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Angelic Points from Madhuban

28 April 2017

Om shanti. 


Please find enclosed Angelic points prepared by Madhuban and included initially with the Avyakt murli of 20 March, for your use.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Dept.



BapDada has asked us to experience the confluence-aged angelic form. Below are points to pay special attention to in order to experience this.


  1. As the time for perfection comes close, give everyone the experience of the angelic form that has no body consciousness. In the sakar form, Baba gave the experience of being detached from the body, and being a subtle form of light, even whilst performing actions, talking to others, giving directions and also increasing your zeal and enthusiasm. Similarly, whilst you are speaking, spirituality should be visible through your eyes. Remain beyond the consciousness of the body in this way so that others do not have any consciousness of the body.
  2. Experience being detached in everything, in your attitude, vision and actions. “This one is speaking, but is detached and loving in a soul conscious way” – experience this angelic stage yourself and also give this experience to others. All of you now have to become angels like Father Brahma, who is the companion of all of you in the angelic form, and go to the supreme abode. For this, pay attention to the concentration of the mind. Keep your mind under your orders.
  3. Always let your subtle form of light be visible in front of you: I have to become like that. And your future form should also be visible. Now shed this form and take on that form. When you experience this stage, you can understand that you are close to perfection. Let that body through which you are making effort become completely merged.
  4. To become an angel means to remain in the form of light even whilst in a corporeal body, that is, through your intellect always to remain in the stage above. Angels don’t set foot on the ground. The feet of your intellect should always be in a high stage. Angels are shown as beings with a body of light. The more you consider yourself to be a soul, a being of light, the more you will experience whilst walking and moving that you are an angel in a body of light walking and moving around.
  5. An angel means one who doesn’t have any relationship of the consciousness of even her own body. To break your relationships of the consciousness of the body means to be an angel. It is not to break your relationship with the body, but with the consciousness of the body. When your relationship with your body is broken, you will go home. However, you should now have broken your relationship with the consciousness of the body. Just as BapDada takes the support of an old body but doesn’t become trapped in the body, similarly, take its support in order to perform actions, and then become stable in your angelic form or your incorporeal form.
  6. Now that you belong to the Father and have made everything of yours belong to the Father, you have become angels of light anyway. For this, simply remember one thing: All of this belongs to the Father. Nothing is mine. Where there is the consciousness of “mine”, say that it is “Yours”, and you will not feel any burden.
  7. An angel means to be double-light. Because of constantly sparkling, angels automatically attract everyone to themselves. Angels always remain high up above. Angels are shown with wings because they are flying birds. Therefore, now that you have found the Father, a high place and an elevated stage, constantly keep flying and continue to do unlimited service.
  8. Only those who have no relationship with their bodies and the bodily world can become angels. You are living in the body for the sake of service, not because of any relationships. Do not live in the family thinking of it as a relationship, but think of it as service. Don’t stay with your family under the influence of karmic bondage. Where there are feelings of service, there are always pure feelings. There are no other motives. This is called being extremely loving and extremely detached, like a lotus.
  9. An angelic form means a form of light that has no illness, no trace of any old nature or sanskars, no relationship of the body, no mischief of the mind and no habit of the intellect wandering. Experience such an angelic form that has a body of light, and all selfish relationships of the body, all perishable relatives who take away your happiness and comfort, those who bind you with strings of attachment, all of those innumerable relationships, will automatically break and you will always remain in the one relationship that constantly gives you happiness. 
  10. We Brahmins are angels. This awareness of the combined form will make you souls into images that grant a vision to the world. By having the awareness of being Brahmins and therefore angels whilst walking and moving around, and whilst playing a part through the physical body in the physical world, you will experience yourselves to be Father Brahma’s companions and angels of the subtle region, those with an avyakt form. This avyakt feeling will easily transform gross words and interaction and a gross nature and sanskars.
  11. An angel means an image of divinity. The power of divinity will end all ordinariness. The more power of divinity you have in your every action, the more the words will emerge through everyone’s lips that you are an image that grants divine visions. You will appear to all the many devotees who desire to have a vision as the divine images that grant visions. Only then will all souls have a vision and become content and happy.
  12. An angel means one whose whole world is the one Father. You are in the body just in name; you come into action with the relationships of the body, but you don’t have any attachment. One minute you come into the body to perform actions and the next minute you become detached from the body. Angels come here in a second and go there the next second because they are constantly flying. Take the support of the body to perform actions and then go up above. Now increase this practice.
  13. The speciality of the angelic form is to be totally ignorant of the knowledge of desires. There is no question of desires in the life of a deity. When your life is that of a Brahmin and therefore an angel, that is, when you attain your karmateet stage, you will never be bound by any bondage of pure actions, wasteful actions, sinful actions or past actions.
  14. In order to experience the angelic stage, become those who have an unlimited heart and are embodiments of awareness. Where you are in the unlimited, no type of limited things can attract you towards themselves. Karmateet means to go beyond all types of limited nature and sanskars.
  15. An angelic life is a life that is free from bondage. You may have the bondage of service, but it is such a fast speed, that no matter how much you do, you are constantly free. To the extent that you are loving, so you are also accordingly detached. You always experience the stage of freedom. You then do not depend on the body or actions. If you do enter a relationship with bodily beings, you come from up above, give your message and then fly back up again.

* * * Om Shanti * * *

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Didi Nirmala's Class on BapDada's Homework of 5th December Murli and Remarks on BapDada's Meeting

20 December 2016

Remarks on 5th December Murli


Yesterday Baba gave us the homework that all of you have taken benefit from Baba but the whole world should say ‘My Baba has come’. We have to glorify Baba in the whole world. Baba has given us this big task. How will we do that?


Baba was chatting with 10-15 people towards the end. The whole gathering was looking at that activity but they were not able to listen. Many didn’t like that and every time there is this complaint that Baba speaks to this handful of people and the camera can’t shoot Baba completely and we can’t see. But it is difficult to do that.


You might know that Dadi Janki had been sick for three days. She has had a problem with her stomach. On that day at 7pm she got ready for Baba’s meeting. Dadi said ‘Baba keep a hand on my heart’. Baba put a hand on her head and her chest and Dadi was happy. Secondly Ratan Mohini Dadi had been admitted for two days into the Trauma Hospital. She had high blood pressure and her sodium level was also fluctuating. She came from the trauma centre to meet Baba. Baba gave attention to her as well, gave her lots of love and put a hand on her head. Baba gave so much love to both the Dadis. I also gave my news saying that my health is OK. I had thought it would be a serious disease but it is not so serious. Baba said ‘congratulations on behalf of everyone’. 


Brij Mohan bhai gave the news Lakshmanbhai of Kurukshetra who was trying to receive a plot of land from the government in Sonipat. One week ago the government gave that plot to BKs. Ashaben gave the news to Baba that ORC has completed its 15th anniversary. Baba gave congratulations and directions to Ashaben saying to do something new; ‘continue to do service and bring some newness’. Baba always says to bring some newness in service.


In the accounts department the whole task has increased. Lalitbhai has given instructions to everyone. Nirwairbhai brought Lalitbhai in front of Baba. Baba said to Lalitbhai and Nirawairbhai to take care of everything in the accounts department with everyone’s cooperation because Rameshbhai had been in ICU for the past few days. Now Nirwairbhai has been given that responsibility. A few other tasks of the yagya were discussed at that time. 


Then Baba said goodnight and took leave from everyone by waving His hand. Everyone was happy from yesterday’s Murli because the drishti was so powerful, the Murli was good and Baba gave so much love to all the seniors who were sick.


Download whole class on Baba's Homework here




Madhuban Newsletter - December 2015

2 February 2016

All the sparkling Deepranis (queens of light) of the Father, the Lord of Life, Deepraj (the King of Lights), all who remain lost in the Father's love, all the ignited living lamps, instrument teachers, brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, together with love-filled hearty remembrance, as well as hearty greetings and good wishes for Deepawali, the New Year and Bhaiya Duj.
In Madhuban, these festivals are celebrated with so much zeal and enthusiasm.  All three complexes are decorated with beautiful colourful lights.  Sitting far away, all of you must be pleased to see these beautiful scenes.  Sweet Baba sits us in His lap of love, sings the song "Wah children, wah" with so much love and makes us fly in the flying stage.  All of Baba's children who come to Madhuban become so full with just a short avyakt meeting with BapDada and return with treasures of happiness.  All of you are experienced in this.  According to the time, when your hearts are clean, all your desires are fulfilled.  Now, Baba says: Children, let go of ordinariness, and be easy yogis by constantly having elevated thoughts and good wishes.  Let your heart be clean, honest and filled with mercy.  When your heart is clean, it is like you are able to maintain a very good stage of soul consciousness.  Simply make sure the stage of detachment is not lacking.  Sweet Baba, the Conqueror of our hearts, has made us so clean and pure by relating things of truth and giving us drishti filled with love.  Then, we can compare and see what our own drishti is like!  For one minute, simply observe yourself with peace in your mind and honesty in your heart: Is my heart honest and clean?  What are my vision and attitude like?  Do I always have zeal and enthusiasm in my practical life?  Is my mind peaceful and my physical senses under control?  Are the qualifications of being a gyani soul visible in my practical life?  While checking yourself in a subtle way, continue to accumulate an income of multimillions at every step.
I have seen that when one serves with love, one is able to have zeal and enthusiasm constantly, and also make others companions with their zeal and enthusiasm.  Seeing our enthusiasm, others also easily give their co-operation.  There is then no need to ask anyone for anything or even to say anything.
Tell me, my sweetest sisters and brothers, all of you are constantly serving with zeal and enthusiasm, are you not?  You have pleased the Lord with your honest hearts, have you not?  My aim is to always make sure that I never become disheartened in my life.  Let zeal and enthusiasm always be visible on your face and in your activities and there will automatically be progress in service.  Do not compete with anyone.  Each one of you has own service and effort.  Not to compete but to race means to maintain good zeal and enthusiasm and to put that enthusiasm into others.  There has been such sweet heart-to-heart conversations with the double-foreign brothers and sisters this time.  Many very good guests from many countries also came for the Peace of Mind retreat.
All of you continue to hear and see the news of the service in Delhi live every day.  Karankaravanhar Baba does and inspires everything to happen.  Everywhere there is a good sparkle of service.  All have become tireless and are engaged in revealing Baba.  Hearing about all the service news from everywhere, I just thank Baba and give a lot of love from my heart to all of you.  Everyone, open your mouths and eat toli.  Listen to the knowledge (boli) and then be holy.  Achcha.
Lots of love to all.
In Godly service,
BK Janki
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