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Madhuban Newsletter in English & Hindi - February 2023

30 January 2023

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for February 2023 with points for 1-28 February in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,



Murli Department, Madhuban


Newsletter in English


Newsletter in Hindi






Sister Jayanti – 22nd January 2023 – GCH Subtle Effort Cannot Remain Hidden

24 January 2023

The month of January continues and plenty more blessings waiting to be experienced by Baba’s children and miracles to be witnessed.

Baba’s murli today reminds me of the first lesson because Baba is saying: are you truly the embodiment of knowledge and yoga? You listen to knowledge, you share knowledge and that is good - but have you become the one who has the experience of all of these things.  Have you been able to see the result of yoga in your own life. 

And then Baba has outlined quite a number of things that should be visible in our lives if we are actually experimenting with yoga.  So to be the embodiment of knowledge but also to experiment with yoga in different ways and it reminds me of what Dadi Ratanmohini had said and used to underline in many classes - Baba taught them to be soul conscious at every step and they would remind each other as to whether they were being soul conscious and if there was a situation in which it was clear that there wasn’t soul consciousness being practised, then they had permission from each other to remind each other:  Manmanabav.

They didn’t say: Remember Shiv Baba, they just said: Manmanabav.   But that of course meant soul consciousness and God consciousness and so if we truly experiment just with these two subjects that’s it.  I think everything would be transformed so quickly.  Baba is asking us if we have been able to change our sanskars.  Have you experimented with changing your sanskars?   And that happens with the power of yoga.

So all along the line, just laying the foundation very strongly of soul consciousness and 90 per cent of the things that we are dealing with in BK life would be resolved and the other 10 per cent just by connecting with Baba and taking power from Baba.

I was looking at the topics that we have been having for public events for honouring Baba and one was about breaking barriers and the other one yesterday was about human dignity, so these topics have been chosen because these are the topics that people are dealing with.  So many of the problems are not only personal relationships but also in terms of communities, countries, international relationships.  They are connected with these things and here is Baba giving us such a strong experience of what is soul consciousness and what is God consciousness and reminding us that we have to experiment with this and there are lots of other experiments but particularly, these two things that are the foundation of Raga Yoga and out of all of these the whole subject of identity comes out very strongly and how attached we are to the external identities that we were born into or that our career has given us, our education has given us, and so coming back to basics. 

Am I experimenting with soul consciousness, am I experimenting with that connection with Baba even at traffic control for just a minute or a few minutes and seeing how that can work and change situations and in terms of identity it is not just that I am a soul but Baba has reminded us of the original and eternal qualities of the soul.  The stage of being the pure soul, the stage of being a soul that has peace. 

The other day the murli was on peace and if I am peaceful in all my interactions then there wouldn’t even be negative thoughts.  There wouldn’t even be subtle violence in which I impose, or try to impose, my will on others.  My idea is the right one and so this is how it should be - but in soul consciousness you are right and I may also be right. 

I remember a situation in December 1977.   Dadi ji had completed her tour and it was her first tour of the West and it lead to amazing things happening across the world and in particular the start of service in the USA and the inspiration for service at the UN and so when Dadi arrived back in India and many of us were there, Baba met the group first in Baba’s room, and it was still the small room at that time.  So it was a very intimate little gathering with Baba and Baba looked around and saw whoever was there and at that time it was Mohiniben, and Baba said Guyana is first and then Baba said Germany is first and by the time He said the third one was first we knew it was going to be first for everyone.

When He first said “first” we could understand that it was a very new level of service that was opening up; service there particularly with the government, but Baba went around saying “first, first, first, first” and so it is a lesson that I have never forgotten because in Baba’s eyes everyone is first individually and the service in that place is first. 

If you read the little passages that Baba speaks to the different groups that have come from India, whichever zone Baba is addressing each one has their own speciality and Baba is talking about their specialities and so every state is first and so can I also extend that to my dialogue with others.  Accepting that whatever each one is saying is first and is right because they are approaching it from a specific perspective and so I can see that this is the atmosphere that is being generated by extra yoga in Baba’s home. 

That love and peace and constant stability in the atmosphere can be extended not just for a few days but for the whole year and all it needs is this practise of soul consciousness and a reminder of God consciousness and that is it.  It doesn’t have to take any more effort, no extra detail.  Just these two things can bring transformation both inside and outside.

In today’s murli Baba has spoken about watching everything as a game and so if I am soul conscious I can be the detached observer.  Magic can happen by knowing the self and knowing God and the power of purity that can be transmitted through drishti.

Today’s murli struck me because Baba is talking about humility coming from the state of being full.  How a tree laden with fruit bows down and it is easy to take the fruit and yes we have used that example in terms of the power of tolerance.  Baba was using this example in terms of the power of humility but that experience of being full and complete is also the state of being content.  If I am content, full, my eyes will not be drawn to anyone or anything because I have all I need.  Humble, full and content and no problem in bowing down to others in terms of giving respect.  I don’t need anything from you.  If you give me respect that is your sanskars that you are creating.

Dadi told someone at one point that if someone has inequalities it doesn’t matter, you have to develop that sanskar of giving respect because that is the sanskar you need to take with you into the Golden Age because in Satyug that is a natural sanskar.  It has to be developed here and now - that stage in which I am full and content so I can give respect.  I don’t need you to first give me respect and then I am going to give you respect because it is not bargaining or a business.  Let me do what I need to do in order to come to my own state of completion and perfection and seeing that that state of purity is the state that can lead us to a state of fullness and feeling complete within the self.  When there is that state of purity then there is nothing unclean, not even in thoughts or criticism about others or criticism of what is happening in terms of the Drama and Baba has said that Drama is His daughter so don’t complain about her.  She is My sweet daughter. 

When the soul is in the state of purity, when there is no complaint about anything or anyone and you feel that state of fullness and completeness, then the state of contentment and humility follow on in a very natural way and so when Baba sometimes reminds us of Brahma Baba’s statement: I have found what I was looking for.  I need nothing more.  We have to keep this within our consciousness. 

Baba sometimes says that as time gets more and more critical and we are seeing all sorts of things happening here and there -   issues coming up that you would not expect in a developed world.   Now we need to face all of these things happening here or am I going to complain: why, why, why.  No it is ok.  Baba has told us already.  We know what we have to do so let me get on with this.  Service at that time is through my stage, my attitude and my drishti.  They have to reflect the things that Baba has been teaching me for so many years now.  Even if you have not been with Baba for many years - how long did it take Mama to become perfect -  to become Mama.

You never saw Baba make visible effort in an external way.  It was subtle and Mama was the same.  No one ever saw either Baba or Mama make gross effort to change a sanskar.  It was subtle work.  Early rising for personal yoga and then sakaash for the world.   And they did all this back in the 60s and we are trying to practise this today.

We are also reminded that we are on the stage of the world and the world is watching us and seeing us and are we ready for that and if I am ready then it has to be visible to others.  That doesn’t remain hidden.  The inner effort is hidden but when you are ready that is visible and through drishti, and giving support to others in need.   

So am I full and Baba’s murli is telling me today to experiment with everything and if you experiment are you getting the results and if you are not getting a result then check your quality of experimentation and check what is the intention, the attitude and then that is what is going to make a difference.

What is my intention in coming to Baba?  No question.  We were looking for God or truth and we came to Baba as a result of that and then am I keeping the intention alive that all I want is what Baba can give me.  I need nothing more at all and service is a by-product.

If I have found what I was looking for then I wish to share it with family and friends and if you don’t find one BK in the family or friends circle that is OK.  Baba says: serve a thousand and you will find one BK so let me carry on serving thousands and a few BKs will definitely emerge.

So today’s murli is almost a continuation of the whole experimentation in silence that we have been having - listening to all the different aspects every day because Baba is emphasising experiment with this and that. 

Om shanti

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Recording Available: Revision of the Avyakt Murli of 22nd January with Sister Jayanti

23 January 2023

Click on the above image to replay the session or go to YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/uGS1jqthVvg



Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi, January 11 - January 20: Stay In Solitude And Practice Concentration

22 January 2023

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached Mohini Didi's transcribed classes of  "Stay In Solitude And Practice Concentration"  from  January 11 - January 20.


You can also find these transcribed classes on the website: https://www.avyaktiparivar.org/classes/


Avyakti Parivar


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Sister Jayanti – 15th January 2023 – GCH Brahma Baba’s personality was unique and incredible…

18 January 2023

Today in the murli Baba has spoken about the combined form - to what extent was Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba always combined together and to what extent did we see the personality of Brahma Baba shine through.  It was difficult to separate the two and you really didn’t need to because they were combined. Of course we say that well, Shiv Baba actually came into Brahma Baba and that is why it was easy for him to be combined and for us we have to be combined, but that is okay.  In recent times, a question has been, what effort did Brahma Baba make to become karmateet?  Brahma Baba surrendered totally to Shiv Baba very quickly and the immediate gift that he received from Shiv Baba in return for that was his drishti. Baba’s drishti was so powerful that they would feel that they belonged to Baba.  And that is true, not just in the early days when people were ready to surrender just simply by seeing Baba – there wasn’t much gyan then – some had trance experiences some didn’t.  But yet just simply seeing Baba they felt Baba was their father and there was that sense of belonging.  And this continued throughout Baba’s lifetime not just at that point in the early days, but later on also.  I met Baba when I was 8 years old as a child and Baba made me feel that he was truly my grandfather and a sense of belonging.  In the days of the mountains, Baba would be giving drishti and Baba would disappear and children would ask: Baba, where were you? It felt as if Baba was somewhere else and Baba would say ‘come to Baba’. 

In last week’s murli, Baba was talking about London but not just London but all the foreign lands.  Baba sending mangos, Baba sending every single tape that was recorded, came to Rajnibhen, so Baba never forgot London in anything.  When Baba had the tree and Trimurti and cycle printed it came in a golden casket to London. They were sent by airmail post: one for the Queen, one for the Pope and Rajnibhen did her best to fulfil Baba’s wish. But Baba was aware of the world and always concerned about helping all his children everywhere. So that sense of belonging started right from the beginning and continued.  Baba didn’t have to make any effort for that.  I am seeing those sanskars, for example, the sanskars of total altruism: Rajnibhen once sent Brahma Baba a pure white cardigan, because in those days in India they did not have the pure white wool. Baba touched it, but he never wore it, he gave it away. And in the early days in Pandav Bhavan, there was just one building, which was stables. And so you can imagine that the walls of a stable are so thin. But Baba stayed in that room right until the very end and the children would say to Baba – Baba please come, new buildings are being built. But he would not come; he said that those buildings were built for the children.  The sanskar  lasted for the whole cycle. We used to say something similar to Dadi, about her sanskar of serving, as she used to serve based on the scriptures from when she was 8 years old, She used to go into people’s homes when they were sick. So once we said to her that “those sanskars of generosity, of care, of love, of concern have always been with you, so they were your sanskars” and Dadi said no, they were the sanskars that Baba gave me last Kalpa, and they stayed with me until my last birth.  So Baba had many deep sanskars in which everyone belongs, but also there was concern for others; Baba was always putting others ahead.  And one other very specific sanskar and even today that sanskar is there in a handful, and that was putting sisters in front.  [Before Baba became Brahma, when he was still Dada Lekhraj, he was a devotee of Narayan.  But he did not like the image of Lakshmi massaging Narayan’s feet].  At that moment he didn’t know that he would become Narayan, that Narayan wouldn’t be actually getting tired in satyug, but at that moment, his heart went out to Lakshmi and so cutting the picture [of Lakshmi massaging Narayan’s feet] so that Lakshmi was liberated.  Another question that came: has there ever been anyone in history who has put women in front?   

It has been 54 years since Brahma Baba became avyakt, and he has been so patient with us. But the month of January has been a time in which we have been seeing another aspect demonstrated and that is there is one soul within the whole cycle who actually becomes absolutely equal to the Father. And so Brahma Baba leaving the cycle of birth and death and stepping out of the cycle and still being engaged in good karma - but that is not for the self because Baba achieved his karmateet stage in the physical form. And Brahma Baba is continuing to do good karma not for his personal account of credit but truly akarma….and so God does so much and yet still, akarta and abhogta the One who receives no return for whatever He has done – He doesn’t need any return; He is always the Bestower, always giving.  And so Brahma Baba, the same -for 54 years continuous - an angel doesn’t need to sleep, an angel doesn’t need time for the self and so 24/7, 54 years that is a lot of good karma and serving the world.  And so this is why even as Dada Lekhraj, his personality was absolutely unique and incredible.  You’ve read Adi Dev so I won’t go into the details, but Baba (Dada Lekhraj) would walk into a room and a thousand people would turn their heads to see ‘who has come’, because the magnetism of Baba’s personality was so amazing up to the last birth. So imagine the soul of Narayan and why Brahma Baba became number one and how, yes, there was renunciation; there was huge tolerance of all the things he had to endure after he became Baba’s chariot - not before - before his life was very comfortable. 

Baba would wake up at 2-2:30 in the morning and He would be remembering (Shiv) Baba and so yes that effort was made.  Whatever were the things going on inside, they were never ever visible.  If you see a swan, it is gliding across the water, but underneath, its little legs are flapping very fast.  So nothing was visible, not even the hard work that was required, but simply silence.  

So we are very fortunate; not only do we know Shiv Baba, but we know the whole story of Brahma Baba.

Om Shanti

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Sudesh Didi – 15th January 2023 Sunday Morning Sharing - GCH, London: Inspirations in the Avyakt Month

17 January 2023


Om Shanti. Avyakt month, angelic month, 18th January; the whole month reminds us, and makes us aware of the moment, the day for which Baba himself had this aim: the realisation of, “You are Vishnu,” "Aham Charturbhuj Tatatvam," (I am the four-armed figure, the same applies to you.)

But who said this? When Baba realised the truth, the aim became very clear. He put his total focus on being perfect, on reaching this destination. Until the end, he would say, “I'm going to become this. I'm going to become this.”

So, as a student, he achieved that status before the Golden Age comes; the qualities, virtues, powers and intoxication that Baba had. In the History Hall, there is one translight picture of Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. On the top is the Trimurti, then it is Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan, and then Radhe and Krishna.

From time to time, Baba would point out that picture and say, “I am going to become this baby.” It was as if he was invoking his future. Baba invoked his perfect form, with the same faith, determination and intoxication in a practical way. When Gulzar Dadi was eight years old, she brought the trance message that there was a perfect Brahma that existed in the subtle region. With full faith and trust, through the foundation of a pure clean mind and an honest heart, he did not question but explored deeper into the aspect of perfection. He would send Gulzar Dadi up to enquire more: Where did you go? What did you see? Who is this avyakt Brahma? Knowledge came from Incorporeal One, through the innocent children. Brahma Baba’s innocence from a pure heart enabled him to believe it and practised it.  God is also praised as the Lord of Innocence. But it is Brahma Baba’s innocent heart with Shiv Baba’s character together. This is why Shiv Baba took Brahma Baba’s costume.

This was how Baba started invoking his subtle form. He was emerging his perfect personality of the Golden Age. As he lived that life in the previous cycle, the sanskars were within him. Now, at the end of his last birth, he invoked that. There is a link between the last birth and the first birth, Sangamyug and Satyug. Brahma Baba invoked that perfect stage in this subtle region. And Baba would sit and say, “I'm invoking my angelic form.” And then, practically, in his corporeal form, he became the embodiment of this light.

When the Training Centre was being built, Baba held my hand and showed me the Training Centre. After that, he wanted to show me where Vishaal Bhawan would be built. The parties would be able to stay there. As we were climbing up the hill, those who have been to Madhuban would have seen that there are a few steps to go from Vishaal Bhawan to the dining room, from Baba’s courtyard and the Tower of Peace. It was the courtyard at the time. Baba held my hand, and his hand felt very light; it did not feel like a physical hand, as I did not feel the flesh or the weight. It was as if his hand was transparent like cotton wool and light was coming through. It was not just the hand, looking at Baba, it was the body of light, that aura was so powerful and I was struck. Baba said, “Bachche Chalo (Child, let's go).” And so, that was the angelic form that I experienced. I thought Baba has come from the subtle region into the corporeal world. That was my last experience.

The next day, when he showed me where teachers' training would take place, and asked me to give them training, it created enthusiasm in me. The main thought was what the training would be like. There was a builder by Vishaal Bhawan, mixing cement and sand, and Baba related that character-building was like building construction. The builder knows how much cement he needs in the mixture. Too much sand, and there will be cracks in the wall.

Then, the next day in Baba’s room, Baba had a telegram in his hand. He said, “Child, you have to go to Delhi. I was in Madhuban for two days, and Baba said he had to fulfil this promise. What was the promise? From Delhi, I came to Jaipur, and Baba had sent a telegram, “Child, today, go to Jaipur, a museum is being built.” So, I went there, and the service was wonderful. It was very good quality service, and good training for me. It was not just going to the temple or to satsang, it was a very different quality service. So, the people in Delhi wanted me to go back. Raj Kumar bhai came and said to Baba, “Baba, now we want Sudesh back in Delhi.” Baba said, “In Delhi, she was riding a horse, and now she is riding an elephant. I would not bring her down from riding an elephant to riding a horse. Create a lion.” This is Baba’s language. What it means is that Delhi was more service of jumping from here to there. It was mainly the service of exhibitions and festivals like Shivratri, that kind of service.

Baba said that they would be opening a museum, and the Prime Minister, some sanyasis and gurus were invited to the opening. So, Baba said, “Child, they have to serve the gurus as well. So, you have to go. Baba has to fulfil his promise.” So, I just went the next day, and I related my experience in Delhi that the trance messenger went to the subtle region, but now, from the subtle region, Baba had come.

My last experience with Brahma Baba was 20th November 1968. I had come from Jaipur, and the train was late. Baba had started the Murli already, so when I arrived, I went in from the second door of History Hall. I sat behind, and Baba continued the Murli for a few more minutes. Then, with great love, he said, “My Maharathi child has come. My spiritual rose has come.” With so many blessings, He called me to the front. I went to the front and sat next to Didi Manmohini. Didi used to always sit in front and when I came, I usually sat in the front near the front door before Baba came into class. So, I went to sit at the front, and Baba said, “No, come and sit at Mama's seat,” then at that time Baba said, “This child will go abroad and give the message to many. Now create heir children.” At that time, I did not know anything about going abroad, but he knew my fortune, he knew my future. It was in his mind. And so, I received the blessing from that time from Baba. Many many other blessings along with that, but this is his farsightedness. He could see my future, and in a very beautiful way, he put a stamp on my future and announced it to the class. 

On 18th January, we got the news that Baba had become avyakt. So, not only was Baba in the subtle region, but he brought this energy of the subtle region to this corporeal physical form. So that you feel that vibrations, you feel that light, you get the feeling of the avyakt stage, the karmateet stage. And dheere bolo (speak softly), kam bolo (speak less), meetha bolo (speak sweetly), whatever Baba teaches, he demonstrated it in his life. Om shanti.


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Recording Available: Revision of the Murli of 15th January (18/11/1993) with Sister Jayanti

16 January 2023

Click on the above image to replay the session or go to YouTube Link  https://youtu.be/kGSrRuELIbo







Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: January 1 - January 10 : Stay In Solitude And Practice Concentration

13 January 2023

Dear Divine Family,


Please find below the links to download the transcribed classes of Mohini Didi's series "Stay In Solitude And Practice Concentration"  from  January 1 - January 10.


Also, find transcribed classes on the 



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Love for Solitude - January 10







Sudesh Didi - 2nd January 2023 Hindu Murli Explanation, interviewed by Sister Sukanti – Harmony House, Leicester

10 January 2023

Question: For 2023, how can we attain more in less time?

Sudesh Didi: First of all, I’d like to give congratulations for a new life, new year and new age. In this unlimited drama, there is a new scene and a new day every day. We get new teachings and power when we forge a relationship with the Supreme Soul. The month of January is special. We call this month ‘the month of awareness’. Awareness of what? The Supreme Soul has reminded us of himself and made us into embodiments of awareness. We had forgotten ourselves, the Supreme Soul, our task, and our home and we had become depleted of the virtues; we had become powerless.

The new year means the end of the old and the beginning of the new and January means to fill the self with newness. It is time for transformation. In the month of January, the Supreme Soul gives us many inspirations and many blessings. This is the time to take the inheritance and Godly powers. We receive God’s virtues in the form of an inheritance, and this is not only our fortune, but our chance. In order to attain all of this, we need to go into the cave of introversion and ask ourselves: What transformation do I need to bring about?

  • What do I need to transform?
  • What do I need to do to make it firm?
  • What do I need to invoke?

The month of January is also called the month of angels, the avyakt month, the month to become perfect and the month to fill ourselves with the sanskars of the beginning of the golden age. 

What effort do I need to make?

To let go of the old because the old is going anyway, including the old thoughts, old interactions, old sanskars and old understandings. It is time to finish waste sanskars and become powerful because our sanskars will bring about the new world. We have to now understand the method to do all of this. When something is powerful in our thoughts and attitude, then in action we are successful. In our awareness, we keep our divine form, and in our attitude, we must have the determined thought to see each other as brothers. Although these two physical eyes are open, it is essential that we use our third eye. When did Brahma Baba make his life elevated? When Shiv Baba created Trimurti in the subtle region. Shiv baba manifested the three angels Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar.

What is the definition of an angel?

Angels don’t have a body of flesh and bones but a body of light. An angel means to be beyond the relationships of the body and to have a relationship with the divine virtues, the Supreme Soul, and our future status. Brahma Baba received the message that beyond this physical world there is a subtle world where the perfect (avyakt) Brahma resides; he did not know this before. Gulzar Dadi was 8 years old when she saw this vision in trance and informed Brahma Baba. Henceforth, Brahma Baba began to invoke the perfect (avyakt) Brahma.

How did Brahma baba invoke the avyakt angel?

That avyakt angel is free from burden and bondages. If a bird is in a cage, it cannot fly; a bird does not carry a burden and fly. In the same way, the soul is like a bird in the form of an angel. An angel means to have lightness and to be double light while in the body; I, the soul am light, and in my nature and sanskars there is lightness. Lightness means easy nature.

Check that there is:

  • No burden on the mind
  • No bondages of the intellect
  • No old influences of the sanskars

Pay attention that soul consciousness becomes natural.

Keep the intellect (the eye of the soul) clean

The first step is to pay attention to my mind, intellect, and sanskars. Only pure thoughts with the stability and cleanliness of the intellect should emerge. The intellect does the work of ‘seeing’; It is the eye of the soul. If even a speck of dirt enters the eye, it causes irritation. In the same way, if a speck of someone’s defect is on the eye of the soul, it will cause pain. That speck cannot stay in the eye; even a trace of someone’s defect should not remain within us - not even a thought. Keep the eye of intellect clean. If the eye of the intellect is clean, then it will be drawn to that which is clean. To become complete means to have an attitude and dhristi (vision) of picking up virtues. With your divine vision invoke your deity form. This is not a new effort. It is the same effort, but now we’re doing it with determination and continuity.

The speed of knowledge and yoga should be equal

We have to experiment with the knowledge that we have received from Baba along with yoga. Experiment means to use; for example, even though you have a new soap powder, you need to know the method of how to use it. If you put it directly on the cloth, nothing will happen. You need water to bring about cleanliness. Knowledge is the water, cleanliness is our aim, and purity is the method. Purity comes through yoga; yoga means to use the knowledge that I’ve received so, that I can change my sanskars.

  • Cleanliness happens through knowledge
  • Purification happens through yoga
  • Sparkle comes through elevated action

The method to using knowledge, virtues, and powers

We need to know the method of how to use the knowledge, virtues, and powers which Baba has given us in distressful situations or even to keep ourselves free from the influence of other people’s sanskars. One is to experiment with yoga, but it’s not just about experimenting because we’ve experimented a lot. An experiment is done once or twice, but then you have to start using it. Whilst using something, it becomes useful. Pay attention to using Godly powers. Use knowledge in interactions and make sure your thoughts are determined because we’ve made a promise that we have closed the door to waste. 

Waste makes us:

  • Weak
  • Sick
  • Heavy
  • Burdensome and it ties us into bondage

Our aim is to become an angel.

What should I join the relationship of my mind with? How does the mind get connected to negativity?

By having thoughts about it. Therefore, again and again check your thoughts. Be a detached observer and see if the yoga of the intellect is stable. Go into the depth of one and hold on to the hand of one. Now is the time to awaken your fortune by following shrimat.

Amrit vela: to miss means to make mistakes and to become misfortunate

Fill yourselves with blessings during amrit vela. There are yoga programmes everywhere, and the influence of the atmosphere is strong. It is as if everywhere there is a lighthouse; it is as if the Sun of Knowledge is everywhere. We are absorbing the warmth of the Sun of Knowledge. When we absorb the warmth, that is, the power of the Sun of Knowledge, then we will not feel lazy. Awaken in the morning and celebrate a meeting with Baba. To miss means we will make mistakes and when we make mistakes, we become misfortunate. So, don’t make mistakes and don’t miss this opportunity. It is the season to be showered with Baba’s blessings and to take the sweetness of all relationships with Baba.

An angel means to be free from karmic burdens and bondages

While listening to the murli, pay such attention that it should be as though baba is talking to me personally. Give attention to checking and changing. Become free from karmic accounts and untie yourselves by using Godly relationships. If we are making efforts under the influence of waste or ego, then it creates karmic bondages. However, if we make efforts under the influence of mercy, on ourselves and others, we are creating a relationship, not a bondage.

Am I becoming an angel? Am I becoming free?

I am not an ordinary personI am a Shiv Shakti; I am the embodiment of power. Even whilst being a human being, Baba is making me into a deity soul, so I have to make my aim and qualification equal. As is my aim, so my qualities need to be the same. In this, I need determination. If there is determination, I will definitely be successful because it is the season, and during the season you just have to do a little bit for a greater return. When the land is fertile, you just have to make a little bit of effort and you will receive a lot of fruit. Our attitude and dhristi (vision) is the fertile land, and in that fertile land we have to sow seeds of elevated thoughts. Therefore, keep the attitude and dhrishti elevated. Do not create bondages with your thoughts and interactions because we are becoming angels. We are living with people, but the influence of the iron age should not be among us. We are detached observers, and when we are interacting and speaking with each other, our stage is stable. Avyakt Baba has shown us with his practical example that even if there is a distraction or disturbance, Baba is completely detached. Check: Am I seated as a detached observer, and have I made baba my companion? Am I eating with baba? Am I seated with baba? Am I listening to baba? Whilst doing everything is baba my company and companion?’ Automatically, the colour of Baba’s company is making the soul change from a human being into a deity. Pay attention to the teachings we’ve received from Baba. At night, look at the whole account of the day. Do not sleep with any burden or bondage; I am a point of light and I am sleeping in the lap of light and when you awaken; I am angel of peace today, I am an angel of purity.

What does it mean to be bodiless?

I am in the body, but I am bodiless. King Janak is also called bodiless. Whilst living in a palace, being in a position and having a kingdom, you do not have ego of these things. It means to be in this body but to be a trustee; to live at home but to not be a householder. Baba has sent me wherever I am to do service. Pay attention to not take sorrow from any soul and to not open the door to any sorrow; a sensitive nature opens the door of sorrow.

In conversation, we say, “I am not body conscious, but ‘they’ shouldn’t have said what they said.” When I use the word ‘they’ I am looking at the body. Check: when a situation arises, what is my stage during that situation? Is it like Anghad (character in bhakti)? Do I keep Baba with me at all times? I have to make my stage stable and unshakeable. The result of becoming strong is that I become lighter; heaviness is finishing. We become free from bondages, and we are becoming angels. We’re making our sanskars divine and becoming deities. Practice the avyakt murli for the week and make a special programme for yoga; the more we attend, the more we benefit. You can also do it at home, but when you do it in the gathering, it is more powerful. You come out of the atmosphere of your home, and you receive cooperation and blessings. 


Question: Yesterday, Baba spoke about ego. How can we finish ego?

Sudesh Didi: Firstly, we need to think: what is ego, what do we get out of it, and what is the damage of ego? We want to finish that which causes damage; we want to finish that which others are rejecting. What is it that we want to finish? We don’t want to finish anything that is good, do we? 


  • Makes the mind dirty
  • Closes the eye of the intellect
  • Creates a sanskar of sorrow


Ego kills the mind, intellect, and self-respect. If I insult somebody else, then I lose my own honour. Ego does not allow us to remain in self-respect and causes us to insult others. Ego creates fear; an egoistic person is afraid of being defamed. They want respect and praise; hence, ego makes us into beggars. Ego wants to control others, but they themselves are dependent; their egoistic sanskars control them. An egoistic person gives sorrow to others, and in turn, experiences sorrow. They can never take blessings from anyone as people cannot love those who have ego. When someone is egoistic, people do not like coming too close to them; there is fear that this person will insult me. They will flatter or praise, but don’t really love. Ego is the most subtle of the vices but brings about maximum impurity. When there’s ego, you become arrogant; ego says, “I did this; I can do this.” Ego compares and does not accept. Baba has said that humility is our greatness. An egoistic person is selfish and can never be a bestower. They are always scolding others. Ego wants to make others into servants, but they can never rule anyone’s heart. 

Question: What is the difference between humility (nirman) and to create (nirmaan)?

Sudesh Didi: Humility means I am not hungry for respect. I don’t have the ego that people should listen to me. Humility says whether I receive respect or not, I am detached. Humility means to have patience; impatience is when there is the thought that others should listen to what I am saying. A humble person does not have ego of his own specialities. A humble person does not accept praise because there is the awareness that I did not do anything by myself; it is the blessing of karankaravanhar, and I received everyone’s cooperation.

Humility creates love and good wishes in the hearts of others

Humility is the seed of success, that is why that person is able to be constructive (create). What do they create? They create love and good wishes in the hearts of others. Everyone has respect for a humble soul and wants to be close to them. Why? Because a humble soul is a server. There is no show; they are incognito.

Somebody who has ego desires and seeks praise and recognition by others. They feel that others should know what I have done; it should even be printed in the newspapers. An egoistic person wants to be introduced with acknowledgement of what they have done otherwise they will feel that their introduction was incomplete. Someone with ego is always discontent.

Whereas someone who is humble does not even accept praise, and this is why a humble soul is called a Maharati. An egoistic person is called selfish; they only want benefit for themselves and not others. A humble soul does the task of construction and is always thinking of benefitting and serving others. Baba gives the example of a tree that is full of fruit. A humble soul is full of virtues and powers but will also have the thought, “this is not mine”. A tree does not eat its own fruit. A tree is like the Ganges. It’s cool, always flowing, and does not get stuck anywhere; even if a mountain is in front of a river, the river will create its own path and go around it. A river does not drink its own water; it does not serve itself. The river does not accept praise and continues with its work. A tree, when full of fruit, bows down even more, making it easier for others to access the fruit. The tree is not worried if someone throws away the fruit. However, an egoistic person will feel insulted “I gave something so good, and they did not value it and they rejected it.” This is the difference between ego and humility. An egoistic person cannot create a place in the hearts of others and is not praised from the heart. A humble person, on the other hand, conquers the heart of others and is praised from the heart.


Question: Baba says in the murli that even if someone listens to a little bit of knowledge they will come into Golden Age. So, if they don’t practice dharna, will they still come to the Golden Age?

Sudesh Didi: When Baba talks about listening to knowledge, it doesn’t mean just listening with the ears. To listen to knowledge means to apply knowledge. If they listen but don’t apply, it means they didn’t really listen. They listened but disregarded it. So, the one who disregards does not come into the Golden age.

The meaning of listening to knowledge is:

  • To listen
  • To understand
  • To apply

Those who listen and apply have sown the seed to go into the Golden Age

For example, when you give someone a task to do and they complete it, you can understand that they listened to you; if they don’t do the task, you will say they didn’t even listen; they just ignored me. So, those who just ignore will not come into the Golden age. Those who listen and do, come onto the list of those who come into the Golden age.

In the murli, Baba says Brahma Baba listens first. I said to Brahma Baba “You listen at the very same time that we are listening, so why does Shiv baba favour you and say you listen first?” When we would churn the murli, Brahma Baba would ask, “What did Baba say in today’s murli?” We would share what baba had said, and Brahma Baba would say, I will also ask tomorrow, “What did Baba say?”

So, why does brahma baba listen first? When Shiv baba said something, Brahma Baba paid attention, and applied it. Baba said in the murli, “Eat with me, talk to me, walk with me” and so Brahma Baba did that. He said, “Throughout the day I walked with Shiv baba, I talked to Shiv Baba, and I bathed with Shiv baba - Child, did you do all of that or did your intellect go elsewhere?” Thus, to listen means to do.

So, those who listen and do have sown the seed to go into the Golden Age. Their elevated action becomes the seed, and they will receive the fruit of that in Golden Age. If not Golden age, they will come in the Silver Age. They will receive a little. Why? Because ultimately, God is merciful and generous. We do a little but receive more. This is why Baba says that even if you listen to a little bit you will come into heaven, so children don’t lose hope or courage. Actually, many people listen to knowledge on the television, radio, and YouTube because nowadays every household has these facilities. Many listen to Baba’s knowledge and praise it, but to change your sanskars is what it means to really listen. We take with us the sanskars of knowledge; those who listen and do, create sanskars of happiness, purity, and peace. This is what it means to listen, otherwise, it becomes that listening is equivalent to not listening.


QuestionSouls in the Golden Age are Brahmin souls. Are there any other souls who come into the Golden Age?

Sudesh Didi: You can only become a deity if you are a Brahmin first.


QuestionWho created the drama?

Sudesh Didi: We created the drama - me and you together created the drama.

What does this word “drama” mean? If you read a book that somebody has written, you would not say, “I saw the story.”  You would say, “I read the story” but if they make a film out of the “story”, it comes into action and then it is called a drama. The “story” in the book was not called the drama. So, Baba tells us the “story”, but we are the ones who put it into action, and then it becomes a drama. When it’s in karma, then it becomes a drama.


QuestionBaba is telling us the drama but who wrote the drama?

Sudesh Didi: We are the ones who write the story. We write our own fortune. We are the ones who write and act. Baba tells us the “story” that this is what you did. Whatever we did is written, but it’s not written in a book. Instead, it is merged within the soul. For example, a seed contains the potential of a whole tree, but where is it contained? If you cut open that seed, you will not see the tree. Can you see the tree inside the seed? No, but the seed has the potential. That potential in the seed is according to the law of nature and according to the time. Drama is governed by spiritual laws and the law of nature.

Within this unlimited drama, there are three things that come together and create the drama:

  • Soul
  • Supreme Soul (God)
  • Stage

Nature means the 5 elements. The soul is the actor. When the soul is in the soul world, there is no drama. At that time, it’s as if the seed is dormant in a container. If you have seeds in a container, will they grow? Will you get any results out of a seed in a container even if it is in season? Even if the season passes, they will not grow. It is only when a seed is planted in the earth in the right season and receives water and the light of the sun that it will grow.

Why do I say we created the drama? Because the sanskars are within the soul, and when we act, that becomes the drama. How do the sanskars get there? We perform an action; actions create sanskars and because of these sanskars we perform an action. What kind of actions have we performed? We have performed actions according to our desires. Internally, we have the desire for peace, love, purity, bliss, and happiness. These are the divine sanskars of the soul. The soul has the potential for all of these things, and we bring that potential into action; that’s why it’s said that we created the drama. If we don’t bring that potential into action, then it’s as if we are not an actor but just the public (audience) at that time. An actor is one who comes on to the stage. We create the stage of being the embodiment of knowledge, peace, love, purity, and power. So, those who create this stage are the actors of the beginning of the drama. For example, the beginning stage of the tree is the trunk, and the trunk is strong; the roots are deep and powerful. The first stage of a soul is powerful. Powerful means that the powers of the soul are in a concentrated form and stable and then gradually, according to the influence of nature and time, the form of those powers change.

Why does the drama repeat? Repetition is the law of nature.

We are within this play, and within this play there is morning, day, and night but it is the same sun that rises and sets each day. We say it is a new day, but it is the same sun. So, why are we calling it a new day? Just as we see the same names of the day every week (e.g., Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and the same names of the ages (e.g., Golden Age, Silver Age) similarly, we see the same actors and their sanskars. The soul has the sanskars of giving and taking happiness. If someone does not have the sanskars of giving and taking happiness, they will not even have the desire to come down during the time of happiness because they will not have the sanksars. This is a play. The drama is being created, but who is creating it? We are creating it and we are creating our own fortune. If we perform the action, it is a drama. If we do not perform actions, it is not a drama.


January is the month…

  • Of angels (the avykat month)
  • To become perfect and complete
  • To fill the self with the sanskars of the beginning of the Golden Age
  • To become an embodiment of awareness and power
  • To pay attention to neither giving nor taking sorrow
  • To close the door to waste
  • To fill the self with newness
  • To pay attention to checking and changing
  • The Supreme Soul gives us many inspirations and blessings
  • For transformation


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Sudesh Didi – 8th January 2023 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London: The Wonder of Three Powers

9 January 2023

Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti. What is the message in this figure 3? 1-2-3 Om Shanti, one time, second time, third time; one, two, three, tell us now become free, ready, ever-ready. What are we to be free from in the final stage? To be free from fear, worry, ignorance and darkness, because, in darkness, we cannot see what is right, what is wrong, and what is missing.

Knowledge is light. God is light, and His praises are in three words: Satyam, Shivam Sundaram (the Truth, the Benevolent and the Beautiful One). Where there is falsehood, there is fear. Fear creates tension and worries inside. There is the fear of weakness, the fear of failure and the fear of death. Truth removes fear.

When we understand the truth about life, there is no fear. God’s praise is Satyam, Shivam Sundaram. Truth is beautiful, and beauty always attracts and gives the right encouragement when the soul recognises something benevolent and beautiful. And the same aspect of truth, Sat Chit Anand (Truth, Conscient, Blissful). God is Truth, the Living Truth, the eternal Truth, who brings bliss in life as there is no fear at all.

In fact, the soul itself is truth. When there is purity, peace and power, there is no fear in the mind. When these three aspects, which are the three powers of the soul, are understood, recognised, practised, and experienced, one sustains a stable and peaceful mind.

The power of truth removes all tension, fear, and worries. Truth enables a peaceful, pure, powerful, determined mind; a divine intellect that is clean, clear, and farsighted, such one is able to see the future and to observe and learn from the past. Then, to be careful and attentive to what I am doing at the present time. The soul is truly in harmony.

These three components are the eternal power of the soul. The soul is an eternal being, an immortal being, there is no fear of death because the soul never dies. The soul changes costume and moves on. And even if someone has left the body, we pray for the soul to have peace. But in fact, we need to understand the truth of the soul; to give the donation of peace, we need to have the power of peace in ourselves.

If my container is empty, how can I fill another empty vessel? This is why we maintain this awareness, that the natural nature of the soul is purity and peace; it is eternal energy, a powerful energy, which has the sanskar of benevolence. And when the intellect is clean, clear and divine, a divine personality is automatically formed, and the soul naturally performs elevated actions, benevolent actions and perfect actions without the mind being distracted by something else. The intellect is able to put the mind in the right direction.

When action is performed with the dictate of somebody else, we then have to say, “Sorry, I didn't want to do that at all. It just happened.” What happened? Was the action influenced by fear of something? Have I not understood something properly? Did I make the decision under the Influence of effect, or some kind of impression from others, or did the past overpowers me?  

Soul consciousness, when the soul is really in the harmony of three together, pure mind, clean divine intellect, and elevated sanskar of benevolence, the inner light constantly remains lit. And the soul is seated on this immortal throne of a detached observer.

Today, Baba is speaking about the wonder of these three powers. Because God himself is also known through the Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar – establishment, sustenance, transformation), the trinity in unity, three aspects, three important tasks connected with world creation, transformation and sustenance. It is the power of wisdom, truth and of knowledge. God gives this knowledge to Brahma; when this light is lit, darkness is dispelled; waste is transformed into best. A knowledgeable soul has clear consciousness, selflessness, and benevolence. Then, anything which has gone wrong, can be put right, because there is no possessiveness, selfish motive, expectations, or desires within. You are a detached observer. Without fear, one experiences certainty, security and clarity. It is going to be all right, because that intellect has faith.

The soul has truth in itself, and is free from fear, worry and any waste. The best is going to happen because your connection is with the One who is ever-Bestower of happiness and the Benevolent Being.

The soul is very clear about the right actions they need to perform, connecting with the soul’s qualities and powers. Then, I experience this deep relationship and realisation of being a child of God, the Almighty. My personality, as the child of God, is definitely of benevolence power. Fear comes from ignorance; the fear of doing something wrong, as I have been wronged in the past because of ignorance.

With the light of knowledge, we learn from the past, we make the present clear, and it is correct for the future. The soul is then able to be seated on these three thrones at the same time: The throne of soul consciousness, the eternal being, the immortal being, the sparkling power energy filled with all these powers of purity, peace, love, knowledge, wisdom, truth and benevolence. What type of fear can we have? These qualities are immortal, as these are the qualities of the eternal immortal soul, but I have to be conscious and stay seated on this throne.

What enables me to remain seated on the immortal throne? It is the practice of these three lessons (incorporeal, viceless, egoless) that Sakar Brahma Baba gifted us on his last day, through his practical life, of being incorporeal, being bodiless.

It is body consciousness, in different ways, that creates fear in us: Fear of being defamed, fear of losing position, fear of losing personal property, and fear of losing dignity. But when I am a bodiless soul, all fear disappears, because I am immortal.

When one has left the body, they will not be aware of praise, defamation, or if their statues are worshipped.  Bodilessness means detachment.  There is the power of bodilessness, that when one leaves the body, one has cleaned everyone’s mind, such that after the departure of the soul, only good things are remembered about them. Whatever wrong had happened, others forget. And their hearts become kind, clean, clear, merciful, benevolent, and filled with good wishes.

These qualities of purity, love and benevolence become real only when there is the practice of I, the soul, am incorporeal, bodiless, an eternal light. And, of course, the soul has knowledge, so I am not wondering just like a tiny little star in the sky. I am here on this planet. It is not a star shining in the sky, but it is shining here (centre of the forehead), with the shine of all these qualities that make God has made us aware of as my personal property. This is my personal eternal gift from eternity and from God. This means I am becoming virtuous practically, not just in a picture or on the screen, but these qualities are a reality in my personality.

When the light is ignited, darkness is dispelled. When fragrances spread, bad odour is removed. In the same way, as we become virtuous, the power of virtues conquers the vices. We do not become viceless just on its own, darkness does not go by itself. We can continue to beat it 1000 times with a stick or a stone, it will not go away. But if you switch on the light, darkness is gone. So, embodiment implies whilst living in the body. And when we imbibe all these qualities, and become the embodiment of virtues through our actions, through my connections, through my relationships, the qualities are expressed naturally and with honesty.

There is a very important aspect we need to check with honesty, that is, I do not perform an action because I want to impress someone: I am being very sweet and very friendly, I cooperate just to impress you, hoping that creating a good impression will earn you some praise. This is a falsehood; falsehood will create fear anytime, but truth is eternal; truth automatically brings power.

When there are all virtues with honesty, there will be the deep realisation that these qualities are eternal; I am a child of the Supreme Being, and these are my gifts which I am going to give to others. This is called divinity. Sri Lakshmi ji receiving this power and handing it over and giving it to others; this is balanced energy. There is no fear; no weapons in the hand of Lakshmi. It is natural and neutral to receive and give others as a benevolent and egoless trustee who is detached. There are virtues, and powers are working. Benevolence means egolessness; instead of “I did this,” the awareness is that “Karankaravanhar (The One who gets things done through others) did this.”  Baba gave us powers that become virtues; we become the embodiment of virtues.

Be egoless, bodiless and viceless. How? By becoming virtuous and powerful. These virtues mean divine virtues. Divine virtues are neutral; divine virtues do not have any discrimination. With divine virtues, you do not get upset if you are not praised because something that is natural and divine is so neutral. You praise them, there is no ego; you defame them, and they do not get upset.

We learn from nature because natural energy is neutral; beyond praise and defamation. Take the example from nature: The sun is shining on a beautiful nice morning. By the afternoon it is very hot, and I pull the blind, close the window, and draw the curtain. The sun does not get upset, “You were so happy to see me, and now you are covering me. You are shutting me out.” No. Similarly, flowers are beautiful and fragrant, and I say, “I have allergies, please take them away.” The flowers do not get upset. They do not have any discrimination. If they are at home, they are blossoming; if visitors come, they give the same fragrance; if they are put somewhere in a dingy place, still, they will give the same fragrance. If foreigners come, if relatives come, the flowers have no difference between cast, colour or age. They give everyone the same fragrance with no discrimination.

So, divine means that you are not expecting any praise. It is natural to give selflessly and benevolently. That is why they are called devta, sun devta and moon devta. Even the sense organs become so divine, that the sense organs are worshipped, because it is through this body, the virtues are expressed. Peace is not given just by the atmosphere of the silence; peace is connected with the mind. Good cooperation is given with the hands and the heart. Deities are worshipped, even the organs are worshipped: their feet are worshipped; their heads are worshipped; their eyes are worshipped. They are called Naina Devi (related to the eyes), Hasta Devta (related to the hand) because as the soul is purified, matter will also be purified, so, the body also becomes pure and divine. They become combined energy.

In the same way, as the soul has harmony between the mind, the intellect and the sanskars, and is doing actions with honesty, it is loved by all. There is no need to ask for love, as love is received automatically. The soul is loved by God. You are seated on the Heart-throne of God.

In December, we were reading out the avyakt signals daily, on “The Lord is pleased with an honest heart”; we have climbed into God’s Heart. God's Heart-throne is unlimited and big. You attain God’s Throne, where Maya cannot climb to enter; where sorrow cannot come; where fear cannot exist. So, you are safe in the Heart-throne.

What is God’s Heart-throne?  The power of God's love. That love actually makes you feel: God is my Protector and my Companion. And you feel the combined energy, that is, Godly power and your powers are combined. And this becomes the canopy of protection. Seated on the Heart-throne, you are safe; this is a beautiful experience. And by imbibing these qualities, we become self-sovereign.

To be seated Heart-throne is not only just thoughts, but it is about performing actions through the senses. The result is the reward of elevated actions: You become a divine being on this planet; that is, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan, gods and goddesses in human form. That is called world-sovereignty, Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan, or divine beings of perfection. The sovereign of the world, Lakshmi means the embodiment of virtues, and Narayan means the embodiment of spirituality in reality, Sat Narayan, that is, truth becomes a reality. With truth, there is love, lightness, selflessness, and benevolence in action; these make them into true Narayan and true Lakshmi.

At this time, when we have truth in ourselves, we know that God is our Companion, what fear and worry will there be? Today, Baba said, on the one hand, become carefree, be free from worry, on the other hand, be alert, and not become careless and ignorant in this respect. The balance is on one side is carefree, and on the other side is be very careful. No worry, but whilst in action, give your responsibility to God. Trust in yourself, have faith in yourself, and have faith in God. Faith brings power; everything is going to be right. You will become the knower of the three aspects of time. I began my sharing with this figure of three; this makes us trikaldarshi (knower of the three aspects of time): learn from the past, be active and careful in the present, and think, I am creating my future. So, what would be the result if I do something wrong? I know if I do good, I am free from worry. It is going to bring a good reward. Knowing the three aspects of time makes us understand that in my origin stage in the world of silence, I was a powerful soul, so that I will emerge again. At the beginning of the Golden Age, it was a perfect stage. So, I have to bring out the perfection of the Golden Age in me here. I have learned from the past, the present is good actions, and creating my future. So, I have no worries.

Constantly be the knower of the three aspects: faith in myself, faith in God, and faith in time. It is the time now, that makes us aware of performing elevated actions. So, Baba is making us seated on three thrones: throne on our forehead, with honesty, climb onto God's Heart-throne, and with selfless actions, become the master of the world. You win everyone's heart, not only the Heart-throne of God, but the heart-throne of others, and you become first. You win the hearts of others, and then you win the world. The whole sovereignty comes to you, but make sure that the third eye always remains open, apart from these two eyes. Trinetri (one with the third eye), the third eye is open. This is the divine eye which God opens with knowledge, and it is remembered as the third eye. Shankar destroys the old world by opening his third eye. So, the old world is destroyed when I open my third eye, and I am able to see. This is the blessing from God, that the third eye, the insight, is farsighted, or the divine intellect.

The third eye is the divine intellect, a farsighted intellect, the wisdom given by God that gives us the third eye. The ‘blind’ begins to see with the third eye. Without knowledge, we stumble in the dark like a blind person. And now, the light has come, the third eye is open, I can see, I understand, and I perform good actions.

Elevated actions, perfect actions, mean perfection; free from the defects of my own self, my own weaknesses, and also being free from the influence of weaknesses and defects of others. This is called power; the power of wisdom, the power of truth, the power of knowledge, that is, the light.

Om shanti.    


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Sudesh Didi – 30th December 2022 Evening Class, interviewed by Brother Shantanu - GCH, London: Questions and Answers on Personal Effort

9 January 2023

1 Balance


Br Shantanu:  It is said that Raj Yogi life is a balanced life, to balance our inner world, and the interaction with the world outside; to be able to balance between going into silence and coming into action. There are many such balances. How do we balance when it comes to the four subjects, how much we need to get into gyan, how much into yoga, how much into service. The majority of the time, there is a balancing act going on; most of the time it is not in balance: too much of yoga, less service; too much of service, less yoga.


Q: How do we balance the four subjects? What is balance for you?   


Sudesh Didi: Balance means when the wavering stops; the pointer stops wavering, or the double-pan scale comes to a still point with equal values. Once there is a balance, we experience fullness and satisfaction.


It means that I am satisfied with myself and that others are also satisfied with me. So, we balance not two things, not only just remembrance and action, it is the balance of four subjects. It is the remembrance for the self, and also the donation of remembrance to others. It is to stay in silence, experience it, and then share what you have experienced. The balance of these four subjects is our vision and our aim for perfection.


But I can be remembering myself as a soul, but not having a connection with my own qualities. The soul only becomes powerful and valuable only when its values are being enacted. When these values are enacted, there is not only satisfaction for myself, there is the action of giving satisfaction to others as well. Now, in order to bring this action powerful, I need to have a connection with the Supreme Soul. Then, my actions are a type of speaking. There is no need to balance with speech. It is balanced with a sense of satisfaction. When I am performing actions, I am aware that I am a soul, expressing through the body; I, the soul, am acting. What I am expressing is the qualities, of how I should fill the power in myself with yoga, performing actions but remaining detached from that action. So, it does not tie me in bondage; it does not disturb me; it does not make the soul egocentric. The result is being balanced and blissful.


It is just like a swing; you begin to swing in supersensuous joy. You are in action, but you are not fluctuating. We say the person is swinging, nobody would say the person is fluctuating, going up and down. The more you go up one end, you go up equally the other end. This is being balanced. You are performing actions externally, but you are in connection with Baba internally. You go up, take power from Baba and perform that action; Karankaranvanhar (one who gets things done through others) is making it happen. So, I would not get tired then. There is an inner satisfaction for myself, that what I am doing, is with the right connection.


The proof of balance, apart from satisfaction, is blessings from others and bliss for the self. I have to check in this way.


But many see ‘balance’ in a literal sense, as a point of time which we measure: how many hours I am in action and how many hours I am in remembrance. It is not about equal value in that sense. Action is gross; as you need to express yourself, you need to give more time, but the value is not in the unit of time. For example, to get 2 kg of vegetables, I do not need to pay 2 kg of notes. It is about the value of money. I can give a €50 note or £50 note and I get 50 kg of vegetables. The values are different. In my actions, when there are values and power, then there is satisfaction.


So, I have to check: Is my action powerful? Is my action connected with Baba? Is my action benevolent for myself and others?


2 Checking


Br Shantanu:  Most of the time, we find it easier to check ourselves by measuring what I am doing with what Baba says in the Murli. Baba often says: eight hours' work, eight hours of yoga and eight hours rest. But I have been able to do it. Eight hours of work does not always seem enough, especially when we live in the era where there are six zoom calls, sometimes. Then, the eight-hour work is stretched to twelve hours, and sometimes even more.


Q: Where do we draw that line between work and yoga? And how do we draw that line?


Sudesh Didi: It is about the literal time; it is about the connection and actions. If I have loveful remembrance, at that time, power is not needed; time is not needed; only connection is needed. I have less time, but with this inner connection with Baba, in less time, I can do I can do more.


With determination, enthusiasm, and confidence. I do more. With doubt, fear, and insecurity, I will not achieve anything, though I am doing everything. Dharna is needed. With the understanding of the action I am doing with yoga power from Baba. As detached observer, I am not possessive nor careless, but instead, I am honest while performing actions. The result is the satisfaction of balance.


3 Easiness


Br Shantanu:  When you explain to us, it sounds very easy. 


Q:  How did you make it so easy? Can you share an experience of yours where you had to make effort to achieve that balance?


Sudesh Didi: Because we know that we have to reach perfection, there is no satisfaction yet. I remember I said to Mama, “Although I am paying full attention to what I have to do, I do not satisfaction in me. Instead, I am seeing the others making much more, and better effort than me. I have not achieved satisfaction and I have not changed. How can I bring about total change within, to attain the state of satisfaction?”


Mama said, “You have not changed? Now, if you are asked to do something against our spiritual laws, would you do it?” I said, “No, I am determined I am I have made clear my decision.” She went on to ask similar questions relating to our spiritual laws and dharna. I expressed my determination to her. She told me the reason there was no satisfaction was that I was comparing myself with others, “You look at your own speed, you compare with your own self from where you had started.”  Then, she gave me the example, “If you are on the 4th floor of the building, and where you started, climbed up two floors. Now, you stand up there and look at where you had started, you experience satisfaction. But happiness and satisfaction are reduced if you only look at others who are on higher floors. Look from where you had started, and see what you have achieved. When you can see what you have achieved, your heart feels gratitude for Baba; when you do not feel you have achieved, neither can you become soul conscious, nor are you getting power from Baba. So, look at how you have reached here from the 4th floor. So, there will not be ego or carelessness. It is a balance of what you have achieved and the energy you have to make effort.” This was how Mama replied to me.


So, it is not only becoming free from the present situation, but it is a question of the past, for which I do not know how much credit I have to pay. So, I have to continue to work on it. But with great joy, lightness and easiness because the credit in my file is going on automatically. For that, I have to work in the present, the transformation of my nature, my behaviour, my vision and my relationship with others through which I am able to check that yes, I am improving.


Then, when you are performing actions, there is balance, the energy that you have received, you are

putting that into action; you are doing it alone. Baba’s values are there. This makes it easy, this makes you light, and you are able to do much more than what you wanted to do.


4 Real Silence


Br Shantanu: Some say silence is a medicine; for some, it is a bitter-tasting medicine. Sometimes, silence becomes a space for all answers; sometimes it shows many questions that we don't want to look into. For some, silence is magical; for others, it becomes a miserable time.


Q: What is real silence?


Sudesh Didi: Silence is when my mind, my intellect, and my spiritual power, that is my sanskars, are in harmony. That is full silence, because that is perfect soul consciousness.


Meditation is about thoughts. Meditation is not just to control the mind or to have no thoughts. Meditation is training the mind the art of thinking, the art of communication with Baba, the art of seeing yourself and watching the kinds of thoughts we create. This is the beginning.


The intellect understands the type of thoughts created. We practise the yoga of the intellect with Baba. Now, the intellect is connected with Baba, then the point of knowledge or direction, that I know that this is right, putting a full stop to that thought or changing that thought, with the right understanding using the knowledge, not only thought, but using the power of knowledge, not only light, but light using might with using the quality, not only just seeing it and showing it and then with this, this quality, you begin to experience. So, focus on it, concentrate on it, believe in it, have faith in it, that this is what I am.


I am the child of God; I am the child of the Almighty; I am the embodiment, this is my personality. When I consistently hold on to it, it becomes your sanksar. You created the thought in the mind; you put the light of knowledge and you put the quality in it. This is called concentration: focus on it, go into the depth and enjoy it. This is silence.


Real silence is when you experience bliss in it. This is a different silence. The intellect is not interfering; your sanskars are not interfering. This is a different stage of silence. Real silence is when there is the experience of stillness deep inside like the ocean.


This silence I was talking about is as if you are swimming in the ocean. But real silence is the experience of diving deep into the ocean. So, you are experiencing one of the powers from Baba. Either you are experiencing love, bliss or power. That is real silence.


Purity removes all influences; the soul world is silent. My personal experience is that the soul experiences two qualities in meditation: I am a pure and peaceful soul (spoken in a meditative state, with a long pause). When I believe these two powers, purity and peace, are my real nature, I switch on these two powers in soul consciousness, that is a wonderful experience. It is stillness, and at the same time it is fullness.


At that time, you are not thinking: I am a peaceful soul; I am a loveful soul, but the power has so much bliss inside, that you feel that this fountain is opened. And that truth brings bliss. The energy level changes, that is silence; the silence of the soul world, the silence of purity.


The other is a peaceful state of mind. There is a difference between first making the effort to be peaceful, to be knowledgeable, to be loveful, and this stage of being pure and powerful.


At this moment, let me enjoy the experience. After meditation has finished, when I come into action, the power helps maintain joy and stability. As a detached observer, the quality changes, it is action in yoga. It becomes balanced in action when these qualities are working. And this is how Baba practically demonstrated it.


5 Silence bhatti 


Br Shantanu: When you came into gyan, you must have also come across the stories of Karachi, where Baba put the entire group to go into silence bhatti. Instead of speech, for many days, they simply communicate through writing in little notebooks.


Q: What kind of silence practice did you make in your initial days?


Sudesh Didi: That was the silence to create the atmosphere. Control the speech is one aspect of silence.  Unnecessary speech and unnecessary conversation are where time is wasted, confusion is created and misunderstanding takes place.


That is a kind of discipline; that is not silence. It is actually the effort to become silent. This is also a practice.  When we came in knowledge. Baba told us to eat in silence. Keep especially the time to eat in silence. Time was used to give courses, Murli- reading, people coming in front to enquire from you and answering the phone. So, I started practising silence during meals to look at what thoughts were in my mind, and if my mind was directed somewhere else. We had a competition. Dada Anand Kishore was with Jaipur at that time.


And we had to check and share the experience with each other, that did I stay in silence? When I am eating with Baba, Baba is with me. When you are eating with this consciousness, Baba, you are feeding me, how lucky I am, then the mind is silent from the noise outside. And this is truly eating in Baba’s remembrance.


Remembrance does not mean I am a dot, I am bodiless soul. No, it is remembering my original qualities, my original nature, and my relationship with Baba.


So, in that, there were no other thoughts at all, and I was enjoying the thoughts created in my mind. So, the mind was in silence, quiet and there was no noise and no questions. So, you begin to enjoy. The positive thoughts and powerful thoughts create the atmosphere. You enjoy food, but with Baba. There is a lot of happiness.


One time, when Didiji was in Delhi in 1968, while practising collective silence, a phone call came. I told the caller that it was silent meal time, and Didi was not available to speak on the phone. It was not easy to make and receive phone calls at that time. After Didi had finished her food, I told her that there was a phone call. Didi said, “You should have told me, so I could at least say hello to her, and then listen to her and replied later. Now you have created more tension in that person.”  


6 Brahma Baba 



Br Shantanu:  January is coming and we do read a lot and hear a lot about Baba’s experiences.


Q:  What is your experience of the stillness from Baba in practical life? What do you remember about Baba in his final time?


Sudesh Didi:  Baba used to conduct meditation at Amrit Vela. When finished, Baba would stand up, with his arms behind his back.  You would have seen it in a photograph. At that time, Baba’s vibration was like a moving lighthouse. Everybody felt that Baba was giving drishti to them at the same time. At that time, Baba was in his living form, it was not a picture. It was those vibrations that you felt that Baba was focusing on me. Then, Baba would go and stand outside. It was after Amrit Vela, and he would stand by where Nirwair bhai’s office in Pandav Bhavan is now. As it was a raised platform, he would stand there and then, all of us would come. At that time, Baba’s power of love was such that we felt that we were all becoming the garland around Baba’s neck; first row, second row, third row, fourth row, just like a necklace around Baba. Love emerged from this powerful drishti. Baba’s words were, “The Father, the Sun of knowledge, the mother, the moon of knowledge, say good morning to the morning stars, shining stars.”  Then Baba gradually moved to go into his room. The feeling was that the energy was coming from here, touching our hearts, and we were also going with Baba into Baba’s room. It was like magnetic energy.


7 Effort-making 


Br Shantanu:  There is effort making, then intense effort making, and then, there is effortlessness.


Q:  How can we make effort-making easy and enjoyable?


Sudesh Didi: In fact, there is no effort. The word effort itself is that we have to do something extra. The word is purusharath, which means I have to give something to someone. But I do have to give anything to anyone. What I am doing is giving to my own self. It is purusharath, which means for the benefit of my own self. And purusharath is soul consciousness. And soul consciousness means really believing that when I am conscious, my qualities will work. When I am not conscious and I have doubt, then my qualities will not work. I believe these are my qualities. They are Godly gifts.


I am the child of God, so Godly qualities are naturally there, and that consciousness is a natural effort. Somehow, I do not experience peace; I do not experience God's love. I am blocking myself, because I do not recognise what Baba is giving. I am expecting something else, and focusing on something else, then trying to make effort to achieve what I was expecting. That becomes an effort.


For example, we think, “I do not experience God's love,” and He is pouring buckets and buckets of love every day. But then, I think love is something gross like emotional love, we have the measurement of worldly love. There is no measurement of worldly love in Godly love. Love means care; love means sustenance; love means giving attention; love means the giving of pure energy, through three relationships. In every relationship, there is love, and that comes through knowledge.


In the packet of knowledge, love is filled in it. But I do not see any love in knowledge, I think of knowledge as something intellectual, and this is why I miss the experience of love. But He says, “Sweet children,” the first words are “sweet children.” Do I really believe these are God's words? Do I feel that He is seeing me so sweet and telling me sweet child, sweet child. He is really making me sweet. He is a snake charmer.


A snake charmer plays the flute, and the snake begins to dance. He has the art to remove the poisonous sting. And God is really a snake charmer, every day He says, Sweet children, sweet children. And I react and say, “I do not experience this.” My bitterness is still there. My reactions are still there. Then, the next day’s Murli somehow has exactly what I need to hear, which I need to do. So, He is a real Magician. He knows the mistake I have made, and directs my attention there. There is the appreciation of Baba who knows what I want to change, and gives me the medicine to enable me to change. He gives me that power.


Gratitude to Baba creates love. When we think we do not have, we complain, and separate ourselves. For example, God is my Mother. A mother cooks food for me. I enjoy the food one day, and I say Mama, it is so sweet and so nice. The next day, without being asked, she cooks for me.  This is what God does. If I appreciate and I really enjoy it, then the next day, He gives more. I enjoy, He gives more. And you begin to enjoy His love as the Mother every day.  As the Father, He is always reminding me of inheritance, inheritance, inheritance.


I realise it is not the inheritance of the Golden Age. When I go there, then I will enjoy it. But the inheritance is at the present time. God’s property does not have a car or money.  He does not have anything of this world. His property is his powers, and how much I am able to claim that, and that is my property, and that is what is reminding me every day. I believe it is my inheritance, but I am still begging, then where do I place myself? If I still see myself as a beggar, I will definitely get a basket full of everything, enough to satisfy me. But if I were a beggar, I would not have the courage to enter the house. If I were a servant, I go in and work. Then I go into the soul world. Then I go into the golden age, and enjoy a short time.


If I am a child, and I am not worthy, He is concerned, and He wants to make me powerful. He wants to make me worthy in order to give me His property. He says, “I am your Teacher to make you worthy.” Do I believe this? When I believe this, I am claiming the latest now. If I do not believe, I am empty.


The main thing is faith in the intellect, then you experience effort to be easy. When I am careless, I care less about what He is giving; I miss it.


In order to make effort easy, believe that it is my birthright. I belong to Him and His property belongs to me. He is offering me I should accept it and appreciate it. Efforts are easy. There is no need to make effort actually, because I am getting it already.


Of course, there is a lot of account from the past. What happens with the majority of the people who find it difficult is that, their meditation is very good, they enjoy the Murlis, they are also doing service, which they enjoy. But next, they are empty. Why? Because I earned a lot, but am I earning that much that I can pay for something from the past? Can I live in the present and create for the future? This means intense effort is not there. We need to keep three aspects in mind. We do become careless; for a few days, we do make promises with determination, and then we are thinking, I am doing too much I must do. So, I am balancing only two days, but I am not balancing to pay the past. So, I am earning 5000 and I am indebted for 50,000.


And so, I'm earning 5000, how much I'm paying from the balance of the 50,000 debt? How much am I doing for the future, I have to make effort to keep three aspects of time. It is our carelessness, laziness, and not an honest effort that make us struggle. Do I really do karma yoga with great love? Or do I think others should do it? No. But it is my fortune. I am doing this just so others can see I am good. I am doing what they have said. What was that? Did I do it with my heart? I think my position is good. I am good at giving lectures. I am good at doing other activities. Actions bring blessings, and I am missing the blessings. I am missing the power of purifying my actions. So, my karmic account is not cleared. I am not balanced.


Balance means mind, body, well, time and energy VR. What I am paying, is what I am getting from God. Paying does not mean in the form of anything physical. With honesty and real dedication; this is called the real balance, which brings bliss. I thought balance means physically counting the hours, and counting time, but balance is something else.


The intention is the main thing. My intention, my attitude, my honesty, and my clean, pure heart. Then the Lord is pleased, and He will give much more than what I want. We have been reading these Avyakt signals of an honest heart for the full month. And we have to check how much percentage I have kept my heart clean, or I was selfish, or I was showy, or I wanted some appreciation immediately, or I wanted acknowledgment. Is it really true that there is inner cleanliness, or when somebody criticises and corrects me, I avoid service, and I block my fortune then.


Value always comes with balance, and value means my time, my energy, and my qualities filled with values. Not that they should be valued by others, but it is filled with values, then God accepts. When it is balanced, effort is natural.


8 Aim for the new year 


Br Shantanu: Didi, most of the time this happens. We take up a very nice thought; we want to continue especially because the year is coming to an end, we will have very nice thoughts and resolutions for the coming year. But as you mentioned, after a certain point of time, the graph, instead of growing upside, starts going downside. And then after a certain point, we realise we already left our resolution many weeks ago. We need something to help us to create practical resolutions which we can achieve. We need to know how to analyse or understand my capacity and then design a resolution.


Q:  Do you have a resolution-making mantra? How do we create good aims for ourselves?


Sudesh Didi: The good aim has already been given Baba, that is the aim and objective of becoming a divine being. A divine being means devta, giving.


The good aim is giving, which means divine virtues; what we have to give to myself and give to others, and giving God's qualities. So how much have I become virtuous? How much do I pick up virtue from others, take virtues from Baba, and create virtues myself?


The effort is to aim to become all virtuous in every situation. With introspection, I am inspecting myself not inspecting others, inspecting myself and correcting myself. If I realise but I do not correct it, it does not bring results. So, what I have realised, I have to actually do it myself. Not only to wish it, not only to want it, but I will do it, and keep the promise to myself. When there is this attention, automatically, that willpower will increase.


So, the aim is to have the determination and realisation of what I need to bring transformation, and focus on it. Baba says,” You do not have to promise to God, but you make a promise to yourself.” So that transformation I have to bring, but not with force. The trick is with love, in God's love and love for my own self. If I am spoiling my stage, at that time I am forcing myself. Without love, I would not achieve much.


So, my aim is: I have to become the embodiment of that quality. For example, to become humble is to become great. I have to become great but greatness is humility. How much am I becoming humble? I want to be seen by others as great, known by others as great or even by God, great Lakshmi and Narayan. But it is balanced with humility. Am I really humble? Am I incognito? Am I selfless? Do I have high dedication to that?


The aim and quality are equal: humility and greatness are balanced in this way. So soul consciousness, first step; being virtuous is the second step; the third is egolessness. This was Brahma Baba, but egoless when balanced, it is soul consciousness.


Ego less makes me soul conscious. Otherwise, I am not soul conscious. So, coming back, the power of egolessness is to become soul conscious, and soul consciousness means all the qualities. The balance becomes greatness. Selflessness is greatness. Dedication is greatness. So, aim very high with all virtues, bodiless, avyakt consciousness and perfection action, pay attention on my action, because that's what my ever aim is there. And then comes back again that I am balanced; receiving and giving.


Sri Lakshmi does not have any weapons in her hands. Both Sri Lakshmi and Sri Narayan have no weapons.


Baba says this swadarshanchakra (discus of the cycle of self-realisation) is our weapon. Durga, Hanumann and Ganesh, they have many weapons, because at that time I want to hold on to that power, or I want to reject others and conquer others. But here I receive, and I hand over the weapons. That is balance. That is the aim, lakshya  and lakshan, aim and objective, and virtues. To work on that is the aim of life.


Perfection, perfect action, free from defect, and free from the effect of the defect of others. We aim for perfection, but we, very quickly, become affected by the defect of others. Then, criticism, sensitivity, and reaction somehow, so goes back to the sickness again. This is why renunciation is needed.

The renunciation of renunciation, that is perfection.


The act of giving automatically brings benefits to me, I do not have to expect; expectation creates problems. Many give with an expectation of a certain result or return. Whatever has been given to others, what kind of expectation should we still have? So, I have to have this consciousness that, it will bring benefit to me, even though it might take time.


9 Newness 


Br Shantanu: Sometimes even when we are living in that moment, we do carry our past experiences and it makes the moment not so beautiful.


Q:   What is the definition of newness? When everything in drama is already predestined existing? How do I still make it very new for me? How do I make my every moment very new?


Sudesh Didi:  Because every second is new, not old. Things are old, but we make our enthusiasm new, our vision new; we remain my own understanding.


If I have to make it new, that will make new. If I keep it old, it will remain old. Every moment is automatically new. But if I am holding the old, I do not see the new. Anything new is powerful; anything old is broken. So in order to make myself powerful, I have to renew it and make myself new, for my self-efforts and for my benefit. Look at everything in a new way, think in a new way, and do it in a new way. This is my soul-conscious effort.


10 Reading Murli 


Br Shantanu: I wrote this question today in the afternoon. We had a session with the youth. Sister Gopi gave us a task to read the Murli at least five times. Honestly, sometimes reading modally more than twice becomes a big task. I saw you in Gyan Sarovar in 2021, where you were reading the Murli four times because it was COVID time, and Murli was read over Zoom. And you would record the Murli in advance for us and then you would go back in your cottage and again read the Murli for other centres, zones and countries.  You would read the Murli seven times. We have also heard that Dadi read the Murli twelve times.


Q: How do we start enjoying reading the Murli? How do I keep myself focused and on track in order to read the Murli a good number of times?


Sudesh Didi:  When we read the Murli with love, every time, there is new touching, and you will find something new. When you read the Murli the second time, you can reach the depth of the teaching. Reading it the third time, you experience the link.  Reading it the fourth time, you experience the power of the Murli. Each time there is a new experience, it is not the old Murli that has been read.


The same Murli, every time you read, there is new touching. And you feel appreciation and say, “Oh, I didn't understand this before.” Sometimes, your intellect clicks, “Oh, this is the meaning.” So, this is the newness.


Many of the Murlis, I heard them directly, and I remember the scenes. That is a great joy for me. It brings benefits to me. When I am reading out the Murli, I am not reading for anyone else.  I am reading to myself. I'm not reading the Murli, I am hearing the Murli. This is what my consciousness is while reading in class.


Otherwise, I am reading the Murli, and when I read about some actions and directions, immediately, a person will come in my mind. If somebody has made some mistakes, I will think of that. My link is broken. Then, I will not catch the next point of the Murli. This, I have to pay attention. Baba is speaking to me, and not to anybody else. Then I enjoy experiencing something new each time. When believing Baba is speaking to me, then how great is my fortune that God is speaking to me! This is why I enjoy it. I am not reading, I am listening. The more you listen, the more you get to benefit from it.


11 Inspirations for 2023 


Br Shantanu: This is the right time to share your inspirations for the coming year, especially when tomorrow is Baba’s Day. The way of meeting Baba has changed.


Q:  How do we prepare for Baba’s Meeting to have a very powerful experience?


Sudesh Didi: The plan for the whole of January has already come from Madhuban. January month is the new start of the aim of following Baba. What Brahma Baba practised, how he practised, how he spoke to himself, how he spoke to Shiv Baba, how he kept remembering his relationship with Baba, how he gave himself different titles, from the shoe, to the crown jewel. A man is calling himself the wife. Interesting. He would entertain himself with these different titles, like he would call himself the landlady who has rented his house to Baba. Sometimes it is the titles, sometimes it is the virtues, sometimes speaking to the self and sometimes practising Baba’s directions.


This month of January, every day we are given a different title, and a different avyakt signal for practice. All of us around the world will do the same homework. So, if you pay attention to the homework for the New Year, which has come from Madhuban, that means it is filled with power. We are working together, not only for the self, but for others as well.


The main thing is that now it is the time to create vibrations, not the time for speech, the time for lectures, or the time for other things.  Vibrations are actually the inner energy on which I am focusing and thinking inside. It is about what I am communicating with others. So, this should automatically change, and changing the vibrations, and glorifying Baba through transformation. God cannot be glorified without transformation. God is known to everyone. God does not want to be glorified. He wants us to be glorified. This is why whatever traces there are still in the roots, I need to uproot them. This is the main focus, so that they do not grow back again and again. We have been cutting the branches of the tree, but the attention is deep meditation, collective meditation, with concentration, solitude, collectively to uproot with that power, the things we want to transform. So, transformation and purification are God's glorification. Through the glorification of Brahmins, God is revealed.


Br Shantanu: Thank you so much for taking us into the depths of the loving wisdom you carry. And thank you everyone for sharing your good energy right now with us. Thank you so much. Om Shanti.


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Sharing Baba's bhog message from Sister Mohini

8 January 2023

Dear Brahmin family, 


Greetings of love at the New Year.  On New Year's day, I offered bhog on behalf of all of us and Baba shared a beautiful message filled with blessings for all of His children.  To make sure you have received and understood Baba's blessings and guidance for the new year, I am sharing the written message here with you again.


With love, 

Sister Mohini


New Year’s bhog message, 1 January 2023

Sister Mohini, Peace Village


I said to Baba, I brought bhog from Peace Village.  All are so grateful to you.  Baba shared very loving drishti, and after a few moments, Baba accepted bhog.


Baba then said that each child is special, is important, is valuable.  Underline these 3 words for each one of you.  Every child has an honest heart and is very sincere in making efforts.  So, Baba in return wants to give a lot of blessings.


The first blessing Baba gives is for you to always have pure, elevated thoughts.  Every thought should be pure and elevated. That’s Baba’s blessing for each one, but you have to take care.


Baba’s blessing for the intellect is that it is always very clear and far-sighted, trikaldarshi. 


For the body, Baba gives you health and strength.  To maintain health, of course the vibrations of your soul, of your mind, will help but also you all have to cook in remembrance and eat in remembrance. And also – no more fried food.  What Baba meant was that each one should be feeding the body in an appropriate way.  It’s important because Baba said, you have to serve through this body.  It’s not just your body.  You have to stay healthy but Baba has to serve through you.  You are the instrument.


For wealth –  eknami and economy.  You should spend only as much as is necessary and spend it in a worthwhile way.


For relationships, it should be not only family, but like a gathering or a bouquet.  There should be so much love and understanding that you don’t need to say too many words or to explain too much.  Signals should be enough for you to work together, to live together. 


Baba is giving these blessings and as you maintain these blessings, you are serving the world.  You become a world benefactor because these are all that is needed & when you have received blessings from Baba and you maintain them, your blessings will keep increasing as will your capacity to bestow.  That means through your vibrations, through your presence, through your words, others will also receive these blessings.


After that, Baba said, Baba always has drishti on each child.  No one can get lost.  In whatever time is left, you have to be victorious. Because this is the last part of your journey. Continue to make efforts in whatever time is left.  In the last part of your journey, there will be some tests, but if you keep the aim “I have to be victorious,”  your inner strength and Baba’s blessings will always help you to be victorious.  Maya will also make some final attempts to take you away – a little bit.  Sometimes through matter, because the final settling has to happen.  All that will be happening in a short time.  Always remember that I am Baba’s victorious child.  I will claim victory.


Very lovingly Baba was sharing all these blessings with us.  Baba said not only Happy New Year, but include everything.  Make a long list, mind, intellect, body, relationships, resources, the gathering, family — everything.  Nurturing will happen through love.  And of course when there is love, you are also very kind and sweet. All other qualities emerge at the right time, in the right way.  Baba gave lots of love, remembrances and said that all your pure and elevated wishes will be fulfilled.  So Baba’s love for everyone.  Om shanti 


Link to the video: https://youtu.be/Of-HQ86RkMM






Sudesh Didi – 2nd January 2023 Monday Morning Class - GCH, London: Become a Raj Rishi

5 January 2023

Om Shanti. Greetings of happiness are throughout the whole of this Brahman life. Wah, Baba, wah! How great is my fortune! You make me belong to You, and this belonging has finished all the longing from the Copper Age. To meet You, to belong to You, to experience You, to have all relationships with You. Now, the heart sings this song: Wah, Baba, wah! Wah, Drama, wah! Wah, my fortune, wah!


It is not only just that You are my Father or God, the Father, but in every aspect, we are connected with You, and we have all relationships with You. So, at every step as a Brahmin, where there is this relationship we are automatically connected.  Baba, as the Teacher, is teaching us Raj Yoga. This makes a great difference between being a devotee, a sannyasi, and a yogi; the consciousness is completely changed. The study is for our aim and objective. Baba, not only makes me aware of my aim and objective, He gives us the method to reach our aim, and teaches us how to achieve, and how to become. He makes me aware of my aim and objective, as well as teaches me how to work on myself and become the embodiment of powers and virtues now. He helps us achieve our degrees before we go to the next class. It is not that we wait till we reach the next class to get the degree. This Raj Yoga is to make us into golden-aged divine deities, the world sovereigns.


Before that, we go through the stages: Yogi, Raja Yogi, Rishi, and Raj Rishi. Before the stages of Rishi and Raj Rishi, is the stage of tapaswi, the renunciate. So, what is the difference between these stages, the terms that Baba uses from time to time?


Just as when we study a subject, our degree increases, that is, the more we study a subject, the deeper we investigate and experiment, subsequently, we gain a deeper understanding and more experiences. And as we continue to apply this understanding, and practical use and exercise the directions and teachings that Baba gives us, we become yogis. To be a yogi, we have got to remember Baba, we have yoga with Him. Relationship with Baba is more than just a loveful relationship; it is the constant connection that purifies us. Knowledge is light; yoga is power. So, He is making us into powerful yogis. And this power makes us Rajas.


Baba gives us His powers, empowering our souls so that we do not desire to fight with anyone else, we do not conquer anyone else. But it is the ruling of the self; we become Rajas or kings of our own sense organs. Self-sovereign, seated on the throne with the awareness: I am the king.  


Self-sovereignty will bring world sovereignty. As Raja Yogis, we do not transform ourselves or rule ourselves with force. But it is with love, the right understanding, and with a clear vision. The more our sense organs are disciplined, the functioning becomes gentle and natural.


For example, I do not need to touch the organs of my eyes. We do not need to touch our eyes to force them to open or close. Do I close my eyes like this (using the hands to force them)? No. I create a thought and the eyes open. A thought comes and I can turn my eyes up, or left, or right. The neck and the head also work automatically without force. My thoughts are directing them to move. So, in the same way, this determined thought: I am a yogi child of Baba. The word yogi implies purity because yoga brings purity. A yogi is a pure soul. A yogi not only purifies the present but also creates purity for the future. A yogi also purifies the element; not the element from the outside, but the element that is my personal property, which I have received from mother nature. Our parents became the instruments, but the body is a gift from Mother Nature. This means the five elements have given me a beautiful palace (body) to look after. And in this palace, I am the king, Raj Yogi. New spiritual birth means new consciousness. So, we are not looking at the old body which was born through vices, but we are looking at the new body, with the consciousness of a new identity, which is born through the mother wisdom, the Gita of God’s Shrimat.


So, Shiva is my Father, and God's wisdom, the Gita, is my mother. Then, Brahma became my mother, giving me this identity by practically adopting me, saying “you are my child.” Shiva adopted me through Brahma. So, I am Raj Yogi, but I am also Rishi. Rishi means pure.


This is a unique birth; this is a divine birth; this is an alokik birth. And this joy of this alokik birth automatically brings ‘death’. I die with great bliss, with natural joy. I am dead to the old; I let the old go away. The more I die, my sense organs will not cry. They are happy because the bondage is finishing. Before gyan, when somebody else died, we cried and when we were dying, we cried. Now, this death is such a wonderful death. There is no fear of death. Because I have received a new birth and I know that this birth it is connected with many future births of happiness. So, when I am to take a new birth physically in the Golden Age, I will be a happy child who is smiling; there will be no crying. Here, in the old world, we make sure a newborn child cry to show the lungs are functioning. 


 At the Confluence Age, our new birth is our security, not only this one birth; this one birth is giving, preparing, and ensuring our future births. It is an insurance policy with this birth, that for 21 births, there will be a healthy body, happy life, prosperous life; health, wealth, happiness, and relationship. Everything is free from bondage, free from suffering. So, it is a new life, and I can see what I can achieve by letting go, by dying alive. It means that the master of the sense organs. Whatever I'm doing, I am not only a yogi, I am a karma yogi. My senses cannot become cool without purity in it. And purity means yoga; my relationship with Baba brings purity. So, whatever actions are done through the body, these actions are done with the mind at the same time. Without the action through the mind, the sense organs cannot be purified. Manmanabhav (Fix your mind on Me), I am a pure and peaceful soul. Without this thought, our actions cannot be pure, these organs cannot be pure. When the soul is detached from the body, pure but detached, then I am not absorbing or affected by the external attraction. This consciousness is protection: I am a peaceful yogi, a karma yogi. A karma yogi means with sense (wisdom) and my organs are with a sense of Raja Yoga, with a sense of my original stage, with the understanding. By sense, I mean the wisdom in the intellect. So, not only my mind is becoming pure, but because of the yoga the intellect is with Baba, my intellect is becoming clean, pure, and divine.


When these two energies are on a higher level, the mind and the intellect become pure, clean, and divine, and our actions, which are based on sanskars, are changing automatically. Then, whatever I do, it is with great joy and with faith; whatever I do, it is my fortune, and work becomes easy because there is spiritual power. We use our organs to see with great now. Our consciousness is of the soul, the spiritual brothers, and our vision is of soul consciousness. Not only is there a transformation in the mind, the attitude changes. Attitude is the property of the mind and intellect together. When the mind and intellect both become friends in harmony, automatically, actions governed by them will be the same accordingly.


I am a Raja yogi, a karma yogi, and the power of elevated actions creates self-respect. When there is heaviness in the mind, then there is tiredness in the body. Any kind of heaviness affects the body. Then, there is laziness. When I am alert, with determination, with alert consciousness, the self continues to check and change. Our old sanskars cannot be transformed unless I check myself as a detached observer, with a clear intellect is clear. Otherwise, I am only clever in checking others. So, I have to change my sight from farsighted to near sight, as Baba has said that our farsightedness is very clear, but our near sight is a little weak. This is why the weaknesses of others are seen very quickly, whereas our own weaknesses are seen later. (Avyakti Murli 24/04/2022) 


With poor vision, we begin to see ourselves more. and introspection increases. In this way, you become Rishi with pure consciousness and as a detached observer; you begin to change your action, and then, you begin to enjoy elevated actions. There is happiness in self-transformation; there is an increase in self-respect in self-transformation. The result of self-transformation is lightness; you become double light.  In being influenced by wrong actions, in picking up the rubbish of others, this heaviness creates bondage. But here, I am double light; I, the soul, am light, and there is lightness in this life.


One with lightness is easy-natured and flexible, and lightness brings many other qualities to the self automatically. Soul-conscious vision enables the soul to pick up good things from others, and virtues from others. Soul-conscious attitude automatically creates harmonious relationships, love-full relationships, and respectful relationships based on self-respect. With an appreciation of the qualities of others, we are open to learning from them. We also experience and appreciate how much Baba has given me.


Wah, Baba, wah. I was a stone and you have made me into a diamond. You have made us a garland around your neck. You love me; this is why you have picked me up from the rubbish You can use that I am valuable. You are Baba, and Your choice cannot be an ordinary choice. You have come through the chariot of the diamond merchant. This means both of you have the Eyes for qualities and value. You have put me in Your eyes.


When I am sitting in God's eyes, how would these eyes work? The ‘sight’ becomes introspective and begins to see clearly: the near sight is pure and clean; the far sight is also becoming very beautiful, benevolent, loving, filled with appreciation, easy, and friendly, all these qualities come.


There is a natural lightness and joy in greeting and meeting, saying hello, how are you while seeing the goodness and beauty. So, appreciation comes automatically. So there is purity in words, and the mouth also opens with appreciation. So, in this aspect, you are Rishi. When you are able to see, then Raj Yogi becomes Raj Rishi. Rishi means changing the environment. 


Yesterday Baba told us to change the vibrations, and change the atmosphere. With pure vision and attitude, whatever we say through words, carries positivity, appreciation, and acceptance, and the atmosphere becomes good. You create a yagya inside. Vishwa is about the inner environment creating the external environment. They create fire, yagya, which is very powerful, that everything big or small things, even the hardest, get transformed. So, this fire of love is the powerful fire: love for the self, love for others, and love for God's wisdom. It is through love, we follow, not with force or fear. Shrimat makes me Raj Rishi as well as Raj yogi, and this is a gift that we are creating. We become Vishwamitra (friend of the whole world), we become a friend to all families and friends, and our relationships will be divine. Baba says whoever comes into your contact and relationship, should be also purified. 


The vision, the vibrations through the ears, through the eyes, through the mouth, and the vibrations connected with my thoughts are changed. Thoughts are insight; that is the seed. The quality of thought is changed. Manmanabhav (fix the mind on the One) happens automatically, then the mind is not struggling, but is enjoying the company and relationship with each other, pure and harmonious. As Vishwamitra, with divine qualities, we become a friend with everyone. So, it is important to check that my positivity is not mixed with a little negativity. Otherwise, this ego of I will come in.


Receive this blessing from Baba, wah, Baba, wah, and become a trustee. Whatever I have received, is a beautiful gift from God. I should not make that belong to me. The gift is given through me, but I am the trustee. Then it creates happiness without any jealousy, competition, or fear.


The two categories of Rishis in the story of the scripture are quite interesting. There is a story of Vishwamitra and Vashisht. Vashisht means a specialist Rishi. Vishwamitra was very famous, very famous. He was the rishi of Sri Ramchandra.  In essence, Vishwamitra was very jealous of Vashisht.  Vashisht was praised a lot. He was the guru of Raja King Harishchandra, who was a renunciate, who was honest, who was a trustee. And he donated his kingdom in his dream. The moment he realised that even what was donated in his dream, also did not belong to him, he paid with renunciation. He realized nothing was his, everything was God's and donated everything. He became more and more famous because of his renunciation of attachment


It is an interesting story. He was totally detached when his son died. He gave extra in his donation. The system in India is that when you give a donation, you give 1% extra for thanksgiving. So, there was no ego. He gave thanks and God accepted his renunciation. So, there was immense humility. Before, he said by mistake, “Okay, I can give the extra donation from my treasure,” instead of giving thanks to God, which he later realized was not ‘his’. So, he renounced everything and became an ordinary person. He got a job as a cremator. His wife had to become a maid somewhere. His son was bitten by a snake and died.

Harishchandra demonstrated true renunciation of attachment when the wife brought the son’s body to the cremation ground.  Being a servant to his master, Harishchandra was duty-bound by his job to perform the cremation only after the acceptance of the tax. The wife had nothing in her possession, except the only ornament given by her husband. She offered that as the tax, which Harishchandra accepted and performed the last rites of his son. And so, the whole family became detached. Due to Harishchandra’s steadfastness, his son was brought back to life.


Due to Vashisht having a bigger title and being more famous, Vishwamitra was not satisfied. He became egocentric and was angry that his praise was less. He felt jealous and wanted to kill him. It was a full moon. Vashisht’s wife was a special yogi, a total renunciate, generous-hearted, loving, caring, free from the influence of karma for others, and free from jealousy.


His wife said, “Such a beautiful full moon, what a greatness of the coolness.”


He replied, “It is not greater than Vishwamitra.” Vishwamitra overheard the statement and realised his own unclean intention. He bowed in front of Vashisht and touched his feet. Vashisht said, Get up, Rishi Raj, Rishi Raj, the king of rishis,” This was the title of Vashisht. But Vashisht addressed Vishwamitra as Rishi Raj. Suddenly, all the ego left Vishwamitra’s heart.


So, we are Raj Rishis, who are benevolent to the whole world. God is egoless, viceless, virtuous, bodiless. This is called double light, pure light and a lighthouse. Rishi Raj, not only Raj Yogi, but we are the king of rishis: a pure, clean heart, free from jealousy, free from competition, free from comparison, free from expectation. Many interesting stories in bhakti (devotion) give very deep lessons about the transformation of sanskars. Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: December 21- December 31 : The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart

3 January 2023

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  

"The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart "  from  December 21 - December 31

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Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart-21

The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart-22

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The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart-28

The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart-29

The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart-30

The Lord is pleased with an Honest Heart-31




Recording Available:  Revision of Murli of 2nd January 2023 Murli (31/12/2002) with Sister Jayanti

3 January 2023

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New Year Special Bhog Message - B.K. Mohini Didi - January 1, 2023

3 January 2023

It was very loveful and there was so much power in that love. Not just love  -- Baba was giving Drishti to each one of us. After that I said to Baba, " I brought Bhog from Peace Village for the New Year. Everyone is so thankful to You. So we all are offering with that love and gratitude."


After a few moments, after accepting Bhog, Baba said that each child is special, important, and valuable. Each child is important, special, and valuable. Underline these three words for each one of you. Baba said that every child has an honest heart, and is very sincere in making efforts. So, Baba in return, wants to give a lot of blessings, and to maintain those blessings, what do the children have to do?


Baba said that the first blessing Baba gives is, "Always have pure elevated thoughts all the time. Every thought should be pure and elevated". That's Baba's blessing for each one. You have to take care that the intellect is always very clear and farsighted, "Trikaldarshi-farsighted". Baba said,


"For the body, Baba gives you health and strength, but to maintain health, of course the vibrations of the soul and mind will help, but also you all have to, as Baba has been saying,  cook in remembrance and eat in remembrance, but also no more fried food. Even today is our first day of the year, and we're getting something fried. Baba means that each one should be feeding the body in an appropriate way. It's important because Baba said, "You have to serve through this body." It's not just your body, like I have to stay healthy, but Baba has to serve. You are the instrument.


Baba said, "For wealth, only for Baba "Eknami and economy", as much is necessary, you spend and spend it in a worthwhile way."


Relationships should be, not only family but like a gathering or a bouquet. There should be so much love and understanding that you don't need too many words to say or to explain. The signals should be enough to work together, to live together. 


Baba said that Baba is giving these blessings and as you maintain these blessings, you are serving the world, you become world benefactors because these are all what is needed. When you have received blessings from Baba and you maintain your capacity to bestow, blessings will keep increasing. That means through your vibrations, through your presence, through your words, others will also receive these blessings. Understand?


After that, Baba said, "Baba always has drishti on each child, no one can get lost, but whatever time is left, you have to be victorious. Baba said that this is the last, so whatever efforts you have done, whatever time is left, on the last part of your journey, there will be some tests. If you keep the aim that I have to be victorious, that is where you will find inner strength, and Baba's blessings will always help you to be victorious.


Maya will also make some final attempts to take you away a little bit. The final settling has to happen, and all that will be happening in a short time, but always remember that "I am Baba's victorious child. I will claim victory". So very lovingly, Baba was sharing all these blessings with us and Baba said, "Not only Happy New Year, but include everything, make a long list, mind, intellect, body, relationships, resources, gathering, family, everything. Nurturing will happen through love." When there is love, then you are also kind, and you are very sweet. Then all other qualities emerge at the right time in the right way.


So Baba gave again lots of love and remembrances and all your pure and elevated wishes will be fulfilled. So Baba's love for everyone.


Om Shanti! 


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THE WORLD RENEWAL Magazine, Jan-2023

2 January 2023

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Sudesh Didi – 1st January 2023 New Year’s Greetings - GCH, London: We Are in the New World

1 January 2023

Om Shanti. Greetings in silence. Greetings filled with happiness. Yesterday, Baba gave us greetings remotely, the greetings of new life, the greetings of the New Year and the greetings of the new world.

Are you going to the new world? Are we preparing for the new world, or are we in the new world already? Baba is my world. What is in the world? As soon as a child comes into the world, the first thing for the child is the parents.

So, Baba is my world; the family is my world. Whatever sustenance, wisdom, education and the environment we create, in every aspect, Baba then creates the new world in us. The world is not only of matter but also sub-matter. Of course, all the comforts of matter, the company of people come later. But first, it is Baba, who has already given us new life.

Today is a new day. Happy New World. Happy New Day. We create the new world with our new sanskars, and the sanskars we carry in the Golden Age. Yesterday (Baba’s Seasonal Avyakti Murli 31/12/22), Baba gave us the gift packet. Baba has a long list. If you can really see it, you will experience that nothing is missing; there is no desire for anything. Baba has opened that door to allow us to create the sanskars as well. A child’s sanskars are created through the parents’ sanskars. Through education, company, developing my own transformation and practical actions, sanskars are created.

So, we are going to the new world, but we are in the new world, a unique world which will never come again for 5000 years. Greetings of happiness to all of you. Happy new life. Happy new life. Happy New Year. And blissful New World, beautiful New World, everlasting New World, unique New World, and to create the One who creates the New World. Thank you. Om shanti.

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Sister Jayanti, 1st January 2023, am GCH, London: Am I able to emerge the sankars of the angel and the sanskars of the deity and prepare to go Home?

1 January 2023


Good Morning and a very Happy New Year to everyone.

The song spoke about congratulations for the coming new age, and the coming new year, and these beautiful moments are about to begin.  Bharat has so many who write and sing songs and there is always something for each occasion in a very beautiful way.


I was thinking about what is new for Brahmins.  When Baba used the term ‘living death, and rebirth’, I was thinking where it is physical death, the soul carries all its sanskars with it, and doesn’t leave any behind.  We see the variety of sanskars that the soul brings with itself from day one.  But in this ‘living death and rebirth’ am I able to emerge the sanskars of the angel?  Am I able to emerge the sanskars of the deity?


We listened to Dadi Prakashmani’s class on the rosary, and Dadi asked the question:  What is the purpose of becoming a Brahmin and she detailed a few things that are not part of our purpose.  It is a question to ask ourselves with every new day and especially at new Year.  What is my purpose as a Brahmin.  Make a list for the self and see if it is in line with Baba’s preferences.  We all have our own preferences, but what are Baba’s preferences and if I follow these, even as a human in this form at this moment, if I am following these which is srimat, what would I be feeling and how would I look?   Not physical appearance, but how would others see me and what would my consciousness be?  She gave many thoughts on being in the ‘cave of introversion’ and practising turning inwards continually.   Also she spoke it is the time to go Home. It is time to prepare for that final journey.  What is it that is going on if I am preparing.  If I take this up I think I will see a lot of shedding and shredding is needed.  When I look within I will see there is a lot of baggage internally that I don’t need to take on this journey.  If I am not ready yet to let go, these are the things that will prevent me from flying with Baba.  Baba says ‘Are you going to fly with me, or follow me as part of  the procession, numberwise?’.  For those flying Home with Baba there will be a very different experience.  When Baba uses the expression that ‘you will go like a swarm of insects’, this is true for the 8 billion souls that are around.  For those with Baba, they are with the Bridegroom and they experience ‘ God carrying them on His eyelashes’.  What is my choice today?  Am I going to keep carrying baggage and then say at the end : wait I have to let go of this and this - I will end up in the procession.  Baba, who has been waiting for 50 plus years, when it is time to go Home, each one is alone at that moment.  He will not wait for anyone at that point.  Baba has been helping us prepare in Sakar and Avyakt and telling us all the things we need to give attention.  Yet when we go Home we will go Home alone.  Do we all understand the significance of that and are we able to let go of humans and things, circumstances and situations that give comfort….can we let it all go and be totally free?


This avyakt month, Dadi Prakashmani is talking about 101 days.  Ok let it be at least 31 days I experiment with this and maybe at the end of this month I can decide whether I wish to continue with that for the next couple of months.  The signal from Time and from Dadiji, at the beginning of this avyakt month,  is that this is a special year ahead of us.  It is also a time of huge change and transition so how am I preparing myself for the journey back Home.


Dadiji, in this class, speaks about Brahma Baba is very much in front of her, and she is remembering the angel Brahma.  This pushed me back into memory lane and emerging those sanskars and feelings.  I met Brahma Baba three times in 1968.  In June, October and again in December.  Each meeting was very different.  In June, it was fascinating to explore what was Brahma Baba’s relationship with Shiv Baba regards who speaks The Murli and at what time.  There was such very beautiful communication and connection.  We know when we are conversing with another, when both have a lot to say, each realises they have to hold back and allow each other to speak and wait.  Then it is harmonious but if we  interrupt each other it is not a very sweet experience.  However Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba communicated seamlessly between each other.  What set me off on that track?   When I met Baba, He said:  Baba knows already. (He had spoken about my future a few years earlier, but I didn’t take it as a specific forecast or prophecy of my personal future).   I was asking myself the question that Brahma is remembered as the bestower of fortune and the one who  knows each ones story and destiny. But of course it is shiv Baba who knows the three aspects of time eternally.  Brahma Baba knows in Sangamyug.  So was it Shiv Baba who knew my future, or was it Brahma Baba, who was speaking when He said ‘Do you remember, Baba knew it already?’.  At that moment it was a human feeling of a Father who knew better than the child knew herself and reminded her.  I don’t have to spend time separating the two, but Avyakt Bapdada is like one.  For Sakar also we use the term PitaSri, the one who is elevated.  So both Fathers who are the most elevated of all.  One for the whole kalpa, and one for Sangamyug, who is also playing an elevated role throughout the kalpa.  It was fun to realise how they work together.


When Dadi said in her class,‘churn gyan and that is enough entertainment’.  Explore the different relationships with One and turn the aspects of knowledge and then there will never be a moment of boredom.  It is unimaginable that the Dadi’s would feel or say ‘ I am bored’.  In the early days of London when there wasn’t a lot of external service to be done. Yet Dadi was engaged, with the Murli, with others, with cooking, with taking someone for a walk, what ever it was.  When someone is bored you can see from the face and vibration and that was never the case with the Dadi’s.   Gyan and the relationship with Baba is the beauty and entertainment of Brahmin life. When Shiv Baba came for the first Avyakt Murli, I  later reflected on the truth of how Baba said, ‘Baba will come and meet you, to give you company, empower you,  uplift you, give you guidance and entertain you’. 

At that point I was in gyan for about 8 months and I didn’t think about Baba coming to entertain us!.  Yet He has done all of that.  In yesterday’s Avyakt Murli, He was speaking and sharing with so much laughter and fun.  He has done this through all the years.  Yet the Dadis knew how to entertain themselves with gyan, with no dependency on service nor any human being whatsoever.


Baba left, and the Dadis didn’t have tears.  Of course, Baba came and explained so beautifully that there were no need for tears.  Yet here was the one who gave them new lives, new perspective and a new world, but no tears.  So June 1968 was a special time in meeting Baba. Two things we put together in Brahmin Life, love and detachment.  Detachment is a cold expression, stay away and often non Brahmins don’t like it and we have to explain it to help them understand.  Detachment in the sense that Baba was so powerful in his yoga that Baba’s Drishti was such, and practise of soul consciousness was able to pull me and thousands of others, away from the body and into connection with God.  From limited to the unlimited, the eternal. Baba’s practice was intense and deep.  We have heard how he was so detached and up above. Yet he gave time to understand my situation personally and explaining how to deal with things.  At one time Baba asked me to get permission from my father, and I said, ‘ do I need to, I am over 18’.  And He smiled and said ‘Yes child, it is important’.  So here is the Supreme and the one who is the father of humanity, explaining in detail what to do in the situations of life.  That is not detachment but pure love.  One of the mistakes that happens in Brahmin life, especially when we are new Brahmins, we take it all very literally.  To be engaged with lokik family and take care of lokik family with love, but internally to continue with my practise and in a second detach.  It is not a balance that is easy at the beginning or later on…but it is vital if I wish to b an angel.    An angel is one, who is not just upabove and detached but the one with compassion and love, so it is a very interesting balance that Baba demonstrated and we also need to learn.

There are many more things to think and reflect on what we are hearing and we will continue to do this over the days ahead.

Om Shanti.

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