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Satguruwhar Bhog Messages for the 27th October

27 October 2022



Bhog Message on Avyakti Parivar from Mohini Didi [5:21]






Nairobi Bhog Message from Vedanti Didi [20:24]







Bhog Message from Pandav Bhawan (Sr Shashi) [11:03]






 Bhog Message from Shantivan (Sr Rukmani) [07:56]











Sudesh Didi – 24th October 2022 Diwali Morning Class – GCH by phone from Madhuban: The Fire of Self-Realisation Dispels Darkness

25 October 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Good morning and happy Diwali to the living lights, who are giving a vision of divinity, spirituality, purity and royalty of the golden-aged Diwali. In Madhuban, we have been celebrating Diwali for the last few days at different places. The decorations of each place are unique and wonderful.


Baba asks us to reflect, recollect and experience our beauty, the sparkling living lights within ourselves. In this Brahmin life, Diwali is a very significant festival. In Shivratri and Rakshabandhan, we renew our promise and relationship with Baba. Diwali is celebrated across many days with so much splendour, joy and intoxication.


87 years ago, our Yagya was established, and Diwali is remembered as the foundation of the Yagya and incarnation of the Living Light, Jyoti Lingam, the Supreme Being of Light, the Beloved of all, incarnated in the corporeal form, to enlighten His children, and ignite their inner light.


And these lights are so wonderful, as Baba said today, when one light is lit, it can light thousands of other lights. And the beauty of this light, which the immortal soul has, is that the more you ignite the light of others, the more your own light shines. Baba sees us as the living lights. We are the lights of God's hope, the ones who are establishing the new world, Paradise, the world of happiness where there's no trace of sorrow. Each and everyone is healthy, wealthy, prosperous and happy in every aspect. This is why this world is called Paradise or Heaven, Vaikunth, which means there is no trace of sorrow; no name or mention of suffering; nothing is lacking there. It is a world of full satisfaction and happiness. The Confluence Age is the foundation of that time. At the beginning of the Yagya, when all these lighthouses and might-houses, all the Dadis and Dadas, surrendered their lives on the Supreme Flame. They came running to this Eternal Light, just like moths, surrendering themselves to the Light, becoming part of the Light, and they themselves become eternal lights.


Our ancestors, our Dadis and Dadas, were instantly attracted by the Light. They surrendered instantly, letting go of their body consciousness, of being wealthy and of being prestigious in society. They made themselves belong to Baba. This was 87 years ago, and the tree has now grown older and older, stronger and stronger. And Baba said, till the end, all the living lights, the Brahmin souls, who will go into the world of happiness, will emerge. For Brahmins, not only does the soul becomes light, even the body becomes light. Angels are always shown with a body of light, transparent light; the soul, seated in the centre of the forehead, is light. Baba reminds us that what we were, now we are becoming that again. Baba says that we are the lineage, the lights of the Brahmin family, the Godly family, who glorify the name, the honour, of this divine family, since we are now, the living lights of the Supreme Light, the children of the Supreme Light.


The wonder is that we had been saying, “Oh God, help me, God, help me.” And now, God says to us, “Oh sweet children, 'Help Me, Help Me'.” This is so interesting, God is so humble, such a benevolent being. Baba says we are not the earthen lamps. On Diwali day, people ignite clay lamps by putting oil in them, putting a wick in them, and igniting them - but these earthenware lamps can only last for a short time.


Another aspect is that when the earthen lamp is lit, though it can show the light to others, underneath it itself remains in the dark. Sometimes, in body consciousness, though we are able to give light to others, within our own inner beings, we are not able to see what weaknesses and defects are still in us. Baba teaches us to check the inner light, to look at our inner selves. In order to create the new world, we need to unite the lights of love. It is with the fire of love that the living light is lit. With a strike of the matchstick, the fire ignites that candlelight. It is the fire of self-realisation. Who do I belong to? How great is my fortune! I am the fortune maker of myself, and, the fortune maker of others. With this vision, you dispel darkness. You are not the earthen lamp anymore. You are removing this gravity of the physical body. Baba says we are the lights of His eyes.


In order to bring the light of Godly life, the Godly light in ourselves, we need to connect it with the Supreme Light, the beloved Light and Baba’s Light. This is also a memorial, the light of the children, Baba says that after making efforts, some lamps are lit. When we do candle lighting, the candle or the light bulb gives light in all directions. We are becoming the lighthouses and the might-houses, that give light to the entire world.


Baba’s vision of us as the light of love, the light of purity, the light of peace, the light of truth; that beauty makes us beautiful. When the light is lit, your third eye opens; when the inner light is lit, you are enlightened. You become trikaldarshi (one who sees the three aspects of time). You are able to see the inner light, with the light of knowledge, you are able to see your original past, living in the beautiful world of perfection, and your original stage as the sparkling light, as the soul. We understand how we, then, became body conscious, how Ravan attacked us, how the attraction to this physical world created bondage and how we gradually lost our light. And now is the time again, to reach our perfect past. In the present Confluence Age, God gives us the presents of all His virtues. In fact, He's giving us the inheritance, so that we are able to create our perfect past into a perfect future. Our future is being created now. When your inner light is lit, you are able to see your past, present and future. Your light has become so powerful, that it attracts only goodness. Our vision is divine; the versions we speak are the jewels of knowledge. This is why we become the embodiment of all virtues, the embodiment of purity and beauty.


On Diwali, Sri Lakshmi is worshipped. Mahalakshmi is worshipped. The image of Lakshmi is not only the female Lakshmi; Mahalakshmi is the combined form of Lakshmi and Narayan. In Vishnu, it is the combined form, Narayan is in front and Lakshmi is behind. And in Mahalakshmi, in the front is Lakshmi and Narayan is behind. So, it is through balance in life that you are able to emerge your perfect form. When there is light, you are able to see and you become Swadarshanchankradhari (the spinner of the discus of self-realisation). You begin to have the fire of self-realisation, the fire, this light, creates heat. This fire of love burns the negativities and ignites the virtues. It is a cooling fire, a soothing fire, a pleasant fire.


This is called a festival because it is here when everything becomes first class. Lakshmi puja means the distribution of sweets. You are becoming sweet children, sweet children of God. Sweet children, divine children. And when Baba speaks about sweetness, your drishti is sweet, the version you speak is sweet, and your life is elevated. This sweetness is purity; when purity is in the heart, our versions are very touching. When purity is in our vision, we always appreciate the specialities in others. When sweetness is in our words, we have a heart-to-heart conversation with God, not with any repentance, but with great joy.


The celebration of Brahmins, who are becoming deities, is with a totally different consciousness, a different awareness: we were that and we are just about to become perfect beings. This is the vision God has for us. He always sees us in our perfect form. He speaks about our beauty. So, are we able to follow Baba? Mama followed Brahma Baba and became Sri Lakshmi. And when we follow Mama and Baba, we become Lakshmi and Narayan; this means we imbibe the qualities of royalty, authority, spirituality and purity. Lakshmi Ji is always depicted as seated on a lotus flower. Lotus symbolises being detached, and the more you become detached, the more you become loving. And so, the more you become loving, the more you become giving; the more you become giving, you become a benevolent being, the bestower. Lakshmi is always giving; her hands are shown just letting go.


The wonder of Sri Lakshmi Ji is that she is not fighting with anything. During the Confluence Age, when we are conquering vices, we have the knowledge of the cycle of self-realisation; we have the power to conquer Maya, because, with self-realisation, we become the embodiment of power. Knowledge becomes light. Our dharna in practical life becomes an embodiment of virtues. Our thoughts, vision and interaction with everyone are completely different, since we become the bestowers of happiness, we receive happiness, and give happiness to others. Sri Lakshmi Ji is known as the Goddess of wealth. So, this wealth, this light, remains for 2500 years.


Baba says that in the Golden Age, we do not celebrate Diwali. This is because, for 21 births, we are the living lights, and this is the reward for earning wealth at the present time. In the Golden Age, we enjoy ourselves. And then in the Copper Age, our light is so significant. The immortal light is of great significance in every religion. The lights in front of the deities are ignited. And even in the Iron Age, people are still igniting the light, even in a time of sorrow, the light is lit.


People remember their relatives and they ignite the light, a candle, in their memory. Therefore, light becomes immortal in the whole cycle. We are reclaiming this inheritance, the sanskaras of benevolence, as beings who dispel darkness without any fight. Sri Lakshmi Ji’s four arms do not carry any weapons. It is a balanced picture with four arms, two hands up, two hands down, receiving power at the Confluence Age from Baba. In the Golden Age, being an emperor and an empress, we sustain ourselves with the inheritance that we receive; we are serving the subjects. In the Copper Age, Baba serves the devotees through our non-living images. In the Confluence Age, your light is lit. You first serve yourselves. Baba says that we must first become the living lights ourselves. If our light is not lit, we cannot lead the light of others. So, continue to become the embodiment of all virtues and powers.


So, this is what that Diwali means. Congratulations. Congratulations. Live like a lotus flower. Become Baba’s rose flower. Baba, the Gardener, becomes very happy seeing the blossoming garden of fragrant flowers. He makes us into rose flowers. We are living roses, who spread spiritual light and spiritual fragrance, who will go to the Sun Dynasty. By following shrimat constantly, we become the Sun Dynasty lights who ignite the light of others. The sun never sets, throughout the whole day and night, the light of the sun remains constantly lit.


So, you are immortal and the eternal lights, the children of God. Therefore, we are always happy. Even at the time of sorrow in the world, we souls do not experience sorrow, because we understand that in drama, everything is benevolent; everything is perfect. Drama gives us gifts in the form of learning and experiences.


Once again, happy Diwali to you, the eternal and immortal lights, the lights of God's hope and the lights of the clan of the Sun Dynasty, the Moon Dynasty and throughout the cycle. And at this time, Godly family, the lights of the family, the lights of God's Light and the lights for the whole world, the benevolent lights, the beauty of God's House, the sparkling jewels, the garland around God's heart, the ones who are sitting on His throne. Congratulations. Congratulations. Happy Diwali. Happy Diwali. Happy Diwali. Om Shanti. Om Shanti.


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Madhuban Newsletter in English and Hindi - November 2022

25 October 2022

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for November 2022 with points for 1-30 November in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,



Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban Newsletter in English


Madhuban Newsletter in Hindi







Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: October 11- October 20th - Merciful & Bestower

25 October 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Merciful & Bestower"  from October 11- October 20th

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

Merciful & Bestower -11 

Merciful & Bestower -12

Merciful & Bestower -13

Merciful & Bestower -14

Merciful & Bestower -15

Merciful & Bestower -16

Merciful & Bestower -17

Merciful & Bestower -18

Merciful & Bestower -19

Merciful & Bestower -20




Satguruwhar Diwali Bhog Messages for the 20th October, 2022

21 October 2022



Bhog Message on Avyakti Parivar from Mohini Didi [07:05]






Bhog Message from Pandav Bhawan (Sr Shashi) [11:32]










Sudesh Didi – 16th October 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London: Complete Purity is Royalty

19 October 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Good morning. Godly morning. Godly morning, divine morning to all Raj Rishis, Raj Yogis. Not just yogis, but Raj Yogis who are studying Raj Yoga, and are royal Yogis. This is the gathering of spiritual Raj Yogis.


We are studying spirituality in a spiritual university, where we study spiritual laws. When we apply those laws, what are we called? Practical Raj Yogis. When we study, experience, experiment and apply, then receive and enjoy the fruit of that. It is not just a study; in fact, we have double tasks. We are studying, and Baba says that whatever we are studying, we share with others and teach others. We are royal Yogis, and this is the court of royal kings, spiritual kings.


The wonder and the uniqueness of Baba are that He does not rule the kingdom; He does not come into the Golden Age to rule. But His spiritual love, divine love, rules the hearts of everyone, both the devotees as well as His direct children. This extends to those who deny their belief, yet in a time of difficulty, reveals that they do believe. During difficulty, “Oh, my God” automatically comes out from the heart. Some even try to prove that God doesn't exist, that God is dead. In the late 50s to early 60s, there was a kind of revolution. If you use the word God, people react.


When I came here to London with Dadi in 1974, it felt so natural to use the word God, as in India. But we were advised not to use the word God, and replace it with “the Divine”. I said: But God is God. The Divine are deities, God is the Almighty. For their benefit, we even try to keep God incognito. On the one hand, we want to glorify God, on the other hand, we want to keep God incognito. But the One who is very powerful, incognito, is ever pure, is ever benevolent. This doesn't remain incognito, because though the most subtle energy is incognito, the experience is very obvious. Souls have experienced God, whether they are devotees or not. The experience of God is also recalled by those who do not believe, yet have a subconscious belief in God.


I heard one incident when a conference took place in America, where they want to prove that nature is God, that everything is nature, and that it is the wonders of nature instead of the wonders of God. They prove that God does not create the sun, the Earth or nature. The bhakti concept is that God created everything, God made the flowers blossom, God enables rain and sunshine. And now science reveals the reality about nature. In order to remove the concept of God, that conference took place. Eventually, in that gathering, they proved that nature is everything, that nature is God. Afterwards, the chairperson said, “Thank God we have proved that there is no God.” So, the subconscious mind, deep within the heart, is the feeling that goodness, benevolence, is the best energy, the purest energy and the highest energy. And it comes through Spiritual Power.


God is the spiritual Father, the spiritual Emperor, and we are His children. So, what would be the children of the Emperor? Princes and princesses. So, good morning, to the divine kings and queens, or divine princes and princesses. He makes us into kings who rule our senses, mind, intellect and sanskars, with ruling power and controlling power. But when spirituality becomes reality, then there's no need to rule or control. It's natural because everything is in order. The king means to keep everything in order. But in the Golden Age, everything is natural, and whatever is natural has an order and a system.


Baba, the spiritual Father, is teaching us the spiritual laws. We have studied the laws of nature in a lokik university, but spiritual laws are those of the universal laws of the universe, and spiritual laws are taught by the Supreme Being. This is spiritual knowledge.


There is a difference between religion and spirituality, a religious person and a spiritual person. A religious person is a devotee who believes, praises and appreciates what others have practised and experimented with, what others have written in the scriptures. So, the scriptures are authority, because that is the experience of those devotees who are real devotees or real religious people. And then, they continue to follow the rituals which they thought had been created.


Spirituality is when you experiment it yourself, experience it for yourself, apply it in the laboratory of your life, so that spirituality becomes reality. Spirituality means soul consciousness, the relationship with God, and our interaction with each other in soul consciousness, that you are a soul; I am a soul.


Spirituality becomes reality when it becomes our natural nature. When spirituality is a natural nature, the qualities of the soul are shared and experienced with each other. Spirituality requires the self to see their own efforts. It is just like if you want to see your face, what do you need? A mirror. Baba tells us to see our face in the mirror. But who is able to look in the mirror? We can see our face with just an ordinary mirror. But can a blind person see his face? No matter how big the mirror is put in front of you, what do you need in order to look in a mirror? You need your own eyes, and these eyes are parts of the organs of your own body, of your face in particular. You need your own eyes to see your face. A blind person has eyes, but the eyes do not have light, and therefore, the person does not have sight.


Baba says that these big pictures that are created, are the mirror for the blind. People sing the song, “Show the path to the blind, oh God”. I remember in Sakar Baba’s days when this song was played before the Murli, you could see Baba’s face. Nain heen ko raah dikhao, Prabhu. “We have become blind. Oh God, show us the path. Prabhu…with so much love. This word Prabhu means the One who lives beyond the physical world.


So, we sing God, show us the path. How does He show the path? He gives us the eye of knowledge, the third eye of knowledge. And with this knowledge, we are able to see our own selves. Devotees want to see themselves with the eyes of somebody else, through the scriptures that others have written. We are studying with real eyes. And when spirituality becomes reality, when it becomes natural, it becomes royalty.


A royal king’s manners are divine, prosperity is in abundance, responsibility with great love to care for others. Each act is beneficial for all. Those who are able to do this service of benevolence, they win the hearts of others. Baba teaches us to be a server, to do service and to have mercy on others. In one Murli (Sakar Murli 15-10-2022), Baba says, when you love yourself, you will learn to love others. And in another Murli (Avyakt BapDada 12-10-2022), He says, when you have mercy on others, it is mercy for your own self. How is it the other way around? He says that when we have mercy on others; we give others blessings, we will receive blessings from them.


How does giving blessing to others become the blessing for and mercy on ourselves? Mercy for others means I keep my heart clean. When my heart is clean, I have love and mercy for others, understanding that the soul has become very weak. When others have done something wrong, a knowledgeable soul, a spiritual person knows that this person is angry, but a soul cannot get angry. Anger comes from the soul being influenced by something. It is influenced by some impression, some kind of dissatisfaction, some kind of deep desire that is not fulfilled, and some expectations are not met.  A soul cannot get angry because a soul does not have the property of anger. An original form of a soul cannot be influenced, the soul itself is full and satisfied; it has everything; it is immortal, and does not have fear.


Fear also makes you angry and gives you tension. Tiredness also makes you angry and frustrated. Yet, all these are the factors of body consciousness or the properties of body consciousness. I have mercy when I see myself and others as a detached observer. And I understand that we were originally very elevated beings. Although the soul has become weak, what belongs to us exists deep within.


For example, we had a nice big house, and due to one reason or another, we had to sell it. Yet, whenever you see it, what comes to your mind is “our house”. Although the house was sold, we would relate to others about our uncle or grandfather owning this house, or the image of your childhood playing inside the house comes to mind.  In the same way, the experience of our original form is within us. We were divine beings; we had spiritual power; we had the divine light in us. Baba says this is not only light but the light with the sparkle of your spiritual royalty because you are free. You are pure power, totally detached, and yet have everything.


If I keep my heart clean, I will save my time and my energy, and I will not create a new account. If the other person is angry, and I also get angry and upset, and begin to blame and complain, who is at a loss? Since I am the master of my own self, I will not perform actions which make me lose my power. This pure light, soul conscious light, makes us double-light and makes us free from bondage.


As Baba says, the reality is that we will become angels, and the real light is the angelic light. It is very interesting that angels are the body of light. But they don't have a body because angels do not have a body of matter. When we are beyond matter, beyond physical influences, we are light, and not in bondage. We go beyond gender. Are angels men or women? Their appearances may be portrayed as female, but they are either male or female. Baba says that the soul is light, and the soul’s body is light. The body is made of matter, but the soul itself exists in the body of light. With the body of light, the soul carries out all its activities with spiritual knowledge, with the reality of purity. This purity is light, because purity is angelic. Purity is prosperity where we attain all powers. When purity is lost, the light is lost. When the light is gone, then everything is dark. We stumble in the dark. By becoming the embodiment of light, we are able to rule our sense organs without force.


God is ever-light and ever-benevolent; the Emperor who wins the heart of everyone. Baba is making us this, and reminding us that we are these deities. We were these divine beings; we were these elevated souls. This mantra of hum-so, so-hum - the effort to become - is subtle, yet the result is very obvious. Some children say, “We are making efforts, but we are incognito. Nobody recognises me.” Baba acknowledged that incognito effort is a very good thing. It is humility to make the incognito effort. That is also called stealing butter. But the spiritual sparkle and royalty through making an incognito effort can never remain hidden. Truth does not need to be proved; it is obvious. The flower is visible; the fragrance is subtle. But can you hide fragrance? Even when we cover and hide the flower, the fragrance cannot be hidden. We can cut an apple and keep it hidden inside the cupboard, but the fragrance will tell you that an apple is inside. Fresh basil has such a distinct aroma when we cook it. So, to make an incognito effort and not show yourself is humility. But if I say to others that I'm making effort but nobody recognises me. If I myself say to others that I'm incognito, this is not incognito. The soul knows deep inside that it is not making effort, but they want some kind of appreciation. But they don't get any appreciation because this is not real and not royal. But when you are a real effort maker, you don't accept praise nor will you sing your praise. You're known already. Others appreciate, while you say it is karankaranvanhar (the One who does and also gets things done through others) who is making it happen.


An incognito effort maker who has purity in mind, attitude, relationship and interaction, their thoughts, ideas and behaviour will all be pure. The pure light of soul consciousness and God consciousness, rules the heart of others. Baba says that we then become angels.  In the Golden Age, we are shown the crown of light. In the soul world, we are also the point of light, but angels are shown the body of light. This means all our physical organs are there, but there is purity of light in every organ. To achieve that, we need yoga power.


Yoga power means that the fire of love is always on; purification is taking place; sense organs are light and bright. Not only is the soul light, but the body itself is light and pure. This is why on the path of devotion, when devotees have visions, they see the body of light coming from above. They are shown with the body because spirituality became reality, reality became divinity, and divinity became royalty. Then we receive light and might. Purity is light; purity is might; purity is power. Purity is respectable and praiseworthy. This spiritual light is pure light. This spiritual love is selfless love.


What are angels like? They are selfless, and do not have personal desire. They are uninfluenced, and are totally free. There's no consciousness that I exist, they do not have the bondage of I and my. We say my body, but in fact, this body is not mine either. I’ve been entrusted with this body; I am the trustee of this body, because it is a gift from matter, or where parents became instruments to give the body. So, it is not my body, it is a body I have borrowed. When we begin to believe that this body is borrowed, I will be able to use it without thinking it is mine. I will be able to let go and become the guest in this body. In this way, we are becoming free with a change of consciousness, then automatically, we are able to achieve our goal from being a yogi; we become Raj Yogi with pure attitude, pure vision, pure vibrations and pure direction. We also become Raj Rishi, who makes the environment pure.


In the cottage of rishis, animals of different nature drink, play and stay together. In our own homes, if we have dogs and cats living together, they are living in the same home, but they don't bark at or fight with each other. The dog doesn't bark and the cat is not afraid of the dog. They are able to understand nature. In the same way, in order to show that the deities had so much harmony, that they even ruled the nature of animals. This is why it is an interesting way that in bhakti (devotion), the pictures are made, the scriptures are written and then statues are made. Animals with opposite nature, but they are in a conference; the deities are having a conference or a gathering, and every deity comes with their own vehicle. For example, Shankar is shown with the garland of a snake and Vishnu has the vehicle garuda (mythical bird with human features). Garuda eats snakes, yet they are there together and they don't harm each other. Ganesh finishes all the bondage and is obedient and faithful to his parents. So his two wives, one rides on a rat, and one rides on a cat, but they don't fight with each other. So, all these scriptures are the pictures of our own original qualities. And its basis is purity. So, the first lesson is: I am a pure and peaceful soul, walking, talking, sitting, eating and cooking. Baba says even if you cannot do any physical service, you can do this service of the mind with a pure mind, a benevolent mind, a merciful mind. So have mercy on your own self. But when you have mercy or love for others, automatically, you receive the blessings from others. So, give blessings and receive blessings. Have mercy on others and it is mercy for your own self. Benevolence for others is benevolence for the self. Om shanti.


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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: October 1- October 10 - Merciful & Bestower

13 October 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Merciful & Bestower"  from October 1- October 10

Thank you

Avyakti Parivar

Merciful & Bestower -1 

Merciful & Bestower -2

Merciful & Bestower -3

Merciful & Bestower -4

Merciful & Bestower -5

Merciful & Bestower -6

Merciful & Bestower -7

Merciful & Bestower -8

Merciful & Bestower -9

Merciful & Bestower -10




Sudesh Didi – 9th October 2022 Sunday Morning Class, GCH, London: The Method to Becoming a Sovereign

13 October 2022

Om Shanti. Om Shanti Good morning. Golden morning, seeing Baba's children sitting in this gathering. Every day, Baba reminds us of who we are and what we are going to become. So, to those who are present here, what is your own vision for yourselves? What is Baba's vision and what is the world's expectation of Baba’s children? What Baba wants, Baba’s vision, Baba’s hopes in us, and Baba's blessings for us create a deep feeling and the realisation of how great our fortune is.

Who do we belong to? And every title that Baba gives us is meaningful and powerful. Baba is reminding us of what we are studying, the course which we are doing. Generally, when people come, the first thing is to give our introduction. And every day, Baba gives us an introduction of who we are, tells us what we are studying, and what we want to become or what we actually become or what we are already.

Here, all who are sitting here are Raja Yogi children; this is a gathering of Yogis, Raj Yogis. It is not an ordinary kingdom and an ordinary king; it is an extraordinary kingdom. Baba is not visible; He is incognito. The soul is incognito and our study is also incognito. But the result of the study does not remain incognito. The result of the study becomes so famous or powerful that the memory and impression remain for the whole cycle. Today, Baba is reminding us of our title at this time, in the Golden Age, and the same title in the Copper and Iron Age. What is that? We are Raja Yogis. Baba is making us aware that we are kings with great love. In the lokik world, in India especially, the loving parents call their child, “My Raja beta”, my king child. It is not just hope, but it a practical vision and an expression of love. So today, Baba says that He sees His children as those who are kings. We have to look at ourselves, to look in and ask: Am I really a king? Am I a queen? What is my present status or my stage? Do I see myself the way Baba sees me?

I believe what Baba sees in me as well as my fortune, and I really live and experience that, because the students who study well are always aware of their aim and objective. We are also students, so, we need to be aware of our aim and objective and the status we receive. Some titles or statuses, we have already inherited. Just like the child automatically inherits the parent’s surname, Baba says we automatically inherit this title, and the quality that Baba has. We all have this because as we are born, certain things are our Godly birthright. So, we receive the titles.

Baba says that at this time, He makes us carefree kings. Carefree means no worries, no tension, and no fear. Of course, we have to take care of ourselves, and check what level we have reached.  A Raja Yogi is one who is a king. A king lives in a palace or a castle. And all the residents of His palace will certainly follow the directions, rules and regulations, system and culture of those which the king has created.

Baba teaches us that the body is our costume; sometimes He says this is our house, our palace, or our temple. We are living in this palace, but are our subordinates, or karamchari, working in the proper sense? Are they doing their job? We want to make to control our sense organs such that they are able to naturally act according to our wish, vision, understanding and authority. Natural nature works automatically.

For example, as soon as the thought comes and they want to see something. We do not actually look through our eyes by holding the eyes. Automatically the sight goes here, there, up according to the thought. When the organs are in harmony, they work together automatically.

The mind is actually the power of the soul. So, whatever I think, do I understand, practise and put in action? This checking makes us aware of which level I have reached. Am I still just the subject, or am I part of the royal family? Of course, there is the intoxication of being the child of God. I'm a child of the Almighty Authority, but Baba says we are kings. He has given us a beautiful throne and what is that throne? It is His own heart. Baba offers His heart to us. But what do I need in order to be seated on His heart-throne? I need to be honest; I need to follow His directions; I need to believe that what Baba is giving me is the most beautiful treasure and wealth. We speak about it, but how much do we believe it? If I believe it, how much do I put into action, through which it indicates to which level I am a sovereign? I'm the master of my own sense organs, and also the master of my inner ministers. My ministers are the mind, the intellect and sanskars. They should work in harmony.

Today, Baba is teaching us the lesson of three. He Himself is Sat Trimurti. This is Baba’s full title: Sat Trimurti ShivaSat means truth; trimurti means Trinity; Shiv means Benevolent Being, the World Benefactor. His task, His personality and His qualities, all come under this title: Satyam Shivam Sundaram (Truth, benevolent and beautiful). The truth that He is teaching is beautiful and benevolent.

So, these titles which are my Parent’s, my Father's, how much am I applying this to myself? As the Father’s surname automatically passes on to the child, we can ask ourselves if we have accepted this deeply with faith, with the deep realisation that yes, I am also the truth, the true living being.

Truth has power. So, the power within the self to rule; ruling and controlling power come when the consciousness is that of benevolence; the beauty of the action is that of benevolence. When the action is harmful and violent, it is not called beautiful. Our own stage also changes. We don't feel good with our own selves when something has gone wrong. When we realise, yet are not able to practise it, what is missing? What is missing? We have to check within ourselves. Truth is truth and it will bring out this consciousness practically. So, there needs to be deep faith within the self. If I don't sit on the seat, and I don't sit on the throne, how can be a king?

Baba has offered us three things: the tilak, the throne and the crown. He reminds us of our throne, that we are seated on this immortal throne. How long do we sit on the throne? I am there but I don't stay on it. So, this is our realisation: My seat is there; I'm seated on the immortal throne. I am immortal. And when I sit on my throne, all the qualities will become immortal. When I am aware that I am a soul, and I am the child of the Almighty, my action, and my thinking will be certainly powerful. What I hear with my ears, what I speak with my mouth, and what I act from my actions will be very royal, spiritual, and respect-worthy. Internally, these qualities of the self will give experience to others and I myself would also enjoy it but how many hours I sit His Heart.

In meditation, I'm sitting in His heart-throne; in action, I'm also sitting on this throne. It is when I am performing actions, that I have to become aware, and check: am I really a ruler of myself and my sense organs?

Baba reminds today of the three monkeys that represent the principles of Mahatma Gandhi: Hear no evil, see no evil, talk no evil. But Baba says that along with that, the important thing is, I think no evil, do no evil. So, hear no evil; have the awareness that whatever is false, whatever is wrong and non-benevolent, that is not truth. That is not power because Satyam Shivam Sundaram is that truth is beautiful and truth is benevolent.

I remember one story. There was once a mahatmaji. One day, a follower came to see him. He told the mahatma, “I have come to tell you something about another follower.”

The mahatma said, “Okay, but let me bring my sieve.”

The follower said, “I have not brought grains or rice or lentils to sieve. I just want to tell you something about this person.”

The mahatma said, “Something is important to save, but I have to see whether the something is there. Something makes everything and something makes nothing. So, I want a sieve.”

The follower said, “Which sieve do you have?”

The mahatma said, “The first sieve is: I want to know if what we are going to tell me is truth or not. Is it true?

He said, “No. I really do not know if it is true, but it is something I heard from others.”

“It is not truth. My sieve does not allow me to accept. Okay, the second sieve is: will it give me happiness? Will I feel comfortable with it and enjoy it?”

He replied, “No, when you hear it, you will also feel sorry for him.”

“If it is something that will make me sad, why should I hear it? Okay, the third sieve is: If I tell the person what you say, would he be happy? Is it benevolent for him?”

He replied, “No. If it is not true, it will be very hurtful. It will really make him sad.”

“If this something is not benevolent to him, how can I accept it?”

The Sieve of Three asks the three questions: Is this true? Is this good? Is this benevolent? If not, it is not worth sharing. 

So, Baba says, “I am Satyam Shivam Sundaram, I’m truth, benevolent and beautiful. Listen to me.” When human beings speak, they do not necessarily say the right thing. Gossip makes us subservient. When we gossip, we begin to think about others, and lose our energy. We are harming our own self. Something which is harming us and harming others, and breaking their yoga of remembrance and relationship, this will make us subservient to our own senses. What will this do to the sense organs of others?

Baba has given me this world-sovereignty, that there's no sorrow at all, begampur, no worry, no tension, no sorrow. It is kingdom of no sorrow. So, if I create this kingdom now in my palace, if in my authority, I create this kingdom, why should I listen to anything which is false? This world is a world of falsehood.

Baba gives us the method in order to see truth and live in truth. We have to become a detached observer. When we are a detached observer of whatever is happening in the world, we remain safe, we are not absorbing it, we will take only truth. Otherwise, falsehood will bring you down, and then we will say: But what can I do? I want it to be free from the influence, but I got influenced. So, I have to check my inner power: Am I really a detached observer or do I absorb the situations? The moment I absorb the situation, my sense organs: my mouth, my eyes will rule me.

So, Baba is making us self-sovereigns. The method is always be seated on the immortal throne. I am an immortal soul means soul consciousness; I am seated here (forehead). The main thing is to be stable in it. Not only just thinking, but becoming stable. The second thing is Baba has offered the throne of His heart. When I'm faithful, obedient, benevolent, and following Baba’s shrimat, His heart is open for me. And anyone can sit on that heart-throne, we sit together; we enjoy the meeting. And then, the future throne is the Golden-aged throne. So, the three thrones consciously make us kings. Before becoming the king of the Golden Age, ruling power and controlling power makes us self-sovereigns.

Crown is also given. Which crown? The crown of purity, the crown of responsibility to bring benefit to others. If I am not able to bring benefit to my own self, I cannot give benefit to others. Self-benevolence means protecting yourself and keeping yourself safe from the influence. Otherwise, we will take sorrow from everyone, and we will give her to others. If I have taken sorrow, I cannot give happiness to others. Become the master and the bestower of happiness. In the Golden Age, your sense organs will be ever-healthy, and we are ever-happy.

Baba is making us a carefree king, a happy king with double crown: the crown of light and the crown of benevolence, that is, to bring benefit to others. And then we will become from shyaam to sundar (ugly to beautiful), from the Iron Age to the Golden Age. Now we are studying. When the study becomes natural, be, and live, being and loving. That’s called believing. Be, and live that life. How ever many hours I live, I will take that sanskar with me and remain there for a long time. So, this is why now it's time to really check, and bring about change easily. Om shanti.

Sudesh Didi – 9th  October 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London.pdf




Sudesh Didi – 7th October 2022 Morning Revision - GCH, London The Realisation of the Cycle and the Drama

11 October 2022

Duration of 40,000 years
Om shanti. When the devotees say that the cycle is 40,000 years is a literal saying. It is not that they deduct the number of years that have passed. This is because it is written in the scripture. For them, what is written in the scripture is permanent forever. There isn't the realisation that it was written at that time, and the calculation system was different. The scripture was spoken and not written. And also the calculation is different. How many for example, you go from here, okay, first one aspect. If in the morning the sun is rising, and I write, "what a beautiful day the sun is rising", it will remain written there. And at night, when I read what I have written, it will still say the sun is rising. When I understand what is written, and if I say the sun is rising, but there's no light. Still, they say the sun is rising; this is blind faith.

Another aspect is the calculation of time. The scripture was first spoken before it was written. Somebody spoke, relating their experience, and another person wrote down their experience. For example, someone says, "I have been waiting here at the bus stop for ages, but the bus has not come. Years have passed and the bus still has not come." Is it true or not? It's true for me because I have waited for a long time.

Another example is the mother needs help with some tasks, and her child is on the phone with his friend. She says, "You've been talking on the phone for hours. Stop it. There's some work to be done." It has only been 10 minutes, but it was experienced as hours. This is the speaking language of experience. Another aspect is the calculation of time. One rupee was 16 annas. Now one rupee means 100 paise. So, it depends on where and how it is calculated. So it was through spoken language that it is written in the Gita.  

The musk of knowledge
Musk is the essence, the spiritual fragrance. Knowledge creates the environment. The fragrance is not visible, but very effective. So learn the knowledge, the musk that Baba has given you. Knowledge is very effective, but it is not a visible thing. Yet the experience is so visible, but it is in you. A deer gives out musk in his musk gland by the navel. His own fragrance is pulling him and he keeps running after the fragrance. This is like the spiritual saying that the mind is like a horse. Our senses are like a horse, we are running after it without knowing it is in us. So knowledge is your own property; knowledge is your own sense; knowledge is in your own sanskars, but you have to recognise it. Knowledge is very powerful; it creates the atmosphere, and it has an effect on you. So even though you are not holding it in your hand, it is in you. That is what the musk is.

Drama and Karma
We understand that karma is action. What is drama, story or action? Drama is a story enactment; that is action. It is like this (Sudesh Didi holds up a tissue) one side is drama, and the other side is karma. Or if you have a £50 note, one side is drama, and the other side is karma, which means both are of the same value. Drama gives value to karma, and karma creates drama. When you know the story, and then you act, it becomes drama; it's knowledge. Knowledge is important in order to perform action.

So, actions are more powerful, but the basis is drama. Another aspect of drama is the law of nature and the law of spirituality. When these are understood, you act accurately. For example, people are confused about the repetition of the cycle. They do not like it. But the knowledgeable ones realise drama and like it so much that we say: wah, wonderful, wonderful. Once more, once more. We played it before. We got the kingdom; we received paradise; we enjoyed the Golden Age. So, we want to be there once more, and experience being happy, free from sickness once more. And drama means I want to bring the scene once more, which I was before.

Drama is not any kind of fear, it's wisdom which enables you to perform elevated action. But you have to know the story. If you do not know that knowledge, you create chaos, and because we do not believe the story of our life, we play our part upside-down; we become so ignorant that we want to play the role of the other person, but that person wants to play the role of me.

Drama becomes, what I am in my part and what it is in my personality, that will happen. Of course, I have to perform actions. In this way, actions are more powerful, because it makes the drama, in other words, your story. When I am an actor, I will enjoy the experience, and the story is understood. This is why karma is more powerful than drama.

We have to understand that repetition is the law of nature. We are playing drama here on this planet. In the Soul World, there's no drama. In the Subtle Region, there is no drama. Here, in the corporeal world, there is drama, because the law of nature is repeating everything. I am born a baby, grow up, now leave the body, and I will become a baby again. We can't say: I have lived so many years with this name and body, why can't I continue the next life as a baby with the same name and body again? The same sanskaras are there but I will not be born as an old lady. I will be a baby.

We do not say: If the cycle is going to repeat identically, there is no point in making effort. But you do get up, eat, and sleep every day. Then, don't cook for tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. What is the purpose of cooking tomorrow again? I will become hungry again. Why should I cook? Why should I eat? Do we think like this? Oh, I'm going to get up in the morning again. Better not to sleep. I have to get up again. My children are born, oh but they will die after certain years. So, what is the point of sending them to school? We know that things which are new will become old, and I know repetition is taking place: Monday to Monday, Sunday to Sunday, year after year, the repetition is taking place.

So, I believe in the repetition of the law of nature, but I don't believe in the law of spirituality. So, I am ignorant. This is why I create confusion for myself.

Spinning the Discus of Self-Realisation
There are many aspects of self-realisation. When we speak of the knowledge aspect, it is swadarshan chakraSwa means self, darshan means to see, to have a vision. Meeting myself and going through the cycle of time. Keeping my mirror in front of me, my present stage, then I spin and I would be able to see my future. If I go around the cycle, to see myself in the mirror of knowledge, I will go into the past. So, it is the spinning of the cycle of self-realisation that I was in the Soul World. I came down here to this Corporeal World. Then, I came to the beginning of time when it was paradise. I was beautiful. Since I remember, I still maintain that inner beauty, and I want to be beautiful again.

When I want it again, it means repetition. I want to get it again. I have lost it. And I'm looking for it? What have I lost? I've lost my happiness; I lost my peace; I lost my purity. This is self-realisation. I have realised that I've lost what I once had. Can I lose something which I did not have? I had this; I've lost it. And I'm looking for it again. The whole world is looking for peace, happiness, sincerity, and purity. If we didn't have them before, why are you looking for them? So we make effort again to achieve it. That's why it repeats.

The spinning of the cycle is based on knowledge. Just spinning the cycle by going through the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age, and Iron Age - this is baby spinning. This knowledge is only intellectual knowledge. The other aspect in the spinning of the cycle is our self-realisation, my reality.

I believe I am a pure and peaceful soul, and I see myself as that. So, in meditation, you are experiencing your qualities. In action, you are experiencing your virtues. In interaction, you are experiencing harmony. In having love and respect for others from the heart, you experience respect for the self, and respect for others. Self-realisation, means knowledge is made into reality. This is realisation. It is made real, and not only just intellectual knowledge. The more meditation, the deeper it is. Even after a few seconds, you feel goose pimples. You feel a very loving feeling, very pleasant and very joyful.

Maybe sometimes you feel very powerful, sometimes you just do not enjoy it, or sometimes you feel bored. These are the stages of realisation of yourself. Which road you're going through, which way you are passing through, the realisation of my weakness and my spiritual power. So, my weakness is the realisation of self-transformation.

So, this is the purpose of spinning the cycle of self-realisation in different ways. The intoxication that I am the child of God, the realisation about my own self, the realisation of who God is, the realisation of the relationship with the self, the realisation of our relationship with each other; there are many aspects of realisation. It is the realisation of one second for self-transformation.

Om shanti.

Sudesh Didi – 7th October 2022 Morning Revision - GCH, London




Sudesh Didi – 2nd October 2022 Sunday Morning Class, GCH, London: The Fortune of Becoming a Self-Sovereign

6 October 2022

Om shanti. Om shanti. Good morning. Baba’s Godly versions start with this expression: sweet children, sweet children, lovely children, reminding us every day that we are sweet children. Then, as we hear this expression, we realise that this is like a very beautiful art of removing the bitterness which has accumulated in the soul for a long period of time. He has removed bitterness, and fills us with sweetness, with love, but at the same time, makes us very powerful by giving us the knowledge, by revealing the truth to us, explaining very clearly the laws of spirituality, the laws of nature and how from the Golden Age till Iron Age, how the drama moves from one stage to another stage, and how we souls play our parts through different stages; from the land of truth, how we reach the land of falsehood. We were staying in the Soul World. The Soul World is also the place of Truth.

Truth remains constant; Satyam Shivam Sundaram (The Truth, the benevolent and the beautiful One), the Supreme Soul also resides in this region of Truth. We souls, in our original form, eternal form as a soul, bodiless souls, incorporeal souls, and according to each one's capacity, potential that each individual has, with the power of purity, numberwise, but all souls go there, only when they become pure, free from the influence. The sanskars may still be there, but that impurity that was accumulated on this world of matter has been removed. So, there is a difference.

With great love, Baba makes us understand that our power of purity is not just ordinary purity. Unlike the sanyasis or religious people who live a pure life, our purity, which is taught by Baba, is doubly non-violence. Baba explains that impurity is violence; anger is violence. And real purity is doubly non-violent. Today is 2nd October, and it is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. He also taught or had a very powerful concept of Satya, Prem, Ahimsa, Truth, Love and Non-violence). He was very firm and determined with the concept of non-violence. He created that feeling in others as well. In fact, Bharat has never attacked any country. In order to protect itself, power had to be used, but it is for defence, and not to attack, according to history. But Ravan has attacked us. And when Ravan comes, we begin to attack each other in everyday life, and become violent. Anger is also violence; criticism is also violence; hurting others with our words, throwing stones, and also through drishti, and negative vibrations, are also violence. We cause sorrow to each other; violence means to cause sorrow. Baba says we are the removers of sorrow; we cannot be the givers of sorrow. We neither take sorrow nor give sorrow. We are swardharma (religion of the self); swardharm is silence, purity and peace. Where there's purity, there is peace. Where there's peace, there's harmony and love. Then there's harmony and happiness.

Baba establishes the golden-aged world with great love. To present His love, He comes here on this planet. This is because of the power of love, His love for the children. Some say, “I don't experience God's love.” But God's love is also very unique. It is unlike the love that human beings express for each other in a gross way, or physical love or emotional love. It is the love that uplifts the soul, purifies the soul, and enables us to become so powerful, that we are able to help others to become the embodiment of virtues, of powers, to have a relationship with the Supreme Soul and become elevated.

The child experiences a relationship, first, with the mother. And God also comes on this planet to meet us. This is the proof of His love; He doesn't give inspiration or give teachings from the Soul World. And every day, He says, “My long-lost and now-found children.” Even yesterday, He said that we were lost. He calls us His long-lost and now-found children, because we were lost 5000 years ago. We have been separated for this long, but we were not aware of it. We thought we have come here just now on this planet in this body. The secret of ourselves having come into this cycle for a long period of time. We were lost; we were stumbling, and He has found us. We were trying to find Him, but we couldn't, as we didn't even know who we were looking for, or who God was. If I do not know what I'm looking for, how can I find Him? Our concept or knowledge of God was either  God is everywhere, or I am God, Shivohum, and you are God,  and we were fighting with each other,  gods were fighting with each other. Or we would say, I am God, and you are God, and at the same time, we also would say, we are children of the Supreme Soul. So, whatever we were saying was without any understanding, and that's why it's called false knowledge.

Baba gives Truth. His love is real; it purifies the souls. Love enables us to become viceless, non-violent, and virtuous. Baba, in the form of the Mother and Father, teaches us and gives us an understanding of what is right and what is wrong. What is interesting is that Baba is One who is totally free from all relations, and He shows us that, in fact, this relation with the body is bondage. He explains that, if we want to experience a relationship, then create a relationship like Him. He also comes in Brahma’s body; He loves us, but He's totally detached. This is the relationship of the soul and the Supreme Soul. It is the soul who experiences love; the body does not experience love. Because of the physical sensation, and the expression is through the body, we thought it is the body that experiences love. The soul expresses that feeling through the body, and we thought the body is feeling that. And so, in fact, it is the that soul is feeling low. And when we understand the meaning of love, we can only experience love in soul consciousness; in body consciousness, we cannot experience Baba’s love.

The first truth is that Baba loves the souls; He does not love the bodies. We need to first realise this relationship with God: the eternal soul is the eternal child, but in the Soul World, love is not experienced. The soul is just still in silence. The soul cannot experience Baba. The atmosphere is of the World of Silence: sweet silence, deep silence, perfect silence and pure silence. And yet, the soul does not absorb anything extra or learn anything extra. Only when He comes can we experience the contrast between the silence of the Soul World and the noise and violence of the Corporeal World. This contrast makes the person aware of peace or peacelessness.

Baba gives us a very clear understanding; with the knowledge, we realise what we achieve from God: Knowledge, purity, peace, prosperity; the basis is the truth about the self, about God, and about the world drama - the three aspects of time - the past, present and future. With knowledge, we also recognise our own qualities. God's love makes us aware that we souls are not ordinary souls. He makes us aware and creates self-respect in us. When we become children, through this physical body, the child experiences the love of the Mother. It is also a wonderful method of Baba that He makes our mother a male mother; we experience love through the male mother, and we are born to a male mother. In order to express His love, He adopts and forms a relationship with Brahma; Brahma mother and Shiva Father, and we have great intoxication that we have mouth-born progeny of Brahma. So, mother Brahma and Father Shiva. Brahma Baba is not a mouth-born progeny. Brahma is adopted by Shiva. And we are born through the mother and Father. Because Brahma says, I don't have any mother. But he's not an orphan; he's the first number heir. It is the love of God that made him feel his own intoxication.

We have double intoxication, triple intoxication, through recognising our own self, our own beauty, our own spirituality and our own greatness, that we souls were. The way we souls are given this study, that is also God's love, but in the form of sustenance, with so much love, care and protection. This generates an energy within us, that we are able to recognise with the mother because the mother is the first teacher. In the same way, Baba the mother, gives his love, gives us our new identity, sustains us every day with the food of knowledge. Brahma Baba cooks, and Shiva gives the ingredients and we are fed every day. It is churning, earning the experience of Brahma Baba and the knowledge of Shiva. So, knowledge is also a mother.

We have our mother and Father, the male Shiva and we have the Gita mother, as the knowledge is also a mother. The more knowledge we understand, the more civilised we become. But that Baba says: I teach you to make you civilised and educated; I make you the embodiment of virtues by becoming your Teacher.

The first quality we attain from this knowledge is that of a bodiless soul, a peaceful soul. Body implies the world of sound, and bodiless implies the world of peace, the world beyond sound. The soul’s original nature is beyond sound. Its true property is silence. In soul consciousness, we experience peace. To be in the state of soul consciousness means that the influence of matter is removed, it means the vices are removed from us, then we experience true inner power, which creates self-respect. With knowledge, we begin to realise how vices have brought peacelessness, sorrow, poverty, violence and corruption in this world. Anger increases; where there is anger, there is peacelessness. Where there is attachment, there is pain, sorrow, worry and tension.

So, attachment brings sorrow; anger brings peacelessness; greed brings corruption and poverty. Greed is increasing; corruption is increasing; poverty is increasing. The original wealth of Bharat is lost through the greed of others or our own greed, in different aspects. In the Golden Age: purity, peace, prosperity, health and happiness; there is everything. It is a world of purity, peace and prosperity; a healthy and wealthy life. Then, we realise the suffering that the soul has to go through for many births. When the mother gives birth to a child, the mother experiences pain, and the child's cries in sorrow. In the Golden Age, a newborn baby will not cry; at the time of leaving the body, no one will cry, because there is no sorrow of taking the body or leaving the body. It is an experience of joy in changing dress and going to a new address. And the address is known beforehand; we will know where we are going and who will be our company. So it's very clear there is no fear and no worries in the Golden Age. Why do we have fear of death and sorrow through birth here? Because we do not know, and we have not secured our future.

Now Baba is making us,  giving us the guarantee and creating our future. Still, there needs to be a great awareness of the reward of the present efforts, and the earning of the true income. We carry with us the sanskar of happiness in the Golden Age; there's no trace of sorrow or impurity.

What is impurity? What creates impurity in us and what makes the whole world impure? Well, who is the mother of impurity? The whole world becomes impure when ego takes charge. Ego brings impurity in thoughts, impurity in vision, impurity in relationship, corruption and lust. Lust is physical; it brings sickness. Therefore, the life span of human beings becomes shorter and shorter, the average age of the body is as short as 42 years. In one birth, we might leave the body at the age of two months of age, and in other births, we might die at 20 years of age. Then according to the drama and my part, I might live up to the age of 8, and the next birth I might even die before I take birth. So, the soul has to experience death many times because the body becomes more and more impure. The power of the vices increases and begins to affect the soul on a subtle level. Last is being dependent on others. Attraction, dependency, different aspects of impurity through the physical body, but still it is gross. With anger you can get angry from a distance, you can get angry on the telephone, you can get angry and write an email. With attachment, even without the presence of the object we are attached to, we still experience suffering from the attachment in us. They are gone and we are crying, or they have not come and we're still crying. When a couple cannot have children, they suffer and need to adopt children. It is attachment which creates sorrow. Attachment mostly is with human beings. Greed is more subtle. Greed is not usually for living things, but for material objects. Corruption increases from greed for gross things. Ego can influence the soul with or without another human or material object. We can be egocentric just through the thoughts within the self. As we begin to go further into body consciousness, the suffering that we experience goes deeper and deeper.   Baba gives five things to replace the five vices: knowledge, purity, peace, love, and happiness, through which  we become healthy and wealthy, and we receive the power of self-sovereignty as well as the kingdom. So, the main thing is to become a raja Yogi now, and the king in the future. But without becoming ‘kings’ now, we cannot become kings in the Golden Age. This is why Baba is teaching us Raja Yoga, and telling us how to conquer Maya, and not allow it to erupt, putting Maya and Ravan in prison. Ravan has put Sita in prison, but we keep Ravan in prison. Ravan definitely comes, but what is the reason? Suppose it is because we are not holding the key in the right way.

Baba has given us the lock. Which lock has Baba given? Today he has given us the double-lock of full remembrance and selfless service. Powerful remembrance is the remembrance of relationship with Baba, the remembrance of what Baba is making me, and the remembrance of what I receive; that is, the remembrance of what I was and what I will become again. It is the knowledge that we need to remember and imbibe powerful remembrance and selfless service. If there is any selfish motive in service, then many kinds of Maya come in subtle ways: name, fame, position, authority and corruption. Ignorance is the root cause of suffering. Then we don't realise that service is actually the fruit of happiness. In selfless service, cooperation comes automatically. You give everything to Baba because He is Karankaravanhar. And that keeps you safe and happy. Selfless service and powerful remembrance. Where there is the remembrance of Baba, remember of the One, love is there. This love is powerful; it is a wonder that God does not have a physical form, but the imprint of God's love is so deep, that souls even at the time of sorrow, without knowing God, they still remember Him. It is the power of love He has given us that is the secret to becoming healthy, wealthy, happy, benevolent and prosperous.

The mantra we receive from the Satguru is “Be holy. Be yogi.” This means to have powerful yoga, and remain egoless. Holiness is not only just celibacy, but to be egoless, then complete perfect purity, the perfect world of happiness, vice-lessness, perfect royalty and dignity. Vices make us a devil; virtues make us a deity. So, Baba transforms our personality by becoming our Teacher. He purifies us and makes us doubly non-violent by being Satguru. We experience perfect love through the two Parents of the soul. So, Satya, Prem, Ahimsa; truth, love and non-violence. When we keep this slogan in our life, we are able to make ourselves free; to remove the rule of Ravan, the rule of bondage. We become self-sovereign, and attain freedom in this world forever, that is, liberation-in-life for a long time. Om shanti.

Sudesh Didi – 2nd October 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London




Class on "Detachment" with Br Charlie (from the Global Silence Retreat)

4 October 2022

Greetings Dear Divine and Merciful Bestowers,


On Saturday, September 3, during the Global Silence Retreat - Murlidhar for the West Coast of the USA (Br Charlie) shared a powerful class on "Detachment". It is now uploaded (in English) to the Silence Retreat Portal. It can be found on this page of the site


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Experience the Sanctuary Within








Sudesh Didi – 30th September 2022 Morning Revision, GCH, London: Divine Manners through Divine Nature

3 October 2022

Om shanti. When we become double-crowned, it is not that we will see each other’s aura. Light is the power of the soul. It is later on in the path of devotion that to see the contrast of kings and those who were renunciates and living the life of purity. So, their sparkle was different. So, it is those who made the posters who drew a different kind of aura around it. But in fact, it is a vibration. The soul has pure vibrations; you feel as if there is light; you experience that there is light, but it is not that there is a separate crown of light that we put. It is the purity of the soul that generates the vibrations. Later on, it's finished because the vibrations changed to those of body consciousness. The physical wealth remained. The crown of light was the crown of purity; this purity gradually faded. By the Copper Age, that level of purity disappeared. It was then separated into two ‘sections’; divided into two: those who were kings with wealth, and those who were living this life of divinity, they maintained this crown of purity. The physical crown is there, but it cannot be compared to the double-crown, which was natural. There (In the Golden Age), we are not aware that we have this crown. It is natural purity. Purity will be natural in life.

Pictures with the halos were made later on. The aura is the artist’s language. It is the expression of their imagination of how good deities would be. They present it in this way in the pictures. As Baba says: Don't throw stones at others because people are throwing stones. Those who have not understood, their intellect is like stone. When a stone intellect has stones, chip by chip, the stones will come out. When the intellect is pure, there are no stones. So, ‘stone’ means one who hurt others.

The tongue is the tiniest and the most delicate thing; two and a half inches, around six and a half centimetres of leather. But what comes out of it hurts the heart so much that it cannot be healed for ages, no matter how many doctors you go to. When my leg is broken because somebody has thrown a stone, it can be healed. But it is nothing compared to the tongue. A stone will create a wound. And if you speak these kinds of words, it will hurt the heart of other people.

The artists portray jewels coming out of the mouth. And they say this is rup and basant, jewels from the mouth. It is not that there is a mine inside us where jewels are stored; it is not that the stomach has a mine. I was told this when I was small. When you're innocent, you take things literally. Children see things that way. When I was small, we had a calendar in our house with the picture of Brahma, an old man, and many dolls coming out of his mouth. And I used to think that this old Babulji had a big factory, and all the toys were coming out of his mouth, but how big was the factory? You imagine there was a factory inside. Therefore, the literal expression is because of the flowery language of the people who give value to everything and use the wisdom of words to decorate others.

Also, there will be no heavy physical crown on the head. Why would deities carry heavy crowns? Gold will also be very light; matter will change. Right now, the purer the gold is, the heavier it is. When you mix it, it is totally different. You can easily see the contrast between the real gold and the gold which is mixed.

Purity is lightness, and so, they have the light crown and they have the 'might' crown. Now, there is no crown; now it is the crown of thorns.

So, check your awareness, if stones are still emerging from my mouth, it means Ravan’s kingdom is still there. This trait is not given by Baba, but it is my old inheritance from the mother Maya and father Ravan. They have given the gift of all these vices. So, check the contrast between being body conscious and soul conscious; the contrast between being ego-conscious and Godly-intoxication conscious.

Nowadays, we think of behaviour in a worldly sense, as the manners or protocol of the kingly family. The different kinds of manners are about the way they are done. Manners are traditionally centred on the differences in the two genders, on how the men or women act and react. It is an action and reaction; it is about relationship and respect.

When there are good manners, one automatically behaves with sweetness, respect, gentleness and patience. With manners, our actions and our activities are of virtue and respect. In everything, respect is important. So, this is called good manners. For example, when someone has arrived, it is good manners to welcome them. Saying thank you is good manners. 

When we are sharing our original divine virtues with others with respect and love, and not just for a show; it is called good manners. Otherwise, it's a protocol. We do it because we have to do it. If I don’t, others will get upset.

Here, manner means if I don’t display [good] manners, I am losing my own divinity. It is real. If I am not behaving with spirituality, I am losing my dignity. This is a dignified life, virtuous with love and respect, with the right understanding in a soul-conscious way.

It is not that you have to teach manners: Don't be stubborn; don't be egocentric; don't defame others; don't shout at others because this is not good manners. If somebody says something, just keep quiet. Later on, we had our good manners compared with bad manners, in order to classify what are good manners.

When we were natural, we didn’t even have to use this term good manners. So, it is divine nature that is good manners. Spirituality expresses divine manners, which come from the heart. You do not need to teach it. Now we have to teach it because our manners have gone because of not being complete with all virtues.

When manners have gone and vices have come, only then is when discipline starts. There was no need for discipline before, because divine manners were automatic.

Now, when something has gone wrong, we create a law. Otherwise, there was no need for laws. There weren’t so many prisons. Now, because many small actions are being done which are harmful to others, prisons are built. Vices are increasing so we, human beings, are putting ourselves in prison. The government tries to put control by building more prisons. Spiritual manners are expressed in a natural way; we express virtues naturally. Om shanti.

Sudesh Didi – 30th September 2022 Morning Revision - GCH, London



Mohini Didi - Spiritual Homework for October: "Merciful & Bestower" | अक्टूबर  2022: "रहमदिल - दातापन" अभ्यास (होम वर्क) - बी.के.मोहिनी

2 October 2022


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In the month of October, Avyakti Parivar welcomes you to New Series: "Merciful & Bestower'' -"रहमदिल - दातापन''


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विषय : अक्टूबर 2022: "रहमदिल - दातापन" अभ्यास (होम वर्क) - बी.के.मोहिनी- October 2022 Homework: "Merciful & Bestower": BK Mohini


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