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18 September - Spiritual Body & Railway Ink MOU for Cleanliness

17 September - Dadi Leaves London & Sr Jayanti Arrives Poland

17 September - Asha Didi from ORC, Delhi, Visits Australia, 18-30 August

17 September - Farewell to Dadi, special program at GCH

16 September - Hurricane Irma News from Miami

14 September - Professional Retreat "Living in the Eye of the Storm" with Br Charlie, Australia, 8-10 September

13 September - News of St Maarten Island (Baba's miracle as always!)

13 September - Interfaith Event celebrated in Sydney, Australia

13 September - Dadi's Active Schedule on 12th September

13 September - Sr Judy Johnson's Visit to Australia

13 September - Dadi Sarala of Bengaluru Passes Away

12 September - Sashakt Bharat Campaign

12 September - Hurricane Irma News from Tampa Florida

12 September - London news from 9th through 11th September from Sr Jayanti

12 September - Full Report: Celebrating 25 years at Global Co-operation House - with Dadi Janki - London 7th September

12 September - GCH Celebrates 25 Years and Sr Jayanti Participates in a Workshop at Oxford University (Sept 7 and 8)

12 September - International Conference at Shantivan from 23rd to 27th Feb, 2018 

9 August - Rakhi Letter from Dadi Janki Ji

8 September - RECIPE Training Programme at C.A. College, Mawal, Abu Road

8 September - National Bhagwad Geeta Convention in Delhi

8 September - 'Inculcating Morals Can Transform an IndividualI' - Hitavada article on Spiritual Awakening for Judicial Reforms program, Nagpur

8 September - National Conference of Business & Industry Wing, 22nd to 26th Sep in Gyan Sarovar

8 September - Week-long drug de-addiction campaign in Chandigarh

8 September - Sister Jyoti from Dubai Visits Los Angeles

7 September - News from the Caribbean in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

7 September - Days with Dadi in London - latest update (5 September)

6 September - Hurricane Update from the Caribbean as Irma Hits

6 September - Sr. Loga of Sri Lanka Flew Away 0n 25th August

6 September - Sister Jayanti's Visit to Berlin, September 1-3

6 September - Dadi Gulzar Ji honourned with Bharat Gaurav Award at UNO HQ, New York

6 September - News from Tahiti Center

6 September - Watch videos of Rural Wing Conference held at Gyan Sarovar from 30th June to 4th July 2017

5 September - Sister Lorna of Cyprus flew away to Baba

5 September - 31st August - Sr Jayanti's note on Dadi in London

5 September - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - August 2017

5 September - 30th August News of Dadi in London

5 September - In Photos: Feeling Great Retreat Aug 25-27 at Peace Village

5 September - BK Suman from Madhuban visits Suriname - Report

5 September - Sister Jayanti's Visit to Worthing and Dadi in London, Leicester and Oxford! (28th August)

5 September - Br Mruthyunjaya inaugurates new facility for Ascent Pharmceuticals Inc., in Central Slip, New York, USA

4 September - Video of Dadi Janki Explaining 'Who is God" Now Available with English Subtitles

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