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19th March Celebration of Dadi's 100th Year with Double Foreigners in Gyan Sarovar

24 March 2015

Report of the Celebration of Dadi Janki's Stepping into Her 100th Year, on the evening of 19th March, 2015 

Celebrating Diamond Dadi

A beautiful expression of the love of the double foreigners for Dadi Janki was played out including live telecast on Peace of Mind TV last Thursday evening. 

The evening began with Dadi and the RCs sitting in the front row of the audience to watch a film by Sr Marie Edery, especially prepared for Dadi's 100th.  This was followed by a rap from Br Brad Arkin from Miami.  Afterwards, 95 of the first-timers, carrying lighted candles and a diamond with Dadi's angelic face pictured on it, formed a half moon below the stage, while 10 stood on stage with candles as Dadi Janki ascended to her diamond throne -- flanked on either side by Didi Nirmala and Sr Jayanti sitting on white thrones.  On either side were banners depicting scenes from Dadi's rich and inspiring life.



Sister Jayanti's News of Dadi's 100th Year Celebration in Gyan Sarovar on 19th March

20 March 2015

It was beautiful to have Dadi Janki come up the mountain on 20th morning, and we were able to have class with her for about an hour around 12 noon, in the Meditation Hall of Gyan Sarovar. Harmony Hall was being decorated for the evening celebration, and so 600 double foreigners squeezed into the Meditation Hall but it was a very warm, loving and intimate atmosphere. Everyone really enjoyed Dadi's sharing and afterwards there were beautiful scenes of love with many of the instruments.

In the evening, we had a very, very beautiful programme of honoring Dadi's 100th year. You may have seen it on Peace of Mind TV and probably a fuller report of this will be written and sent. Dadi is planning to stay in Gyan Sarovar for a couple of days before going downstairs to attend meetings with the Senior Teachers of Bharat.



Telugu Film Actor Bro. Gopichand Visits Madhuban and Meets BapDada

19 March 2015

Om Shanti

Telugu Film Star Bro. Gopichand visited Brahma Kumaris HQ Mount Abu with his Wife & Mother-in-law, met with BapDada on 15th Mar 2015. 

He also met with Dadi Ratanmohini & shared his experience with BK Family in Diamond Hall on 16th Mar 2015.



News from Sr Jayanti - 12 March - A Day of Ceremonies

16 March 2015

We had a ceremony to welcome everyone to Madhuban, this was the group of 1,200 double foreigners that have arrived in Madhuban including some first timers.


It was a very beautiful scene and some people shared their experiences of the challenges they had to face in coming to Madhuban. Then there was music and a dance. The RCs then all shared about what Baba, Mama, Dadi Prakashmani and Didi Man Mohini would say to the group when they saw them arrive. It was a very lovely scene with dristhi and toli at the end.


In the evening there was another ceremony and this was the honouring of the surrendered brothers and sisters in Madhuban, Pandav Bhavan. This was held in the Meditation Hall and they were all given golden scarves and lots of varieties of fruits, chocolates and tolis etc.


Before that Sr Vedanti, Didi Sudesh, Sr Jayanti, Manda and Waddy shared their experiences of the early days of Madhuban and what it was like for them to be in Pandav Bhavan and what Pandav Bhavan and Madhuban meant to service abroad. Dadi Ratan Mohini was with us and Dadi was then honouring the sisters who have left Bharat and have gone abroad to do service. It was again a very lovely scene of love, appreciation and gratitude.


Dadi Janki is in Shantivan with a gathering of 23,000 thousand people who are already there and both Dadi Janki and Dadi Gulzar met the huge gathering there.


Today in Gyan Sarvoar there were several courses being offered to the double foreigners, and in Pandav Bhavan there are classes for Hindi speaking people and Tamil speaking people, and so it seems everyone's needs are being taken care of in a very beautiful way.



Photos of Holi Festival in Pandav Bhawan

13 March 2015



Br Surya of Madhuban to Receive Coveted Chanakya Award and Be Inducted into PRCI's Hall of Fame on 13th March 2015

12 March 2015


Double Foreigner Sustenance by Three Dadis in Gyan Sarover and Health News of Nirwairbhai & Madhuban Mohini - Sr. Jayanti, 11 March 2015

12 March 2015

On 10th, I was able to go to the Translators' Retreat. This is something that started in October and they have a one-day retreat, in which they are able to take a lot of spiritual sustenance for themselves. Br Marcelo and Sr Meera had organized this. 


In the evening, Dadi Janki was supposed to go to PB to give class in Om Shanti Bhawan after everybody returned from Baba's Rock, but Dadi couldn't go, however, there was a very beautiful scene when Dadi Gulzar came from Pandav Bhawan to Gyan Sarover especially to see Dadi Janki. A few of us were gathered in Dadi's room for 7:00pm meditation and so Dadi Gulzar joining us was a very special experience. The two Dadis chatted together and the experience of Dadi Gulzar's drishti was really as if it was Baba, and she said, of course Baba uses this chariot and so everyone can feel that presence. Another question put to Dadi Gulzar was, ‘have you always had such a quiet mind or has it developed gradually?' Dadi said, right from the beginning there was the thought of being totally obedient to Baba and Mama, and also the Dadis who were teaching us, so that has led to developing a quiet, obedient mind.


On the 11th, Dadi Ratan Mohini came up especially to meet the double foreigner group, and then Dadi Janki came to meet everyone and give toli. All three Dadis then went down to Shantivan by 11th afternoon. There are many, many new arrivals and over a thousand double foreigners are here already. We expect 1200 to be present on Baba's day.


Sr Maureen, Sr Pratibha from Kenya and myself went to Ahmedabad to see Nirwairbhai and Mohiniben who are in Sterling Hospital. Nirwairbhai had just returned to his room after completing a procedure. There had been various tests and it was good that they found nothing serious, however he had been in pain, but after a procedure he is now very, very comfortable. He plans to return Madhuban to be in front of Baba on the 15th.


Mohiniben of Madhuban was just across the corridor; she had been put on antibiotics for a lung infection. he still needs to be in hospital to be monitored for a couple of days, but also will be returning back to Madhuban for Baba's day. So it was a day trip to Ahmedabad, leaving at about 6am and returning back to Gyan Sarovar, after meeting Dadi Janki in Shantivan, by around 5pm. It was a very worthwhile day.





Madhuban News from Sr. Jayanti on 8th March

11 March 2015

It was wonderful to have the three Dadis together in Pandav Bhawan for 4-5 days. Yesterday at around noon, Dadi Gulzar met with the Madhuban Niwasis and then the two Dadis met together in the front garden just by the Tower of Peace, and they had a lovely photo session with many of us. Dadi Janki then went to Gyan Sarovar for a few days.

On 7th evening, Dadi Janki had a session with the Global Hospital family. Her class had been scheduled for the 6th evening, but it had got cancelled. They had made a variety of things to celebrate Dadi's birthday, and so it was a very lovely gathering with lots of love and a showering of gifts.

At night, Dadi had chitchat with the sisters of Dadi's Cottage. There had been a Silence Bhatti that the sisters had been having for two days. On the 8th, Dadi will be attending the Latino Retreat. I myself had a session with the 150 participants of this Retreat yesterday, and they are very, very receptive. They've actually come from around 18 countries.



10 March Madhuban News (35+ retreat and Dadi's Gems) from London's Sr Maureen

11 March 2015

News from Sr Maureen - 10 March

Dadi continues to serve in her amazing way.  Sometimes her health is up and down but overall she is doing really well.  As we experienced in London she really is the embodiment of love and she speaks of this all the time.  She told us: now is the time to become complete with Godly love.

As you may have heard, it was cold on arrival and is still chilly in the mornings and evenings, but warming up now.  We even had torrential rain one day!  But now the skies are clear and blue.

The first few days was spent in preparing for the retreat for those over 35 years in Gyan. Amongst the participants were 8 jewels who were visiting Madhuban after 20 or 30 years!  They were deeply touched.  We created some beautiful banners for the meditation hall (the venue for the three day retreat) and for Om Shanti Bhawan (the venue for the celebration on the 4th March).  Two collages of photos of Dadi Janki, a collage of photos from the early days of service and poster showing the world map and where centres were first established on each continent.  The retreat itself was lovely, Dadi herself was very touched seeing the group.  It was for Dadi as much as for any of us.  We had discussions about the early days, about our stage, about the future and each day Dadi met us at 12 noon and at 7pm. On the evening of the 3rd March we each had personal drishti from Dadi and afterwards they played Dadi's favourite 'chalte, chalte' and Dadi danced with us!

Some of the jewels which touched me:

We have come to the door of the Bestower.

Hanuman is Mahavir and he set Lanka alight with his tail - his tail are the vibrations with which we serve the world.  Our vibrations reach far and wide.

Forgive and forget; do not forget the past and do not have any expectations for the future.

It is not that I am remembering Baba, but I am drawing on Baba's power and it is His power that is making my body function.

This is not a question of faith - it is practical!

Don't have complaints about yourself!

Baba has given me this part and has created this game for me to show who He is.

Just after the meeting a small group met Dadi Gulzar and she shared how they have passed through many tests and that the main thing is that when a test comes, do not become careless at that time or think that it happens to everyone, but at that time especially have a deep conversation with Baba and have victory.

I asked Dadi Janki a question today: when there are challenges, as Baba says, you keep quiet and try to keep a loving stage, but inside you feel like you are avoiding doing something.  What is the right thing to do?  She asked someone else, what answer would you give and they said: face it with peace.  Dadi said, to face it means that I have felt it inside.  When something comes to me I am the same afterwards, I do not change inside.  Make your nature unshakeable and immovable.  To face something means that you have a delicate nature.  These things come to all of us.  No two human beings have the same part.  The Gyan of the drama is very deep.



Special Madhuban Retreat for 180 Double Foreigner Sisters and Brothers  from 27 Countries Who Are Over 35 Years in Gyan

9 March 2015

A beautiful group of 180 double foreigner sisters and brothers from 27 countries, who have been in gyan for +35 years, gathered in Mount Abu for a special Sneh-Milan/Retreat, in particular to honour Dadi Jankiji on completing 99 years and entering into her 100th. 

Each spiritual jewel has led a fantastic life of commitment, renunciation and service and all are very pleased to have this opportunity of silence, gyan chit-chat and closeness with Dadiji. 

Their sessions began on 1 March evening, and were held in Meditation Hall of Pandav Bhawan. The retreat culminated with a big birthday celebration on 4th March evening in Om Shanti Bhawan.



Governor of Punjab and Haryana, HE K. S. Solanki Inaugurates Social Leaders Conference at Abu Road

9 March 2015

Shantivan, Abu Road (Raj.) : The Governor of Punjab and Haryana, His Excellency Kaptan Singh Solanki, inaugurated a Social Leaders Conference and Meditation Retreat on 27th February. 

The theme of the retreat, which lasted through 3rd March, was "Experiencing God's Love and Power through Social Service".

News in Hindi only.



Announcing Upcoming National Media Conference on "Promoting Yoga & Spirituality: Role of Media"

8 March 2015

Dear Divine Family,

We are pleased to inform you that the Media Wing of RERF is going to organize a National Media Conference & Meditation Retreat on "Promoting Yoga and Spirituality: Role of Media"  from  from 5th to 9th June, 2015 at Gyan Sarovar Academy, Mount Abu.

We are sending herewith the following attachments:-

1. Media Conference Brochure in English - Page1, Page 2

2. Registration form

3. Letter for Centres regarding conference in Hindi

4. Sample Invitation letter for Media Delegates

You are requested to collect the Conference Brochure from Media Wing Office (Anand Bhawan), Shantivan.

For registration, please contact: Br Shantanu, HQ Coordinator, Media Wing, Mount Abu (Raj.)

Email : mediawing@bkivv.org   / mediawing@gmail.com



Sr Jayanti Reports on the Special Retreat for 35+ Years in Gyan BKs & Dadi's Centennial Celebration in Pandav Bhawan

8 March 2015


6th March
On 5th March the three Dadis had photographs taken with the Madhuban Niwasis on the steps of the Meditation Hall, and as you can imagine the Niwasis were very, very happy. After that, Dadi Janki came to join the +35 group, even though some had already left. Many had shared their experiences earlier in a session with Sr Waddy. Then a couple of people shared with Dadi being present, and melted everyone's hearts. Dadi then shared with the group.

In the evening, we had meditation in Om shanti Bhawan with Dadi after Didi Sudesh had taken class with the double foreigners. After meditation, Dadi met with the whole gathering, the +35 group, the other double foreigners, Madhuban Niwasis and sevadharis. After this, Dadi went on a wheel-chair tour of Sukdham, where the front courtyard had been transformed into an elegant dining room, and round to the back where they were making hot tandori rotis for all the double foreigners. Dadi gave drishti to the whole group and even tasted some of the things that were being prepared. Dadi then returned to the Tower of Peace. Dadi Gulzar happened to be on her evening walk at the time, and so the two Dadis met in front of the Tower of Peace with a lot of love. They also met together after dinner for chitchat. It was a very lovely scene.

On the 6th morning, Dadi Ratan Mohini celebrated Holi with the gathering after class in Om Shanti Bhawan. In Gyan Sarovar, we also had a small celebration. The senior teachers began the dancing and had the whole group up dancing too! Holi has been honoured in a very lovely way.

5th March
Yesterday morning was a very sweet conversation with the three Dadis. Firstly, it was with Dadi Ratan Mohini about all her early experiences about going to Japan and London, and then with Dadi Janki. Dadi Gulzar also joined us briefly and was then there for the gift ceremony also. It was very beautiful to see the love of the Dadis when they are together.



In the evening, there was a special programme for Dadi Janki's centennial year which everyone enjoyed. I think Dadi also enjoyed it but of course she said, don't remember me just remember the One!

There was also a great skit by Brothers Yogesh, Neville, David Goodman and Minesh and they acted out the five forms that Dadi's right index finger takes on to guide, inspire, and transform us: the first where she points upwards to remember only the One; the second pointing towards Brahma Baba to follow his footsteps when we have to make decisions in situations; thirdly towards the self when it comes to transformation ‘I first'; fourthly to point to others when it comes to keeping others ahead on the field of service, and fifthly the ‘wagging finger' of Dadi which comes when we need firmer handling and helps us have realisations. It was great fun!

4th March
The retreat for those over 35 years with Baba has been happening and in the morning after the Appreciative Enquiry style conversations that happened, Sr Maureen and Sr Sudha interviewed Dadi Janki, and what she shared was very lovely. Dadi then gave toli to all the participants. In the evening was the special Yoga Bhatti for the retreat participants with the RCs. From 7pm, Dadi gave drishti to each one inpidually and toli. Didi Nirmala gave everyone a very beautiful box of fruits and nuts that had been prepared. It was a very beautiful evening, with everyone taking benefit. At the end, it was lovely to have Dadi dance with many of the group. Everybody was clapping and dancing, and Dadi danced with a few in the front.


The 4th is the last day of the retreat and no doubt will be very special too, as our two other Dadis are coming up the mountain to meet the group in the late morning session. This evening is the celebration in Om Shanti Bhawan for Dadi Janki, and many senior Madhuban Niwasis including Brij Mohanbhai, Munniben and Sarla Didi will be joining us for that.








Photos of Madhuban Niwassis with the Trimurti Dadis

6 March 2015



News from Sr Jayanti In Gyan Sarovar on 27 February


2 March 2015


Dadi Janki is in Gyan Sarovar and it's still very cold on top of the mountain, but in fact even Shantivan it is cold in the mornings, whereas a few days back we were having fans on all the time! Somewhere there's been snow and the impact of the cold has reached Abu.


Dadi usually meets groups from 12 noon and then in the evening conducts meditation and takes class. At night also Dadi has been meeting a few people for goodnight chitchat. So Dadi is having service and also relaxation for the moment.


Most of the double foreigners who were here for the last group have gone, and the new ones are only just beginning to arrive so it's a little bit quiet. But meanwhile, there are also preparations going on for the 35 year+ retreat which starts on 1 March. Dadi Gulzar and Nirwairbhai are still in Ahmedabad where Nirwairbhai is having checkups for his health.




Three New Hindi Audio CDs (ACD) of MP3 Songs Released on the Eve of Shivratri


23 Febuary 2015


Singers - Br Padam Kumar, Br Aditya, Br Devanand

Music - Br Padam Kumar

Lyrics - BK Ramesh



Singers - BK Hemant, BK Renu Jain (Panchkula), Abha Rana

Music - Pandit Subhash Ghosh (Chandigarh)

Lyrics - BK Ramesh


Pathshah Duniya Da (Punjabi Songs)

Singers – Br Omprakashm, Sr Urmil, Br Dr. Nitish

Music- Bulley Shah    

Lyrics -  Br Omprakashm




Head's Up Re: National Media Conference & Retreat to be held from 5th to 9th June in Gyan Sarovar

23 Febuary 2015

We are pleased to inform you that the Media Wing of RERF and Brahma Kumaris are going to organise a National Media Conference and Meditation Retreat from 5th to 9th June, 2015 at Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, Gyan Sarovar Academy, Mount Abu (Raj.) 

Who can participate? 

About 400 Senior Media Professionals like Owners, Editors, CEOs, Directors, Bureau Chiefs of Newspapers, Magazines, TV Channels, Radio; PROs, Cable TV Owners, IT Professional, Media Academicians and Experts will participate. Non-media persons and Family Members are not permitted to attend this Media Conference.

Programme (Tentative) :

Friday, 5th June, 2015: Arrival and Registration before 4 pm,  Reception Session- 6.00 pm

Saturday, 6th June, 2015 : 10.00 am - Inauguration and Full Day Conference Sessions

Sunday, 7th June, 2015 : Full Day Conference Sessions

Monday, 8th June, 2015: 9.30 am - Sight Seeing, 5.00 pm onwards up to 9th June - Departure 

Registration :

Please fill up the registration form provided in the link below. Registration forms will be accepted on merit and first come, first serve basis.  A photocopy of the participant's Media Identity Card and Visiting Card may kindly be furnished along with the Registration Form. 

For Registration and Details of the Program, please contact:

B. K. Shantanu, Coordinator, Media Wing (RERF) and Media Conference

Media Wing Office,  Brahma Kumaris, Pandav Bhawan, Mount Abu (Raj.) 307501


Media Wing Office,  Brahma Kumaris, Anand Bhawan, Shantivan, Abu Road (Raj.) 307510

Cell:  94141-56615, 99287-56615 Tel / Fax : 02974-238615 

Email: mediawing@bkivv.org, mediawing@gmail.com

Best Regards

BK Omprakash

Chairperson, Media Wing (RERF)


Registration Form



Shiv Jayanti Celebrations at Gyan Sarovar in Photographs

23 Febuary 2015



12 Febuary 2015 Shiv Jayanti Celebrations at Pandav Bhawan in Photos

23 Febuary 2015



News from Sr Jayanti - 21 February

23 Febuary 2015

On Thursday, Dadi Janki was in Pandav Bhawan and then came to have a chat in Gyan Sarovar with the senior teachers from across the world. In the evening I shared the essence of the things we heard in the morning with a small group, and then Dadi added all the things I missed out which was great. On Friday morning I left for Amritsar and arrived on 20th afternoon. I went from Shantivan which was quite warm and Gyan Sarovar which was very pleasant (spring-like) to bitter winter. Here, in the morning, they'd just had hailstones and the night before the same, so it was very, very cold. There is a large group of double foreigners who have come to join the Future of Power programme. It's actually the largest group of double foreigners that's joined any of the Future of Power programmes.

On 21st, we had the Future of Power Dialogue in Amritsar in Holiday Inn, which is a very lovely place. There were 48 top-level people from all professional backgrounds, including one of the main priests from the Golden Temple. The Dialogue continued till 2.30pm. At 4.30pm we had class at the Retreat Centre, Vishwa Shanti Bhawan, where we are all staying. This  was for around 250 souls from Amritsar and neighbouring places, and it went on till 6.30pm.



16 February 2015 Shiv Jayanti Celebrations with Avyakt Bapdada in Photographs

20 Febuary 2015









18th Febuary News from Sr. Jayanti - Dadi in Gyan Sarovar and Pandav Bhawan

19 Febuary 2015

The double foreigners put together a lovely celebration for Dadi's 99th birthday on the 18th morning in Gyan Sarovar. We had Chrissy from Australia narrate the story of Dadi's life, sisters from Canada present a dance, and brothers from Australia share beautiful music. Dadi was pleased to be with the global family.

The scene at the celebration's end was very touching. After the cutting of the cake, Dadi was taken in a wheelchair across the whole stage so that everybody could take drsihti. They then brought Dadi down into the audience, and took her in the wheelchair up one aisle of Harmony Hall and then down another aisle, so that everybody could get close up drishti. It was a memorable scene.

Though the plan had been to return to Shantivan after lunch, Dadi suddenly decided that she wanted to come to Pandav Bhawan in the afternoon, and stay the evening for class. So Dadi did come to meet everyone in Om Shanti Bhawan for evening meditation and short class. Dadi shared she really wanted to stay the night, which was met with applause and big smiles!

Dadi will return to Shantivan on Thursday and Dadi plans to travel to Ahmedabad to be present for the Opening of the new Diamond Lotus House on 22nd morning, Baba's new accommodation especially for double foreigners, close to Lotus House.



News of Sr. Jayanti's trip to Madhuban

17 Febuary 2015

I arrived in Abu, met both Dadis briefly and came up the mountain and there was a class in the evening. On Sunday Dadi Janki came up the mountain to meet the 1000 double foreignerswho are here. I came down the mountain to take the Teachers class in Shantivan and Dadi came down the mountain after taking class and giving toil to about 700 of the DFs and Sudesh Didi carried on afterwards.

Sunday was a silence day in Gyan Sarovar and of course it was the 3rd Sunday of the month and that was very beautiful. It began with Sister Mohini from New York doing a Skype call with all of us and sharing her insights and experiences through her period of intense tapasya in New York.  She shared beautiful insights into silence and it closed in the evening with powerful meditation but also with many angels holding candles coming up the aisles and lining the stage. It was a very beautiful scene. We are all preparing internally for Baba's meeting on Monday.



"Life Beyond Business" Conference in Shantivan, Feb 1st to 3rd

1 Febuary 2015



Dear Divine Sisters/Brothers,

Accept the greetings of love, peace and happiness from Business & Industry Wing, Vile Parle, Mumbai, National Co-ordinating Office.

With the blessings of Shivbaba and good wishes of all Dadijis and the Brahmin Parivar, Business & Industry Wing has organised a National Conference-cum-Meditation 

Retreat on the theme of "Life Beyond Business", from 30th Jan. to 3rd Feb. 2015 at Brahma Kumaris Shantivan Complex, Abu Road. 

We have attached herewith the programme schedule of same and also the photographs of the inauguration of the conference.

In Spiritual Services

BK Pratibha Behn

Click here for schedule in Hindi.



Photos of the Cultural Program presented by Sister Gracy Singh, well-known Bollywood Actress and Classical Dancer





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Madhuban Releases Five New Hindi Songs CDs

22 January 2015

Please click on the images below to reach the page from which you can download the songs:




News of Our Beloved Dadis Visit to Pandav Bhawan on the 18th

20 January 2015

Since the early morning hours of 18th morning, as expected, hundreds of Brahmins have been silently taking benefit from the four pilgrimage places and singing praise of our fortune of being sustained by Brahma Baba in this lifetime.  

Dadi Ratan Mohiniji had come up last night and was present to read Baba's Murli on 18th morning to a very packed Om Shanti Bhawan. This was followed by Bhog offering, hearing Baba's message and then coming down and encircling Tower of Peace to pay our deepest respects to Brahma Baba.

We had a delicious breakfast of the traditional carrot-milk (always prepared for 18 January), and fruits (banana, apple, dates, coconut pieces).

At around 10.30am we started getting news that Dadi Jankiji is half way up the mountain! Our brothers prepared the courtyard to ensure that Dadiji could be steered in the best way through the four pilgrimage places, amidst 300-400 people who were taking their turns patiently. Everyone was truly elated on seeing Dadiji. There have been a few times in the past years when Dadiji has not been able to come up on 18 January due to cold weather and delicate health, so seeing her here was such a blessing: BapDada's first gift to us. After visiting the Hut, Dadiji shared that she wished to visit Baba's Bhandara (Kitchen).

While she set off to see the Bhandara, Dadi Gulzarji drives into the courtyard at 11.30am! That was Baba's second gift. Dadi Gulzarji went on her round of the 4 pilgrimage places while Dadi Jankiji and Dadi Ratan Mohiniji returned from the Kitchen and settled down in History Hall in Baba's sweet, silent remembrance.

It was beautiful to have Dadi Gulzarji join the two Dadis in History Hall. There was very sweet exchange of drishti, hugs, smiles and chit-chat amongst the Dadis for few minutes. Dadi Gulzarji then left for Shantivan, while Dadi Jankiji came to her favourite residence, Indraprasth (by Tower of Peace) to have breakfast at 12.15pm! She enjoyed the milk and a few dates. Dadi Janki shared how she was getting the deep pull since Amritvela to come up to Pandav Bhawan. She had shared this with Dadi Gulzarji who was saying she probably won't visit Pandav Bhawan because of it being Baba's day. But Dadi Jankiji was amused that Dadi Gulzarji decided to come up half an hour later. So it was Baba's energy and love that brought the Dadis comfortably up despite the delicate state of their chariots. That undoubtedly was proof of their commitment, dedication and love for Brahma Baba, and Shiv Baba of course.

Dadi Jankiji also visited Baba's Museum and Gyan Sarovar before returning to Shantivan.

Om Shanti

Madhuban Family


Loving Sentiments for 18th January from BK Nirwair, Madhuban

16 January 2015

Dear divine sisters and brothers across Bharat and the globe,

Please accept hearty greetings of peace and Baba's love.

We have been observing inner quiet from the beginning of January. Most of the sisters and brothers have been very focused on setting the past into the past, and rejuvenating the self spiritually for which collective efforts in meditation and individual attention on karma yoga (yoga in action) have proved to be very beneficial for one and all. It seems like 2015 will be very auspicious for all of us as the clarity of thought about making spiritual endeavours is crystal-clear after listening to the past Avyakt Murlis since October 2014.

Br Raju (Murli Department, Madhuban), on advice of Dadi Jankiji, has brought out a publication containing some of the Avyakt Murlis to be studied and imbibed through the Year. Dadi Jankiji, after returning from Ahemdabad on 13th in better health, was very eager to share those Elevated Versions in other languages and so this has come to you already in English from Jasuben of London.

Our prime focus for this month of January has been Sakar Baba's image of tapasya as an ‘Easy Rajyogi', which would enable us to lead natural lives of being ever-immersed in God's love. The more we have interest in observing the image of togetherness with the One, the more we develop deep feelings of nearness and similarity/ equality with Brahma Baba. As we heard from Baba's versions time to time, He wishes for us to become natural yogis and not hatha yogis or ‘hard yogis'! Just the mantra of two words would serve the purpose: Remain focused and determined while pursuing one's goal. There is no need to falter at any step when we have the Supreme Guide and His Guidance with us. Rather, we should remain ever-elevated and intoxicated in super-sensuous joy and accomplish our goal to become like Sakar Brahma Baba.

This communication is also to convey the good news that our Dadi Jankiji returned to Shantivan few days back in much better health, after receiving treatment from Dr Sudhir Shah, Senior Neuro-Physician, Dr Sudanshu Patwari, Senior Gastro-Enterologist and Dr Shiraz Munshi, Pain Management Specialist. We trust the present medication will aide Dadiji in leading a very meaningful life, as in the past, to serve humanity as she so greatly desires. In our chit-chats, Dadiji had been requested to record her memoirs of 78 years year-wise (if possible!) so that we have an additional record of Yagya History. She is quite enthusiastic about dictating the same, and has already started sharing stories in her classes!

With Godly love, remembrances and blessings from respected Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and the divine family members of Madhuban,

B.K. Nirwair



Giving the Return of the Avyakt Sustenance: A Message from Dadi Janki, plus: A Tapaswi Life Booklet for 2015, The Year of Tapasya

16 January 2015

To BapDada's Dearest Divine family across the globe,

Greetings of love and peace for the powerful Avyakt month of January and the Year of Tapasya.

Now, in 2015, we are celebrating the newness of the New Year with January as the special Avyakt month.

This year, I would like us all to celebrate not just the month of January, but the whole of 2015 as the Year of Tapasya.  By taking power and blessings from this year we can imbibe the qualifications according to our aim.

Our beloved Brahma Baba attained his stage of perfection in the month of January and became a resident of the subtle region. For 46 years, Brahma Baba has come from the subtle region to the corporeal world to make us complete and perfect.  Brahma Baba's desire is to make us the same as himself, and he decorates us with so many teachings to give us the avyakt experience. 

Our Beloved Avyakt BapDada has given us avyakt sustenance for so long, and now is the time to give the return by following in the footsteps of Father Brahma.  Definitely have the aim to become the same as Brahma Baba.  For this, let each one have the determined thought to remain introverted and free from waste.

Let every Brahmin child keep a new aim to do intense meditation to experience the different stages of tapasya.  This small booklet has been printed with this in mind to support your practice of tapasya.  Every fortnight, practise and experience a new stage, by doing this collectively the vibrations of so many pure souls will help to transform the tamoguni atmosphere in the world. As we practise in the gathering the atmosphere at every service place will become ayvakt and powerful, through which the revelation of the one Father, the Sun of Knowledge will definitely take place.

My pure wishes are that each and every one of Baba's children becomes an instrument to reveal BapDada through their face and behaviour.  Become an image that grants visions

and enable the drums of victory to beat.  I am sure that each one of you will keep this aim as you study this book carefully and become the embodiment of the points.

With all good wishes for my divine family

In Godly service

B.K. Janki

Note: We have only just received the Hindi manuscript to be able to translate the first four months for us to collectively work on the homework given to us by BapDada. The rest will follow soon. (We have already begun homework for month of January as these points are the at the end of each day's murli and have therefore, not included the points for the month of January with this.)

Tapasvi Jeevan (Hindi Only)

The Year of Tapasya (English Only)



Invitation to Radio Madhuban's 4th Annual Day Celebrations

16 January 2015



Message from Nirwairbhai Regarding Dadi Janki's Current Health Status

8 January 2015, 12:30pm

Dear divine sisters and brothers of Bharat and abroad,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances, along with loving greetings from Dadi Jankiji.

Perhaps you would have heard that Dadi Jankiji needed to consult her doctor in connection with her medication, for which reason she was requested to be in Baba's home, Lotus House, Ahmedabad for a few days. She accepted Sister Jayanti's suggestion to come over, and has been in Lotus House since 7 January evening. Dr Sudhir Shah, a very senior Neuro-physician who has always had great love and regard for Dadiji, came to meet her on 7th night at 9.30pm and spent quite some time looking at Dadiji's old problem of hyper-acidity and a bit of change in medication.

Looking at Dadiji's present state of observing more silence that normally seen, he advised us to put her on intravenous drip simply to manage her energy level. He has also advised nil food by mouth for now so that she takes 24-hours rest to help bring back the digestion system to order.

In Lotus House, Dadiji is taking complete rest with our sisters: Hansaben, Jayantiben, Pravinaben, Shrideviben making her feel very comfortable. It took a while for her to sleep last night, but she is now more restful.

I have shared with Dadiji the loving remembrances of all those who had telephoned me, and Dadiji responds by saying, "Do convey my loving remembrances to all our sisters and brothers of the divine family."

We hope Dadiji will be back on the rails in a couple of days, so that she can return to Shantivan soon. We request everyone to continue to send Dadiji their healing and powerful vibrations of love in Baba's remembrance.

With Baba's love,
B.K. Nirwair
(from Lotus House, Ahd)



Celebration of Dadi Janki's 99th Birthday on New Year's Day - News, Photos & Link to Videos

2 January 2015

Divine Family, Om Shanti.

We celebrated the 99th Birth Day of our Respected Dadi Janki on New Year Day with great rejoice and enthusiasm.

Dadi Gulzar ji, Dadi Ratanmohini ji, BK Nirwair Bhai, BK Ramesh Bhai, BK Jayanti Behen, BK Munni Behen and several other seniors shared their experiences with Dadi Janki.

More than 3000 BKs and Guests attended the programme.

Kindly see the attached photos herewith.

You can Watch Live Videos of 99th Birthday Celebrations of Rajyogini Dadi Janki Ji by just opening following link:

Rajyogini Dadi Janki Ji 99th Birthday Celebrations - 1/1/2015, Shantivan



Report in Hindi only.










Madhuban New Year's Day News from Sister Jayanti

1 January 2015

We started the New Year with Thursday Bhog in Shantivan and a beautiful message from Baba about love and being happy all the time. Then around 11.30am we went into a celebration for Mohiniben's 74th birthday which was a sweet, lovely experience.

In the evening was a very grand celebration for Dadi Janki. It was meant to be simple but it turned out to be quite splendid. There must have been around 3,000 people who came to Conference Hall for the celebration according to the number of picnic plates that were prepared. There was literally only standing room at the back of the hall and by the doors. People were also seated in the passages since we had the families from Pandav Bhawan, Gyan Sarovar and Global Hospital come down to join the celebrations.

Dadi Gulzar spoke about how we all take inspiration from Dadi's courage in conquering whatever happens in terms of the body. Nirwairbhai spoke beautifully of the service Dadi has done from the very beginning and continues to do even now. Rameshbhai shared his experiences of the early days with Dadi in Mumbai and also in London, so many sweet moments were shared. There were several other tributes by seniors.

I shared the dream that Dadi had had of service in a place where the family was ready to become Baba's and be instruments for service, and what Dadi had seen in her dream had been Aunty Betty's and Uncle Steve's home in Georgetown, Guyana. When I had arrived, I recognised it as the same place she had described.

Dadi was really not very well on the 1st, but managed to join the celebrations in the morning as well as the evening. Dadi shared beautifully both times.

All good wishes for a very happy New Year to each and everyone!