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26 June - International Day of Yoga news from Philippines

26 June - News of International Day of Yoga from Sydney, Australia

26 June - Japan celebrates International Day of Yoga

26 June - Sr. Sapna invited to Public Welfare Camp in Guangzhou, China

26 June - Colombo, Sri Lanka, Celebrates International Day of Yoga

26 June - News of International Day of Yoga from Bali, Indonesia

26 June - Dr. BK Shrimant Kumar's Visit to Singapore

26 June - Hong Kong Celebrates International Day of Yoga

22 June - Fifty Thousand People assemble for Yoga at Red Fort on IDY

22 June - Mass Meditation at Hyderabad (Secunderabad) for IDY

22 June - Celebration of 3rd UN International Day of Yoga at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

21 June - Dadi Jankiji's Message for International Yoga Day

20 June - Rajyoga Meditation gives solution to all difficulties, says expert - IDY Event in Ludhiana

20 June - Public Programme for 3rd International Yoga Day Held at Siri Fort, New Delhi

20 June - IDY Celebrations in Moscow

19 June - Message regarding the Grenfall Tower fire by Sr Jayanti

19 June - Sister Beena from Chennai Visits Bali - Service News

19 June - Reminder: Spiritual Selfie Videos for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

19 June - Motor Cycle Rally Kick Off as part of the International Yoga Day Celebration

17 June - Booklets of Dadi Janki's 2015 Classes Now Available for Download (more to come)

17 June - Complete Set of Renunciation Murlis Now Available for Download (Scroll to E-books/Gyan)

15 June - Article on Reducing the Risk of Dementia available for download

15 June - Video of GCH Programme "Let's Talk About Dementia" with Dr Mary Tilki

15 June - Diary Note: Centre Residents Retreat, 4-10 October 2017 In Gyan Sarovar

15 June - Important Information Regrading Travelling to Peace Village

15 June - Sarla Didi's Visit to Russia - News from Moscow

13 June - On behalf of Dadi Gulzar and Sr Mohini, Sr Bhumika accepts Bharat Gaurav Awards for outstanding service to humanity

13 June - Date Change: BK Youth Retreat at Peace Village - July 10 to 14, 2017

13 June - Sister Claude of Marseille has flown to Baba

13 June - Updated Information regarding 'Om Shanti' Channel

12 June - Hindi and English Sample Folders for International Yoga Day

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