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Another Godlywood Studio Milestone: One Lakh (100,000) Subscribers!

7 Dec 2018

Dear brothers and sisters, Om Shanti,

Godlywood Studio has achieved the first milestone in becoming a successful content creator on the most popular video platform on the planet - Youtube -  by crossing the One Lakh Subscriber mark. We have received the official Tick Mark from the Youtube Team! Verifying a channel which crosses one lakh subscribers with a 'Tick Mark'  is an important step which is part of the routine procedure of YouTube to safeguard the Brand, Channel and content from misuse. Being a Production House, it is essential for us to protect the creativity of the creator.

Our Youtube offline Link

You can watch any spiritual/educational content that we stream LIVE in 'Om Shanti Channel' and it can also be watched at your leisure on our offline YouTube Channel. Please note that 'Godlywood Studio' with the verified 'Tick Mark' is our only official offline Channel (see image above) and beware of any other channel with a name similar to Godlywood Studio.

Thanks for your consistent good wishes and encouragement which inspires us to contribute to the society in more diversified ways.

With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust


Godlywood Celebrates Milestone of Producing Its Ten Thousandth Episode

6 Dec 2018


Click on the above image to watch the completion of 10,000 Episodes by Godlywood Studio


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.


Godlywood Studio has celebrated a historic achievement – another glorious feather in the cap – in serving the world through value-oriented media by creating 10,000+ episodes on spiritual topics that add immense value to the life of viewers which is our commitment and responsibility to the society.  By reaching this milestone Godlywood has entered into the elite group of production houses (Studios) in the world.

Apart from episodes in Hindi & English which takes care of the National & International outreach, the bulk of these episodes are made in 9 Indian Regional Languages - Serving the nook and corner of India means serving and promoting the regional culture!

TEAM Godlywood celebrated the milestone with the living legend Centurion Dadi Jankiji, who inspired, installed and sustained Studio for all these years. Following the vision and legacy of the Founding Chairman Respected Ramesh Bhaiji, TEAM Godlywood is all set to make even greater achievements in serving the world in the coming years.

The whole celebration was streamed LIVE in Om Shanti Channel for the first time and thousands of viewers joined us in the celebration from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to our Production and IT Dept., for making the LIVE streaming possible. My sincere thanks to all the 100+ inmates cum Sevadharis of Baba's Godlywood Studio who are the real sculptors of this achievement.

At this juncture how can I forget my amazing speakers and Anchors who are the backbone of this whole achievement! 

Thanks a lot to Almighty Godfather Shivbaba, Dadi's, Senior brothers and all of you for your support without which this achievement would be an impossible one.


With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal       
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust     



Gift from Godlywood Studio on Children's day 

6 Dec 2018



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Om Shanti.

Greetings from Godlywood.

November 14th is celebrated in India Nationwide as Children's day in the remembrance of Chacha Nehru. Godlywood Studio also joins the celebration by stepping into the amazing world of children by making an exclusive show for children - "Hum Honge Kamyaab" (We will be victorious). The promo with Title Song of the Show will be released on 14th November on Om Shanti Channel. India being an amazingly young Nation with more than half of the population consisting of children and youth, "Hum Honge Kamyaab" will help them explore life fearlessly and with passion. The show is steered by experts in the field of Youth Empowerment and Rajyoga Education and will be aired from every Saturday and Sunday at 9.30 PM.

Watch the show along with your Kids and get back to us with your feedback. Let's together build our dream world of the future!


Click on above image to play the title song.


Click on above image to play the promo.


With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal       
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust     




International version of Talk Show 'Ek Mulakat' Debuts 'Merging East & West' Version

10 Nov 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Om Shanti.
I am glad to declare another feat from Godlywood Studio - We have started an International Version of our celebrity Talk-Show 'Ek Mulakat' titled 'Merging East and West'. which will feature only International personalities from Abroad as they will help glorifying Baba in the world. We recorded 6 episodes with eminent guests from America anchored by Sis Jenna - Director of Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums in Washington DC and host of the famous radio series 'America Meditating'. 
The segment featured Marla Maples - American Actress and TV personality who was second wife of Donald Trump, Dr. Rev. Ivy Hylton - Opera singer & Author, Rolonda Watts - TV Personality, Senior Journalist & Actress,  Angela N. Holton, International Coach, Speaker & Author, Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery - Pastor, Psychologist & Author and Dr. Saleem Hylton - Author & Motivational Speaker. 
This program is aimed at viewers of our overseas channels and content partners who are searching for a different breed of a celebrity Talk-Show that espouses, awakens and deepens values in practical life.
TEAM Godlywood cherish the wonderful moments with them and wish them all the very best. (Pls find attached a collage of the beautiful moments they spent in studio)
With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal       
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust     




In Photos - Happy Diwali in Pandav Bhawan

08 Nov 2018




In Photos: Diwali in Gyan Sarovar

08 Nov 2018




In Photos: Diwali Celebration Diamond hall Shantivan on 7th November

08 Nov 2018




Diwali Greetings to the Brahmin Family from Brother Mruthyunjyaya

07 Nov 2018




Diwali Greetings from Sis. BK Sheilu of Madhuban

07 Nov 2018




Debut of Godlywood's International segment of 'Light of Knowledge' English Talk Show Features Senior Teachers & VIPs from Abroad

05 Nov 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Om Shanti.
'Light of Knowledge'- The English Talk Show series from Godlywood Studio started its international version featuring senior BK sisters/brothers (overseas centres) & other influential speakers from abroad. 'Light Of Knowledge International' targets audience around the world who take a keen interest in refined spiritual & educational content.
Senior Rajyogis from overseas-  B.K.Mohini (Americas),  B.K.Jayanti (Europe), B.K.Sudesh(Germany), B.K.Meera (Malaysia), B.K. Sudha (Russia), B.K. Maureen Goodman(UK), B.K. Bhavna (New Zealand)  and Bro. B.K.Michel Simon (France)-  blessed the show with their participation. Inga Koryagina - Head of International Division, Plekhanov Russian University - also shared her wisdom in the show.
Thanks for your continued support as TEAM Godlywood explores new dimensions in Spiritual service through media with the cooperation of overseas participants. Please take a look at a few snapshots of the show attached. 
With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal 
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio



New Happy Diwali Video Song - Composer and Singer BK Dr Damini, Ahmedabad

31 Oct 2018


Click on above image to play



Abu Road: Inauguration of 1 MW Solar PV Power Plant by Dadi Janki, Chief of Brahma Kumaris

17 Oct 2018

Abu Road(Raj.): Rajyogini Dadi Janki, Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Ratan Mohini, Joint Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, BK Nirwair, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris and Dadi Ishu, Joint Chief of the Brahma Kumaris, inaugurated the 1 MW PV (Photo Voltaic) Solar Plant, at the India One Solar plant, near Shantivan, Abu Road. 
BK Jayanti, European Director of Brahma Kumaris, BK Jyoti from Dubai, BK Hemlatha from Trinidad, BK Karuna, Chairperson, Media Wing,  BK Atam Prakash, Vice Chairperson of Media Wing of RERF, Brahma Kumaris, RERF, BK Sudhir, BK Golo, BK Jaysimha, Mr. Manish Kumar, Director of Samhita Technology, and his other team members were present at the program.  



Video of Memories & Moments of Peace of Mind Retreat 2018!

17 Oct 2018

Dear Divine Family,
Please accept Divine Love and Godly Greetings from all of us here in Gyan Sarovar Mt.Abu.
We have uploaded the Film MEMORIES & MOMENTS OF PEACE OF MIND RETREAT 2018 on Brahma Kumaris Youtube Channel.
"Click on above image to play."
Memories & Moments of Peace of Mind Retreat 2018:
“Peace of Mind Retreat” is a beautiful Mount Abu Meditation Experience, in which Participants from all over the world come together to experience Inner Peace and strength through Raja Yoga Meditation, organized by Brahma Kumaris at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu.
This film gives a flavour of their experiences and illustrates how the journey of spiritual awakening can be entertaining as well as enlightening
Around 250 Participants from around the world came to Mount Abu this year to take part in Peace of Mind Retreat.
BK Prashant bhai, & BK Prabhu bhai
Audio Video Dept.,
Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu



Visit of Mohini Didi to Godlywood Studio

16 Oct 2018


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Om Shanti.
Feel extremely happy to share a glad news with all of you. 
Respected Mohini Behnji, our most revered senior Rajyogini sister and the Director of Brahma Kumaris in Americas and Canada, visited Godlywood Studio to meet and inspire studio inmates .She graced us with her divine presence and showered her blessings for all the service happening in Godlywood Studio. She made everyone happy by her powerful and angelic vibrations. She was also interviewed for our International Talk-Show 'Light of Knowledge'. 
At this juncture I remember her words of blessings at the opening ceremony of studio where she expressed her aspirations and hopes for the amazing future service prospects of studio which has materialised today!
TEAM Godlywood express our sincere gratitude and wish Respected Mohini Behnji a long, healthy and inspiring service spell.
(Pls find attached a few snaps of the divine moments with Mohini Behnji)
IBY, With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal    
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust       



Letter of thanks for the Global Summit-cum-Expo at Shantivan Plus Downloadable pdf of Souvenir

16 Oct 2018

Om Shanti, Divine Family, Greetings of Peace!
At the conclusion of our Global Summit-cum-Expo, when we assess its glory and an appreciative media (Print, electronic as well as social) coverage, we find that the main reason for its success was the Blessings of our Dadis and senior brothers and sisters along with the benign presence, wishes, support and cooperation of the Brahmin family.
We express our most sincere sense of gratitude to all divine brothers and sisters and hope that this unconditional support will continue in the furtherance of BapDada’s message and mission.  
Equally inspiring, educative and encouraging has been the participation and thought provoking addresses of our VIP guests and speakers. The Brahma Kumaris organization and myself feel highly obliged and grateful to the guests like the Hon’ble Union Home Minister, Sh. Rajnath Singh Ji, Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Justice Sh. Dipak Misra Ji, Hon’ble Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Sh. Thawer Chand Gehlot, Hon'ble Sh. Ram Shinde, Hon'ble Mrs Rita Bahuguna, Hon'ble Sh. Nand Gopal ji, Dr. B.R Shetty (Abu Dhabi), Ms. Marla Maples (USA), Ms. Rolonda Watts (USA), Ms. Kuleshova Liudmila (Russia),  Mrs. Ara (Nigeria), Dr. Vandana Shiva, Padamshri Dr. Prakash Baba Amte, Mr. Ayappa Masagi, Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal, Ms. Nivedita Varshneya, Padamshri Dr. Kartikeya Sarabhai, Ms. Gracy Singh, Mr. Ricky Kej and his troupe and many other participants almost from all spheres of our social, cultural, spiritual and ecological field of life. No doubt we are highly thankful to all of them for their motivating and galvanizing magnetic presence on this occasion. 
The speakers’ words of practical wisdom not just reflected a deep understanding of life and the thematic argument of the Summit but their manner of persuading listeners to follow these principles in their life has been very convincing. Their appreciation of the Brahma Kumaris for their message of love and peace and a healthy synthesis of Science and Spirituality for attaining a sustainable environment is an impetus for us all to work more dedicatedly and vigorously towards the goal.
We again express our most sincere and indebted gratitude to all the brothers and sisters at all our centres and also at their places and also hope for similar cooperation and support in the coming future. 
May Bapdada continue to shower His Love and Blessings upon all of us and fill us with power as we continue in our efforts to reveal His knowledge.
 Once again sincere thanks to you all.
BK Mruthyunjaya
Chairperson, Education Wing



Watch Videos of National Media Conference - 2018 at Shantivan (21 -25 Sept)

03 Oct 2018



Just click on image and watch Videos of Media Conference - 2018 on Youtube 

1. Meditation Session 01 – 22/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018) 
2. Inaugural Session (Part-1) – 22/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
3. Inaugural Session (Part-2) – 22/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018) 
4. Experiencing Peace & Power – 22/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
5. Cultural Evening – 22/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
6. Meditation Session 2 – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018) 
7.  Stress Free Living – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
8. Plenary Session (Part – 1) – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018) 
9. Plenary Session (Part – 2) – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
10. Talk Show (Part – 1) – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
11. Talk Show (Part – 2) – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
12. Valedictory Session (Part – 1) – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
13. Valedictory Session (Part – 2) – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018) 
14. Meditation Session 3 – 24/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
15. Cultural Evening – 23/9/2018 (Media Conference – 2018)
(Note- The Video of Reception Session on 21st Sept. has been erased accidentally, so not included in this email)
With Pure Feelings and Good Wishes
B.K. Srinivas
Brahma Kumaris Multimedia Activities



Grand Inauguration of Global Summit-Cum-Expo on “Science, Spirituality and Environment" in Shantivan

02 Oct 2018


Abu Road (Raj): The Global Summit-Cum-Expo on “Science, Spirituality and Environment” was inaugurated at Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, Abu Road (near Mt Abu), Rajasthan, by Honorable Chief Justice of India, Justice Dipak Mishra; Honorable Home Minister of India, Mr. Rajnath Singh; Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris, Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini; with the august presence of eminent personalities and more than 10,000 delegates from 140 countries.

A Message was sent by Honorable President of India, Mr. Ramnath Kovind, and the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi, for the success of the summit.

Mr Rajnath Singh, Hon. Home Minister of India, talked about mind, spirituality, science and Indian Culture in his 15-minute address. He said that Circumference of mind is directly proportional to the magnitude of happiness, the magnitude of bliss. In order to carry out a big task, one needs to have a big heart. A man with a small heart cannot do a big task. The bigger the heart, the more joy shall be in your life. A person does not become spiritual by merely praying in the church. As a person goes on doing big things, he continues to achieve the spiritual heights in his life. Along with offering prayers in temples or mosques, one needs to grow his heart. The bigger the heart, the more one would be spiritual. The Brahma Kumaris teach how to have a bigger heart. How big a heart would the Chief Administrator Dadi Janki and Dadi Ratan Mohini be having that they are taking care of such a big family. They have expanded the organization to 146 countries with the support of so many sisters. What a government is unable to do, the Brahma Kumaris are doing.

The Home Minister said that the United Nations has expressed concern over even small things. The organization is working on Cleanliness, Organic Farming, Solar Energy, Woman Empowerment. The organization is not only concerned about humans but also about humanity and living beings. On the 80th Annual celebration, the organization planted 80 lakh trees, sending a message of saving the environment.

The Home Minister Rajnath Singh said that the sages of our country discovered the zero and spirituality. Science, Spirituality and religion are contrary to each other; this is a belief of the western world. Bharat believes science and spirituality to be complements of each other and that they are one. Charak, Arohak, Sushupt, Aryabhatt were great sages as well as great scientists.

Justice Dipak Mishra, Hon. Chief Justice of India, said, “I feel the sense of peace here. We want universal peace and each of you are a great ambassador of peace. Science tells you about what is happening in the universe. Physical morality matters the most, if we intend to have a clean, clear, unpolluted universe. If everyone in the world believes and practices physical morality, there will be prevalence of environmental morality. 80 lakh plants were planted by the organization; if you are planting a seed of morality, that is spiritual morality. Once peace is with yourself, there will be peace in the world. We want peace in the world, a good environment in the world and a scientific research-oriented spirituality which is going to advance the world on the path of peace. The effort of the Brahma Kumars is to make the world a place of belonging. All of us belong to this world, universe, so we need to be partners of construction, rather than destruction. You are Constructive in creating a peaceful world.”

“Desire gets into necessity, necessity gets into need. Need gets a Ph.D. when it is said ‘I want it.’ The moment I say I want it, peace of mind is gone and the sense of spirituality is lost. Science is absolutely relevant to conscious of mind, soul and heart. When Science and spirituality travel together with a philosophical approach, man can create wonders by transforming himself from ordinary man, by finding his true self with God. Science can grow with the aid of spirituality. God or Almighty loves all of us, looks after us. God never scares anyyone. When you surrender Ego, you can connect to God. Purity of this organisation is helping everyone move forward in spirituality,” he added.

Marla Maples, Television Personality and Actress, USA, said that America is facing many challenges these days, but the wonderful people and friends around us fill our lives with joy. That has happened because she has included Kundalini Yog, meditation of the Brahma Kumaris, and a vegetarian diet in her routine. While addressing the Global Summit, Marla said that all of us can progress, move ahead, stay together, many thanks to God for this. Marla said that she has tasted many types of food, but vegetarian food is the best among all. A non-vegetarian diet harms the environment too.

Padamshri Kartikeya Sarabhai, Founder and Director of Center for Environment Education, said that we need to follow our old traditions and go with the new technologies simultaneously in order to save the environment. A man feels that nature is at his disposal. This thought pattern is not right. Mahatma Gandhi said that we need to use nature as a trustee. Remembering the Founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Baba, he said that many decades ago, Brahma Baba saw the devastation caused by atomic bombs, nature and human conflicts by his divine vision; we are witnessing them practically now. In order to save the environment, we will have to take only that much from nature as is required.

Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini, Joint Chief Administrator of the Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu said that “all of us are children of God and hence brothers. Hence, we must co-operate with each other and make each other happy. We must never hold revenge, envy or jealousy for others. There was a golden age in Bharat where there was joy, peace and bliss everywhere. There was no trace of unrighteousness. We can again create a Golden world by making our actions divine.”

Executive Secretary of the Brahma Kumaris and Program Co-ordinator BK Mrutyunjaya said the organization is running a Cleanliness Drive all over the country between September 15 and October 2.

Mr. Thawar Chand Gehlot, Hon. Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India said that the organization is making efforts towards materializing the visualization of Global peace, Vasudhev Kutumbakam, Live and Let live and motivating the masses to follow the righteous path. The reason behind an increase in anxiety and problems in the present world is due to our distancing from spirituality. Without adopting spirituality, the vision of Global peace, ‘Sarve Santu Niramaya,’ cannot be realized.

Dr. Sindhutai Sapkal, the Mother of Orphans, Pune who is looking after 1,050 children in Bangalore, said that we need to always learn to move ahead in life, not to stop. We need to listen to our heart, a shroud does not have pockets, no one ever recommends death. One needs to learn to renounce.

Sister BK Munni, the General Manager of the Brahma Kumaris, said, “I have learned from life to respect all, old or young. Take oneself to be an instrument. We need to have an attitude of benefit for all.”

Brother BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris, Delhi said that Raja Yoga meditation teaches us life skills. Thousands of brothers and sisters have experienced this.

Candle Lighting (Deep Prajavalan), Cake Cutting, Flag Hoisting, Release of Souvenir of Journey of Brahma Kumaris, Distribution of Prizes to the Top Artists of the National Painting Contest-cum-Workshop, Inauguration of a Beautiful exhibition on “Science, Spirituality and Environment,” and the presence of Justice Dipak Mishra, Chief Justice of India, were other highlights of the summit. Along with paintings made by more than 500 renowned artists from all over India, the history of the Brahma Kumaris and the services extended to society over the last 82 years have been very beautifully displayed in the exhibition on Science and Spirituality. Renowned actress Gracy Singh staged a marvelous dance with her team, and Diamond Hall echoed with the applause.

The stage was well co-ordinated by BK Asha, Director of ORC, Gurugram. Mr Otaram Dewasi, Minister- Gopalan Department, Government of Rajasthan; Mr Jagasi Ram Koli, MLA; Mrs. Payal Parasrampuria, District President, Sirohi; Ms. Anupama Jorwal, Collector, and other eminent personalities were present on this occasion.



Media Conference 2018 at Brahma Kumaris HQ Concludes

26 Sep 2018


A 3-Day Media Conference on “Enlightened Media for Building a Better World”, jointly organized by the Media Wing of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya at the latter’s Shantivan Campus, Abu Road, Rajasthan, concluded with the presentation and adoption of an 8-Point Resolution.
More than 1,800 media professionals, academicians and experts representing different kinds and types of mass communication from all over India, Nepal and from 14 countries in Asia and Africa participated in the Conference.
In the concluding valedictory session, Dr. Ashish Dwivedi, Director of Ink Media College in Sagar; Mr. Madhukar Dwivedi, Senior Journalist and Editor from Raipur; Mr. Ramesh P. Tanna, Founder of Positive Media Institute in Ahmedabad; BK Atma Prakash, Vice President of the Media Wing and Editor of The World Renewal monthly magazine from the Brahma Kumaris Head Quarters, Mount Abu; BK Supriya, Editor of the Daily eNewspaper from the Brahma Kumaris Head Quarters, Shantivan, and BK Dr. Yudhishtir, Associate Editor of The World Renewal, addressed the well-versed audience.
Dr. Ashish Dwivedi said, “First of all, we must have our home clean. Similarly, Journalists must change their Self Mental attitudes to build a Better World”.
Mr. Madhukar Dwivedi expressed his feelings thus, “The world bows before One whose Pen might have broken but He never bowed his head before anyone. The Pen which could never be bought at any cost can create a History”. He said, “Brahma Kumaris are, for the last 8 decades, working for the upliftment of Society. Clad in pure white dress they appear to be the incarnated Goddess Saraswati Who is awakening the Spiritual light in society. They are tirelessly inspiring people to live a better life”.
Mr. Ramesh P. Tanna quoted the example of Mahatma Gandhi and said, “Gandhiji’s journalism was aimed at social welfare. That which involves people and is for the people’s welfare is true journalism. The number of pages in Newspapers is never effective; rather what is written in it is very important and that really counts.”
BK Atma Prakash stated, “When there is spirituality in our life there come the values. Media with moral values is possible only when persons have moral values. If Media personnel transform one by one then thousands of observers will also get changed automatically because you have the Power of Pen with you.” He said, “Make your life joyful because Self transformation is the real and strong foundation for entire world transformation.”
BK Yudhishtir said that spirituality is the only solution for all problems.
BK Supriya narrating her own experience mentioned, “Raja Yoga meditation has magical powers that emerges out Intrinsic powers and energies.”  She then shared details of the BK Daily e-Newspaper being published from Mount Abu.
BK Sunita conducted a guided Raja Yoga meditation practically, giving everyone an experience of deep inner peace. BK Narendra, Sub Zonal Co-ordinator from Vadodara, gave full details of the conference. BK Manju, Raja Yoga Teacher from Bilaspur, led the program quite efficiently.
BK Karam Chand, Zonal Co-ordinator, Punjab, expressed his gratitude and thanked everyone for their participation.
Deliberating through four open sessions, three inter-disciplinary dialogue sessions, two insight sessions, three spiritual wisdom and meditation sessions, including speaker-audience interaction, the following 8-Point Resolution was unanimously adopted in the Valedictory Session of the Conference. Everyone was of the common opinion that building a better world is possible only by Self-transformation, mainly the Media personnel.
8-Point Resolution
1)    An Enlightened Media means enlightened journalists who can be powerful instruments for positive change in building a better life and society on the earth.
2)    An enlightened media which calls for the cultivation of innate wisdom, inner powers and core values among journalists, can be possible with the adoption of spiritual knowledge, Rajyoga meditation, and positive and healthy lifestyle in the daily lives of media professionals.
3)    An enlightened and spiritually empowered media needs to focus more on developmental and societal issues like human rights, education, dignity, fraternity, peace, health, socio-economic equity & justice, environmental cleanliness, and ecological harmony.
4)    An enlightened media needs to play a proactive role in the elimination of gender discrimination, female feticide, sexual and domestic violence, to restore honor and dignity of the female section of the society.
5)    An enlightened media ought to inspire and motivate the self and the public to some degree and measure of self-introspection, self-analysis, self-audit, self-regulation, self-discipline and self-development by putting a priority on collective social interest over that of individual self-interest.
6)    It is incumbent on an enlightened media to practice, promote and spread the culture of value-based media and positive journalism so as to serve the interest of the weak, voiceless, neglected and exploited sections of society and to contain the scourge of political pressures, vested interests and negativity in today’s mass media.
7)    An enlightened media need to work in coordination and consonance with like-minded citizens, journalists and organizations like the Brahma Kumaris, the Society of Media Initiative for Values, the Global Forum for Public Relations, etc., to promote moral values, character and ethical conduct among people.
8)    An enlightened media with the help of like-minded public and journalistic forums need to organize workshops, seminars, conferences, and start awareness campaigns across the country to sensitize working and aspiring media professionals on the merits and holistic benefits of value-based journalism.



Godlywood Launches new TV series - "Gita in present context"

25 Sep 2018


Dear brothers and sisters,
Om Shanti.
Glad news from Godlywood again!
For the last 5 years we have been in a constant effort to take Baba's service to the next level through soulful programmes - a strong commitment - resulting in a warm bond with the viewers and a space for them to demand programs that address their day to day problems - the biggest demand being a series on the spiritual secrets of Gita.
As the relevance of Gita is growing, inspired by the signals from beloved BapDada, we bring you "Gita - Vartman Paripekshya mei" - a TV series focusing on the practical application of the spiritual laws of Gita, digestible to common man, beautifully presented by sister BK Veena- Scholar of Gita and Rajyoga Teacher in the Brahma Kumaris for the past 35 years. Program will be released in Om Shanti Channel and a host of content partners on 19th of August 2018.
Teachings of Gita being universal in nature, I hope all our friends, well wishers, students and scholars of Gita alike and every common man will be benefited by the program. Kindly spread the word to all and be part of the unlimited service of mankind. Find the beautiful title song YouTube link to get a glimpse of the program and take note of the channels and timings in the attached leaflet.
IBY, With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal  
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust 


Newly Released Hindi Songs ACD-285 "Ab Ghar Jana Hai"

25 Sep 2018


Om Shanti

You will be glad to know that New Audio Songs from Madhuban have been released. Details are as follows:

ACD-285 - "Ab Ghar Jana Hai" (Hindi Songs)

Music- Sudhir Pal

Singers - BK Ramesh, Sadhana Sargam, Dr Dilip Nalge

 To download the songs, Click on below link:-

(for 128 Kbps MP3 Download)


Songs can be listened on Jio Music app also:- 

For More Details :,





In Photos: Divine Felicitation of Brothers & Sisters of Annual Meeting, 14 -17 Sept

25 Sep 2018




IT Wing Holds National Conference on "Rejuvenate With Peace" at Manmohinivan, 7 - 10 September

25 Sep 2018


Dear Divine Angels,

The IT Wing of Brahma Kumaris organized a national-level conference at the Global Auditorium in the Manmohinivan complex from 7th Sept 2018 to 10th Sept 2018 on  "Rejuvenate with Peace". It is our fortune, to have had the presence of Rajyogini Dadi Janaki Ji, who gave a special address to all participants and redefined IT as Internal Transformation,  which is the key to bringing the world a better future. The program was designed to work through the flow of 3 aspects: Reflect, Rethink and Rejuvenate.  Accordingly, there were about 9 sessions organized on various topics and facilitated by eminent senior BK facilitators.  

 The participants were given exposure to the some of  following, to list  a few,  through various sessions:

  •     Simple techniques to help channelize the power of our thoughts as a means of Leading the mind
  •     How spirituality can help to make our lives better through Q&A sessions with queries around current problems what the IT fraternity facing in general as well as how to improve on the work-life balance.
  •     The significance of self-empowerment according to the present time to prepare oneself in the current world of uncertainty
  •     Meditation Lab - a novel approach to experience the effect of meditation by directing the mind with kind thoughts generated at different situations
  •     Leaders from industry sharing their authentic experience as an example to bring positivism in their personal/ professional life
  •     Immunity power of the soul and how to tackle the psychosomatic effects using the soul power
  •     The significance  of having the right consciousness for the better future
  •     How we can create a new lifestyle that is simple, satvik and well-refined, which can also influence other souls to follow it

The conference was attended by more than 550 participants, covering about 100+ organizations at the national level, including IBM, Oracle, McAfee, TCS, Cognizant, etc. to name a few and also financial institutions and government bodies like NIC etc.

Apart from this,  there was an exclusive by-invitation-only session organized for about 20 leaders at the CXO level.  In this session, a special discussion was held on how to create healthy minds in the organization through value-based meditations, with some examples given.  The focus was to improve the happiness index and organization productivity while reducing the attrition rate.   Active participation by the CXOs has encouraged us to take this aspect further with follow-up plans. The conference was glorified with the dedicated service offered by more than 100 sevadharis at the national level, who tirelessly served through more than 30 departments and truly made this event a grand success. 

Once again, Bapdada's constant and continuous support has accomplished the goal of the conference. Every participants has given excellent feedback reflecting a sense of fulfillment.  

Note:  Please find the Videos of the program in the link:

Thanks & Regards
Dr. Nirmala Didi,
Chairperson, IT Wing
BK Yashwant Bhai
HQ Co-ordinator, IT Wing



Theme Song for 'Cleanliness Campaign' Now Available

25 Sep 2018


Divine Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.

The cleanliness campaign is here!

Prime minister is re-launching ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ in 17 selected places in India, directly communicating with 17 eminent personalities – one of them being our beloved Dadi Janki in Shantivan Campus of Brahma kumaris HQ.

A conversation of Prime Minister Narendra Modiji with Dadi Jankiji took place on 15/09/2018 morning 9.30 to 11.30 and was telecast LIVE in many channels.

You are also invited to be part of this mission – Let us make India Clean – by cleaning ourselves. Please find the poster of the campaign made by the Govt. of India attached.

Please follow the youtube link to the Theme song for the project made in Godlywood Studio upon instructions from Mrityunjay Bhai, sung by B.K.Bhanu bhai. You are free to use this song in campaigns in your respective centers. Let us make use of this opportunity to the world the urgent need of cleanliness - both internal and external!

Click on above image to play.

IBY, With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal                                                              
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust



New Raksha Bandhan Song from Godlywood Studio

13 Sep 2018


Dear Brothers and sisters,
Om Shanti

The auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan is here!
Raksha Bandhan not only highlights the brother and sister relationship but symbolises our eternal connection with GOD which once established, ensures our complete protection. 

Let us celebrate this Raksha bandhan as usual with Baba and remind everyone the urgent need for turning to spirituality.

Please enjoy a beautiful Rakhi Song made in Godlywood Studio to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

Youtube link to the song:-

Click on above image to play

IBY, With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal    
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust     




Bhog Message for Dadi Prakashmaniji's 11th Anniversary - Shantivan - 25 August

27 Aug 2018


Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s specially beloved instrument teachers who are always engaged in the unlimited service of world benefit, all brothers and sisters who are the decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept God’s sweet love-filled remembrance.

Dadi Prakashmaniji, specially loved by all of us, who placed her steps on the footsteps of sakar mother and father, one who sustained the whole Brahmin family while keeping a balance of love and law, one who ruled everyone’s hearts – the 11th Anniversary of Dadiji was celebrated as “World Brotherhood Day”. From Manmohini complex in Shantivan to Om Shanti Bhawan in Mount Abu, an international half-marathon had begun on 19th August in memory of the Day of Remembrance of Dadi Prakashmaniji. 1500 brothers and sisters from all over the world took part in this with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm and three winners were specially awarded.  Various other programmes were held for VIPs and journalists from Abu and Abu Road.  Everyone gathered at Prakash Stambh in Shantivan to offer their tributes. Everyone had Brahma bhojan and all were given a gift from the yagya.

On this occasion, 15,000 couples from all over Bharat who were 3 to 19 years in knowledge took part in a special yoga-bhatthi for couples titled “Nastamoha Smriti Labdha” (The Conqueror of Attachment and the Embodiment of Remembrance). On 24th August brothers and sisters who took sustenance from Dadiji shared their memories of being in close company with Dadiji.  On 25th, after the special murli and class, all senior brothers and sisters and teachers went to Prakash Stambh and offered their tributes with garlands of flowers.  Then all the mothers and brothers went around the Prakash Stambh offering their flowers while lost in love for Dadiji. At 10.30am, respected Nirwairbhai shared his experiences with Dadiji on her skilled leadership.  At 12.00 noon, Shashiben offered special bhog to BapDada for Dadiji, and the message from the subtle regions is as below:


Today, when I reached Baba in the subtle regions, I saw that along with beloved Baba, our sweet Dadiji was also standing there and opposite them were many brothers and sisters who had arrived there with garlands in their hands. They were garlanding Dadji and offering their tributes to her. Dadiji smiled and said: Now, we don’t need this tribute, but each one now has to become complete and perfect. Now, let each one keep their perfect form in front of them and make such effort. Now, at the confluence age, let there be a gathering of angels and only then will there be a gathering of those who have a right to the kingdom.

After some time, along with Dadiji, the whole advance party also appeared and each one’s face was sparkling with light as though they were stable in their complete and perfect form. In the midst of them all, Dadiji was visible beautifully decorated and standing like a goddess on the stage. Below the specially beloved deity form of Dadiji there was very beautiful wording “An embodiment of all success”. After that, this scene became merged. I could then see four to five gates just ahead and through them I could see people from different professions. In the middle of that was a very simple gate and there were many people at that gate. As Dadiji looked at them, light began to fall on all of them. I asked: Dadiji who are these particular people? Dadiji said: All of these are helpers in God’s task, the ones with honesty and cleanliness, Baba’s children who have only thoughts of God in their heart. Those who were at the other gates also came in front and they also formed a beautiful garland, and it was as though all of them were making a promise that all of them together would be co-operative in the task of world transformation.

Baba then said: This child has created such a gathering. Every thought of this child has become practical and this is why she is an embodiment of success. Dadiji said: Baba, I didn’t do anything, but You were the One who inspired it all. Hearing such a sweet heart to heart conversation, I then asked Dadiji: Dadiji, what are you doing now? You are now ten to eleven years old.  Dadiji began to smile and said: Baba takes all of us on a tour all over the world every day at amrit vela and enables us to give sakaash to everyone. All my companions of the advance party check the plans for world transformation and also make corrections on them. I go on a tour with the group. Now, all of you also have to get yourselves ready quickly and then go into your new world. Every now and then, Baba sends me in the midst of all of you too and I see everything.

Dadiji was speaking in this way with a lot of love. Then I gave her remembrances from all of you. I especially gave remembrance of all of those who have come for the couple’s bhatthi, and Dadiji said: Now, all of you have to make intense effort and move forward. You have to make yourselves complete.  Giving remembrance to the Madhuban residents Dadiji said: Madhuban is the centre of attraction for the world. Baba has created a beautiful place and everyone looks at the Madhuban residents with an elevated vision – they have to become an example in front of everyone.

Then I said: Dadiji, tomorrow is the Festival of Rakhi and you used to tie rakhi on everyone with a lot of love. Today, Munniben has sent a rakhi for you. Dadiji took the rakhi in her hand and began to tie it on Baba, and just then the thread of the rakhi began to get bigger and bigger so that everyone became tied in that rakhi. Then Baba said: Baba and the children can never be separated. A very beautiful light was emerging from that rakhi and a blessing was written in that light saying “An image of success and an embodiment of total result” (sidhi swaroop, safalta murat bhav). Baba said: Children, in order to achieve success, belong to One, always be co-operative in the task of the One, and be united in one direction in the gathering. Now, according to the time, each one has to be stable in their complete and perfect form and give everyone a vision of Baba collectively. Now there is a need for this service.

Then I said Dadiji, I have specially brought bhog of the yagya for you. When I placed the plate in front of her, Dadiji gave it drishti and then took something in her hand and fed Baba, and then Baba fed Dadiji. Then seeing all of us there Baba said: Open your mouths, and it was as though Dadiji was feeding everyone bhog. Our Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar and all senior brothers and sisters were emerged in the subtle region. Then Dadiji said: Just as all of you are co-operative companions and are enabling service to move forward, continue to do so. Baba is always with you anyway. Saying this, Baba and sweet Dadiji gave everyone a lot of love and remembrance.


In the evening, the children from Ghatkopar presented a beautiful drama and dance performance highlighting Dadiji’s life.  Some brothers and sisters shared their experiences of living closely with Dadiji.

Today is the pure festival of Raksha bandhan.  Everyone has their rakhi tied with a lot of love and they make a promise of a determined thought within themselves.  In today’s avyakt murli, sweet Baba has gifted all of us a garland of blessings. Definitely, all of you must be wearing (imbibing) this garland of blessings.

1)    With contentment, constantly remain content and make everyone content.

2)    Always have a simple and easy nature, speak simple words and perform actions with simplicity.

3)    Always follow the directions of One, receive all attainments from the One and belonging to One, practise constantly being stable.

4)    Always remain happy and continue to share happiness and spread the wave of happiness.

5)    Let there always be a smile of happiness on your face and constantly continue to progress in remembrance.

Let this garland of blessings always be around your neck.  Achcha.

Lots and lots of remembrance and hearty greetings for Raksha Bandhan.

Download Program and Bhog message in English

Download Program and Bhog message in Hindi



Hindi Only: Audio Classes of Different Madhuban Bhattis from 17th to 22nd July

26 Aug 2018


Omshanti, Accept Love & Remembrance from Shantivan (Madhuban).

Please find herewith links of Audio Classes of Different Bhatthi from 17th to 30th July 2018


Kumaris Bhatti ( 3 Years  & Above) 17 to 22-7-2018   (Only for BKIVV User)

Teachers Bhatti ( 21 to 30 Years ) 17 to 22-7-2018  (Only for BKIVV User)

Youth Wing (Kal Ka Shilpkar) 20 to 24-7-2018

Amantrit Bhai Bhatti 25-07-2018

Teachers Bhatti (2 to 10 Years ) 25 to 30-7-2018
BK Ravi Bhai
Sound Dept.
Brahma Kumaris,
Shantivan,Abu Road(Raj)



IT Leadership 2.0 Retreat in Gyan Sarovar Draws 400 IT Professionals

25 Aug 2018


The IT Retreat held at Gyan Sarovar from Aug 17 to 20, drew 400 IT professionals from 34 cities. One hundred IT organizations participated.

The event comprised sessions such as: Digital Detoxification, Sleep in the Digital Age, Meditation in Action, and Mind Over Matter.

Recordings of the sessions and the slide decks used in the sessions are at this link:

Bala Kishore



Conference on Women Empowerment Begins at Gyan Sarovar

10 Jul 2018



“Spiritually Empowered Women Key to Value Based Society – Kalyani Sharan”

A 4-day All India Conference on “Women as Torch Bearers of a Value-Based Society” convened by the Women ' s Wing of Brahma Kumaris Organization , was inaugurated at its Gyan Sarovar Academy.

Over six hundred women delegates and dignitaries representing different professions, sections and segments of society from all over India and Nepal have assembled at Brahma Kumaris Academy for a Better World.

Smt. Kalyani Sharan, Chairperson, Jharkhand Women Commission, in addressing the inaugural session as Chief Guest said that there is an urgent need for the spiritual empowerment of women to enable them not only to revive and restore their inner powers and potentialities of peace, patience, love, tolerance, sacrifice and selfless service, but also to become the torch bearers for making their children, family and society value based.
Stressing on the need to stop exploitation of women especially from tribal and backward states like Jharkhand, she urged the congregation to be a part of campaign for maximum moral and spiritual education and training of women at grass root level, apart from best possible material education.

Highlighting her day to day visit to the door steps of all aggrieved women in 24 districts of Jharkhand in last one year, she pledged to save the simple and innocent females of Jharkhand from domestic violence, superstitious blind faith and sexual exploitation, by sending the affected women and girls to Brahma Kumaris Centres and headquarters for spiritual empowerment training.

Rajyogini Chakradhari, Chairperson of Brahma Kumaris Women's Wing, delivering the key note address said that womanhood has always been glorified by motherhood.  Citing examples of women as mothers have remained the source of inspiration for great heroes like Pandavas, Shivaji and Gandhi, she urged the gathering to become role models of values, character and spiritual culture enabling for their children, family and society to become value based and developed.  For this, as well as for keeping the family, people and society together, women need more of moral and soft skill development education than worldly education.
Dr.(Mrs.) Shweta Dagar, Mrs. World 1st Runner Up winner in 2017, as a guest speaker said that while a weaker person seeks to change the outside world, a stronger person seeks to change the self first.  She said that women needed to have more inner strength and power through the practice of spirituality and mediation so that they can better balance and sustain their cultural tradition along with modern lifestyle.

Rajyogi BK Nirwair, Secretary General of the Brahma Kumaris, in his video message in the conference said that in today’s atmosphere of fear and insecurity for women, there is an urgent need to value our core moral and spiritual values which can make their life truly peaceful, powerful, safe, fearless and beautiful.

Mrs. Anita Makhijani, Advisor, Union Ministry of Women & Child Development said that science and technology had made utmost outward development but had rendered our inner world vacuum without values of peace, love, harmony and happiness which spiritual education alone can provide.

Rajyogini Sharda, National Coordinator of the Women 's W ing , said that women being endowed by nature with greater inner powers, rights and values than those of men, need to awaken and restore those powers and values in self and others in society, by connecting their inner being with the Supreme Soul, God through Rajyoga Mediation.
Rajogini Dr. Nirmala, Director, Gyan Sarovar Academy, in her presidential address urged the participants to receive God’s powers to revive their inner values and powers through practice of spirituality and meditation that would enable them, not only to end their own stress and suffering but would also to end problems, pain and suffering of others in society.
Senior Rajyoga Teacher Sheela from Navi Mumbai conducted Rajyoga Meditation, enabling the audience to experience deep inner peace and power .  Dr. Savita Behn, Headquarters Coordinator of the Women's Wing, conducted the inaugural session smoothly and effectively as the Stage Coordinator.

BK Chakradhari
Chairperson (Women's Wing)



Bhog message on Mama's day - 24th June

27 June 2018


Bhog message brought by Shashiben on bhog being offered in Madhuban to Mateshwari on Mama’s day

Om Shanti. Today, carrying the loving remembrances of all of you, as I reached the subtle region carrying remembrance for our beloved Baba and our lovely Mama, the decoration of the subtle region looked very beautiful. There were many different decorations – some heart shapes, some garlands and many other different beautiful maps. For some time I continued to look at all of these and at the same time, I had the thought, “Where is Baba?” Just then I saw Baba coming from far away. Baba said: Child, today, whose love are all the children lost in? Baba is seeing and Baba knows that children have so much love for Maa. I asked: Baba, where is Mama? Baba smiled. I saw a very beautiful golden mountain in the distance and Mama was standing on top of it, in front of her was a globe of the world spinning at a very slow speed. Mama was looking at the globe and many beautiful changes were taking place very slowly on the globe. I was just seeing that and thinking it is such a beautiful scene. Then, Baba said: Look who is coming? From the scene of the globe, angels appeared around he globe, gradually moving forward. In between was a very beautifully decorated chariot and the form of our beloved Maa was visible in that chariot. Many different forms of Mama – sometimes as the mother, sometimes, Lakshmi, Durga, etc. were visible. So, the angels came close to Baba and as soon as they came near Baba, Mama’s form of Maa was visible in front of Baba. She was standing in front of Baba as Maa and taking drishti with a lot of love. I said: Today, so many brothers and sisters are lost in the remembrance of our beloved mother. Baba said: Tell Mama about this. I said: Baba, You know about all this anyway. Mama was just smiling, not saying anything.

Baba said: Today is Mama’s day. All the angels took on the form of the advanced party and all of them stood in a semi-circle with Mama in the middle. Quietly, Baba hid Himself behind all of them. Dadi, Didi and others were having a very sweet heart-to-heart conversation with Mama and asking Mama: Mama, what are you doing nowadays? Mama replied: All of you companions know that, and it is only with the co-operation of all of you companions that the task of world transformation will be carried out. Baba is inspiring us, and all of us as instruments want to carry out that task at a fast speed. We were seeing that scene that today, how transformation is taking place in the world and the task of establishment is also taking place. Mama said: The task of transformation is a little fast, but the task of the establishment goes a little fast, but then slows down again. So, we want the task of establishment to go faster than the task of transformation. They were having such a sweet conversation and then Dadi and Didi asked Mama: Mama, today, you toured around the world and all the centres, so what did you see? Mama just smiled and did not say anything. They were just having this conversation and then they saw Baba appearing in front of them. Baba said to Mama: Tell them what you saw today. Mama still continued to smile. Baba said: Today, it is your day and the children want to hear what you saw. Mama looked around in all directions and then said: All children have love for the Father, and keeping the mother in front of them, were having sweet conversations of love. Then Mama said: Each child – whether young, old or new – wants to make very good effort and are doing so. But what happens is that even in their effort, children are copying many things and because of trying to copy, they become diverted to many other things. Their mind wanders here and there and so they are not able to experience the real stage of their effort so much.

Secondly, Mama said: At present, science is moving forward at a fast speed, with great subtlety. They are making all small things very powerful. The children who have the power of silence are lacking that practice because of being diverted. Mama said: With silence, experience your original form. Be introverted and experience the Father’s company, and with this experience you will easily be able to carry out the task of world transformation. Mama was saying: All are specially beloved and running around a lot for service. Each one’s aim is elevated. However, when they are diverted, they become a little slack in reaching their goal. Mama was saying: Seeing the time, transformation has to take place quickly and before that, whatever is still remaining in the task of establishment has to be accomplished quickly especially with the power of silence. Have such subtle experiences with the power of silence that transformation and establishment take place automatically very fast and very well. Baba continued to smile and then those of the advance party asked Mama to share more. Mama replied that everything has already been revealed. Children listen to everything, and they relate it very well too, but their stage of renunciation fluctuates a lot. So, make your stage of renunciation powerful and according to the time, make your stage strong. As you move forward, time will show you many scenes. So, in order to overcome those scenes, practise being in the constant and stable stage. Then I placed the bhog in front of Baba and Mama and Baba said: Today, Baba will make Mama accept the bhog. Mama said: No Baba, I will not accept it first. Children have to accept it first, because a mother always feeds the children first. Baba said: Ok, that is fine. What did Baba do then? Baba made many brothers and sisters emerge in the subtle region. Baba had bhog in one hand which was for Mama and in the other hand was bhog which Baba gave to Mama in her hand, and as Mama placed it in the front, it was as though this bhog plate reached everyone and they were all very happy. Mama was seeing this and saying, “you first”. Mama’s slogan was: “you first, first the children, then Baba and then I. Baba said: Look, what is Mama teaching everyone even now? By placing everyone in the front, you will move ahead yourself.

Those of the advanced party who were there stood there in a circle. Bhog was given to them too. They were surrounding Mama. All the children said: Give lots of love and remembrances to Mama on our behalf. Mama said: All children, come. All the children came running as little children do and climb into their mothers lap and cling to her. Mama said: Children are saying, “Maa, take us in your lap. However, the lovely lap is that in which every thought of yours is in Baba’s remembrance and with Baba. Then you will continue to swing in the lap of beloved Baba and Maa and you will have many experiences, easily be able to overcome all types of adverse situations, be a flying bird and give this experience to others too.

Then Baba gave special remembrances to all the service companions of the present time, Dadi Janki, Dadi Ratanmohini, Dadi Gulzar and all other service companions, those of the advance party, Mama continued to look at all the children, smiled and said: All Baba’s right hand children are doing so much service making everyone move forward and celebrating a meeting with Baba. She gave remembrances to everyone, and I then came back here.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *    



In Photos: Dadi Janki visits Different Departments in Pandav Bhawan

20 June 2018











Educators' Conference on 'Values and Spirituality for Empowering the Self', Gyan Sarovar, May 18th-22nd

08 June 2018


Divine Family,

BapDada's Most Serviceable and Loved Instruments of all the centers,

Please accept multi-million times of Godly love remembrance and good wishes for your elevated and successful life.

University & College Educators' Conference on
'Values and Spirituality for Empowering the Self' from 18th to 22nd May, 2018 is being held at Gyan Sarovar Campus, Mount Abu. Only 400 University Educators' have been invited for this program because of limited accommodation.

Click here to download the Program Booklet having details of the program.

This Conference was enthusiastically attended by the intellectuals and elite academecians like Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Ministers, Educational Administrators, College Principals, Deans, HODs, Professors, Associate Professors etc.



Br. Surya of Madhuban Dining Celebrates 68th birthday, as reported by Br Harilal of Godlywood Studio

08 June 2018



Dear Divine brothers and sisters, Om Shanti.

Yet another occasion to celebrate: The unique child of Baba, versatile orator, crusader of  Godlywood Studios world famous TV show "SAMADHAN" and my divine friend from last 4 decades Rajyogi Suraj bhai celebrated his 68th birthday at peace park in presence of BK brothers & sisters of the Headquarters campus. Felt extremely happy for the opportunity to be present at the occasion.  

I remember the beginning of our association which started during  the first international peace conference at Mt. Abu in 1983, where Dadi  & Didi entrusted me with the supervision of Bhandara (where I also had the good fortune to introduce the concept of VIP Kitchen for the first time in Yagya) which allowed me to come into contact with  Suraj Bhai - the Rajyogi par excellence.

Let me take this opportunity to wish him well on behalf of Godlywood TEAM to continue the great work of making a positive change in the society. May Baba shower His blessings on him for a long and healthy spell of selfless service.

IBY, With Warm12px;">



Holi Greetings from Nirwair Bhai

1 March 2018


Dear Divine Sisters and Brothers all over the globe,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Madhuban-Shantivan.

We in Bharat are celebrating the Festival of Colours, well known as 'Holi' today and tomorrow, 1st and 2nd March. It's always celebrated in two parts: one signifying the burning of Holika (negativity) and then the second, celebration with colours, laughter and games, symbolising the expression of joy and happiness. 

It marks new beginnings where life becomes more colourful and radiant. For Baba's BK children, it's another occasion that inspires us to ward off our subtle weaknesses and emerge as the embodiment of all love, while maintaining divinity in our relationships. 

Let us continue to colour each other with virtues, as symbolised by the colouring of each other with multi-colours!

Wishing all of you a very, very healthy and happy Holi as we welcome the beautiful Spring season when flowers are in full bloom, trees are covered with new leaves, and the mango trees are especially laden with raw mangoes!

With Godly greetings,
On Spiritual Seva,

B.K. Nirwair



Scientists & Engineers Wing(SEW) Conference from 25th - 29th May' 2018 to be held at Gyan Sarovar

28 February 2018


Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW)

Conference-cum-Meditation Retreat on

Unlocking Secrets of Life Management


Friday, 25th May to Tuesday, 29th May' 2018 at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu.

We are Pleased to inform you that Scientists & Engineers Wing is organizing a Conference-cum-Meditation  Retreat from Friday, 25th May to Tuesday, 29th May' 2018 at Academy for a Better World, Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu (Raj.).

Who can Participate :- Only high category Engineers as Superintending Engineer & above, Senior Scientists, Technocrats, Principals & Head of the Departments of Engineering Colleges, Scientists – E & above, Sr. officers of Scientific Organizations etc. IT Professionals need not apply as there is a separate conference of IT Wing at Gyan Sarovar in the month of August 2018.

After receiving confirmation from this office, then only reserve the tickets of participants. No replacement please. Family member and children not allowed.

Click here to download the registration form. Kindly send the Registration form duly filled and signed by BK Centre In-charge through Post/Fax/E-mail (Scanned Copy) to the following address.


Academy Office,
Academy for a Better World,
Gyan Sarovar,
Mount Abu - 307501(RAJ)                      
Fax No. 02974 – 238951
Phone: 02974 – 238788 to 238790, Extn.7609;
             02974 – 228101 to 228108, Extn.7119


Note:- BK’S & SEW Members are requested to give the chance of attending the Conference to the new delegates. Under only pressing circumstances, they should accompany the delegates.


Thanking You, 
In Godly Service, 
BK Mohan Singhal,
National Co-ordinator,
Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW),
Mount Abu.


Programme Booklet of Shantivan International Conference-cum-Cultural Festival

28 February 2018



BapDada's most loving, serviceable Instruments around the Globe,

Multi-Million times greetings of Peace, Health and Happiness.

May BapDada shower upon you His blessings of love, light, might, peace, bliss, divine wisdom, knowledge, sweet nature and good wishes.

The divine family of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya is proud to hold an International Conference-cum-Cultural Festival on “God's Plan: Rajyoga for World Peace, Health & Happiness” from 23rd to 27th February, 2018 at our Shantivan Campus, Abu Road, Rajasthan. 

Many prominent personalities from different fields such as science, technology, politics, religions, spirituality, judiciary, media, industry, art & culture, sports, medicine, education, economics, administration, etc. from all over India and different parts of the world will participate in this event. 

Click here to download the programme booklet.

We are happy to inform you that special website ( has been created for International Conference 2018.  

With love and Regards,
Your Spiritual Brother
BK Mruthyunjaya
Vice-Chairperson, Education Wing 
Brahma Kumaris, HQ, Mount Abu


In Photos: Shiv Jayanti Mela Programme

28 February 2018









In Photos: Shiv Jayanti Flag Hoisting in Shantivan

28 February 2018






Expansion of Godlywood Digital Media Services in 7 Sister States of North-East India

11 February 2018

Dear Divine Sisters & Brothers,
Om Shanti.

Greetings from Godlywood Studio.

It gives me immense happiness to share with you the success of the  expansion spree of Digital media service initiated by Godlywood Studio.
On a mission to touch every human soul on the country, Godlywood Studio is spreading its wings in the seven sister states of North-East with the help of our programs designed to blend with their regional language, culture folklore & tradition. We are glad to announce that we are one more step closer to our aim as we add 5 more channels in Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj in Assam as our content partners which is a significant step in reaching out to the 50 million population of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura  - The seven sister states of North East India.

All the credit of this expansion goes to the tireless efforts of Bengali Dept. of Godlywood Studio who have been focusing their attention on the North-East for a while and as a result has added 18 channels in the past 6 months in the growing list of our content partners. 

Please find the details of the channels and programs and kindly inform and inspire your dear and near and all of your contacts connected to these languages/states to watch our programs on these channels. Let us work together towards the fulfillment of our common aim - glorification of Baba with the help of Digital Media.


Thanks to Baba, Dadiji's and all Seniors for their utmost support and blessings.

IBY, With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust



BK Value Education Courses at Annamalai University add Personal Contact Program (PCP)

11 February 2018



The inauguration of Personal Contact Programme (PCP) of Value Education & Spirituality Courses of Annamalai University in collaboration with the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (PBKIVV) commenced in Training Centre (Hall No. 3) of Shantivan Campus at 10.00 a.m. on January 24, 2018 with enthusiastic participation of candidates from various parts of India.

The respected guests and speakers were welcomed with bouquets and badges by Brahma Kumaris sisters and a heart-touching rendering of value-based welcome song by B.K. Satish and B.K. Bhanu of Madhurvani Group.

Sister B.K. Shivika, Executive Member, Education Wing, Shantivan, welcomed the guests and speakers on the dais and the participating candidates of the personal contact programme. Dr. R.P. Gupta, HQs. Co-ordinator, Value Education Programmes, elaborated about the personal contact programme (PCP) highlighting its significance and importance. Dr. B.K. Pandiamani, Director, Value Education Programmes, detailed about the success story of the life-changing Value Education & Spirituality (VES) Courses, which are running in 14 universities in the country and abroad in 11 languages. Dr. Harish Shukla, National Co-ordinator, Education Wing, Ahmedabad, while offering his good wishes, said, “The world is turning to hell due to rapid deterioration in values and spirituality. This VES degree is not a paper degree but is meant to help the candidates inculcate values and spirituality in their practical life and transform them into deities.” 

The respected guests and speakers lighted the candles to formally inaugurate the Personal Contact Programme (PCP) with the candidates expressing their keen and overwhelming interest, zeal and enthusiasm with their curious clapping. B.K. Mruthyunjaya, Vice Chairperson, Education Wing, Mount Abu, said, “This Value Education Programme is a missing link in our education system. Now, universities are coming forward to collaborate with the Brahma Kumaris Organization (BKO) in order to link this course in formal college and university education both in general and technical education as well. Unlike the other educational degrees, it is a unique degree of truth and purity, which is meant to make human beings divine and worship-worthy.” B.K. Nirwair, Chairperson, Education Wing, Mount Abu, while offering his blessings, said, “I hope this Value Education Programme will reach the whole mass in due course of time. With its practical application, when every human being will become a deity, then the whole world will turn to a kingdom of deities. Annamalai University earlier recognized this spiritual knowledge and agreed to offer this in formal courses. I hope that after undergoing these yogic and spiritual experiences, you will not only demonstrate yourselves but also the Incorporeal God Father as well.

Sister B. K. Supriya, Executive Member, Education Wing, Shantivan, co-ordinated the stage activities very successfully.


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