation and tailored programs for first timers, and creative yoga bhattis.




Group 11 program will include a special program on the theme of Bap Samaan, yoga bhattis, a session on Child Protection; classes from seniors and sessions especially for first timers. There will also be four creative workshops.