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Dadi Janki's message shared with the London class on  June 10, 2017

26 May, 2020

Dear Jewels,


Om shanti and greetings from Jayantiben and Hansaben who shared Dadi's message on a Sunday morning with the whole family. Video (Hindi only) follows the transcript.


With much love from Madhuban...


Message shared by Dadi Janki in the month of June - 10/6/2017 shared on 24/5/2020

Om shanti.   Om shanti.   Om shanti.  You are seeing Hansa’s act, aren’t you?  Hansa, you don’t have anything else to do.  Day and night, your feeling is that the whole world … Baba has made my attitude, my awareness and vision such...  Baba says: Child, you are with Me and I am with you.  I said: Baba, truly, am I with You?  Do you get that feeling?


I have seen that when Baba became avyakt and came in Gulzar Dadi’s chariot, He gave me love and remembrance every day.  I have got that book of blessings that someone sent me in my hands.  It is a wonderful book.  Baba has kept all the children in his vision.  This is why there are souls in the world who do not see anyone except Baba. 


In the picture of the ancestors, those who have taken leave and gone from here, they have created their memorials.  Whenever I look at that photo, each one’s specialities come in front of my eyes.  Baba has filled those special souls with so much power.


The other sister who is with me (Deviben), when I am sitting to remember Baba, she checks my pressure and if it is not right, she just gives me an injection and says: You don’t need to say anything.  So, I don’t have to say anything, but all I have to do is just say hello to everyone and give toli.  So, if I give even just a little bit of toli, share some words and become holy.  Celebrate Holi in such a way that you are coloured by the company.  Holi is playing with colours using the sprinkler. 


Who else do you have in your vision apart from Baba?  When Baba became avyakt, I am seeing how Baba is touring around the world.  Thank you.  Today, it is Sunday.  And everywhere in the world, the gatherings everywhere are very good on Sundays.   The new and old, all children get together.


It is Sunday in Mama’s month.  The gyan amrit magazine that emerged in Mama’s time is also very good.  They had a wonderful photo of Mama in that magazine. Truly, she was our sweet Maa….


You are our Mother and Father and with Your grace, we have lots of happiness.  No one knows your end.  You are the Highest on High God.  Is that right? That is accurate, isn’t it? 


Why do they say Bhagwan?  You may say Prabhu, or Paramatma, but Bhagwan is the Bestower of Fortune.   Hearing this message, everyone will become happy.  So, what should I share in the message?  All of you, use your time, your thoughts in a worthwhile way.  Not a single breath or a single thought should be misused.  Nothing should go to waste.   Baba, with Your grace, we have received so much happiness and will continue to receive it.  We are not sharing this happiness with that physical sprinkler, but colouring one another in a subtle way with the colour of honesty and love. 

Thank you. 


Om shanti.  Om shanti.  Om shanti.    Thank you!





The Power of Time, class by Sister Jayanti, Shantivan

24 May, 2020

Each Murli is so special. Baba really tries to lift us up so that we come into that awareness of who we are and to who we are related. Dadi always asked us to think of what we need to do. So firstly I am aware of who I am. Secondly I know who I belong today and thirdly it is very easy now to know what I need to do. Baba is reminding us today that our contract with God is very easy; it doesn’t involve effort on our part or take up too much time. No labour, no effort, no expense. Usually a contract involves give and take; I give something and you give something in return. Here Baba gives us so much for the whole kalpa. We all receive at least chapattis and dal. Baba says all this happens because you said ‘My Baba’ from the heart. That is the contract. The cleverest entertainer of all accepts this because He loves you. Although he is the cleverest, the contract is only to your advantage – Baba does not receive any advantages but He accepts because He sees you are innocent. He loves the innocent ones; He doesn’t get on with those who think they are very clever.


Once you have made this contract your accumulation for the whole kalpa begins – especially for the kingdom. So look at what you are doing today with your thoughts, words, actions and time. Is it all being used in a worthwhile and so there is accumulation? Or am I not able to use things in a worthwhile way. If not, you are wasting time. If what you are doing is ordinary there is no accumulation. If you go into waste then your account is actually debited. You may have had a busy day but what has been accumulated in your account during the day? Did you give sorrow or did you give sorrow. If you didn’t give sorrow or happiness then nothing has been accumulated. Was I able to inspire, encourage, motivate or uplift anyone? These are not things we need to be sitting on a gaddi to do. They are things that can be shared with family and friends. They can be shared with people you are in contact with on Whatsapp. If I am full, aware and attentive then I will want to use these treasures for others. I will then be using my time in a worthwhile way. Baba calls this the power of thought, the power of words, the power of actions and the power of time. How precious is time? To whatever extent I value my time I become valuable others also value my time and they value me. If I don’t have value for my time and am squandering it then time is slipping through your fingers. So check in any day how you are using time. If I become aware of how much value time has then I will use it for uplifting myself, to serve everyone around me and I can use it to serve the world. This is Sangamyuga. In Sangamyuga I have all three possibilities.


Am I using my time to come closer to God, to deepen and strengthen my faith? By emerging experiences of the times I have experienced Baba’s protection, support and intervention then that realisation will help strengthen my faith. This will bring me closer to Baba. If I am using my time and thoughts in a worthwhile way then that will be visible on my face. How do we know if someone is depressed? It can be seen on their face. Baba reminds us that our faces should reveal our fortune.


Baba tells us if we use all the treasures we have been given now then we become carefree emperors. I am in charge of my senses, of myself, my experiences and I am sharing all those good things with people around me. They can feel the benefit, that I am truly the great donor. If I am carefree emperor it means I don’t have a care in the world. I have responsibility but that doesn’t weigh heavily on my mind or my heart. I won’t wonder how things are going to get done. If I am able to support others through my good wishes for them there will then be co-operation. If I haven’t invested in relationships and haven’t helped others at a time of need then doors are shut – people are not ready to help. If I am anxious or worried about anything – the seed is fear. Baba explains that the root cause of fear is ‘I and mine’. First I move into the consciousness of ‘I’ and then into the awareness of ‘mine’. When I consider something as ‘mine’ then there is always the fear that it will be taken away from me. We are afraid of losing anything that we hold onto as ‘mine’. We are Baba’s children; why should we be afraid of anything? We are Baba’s children, we are following Shrimat. We don’t need to worry about the future at all if we are doing what is right today.  In soul consciousness I am in the present and am aware of Shrimat. In mindfulness people are in the present which is beautiful but in soul consciousness we know how to use the present for maximum benefit through Shrimat. We are using Shrimat not just to benefit ourselves but to bring benefit to everyone. This is using all that I have in a worthwhile way and then it is not just for the future but accumulation is taking place all the time. If we use everything in a worthwhile way now then there is no fear for the future.  If there have been mistakes but I use Baba’s power and help to change then I am able to forgive and forget, even if those mistakes involved other people. I am able to have a big heart and forgive.  I then don’t need to have any thoughts of the past or any worry about the future.


We are all sevadharis. Sometimes Baba uses this title for teachers. ‘Teacher’ is a position but as a sevadhari – a server, there is no position involved.  I am ready to do any service that comes my way. I have not just to be a server but an instrument server. I am an instrument for God. Then teaching is by example – not just through words but through my consciousness too. I am an instrument server on Godly service. Then there is always some service that is available for me to do. Baba tells us that service is fortune and truly it is – good karma, coming closer to God, karmic connection with God, creating a golden chance for fortune. So let me see that opportunity to serve that comes to me in lockdown. Stay safe, stay healthy. See what you can do in your own situation; it may be service through your thoughts, your words or your mind and that is an act of kindness to help others.


Om Shanti


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Building resilience to face challenges - Sr Jayanti by Zoom with Jakarta

22 May 2020

This subject is very relevant for today’s world as we all need a huge amount of resilience to face it.  Today I have been up the mountain (Abu) and there are checks both ways.  We noticed there were also very few monkeys, because the tourists are not feeding them, so they have retreated into the hills.  I witnessed how Mount Abu has become a bit of a ghost town.  I also realised I have been cocooned in our campus in Shantivan for two months. Seeing all of this in Mount Abu, strongly made me aware of what is going on.  But although the world is fighting back over Covid 19, what will be after that?  It won’t be an easy journey back to normality, if ever.  I feel something has changed dramatically and we won’t be going back. Today I heard the news from a group who returned to London yesterday.  They said it was not an easy experience at Delhi airport nor on the repatriation flight.  What will the world look like in December 2020 and by May 2021 how many more things will change?  However, I cannot change the world story: whether an epidemic or strict government regulations…. But what I can do is build up my own inner capacity.  When a wire has a resilience test, weights are put on it and the resilience factor can be gauged from the point when it doesn’t bounce back, and then either weights need to be removed or more strengthening of the wire needs to happen.


We have been dealing with life as it comes and maybe I have managed well so far. However today whatever situation I am facing I don’t know what is going to happen beyond.  How well am I coping with lockdown? Am I able to maintain a positive attitude?  Am I taking the opportunity to do things I didn’t do before?  Am I getting on with a variety of things?  Am I moping, moaning and wondering why is it that things are the way they are?  I cannot change this but I can change my inner capacity.  Resilience means the ability to bounce back.


From an emotional perspective, as well as a spiritual perspective, if a child has an upbringing in which there has been someone who has always been available for them and been able to listen with unconditional love and acceptance, then the child grows up with an inbuilt capacity in which they are strong and resilient and able to deal with the demands of modern living.  How many have had this experience?  Not many of us will be able to say this.  We grew up and became adults and didn’t know we were missing the resilience factor.  When I am resilient not only do I bounce back and but I can stretch like an elastic band. Or - am I left scarred and stressed by challenges?   If you are able to bounce back, wonderful and it shows you have had someone to support you unconditionally.  But if you are getting stressed and things seem bigger than you, then best to look inside and turn to God.  Why, because God is our eternal Parent. We have had many sets of physical parents and relationships through many rebirths.  But in this last rebirth of Kaliyug there were always conditions.  If you do this I love you, if you won’t I don’t’.  Even if it wasn’t stated, the implications were there.


So now is the time to experience love from the Supreme Parent.  With the awareness of the inner being, the soul, I am able to make the connection with the Divine and experience that.  This One accepts me totally as I am.  No limits. No conditions.  God says, you are my child.  As long as you are soul conscious you will feel that love reaching you.  Soul consciousness means turning inside to my eternal identity.  In the consciousness of the body, there is false identity and this acts as a barrier between the self and the Divine.  God says He loves me, but I don’t have the possibility of feeling this because my own block of identity based on the physical, is not allowing me to have that experience.  I need to turn back to my inner identity of soul, then connect with the Supreme, and in this connection I will be able to experience God’s pure love for me.  This applies to every human being.  Every human being is a child  of God, and part of the spiritual family.  Everyone on this planet has a right to this connection.  Once I experience God’s unconditional love, the value for the self grows, and I have that strength and support coming to me.  It is always available, at any  time.  I am then able to go through situations I didn’t know I had the possibility of before.  Big things happen but I have the confidence of God’s love.


There is also the aspect of accepting myself.  God accepts me as I am.  He wants me to become pure for my benefit.  Apart from God’s love giving me the capacity of resilience, what about the love I have for myself?  Can I accept myself unconditionally?  The negatives and positives?  No one knows me better.  With others I can always wear a mask.  I know who I am, and what are the things I am going through.  God knows me and still loves me.  But until I get to the point where I know myself deeply, the good and not so good, I won’t be able to develop that inner capacity.  Once I can do this, I have power.  I can tolerate, discern, decide, accommodate, adjust and cooperate.  These are some of the practicalities of the powers we gain through silence and meditation.  Resilience means that I have this inner capacity, this power and when I have that I can fill myself completely and I’m able to stay full and content and do what I need to at any given moment.  If we find it difficult to accept ourselves, we then find it incredibly difficult to have unconditional love for another and accept another.  The spiritual law is that whatever is going on inside, will happen outside too.  So internally if I don’t accept myself I will have problems with others too. 


Let me discover a consciousness where I don’t have problems with the self or others… starting with myself.  As well as accepting, can I love myself?  Maybe I need to go a bit deeper into my own inner being.  When I go deeper and deeper, what I find there are the beautiful intrinsic qualities within the soul.  Peace, love, purity, joy and truth.  Am I able to experience these?  Maybe not, because I haven’t made this journey.  So let me go on it, and go deep down inside and connect myself to the experience of these qualities.  Once I have touched this treasure store, I am able to bring up the treasure again and again.  Each time I do this, and hold and experience the treasure, it is filling a space within the self that had become empty. 


One of the things that people are complaining about is loneliness.  Even within the nuclear family or between husband and wife.  Seeing the same one for 24/7 without visitors or others things to entertain and amuse.  So how do we live with the same person every day for months?  Why not, love the self and then we are able to love the other too.  This is not narcissistic.  Loving the self means being able to see the eternal being, the child of God.  In that awareness I can feel the original qualities and realise this is my eternal state of being.  Let me connect with this inner light and use it in my day to day behaviour.  Then I can see myself sharing my inner experience of love, truth and joy, in all the interactions I have with others, no matter what the circumstance or pressures are.


Here is a story to illustrate what is within will come out: Two people bump into each other on a corridor.  One is holding a cup of coffee and it spills on them both.  What happens? Whatever was inside the cup came out, coffee.  If it had been tea, that would have come out, if it had been water, that would have come out.  We cannot expect anything else.  Just as when someone comes into friction with me and rubs me up the wrong way, what will I give out?  Whatever I have filled myself with!  If what I have filled myself with is critical, wasteful, unhappy thinking… the collision is just an excuse and I will come out with whatever I am carrying within.  If instead in the collision, I stop and apologise and the other says ‘it is ok’, with a big smile, there is growth of compassion, love and non-reactivity.  This happened not at the time of ‘bumping into them’, but through a practice they had developed.  Through that practice they were able to create the feelings of positivity.  This is what happens.  Let me fill the self with the feelings of goodness that I am, then my old reactions and responses are the things that go under water, not me.  All the bad images and feelings that I am still holding in my space, is what creates a disturbance.  Can I come to the point today, when whatever  the trigger, maybe an email that is demanding and assuming, can I look at this peacefully and respond that I understand what the other is going through but maybe there can be a change.  I then respond with peace, tranquillity and patience, then this boomerangs and it comes back to me and my heart feels it has grown. 


Let me experiment by going deep inside and learning to love the self for who I am.  Not what I have achieved, but who am I.  If I can do this, then I become a model for my family.  Resilience means to have a big open heart and to be available for people when they need me.  At what point can I condense and compress something, so that it is not taking all my energy and strength.  Sometimes we allow things to take over our whole life.  If I am doing it in the sense of being surrendered to God, that is great because God is able to accommodate all of us in His heart. 


Patience is connected with resilience.  Yet sometimes it is not even put on the list of virtues.  Because it is not valued in today’s world, which is high speed. Covid 19 has taught us to slow down a little, but there is still a long way to go.  Patience goes with resilience.  Will I be able to withstand the shock of what is coming.  Not just because I have developed power, but using patience I won’t react. A result of this will be I stay calm and cool.  In coolness it is possible there is enough strength to deal with the problem.  Patience removes problems.  An emotive reaction will create an energy drop.  If however I am responding patiently then a long term solution can develop.  With patience I am able to gather my inner strength, and see clearly.  I am able to reflect and then reply.  Covid 19 has taught us plenty of patience. We have learnt how to pause, how to take time.  With an instant reaction my vision becomes narrow.  When I respond holistically it won’t be of irritation or frustration because I have been patient.  I am patient because I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day and a tree doesn’t grow overnight.  Results take time.  Resilience and patience go together.  Resilience also means to understand that my original state is the highest of all.  Whatever I am doing today is a faded image of my own inner potential.  The potential that I had was in becoming a devatma, a deity soul.  Can I hold that image of who I am and move towards it?  Then even when challenges come my way I am able to glide through, and recognise what I have to do. 


When I think about my mother, I remember her qualities, her skills, and how much she wanted to do.  I see this amazing picture emerge of someone who believed in herself and God and as a result of both faith and love in the self and God, was able to support a meditation initiative.  Souls are touched by God and then put out a lending hand so tasks get done very successfully.  Let me find a friend who is willing to take a risk and face public opinion for what is essentially a good product...  What can I do to support it, with patience, with friendship with others, faith in myself and what I do.  As a result of all these things coming together, I will be able to manage the scenes in front of me today and enhance my own stage of consciousness so I do manifest my own highest potential.  Most of us don’t and we don’t have this confidence or faith in ourselves.  Sometimes we have to face a lot of criticism.  May be I am not managing what I need to. How am I dealing with myself?  Let me emerge the goodness and beauty within the self.  Spirituality means knowing my highest position in the whole cycle.  Resilience means to bounce back into my own highest stage.  When I look around and think well so and so hasn’t made it… I am not so and so... but who am I?  An individual with many talents, skills and qualities.   We can support each other and complement each other, but we cannot ignore each other.  Can I give a little finger of support and cooperation and show another how to manage things also?

I hope this has been useful for all of you.  Asia is the continent of deep and profound wisdom.  Wisdom doesn’t come from theory. It is when knowledge is applied into practise and through that practise then wisdom is acquired.  So practise some of these ideas and you will find your own wisdom grows and you develop greater capacity to deal with all of the trials and tribulations that are to come.  Come out of Covid 19 with renewed resilience and then whatever comes after that you will be able to deal with that.



Q.What is going to happen and when is this going to end and will we be able to go back to our normal life?

I don’t have a crystal ball!  Science has told us it has peaked and is now on the downward side.  But some are saying that it is not going to end and it will now become part of the virus family and we will develop immunity so strongly that we are not impacted.  Viruses have been around since human beings have been around.  We have been happy living in harmony with the viruses and world around us.  But from the time we started to pollute the water, air and food, everything we have taken into our system has weakened us.  We are all impacted by all the many devices around us, sending out radiation. This is why we get affected by viruses and we didn’t before.  We need to build up our immune system, with rest, food and exercise but also with hope… One of the things that causes immunity to drop is hope and another is fear.  These I can take of.  I can create an awareness in which I am not afraid and I create hope for the future. 


I don’t know when this is going to end, the virus, lockdown.  But what next?  Possible economic chaos.  I was thinking of this when seeing Mount Abu with all its closed down hotels.  There is going to be an economic problem across the planet.  A powerful country like US has now millions of unemployed people and this will create disruption in the economy in a big way.  I need God’s power and love so that I know that whatever is out there, I will be able to help at a time of need.  I need to deepen this power through connection with God.


Q. Some are asking:  Look what has God given us?

Let me share a story of a 93 year old, in Italy, who recovered from Covid.  He received a bill of 500 Euros for the ventilator, when he was checking out of the hospital,  and he started to cry.  He didn’t say it was because he was poor.  He said’ I am cryingbecause  for 93 years of my life God provided me with air I could breathe and here I needed a ventilator for 24 hours and I get a bill of 500 Euros.  Do you understand?  God has gives us everything.  An intellect with the capacity to think, know and understand, and the treasures within the soul.  If I, in my ignorance, forgot about the soul, and locked up my treasures so I couldn’t access them… and said instead it is only science that can help me, human beings that can support me, or my addictions to x, y and z that can help… Then God detaches and remains quiet and waits patiently until we change our awareness and understanding of what we need to do.  God gave us a beautiful planet, a blue pearl floating in the cosmos and what did we do to it?  Look what’s happened:  the sprawl of the big cities, the dirt in the oceans, the polluted atmosphere.  Is He responsible for all this? I don’t think so.  He gave us a pure mind and heart and we abused it.  He gave us a wonderful home with such beauty and we exploited it.  This is the result.  Rather we should say.  I am really, really sorry God, and now I understand, so before I go Home let me experience gratitude.


Q. We often hear the expression ‘be mindful’.  Can you explain?

It means being present.  So often my body is here but my mind is somewhere else.  What mindfulness is saying is I am here so let me be fully present here with attention.  Then in the present my presence is felt. Others can then feel my vibrations of support.  I become present and then my presence is a gift to everyone and the atmosphere can change.  We can all share good vibrations.  People will then be perceptive and catch those vibrations. 


How do we develop emotional independence?

From a spiritual perspective, there is a very simple answer.  Soul consciousness and God consciousness.  Why?  I the soul came alone and at some point, I am going to have to return Home alone.  That is My Home up above not down here.  We get too attached to people, places, objects and position and as a result of our attachment we are not able to feel emotionally stable and independent.  Sometimes it is not support from human beings it may be a car: I need the latest model to feel secure.. But for how long?  I will never be content and emotionally stable by acquiring things externally.  My emotional stability depends on my spiritual stability.  I am a soul, and what sort of soul am I and am I able to keep the consciousness of who I am?  As a child, a student, an instrument of God…as  a disciple of God… nothing is too big, nothing is too little.  If I am able to maintain this consciousness of who I am, this gives me a deep foundation of stability that will never leave me.


Q. How do we deal with our expectations when the outcome doesn’t match the expectation?

How often is it that our expectations are actually met?  Not often.  What is going on and what is wrong?  I think it is because at the end of Kaliyug our expectations are way too high for us to match.  Think of my husband, if I expect him to be like Lord Rama, am I willing to be like Sita, obedient, faithful, a renunciate… so it is not just my expectations not being met but also the other person’s expectations are not being met by me!  All of us now have shortcomings and none of us are perfect which is why we are here in this drama with all of that is going on.  I cannot expect, when I know I cannot fulfil the expectations of others.  We need to learn to be content instead of having a ‘high bar’ that is difficult to manage for most people.  Instead can I say I have all treasures within and I can stay very calm and peaceful, stable without help from outside. If I can learn to do this, then God is going to give me a large amount of love.


Q.What message at this time would you give to senior citizens who are living alone?  How do we keep them positive?

This is the time for going beyond sound…the time for sharing love with your grandchildren, by engaging with them online, or talking to them on the phone.  Keep the connection and don’t isolate yourself.  There is a whole network of friends and relatives who would love to hear from you.  Give happiness to someone for 5 minutes every day.  Now we have time for the self, for God and time for others.  Go to them, say hello.  Don’t be shy.  There is so much to share.  Just imagine how much a person in their 70’s has seen.  They saw the 20th century at its peak.  Ask them to share their stories.  Be creative and look and see what they can share with you.


Q.Is this pandemic the point in time of the turning from Kaliyug?

I think we have a little way to go, and yet it is the start of much upheaval.  It is going to intensify and get worse and so we need resilience and capacity from Baba to get stronger and stronger.


Q.What do we do when others don’t follow our advice?

It is easy to give advice and not so easily to follow our own advice.  We give and give but we don’t know how to replenish.  We need to make time to recharge.  Think of the mobile... It will dry up if we don’t recharge it.  Make time for the self and you will then be able to help others.It is important to have a regular discipline to recharge the self which will carry you through whatever comes your way.  A discipline for silence and taking from God and spiritual study, will help you become gradually more and more powerful which will also help others.


Q.How do I deal with others who cause difficulties in my life?

We cannot change them but we can change the self.  Circumstances come to help us grow.  Don’t see those people as difficult.  Instead look into their eyes and forehead and see the soul shining.  This practice will help you deal with what seems to be difficult and help change the perspective.  I have to change my thinking and behaviour with them.


Q.In one family one is a Raja Yogi and another is not, how do we deal with that situation?

With love and regard.  My mother maintained her yogic disciplines throughout her life and it took my father 23 years to change and become a BK and then he was very happy to.  When there is mutual love and respect you sit down and talk together, and compromise.  So give yourself space for this reality. 


Om Shanti


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From the Archives: Dadi Janki on the Importance of 3rd Sunday - 18th May 2014

19 May 2020

Dear All,


Om shanti.  Hansaben has been revising the messages and classes shared by Dadi on her phone, and found the message below  - 3rd Sunday of May 2014 and wanted to share with the family, as it is accurate as per the drama for the 3rd Sunday.


Greetings from Dadi Janki – 3rd Sunday 18th May 2014


Om shanti.  Om shanti.   Om shanti. 

Today, at amrit vela, I was feeling a very strong wave to record a message for all of you because Sunday and the day of the Satguru is a very good opportunity to meet with all of you.  Today, it is third Sunday, international meditation day which I have never missed.  It is for world benefit.  The discipline that Baba has created for us of traffic control, 3rd Sunday, and of course, first is amrit vela and then the evening meditation at 7.00 pm.  It is very good to take benefit of all the disciplines for our own self-progress, for world service – those who take this benefit are multimillion times fortunate.


Today, I am meeting all of you after reading today’s murli.  It is a wonderful murli of the splendour of the stars and the moon.  Sakar Baba and avyakt and the Incorporeal – they understand some things very well and maintain the splendour with the stars and the moon, and creates such a sparkle and beauty.  Mera Baba – My Baba, sweet Baba, lovely Baba.  I have heard and you have related the things of the heart which completely melts the heart.


Sister Jayanti just shared with me how much benefit they have taken and given to one another through the silence bhatthi in the Call of the Time in GRC.  To take benefit (labh), to attain something, but not to have greed (lobh).  In writing these two words in Sindhi, there is not much difference.  Labh is attainment and we have had so much attainment from Baba, that my duty says: Whatever Baba is giving and has given – and even now, today reading the murli spoken in 1978, I feel that each of Baba’s lovely child should not just read the murli, but   love, honesty and staying close to Baba and staying in the unlimited for world service.  Just as you have taken benefit by serving through words, similarly, the stage of my mind should be such also.  Baba has praised the double foreigners so much.  It is a wonder of Baba that there is no question of language.  People have so much discrimination of opinions, language, caste and creed.  By staying in spirituality, Baba has taken us beyond any type of discrimination.  How many things should I share with you?


Today is 3rd Sunday and so have such yoga that I will reach there, wherever you are, because I cannot be even slightly separated from the family and from Baba.  I cannot be separated for even a second. In the same way, I cannot be away from the love and spirituality of the Godly family even slightly because in this spirituality, we receive Godly happiness that is beyond words.  OK.  What more can I share?


Today, Waddyben must have reached London and I asked her to share with the London class all the bhaasna that she has taken from here.  Give everyone this bhaasna on my behalf.  One is bhavna and the other is bhaasna.  My bhavna (desire filled with love and faith) is that all of you should stay in that bhaasna (the experience of that atmosphere) – stay in that feeling and maintain that honesty and Baba will be happy seeing you.  At the confluence age, Brahma is our Mother.  Brahma, the moon, our mother and in order to celebrate a meeting with such a sweet mother, I am meeting all of you. Ok.  UK is always OK.  This is Baba’s blessings.  Baba’s words of blessings are very good.  Hansa has received the blessing of looking after me, and this is why everyone loves her more than me through the e-mails.  Aruna, Mona from Kuwait have also come here with so much love.  It is our duty to have an exchange with one another and always to stay with Baba.  Om shanti.  Thank you.


* * * * *



Sister Jayanti: I am not ordinary; I am a Brahmin soul and I shine...

17 May 2020, Shantivan

Today’s is a very beautiful Murli on the theme of happiness and the connection that Baba has made with happiness is purity.  We know that impurity means the five vices, but today Baba has expanded the scope of impurity.  Baba is putting into that category of impurity, whatever it is that is inaccurate, whatever is wasteful and ordinary. Normally we wouldn't say that something ordinary is impure but of course at the end of kaliyug we see that if I have an ordinary stage of consciousness, ordinary at this point in the kalpa means being influenced by all the negativity that is around me and there's a huge amount of negativity.  So yes, being ordinary; having ordinary thoughts, ordinary ideas, ordinary words,ordinary actions and ordinary to me is that stage of body consciousness in which I have forgotten that I am a soul but not only  am I a soul, I am a brahmin souI, I am a child of God.  So, when I remember these three things I am a soul, yes I shine, then I’m a Brahmin, then I follow the highest code of conduct in my life and then if I’m a child of God I have all the qualities that God has because God has bestowed them to each and every child.  So, in that awareness of being a child of God all treasures and all attainments - everything belongs to me.


So, you can see that there's such a big difference between thinking that I am this person and thinking that I am a soul; I am a soul and I shine.  As an ordinary human being I am caught up with all the traps that are surround me here.  As a Brahmin I have a very, very elevated role to play and that is Brahmins are the highest born, the people who have the responsibility of teaching of education and they teach the spiritual laws, they teach the practical physical laws, they teach the laws that govern the relationships and duties and responsibilities.  Now of course a Brahmin today, a lokik caste born Brahmin,  most probably doesn’t do much of this, except  just read from the scriptures and teach people to memorise things from the scriptures. However, the actual role of the Brahmin the highest born, born through the mouth of Brahma, the one through whom the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures were shared...  So, being a Brahmin is actually a very, very elevated role of being the instrument to teach and through their life they are also teaching and the one who is able to guide others on the path of knowledge to bring them closer to God. So, it’s a very special role.  


Then of course the other is a child of God; all of Gods qualities are my inheritance because the child is also a master and so God is happy to give me everything that he has and to fill me with all of this. So, I was just thinking that ordinary awareness; so what, it’s OK, never mind’, but no I’m not ordinary and there's no ego about this because as a child of God there is also deep humility and the recognition of others also being a children of God, to whatever extent they know or don’t know and to whatever extent they've claimed the inheritance from their parent.  You can see how ‘ordinary’ today is a very slippery slope; I forget about who I truly am, as a soul, as a child of God, as a Brahmin, and my activity, becoming ordinary, begins to slip very quickly into negative behaviour because that's the norm.  Now they're talking about what is going to be post Corona norm and everybody is saying that the new norm is not going to be the norm that it was before and that is good. It’s good because the norm before was not very nice it had a lot of injustice, it had a lot of negativity it had a lot of ego within it.  So, what is the new norm? Well maybe as Brahmins we can show others through our lives that the new norm is to be in the highest stage of consciousness.   So now at this moment I have to check ‘am I ordinary’.  Dadi used to say to us,the way that you sit, the way you walk, the way you eat, the way you talk is it ordinary or is it the truth;  reality and royalty and royalty.  So, it caught my attention this morning that nothing in Brahmin life should be just so, just managing or its okay, never mind. Now Dadi used to say just getting something done is not what Brahmin life is about.  Whatever I'm doing it has to be considered and it's not just get it done and out of the way but it has to be done with a certain awareness and an understanding of its implications on the atmosphere,on others, on my destiny, my fortune, my future...  So you can see that ordinary is definitely part of impurity.   


Baba has been making us aware of not allowing waste to come because it drains us of power.  So on one side I’m accumulating power,  I’m taking power , and on the other side I'm letting it drain away by allowing waste to come. If  you waste water you are very, very aware that water is very precious you can't waste it. Waste money and the whole situation with the economy worldwide is a very delicate and fragile state. I cannot afford to waste. I have to use all that I have in a worthwhile way. We know this.  But what about the energy of the thoughts? My thoughts are very precious, my time is very precious and some of the time that I give to allowing waste thoughts to come, thoughts that I don't need, is wasted.  I really don't need to think about this one, about that one, about the past, the future, I don't need any of that. So, let me focus on that which is pure and positive and powerful.  


Inaccuracy; inaccurate thinking leads to inaccurate words and then I see the reaction on others and I say sorry, I didn’t mean it like that.  But the arrow has left the bow and hit a target somewhere and maybe it’s caused sorrow. Given a different situation the words may  have be fine but in this situation they’re not accurate.  So to be yogyukt means to be connected to Baba and to know -  to take a pause. If I let my thoughts run away with me I have to take a pause before I speak, before I communicate . So, inaccuracy in my thinking is very destructive for me and it's going to cause destruction or damage for others also.


So, to what extent am I yogyukt so that I can be accurate also? Just with soul consciousness I am able conquer the five vices, so with soul consciousness and God consciousness I’m able to go beyond that which is inaccurate in my life. Sometimes we think something and we put it into words and actions.  Afterwards we say we didn't really mean it like that, we didn't think it was going to have such an impact, we didn't realise that the fallout of this was going to be this.  Well as Baba’s child, as a Brahmin, I have heard many, many Murlis in which Baba has told me to stop, be soul conscious, remember Baba and then think.  Am I following that shrimat?  Then if  I’m not then there's going to be something or another that's not accurate and then the feedback of that might be that if it's given sorrow to others then I'm going to receiving sorrow from others too, it’s very difficult for me to stop that. 


So, purity...  and you can see how it’s totally linked to my inner state of joy, sometimes we translate sukh as happiness which is correct and so today Baba talking about kushi. And maybe joy can be a good word here so that spiritual joy, that inner joy, eternal joy that which is never going to finis – it’s  indestructible, it's there to be with me all the time.  It's not dependent on anything or anyone outside. .Baba has told us clearly that if there is a lack of joy it's not because of someone or something or some situation, rather it’s because of my own stepping away from that line of  conduct that Baba has told me about and if I step out of that line then BANG, my inner joy goes.


During lockdown there's been several cartoons describing all sorts of things.   One of the cartoons In India when we first went into lockdown was what was the first lockdown ever?  It was Sita, Sita was put into lockdown (told to stay within the circle) and then because she disobeyed the rules of lockdown and stepped outside the line then she got caught up with sorrow and she had a lot of different types of sorrow she had to go through. 


So, the lockdown of the soul and the line of Maryadas that line of purity that Baba has taught us.  So let me stay within that line of purity and my inner joy is my own treasure, a gift from God which is of Sangumyuga. I will never experience this level of joy at any other time of the ...  only now... Through my connection with God that joy is powerful, it's pure and it's contagious. Joy is contagious! Not only a virus is contagious, but more than that fear is contagious.  When  I get afraid,  people around me also get afraid.  


We wanted to find God, we wanted to know the truth and now we have found them!  I just have to keep that joy with me constantly, constantly, constantly.  This means keeping track of where my thoughts are going, checking and changing. Or do I head off to one of the alleyways? Baba said if you're on a highway it’s a straight road, it takes you to your destination very quickly/ But if we get attracted to an alleyway; I see something beautiful I am attracted to it and I step away from the highway and go off somewhere else then time and energy are lost and a lot of sorrow is experienced.   I get caught up in a big, big mess that I wasn’t supposed to.  Baba didn’t want me to get into a mess.  Baba didn't want me to get into a state of confusion because confusion robs me of my joy. If I say I don't know what to do because I'm confused then why am I confused? It is because I am caught up with things that are not meant for me.  All these alleyways and byways weren’t supposed to be for me.   I should just stay on the highway which is clear and straight forward and takes me straight to my destination of completion and perfection. So, it’s a very powerful reminder today; don’t get distracted by anyone or anything and your joy, your inner state of happiness will come from Baba, from inside yourself. It will not be dependent on anyone else.  If I can't control my thoughts your mind will go off here, there and everywhere.   Baba has told us we will  not then be able to claim the right of being a world emperor, in fact we will  not  even part of the royal family because the fluctuation that happens with confusion is that I might take the wrong step in the wrong direction. Then I've already gone into a wrong alleyway and I'm confused and confusion makes me take a few more steps and takes me away from my destination. This is in search of a limited attainment of happiness. Here I am thinking this is going to make me happy this is going to bring me joy and I go down that road and of course there's never joy in kaliyug, there just isn’t... If it does come it's just temporary. However, I’ve forgotten that its temporary and I'm chasing after that and meanwhile my destination of my sovereignty has been forgotten, my fortune has been forgotten, and it has slipped through my fingers. Once you forget it slips away...  


Baba uses two words that go together very sweetly in Hindi - om kushi, I am a being of joy - and then khushnaseeb my good fortune, happy fortune, joyful fortune. So if I keep my happiness I am also very, very fortunate and my fortune means I claim sovereignty. Baba said if there is any service that is not giving you happiness that's bringing you into limitations that's creating conflict or confusion in you, then it’s a mixture.  It's not real service, true service, there's something that's impure there's impurity mixed in. My personal desires, my limited desires... My personal desires I want or I wish all these things are mixed in. Make sure you're doing honest service, true service, real service and the results of real service will come. Again, there's an expression that Baba’s used that I want us to explore; true service, without desires takes you into the unlimited and when service is mixed then that brings you into the limited. Just reflect on these words. I'm doing something and I'm getting trapped in the limited, well that's easy to understand.   I want immediate results, I want recognition, I want praise, I want a position,  want a pedestal.  I want all sorts of thing. So that limited desire has its limited results - I'm looking for praise and pedestals etc. In fact, that's robbing me of my future sovereignty because I'm taking what's immediately available in a very minor way.  Baba says don't be satisfied with a little -aim for the unlimited. What does it mean - real service takes you into the unlimited? The feeling that I've got is that if I've done genuine service out of love for Baba and love for humanity a service, in which I'm giving without thinking of any result,  I get the happiness of that unlimited happiness, unlimited power. If you go into the unlimited a very beautiful feeling comes of how, if you step from the limited into the unlimited, there are no limits, your horizon is widened your vision is a big vision. You don't get into little things and traps that are along the way of ‘my’ and ‘you’ and ‘he’ and ‘she’ and ‘if‘ and ’but’.  All those are very limited things. It is time to step into the unlimited. Brahma Baba was always unlimited.


In 1961 how many students were there outside of Bharat and what was the condition of centres in Bharat? Everything was very simple very, very poor. I don't like using the word ‘poverty’ but it was the beggary part - the centres were very simple.  Yet Baba had these big  posters of the cycle and the tree made and sent them by post to Rajni bhen. He said one set is for the Queen and other sets were for University of Oxford and the Pope.   So, I know that Rajni got a set sent to the University and a set to the Queen. What was Baba doing? He was in the unlimited he was sending out those vibrations. The impact those vibrations has yet to be revealed; Babas’ thoughts were never limited always unlimited – he always saw the bigger picture. 


So if there's something going on here and I'm trapped by ‘why, if, but, maybe’ then I'm depriving myself of the possibility of being unlimited. Keep in mind that the unlimited is a very lovely experience and it really liberates you from all the little things; of getting caught up,  things going wrong,  things that keep happening around us. Step into the unlimited. In the unlimited I'm very much with Baba, very much aware of the home, very much aware that it's time to go home soon and it will be time to go to the new kingdom very soon.  So, stepping into the unlimited - I like that very much.


Today's Murli is one you want to imprint on your heart in detail, practically every line has a huge depth to it and is incredibly profound.  One more thing I've just want to mention from today's Murli;  Baba has talked about faith and support and so, when I have faith the sign of this is that I’m carefree, I'm totally carefree, totally free from worry and if I’m not carefree then what's the reason?   Faith in drama, maybe that's not so strong, faith in myself - maybe that's not as yet very strong... Then there is faith in Baba. Of course we all say that we have faith in Baba, but Baba is telling us that to make the right quality of effort and leave the rest to Him;  hand over your burdens to Him. Then I don't need to carry the burden of responsibility, I can just hand it over to God.  And the definition of surrender - a lovely definition: Baba said there should be no thought of ‘my’. If there’s the thought of ‘my or mine’ it means I haven't surrendered.    Can I apply that to my situation, nothing is mine not even this body is mine?  I hold it in trust for Baba and so what Baba wants me to do through this body I will follow those signals. So everything, even this body is not mine. What then can I say is mine? I can’t put the words my, mine to anything at all.  So, let me stay in that awareness of the unlimited and have such faith that I am free from anxiety, worry and fear. There are no worries at all.


The drama is fixed and I make my effort. It’s not that I’m going to sit down and say OK whatever is in drama, no! I'm making quality effort so the results of that are fixed. If I've sown seeds the fruits are going to come to me, they're not going to go anywhere else.  Baba said: at some point the fruits of karma are like a shadow; can anyone separate you from your shadow? So the fruits of your karma are going to come to you.   Nobody, nobody can interfere and take away the fruits that belong to you, because you sowed those seeds. So, here's a little question for checking and changing; how often do I use the word ‘my’? When I used the word I, am I stable in soul consciousness? When you use the word ‘my’ just pause and reflect and make a list.  I think this might help you deal with a few blocks and obstacles that come to you. Baba is  make effort now this year;  according to drama this Murli was spoken in January 86. Now here we are during 2020 lockdown and Baba is still saying you have time to make effort for yourself, you didn’t have time before and now you have time. We probably have more time during the lockdown than we had before it.


So enjoy the rest of your week, stay well, stay healthy, stay happy, stay joyful.

Om Shanti



Sister Jayanti:  The importance of constantly having pure thoughts and good wishes...

6 May, 2020, Shantivan

During those special days when BapDada’s avyakt meeting used to take place in the corporeal form in Om Shanti Bhavan, at that time Baba used to meet people individually and speak personally on a one-to-one basis. At that time whilst meeting an individual or groups Baba used to say whatever effort you are making is ok but you should be able to keep that stage constantly… all the time.  


Say for example you are happy now, but Baba wants you remain happy constantly; always (sadaa).If your stage now is of introversion (antarmukhta), let it be like that constantly – sadaa. Many times Baba used to underline this word: sadaa – constantly, for all time. In the same way, everybody has this experience that we are able to have pure thoughts (subh chintan) and good wishes (subh chintak). But we become numberwise in having that stage constantly.


The first stage is of subh chintan, having pure and elevated thoughts for the self.  So let me see, do I constantly keep the jewels of knowledge that Baba has given me in my intellect, so that I have no other kind of thoughts going on in my mind except only the pure elevated things about Baba’s knowledge.


We have heard so much from Dadi Janki and she would sometimes share the following:

  • First stage is ‘manan’ – I am constantly remembering and revising the points of knowledge from Baba’s murli in my mind.
  • Second is ‘chintan’ (thoughts) - if I am thinking and revising gyan in my mind then I am able to become free from chinta– (worries and anxieties). But if I am not thinking and reflecting on gyan then chinta definitely remains.
  • Third is ‘manthan’, the churning of the gyan. I go deeply into gyan, and by churning the knowledge I get the essence. That essence is like the butter, the nourishment that helps me become powerful.

But you also get the buttermilk that is left over, and there is benefit from that also [buttermilk is the liquid that is left over from churning milk into butter]. Everyone enjoys drinking buttermilk during hot weather as that gives coolness to the body. When we churn the knowledge then its essence comes in our intellect, and together with that, as much time I spend in churning the jewels of knowledge, accordingly my physical senses become cool, quiet and serene.

  • Then after manthan comes ‘simran’ (silent chant)
    In bhakti it is said: perform the simran of one word or one sentence (i.e. the silent chanting of a mantra in the mind). We say that the essence that comes out from churning the knowledge is Baba. Baba is the one who remains in our simran and Baba is the One who stays in our smriti, awareness.
  • So after simran (silent-chanting) comes ‘smriti’ (awareness) 
    My stage is created according to how much gyan I have used and experimented with… Then in that stage there is just Baba’s remembrance, remembrance of my home (Paramdham), remembrance of heaven and remembrance of the cycle…

Whichever of Baba’s main points that I have experienced, I keep them in my awareness, so then if any type of situation comes in front of me, the first response the intellect will have is according to my awareness…The stage that I reach after churning the knowledge becomes my awareness and so then my response to that situation will be gyan-yukt  (based on knowledge). My response won’t be on the basis of my sanskars or nature but my response will be just like the way Baba responds in any situation. In this way we will be able to follow the Father


Shiv Baba is God –Shiv Baba is called “Sada Shiv, Sada Kalyaankari” that is, the constant Benefactor… Shiv Baba doesn’t have any other types of feelings… Baba always has pure elevated thoughts for every soul; He doesn’t think anything else - it is not possible! No matter how sinful a soul may be, no matter however many mistakes the soul has made, but as soon as they come in front of Baba and say that they have realised their mistake, Baba forgives them. Yes, then Baba will say, as much deep realisation you have there should be that much transformation.


In bhakti they say: hey God don’t hold any of my weaknesses in Your chit (memory-track). God doesn’t keep anything on His chit! So has my stage become like my Father?


Not only did Shiv Baba have this stage, but we have also heard Brahma Baba’s stories - I have seen Baba practically. Together with that you all also have seen and known Dadi very well. They never kept anything on their chit.


I stayed with Dadi Janki for a long time and we would have conversations with Dadi about different matters. We would tell Dadi: this person has made this mistake not just once or twice but three times even then you have such subh-chintak – pure thoughts and good wishes for them… And so Dadi would say, tell me, what else should I do instead? And when we used to say: Dadi you are always sharing gyan then Dadi used to tell us: should I share agyan?  (Gyan = knowledge, agyan = ignorance, not-knowledge).


Many times Dadi used to give us very strong signals that if you think about someone’s mistake then that will have an impact on your stage. It is not that I am doing anyone any favours when I am having pure thoughts and good wishes for them. It is about: What does gyan, knowledge, say? What is the stage that I need to create for my own self, on the basis of gyan? Baba always says that first have a look at your thoughts (chintan)]: what type of thoughts am I having?


As much as we create pure thoughts based on gyan in a very powerful way, then we are able see that it is not a big thing to be able to have good wishes for another soul. Our feelings are also created through the thoughts.  And so we have to make sure that the pure feelings that we have within us constantly remain elevated and satopradhan feelings… the word sadaa, constantly comes in.


And for that also, as much as we have the practice of reflecting and thinking about gyan, then it is very easy to be able to have good wishes for any soul (subh-chintan).Whenever there is an auspicious day, like Diwali or Christmas or New Year, then the words in the cards created for that day say “good wishes for all”.


If something else is going on in my mind about someone, then that will really have an effect on our yoga. Why? Because Baba is the Magnet and Baba is able to pull the soul when the soul is pure. So if the soul is covered with ‘rust’ or ‘dirt’, then that interferes…So then, I am making a lot of effort to connect in yoga with Baba, but I am not able to feel that attraction (kashish)  from Baba. Otherwise, we would have the stage that, as soon as I create a thought to connect in yoga with Baba (I connect with Him)…


You must have noticed with the avyakt drills that are going on at the present time, avyakt BapDada uses the term ‘within a second’. So, if I create a thought and Baba’s attraction pulled me towards itself instantly, then that is the account (hisaab) of a second…  


But if I make effort slowly - slowly of getting detached from the body and going beyond the world of matter – then many minutes will have passed …and if I have had any other thoughts about any person then it will take much longer for me to be able to reach Baba and make that connection.


However, if throughout the day I have made the effort that: I am going to perceive every situation based on Baba’s gyan, then – and you must have observed this - as is my awareness (smriti) so will be my attitude (vruti) and then that is the action (kriti) that I will perform and on the basis of that will be my world (srishti).


Whatever is the awareness [smriti] I have had, that is the world [srishti] I will be creating and my drishti will be according to that also… (Awareness, attitude, vision, actions, world) However, if I have taken something else about another person or situation in my mind (chintan)… Then that will have an effect on my body as well.


Everyone knows about the coronavirus situation. Some of you might have heard that our immune system has a connection with our thoughts. Yes, it (the virus) has a connection with the food and water and air – but in Baba’s home we have sattvic food and with everyone’s effort and hard work we are also getting pure water and the air in the environment is very good because the pollution has reduced as there are so few cars passing…so we have safety from that also…So it comes back to what types of thoughts we are creating. If we have pure and elevated thoughts, then our immunity will remain strong as well. However, if I am having weak thoughts and lower than weak thoughts, if I am having negative thoughts…..


People in the world outside have a lot of fear. I don’t think that there is one person on Baba’s campus has that fear that “oh I might get catch virus”…but outside, people have a lot of fear. So the aspects of Baba’s gyan are not only for our spiritual progress but when we are following Baba’s disciplines, this becomes very co-operative in keeping our body healthy– whether they are the physical or on internal, spiritual disciplines… If we keep our thoughts pure and we do not become frightened or anxious in any situation… because fear comes when we get frightened or anxious.  Fear is connected with a sense of loss, where I feel I am losing something - whether it is our property or someone with whom there is some attachment, or even attachment to my own body; there is fear of death snatching my body away.


We have fear because of having these kinds of thought. Fear is about the future. When I have experienced something, then there is no fear of that. In the subject of the past i.e. where I have experienced something, anger comes in… and thinking about future brings fear…


But we have a very clear picture of our future; if today I am creating elevated thoughts, speaking beautiful words of encouragement, giving courage to others and performing pure elevated actions….then my future is in my hands… Just as, Baba has said: your future is in your own hands. You can draw the line of the fortune of your destiny as big and as long as you like.


There is no fear in anyone’s mind - no one’s face is showing that that they have fear in their mind and there isn’t any fear, why?  Because Baba has told us everything, so there is no question of being fearful. You are able to take care of your own health and you are also quickly able to overcome any situation…However, as much as my thoughts are gyan-yuk, then that much it will enable me to have good wishes for myself in any situation/circumstance and also for everyone else, and I will be able to overcome that situation or circumstance. …


Nowadays the subject of economy is coming up. Outside, people are discussing that the coronavirus that has come will go, but in the future there will be much unemployment. Many have already lost their jobs, and they are now using up all the savings they had made after doing so much hard work, because they have been unable to work.  This is what is happening in the lokik homes.


It is the same with Baba’s home… no donations are coming because no people are able to come here, and we do not know how much longer it will be like this (i.e. when will restrictions on gatherings be lifted_. Yet Baba’s children won’t be frightened about that. Why?  Because the other day (in the Murli) Baba’s promise was very good, that Baba will feed you dal and roti… maybe you won’t get 3-4 vegetables… but you will definitely receive dal and roti! In this also, if I have been following and obeying Shrimat, then Baba is responsible for me...


Whether it is an aspect of illness or economy or leaving the body, Baba’s children do not have any types of worry or fear because we know that Baba’s hand and company [haath aur Saath] is with us, and our internal happiness is in our own hands. On that basis, just think: what sort of situation or circumstance can come where we would become frightened?


One aspect of internal bhav/swabhav (motive or intention/nature) comes in… For the people outside, we know and understand that they have a different stage to us.  And so we fill our stage with peace, love and patience and then we come into relationships and interactions (vyavahaa) with them. But when it comes to our internal family (Brahmin family), then whilst seeing someone [their behaviour] we start having thoughts about them and we say: ‘they have gyan! Did they not listen to today’s Murli? Didn’t they understand today’s Murli?’ I forget about “what it is that I have to do”, and instead I allow my intellect to go towards them: “why did they not listen? Why did they not understand? Why didn’t they observe/obey that”?


If I make this aspect firm: “what is it that I have to do”, then I will make sure that I have to attain my satopradhan stage very quickly.


Many times we hear the expression “time is short”. So if someone has the thought that ‘oh, these things are always happening, there is still a lot of time left’ …no! People outside are saying that we are now in the time where things won’t be the same again; the world is not going to continue as it had done so before….


There will be difference in so many things… we will see what is going to happen… So, it is very important that we move along paying a great deal attention on time.  It is true that at the moment the time is very delicate. And for us, the reality is that there is very short time remaining for our own spiritual effort.


After this rehearsal, even greater hard times are going to come but if we can keep our stage on creating pure elevated thoughts then we can understand and know that with the cleanliness and honesty of our hearts… (We will be able to have a clean mind) … It is by using the power of knowledge and Baba’s love that we are able to clean our minds…Why? Because if we see every scene with the eye of knowledge, then we will get the answer to ‘what is it that I need to do in this particular situation’?


However, if I forget knowledge and something else comes in my eyes, where I see someone’s defect or weakness or something of the past, then with that ‘dust’, my third eye automatically closes. On a physical level when a speck of dust gets into my eyes, then not only do my eyes close, they also start to water; the tears come. So when my third eye of knowledge closes through seeing someone’s weaknesses or remembering something from the past, then with that I also have to tolerate a lot of pain and sorrow.


It is not that, that soul gave me sorrow, but it is because I changed my vision and attitude and made my own self unhappy.


This is why when Baba says: constantly have good wishes – it means if I constantly make sure that my vision and my attitude is based on knowledge, then I will be able to have good wishes (subh-chintak) for everyone.


Nowadays Baba is pulling our attention of the subject of sakaash. We are taking sakaash from Baba – for this, Baba is giving us a lot of help. But Baba is saying: now you give sakaash to others. This is the main service that we have to do at this time - of giving sakaash. If there are some other things going on in my mind for any one person - let us say I forgave 10 people but I am not able to forgive just one person - then is it possible for me to give sakaash to anyone? Only by having pure feelings and pure good wishes for every soul, will our sakaash be able to do some work… However, if there are other things going on in my mind then…


Actually Baba is the One who gives sakaash, but we say Baba, “Baba, just as you are giving us sakaash, we will become cooperative instruments and give sakaash to others”. So as an instrument we have to be so clean, for only then we will be able to do that work of giving sakaash.


If there is a little bit rust on a knife, then would you use that knife to cut any vegetables for eating? No, you wouldn’t; you would say it would be poisonous… In the same way, if the instrument is not clean then Baba is not able to use that instrument. Baba will say: first of all clean yourselves, only then you can become an instrument to do this task.


Nowadays in blessings and avyakt murlis and sakar murlis Baba’s is signalling us to constantly have pure thoughts and good wishes  for everyone… This is the main homework that Baba has given us today…


Om Shanti




Subtle Signals – Sister Mohini speaking to Australia & Asia

3 May, 2020


Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti.

I am feeling the presence of Dadi Janki. Dadi always loved us and had very pure bhavna (not expectations) but bhavna in us. When there are expectations, then there is disappointment, but she had bhavna in each one of us. She always used to acknowledge the bhavna of double foreigners in her, which created her to be what she is today. So, I was remembering her and this whole connection of her leaving her body and the world in complete pause. 

I feel the presence of Baba with us. Baba is guiding us, leading us, and also our ancestor souls are with us – this is creating inner fearlessness, of being stable, and feeling supported. There is a whole connection between Dadi leaving and the world situation. This is something very significant. 

Baba, in today’s avyakt Murli, says, it’s time to accumulate powers. Time to earn multi millions, the whole income. That means, for one action, the reward is multi million times. Time is critical, and the world will not be the same anymore after this, even if we are opening up; still, the world will be different. Even if the world is in a very delicate situation, a critical situation, for us, it is a great opportunity in many different ways. 

Most of you, Baba’s children, have double work. Lokik job and spiritual service. So, the timetable must be quite tight. Sometimes we try to find a balance. But it was not possible. There is a saying, early to bed and early to rise. But that was not the case; it was late to bed and early to rise. That was our routine. So, Baba’s children needed a life of raja yogi. In our spiritual childhood days, we had good Amrit vela, we were able to keep a chart, and we did proper traffic control. We had a balanced lokik and spiritual life. So, Baba has given us this time. I always study. Always, I love to read Murli a few times. I listen to the Murli after Amrit vela - recorded Murli in Hindi. Then I listen from harmony house. Then I read. Because, the first time when I read, it’s like I am just reading. I don’t get much. Then after the second time, the third time, I start seeing the nectar and jewels of knowledge and the treasures.

Now, we have a little more time for contemplation. In a very natural way, there is more and more realization. Even if there is social distancing, spiritually, there is a lot of closeness. So this time is for the self, for realizations, for healing the self. Internally, we need to give ourselves the rest of silence -- The deep rest of silence. The mind is not always going on and on, and the intellect is not always planning one program after another. Even if the intellect plans, what happens might be different than what we expected. Baba and drama's plans are always very wonderful. The intellect doesn’t need to plan -- This is very important at this time. I am paying a lot of attention to keeping a very clear line with Baba, a good connection with Baba. We are doing this collective yoga Bhatti with Avyakt Bapdada’s drills. I usually say, in one minute. But, Baba says, one second. That is, within one second, you are with Baba, you are a soul; you are in the incorporeal world, in our home. Within one second, we need to be in that stage and experience. For this, we need a lot of practice. For this, a clear intellect is very important. Intellect should be clean, in a sense, avoid all wasteful reading, watching television, and reading waste books. Just take pure knowledge from Murlis, reflect on it, and have a clear intellect.

Some days in the morning at Amrit vela, amazingly, I feel Baba saying to me, “Child do this, this, and this.” I naturally wake up very early. These signals are so clear to me that I start writing them down because I might forget. I definitely feel that the intellect is so clear and that they are coming from Baba. The question: Is it Baba saying or my mind saying doesn’t arise. Once I asked Didi Manmohini, “How do I know whether it is my mind’s or Baba’s?” She said, “If you have an idea and then you either talk about it or keep it in your mind and if that doesn’t get practically implemented, you will say, I don’t know why I had this idea, and it’s not working.” “But if it is from Baba, you will never say that. You will just remain detached, and you know internally that if it is from Baba it’s going to happen.”  

When we get a signal from Baba, then we won’t have waste thoughts about it. But, if it is coming from my mind, then I have doubts. “I am not sure what’s going on, whether it will happen or not . . .” 

Amrit vela is a very good time to sit with a clear intellect. Clean intellect means no influences. I tell myself not to listen to many things. Because many people call, they give different news. I just say no to myself; I just want to be with Baba. At this time, we need to not only connect our intellect’s yoga with Baba, but also we need to have deep natural remembrance of Baba.

What is the difference between yoga and remembrance? Yoga is a connection; yoga is a link where you feel Baba’s power, Baba’s presence. But, remembrance is really from your heart with love. While doing something, while being a karma yogi, there is remembrance. You feel two things. 1. Baba’s presence. 2. You experience inheriting Baba’s virtues. Brahma Baba was always sweet. He never had anger. Sitting in remembrance with Baba you will experience that sweetness coming from Baba, which makes you sweet. Remembrance is not from intellect; it isn’t where you are expecting that you will be sweet. But, remembrance is a journey. It’s very sweet and natural.

You can’t force remembrance. In the case of yoga, you can still prepare and then connect. But remembrance is very natural. We all should experiment on having yoga, a connection with Baba, and also have remembrance. This is where we experience purity, sweetness, Baba’s love, His kindness, forgiveness, and so many Baba’s qualities. The power which you receive through remembrance is completely different. We feel as though Baba is giving us His powers to us. This time is a great opportunity for all of us, so let’s use it.  

Four things are important within a family. 1. Spiritual love, because this is a spiritual family. Soul conscious love should be there, and we should have lots of practice of giving drishti and sharing that love. 2. Respect everyone’s ideas. 3. Cooperation, and 4. Courage. If anyone is discouraged because of any reason, give yourself that day’s blessing to uplift yourself and uplift others, help everyone so that we all continue together on the journey. 

Whenever I sit to offer bhog to Baba, Baba always reminds me, ”I am with all of you, I am your Supreme Guide”, Baba is with us. We cannot connect with Baba, because we are so conditioned from the past. When my heart is full of love, when I have faith in Baba, and I think of Baba, then His presence is experienced. I want to share that Baba is with us. It hurts me when someone says Baba doesn’t come anymore. I said he can’t keep coming all the time. Time is changing; role is changing. We also have to be now in the incorporeal stage to experience incorporeal Baba, and in angelic stage to experience angelic Baba. So Baba is always present with us. 

And I find that for ourselves and in family, simplicity is very important. Even our food at this time should be very simple, should be proper, balanced. It’s a very good opportunity for the spiritual family to be together. You know that all of this is nothing new. Baba has told us exactly what is happening today. That, there will be a time when there will be diseases, and there won’t be any cure. 

We all Baba’s children have to be very protective emotionally. Whenever there are waste thoughts, that means your battery is not charged. So, when the battery is low, then you have lots of waste thoughts. We all have to remain physically safe. We all have to spiritually enrich ourselves and others. We also have to remain emotionally very stable. Don’t allow any wasteful thoughts or doubts to come. Baba assures us that we are under his canopy. We have to just be very stable. 

I am very happy that wherever I couldn’t go, I am able to go now. So thank you for inviting me and thank you for giving me time, and I am very happy to be with all of you. I feel Baba’s presence. We have to watch drama. Let’s all be together spiritually with Baba as a family. Om shanti.



Sr Mohini: Overcoming Jealousy and Making Ourselves Worthy

3 May 2020

NOTE: This is a sample of the kind of classes you will find in the Peace and Harmony YouTube channel.  Here is a link to the channel if you would like to access clips of Dadi Gulzar’s classes, latest Sister Mohini’s sessions, and Yagya stories.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoa98tcafmOlGvY57gwAAug


Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.

Since morning I’ve been keeping the aim that whatever Baba says, I have to do it. We have to follow Baba’s directions. In my training, Didi Manmohini and Mama used to teach us how to stay respectful to seniors, loving with equals and younger ones.  Because sometimes it does happen suddenly out of ego, I could think, “I am a senior, I have more experience.” This could be true to a certain point.  I will share an example of how learning could come from anyone, even from nature, from younger ones, from anyone – It’s not only from senior ones, yes from seniors we do learn. In one family, I saw three generations of doctors; grandfather, father, and grandson. The father was telling me that, “Whenever I want to take advice, I go to my father. He has vast experience, but whenever I want to know the latest medicines or the latest technology, then I go to my son. Because he knows more than I know.” So all three from different ages with different experiences share their knowledge, their understanding, and their experience.

But some have difficulty in relationships, and subtly that is jealousy or lack of self-respect. As soon as they see someone younger than them doing something better, they lose their self-esteem. It is Baba’s task, so learning should be from each other.  We should learn new methods from younger ones, experiences from seniors, and come into a very lovely relationship with equals.

Our success in the Yagya depends on how smooth and love-full our relationships are with everyone. Baba says you have to get a certificate from everyone. First, we should get from our immediate family or co-group that we are serving with.

Dadi Prakashmani said that when sakar Baba would give toli to 10 souls sitting together, he would give in such a way that she is the last one to get it.  He would give to the one before her and then turn around and leave without giving to her. She said, “It never hurt me, or I even had a thought, why did he ignore me, or he didn’t give me toli.” She smiled and thought that’s a test for me. He wants to see how much faith I have in Baba, how much love I have in Baba, and if I’m getting any wasteful thoughts or not. Because Dadi was in that self-respect, she knew that Baba loves her. She also knew that he is doing it to see what is her stage where her thoughts go.

Same Dadi Janki was sharing that once Baba was giving drishti to everyone and every time her turn came, He would skip and not give her drishti. She said, “I am the one who was always so thirsty for Baba’s drishti.” “In the beginning, for a while, I used to feel why Baba doesn’t give me drishti.” After sometime, she started to realize how much Baba loves her. But also Baba wanted to see how strong Dadi was. There are very subtle desires, and in those desires, some are very deep. To be loved. To get a chance. To be praised. To be acknowledged. These are very subtle desires. So Baba wanted to see if they are jealous and if they have any waste thoughts. Both passed their exams. Some tests are from Maya and some from Baba.

Tests can also happen from each other. Misunderstandings can happen, lack of trust can happen.  But, during all this, how respectful and loving, and cooperative am I?  Mama told me when I was very young in gyan that jealousy comes from lust. When I heard that I was shaken. How come, we are pure, we are celibate . . .  Then Mama said Kaam (lust in Hindi) also has another aspect to it, and that is intense desires (Kaamnaye) Another word is thrishna – a strong desire or wanting something so much that we go after it.  I must get this, or I must have this or I should achieve this. So it is like a burning kind of desire; they call it thrishna. The product of all of that is jealousy. 

In Pandav Bhavan at night, we used to have something called “court.” Baba used to come and give a night class. Then Mama will ask about everyone’s wellbeing. And, she also used to ask if anyone made any mistakes or did anything wrong during the day. Because everyone’s stage and power of yoga were different, the sanskars were emerging, and many situations were happening, and there used to be these games of comparison and jealousy. Some used to only complain about others, and some used to say, “I was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it.” There was one sister who had the gift of trance so she used to be respected a lot and she used to get good dresses, good food, etc.  Another sister started stealing these dresses and throwing them on the roof of their neighbor.  One night in court, she admitted to stealing the dresses and throwing them. This is because of jealousy. Jealousy makes us do crazy things. It makes us create difficulties for others . . . Or you always feel, “I wish I had this, I wish I could do it.”

Dadi Janki said, if you really want something, then it’s from your pure desire.  And, if you want to do something, then prepare yourself for it. She gave us an example:  When Dadi was in Pune, one sister was elegant and a very good speaker, so whenever there was a big program, she would be asked to give the lecture.  There was another sister who had the duty of sharing toli. This other sister internally would always feel, why does she get a chance to give a talk and I don’t.” She used to burn inside with jealousy. One day half an hour before the lecture, the sister who was supposed to give the talk got very sick. Dadi called the sister, who usually gave toli and asked her to give the talk. She said, “No way, I should be told at least one week or two days or at least two hours before.  How can I just do it.”  Dadi said, you have wanted this, so today is your turn. Dadi said she couldn’t do it.

But, if she had prepared herself on how to speak, how to give points, and to keep the concentration of the intellect, then when she got a chance, she could have done it.  Dadi said, “Always increase your worthiness of what you want to do, but not always have desires” Some ask, shouldn’t I have pure desires? Yes, but within pure desires, I have to prepare myself and make myself worthy.  I learned this lesson 55 -56 years ago. I realized that every moment in life, we have to increase our worth and prepare ourselves. Have pure thoughts - Why not? But what we do with those pure thoughts is add negative thoughts.

And that is why the last words I want to share based on the Murli this morning -- golden thoughts for the golden stage and the golden age. What is a golden thought? Baba says golden is when there is no alloy. Pure thoughts should be there. But this alloy which is there with pure thought doesn’t really make things happen, and then we lose trust or self-confidence. You see souls suffering, not realizing what is missing in their life. They have pure desires, but their thoughts are not without alloy. We must become free from the alloy of jealousy or hatred or criticism. Have pure desires, but then also have pure thoughts, elevated thoughts, and golden thoughts free from alloy.

Om Shanti.

Sister Jayanti & Sudesh DIdi – Q&A from SV with Europe & the Middle East

2 May, 2020

Q:            We are all going through this Corona virus situation and we know that the next waive will be finances.  You said in the last meeting thatwe should be prepared with 6 months of stock and if possible to have 1 year of stocks.  That also involves having savings.  We need to buy stocks and to also have savings in case we lose our jobs and incomes stop.

Do we need coaching regarding money because for many BKs money is a very sensitive subject?I believe many bks don’t have any savings.  Should we be reminding ourselves of how to have a spiritual relationship with money?

A:            Om shanti to the family, all my sisters and my brothers.

I need to start with a sense of abundance rather than a sense of lack.  If there is a sense of neediness and lack then there is uncertainty, fear and negative feelings start coming in.  But if I can look back at my record and I can say that Baba has looked after me so well and taken care of me, I have a roof over my head, I am safe and I am well.  Let me start with that awareness. Then say,OK, if it don’t have any savings at this moment, any further income I get I first of all have to give 10% to Baba.  I need to make that my foundation so that I truly appreciate that it is God who gave everything to me.  The first step is to return to God.

It has been very interesting for me to be here in India.  I have been meeting some of the people who were stranded in lockdown.  They were people from Maharastra, Andra Pradesh and Karnatika and I have been meeting with some of the people affected by lockdown.  2,000 are from Maharastra;  it was there turn for the March 20 meeting and this was the advanced party of sevadharis who were going to look after everyone else.

One sister is a farmer’s daughter and they grow vegetables, they grow everything and she said from childhood when her parents came into gyan, whatever was the first crop, the first sack of the harvest would go to the centre. It is something deeply instilled within some souls, that bhavna, that faith that Baba will look after me. If I put Baba first then Baba will look after me.  Otherwise if I put myself first He would say fine look after yourself.

At least 10% should go to Baba, 40% if possible should go in savings at this point in the drama if I don’t have any.  Down the line it can maybe go to 25% or whatever and then 50%, can I simplify my life, my needs so that I can live on 50% on a day to day basis.  This is a rough formula that Dadi would give to others very early on -  50% for yourself, 25% for Baba and 25% savings.  I am changing that a little because of the circumstances of the world at present and if I don’t have savings and there is no possibility to have savings then let me move forward with faith. At one point someone was on social security and Dadi told her even if you put £1 a week aside for Baba each week you will keep that connection with Baba on a physical, practical level. This person did that and then circumstances changed and they got a job and were able to do more. If it is Baba in my awareness then Baba will look after me. Baba will be my canopy of protection.

Shantivan is hot at present. 42 degrees Celsius in the afternoon and 38 /39 at night.  We have fans, cooling devices.  But I am thinking about the people who were stranded in the cities. They had a salary for one day and suddenly everything stops, there is lockdown and they can’t leave and they decide to start walking for 400 km - some further,  to get back home to their villages because in the city there is no food, family or jobs.  Some are from villages very, far away. They walk back to their villages where there is family and food. 

There are hundreds of places providing food.  In Delhi the government is going to supply people with food.  They are aiming to give 2 meals a day to everyone. I am not sure that is happening but they are doing their best.  The government became so strict about lockdown before the virus spread.   On 25 March lockdown started and this was why the situation with Dadi Janki came about, otherwise it would not have been like that.

It is very hard for those who are really poor.  In most other lands we think we are poor but there is always something we can have but in India they are really poor.  It is hard and it is going to get harder. The money they were earning is sent back to their family.  They are paid daily.  It is very hard and will get harder.

For west or foreign lands, can we simplify our lives and come down to basics of what we need.

Q:            Do you know the financial situation of centres in the Middle East and Europe?

A:            Unemployment figures in Europe and Middle East are rising all the time and that is going to be the major concern for governments.  In the UK on one side there is the economy and on the other side is the lockdown and virus control so for how long do you extend the lockdown for? No one really has an answer.

The other thing connected with simplicity and finances is: am I needy, do I feel there is something that I need or do I feel that my needs on the inner level have been fulfilled by Baba so that the happiness that I need, the love, the joy I need is something I am experiencing inside and so I am able to take all this from Baba and keep it with me?  Then even if there is something external I can do without it, it is Ok .There will not be a sense of deprivation.

The dadis went through a life of great simplicity, the part of beggary, huge simplicity, and carried on with their service and tapasya and came out of it the other side and none of us have experienced that so maybe that tapasya based on renunciation and simplifying everything is yet to come. So internally we have to be prepared for that. It is not a physical preparation but an inner preparation where I am constantly grateful to Baba that Baba has given me everything that I need.  That Baba has cared for me all this time and to be satisfied with what I have inside me, inside the soul and that preparation will help me with the deprivation that is yet to come.     

Once Dadi was in a guest house and she did not like the atmosphere in the house and so she slept on the roof and she would say that the floor was her mattress anda brick was her pillow and her sari was her sheet.The stars were up above and she was singing God’s praise and was content with what He had given her. She felt full and abundant.   She felt God had given her everything. 

If I have a situation like this can I be grateful for what Baba has given me and feel full and abundant inside?.

Q:            Are you going to stay in India now?

A:            Unlikely.  I will probably spend more time in India but I will be going back to my service field, London.  It is possible that international travel might not be until September or October.  If you had asked me in April about travel in August I would have said of course, everything will be OK but now I am not so sure. I don’t think that. We have had lockdown for 6 weeks and it is not going to stop in most countries for the immediate future.  Some countries are relaxing the system but many are still in lockdown

I will be commuting between London and India.  I was to spend 3 months in India but I imagine it will be more now.

Q:            Do you think we will all be travelling less from now on?

A:            I think it is going to be reduced.  Partly the economy and partly we have seen the value of online sustenance and because of that too we are going to be able to sustain ourselves better.There are so many having one day retreats, half day retreats, 3 day retreats online.

I was in a public event call just before this with Richard Barrett on the subject of values.  And I was thinking that I don’t have to think about travel.  I can just be in one place and the conversation happened in avery natural and loving way.   So we are getting used to this style of service.  Baba says something new, something new!

Q:            Service through the mind needs to be happening naturally as a result of my higher stage.  When service through the mind is deliberate currently experiencing a specific crisis or BK whose health has taken a turn for the  worse, what is more effective, to be in the angelic or incorporeal form?Do you experience being absorbed in love in the incorporeal stage with Shiv Baba, the Point  in the home, or in the subtle region with BapDada?

A:            Firstly the question about sakaash: if I am connected with Shiv Baba in paramdham then Baba’s light and might is truly able to reach out and serve the world.  Being with the Sun, the Sun is able to give light to whoever and whenever.  Sometimesthere is a specific situationthen that happens from the angelic plain.That doesn’t happen from paramdham.  Paramdham is with God and allowing His might and light to reach out.

Sometimes there is a person that we feel responsible to help, whatever the connection may be, it could be lokik, alokik, it could be someone I am asked to support. That happens when it is specific in that way, first in the angelic region.   I in that costume of light with BapDada, hold that person, that situation or that place in my vision and just for a few moments send that light there, then, I have to detach and go up above.  I can’t continue to stay there but I have to move up above. That is sakaash. 

Then, the experience of being lost in love.The conversation of love, the experience of the sweetness of Bapdada, that happens in the subtle region and that then becomes the doorway to move into the next stage in which it is the seed stage and it is not a conscious conversation any more  but it is just the experience of being merged in the Ocean of Love.

There is a very lovely comment that has been coming round in different ways in Whatsapp messages and the essence of that is some say when the drop, some say when the river, but when the drop meets the ocean it is scared, when the river meets the ocean it is scared that I am going to lose my identity and the reply of the ocean is :  “no, it is no loss, you are now the ocean”.  So the same thing, in that experience I am not losing my identity but I have to let go of everything and simply be in that Ocean of Love, or even the fire of love and it is that experience that is really in a way the ultimate experience of yoga and it is what the soul has been craving for through millennia.  To be lost in God’s love and this is what we saw with the Dadis, that they would be lost in God’s love and that experience then when you come back down on Earth is what carries you through whatever is the beggary part or the defamation part or whatever it may be that is coming your way but you are able to manage and go through it because you have had that experience of God’s love and there is nothing else that you want and whether the world appreciates you or throws stones at you it’s OK, it really doesn’t matter

Q:            How do I take power?

A:            I stay connected and if I am in that Ocean with no other thought just experiencing God’s love,  God’s truth, God’s beauty  then that is the power that I am accumulating  within myself.   It is like when the socket and the plug have really connected , the plug is absolutely in the socket and then the energy is flowing and so that power is flowing into the soul and so you don’t have to say:  “Baba I want power”  but it is there in a very natural way. 

Q:            We are still impure and we cannot fly like angels except when we enter a bubble of spirituality.  It feels as if that bubble is now bursting and we are going to have to face ourselves more directly.  Do you agree with that perspective and if so what are the implications of the ways we are to live our lives?

A:            I do think that Baba has been protecting us from a lot and we have been very comfortable in Sangamyug most of the time.  Sometimes there have been moments of discomfort but most of the time it has been fine but I think we are now facing whatever weaknesses that we have not yet dealt with and those weaknesses seem to be exploding in front of us.  The ego, the anger, the frustration.  Whatever it is I have not sorted out inside myself I am having to deal with those things.  I can’t pretend anymore and so I think that bubble was illusion in which we thought we were yogis and everything was fine.

The avyakt Murlis that have been so strong and even sakar Murlis like today’s was pretty strong. Circumstances are really going to make me face up to what is going on inside of me and to sort it out and do that now.  Not to hang around and waste time but to really be able to deal with it now.  It might be circumstances, it might be people it might be service.  Something comes in front of me that becomes a mirror to show me who I truly am and what is going on.

Q:            If I know of a BK who doesn’t have an income and they need an income, can I invite him to come and work in my home as a cleaner and I pay them for that?  Is there any problem with karma?

A:            It depends on my relationship with them and on one side if it is my attachment to them that is making me say that I want them to have some money then better not but if it is really just pure concern for my brother that this brother needs help and I can afford to give help. But rather than cleaning my home can I offer money that he can clean the Centre so that it is not so much of a personal thing.  I am sure there is still work to be done at Centres even in lockdown.  Like for example in Stockholm the Centre is a big Centre even if the place that you are living in is very small the Centre is big so to have time to do all that cleaning is another thing that needs to happen and I don’t know if people are out on the streets or if they are allowed.  There are different circumstances but looking at the normal situation it would be better to give that person money to clean the centre rather than my own house so that it is not so much of a personal thing.

Q:            Should we keep our savings in the bank or at home?  In case the bank or the computers collapse.

A:            Yes they will collapse, but we don’t know when.   Keeping money at home is always a little dangerous.  We don’t know what is going to happen to it but certainly I would keep enough money at home for about a month or two months for my needs and I have to be very careful that I keep it safe because lots of things can happen.  But I think when the Banks collapse, the economy collapses, what is going to happen to all of us anyway?  What use will money be at that time?  So we will all be in the same boat at that time.   Not just one or two but everyone will be in it together.

This is why Baba’s says yes, see what you need, use it – use it for Baba.

Q:            How do we face fear of the future?

A:            Stop thinking because it is my thoughts that go around and around.  It was very interesting, Richard Barrett, who is a leading expert on the whole subject of values, a friend of the BKs since the 80’s I think and he made a very simple statement.  He said fear is all about the future, anger is all about the past and soul consciousness makes you present.  Here is a friend of the BKs giving gyan to the BKs!  It was such a brilliant summary.

Let me do what I need to do now.  So what is it I need to do today?  I need to be soul conscious.  I need to connect with Baba, I need to follow shrimat.  If I am doing that - perfect drama.  Baba and drama work together.  If I am holding Baba’s hand by following shrimat I really don’t need to worry about the future.  Never mind being worried or afraid about the future.  I don’t even need to think about it.  Let me just do what I have to do at this moment.  That is not to say that I do not plan in the sense that winter is coming and I need to bring in whatever I need to do, insulation for the roof, lagging for the pipes, yes, I need to do all of that on a practical level but if I am sitting there thinking winter is coming, winter is coming, what am I going to do, it doesn’t work.  If there are practical things I can do let me do those, other things I don’t know.  In February did we know that this was going to happen in April, May?  No one could have predicted it.  I remember we were hearing about Bologna, Italy, and how classes had stopped and somehow I don’t think people in that regional meeting that we were in in ManmohiniComplex,we did not realise that we would be in lockdown.  I thought that if Italy was in lockdown then it was in lockdown I never thought it would be the whole world.  You never know what it is that is going to happen so don’t think about it.  Do what you need to do right now.

Usually the things that we imagine may happen don’t happen.  80% of the things that we worry about don’t happen.

Q:            Do you think that Dadi Janki has taken another birth or do you think she is in the angelic form now all the time?

A:            Sudeshdidi – according to the laws of nature or of the elements she would have about four months more before she takes birth and now she is free – she hasn’t taken birth and as she has requested in the message that we heard that before leaving she asked Baba to invite her to the subtle region from time to time. 

The mother will take care of the growth of the foetus. The soul doesn’t need to be connected to the growth of the foetus but other souls have to be connected to the growth of the foetus but the subtle energy of Dadi Janki being in the physical world she was able to touch souls in dreams and feel that she was present with them and I think that energy connected her with the womb she is in but she is acting through the subtle region is how I see it. 

Her body has to be in a physical form but her energy level is working as an angel.  So Baba invites her and we see her as Dadi Janki but people will not see her as Dadi Janki.  People will see her as an angel. 

We are still connected with Dadi Janki and she is connected with herself, Baba’s Janki, but a trustee.   So she is still giving her body as a trustee is what I feel.

Q:            If we are all concerned with the scenario and we know it will change soon but need to take charge of our minds and to be stable, what can we do to make others understand that by being calm and stable we are contributing to the world as it is being said:  Thoughts create the world

A:            Sr. Jayanti - It is a topic that has been coming up on Whatsapp in many ways because it is a programme that is going to happen tomorrow afternoon.  We are broadcasting Sr. Shivani and a whole host of Bollywood celebrities in the programme entitled:  Our Thoughts Create the World.  So that is what she is going to be addressing and the others are also going to be talking about that.

I think my stability today means that others see that it is possible to maintain that state of inner stillness when circumstances are very uncertain so we are all in the same uncertainty but they see me as being very stable and that inspires them to maintain that inner stability without upheaval, without fear so that you can think clearly about what it is that needs to be done so my pure thoughts will move things forward in the direction of a pure world.

I know that is a reality and now just my own circumstances and to make that a reality can also work.  My immediate world and then the  world of the future.

Q:            Is there anything you would like to ask us?

A:            Sudeshdidi – Yes, as we know this is the time for us to be observers of the drama and to reach the level that Baba wants us to reach because now is the time for us to support ourselves, support the family, support the world. 

We have taken sustenance for so long and Baba says you work with subtlety, you work as an angel.  It is not that we will leave the body and become an angel but our good wishes and our trust that Baba’s powers have given the soul so much power and now is the time to use it for the self and also for others without having the consciousness that I am giving.  No.  The sun shines and the rays reach automatically.

A:            Sr. Jayanti – the very deep thought in my heart is that there should be unity in the family.  I am seeing that whether I am in a centre with two people or with several people our unity is absolutely vital.  That is what is going to allow service to happen and become fruitful and successful and then unity not just in one centre but within many centres in a country.  If there are many centres are we unified? 

You can have different ways of thinking, which is fine, everyone has their own ideas, then there comes a time when as Baba said, we use the term child and master.  Yes I give my idea, I am the master, this is how I see it, this is my perspective, but then I go back to being a child and Baba is the one in charge so then whatever is the shrimat that Baba has given, are we thinking on those lines?  Then if it is not a question of shrimat but of personal choice, well today, let me be willing to renounce my personal choice to be able to fit in with what others want and if I do that today then tomorrow they will be willing to renounce their personal choice also and so when it is one centre or many centres or whether it is the world, I think this idea of putting shrimat and Baba first and me and my idea below that it is really so important at this minute because our unity is going to be what reveals Baba.  It is not going to be one individual it is not going to be one country.  Everyone together pointing in the same direction and then yes, Baba will be revealed. I feel that time is such a factor at the moment, delicate times, fragile times, these are terms lokik people are using and they don’t know exactly how fragile, yet it is a fact and in the face of all of that our unity is what is going to reveal God to the world.

Q:            It seems that mansaseva has priority now.  Can Sr. Jayanti and Sudeshdidi elaborate on the balance between physical service and mansaseva.

A:            Sr. Jayanti – I don’t think it is a question of either or.  Whatever are our responsibilities on the external, physical level we have to do that but we have to do it in a higher consciousness.

Whatever I was doing before, whether it was cooking or cleaning or typing, whatever, can I still experience my own subtle, angelic stage. I need to develop this practise.

The avyakt drills that we have been practising notice that Baba will say:  “In a second”, In a second can I go to Paramdham.  In a second can I take my thoughts to the people who are suffering – in a second.   But that “In a second” has to be prepared for and if through my own physical activity I am keeping the highest stage of consciousness and doing it in that angelic form of light, then as I sit, I will fly to Baba immediately and then mansaseva will be very powerful.

So Baba has never asked us to renounce any responsibility on an external level so do everything that you need to do but do it in a way that Baba would do it with higher consciousness and then your mansaseva will be very powerful.

A:            Sudeshdidi – at present lockdown is unity and then it will open the lock:  God is One.  We don’t have to do anything but we have to reach the One.The bhattis, tapasya, meditation, that has become intense and that is consciously emerging our stage.

Q:            Brahmins are very happy now and people outside are scared.  How can we make the bridge between our happiness and the fact that we feel safe and look forward and people being very scared?

A:            Sr. Jayanti - I think the bridge is compassion because our happiness is not exploding in that way but that inner sense of safety and protection and gratitude and yes, then the expression of that for helping others has to be the compassion.  So I see that compassion is the way we can reach out and support people who are fearful and are unhappy and distressed and if we can do something on an extra physical level, for example, many, many of the Centres in India are providing food for people who are homeless and here in Madhuban we have 500 migrant workers who we are feeding and housing and we will continue to do that.  The labourers are not able to come any more but their salary has to be paid and we are also providing food for them.

So whatever it is I can do to help someone in need let me do that. Then further than that it is the compassion so they don’t see me grinning that I am feasting and you are starving but I am also simplifying my life and they see what I have I am willing to share with them

A:            Sudeshdidi – Baba spoke of the prosperity we have been given of this love, mercy, benevolence, co-operation is the final support not only for the devotees but for all the souls.  And now that Murli makes sense. On an internal level pure love and relationship with Baba and thinking we are a world family, this makes them happy as well because they get the strength and good wishes in a practical form through both physical and subtle support.

Q:            Will Dadi Janki have a pure birth as Dadi Prakashmani did? 

A:            Sr. Jayanti – I am not sure that Dadi Prakashmani had a pure birth.  The first pure birth will be of the deities and the world is not yet ready for that.  The world is still suffering and is tamopradhan and we have leaders who are certainly not satopradhan.

I don’t think that DadiP rakashmani had a physical pure birth in that way but I think it was more that there was a lot of love, there was a lot of tapasya to have a child that brought that child to that family and I think the same applies to Dadi Janki.  It is not pure in that physical sense but a good family.  A family with good principles.  With moral values.  I think that will be true.  Then the first pure birth will be the birth of Krishna and that will be advanced party souls using their yoga power to give birth to a child.

A:            Sudeshdidi – This point reminds me of when Didi Manmohini left the body then Baba said you are sending powerful vibrations to make the womb pure so that Didi entered that womb.  And for Dadi Janki I felt that when she was in the hospital in Ahmedabad, the womb was already being prepared and she being with Baba is sending the vibrations to purify her own home to make it clean.  She definitely left the cleanest.  She would make sure a chair was clean before she sat down and so she would clean the womb before she entered it.

Certainly the parents would be of some different sanskaras but she was using her power while she was in hospital.  None of us thought she would go.  The majority of us thought she would show another miracle.  She has had seven births already and I thought that this would be her eighth birth.I thought she would leave the body at 108.  But she was preparing herself so my feeling is that she entered the level where she could control  her physical body remotely.

Om Shanti

Sister Jayanti: Merge, tolerate and take others beyond...

10 January 2020, Shantivan

Many countries are celebrating Mother’s Day today and some years ago Dadi gave a message for the day in which she spoke about the ability to merge everyone in our hearts. Secondly, she spoke about the capacity for tolerance and thirdly the ability to take others beyond with a glance. Dadi was speaking to people who are physical mothers, grandmothers etc and even to those who are not physically mothers but are mothers on a spiritual level. This also refers to brothers because Brahma Baba was a big mother.

To merge everyone in my heart I need a heart big enough to merge and include absolutely everyone. Check to see ‘how far does my love reach’? We are closely in touch with the BK family in our places but Dadi had a heart so big that there was space for everyone. So am I able to stretch my heart beyond all limits? Beyond race, colour and culture. So that I can say I love those from everywhere...  Baba has linked the BK family from all over the world together in love. We meet together in Madhuban, we have yoga together, We have fun together. So we get to connect in a natural way which is beautiful. But also the people I share my house with; it may be my physical family or my spiritual family...  Under lockdown, in a confined space,  I start to notice things that I may not have noticed before about people. Things about them may start to irritate me. They may only be small things like leaving a cup unwashed and I ask myself who they think will wash that cup.

I am grateful that lockdown has happened for me in SV. There has been time to be in the place Dadi lived and shared and was serving everyone with love. To be in that place has meant a lot; it has been a feeling of closeness to Dadi. Shantivan is big and we can’t go out of the gates. Sirohi District was clear of the virus until a few days ago. Abu Road had its first case a few days ago so the authorities are now very strict about people travelling up the mountain.

So do I have the capacity in my heart to merge everyone; virus or no virus? What’s going on in my heart – am I able to merge them in my heart? Can I merge the people I am sharing a house with in my heart? Can I merge their deficiencies? Can I merge maybe what I wouldn’t do, say or be but I see them doing? Can I merge that in the ocean of love and not think about it further? Something happens and my thoughts go on and on about it. That is the challenge – to be able to merge it in my heart like a mother who can accept whatever her child is doing. Ok – they be my brothers and sisters rather than my children but the concept of a mother with a very big heart... Not judging or having conditions – this is my family now and through eternity. I have been with the alokik family through eternity whereas I might have been with my lokik family for one or two births. So it’s important that I create that deep feeling of acceptance and love and merge everything else in my heart. Doing this or not doing it is where ‘numberwise’ comes in. I may understand the theory of it but there is a difference in the theory and the being. This lockdown is a time for reflection and revision. To be able to catch up on things I haven’t given attention to.

The second thing Dadi spoke of is tolerance. Tolerance is actually a power, not just a virtue. When I start to think about how to develop tolerance it is actually a matter of being able to take power from Baba and with that power I can tolerate. There is a fine line between tolerating and facing. If I want to face something/someone it is a matter of my principles. If I am being asked to shift my principles on any level, I need courage, honesty and faith to be able to challenge that and face up to the situation. I am not going to accept it. However, tolerance of someone’s quirky behaviour or they may do things differently from me. I may not even be right in the way I do something; maybe this is not the way Brahma Baba or Dadi would have done things so let me tolerate and accept others. Tolerating doesn’t mean to grind my teeth and think that I have to tolerate. Tolerance means to accept whatever it is that is happening and to say it’s ok. I may not think it is wonderful but at least I should have the heart to say that it is ok. Today it is this way and tomorrow there will be the chance for it to be another way. If I am into control then I will say ‘no, it shouldn’t be like that, they should do it like this’. Is it Baba’s Shrimat that it should be like this? So, check it back to the Murli; if it is Baba’s Shrimat about something then that comes into the aspect of principles and I shouldn’t adjust my principles – I should do what I need to do. So let me fill myself with enough power from the Almighty Authority so I have that added capacity. If I am intolerant then I will not be able to tolerate what is going on then what is my future? Will I be part of the royal family? In the Golden Age we cannot make effort. To the extent that we absorb all the powers from Baba now, we are preparing for the future. If I can’t tolerate the family now then how can I be with them in the future?

We need to experience the sweetness of the home now because when we go home at the end of the cycle we won’t know how sweet the home is; there will be total silence, no thought. We experience Paramdhan now but do I want to stay there a long time? No, Baba’s children want to be part of the fun, games, love and joy in the Age of Truth. So let me check my behaviour. So am I able to be tolerant of others; their behaviour, their likes and dislikes? In fact, they have to sort out their likes and dislikes at some point and maybe the lockdown is giving them a chance to do that. But certainly, for myself, what do I need to do? Can I adjust and stretch myself so that I can tolerate what I could not tolerate yesterday?

The third aspect Dadi mentioned is to be able to take others beyond with a glance. I know Baba did that for us – Sakar Baba, Avyakt BapDada and the dadis have done that for us. I should be in such a deep state of soul consciousness so that I am not distracted by anything or anyone. I need to have a unbreakable, unshakeable, loving connection with Baba so that in any situation when there is a chance to exchange drishti, even with the lokik family and friends, I am together with Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba and that love stays in my eyes. It may even be an exchange of drishti with people I don’t know in this family or not in this family... Then when I look at another they will see God’s love shining in my eyes and be able to go beyond with that glance.

So check and see; do I stay beyond? If I am not beyond and I try to give drishti to others to take them beyond then they will get stuck where I am... Everything that belongs here stays here and I the soul fly beyond to my home so if I practice this first then I can help others. My practice of this will determine the outcome in terms of service.

The 12th May is the anniversary Jagdish Bhai’s departure to join the Advanced Party. This special soul took gyan from Dadi Janki. After her talk at the Theosophical Society in Delhi he came to her and asked to hear more. She told him to come at 5am. However, he lived outside Delhi and as he was on a bicycle he couldn’t go home and come back at 5am so he did tapasya under a tree for the whole night. It was my good fortune to meet him in Madhuban (before I came in gyan in 1966). Then in 1967 and 68 he was also there. In 1971 he came to London as part of a delegation. He was the one who suggested that we have a centre in London. I had never imagined there could be centres outside India! BapDada had told the group not to return to India until having established something overseas and he suggested having meetings and getting a commitment from students so that a centre could be established. I spent six weeks with him at the centre in Delhi; his guidance was incredibly powerful. He would actually call us to Kamlanagar or Shaktinagar centres to have breakfast or lunch when we stayed in Pandav Bhavan, Delhi before we came to Abu. It would be a beautiful opportunity to sit and chat and ask questions. He would have a big feast ready for us although he would eat very little himself. He visited London many times. He attended a conference in Greece where there were a number of Nobel laureates. He had such an intellect that he was able to challenge them and ask questions. He could understand many things from his past studies... and was able to actively engage with them.  Finally they would say, “Well, maybe I have to think about this a bit further”. I don’t think there has been anyone else who has been able to understand worldly knowledge and connect it with gyan in such a way. He was always occupied with Baba’s service and Baba’s teachings. He was the author of hundreds of books. So let me follow his wisdom – going into the depths of Baba’s knowledge. But also let me have that deep, deep love for Shiv Baba and for Brahma Baba.

Each of our ancestor’s personalities has been unique; there cannot be anyone like them and we have been lucky enough to take sustenance from them. We can follow in the footsteps of each one; focusing on the specialities of each one. So let me keep my intellect free from waste. Let me be light about myself rather than be heavy. Let me be able to laugh about myself. Let me learn all that I can from our seniors and also let me keep opening my heart so that I am able to be a mother like Brahma Baba.

Om Shanti