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News Headlines News Headlines

12 June - Rameshbhai of London Has FLown to Baba

12 June - In Pictures: Brazil's 40th Service Anniversary and Didi Sudesh's visit

12 June - Programs in St Kitts & Nevis in May Including Visit by Sr Kiran of USA

12 June - Living Values Education Newsletter for May

12 June - Br Atam Prakash (Madhuban toli) visits Suriname!

11 June - Brahma Kumaris Offer Tribute to Rajayogi BK Sarla, Condolence Message from PM and Vice President of India

11 June - Om Shanti Channel - Facts, Figures & Statistics

11 June - Audio & Video Link of Children Camp from 22nd to 28th May at Shantivan, Abu Road

11 June - Links to Videos & Photos of the University Conference at Gyan Sarovar from 17th to 20th May

11 June - IT Wing's National Conference (6 - 9 Sept. 2019) at Shantivan, Abu Road: Brochure & Registration

11 June - International Yoga Day 2019 - Hindi & English Folder and Stage Banner

6 June - Respected BK Sarla Didi of Ahmedabad has Passed Away

6 June - A Divine Moment in Time with Dadi Janki at Houston Center in Texas, USA (23 May)

6 June - Precious Moments with Dadi Janki at Houston Center in Texas, USA

6 June - Dadi Janki Visits Houston Center in Texas, USA (22nd May)

28 May - 40th All India Children Personality Development Camp from 22nd to 28th May, 2019 at Shantivan

28 May - Giant scroll bears 5000 messages of Love from Australia after terror attacks

28 May - News of Sister Gladys of Leeds, UK

28 May - Godlywood Launches 'Peace News-Tamil'

27 May - Sunday, 19th May UK BK Gathering with Dadi Janki

22 May - Dadi Janki Ji Meets the BK family at Grand Meridian, North London on 19 May

21 May - Universal Brotherhood Day & Meditation Retreat for VIPs to be Held from 24th to 26th August, 2019 at Manmohinivan Complex

21 May - Brahma Kumaris Institution Nominated for the Gandhi Peace Prize 2019

21 May - A Space Without Barriers and Fences - Service News from St. Petersburg, Russia

21 May - Rajyogini Hiridaya Mohini Ji Awarded and Honorary Doctorate Degree

20 May - Dr. Binny Honored at the Internal Security Academy, CRPF, Mt Abu for Serving the Nation's Security Forces for a Glorious 25 Years

19 May - In Photos: University & College Educators' Conference Underway at Gyan Sarovar

19 May - Launching of this Year's Theme: ‘God’s Power for Golden Age

17 May - A Call for reports: UN Global Road Safety Week - May 6-12