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Trinidad & Tobago Celebrate the 50th Ascension Anniversary of Brahma Baba

6 February 2019

Guests were treated at this juncture to musical interludes, an Exhibition and audio visual presentations
featuring Brahma Baba.

Refreshments at Meet and Greet

As guests were seated, four BK yogis sat on the beautifully appointed stage and filled the atmosphere with spiritual vibrations.

In this peaceful setting the story of Brahma Baba and his contribution and spiritual legacy unfolded.  Sis Dr. Hemlata Sanghi, National Coordinator for Trinidad and the Caribbean, delivered a stirring and touching account of Brahma Baba's guidance and inspiration as the BK sisters embarked on world service under the canopy of the Almighty.

Bro Marcelo Bulk, guest speaker and BK Coordinator for Columbia, shared on the role of Brahma Baba as elder brother and father figure who gave guidance through his personal connection with God.  He encouraged all present to give positive vibrations from the heart to remove any hurt and to spread peace. 

Sis Jasmine of the Chaguanas Centre conducted power-filled live commentaries while Bro Anand Singh, chairperson for the evening, introduced several artistes who gave sterling performances in their areas of competence.  The evening ended to the vocal strains of Sis Uma of the Sangre Grande Centre with a rendition of “Om Shanti”.  Guests were invited to cake and a delicious Brahma bhojan sit down dinner in Baba's honour. 

We Brahmins were delighted for the opportunity, on this auspicious anniversary, to again share with our lokik brothers love and appreciation for Brahma Baba's life and legacy.
lkik brothers love and appreciation for Brahma Baba's life and legacy.

Read full report (with more photos) here.



International Day of Road Victims - Service News from Suriname

23 December 2018

International Day of Road Victims 2018

Every year, thousands of people die because of traffic accidents. The UN has therefore declared November 17th as "World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims". The BrahmaKumaris who support this initiative, donated World Peace Meditation Hour on the third Sunday in November in memory of all victims of traffic accidents. There was an interview with Mr.Sharvien Manohar, a survivor of a serious traffic accident, who shared his story of determination, courage and hope with the audience. The program continued with special meditation donated to all road victims.


Vegetarian FoodFest 2018

This annual event was held on November 10th -11th, to promote vegetarianism and its many benefits.


The BrahmaKumaris participated this year as well and elaborated on the basic ingredients for a meal from a deeper spiritual perspective: What are the key ingredients, how doi prepare my food and how do I eat my food. There was a lecture on the theme 'Am I allowed to eat everything?' with the focus on freedom, choices and responsibility. visitors were also invited to turn the virtue wheel and allowed to taste snacks prepared with love.





'Suriname Garland of Peace' the Celebrations of World Animal Day

23 December 2018

The Francis - Gandhi Exhibition 'Suriname Garland of peace' and the celebration of World Animal Day

From October 2nd - 6th, the BrahmaKumaris participated in an exhibition organized by the Alpha Max Academy & Learning Center, an Association that wants to actively contribute to a world of non-violence and peace for all living beings.


The exhibition was the main activity. There were also various other activities, including instructive films and a drawing contest.

Mahatma Gandhi was the symbol for nonviolence. For Francis, the pure practice of devotion and love for animals were central. With this in mind, BK's paid attention during the exhibition to:

- thoughts
- 8 spiritual powers of the soul
- Famous scientists from the past who shed light upon animal love





A Green Christmas at Suriname

23 December 2018



Report on the Trinidad Floods

25 October 2018

Dear Divine Family,


Om Shanti & Godly Greetings of Peace and Happiness.


I am back to Trinidad on 21st October 2018 from Madhuban.


Over this past weekend there was major flooding in various parts of Trinidad. The worst hit area was at Greenvale which had flood waters climbing to 10 feet. Some people were trapped in there ceiling and others had to seek safety on their roof.


Out of our 5 centres only Sangre Grande in the east was affected. Sister Uma said that she was resting when she had the sudden thought to pack up the stuff in the centre in anticipation for flooding. Together with the help of students they spent 2 hours in this exercise then spent the next few hours in a night vigil. Nothing happened so they went to sleep at about 1am Saturday morning. The flood waters came silently an hour later, at about 2am, and covered the ground floor to a dept of knee leval. 


All the BK students felt that they were blessed by Gods protection and damage was minimal. Today they are cooking to distribute  food and hampers to the surrounding areas.


The Chaguanas Raja yoga centre, central Trinidad, led by Sister Jasmine yesterday cooked and prepared 200 box lunches. They also included 25 boxes for diabetics. The distribution process was effected in cooperation with the Monroe Road Hindu Temple.


Thanks all members of the centres for their selfless service and shares her Blessings and pure feelings for the quick recover of all who were affected by this flood. 


In Baba's yaad

BK Hemlata




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