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News from Sr Jayanti in Shantivan, 1st June

1 June 2020

The tours around Shantivan Departments have continued, and it’s been very beautiful seeing all the Brahmins, but also seeing the situation of their place of service has been a fascinating eye-opener. I had thought that the tours would take two days, but it’s already taken four days, around 3 hours each day, and there is definitely one more ahead.

India lockdown has eased a little, but still many restrictions continue because the number of positive cases continues to rise.

In the midst of all of this, classes continue on Zoom. The different Conferences that normally happen in Gyan Sarovar in the summer are now happening online, and so there has been participation in the Conferences as well.





“Digital Wellness – Need of 2020 !” – Live Webinar on May 30 at 6 pm

1 June 2020

ENACTUS – IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Delhi cordially invites you all to Join a Live Webinar In English, Open for All on Youtube.

Day & Date: Saturday, May 30, 2020
Time: Sharp 6 pm to 7 pm IST  (India time)
Speaker: Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita Didi, PhD, Spiritual Management Consultant and Spiritual Mentor from  Abu Road, Rajasthan




E-launching of Music Godlywood - 24X7 music channel

31 May 2020

Click on above image


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.


The language of music is universal which binds all of us together. And what better way is there to serve the world than providing divine music 24X7! Music Godlywood - A 24 Hr Online Music Channel have been launched - which is aimed at divinising and purifying our inner world through songs and music from all popular music genres, focusing on the regional diversity of India and the world. Let us connect to our core and feel the love of God filling in!


Please find some glimpses of the e-launching of the event in the attached video and photos.

Apart from Youtube, you can watch the channel in your smartphone on JioSaavn, iTunes, gaana, ZeeMusic, AmazonMusic, Spotify, Hungama etc.


Do watch and share with all. Let's tune into beautiful music, align our vibrations and serve the world during these times of worldwide lockdown due to corona pandemic.


Follow the YouTube Link


With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal                                                               

Executive Director

Godlywood Studio






News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 27 May

27 May 2020

Today, we had a special Bhog Offering for the 2-month anniversary for Dadi Janki. Ishu Dadi, Munniben came to join us in Shakti Bhawan, with some others. Apart from special Bhog, we also received a lovely message from Baba through Rukmaniben. Apparently, Dadi looked extremely beautiful and so Rukmaniben asked her what the secret is; Dadi said, all the treasures that Baba has given her are filled within the soul, and she feels that this is the beauty Rukmaniben was seeing. This is just the essence of the message, but it was a very lovely atmosphere and a beautiful gathering.






International Films Festivals and 'God of Gods' Movie of Brahma Kumaris

27 May 2020

Dear divine Brothers and Sisters, Greetings from Madhuban.

I am very happy to share this good news that 'God of gods' is the first theatrical movie of Brahma Kumaris, which has been acclaimed Internationally by many International Film Festivals like the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival - USA,  Gold Movie Awards - London, Fest Pro Film Festival - Russia, Tokyo Lift-off Global Network Film Festival - Japan.

This movie was digitally released worldwide in 5 languages and Millions of millions have benefitted worldwide by this film. Even in the future, this movie also can be shown in your local movie theaters too, if you demand. Thanks to Baba and all the divine souls of the BK World Family for their unlimited support.

Now you can watch this movie on YouTube at any time. Share these links with all,  subscribe to our channel, like and comment.

YouTube links:

BK Venkatesh




Hearty Invitation to join the International Education E-conference on ' New Education for New Era' from 28th to 31st May

27 May 2020

Click on the image above to play video.

Most Respected and Divine Serviceable BapDada's Instruments around the Globe,
Greetings of Peace and Love from Madhuban!

We are happy to inform you that Education Wing of RERF is organising a 3 days International Education E-Conference from 28th to 31st May 2020 on the theme 'New Education for New Era'. The Conference aims to discuss on universal values, divine wisdom and strength imparted through Spiritual Education. 

This E-Conference will be broadcasted on our channels and Social Media Platforms like YouTube and Facebook etc. Hon'ble Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Ji, Union Minister for Human Resource Development will inaugurate this E-conference. Many more dignitaries are expected to address this conference online. 

We cordially invite all of you to join the E-Conference and watch it live on Awakening Channel or by clicking the below links of other social media platforms on Youtube and Facebook. The brochure and promo of the E-conference are sent herewith. You can circulate this news so that maximum participation can be achieved. 

International Education E-Conference
New Education for New Era
28th-31st May, 2020

Promo of the E-Conference:

Watch live on: 
- Awakening TV Channel
[Tata Sky: 1084 & Jio TV 1060]

-  Youtube Link:

-  Facebook Link:  

Organised by: 
- Education Wing, RERF
- Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu

Click here to download Brochure.

With love and Regards,
Your Spiritual Brother
Dr BK Mruthyunjaya




News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 26 May

27 May 2020

On Saturday, we had the launch of the 24-hour E-Channel, Music Godlywood, at the Godlywood Studio. Munniben and myself were there with Harilalbhai, together with Heads of Departments, so it was a small group due to social distancing. It was a very sweet event. Apparently there is music in 8 different languages and they have a stock of around 1500 new songs that have been created at the Studio over the last few years, and so these will be played on the Channel.


Tuesday, 26th was another sweet adventure. Hansaben organised a visit to several of Baba’s departments in Shantivan: We first went to the Water Department where they had all the equipment needed for plumbing.


Next was the Art Department. Shyambhai has been incharge of it since 1972, and he still continues bravely with a bigger team of course now.


The Carpentry Store was quite amazing; in fact every single department we saw was unlimited, with a huge amount of work going on.


The Transportation Dept for goods has 18 trucks, and even now trucks go daily to Palanpur and Abu Road for purchases of daily essentials like the vegetables, fruits etc. So much is happening which is totally behind the scenes.


The Accounts Department with Lalitbhai seems to have around 50 people serving there. Normally April onwards is the Audit Season, with BK Teachers coming to spend 4-5 days in Shantivan to get their Centres’ Auditing done. Since that’s not possible this year, everything is now being done online; all the documents are coming in online and so there is a huge department dealing with educational awareness of all the things that need to be done for Accounting. They even have a Software Development Section within the Accounts/Audit Department. It really is a marathon task dealing with over 6000 Units: Centres, some Sub-Centres, and Retreat Centres, so it’s quite amazing to see Baba’s unlimited task in every way in Madhuban.


We saw the department where they grind the grain for flour, and different types of grains were being ground. During the season, when there are 20,000-25,000 BKs visiting, it takes 100 sacks of flour to prepare the three meals for all pilgrims!


The Journey Food Department is totally computerised now, and again the detail of information that’s required and the way it’s distributed is wonderful.


This of course was just some of the departments, and I look forward to more adventures and seeing more.






News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 25 May 2020

26 May 2020

There are non-stop Classes going on Zoom. India has thousands of Centres, and so now I am getting many, many requests from different Centres in India. Gyan Sarovar usually hosts different Conferences of the different Wings from April onwards, but they are of course online this year, and I am being asked to do recordings for those also! So it’s been extra busy.


Every year, the surrendered sisters and brothers of all four complexes receive cloth material and other essential items from the Yagya for the coming year. This usually happens in Shantivan, which isn’t possible this year due to lockdown. We saw 2000 packages being prepared and then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Hansaben and myself had a chance to be part of that distribution ceremony.


On 20 May, the packages were given to the Niwasis in the Conference Hall of Shantivan. The Conference Hall has received permission to be used for gatherings of a limited number, for Gyan and Yoga. The chairs have been put out to comply with social distancing, and it’s been working very well. Ishu Dadi, Dadi Ratan Mohini, Munniben all gave drishti; I handed out a package which was a gift from Madhuban in remembrance of Dadi Janki, and Hansaben gave beautiful mangoes and toli to everyone. So we had two groups on Wednesday (of 200 each). There was also the chance of Short Class with both the groups.


On Thursday, we had one more group which was a bit less than 200, and it included about 50 of the Shantivan Niwasi Sisters.


On Friday morning, we had the same ceremony in Pandav Bhawan. On arrival, we went to Baba’s Room, which was very, very moving, because of so many beautiful memories of Dadi Janki being there. We then had a short visit to the Baba’s Hut, and few minutes at Shanti Sthamb too. In PB, the line-up was Shashiben and Sheiluben together with Hansaben and myself, and it was done in the open-air space in front of Tower of Peace, opposite the History Hall, so that social distancing could be maintained.


We then passed by Nakki Lake, which is looking really beautiful. It’s clean and sparkling, and we were able to see all the additions that Harishbhai has made to the amenities around the lake. In particular, at the spot where they used to burn effigy of Ravan every year – it was known as Ravan Ghat then – there is a lovely park laid out, with the Indian flag hoisted very high up, and steps that take you down to the lake as well.


We came to Gyan Sarovar for the same ceremony for the GS Niwasis, with Dr Nirmalaben and Sudeshben plus of course a short class before the ceremony.


We then went to Global Hospital. Hansaben and I visited the room where Dadi Janki had taken her last breathe, and it was quite moving to be there after all these weeks. We then met the sisters and brothers who are part of the dedicated team of Madhuban. This was followed by a lovely lunch with Dr Pratapbhai and others, and we returned to Shantivan late afternoon.


On Friday afternoon, I was able to have a class with the team that looks after Ever-Healthy Clinic of Shantivan. This took place in one of Classrooms that they have in Vishram Bhawan.


So different things continue and meanwhile, we are safe and protected by Baba in Baba’s home.


Balwantbhai, Urvashiben and Minaben (Oxford) all returned to London safely on 21 May evening, and are in self-quarantine at GCH.







“Spiritual Intelligence” – Special Webinar – May 23, 4 pm

22 May 2020

The most common intelligence discussed is rational intelligence, IQ.  However, as current times show, to know yourself, to manage your mind and emotions, is an essential skill to get through challenging times. The IT Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation cordially invites you to join an online Webinar on the topic “Spiritual Intelligence.

Date & Time:
Saturday, 23 May 2020
Time: 4 PM – 5:30 PM IST  (India time)

[ FREE but compulsory ]

Webinar Theme:
The most common intelligence discussed is rational intelligence, IQ.  However, as current times show, to know yourself, to manage your mind and emotions, is an essential skill to get through challenging times.

Facilitator: BK Yogesh Sharda

About the Facilitator:
BK Yogesh Sharda was Born in Malawi, Africa, with an Indian background and brought up in London and Oxford, England.  Yogesh has been a Personal Development trainer and workshop facilitator for more than 20 years, presenting many hundreds of seminars, workshops and courses for businesses, hospitals, universities, youth organisations and local community groups throughout world.

The talk will be in the English Language

Contact us:
Phone: +91 8686339429; +91 7406996007



How to Join 3-Day Online Media Conference | Media Ethics & Social Responsibility | 22 to 24 May

22 May 2020

Divine Family,

Please Join us for an 3-day ONLINE Conference 'Media Ethics & Social Responsibility' hosted by the Media Wing of Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu. From 22nd to 24th May 2020.  

Please Watch all sessions Live on  Awakening TV, YouTube & FaceBook and other Social Platforms.
Promo Links:
YouTube LIVE Links -
FaceBook Links :  
Awakening TV Website:

This is a great opportunity for Godly Service. You are requested to circulate among others through all social media groups (WhatsApp, YouTube and FaceBook etc..) and encourage all for participation. For more information, please contact BK Shantanu, HQ Coordinator, Media wing, RERF, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Cellphones: 9414156615 (Whatsapp), Email:

Rajyogi BK Karuna

Chairperson, Media Wing, RERF

Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mount Abu



24X7 Music Channel from Godlywood

22 May 2020

Dear brothers and sisters, Om Shanti.

A 24X7 Online Music Channel - Music Godlywood will be active from tomorrow. It's an attempt by Godlywood to bring music of all genres into one platform. The Channel will explore the beauty of India's original and ancient music. The songs & music will be scheduled based on the taste of viewers, with a strong regional flavour -- whether it is Raveendra Sangeet from Bengal, classical music of the south. Bhav Geet from Marathi, folk music from Punjab, or Qawwali from the Sufi tradition. There will be a wide variety of programs from general songs to viewers choice, to interviews with singers, and to Godlywood Studio programs like Godlywood Originals, Godlywood Unplugged, and Divine Harmony.


The Channel will go online in the presence of Respected Munni Didiji and Respected Jayanti Didi tomorrow (23rd May 2020) at 11 AM. 

Please consider this an E-invitation as the 'switch on' that will take to the LIVE event on YouTube and Om Shanti Channel (OTT). All of you can watch it from the comfort of your home and office, keeping in mind the Nationwide Lockdown.


Please watch and share the good news. Let us promote service happening the digital way to take Baba's Nectar everywhere in the world. Apart from YouTube, you can watch the channel on your smartphone on JioSaavn, iTunes, Gaana, ZeeMusic, AmazonMusic, Spotify, Hungama, etc.


Let's all tune in to Music Godlywood -Divine Music. Anytime, Anywhere!


Follow the Link:


With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal




Special Session on “Power of the Mind” – May 24, 11 am with Madhuban Br Suraj

22 May 2020

The Security Services Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation, Mount Abu, is organizing a special session on the topic “Power of the Mind” for Security Personnel with a Live telecast on Sunday, 24 May, 2020, at 11 AM IST  (India time).

Speaker of the event is Senior Rajayogi BK Suraj from Mount Abu with BK Rupesh as Coordinator.

YouTube Link



2nd Webinar of Jurists Wing

19 May 2020

Divine Zone, Sub-Zone, Centre In-Charge Sisters, Brothers and all the members of Jurists Wing,
Please accept Godly Greetings from BKL B.L. Maheshwari, Chairperson, Jurists Wing.
Earlier, we took an opportunity of holding a Webinar on the Subject ‘How to Manage Stress in Personal & Professional Life with Spirituality in association with All India Federation of Tax Practitioners (CZ) on 2/5/2020. Veteran spiritual leader Sis. B.K. Shivani addressed the Webinar. It was viewed on YouTube by 13000 viewers.


Having been impressed by this programme, the South India Regional Council of ICAI, Belagavi Branch have, via BK Vidya behn, National Co-ordinator,  requested us to hold a Webinar by inviting Rajyogini Sis. BK Shivani.


Being motivated by this invitation, we requested Sis. BK Shivani behn, who has very willingly accepted the invitation to address on the subject ‘Strengthening  Inner Self in Present Situation' on 23/05/2020 at 10:00 am to 01:00 pm.


This programme will be displayed on YouTube.


YouTube Link:


You are therefore requested to attend the programme with your relatives etc. 


On Godly Service
B.K. B.L. Maheshwari
Chairperson, Jurists Wing



Madhuban Sister Usha - Secrets of Gita for Challenging Times” – Live Webinar on 20th May

19 May 2020

BK Sister Usha will be joining online live from the Brahma Kumaris Global Headquarters in India this Wednesday 20th May evening to share her deep and contemporary insights on Shrimad Bhagvad Gita.

BK Sr. Usha is a well-respected Gita researcher and scholar and senior meditation teacher.  It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

Topic : Secrets of Gita for Challenging Times

Date and Time : Wednesday 20th May,  2020 

6.30 pm – 7.30 pm ( Australia Time)

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm ( India Time)

The webinar will be in English.

The link will go live on Wednesday evening at 6.30 pm. The program will be streamed live on the BK Australia YouTube Channel.



Media Wing E-Conference from 22nd to 24th May on Awakening TV & YouTube Channels

19 May 2020

Divine Family, Kindly accept our Greetings of Peace & Happiness!

You will be pleased to know that the Media Wing of the Brahma Kumaris Organisation, Mount Abu is holding a 3-day E-Conference for Media Persons on “Media Ethics and Social Responsibility”  from 22nd May to 24th May, 2020.  

The E-Conference will be broadcasted on Awakening TV Channel and Social Platforms like You Tube and Facebook etc. In this E-Conference media professionals and academicians representing print, electronic, social and promotional media along with dignitaries from other professions will participate. The Conference aims to discuss the issues involving media ethics, universal values and social responsibility will be discussed through various sessions.

The E-Conference Programme Leaflet is attached herewith for your kind reference.  Please join us Live on for all sessions on Awakening TV, and also on YouTube & Facebook. Please see the YouTube and Facebook Links below:

YouTube Links:



This is a great opportunity for Godly Service. You are requested to circulate among others thru all social media groups (Email, Whatsapp, Face Book etc..) and encourage all for participation. For more information, please contact BK Shantanu, HQ Coordinator, Media wing, RERF, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.  Cellphones: 9414156615 (Whatsapp), Email:

Rajyogi BK Karuna
Chairperson, Media Wing, RERF
Brahma Kumaris HQ, Mount Abu




19 May 2020

These suggestions were provided by Sister Beena of Chennai. Download them here.







News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 18 May

19 May 2020

On the 17th, the Indian Government announced extension of the lockdown through till 31 May, so let’s see how things get resolved with travel.


Balwantbhai, Brijben, Urvashiben and Mina (Oxford) are all leaving on 20 May by road to Delhi, and will be flying on 21st afternoon to London. This is part of the Vande Bharat Mission, which is repatriation of Bharatwasis who have been stranded outside India, and so as Air India is flying to the various countries, they are also flying out people who have been stranded in India.





Lockdown #4 - Lockdown extended to 31st May - Guidelines attached

19 May 2020

Om Shanti

Please download Lockdown 4 guidelines. Lockdown in all India till 31-May-2020.

BK Karuna Bhai



News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 16 May

19 May 2020

A group left this morning by road to go to Delhi airport. They have seats tomorrow on one of the special KLM flights to Holland. Br Golo is returning to Frankfurt, Sister Guddi to Germany, Sister Laura to Spain and Sister Janet (of Australia) going to Europe. 


So gradually the remaining DFs are leaving.





News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 15 May

16 May 2020

Some people who had been here in Pandav Bhawan, Gyan Sarovar, and Shantivan since lockdown are gradually returning to their countries. Special trains had been running for a few days and so many of the Bharatwasi BKs have returned to their base. Some souls from far distant places in Bengal still remain in Shantivan. 


After the experiment of having opened up trains so that migrants could return home, and seeing the spread of the virus to places that were formerly Green Zones, the train services have stopped again. Let’s see when they will open up.


Things still continue to be very cautious, but Yoga carries on, as do programmes online.





'God of Gods' Movie World Premiere in English on YouTube 17th May, 8.00 PM (IST)

14 May 2020

Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters,

I am very happy to announce that Baba's most awaited movie 'God of gods' will be released in the English language on 17th May at 8.00 PM (IST) worldwide on YouTube.  Already the movie was released in Hindi and Tamil, we are receiving amazing feedback from the audience and there is a great demand from the TV Channels too. Millions had watched it on television, on YouTube & Facebook.  Kindly share this good news with all. Subscribe to our channel, like, and do comment.

Click on above image to watch movie.

After watching the movie, if you would like to give your feedback, please record your video bite, message via WhatsApp: 9769012581 or

Thanks and Regards
Mount Abu



Life-changing Webinar on World Hypertension Day with Sister Shivani, Sunday, 17th May, 6 pm- 7:30 pm IST

14 May 2020

Respected divine brothers and sisters, Kindly accept greetings of peace,

On the occasion of *World Hypertension Day 2020*, we cordially invite you to join a webinar with Sister Shivani on Sunday, 17th May 2020 at 6:00 pm.- 7:30 pm (IST).

It is very important to take care of our minds and to stay energized during the Chaotic COVID-19 times while caring for our patients. Let us come together for a live interactive webinar with Sister Shivani to empower ourselves mentally for combating the most challenging pandemic of our times.

Webinar Link:     

I request you to give it wider publicity to all the doctors of all systems of medicine and healthcare professionals in medical research. Tell them to register for this webinar.

On Spiritual Service,

Dr. Banarsilal Sah

Secretary, Medical Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation

Brahma Kumaris Shantivan, Abu Road

Mob: 9414153942, 8619937031




Shantivan - Hundreds of Stranded BKs Leave Abu Road for Andhra Pradesh by Special Train

13 May 2020

Abu Road (Rajasthan, India): A special train with 616 persons on board chugged off for Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh; 578 of them had arrived in Brahmakumaris’ Shantivan complex in Abu Road on March 16 to participate in the meditation camp but due to COVID-19 lockdown the same was cancelled.

Most of the Brahma Kumaris passengers were farmers, businessmen and villagers from different districts of Andhra Pradesh State who had come to participate in the meditation camp that was to be held on March 20 but they got stuck here due to cancellation of the program and subsequent lock down due to a coronavirus outbreak in the country.  Other passengers were from Pali and Abu Road.

For them it was impossible to return home due to cancellation of train services even when they had got return reservation for March 24 but train services stood cancelled. It was a difficult situation for them as they were to harvest crops but had to stay here. All were promptly accommodated

“We wrote a letter to the Indian Home Affairs Minister Mr Amit Shah and also approached the state government of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh requesting to arrange a train so that these people can be sent back, a spokesman said.

After concurrence with the three governments, Mount Abu SDM Ravindra Goswami, Brahmakumaris Executive Secretary B.K.Mruthyunjaya, Tehsildar Dinesh Acharya, DSP Praveen Kumar, besides RPF and GRP and station superintendent were present to flag off the special train to ferry passengers to Visakhapatnam.

The passengers were given a farewell by presenting flowers at the station. At the time of starting the train, all the top officers including SDM Ravindra Goswami, clapped and waved to the people.

Full attention to social distancing: During this period, shells were made for the cradle of social distancing in which people boarded the train waiting for their turn and left for their destination. All of them wearing face masks were medically screened and dispatched only after a team of doctors verified the mandatory provisions.

Please click below the given link for the report in the press.

Link to videos of train station sendoff:



News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 12 May

13 May 2020

Today, 12 May, is Jagdishbhaiji’s anniversary and so you must have been reading, seeing and hearing many things about our very dear, beloved Brother, who was a very, very special soul and played an incredible role not just in Bharat, but in establishing service outside Bharat also.


There was one COVID-19 positive person in our Sirohi District (Rajasthan), and it’s jumped to 11 in just a few days and so Abu is likely to be in the Red Zone very soon. Certainly, there are more restrictions in terms of travel in Abu Road, and also going up the mountain.





E-Meditation Course on "Art of Joyful Living" to Provide Continuation of the Scientists and Engineers Wing (SEW) E-Conference

13 May 2020

Dear Divine Brother/Sister,
Please accept Greetings of Health, Happiness, and Harmony on behalf of the Scientists and Engineers Wing(SEW), Mount Abu.

At the very outset, I must offer my heartfelt thanks to all of you for your contribution in creating tremendous awareness, which was reflected in the wide participation in our E-Conference on "Enhancing Quality of Life"  which got started on 8th May 2020. The program during inauguration was graced by Dadi Ratanmohini Ji and other respected seniors.  The concluding day was 11th May.  

Heartening to share that all the sessions were telecast on Awakening TV Youtube Channel, Facebook, etc. and received wide acclaim. Various reputed dignitaries including the Secretary, Govt of India, and the Chairmen & CEOs of reputed industries also addressed the conference through online platforms. The data obtained shows that, on average, 14-15000 people attended each session. 

On the concluding day, participants were enquiring about a further course of action. Accordingly, we are conducting an online Meditation Course on "Art of Joyful Living"  through the Youtube platform. All the lectures of this meditation course will be conducted in Hindi.

You are requested to circulate all the guests who have taken the advantage of E-Conference.

Thanking You,
In Godly Service,
BK Mohan Singhal
Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW),
Mount Abu.



News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 10 May

11 May 2020

The good news is that most of the BKs who had been stranded in Shantivan/Mt Abu since mid-March have all been able to leave and return to their lokik homes. Just a few remain from West Bengal, and that again is a very long journey so the attempt is to try and organise a train for them.


But the down side is that the virus has now reached Abu Road. Let’s see how things go, but it just means that there are strong restrictions in terms of movement around Abu Road/Shantivan and going up the mountain.


Those who are in the Mount say that it’s beautiful spring weather and though it’s around 30 degrees in the day time, it’s pleasant in the nights and early mornings. Of course, it’s very, very different in Shantivan, where on average it’s about 40-42 degrees Celsius in the afternoons, and just a few degrees lesser in the evenings and early mornings!

But it’s fine; we have good company with Baba and the family, and enough space to be able to move around so no one feels locked in, even though we are under lockdown.


12 May is Jagdishbhai’s anniversary day, and so on the 10th there was a chance to hear from Sudhaben of Moscow of her experiences with him, and know further about his Yoga Practices.





News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 8 May

11 May 2020

7 May evening, Sudeshben was able to take Class with those in Shantivan, and I believe this was broadcast everywhere.


8 May morning, Hansaben and the Shakti Bhawan team went up the mountain after 6 weeks to visit Baba’s Rooms in Pandav Bhawan and Gyan Sarovar especially. They will return to Shantivan in the afternoon.


Unfortunately, we have received information that Sirohi District is now Orange Zone. With the migration of workers from other places back to their homes in Rajasthan, they found one COVID-19 positive case but it could be even more. It means we are back to more restrictions rather than the lifting of restrictions. But Baba is with us and all will be well, as we continue to take precautions. 





E-Conference on "Enhancing Quality of Life" from 8th to 11th May

7 May 2020

Dear Divine Brother / Sister,
Please accept Greetings of Health, Happiness and Harmony on behalf of Scientists and Engineers Wing, Mount Abu,

Needless to say, in the current scenario, our proposed Conference scheduled to be held from 8th May has been cancelled. Accordingly we are now conducting an E-conference on “Enhancing Quality of Life” from Friday 8th to Monday 11th May, 2020 in which participants from different professions can participate. Moreover, the topic assumes great significance and accordingly the detailed structure has been finalized. Heartening to share that Sister Shivani will deliver a Lecture on Coping with Uncertainty. on 09-05-20 at 10 am.

The detailed E- Conference Brochure is also attached.

Join us live on for all sessions from the link below.

It is an opportunity for great service. You are requested to circulate among others (Share all WhatsApp Groups) and encourage all for participation.

Thanking You, 

In Godly Service, 

BK Mohan Singhal,

Chairperson, Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW),

Mount Abu.




News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 5 May

5 May 2020

Trains have been organised by the Government to take stranded people back home, and so probably now 99% of all the BKs who have been stranded here since end of March will have gone back to their homes by tomorrow. Those further afield from Maharashtra like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have also been able to leave.

Sirohi District is fortunate because it’s a Green Zone, and we haven’t had a single case so far, so the restrictions are gradually been lifted and many local shops and businesses are opening. But there are still rules to follow, and strict checks on the comings and goings, especially up and down the mountain.




News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 4 May

5 May 2020

It’s been a busy time in Shantivan. There have been several programmes for public online:

On Thursday, there was an event with a group that organised the ‘Mindful Joy Online Summit’, which was recorded and will be webcast at some point.

On Friday, there was a connection with Prabhu Upvan, Borivali (Mumbai) for their 16th anniversary.

On Saturday, there was a webcast with Richard Baret, formally of the World Bank and now the Founder of the Baret Institute for Values, and a good conversation on the subject of Values.

There was also a public programme on ‘The Healing Power of God’ for the Middle East on webcast.

On Sunday, there was an hour’s Session on ‘Ask the Spiritual Masters’, which I believe was being broadcast on Doordarshan, the Public Service Broadcaster of the Govt of India.

On Monday, there was a Closing Session with Br Stephen Berkeley for a programme in Australia called ‘The Super-Human Summit’.

Apart from BK Classes and Connections, it seems there is also a huge interest in outreach by many organisations.




Nirwairbhai Ji Shares His Experiences with Dadi Janki, 20th April

5 May 2020

Click on above image to play [50:40 minutes]



3rd May - 3 Hours LIVE Event with 30 Celebrities on Awakening TV Channel

2 May 2020

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Divine Sisters and Brothers, Om Shanti

With Baba's blessings and your pure wishes, a special 3 hours event called “SANKALP Se SRISHTI” has been created for Awakening TV Channel, to be aired on Sunday, May 3rd, from 5 pm to 8 pm.

The program has BK Shivani in conversation with Suresh Oberoi. The conversation is about - emotional protection from coronavirus, creating pure and powerful thoughts, Sankalp se Siddhi, Sankalp se Srishti, simple lifestyle changes, spiritual study, and meditation to make it a reality.

The conversation will be punctuated by devotional and inspirational songs, experiences, and performances from over 30 people from the fields of music, film, sports, and politics. Each of them will be performing and speaking from their homes, especially for this program.

Politics - Governor Kiran Bedi and Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore
Film Directors and Actors -  Vivek Oberoi, Sushmita Sen, Subhash Ghai, Shoojit Sircar, Umesh Shukla, Pooja Bedi, Bhagyashree, Sachin & Supriya Pilgaonkar, Ankita Lokhande, Sidharth Shukla, Vishal Jethwa, Mickey Mehta
Playback Singers - Kavita Krishnamurthy, Suresh Wadkar, Anup Jalota, Usha Uthup, Hariharan, Penaz Masani, Kavita Seth, Daler Mehndi, Jaswinder Singh, Sanjeevani Bhelande, Bela Sulakhe, Preetha Majumdar, Raghav Sachar, Albert Asadullin, Harish Moyal.
Sports - Kapil Dev, Shikhar Dhawan, Vijender Singh, Gagan Narang, Pankaj Advani, Deepa Malik.
BK sisters and brothers - BK Elizabeth (SanFrancisco), BK Asmita, BK David, BK Damini, Irina Larishkina, Ayako, Laetitia, Alisa Romashko., dance by sisters from Russia.
This is the first time that so many are coming together on Baba's channel to inspire and motivate people towards spirituality and the right way of living.

Please share this programme with the divine family and all contact souls.

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Main event link: (English subtitles will be available in the recorded version of the event)

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News from Jayantiben in Shantivan: 30 April

1 May 2020

At the moment, it’s the exodus of the Maharashtra BK group that had come for service at the 20 March 2020 Avyakt Meeting, and then got stranded with lockdown. Over a thousand have left for their home places in buses. The journey is taking a long time because there are many, many checks along the way, especially at the borders of each State: Rajasthan, Gujarat, and then Maharashtra, but at least they will soon be back with their families. Another thousand are due to leave over the next few days.

The Central Government has now issued general permission, not just to this group but to anyone who has been stranded over the past 5 weeks (migrant workers, students etc), to return to their homes, while following all the rules. But it’s interesting that we received this permission on the 27th, Dadi Janki’s one-month anniversary, some days before the general permission was granted.




Message from Karuna Dada Ji - When will it be SAFE to end the lockdown?

1 May 2020

Dear All,

This is an important message for all Indians & the world as well! For those who are arguing on both sides that we must open now or it is too soon to open, this is the most important thing you need to know.

Here's the most asked question to answer: When will it be SAFE to end the lockdown, to *re-emerge*?
May 1st? Or May 15th? Or June end? Or July end? Or August?

Here's the real answer: Never.  It will never be "SAFE.”

Why ?
Social distancing, staying at home, all of these measures - were these not meant to "cure" Covid-19 ?
No at all! These were measures to slow it down, so as to not overwhelm our healthcare system.
For the most part, so far we've done that.

However it should be clearly understood that this does not change the virality of Covid-19; or how it spreads from one person to another.

Nor does it have any effect on the mortality rate.
It was intended to just delay it until we find a PERMANENT CURE .

A very important point to note here is that -
As soon as we re-emerge, the virus will spread again, & the people with weak immune systems will still succumb to it in large nos.

This is a harsh fact which all of us have to realise.
The people who missed it this time, may eventually get it - regardless of whether we re-emerge on May 1st or September 30th ......

*What is it , that we need to do now ? *
We need to protect our healthcare system in every possible way to handle the load, but we don't need to mislead ourselves over the outcome of this quarantine.

Hard Truth of life now is - It is slowing it down, but not curing it.
Eg : If you're driving to Pune from Mumbai at 50 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour, the distance doesn't change, isn’t it ???

Therefore the need of the hour now is -
if our lifestyle is causing you to have a weakened immune system, use this lockdown time to correct that. This should be one of our major resolutions / actionables now without any  doubt! Otherwise, you've placed a “heavy target “ on your own back which will be very difficult to carry ... Youngsters as well as older people should understand & make sure that this is not the time for indulging in comfort food - but it's a time to give ourselves the healthiest, most robust immune system our body is capable of.

*How can this be achieved *?

  • By Having healthy , nutritious food ,
  • Compulsory, 8-hour, night sleep.
  • Drink lime water ( warm water ) daily morning without fail ;
  • Not having refrigerated or aerated drinks  ;
  • Detox yourself everyday & - maintain social distancing for next couple of weeks/ even months until we have a vaccine or definite, standardized, proven medicine that ensures rapid cure.

It's as simple as this !!!
Hope you all understand that this is just the beginning & not the end .
We need to be careful about ourselves by maintaining real good healthly & hygienic habits in this lockdown period!
Stay Home! Stay Safe!!!



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