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News Headlines News Headlines

15 July - In Photos: Dadi Janki ji Tree Planting In Shantivan

15 July - Message from BK Nirwair regarding Tree Planting to Ameliorate Climate Change

14 July - Spirituality in Society: A Conversation between Christiana Figueres and Sister Jayanti, 7th July, GCH

14 July - Special Celebrations to mark 50 years of service of Didi Hemlata Sanghi

14 July - BKs Attend the 36th Anniversary of the Peace Pagoda in Vienna

14 July - Toronto (Canada)- IDY Program: Family Picnic

14 July - Didi Munni’s Visit to St. Petersburg, Russia from July 3-8

14 July - Moscow BKs welcome Munni Didi & Group from Mount Abu to Russia

13 July - News of Br. Charlie's Visit to Papua New Guinea, 18-24 June

13 July - BK Shivani speaks to a private gathering at the House of Commons, Westminster, London on UN International Day of Yoga 21st June 2019

13 July - Uganda Service News, June 2019

13 July - International Yoga Day in Dallas, North Texas

9 July - Godlywood News n Views - July Issue

9 July - Medical Conference (21st to 24th November, 2019) in Shantivand: Brochure & Online Registration

9 July - Report: International Parents Retreat December 2018

8 July - International Day of Yoga in Brazil: Activities attended and/or held by BKs in Brazil on 21st June

8 July - Brother BK Ken's Retreat in Dallas, Texas

8 July - International Day of Yoga, Phillipines, 22nd June

8 July - Living Values Education Newsletter, June 2019

2 July - Brother BK Indra Pratap (Aged 46) of Gyansarovar (Kitchen Dept.), Mount Abu left for Avyakt Vatan on 28-06-2019.

2 July - Moscow - International Day of Yoga at the famous Park Zaryadey

2 July - Malaysia - Celebration of UN IYD 2019

2 July - Kathmandu (Nepal) - International Day of Yoga 2019

1 July - Celebration of IDY 2019 in Colombo, Sri Lanka

1 July - Dr. Satish Gupta’s Visit to Azerbaijan in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States): “Living the Truth with Every Heartbeat”

1 July - In Pictures: IDY Organised by the Embassy of India, Moscow

1 July - Brother BK Ratan Prakash Guptaji (Aged 94), Father of BK Gopal Bhai (Delhi / Shantivan) has left for Avyakt Vatan on 26-06-2019

1 July - IDY Program Held on 21 June at Kandy, Sri Lanka

27 - June - China (Shanghai) 5th UN International yoga day

27 June - International Day of Yoga 2019 in Houston, Texas, USA

27 June - Report on the International Yoga Day, Vienna

27 June - IYD in Trinidad & Tobago

27 June - Conference for Architects(Vastukar's) at Shantivan (6th to 10th Sept. 2019): English Folder

25 June - FEELING SAFE with Sister Jayanti, June 29, GCH

25 June - Event Report for SSE Wembley Arena 23.6.2019 - Fast Forward to New Possibilities with BK SHIVANI

24 June - "Maha Tapswini" A New Documentary Video About Mama (Hindi only)

24 June - A Video Song for Beloved Mamma ( Maa Jagdamba Saraswati)

24 June - Mama's bhog message - Hindi Audio and English written

24 June - Jamaica BKs Participate in International Yoga Day

24 June - Report on the International Day of Yoga in Vancouver

24 June - St. Petersburg, Russia - Yoga: Connecting with the Source - IDY 2019

21 June - In Photos: International Yoga Day celebrated at the Diamond Hall of Shantivan

21 June - World Yoga Day Celebrated at Red Fort Grounds in Delhi -- Vice President of India Lauds Brahma Kumaris

21 June - Dadi Janki Ji's Message for "International Yoga Day"

21 June - Sister Shivani is in the UK! GCH Webcast of her classes and events: Thursday, 20th - Monday, 24th June

21 June - Telecast of IDY 2019 Celebrations at Red Fort Delhi on 21 June & TOI Speaking Tree Article

19 June - HEAD's UP: Murli Experiments begin on 1 July

19 June - Registration Open for Global Summit-cum-Expo on “Spirituality for Unity, Peace & Prosperity" (27th Sept. to 1st Oct. 2019) to be held in Shantivan

19 June - News of Trinidad Mothers' Group's visit to Orlando Florida, from 16th to 22nd May 2019

19 June - June 1st to 16th News from Washington DC