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Sudesh Didi – 21st August 2022 Sunday Morning Class, GCH, London: Hold a fast to offer ourselves

30 August 2022

Om shanti. Om shanti. Good morning. On this special morning after many celebrations, you must be naturally experiencing the vibrations of Tapasya, determination, purification and transformation through extra realisation. And this realisation is for bringing joy, and for the renewal of energy once again. We are determined becauase we are the companions of God, the helpers of God for the world renewal. But it is not just the world of matter; the world means the world of human beings.


Although we call it the Soul World, Baba says that, this world is your Home, and behind the curtain, you stay, you go there to rest. And the very tired souls, those who are really tired and don't want to play their role anymore, hope that they could just go and sleep for a longer time. And they think, “I'm not going to wake up, nobody should wake me up.” “I don't want to come back.” And they find that after some time, despite the fact that nobody wakes them up, and no alarm is fixed, they have to wake up and they have to become present again in the corporeal world. The population is increasing. It means they had a limited time of rest there, that they have to come back again here.


Those who really are active actors, want to play the role from the very beginning of the play. Others come and say, “Okay, let the play start. I can join the crowd.” They come to watch. But those who are the actors on the stage, prepare themselves beforehand.


There was a short play in the programme yesterday. Hours before the play was due to start, I witnessed the enthusiasm of the actors. The actors, the gopes and gopis, and the one who played Shri Krishna, whatever role they had to play, were ready many hours before. The programme began at five o'clock and they were ready at lunchtime. They were already dressed up, ready for the show. It's a joy of playing the role, of being on the stage. For those who came to watch, they didn’t have to prepare, and it didn’t matter if they didn’t come on time, even arriving at the last scene is okay. They felt they could at least go for a programme.


It is the same for our world stage. Baba is making us aware of what our role is, because we are the foundation; we are the souls who started the journey 5000 years ago and played the role.


For namesake, at this time, we celebrate lokik birthdays; we celebrate Diwali; we celebrate Holi and Rakshabandhan etc. These dates are filled with significance, of the important tasks, and of the important work of this time. They are not individual festivals. It was the power, Godly power, the divine power; it is the perfection in the actions that God taught. And so, it is the awareness of what Baba is giving us again, the awareness of ‘who am I?’. This is especially on Shivratri time, when Baba reminds us on a very special aspect of our powerful personality, our original quality of eternity, purity, and the dignity that we have as souls.


Today's Murli emphasises the contrast between who we are and what we have been doing on the path of bhakti. We have been doing rituals, which are the forms of expression of our memories of this time, and then we created some festivals or rituals based on these memories. Gradually, we just became so satisfied and happy in just doing the rituals. But the question to ask is: Is what I am doing filled with spiritual power? What is the intention behind it? What is the knowledge behind it?  


Without knowledge, if we are doing anything, either we do it with blind faith or we do it out of fear, and whatever is being done with fear, it's only temporary.


Here, there isn’t anything with fear or with blind faith, it has to be very clear knowledge. And so, in today's Murli, Baba gives us the real meaning of what we have been doing on the path of bhakti, especially at the festival of Shivratri, people offer uck flowers, they also drink an intoxicating drink called dhatura (thorn apple) which is made of a certain herb. On that day, they would also sacrifice something.


In the early days, some would even sacrifice themselves to Shiva. They wanted to surrender their lives. But in fact, it is not the question of surrendering the physical form. It is what is working behind this physical body; and that is surrendering our mind, offering our mind. Surrendering does not mean killing but it means filling; you fill it with that power, God’s power. God has benevolence; he has wisdom; he has the power of purification.


When we offer our weaknesses, this uck flower is bitter and poisonous. And all the things which have been really poisonous, which is killing our happiness, which has killed our harmonious life, which has killed our health, which has stolen our real wealth of divinity. That is what is poison. And we have to finish that with intoxication and also determination. On the path of bhakti, they keep fast. In Hindi and Sanskrit, fast means to take a vow: vrat (vow / fast) with vriti (attitude). Vrat does not just mean not eating food, or don't drink for eight hours or twelve hours. But in fact, what we have been eating and drinking, that we have to control, not for eight hours, not for ten hours, but we have to renounce drinking alcohol completely. Fasting for few hours, while a big meal is already prepared for when the fast ends; is not really renunciation if the Intention is to get back what I have renounced.


Here, it's a renunciation of the weaknesses, vices, with such determination and power, that the weaknesses will not come back for 2500 years or for 3500 years. For powerful souls, even in the Copper Age, they are very disciplined, they have systems; they have maryadas, they have a kind of code of conduct in their family life. How they should live, the system in the family, and their dignity is such that they are not like ordinary people, wandering here and there to keep their honour. So there is a difference in the qualities within the souls, because the more powerful something is, the longer it lasts.


It's not only a question of cleaning ourselves; it is not a question of emptying ourselves from the weakness; It's a question of making ourselves again, mighty, the child of the Almighty Authority, and bringing the same power. That's why those who were made divine by the Supreme Being, and had felt that power in themselves, they were also considered god. They have been remembered as Krishna god, Rama god, Hanumannji god and Shakti god. They're called gods and goddesses. In fact, God is only One. But just like a good specialist, a surgeon, teaches many to become doctors. And they are called doctors, but there is a difference between specialist and ordinary doctors.


God is telling us to become powerful so that your dignity lasts for the whole cycle, and this is why, it's not a question of making ourselves, taking a vow or fasting, or doing anything for temporary achievement, but for permanently powerful qualities of divinity and purity. And so, when we make a promise to renounce something, there will not be a single doubt as to whether I will be able to follow it, fulfil it, put it into action or not.


Today, Baba speaks about psychology, that if you make a promise while internally, there is the thought, “I don't know whether I will be successful or not.” “Yes, I do want to really free from all my addictions, weaknesses, and defects, but I am not sure.” “I have been really influenced by them, and many times I have tried, but again and again it comes back.” Baba says that this thought itself is a weakness. And if you are invoking weakness beforehand, how can you think that you will be powerful?


To finish weakness means, to let go of weakness while, at the same time, invoke the power; bring that energy with you, that I am a successful soul. I am the beloved child of God. God is making me so powerful. The expression in Hindi is very beautiful: I am gale ke haar, I'm the garland around God's neck, and I cannot be defeated. Haar banana vale kabhee haar nahin khaate, means those who become the garland, the beloved children of God, they can never be defeated, because, where are they sitting? Maya cannot sit on God's Heart. Maya finds a place in the heart of the weak ones. God's Heart has no place for any wickedness, any vice or any defect. He is the Benevolent Being, the Purifier. And I'm seated there. With that intoxication and determination of where you are sitting, make the seed very powerful.


Baba said that the seed of soul consciousness is your self-respect. But if you are not tilling the land, if you are not preparing the ground properly, or if you have not nurtured it properly, no matter how great the potential the seed has, it will not bring the same power.


So, you have to prepare the ground and nurture the seed. We are really the farmer of our life. We have to dig the land and evict the tenants that have been there for a long period of time, we have to vacate this house. That is what is fasting, completely vacant.


The tenants have been so comfortable, because we entertain them, we give them what they demand, whether it is desire, whether it is name and fame, whether it is position, whether it is appreciation from the world. And the more they receive, the more they demand, and we thought our tenants have rights over us. And now, we have to demolish that building of this consciousness, that is, the awareness of the body, the consciousness of the body. And with that, comes all varieties of other desires.


Baba says that we constructing the world, nirmarn (create / construct), you are creating the new world; you are creating a new life; you are building your new divine character. There are two very similar Hindi words, nirmarn (construct) and nirmaan (humble). Nirmaan means there is no desire for name, fame, position, authority, glorification; it means humble with pure attitude and pure feeling. This humility is greatness.


Nirmaan means no abhiman (arrogance). If there is dehbhaan (body consciousness), the sign of that would be, you will be very sensitive. You have done something good and someone pointed out that it is not as good as expected, that they thought you could do something more. And, your happiness goes away. The balloon goes very high with the string tied to it, and as soon as it goes high, gradually, the gas balloon deflates and comes back down. No. So, one’s own stage does not depend on someone else pumping to inflate our stage.


Abhiman (arrogance) feels very much apman (insult), when I am body conscious, and egocentric, very quickly, I become sensitive, and cannot tolerate any suggestion, any correction and any advice because I think I am perfect. Perfection is different. The perfection I want is that when God is satisfied, and my pure consciousness is honestly giving me that yes, this is okay, this is right.  In today’s Murli, Baba says, “If someone, who doesn't have arrogance, is insulted, he would not feel it to be an insult. He would constantly remain humble and keep busy in the task of renewal.” Then, automatically, you become a sovereign, a king who is victorious, a mahavir (great warrior) who invokes the spiritual powers, and let go of weaknesses. then you are Mahabali, Mahabavan, the great powerful soul, because you're sacrificing the weaknesses, and power is coming back in you.


So, today's Murli is very powerful. Time-wise, I should finish. But the other aspect I want to say is about bhog. I see many Baba’s children come with that aim on Thursday and Sunday, to offer bhog. So, what is the meaning of offering bhog? It is, of course, to respect and love. Fruits, flowers or whatever contribution for buying the ingredients to offer are brought. That is one aspect of our bhavna, our respect, our inner feeling of responsibility for the members of the family or relatives or friends we offer bhog to.


But, just as important is that, we gather here to give this power, to give powerful vibrations of yoga, to these souls to who we are offering bhog, so that they receive our Godly vibrations. As we are putting them in front and bringing them to our mind, not with attachment, not with sorrow, not with regrets, but with the appreciation of what they did in their life. Some souls we offer bhog to left their bodies recently, maybe three months ago, six months ago or a few months ago, or we offer bhog if someone is really in a difficult situation and needs some power; they are not well. So, we are bringing them in front of Baba, and then, not thinking about them, because we do not know where they have gone. We know their address has changed; their role has changed. Without knowing the address, I cannot contact them. So, I just send everything to ‘the Main Post Office’; let Baba give them everything. Then, I am connected with Baba; they are also connected with Baba. Then, the soul, instead of the name and form, comes in front of Baba, though we are offering using the name and form. Your good wishes, your respect and your love, are like the fresh air. The flowers are blossoming. Fragrant flowers don't go anywhere, but the air carries the fragrance far. The ocean and rivers are in one place; a cool breeze takes that coolness very far. So, with pure love, with good respect, if you're offering bhog, just be soul conscious, and be with Baba, and let Him take care, and our good wishes will reach them. That is offering bhog.


As I am offering myself I have to be conscious of what I have to give. So the difference between I offer my weaknesses to God, and let God kill them. And I let go of them with great joy. But the other offering, let God take care of them when I'm offering bhog, then God takes on the responsibility, and I have respect, love and good wishes Om shanti.


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Sudesh Didi – 19th August 2022 Morning Class on Janmashtami,  GCH, London: The significance of ‘asthmi’ (the eighth) in Janmashtami

29 August 2022

Om shanti. In today's Murli, Baba clarifies the meaning of Krishna’s parents having eight children, or there were eight Shri Krishnas. Which birthday are you celebrating? The birthday of Shri Krishna. So, what is the meaning of Shri Krishna Janmashtami?


Aath means eight. Eight does not mean there are eight children. The Supreme Soul comes and establishes the Kingdom, not of Shri Krishna, The Supreme Soul establishes the Kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. So, the birthday of Shri Narayan and the birthday Shri Krishna is of the same person. But the eight that are remembered are in fact, the eight births in the Golden Age. Eight is not the eighth child, but the eight dynasties that continue, just like Edward I, Edward II, and Edward III. So, Lakshmi & Narayan the first,  Lakshmi & Narayan the second, Lakshmi & Narayan the third. Then, the eighth child hands over the kingdom to the ninth dynasty, and it is called Ram Navami (the ninth day of a lunar half month the waxing moon called Shukla pasha).


Krishna Janmashtami, Ram Navami. The ninth Kingdom changed to Silver Age. So, you are not celebrating Shri Krishna Janmashtami. It is not the eighth child; you are celebrating the first Kingdom, the first child of the Golden Age.

In fact, you are celebrating your own birth. You are the fortunate one. You are celebrating your own birth; the Kingdom begins now. You create and you establish now, but the whole aspect is of the child Shri Krishna, it is the purity and the innocence that is established now, that take birth now in an incognito way. And this is why Shri Krishna is called Maha Raj Kumar, the child of an emperor; Maha Raj Kumar, not only Raj Kumar, not only a prince but the child of a sovereign. So sovereignty at this time, those who are reaching the elevated stage of greatness.


From this greatness of purity, Shri Krishna takes birth, where there is happiness, there is purity, there is peace and prosperity. So, this greatness of the present time, the child of the great emperor, the whole empire, the whole kingdom becomes pure, the world becomes pure; the matters becomes pure. This purity is the main authority to which you establish, not just the kingdom for one birth; this kingdom which you are establishing continues for 21 birth.


The imprint and experience of happiness, of your fortune, of your divine dignity, has be imprinted so deeply in your heart, that even up to now, what has been in the heart, in the feeling of the soul, that is in the mind of the soul, Man MandirMan means mind and deep within the subconscious, which is the temple (Mandir). Devotionally remained pure, but when this purity is recalled again and again, you start building the external temple of Shri Lakshmi and Narayan, and Baba comes and establishes this temple in your heart. The Kingdom, not only the temple or only purity, but purity is the power.


You don’t rule with physical wealth; you rule with the wealth of purity. This purity is created by the Purifier. It is not purity of an ordinary level; it is not purity of just a celibate life; it is the purity that reaches the level of the holiest stage. Now, holy and pure seem like to be interchangeable, but in fact, there are stages.


Cleanliness: when the mind is clean with no rubbish in it, automatically, the intellect is clear. And when there is clarity in the intellect, the mind is peaceful. So, there's purity of the intellect, clarity in the intellect, the mind is peaceful, then the unfulfilled desire to attain something is removed, and you're satisfied, clear, and calm. So, both are important. Your thoughts are peaceful with clarity of the intellect, and intellect can become clearer when you have knowledge and yoga with Baba. So, Baba needs to give you knowledge; it is knowledge that cleans the intellect. Knowledge is the soap that washes all the misunderstanding, blind faith, ignorance, and fear of being cursed.


You started practising purity by following only rituals, rituals are not purity, rituals are only copying purity; you are presenting purity, but you are not becoming pure. So, you make many rituals: for one week, for 10 days, for 24 hours, you tie this thread and you discipline yourself, which is actually not from the pure heart. It is because you want to fulfil your desire, you want to fulfill your wish of physical achievement, that you follow the rituals.


You are looking for the original purity of the heart, there is satisfaction inside, and there is this deep contentment of experiencing your inner being. And so, Baba is establishing, Baba is making you clean and pure. First, it is being clean, and with knowledge, being clear. What is clarity? Why do you want to become pure? Why do you want to become a deity? Why do you want to transform yourself? Because this is your original personality, your self-respect, your shaan (honour), your glory, your dignity. This, you have experienced, your sanskars are triggering this within you, your sanskars are pushing you, that you get this again, which comes in the form of a desire, or dream, or a wish or a vision. It has been planted, but for that, you need knowledge. So, Baba gives you knowledge. When the knowledge is clear, you receive power. So, this is why, the intellect has to be very clean and clear, and yoga power through buddhi yoga, apart from practising one mantra, Manmanabhav, “Have the yoga of the intellect with Me and with perfection”.


And that is Lakshmi Narayan, Vishnu. So you don't just become Shri Krishna, that is not perfection, that is your beginning of the sovereignty when you become perfect. It is innocence that is the beginning; so pure, so clean, joyful and innocent. Even the kind of mischief is of innocence. It is not any wrongdoing of stealing butter. The stealing of the butter signifies the start of a pure action, which is incognito. You started picking up virtues when your heart is clean and pure. You pick up the virtue from others; you begin to see goodness in negativity, you begin to see something special, which brings happiness to you. The gopes and gopis were with Shri Krishna. He inspired others to steal butter. So, did he create a community of thieves? Thieves are not royal. It is a degraded Shrudra quality. So, the spiritual significance is of very pure consciousness, not of any show, but seeing good qualities, being a holy swan.


The rubbish is there; the storms are there; the worms out there, but you pick up the virtues. So, the intellect became so divine and clean with the yoga power that, while recognising the rubbish, out of that, you are picking only something which belongs to you, not to the Shrudra stage.


So from this impurity of the intellect, impurity of the heart, this is transforming into the purity of the mind, and the clarity of the intellect. But for that, knowledge is needed. That's why Baba says, “I am the Ocean of Knowledge. Vishnu and Shankar are not.”


Knowledge is the most important. You go into the depth of knowledge; you go into the vastness of knowledge, you go into the unlimited aspect of knowledge. And so, your attitude changes, your vision changes, your vibration changes. And this makes you holy, clean, clear and pure, and then you are holy pavan, holy swan.


All this is not in the Golden Age. These efforts are at the present time. And this present time is greatness. And that's why from ordinary people, incognito people, when Shri Krishna takes birth, they are not known as the Kings, but they have royalty within themselves. They have developed an incognito way the personality of purity, the personality of royalty of divinity. This is why they are greater. Shri Krishna is Maha Raj Kumar. It is the same person. So, the birth of Shri Krishna, means the birth of sovereignty, Shri Narayen but it comes when you have this perfection in your mind, you have the balance of knowledge, the self-realisation of I was this, and I am becoming this, I will become this, I am this. It is like bringing the future into the present.


Anything negative, which was present in me is made into past. It doesn't belong to me, full stop. So holy, ho li (past is past), what has happened, it's gone. Don't bring it back. It's a ghost. It's rubbish, it will make your mind impure again, unclean again. So, this effort is great, and this greatness, this self-realisation, of swadarhanchakra makes you clean and clear. Then, the yoga power of remaining detached from rubbish, you aren't able to recognise. It then, makes you then pure, Lakshmi, detached.


So, it is Lakshmi and Narayan. It's the birthday of both. This is not only Shri Krishna’s birthday, it's Shri Radne’s birthday. It is not just Shri Narayan’s birthday, but it is Lakshmi's birthday. So, birthday means that you are in existence, present. Birth implies visible existence. So, your purity is visible, in your drishti, in your kriti (action), in your vibrations, in your behavior, in your action.


So, this is why this swadarhanchakra becomes the power and authority. So, the kings have authority; the players have the authority; the fighter has this mace, it is the power of purity, the power of the pure intellect.


The power of yoga makes you clean, like a lotus flower. Then, whatever you speak is a pure version, they are great versions; they are wise versions that give happiness to others. Your speech, your vision, your vibrations, your actions, all are pure. The environment also becomes pure. As a result, this body becomes pure, which means, a healthy body.


Sickness is a mixture of impurity, the elements influence each other. So impurity in elements is sickness, and purity in elements is healthy. So, Baba gives you healthy mind, healthy body, healthy wealth, which means pure wealth, pure health, pure everything. And this is called the greatest level of holiness, pavan, anything degraded being transformed into complete holiness. The wickedness, vices vicious demons, being changed to divinity, and that is holiness. So God says, “I have come to make you pavan (the supreme stage of purity. Patit Pavan Sita means, you souls had become impure, Baba makes you souls pure. So, remember your original and eternal stage.


Eternal is the stage in the Golden Age. Original stage is the incorporeal form. Aadi means the beginning time, and beginning time is this time, or beginning time is the Golden Age time.


So remember that, you became pure and perfect. And now, you become again sampooran (perfect). For that, this festival is a ritual. The scriptures are only the pictures or rituals of the present time. But you are becoming, instead of ritual, you are becoming spiritual. Instead of practising rituals, you become spiritual.


Spirituality becomes a reality and that truth becomes the kingdom at this time, and then we the kingdom for the future, but for eight generations, not eight children, but eight different generations. So Ashtami (eigth) means Kirshna Janmashatmi, for eight births, eight kingdoms, you enjoy until you hand over to Ram Navami, to the ninth Kingdom. Still, the praise of Ram Raj also remains. So, Ram Raj, Ram Praja, even in the Silver Age, the Kings are happy, the subjects are happy. So, happiness remains, but degrees of purity reduce.


As purity became degraded, they remembered the greatness and purity of Krishna in the Copper Age, so they started remembering the birth of Shri Krishna as in the Copper Age. He is not born in the Copper Age; it was only a memory of this.


Om Shanti.



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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi from August 11th - August 20th - The Greatness of Purity

22 August 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of Mohini Didi on the theme of The Greatness of Purity from August 11th - August 20th.


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


The Greatness of Purity - August 11


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The Greatness of Purity - August 20






2022 रक्षाबंधन भोग संदेश: बी.के.मोहिनी दीदी | B.K.Mohini Didi's Rakhi Bhog message with English Subtitles

17 August 2022

Om Shanti Dear Brahmin Family,

Please find below YouTube link for Bapdada’s bhog message received on the special day of Rakshabandhan through B.K.Mohini Didiji. Message is in Hindi with English Subtitle. 

Link : https://youtu.be/_P6rt4GpXNY 


Thank you.

Avyakti Parivar - अव्यक्ति परिवार



ओम् शांति, सर्व ब्राह्मण परिवार के प्रति, 


रक्षाबंधन के पावन पर्व पर बी.के.मोहिनी दीदीजी द्वारा प्राप्त बापदादा का विशेष भोग संदेश :  

इस लिंक पर क्लिक करे: https://youtu.be/_P6rt4GpXNY 



अव्यक्ति परिवार - Avyakti Parivar



Sudesh Didi – 14th August 2022 Sunday Morning Class, GCH, London: The Tilak of Three Dots

16 August 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Good morning. Diamond morning, because Confluence Age is the age where Baba makes us aware that Brahmin life means diamond life and golden life means life in the Golden Age. But at the Confluence Age, diamonds are studded with gold. A diamond has no value if it is studded with plastic; it does not receive the value of a diamond if it is studded with plastic. Gold is needed.


So, we make our stage satopradhan at this time, and then this gold (in the soul) shines with the beauty of a diamond. Baba is making us aware, of course, that in the Golden Age, you will go and you will enjoy the Golden Age, but your life will not be a diamond at that time. So, every day, have this intoxication, of what a Brahmin life, the greatness of Brahmin life, and Brahmin means pure life, yogi life, holy life. Pure, clean, clear. Pure, but holy life. Deities are praised with a double crown, in the crown of light. It's the crown of purity and the crown of prosperity. The Pope is praised for his holiness because purity is considered holy in spirituality. His purity is at a higher level. And so, holy is more connected with the spiritual powers.


Baba says, “Be holy. Be yogi”. So, which comes first? First comes yogi. Then be holy. Yogi makes us rishi. Rishis mean the ones who are karma yogis, those who have their household, but not in a possessive way; not having the household of attachment, but in a spiritual way where the environment is created. The environment of harmony, of natural beauty, in which others come to experience the spiritual environment and teachings. So, they are rishis. Then, they are called Raj Rishis, Rishi Raj. So, what does it mean? It's a rishi who rules the heart of everyone. Rishi Raj, purity rules, and it is the kingdom of purity which is called the divine kingdom which Baba is establishing. 


This month is the month of purity because in August month, every day, we are hearing the points of purity (from the Avyakti Signals), sometimes eight characteristics of purity, sometimes five, sometimes three, and every time with the blessing, there is the definition or value of purity, pavitrata and in Hindi, svachchhata (cleanliness), patit pavan (purifier), pavitrata (purity)Baba is called Patit Pavan (Purifier) and pavan means where everything is transparent, pure, no stain around, nothing is hidden, both inside and outside. That is the body and the soul. Both are so pure, so satopradhan.


And that's why it is they are protected because of their purity, aur pavanta, holiness. That is what it is, the whole system of the Golden Age remains, and rakhi is the festival of this level of purity, satopradhan stage where we tie ourselves, first with maryadas (the codes of conduct), but also, we connect ourselves with Baba in all relationships.


We are very fortunate to have so many guests and it is said in India, that the place where guests come is very fortunate. God is pleased with that. Mehman aaie, Bhagwan aaie, when the guests come, God comes. (All applauded). So, the bhaagyavan (blessed) souls, the fortunate souls come into God's House. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to meet Baba’s special souls who are serving in different places with love, dedication, surrender consciousness, looking after the centre, and taking care of Baba’s children. Each jewel shines with so many specialities. To meet and greet so many Baba’s children is a great joy.


Today, Baba is reminding us about the tilak, that you are given a tilak in the early morning, the tilak of the three dots, three points on your forehead, it is called smriti and smriti means awareness, remembrance and consciousness. So, the first tilak is the tilak of soul consciousness. We have been practising for many many years, and every day, in the Murli, we are reminded. In one Murli, we counted 41 times in three pages of the Murli, be soul conscious, be soul conscious, we noted that. This is why Baba is reminding us again and again.


So, we know that we are a soul. Other people also know when someone leaves the body, the soul is gone. Left the body, the light is gone; the life is gone. The soul is a point of light. What is it that we are not understanding or we are missing? A few days ago, there was a meeting with about 30 guests. In Amrit Vela, I read Amrit Vela class for the family in Germany, and the time there is one hour ahead. Our time would be 3:45am. This system has been for the past 10 years, so I continue especially Sundays and Thursdays, definitely I should be there. And so, I was reading about when Baba said, to apply the tilak of smriti of the soul.


Someone asked, “But we are souls and it stays here. No? So, it is not a question of applying the tilak.”


I said, “That is what the secret is about, apply the tilak. We know we are, but do we apply the truth that I am a soul? Am I conscious of the fact that I am a soul?”


Then, the question was asked, “What is soul consciousness?” It is easy to understand, but the main thing is to apply the knowledge. We are able to understand, recognise, and instantly point out body consciousness. So how do we recognise body consciousness? Although there is a desire to know how to identify what we believe to be soul-conscious and to find a subtle way of positioning myself so that others can see me as being soul-conscious. But in fact, others can see if I am body-conscious or soul-conscious without speaking about it.


Body consciousness is the property of the land of Maya. The time of body consciousness begins and the ruling of Maya begins. Illusion, ignorance, forgetfulness, misunderstanding, and then Ravan comes in means the five vices come in. So, body-conscious vices are very clearly visible. If I'm body-conscious, I'm angry, I am greedy, I am attached. Then, a time comes when I understand that this is body consciousness, because immediately I lose my happiness. I recognise this is not good. And, my organs are also telling others and me that I am in body consciousness. So, in body consciousness, my physical organs, which are the property of the body, the workers of the body, express themselves, because it's a property of the body. Through the eyes is anger, through the mouth is anger, through the head is anger, it automatically acts.


So, soul consciousness means the property of the soul. It should act, it should interact, it should communicate, through which is the property of the soul, the eternal qualities of the soul, the eternal qualities of the Supreme Soul, that I, as a child of God, apply in my conscious practical life, so that my inner organs, first my ministers, my ministry works in the right way, in the right consciousness. So, what is happening in the office of my mind? Which files I'm keeping, which thoughts I am thinking, what vibrations I am creating, and are they clean and clear?


In soul consciousness, the soul is looking at itself in the state of Manmanabhav. Where is my mind? Is it with the Baba? Manmanabhav. The mind belongs to Me. Make your mind Mine. Make your mind like My mind. Be Mine with your mind. That's called Manmanabhav. Be like Baba’s mind, because God also has His Mind because He is the Supreme Soul. God is The Wisdom of the wise, the Bestower of the divine intellect, the Bestower of wisdom. His Sanskars are of benevolence, selflessness, generosity and forgiveness. These are also the ministers of the soul that rule this palace, this kingdom or this body as well. The soul cannot express itself without this physical body. So, the body expresses itself, if the soul is loveful or hateful, if the words I'm speaking are just words to please others or are coming from my heart, whether I experience happiness and I share it with others or it is superficial.


Everything in soul consciousness is so natural, through the expression of the body. So soul consciousness is actually being awakened, active, interacting, and then it becomes so natural.  I don't have to say whether I am body conscious or soul conscious. Others recognise when I am body conscious in a subtle way.  When something is coming natural, there isn’t a need to speak about it. The flowers do not say, “I'm fragrant”, but we say, “Oh, nice fragrant flowers.” Sweetness doesn't need to speak about its sweetness. Mango is very sweet, but the fruit doesn't eat its own sweetness; the fragrant flower does not smell its own fragrance. It is totally detached, but others are speaking about its sweetness and its fragrance. And that is what soul consciousness is. In the Golden Age, the deities naturally act in a soul-conscious manner, and each one is enjoying the quality of each other. And so, these are the sanskars we take, of benevolence, of being detached and being egoless in the intellect.


When we apply the tilak of soul consciousness, automatically it is connected to the Tilak of the Almighty, and reply the tilak of “Who do I belong to?” Baba and elevated actions.


Time is telling me I should stop. So, these three tilaks are connected. Actually, because of Baba’s actions, His titles are His Attributes. They are not names, and yet so many names are given. Why? Because His task is of benevolence. His task is meaningful. They are attributive names.


Why do we call television, television?  It tells us about something we are watching. So, we call it television. A ventilator is called a ventilator because the air should pass through, so, we call it a ventilator. A grinder, why it is called a grinder. So, an attributive name is given, because the function is done and the name describes its action. In the same way, in this expression, the qualities are telling us, so, actions are also important.


So, when our mind, intellect and sanskars, all three, are working in a practical way, then we are soul-conscious, and others are able to experience my vibrations, and others are able to experience my attitude. It is not that I have to say, “I really have good wishes. I have so much love for you. I have a lot of good wishes for you.” It is an artificial flower, because it does not fragrance. (All laughed.)


So, this is the importance of the tilak of soul consciousness, the tilak of the awareness of “Who do I belong to?”, and the tilak of elevated actions, my sanskars.


Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi from August 1st - August 10th - The Greatness of Purity

16 August 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached transcribed classes of Mohini Didi on the theme of The Greatness of Purity from August 1st - August 10th.


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


The Greatness of Purity - August 1


The Greatness of Purity - August 2


The Greatness of Purity - August 3


The Greatness of Purity - August 4


The Greatness of Purity - August 5


The Greatness of Purity - August 6


The Greatness of Purity - August 7


The Greatness of Purity - August 8


The Greatness of Purity - August 9


The Greatness of Purity - August 10






Sister Jayanti – 7th August 2022 - GCH Am I close to Baba?

9 August 2022

The [meditation] song that we just heard was connected with today’s murli. And today’s murli is the one that Baba spoke on the 18th of January. Every 18th of January there is a special gathering in Madhuban and there would be the Ocean of love experienced and there would be an ocean of tears, because the ones who came would be from the early days of the Yagya either the Karachi days or the beginning of service.  And so they would be experiencing those very powerful sweet memories of their time with Baba.


So, today’s murli is very much about the experience of love. I think many of the Dadis must have been present there because the murli is from 1992 and we had already lost Didi from this dimension and now she is in another place but most of the other Dadis were still around.Baba has spoken about how the Magnet of love was so powerful – the attraction of love was so powerful that they were able to renounce everything instantly and they were surrendered to Baba.


Further later [in the murli] when Baba is talking to the Dadis, Baba is again remembering those early days. Baba is mentioning how they had been with Baba through the whole cycle! That is the guarantee for those souls that now in sangamyug, they came close to Baba and they were able to be with Baba physically through that whole period. But also they were close to Shiv Baba, not just Brahma Baba, they were being with Brahma Baba through the whole cycle, but their closeness to Shiv Baba at this time also meant that they would be close in Paramdham and they would be close to Brahma Baba in satyug and through the cycle and in sangamyug close to Shiv Baba again.


And so the question: how close do I experience myself to be to BapDada? Am I close? Being with Shiv Baba is actually not so difficult, it only requires one thing; it requires soul consciousness. In the stage of soul consciousness, yes I can feel Baba’s presence, I feel the connection, and I can feel the support, the protection, the companionship and the help. And being close to Brahma Baba, today Baba is telling us that when you take on your angelic form then in your own angelic form, the more you are away from the bondage of this body then you are able to fly to the subtle region. Then in the angelic form you are able to be close to Brahma Baba.


And so today when people say that we don’t have Baba we don’t have the Dadis so what is the point of going to Madhuban. Madhuban provides that space where Baba meditated; Baba met the children very closely, where Baba hopped and moved and did everything in the kitchen, in the laundry and in the garden and so Madhuban is still very powerful and special. But Baba has made life easier for us now; in the sense that wherever it is we are, through soul consciousness I can feel Shiv Baba’s love. And through the consciousness of the angel form I can feel BapDada’s presence and support. And so the doors of Madhuban are wide open.


Earlier there were certain restrictions but we are still able to go to Madhuban whether it is from your side or the side of Madhuban, whichever it may be, but it takes a fair amount of effort to make the pilgrimage to Madhuban.There are many things to overcome but going to the subtle region that is simply my own consciousness and to what extent I make effort.


I remember in the sakar murlis Baba used to say (and we still hear the sakar murlis) Baba would say: “there will come a time when only those who are completely pure will be able to meet Baba”.And of course at that time hearing the sakar murli, my own personal interpretation of that was that yes, I can understand being close to Baba needs that level of recognition and purity. But if there is going to come a time when they will say to people, the guests who go to Madhuban for conferences: “no, you are not going to meet Baba? There was a question in my mind.


But when Baba became avyakt I realised that one can only meet Baba here in that way if they have actually recognised who is Shiv Baba; who is Brahma Baba; and who is Dadi Gulzar? And when people would say: “why was she [Dadi Gulzar] looking at us like that? It is immediately a giveaway that they haven't recognised any of the three.And so it was clear at that time also that only those who are experienced in soul consciousness and the subtle consciousness would be able to catch from Baba’s drishti, whatever it is that a soul needed.


I hadn’t at all expected that the part would finish in the way that it did. Even whilst Dadi Gulzar was there in sakar form, everybody still  had that expectation- I did- that Dadi would get better and she would come and even if she didn’t speak for long but at least we would get Baba’s drishti.


Last year when I was in Madhuban for the final ceremonies Brij Mohanbhai had said that ‘it is an end of the era’ and truly ‘it was the end of that era of meeting avyakt BapDada’. But in bhakti or generally in life they say: “when one door closes and another door opens”. When sakar Baba became avyakt, Baba said: “earlier Brahma Baba needed time for himself, but now that Baba is avyakt, you don’t need to make appointments, you can just go to the subtle region and meet Baba”.


And now that the avyakt part is over, again it feels as if a bigger door has opened and wherever you are, it is totally irrelevant, you can come to that stage of soul consciousness and feel Baba as your Companion and also the same for the avyakt Baba. Anyone who understands gyan and feels the power of Baba’s love can have that experience of meeting avyakt BapDada.Even in today’s murli Baba has referred to the fact that you want to go beyond sound but yet you still expect the One who is always beyond sound, to come into sound to meet you. It is the power of Baba’s love that makes that happen.


But not only Shiv Baba in Paramdham has the thought that I have to go and help My children – and so the power of God’s love brings God from Paramdham into the physical dimension so that He can meet the children.


The amount of sustenance that BapDada has given us through the years is proof of Baba’s love. Baba has given us nearly 50 years of avyakt sustenance and 33 years of sakar sustenance and so for those who say: we are getting there, but the presence that Baba has shared, the sakar murlis and the avyakt murlis all of that is available. And the proof of Baba’s love is the amount of time that Baba has given us by sharing all the treasures.


They say that there comes a time when the sparrows have swallowed the ocean and the ocean became dry. And we would see this. The murlis were gradually getting shorter and shorter. And so it really was that Baba had said everything that He needed to say. And now to what extent the sparrows have taken from the ocean and filled themselves with that is individual effort.


And so at this moment we are reading the murli from way beyond 1992, Global House had just opened for a year and things were pretty stable in the world around at that time, but today there is a huge amount of uncertainty in every situation.Being in Germany last week was interesting because normally Germany is known for absolutely everything functioning on time accurately, but this time the Germans were telling me: “journeying isn’t the same as it used to be, so don’t expect the trains to run on time”. And then all the flights were delayed when we were coming. And then coming back to London it was total chaos at the airport for the variety of reasons. So everything is very uncertain.


But today the need to be able to experience Baba’s love is even more, not just to be able to feel that protection from all the negativity that is so strong around us everywhere, in terms of the world outside, but also as we reach the end of the Kalpa and it feels very much that it is very close to the end of Kalpa. I am not predicting dates anymore, but the feeling is whatever stuff there is inside that has to come out now and has to be cleansed.


I liked very much the thing that Baba said a few days ago. I think it was a slogan, where Baba spoke about how if you can keep your mind free from waste thoughts then you have the possibility of knowing what it is that the other soul needs and wants and you can be Baba’s instrument to fulfil that need. So that is one aspect to be able to keep my mind free from waste thoughts for service to be able to serve others accurately.


But even more than that “how can I catch Baba’s signals for me at a time when everything around me is moving so quickly that you don’t know, on the level of logic, which direction to go in?” If I keep my mind free from waste thoughts, and that is not going to happen instantly, but it will happen if I have prepared myself now rather than at any other moment.  Then that practice is going to support me and then yes, I will be able to connect with Baba and catch Baba’s signal.


Somebody was telling me yesterday that their survival is because of being able to catch Baba’s signals. He is in a difficult situation with business and many things are happening, but he said “Baba’s signals seem to reach me and when I follow them then I know things are going to be ok.  So over the years I have learned to trust those signals. Because otherwise sometimes you get a signal and you wonder: “is it my mind; is it my imagination or is it really Baba touching me?” But yes, it is Baba touching us and the criteria for that is that I am following Baba’s shrimat. So if I am convinced that my connection with Baba is clean and clear because I am following shrimat then when I get a signal, I will also trust that, ‘yes, it is Baba connecting with me’. Not just I am connecting with God, but “Baba is connecting with me”, why, because “I am the direct child of Baba”.


Today Baba has spoken about how all the souls of the whole world are the children of God, but you children, who are in sangamyug are the ones who have a direct connection with God. So you are the foundation of the whole tree. You are the ancestors.So for us, we would say our ancestors are the Didis and Dadis and the Dadas and all those who came before us and made the path easy for us, but we are also all together Baba’s children, who know God directly, we know how to have a direct connection with Him and we listen to God’s version directly spoken and also are following in our life. That awareness of being the ancestors for the whole tree is very powerful both in terms of lifting my consciousness, but also in terms of being aware of my responsibility of what I need to do today.


And so yes Baba does have a direct connection with us and Baba feels a direct responsibility for us also and so Baba does intertwines in whatever it is we are doing and we need to do to fulfil the responsibility that Baba gives us.


Dadi used to say one statement that is very powerful always: “when Baba gives a task Baba also gives the power with which to be able to fulfil the task.”And she would talk about herself; her body was always fragile from childhood and so then Baba gave her the duty of being a nurse – it was mama who  communicated that to her, because Baba used to be in Baba Bhavan far away and she was in another Bhavan.  And mama said to her Janak Baba would like you to take the role of the nurse of the Yagya and she was aware of how much it would take and even just carrying metal buckets of hot water from the ground floor up two flights of stairs. Just the metal bucket itself is heavy and when you fill it with hot water and carry it up the stairs was a tiny little part of being a nurse. In those days there was no running hot water in Karachi in most homes and so Dadi hesitated; she didn’t say: no, but she hesitated. And mama picked that up and then mama’s response was: “if Baba gives the task, Baba gives the power with which to fulfil that task.”


So, I remember that often that whatever it is that any one of us are facing, if there is a challenge then the challenge has come to help me take a step further, to move further ahead.The teacher doesn’t want me to fail and Baba, my Father and Mother doesn’t want me to fail and so it is only a step to go up further. In the early days it was just love; they didn’t have any gyan then gradually the gyan was explained and revealed to them. Baba knew about the soul, right from the beginning and Baba talked to them about the soul. So the Om Shanti, the chant of Om, I am and so that one lesson. They didn’t know all the details of the soul and mind, intellect, sanskars, all that was to come later.


But they had just that awareness of the soul, that one aspect of gyan and the power of love and they surrendered. And then through the years we have had all the gyan. Is there a question that arises in our minds for which Baba hasn’t given an answer! Really, Baba has explained everything.


So today we have the double power, the power of Baba’s love and the power of gyan. And the combination of the two is the wings with which we can fly to Baba.  And so today I don’t think it is just the power of love- I know that for myself – it was beautiful to experience being with Brahma Baba, but without the recognition of Shiv Baba and the recognition of the soul, it wasn’t possible for me to think yes, this could be my life.


And so we are lucky we have both things gyan and yoga; yoga, the experience of love and the gyan the ocean. Baba has mentioned how the power of love, in these early days, gave them the power to transform instantly. And so today when we feel that “I need to understand something”, because when I have understood something then I can do it and so we have both: we have the clarity of gyan and we also have the experience of love. And both things together can speed up our process of transformation.


So today I ask myself the question: in how many ways have I been able to transform, not the external things but the internal things? And how much further, do I need to go?And I know that the clarity of gyan and the power of love are going to help me to reach my destination

When they say: there is faith in victory, not just “victory through faith”, but “faith in your own victory”…Baba plays with both of these two expressions; “when there is faith in the intellect then there is victory”; to have that “faith in my own victory”.  And so to have that faith and I know that that faith is needed now, as we see things collapse around us.


None of us knows exactly where we are all going to be, none of us know what sorts of challenges we are going to be facing and it will be different things for each one of us, it won’t be the same thing. And it will be the challenge that comes to my Achilles heel, “whatever is my weakest point”. Drama is the one that is testing us; God doesn’t test us; drama tests us. Drama means my own karma. My own karma is testing me.


And so yes it is easy to say: “it is Maya”, but in fact it is my own sanskars and weakness that test me. And so my weakest point will be the place that I am tested in. And so to today with gyan and yoga if I can sort things out inside then yes Baba is there to help me and carry me through the situation but I need to connect with Baba.


The gyan and yoga makes sure that my weaknesses are removed, otherwise at that moment it is difficult to connect with God because my own weakness is coming in front of me and I am troubled by that. I am distressed and in that state of distress there isn’t a connection with God.But gyan and love and I have sorted all out now so that then my end is clear and intellect is stable and the connection is strong and I can catch the signal I know that Baba want to help me because that is Baba’s love for me – for each one of us – but I need to be able to catch that.


It is a very powerful murli.


Om Shanti 


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Satguruwhar Bhog Messages for the 4th August, 2022

5 August 2022



Bhog Message on Avyakti Parivar from Mohini Didi [04:43]






Bhog Messages from Pandav Bhawan (Sr Shashi) [10:15]






Bhog Messages from Shantivan (Sr Rukmani) [06:09]








Sudesh Didi – 2nd August 2022 Tuesday Morning Class, GCH, London: The basis of a pure life

4 August 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. What is the mantra today? Shanti aur purity, pavitrata banoYogi bano, pavitrata mahaana. Be yogi, be pure. Purity is the greatness of life. Purity is the beauty of the soul. Purity is the religion of me, the eternal self. Purity is the power of Brahmins and deities. Purity is dignity of a Yogi Brahmin life. So, purity, of love, how do we achieve this purity? It is not that it is given like this, it is inculcation, to take in, to realise, to recognise the divinity, the spirituality, the purity, the reality, an original royalty of divine life and Brahmin life.


Baba said that a pure life is based on both remembrance and study. The foundation of purity is based on these two things, if we want to go into the world of Vishnu Puri. This world is the land of purity, the land of harmony and the land of prosperity: purity, peace, prosperity and harmony. We are going away from the world of negativity, poison, into the world of nectar. So, we now have the realisation that what we thought was nectar before is poison, which does not make us pure. But in fact, gradually, gradually pollution came. And so, first comes cleanliness. Cleanliness is next to godliness. So, Baba makes the intellect also clean. And that's why, again and again, He gives explanation as to why we had become impure, why we had lost our dignity, how our light and purity decreased. And once again, it is increasing through remembrance, remembering what we were, who is teaching us, what we are becoming, and what I have to do. So, it is practical swadharma, my duty, my religion to, again, become pure in every aspect.


What should be our intensity of remembrance? It is not only just repeating Baba’s Murli, not only thinking and churning, but when it reaches at the level of every breath, the breath we take in the inhale and exhale, in that, the vibration is created. It's connected with thinking. Again it's connected with what we are seeing and focusing on.


This is why in order to create purity in the atmosphere, it is not that only the physical cleanliness; it is not any kind of ritual. It's the spiritual energy, which is the life of Brahmins, just like for life, if the breath is gone, the life is gone. So, with zeal and enthusiasm, but also, with our power, which changes the atmosphere.


What is the atmosphere? How it is created? it's actually in the air. You cannot photograph it, and yet, you take it in so deeply, “I am getting vibrations.” What vibrations are you getting? We feel vibrations. It is actually our thoughts and our feelings. Thoughts, when changed into the experience of feelings, will then automatically come out with every breath and it spreads in the atmosphere.

Negativity is just like a bad smell, which spreads into the atmosphere, and it is touching you. In the same way, purity is also touching us, of drishti, of vriti, of attitude, of selflessness, of benevolence. It is of total truth, which is beautiful, that attracts.


So, this is the beauty of the soul, purity is the beauty, purity is the strength and purity is my religion. So, if practising this in this way, with determination and reaching this level. In fact, purity also comes through in practical. It is when I am interacting with others and connecting with others, when an exchange is taking place with others, at that time, my attitude, my vision, my feeling, and my vibrations are working. And so, we reach the level of the angelic stage.


Keep this consciousness that tireless action means, not only the body should not get tired, but the soul doesn't get tired, because there's zeal and enthusiasm in life that God is with me; my Companion is working with me. When my Baba and I are in action, then, actions are pure. And this purity becomes the power.


Actions with selflessness, and with the awareness that Karankaravanhar is making it happen, then there is no tiredness. It is the body that acts, but this tiredness is not there. How is it removed? It is just like when you are tired, you take a nice shower. Your tiredness is gone. Was it anything outside the body? But, this freshness of the cool water, the clean water, automatically removes the heaviness. So, it is bathing in the Ocean of Purity. Bathe in Baba’s deep deep Ocean of love. We are Vishnu, lying in the Ocean (It is portrayed that Lord Vishnu lying in the Ocean of Milk, signifies that one attains control over the Milky Way, the universe by seeking the Supreme within).


So, Madhuban is the ocean. Baba is the Ocean of Love, the Ocean of Purity, and the Ocean of Peace, and we bathe in it, swim and dive deep in it and then actions are performed. Even if the body does not have the capacity, the capacity increases because the energy is not only the soul’s energy but Baba’s energy. It is Karankaravanhar who is making it happen.


Dust of the body becomes less and less because dust to dust, and angels do not have dust in the body, you know, angels are just the body of light. It's a body of light here, the lightness is here (Sudesh Didi clapping with joy). So, lightness, not heaviness, in every aspect.


So, continue to perform action and enthusiasm remains, because the mind is not tired. The body needs to rest according to its capacity; it needs to be recharged in different ways: remembrance, rest, and free from worry and tension. There are methods to refresh the self, then energy is not decreased; energy increases. Responsibility and duty is done with enthusiasm, faith and intoxication.


I am happy to see my family, coming back home from service place, back home to the family. And so, three months, how it has passed. Baba has kept me busy, but “busy and easy” is the mantra. In Baba’s remembrance, busy, and in His task, feel easy. Certainly, when activities are taking place, then not only mind is busy, the body is also busy because all the actions are done through the physical: presence, actions, communications and organisation or not organization, still, there is with each other.


So, three months in Germany, this time has been especially for the retreat time. It has been two years without retreat taking place because of lockdown, because of different situations, then from time to time, it was fine for 10 to 15 days and then another wave came.


Now that the retreat centre is open, certainly, everyone's zeal and enthusiasm also increased as everyone had been missing it. When you actually enjoy something, and there is a break, you feel that something is missing, and so it was the feeling in the family, that something is missing. So, once again, the family is coming together, meeting together, sharing together. And this is the wonder and beauty when the retreats are taking place.


This time, every week, not only weekend, but begins Thursday, and finishes on Monday or Tuesday. So it is nearly a week gone, and another week is starting. And so it started actually when I went back in May.


In June, there was a lot of enthusiasm and a feeling of supporting others. That month was also when the war began to take place in Ukraine. So Baba’s children from Ukraine have connected and are being cared for the same way as the ones in Germany, as it is part of Europe. So, they have an opportunity to come to Germany, without a visa. They only had to pass through the immigration and got documents stamped and everything. So the family in Germany connected with them. The Ukrainian family requested to celebrate rakhi in Germany this year, because every year, rakhi takes place with great happiness. Around 50 Baba’s children have requested to come. We can accommodate fewer than 50 but when the heart is big, that number doesn't matter. Everything can be adjusted. Brothers could not come because all males ages 18 to 60 have been ordered to remain in Ukraine to defend the country. So the sisters came by bus; they also hired taxis. They travelled by road, otherwise, flying would be very expensive. Travelling by road was also costly, but when there is that enthusiasm, there is love for the family, cooperation comes automatically. They stayed for five days to one week So, it was a very good feeling of being with the family from Ukraine, for retreat and for rakhi celebration. Everything was very special. The families from both countries enjoyed the retreat, though the language is not the same. Being in this atmosphere, it was understanding just through drishti. It was meeting through happiness, through smile, automatically communication takes place. It is angels speaking through signals. So, the practical experience was moving around with a smile and meeting each other and understanding each other.


Generally, those who come for the retreat would take the responsibility of the kitchen, the cleaning and making the rooms. But, it was agreed that for our family from Ukraine, they would remain free from responsibilities, so that they could enjoy themselves. The family was so enthusiastic; they created many teams, organising who would do the rooms, who would do the cleaning, who would do the cooking, etc. The mothers were very happy to be able to give them Brahma bhojan. So they were invited to experience coming to Madhuban. The mothers said, “We will prepare Madhuban food.” So everything was done with so much love and enthusiasm. So the family from Ukraine went back, carrying with them the experience of more than just the atmosphere of Morrigan, the environment and the greenery.


The weather in Morrigan was very beautiful. Everywhere green, green, green. Some said, if the beauty of nature in the Iron Age is so much, what would the Golden Age be like? So it created the atmosphere of walking in the morning in silence when the sun is rising, and walking in the evening in silence. So nice atmosphere. Then that retreat finished and had been arranged from UK, from South London. So, they also came with that same enthusiasm, the same feeling after two years. We had deep classes, chit chat and discussions.


Then, another retreat started; brother Charlie came from Australia. So, he was there in Germany for a week. So, different types of service took place. Of course, very good classes, very good retreat, workshops, he is a skill-blessed and very charming Charlie, and very gentle. So, the whole family, those who took part, they enjoyed, and those who come to serve as karma yogi, they also enjoyed.


Then there was a new student retreat for Baba’s children who were born through Zoom course. So, it was first time for them to be in the retreat place. So, they also needed extra attention, extra care. So, time went like this. After the new student retreat, we had Hindi retreat of German brothers and sisters that took place.


So, one after another, when that retreat finished, then it was the board meeting, general meeting, and the board and directors meeting. Jayanti bhen also came for that reason. Jayanti bhen arrived on Saturday and left Sunday afternoon. But short, but sweet. Friday was a meeting, then Saturday morning was meeting. When Jayanti bhen came, then an official meeting in the evening and another one in the morning next day, so intense. Then she came to Frankfurt. Charlie also came; he was supposed to do two retreats, one was with the Brahmin family and the other was with invited guests, VIPs. It was a small group.  There was a wave of “positive” energy. Positive means many were tested positive, which meant that it was not practical. Charlie had been to Berlin, Tristan, Hamburg and was never supposed to come back for the weekend. So, instead of joining the retreat, he went to Frankfurt. So Frankfurt activities were increased by double. So, Brahmins got extra sustenance.


It was very nice that Charlie was there. After one week, my two or four other places for rakhi. So I got time to move around to three places. Because now someone is there to take care of everything, I feel so relaxed that Jayanti bhen is doing everything, taking morning class, evening class. So this last day. I was totally, just like, okay, someone is there and now, today, she's going to Berlin. She would have left already. So two days in Berlin and a short visit in to Morrigan, and from Hannover, coming back. So this is the news of service, news of Baba’s home. So happy to meet you all. Om shanti.


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Dr Partap bhai (Global Hospital) - 1st August 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London: The master key to progress and transformation is accurate remembrance

2 August 2022

Om Shanti. Very good morning.


Baba is our Supreme Teacher. He's our Supreme Guide. And He's also our Satguru. Whatever He shares with us, teaches us, and we learn from Him. We are asked to share. So, there is nothing original with us; we learn from Baba and share. Baba makes us master knowledgeful. And that's how we are able to share. He's the One, He's so humble, that whatever He has, He shares practically everything with us. He says He keeps only one thing with Him. And that is the key to vision. But He gives us the vision: what we need to do, what we need to perform, and what we need to act, He gives us that vision. So, in a way He shares that also with us - what His vision is of us.


August is a month of festivals in India. First, Rakshabandhan comes, then we celebrate Independence, then we celebrate Krishna Janmashtami. Normally, Rakshabandhan, Baba shared with us about a week back or so, the old times, that the Brahmin used to go from home to home and tie a thread. And now Rakshabandhan has become a fashion. The sisters expect but we know Rakshabandhan reminds us to be soul conscious, to be pure, to be established in our own true nature. That is what Rakshabandhan tells us. The foundation is purity. And purity has a connection with all our values, virtues. Purity is the foundation. Baba says purity is the foundation for peace and prosperity.


When people ask for peace, and they are not ready to adopt purity, they want to live in this world, the way they are living, the way they pass through this world, they are not ready to change. But, we children adopted purity without any effort. That is the magic. How did it happen?


Because we became conscious of the time. Time is one thing Baba has made us trikaldarshi, the seer of all the three aspects of time and when the time we knew that this is the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. This is the Confluence. This is the time when we can perform actions, like the farmers, when they sow the seed, they have to see what is the right time to sow the seeds. This is the time when we can sow the seed for the whole cycle, whole kalpa. If we lose this time, then nothing would happen, the farmers also, if they don't sow the seed at the right time, what would happen? Nothing, nothing would come out or the crop would be much less. That's what happens. So, purity gives us power. Purity is power also, purity is a virtue also, and purity is connected with our peace also. You know. whenever Baba keeps telling us, whenever the slightest impurity, the slightest, even a particle of purity, and then the other things emerge.


So, on Rakshabandhan, we take a kind of self-discipline, take the goal to become, and establish ourselves in purity. About two days back, Baba said that this is the time when we go into relationships from bondages. Rakshabandhan is one festival when we tie a bondage, tie a thread, but to be independent, and to be light. Baba doesn't like us to be pulled down by any burden or any bondage. So how do we become bondage free? How do we establish ourselves in that true relationship? You know, if we have love for One, if we are established in true love with Baba, then all of the relationships, we have to carry on with them. We have to really go through our responsibility but those relationships don't pull us; the attraction is not there. Only one attraction is there because Baba is our true Companion. So, when that one attraction is there, that makes us very light. One attraction we are established, like we say, just Shiv Baba and no one else. So, purity of the mind, purity in our words, and purity in our actions. That's what Baba expects from us.


What is purity in words? It is sweetness, like it says humility, it is being polite, that is purity of when we are in body consciousness or when we are conscious of our position or role, then our voice may not be sweet, words may not be polite, because we sometimes exercise our authority. And that is the beginning, because the principle seed is our thought, like we say time is most valuable, but what is the unit of time, they say second for us, it is the sankalp, every thought is, I would say, the 'minutest' part of the time. So, if we want to spend our time in a worthwhile way, we have to make our sankalp worthwhile and sankalp also becomes the seed to make a slide.


You know, when we talk of Confluence Age, we always talk of that the final stage, when we practise the five stages: the incorporeal stage, then the stage of double crown sovereignty, then we come to worship-worthy and then we come to the true being, the true child of Shiv Baba, the Confluence Age. And then, the final stage is to become an angel to become farishta. The quality of the farishta is that he has no burden, he is the double light. So, how do we get rid of all the bondages, all the pressures? And then we also have to establish ourselves and our true nature.


When we are peaceful, we have very few thoughts. But when we are restless, the thoughts go through the mind very fast. So, our thoughts have to be powerful, and thoughts are the sankalp. If it is pure and powerful, then it helps us to become an angel. An angel is free from all impurities, no impurity, light, established in the form of light and acting light.


Like Baba tells us that He doesn't like us to labour, He doesn't like us to make effort, so, if we have to become an easy effort-maker, we have to become an angel. Because an angel, you know, if you look at angels, they are supposed to be the protectors. They're the guardian angels. In the cities they have their angels. In Rajasthan, every village has a kuldevi or a kuldevta (deity of the clan or family). That is, wherever they may be, they would at least come once a year to worship their kuldevi and kuldevta. So, we are also an angel and whereas they just worship them, we are becoming worship-worthy. So, an angel is one who protects, he makes people feel secure and then vanishes. Like Baba says, He incarnates. So, Baba also says that we also need to practise, that we incarnate in this human form. Do our responsibilities, do our seva, but then, we again become incorporeal, that is what Baba tells us as the step to become an angel. It's very important that we keep that conscious.


This world is a stage and we are all actors. You know, like actors perform their role, and then they go backstage. They perform whenever their next scene comes, then they appear and then they go backstage. So like our stage also is to become detached, upraam anaasakt (beyond and detached) without any pulls. That's what Baba expects from us. When we become angels, we become the ones who bestow happiness, the ones who bestow people the strength, who make them feel secure. Even their presence, you know, if you have the presence of an angel around you, you feel good about it, because they're always smiling. When we were in Rome, we were looking for angels. Someone asked that when you come back, buy an angel for us. So I told that sister, I said, "You are yourself an angel." She says, "But I cannot hang myself on the wall."


So, Baba is giving us so 'minutest' understanding and wisdom, we only have to really practise, One thing is very clear with an angel, is that he is focused, he's aware of his responsibilities. Like when we say we are teacher, "I am teacher, I'm savadhari." From now, we should say I'm an angel. If the moment I become conscious of that fact that I am an angel, my act, my words, everything would change.


The only thing should be in our awareness, in our consciousness, is that we have to become an angel. Our focus should be clear, I was sharing the other day, that once Jayanti bhen shared in the class that there was someone who was practising for our Olympic medal. So, even if he would take a glass of water, he would say, whether it is taking me closer to winning a medal, whatever he would do.


So, our practice also should be that whatever we do, we should check, we should know that whether it is taking us closer to our goal, because the foundation is we are all effort makers, and we are all incognito, wherever it is, no one knows because our purusharath, our effort is not visible to anyone. Our words may be visible, our actions may be visible, but our purusharath, the internal effort is not visible to anyone, that is visible to us only. Today, Baba tells us in the Murli that, with a true heart, you should check yourself. So, we can be the best judge for our own self. No one else can judge us. We know about ourselves much more than anyone would know, because we know our weaknesses, we know our limitations, we know our strengths. So Baba is taking us beyond those limitations, beyond the percentages to the perfect and accurate state. So, Baba in today's Murli also tells us that accurate chart, but I was wondering, it could have been accurate remembrance, which leads to progress in transformation. The more accurate we are in our remembrance, means in our consciousness. If you look at our BK life, the Brahman life, the first step of Brahmin life is shifting consciousness.


Our consciousness transforms and the way we perceive things, the way we look at people, the way we talk to people, it changes because we are conscious of our reality within, and that reality is truth. Our every action, every word is based on truth, when it is based on truth, it will lead us to progress. The moment we go beyond that truth, come below the truth then our result may not be that fine. So, the foundation is truth. The reality, Baba once said in the last couple of Murlis, our reality is truth.


And you know what is truth? Truth is that we are all immortal. We are all souls. We are all playing our role, we have to perform our role to the best of our performance. That is our reality. The reality is that this is the return journey time. The reality is that we are all making effort, we are all effort makers. The reality is that we are connecting to one Baba, that is the reality or truth. So, that reality and truth, if it is in our awareness, our actions will be like that. So Baba is our Teacher, he's our Preceptor, He is our Guide, He gives us everything, shares with us everything, but the effort is ours. How we make effort, that makes all the difference.


Today, Baba also said in Murli that, you know we say sometimes; sometimes we are very good, sometimes we are up, sometimes we are very happy, but Baba wants us to change that sometimes and to become constant, for always. That is what our effort is. We are all very good, if you look at ourselves, we are on the top of the world, nothing parallel to us. But what Baba expects from us is that this stage should be continuous. Continuously, we should be in this elevated stage, and our Brahmin family should be able to perceive it, they should be able to feel it.


Sometimes we say we are very good, but people should be able to feel that goodness within us. Because goodness emanates energy, positivity is always energy, good is always energy and energy would be felt. It would charge the environment. So, if we want to charge the environment, we have to be really focused on that goodness, that greatness whatever may come in our way, whatever be the hurdles or obstruction, the goodness is the one strength which we have to follow. We know people's definition of goodness is different, our definition of goodness is different. So, Baba says that elevated consciousness is our good stage, if we are always elevated, and that depends upon how we make best use of our time. Like they say then, that time is the most powerful, if you want to stop time, time cannot stop, time has to go on.


So, this time of Confluence is the most powerful and the maximum we make best use of this powerful time, how we use it, how we use it for productivity. So, time is important, even in a second, things can change. In a second, the world can change.


I was sharing that, you know, as a child I used to wonder, they say that Buddha, Mahatma Buddha, he was going from place to place, he was fasting and he did so much effort, but when he sat under the tree within a split second he had enlightenment. It was just a thought that he has the thought that he has realised. He has achieved what he wanted to achieve, that was enlightenment. So, Baba is giving us so much attainment, so much wisdom, so much strength, that for us nothing is difficult.


So, our enlightenment should be like that, that's what Baba says, in that second you can achieve liberation. So, although the process would continue, the realisation, or that enlightenment, the opening of the third eye - that is just a split second. The moment we realise that where we stand, how we are connected, how we can achieve our goal, that makes all the difference.


 So, Baba is really doing so much for us. You know, if we look back, for so many years, we have been listening to Baba, every day Baba really gives us newness, every day Baba gives us so much wisdom. It's like a kind of a ready reckoner for us. If you go into it, you will find all the solutions.  I sometimes feel that He has done so much for us. If we look back at the years which we have spent with Him, He has a lot of patience with us. We need to really admire His patience with us. So, the only thing is, now what we need to do is, we need to chart our path, give it a direction. We have to chart our path. How we are going to go step by step. Everyone needs to do that.


I sometimes wonder what is more important to us.  I was listening to Mohini bhen one day, she shared one thing which is very important. It was related to Sakar Baba. So, Mohini bhen said  Sakar Baba was appreciating everyone's service, everyone is doing wonderful service. But Baba said, I'm doing the most important service and what is that? Baba says I give sukh, I give happiness and comfort to everyone. So, it is most important that we share our happiness. We make people comfortable, whosoever comes into contact with us, they should feel that they're meeting a special person, a special soul. That is our effort. Everyone who touches our lives, everyone who comes across us should be able to feel that energy of happiness. And when we are able to feel that energy, happiness, we become light.


The more we give, the more we become strong. That's why Baba says that if we use our specialities, if we use our virtues, then we become strong, if we don't use them, they just lie in our diary or textbook, they are in Murli. So, the more we use the more we are strong. You know, even in the physical body, if you use your muscles, they become strong. So if you use your values, you become more strong. Using means putting them to service, putting them to support people, to care about people, to share your love with people, to share God's love with people, that is our strength. I'm sure this is our journey, yes, we have to be steady on our journey, we may be slow, but once we are steady, then we will reach our destination.


How we can be steady, in this Murli, Baba also says nothing should be able to shake us, circumstances, situations, all are going to be there. We have to accept that the challenges would be many. There are two aspects of our life: one is external pressure, the other is our internal strength. External pressures are beyond our control, but internal strength is within our control. So, if we increase our internal strength, if we empower ourselves, then external situations would just melt away, they will not exist for us.


So, we need to step by step increase our internal strength, and that internal strength comes through accurate remembrance. You know, the whole crux is how good we are in remembrance. The more we become proficient in our remembrance, that makes the change. So, all values, all of our transformation depends upon our remembrance. If we are good and stable in our remembrance, then probably our connection is strong. And if our connection is strong, then we become powerful and we empower others also. So that is what Baba expects from us, we become independent, and once we become independent, free from all bondage is then the final festival is Krishna Janmashtami in August, so that is our perfect stage. So we all have that perfect image before us. That Krishna; everyone loves Krishna. And there's a movement known as Krishna Consciousness. They keep dancing, they're always in ecstasy. They are always enjoying  what they see, whenever they're singing. We don't have to sing; we don't have to dance in their form. But our perfect images before us and that perfect image would really elevate us and it will bring closer the time of perfection also.


So the key is we, our own self, we are the owner of our key, the master key is with us and the master key is remembrance. Remember One and you will be perfect. Om Shanti


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi from July 21- July 31 - Karankaravarhar

2 August 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the transcribed classes of Mohini Didi on the theme of Karankaravarhar from July 21- July 31.


Thank you

Avyakti Parivar


Karankaravanhar - July 21


Karankaravanhar - July 22


Karankaravanhar - July 23


Karankaravanhar - July 24


Karankaravanhar - July 25


Karankaravanhar - July 26


Karankaravanhar - July 27


Karankaravanhar - July 28


Karankaravanhar - July 29


Karankaravanhar - July 30


Karankaravanhar - July 31