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BKs Participate in the 'Spirit of the Holidays' Winter Walk celebrations for Christmas held in Tannersville, 2 miles from Peace Village on Saturday, December 9th

13 January 2018

Om Shanti, Greetings of Peace and wishing a very Happy Holiiday season.


The Mayor, Dr Lee McGunnigle, Doria McGunnigle and team put together a magical festive event as the attached photos demonstrate.  Every child, their friends and family personally met and chatted with Santa Claus.


The evening continued after the entertaining tree lighting with more events at the Village Hall, fireworks, and the final beautiful performance of the Nutcracker Suite ballet.


Tomorrow 17 December, is Peace Village Holiday Party starting midday, so look out for more photos of this merry and very snowy season.


Love, Sr Chirya




When a few gather, magic happens! 2017 was a year of magic in Washington DC

6 January 2018


Dear Family and Friends,


Happy New Year and may 2018 be filled with deep inner silence and an unlimited capacity to love. When committed Angels gather to reveal the Father, magic happens. 256 Events this year and so many stories to share. It has been the wonder of drama.


We wish to thank everyone for their continued love and support.


CLICK HERE!! for the Year in Review 2017



Sister Jenna and the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums in Washington D.C. Family.

Click on the above image to watch the service video

Click on the above image to watch 20 Years of Service in DC 3 min video



2018 New Year Eve Celebrations - Milipitas Center, California, USA

6 January 2018

We had Intense Meditation from 10pm to 12.00am

All Baba’s children writing their new year resolution for year 2018

Sister Kusum giving New Year Greetings                                       Cake Cutting Ceremony




New Year's Eve Celebration at Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles Center

6 January 2017

Om Shanti


In Los Angeles center, our New Year’s celebration started at 9:00pm on December 31 st , 2017 and went until 1:30am on January 1 st , 2018. The main theme of the celebration was Self-Compassion. Attendees were both BKs and non- BKs.


We started with appreciative inquiry around how we were successful in using our virtues to overcome situations in 2017. We also wrote a heart-felt letter of encouragement to the self for 2018 and let go of our weaknesses in the fire. Then we had a half an hour creative meditation and welcomed the New Year

with Silence. At midnight, Sister Gita gave a New Year’s message and we all cut a Disney themed cake.

Finally, we couldn’t contain our joy so we danced with a lot of happiness. We welcomed our greatness

and 2018 with a lot of Joy!



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - December 2017

2 January 2018


Florida Retreat - All You Need is Love

Dec 8-9-10: The Miami family joined the rest of Florida family for this retreat on "All you need is Love" facilitated by Brother Charlie - the National Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Australia.


The retreat provided a beautiful reflective space where the souls experienced love & nourishment from the classes on the love story of souls in the confluence agenurturing self respect


The experiential yoga session, energizing meals, cultural evening and the lovely time with Florida family was very uplifting for all participants.


Spanish Workshop: Amor y Perdon

Dec 2: This Spanish workshop on ‘Amor Y Perdone’ i.e. ‘Love & Forgiveness’ was facilitated by Amar. About 14 souls participated with 3 first timers who were very grateful and appreciative of the peaceful atmosphere at the center and some said it feels like 2nd home. The workshop was instrumental in having a clear understanding about the self, real Love and the beautiful understanding that the capacity to forgive also comes from being loving.


Spanish Class by Elizabeth Aivars (PV):

Dec 5: Elizabeth from the Peace Village Retreat was the special guest speaker for the tuesday evening Spanish class on the topic “Trabajando y Meditando” i.e. “Work & Meditation”. The class benefited from her experiences and heartfelt sharings.


Click here for the rest of the report with more photos.



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - November 2017

2 January 2018


Florida Retreat Coming Up

Dec 8-9-10: Florida Retreat on "Its All About Love" with Br. Charlie (from Australia) is just around the corner. About 150 brahmins have reserved their accommodations and loving preparations are going on in all Florida centers to come together for this retreat in Naples. (Fri 5pm to Sun 1 pm)


Special Tapasya Month:

Nov 1 - 30: About 28 souls dedicated 8 hrs a day for special tapasya and some of them took multiple turns in the month resulting in 362 hrs (44 x 8) of dedicated yoga. These efforts were focused on increasing remembrance and experiencing Baba as a constant companion. The two hour Special Bhatti held at the center on 19th was a very lovely uplifting group experience and these special tapasya efforts have brought a fresh wave of enthusiasm and gratitude for dear Baba..... click here for detailed report.



Br Charlie Visits Houston

2 January 2018

Dear Divine Family,


Om shanti and greetings of love.   Charliebhai from Australia visited Texas this month and brought a lot of happiness to the divine family.  In Houston, Charlie

bhai shared his experience on the topic “How to Earn the Wealth of Happiness.”


He also inspired the Brahmin family with experiences of his personal meetings with BapDada.

Year 2017 is Brahma Kumaris’ 40th anniversary for service in Texas! 

Please see photo links below:











much love in BapDada’s yaad,


BK Dr. Hansa Raval



Double Fortune: Br Ken (Brazil) and Br Yogesh (Turkey) Visit Canada!

2 January 2018

Greetings Dear Rosaries! Some service news to share from Canada:


BapDada has always reminded the Double Foreigners that we receive double attainments! That was definitely the case when both Brs Ken and Yogesh visited Canadian soil in the same month - gracing the land with their spiritual wisdom, lightness, kindness and depth.


Please refer to attached reports for details.  Deep thanks to Dadi and Seniors, from all brothers and sisters here in Canada, for blessing this program. It brought oceans of benefit that really touched our hearts.


Much love

Br Eric and Canadian BK Family


NCO Canada


Report on Br Ken's Visit in PDF format


Report on Br Yogesh Visit in PDF format





Weather Alert! Peace Village New Year's Retreat

29 December 2017

Dear Center Coordinators and Shiv Shaktis and Pandav attendees of the New Years retreat.


(please inform all those who are planning to come)


Greetings for the Season!!


We look forward to hosting you and we know this retreat is special to all of you, as we wind down 2017 and prepare to welcome 2018 with Sister Mohini and the BK family.


We would like to alert you of the weather condition so you you can come prepared with warm clothes: - sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, shoes and night clothes.   At the moment we have snow on the grounds and we are expecting more snow this weekend, please see the forecast below


If you would like to arrive on Friday afternoon, you are welcome to do so, between 4 pm to 7 pm (we do not suggest  for you to travel at night, since the mountains are dark and can be slippery. If you cannot come Friday between 4 and 7 pm, please come Saturdaymorning to avoid the snow showers.


We look forward to get an updated arrival time from all the centers.


With warm regards,

The Peace Village Family.



New Year Greetings from Silicon Valley Milipitas USA Family

28 December 2017



Season's Greetings from the Boston family

28 December 2017



Season's Greetings from the Meditation Center, Cinnaminson, NJ

24 December 2017



Peace Village New Year's Retreat - December 30, 2017 to January 1, 2018

24 December 2017

Dearest Divine Instruments,

Please accept divine love filled greetings from all of us at Peace Village.

We would like to inform you about New Year's retreat for BKs at Peace Village during the following days:-

Arrivals - Saturday, December 30, 2017, 3 to 6 pm

Departures – Monday, January 1, 2018 - after breakfast 

Sr. Mohini will be with us during this weekend!

As in previous years, the retreat will include Bapdada's transmission, New Year's eve celebration, Bhatti and much more. More information to follow regarding the theme and plan for the weekend.

We will plan to have activities for BK children (5 years and above) and BK youth, so you are welcome to encourage them to attend the retreat.

Recommended quotas per center is as follows:

Harmony House – 20

Manhattan - 15

Queens - 10

Cinnaminson - 15

Edison - 20

Boston - 20

Washington – 20

Chicago, Michigan, Ohio - 20

Other centers - 10

Canada- 30

Please send in your registrations as early as possible,



In Baba’s yaad,

Sister Kala and the BK Retreat Design Team.



Protectors of the Yagya: 1000 Little Things for Self-Progress and Service - BK Retreat with Sister Santosh at Peace Village

12 December 2017

Each year, on the fourth Thursday of November, the United States celebrates Thanksgiving. The BK family are still giving thanks to Drama that Sr Santosh accepted our invitation as the special guest for Peace Village Thanksgiving Weekend Retreat.  Nov 23-27, 2017. Her faith, knowledge, bhavna, relationships with Baba and the family are inspiring. Hearing her experiences before and during her BK life drew us all very close. We felt like an angelic family all enjoying our fortune of being selected by Drama to 'run this race’ back to perfection.

Newer instruments and senior teachers alike took so much benefit from her stories, inspirations and tips for self-progress. She started the program sharing about her history as a BK, her early efforts as she came into Baba’s family, and the progress of service in Russia. Sr Santosh then moved into specific tips for self- progress, relating everything back to the strength of our individual relationships with Baba. She inspired all with the examples from her own effort making life.

The program then turned towards service of others, and the accurate method for sustaining others. Once again, this all related back to our own self efforts to create a strong relationship with Baba. She focused on the subtleties of spiritual sustenance, reminded us about the need for a consistently powerful Amrit Vela to create a beautiful atmosphere in the center and attract souls to Baba’s home. It’s the power of our connection to Baba that helps bring others into connection as well. She reminded us that we are companions of God and as students are created through us, Baba’s children become our responsibility as well. Through teaching and sustenance Baba is giving us the sanskars of responsibility and loyalty. She focused on the Murli as the greatest form of sustenance from God directly, and that the best service we can do for others is connect them to murli.

Santosh bhen followed by sharing methods to sustain the center. She reminded us that everything in the center emerges from Baba’s room, and everything energetically emerges from Amrit Vela. The little details matter in making all feel welcome in Baba’s home. Baba’s centers should be like Shivalaya, and when we invite souls in they are being invited to experience a taste of heaven.

The retreat content was intertwined with Q & A sessions, experiential yoga bhattis, special Amrit Vela experiences, dancing, games and Tai Chi sessions. Because of this balance, participants were able to take a lot in a short time, with such a feeling of lightness. At the end of the retreat souls shared their beautiful insights from the retreat and enjoyed a beautiful live sharing from Sr. Mohini via skype. All souls left full and content!

Pictures of this retreat are here



Info: Fire in Southern California, USA - Baba's Children are Well

11 December 2017

Dear Beloved Dadi JankiJi, Dadi GulzarJi, Nirwair Bhaiji, Brij Mohan Bhaiji, and all Brothers and Sisters of our Sweet and Lovely Brahmin Family,


Om Shanti and Loving Greetings.


Some of you have voiced concern about the fires in Southern California. Yes, there are a several large fires, burning vast stretches of land.  We have had very little rain this year and currently warm high winds are spreading the fire quickly.  While most of the fires near Los Angeles are in dry canyon areas, some houses have been destroyed and many people are evacuated from their neighborhoods. North of us, in Ventura County, 200 structures have been destroyed and 27,000 are evacuated. Yesterday several freeways were closed in Los Angeles  because of the fires, and schools were closed in parts of the city, including UCLA.


Thank you for all your love and concern. Fortunately, Baba’s centers, in Los Angeles and Seal Beach, are still far from the fires, and all of Baba’s children are well.


Please do send good wishes to all those affected by the fires – and to our beautiful Earth.


With Love,


Sisters Gita and Diane

Southern California , USA



Br. Charlie's Historic Visit to New York

11 December 2017

Brother Charlie is on a brief tour of the US, which will culminate at the annual Florida retreat, where he’s the spiritual resource for 150 instruments.  Before he traveled to Florida, he made a stop in New York for a visit with Sister Mohini and the New York extended family.  Around 40 instruments from 7 New York area centers gathered in the living room of the “White House,” where Charlie started out by sharing his story, the journey of his being a seeker when he was a young man.  His stories of the early days in London when on meeting Dadi Janki and Sister Jayanati, he had the feeling of coming home. He remembered Dadi Prakashmani’s continuous love and lightness and the way that she made everyone feel that they belong.  He spoke about his own early meetings with Baba and the feeling that Baba knew the soul completely.

He lingered on the importance of spiritual love, especially as a way to support disturbances in the centers and the clash of sanskars.  He spoke of how Dadiji continuously gave love to everyone and consistently focused on the specialties of the soul in front of her and on keeping each one close to the yagya.  He reinforced Baba’s guidance of seeing the specialties in a soul, even if you are currently having a problem with that one.  He said that if you have even the slightest negativity towards a soul, they will pick this up in your drishti and will likely be affected.

When asked a question about what to do about disappointment, he said that the greatest disappointment is in the self, and again pointed to love, for the self and for others as the key to being able to remove the shadow of disappointment.


Because his New York visit was just a few days before his 65th birthday,  the family made a cake and garlanded Charlie with roses.  Sister Mohini offered bhog and brought a message for him from Bapdada:

“At every step Brother Charlie has received blessings, because he is obedient and does whatever the seniors and the family want.  He is a true yogi.  His yoga of the intellect has never gotten caught into any human beings or matter or things.

Charlie is fearless, because there is truth.  Charlie is carefree.  When one is obedient, when one sets a good example, then one gets everyone’s good wishes.  The reward of that is to be happy and to receive the blessings of the family for your commitment for your lightness for being ever ready.   

This is a historic visit.  He has the tilak of victory, which leaves him very free.  Have such sharing that the whole family can benefit.”




Follow Father Brahma - Special Sustenance Program for All BKs from December 18th to January 18th

11 December 2017

Dear Family,


Greetings for the holidays!  Now that the month of December has begun, you must be thinking and planning, with zeal and enthusiasm, what newness to bring in 2018.  BapDada has been signaling us about the closeness of time and how important it is to have a long-time practice of being soul conscious and performing actions by following in the footsteps of Brahma Baba.  To make the practices lively and engaging, we are inviting you to participate in a sustenance process created with the intention of bringing newness into our ongoing efforts by revisiting Brahma Baba’s spiritual path.


From December 18th to January 18th, the plan is to focus on special efforts inspired by the book “Specialties of Brahma Baba.”  The umbrella title for our practice is “Follow Father Brahma,” and following would be at both the levels of consciousness and action.  We have identified specific themes that describe the consciousness that Brahma Baba paid attention to and three “virtue-in-action” points to move from consciousness to action.

The idea is to have one theme for three days.  Each day will have a different description of the consciousness and virtue-in-action point for practice.  Each virtue-in-action point is connected to the specific theme.  For example:


Theme 1:  Create a soul conscious vision and attitude

December 18th

1.1      Brahma Baba had the deep desire for a soul conscious vision and attitude.  When anyone came in front of him, he gave them drishti with soul consciousness.  With this practice, the differences between young and old, wealthy and poor, color and caste all finished.  And everyone had the feeling of Baba belonging to him.

Virtue-in-Action:  Spiritual Equality

We Brahmin children of Brahma, with the practice of having a soul conscious vision and attitude, can go beyond the lokik and corporeal feelings and adopt the attitude of being spiritually equal.


December 19th

1.2   Brahma Baba’s drishti was simple and royal.  It is said that the world is created through your vision.  His soul conscious vision automatically changed everything; the world and the circumstances changed.  Through this change in his vision, he was able to integrate virtues in his every action.

Virtue-in-Action:  Simplicity

The first lesson is to see others with the vision of soul consciousness.  Therefore, practice making your vision and attitude simply soul conscious.  Simplicity means to be soul conscious, to be without anger, greed, and ego.  Simplicity is royalty.


December 20th

1.3   Brahma Baba’s incognito effort was to stay in the soul conscious stage and to stabilize in the stage of being a zero, in which there was no experience of sanskars of the past.

Virtue-in-Action:  Alignment

While talking among yourselves, while being in the body, see the soul. This practice makes all other dharnas easy and natural.  Through the practice of this soul conscious stage, all weaknesses will finish, and then you will be able to perform wonders in service.


To support this effort, a short class on the featured theme and a brief meditation commentary will be featured every three days. There will also be a video showing the pictures of Brahma Baba integrating virtues into his life through actions.


We would also like to invite you to increase your chart of remembrance by accumulating 108 hours of remembrance. The aim is to fix your yoga time in such a way that by January 18th, you would have accumulated 108 hours of intentional yoga with Baba.  This does not have to be sitting yoga, but can be yoga while walking and moving around. This remembrance will bring about transformation, not only in each one of us, but also in the atmosphere of the places in which we are present.


The information about this sustenance project is available at You can sign up to receive the emails every three days for each theme.


There will also be a kickoff webinar with Sister Mohini on 17th  9:30 AM EST to set the context for the initiative.

We hope you take full benefit from this sustenance initiative and bring newness into your spiritual efforts.  The practice will prepare all of us for the Year of Love. Please forward this/circulate this to all the students at your center so that they can participate in this program.


In Baba’s love and remembrance,

Sister Gayatri, Brother Dev, and team

On behalf of Sister Mohini


Click here to download PDF format of this report.



Diwali in Los Angeles

29 November 2017

Om Shanti


Greetings of Peace from Los Angeles.


We recently had Diwali celebration which was attended by interfaith representatives from various faith groups, BKs and public. Everyone enjoyed the colorful event filled with dance, singing, talk, live music, meditation and candle-lighting. They all were served delicious Indian cuisine in the end.


Attached is the report along with the pictures.


In Bapdada's service,

BK Sister Gita


Date: October 28, 2017

Time: 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Venue: Westside Jewish Community Center


Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles hosted the Annual Diwali public program which was attended by more

than 170 guests including Interfaith representatives from 8 different faiths.


The event was held at the Westside Jewish Community Center near the Los Angeles Center. The guests

were welcomed with traditional diwali flower rangoli, lights and live music.


The program started with the Brother Vivek Kashyap, welcoming everyone and giving a brief description

about the festival of lights which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India.


The first highlight of the event was the Yakshagana dance performance, a form of dance with a rich

blend of both classical and folk, with its origins from Karnataka, India. The performance was filled with

vibrant music, energetic dancing, music bands, towering headdresses and glittering costumes.


The program followed with a live musical performance by professional artists Bob Bates (Inner-City Artes

Artistic Director) and Arthur Kegerris (music composer). Bob Bates played the Karo (a traditional African

instrument) and Arthur played the acoustic bass accompanied by Frank the pianist.


Next was a spiritual talk by Sister Dianne from Seal Beach center. She shared some insights on the

spiritual meaning of Diwali. She described the way the festival is celebrated in India and explained the

spiritual significance of the rituals performed during Diwali.


After the talk, the interfaith leaders from 8 different faiths were invited for the candle lighting

ceremony. Sister Gita from the Los Angeles Center welcomed each guest on stage with cardamom


After igniting the candles, the interfaith leaders spoke about the significance of light according to their

faith and traditions.


Sister Vino from Los Angeles Center shared gifts to all the interfaith leaders before they returned to

their seats.


After candle lighting, Sister Elizabeth from Anubhuti Retreat Center gave a meditation commentary with

live music in the background played by the musicians and then she sung a song for the audience, at the

end while Sister Gita gave drishti to audience.


The event concluded with the guests receiving a special Diwali gifts on stage from Sister Gita and

delicious food served by the mothers of Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles.


Click here for report in PDF format.




Pure Intentions and the Path to Empathy: An Interview with Sister Jenna

27 November 2017

SOURCE: Women for One (, interview by Kelly McNelis, published on 20 November 2017

It’s not every day that I get to sit down and have a conversation with someone like Sister Jenna, so this was an amazing opportunity to engage in some deeper investigation into everything from the power of living from our hearts to acknowledging how we can personally contribute to the healing and transformation of the world.


In case you aren’t familiar with this remarkable woman, Sister Jenna is someone who has given her life to improving the conditions of people all over the world. She is a spiritual leader, author, radio host and TV personality, renowned speaker, and founder of the Meditation Museum I & II in metropolitan Washington, DC.


Selected by EBW2020 as one of the 100 most influential leaders for 2015, her mission is to decode critical current issues and offer a perspective for folks to find clarity, power, and insight. Despite the many life challenges that we face on a global scale, Sister Jenna has an uncanny ability to connect us back to where our problems originated and shift our awareness toward the solutions. She has traveled to over 80 countries where she continues to provide practical life tools and solutions that empower people to foster and build stronger relationships.


Her wisdom, peace, and compassion for humanity are expressed through the variety of initiatives she spearheads for youth, women, governments, and communities. She has collaborated with Fortune 500 companies on key issues and her syndicated radio show, America Meditating is a popular global online show. Sister Jenna is also the recipient of numerous awards. She has served as a principal partner with the Oprah Winfrey Network and Values Partnerships on the Belief Team, a community of individuals from diverse spiritual, cultural, and faith backgrounds.


As Sister Jenna told me about the state of the world today, “We must be concerned, but we must also be prepared…But without self-honesty, the soul cannot find its way through the muck we are dealing with…it’s no longer outside of us. It’s inside.”


Sister Jenna and I also talked about how we can take accountability for the ripple effects of our behavior and (my favorite word!) choices, and how this is key in creating the world all of us deserve. Be sure to find Sister Jenna at and


2:34: Sister Jenna’s story, from the world of nightclubs to the realm of spirituality

4:50 Sister Jenna’s spiritual awakening

6:50 The epidemic of suffering and the power of love, preparation, and presence in responding to it

8:40 The power of truthfulness with yourself, first and foremost

11:23 Redirecting our anger to shift the world

15:30 Discovering the authenticity within ourselves

16:20 Clearing the “algae”: anger, lust, greed, attachment, ego

18:15 Detaching from our attachments to our labels (and why detachment isn’t the same as not caring)

21:20 Sister Jenna’s vision for a healed and transformed world, and her Inclusion Revolution

25:30 Extracting truth in the midst of the deception




Thank you note to guests from the America Meditating Retreat IV in Peace Village

27 November 2017

Dear America Meditating Retreaters IV!


Om Shanti and greetings of love. Where do we begin to express our appreciation for the gifts you brought into my family's space (the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village) and to the 4th Annual America Meditating Retreat?


Each and every one of you showed up with trust, love, openness, wisdom and ease. Thank you, on behalf of Sisters Kala, Waddy, Gayatri, Dorothy, Judy, Gita, and Antonia. Feel free to contact anyone of us! We truly wish you all the best in the good you are doing in our world. We are being called to create a better humanity for the present and future.


Below are some links that we believe you would appreciate.


Pictures from the Retreat - Feel free to share and please add #AmericaMeditating #BrahmaKumaris – Click to View Pictures

Video of Intentions for the Retreat – Click to Watch Video

Video Presentation of the Retreat – Click to Watch Video

Audio Recordings of the Sessions – Click for Audio of Recorded Sessions

Please subscribe to the America Meditating YouTube, and America Meditating Radio on TuneIn or BlogTalkRadio.

I am sure we are tweeting, right? (@americameditating)


Quite a few of you have shared thoughts for a continued journey. Perhaps we could arrange a conference call? Please let us know if you are interested.


Love and Sweetness, 
Sister Jenna, Kanu and the America Meditating Team



Bappi Lahiri's Visit to Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles Center

27 November 2017

Om Shanti


Greetings of Peace from Los Angeles.


We had the opportunity to serve Bappi Lahiri and his family while he was visiting his son, Bappa Lahiri and daughter-in- law, Tanisha Lahiri who was recently blessed with a son on October 4th. Their apartment is just a block away from LA center.


They enjoyed their visit to the center and were impressed on how serene and powerful the atmosphere in the center was amidst of such a chaotic LA city.


Below and attached are the report and pictures.


In Bapdada's service,

BK Sister Gita


On Tuesday, October 31st, Bappi Lahiri (the renowned Bollywood music composer, music director, singer, actor, and record producer), his wife Citrani Lahiri and his son’s mother-in-law Shefali Verma visited the Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles Center. They were welcomed with sandalwood tilak and cardamom garlands at the entrance.


Then they were brought to Baba’s room for meditation experience before exchanging spiritual knowledge. They were given brief introduction about soul and Supreme Soul. Bappi Lahiri was very impressed with the teachings of Brahma Kumaris. He said that he has a big fan group and  Brahma Kumaris have wonderful teachings, thus, he wants to promote Brahma Kumaris in the USA. They were served dinner later.

Sister Gita presented Shiva Baba’s picture to Bappi Lahiri

Sister Vino presented toli and blessing to everyone. The picture on the left (from left is Shefali Verma, Bappi Lahiri, Sister Gita, Citrani Lahiri and Sister Vino)



Diwali at the Milipitas Center, CA

4 November 2017

Om Shanti


Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley, Milpitas, USA Diwali 2017 event at our New BK Center. Over 350 People attended the event and the program included talk(A time for coming together and igniting the lights within us to experience lightness & joy), candle lighting ceremony and cultural event.



Talk by BK Kusum

Topic: A time for coming together and igniting the lights within us to experience lightness & joy


Candle Lighting Ceremony by Hon. Guests



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - October 2017

4 November 2017


Special Tapasya Program:


Nov 1-30: Inspired by the Special Tapasya program in Africa, Miami will be doing Special Tapasya (yoga) for the 30 days of Nov. This special tapasya program is focused on increasing our remembrance and experiencing Baba as our constant companion. Click here to participate and to ADD your name for Yoga.


Colorful Diwali Celebrations:


Oct 22: The sparkling souls of Miami came together in their colorful wardrobe for a very delightful, spiritual and enjoyable celebrations of Diwali. Swami Sankarananda aka Peace Pilgrim also joined the family for this joyous celebrations.



Click here to view the detailed message with more photos.




Diwali Greetings from Sr Jenna & the Washington DC BKs

2 November 2017

Make this Diwali one of letting the past go, emerge your fortune and be sweet!

Om Shanti To Baba's Children,


Today we awake with the intent to be new in many ways. To find resolve and close old accounts. To life reflect and dig deeper to find the jewels of our powerful side, our Baba given vibe, and our need to cooperate using our beautiful self.


May this Diwali be your true awakened. To allow that which is sacred, and pure be all about you and for you where everyone benefits from this power. Think, speak, eat, sit, walk, see, and listen with pure unlimited wealth, truth, and happiness.


Sister Jenna and the Amazing Team in Washington D.C. 
P.S. Diwali Song to Enjoy! Click Here




Anubhuti News: Fire Evacuees & Diwali Celebration in North Bay, California

19 October 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Thank you so much for all your words of support and powerful vibrations from around the world. It really gave us a feeling of connection with Baba and the BK global family. The Northern California fires are gradually being contained at 70 to 90%. The families that stayed with us in Anubhuti Retreat Center took so much benefit. Every evening we would have meditation and class for them.


Diwali at Anubhuti:

The weather conditions allowed us to go ahead with our Diwali Program last Saturday, October 14, for 200 people. It lifted the community’s spirits and created a spiritual bond of love. The slogan for those who have been evacuated by the fires is, “Love is heavier than smoke.” We were enlightened by words of our main speaker BK Chandru Didi; along with Jim Paymar, Journalist; Communication Specialist; March Noguchi, Interfaith leader, and Sr. Perla. We were enchanted by live music by Br. Stephen and Sr. Kyoko; songs by Sr. Elizabeth and Sr. Kyoko; and Odissi dance.


North Bay Fire Service Meeting:


The North Bay Hindu Temple, the Bay Area Indian Association, and neighboring people from other religions gathered the next morning at the Retreat Center. There were more than 90 people who came and shared their heroic stories escaping the fires. Many had lost their homes. Then they discussed different ideas and pulled their resources together to connect all the different volunteer groups who had come and build a network of services and support. Chandru Didi gave a talk, Sr. Elizabeth sang a song of “Blessings” and Sr. Hema met with each and every one. They continued their discussions over Brahma Bhogan and left spiritually filled.


It has been an inspiring sequence of events, witnessing how Baba and Drama converted a frightening and traumatic event into a week of unending service of upliftment and transformation. We welcomed 9 families who had been evacuated. They themselves said that they were so fortunate to arrive in such a spiritual and sacred place. We witnessed how their faces blossomed while they enjoyed Baba’s vibrations and the company of the BK family.


Much love and heartfelt gratitude.

In BapDada's remembrance,

BK Chandru, Sr. Hema and Sr. Elizabeth



Emergency Charity Funds

13 October 2017



Dear Center/ Class Coordinators,


Om shanti and loving greetings on behalf of Sr.Mohini and NY family. 


The last few weeks have certainly got us all thinking deeply about our part as Baba's children while witnessing the scenes of natural disasters and turmoil in different parts of the world, some of them very close to us. There have been many inquiries and requests for us as BKs from the USA to have an emergency charity fund established for helping these areas in concrete ways.


Please be reminded that we have Point of Life Foundation working closely with Brahma Kumaris and legally set up as a tax exempt organization in the US to handle this kind of charity. We will then be directing the funds as per the need and as per the opportunities available. For example, we have an opportunity now to direct them towards water supply in Puerto Rico through a local authority in Long Island, New York.


We are encouraging and requesting anyone who wants to donate towards national / international emergency relief efforts to please send your donations as checks  to Point of Life Foundation and mail to Global Harmony House, 46 South Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, NY 11021.


Also, as we continue the efforts in various disasters that have happened and yet to happen, if you have any reliable leads on the best use of the funds and / or reliable channels for ensuring that the funds are utilized well, we welcome that information.


With Baba's love and remembrances,

Kala for Sr.Mohini



News of Anubhuti & Northern California Wildfires: BK Family Safe in Baba's Service

13 October 2017

To Our Divine Family,


Thank you, everyone, for your heartfelt good wishes and concern for our well-being. Many of you have been calling and asking how we are doing because of the threat of the Northern California Wild Fires since Sunday evening (8-Oct). On Monday at midnight Sister Chandru called from our San Francisco Center warning us of a breakout of wildfires near Baba’s Anubhuti Retreat Center in Novato north of San Francisco. Brother Duane kept watching through the night. I woke up to the smell of heavy smoke at 3:00 AM. We could see the red hills in flames at Sears Point, which is only 9 miles from us. The winds were blowing at 50 miles an hour so you have to be prepared to move out quickly.


On Monday morning at 6:00 AM we started to receive calls from contacts who were being forced to evacuate. We welcomed 8 families to the Retreat Center. Three of the families left their homes at 2:00 AM as a wave of fire destroyed their neighborhood in East Santa Rosa. The other families in Santa Rosa lived near Coffey Park and fled the smoke and flames, moving south towards San Francisco by car with their young families until they reached here. (Photos attached of families and the red sun shone through 100% smoke)


The fire at Sears Point is still smoldering and is 90% contained. There is still a lot of smoke in the air from that and the other 8 major fires. People are wearing face masks. You have to drive with your head lights on in the day. So far, thanks to Baba, yoga, and Drama, we are safe.


You have to be so strong. It is one thing for a community to absorb a loss or tragedy but this is a situation where whole communities are being wiped out and evacuation centers are also being evacuated. We've never seen anything like it because most fires are in the wild and here it's in the heart of whole cities and towns. We are working with local volunteer organizations, such as the North Bay Hindu Temple and Center of Volunteer and Non-profit Leaders (CVNL)


The Firefighters can only contain about 3% - 10% of fires due to dry conditions and unpredictable and high winds. There have been 24 deaths reported so far, 463 people uncounted for, 35,000 people evacuated, 170,000 acres have been burned, and about 3,500 structures have been destroyed.


We are very grateful and fortunate. Baba says that now is the time for the game of “suddenly” and that is exactly what we are witnessing. Thank you all for your love and yoga power. 


Much love in BapDada’s remembrance,

BK Elizabeth and BK Hema on behalf of Sister Chandru and the San Francisco Family



Brief News from Anubhuti & S. California Re: Fires Burning in Sonoma  & Napa Counties

10 October 2017

From Sr Elizabeth: Air quality is dangerous here in Novato. We are accommodating seven families who have been evacuated from Sonoma County. Three of them lost their homes to the ground in Fountain Grove. We could see a local fire this morning from the Retreat Center. It was at Sears Point but that is now under control. Life is precious. The families are doing fine; handling it really well. We are safe. Feeling grateful. 

From Sr Diane: We are meditating for souls in the Anubhuti area and also for those affected by the fire here. Rutunj and family are safe. The fire went south instead of north.



Week 2: 21 Day Program to Prepare for Diwali

6 October 2017

Dear Baba’s Beloved Instruments:


As Diwali is fast approaching each of you must be preparing to celebrate the festival with the Brahmin family as well as doing public programs. With knowledge, we understand that all the festivals that people celebrate are in-fact a memorial of our life at this confluence age.  At this time, we perform elevated actions by following shrimat.  These elevated actions and our elevated stage become an inspiration for many souls in the world; our state of perfection and elevated actions become imprinted in their consciousness and in the copper age they create memorials based on this.


Attached is a program for us to prepare our inner stage so that we can serve through the characteristics of Lakshmi, our divine stage.  There are 21 characteristics of Lakshmi which will be shared with you.  Week 2 is attached. We hope the last week will reach you byFriday, October 13.


The program is a very simple and easy one and is from October 2 — 22.  It has two features:  awareness and practice.  Awareness of the characteristics of Lakshmi that are remembered on the path of devotion in the Copper and Iron Ages; and practice that Baba is telling us to do at the  Confluence Age.  This awareness and practice will help us to be the embodiment of our divinity and to serve with the light of our pure feelings during this time of the season of lights.  I encourage to share this with the BKs at your center, so that they have an opportunity to participate in this collective effort.


Also attached is a message that you may wish to share with the family.


In Baba’s yaad


Sister Mohini


Preparing for Diwali for 4-5 October in Hindi


Preparing for Diwali 9-15 October in English




September News from Washington DC - Sr Jenna Awarded Honorary Doctorate and New CD, "Inclusion Revolution" Released

5 October 2017

Dear Friends and Family,


Om shanti and greetings of love. My deepest apologizes for my lapse in communication and updates. As you can imagine, the last few months have been quite full. So, I am now sharing some highlights of the past month. However, before I go on with some updates, how have you been? I trust well. Please do share.


Everyone here has been truly remarkable and I am so proud of the team making the wonders happen. I share and honorably appreciate having some of the best folks around me. I was recently awarded an honorary doctor of humane letters degree by St. Thomas Aquinas College. PLEASE CLICK HERE For VIDEO CLICK HERE. I am also enjoying the wonderful friendship forged with the President and staff at St. Thomas Aquinas College. But, I do have to say, the best part of the convocation wasn't only the sharing of a life of intention for an upcoming generation of leaders, but it was the surprise visit by Srs. Dorothy and Irene from Peace Village! What a delight!


Click here for detailed report with more photos.




Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - September 2017

4 October 2017



Tuesday Night Insight Series. Empowering the Self Through Positive Thinking

This popular topic helped souls become more aware of their thoughts, so they could gain control and choose what to think. Through positive thinking they learned the ability to bring about peace of mind, personal happiness, and value in their lives.


Facilitator: Karen Perusse


Hurricane Irma

As Hurricane Irma visited the Tampa area, the center prepared. Three angels, Shireen, Helen and Karen stayed in the center throughout the storm. Although nature was playing her part outside, inside there was happiness and contentment as we experienced Baba's canopy of protection. The center was not damaged in any way and never even lost electricity.


After the storm, we were quickly able to open our doors and resume normal classes. Many came in order to recover mentally, emotionally and here for detailed report with more photos.



Starts Oct 2nd! 21 Day Program to Prepare for Diwali

2 October 2017

Dear Baba’s Beloved Instruments:

As Diwali is fast approaching each of you must be preparing to celebrate the festival with the Brahmin family as well as doing public programs. With knowledge, we understand that all the festivals that people celebrate are in-fact a memorial of our life at this confluence age.  At this time, we perform elevated actions by following shrimat.  These elevated actions and our elevated stage become an inspiration for many souls in the world; our state of perfection and elevated actions become imprinted in their consciousness and in the copper age they create memorials based on this.

Attached is a program for us to prepare our inner stage so that we can serve through the characteristics of Lakshmi, our divine stage.  There are 21 characteristics of Lakshmi which will be shared with you.  Week 1 is attached and Weeks 2 and 3 will be sent to you byFriday, October 6, and Friday, October 13 respectively.

The program is a very simple and easy one and is from October 2 — 22.  It has two features:  awareness and practice.  Awareness of the characteristics of Lakshmi that are remembered on the path of devotion in the Copper and Iron Ages; and practice that Baba is telling us to do at the  Confluence Age.  This awareness and practice will help us to be the embodiment of our divinity and to serve with the light of our pure feelings during this time of the season of lights.  I encourage to share this with the BKs at your center, so that they have an opportunity to participate in this collective effort.

Also attached is a message that you may wish to share with the family.


In Baba’s yaad

Sister Mohini


Preparations for Diwali - Instructions



In Photos: Peace Halifax

26 September 2017



Thanksgiving Retreat at Peace Village with Sr Mohini and Sr Santosh (Russia), November 23 to 26

25 September 2017

Dear Center Coordinators and Class Coordinators,


Om Shanti and loving greetings from Peace Village.


Hope you are engaged in serving through your thoughts, words and actions simultaneously to give everyone the experience of liberation and liberation in life.


Please save the date for Thanks Giving Retreat from November 23rd to 26th.


Sister Santosh from Russia and Sister Mohini will be our spiritual resources for this retreat.


Sister Santosh took a lot of sustenance and training from Brother Jagdish during her time in Delhi. So during this retreat we will be focusing on some orientation in the areas of self-sustenance, student development and center support. With that in mind this retreat will be limited to Center Instruments, Class Instruments, Center Residents, and Core/Support Teams


If you have other students who would like to come to Peace Village as it is a Thanksgiving weekend or for seva, please do let us know and we will look into it and get back to you.


We will send you more details about the retreat in the next few weeks.


In Baba's Loving Remembrance

Sister Kala and BK Retreat Planning Team


Have a peaceful day.


Peace Village Registration

Phone: 518 589 5000



Hurricane Irma News from Miami

16 September 2017

Beloved family,

Excuse our tardiness in responding but have not had much access to cell connectivity or internet.  Just since yesterday have our (in Miami area) cell phones been able to handle more than texts.  A big old avocado tree fell on our power lines which has minimized the electricity into the center but at least we have some lights, a fridge and a few outlets working.  In this 33C temperature we are missing air conditioning, hot water,  and a stove but no damage to the house (apart from loss of vegetation) and all BKs are safe and gradually getting back on the electrical grid.  Fortunately Irma (bless her) first made land in the US as a Category 4 (130 MPH winds) just slightly west of Miami which made things so much better for us.  Unfortunately that is not the case for those just south of us including some of the Caribbean islands.

Hurricanes are so beneficial and are simply doing their allotted house cleaning of both the ocean and the land which unfortunately is now overrun by people.  I really get it when Baba says that in SY we will live by the sweet waters.  The contrast in Kali yug is that living by the beach is both desirable and indicative of status.  Even now we are keeping an eye on the next couple of  systems - Juan and the others as yet unnamed as they try to gather strength in the warm waters between Africa and here.

Again everyone's concern is so appreciated.  Thanks Kiran.

With love



Hurricane Irma News from Tampa

12 September 2017

Dear Divine Family,
Warm greetings filled with love.  We literally and figuratively had a hurricane blow through Tampa.  Amazingly enough we at the center didn’t lose power.  Possibly the only ones around here that didn’t lose power! 
In hindsight I think we over prepared for the storm.  For days, we had to take everything outside that a130mph (210 kph) wind could use as a projectile - That meant all the plant holders (I didn’t realize we had so many!) and the signs and . . .  We also had to prepare for enough washing and drinking water, food, and the list goes on and on.
Anyway, thanks to Baba and Drama though the eye of the storm passed really close by (about 20 miles east of us) we didn’t even lose power for too long. It flickered a few times but not enough to even bother the ice cream in the freezer. They were expecting a Category 3 Hurricane but by the time it came to Tampa it was just Category 2.  With wind speeds of about 110 mph (175kph) we had a nice show stopper of a storm blow over us for about 6 hours.
It is a bright, beautiful, sunny morning today – it feels like nothing has ever happened.  The only tell tale signs of the storm are the City of Tampa trucks going around our neighborhoods clearing out the debris.
All Baba’s children are safe.  Many of them still don’t have power but all of them are safe.  Thank you Drama, Baba, and the good wishes of the family.  We had so many emails and phone calls from all over the world sending us their good wishes and yoga power that I’m sure that played a role in the impact of the storm not being so severe.  Thank you for your sakaash. 
In Baba’s Love and Light,



Sister Jyoti from Dubai Visits Los Angeles

8 September 2017

Program: Talk in Hindi

Date: August 3rd, 2017

Topic: “How to Keep the Mind Peaceful?’

Venue: Sindhi Temple


The event started out with soft music and meditation, followed with a welcoming speech by the temple head. Sister Vino from Los Angeles introduced Sister Jyoti to the audience. Sister Jyoti shared her wisdom on how to maintain a peaceful mind amidst of all the chaos and circumstances that face us in our daily lives.


The audience listened attentively and asked questions on how to nurture peace in life. The event ended with pooja (prayers) by the head priest and sharing of toli & blessing by Sister Jyoti.


Program: Rakhi for Public

Date: August 5th, 2017

Venue: Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles center


While awaiting the arrival of the audience, Brother Den (a contact soul of BKs) played a soothing sitar music that created a serene and comfortable atmosphere in the hall.  Sister Kristina gave a guided commentary followed by a talk on the importance of having a close connection to God by Sister Jyoti.


Sister Vino shared the significance of celebrating Rakhi and asked the audience to make a firm promise before getting their Rakhi tied. Sister Gita (head coordinator of the LA BK center) shared the significance of the tilak, Rakhi, toli and gifts.


Sister Vino announced the monthly events that happen at the LA center and encouraged them to attend for deeper meditation experiences. Sister Kristina gave another guided meditation with live sitar music.


Then the audience came forward to get their Rakhis tied. The live sitar music continued till the end of the event. Everyone enjoyed the meditative ceremony; they felt deeply serene and determined to keep the promises they made to themselves.  Brahma Bhojan was served in the end.


Program: Rakhi for BKs

Date: August 6th, 2017 (Morning)

Venue: Brahma Kumaris Los Angeles center


Sister Vino introduced Sister Jyoti and requested every BK student to write their promise on a commitment card which would be placed on a tray for bhog offering after the murli class. There were 2 separate murli classes held at different rooms; Sister Jyoti read the murli in Hindi while Sister Liza read the murli in English.


After murli, both classes joined together in the main classroom and Sister Jyoti shared the importance of Rakhi. Everyone’s commitment cards were placed in tray and were offered to Baba along with bhog. Sister Gita and Sister Jyoti became instrumental for a powerful Rakhi ceremony.


One of the BK students brought fresh peaches from her garden to be given as gifts to the students.


In the end, we had over flowing joy and expressed it through spontaneous garba dance.


On August 7th, we had the Brothers Mahavir and Subash (from Madhuban) visiting LA.


Program: Rakhi for Public and BKs

Date: August 6th, 2017 (Evening)

Venue: Brahma Kumaris Seal Beach Center


The event started with meditation and live guitar music by Brother David Jones.


Then Sister Haleema introduced Sister Jyoti to the audience. Sister Jyoti spoke on the significance of Rakhi.


Sister Jyoti and Sister Haleema conducted the Rakhi ceremony.


Light Dinner was served in the end.



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - August 2017

5 September 2017



Sr. Pravina in Miami:

Aug 2-4: The Miami meditation students thoroughly enjoyed the smiling presence of dear Sr. Pravina who was visiting from the BK International headquarters in India. Her sharing’s were full of wealth of stories and experiences from many years of living in India and in close connection with dear Dadi Janki ji – the administrative head of the BKs.

Rakhi Celebrations with Sr. Gita

Aug 13: It was a Special Rakhi gathering in the sweet powerful presence of Sr. Gita (from the BK LA center) where a lovely atmosphere was created for students to reflect and empower the self with determined thoughts in bringing transformation in their spiritual journey. BK students Andre from Russia and Fatima from South Africa who were visiting Miami also joined the Rakhi celebrations.

Public Rakhi Program    There was an evening Rakhi gathering of about 30 people (friends and connections) who benefitted from the understanding of the spiritual aspect of this lovely bond of protection and from the transformative loving atmosphere of silence & stillness.


Workplace Meditation at NBC-Miami:    Aug 24: Mercedes and Meeta shared on the topic “Empowering the Self” and discussed what it means to be empowered and what is it that we refer to as ‘the self’. The participants shared their own ways of empowering themselves and acknowledged that the sharing’s at these monthly meditation sessions also brings empowerment and improves their capacity to stay calm in challenging situations.


Click here for detailed report with photos.



In Photos: Feeling Great Retreat Aug 25-27 at Peace Village

5 September 2017



Br Mruthyunjaya inaugurates new facility for Ascent Pharmceuticals Inc., in Central Slip, New York, USA

5 September 2017

New York: 16th August, Rajyogi BK Mruthyunjaya inaugurated the new facility of Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. located in Central Islip, New York. Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. manufactures and distributes high quality and cost-effective generic prescription medicines in America.


The ribbon cutting ceremony was accompanied by a spiritual session for all the employees of Ascent Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in which Rajyogi BK Mruthyunjaya congratulated Dr. BPS Reddy, CMD of Hetero Group of Companies in India & Ascent Pharmaceuticals in USA for being a real Hero who always enriches and empowers not only himself but also his family members and the employees with the blessings of the Divine and spiritual wisdom of the Brahma Kumaris.


On this occasion, Rajyogini BK Pushpa bhen, Director of Delhi Pandav Bhawan, Sister BK Kala, Director of Peace Village Retreat Center in Albany, USA and Sister BK Shivika, Program Coordinator, Shantivan were also invited to shower blessings and share words of wisdom.


With love and Regards,

Your Spiritual Brother

BK Mruthyunjaya

Executive Secretary

Brahma Kumaris, Mt Abu



In Photos: August Events in Silicon Valley (Milipitas, CA, USA) - Showcasing BK Services and Visitors

30 August 2017

Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley participated in Festival of Globe Parade on the Occasion of India Independence Day. It was a 1 mile parade along with 23 different organizations with floats, flags and banners that lasted for about 2 hours.


Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley at FOG Parade. 


Brahma Kumaris at Swades Mela (India Independence) - 2017


Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Participated in Swades Mela, organized by the Association of Indo Americans (AIA) to celebrate Indian Independence Day.  Dignitaries on Stage include Fremont Mayor Lily Mel, Menlo Park Mayor Kirsten Keith,  Cupertino Mayor Savitha Vaidhyanathan, Nandini - Office of Congressman Ro Khanna, South San Francisco Mayor Dr. Pradeep Gupta, Ramesh Konda Chairperson AIA and Sister Kusum Brahma Kumaris Milpitas.


Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley Booth at Swades Mela


Brahma Kumaris Raksha Bandhan Celebration - 2017

Sister Kusum giving talk on "To Obtain God's wisdom and bless yourself" on the occasion of BK Raksha Bandhan 2017.


BK Raksha Bandhan event over 280 people have attended the event this year.


BK Guests Visit to Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley

BK Mruthyunjaya Bhai & Pushpa bahen Visit to BK Silicon Valley


BK Jyothi Behen (Dubai), Subash Bhai (Gyan Sarovar) and Mahaveer Bhai (Gyan

 Sarovar) visit to BK Silicon Valley.


BK Justice Eswaraiah Bhai, BK Shyamala Behen, BK Goverdhan Bose Bhai, BK Leena Behen  from Secunderabad visit to BK Silicon Valley.


BK Br. Harry, BK Sr. Ayako and BK Yuji from Hongkong visit to BK Silicon Valley.



Brother Charlie's Visit to Los Angeles

29 August 2017

Program: BK one day retreat

Date: July 23 rd , 2017

Topic: How to be a happy yogi

Venue: Rancho Cucamonga

Participants: 120


Morning Class

  • Group meditation
  • Murli
  • Discussion on importance of renunciation

Warm Welcome to Brother Charlie from students across Los Angeles


Brother Charlie as radiant as the sun flower with Sister Gita and Sister Vino from Los Angeles Center


Group Interaction


Meeting and interacting with spiritual family from study places accross Los Angeles


Group Activity


Experiencing soul consciousness by giving divine drishti to one another


Afternoon class

  • Meditation
  • Tips on how to be a Happy yogi
  • Question and Answer round
  • Toli and Blessing

Entertainment Time with all the Happy Yogis


Program: Brother Charlie ‘s visit to Universal Studios


Date: July 24 th , 2017

Brother Charlie visited the Universal Studios Hollywood at University City

spreading his spiritual fragrance around the whole place.


Giving vibrations of peace



Texas Hurricane Update: All Members of the Brahmin Family are Safe

28 August 2017

Dear Divine Brahmin family,


Om shanti.  We have received 25+ inches of rain and more to come.  Baba's center in Houston was built 5 feet above ground level and the property drains well. 


Centers in Houston, Austin and San Antonio are completely dry and have not been damaged.  Dallas center is not in the hurricane's path.


All Brahmin family is safe. 


Thank you for so many emails and phone calls giving your good wishes and Baba's sakash.


Much love in BapDada's yaad,

BK Dr Hansa Raval

Texas, USA



71st India Independence Day Celebrated in Houston, Texas

23 August 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Om shanti and greetings of love.  BK Dr. Hansa Raval joined Consul General of India – Houston, United States Congressman, Harris County Sheriff, Indian community leaders, and other dignitaries to celebrate India’s 71stIndependence Day and to honor U.S. military veterans at the Consul General’s residence.


BK Dr. Hansa Raval shared her experience with the audience of serving in the military as a medical officer and at the same time practicing the principle of complete non-violence like Mahatma Gandhi.  Hansabehn is a retired Colonel from the United States Army after 26 years of active duty service. 


Photo link:


Much love in BapDada’s yaad



Choose, Change & Become: "Om Power: Switch on Your Real Self" - 9th Annual Young Leaders Retreat held at Peace Village

23 August 2017

From August 11 - 13, the 9th annual retreat of "Choose, Change and Become" for young and emerging leaders ages 18 - 35 was held at Peace Village. The topic of the retreat this year was OM POWER - Switch on Your Real Self. Sixty-two youth and young adults participated.  


It was a fabulous retreat with rich conversations, reflections, panel discussion, creative activities, nature walk and much more! 


Report will follow soon!



Sr Hansa Ties Rakhi to Indian Consul General and Staff

10 August 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Om shanti and greetings of love from Texas, USA.


Dr. Hansaben Raval tied rakhi to the Consul General, Deputy Consul General and consular staff.  Everyone received tilak, rakhi, toli and gifts.  The Consul General praised Brahma Kumaris’ local and international service.


Please see photos at this link:


Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

Brahma Kumaris Texas



Visit of Bro Mruthyunjaya of Madhuban, Didi Pushpa of Delhi and Sr Shivika of Shantivan to Sacremento

10 August 2017

Dear Global Family, Godly greetings,


It was wonderful scene of the drama that great yogis visited Sacramento.


Brother Mruthyanjay, Vice-Chairperson, Education Wing, and Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris .... addressing the audience on the "Letting go Flying Free".


Sister Pushpa, senior Rajyoga Teacher and  Director of Delhi Pandav Bhawan conducted meditation to takeeveryone into the experience of flying free.


Sister Shivika Coordinator of Education wing in India gave an introduction of Brahma Kumaris.


Jon Fish, President, Interfaith Council of  Sacramento, offering an appreciation plaque to Brother Mruthyunjaya and Sister Puspa.  Sister Shivika and Sister Hansa are with them.


Rev.Laura Hansune, Founder of Divine Spark Center and Compassion California, and member of California Vision 2020, welcoming Brother Mruthyunjaya and Sister Puspaji



In Photos: Tying Rakhi to Sadhvi Rithambara in Orlando, Florida USA

9 August 2017

BK Pushpa, Director of Delhi Pandav Bhawan and BK Shivika, Program Coordinator of the Education Wing Office, Shantivan, who accompanied Br Mruthyunjaya on his recent USA tour, are seen tying Rakhi to Sadhvi Rithambara, a Hindu political activist, social worker, and religious preacher.



Chicago BKs Celebrate Rakhi Festival with the Participation of Br Mruthyunjaya

9 August 2017

Chicago: 7th August, Brahma Kumaris celebrated Rakhi Festival in Chicago. Sister Pushpa bhen, Director of Delhi Pandav Bhawan, Sister Mary, Coordinator of BK Center in Chicago and BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris tied rakhi to Mrs. Neeta Bhushan, Consul General of India in Chicago. They also shared the spiritual significance of rakhi and activities of Brahma Kumaris worldwide with her.


They also extended invitation to her to visit Brahma Kumaris World Headquarters in India. She expressed her wish and promised to visit Brahma Kumaris World HQs during her next visit to India. She also requested to visit and conduct Rajyoga Meditation for the staff members of Consulate General Office.


They also celebrated the rakhi festival at Clarion Inn Waterford Conference Center today on the 'Need of Global Protection'.


They emphasized the importance of divine love for the humanity. BK Mruthyunjaya addressed the gathering. BK Pushpa didi conducted the meditation experience and tied rakhi to all the participants. In the beginning, Shivika bhen, Coordinator of Education wing in I ndia gave introduction of Brahma Kumaris. At the end, brahma bhojan was served.



BK Mruthyunjaya




Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - July 2017

4 August 2017


Grilling & Chilling:

July 4: After the morning murli class, the Miami family got together for BBQ, where the grill was heating and the family was chilling in alokik company.


Awakening series in Tampa & Orlando:

July 6-7: To catch up with this first wave of ‘US Awakening series’ by Sr. Shivani, many souls from Miami family attended the Tampa and Orlando programs. Meredith was part of the welcome team to introduce the BKs and the teachers in both programs. Waddy bhen lovingly welcomed all the guests and inspired them to take up the challenge to change in light of ‘reflections’ being shared by Sr. Shivani.


Peace Village Awakening Retreat:

June 7-9: Connie and Gustavo who have recently moved from Puerto Rico to Miami participated in the Awakening retreat in PV and benefited from the several spiritual experiences in loving presence of Sr. Mohini & Sr. Shivani......Click here for detailed report with photos.



Columbia-Greene Media publishes article for Peace Village Awakening program

2 August 2017

Source: Columbia-Greene Media, July 10 2017, 12:30 am (, Report by Anthony Fiducia

TANNERSVILLE — Peace Village hosted a celebration of spirit and awakening Sunday afternoon with special guest Sister Shivani, an Indian spiritual teacher and inspirational speaker with a YouTube account with over 150,000 subscribers.


“We want to bring the idea that all of us have the ability to make a shift in our way of thinking,” said Kala Iyengar, director of Peace Village. “We want to change the way we interact with people, the environment and ourselves.”

“It is a spiritual awakening — when it happens, one begins to see change in the world around them. That’s what this program is about — raising awareness to how we can be more positive in our approach.”


The event joined over 2,000 people at the learning and retreat center, which opened in 1999. It featured spiritual exhibits, live music, group meditation, food and many guest speakers.


“The event is fabulous,” said Arjoon Lal, a student at Peace Village as well as one of the main organizers of the event. “A lot of planning went into this.”


It took nearly three months to plan the event, Lal said.


“Knowing how much effort goes into it and then you see it happen — it’s a marvelous feeling,” Lal added.

Students at Peace Village have been requesting Sister Shivani’s visit, said Lal.


As the last stop of her first-ever tour in North America, Sister Shivani finally got to visit Peace Village as her grand finale.


“When am I going to feel different? I am in America and I’ve never been here,” said Sister Shivani during her speech. “I feel the same love, unity, purity, enthusiasm and respect as I do in India.”


“I’ve met thousands of souls and everyone wants the same thing — everyone wants peace. The vibration is the same as in Inida — if the vibration is the same, we’re united.”


Tannersville Mayor Lee McGunnigle was one of the event’s honored guests.


“I’m so grateful, honored and moved to be invited,” he said on stage Sunday afternoon. “Peace Village’s work can’t be measured — I’m so grateful you have picked this spot, so many have come to Tannersville to find healing.”

This was the second event of Sister Shivani’s tour for Joe Fulginiti, 27, of New York City. “I went to the one in White Plains and had a good experience the first time,” he said. “That one was much smaller, probably about 300 people and it was in a gymnasium.”


“I really like the location here — it’s very calming and gives a sense of perspective,” he added.


“This event was much larger. I’m glad it was outdoors on this perfect day.”


“This is great for the mountain top,” said Gary Hommel, 63, of Haines Falls. “The locals don’t realize what we have, and these people do.”


“Stuff like this is fabulous to me — we need more stuff like this. The more we get, the better it is up here,” he added.



Announcing: Hope in Healthcare Retreat - Peace Village, October 6 - 8, 2017

2 August 2017

Dear Family,


Om shanti and greetings from Peace Village. In the recent weeks and months, I know that many have been served through the Awakening and other programs . It was great to notice that in many of the cities where the program was held there was a number of physicians and other healthcare professionals in close contact with centers who took benefit. Also, there were suggestions made at several of the gatherings to take advantage of Peace Village as a place that offers all the elements to go deeper into their spirituality. This email is a sweet reminder to this effect. 


Please see the invitation below for our next Hope in Healthcare retreat on October, 6-8, 2017. We ask that you share it freely with your physician, nurse and other professional contacts in healthcare. I know that many in this area of work are often looking for the connection between the spiritual practice and what happens at work. This was apparent at Sr.Shivani's address to the AAPI (Association of American Physians from India) group at their annual convention on June 23rd. These Hope in Healthcare retreats have provided a wonderful forum to clarify among many things, the aspect of how spiritual thinking can not only fit into a busy professional and service life but can also enhance it. We write with the hope that you can inspire some of your students and contacts in the field to consider attending.

Thank you,


In remembrance,


Sr.Kala for the Retreat Design Team 



Dear Healthcare Professionals - Colleagues and Friends,


Warm greetings. We hope you are enjoying a season filled with warmth and beauty.  Soon it will be fall and the Hope in Healthcare retreat team is inviting you to join us for the fall Hope in Healthcare retreat - “Nurturing Healing Connections,” at Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains, New York, on the weekend of Friday – Sunday, October 6 – 8, 2017.  As usual, this retreat will be deeply nurturing and inspiring as we explore this topic that is near and dear to the hearts of all of us in healthcare at this time.


Whether or not you have in the past participated in one or the other of these Hope in Healthcare events, we invite you to join and add your energy and insights to this exploration with other visionaries like yourself, whose values are shaping the way we think about integrating spirituality into our own lives and ultimately into our healthcare practices.


We hope you will find it possible to be a part of this gathering and look forward to sharing the weekend experience with you.


Please see the invitation below for details. Also attached is a pdf flier suitable for printing. Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues. You may register online at


For any further information please contact Carmen Palmer at 516-773-7320 or


Warm regard,

Carmen Palmer   

(for the retreat planning Team)

Phone: 516-773-7320


Flier in PDF format





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