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26 May - Special Invitation to Sr Shivani program at Peace Village

25 May - Public Program for Sister Shivani at Peace Village - July 9th

25 May - Dr BK Shrimant's Visit to Malaysia - Service News

23 May - Special Message: Manchester Terrorist Attack

23 May - Report on 4th Global Road Safety Week from Mauritius

23 May - "You Have Given Us the Sky" Dedicated to WWII Victory Day in St Petersburg

22 May - News of Sr Jaya's visit to Sydney

22 May - News of Judy Johnson's visit to Japan

22 May - Greetings from Brother Nirwair Ji: 20 May 2017

22 May - Global Ransomware Attack - Update and Advice for BKs and BK Centers

19 May - Shipping Aviation Tourism Wing Seminar 2017 - New Window for Travel & Tourism at Gyan Sarovar

16 May - News of Rambhibhai Karsan Modhwani (Maaji) of Loughborough and London

16 May - Press Trust of India Features President's Speech at Shanti Sarovar

16 May - Special retreat for Singapore group in Melbourne, Australia

16 May - Mt Abu May Be Turned into a World Spiritual City

16 May - International Day of Yoga 2017

16 May - Putting Feelings into Healings - Dr Pratap and Sr Sujata of GHRC at Harmony House, Leicester

16 May - Opening of new BK Sub-Center in Tung Chung, Hong Kong

10 May - Yoga Gurus Baba Ramdev & Sister Shivani to lead thousands in Mississauga

10 May - Conclusion of Sr Jayanti's trip to Iceland and return to London

10 May - Chamber of Commerce, Albany Service News

4 May - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News for April

4 May- News of Sr Meera's Visit to Australia

4 May - Living Values USA April News Letter

28 April - BapDada's most valuable Instrument Dadi Gulzarji is in Good Health

28 April - Angelic Points from Madhuban

28 April - Sister Jayanti's News of Her Trip to Iceland

27 April - The Point - April to May Newsletter from Philippines

27 April - BK Lotus House, Reykjavik, Iceland, Wins First Prize Community Award

27 April - Link for Young Adult BKs to join the Global Young Adults Network (GYAN)

26 April - President of India visits Brahma Kumaris, Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad

26 April - BaapDada's the most valuable Instrument Dadi Gulzarji is in Good Health

25 April - European director visits 'hidden gem'

24 April - BK Green Inspirations and News

24 April - Peace of Mind TV Channel DTH Number update

24 April - SpARC Wing's 11th SIR Conference at Gyan Sarover from Sep 15th-19th

24 April - Watch "Tao of the Traveller" a 64 minutes film in Hindi on Youtube

24 April - Admin Wing Conference in Gyan Sarover from 14th to 18th July

24 April - Dr. BK Savita's Visit to China

24 April - BK Green Inspirations and News

24 April - News of Senator Shahani, Philippines

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