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24 April - Dr. BK Savita's Visit to China

24 April - BK Green Inspirations and News

24 April - News of Senator Shahani, Philippines

23 April - It's been 20 Years Family! - Washington DC Celebrates a Service Milestone

23 April - Love of Fiji and Meditation

17 April - Doctorate Degree to Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris

16 April - Tele-bridge with International Space Station from Brahma Kumaris

16 April - Feedback for Double Foreigner Program in Madhuban 2016/17

16 April - Greetings to newly elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath ji Maharaj

16 April - E-Notice: Program Framework: Host a Safe Speeds Symposium

16 April - 'Brahma Kumaris is for people of all faiths’ - Ambassador of Nepal speaks at Brahma Kumaris 80th Anniversary Celebrations

15 April - Pondicherry Governer, Ms Kiran Bedi Addresses the Valedictory Session at 80th Anniversary Celebrations

15 April - Gujarat Governor OP Kohli Addresses International Conference During 80th Anniversary Celebrations

15 April - Brahma Kumaris are Strengthening Roots of Indian Culture: Assam Governor Speaks at 80th Anniversary Celebrations

15 April - Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister Addresses the Brahma Kumaris’ 80th Anniversary Celebrations

15 April - Contribution of IT Team in Video Conferencing with Hon'ble Prime Minister during 80th anniversary celebrations

15 April - Prime Minister Modi Inaugurates the 80th Anniversary Celebrations of the Brahma Kumaris

15 April - Honouring newly elected Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh - Dr. Dinesh Sharma

14 April - Sr Vedanti Visits Peace Village for Madhuban Experience Retreat

14 April - Article on Solar Published in Times of India

10 April - National Coordinators/Center Coordinators Retreat 2017 - Manmohini Complex - Abu: News and Photos

10 April - Youth Silence Retreat in Worthing March-April 2017 Summary



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