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Madhuban Double Foreign Program 

2021 - 2022 Season 





The Seventh Avyakt BapDada's Milan of the Season is 
Tuesday, January 18th, 2022



BOL Arrangements for Tuesday, January 18th 2022


Dear Divine Family,

Om Shanti. Please find below the arrangements for BOL on January 18th, 2022.

Program Schedule: (Madhuban/India Time)

5:00 pm-6:00 pm     Class (Suraj Bhai)

6:00 pm-6:30 pm     Yog & Bhog Offering

6:30 pm-8:00 pm     Avyakt BapDada's Revised Avyakt Murli

8:00 pm                   Messages from Dadi Ratanmohiniji and Seniors

Live transmission will start from 4:30 pm Madhuban Time.
Find out your local time here

Links for BOL Live Transmissions: Links will be updated as soon as available.
(1) BOL English+Hindi*(Stereo) Suitable for group/center viewing
*In the Stereo link, you can adjust LEFT (Hindi) and RIGHT (English) 
sound levels as per your requirement.
(2) YouTube Link for English (Mono) Live broadcast 4.30 PM to 9.00 PM IST 
(3) YouTube Link for Hindi (Mono) Live broadcast  4.30 PM to 9.00 PM IST  
In Baba's loving yaad,
BOL Team

IT's HERE: Global Silence Bhatti - Volcanic Remembrance of One - 16-18 January 2022

Preparation and Resources



Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti and loving greetings for the New Year!


As you are aware, the Volcanic Remembrance of One Global Bhatti is coming up soon.

Baba has asked us to remain “Ever ready” by making long-term effort; hence let us use the avyakt month of January to prepare for our one-of-a-kind Bhatti.


The aim of the Bhatti is for each Brahmin to be focused on unadulterated remembrance of Baba. We suggest that sustenance and preparations begin now, before the Bhatti. The following are some ideas for that preparation:


1. Three Digital Detox days

We suggest 3 digital detox days before the Bhatti and have a mini-Bhatti on that day, i.e., 2 hours extra yoga or silence days which could be introduced every 5 days starting 2nd January 2022. See attached instructions.


2. Classes on the sub-themes

Attached is the Focus of Yoga practice document with daily themes. There will be a special class on the main theme by a senior each day. Centres may organise classes based on some of the other sub-themes.


3. Resources access for all BK students

We have created a portal with resources on volcanic remembrance and other materials to be used before and during the Bhatti. Also translations will be available on the portal. Here is the link:


4. Be creative

We encourage you to be creative and prepare yourself for this world initiative to reveal Baba through volcanic remembrance. Some suggestions could be: maintaining andencouraging silence during meals, daily journaling on volcanic remembrance, creating personal commentaries, etc.


Attached is a timetable to use as a guide for the 3 days of the Bhatti. As much as possible, in unity with the rest of the global family, please follow this timetable, however, we are aware that you may need to make some adjustments to the timings depending on your local situation.


5. NEW Hindi promo

Finally, this is the link to the edited Hindi promo. Apologies for the mistakes in the last one.


6. Promo video in English

We are also sharing the link to the English promo again, for your easy reference.


In loving remembrance of the One,

Global Bhatti Team

Sr Shireen (USA), Br Rodrigo (Brazil), Sr Rosemary (UK), Br Sergei (Russia), Sr Sonal (Kenya), Sr Pavitra (Kuwait), Sr Usha (India), Sr Celia (Malaysia), Br Murli (Malaysia), Sr Pavitra (South Korea)


Digital Detox Day Instructions


Global Bhatti Focus of Yoga


Murli Excerpts for Global Bhatti


Time Table for Global Bhatti






The Second Edition of
‘News & Views from Madhuban – A Walk in the Park’
is now available


Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings and much love!
We are pleased to let you know that the second edition of ‘News & Views from Madhuban – A Walk in the Park’ was premiered on Saturday 20st November at 7 pm IST for the entire DF family.
This short 15-minute video allows the DF family  to stay connected to Madhuban, see current scenes from  Peace Park and also hear some Madhuban news from dear Didi Nirmala.  Please let all the DF family know so they can join in from wherever they are.
This video will continue to be available on the: DF Madhuban Program YouTube Channel: to which you can subscribe for future notifications.

We have postponed the January 14th-18th DF Online Program and plan to reschedule it sometime in 2022.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
Happily in the near future we will be in touch regarding DF Programs on the ground in Gyan Sarovar as the details come in from our RCs.

For further information or enquiries please email

Looking  forward to being together again!

Double Foreigner Madhuban Program Team






Baba's Healing Power
All Recordings Now Available on the Global Silence Portal



Greetings Dear Stars of Baba's Eyes,

Please note that all recordings (including Music Playlist) from the last Retreat at Peace Village and Anubhuti have been uploaded to the Global Silence Portal.

You can access the site at:

And within the site, all recordings are available here:

With much love
in Baba's Sweet Yaad
The Global Silence Retreat Team






DF Madhuban Retreat October 2021
My Subtle and Secret Life with the Supreme





Shareable link for this promo video:






Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.

We warmly welcome you to join the first online DF Madhuban Program of  the season on 9th & 10th October 2021.  Our theme is  “My Subtle and Secret Life with the Supreme.”

  •  For further information or enquiries please email                  
  • To receive notifications of these and future programs you can subscribe to the  Channel:

Much love, 

In Baba's yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team

Download a pdf version in ENGLISH

Download a jpg version in FRENCH




News & Views from Madhuban
Monsoon on the Mount - Premier on 1 August


Dear Centre Coordinators and Double Foreigner Family,

Warmest greetings and much love.


We are pleased to let you know that the first edition of ‘News & Views from Madhuban - Monsoon on the Mount’ is being premiered on 1 August for the entire DF family. This short 15 minute video will allow the DF family to stay connected to Madhuban, see current scenes from our home and also hear some Madhuban news from Didi Nirmala. 

Please do let all the DF family know so they can join in from wherever they are.


1 August 2021; 4-4.15pm IST
YouTube link to join:

After the premier it will be available on the:
DF Madhuban Program YouTube Channel
which you can subscribe to for future notifications.

Look forward to being together online again!
Double Foreigner Madhuban Program Team






Madhuban Double Foreigner Program
October – April, 2021 - 2022 Season


Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.
We are happy to announce this Season’s Theme: My Subtle and Secret Life with the Supreme.

Rethinking the Season in Times of Transition
·      There are already a lot of wonderful online sustenance programs going on around the world, so we feel the role of the DF Program at this unique time is to connect the DF Family with the Madhuban Seniors, Madhuban itself, the Madhuban Niwasis and our Madhuban memories.
·      So as not to ‘over crowd’  the Season from October – April, when we have  the connection with Madhuban through the BOL, we will  spread the  DF programs out through the year, with the first two in October and January.
9-10 October 2021 –  9th Full Day and 10th Morning Only
We welcome you to join us to reconnect and rejoice in the subtle and spiritual connection we all have with each other, our home Madhuban and Baba. There will be interactive sessions and a yoga bhatti leading up to watching Baba’s avyakt murli on 10 October.

January 2022
There will be  a retreat from 14th (evening) – 18th (finishing after Amrit Vela) to give the experience of a real Madhuban pilgrimage. Details of this retreat will come in the near future.
Second part of the season – February – April 2022
We will be in touch with our RCs to be guided on the situation and schedule programs accordingly.
“News & Views from Madhuban”   
Regular 10-20 minute videos creatively featuring news from Madhuban are being developed with the first edition subtitled “Monsoon on the Mount” to come out around the end of July. 
With much love,
In Baba's yaad,
Celia, Dorothy, Nita, Manda, Marcelo, Petra, Pratiba, Suman, Sona, Trish, Vijai
for the DF Program Team




General Instructions for Connecting Via Zoom


If you are NOT familiar with using Zoom, please find below information on how to use it. Even if you are familiar with Zoom, please review the "Additional Guidelines" further down in this communication.

Zoom is very simple to use, you just have to:

  • Click or type the Zoom link (above) that is appropriate for your language and you will be taken into the Zoom room.
  • Or, if you are on a computer, you can go to your browser and enter – then, click on "Join a Meeting" at the top of the webpage. In the box that appears saying "Meeting ID or Personal Link Name", type the appropriate ID (given above) and then click the blue 'Join' button.  A little box will 'pop up' asking you to "Enter meeting password (or passcode)". Type the password (designated above) into the space where it says 'Meeting password (or passcode)' and click the 'Join Meeting' button.

If you are using a cell phone or tablet and do not have the Zoom app, you will need to download the Zoom app:
                          Iphone or IOS devices:
                         Android devices:
Once the app is installed on your device, click on its icon. When the app launches, click on the 'Join' button.   Type the appropriate ID (given above) in the 'Meeting ID' field and put your first name, city, and country initials in the 'Join with a personal link name' field (for example, Geeta, London, UK.) Then click the 'Join' button.  A box will 'pop up' asking you to "Please enter your meeting passcode (or password)". Type the password (designated above) for the password or passcode and click 'OK'.

Regardless of which device you are using, when you enter the Zoom meeting room, you will either
•    be asked if you want to use the ‘audio of your computer’
or you will
•    be given the option ‘over the Internet’.
Please choose whichever of these options appears to you.


We would like to request one small cooperation from you with regard to your camera. When you join a meeting, both your microphone and your video camera will be set to 'off', indicated by a red line through the microphone and video camera icons that are located at the bottom left of the Zoom window.

Where possible, we would like you to switch on your video camera, so that everyone can experience meeting the whole family. It's easy to do this: Just click on the video camera icon and your camera will be on.  (If you don’t see the video icon, move your mouse or touch your screen).

Please, be aware:
•    When your camera is on, you should be in front of it with sufficient light on your face so that you are visible.
•    If you need to get up for any reason, even for a few minutes, please switch off your camera (because it can be distracting for other  participants and speakers to see you moving around)
•    As it is a Madhuban program, please dress accordingly.
•    Be aware of your environment, particularly if you have other people around you.
Following these guidelines will deepen the quality of everyone’s experience.  To see the others in your world family who are in the Zoom room, from time to time simply switch to the Gallery View in the computer (upper right corner of your Zoom window) or, on your phone or tablet, simply swipe left through successive screens.




Special letter of Remembrance from Madhuban &
Dates for the Online Avyakt Meetings 2021-22


Beloved Avyakt Image, the Mother, Father, BapDada’s deeply loving instruments teachers, brothers and sisters, ones who always fulfil the pure hopes of the Mother and Father, the lamps of hope, ones who observe every scene of the drama as detached observers, ones who always keep the Companion with yourself and thereby have received the blessing of being victorious, please accept sweet love-filled remembrance.

Sweet Baba has taught us children to always have zeal and enthusiasm and so, we are all free from the cycle of “ifs” and “buts”. Baba is making His children complete with all powers such that no paper of any circumstances in the world can create any difference to our zeal and enthusiasm. Hearing Baba’s sakar and avyakt elevated versions, all of you must be experiencing this.

Now, the pure thought of all of Baba’s children in this land and abroad are reaching here, as to how BapDada’s avyakt meetings will continue. Since a few years, all of us having been experiencing avyakt sustenance through our avyakt stage. All of Baba’s children who come to our home Madhuban all experience Baba’s remembrance being merged in every particle. As soon as you set foot on this land of Baba’s divine activities, all become full. Our sweet and respected Dadi Gulzarji became a resident of the subtle region, teaching all of us the lesson of suddenly and being ever-ready.

After Dadiji became avyakt, all the planned programmes had to be postponed due to the second wave of Corona. However, the atmosphere everywhere is now changing. Even though the disease has not gone, those who have had the vaccination and those who are observing all the regulations are experiencing themselves to be safe and protected. The Government has now given permission for programmes to take place in small groups, and so yoga-tapasya programmes will be arranged in all places of Madhuban in the months of August and September 2021.

After that, we will be meeting BapDada in the usual way by video and will receive BapDada’s powerful and blessed drishti, and listen to BapDada’s sweet and elevated versions. All brothers and sisters in this land and abroad will be able to take full benefit of this online programme.

We hope that beloved BapDada and our sweet Dadi Gulzarji will make all of us complete through their subtle powers. With this aim, we have made 12 groups for BapDada’s meeting, for which some brothers and sisters from India will be able to personally come to Madhuban. But otherwise, all will experience the avyakt meeting at their own places. We are sending you the detailed schedule and definitely, each one will give your own co-operation. Achcha.

Lots of love and remembrance to all.
In Godly service.
B.K. Ratanmohini







Archived Murli of the December 15th Milan (English) is here.

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