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Godly Message to West Indies Cricketers at Kingston, Jamaica

15 July 2017

There was a Finolex Pipes Cup West Indies Vs India T20I Series 2017 Match#2 on Sunday 9th July 2017 at 10.30 am local time at Sabina Park Cricket Stadium, Kingston Jamaica.


The National level cricket player Mr. Horane, a neighbor to the BK centre in Kingston had organized this visit possible for the BK sister. The Brahma Kumari sister Bharti had got the chance to go to the cricket stadium so she took this as an opportunity to meet with the cricketers for the spiritual service.


She was able to meet with the Windies Cricketers Mr. Powell, Mr. Walton and the Captain of the Windies Team Mr. Carlos and presented them a Godly Gift and the message. The cricketers were delighted and showing much happiness to receive the spiritual literature book as a Godly Gift and listened to the Godly message attentively what sister Bharti shared with them in a short by keeping their time in mind for the match.


After the match sis Bharti was able to meet with the Indian High Commissioner H. E. Mr. Sevala Naik with his wife Mrs. Sunitha Naik and also the vice president & head of Indian Government Industry Solutions Unit, Mr. Tanmoy Chakrabarty at the stadium. They had an informative spiritual chit-chat and appreciated the activities that BKs are offering towards the humanity. The Indian High Commissioner H. E. Mr. Sevala Naik had promised to organize the regular meditation classes at Indian High Commission Office in Kingston, Jamaica soon.


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Om Shanti



Br. Golo from Madhuban Visits Suriname

26 June 2017



Shivratri and More Service News from Suriname

31 March 2017



Brother Kamta Visits Curacao for Special Retreat - December and January Newsletter

23 January 2017


We were very fortunate to have with us (for 4 days), Brother Naitram Kamta, our Senior Brother, who is an experienced senior Teacher of Brahma Kumaris in Trinidad. Brother Kamta came especially for a retreat, from January 13th to January 15th, with the Topic “The Power Of Silence”, to deepen our understanding of the significance of the 18th of January. We had Divine BK Family members from Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba attending the retreat. 


Being a Raja Yoga Meditator for over 30 years, he had so much experiences to share with us, as he can see Baba’s insights from a deep understanding point of view. He shared with us many beautiful stories about Brahma Baba at the time before and on the 18th of January 1969. He made it clear to us how Brahma Baba can be our example and inspiration to become an Angel, like he did, and to prepare ourselves to go to the Golden Aged World. 


For some, who still had a problem to accept Brahma Baba, Brother Kamta became the instrument to bring them closer to our spiritual father Brahma, through understanding the significance of Brahma Baba’s role in the Drama.


In his class on the topic “How to accommodate and experiment with The Power of Silence”, he made it clear how Brahma Baba used this Power to become karmateet. With a group of 21 participants, we all took maximum benefit, through this special Instrument of Baba.


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Suriname Service News

9 January 2017



Health & Family Life Education at Secondary School in New Amsterdam from October 18  To November 22 - News from Guyana

20 December 2016

In support of the Health & Family Life Education (HFLE)Curriculum in the above two named schools, the Brahma Kumaris Raja yoga Centre conducted a pilot values education programme with the permission and cooperation of the Ministry of Education’s Regional Education Office in New Amsterdam. The project was initiated by the local arm of the Humanitarian Mission of New Jersey Arya Samaj Inc. in consultation with the Ministry of Education. The schools were selected by the Regional Education Office.


Forty two students participated in the programme, which consisted of one seventy minute session per week for five weeks in each school. The topics covered in the five sessions were:

Session 1 - Introductory session. The values of Peace and Non-Violence

Session 2 – Self-Respect and Love

Session 3 – Success and Honesty

Session 4 – Courage and Confidence

Session 5 – Caring and Sharing


At the end of the project an evaluation was done to assess whether the aim and objectives were achieved. The evaluation consisted of oral feedback from the students as well as an evaluation form completed by each student.


Oral Feedback:

In summation the students, in responding to the question of what changes they noticed in themselves as a result of the sessions,the majority said that they are no longer so angry, and they feel more at peace and relaxed. They are no longer easily drawn into fights with their friends and are even helping out at home.  Theexperiences and changes expressed were quite in keeping with what the project set out to achieve.


Evaluation Forms:

The students were asked for four responses. 

1. The first was to circle any value(s) they like from a given selection (Peace, Love, Self-Respect, Honesty and Confidence) and are practising at home, at school, or with friends. Most of them chose Love, Respect and Honesty. Some chose all of them. The least chosen was Confidence.

2. The second was a two-fold question: One was to see how they can change their feelings from negative into positive and how that would influence their behaviour. They were asked: 

“Imagine you are in a situation at school where another student is picking on you and seems to be trying to get you into a fight with him or her; how do you feel?”   The feelings mostly expressed were: “bad, scared, bullied, nervous, angry and sad.”The other part to this question was: “How would you act using the value of Peace?”  Some of their responses were to “walk away; remain calm; tell the teacher; try to be friendly with the person; say I want peace and, ignore the person.” One student wrote, "I live for peace, I stand for peace and I promote peace”. Another said “I will close my eyes and imagine a peaceful world.”

3. The third was a scenario designed to bring into expressiontheir value for care and love. The scenario: “Suppose your best friend’s mother just died. How do you think your friend feels?  What can you do to help him or her?” In response to the first part of the question, almost all the students said their friend would feel sad, hurt, lonely and broken down. In response tothe second part of the question, it was pleasing to note that most of the students gave appropriate, positive responses to their friends' situation with such acts as: she/he will talk to the friend and bring some kind of comfort;  try to make him/her feel better; tell him/her "have trust in God";  tell her/him to move on; give a hug; pray for the friend; be a true friend and show love as well as kindness; be by her side; speak encouraging words; show love and respect to calm the hurt,and even to take her in if she has no one. One student wrote that she will share her mother with her friend.

4. The fourth was another scenario: “One day while walking on the school corridor you find a purse filled with money. That day you did not bring lunch money and had no lunch. What will you do with the money?” The answers to this question were varied.  Five of them said that they will look for an identification card in the purse with the aim of returning the money. Two of them said they will stay hungry and return the money to their class teacher so that she can try to find the person to whom the purse belongs.  The majority said that they will take the purse to the Headmaster so that he can make an announcement at assembly. Some said that after returning the money they would ask if they can be rewarded for their honesty; others said they would ask for lunch money after returning the purse. Only two students said that they would take the money and keep it for themselves.

In addition to the above, the students were also asked what they liked generally about the programme. The following are some samples of what they wrote:

• How to be at peace, treat others with respect and control my anger.

• How to be a good person, have more focus and have self respect

• Things I never thought about. I like the topics. It taught me how important it is to love and share because not everyone is equal.

• I like the topic Peace and Non-Violence. I learn about things that will better my life.

• This program changed my life. It taught me self – respect, honesty, love etc. which is a major impact on my education. It taught me how to avoid problems and care for others.

• I am more loving and caring for my sisters and friends. I changed into a better person by not fighting with my sisters and friends and stopped using indecent language when angry with my sisters.

• I like the program because of the fun we had when we read and told stories.

• It encourages you to be more peaceful and loving to your friends and families.

• The program help me to be honest. I learn right from wrong and to have more respect.

• To relax when there are many problems in your life. I like how the teacher taught, what she shared, how she “breaks it down”. It made me feel a lot more better.


One teacher from Vryman’s Erven Secondary School, Miss Alisa, who was present throughout all the sessions, offered her opinion of the programme: “This program is similar to that of HFLE that is being done in schools. The topics are similar. The strategies used were meaningful and relevant. However the responses were a little poor coming from the students. The facilitator was very patient, tolerant and understood the level of the students, hence worked accordingly. The students were excited and participated to the best of their ability.”


Conclusion: The feedback indicates that this pilot programmemade a meaningful contribution to the HFLE curriculum in the two selected schools, Berbice Educational Institute and Vryman’s Erven Secondary School.


photos from the two schools

Sister Jean with Students of Berbice Educational Institute who participated in the programme


Sister Jean and Miss Alicia with Students of Vryman’s ErvenSecondary School who participated in the programme.



Graceful Gratitude - Aunty Betty: Message from Sr Gayatri including Bhog Message via Sr Mohini

20 December 2016






Br Francois Visit and More Service News from Dominican Republic

7 December 2016

From 26 th November till 1 st of December we had the fortune of bro Francois’ visit as part of his Caribbean tour of French Guyana, Suriname, Curacao, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


The family received a tremendous lift through this knowledgeable, flexible, simple and light instrument of Baba. We had a weekend retreat at the center with the brahmins here for more report with photos.



Br François from France Visits Curacao

22 November 2016

Brother François, from France, visiting Curaçao on his way to Haiti


We were very fortunate to have with us, for only 2 days, Brother Francois Becher, our Senior Brother, who is the National coordinator of the centers of Brahma Kumaris in France. 

We very much enjoyed his lightness and learned a lot from the way he explains deep points from Baba’s gyan, from a scientific point of view. 

As a retired scientist, being a Raja Yoga Meditator for over 38 years, he can see Baba’s insights from a deep understanding point of view. He explained to us the depth of the law of entropy as used by Baba, to create a Golden Aged World. 

In his lecture on the topic “Let us illuminate our World” (when we change our vision, the world can become great), which started with the short
video film from “Seeing Into Being”, he clearly addressed to the people the importance of our inner change, nor being influenced by the formal customs and systems of society, education, possessions etc. The public was touched by the way he approached reality, asking them: “What is reality”?


Click here for detailed report with photos.




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