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Raksha Bandhan Greetings from Jamaica

27 August 2018



Raksha Bandhan Celebrations and More Service News from Suriname

27 August 2018



"Moved by God's Love" - Service News from Suriname

2 July 2018

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Atam Prakash bhai's of Madhuban Toli Department Visit to Kingston, Jamaica, 28th to 29th May

14 June 2018


Atam Prakash Bhai Ji from Madhuban was on the Caribbean tour for the spiritual service. He was in Jamaica for 5 days and had important programs organized in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay including the BK classes, Meditation and also some personal and VIP meetings.


Monday, 28th May

Bhaiji arrived in the afternoon and was welcomed by the Jamaican special food of Ackee, Breadfruit, Kallalloo and Chocho. After taking the rest he was eveready for the service and had two personal meetings before proceeding to the hall for the public program. Bhaiji atteneded the group leader Mr. Roger Williams of ‘Rajah With The World Band’ who received the blessings before the performance. Brother Paul also joined the chit chat.


Bhaiji also attened Mr. Conrad Miller, the Michanical Engeneer at Electrical Power Company in Jamaica. They had a very constructive discussion on practising meditation on a daily bases.


They also took a walk in the garden in the fresh air while understanding the knowledge in a better way.


The public program at Club India was started at 7.00 pm with the light music played by Mr. Roger Williams of ‘Rajah With The World Band’ followed by Gyatri Mantra sang by one of his group members who practices the Indian prayers and language. Brother Roger Williams came all the way from the another city Ocho Rios specially for the performance. He also sang the song written by himself “Keep The Faith” which was beautifully rendered well.


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Atam Prakash bhai Visit to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, 29th to 30th May

14 June 2018


Tuesday, 29th May
‘Unity is strength’ was well poved by the Ocho Rios brothers and sisters. Ocho Rios was a successfully co-operative service as BKs 
do not have the centre there so brothers and sisters offered their hands to co-operate and make this spiritual visit a success by offereing the stay at Sneha behn and Navin Bhai Menghraj’s apartment. Also providing the cooking fascilities at Gayatri behn and Gordhan Bhai’s apartment. Jamaica is a tourist place and it was a ship day so Bhaiji could see and enjoy the scenic beauty.


Later, there was a spiritual gathering at Laxmi Temple in Taj Mahal Shopping Centre. 15 people attended the gathering and experienced what is Meditation, why we need meditation in our life, how to do meditation and what are the benefits of meditation followed by the practically guided meditation by Atam Prakash Bhaiji.


The beauty of this service was that all the brothers and sisters who had attended were Sindhis and somehow they were all related to Brahma Kumaris from India. Somebody’s family is going to the Ulhasnagar Centre and Khar Centre, Mumbai regularly, somebody is far related to Dadi Janki in lokik, somebody has done the 7 days course in Santacruz Centre, Mumbai and somebody was in Lagos, Nigeria many years before coming to Jamaica. Since the gathering was already so divine and Hindi knowing brothers and sisters, so this was the only place where Atam Prakash Bhaiji gave the class in Hindi. The atmosphere became very homely and lively filled with the spiritual experiences, the power of yoga and Peace & happiness.


At the end Bhaiji invited all of them to come and visit Madhuban, Mount Abu, The international headquarters of Brahma Kumaris.


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Atam Prakash bhai Visit to Montego Baby, Jamaica, 30th May to 1st June

14 June 2018

Wednesday, 30th May

As soon as Bhai ji reached Montego Bay Centre he took the best opportunity to have a nice visit and took a round to spread his divine drishti on Baba’s home and garden in Montego Bay. Then Bhai ji rested well in Baba’s remembrances as the after effect of having a relaxd water theraphy in the ‘Dunns River Fall’ in Ocho Rios. His divinity was a blessing to the Centre.


Thursday, 31st May

Next day was Thursday-Satguruvaar, Bhai ji offered bhog to Baba with the BK students followed by the best sustained class on knowledge and Yagya history stories. The spiritual vibrations spread all over and made the atmosphere powerful.


In the evening, we had a public program in Club House at Country Club in Mango Walk. Approximately 20 brothers and sisters were present who enjoyed the mini spiritual concert with the same Music group Mr. Roger Williams of ‘Rajah With The World Band’. This time there were two different friends participated with love for Baba. The Music, Singing and dancing was amazing to get engrossed in Baba’s love. The singer group dedicated the song ‘Keep The Faith’ written and sung by Bro. Roger was much enjoyed.


Atam Prakash Bhai ji enjoyed the gathering very well and emphasised on daily meditation at least for 15 – 20 minutes. He explained how to do meditation and also how to maintain the continuation of meditation on a daily bases. Everything that Bhai ji mentioned was accepted with much interest and love to follow. Also shared about the soul consciousness and body consciousness that in order to have successful connection with the One Father we have to change the dress and the address of consciousness and remember The Supreme Father the Supreme Soul alone. Ultimately we had very informative talk by Bhai ji.


Toli and blessing cards were distributed personally by Bhai ji to everyone. The evening became a memorial with Atam Prakash Bhaiji.


Friday, 1st June

Before leaving Jamaica for the further journey, Bhai ji conducted the powerful class and gave clarity about how to give the donation of meditation to the self, others and the world which was the important information that everyone has got. It was multi-benefiting special class like a cherry on the cake. He also gave Madhuban toli to all brothers and sisters.


All the brothers and sisters went at the gate to see off Bhai ji with the one thought in every heart ‘Go soon come soon’


Thanks to Baba for everything.


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