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Doctorate Degree to Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris

17 April 2017



Prof. Prafulla Kumar Mishra, the Vice Chancellor of North Odisha University, Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Odisha (India) conferred on Dadi Hirdaya Mohini Ji, the Additional Chief of Brahmakumaris, the degree of Doctor of Literature (honoris causa) for her contribution towards spreading the message of values, spirituality and social service in her unique role as a messenger of the Incorporeal God.

While conferring the degree during the 5-day (26 to 30th March, 2017) International – cum Cultural Festival on the occasion of the 80th anniversary celebration of the Brahmakumaris in Diamond Hall of its Shantivan Campus, Prof. Mishra said, praising the noble contribution of Dadi Hridayamohini Ji, ”It is a matter of glory for the University to confer the degree on her. I personally feel great and glorious in conferring this here on this grand celebration of 80th Anniversary of the Brahmakumaris organisation, which is engaged whole heartedly in its exemplary work of spreading the message of love, universal brotherhood, values, spirituality and world peace.”





Greetings to newly elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath ji Maharaj

16 April 2017


Om Shanti,
Please accept sweet Godly remembrance from Sr Parul , Anubhooti Bhawan, Shahpur-Gorakhpur,​ ​UP.
Sr Parul greeted and honored newly elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, ​Divine Brother, ​​Yogi Adityanath ji Maharaj by presenting bouquet during Yogiraaj Baba Gambheernath ji Punyathithi Shatabdi Varsh Programme at Gorakhnath Temple at Gorakhpur.
She introduced CM to various service related activities of Brahma Kumaris and its sister concern Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation and also invited him to Mt. Abu.

Sr Bela, Sr Madhuri and Br Abhishek ​were also present.


BK Parul


Honouring newly elected Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh - Dr. Dinesh Sharma

15 April 2017



Om Shanti,
Newly elected Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, was.welcomed and honoured by Sr Radha by presenting a bouquet. He was also introduced to various service activities of Brahma Kumaris and its sister concern Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation.

Sr Manju, Br Rajiv Raman and Br Ravindra Agarwal were also presented.



New Tourism Project in 2017 - 'Meri Desh Meri Shaan' by Shipping Aviation Tourism Wing at Diu, India

27 March 2017


Dear Divine Family,
Om Shanti!

To celebrate International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the Shipping Aviation Tourism Wing of Brahma Kumaris has taken up a new project called ‘Mera Desh Meri Shaan’ for the year 2017. The idea behind is to promote Mera Desh  (Bharat) through its deep rooted and intrinsic values so that we can take pride 'Meri Shaan' in our country.  It could be celebrated with special events and festivities.

In Diu, ‘Mera Desh Meri Shaan’ Tourism Festival was organised from 26th Jan - 29th Jan, 2017. This four day Festival had Tourism Parade with theme of Unity in Diversity on 26th Jan, different Empowerment session on 27th Jan, Indian Traditional Dress Competition on 28th Jan and Tourism Festival  finale function  on 29th Jan.2017 .

On 26th Jan,2017 - Tourism Parade was organised and near about 1000 school students , participants from different NGO's and Brahma Kumaris brother sisters participated in this event.

This was a Tourism Theme Parade which was divided in 8 levels -

Level 1 - Band Music

Level 2 -Students Dressed in Different State Traditional Dresses

Level 3 - Dressed as  Deities

Level 4 - Different Indian Hero's( Personalities)

Level 5 - School Students

Level 6 - Govt Administrative Officers, Tourism ministry, etc.

Level 7 - Brahma Kumaris Brothers & Sisters

Level 8 - Other Local people

All Administrative Heads walked along with the Tourism parade  including Shri P. S. Jani, Collector, Diu, Dr. Apurva Sharma, Deputy Collector, Diu, Shri Rakesh Kumar, Deputy Director Tourism, Diu, Shri Hitesh G. Solanki President, Municipal Council, Diu, Shri Haresh P Kapadiya, Vice President, Municipal Counil, Diu, Shri Mahendra , Tourism Officer,  School principals, and Sr Gita Diu Incharge, Sr Suman, Head Quater Co-ordinator, Shipping Aviation Tourism Wing.

Such a grand scale program was organised for the first time in Diu, which was appreciated by  media  and local people.

For any details for program kindly contact  national coordinating office or mail us  

In Baba's Yaad
Divine Sister
BK Meera
Vice Chairperson
Shipping Aviation Tourism Wing, (RERF)



Short Movie in Hindi on International Happiness Day

27 March 2017


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International Yoga Conference Concludes at Sirifort Auditorium, Delhi

26 March 2017



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Thoughts shape our lives, biggest international yoga meet told


New Delhi, March 18: Change in our way of thinking changes our health and relationships, and also contributes to world peace, well-known motivational speaker Sister ​Shivani told the capital’s biggest-ever international gathering of yoga practitioners today.

​Sister ​Shivani was speaking on ‘Raja Yoga for Holistic Health and Harmony’ during a two-day International Conference on ‘Yoga for Universal Peace and Holistic Wellbeing’, organised by the Brahma Kumaris, at Siri Fort auditorium.

She said we can change our thoughts to improve our households, workplace and society. For this, we first have to charge ourselves by connecting to God and receiving His love, which we can give to others.

The conference, in which a hundred meditation practitioners from 70 countries have come together to highlight the benefits of Raja Yoga, the form of meditation taught by the Brahma Kumaris, is being supported by the Ministry of AYUSH.

Speaking on man’s spiritual quest, Ken O’Donnell, a management consultant and author from Brazil, stressed the importance of remembering that we are souls, not bodies. “We are spiritual beings going through a human experience, not human beings seeking a spiritual experience”, he said.

Wellbeing comes not from controlling the breath, but from controlling our thoughts, not from adopting physical postures but by changing the posture of our minds, he said.

Charlie Hogg, a senior meditation practitioner from Australia, said Raja Yoga is “India’s most valuable gift to the world”, said. Other yoga experts from abroad, among them doctors, professors, business leaders, and voluntary workers, shared their insights and experiences of how spiritual practices that originated in India are shaping their lives.

Speaking during the inaugural session on Friday, Sister Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris-Europe, noted that many people around the globe have started believing that aggression is not normal and has a detrimental effect on one’s mind and physical health.

She said, “Yoga reminds us that peace is a very natural way of living.” Sister Jayanti also said that Raja Yoga allows individuals to come back to a very natural way of living —which is all about love, peace and truth.

Sister Mohini, Director, Brahma Kumaris-Americas, said that it’s through a connection with the Supreme Soul that we realise that it is not just me who is peaceful, but others too are peaceful, and Raja Yoga makes it possible to see others as peaceful. She stressed the need to link thoughts with breath to create a positive way of living.

Speakers from Chile, Denmark and Russia also spoke on how practice of meditation had made a difference to their lives. Yoga practitioners from Bahrain, Russia, Kenya, Bosnia and Argentina, among other countries, were later felicitated on stage.

The Guest of Honour, Mr Naresh Kumar, Chairman, New Delhi Municipal Corporation, shared his perspective on the power and need for yoga and meditation in the present day society.

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Sr Jayanti's News of the International Yoga Conference

26 March 2017


March 18: We had the first programme, the inaugural of the International Yoga Conference for Universal Peace & Holistic Well-being. It went off very well. Highlights were Sr Kim from Australia doing an amazing yoga dance. She is a professional gymnast and yoga teacher but also her stability of mind through Raja Yoga since many years must also have helped her do this amazing display.  She has a standing ovation yesterday and again today, this morning.
We had several VIPs come who then honoured the guests from abroad. There were around 70 raja yogis as far as I can guess, from many different countries. Probably about the same number of countries because it seems to be different representatives from different countries. Most of us were staying in ORC which is very beautiful. The hospitality, the love and the gift culture is quite incredible.
Yesterday evening, Sr Shivani and Br Anthony were the MCs.  Elizabeth from San Francisco sang 'Imagine' which was stunning, and I gave a talk. Sr Mohini was the chairperson and also gave a talk.
This morning we had another session and this was one in which Ashaben of ORC and Br Charlie were the MCs.  Kim did the yoga dance, Elizabeth sang another song with a beautiful message and of course fantastic voice. Myself as the chairperson, Sr Shivani as the speaker and Ken as the keynote speaker. It was all very beautiful.  
Saturday evening is the third and final session in which Br Brij Mohan is the chairperson. There have also been what they call the 'talk shows', the panel which Caroline has hosted very beautifully.
The audiences haven’t been packed out because it has been very selective audience. Yesterday it may have been just around just under 2,000 and today it was definitely over 2,000.
Friday was a working day and 3,000 had booked in but not all turned up. Traffic in Delhi is horrendous. That may have been a factor also.
They have had 240,000 hits on a live Facebook interview with Sr Shivani last night and the hits continue to come in. So quite apart from people in the audience, there is also a lot more thats happening.
I return to Madhuban Sunday 19th March.


March 19: The third session of the yoga conference in Delhi took place on Saturday evening.  It was again a very powerful session with vr Brij Mohan, Sr Chakradhari, Sr Mohini and a representative from the Municipal Council.  

The Council honoured the RCs and also several people on the stage with shawls and a plaque.  All the meals had been served at Siri Fort and everything has been beautifully arranged with tables and chairs set out in the garden in the classroom and sitting room for all the Brahmin family who had come for the conference.  

There is a team that has been created in Delhi that looks after the cooking and catering whenever there are any major events anywhere in Delhi and so this team has taken this responsibility and of course Siri Fort also gave all their hands and support and made full arrangements.  

On Sunday morning we had class in Siri Fort and then came straight to the airport.  I had class in the evening in Shantivan and then had meditation in the car for World Meditation Hour coming up the mountain.



Two Days International Yoga Meet in Delhi Begins

23 March 2017




New Delhi, March 17: The capital’s biggest international gathering of yoga practitioners saw people from 70 countries come together to highlight the benefits of Rajyoga meditation, which they called “India’s most valuable gift to the world”.

The yoga experts from abroad, among them doctors, professors, business leaders, and voluntary workers, shared their insights and experiences of how spiritual practices that originated in India are shaping their lives.

They were speaking on the theme, ‘Call of Time for World Peace’, during a two-day International Conference on Yoga for Universal Peace and Holistic Wellbeing, organised by the Brahma Kumaris, at Siri Fort auditorium.


                                                                                           Kim Wainer, a yoga instructor from Australia, performing a yoga dance


"Yoga as a Healthy Way of Life" - Speaking Tree editorial by Br Brij Mohan Ji

23 March 2017


Yoga As A Healthy Way Of Life


Time of India - The Speaking Tree - ​Editorial by BK Brij Mohan​

​​Editorial by BK Brij Mohan

The most popular concepts about yoga are – asanas, physical stretches, breathing exercises and techniques to relax and focus the mind. There are many kinds of yoga – Hatha Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga (of Patanjali), Kundalini Yoga, Sankhya Yoga, Tattwa Yoga and many others.

Today yoga is practised mostly to attain physical fitness, stamina and weight-loss. But yoga as a holistic practice was seen as a tool to facilitate inner peace, Self-realisation and mental purification. Yoga isn't just exercise, it's a state of mind. All over the world, those who consider yoga to be a set of bodily and breathing exercises aiming at body-mind well-being are more than the number of people who consider yoga to be a spiritual journey.

The health benefits of yoga are manifold. However, all these systems of yoga mentioned above involve physical stretches, postures, bending and flexing of the body which cannot be practised regularly by old, unwell, and those with physical challenges. To be of benefit, it requires plenty of time and motivation to practise regularly.

The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘yuj’ means to connect.

Yoga is a communion of the human soul with the Supreme Soul. Such a spiritual union empowers a human to overcome lust, anger and ego and live a virtuous life with spiritual awareness and compassion.
In the present age of Kali Yuga, most people are leading a bhogi life. A bhogi chases happiness in possessions, roles, status and all outer achievements that gratify his sense of ‘i’ and mine. He engages himself endlessly in competing for space, position and material resources. His actions gradually entangle him in a web of greed, ego and attachment. A bhogi ultimately becomes a rogi – physically, mentally, morally and spiritually unhealthy.

Health is not just absence of disease but is a state of wellness in which a person enjoys physical, mental, social and spiritual health. Most diseases today are psychosomatic, caused by negative emotions. The negative ‘sanskars’ of the soul adversely influences the individual’s attitude, outlook, dietary habits, relationships and behaviour. As a consequence, norms of physical and mental health are violated.  When the body’s tolerance limit is crossed by repeated violations, disease sets in.

Yoga is a way of life. It involves satvik diet, positive thinking, spiritual study, healthy relationships, silent meditation and selfless service. A yogic lifestyle does not mean renunciation or shedding family responsibilities. A yogi maintains his mental equilibrium even in adverse situations. He is naturally free from addictions and unhealthy habits. A yogi celebrates the spirit of love through a very deep and authentic spiritual connection with each other.

The basis of Raja Yoga is soul-consciousness which means considering one’s true Self as immortal soul having eternal relationship with the Supreme Soul and the disciplines of a yogic lifestyle, are clearly described in the Gita. The Gita describes the essence of Raja Yoga as mental communion with God: man-mana bhava; sarva-dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja.

Raja Yoga is easy to practice. Everyone in a family including elders and children can practise this.The aim of this union with the Supreme is to become like Him in His qualities. As souls, we have similar attributes as God. As God’s children, we human souls are innately good and pure; peace, truth, love, and bliss are our innate nature.

Click here to see the attached Times of India Newspaper.



Sr Chakradhari receives "International Women of Courage Award" on International Women's Day in Delhi

22 March 2017



On the occasion of  “INTERNATIONAL WOMEN DAY”,  Human Rights Council in association with K. R. Mangalam University,  Gurgaon, Delhi NCR  awarded '7th International Women of Courage Award 2017' to Rajyogini Chakradhari Didi, Chairperson of Women's Wing of Brahma Kumaris. Padamshri Shri D R Karthikeyan, Vice Chancellor of  K. R. Mangalam University, Prof. R .K. Mittal and Human Rights Council Chairman, Dr. Raju Anthony, presented  Awards and Shawls to Sr. Chakradhari.

Dr. Sr. Binny, PRO, Global Hospital  nominated as Honoray Director General, International Peace Initiatives for Human Rights Council Global Board of Executives  at  K. R. Mangalam University Delhi. Sr. Chakradhari and Dr. Sr. Binny during her address to a gathering of eminent personalities  &  students emphasized the important role of women for transformation of society.

Mr. D R Karthikeyan, during his address said that the Brahma Kumaris is the only leading Women organization in the World headed by women. The women here are empowered with respect and dignity. Awards were also presented to other leading women, Ms Sumana Mukherjee, Ms Manvi Arora and Ms Monica Sharma, for their excellent contributions to society.           






Umesh Shukla, Film Director Inaugurates Shivratri ​Spiritual Fair in Borivali-W, Mumbai

21 March 2017



Dear Divine Family,

Greetings of Peace!

This year, Borivali (W) organised a Shivratri ​​spiritual fair from February 22nd to 25th 2017. More than ​8000​ people visited the fair which was organised at the Veer Savarkar Gardens in Borivali. Visitors​ ​spent time viewing the 12 Jyotilingams​ and​​ were given a short spiritual discourse on  'Stress​ Management​'​ ​, followed by an opportunity to have a personal conversation with a ​Rajyogi on any concern/ challenge in their lives​.

​The fair was followed by a 14 day Rajyoga Meditation Course which was attended by 780 people in three different batches.​​

In Service of Humanity,
BK Bindu
Brahma Kumaris Rajayoga Centre
Borivali (West), Mumbai​






Shiv Jayanti Celebrations at Sonipat Retreat Centre (SRC)

18 March 2017



Dear and Respected Sisters and Brothers,
Om Shanti and Godly Greetings,

Shiva Jayanti was celebrated  at Sonipat Retreat Center on Sunday March 5th, 2017. Besides a number of  senior sisters and brothers of Punjab Zone,  Respected Usha Behn (SML) from Shantivan,  Mr Rajiv Jain, Vice President of Bhartiya Janta Party, Haryana, Justice AN Jindal, Chairman Vat Tribunal, Punjab and Sister Suman Manjri, IG Police, Haryana were also present and gave greetings on this most auspicious occasion.

BK Amir Chand






Holi Greetings by Brother Brij Mohan Ji

13 March 2017




In Photos: Women's Achievers Award 2017 to ​Rajyogini Rajni Didi of Nagpur

13 March 2017






Sis Meenakshi, Jalgaon subzone incharge, conferred the 'Bahinabai Sri Shakti Award'

13 March 2017


Om Shanti

​​JALGAON: Sis Meenakshi, Jalgaon subzone incharge, was conferred 'Bahinabai SriShakti Award' by​ Bharari Foundation,
through Ketaki Mategaonkar, famous playback singer and actress during a grand ceremony held here. Other sisters are also seen on the stage.

In the service of humanity
BK Meenakshi Bahen
​​Jalgaon Sub-Zone


Sis Sunita received 'Jivan Gaurav' Award on ​International Women's Day

13 March 2017



Om Shanti.

Sangli(MH): Sister Sunita has received an award 'Jivan Gaurav' from collector of ​Sangli District Mr. Shekhar Gaikwad for contribution in upliftment and empowering the community on ​​Internarional Women's Day 08/03/2017.

BK Nivedita
For BK Sunita.


In Photos: International Women's Day Programme in Rajnandgaon, CG

13 March 2017



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Maha Shivratri Celebration  “एक शाम शिव पिता के नाम" in GB Road, Mumbai

13 March 2017



Greetings of Peace and Love from GB Road family, Mulund subzone.
As a part of the Mahashivratri Day Celebration, Brahma Kumaris, GB Road, Thane organized a program with theme “एक शाम शिव पिता के नाम”. This program was mainly meant to bring representatives of different religions under one roof and give them Godly Message.
The Religious Dignitaries on the Dias were:
Resp. Bante Lamaji                                     - Buddhist Monk
Resp. Acharya Somveerji                            - Arya Samaj
Resp. Bibi Davinderjeet Kaur                      - Gurunanak Darbar
Resp. Dinesh Bhai Chowdhary                    - Aai Mata Mandir
Resp. Narendra Bhai Jain                            - Jain Samaj
The program started with Shivmai Sangeet Sandhya, followed by brief introduction to the oganisation by Br Jagdish.
Sis Harsha welcomed all the guests on the Dias.
The keynote speaker Sis Sarla shared importance of Mahashivratri.
Each representative of different religions spoke briefly on how God is addressed in their respective religions and the importance of having unity among various religions.
This was followed by Candle Lighting Ceremony and Yog Experience.
Rajyogini Godavari Didiji blessed this auspicious occasion with her address and inspired everyone present to take collective Oath.
The program successfully concluded with everyone waving Godly flag and dancing to the tune of the song “मेरा बाबा आ गया”.
Lastly Br Anil Bhai presented Vote of Thanks.

In Baba's yaad.
BK Harsha
Thane GB Road




Shiv Jayanti Celebrations at Sector - 33, Chandigarh

12 March 2017



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In Photos: International Women's Day Celebration in Kankaria, Ahmedabad

12 March 2017



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Women's Day Celebrations at Basavanagudi, Bengaluru

12 March 2017



Respected Dear Divine family,
Om Shanti and greetings from Bangalore divine family.
On Wednesday, 8th March, a programme on 'Women in the Changing World ofWwork' celebrating the extraordinary role women play in their communities and workplace in this changing world, was organized by Brahma Kumaris, Basavanagudi.

The ​dais was shared by eminent women achievers like Chandra Reddy, President Lions club,​ ​Dancer & Founder of ​D​ance ​S​chool Bharathaanunaada, Dr.​ ​Bela, Scientist & Professor Zoology Bengaluru University, Smt. Sunanda, Rtd Dy Commissioner, Commercial Taxes, Sis Ambika subzone incharge V V Puram, Dr.​ ​Usha, Associate Director of a pharmaceutical company, Smt. Rashmi, Metro Rail Operator, Smt. Kanchana Sindhi, College Principal, Smt.​ ​Ramamani, CAO & Financial Advisor, BMTC, each sharing their experience at work place. The programme ended with meditation.

Thanking you
With Regards
B K Ambika
Bangalore, V V Puram





Sis Shobha of Goa receives ‘SAMAJ GOURAV SAMMAN PURASKAR – 2017’

12 March 2017



Panaji, Goa, 26th February, 2017

Sis Shobha received the prestigious ‘SAMAJ GOURAV SAMMAN PURASKAR – 2017’ from Mr. Milind Dahiwale, Chairman, Central Human Rights Organisation, New Delhi, at a grand felicitation function held at Babasaheb Ambedkar Hall in the port city of Vasco-da-Gama in Goa, yesterday.

Sis Shobha was bestowed with the honour for the tireless service she has rendered to the society in the field of spirituality and human values, for nearly four decades.

She is the incharge of the Goa unit of Brahma Kumaris, and also co-ordinates the activities of the organisation in the neighbouring Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra.



Program on the occassion of International Women's Day in Borivali, Mumbai

12 March 2017



Kindly accept the greetings of love and peace .

International Women's Day program was organized at Prabhu Upvan, Borivali East on 7th March, 2017 on occassion of International Women's Day. It was titled " NAARI-SANSKRUTI KI SANRAKSHAK" .
Main Guests were-- Amita Nangia, TV and Film Artist​,  Aishwariya Pandit, Singer, India's GOT Talent​, Mrs. Sant, Principal of Gokhale College, Borivali.

Approx 300 participants attended the program.

The main topic was addressed by Sis Sangeeta , two songs were sung by Aishwariya Pandit.
Sis Divyaprabha also talked on the theme of the program. Young kids were made dressed showing women's entry in different proffessions.
Program was coordinated by Sis Heatal.

Sis Divyaprabha
Brahma kumaris
Borivali, Mumbai





'Women Achievers Award' to Godavari Didi Ji of Mulund, Mumbai

12 March 2017


Om Shanti

​​Powai Mumbai​, ​​7th Mar: Godavari Didi, Mulund Sub Zone Incharge, has been conferred 'Women Achievers Award' by​ Sangeetha Sood, Psychotherapist, Counsellor and a ​M​ember of Young Environmentalist Program Trust during a grand ceremony held here.  Sis Lajwanti, Sis Jankiben - Powai incharge & others are seen on the stage.

On GODLY Service,
BK Godavari didi
​​Mulund Sub Zone Incharge , Mumbai




In Videos: International Women's Day Special Video

12 March 2017


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Inaugural session of 10 days Compulsory Contact Programme held at Bhilai, CG

12 March 2017



Vice Chancellor Dr. Mansingh Parmar said, “Our unity lies in our values.”

Ashitosh Chavre said, “Saying and doing should be same in the field of education.”

Brahma Kumari Asha said, “Inculcation of values in life is possible only through spirituality.”

Bhilai, 19th Feb, 2017: “We should express our thoughts on the evils prevalent in our society. Saying and doing should be same in the field of education. We should have the feelings of love for all beings of the world.” Ashutosh Chavre, the District Education Officer (DEO)  expressed this while speaking at the inauguration of 10 days Compulsory Contact Programme (CCP) conducted at Sector 7, Brahma Kumaris, Bhilai. He also added further, “Man is rational and contemplative being among other beings. The evil tendencies are rapidly increasing in the society and value education is very much needed to eradicate those.

The programme was inaugurated by the guests with lighting the candles.

Dr. Mansingh Parmar, Vice Chancellor, Shree Kushabhau Thakre Patrakarita evam Jansanchar University, as the Chief Guest of the programme, said in his address, “There are so many languages from Kasmir to Kanyamuari, but our unity lies in our values. It is in India the first universities like Takshashilla and Nalanda were established. India is the land of values and these are evident through examples of the characters of Rama and Ravan.  Ravan was wise but there were values in Rama who came to be regarded as Maryda Purushottam. Today, we are not able to become good human beings. The values like patience and tolerance should be enhanced through education. Spirituality is taking all religions with it. The need of value education is meant for every wing. The descriptions of Sanjeevani Buti, Pushpak Viman and joining of head of Ganesh by Shankar are found in scriptures, which the world has acknowledged. Thus, it is proved that these are not imaginary. By coming in contact with good people, you will also become good. 

The centre-in-charge of Bhilai Brahma Kumaris service centre, expressing her words of blessings, said “There are colour, form and fragrance in the flowers. The fragrance is the value of life which bewitches all by spreading fragrance in society. Inculcation of values in life through study of value education is possible only through spirituality.

Br Basant, the programme co-ordinator, said while throwing light on the contribution of Brahma Kumaris in the value education course, “The role and contribution of of Brahma Kumaris are recognized by UNO and Government of India. All present in the programme get admitted in the course in order to bring change in the self and inculcate values in life, so that it will become an example for the forthcoming generation. The teachers, who have already completed this course, while sharing their experience said that they are devoting the  last 10 minutes of every 45-minute period in imparting value education, which is very beneficial.  Dr. Suchitra conducted the stage programme very successfully and Dr. Asha offered the vote of thanks.


Warm Regards,

BK Mruthyunjaya
Education Wing, Mount Abu (Raj.)





Meeting with Hon. President and Energy Minister of India

11 March 2017


Sis Asha Didi, Sis Pushpa Didi and others met H.E. Pranab Mukherjee, Hon. President of India in President House and invited him to Mt. Abu and also i Delhi programme.  Asha didi explained to him about the services going on. She invited him to Madhuban on behalf of Dadi Janki and gave Prasad (Toli) on behalf of her.


Sis Jaisimha from Solar Dept. Mt. Abu, Br Raghu, Br Savitha and Sis Fatima met Shri Piyush Goyal, Hon. Minister of State for New & Renewable energy, Mines, Power and Coal, Govt. of India and explained him about our Solar project and invited him to Madhuban. 



​Shiv Jayanti Programme titled "God's Wisdom for World Transformation" in Lucknow, Sis Jayanti from London participates

11 March 2017



Divine Family
Please accept sweet Godly remembrance from Sis Radha, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.
On the occasion of 81st ​​Shiv Jayanti, a public programme was organized titled "God's Wisdom for World Transformation" (विश्व परिवर्तन के लिए ईश्वरीय ज्ञान) on Sunday,  26th February, 2017 at City Montessori School, Gomti Nagar Extension, Lucknow (a school which is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest number of pupils viz. 52,000 +  ). Approximately 3500 audience had gathered in Auditorium. The Keynote Speaker for the Seva was Respected Rajyogini Jayanti Didi, London & the cultural programme was performed by Ms.Gracy Singh & Troupe of Mumbai. Various Dharma-Gurus and Senior Judge of High Court, Lucknow also participated in the programme.
Stage Guest includes Sis Manorama Didi, Sis Manju Didi, BK Radha Didi, Dr. Gerald John Mathias – Bishop of Lucknow, Br Mohan Singhal, Justice Shabihul Hasnain, High Court, Br R.K. Mittal, Founder, Kabir Peace Mission, Nawab Jaffar Mir Abdullah, Br Rajendra Bagga, President, Gurudwara Lucknow Prabandhak Committee, Sis Preeti, London and Sis Indira.

Sis Radha
Brahma Kumaris, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow​, UP, India​








In Photos: International Women's Day Seminar on "Be Bold for Change" in Delhi-ORC

11 March 2017



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World's Largest Book - World Record by Brahma Kumaris

11 March 2017






In Photos: Opposition Leader of CG Assembly addresses Sarv Dhamma Sammelan during Shivjayanti celebration in Ambikapur

11 March 2017



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21 Feet Shiva Ling made of 11,111 Coconuts in Latur (Mah.) - Brahma Kumaris World Record

27 February 2017



On the occasion of Shiv Jayanti celebrations, Brahma Kumaris in Latur made a 21 feet high Shiva Ling (Symbol of God Shiva) using 11,111 coconuts.

This Shiva ling has been entered in the Wonder Book of Records International, London. The certificate is issued to Sis. Vijaya, Sis. Nanda and Br. Dr. Harke by Dr. Swarnshri Gurram.

Click here to watch the news video.




12 feet Shivling of Puffed Rice in Ahmedabad

27 February 2017



Om Shanti !!

​Please receiv​e​ greetings from Sis. Manjuben (Ramnagar Centre, Ahmedabad).
​On the occasion of Shivratri 2017​,  we made 12 ​feet Shivling of ​puffed rice (Murmura​-​ मुरमुरा​)​.
Also we prepared automated machine for Abhishek of Lord ​Shiv​a with milk.
Materials Used For Making Shivling :- 50 KG Puffed Rice (Murmura), Structure of ​Shivling, Cloth, Cartoon Box paper, Pins, Taps, Glue Sticks etc…

Guest List for In​aug​u​ration of ​Shivling :- 1) Ranjit Barad (AMC Corporator) 2) Geetaben(L​awyer) 3) Sureshbhai Patel (Builder)  4) Munshukhbhai (Darshna Studio)       

Address :- Panchvati Ground, Near Amarnath Mandir, Virat Nagar, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 382350

BK Teachers :- BK Manjuben, BK Krupaben, BK Kajalben


On Godly Service
BK Manjuben
Ramnnagar Centre (Incharge)
Maninagar Subzone,
Gujarat - 382350





Br. Brijmohan Bhai's article on Shivratri in Speaking Tree of ​The Times of India

27 February 2017


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In photos: 21 Feet Shivling made by Berries at Bahadurgarh

27 February 2017



21 feet Shivling (Berkateshwar) made by berries (ber) at Brahmakumaris, Sector-2, 1945, Bahadurgarh. Nearly 1200 Kg of ber are used to made this Shivling. This Shivling has been nominated in Wonder Book of Record International, London.







Sis Shivani addresses security services wing programme in ORC, Delhi

26 February 2017



Dear Divine Souls,

Please accept greetings of peace.

Security services wing programme was organised in ORC by headquarters, Mount Abu & national coordinating office Harinagar, New Delhi.
Following esteemed guests participated in this programme -

Air CMDE Tushar G Desai, Air Force, IGP S. S. Chahar, BSF, ADGP Shri Alok Kumar Pateria, IPS, MP Police, Rajyogini Sis. Asha, Director  ORC, Rajyogini Sis. Shukla, National Coordinator SSW, Sis. Shivani, Br. Ashok Gaba, Chairperson SSW & CDR Shiv Singh,  V Admiral S. N. Ghormade, Navy, DG CISF O. P. Mishra, IPS with his wife, DG Coast Guard Rajinder Singh, IPS with his wife.


In Divine Godly Service

Brahma Kumari Shukla
Director, ORC, Harinagar and All connected Rajyoga Centers of Hari Nagar
National Coordinator, Security Services Wing
R-4, Hari Nagar, Opp. Pratap Nagar Market,
New Delhi - 110064






Celebration of UN's International Tolerance Day at Santacruz West, Mumbai

26 February 2017



In an exclusive  event to celebrate the United Nations International Tolerance Day, Brahma Kumaris along with The Shahani Group under the aegis of Global Dialogue Foundation organised a program on November 16th, 2016  in the beautiful, serene and spiritual environment at Brahma Kumaris Muktanand Peace Park, Santacruz West in the presence of eminent personalities from business, social, spiritual & government spheres.  The Chief Guest of the program was Dr. D R ​Kaarthikeyan, Director Human Rights Commission and Ex. Director CBI, The Guest of Honor was Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala, Trustee  & CEO Wockhardt Foundation. The Special Guest was Omar Qureshi, Media Personality.

A panel discussion on the "Gems of all Faiths" was held which included the following Panelists, Rajyogini Sis. Meera (​Dir. Santacruz sub zone, Brahmakumaris), Smita Jaykar (actor), Shakun Narain​ Kimatrai​ (Spiritual ​A​uthor) , Uzma Naheed (​M​ember All India Muslim Personal Law Board) , Ms. Maya Shahani, Chairperson, The Shahani Group, Mr. Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, The Shahani Group.  Prof Elizabeth Biju Joseph, Scholar.

The Program was anchored by Mr. Ram Maheshwari, Director, Corporate, Shahani Group.

Meera Didi, Santacruz Subzone Incharge gave the Welcome address and conducted  Rajyoga Meditation.  

All  the eminent speakers shared their views  on the power of Tolerance and emphasised on the importance of Acceptance of all Faiths  in order to establish a peaceful and harmonious World.

Sis. Rekha explained how Ssirituality can bring about Unity in World  and that considering ourselves as spiritual beings with Innate qualities  of peace, love, happiness can bring about unity in diversity.

The program was attended by important dignitaries.  All the guests were given prasad & godly gifts.

In Baba's Yaad
Brahma Kumari Meera
Santacruz Subzone Incharge




In photos: Justice P C Ghosh of Supreme Court addresses Jurist get-together at Pandav Bhawan, Delhi

26 February 2017





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Bollywood actress Amrita Rao visits Bhuj centre

26 February 2017



Famous bollywood actress Amrita Rao visited Brahma Kumaris centre in Bhuj in Gujarat. She took Brahma-bhojan at the centre. She was explained Godly knowledge and Rajyoga Meditation. She herself practiced meditation with commentary in meditation room. She also specially requested with aspiration to take drishti from senior sister.
During her visit, she expressed keen inclination towards Brahma Kumaris World Family. She also shared memories of her childhood when she had come to Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mt. Abu with her mother to attend some programme.
She had come to Kutch for inauguration functions of cricket ground, eye hospital, real estate scheme and others.  

In Godly service

BK Rakshaben




Dr. Binny received 'Mahakaruna Award' on ​International Compassion Day

26 February 2017



International Compassion Day Celebrations- Compassion in Action

Sis. Dr. Binny addressed​​ International Compassion Day Celebrations [Mahakaruna Divas] organized by Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre Le-Ladhak at Delhi and Ahmadabad. She was also honoured with MAHAKARUNA AWARD (Compassion Award) by Leh Mahabodhi president in recognition of her outstanding contribution in revival of compassion.

This day was celebrated in Delhi, Ahmadabad, Mumbai and many other big cities to share the Buddha's noble principle of compassion activity dedicated to Non-Violence and World Peace. Sis. Dr. Binny shared the Brahma Kumaries teachings of compassion in thoughts, words and actions through meditation. On this day in Delhi, Governer. of Bihar, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, Minister of Women and Child Development, Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Dr. Karan Singh, Mahabodhi Meditation Center founder Bikkhu Sanghasena, Guru Ma, Swami Chidananda ji, Swami Lokesh Muni ji and many prominent spiritual and social leaders were present. On Compassion Day Celebrations in Mubai, Kalina center incharge Sis. Neena along with Sis. Gay​a​tri represented Brahma Kumaris.

Dr.Binny Sareen
​Regional Director for Global Peace Initiative[USA] ​
​PRO, ​Global Hospital & Research Centre,
Mount Abu (Raj.)






International Conference on 'Yoga for Universal Peace and Holistic Wellbeing' in Delhi

25 February 2017


Happy News.


An international Rajyoga conference with predominantly DF participation is slated to be held on 17th & 18th March, 2017 in Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.


Please spare some time to invite suitable dignitaries from your area. Details for registration are given in the invite shared here or visit


With divine love,

BK Brij Mohan

Addl. Secretary-General Brahma Kumaris



































































Dadi Janki Ji laid the foundation stone of ​Happy Village Retreat Centre in Rajkot

21 February 2017



Rajkot had very good opportunity to have Dadi Jankiji's presence in "Triveni Utsav'  Program" held at Happy village Retreat Centre, Kasturbadham. The program was of grand success with the presence of Gujarat Zone incharge Sarla Didiji, Amarben, Nehaben, Dr. Mukeshbhai, Br. Ashok Gaba(Gyan Sarovar), Br. Bharat Bhushan (Panipat), Kusumben (Leicester), Geetaben (Anand) and Madhuban Niwasi Brothers.

Highlights of Triveni Utsav were -
​​Happy village Retreat Centre - Stone ceremony
16 Kumaris Prabhu Samarpan Samaroh
101 yrs -Birthday Celebration Dadi Jankiji



Dadi Janki Ji inaugurated "Divine Retreat Centre" ​at Kherava, Mehsana

21 February 2017



Dadi Janki Ji inaugurated "Brahma Kumaris Divine Retreat Centre" ​​at Kherava, Mehsana, Gujarat on Feb 5th, 2017.

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Sis Shivani addressed the Medical Conference on 'Caring is Healing' in Bengaluru

21 February 2017



Medical Conference on 'Caring is Healing' was organized in Bengaluru, Karnataka on Feb 2nd, 2017.

The conference was addressed by Sis Shivani, Sis Sarla Didiji, Bro. Banarsi Lal Shah, Executive Secretary of BKs Medical Wing, Bro. Sharan Prakash Patil, Minister of Education, Govt. of Karnataka, Dr. Sachidanand, Director Medical Education, Govt. of Karnataka, Dr. Veeranna, Secretary, IMA Bengaluru.






Our Late Br. Ramesh Bhai Ji's Prayer Meeting in Mumbai

16 February 2017



Prayer meeting for Bapdada’s beloved jewel Ramesh Bhai ji was organised at Yogi sabhagraha Hall (which has the capacity of 3000) at Dadar in Mumbai on Feb 7th from 9:30-11:30 am. Divine family from all over the world had come to pay their loving tributes to this torch bearer of spiritual enlightenment.

Sis Godavari became instrument for offering Bhog to Bapdada. She conveyed that Ramesh Bhai ji was merged in Bapdada’s lap and the  advance party souls welcomed him. She also added that Ramesh bhai ji would continue to play an advanced role in the avayakt form.

Br Vivek co-ordianted the stage beautifully. Br Satish sang a soulful song as a tribute to Bhai ji.

Sis Santosh Didi ji, Sis Kuldeep Didi ji, Sis Yogini Didi ji, Sis Nalini Didi Ji, Sis Meera Didi Ji, Br Karuna Bhai Ji, Br Harilal Bhai Ji, Br Ratan Dada(London) emphasised the role Ramesh Bhai Ji played in their lives and how it shaped the progress of the yagya.  

Famous diamond merchant and film producer Br Bharat Shah also payed his soulful tribute to Bhai ji and added that this was a big loss for the organisation .

Sis Niha Behan, Gamdevi described how detached and angelic Bhai ji had been in the last few weeks of his mortal journey and he would continue to be a beacon of guidance in the avayakt form now.

Brother Lalit Soda and his daughter Chola Soda sang Ramesh’s Bhai ji favourite songs. The packed hall resonated with the love,respect and reverence brahmins have for Ramesh Bhai ji.






In Photos: Bro. Brijmohan Ji met Governor of Odisha, His Excellency A. C. Jamir

11 February 2017


Group photo after discussing about the essence of Bhagvad Gita between respected senior Rajyogi Bro. Brijmohan Ji, ​ Addl. Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris​, ​​Bro. A.C. Jamir , His Excellency Governer of Odisha, Dr. Puspa Pandey​, eminent Gynaecologist & Gita Scholar​, Jabalpur​​ & Sis. Geeta​, Rajyoga Teacher, Bhubaneswar.​





National Convention on Bhagvad Gita & Media Dialogue in Jagannath Puri

11 February 2017



A National Convention on “Satyamev Jayate  Ahimsa Parmodharm and Shrimad Bhagawad Gita” was organized and hosted by Jagannath Puri Sub-Zone of Brahmakumaris at its Godly Rajyoga Retreat Centre (GRC), Puri Sea Beach on February 5-6' 2017.

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'Good-bye Diabetes' Program by ​Dr.​ ​Shrimant Sahoo in Chennai

10 February 2017



Rajayoga Education & Research Foundation organized an awareness program on ‘Good-Bye Diabetes’ on Feb 04' 2017 at Kuchalambal Kalyana Mahal, Chetpet, Chennai.  More than 500 participants attended the program.

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In Photos: Governor of Jharkhand HE Mrs. Draupadi Murmu inaugurated Raj Yoga Bhawan and Peace Hall in Bokaro

10 February 2017




Mr Rai Mahimapat Ray, DC, Bokaro, Mr,Y.S.Ramesh, SP, Bokaro, Bro. Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary, Brahma Kumaris, Sis Shielu, Senior Faculty of Brahma Kumaris, Sis. Rani, Subzone Incharge, Muzaffarpur, Sis Kusum, Centre In-charge, Bokaro and  Bro. Shailesh participated in the programme.



Conference of Administrators, Executives & Managers at Puri Retreat Centre

5 February 2017



Conference of Administrators, Executives & Managers on the theme "Empowering Administrators for Good Governance" on the occasion of All India Administrators Wing Annual Meeting & Retreat held at Godly Rajyoga Retreat Centre in Puri, Odisha on Jan 29th, 2017.

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Ascension Anniversary of Prajapita Brahma at Talkatora Stadium (Evening Session)

4 February 2017



Brahma Kumaris organised a spiritual event of ‘Spiritual Brotherhood Day’ on the occasion of ascension anniversary of Brahma Kumaris’ corporeal founder Pitashri Brahma, at Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi on Sunday, 15 January 2017. The event was attended by eminent social activist Swami Agnivesh, former CBI Director Mr D R Karthikeyan and Judah Hyam Synagogue’s Head Priest Mr E I Malekar.

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In Photos: Shri L K Advani speaking at the 48th ascension anniversary of Pitashri Brahma in Delhi

3 February 2017


In his brief address, Shri Advani praised the organisation for according importance to women and placing them in higher positions in its hierarchy while adding that he wants RSS to “learn from them”. 






Dr. Binny participated in Guru Govind Singh birth anniversary in Patna & met H.H Dalai Lama in Bodh Gaya

2 February 2017



Dr. Binny ​represented Brahma Kumaris at 350th Birth Anniversary of ​10th Sikh Guru, ​Sri Guru Gobind Singh​, ​Takhat Sri Harmandar Sahib ji ​at Patna & meeting Dalai Lama at Bodh Gaya Celebrations.

It was first time in Sikh History that more than 5 ​​Lakh​s of gathering was present at the celebrations which included people from India and 50 nations worldwide. 

P​rime Minister of India ​​Mr Narender Modi ji addressed the large gathering on 5th Jan and honored the sacrifice and role of Sikh Gurus in Indian History. Global Inter-Faith Wash Alliance Summit (Sankalp) was organized in presence of Chief Guest H.E. Gov​ernor of Bihar, Shri Ramnath Kovind, Minister for Urban Development and Minister for Public Health Govt.of Bihar, Chief Jathedar of Akal Takhat, Sant Giani Gurubachan Singh Ji, Chief Jathedar of Patna Sahib, Swami Chidanand Saraswati ji, Founder Global Interfaith Wash Alliance, Dr. Lokesh Muni ji, Sadhvi Bhagawati Ji, Dr. Binny and many international Sikh and Spiritual leaders. 

Dr. Binny was also invited at Kalachkara International Festival of Bodh Gaya and had special meeting with H.H. Dalai Lama. Dr. Binny shared greetings of Dadi Janki ji and invited him for the 80years celebrations of Brahma Kumaris at Mount Abu.​​​ She was also invited and felicitated by Momento and Shawl with other spiritual leaders by H.H. Dalai Lama ji, H.E. Gov. of Bihar, C​hief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar ji, Former CM Bihar, Shri Lalu Prashad Yadavji. Dr. Binny shared with them spiritual message and invited them to Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu​.​





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Dhyana Mahotsavam( Meditation Festival) at Palakkad, Kerala

31 January 2017




For the 20th anniversary celebrations of Brahma Kumaris Meditation center at Palakkad, Kerala,  Dhyana Mahotsavam was organized, 4 days festival of meditation from Jan 13th to 15th Jan 2017

Rajayogini BK Usha Didiji from Mount Abu had graced the festival and various programs were organized in Palakkad district during this. 15th Jan evening was the mega finale at Vadakkanthara Temple ground.

The guests who attended the festival are -

Usha Didiji, Mount Abu
Sister Beena, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Puduchery, South Kerala zonal co-ordinator
Kailash Didiji, Gujarat
Padmavibhushan Dr.G.Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman, ISRO
Padmashri Dr.P.R.Krishnakumr, Chancellor,  Avinashi lingam University for Women at Coimbatore, MD Arya Vaidya Pharmacy,
Mr. Shafi Parambi, MLA Palakkad
Ms. Prameela Sasidharan, Palakkad Muncipal Chairperson
Swami Chandradeepthan Gyana Tapaswi,  in charge, Shantigiri Ashram, Palakkad
Mr. Venu Nair, International Film Maker

Click here to view the pictures of the festival.

Click here to watch the videos of the festival.



"Joining Hands, Linking Minds" - Human Chain for Road Safety Awareness

31 January 2017



Glimpses of Human Chain for Road Safety Awareness - 22nd Jan 2017

‘Joining Hands, Linking Minds’ - A Vision for an Accident Free World!

A Human Chain for Road Safety Awareness was organized by Brahma Kumaris and Transport & Travel Wing (RERF) on Sunday 22nd January 2017. The campaign witnessed a partaking of more than 5000 participants including students from 30 schools, 21 colleges, members of approximately 20 NGOs, fire brigadiers and several members of the Brahma Kumaris organization, representing common masses. The event was inaugurated by well-known celebrities and TV artists - Anas Rashid, Ali Khan, Arun Kadam, Nikhil Rane (World famous Whistler), Abhijeet Rane (Social Worker), Ramchandra Dhavale (ACP).

Sis. Divya Prabha, Vice Chairperson of the  Transport  And Travel Wing (RERF) highlighted the importance of a deep connection between our Mental state with Road Accidents and how spirituality plays a key role in our psychological and intellectual well being.

The inaugural event was held at Prabhu Upvan, Borivali East; where the dignitaries were warmly welcomed. The program was also graced by Principals & Teachers of various schools and colleges and several other guests.  The inaugural function was commenced with a candle lighting ceremony followed by a flag hoisting at the Apex of the Human Chain.  Balloons were released in the air with road safety slogan danglers. The Human chain covered a stretch of over 5 kms from Shimpoli, Borivali upto Patkar College, Goregaon. It was indeed a remarkable sight to view enthusiastic participants in caps and sash, reciting the road safety slogans and reminding the society to obey traffic rules.


BK Divyaprabha,

Transport & Travel Wing, RERF,
Brahma Kumaris

Phone: +91 22 2870 4370






A Talk on 'Wisdom for Blissful life' by Bk Shivani at Dadar Mumbai

16 January 2017



Dear Divine Family,
Greetings of Peace from Gamdevi Centre Mumbai

We at Gamdevi subzone are filled with great pleasure to inform you that ​​a talk on 'Wisdom for Blissful life'  by Bk Shivani was held on 18th December, 2016 with outstanding success at Yogi Sabhagruh, Dadar, Mumbai .

The Sabhagruh was fully packed with more than 3000 new souls who have listened her with disciplined and stunning silence during the two hours of the talk. Divine presence was felt during the entire programme.

Many distinguished Guests like Mr. Champaklal Ganger (Gangar Eye Nation), Mr. Sanjay Bhatia (Chairman Mumbai Port Trust), Mr. Atul Patil (ACP Additional Commissioner of Police), Mr. S. K. Das (Principal Commissioner of Service Tax), Mr.K .C. Gupta (Principal Commissioner of Central Excise), Mr. Sanjay Sood (Joint Secretary - Atomic Energy & many other dignitaries  made the programme memorable.

Many people have registered themselves for the 3 days course to seek spiritual knowledge at various centers under Gamdevi sub zone.

In Kind Remembrance
BK Niha
Gamdevi Sub-Zone




In Photos: Yoga Bhatti by Sister Meera (Malaysia) at Visakapatnam (AP)

16 January 2017








​“Ambassador For Peace Award - 2016” to Dr. BK Binny

12 January 2017


Dr. Binny Sareen received International “Ambassador For Peace Award - 2016” for the Distinguished Services to the Humanity on the occasion of  International Human Rights Day ‘2016  and  International Human Rights Awards “6th Bhartiya Manava Adhikar Samman’2016)  for Peace, Harmony, Protecting and Promoting Human Rights, with “National Council Of News & Broadcasting (NCNB), Asian Human Rights Council (AHRC) , Amnesty Worldwide (AW) , Universal MissionfFor Peace And Harmony (UMPH) and International Institute of Human Rights Studies (IIHRS)”.
​​Awards were presented at India Islamic Centre Auditorium, New Delhi on 10TH DECEMBER’2016.
These awards were presented at ceremony taken place in Delhi in the presence of distinguished  guests from all the sectors i.e. Social Activists, Religious Leaders, Social N​​GO, Foreign Diplomats, United Nations, Ex Ministers , Ex MLA , IAS , IPS, Judiciary , Advocates ,Sports, Film Industry, RWA, Journalists, Bureaucrats, Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, and  Law Colleges, Universities, School etc. from all over the India and Globally.




Prabhu Upahar Retreat Centre (PURC) Inaugurated in Brahmapur (OD), followed by a Samarpan Samaroh

7 January 2017



Brahmapur (Odisha)​: On 21 December, the Prabhu Uphar Retreat Centre (PURC) Ramchandrapur, Brahmapur was inaugurated by Br Rajyogi Brijmohan, Additional Secretary General of the BrahmaKumaris and Rajyogini Asha Didi, Director of ORC, Gurgaon. In addition to this, Gyan Nidhi Bhawan (a residence for BK Sisters), Gyan Smurti Bhawan (for retreats), Gyan Sudha Bhawan (Dining Hall) and Gyan Sidhu Bhawan (including a Meditation Hall, Art Gallery, Dormitory, and Seminar Hall) were inaugurated.The Prabhu Uphar Auditorium has a capacity of 1500 persons and has light and sound facilities as well as facilities for translation into five different languages.

On this occasion, a conference on God’s Wisdom for World Transformation was also held featuring Chief Guest Br Pradeep Ku.Panigrahi, Minister of Higher Education, Science & Technology, Odisha and Honorable Guest Br Dr. Rajendra Pasad Dash, Vice Chancellor, Berhampur University. The Chief Guest said that in this Kaliyugi world, turmoil, depression, mental conflict, and evil sanskara have increased to the maximum extent. Only the power of the knowledge by revealed by Supreme Soul Shiva will solve all the above problems. The Vice CHancellor said the education taught in present-day universities is not enough to equip students to face and control day to day problems. Hence BK Universities can help in creating a better world through their spiritual teachings.

Keynote speaker Rajyogi Brij Mohan Bhai spoke about the truth of "Who Am I, where I have come from and the difference between I and mine". Rajyogini Bk Asha blessed the audience and told them to take the benefit of the spiritual teachings that will be taught at this reterat centre from time to time.

Also on this occasion a Samarpan Samaroh of 25 BK Sisters took place in which they took an oath, before God Shiva and in the presence of the audience, to enhance the service of world transformation.

Then a grand cultural event was arranged. In this function, eminent VIPs & In-charge BK sisters & brothers from all over the country   participated together with the 5000 BK students of Berhampur Sub-zone.

On 22nd December the inaugural ceremony of Shanti Jyoti Bhawan, Neelachal Nagar, Brahmapur, and a connected centre of Brahmapur Giri Road Sub Zone were inaugurated in the presence of Asha Didiji & Manju Behnji. Nearly 50 BK brothers and sisters were present.

Download service report of inaguration here.
Download peace news here.







Brij Mohanbhai Ji's Article on Environmental Crisis Publsihed in the Speaking Tree, Times of India

5 January 2017


Click on image to view in larger format.


New Year Greetings Presented to Hon'ble President of India

1 January 2017



Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti & Happy New Year,

Today morning Brahma Kumari Sisters met Mr Pranab Mukherjee, Hon'ble President of India to give New Year Greetings.

In Baba's Yaad
Brij Mohan Bhai


New Year Greetings From Lotus House, Ahmedabad

1 January 2017




Christmas celebration in Bangalore with Munni Didi of Madhuban

28 December 2016



Christmas was celebrated at Rajayoga Bhawan, Gottigere Bangalore.

Mu​n​ni Bhenji, Sister Ambika, brothers from Madhuban joined the celebrations filled with fun, music and dance ringing in the christmas and new year celebrations in advance.



​In photos and videos: Governor of Karnataka Inaugurates Education Conference at Bangalore

28 December 2016



Respected Dear Divine family, Om Shanti and greetings from Bangalore divine family.

On Tuesday 20th December, a Conference on Value Education and Spirituality for Social Justice was organized at Bangalore, Kuvempu Kalakshetra Auditorium.

The programme was inaugurated by Honourable Governor of Karnataka Shri Vajubhai Valaji. Minister for Higher Education Shri Basavaraj Rayareddi, Executive Director Higher Education Council Prof Kori, Assistant Commissioner of Revenue Shri Natesh, along with Mruthyunjay bhaiji, Pandiamani bhaiji, Shivika behn and Gautami behn from Nigeria joined the programme.

Please enjoy the related photos and videos.

Thanking you,
Warm Regards,
BK Mruthyunjaya
Vice-Chairperson, Education Wing (RERF)







Speech- BK Mruthyunjaya

National Anthem




Meeting with ​Bro Ram Naik, Hon'ble Governor of Uttar Pradesh

27 December 2016



​Divine Family,

In the photos, Mr. Ram Naikji, Hon'ble Governor Of Uttar Pradesh, is being invited to inaugurate Baba's New Bhawan and is being presented a frame of Laxmi Narain by Dulari Didiji Subzone Incharg​e​, Mr Balchandra Mishra, Ex Minister U.P.Govt​,​ Sister Shashi and Brother Mansingh​bhai. ​

​Kanpur-Barra2 ​Centre




Media Seminar at Vishakapatnam

15 December 2016



The Media Wing of Brahmakumaris organized a seminar on Media for Social Transformation at Jalaudyanavanam at Visakhapatnam on 14th Dec, 2016. A host of Media and PR related professionals actively participated in this seminar.

Chairman of Vizag Port Trust Sri M T Krishna Babu, Head of Journalism & Mass Communication, Andhra University, Sri Bobby Vardhan, Senior Journalist, Sri Yugandhar Reddy, Br. Sushant, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Delhi, Br. Shantanu, Headquarters Coordinator, Media Wing,  Mount Abu, Sister Sarala, Zonal Coordinator, Media Wing, Hyderabad spoke on the occasion.

Br. Sushant, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Delhi said Mass Media because of its global reach and access  has played, is playing and will continue to play a pivotal role in bringing  about visible changes in peoples’ lives and society. They can immensely contribute towards making society healthy, positive and progressive when media professionals themselves become empowered, healthy, positive and progressive through practice and promotion of spirituality and rajyoga meditation.

Sis. Sarala, Zonal Coordinator, Media Wing, Hyderabad said media has to play a vital role in developing cordial relationship between each other and thereby bring peace and harmony. Brahmakumaris are extending all out support in providing Peace and Happiness and working greatly in giving relief to the media persons from their routine pressures of stress and strain.

Others who addressed the seminar were Sister Shashikala, Rajyoga Teacher, Vishakhapatnam, Sister Rameswari, Rajyoga Teacher, Vishakhapatnam,  Sister Kedara Gowri, Director, Gyan Sagar Academy, Sri P L K Murthy, Secretary, PRSI, Sri Sharma, Sr Manager, PR HPCL.






62% tobacco addicts quit smoking within one month through yoga

13 December 2016

SOURCE: Hindustan Times, Health & Fitness, online Nov 08, 2016 (


Apart from the 62% who had quit tobacco in one month, there were 7.49% who quit tobacco between 2-6 months and 15.47% who quit tobacco after 12 months, said a study, conducted by Brahma Kumaris centres all across India. (Shutterstock)


Nearly 85% of tobacco addicts can quit the habit of consuming nicotine products just by meditation, a study said.

The study that commenced in early 2014, conducting tests on 1,021 tobacco addicts of various forms, also found that the person did not relapse into addiction once he had quit the habit through meditation.

The study showed 62% of tobacco addicts of various forms who attended regular Yoga classes quit nicotine use within one month, while the non-regulars took a little more time to do so.

“Apart from the 62% who had quit tobacco in one month, there were 7.49% who quit tobacco between 2-6 months and 15.47% who quit tobacco after 12 months,” said the study, conducted by Brahma Kumaris centres all across India.

Calling it Raja Yogi lifestyle, Valsalan Nair, a doctor associated with the Brahma Kumaris sect, said that the entire procedure of the particular lifestyle was associated with health promoting behaviours.

“The findings of this study concludes that the Raja Yoga lifestyle is effective in management and relapse prevention among tobacco addicts,” Nair said.

The study was published in the Indian Journal of Private Psychiatry.

The research was made public by Brahma Kumaris at the ongoing World Health Organization’s (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control -- world’s biggest conference on anti-tobacco policies.

Explaining the research, Nair said all the data was collected on one-to-one interview basis after obtaining consent of 1,021 persons spread across 25 states and two Union Territories.

“The data was managed centrally at Medical Wing Research and analysed by independent analyst.”

According to the study, apart from meditation what also contributed towards quitting the habit was positive thinking classes and ‘satwik’ food -- a vegetarian diet beneficial in developing clarity, concentration and focus that spiritual development requires.



Letter From Brijmohan Bhai Ji Regarding Purity Magazine

13 December 2016


Purity Office, New Delhi
Date:  7   November  2016
To: All Centre, Sub-centre In-charges,
Subject: For more VIP Service – ‘PURITY’ Magazine at 50% Concession

Bapdada’s precious instruments, Greetings of love,

Thanks for using ‘PURITY’ magazine for VIP service for the last 35 years.  It keeps the VIPs connected and updated with the Brahma Kumaris on a regular monthly basis.

As per Drama the time left for doing public service is running out and disturbances may start any time. So, it is desired to expand VIP service as much as possible.  To do so through ‘PURITY’, it has been decided to give 50% concession and charge Rs. 50/- only for all new subscriptions received for VIP service.  This concession will be available upto 31-12-2016.

Please note that even in Hindi speaking areas, all VIPs are well versed in English.  You may consider the following for sending ‘Purity’:    

Hospitals CMOs. College Principals & Deans, Judges & Magistrates, Media, VIP Industrialists, Top Police Officers, Women & Youth Leaders, Senior Politicians, Social Leaders, Administrators etc. etc.

Some centres prefer to receive total VIP ‘PURITY’ magazine at centre address and get the same distributed individually to keep personal contact.  For others, we can post directly to VIPs for which we use special full cover envelope and not the usual wrapper for packing.

With thoughts divine,
In Baba’s love,
BK Brij Mohan

Download English and Hindi copy of letter.


Happy Diwali from BK Hemlata Behen - Indore

1 November 2016



Diwali Greetings from Sister Yogini, Vileparle, Mumbai

1 November 2016



Deepawali Celebration with Dadi Gulzar ji in Delhi - ORC - Updated with Dadi's Diwali Message

31 October 2016

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti


Very very happy Diwali. 


Please see attached file of ORC's Diwali Programme and Gulzar Dadi's Inspirations (Hindi only) for this auspicious day in Om Shanti Retreat Centre ( ORC ) as well as photos of the event.



In Baba's Yaad

B.K. Asha

Delhi ORC


Diwali Message from Dadi Gulzarji while celebrating Deepawali with the ORC family on 31st October


Congratulations and greetings of Deepawali to all.


On 30th October, Dadi Gulzarji ignited the candle and celebrated Deepawali with all brothers and sisters in ORC, Delhi.  Before the Diwali programme, Dadiji visited all the departments and at 8.00 pm came into the Mini Hall.  The sisters from ORC put a tilak on Dadi, decorated her with crown and sash, and specially honoured Dadiji.  To specially honour Dadi, our Russian brothers and sisters put on a beautiful cultural programme.  Brijmohanbhai shared from his heart how Dadiji, over her 80 years, has had so much renunciation and tapasya, hearing this everyone experienced new energy.  After that, Dadiji filled everyone with new power with her words filled with blessings, "Constantly continue to have special and unique experiences and you will remain full with the treasures of happiness."


Dadi's Diwali Message:


Om shanti.  Everyone seemed very happy while listening.   I found everyone’s faces to be very lovely.  It looked as though everyone was swinging in supersensuous joy.  


Even though you wanted to say something in words, you were not able to say anything.  It felt as though the whole class was going into deep silence.  To stabilise yourself in a stage of yoga while listening is going deep.  All of you were listening while sitting here, but it felt as though you were not here, as though you were lost in some intoxication.  It felt as though Baba was giving you children some special unique experience.  After some time, the speaking began.  


It felt as though all of you are with Baba in the subtle region.  Everyone’s faces were giving the experience of attainment.  It was feeling as though you were having some special attainment, but what you attained would be each one’s own personal experience.  In the world of experience this is also a very good experience.  Seeing all of you, I was feeling this, and each of you would have had your own personal experiences.  


It is essential to have such experiences, we have to go into such experiences.  In fact, everyone has experiences, but at some times, there are special unique experiences.  Stay in such special experiences and you will feel as though you have received the treasure of happiness.  Always carefully look after this special treasure by which you will feel that you have actually received something.  What have you received?  Each one of you knows yourself.  


Baba says: Whatever small mistakes you make, finish them today.  You understand that what you are doing is wrong and yet you still do that.  Now, Baba says: Become complete and reveal your form of perfection.  Become complete now and everything will quickly finish and we will all go to Baba together.  Today, we will promise Baba: Baba, we will always remain happy.  Baba, all of us together will definitely do something new.


* * * O M   S H A N T I * * *


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Tying Rakhi to Art of Living Guruji Shri Ravi Shankar ji in Vijayawada

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BK Shanta,Incharge Vijayawada Centres tying Rakhi to Art of Living Guruji Shri Ravi Shankar
​JI​  ​​BK ​Padmaja​ and Radha Behn are also seen


Brahmakumaris honoured by Shri Vardhman Jain Samaj at Navi Mumbai Vashi

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On Godly Service,
BK Sheela

Center Incharge,
Vashi-Navi Mumbai