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News Headlines (Resources) News Headlines (Resources)

28 May - Special Global Webinar Sunday 31st May | Healing Our Earth with Brahma Kumaris

28 May - Invitation to Global LIVE Public Talk: 'Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal" Sunday, 31 May, 5.30 pm India Time

27 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 27 May

27 May - International Films Festivals and 'God of Gods' Movie of Brahma Kumaris

27 May - Hearty Invitation to join the International Education E-conference on ' New Education for New Era' from 28th to 31st May

27 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 26 May

26 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 25 May

26 May - Dadi Janki's message shared with the London class on  Jun 10, 2017

26 May - “Secrets of Gita for Challenging Times – Part 2” – Live Webinar on May 27

26 May - What's Online from 25/5 for TWO weeks from Global Co-operation House

24 May - The Power of Time, class by Sister Jayanti, Shantivan

23 May - ALL IN ONE PLACE - Recent Resources for Study, Tapasya & Seva, May 18th Edition

23 May - Love-filled Remembrance - A Special Webinar with Brother Charlie as part of the United Yoga Bhatti

22 May - “Inner Strength Positive Outlook” – Online Event – Friday, May 22

22 May - “Spiritual Intelligence” – Special Webinar – May 23, 4 pm

22 May - Weekend retreat at PV - program and call details

22 May - Maturing with Grace in Brahmin Life - BK Young Adult event - Sat 23

22 May - How to Join 3-Day Online Media Conference | Media Ethics & Social Responsibility | 22 to 24 May

22 Mau - What's Online for next TWO weeks from Global Co-operation House

22 May - “The Healing Power of The Mind”- Online Presentation by Dr. Shvetank, USA

22 May - 24X7 Music Channel from Godlywood

22 May - “Inner Strength Positive Outlook” – Online Event – Friday, May 22

22 May - Special Session on “Power of the Mind” – May 24, 11 am with Madhuban Br Suraj

20 May - Brahma Kumaris Miami, USA, Offer Workplace Meditations

19 May - Open your eyes to the Youniverse: Cultivating Gratitude with Sister Jayanti

19 May - 14 Exquisite Exchanges with My Future Life - A reflective journal with exercises

19 May - “Make your Mind your Healer” – Online Talk on Tuesday, May 19th

19 May - 2nd Webinar of Jurists Wing

19 May - Madhuban Sister Usha - Secrets of Gita for Challenging Times” – Live Webinar on 20th May

19 May - Blue Mountains Retreat Centre NSW: Raja Yoga Meditation Introductory Online Course and Links for meditations

19 May - From the Archives: Dadi Janki on the Importance of 3rd Sunday - 18th May 2014

19 May - Media Wing E-Conference from 22nd to 24th May on Awakening TV & YouTube Channels


19 May - Living Values Education Newsletter, May

19 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 18 May

19 May - Lockdown #4 - Lockdown extended to 31st May - Guidelines attached

19 May - Welcome to the new series "LIVE AS AN ANGEL & SERVE AS AN ANGEL"

19 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 16 May

17 May - Sister Jayanti: I am not ordinary; I am a Brahmin soul and I shine...

16 May - “Sailing Through Turbulent Times” with Sister Shivani – online Saturday, May 23rd, 06:00 PM Pacific Time (PST)

16 May - BKWSO centers general reopening in the USA

16 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 15 May

15 May - Open your eyes to the Youniverse: Cultivating Gratitude with Sister Jayanti

15 May - Boost Your Emotional Strength, May 17, 11:00:00 AM (BST)

15 May - Malayasian Youth Network (MYNet) Reports on the "Movement Control Order" (MCO)

15 May - Enlightening, Enriching and Entertaining (Corona-safe!) Journey of 130 Pilgrims from Russia to Abu and Delhi (and then back to Russia) in March-May 2020

14 May - ALL IN ONE PLACE - Recent Resources for Study, Tapasya & Seva, May 11th Edition

14 May - 'God of Gods' Movie World Premiere in English on YouTube 17th May, 8.00 PM (IST)

14 May - News of Pushpaben Shah of London

14 May - What's Online this week from Global Co-operation House

14 May - Meditation for World Peace ONLINE - Sunday 17 May, 11:00 am - 12:00 noon

14 May - Inner Stability & Clarity Amidst the Chaos, Thursday, May 14, 6:00 pm New York Time

14 May - Life-changing Webinar on World Hypertension Day with Sister Shivani, Sunday, 17th May, 6 pm- 7:30 pm IST

14 May - The International Brothers Retreat: A Retreat for all BK Brothers - % to 7 June

14 May - Links for 7 live talks, 4th-10th May, Blue Mountains

13 May - Shantivan - Hundreds of Stranded BKs Leave Abu Road for Andhra Pradesh by Special Train

13 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 12 May

13 May - E-Meditation Course on "Art of Joyful Living" to Provide Continuation of the Scientists and Engineers Wing (SEW) E-Conference

12 May - In Remembrance of a Great Spiritualist and Spokesman for Brahma Kumaris, RespectedJagdishbhaiji (Smriti Divas - 12.5.2001)

11 May - “Empowering Nurses in Times of Crisis” – Online Webinar – May 12 at 5 pm

11 May - For BKs Only: New Spiritual Conversations Initiative Begins on May 14

11 May - Sacramento Interfaith and Intercultural Event Features BK Sisters Kala and Hansa

11 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 10 May

11 May - Serving Healthcare Professionals

11 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 8 May

11 May - Moscow (Russia) - Creative Contest "Let's fight against the Coronovirus"

8 May - Women and Spirituality” Online LIVE Event Every Tuesday

8 May - Brahma Kumaris Moscow is offering Online Deep Meditation Sessions Daily from 4 to 10 May

8 May - Brahma Kumaris are Offering Free Daily Meditations during Lockdown in London

8 May - Yoga Bhatti News from Nairobi, Kenya

6 May - Sister Jayanti:  The importance of constantly having pure thoughts and good wishes...

6 May - Join us LIVE with Sister Shivani, May 6: "Protect Yourself from Fear, Anxiety and Stress"

6 May - E-Conference on "Enhancing Quality of Life" from 8th to 11th May

5 May - United Yoga Bhatti Master Class - Sr Sudha on Ancestor Soul Jadgish Bhai

5 May - ALL IN ONE PLACE  - Week of 4th May

5 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 5 May

5 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 4 May

5 May - Nirwairbhai Ji Shares His Experiences with Dadi Janki, 20th April

5 May - “Shrimad Bhagwad The Essence” – Online Talk in Hindi Every Sunday from May 3rd

5 May - "Resilience to ensure healthy relationships" - Special Facebook LIVE session on May 9th with Br Marcelo

5 May - Happidote App – The New Meditation app Especially for Health and Social-Care Professionals

3 May - Subtle Signals – Sister Mohini speaking to Australia & Asia

3 May - Florida Service News for April

3 May - Sr Mohini: Overcoming Jealousy and Making Ourselves Worthy

2 May - For BK Young Adults - Online Yoga Bhatti - 2nd May - with Sr Vedanti


2 May - Sister Jayanti & Sudesh DIdi – Q&A from SV with Europe & the Middle East

2 May - Brother Yiannis from Greece flew to Baba

2 May - Blue Mountains Retreat Center, Australia - Links for 7 live talks, 27 April-3rd May

2 May - Letter from Our Spanish Family

2 May - Brahma Kumaris Volunteer to Provide Food Packs and Face Shields in Philippines

2 May - The Holy Stars of the Earth - One-day Madhuban Experience Retreat on 10th May for BK Students, Africa Zone

2 May - Special event with Richard Barratt and Sr Jayanti: Spirituality in Society on 2nd May

2 May - The God Experience book is now available

2 May - 3 Hours LIVE Event with Sr Shivani & 30 Celebrities on Awakening TV Channel on May 3

2 May - Online Talk: Inner Power Inner Protection, Saturday 2 May, 5:00pm - 5:45pm

2 May - Florida Service News for April

1 May - News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 30 April

1 May - 21 Days of Online Meditation – “Let’s Meditate, Stepping Into Sacred Space Within”

1 May - Message from Karuna Dada Ji - When will it be SAFE to end the lockdown?


24 March - Corona to Karuna - Sister Mohini's Karuna Response to the Coronavirus DATE: 23 March

16 March - Coronavirus Guidelines from the NC Office for the Americas

16 March - What to do to stop spreading Corona virus

7 March - GUIDELINES for Coronavirus for the USA