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Diwali Greetings from Shanti Sarovar

24 October 2014

Om Shanti. Drama is so wonderful and it has all sudden surprises and gifts wrapped in it and we get thrilled when the DRAMA reveals its gifts to us. In this sunday's bhatti, Kuldeep Didiji's class had became almost impossible due to her ill health. But still, she had the will and wish to meet the Teevra purusharth group and finally she met and inspired all of us to maintain satyata and swatchata. So, Kuldeep Didiji taking class is a gift to us.  And the other sudden and surprise gift was that Marc bhai of Guyana country visited Shanti Sarovar, Hyderbad and he also met the Teevra purusharth group and shared his valuable experiences.

Br Mruthyunjaya Celebrates Diwali and Inaugurates the 7 Billion Acts of Goodness campaign as well as a Web Radio Studio at Vardani Bhawan on 19th October

24 October 2014 - Bangalore

B K Mrutyunjaya bhai ji was the featured guest at this event together with Raguraman, DGM, Metro Railways, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, film actress and classical dancer, and BK Ambika bhen ji. More than 800 BKs participated.




Brahma Kumaris Initiative for a Clean and Golden Rural India (SWATCHH SWARNIM GRAMYA BHARAT)

13 October 2014



Our Pride in Cleanliness develops one's attention to detail work ethics and self confidence.  It brings a feel good factor, elevates countries image, creates real beauty and makes our life organised.  Our country is in process of change - to take the shape of a New Golden India! The Social impact of this massive movement will now going to be seen in villages. Let every village be replete with clean atmosphere, good home, animal wealth, satvic food, the shade of unity, blissful life and progress of all.

'Rural Development Wing' at Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation of Brahma Kumaris has created the vision of an ideal village (Gokul Gaon). Several Cleanliness Campaigns are organised in different parts of India with a special attention on Spiritual and Moral Development of Villages. Villagers along with volunteers deeply immersed in divine love leads to accomplish even a mighty task. The Positive attitude of 'Vasudaiva Kutumbakam' brings tremendous response for participation in  cleanliness campaigns.  This encourages to serve for the well-being of the fellow human beings, which brings utmost satisfaction. Let's have a glimpse.........

Let us remember that External purity(Cleanliness) always reflects our Internal Purity.  Let us improve our  Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Values through the Practice of Rajayoga Meditation.  Lakhs of villagers have adopted a positive lifestyle to lead an addiction free life through regular Practise of Rajayoga Meditation. Values once developed through practise of Rajayoga Meditation within the self, helps us to share the fragrance of cleanliness to the world around us. This paves a way to move forward for a Better World - The Golden India.

It is now the Call of time to align Brahma Kumaris led "Clean and Golden Rural India Campaign" with the Government's agenda.  

Join us to 'cleanse from inside' to fulfill the vision of a "Clean and Golden Rural India".

Thanking You,

On Godly Service,

BK Mohini (Chairperson)

Yogic Agriculture initiative: www.yogickheti.com



Thousands attended the last rites of Brahma Kumari Achal Didi

9 October 2014

Press Release

Chandigarh, 8 October 2014: Brahma Kumari Achal Didi, Zonal Chief of Brahma Kumaris organization was paid rich floral tributes at the last rites here today afternoon. Thousands across the country attended the cremation event at Sector 25. The 85-year old Achal Didi had left her mortal coil on Tuesday. She was in deep coma since last 3 days. Achal Didi had a severe brain hemorrhage and was admitted to the Enscol Hospital sector 34 here on Saturday and later shifted to PGI on Monday. Click here for detailed report and photos..............


Dadi Gulzar in ORC : News (Hindi only) and Photos

03 October 2014

Boardroom Meeting with Dadiji.pdf (Hindi only)

Dadi Gulzar 25 September 2014.pdf (Hindi only)

Dadi Gulzar 27 September 2014.pdf (Hindi only)

Dadi Gulzar 28 September 2014.pdf (Hindi only)


Seminar on "Facing Challenges in Human Life -  With Fear or Trust"

29 September 2014

Written by the New Delhi Times bureau and published in the New Delhi Times on Saturday, 13th September

New Delhi Times, in collaboration with Brahma Kumaris, recently, organized a seminar on "Facing Challenges in Human Life- with Fear or Trust" on 30th August 2014 at Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi. The seminar intended to provide guidance on facing challenges with trust and positive thinking rather than fear and negativity.

Hon'ble Mrs. Salma Ansari, W/O Hon'ble Vice President of In.A. Siddiqui, Chairman, National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions; B.K Brij Mohan Bhai, Principal Secretary, Brahma Kumaris; Sister B.K Asha, Director, Om Shanti Retreat Center, Manesar; Prof. Dr. B.N. Chattoraj, Dean, National Institute for Criminology & Forensic Science, MHA; Dr. Talat Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia University and Ms. Shamina Shafiq, Member, National Commission for Women were Guest of Honour.

Among other noted dignitaries at the seminar there were Mr. Rakesh Mehta, State Election Commissioner, NCT of Delhi & UT Chandigarh and diplomats such as H.E. Mr. Doulat Kaunyshev, Ambassador of Kazakhstan to India, Mr. Han Jae Song, Embassy of Democratic Republic of Korea, Mr. Hany Fahmy, Embassy of Arab Republic of Egypt and Mr. Taufik Rigo, Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia participated in the seminar.

The Seminar commenced with introductory discourse on summary of the theme by Sister Asha from Brahma Kumaris. While realizing the importance and significance of role of numerous life Challenges in Human life, Sister Asha enchanted the audience and officials through her inspiring words.

Panel Discussion started with all the dignitaries discussing the seminar theme one by one. They aimed at highlighting the inner dimension of human mind & power within. Just as we make full use of life's great opportunities; we must also face life's greatest challenges correctly and with trust. The difference between people who succeed in life and those who don't lies in the ability of the former to face life challenges correctly and not the absence of challenges.

The Chief Guest, Mrs. Salma Ansari, an eminent Orator & Philanthropist   instituted the evening with her exemplary speech. She spoke that every challenge one has experienced or will is the kind which is in accordance with one's bearing power therefore; one must always remember that you will never be tested beyond your power to remain firm: at the time you are put to the test, you're also endowed with the strength to endure it and seek a way out of it.

The mesmerizing evening ended with Dr. Pramila Srivastava, Editor – in – Chief, New Delhi Times, thanking the guests for gracing the occasion with their presence, time and effort.



Peace of Mind Channel on Tata Sky DTH (CH. No. 192)

25 September 2014

Dear Divine Family,

Om Shanti.

With great happiness, zeal and enthusiasm, I wish to specially convey today that with the elevated wishes of all our senior sisters of Bharat and abroad, and that of the entire Brahmin family our 'PEACE OF MIND' Channel has finally been available on Tata Sky [Channel No. 192].

All of you must be aware that at present the PEACE OF MIND Channel is now available on the 4 major DTH Operator Network, the Names and Channel Nos of which are as follows:

1.      Tata Sky [Ch. No. 192]

2.      Videocon D2H [Ch. No. 497]

3.      Airtel Digital TV [Ch. No. 686]

4.      Reliance Digital TV [Ch. No. 171]

Apart from the above, till date our Channel has reached millions of homes through a range of small and big Cable Operators i.e. DEN, Siti Cable, Hathway, Digi Cable & etc. across India.

It gives us great joy to share that according to the TAM (Television Audience Measurement) Report, Peace of Mind Channel is as much liked by audiences as are Aastha and Sanskar Channels! If we continue to have your support and cooperation, that day is not far away when 12 billion Indians will wish to view this Channel every day!

Multi-million fold thanks to everyone for your good wishes and sincere cooperation!

In the sweet remembrance of our sweetest Bapdada,

In Godly Service,

BK Ravi

Om Shanti Studio 


Kochi: Vishwa Vidyalaya Conducts Grand Onam Celebration

17 September 2014

Written by the Express News Service and published in the New Indian Express on 16 September

KOCHI: The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Iswariya Vishwa Vidyalaya on Monday organised its district-level Onam celebration at the Raja Yoga Bhawan Retreat Centre at Nedumbassery near here.

Actor Balachandra Menon, who inaugurated the Onam celebration at the centre, said that if one makes one's  thoughts, speech and actions pure one can celebrate Onam every day.

Competitions in floral carpet making, dance, singing and drama were held as part of the programme. Thousands of people from various parts of the Ernakulam district participated in the celebration.

Brahma Kumaris, Kochi, directors Rajayogini Brahma Kumari Radha and Rajayogi Brahma Kumar Vasan; and Brahma Kumaris film division head Brahma Kumar Venkitesh were also present at the function.

[NOTE: for more information about the Onam Celebration, please see: http://hinduism.about.com/od/festivalsholidays/a/Onam-Legends.htm]


Press Release and Photos of Great Transformation Project Launching at Talkatora Stadium - Delhi

15 September 2014

Press Release

 "Change Attitude to Change Atmosphere. Time Is Now For Individual & World Transformation Through Spiritual Power"- Dadi Hriday Mohini

" Character Building Key To Nation Building"- Mr. L. K. Advani

" Protect Women To Protect Society"- Mrs. Maneka Gandhi

New Delhi, Sept.12: The National Launching of a Mega Project titled "It is Time to Receive God's Power for Great Transformation" was held in a public program organized by the Brahma kumaris Institution at Talkatora Stadium here last evening.

Blessing the function, Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris said that the key to change the current atmosphere of tension, hatred, conflicts and violence is to bring positive and healthy changes in one's attitude.

She said that for such attitudinal transformation, development  of inner powers through daily practice of spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga Meditation is essential. Now is the time for such individual transformation which can lead to world transformation, she stressed.

Senior BJP Leader Shri L.K. Advani as Chief Guest said that nation building depends uPress Release

 "Change Attitude to Change Atmosphere. Time Is Now For Individual & World Transformation Through Spiritual Power"- Dadi Hriday Mohini

" Character Building Key To Nation Building"- Mr. L. K. Advani

" Protect Women To Protect Society"- Mrs. Maneka Gandhi

New Delhi, Sept.12: The National Launching of a Mega Project titled "It is Time to Receive God's Power for Great Transformation" was held in a public program organized by the Brahma kumaris Institution at Talkatora Stadium here last evening.

Blessing the function, Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris said that the key to change the current atmosphere of tension, hatred, conflicts and violence is to bring positive and healthy changes in one's attitude.

She said that for such attitudinal transformation, development  of inner powers through daily practice of spiritual knowledge and Rajyoga Meditation is essential. Now is the time for such individual transformation which can lead to world transformation, she stressed.

Senior BJP Leader Shri L.K. Advani as Chief Guest said that nation building depends upon good governance which in turn demands developing good character and conduct of people. In this direction, Brahma Kumaris are doing commendable services, for last seven decades, he said.

Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women & Child Development as Guest of Honour appreciated the second part of Project " To Restore Respect & Honor of Women" and said that unless & until women are safe and protected, society can never remain safe and developed. She said that restoration of respect and honor of women should be in the minds and hearts of the people first, before it happens in homes, offices, community and at all levels of society.

Mrs Kiran Mehra, Director, UN Information Centre in India and Bhutan called for united efforts by Govt, NGOs and people to fight and finish gender discrimination, exploitation and violence in society.

Mr Somnath Bharti, Delhi's Former Law Minister urged for fostering moral values and spiritual thinking among people to contain crimes & corruption in the country and to re-throne India as Vishwa- Guru in the world.

Rajyogi BK Brij Mohan, Chief Spokesman of the Institution said that excessive materialism and body consciousness are the root causes of vices and violence in society. Spiritual practice of soul consciousness and meditation is the key to bring positive transformation towards building a healthy, virtuous and violence-free society.

Famous Motivational Speaker Brahma Kumari Shivani said that the best way to restore respect & honor of an individual is to enhance his or her self respect by understanding and experiencing the true potential of the inner self. The simplest way to get respect, is to give it, she emphasized.pon good governance which in turn demands developing good character and conduct of people. In this direction, Brahma Kumaris are doing commendable services, for last seven decades, he said.

Mrs Maneka Gandhi, Union Minister for Women & Child Development as Guest of Honour appreciated the second part of Project " To Restore Respect & Honor of Women" and said that unless & until women are safe and protected, society can never remain safe and developed. She said that restoration of respect and honor of women should be in the minds and hearts of the people first, before it happens in homes, offices, community and at all levels of society.

Mrs Kiran Mehra, Director, UN Information Centre in India and Bhutan called for united efforts by Govt, NGOs and people to fight and finish gender discrimination, exploitation and violence in society.

Mr Somnath Bharti, Delhi's Former Law Minister urged for fostering moral values and spiritual thinking among people to contain crimes & corruption in the country and to re-throne India as Vishwa- Guru in the world.

Rajyogi BK Brij Mohan, Chief Spokesman of the Institution said that excessive materialism and body consciousness are the root causes of vices and violence in society. Spiritual practice of soul consciousness and meditation is the key to bring positive transformation towards building a healthy, virtuous and violence-free society.


Famous Motivational Speaker Brahma Kumari Shivani said that the best way to restore respect & honor of an individual is to enhance his or her self respect by understanding and experiencing the true potential of the inner self. The simplest way to get respect, is to give it, she emphasized.



Maruti Suzuki introduces pilot sessions on spirituality and ‘mind enlightenment' by BrahmakumarisWritten by By Prachi Verma, Economic Times Bureau, and published in the Economic Times

12 September 2014

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. also organises a programme where families of shop floor visit factory on every second and fourth Saturday to interact with Maruti team. 

NEW DELHI: Around 25 engineers at Maruti Suzuki's production planning and control division in Gurgaon recently came up against a pleasant surprise: their erstwhile boss, Atul Jain, had taken on a new avatar. He had morphed from a fiery boss to a colleague who seemed more malleable. 

Earlier, Jain could not tolerate a single glitch in processes handled by his team and this led to frequent unpleasant situations. As a result, many of his subordinates hesitated to acknowledge their gaffes. Now, the picture has changed and Jain's team finds itself more in harmony than ever before. The transformation was the result of Maruti Suzuki  introducing pilot sessions on spirituality and 'mind enlightenment' by the Brahmakumaris. 

"After attending these in-house sessions, my efficiency as well as that of my department, has risen. The ownership in my team members has also improved. They no longer hesitate in disclosing their mistakes," says Jain. 

Encouraged by the response, the company, which has been struggling to handle workplace conflicts, has introduced sessions on spirituality by the Brahmakumaris for all its 18,000 employees. Celebrity Brahmakumari Shivani will conduct the sessions on spiritual well-being. Her first session, webcast this week, reached out to all the employees. 

"The sessions will help our employees keep stress levels in control and avoid conflicts at work. We will also customise training for the overall spiritual well being of our employees," says a Maruti Suzuki spokesperson. The sessions will help the Maruti employees keep emotions in place, says Brahma Kumari Shivani. 

"We should not blame others for our anger; it is totally in our hands to control it," she says. Shivani has held similar sessions at companies like Larsen & Toubro, Indian Oil Corporation, Singapore Airlines, Godrej Industries, Sony Entertainment Television, GE Energy and Apollo Hospital. 

Maruti is also working on other initiatives targeting employee engagement. For one, it boasts of a common canteen and uniform across hierarchies. "At Maruti Suzuki, we believe that having food together encourages bonding. Our Gurgaon plant has two vegetarian canteens that can seat about 2,400 persons. We also have a separate Japanese food counter for expats," says SY Siddiqui, chief mentor, Maruti Suzuki. 

The company also organises a programme where families of the shop floor visit the factory on every second and fourth Saturday to interact with the Maruti team. "They bond over lunch, games etc. It's a full fun-day activity," he says. 

About 45 per cent of Maruti employees are in the age bracket of 25 to 30 years but the broad HR policies and strategy are the same for them. "We believe that a younger workforce requires higher levels of engagement. With that in mind, our focus is to strengthen the on-boarding process-comprehensive induction training, challenging assignments, creating job excitement and mentoring," he says.


News of a spiritual talk on "The Balance Sheet of Life" by Sister Shivani at the Mumbai-Mulund Kalidas Natya Mandir's Ganapati Festival on 30th August

2 September 2014

On this auspicious occasion, Sister Shivani explained what karma is. Here is her message:

Karma is work or energy going out in the form of 1) thought; 2) word; and 3) action. The resultant return of energy is in the same amount and is known as bhagya (destiny).

The role of God is to ask you to do karma and to help you to do RIGHT karma. Then, whatever good/bad karma you do, the result is accordingly and is entirely your responsibility. Because the result is destiny (bhagya). So don't blame anyone else or God / Devi-Devatas for anything bad. Do not try to blame anybody for your own deed and its result.

Together with Sr. Shivani, the stage was graced by Brother Suresh Oberoi, a multi-awarded Indian Actor, Brother Harilal Bhanushali, (Godlywood studio, Executive Directory), Rajyogini Godavari Didiji, Incharge Mulund Sub-Zone and Dr. Principal -Rajkumar Kolhe.

25 top dignitaries participated in the candle lighting ceremony.  The hall was full and everyone enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere with spiritual vibrations and Baba's love. Thanks to everyone which made everything possible.




Nepal Service News: Visit of BK Mruthyunjaya Bhai and Justice V. Eshwaraih to Kathmandu

29 August 2014

On the auspicious occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami, Rajyogi BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu visited Nepal to celebrate the festival and also to invite the President of Nepal for the 14th-18th November International Conference-cum-cultural Festival going to be held in Shantivan, Abu Road.

On 17th August, Morning Chief Guest Hon'ble Mr. Nilkanthae Upreti Chief Election Commissioner visited the Brahma Kumaris Center in Kathmandu and participated in the celebrations with Rajyogi BK Mruthyunjaya, Justice V. Eshwaraih, Chairperson National Commission of Backward Class, New Delhi and Rajyogini Raj Didi, Director Brahma Kumaris, Nepal while in the afternoon His Excellency Mr. Ranjit Rae, Ambassador of India in Nepal visited the Kathmandu Center with Ex. Minister Mr. Lekhraj Bhatta, Hon'ble Balbir Chaudhari Member of Constitutional Assembly, Hon'ble Ms Sita Pokhral Member of Constitutional Assembly, Mr. Sarada Prasad Trilat, Secretary of President Office and other Ex. Secretaries.

On 18th August, Rajyogi BK Mruthyunjaya, Rajyogini BK Raj Bhen and other BK brothers and sisters met with the President of Nepal, His Excellency Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and Vice President of Nepal, His Excellency Mr. Parmanand Jha along with Mr. Lalit Bhadur Basnet - Principal Personal Secretary of His Excellency President, Nepal and invited him for the November International Conference in India.

On 20th August, Chief Guest Hon'ble Mr. Mahesh Acharya - Minister of Forest and Soil Conservation visited Kathmandu Center to inaugurate the Global initiative of Brahma Kumaris-‘7 Billion Acts of Goodness'. BK Mruthyunjaya, Rajyogini BK Raj Bhen and other BK brothers and sisters also met with Hon'ble Mrs. Chitra Lekha Yadav  - Education Minister Govt. of Nepal and gave her Godly gifts.



Felicitation of Brahma Kumaris at Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Vishwa Hindu Parishad at Shajapur (MP)

28 August 2014

On the completion of 50 years of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, there was a golden jubilee celebration in Shajapur in which Bapdada was revealed.

Sr Pratibha was invited as the chief guest for this program. Later, there was a Rath yatra in which Balak Das ji Maharaj, the swamiji of Akhand Ashram and other saints also participated. Sr Pratibha and Sr Chanda also participated in this Rath yatra. At many places in the city, people welcomed the Rath Yatra with flowers.

Shivaji Soni, Narendra Tiwari Samaj and Manish Soni also joined in this program.



Dadi Gulzar inaugurates Jollywood studio in ORC

21 August 2014

Report in Hindi.



Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini meets HE Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India, at Rashtrapati Bhawan

20 August 2014

On 19th August, Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris, met H.E. Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India at Rashtrapati Bhawan. BK Neelu behn, BK Asha Didi and BK Brij Mohan bhai accompanied Dadi and also met the President.



Dadi Gulzar celebrates Janmashtami in ORC

20 August 2014



Rakhi Service News - Vile Parle, Mumbai

20 August 2014

Film Actress Bhagyashree being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini. Film Actor & Director Br. Rakesh Roshan being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini
Film Actress Gracy Singh being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini. Member of Parliament Br. Gajanand Kirtikar being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini
Indian Film Producer & Director Br. J Om Prakash being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini. Purab Kohli, Indian model, VJ, television and film actor being tied Rakhi by BK Sis. Yogini
Film actor Suresh Oberoi being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini. Film actor Vivek Oberoi being tied Rakhi by BK Sr. Yogini


Mahatmas (Saints) celebrate Rakshabandhan with Brahma Kumaris in Haridwar

20 August 2014

On the occation of Rakshabandhan, a program was arranged for 30 saints at Haridwar



Brief report on Sonipat Retreat Centre: VIshwa Kalyan Sarovar

20 August 2014

Dear Family, Om Shanti and Godly Greetings to all.
Today is a very special day for all of us--Independence Day of our country. We shall very soon make our country--- Golden aged one for which we all are working together.
Today we share with you a very good news of Sonipat Retreat Centre- which was inaugurated by our dearest and most respected Dadi janki Ji on December 9, 2013. She stayed here for two days. Then it was partly constructed and now 1st phase of this complex is almost complete. 100 bed rooms besides a big kitchen and dining halls for 500 capacity are ready. Since inauguration we have been doing some service as detailed for your kind information: 
We have organised gyan yoga bhattis for our senior as well as junior teachers in five groups. They all stayed here for 2-3 days and had a very deep experience of silence and Godly love and power.
Since December,13 we have been regularly organising Double Light Bhattis for BKs. They have been coming here in groups of 150 or so, staying here for two-three days and returning to their centres with new zeal and enthusiasm.
A 10 day training was arranged for junior teachers and for those kumaris who are staying with their parents. Their esteem was fully charged and a number of kumaris staying with their parents went directly from here to stay in the centres.
Now we have again planned to organise one more such training program for five days from September 12 to 16.  Junior teachers and kumaris living with their parents can participate.
We have had the pleasure of hosting following meeting and training for various wings:
In the month of May:  Rural Development Wing  (250 participated)
In the month of June:  Social Service Wing   (180 participated)
In the month of July :  Security Service Wing
These programs enabled us to furnish the rooms quickly and also enriched us with positive  and powerful vibrations of all the seniors who came here and stayed with us-- specially Respected Santosh Didi Ji, Prem Singh Bhai, Sarla Behn- Mehsana, Raju Bhai- Shantivan, Shukla Behn- Delhi and Ashok Gaba Bhai.
Now we have planned to organise, once or twice in every month, three day raj yoga shivirs for guests and for those BKs who have recently joined our branches. The first such Rajyoga Shivir will take place from September 19 to 21. (Arrival on 19th morning and departure on 21st after lunch.) All are requested to get prior registration as our accommodation is limited.
Thanking you and with Regards.
BK Achal Behn and Bk Amir Chand

Special Rakshabandhan program with 41 delegates from Italy at the Eluru centre, AP

16 August 2014

Divine Family
Accept greetings of peace from BK Lavanya behn & Eluru Divine Family. 
Eluru centre had the opportunity of inviting 41 foreign delegates from Italy to the centre after attending an inter-faith Forum at Theresa College. All the delegates visited the centre and celebrated the festival of Rakshabandan with great enthusiasm and zeal. They also learned the importance of BK knowledge and rajyoga meditation. Rev. Father Antony and Rev. Father Gabriel, Catholic Priests from Italy, were also present on the stage. 
Earlier, BK Sister Lavanya, Eluru Centre Incharge, had been invited to speak in the Interfaith Forum at St.Theresa Autonomous College for Women.  Other speakers included Rev. Father Gabriel (Italy), Dr.Shyama Sundera Murthy of the Ramakrishna Mission in Guntur, Rev. Father Antony (Italy), Sister Gracy, and Sister Showrilu, Vice Principal of the college.  The 41 foreign delegates from Italy also attended this  Interfaith Forum programme.  
The attachments show the celebration at Eluru centre-AP.
BK Lavanya 

Raksha Bandhan at Shillong, Meghalaya

14 August 2014



Raksha Bandhan Service Photos from Gandhinagar - Rakhi tying to Chief Ministerof Gujarat

14 August 2014



Launching of 7 Billion acts of goodness at Machilipatnam

14 August 2014

from left sister BK.Kavita, sis BK.Bharathi, Incharge of Machilipatnam branch, Bro Bullaiahji, State Secretary of TDP, Bro K.Ravindraji, Minister of Excise and BC Welfare, Bro.BK. Ram Prakash Singhal from USA, Bro M.Baba Prasad ji, Chairman Machilipatnam Municipality, Bro. Achchabha , Bro. Diwakarji,Commissioner MMc, Bro.Kasi Viswanadh ji, Vice chairman, MMC




Rakhi Seva News from Mumbai - Santacruz East & BKC (Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East)

13 August 2014

Mr. GORE, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Cyber Crime , Bandra Kurla Complex is being tied rakhi by BK Prashanti ben. & Mrs. Madhumati Patil, CEO, Chetana College is bring tied Rakhi along with the Management Staff at Chetana College Campus by BK Prashanti.

BK Kamlesh ben tying Rakhi to District Magistrate & Collector Shri Shekhar Channe, IAS, Mumbai Suburban District at his office in Bandra. & BK Kamlesh ben tying Rakhi to Mr. Satish Gavai,IAS, CEO & Vice President Maharashtra Housing & Area Development Authority(MHADA)

BK Prashanti ben Telling the Significance of Rakhi and giving Spiritual message to Kherwadi Police Station. Near about 70 Police personals were present in this occasion.




Media Services during Raksha Bandhan Festival in Delhi

13 August - photos by BK Adit, Gyan Sarovar

Mahamandaleshwar Shri 108 Shri Swami Maartand Puri (Ex Chairman, Disha TV) is being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi (Photo No – 01) & Mr. Mahendra Bathla, Chairman and Managing Director of MH-1 Music Channel  and Shraddha TV Channel is being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi.(Photo No -02 )

Mr. R C Raina, Chief Operating Officer, Disha TV Channel  (India & USA) is being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi .(Photo No-03 ) & Media Officers and staff of Disha TV Channel are being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi, sister Deepti & sister Parminder (Photo No – 04).

Mr. Suresh Chavhanke, Sudarshan TV Channel's Chairman & Managing Director and media staff are being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi (Photo No – 05) & Mr. Santosh Bhartiya, Editor-in-Chief, Chauthi Duniya News Paper, is being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi ( Photo No – 06)

Mr. Somdatt Sharma, Deputy Director of Programmes, Directorate General, All India Radio is being tied Rakhi by BK Aditi.(Photo No – 07)




Dadi Hridaya Mohini typing Rakhi to Prime Minister of India - Hon'ble Narendra Modi

12 August 2014

Rajyogini Dadi Hridaya Mohini, Addl. Chief of Brahma Kumaris tying Rakhi to Hon'ble Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India
Also  in the pictures are Sarla Didi of Ahmedabad, BK Asha Didi of Delhi, BK Brij Mohan bhai, BK Neelu behn and BK Amar behn.



Jitan Ram Majhi - Chief Minister of Bihar and VVIPs being tied Rakhi by BK Sister in Patna

12 August 2014

On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan, sacred Rakhi by Brahma Kumari Sisters BK Sangeeta, BK Aneeta and BK Mahesh Bhai  IAS (Rtd) Patna Bihar E/Z

Mr. Jitan Ram  Majhi Chief Minister Bihar & Mr. Shyam Rajak  Minister (Food&Supply) Bihar

Justice Samrendra Pratap Singh  High Court Patna & Justice Hemat Kumar  High Court Patna

Mr. Anjani Singh, IAS Chief Secretary, Bihar Govt. & Mr. Ravindra Kumar, IPS  Bihar Govt.

Mr. S. K. Bhardwaj,   IAS Bihar Govt. & Mr. Gupteshwar Pandey, IPS Bihar Govt.





Governor of Maharashtra HE Shankaranarayanan & Social Activist Anna Hajare being tied Rakhi by BK Sisters

12 August 2014

His Excellency K Sankaranarayanan - Governor of Maharashtra being tied Rakhi by BK Rupa at Pune. 

Social Activist Anna Hajare being tied sacred Rakhi by BK Usha at Sonai.




Tying Rakhi to Speaker of Legislative Assembly & Other VIPs of Chhattisgarh

12 August 2014

On the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan the following VVIPs were tied sacred Rakhi by Brahma Kumari Sisters. at Raipur (C.G.).
Honourable Speaker of Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly Mr. Gourishankar Agrawal ji,
Chief Lokayukt Justice Shambhu Nath Shrivastava Ji,
Chief Secretary (IAS) Mr. Vivek Dhand Ji,
Chief Information Commissioner (IAS) Mr. S. Minj Ji,
Minister of Water Resources & Agriculture Deptt. Brother Brijmohan Agrawal ji,
Director of AIIMS Raipur Dr. Nitin M. Nagarkar Ji,
Director General of Public Prosecution (IPS) Mr. M.W. Ansari Ji,
Mayor Smt. Kiranmayee Nayak Ji,
Ex- DGP Mr. Anil Nawani Ji 
Member of Parliament Mr. Vikram Usendi Ji, etc. 


President & Prime Minister of Nepal Tied Rakhi by BK Sisters in Kathmandu

11 August 2014

All the VVIPs of Kathmandu, Nepal have been tied Rakhi. The President of Nepal Dr. Ram Baran Yadav, was tied Rakhi by Raj Didi, Director of Brahma Kumaris Nepal. 
In the photo, Prime Minister Mr. Shushil Koirala is being tied Rakhi by Raj Didi. The Chairman of the Constituent Assembly Mr. Subash Nemwang, as well as the Deputy Prime Minister, Ministers, Members of the Constituent Assembly, and the Ambassador of  India for Nepal were also tied Rakhi by Sister Kiran of Kathmandu and others.


Festival of Rakhi celebrated near Indo-Pakistan border by Brahmakumaris in Fazilka/Sulemanki Sector

11 August 2014

Brahmakumaris brothers and sisters, led by BK Priya Behan, Incharge,  Fazilka (Punjab) center, visited the Indo-Pak border to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with brothers serving in the Border Security Force. The Border Security Force (BSF) jawans and officers, who are posted far away from their native places, felt delighted over this noble initiative.




Must watch New Film "Bhagvadgita - Himsa Par Vijay

9 August 2014

Divine Family,
Must watch New Film 'Bhagvadgita - Himsa Par Vijay ' on Peace of Mind Channel  at 08.40 PM on 9th August and 11.00 AM on 10th August 2014.
BK Brijmohan Bhai


SpARC Annual Zonal Meeting cum Retreat, Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad

1 August 2014

Inauguration of SpARC Annual Zonal Meeting cum Retreat: On the stage are (from right): Srikanth bhai, Ambika Didiji, Kuldeep Didiji, Anuroop bhaiji, Sumalatha Behn

For the first time ever, a SpARC zonal meeting was held for Maharashtra zone. Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad hosted this programme from July 4th to July 6th, 2014. A majority of SpARC activities have taken initial flight from this zone, and this occasion was no exception.

Detailed Report


Summary Report: The Future of Power, Pokhara

20 July 2014

Pokhareli Youth Cultural FamilyThe Pokhara Grande Hotel was the venue for 'the future of power dialogue' on 8 March 2014. 58  leaders, the largest number and the most prompt group of delegates, were eagerly awaiting to enter the venue even before time! Nizar Juma opened the dialogue with the comment, "Spirituality is the common ground for all, it is universal and does not need religion."  Anthony Philips from the UK facilitated the dialogue. When asked about events that have empowered their life, Ganga Subedi, Director, International Nepal Fellowship, shared that he and a low caste boy were caught doing some misdemenour, however only the low caste boy was punished. This led to his PhD on untouchability. Dr Kalu Sharma, Chairman, Western Regional Hospital, shared that a visit to a dentist who was oblivious to the pain he had caused his patient, led him to become a doctor.

After the tea break a rich dialogue on the difference between spirituality and religion ensued. Maureen Chen from Australia share, "Superstition is anything done in fear; spirituality connects us whilst religion is tradition and is used either with fear or love, connectedness." Dipendra Shrestha, CEO, Radio Annapuna, "Parents do not even take time to have meals with their children. How can they enrich their lives with values and culture." Dr Krishna KC, "Computers have software and hardware but no heartware. Humans have heartware, the sound of soul and purity is the fundaton of the that." Mr Ashok Palikhe, Director, Fishtail Hospital and Research Centre, "Humans have the propensity to copy. As values are deteriorating, we must become powerful to resist this trend and think for ourselves." In a larger room of the same venue, 500 participants gathered to hear the outcome of the morning session. Brahma Kumaris Banaras Zonal Director, Didi Surendra, welcomed all participants. This was followed by an introduction to the concept of soft power by Nizar Juma. He spoke about his initiative of a 'Blue Company' system which he has initiated In Kenya, where companies will be certified as corruption free.

Through a Talk Show, hosted by Anthony Phelips. Dr Arnold Desser, a Medical Educator from UK, "This morning was fantastic. The most important quality is to be connected! whatever language we use the vibrations go through." Divyakala Shrestha, Regional Educational Director, "We have both positive and negative inside us. The victory of positive over negative will give confidence, love, peace, etc. We need to incorporate this kind of knowledge in the text books designed for youngsters in school level." Anandaraj Mulmi, Former President of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of  Commerce, "I realized today that spirituality is not religion. The future of power is for the next generation, so we must leave a legacy for them."

The Chief Guest, Justice Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha, Acting Chief Judge, Appellate Court, shared his insight, "We know we have a soul but never knew how to empower it. From these deliberations, I have learnt an easy method of how to implement and apply the inner qualities and that we already have these inside us." Senior Bk Pareeneta, Director of Western Nepal, thanked all who have made the programme a wonderful beginning for a new way forward.

Detailed Report




Summary Report: The Future of Power, Kathmandu - March 2014

14 July 2014

Hotel Annapurna was the venue for the Kathmandu dialogue on 7 March 2014. 53 participants fully engaged themselves in the process, making it one of the richest dialogues to date. Nizar Juma opened the session with an appeal, "We need your power, when you speak people listen. Things are changing; power is coming back to this subcontinent." The facilitator, Anthony Phelips from the UK, was quite passionate about bringing 'the future of power ' to Nepal, "I dream of taking this conversation to the whole country."

Bishwa Kant Mainali, Snr Advocate, Supreme Court, "While speaking out as a young man at university I was imprisoned. I discovered that even hardened criminals have humanity and that our justice system is defective. The experience taught me to become a professional lawyer." Shovan Dev Pant, CEO, Lumbini Bank, "Do not imitate anyone, otherwise you will know what you have missed. Be yourself in your personal and professional life. Your mind can become as strong as a mountain." Serena Rix
Tripathee, Advisor, Search for Common Ground, "By planning and reflecting, we can perform actions thoughtfully and with integrity. As the world is speeding up, we need to root ourselves in what we feel is fundamentally right."

Sarah Eaggar, Lecturer, Dept. Psychological Medicine, UK, joined Nizar Juma to respond to questions from the morning session. "Our attitude, vibration and our being does the talking, not words. I need to be the embodiment of what I am talking about. We are human beings not human doings." How do you measure the spirituality you have? Nizar Juma replied, "If you feel happier about yourself, good about it, that is a way to measure. Quality of life itself is a measuring rod."

Read complete report




Brahmakumaris' "Time for receiving God's power" Conference held in Imphal, Manipur

4 July 2014 - Source: Hueiyen News Service

A one-day conference on 'Time for receiving God's power for great transformation' organized by Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya Imphal Centre was held at Gandhi Memorial hall here on Thursday.

Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly Th.Lokeshwar Singh graced the programme as chief guest, while Rajyogi Brahmakumar Atamprakash from Mt. Abu Rajasthan attended as Special Guest.

Dr..SJugindra, Medical Superintendent of Sija Hospitals and Research Institute, Langol and Dr.RK Lenin Singh, Professor, Department of Psychiatry RIMS took part in the programme as guests of honour, while Rajyogini Brahmakumari Nilima hosted the conference.

Brahmakumari Memita Devi, in her introductory speech, said that Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya was set up 1936 at a place called Sin in Pakistan with the objective of developing the mankind. Saying it is not a religious organization, she added that 137 countries of the world have centres of the Vishwa Vidyalaya. Manipur state has 8 centres of the Vishwa Vidyalaya that is based on spiritual values.

Value based education, character formation, health education, spiritual knowledge and meditation are being imparted by the Vishwa Vidyalaya. Four subjects namely Gyan (knowledge), Jog (meditation), Darna (spiritual knowledge) and Seva are taught in the Vidyalaya, under which two institutes namely Raj Yoga Education and Research Foundation, and Brahma Kumari Academy for a Better World are working for bringing about a value based society.

Every individual in this materialistic world has been looking for peace and harmony, said special guest Rajyogi Brahmakumar Atamprakash, while stating that people are still facing desperation and challenges in all respects. He said the only means to peace of mind at this juncture is meditation and search for the creator. He further advised that we should always shun negative thoughts, as positive thinking always brings about peace of mind and ability to cope with difficulties. Love of living creatures and human beings, ability to control the mind, to have spiritual wisdom etc. are ways to peace of mind, he added.



BK Sisters present greetings to N Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

3 July 2014

Hon'ble N. Chandra Babu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is being greeted by BK Sisters in Kuppam (A. P. State)




Celebrating 7 Billion Acts of Goodness

28 June 2014, published in the Indian Express by Express News Services

Dr V Shantha, chairman, Cancer Institute, Adyar, inaugurating the emblem of the global project ‘7 billion acts of goodness'. Mayor Saidai Duraisamy is also seen

The Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, an organisation that imparts teaching and education on spiritual and moral values, launched ‘The Goodness Festival' at Besant Nagar in the city on Friday. The festival is a three-day programme that aims at creating awareness about the values of self, god and acts of goodness through several lectures, seminars and workshops.

The launch ceremony had an introduction to the global project undertaken by Brahma Kumaris titled ‘7 billion acts if goodness', which was intended to encourage everyone to perform at least one act of goodness a day.

Mayor Saidai Duraisamy, who inaugurated the event, said that the primary concern in life was good health, and that one must inculcate good eating habits to enjoy a healthy life. "A healthy person is capable of performing good actions. Only a person who eats healthy can think healthy and consequently perform good actions," he said.

T S Krishnamurthy, former Chief Election Commissioner of India, complemented the efforts taken by Brahma Kumaris in the field of improving the quality of lives. "I sincerely hope that festivals such as these contribute to the welfare of humanity," he said.

The investiture was followed by a lecture on the topic, ‘Women – The ICON of power'. Speaking on the topic, Dr V Shantha, Magsaysay awardee and chairman of the Cancer Institute said, "We have been talking about empowerment of women with reference to the lawful dues a woman must acquire. However, empowerment comes from what a woman is capable of. Every right has its responsibility and therefore, education and awareness are extremely important for one to understand what women empowerment is all about."

"India is ranked 118 among 177 nations, as far as women emancipation is concerned. That's the reason we are still unable to say confidently that we have empowered the women." She also added that female infanticide continued to be a problem in North India, and that the lack of independence for women, zero decision making power in the family and the traditional patriarchal mindset posed serious threats to the idea of women empowerment.

Padma Venkataraman, vice president of Women's Indian Association, said that the concept of empowering women should not be construed as a war between men and women, but a movement that aimed at gender equality.  Nanditha Krishna, director, the CP Ramaswami Aiyar Foundation, said that first step in being good could be by uttering good and kind words.  The second day of the event, which will be held on Saturday, will see competitions among school students on various topics and a session for school teachers and college professors.

The third and final day of the event will provide special attention to senior citizens, who reside at old age homes, accompanied by lectures by renowned personalities.




Mumbai-Gamdevi Centre Golden Jubilee Celebration

21 June 2014

Mumbai-Gamdevi Centre's Golden Jubilee Celebration was held on 21st June 2014 at Shanmukhanand Auditorium in Mumbai- Sion. Many dignities from different fields were present and the auditorium was full with 3000 Guests. A dance drama (Nayi Subah ki Nayi Kiran) was performed by 50 professional artists, with classical dancer B.K. Pooja Mishra presenting the divine message of Baba.

On the dais: Venugopal N. Dhoot,  Chairman and Managing Director, Videocon Industries Ltd. as Chief Guest; Y.P. Trivedi, Ex. MP and Sr. Advocate, Supreme Court; Sushi Shah, Chairperson, Commission for Women (Maharashtra) with Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris; BK Ramesh Shah, Addl. Secretary General, Brahma Kumaris; BK Santosh Didiji, Zone In-charge, Maharastra Zone of Brahma Kumaris & B.K. Niha, Gamdevi Sub-Zone In-Charge.




Rural Development Wing's Retreat, Mt. Abu - Inaugural and Valedictory Session Report & Photos

20-24 June 2014

Photos and short report (in Hindi) of Rural Development Wing's Retreat-Cum-Dialogue



"Nareetva Darshan" wins Best Concept Award in the 4th International Film Festival of India

22 June 2014

It is with great pride that, with God ShivBaba's Grace and the best wishes of all of you and its esteemed viewers, "Nareetva Darshan" has won the "Best Concept" Award in the 4th Gujarat National Film Festival of India 2014. The film was conceptualized and is directed by BK Dr. Sunita Didi, Ph.D, International Management Consultant. The award ceremony was held on Sunday,22nd June in the Preview Theatre of the Kapadia Health Club.

Please see the video of this event:: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91RBatN80o0&feature=youtu.be

Link to Main Promo of Nareetva Darshan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=508M4wcu7tI&feature=youtu.be

Link to news about Nareetva Darshan being honored with Best Concept National Award in Gujarat News:


Link to news about Nareetva Darshan being honored with Best Concept National Award in Peace News of Brahma Kumaris Peace of Mind Channel:


Please find the announcement in HINDI in the All Rajasthan edition of Daily Bhaskar. (Scroll down the file and see left bottom for Nareetva News.)




Felicitation of newly appointed Union Ministers in Delhi by Brahma Kumaris

12 June 2014

1)  Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Savita, BK Fatima and Mr. Dipak after giving Greetings to Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon'ble Union minister for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways.

2)  Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Savita, BK Fatima and Mr. Dipak after giving Greetings to Dr. Najma A. Heptulla, Union minister for Minority Affairs.

3)  Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Savita, BK Medha and BK Raghu  after giving Greetings to  Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Hon'ble Speaker of Lok Sabha.

4)  Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : Sister BK Vijay, BK Savitha, BK Raghu after giving greetings to Shri Prakash Javadekar, Hon'ble Minister of state for Information & Broadcasting.

5)  Delhi (Pandav Bhawan) : After giving Greetings to Shri Lal Krishna Advani, BK Brij Mohan bhai, Principal Secretary, Brahma Kumaris, BK Savitha, BK Sapna and BK Mamta.

6)  Delhi :(Pandav Bhawan) : After giving Greetings to Shri Sadhanada Gowda, Hon'ble Union Minister for Railways, BK Asha, Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre and BK Savitha.

7)  Delhi :(Lajpatnagar -3) :  Hon'ble Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister of Agriculture, being invited to visit Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Mount Abu by BK Sapna after giving greetings.



BKWSU organizes seminar in Ujjain on World Environment Day

7 June 2014 (article by the Bureau of the Free Press Journal)

Ujjain: The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) or Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya organised a semainar on world environment day with the motto of "Clean Mind for a Clean and Green Earth".

Various dignitaries from the city attended the seminar and put forward their view on a cleaner environment, how humankind can help into it preserving it as an asset. Giving information Sister Pratibha of society told that main topics of the seminar among the digintaries were Tree Plantation, Talk on Climate Change and Alternate energy sources, Solar Power Plants, Motivational Talk on ‘Curbing mental pollution for clean environment'. Ujjain Seva Kendra director Sister Usha, Pushpendra Sharma and others also spoke on the occasion.  Sister Madhu Shah proposed the vote of thanks.



Future of Power Vijayawada - January 2014 Summary Report

5 June 2014

A series of exclusive conversations exploring the 'shifts in power' and their impact on leadership in the 21st Century.

On 25 January 2014, at the Gateway Hotel, 60 leaders gathered for a dialogue. Nizar Juma opened the event with a question, "What is power? The more powerful you are, the more power you want. Everyone wants power in one form or the other. We want to explore whether the kind of power we want is beneficial for all."

Many deep insights were shared amongst the participants: Chadalavada Nageswar Rao, Vice President, Siddhartha Academy, "The desire to learn and give a chance to others means that if you fail, then all gain. Failure means the first attempt in learning." J. Krishna Kishore, Founder, Jana Vignan Vedika, "Talking less and listening more leads to success." This was echoed by others: Malineni Narayana Prasad, Managing Partner, Narayana Prasad Electricals, "Be a good listener to make the right decision at the right time." M Krishna Kumari, Director, All India Radio Station, "Listening to others with empathy is the most important quality to lead." BVST Sai, MD, Pralshar Bioproducts, "If a person does rituals and is not involved in spirituality, the purpose is lost, if he becomes spiritual without doing service to humanity, then also the purpose is lost." Vara Prasad, Chairman, Krishnaveni Educational Institutions added, "People of different approaches, religions, etc. need to evolve a system and provide a platform and
resources to learn spirituality; youth need to be given direction to practise spirituality and values taught at a young age." U. Laxmana Suri, Sri Chaitanya IIT JEE Academy, "Spiritual power is also a beautiful science telling us about the presence of God, spirituality is seeing oneness in all."

Read the full article here.




BKWSU helps spread awareness of Tobacco's bad effects on No-Tobacco Day

3 June 2014

Malad (article by the Bureau of the Free Press Journal) 

Brahmakumaris, Malad along with Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast had organised Anti-Tobacco programme recently on the occasion of ‘World No Tobacco Day' at Liberty Garden, Malad, Mumbai. More than 500 people had gathered for this event. Several renowned personalities participated in the programme.

Seen at the event were Bollywood singer Shaan, Wrestler & Actor Sangram Singh, Diabetologist Dr. Arvind Ghongan, Rotary Club Mumbai West Coast President Vikas Upadhyay, Brahmakumari Divyaprabha behen, Borivali BK Subzone In-charge, Brahmakumari Kuntibehen, BK Malad Centers In-charge, Brahmakumari Sangeetabehen, Senior Rajyoga Teacher.

Shaan and other guests appealed to the audience to stay away from Tobacco. Vikash Updhyay welcomed all the guests. Dr. Arvind Ghongane explained the harmful effects of Tobacco. BK Kuntibehen shared how Rajyoga meditation helps in overcoming such addictions and there are thousands of examples who have achieved this with help of Rajyoga meditation taught by Brahmakumaris.


1 June 2014

Ludhiana (extracted from an article in the Hindustan Times) 

Brahmakumaris, Ludhiana, under the aegis of centre head BK Raj, organised a drug addiction awareness exhibition at the city railway station here on Saturday to mark World No-Tobacco Day. On this occasion, people were made aware about the side effects of drugs and tobacco usage.

Dr Rakesh of the Brahmakumaris explained the mindbody-medicine paradigm to create awareness about psychosomatic diseases and role of rajyoga in de-addiction of tobacco, alcohol and harmful drugs.




"My Delhi-Addiction Free Delhi" Campaign

3 June 2014

"My Delhi-Addiction Free Delhi" Campaign Launched Today
"Addiction to alcohol, drug & tobacco is a curse to society"—Justice Eswaraiah
"Proper Education & Motivation Must For De-Addiction"—Dr Udit Raj, MP

New Delhi, May 31: On ‘World No-Tobacco Day', a Health Campaign titled "My Delhi, Addiction Free Delhi" planned by the Medical Wing of the Brahma Kumaris institution was launched in a public program  in held in  Mangolpuri here today.

As a part of institution's country-wide campaign "My India, Addiction Free India", it has also been simultaneously launched in several state capitals and cities today. The aim is to increase public awareness on hazards of drug, alcohol and tobacco addictions, spread the message of WHO's anti-tobacco initiatives and promote healthy habits & positive lifestyle among people in respective local areas.

Launching the Campaign in Delhi, Justice V Eswaraiah, Chairman, National Commission for Backward Classes as Chief Guest said that the menace of alcohol, drug, tobacco and substance abuse in all forms has increasingly become life threatening and a curse to society, killing one in ten adults worldwide.

He said that apart from employing effective govt. policies & deterrents under WHO's preventive guidelines, what is more imperative is to devise motivational and meditational means to de-addict people especially the youth. 'Addiction to spirituality is a better means to end addiction to substance', he said. He welcomed Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan's decision to declare last day of every month as "No Tobacco" Day unlike WHO's 31 May every year.

Such campaigns of the Brahma Kumaris aiming for de-addiction of people through raj-yoga meditation camps in all areas of Delhi & NCR every month from now, are welcome and  commendable moves as these are urgently & regularly needed, he stressed.

Mr Udit Raj, Lok Sabha MP as Guest of Honor said that apart from education and economic empowerment of people what is more important is to spread right knowledge and information about the hazardous effects of various forms of addiction in society to combat the menace of drug-addiction.

He said that moral value education and practice of meditation need to be promoted and popularized among people in a sustained way which the De-addiction Campaign of the Brahma Kumaris aims at to end the scourge of addiction in present day society, he said.

Dr Rajendra Prasad, Director, Patel Chest Institute, Delhi said that no amount of Govt laws, taxation and regulation on tobacco, alcohol or drugs can end people addiction to them, but the will power and motivation to kick the harmful habits need to come from within the individual. Mind control and motivation through spiritual wisdom and rajyoga meditation of the Brahma Kumaris can cure and prevent addiction in various forms, he stressed.

Rajyogini B K Pushpa, Director, Brahma Kumaris' Karol Bagh Center in her blessings said that even though the apparent reasons of drug addiction are modern stressful lifestyle, consumerism and unholy peer group, the real reason is weak mentality and misguided approach to seek peace, solace and sensual pleasure in harmful  objects  and substances.

She said that through spiritual knowledge and meditation on God, drug & substance addicts can empower themselves to experience inner peace, love, happiness and fulfillment which finally can end their dependency on external objects for short lived pleasure.   

Prominent among others who also addressed the launching function were Dr A K Goel, Rajendra Babu Institute of Pulmonary & TB; Dr Puneeta Mahajan, MS, Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital; Dr M D Gupta, Director, Nirogam Medicare, Brahma Kumari Laxmi, Senior Rajyoga Teacher etc.

While school students presented a short skits on drug de-addiction, the public in the audience pledged not to succumb to alcohol, drug and tobacco use or abuse towards the end of the function.

Earlier in the morning today. hundreds of white clad Brahma Kumars & Kumaris  holding anti-addiction banners & placards took out a  two-hour token ‘De-addiction Rally' which was flagged off by local Councilor Mrs Manju Devi and local MLA Mr Jaikishan, in Mangolpuri area.

News in Hindi



Social Wing National Meeting

1 June 2014 - Sonipat Retreat Centre

Om Shanti and Godly Greetings.
This is for your kind information that National Meeting and Training of Social Wing took place at Sonipat Retreat Centre from 22nd of May to 25th of May, 2014. Around 150 including Respected Santosh Didi Ji, Prem Bhai-Gulbarga, Sundri Behn- Delhi, Vijay Behn of ORC and many more attended this meeting and training. On 22nd, there was a grand reception for all. Brother Jai Kumar, District Forest Officer was our special guest. On 23rd, a number of points were discussed in details and following decisions were taken:
1. Programs like FOP would be organised at some important places e.g Viashi- New Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad, Chandigarh, The main topic of this programs will be Future of Society (FOS). There will be one get together for VIPs followed by a seminar or conference for other IPs guests of the town/Area. Some senior members of social wing will give time to contact VIPs of the town and invite them for the program.
2. In order to bring them close to our IVV, we will arrange program at various places where we will invite senior social leaders of that are and honour them for their social services. We must appreciate their contribution to the society and offer our services to them to work together to uplift the society in all fields.
3. We have formed a group of those members who are willing to share responsibility to extend the services of the wing in various areas where we have not so far been able to give or take cooperation of various social leaders of that area.
4. The above mentioned group will also work to make the idea of forming Vishwa Kalyani
Group and We Club as visualized in our WE Project a reality.
5 Every member would make sincere efforts to add more new members to our wing.
6. We would try to give our news letter 'UTHAN" a new look and more informative and
7. Training program in connection with WE Project at various place to train BK teachers and other members.
8. Bhatti program for members will be arranged at some places.

News in Hindi


Children Personality Development Camp at Shantivan

29 May 2014

News in Hindi




7 Billion Acts of Goodness

29 May 2014

Most Respected Sisters and Brothers of the Divine Family and Bapdada's instruments of all centers in India and abroad, Please accept greetings of Godly Love, Peace and Remembrances.

You must be aware that during the annual meeting Bro. BK Ram Prakash from New York gave a presentation on ‘7 Billion Acts of Goodness' initiative which was highly appreciated and everyone heartily accepted to launch this initiative in their respective service areas.

As was suggested in the meeting, few modifications have been made in the vision/mission statement of the program, logo, pledge form, ‘Tree of Goodness' poster etc. We have also introduced a new concept of '30 Ways in which Goodness Returns' which is being printed at the back of the Pledge Form.

There are few suggestions for implementing this initiative:
1.   This program will be launched in the first or second week of June at Madhuban by an eminent person. We shall publicize this in media through Peace of Mind Channel and other mediums.
2.   Governors, Chief Ministers, Chief Justice, Judges, Religious Leaders and other eminent persons can be invited for the launch of this initiative at your respective centers.
3.   In order to implement this initiative in educational institutions like Universities, colleges and schools, the State Education Ministers and Vice-Chancellors can be invited to inaugurate the program.
4.   Youth Groups and Organisations like NCC, NSS, Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan, Women Welfare Organisations, Old Age Homes, Orphanage and others can also be associated with this program.
5.   We can reach the villages and ask them to join and fill the pledge forms.
6.   All the wings of the Brahma Kumaris Organisation can present this program in their respective fields and ask people to fill the pledge forms.
7.   We can use TV, Radio and others media to publicize this program and can invite Newspaper Editors, Reporters etc. to join this initiative. You can give interviews and ask them to write the editorials, articles etc. on this initiative.
8.   We can cover the Hospitals, Medical and Nursing Colleges, Courts, Police Stations, Prisons, Industries, Business Enterprises, Multinational Companies, Transport Corporations like Airways, Railways, and Roadways etc. under this initiative.
9.   We can also link the Film and TV Stars, Theatre Actors, Lyricists, Musicians, Writers, Film Producers, Directors with this initiative.
10. Religious Leaders, Mahamandleshwars, Mathadhish, Temple Priests, Churches, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Buddhist and Jain Monks and followers etc. can also be encouraged to join the initiative.
11. Politicians, Ministers, MPs, MLAs, Mayor, Councilors, Municipal Corporation Presidents, IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS officers etc. can also be associated with this initiative.
12. The BKs can also fill the pledge forms.
13. You can use the Logo of 7 BAOG initiative and use it accordingly to make banners, hoardings, pamphlets, forms etc. at your own end.

We are sending the links of the PSD files (softcopies) of the folder for 7 BAOG, pledge form, tree of goodness etc. in an email. You can download these PSD files and also can put the local center address and print them for service as per your need. You can also translate it in your local language for further use.

Please send the service report, news, photographs, videos, experiences etc. of this initiative on the following address and email id.
Coordinating Office Address:
7 Billion Acts of Goodness Office
Brahma Kumaris Shantivan Campus,
Anand Bhawan, 3rd Floor, Abu Road  - 307510, Rajasthan (India)
E-mail: 7billionactsofgoodness@gmail.com; contact@actsofgoodness.org
Ph.: 9414154848, 8740941383, Website: www.actsofgoodness.org
On Godly Service,
B.K. Mruthyunjaya

Executive Secretary, Brahma Kumaris

Letter to Centre

English Folder

Hindi Folder


Ruhani Rahein on Peace of Mind TV

26 May 2014


Every Sunday 10 Am & 10 Pm
on Peace of Mind TV
(Starting from 11 may 2014)

Ruhani Rahein is a documentary series on the life story of the Founder and senior dedicated members of the institution. It reveals the life of the yogis who have dedicated
their life for the well being of the humanity. The program is an inspiration to make spirituality as the foundation of one's life in order to lead a value based life.




Congratulatory message for Shri Narendra Modi

20 May 2014


To the Supreme Being,God Shiva's, chosen responsible instrument,

Our dear beloved Spiritual Brother Shri Narendra Modiji,

Om Shanti - Greetings of peace!

Multimillion-fold Congratulations on the accomplishment of winning the 2014 General Elections with a landslide victory! This is clear evidence of your deep faith in the Supreme and His work of transforming Bharat into Real Ram Rajya based on Values, complete Peace and 100% Prosperity.

As the new Prime Minister of Bharat, you are the Hope for Tomorrow's Golden-Aged Bharat. May the Supreme Father, God Shiva, bestow all His choicest blessings on your good Self to ensure 100% success in your gigantic mission!!!
With spiritual love & best wishes of the entire Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Family in Bharat in particular, and all parts of the world,

In Godly Service,

B.K. Dadi Janki, B.K. Dadi Hridayamohini,
B.K. Dadi Ratan Mohini, B.K. Sarladidi

Brothers: B.K. Ramesh Shah, B.K. Nirwair, B.K.Brijmohan

Brahma Kumaris Headquarters
Mount Abu (RAJ)



BK Shivani addresses Doctors

18 May 2014 - Surat, Gujarat

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Meetings and Blessings to Players of Royal Challenge Team of IPL

10 May 2014 - Colaba, Mumbai

Photos of Players of Royal Challenge Team of IPL receiving Godly Message and Blessings from B.K. Gayatri and B.K. Neha from Colaba Mumbai.


Inaugural Session of National Art and Culture Conference, Gyan Sarovar, Mt Abu, 2-6 May 2014

5 May 2014

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Godly Message given to Mr Adoor Gopalakrishnan

1 May 2014

Godly message being given to Mr Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Dad Saheb Phalke Award Winner in Pune, by Brahma Kumaris in Pune by BK Roopa nad BK Deepak.

Mr Adoor Gapalakrishnan is an Indian Film director, screenwriter and producer who National Film Awards sixteen times, Kerala State Film Awards seventeen times and also won several international film awards. He won the prestigious British Film Institute awards for Elippathayam.

Mr Adoor received the Padma Shri in 1984 and the Padma Vibhushan in 2006. The Nation honoured Adoor for his valuable contributions to Indian cinema by awarding him the highest cinema award of India. the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for the year 2004.



Children's Summer Camp & Effective Parenting Seminar

1 May 2014 - Ulhasnagar, Mumbai

Brahma Kumaris Ulhasnagar has organized a Summer Camp from 16th april 2014 to 30th April 2014 for the students of 5-10 class in two different batches - morning and evening on all its centers located across the city. More than 1500 students from across the city are participating; following are few glimpses of the camp. Following is a brief of the activities.

  • Sessions on Values
  • Magic of Thoughts
  • Confidence Building
  • Overcoming Fears
  • How to Enjoy Studies
  • Quiz and Games
  • Learning Guitar
  • Dance Competition
  • Easy Meditation and Yoga

Ulhasnagar City MLA Br. Kumar Ailaniji Mayor Sr. Asha Idnaniji, Deputy Mayor Br Jamnu Puswaniji along with other dignitaries have attended the Summer camp.

Effective Parenting Seminar

Brahma Kumaris Ulhasnagar also organized an  "Effective Parenting" seminar on 27th April 2014 during Brahma Kumaris Summer Camp especially for all parents. There was an overwhelming response and around 200 parents attended this session.

Session was conducted by Vijay Menda who is a professional motivational trainer. It was a very informative session and liked by all the audiences wherein speaker focused more on different types of behaviors, personalities, acquiring styles, learning styles and intelligence of children. He also put light on how to provide sustenance for each of the above categorized children. He also introduced a scientific biological test DMIT in order to scientifically identity children's intelligence so that they can be sustained and guided for future accordingly.




Times of India publishes article by Br Brij Mohan

29 April 2014 - Following the Golden Sparrow Model
an article by BK Brijmohan published in "The Speaking Tree Column" of The Times of India (Page -16)



Bharat was once known as ‘Sone ki Chidiya' or The Golden Sparrow. Man, nature and animals lived in peace and harmony. There was truth and non-violence, prosperity and well-being.Unity was the hallmark of the Indic region – even the lion and cow, they say, drank from the same pond. It was a glorious era when there was every kind of joy and bliss.
Ram Rajya or the ideal society with ideal governance was the vision of leaders like M K Gandhi. While India has come a long way in material development since the days of Independence, still, there are many big challenges facing the country.  Divine bliss and happiness can only be established through a righteous value system. Development or governance without spiritual insight cannot lead to lasting prosperity.
In the Bhagwad Gita, Bhagwan says He manifests in this world to uplift the righteous, destroy evil and re-establish righteousness in every age. This is depicted in the Mahabharata in the form of a war where God, as Krishna, is shown helping the five Pandava brothers defeat the mighty army of the Kauravas to claim their rightful kingdom.
The onus of creating Bharat's future of a golden era characterised by not just material prosperity and social justice for all but also by a high moral and spiritual culture rests not with any limited powers of this world but with God Himself.
God is known as Redeemer and Liberator. He purifies souls by freeing them from the bondage of vices, bringing out in them virtues that are intrinsic to every Soul. When a critical number of souls are purified in this way, it will usher in Golden Age or Satyuga.
God goes on to explain the concepts of the soul, God, consciousness, the duties of an individual, qualities that make one divine or demoniacal, and the path to liberation. In effect, the Gita tells us how a human should live in this world, the qualities he should possess, and how, on the basis of divine qualities, one can achieve an elevated status in the present and future.
The Kurukshetra war in the Gita represents the struggle that takes place in our minds when desires, expectations and vices try to dominate innate virtues of the soul. The Gita tells us how we can win these inner battles and emerge as better humans, free from all vices.
Human souls are originally pure, but after they come down from the soul world and play their various roles through successive births, they lose their spiritual awareness and begin to identify themselves with their bodies. This makes them prone to physical desires and vices such as lust, anger, greed and ego.The influence of vices gradually increases and humans start performing unrighteous actions. This leads to pain and suffering, which causes people to turn to God for salvation.
God then comes and reminds humans that they are souls, not bodies, and reawakens in them their original qualities of peace, purity, truth, love, happiness, power and bliss. He teaches them Raja Yoga – a loving soul-conscious communion with the Supreme Soul – by which souls can draw God's infinite powers and virtues and empower themselves.
The Gita says those of a divine state are fearless, pure of heart, steadfast in yoga and knowledge, harmless, true, peaceful, compassionate towards beings, gentle, modest, straightforward and free from anger, crookedness, hatred and pride. This great change in the quality and consciousness of humans influences other creatures and the elements of nature too, transforming them in the process.



All India Conference on Bhagavat Gita

23 April 2014 - ORC, New Delhi

Divine Family

Kindly see attached photos and news (hindi + english ) of the conference on "Geeta ka Bhagwan"  at ORC, Delhi from 19 to 20 April.
More photos follow.

"2-Day All India Conference on Bhagavat Gita Concludes-A Brief Report"

Gurgaon, April, 20: Several opinion leaders from various fields of religion, jurisprudence, education, research, media and jurisprudence addressed several sessions of the 2-Day All India Conference on "Re-establishment of Golden India by God of Bhagavat Gita" organised at Brahma Kumaris' Omshanti Retreat Center, Pataudi road, Gurgaon from yesterday.

In the Valedictory Session today the quint essence of the two day deliberations were discussed and eminent speakers arrived at the conclusion that Bhagvat Gita teachings are secular and universally applicable for one and all because the God of Gita is Incorporeal Supreme Soul, Supreme Light and Supreme Spiritual Father of all human souls.
By recognising this truth, the entire humanity can experience universal harmony, peace and brotherhood leading to solution of many problems  and conflicts created on the basis of caste, creed, community, nationality, race and religion. By applying the teachings of Bhagavat Gita, mankind can  realize India's age-old ideals of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (whole world as family).

Prominent among speakers who deliberated on these spiritual issues were Dr Nilakanth Pati, Former Vice-Chancellor, Jagannath Sanskrit University, Puri; Dr Ramnath Jha, Professor, Dept. of Sanskrit, JNU, New Delhi; Dr Pushpa Pandey, Gita Scholar from Jabalpur; Dr S M Mishra, Professor , Dept. of Sanskrit, Kurukshetra University;Dr Nirupama Devi, Director, Brahma kuamris Rajyoga center,Puri ; Rajrishi Dr Basavraj, Authority on Yoga from Hubli; Mr N K Singh, Sr. TV Journalist & General Secretary, Broadcast Editors Association; Mr K G Suresh, Senior Journalist & Director, Vivekanand International Foundation, New  Delhi; Rajyogi B K Brijmohan, Convenor of the Conference etc.

In Baba's service
BK Asha Didi

From L-R  Dr. S.M. Mishra, Head of Sanskrit Dept, Kurukshetra  University,
Rajrishi Dr. Basvaraj, Gita Scholar, Hubli, M.M.Swami Hari Om Giri, Shri Krishna Ashram, Delhi, Justice V. Eshwaraiah, Chairman, National  Commission for Backward Classes, Delhi, Prof. Sukh Dev Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Haridwar, BK Brij Mohan, Principal Secretary, Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu, M.M. Dr. Shaswatanandji, Kurukshetra, Prof. Dr. Nilakantha Pati, Former Vice Chancellor, Puri, Dr. Mukund Das, Mahant Gopeshwar Peeth, Jabalpur, Mr. Rakesh Mehta, State Election Commissioner, Delhi & Chandigarh
From L-R BK Asha, Director, Om Shanti Retreat Centre,M.M.Swami Hari Om Giri, Shri Krishna Ashram, Delhi,Justice V.Eshwaraiah, Chairman, National  Commission for Backward Classes, Delhi,Prof. Sukh Dev Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Haridwar, BK Gita Didi, Director, ORC, BK Brij Mohan, Principal Secretary, Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu,M.M. Dr.Shaswatanandji, Kurukshetra, BK Usha, Sr.Rajyoga Teacher, Gita Scholar, Mt. Abu,Dr. Mukund Das,Mahant Gopeshwar Peeth, Jabalpur.

Detailed News



Wah Zindagi Wah! Programme at Lodhi Road, Delhi

17 April 2014

Each Soul is Different But not Wrong - B. K. Shivani

The Scientists and Engineers Wing of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation and Brahma Kumaris, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, in cooperation with Oil India Ltd., organised a seminar titled "Wah Zindagi! Wah!" on 17 April 2014 at the local Sri Sathya International Centre.

Sis. BK Shivani, speaking as keynote speaker, said there was no joy in our life because we thought that every person should behave according to me. "We have conditioned our mind," she said. "Now we have to re-programme our mind whether others follow us or not. We have to smile. The sanskars of each soul were different but not wrong. We have to transform our own sanskars, she added. In the first lesson itself, we were told that we are all souls. I have to accept and respect every soul and not reject and disrespect. We can give our opinion to others but whether they accept it or not, is up to them. Whatever be the scene, I have to say Wah! Wah!. Never criticise others she said, and we have to do little homework. With those we are not in good terms, let me write down their qualities. In return, I would start loving them and things will change." Sis. Shivani a conducted mass meditation and requested participants to visit the nearby BK centre.

Justice V. Eswaraiah, Chairperson, National Commission for Backward Classes, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, speaking as Chief Guest said the subject was good and relevant. He felt very happy when he joined Braham Kumaris. To recognise God as Father was a big achievement in his life. "God is establishing New World Order and we have to claim our fortune", he remarked.

Rajyogini Pushpa Behn, Director, Brahma Kumaris, Karol Bagh, New Delhi said, "Wah! Wah! will happen only when we have values and principles in life. My high position, bungalow, car etc. cannot give happiness to me". Br. AK Purwaha, CMD, Engineers India Ltd., said Brahma Kumaris were transforming life of people without any self-interest. Ms. Veena Swarup, Director, Engineers India Ltd., said, "Tension brings down the capabilities and calibre of employees and executives. If they are free of stress they enjoy working". B.K. Dr. Savita Anand, I.F.S., Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Govt. of Rajasthan, also shared her experiences.

Delegates from a host of public sector undertakings including Oil India Ltd., Engineers India Ltd., BHEL, Indraprastha Gas Ltd. (IGL), NTPC Ltd., SAIL, Gail (India) Ltd., ONGC, AIIMS, India Meteorological Dept. (IMD), HUDCO, Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and scores of other IAS/ IPS officers and businessmen, advocates participated (Total 800) in programme. Sister BK Girija, In-charge, Lodhi Road Centre welcomed the guests and BK Pius Bhai coordinated the stage.

Report in Hindi & English



Sarva Dharma Sammellan

16 April 2014 - Gandhidham (Kutchh-Gujarat)

Please see below News and Photos of Sarva Dharma Sammellan held in Gandhidham

News in Detail



Announcing National Media Conference on "Restoring Values in Society - Role of Mass Media" 6th-10th June, Gyan Sarovar

16 April 2014

We are very pleased to inform you that the Media Wing of RERF is going to organise National Media Conference & Meditation Retreat on ‘Restoring Values in Society - Role of Mass Media'  from 6th to 10th June 2014 at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. More than 400 senior media professionals representing print, electronic, cyber and promotional media are being invited from all over India, Bangladesh & Nepal to participate.
We are sending herewith the following attachments:-

1. Media Conference Brochure Front
2. Media Conference Brochure back
3. Registration form
4. Letter for BK Centres regarding conference.
5. Invitation letter for delegates


Report of Dadi Janki addressing Haridwar Sant Sammelan on 20 March

10 April 2014



Mahamandleswar Swami Vivekanand ji sabha main bolte hue. Respected Dadi Janki ji ke asirvachan sunte hue.

Respected Dadi Janki Ji ke sath group photo mein santjan, Saath Mein Asha Behn, Brijmohan Bhai, Prem Behen and Amirchand Bhai. Mahamendleswar Swami Dr. Shyamsunderdas ji Mahraj pravachan karte hue. Shri Mahant Swami Gyandev Singh ji Maharaj sabha mein apne vichar rakhte hue.

Detailed News in Hindi



BK Sisters felicitate Sheila Dikshit, New Governor of Kerala

3 April 2014

Brahma Kumaris Sisters felicitated Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, New Governor of Kerala

In the group photo Brahmakumari Pankaj, Brahmakumari Minni and BK Dr Shankar  at  Rajbhavan, Trivandrum, Kerala are seen with Honourable  Governor.




International Women's Day Celebrations

30 March 2014, Udaipur

On  International Women Day celebration  by ''Rajasthan Mahila & Bal Kalyan Smiti'' Udaipur invited Sister B.K Sudesh, Director, Europe services and Dr. B.K.Binny from Global Hospital Mount Abu  to enlighten the women on  ''Spiritual Empowerment''. More than 5 thousand college girls. village leading women and children were present in this prog.  

Dr. Rajender Singh Chief NABARD, Jaipur, Mr. Girija Shanker, Director RBKS and other eminent dignities  were present on the occasion. Sis. Sudesh and Dr. B.K.Binny were honoured by the chief guest  to recognize the leading contribution of Brahma Kumaris in service of Women.

Dr.B.K. Binny and Sis. Sudesh were also invited at '' ARMY WIVES WELFARE ASSOCIATION'' to enlighten the women on this day on the subject of'' Happy Living''




Divya Anubhuti Samaroh - Dadi Janki and Harish Rawat

23 March 2014

Respected Dadi Janki Ji is addressing Divya Anubhuti Samaroh in Dehradun. Brother Harish Rawat Ji, BK Amirchand Bhai, BK Premlata behen and BK Mahesh Bhai (London) are seen on the stage.

Respected Dadi Janki ji, Chief of Brahma Kumaris  is talking to Brother Harish Rawat ji (Hon'ble Chief Minister of Uttarakhand) during the Divya Anubhuti Samaroh in Dehradun.

Press Release



Future of Power

23 March 2014 - Ajmer

Venue for the dialogue programe was Ananta Resort Pushkar and venue for the public programe was Jawahar Rang Manch.

During candle lighting from left to right- Dr Kshetrapal, Dr Malti Gupta, MLA Anita Bhadel, Elizabeth Padella, Prakash Jain, IAS Hanuman Bhatti, Sister Rajni Dr Nirmala, Anthony Philips, Sister Maureen, Nizar zuma, Hemant Sharda, Dr Ashok Chaudhary, Shanta Didi. Shiv Singh.

Standing (Left to right) : Swami Ved Pati (Acharya), Anshul Bhargava (GM Ananta Resort), Rakesh Kumar Kaushik (Sr Programme Officer), Limba  Ram (Padamshree Awardees & National Archery Coach), Ras Bihari Gaur (Hasya Kavi ), J S Upadhaya(Director , Traning, SBI),Rajiv Jain (President, Jaipur Jewellery Show), Dr Sudhir Soni (Professor, Central University, Haryana), Dr Habeeb Khan Gauran (Chairman, RPSC), Mukesh Mathur (Chairman of NW Railway Union),Shiv Singh    (DRO), Prof Vasudev Devnani (MLA), Raman Gupta (Sports Organizer), Dr K C Singhal (Vice Chancellor, NIMS University), A K Mittal (SDM,LIC), Anthony Phelips (Strategic Marketing Consultant,Oxford,UK), H S Sharma (Sr, General Manager,BSNL), Hanu Roj (Founder Director,Jiff), Panchsheel Jain (Founder Baal Sambal), B N Tripathy (IPS,Additional Secretary,ESIC), Dharmesh Jain (Ex. Chairman Urban Improvement Trust), Navratan Kothari (Chairman KGK Group), Virendra Chaudhary (CMD,First India News Channel), R S Tyagi (Dy. Director ,Incharge Doordarshan Kendra), Hanuman Singh Bhati (IAS,Add. Divitional Commissioner), M N Bhandari (Justice, Rajasthan High Court), Pt. Suresh Mishra (President,Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha), Surendra Singh Shekhawat (Chairman,Hotel Data Inn), Pyare Mohan Tripathy (Dy. Director Dept. of Information &Public Reletion),
Sitting (Left to Right) : Dr. Ashok Chaudhary (Principal & Controller JLN Medical College), Elizabeth Padilla (Programme Manager Anubhuti retreat centre,San Francisco,USA), Maureen Chen (Participants Liaison the future of power, Sydney, Australia), Mrs M.N. Bhandari, Judy Rogers (Executive Director Image & Voices of Hope, Newyork, USA), Sheela Pokerna (Secretary Raj. Pradesh Congress Committee), Nizar Juma (Initiator,the future of power, Industrialist), BK Shanta (Sub Zone-Incharge), Dr. Malti Gupta (Ex.Hod, Dept. of Plastic Surgery,SMS Hospital), Dr. Shobha Tomer (M D, Nims University), Manju Dadhich (Dy. Director,Education Dept.), Dr.Kala Lyengar (Founding Director Point of Life Foundation)



Community Awards 2014 - Madhuban Radio

20 March 2014

It is so good and happy to share with all of you that Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM has won the National Community Radio Award 2014 presented by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting during  National Community Radio Sammelan in Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi. The sammelan was held from 13th to 15th Mar 2014. The Award was Presented by Shri Bimal Julka, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Govt. of India to Radio Madhuban Station Head B.K.Yashwant Ji.  

Out of 165 Community Radio Stations in India, 13 Radio stations were selected to receive the award. Out of 5 categories Radio Madhuban got award in Thematic Category for its program "Gruhasan Se Singhasan". The program describes about how an uneducated woman, Sarmi Bai from tribal family of Nichalagarh fought for literacy especially for girls education and became an idol in her village.

Radio Madhuban thanks Baapdada, Dadis for blessings and the love of divine family for its progress.

News in Hindi


Geeta Gyan Rahasya

20 March 2014 - Bareilly UP

Please find herewith some snaps of Geeta Gyan Rahasya prog. was organised in Bareilly from 6-10 March 2014 and addressed by BK Usha Didi of Madhuban, Mount Abu.

1- Invertis University Chairman Umesh Gautam ji, C.D.O. Bhagvaan Singh ji, A.N.A. Management College Chairman Sanjay Anand ji, State President of All India Industry Association Bharat Bhushan ji, Rajyogini Usha Didi Ji, Bk Parbati bhen ji, Bk Neeta bhen ji candle lighting in inauguration of Geeta Gyan Rahashya Prog.
2- Bhagwat Saran ji, Small Industrial Minister, Shiva Shankar Sharma, General Secretary of U.P.,  A.N.A. Management College Chairman Sanjay Anand ji chating with Rajyogni Usha Didi ji & Bk Parbati bhen ji.
3- M.L.A Rajesh Agarwal ji, Mission Happiness President K.B. Suri ji chating with Rajyogni Usha Didi ji after participating in prog.



Sr Shivani's seminars in Guwahati

20 March 2014


Tallest Shivalinga Record

20 March 2014

On the occasion of 78th Trimurti Shivjayanti Mahotsav Brahmakumaris,Chembur centre, Ghatkopar,Mumbai erected the worlds tallest Shivling replica structure measuring 41feet and 8 inches high for which B.K.Sarla of Chembur centre, Ghatkopar, Mumbai awarded with certificate, gold medal and trophy and BK Nalini didi ji, Ghatkopar subzone incharge and bk Bahadur bhai were also awarded with certificates and silver medals.All these awards were given by Mr. Pavan Solanki,founder President of World Amazing Records and World Records India on 16th March 2014.




SpARC Report

21 March 2014 - Saket Nagar, Delhi

Brahma Kumaris (Malviya Nagar) had organised a SpARC post-conference tete-a-tete on 1st of March, 2014 in its newly opened Centre in Saket, New Delhi. The meeting was aimed to come together and share insights and perspectives into the question of integration of science and spirituality and the ways in which this integration could be brought about, both at the institutional and the personal level.
BK Sundri Didiji conveyed the message of Baba to everyone how Supreme Soul, Shiva has descended into earth and has been re-educating human mind to re-establish the world of peace, purity and prosperity.
BK Lachhman bhai sahab spoke about the Brahma Kumaris organisation and its functions.
BK Sister Shilpa enlightened on Nature of Consciousness in the light of Rajyoga.
Spirituality, as it is conventionally understood is a time-consuming and exclusive activity which consumes available time at our disposal and absorbs our energy and therefore needs to be given a separate space in our list of things to be attended to.  In our meeting, we attempted at driving the point that spirituality is a simple practice of the consciousness that I am originally a spiritual being with virtues and that this awareness actually increases our real time and real energy by increasing our productivity by minimizing usage of time and energy spent on the waste thought resource as any act of attention always leads to conservation. It was a small congregation and everybody found it worthy of value of time and patience.
 The session was followed with Lunch.
A photograph is attached here. Following were the dignitaries who are notable researchers in their respective fields.
Left to Right- Front row- Prof Mahesh Srivastava (Physics & Astro Physics, Delhi University), BK Sundri Didiji (Malviya Nagar), BK Shilpa (Malviya Nagar-Saket), Brother BK Lachhman (Malviya Nagar), Dr. Swadesh Bhatia, BK Nidhi (Malviya Nagar)
Right to Left- Back Row-  Col. P.K. Gautam (Non-traditional Security, IDSA), Wg Cdr Subrat Mahapatra,  (Prof. Jatinder S. Bedi (NCAER), Dr. B. Rajgopal (DD, RSD, IGNOU), Prof. Suresh Kumar (African Studies, Delhi University), Prof. S.B. Arora (Health Sciences, IGNOU).
The programme was co-ordinated by BK Santosh and facilitated by BK Shilpa.




Inauguration of Amrit Sarovar Retreat Centre

11 March 2014 - Gulbarga

It is wonderful Baba who got himself established in the Shape of Brihad Shivling (Grand Shivling) that is about 47ft height with a wonderful waterfall from the height of about 20ft at Amrit Sarovar, Gulbarga, and Dwadash Jyotirlinga Darshan Bhawan spread over 5000Sq ft in a very serine atmosphere with a open theater of 35x55ft and a green lush lawn of 100x200 is attracting the people since its inauguration by Sister BK Jayanti on 25th February 2014.





Future of Power in Pokhara and Kathmandu

7 and 15 March 2014

The Group Photo taken after the dialogue program on Hotel Annapurna where Standing from (Left to right) : Durga Raj Regmi (DGM, Nepal Bank Limited), Pushkar Raj Bhattarai (Head of Office, UN High Comissioner for Refugees), Bijaya Man Sherchan (Executive Chairman, Pashupati Energy Development Company), Ganesh Shah (Ex-Minister, Ministry of Environment, Science & Technology), Dr Rishi Ram Sharma (DG, Department of Hydorlogy & Meteorology), Dr. KB Rokayo (President and General Secretary, National Council of Churches), Bishwa Kant Mainali (Senior Advocate, Supreme Court), Madan Chitrakar (Senior Artist, Kathmandu University), Yogeshwar Krishna Parajuli (Chief Development Commissioner, Kathmandu Valley Development Authority), Ram Chandra Lamichhane (Chairman, Imagine Nepal), Kishore Thapa (Secretary, Ministry of  Urban Development), Krishna Prasad Sharma (CEO, National Commercial Bank), Mahendra Nath Subedi (Research Associate, Royal Botanical Garden), Dr. Arnold Desser (Medical Trainer, National Health Service UK), Shovan Dev Pant (CEO, Lumbini Bank), Barry Jareckyj (Business Development Consultant), RP Bichha (Director, Kanti Hospital), Neel Kantha Uprety (Honourable Chief  Election Commissioner, Election Commission), Anthony Phelips (Strategic Marketing Consultant), Deepak Man Sherchan (Executive Chairman, Creative Builders Collaborative), Gyanendra Lal Pradhan (Executive Chairman, Asian Council on Water, Energy & Environment), Khadananda Chaudhary (DIG, Metropolitan Armed Police Force), Hari Bhakta Sharma (Executive Director, Deurali-Janta Pharmaceuticals), Laxman Lal Karn (Honourable Member, Constitutional Assembly), Shashi Bahadur Thapa (Environmentalist), Dr Chet Raj Bhatta (Assistant, Nepal Radio Broadcasting Servi IST, Tribhuban University), Francois Becher (NC, Brahma Kumaris, France), Khim Lal Devkota (Central Committee Member, Unified Communist Part of Nepal (Maoist)), Dr Ramesh Chandra Adhikari (Professor of Political Science, Tribhuban University), Ananda Raj Khanal (Director, Nepal Telecommunications Authority), Surya Prasad Silwal (Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers), Dr Dinesh Bhuju (Academician, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology), Ram Singh Ayer (Vice Chairman, Brahma Kumaris, Kathmandu), Deepak Bista (President, Nepal National and Int'l Players Assn), Bishnu Kumar Agrawal(Managing Director, Morang Auto Works), Sushil Kumar Bhattchan (Chief Advisor, JICA)

Sitting (Left to right): Sarah Fitzgerald (Interior Designer), Rosemary Turberville Smith (Coordinator, Inner Space), Ambika Shrestha (President, Dwarika's Hotel), Serena Rix Tripathee (Senior Advisor, Search for Common Ground), Dr Sarah Eagger (Clinical Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Medicine, UK), Vijaya Laxmi Rana (General Secretary, Himani Trust), Dr Chandra Lekha Tulachan (Doctor, Rotary Club ), Nizar Juma(Industrialist, the future of power), BK Raj Didi (Director, Brahma Kumaris Nepal), Arju Rana Deuba (Honourable Member, Constitutional Assembly), Chirik Shova Tamrakar (Dean, IST, Tribhuban University), BK Kiran didi (Deputy Director, Brahma Kumaris, Nepal), Terry Borne (International Teacher, Beijing International Management Institute), Dr Mizue Honda(Doctor, Japan Overseas Health Administration), Neetu Gupta (Communication Head, the future of power).


The Group Photo taken on Evening (Talk Show) Program in National Academy Hall where Former Chairman of Council of Ministers  Hon'ble Khil Raj Regmi is inugrating ‘the future of power' programme, by lighting the traditional lamp along with Nizar Juma (Industrialist, Kneya), Brahmakumari Raj Didi (Director Brahmakumaris Nepal), Anthony Phelips (Strategic Marketing Consultant) and Dr Sarah Eagger (Clinical Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Medicine, UK), Francois Becher (N C, Brahma Kumaris, France) are seen.

The Group Photo taken after the candle lighting on Evening (Talk Show)  Program  in National Academy Hall where Former Chairman of Council of Ministers  Hon'ble Khil Raj Regmi with Nizar Juma (Industrialist, Kneya), Brahmakumari Raj Didi (Director Brahmakumaris Nepal), Anthony Phelips (Strategic Marketing Consultant) and Dr Sarah Eagger (Clinical Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychological Medicine, UK), Francois Becher (N C, Brahma Kumaris, France) are seen.


Audience photo on Evening (Talk Show)  Program in National Academy Hall Kathmandu.



Upcoming Media Conference at Gyan Sarovar

10 March 2014

We are very pleased to inform you that the Media Wing of RERF is going to organise National Media Conference & Meditation Retreat on ‘Restoring Values in Society - Role of Mass Media'  from 6th to 10th June 2014 at Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu, Rajasthan. More than 500 senior media professionals representing print, electronic, cyber and promotional media are being invited from all over India, Bangladesh & Nepal to participate.
We are sending herewith the following attachments:-
1. Media Conference Brochure
2. Registration form
3. Letter to BK Teachers regarding conference in Hindi
4. Invitation letter to delegates
You are requested collect the Conference Brochure from Media Wing Office (Anand Bhawan), Shantivan.
For registration, please contact:
B. K. Shantanu, HQ Coordinator, Media Wing, Mount Abu (Raj.)
Cell: 94141-56615 / 99287-56615 / 84260-40615 / 94133-84884
Tel: 02974-238615;  Email : mediawing@bkivv.org   / mediawing@gmail.com
For further query, please contact:
B. K. Sushant, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Delhi; Cell:  93509-22333
B. K. Atam Prakash, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Abu Road; Cell: 94141-54234
B. K. Aaspi, National Coordinator, Media Wing, Mumbai; Cell: 98205-04236

Conference Letter for Centre

Delegates Letter

Media Conference Brochure Front

Media Conference Brochure Back

Registration Form


TV and Film Artists celebrate Shivjayanti

8 March 2014 - Mumbai





Save Women, Save the Nation Campaign

8 March 2014

Save Women, Save The Nation Campaign organised at Shanti Sarovar Raipur. It was inaugurated by Wife of Chief Minister Smt. Veena Singh Ji, Mayor Smt. Kiranmayee Nayak Ji, Chairperson of Jila Panchayat Smt. Laxmi Verma Ji & Zone Incharge Brahmakumari Kamla Bahen, Director of Rajiv Gandhi Shiksha Mission Reena Baba Saheb Kangale Ji (IAS) and Secretory of Public Service Commission Ku. Rita Shandilya Ji.




Nareetva Darshan on Zeejagran and Sanskar TV

9 March 2014

13 episodes of 'Nareetva Darshan' will be aired on Zee Jagran and Sanskar Channel from this Sunday 9th March on eve of 365th International Women's Day (8th March)

Details are as follows:

Day & Date: Sunday 9th March 2014

Zee Jagran: 10:30am to 11:00am

Sanskar Channel: 2:00pm to 2:30pm

Feedback to be sent to nareetvadarshan.bkgws@gmail.com



Changing Attitudes towards Women, the Spiritual Way

4 March 2014





News from Sr Jayanti's visits to Gulbarga, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad

1 March 2014

On Tuesday 25th evening we drove to Amrit Sarovar Retreat place about 25 minutes away from Gulbarga. The Retreat place is under construction and a few places have been completed: Reception area, simple basic accommodation for two sisters, another place for two brothers to stay, and in particular a very beautiful museum done in a very elegant way with 12 Jyotir Lingams and a huge Shivling about 40 feet high. At the base of the Shivlingam inside the hall is a Meditation Room. Outside on one side they have the Nandigan the bull, Shiva's chariot, and also a fountain that's called the ‘Janki Jal Dhara', which was very lovely.

We had a reception with several dignitaries and people who had donated the land. Then we went on to inaugurate the Shivlingam, and then inaugurate the Museum with the 12 Jyotirlingams, and then begin the stage programme. It was outdoors and about 3,000 people had come from around the city. It was a beautiful gathering. It was essentially my talk and a short messages from some of the dignitaries. We then had dinner at the Retreat place and all 3,000 were served Brahma Bhojan. I met with the Sevadharis who were serving on the site and then we returned to the Main Centre. The Municipal Corporation had arranged for buses that would take people from the centre of town to the Retreat place, which is in an area called ‘Geeta Nagar' which also seems appropriate! All of it is situated on a Hill, and when you stand on the top it's a very, very beautiful scene. The Shivlingam is visible for many, many miles around.
On Wednesday morning we had class, and then went to the Geeta Nagar, Amrit Sarovar again. This time it was to lay the foundation for the Auditorium Building that is going to be constructed. So that's the next phase of the project. The third phase will be the accommodation. The Shivlingam is already attracting a lot of Shiva devotees and this is an area where there is a lot of Shiva Bhakti already, so it's working very well in terms of service. There has been quite a lot of Press Coverage, both for the programme that took place at the Centre, as well as for the Public Event at the opening of the Museum.
From Geeta Nagar, we drove straight to Hyderabad and on Thursday in Hyderabad there was a major event with 550 people in the Auditorium on the subject, ‘Power of Happiness'. The talk was in English which most of the audience could understand. The few who couldn't were given translation in Telugu and Hindi. After the event, there were various meetings with families.

We then went on a tour of the new Kitchen and Dining facility. This is a huge area which has been built up with many facilities for feeding 2,000 people. The capacity of the Auditorium is also 2,100 and so Baba's Kitchen caters for that number. Everything has been done very beautifully and elegantly.

On Friday morning we left at 4.30am for the airport and onto Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad, they had the raising of Baba's flag at Lotus House. The Chief Councillor of Ahmedabad was present, as well the local Councillor, also a woman who is an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly), and another woman who has been voted Councillor thrice in the past. After the raising of the flag and celebrations in the hall, which included speeches and the cutting of a cake, we then went across the road where they had set up an Exhibit with the Amarnath Shivlingam, and part of the Gita story with Arjuna and the Chariot.
The Chief Commissioner who had come mentioned that he doesn't usually go to religious gatherings, but somehow he had come to ours, and it had given him great pleasure that we should think about celebrating God's birthday with a cake! He had never before seen a cake being cut for God, the Supreme Shiva before and he enjoyed that… We then returned to Shantivan by 27th afternoon.



Sr Jayanti inaugurates Amarnath Darshan Jhanki

1 March 2014 - Ahmedabad



Largest kite on Maha Shivratri - World record event

27 February 2014 - Belgaum, Karnataka




Home Minster inaugurates 40 feet Shivalinga

27 February 2014 - Shanti Sarovar Retreat Centre - Raipur

On the occasion of Mahashivaratri Festival Dwadash Jyotirlinga Darshan Jhanki is being organising at Shanti Sarovar Raipur from 25th Feb to 4th Mar 2014. It is inaugurated by Honourable Home Minister of  Chhattisgarh Govt. Mr. Ram Sevak Pakera Ji along with Zone Incharge B. K. Kamla Bahen. The main attraction is 40 feet high Shivalinga made at Shanti Sarovar.





Justice Eswaraiah inaugurates Shiv Jayanti Celebrations

27 February 2014 - Harinagar, Delhi





News from Sr Jayanti - Visit to Gulbarga

25 February 2014

There was a very sweet welcome on arrival in Gulbarga. In the evening there was a programme for 300 VIPs. One particular Judge brought three other Judges who were his friends. The Registrar of Gulbarga University, where Dadi Ratan Mohini was recently honoured with a Doctorate, was also present. Some who have been good friends for many years brought others who were new friends so it was a very good evening. Essentially it was myself giving the talk, and others sharing experiences.

At night after dinner, we had a Teachers' class. The Teachers who were from Gulbarga and the 12 Centres connected with Gulbarga all joined in. On 25th morning we had extended Morning Class, offered bhog for Shiv Ratri, hoisting of Baba's flag, and everything went on through until 10am.

We then had a meeting with about 12 Kumaris who are committed to Baba, not yet ready to be full-time instruments, but helping in Baba's work. There was also a meeting with people from the Media. Karunabhai had had a Press Conference on the 19th just before Dadi Ratan Mohini's arrival, in which he had given news of my visit and the upcoming programme, and the new retreat place that is under construction. So on the 25 the newspaper carried information about the new retreat place and the programme to take place on 25th evening which was the inauguration of the first phase of the work. We had around 9 media people from TV Channels and newspapers.

So on 25th evening the programme took place at the new Retreat place. Gulbarga used to be a small town but now has a huge Hospital and a well-established University, and seems to be quite a big city. It's the capital of the District. The family was very appreciative of the fact that even though Dadi Janki was not able to travel, we were able to visit, and everything has worked out very smoothly. The programme they designed was created within less than 20 days.

Gulbarga has a special connection with Dadi Janki and Pune, because when Prembhai started the Centre in 1969, he was alone, a single Kumar, and Dadi Janki used to send teachers from Pune to go for Rakshan Bandhan, Shiv Ratri and other major events and celebrations. So there is a sweet karmic connection between Gulbarga and Pune. Many of the older teachers know Gulbarga probably because they themselves had gone to serve Gulbarga at some point. Prembhai also remembers those days of Dadi's sustenance very, very clearly with much love.



Sr Shivani - Press coverage in Ludiana

25 February 2014



National Media Conference and Meditation Retreat at Gyan Sarovar

24 February 2014

We are pleased to inform you that the Media Wing of RERF is going to organise a National Media Conference and Meditation Retreat at Brahma Kumaris International Headquarters, Gyan Sarovar Academy, Mount Abu (Raj.) India
Name of the Event:
National Media Conference and Meditation Retreat
Restoring Values in Society – Role of Mass Media
6th June to 10th June, 2014
Academy for a Better World, Gyan Sarovar, Mount Abu (Raj.)
Media Wing of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation and Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya
Aim of the Conference:
The aim of the Media Conference is to facilitate free and frank discussion and deliberation through various sessions to arrive at a consensus on all possible media contributions for making people, professions and society value-based.
Who can participate?
About 400 Senior Media Professionals, Media Academicians and Experts representing Print, Electronic, Internet, Film and Promotional Media(PRO) from all over India, Nepal and Bangladesh are expected to participate. Non-media persons and children are not permitted to attend this Media Conference.
Programme in nutshell:
Friday, 6th June, 2014: Arrival, 6.00 pm - Reception Session
Saturday, 7th June, 2014 : 10.00 am - Inauguration, Conference Sessions & Cultural Programme
Sunday, 8th June, 2014 : Conference Sessions (Contd...) and Valedictory Sessions
Monday, 9th June, 2014: 9.30 am - Sight Seeing and 5.00 pm onwards up to 10th June - Departure
Registration :
There is no registration fee, but prior registration is essential. Registration form will be accepted on merit and first come, first serve basis.  A photocopy of the participant's Press Identity Card and Visiting Card may kindly be furnished along with the Registration Form.  
Registration form is enclosed herewith. The Brochure in English will be ready by next week.
For Registration and Details of the Program, please contact:
B. K. Shantanu, Coordinator, Media Conference
Media Wing Office,  Brahma Kumaris, Pandav Bhawan, Mount Abu (Raj.) 307501
Media Wing Office,  Brahma Kumaris, Anand Bhawan, Shantivan, Abu Road (Raj.) 307510
Cell:  94141-56615, 99823-88657, 99823-88657 Tel / Fax : 02974-238615
Email: mediawing@bkivv.org, mediawing@gmail.com



News from Sr Jayanti - Visiting the Mela in Surat and Shanti Sarovar, Hyderabad

24 February 2014

On Saturday when I left for Surat there was a huge amount of traffic on the road as we entered Surat, and so it took over an hour to get to the Centre, even though we had a guide showing us the way. At the Centre, we were welcomed by Poornimaben and Bipinbhai. They had come from Nadiad for the programme, and Truptiben of Surat was there too of course. All of us stayed in a mansion across from the Centre, which was a very beautiful place.
In the evening we went to the ground the big Mela was taking place, called the Amarnath Mela, and this had an image of the Amaranth Shivalingam made in the middle of a mountain in ice etc. All the other 12 Jyotirlingams from all over India were also on display. There was of course Baba's Gyan Mela. It was a huge ground given free by two brothers who own that space. The ground is right in a central location and the Mela was beautifully done. A jeweller who had donated all the statues in the Gokul (Krishna) Village area was also there and he inaugurated the Mela with myself.
After seeing the Mela, we went to the Public Event. There were 1000 invited guests. BKs were only there in the role of helpers as the space was for 1000 on chairs and then a few hundred on the floor. It was a very good programme with flag-hoisting and it was a chance to give Baba's introduction. The guests were mainly from the diamond trade as Surat is the place famed for this work. Some years ago, Surat had severe floods and so many problems after that so since then the whole city has been cleaned up and reconstructed, so that now it's a very beautiful city.
23rd morning a programme took place on the same ground, and this time we had 1,000 BKs of Surat and the neighbouring Gita Pathshalas and Centres, so it was a good programme with everyone present. On Sunday throughout the day, we learned later, they had 30,000 visitors coming to see the Mela. Meanwhile we travelled to Nadiad where we had a meeting with 17 Kumaris who are at the Hostel there and many BKs from abroad who are now resident in Nadiad. They all joined us for Brahma Bhojan and a short chitchat.
We then returned to Ahmedabad and then took a flight to Hyderabad and arrived in Shanti Sarovar at night. Even at night it was clear that in the nine years since I last went there have been huge developments in Shanti Sarovar. On 24 February morning we were able to see much more. One new building was Peace Cottage where a very beautiful suite has been created for the Dadis. There were also other new rooms for some special retreat guests to stay. Another building I saw for the first time was the Global Auditorium which has a capacity for 2,100. It might have been around 700 BKs who came for Morning Class the next day. It was a working day so not everyone could make it, but many were there. After morning class, we had a celebration for Shiv Ratri and raised Shiv Baba's flag. Hyderabad was interesting because we were expecting it to be hot, but there was a very beautiful breeze and so the weather was just right. We then left for Gulbarga.




Shiv Jayanti hoardings (billboards) available for download

21 February 2014


For signs and pamphlets in Hindi and other Indian languages, please click below:

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Administration Wing holds dialogue in ORC, Delhi

20 February 2014

Pl. see attached news file and photos of Administrators' Dialogue Prog. at Om Shanti Retreat Centre - Delhi Near Gurgaon on 15th February, 2014.

Detailed news in Hindi






News of Passing of Sr Geeta Behenji of Bilaspur (CG) Centre

19 February 2014

See Transitions page for full details or click here




Tribute to Sr Shakti, Centre Incharge of Jhajjar Centre

19 February 2014

See Transitions page for full details or click here



Godly message given to Chief Editor of Malyala Manorama

16 February 2014

Pune - Mr Mamen Mathew, Chief Editor of Malyala Manorama, the 3rd highest-selling newspaper in all of Bharat, is being given a Godly gift by Sr Viday and Br Deepak.



Dadi Ratan Mohini honoured with Doctorate degree

14 February 2014

Reverend Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini ji, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris was awarded with Honorary Doctorate Degree in recognition of her contribution towards the spiritual, moral and social empowerment of youth and women in particular and society in general. The award was conferred upon her by Professor E.T Puttaiah, Vice Chancellor and by Professor Chandrakant Yatanoor, the Registrar of Gulbarga University on 20th February, 2014 at the  32nd  Convocation Ceremony of the University.
The Chief Guest, who delivered the Convocation Address, was none other than the world renowned scientist, Padma Bhushan Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. Twelve eminent personalities from different fields who received  the  Honorary Doctorate Degree  included Rahul Dravid, Former Indian Cricket Captain, Shri H.K Muniappa, Union Minister of State for Micro, Small and Medium Entreprises, Janab Shri Qamarul-Islam, Cabinet Minister of Karnataka and Shri Mohan Manghnani, renowned Industrialist, Educationist and Philanthropist from Bangalore among others.
The recipients of the Honorary Doctorate Degree along with the Chief Guest, Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Minister, Deans of various faculties of the University, Administrative staff , Academic Council Syndicate members and other dignitaries were taken out together in a procession with the bandset playing in the background and the group was greeted with  huge round of applause as they steeped on the stage.
The University also awarded Doctorate/M. Phil/ Bachelor degrees to the students of law, science , arts, commerce , philosophy, languages etc.   There were about 3000 participants in the Convocation Ceremony.  The entire event was covered by different TV Channels, print media and other media personalities and telecasted live through Peace of Mind channel. The whole event was beautifully organised and had a patriotic fervour with the national anthem and devotional songs being played by the artists from the University.
Dadi Ratan Mohini ji was the only woman leader among other 12 recipients of the Honorary Doctorate Degree. It is indeed a great honour and a feather in the cap of Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya. This is another unique step in the glorification of Godly services and also in the recognition of Dadi's dedication, devotion and contribution towards the moral reconstruction and upliftment of humanity.

Please see full text here.

Please click on above photo to watch 4 minute video of event.



Meditation session for fire officers

28 January 2014 - Source: The times of India, Trichy, Chennai (online edition)

In order to beat the constant stress faced by the fire and rescue personnel, as many as 50 fire fighting commanders were given a meditation session by the Brahmakumaris here on Monday.

The personnel from Pudukkottai and Trichy districts were part of the first phase of the meditation and breathing technique session that was held at the Cantonment fire station here. The Brahmakumaris from Chennai who trained the fire and rescue team personnel are on a campaign - "Nature, Environment and Disaster Management" that got underway from January 19. The campaign will end on February 4.

The Brahmakumaris charged that the environment has been completely ruined by humans and so in order to improve it, such drive is being conducted. The fire and rescue personnel who are lifesavers and undergo a lot of stress have to be provided with such training so that they can think clearly without any second thought. The breathing exercise will help them even when battling heavy smoke in the event of a fire outbreak.


Liberation through Renunciation

18 January 2014 - Source: The New Indian Express, article by B K Jaya

The act of renunciation is considered to be very elevated and is believed to be a mode of conduct to attain highest morale. It is also believed that this is a possibility for only a very few who desire to attain God. But for the commoner, the word ‘Renunciation' is very much a synonym to detachment and is mostly understood as being cold and expressionless.

How can a man who is impassive, have passion to uplift humanity? How can a person who has disinterest, hope for achievement? How does one who has feelings of abandonment, have love for the mankind?

The act of renunciation in reality is, to gain more and to inherit infinitely — contradictory to it's meaning of giving up. That is why it is rightly said that giving is receiving. A bird has to let go of the land to experience the dimensions of the sky. To see everything through the eye of God and his perception, we have to abandon our own visions and sensing.

Authentically, we only have the authority and ability to give up what belongs to us. In a broader aspect, renunciation is understood as materialistic abandonment and giving up of family, possessions and relationships. But do these really belong to us?

In reality, we merely use them and take care of them as a trustee. In such case, how can this be termed as renunciation and enable us to receive the experience of abundance?

The final 18th chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita accentuates liberation through renunciation. This lesson completes a man to ascend from human to angel. So renunciation must be a very elevated action. But such a task is not within the scope of an ordinary man and it has to be taught by God himself to perfection. The state of perfect and complete is described as being completely vice-less, completely virtuous with divine attributes and completely non-violent.

The Bhagavad-Gita depicts Arjuna inside a chariot and the chariot being driven by the Lord.

The human body is the chariot and Arjuna is the soul. The supreme teacher's teachings cannot be for only one Arjuna.

Anyone who allows his chariot (body) to be driven by the supreme is Arjuna and the one who follows the supreme soul's teachings attains self sovereignty.

The teachings are perhaps very much for the intellect.  The Intellect uses knowledge to pursue the contact and communication with the supreme being. Once the intellect is able to recognise the supreme, the spontaneous flow of purity and love makes the experience of God as a mother, father, friend and beloved, possible. Without this experience the relationship cannot exist and without the relationship, the communication is not genuine.

Love for the supreme makes the mind turn away naturally from everything else. If having renounced something and still our thoughts are pulled towards that being or object, then it is only a physical renunciation and we are still tied or bonded in mind, and are still slaves to that desire.

We have to renounce that which is ours and our creations. Today, every single thought, feeling, attitude, perception, habit, word and action with traces of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego is our own creation to satisfy our sensual sanity. We have to abandon these creations from the intellect. To have the experience of Liberation, the complete freedom, we should relinquish egotism, violence, pride, lust, anger, and the proprietorship of "I" and "my". We can then inherit the traits of what we are connected to. We can then inherit love from the ocean of love, peace from ocean of peace and power from the almighty.

Easy and practical, true renunciation from intellect was demonstrated to householders who really do not have to abandon anything, their home, possessions nor family, by a successful jeweler and businessman known for his integrity, named Brahma. In 1937, he surrendered himself to God, to become an instrument to recreate the world. He made God's aspirations for all, his inspiration and he dedicated his life to the sublime task of uplifting Humans.

He was a foremost student of Raja Yoga Meditation and he always maintained that he was just a student of God, the supreme being, and not a guru. But his every thought, word and deed became a teaching for many. He became an exemplar of the supreme teachings for an elevated life, and this gave a new birth and spiritual sustenance to many, irrespective of religion, caste, and creed. He was lovingly called Baba and is the founder father of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Organisation.

He transformed the attitude of the youth by raising their self esteem. He changed the fate of women and made them spiritual leaders. He created a blueprint expression of a new age with purity and peace in his mind and his tireless effort to make this into a reality is still continuing, through the 9,500 branches in approximately 140 countries.  His incognito effort has transformed the lives of many thousands and has made love, peace, and happiness a reality.

Through intense practice of Raja Yoga, the nexus of the soul with the supreme soul, he attained a stage of perfection. He broke free from all bondages and limitations and left his corporeal role on the 18th January 1969. He still persists in his task of world transformation in a subtle manner.

His life is a paradigm of the final 18th chapter of Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita which accentuates liberation through renunciation, the lesson which completes man's rise from the ordinary to an elevated angel.



Smriti Diwas - Omshanti Retreat Center

18 January 2014 - Gurgaon





Sr Shivani is awarded "Mumbai Women of the Decade Achievers" plaque

02 January 2014