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Americas News Headlines Americas News Headlines

  1. Boston: Upcoming Online Events for December
  2. Houston, Texas (USA): American Thanksgiving Interfaith Program
  3. Brahma Kumaris Mexico and Brahma Kumaris Texas (USA) celebrated virtual Diwali
  4. Give the Gift of Peace with this Advent Calendar Meditation Series Dec 1-15
  5. Transcending the Challenges of a World in Transition
  6. Counting our Blessings --Happy Thanksgiving
  7. Sr Jenna Invites You to Participate in a Free, Online Virtual Summit on 5th December called "Into the Now" in celebration of the 34th Anniversary of Agape International Spiritual Center
  8. Intimate Conversations with the Divine with New York Times Bestselling Author, Caroline Myss & Sister Jenna
  9. November Programs at Brahma Kumaris Montreal - Please scroll down to see English version
  10. REPLAYS: Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum, from Nov 2nd- 16th
  11. Replays: Recent online Programs by Br Marcelo from Nov 2nd -20th and Upcoming Programs to 4 December
  12. REPLAYS: Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center from November 2nd - 16th
  13. REPLAYS: Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center from November 2nd -16th
  14. Peace Village: Learn To Meditate | Celebrate Diwali - This Nov 21st weekend!
  15. UPCOMING: 21st November Online Retreat with Special Guests produced by the Montreal Center (Scroll down for English)
  16. REPLAY this Special Diwali Session from the Meditation Museum
  17. Edited Final Version of a Special Movie - Diwali Short Film Screening
  18. Dallas-USA : Sharing Experiences during Diwali Days (Replays available)
  19. Diwali Greetings from BK Mohini Didi, New York
  20. REPLAYS of Recent online programs at the Anubhuti Retreat Center from November 4-16
  21. Happy Diwali: Only Be and See Light
  22. Diwali ~ Celebrate In Delight: Uplifting the Spirit and Other Programs at Anubhuti Retreat Center
  23. Happy Diwali 2020 - Brahma Kumaris Brazil
  24.  Happy Diwali Greetings 2020 from USA
  25. **New** Power Boost Thursdays Online in Boston
  26. A unique Diwali celebration - Pledge To Pause
  27. America Meditating: Journey into the Heart of Consciousness with Dr. Eben Alexander, Karen Newell & Sister Jenna. Not to be Missed!
  28. RAPPEL | Activités ce soir et mardi matin, Montréal

Europe News Headlines Europe News Headlines

  1. GCH Webcast - Daily Webcasts for the BK family - 26th November to 2nd December
  2. News from Jayantiben in London: 25th and 26th November
  3. InnerSpace Wembly Presents "Moving on: say goodbye to the past" on 1st December, 6:45 pm GMT
  4. 'Responding to Covid: Meeting the Needs of Youth’ Online Event by Brahma Kumaris, London
  5. Building Inner Resilience with Raja Yoga Meditation” -  InnerSpace Wembley Event Nov 23-29
  6. News from Jayantiben (London): 21 November
  7. What's Online for the next TWO weeks (23rd November - 6th December) from Global Co-operation House.
  8. Soundcloud Recordings of October 22nd & 29th and November 5th & 12th Presentations at GCH -Mike George, Philippa & Meelu, Aruna Ladva
  9. REPLAYS of Recent Onepoint Wellness Broadcasts, November 6 and 13
  10. REPLAYS: Recent Online Events Hosted by Brahma Kumaris Glasgow from Nov 2nd - 16th
  11. National Inter Faith Week - Essential Divinity | 14th November
  12. Twice Daily Weekday online RY Meditations from Cambridge, UK
  13. GCH Webcast - Daily Webcasts for the BK family - 19th - 25th Nov
  14. Sanjeevani Retreats at InnerSpace Cambridge - Recordings Available
  15. REPLAY - Inner Simplicity Amidst Outer Complexity - Talk & Discussion with Shailen Popat on 14th November
  16. News from Jayantiben (London): 17 November
  17. News from Jayantiben in London: 16 November
  18. What's Online for the next TWO weeks (16th November - 29th November) from Global Co-operation House.
  19. REPLAY: "Seeing LIght Through the Dark" - a Diwali Conversation Between Sister Jayanti and Kiran Mani (Managing Director at Google)
  20. GCH Webcast - Daily Webcasts for the BK family - 15th - 18th Nov
  21. Transcending the Challenges of a World in Transition - Thursday November 19, 6:30 pm GMT
  22. Diwali Greetings from Didi Sudesh - Germany
  23. Int'l Day of Tolerance observance: An online conversation between Episcopal Priest Canon Lloyd Casson & Sr. Waddy - Sat Nov 14, 10:30 am
  24. London: Diwali Greetings from Sister Jayanti & Diwali Event - Seeing Light through the Dark
  25. Diwali Greetings from the Austrian Family
  26. News from Jayantiben in London: 13 November
  27. Diwali greetings from Sis Denise from Germany
  28. Special 'Yoga Break'- Collective meditation during two timings 9.00 am and 7.00 pm GMT for one month (5th Nov - 2nd Dec)
  29. Practising self-care now — Onepiont Wellness Webinar with Rachel Priestman
  30. REPLAYS of Recent Online Events Hosted by Brahma Kumaris Glasgow Week of October 26
  31. Essential Divinity - An Event in Celebration of National Interfaith Week - Saturday 14 November, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm GMT
  32. Report on the Online Event and BK participation in 'Remembering Diwali on Trafalgar Square 2020'
  33. Invitation to the Environs & Essex Students for Sundays in November
  34. Soundcloud Recordings of October Presentations at GCH
  35. Online Reflective Meditations by Inner Space Wembley Every Monday and Thursday


  1. Loving Tribute by Br Nirwair to Senior Bro. BK Amir Chand of Chandigarh, India
  2. Waving Shiv Baba’s Flag on Top of Mount Everest Summit- The Experience of BK Dalip Shkhawat of Pilani, Rajasthan
  3. Information on using ZOOM during the Madhuban Double Foreigner Program November 2020 - 2021 Season, especially the sessions on 28th  & 29th November
  4. 2nd episode: Breathe Peace: Are you still breathing? Dec. 4 @ 5pm- hosted by BKs at the UN
  5. Sister Jayanti addresses DiwaliFest2020: iGlobal News "In Conversation" Sessions
  6. Brahma Kumaris Page in The Daily Guardian - 21 November 2020
  7. Tribute to Dadi Janki - response needed by end of November
  8. Madhuban Double Foreigner Program November 2020 - 2021 Season
  9. Online Global Silence Retreat for Global BK family from Fri 29th to Sun, 31st January 2021
  10. REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani from 2nd through 16th November
  11. The Concentrated Power of Love- Conversation #8 in the series "Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective"
  12. Diwali Wishes from Sis BK Yogini, Mumbai, India
  13. Diwali with Global Family: Greetings & Music from all Over the World
  14. Download Diwali Blessings from Onelink
  15. Update on the Health of Dadi Ratanmohini and Leelabehn
  16. Brahma Kumaris Page in The Daily Guardian - 07 Nov 2020
  17. REPLAYS: Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of Oct 26- Nov 02
  18. Brahma Kumaris Give Message of Peace on United Nations Day: REPLAY
  19. Guided Meditations for a New Normal in Hindi and English
  20. Online Avyakt Meeting dates and Special letter of remembrance from Madhuban
  21. October Madhuban DF Program 2020 - 2021 Season
  22. Recordings for Recent Spiritual Conversations: Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective