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20 July - Renunciation Murlis in French now available for download

20 July - Karunabhai Honored in Flag and Ribbon Ceremony in Houston, Texas on July 9

19 July - Chinese Group Visit Serve Africa Retreat Center

19 July - Rajniben's Visit to Kenya - News Report

19 July - News of Sr. Jayanti's Visit to South Africa

19 July - Chandru bhen and Gita bhen Visit Zambia & Zimbabwe, June 20-24

19 July - Rodrigues Service News in Photos

19 july - Br. Ken's Visit to Malaysia - News Report

19 July - International African Children Day Program in Lome

18 July - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - June 2017

18 July - Service News from Singapore for June 2017

18 July - May UN Newsletter

17 July - In Photos: Awakening Celebration - Sister Shivani's arrival and morning Murli at Peace Village, July 9th

17 July - Sister Jayanti winds up Scotland tour

17 July - Only you can make yourself happy - Sr Shivani in Boston

17 July - Condition of Mind is the Key to Happiness - Sr Shivani in Chicago

17 July - Sister Jayanti's Scottish Tour

17 July - Sr. Shivani & Br. Karuna in DC - Photos of a special time well spent

17 July - Sr Chandru and Sr. Gita's Visit and International Gujarati Retreat - Service News from Kenya

16 July - Kathmandu: Int'l Yoga Day  - Godly Gift presented to Famous Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala

16 July - IDY Event News from Masaka and Rwanda

16 July - Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat in India - December 2017

16 July - Seychelles Celebrates International Yoga Day

16 July - International Conference cum Cultural Festival - 23rd to 27th, Febuary 2018, at Shantivan, Abu Road, India

16 July - Zimbabwe IDY Yoga 2017 Celebrations

16 July - International Yoga Day Service Report from Mozambique

16 July - Guangzhou, China: International Yoga Day News

16 July - BK Couples Retreat at Peace Village, September 1-4

16 July - Get Fueled with Positivity and Fly! - IDY Celebrations in Azerbaijan

16 July - On "Chai With Manju", Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumari talks about how destiny is shaped by past and present karmas and how to change it

16 July - IDY Event News from Sri Lanka

16 July - Sister Mohini of New York Honoured with Bharat Gaurav Awards

16 July - IDY Celebration in Sacremento, California

15 July - Sister Denise from Hendaye, south of France, has flown to Baba

15 July - International Day of Yoga Celebrations in Texas, USA

15 July - Message from BK Nirwair bhai on the departure of BK Prembenji (Dehradun)

15 July - International Day of Yoga Celebrations News from Suriname

15 July - News of Sister Heather, Australia

15 July - Godly Message to West Indies Cricketers at Kingston, Jamaica

6 July - Renunciation Murlis Now Available for Download

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