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  1. INVITATION online silent retreat TOWER OF SILENCE 19 from 18 to 28 February 2022
  2. ‘Is Spirituality relevant today?’ LIVE Talk for Youth by Sr Shivani in English on National Youth Day, Jan 12
  3. UN: Light on Light e-Magazine commemorative issue is available for download
  4. RE: Global Silence Bhatti - Volcanic Remembrance of One - 16-18 January 2022
  5. Bro. Brijmohan Ji's Article "Love for God & Love for Thy Neighbour" in Light on Light Magazine in the USA
  6. Madhuban Season 2021-2022



  1. PM Modi, at the BK launch of the government’s celebration of 75 years of Independence, Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, says the next 25 years will be of hard work, sacrifice and “tapasya”
  2. BK Jayanti Questions Anti-India Forces: ‘We Are Known For Yoga And Non-violence’ on the Republic Media Network
  3. New Important Guidelines for Double Foreigners coming to India
  4. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 11th January, 2022
  5. Sudesh Didi – 9th January 2022 Family Greetings - GCH, London
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  7. News from Kazakhstan
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  9. WATCH All Episodes of Series Sweet Memories (YAADEIN- यादें) -- Glimpses of the Letters Written by Brahma Baba
  10. New Year Greetings and Blessings from Dadi Ratanmohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris and BK Family Worldwide
  11. Greetings of New Year 2022 from BK Mohini Didi & BK Jayanti Didi (Video Message) - मोहिनी दीदी और जयंती दीदी की ओर से नए वर्ष 2022 की बधाईया (वीडियो सन्देश)
  12. UN New Year Message 2022
  13. January 2022 Homework: “Tapasya” - BK Mohini Didi & Avyakti Parivar
  14. New Year's Message 2022 from Mohini Didi in English, Hindi, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Tamil
  15. Message for the Brahmin family at the New Year from the RCs
  16. New Year's Message 2022 from the RCs
  17. The Exquisite Exchanges Program Now Has Its Own YouTube Channel
  18. Avyakt Murlis now available on the Madhuban Murli Website and mobile app