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Madhuban Newsletter in English and Hindi - August 2022

31 July 2022

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for August 2022 with points for 1-31 August in English and Hindi.

In Baba's yaad,

Murli Department, Madhuban


Newsletter in English


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini DIdi: July 11- July 20 - Karankaravarhar

27 July 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached Mohini Didi's transcribed classes on Karankaravarhar from July 11- July 20.


Thank you,

Avyakti Parivar


Karankaravanhar - July 11


Karankaravanhar - July 12


Karankaravanhar - July 13


Karankaravanhar - July 14


Karankaravanhar - July 15


Karankaravanhar - July 16


Karankaravanhar - July 17


Karankaravanhar - July 18


Karankaravanhar - July 19


Karankaravanhar - July 20






Mohini Didi (Avyakti Parivar) – July 8 to 14, 2022 Question and Answer Sessions

18 July 2022

July 8, 2022


In English, we say, "Yes, my Lord." Then Baba says, "I am present, I am here, I am with you." I realized in the early mornings that when I'm really in soul-consciousness, there is no distance between the soul and God. When there is body-consciousness and a lot of wasteful thoughts, it takes so much effort to remember Baba. So, I think each one of us should pay attention to being more in soul-consciousness, my eternal stage, my original stage, my relationships with everyone, we are all souls, and Baba is the Supreme Soul. So, it's a very natural connection, and a natural feeling of belonging. 


Question: Today Baba said we should use the right power at the right time. I am curious what powers you are practicing given your responsibilities now?

Mohini Didi: Today I was in an administrative meeting, the agenda was long. I stayed in silence remembering Baba. Things got sorted out easily, eventually. I was practicing the power of tolerance and patience especially towards the body.


Question: Didi you said the elements give without announcing, they give silently naturally. Can you expand on this?

Mohini Didi: I realize that the beautiful nature, the sun, water, wind and trees never talk but always serve. Then, I realize our nature is to be quiet and serve. Sometimes we asked Dadi Gulzar, "What are you thinking?" Dadi said, "I don't think unless it is necessary." Baba also says to stay in silence and do service to others. Now you might not be able to say anything or correct someone, but through silence you can continue to serve that soul. The soul will receive what he needs. When we become body conscious, our mind and intellect keep working more and more. Now we need to practice silence. This is our nature.


Question: When people are coming to you with lots of old sanskars, I find myself talking more than I want to. Sometimes they behave the same old way over and over. How should I handle such situations?

Mohini Didi: A soul will not change without power. Correcting alone doesn't work. You might think you are giving proper direction and correction. Actually, when you are quiet and giving drishti, they will take whatever power they need and transformation will happen. Then they will thank you and give blessings. If you have love for service then you will be able to do this. Remember this is your power.



July 9, 2022  


Introversion and then solitude are two very beautiful qualities, because realization always comes when you are really introverted. If you are extroverted, you don't know if you're doing anything wrong, but as soon as you become introverted, it's like you have a mirror so you can see everything. It's not physical, but internal, on the self. We all have the best quality to learn. Whether you're listening to something, reading or saying something, what are you learning from there? What did I take from that? Baba has been saying to give happiness and take happiness, but don't take sorrow. Most of you don't give sorrow, but you take sorrow. Someone said something, but change that sorrow into some kind of gift, and take it as a lesson that you have to learn. I know it takes a while, especially not to take sorrow, but Baba wants us to do it. We can do it tomorrow if you pay a little bit attention to Brahmacharya, which means to be introverted and have solitude.


Question:  Didi can you tell us the difference between Baba's signal, touchings, and messages?

Mohini Didi: In our life there are things that need changing, improving and transforming. So, it is not only Baba, but also from Drama, nature, our body, and the people around us, that we get signals. In one murli, Baba said that if you have connection with Baba, you will not need correction, and there will be self transformation. Another example, let's say you say something that hurt someone but didn't mean it. That is a signal to change. Ramesh bhai said that in the beginning, before planning service, they would look at murli for ideas, and sit in Baba's room. Then after coming back, they would sit in Baba's room.


Question: How does Baba give signals in the subtle world?

Mohini Didi: Baba doesn't say anything. It is not easy to know how Baba does things, but He does. He gives drishti, He gives light and might. When we have any task to do, we can sit with Baba and ask what Baba wants me to do. Looking at Baba and taking dristhi, we will be able to catch signals, then there will be success.


Question: Does Drama give signals?

Mohini Didi:  There are definitely signals from Drama also. Yesterday I had to sit through a five hour administrative meeting. I was reflecting how in the beginning, BK was more of a family, Baba would also say that it is a University, but these days it has grown so big. Governments are asking us to be more like an organization. Drama reveals so many things to us.


July 10, 2022


We know that the destination is high. We are on a journey and we want to reach the destination once we have started. Is anyone thinking of returning from here? That will be long, right? Most of the difficulties or whatever challenges or renunciation, we  have done already. We just have the last part left. Baba says that tapasya means "personality of purity and  royalty of purity". Like a royal person will not look at ordinary things. Their eyes will never go towards ordinary things, they always feel like they are full, and they don't have desires, they're not looking for anything. When there is lack of purity, the eyes wander, and there are so many complications. Baba wants us to have purity in our eyes, and purity through our attitude. He's saying that if you want to be happy constantly, then you all have to be tapaswis. When you are tapaswi, then you are beyond sorrow and temporary happiness. You are in a blissful stage. 


I always think that, the easier we make everything in our understanding, the easier it is to do it. Are we ready for more? I was so touched by last Sunday's Murli about "Art of Living and Authority" that I ended up sharing it with the guests who came. There are authorities in politics or religion, but the most important one is your elevated actions. Baba says, and we have to internally receive it in such a way, acceptance in the sense of yes Baba is saying and I, we want to do it right. Even if I say now, "Baba, there is not even a single thought of impurity." There is no impurity. Do we have impurity? What is there is adulteration. We mix things. Let's say there is a thought and you want to convince everyone. One thing I noticed with the Dadis is that they were so firm in everything. Anytime you asked Dadi Prakashmani or Mamma, "What do you think, is this happening to you or to your body?"  They say, "Whatever is in Drama will happen," They're not saying it as a point of knowledge. They don't have wasteful thoughts, they don't have worry, they don't have concern. I keep reminding myself of their faith in Drama, and their faith in Baba. It was just faith. They passed with honor whatever happened, and I feel that  they are still in front of us as an example. 


July 11, 2022


I think many of you must have gone through this making choices for yourself. Should I do what I want to do and what is practical, or should I do what Baba is asking me to do? When there is a choice, then I think that whenever we choose to obey what Baba is saying, there's a very different kind of experience. I remember that there are certain tasks you find it's really beyond your capacity, and you don't have experience for that. Then the signal comes from Baba, "No, it has to be done." So, you say, "Okay, Baba is saying it, let's do it." Even if there are difficulties, it is not only learning, but that is where Baba also helps. I have had so many assignments in my spiritual life. They were quite bigger than what I had practically done in my life. I had a choice, but I also had to do it the way I was told. A lot of learning happened, but also, everything goes so smoothly, and some miracles also happen, wonders happen. There is no risk involved in these choices. Later on, you just always think, "I will always do what Baba wants me to do." Baba always says that you take one step forward, and I will come a hundred steps forward. Baba's help, Baba's cooperation, Baba's blessings and powers, then after doing all that, that becomes mine, they're mine now, right? 


So, it could start with spiritual effort, then it can start with certain actions in life. Spiritual effort is also Baba's directions, and I say, "Yes Baba, I'm determined. I'm going to follow, I will do it." Sometimes you might slip and do what you shouldn't be doing, which is not Baba's direction, but instantly, you will know that this is wrong, "I shouldn't have done that. Let me change it completely." It does happen, especially when it comes to words. So, then you use full stop and say, "No." Also, I have more determination, that I shouldn't repeat these things. So, there is a transformation of certain habits. Sometimes they look so normal. When we come to Baba, we come to know that they're not normal. There's some karmic accounts, it's a lack of dharna. It's not a royal sanskar, it's a waste of time. So many realizations come, and then we say, "Okay, I'm not going to repeat it." Baba said to use full stop, and then out of habit, maybe you say something, and then you realize. Also give a lot of good wishes to the soul in the conversation, because you have to be forgiven for that. 


So, it's very interesting to bring Karankaravanhar Baba into our lives. In English, we say, "Yes, my Lord." Then Baba says, "I am present, I am here, I am with you." I realized in the early mornings that when I'm really in soul-consciousness, there is no distance between the soul and God. When there is body-consciousness and a lot of wasteful thoughts, it takes so much effort to remember Baba. So, I think each one of us should pay attention to being more in soul-consciousness, my eternal stage, my original stage, my relationships with everyone, we are all souls, and Baba is the Supreme Soul. So, it's a very natural connection, and a natural feeling of belonging. 


July 12, 2022


How do I multiply my fortune? Through my thoughts, through my words, words of blessings, words of love. Whatever is not right or a weakness of someone, never say it that to that person, never. That leaves a scratch on the heart, and then they can never give you that much love. Bring out a virtue that the soul needs, and talk about that virtue. That's how Momma sustained everyone. Like someone gets impatient very quickly, so what does that person need, your comment that you are impatient? Instead, say that patience will be very valuable, let us use that quality. If you really want your fortune and respect from others, think about what virtue that soul needs more of. They have it but are not aware.


You will see how beautifully it works. First, you become that image, with a lot of patience, observing, then we talk about things, and it gets better. If you change, that one must be changing, because we all are making effort. So, creating fortune, great acts, or charitable acts, are called giving blessings to someone. I always look at everyone and say that this soul has so much beauty and love and potential and sweetness, but Maya creates certain obstacles. That's okay, we have to be victorious. So, it's really beautiful to look within the family, this will help the energy. We are all helping to uplift each other. 


This year, the topic is spiritual empowerment for kindness and compassion. Our kindness towards each other is not to see weakness, but to see the strength of that person. I always say that if Baba has chosen the soul, I have to keep loving them. I have to see that soul as an instrument, but certain settling is happening, and as soon as that is over, there is expression of love. So, do not react, it's all right, it's that soul's karma, that soul's part. I have a lot of good wishes, just being more sensible, more stable, and giving more blessings. If you can't give sometime, then use the card and read that out. I say that only God can give blessings, but I have good wishes and want to share that with you. Then, I read the card. I always keep some cards of blessings with me. So, keep increasing fortune, 100% fortunate. I am the heir soul of God, not only a soul, but an heir soul. That means that we are the ones who sustain Baba's Yagya and do unlimited world service. 


Om Shanti


July 13, 2022


There can be so many kinds of thoughts like, 'What is happening in the world?' Baba said that there are so many things we should hear but not hear, see but not see. All those thoughts come to mind, and that is why we have this practice, reminding ourselves, and creating smriti. So, we keep our mind and intellect very engaged, very busy, so that we don't have any wasteful thoughts, or unnecessary use of intellect. Some people like to hear stories about everyone. I had a principle since I came to Baba, that if someone needs help I will listen, but not listen because I'm interested in listening. Many will say: "Do you know about this?" I say, "Well, I don't know, but I also don't need to know." Some also feel internally that they need to know everything. You feed your mind with so many things and then we ask the mind, "Why are  you thinking?" Some things do come from sanskars and the mind has to think, but mostly we feed our mind by listening, by seeing. Baba said that this is unnecessary. So, keeping the mind and intellect busy is not only a practice, but it's a blessing. In today's world, people are suffering so much, and most of the suffering is from their own thoughts. Someone said something to you and you feel insulted, and then you think at least 100 times. So who made oneself suffer?  I am causing sorrow for myself, and that is why Baba always keeps saying, "Children, give happiness and take happiness, not give sorrow nor take sorrow". 


As I was mentioning yesterday, if I notice that this soul gets very quickly sensitive, or gets upset about something, and looking at that soul I get upset, and say you get upset all the time, but I am also upset. I am upset or disturbed because you are disturbed. So, if you are peaceful, if you are loveful and very sweet, you say it's always good to be happy, don't mention even a word that you don't want anyone to feel. First you become that example in front of that soul, and then through your words, you give a donation or responce of that virtue. So, I want someone, Baba's child, Baba's instrument, to be that alokik and spiritual. I have to be an example, and then whether through good wishes or even if I have to say it in words, I am donating virtues. Baba used to say in Murli that sometimes because of purity, there is conflict. So, even if the other person is saying something, you shower flowers, in the sense of speaking in such a beautiful way that the other soul is touched. There is a saying that "in words there is a whole world". If you say something that is not appropriate, it hurts someone, and then there is sorrow, but also karmic accounts. If I cause sorrow, that soul will be suffering internally. So, I have to be very sweet, gentle and alokik. 


July 14, 2022


Our practice for tomorrow is while doing action, just remember Baba as Karankaravanhar. Why do we use this Karankaravanhar? So that the ego is not there, like, "I am the one doing this." At least in my life, I cannot take any credit for anything that is going on. It seems like Baba's plan. I definitely, in my heart, at every moment, feel that we are His instruments, and that He has to use us. As much as I am surrendered with that, then there is also humility and gratitude, and both are very good for life. As soon as the ego of something comes, that's when a lot of suffering begins. Ego is always hurt by something or other. Now we tell people to tell us what they want. Tell us what your suggestions are, and if you have any corrections.


We are happy when people are openly telling us something, but if I am doing it and someone says something, it will definitely hurt. "Oh, they always criticize, they are like that, I am not wrong." Now we say we are instruments. Yes, there are always limits for everything, but as much we do that, then everyone feels included and part of it. You will be surprised that there are more than 100 young and old people who are in the team of Avyakti Parivar, who make videos and do something or other. Hundreds of them, and we don't have any vacancies. A lot of people offer to do translation, they want to help. Internally, there is so much harmony. If one doesn't appear in time for translation, there are nine or ten languages, another one will immediately take over, and you wouldn't know. We know that this is happening. That means there is a lot of harmony in everything. Many young people those days were not going to college or school or even jobs, and many were doing it from home. 


Then there was a request from many BK families, "Our children are so bored, they don't know what to do." So, we said, "Okay, we will start a children's class for ages 5 to 13. So, about 40-50 children began, and now you see some children are now growing. Some became 12-13, so we started a young adult class, also. Now there are two young adult classes and most of these children listen to Murli on Wednesday for half an hour. There are about 10 teachers to teach them, and new ones, old ones, they take them in break away groups and start lessons with them. If you ask the parents, they are so grateful that it has been so good for the children to hear something. So, when I really think of every action every day, I say Karankaravanhar Baba is making it happen. So, I'm sure each one of you does not look at what you cannot do. Think about what you can do, so that your enthusiasm, your initiative doesn't get lost. Otherwise, sometimes you could say, "Whatever I'm starting, it's not working." I always say that it will work. If this doesn't work, it will be something else. Keep using your initiative, creativity, hope, and continue in life, because this is a journey, and this is Baba's. We are Baba's children. So, we share all of this, and also, our love, our light, happiness with the whole world. 


Om Shanti 






Mohini Didi on Avyakti Parivar – July 1 to 7, 2022 Question and Answer Sessions

17 July 2022

July 1, 2022


Everyone is very keen to understand how to be an instrument, like Karankaravanhar Baba. Baba's task gets done through each one of us. I have two ways to understand. One is looking at Brahma Baba or Dadis, and other is my own internal reflections and understanding from Baba's murlis. I generally start looking at Brahma Baba, how he was chosen to be an instrument. So many very difficult challenges came, but he was smiling. It's not that his smile was external, but showing to everyone he was ok. In his room, wherever he was, whoever was with Baba saw that stage, detached but very stable. Then, of course, the power of yoga. Then every step he took, there was unlimited service. 


Question: In Sakar Murli, Baba asked, "Do you remember that I belong to you?" What advice would Karankaravanhar Baba say to us? As things are unfolding, would He say just to stay in yoga?

Mohini Didi: On the path of Bhakti, we sang the song of praise, 'You alone belong to us." Now, Almighty Baba, Supreme Soul, Father of all souls, is talking to us directly, saying that he belongs to us. It is a powerful point. I find that He is really helping us to reach the destination. He helps in such a subtle way.


Question: Baba has chosen me. Baba is with me. To understand this requires trust. How would you advise us to increase this trust?

Mohini Didi: Let's say there is a very difficult scene in Drama. With patience, it eventually gets resolved. We know that impatience doesn't help, but with patience, we see how Baba is making things resolve. This experience increases your trust in Baba. One should maintain trust in God, even as Maya tries to break this trust with a lot of wasteful thoughts or other people's opinions. Some people have difficulty with the quality of trust. They do not even have trust in themselves. Baba says that we have to be unshakable In truth, in faith, in love, and be consistent and stable.


Question: How can I renounce "I" and "Mine"?

Mohini Didi: If I have recognition of God as belonging to me, then everything belongs to Him. Trust grows. Renunciation of "I" and "Mine" is only possible when there is this recognition.To have eternal achievements, multi-million times fortune, and for everything to be used in a worthwhile way, it is really necessary to think that everything belongs to Baba and not me. If I cannot surrender, then I don't experience all powers and achievements.


July 2, 2022


Baba is speaking beautifully about spiritual sympathy. First, He said sympathy, and then He said spiritual sympathy. What exactly is spiritual sympathy? How do we express that? Someone is sad and we sympathize, someone has a problem, we sympathize. I am sure some of you must have had some reflections on sympathy, then spiritual sympathy. As soon as you have spiritual sympathy, you are able to benefit all. Actually, benefit is a word that is not very appropriate, but it is more like bringing salvation, kalyankari. May you get liberated, may you get liberation in life, not that your problem will be solved. When we say kalyankari, it's more like benevolence, and that's where kindness, compassion, love, all these qualities are necessary.


Question: First, I want to look at how Brahma Baba showed spiritual sympathy.

Mohini Didi: Every child felt that Brahma Baba cared for each one of them, no matter if the task was big or small. There were examples of people coming from the villages. He made everyone feel useful.


Question: I was thinking that the destination of making Baba Karankaravanhar is very high. What are the benefits or incentives to achieve this stage?

Mohini Didi: Baba tells us to be charitable souls, not just doing our duty or doing action. What you earn is a lot. The souls who benefit from your charitable action experience a lot of benefit, and you experience blessings. There are many things that have to be achieved to become perfect. You cannot become perfect sitting in Baba's room. You have to become charitable to everyone in the world. To all our contacts, everyone. Being with Shiv Baba as Karankaravanhar for a long time, Brahma Baba was able to become perfect.


Question: Some Souls use Karankaravanhar in an ordinary, mundane way. We say, "Oh, Baba, take care of the home, etc." We have to become a constant companion. There has to be an equal match. Then there is the experience of Karankaravanhar. Can you talk a little more about that?

Mohini Didi: First, in our thinking, then in our talking and drishti, thoughts have to match somewhere. In the beginning, all the Dadis were there and they had different personalities, but there was similarity of ideas, not different opinions. It seems that their thinking was not their own, but they were connecting with Baba. They were picking up His plan, then they would talk to each other. They matched their thoughts with Baba first, then made a decision. We should be able to do things with

less thoughts, and take the plan from Baba.


July 3, 2022


Now, we are looking at Baba as Karankaravanhar. All of us have certain responsibilities, and some of us have overall responsibility, not a little part. So, sometimes that could cause a burden, but how do we increase our capacities? Our abilities can be intellectual, mental, emotional, and also with actions through the body. Baba is saying that when you have to take care of the Yagya in a bigger way, you need all four authorities, and because I am connecting it with the task, I feel that yes I have been given the responsibility. I am nimit. So, I am increasing my capacities through the right awareness, and of course, as Baba said, this needs a lot of dharna. 


Question: You said that awareness increases capacity. How do we increase trust with the awareness that I had this in the last Kalpa?

Mohini Didi: Baba said that you did this last Kalpa. This is Baba's hope in us, and we have to fulfill Baba's hopes. With the awareness that Baba said, "This was done last Kalpa", don't be doubtful, but see the potential, the capacity within, the me to be discovered. This builds trust in yourself. I was chosen, so let me discover that power and grow, so I can fulfill the trust Baba has in me.


Question: In your new role in the Yagya, which authority is most needed now? Where is Baba directing your attention?

Mohini Didi: I think, at this time, there should be so much harmony at the top. This harmony and respect will help to sustain the Yagya. Other souls will see how they are together. That will keep unity in the Yagya. One principle I emphasize is that everyone be respectful of each other. Everyone is playing their part the best way they can. So we should appreciate that. The trust will grow. Never show that we are different. For example, you are sisters, we are brothers, seniors and juniors, etc.


Question: Baba said today that you can be a carefree emperor or a carefree subject. I think you have to take responsibility, you have to feel Baba as Karankaravanhar. Can you talk more about that?

Mohini Didi: You have to take responsibility for doing elevated actions. Many like to have the right, but not the responsibility. You do have responsibilities to fulfill, right? Rulers take responsibility. You can't stay away, or refuse to do elevated actions. If you do, that will make you a carefree subject. To be a carefree emperor, my line of intellect should be clear and connected with Baba. Then you will get signals for playing your part, for self- transformation, and how to be a proper instrument. Don't allow Maya or the opinions of others to create confusion. Even if there are storms, just clear them and reconnect with Baba.


July 4, 2022


Baba wants us to be carefree emperors. Everyone can think for one's own self: am I a carefree emperor? I was looking at the percentage of being carefree emperors. Not even in a subtle way should there be concern. Whatever is past is past, it's Drama, but also this practice of 'I am soul', 'I'm using the body', 'I'm using every organ to do action'. This requires a lot of practice. While eating, while speaking, looking at others to have this consistent awareness that the "soul is Karavanhar". I think we can do much more than what we're doing. If we realize that, as much I will have this awareness internally, that much my stage will also be of happiness and carefree. Not only that, but the experience of Baba being Karankaravanhar. 


Question: You said that when any situation comes, keep your practice on. Can you give us some examples of what you mean by that?

Mohini Didi: Basically, it is an incorporeal or bodiless stage. Once we were at the airport, the flight was delayed and then there was a fire drill. They said we had to stay still. I remember just being with Baba, being bodiless. I didn't even feel any worry about what would happen. We had to be there for two hours. There was no effect, no feelings, no fear. I keep reminding myself, for any situation, to be in that stage so that you are peaceful and loveful. That is a very powerful



Question: What should we do that we are not doing?

Mohini Didi: If internally, as much as we are ready, we can take orders from Baba. Thoughts will come in such a way that we know that this is what I need to do. I need to do more of this. That is only possible as my power keeps growing. I think there is a lot more we can do. We also need to be ever-ready. When Baba wants me to do something, am I ready to say yes, or do I have to think? Do I have doubts in the self? Will I be comfortable? Will I be able to manage? A lot of subtle thoughts come.


Question: You were saying that the authority of governance is about the self. I love when Baba said that goverance means how you are governing yourself when talking to other people. Could you talk about that a little bit more?

Mohini Didi: Baba said contentment. If your governance is good, you will have contentment for yourself, then everyone around will have contentment. For every authority, Baba gave two words; happiness and power. I think if we remember these two words, especially for ruling, there will be contentment. If any authority is missing out of four, even for people in the Yagya at the highest rank could have difficulty. That difficulty is not seeing their emperor as capable in deciding things as they should be, whether it is in a relationship or anything else. One of the qualities that we need to have, Baba says, is belonging. Everyone should feel that they belong. If I say that only this one belongs to me, and I keep giving that one authority, naturally, there won't be contentment in others. If I want to be a carefree emperor, I have to have all four authorities, I have to work on that. So, when it comes to ruling, how can I create satisfaction in everyone? It is up to me. If I feel belonging, then they will feel it too.


July 5, 2022


Baba is KaranKaravanhar, Baba is the One, and there are really many things that Baba takes care of. Whatever is visible, like us doing service through words, or in whatever way, but there is such an unlimited task. Many times, Baba gives signals that the task has to be accomplished when you act in three ways through mind, words, and actions at the same time. However, that's not the stage all the time. We do action, and it's not necessarily that we are in Manmanabhav, that the mind is with Baba.  The same is while speaking. Am I in remembrance of Baba? So, we do service through thoughts, words, and actions, but there is a lot more to be done at the same time, and I think Baba is doing it. So, we start seeing this presence of Baba wherever we are. We can see how in an unlimited way, Baba is getting His work done. 


Question: You were saying that the mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind and soul. Can you elaborate on this?

Mohini Didi: When I was practicing being in soul consciousness, I was touching the body and there were very beautiful feelings, because in soul consciousness there is love and peace. I could feel it in the body. Then, when the body is restful and the body internally is in good alignment, it also helps the mind. This is a very deep connection. So, first, there needs to be a very good relationship with the body. Then when the soul leaves the body, there is a friendly relationship, no bondage. It is like jeevan mukti, the soul knows how to take care of the body. The soul also knows how to leave the body. Everything will be very beautiful. Whatever the body needs, give with a lot of love.


Question: Can you take us through a short commentary of how you spoke to the body?

Mohini Didi: You are my chariot. You are from nature, and I love nature, because nature sustains and nurtures the body. When the body is nurtured, it helps me, the master. You see that with horses, the master has to really love the horse. I would like to develop this love for the body more and more. Love for the body, respect for the body, and don't hurt the body for any reason.


Question: You had Sakar Baba in front of you to take instruction. How would Baba talk to us?

Mohini Didi: It is always good to confirm it with seniors. If it is Baba, then it will also come from the seniors. It is good to consult instead of doing it on your own.


Question: You were saying that you are having a lot of realizations and attainments. Have you been sharing all your realizations?

Mohini Didi: I realize that attention on being soul conscious is very important. We need more of that, and also closeness to Baba. In soul consciousness, there is no effort to be close to Baba.


July 6, 2022


It's very interesting every day to think about my relationship with Karankaravanhar and Karankaravanhar's relationship with me. It's not only my relationship, but how Baba can use me. We do a lot of service, but for some we know, "Oh, it must be Baba." So, look at your qualities as a trustee. Am I totally just a trustee? Then Karankaravanhar's trust is on you. Baba makes us instruments for serving in an unlimited way, with unlimited capacity. So, reflect, practice, experiment with a lot of new thoughts. Different details of the same concept or aspect emerge very clearly in the intellect, and one has elevated experiences because you are doing it right.


Question: You were saying that wealth is connected with honesty. How we use this wealth is subtly connected to our own thoughts. Baba was talking about how time is wealth. I feel that sometimes we lose that perspective. What would you say to someone who is losing that perspective?

Mohini Didi: When we are trustworthy, Baba makes us an instrument, and gives responsibility for unlimited service. Let's say you are very honest and accurate with wealth, Baba will give you bigger responsibility, it keeps growing. Where time is spent is very important. Someone can be on the computer, they can be reading and looking at things that are not really part of service. Maybe it is their hobby or interest. I see them for a few hours and I say, "You are Baba's surrendered child, you should be honest." You have to have honesty of time too. Ok, Maybe it has to do with health. You can do it, but there has to be a limit. One of the concepts of Baba's Yagya, Ramesh bhai used to say, because we are all volunteers, is that the Yagya is not paying everyone. Baba is sustaining us, so we have to be honest. Whatever your duty is, complete it and finish it on time. Whatever the task, cleaning, cooking, there should be honesty.


Question: When you say there are incognito thoughts associated with these things. We are not being honest in actions or time. What sanskars would be there related to that?

Mohini Didi: If your mind, intellect, and hands are together, you can do wonders. They are doing action, but the mind is being pulled somewhere else. There is a joy in doing something. Whatever you do, try to do it right. This is love for Yagya and honesty. Like when cooking, I will chop vegetables with a lot of love. This will benefit myself and also others. They may be inspired to offer bhog, to make Brahma Bhojan. When we do things, we don't realize the effect this has on others. Anything I do in the Yagya, whatever quality I put in, I am contributing that quality to the Yagya. You will get the credit with Baba. It is very important for all of us to be honest in whatever we do, the bhavna, the love, and the accuracy. Otherwise, it may be a good action, but it won't bring many time-fold responses. Love and bhavna will increase our capacity to do. As Didi used to say, "You are now going on service, it is "seva", seva bhav.


July 7, 2022


We all want to be like Baba. So, we have to do what Baba is doing. Our intellect gets so engaged, but Baba wants us to be more in silence. At this time, to be like Baba, I like when Baba said to just observe Drama in silence. There are different scenes of Drama, a variety of parts, but while observing, be beyond (nyara). We should start doing this. Even if it is  not all the time, but as much as we can. We know that everyone's part, Drama, is accurate, it's perfect, and it's going to repeat. Everyone has their own karmic accounts, settling and creating, but our intellect gets quite involved. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes less happy, and very subtly, certain questions or concerns arise. So, we have to watch. Am I observing, or am I getting my intellect involved?


Question: Yesterday, you were saying that when we become trustees of our specialties, then Baba will use us as instruments. Today, Baba said that 'the boat of trust is truth'. Can you elaborate on that?

Mohini Didi: Dadi Janki used to say, "As the message is, very few will do it as is." Not mixing, not manipulating. We do it the way we are comfortable, and not as truth. These little sanskars from the Copper Age of not being honest and truthful are very common. People do not realize, even when people say, "I am being truthful", we know that there is something adulterated in that. So, when you have that truth, everyone will trust you. If you keep mixing it or changing it, everytime  saying something different, making excuses, there will be no trust. Definitely truth and trust have a deep connection. So, we should work on ourselves, be authentic, be honest, inside and outside the same, thoughts and words the same. That will create trust. Truth is invisible, trust is visible. I have been thinking about why people feel hurt that they are not trusted. They should work on the truth and then they become trustworthy.


Question: There is such a sweet joy when Baba, Dadi's, seniors and instruments trust you.

Mohini Didi: It's not just in doing. It could be in a relationship. Any task given to you is with trust. I remember Dadi Janki used to say "You can do that". I used to say, "I don't know, I have never done it before." She would say,"I'm sure you can do it". I learned many things by doing that. She had so much trust. Now, I realize that if you are authentic and real, you will get trust. When there is trust, you will get very good assignments from the Yagya. People sometimes say, "I don't know why I don't get it, why they don't acknowledge me." Now we know that it is about truth.


Question: You were saying that virtue is like a fragrance. You cannot see it, but you can smell it, even from a distance. Can you talk about that a little bit more?

Mohini Didi: I was saying that whatever quality one has, you could be sitting in one place, but the whole world will feel that. This you come to know, only when you meet people. They will say, "You are so royal." They have never met me. Where do they get that experience? The fragrance of virtues spreads. We are very focused on actions and words, but if we really get focused on our virtues, there is recognition of that virtue by everyone. There is a lot of fragrance around each one of us.


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13 July 2022

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5 July 2022

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5 July 2022

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