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Americas & The Caribbean News Headlines Americas & The Caribbean News Headlines

  1. Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - March 2021 April
  2. Brahma Kumaris New England Presents "The Science of Meditation & Healing" with Shevtank Agarwal, 4th April, 5 pm
  3. Peace Village Offerings: Learn To Meditate Retreat & Followup Course!
  4. INVITATION Soirée hommage Dadi Janki | Tribute Evening for Dadi Janki - Scroll for English
  5. Dadi Gulzar's Ascension, A Letter from Sister Mohini
  6. ShivRatri - The Night of God's Descent with Sister Shivani - Saturday, March 13th, 6 pm Pacific Time
  7. March Events at L'Émergenc, Montreal. Please scroll down for English Version
  8. “In Search of Happiness” Workshop by Brahma Kumaris Miami
  9. Reviving the Higher Self”: 7 Days Online Retreat From March 27-April 2 via the Manhattan Meditation Center
  10. Manhattan Meditation Center March Calendar is Here!
  11. Celebrate the Spirit of Womanhood! And other March Online Events Via Peace Village
  12. Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - February 2021
  13. March Thursday Evening Insightful Conversations at Global Harmony House
  14. Learn to Meditate online! Global Harmony House Offers a New Series of Meditation Classes beginning Monday, March 1st evening
  15. Raja Yoga Meditation Course in English ~ Anubhuti Online - Begins March 1st - PLUS Special ShivRatri Event with Sr Shivani on Saturday Evening, March 13th
  16. Launch of Om Shanti Album with Ricky Kej and Sister Jenna
  17. Winter Storm News from Dallas Texas
  18. New Initiative - Uniting Souls in America (USA) Mansa Seva
  19. A Weekend of Love! Nothing but Love! Two Heartfelt Online Events on February 13-14 at Peace Village
  20. REPLAY: Experience The Power of Silence for Peace & Harmony in Our World hosted by BK Fresno, CA, USA
  21. February 8th Through March 1st Online Meditation Events offered by Brahma Kumaris San Francisco
  22. Celebrating Shiv Ratri with 11 new videos
  23. Release Your Wings Offers a New Meditation Video
  24. Brahma Kumaris shine in The Congress of Republic of Peru
  25. Anubhuti Has A New Website! PLUS - Upcoming Emotional Liberation Experiential Workshop and Meditation Courses in English, Gujarati, and Punjabi
  26. Interfaith Harmony Week is This Week! Invite with link
  27. Sundays - Weekly Forum for Healthcare Professionals
  28. Peace Village Bookshop is Online!