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Karunabhai Honored in Flag and Ribbon Ceremony in Houston, Texas on July 9

20 July 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Om shanti and greetings of love.   Karunabhaiji from Madhuban posted Baba’s flag and cut the ceremonial ribbon for the center in Houston.


Please see video link below:


Much love in BapDada’s yaad,

BK Hansa Raval



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - June 2017

18 July 2017



Images & Voices of Hope (IVOH) Summit at Peace Village:


June 22-24: The Miami BK Center had the great pleasure to participate in the 'Images and Voices of Hope' annual Retreat and Summit at Peace Village. About 170 participants from around the world working in media came to explore strength-based approaches to media. Reflection was an integral part of the weekend conducted by Waddy bhen and Rev. Canon Lloyd Casson. Meredith offered classes on 'how to meditate' for those interested in learning about Raja Yoga meditation and she also helped coordinate and host the 'Awards of Appreciation Ceremony' honouring media professionals who are a force for positive change in society. Brad and Donna were the cooks and their team included Ganga and Meeta from Miami and Nuncia from Tampa. Many people who have come in past years felt that this was the most inspiring and meaningful Summit ever!


Special Spanish Class by Sr. Moira:


June 13: Sr. Moira (from Argentina) gave a lovely class on “Vivir en Equilibria” i.e. Living in Balance for Spanish speaking audience. The house full of students attended with a lot of enthusiasm and specially benefited from Sr. Moira's sharing on personal transformation in bringing a balance in her living.


Click here for detailed report with more photos.




In Photos: Awakening Celebration - Sister Shivani's arrival and morning Murli at Peace Village, July 9th

17 July 2017

Please enjoy the photos by clicking on the above image.



Only you can make yourself happy - Sr Shivani in Boston

17 July 2017

SOURCE: India New England News ( published on July 9, 2017


FOXBOROUGH, MA–Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani, an electronics engineer-turned Raja Yoga meditation teacher and host of Awakening with Brahma Kumaris television program, visited Boston for the first time and drew over 900 people on 4th of July in Foxborough, MA.


During her discourse on “Awakening: Inner Happiness and Freedom,” sister Shivani kept drawing attention of the audience to just one point: only you can make yourself . She emphasized that source of true happiness cannot be found outside but inside.


“Only you can make yourself happy or unhappy. No one else can,” sister Shivani told the packed hall at the Ambrosia Weddings & Events facility in Foxborough.


Sister Shivani, greeting everyone with “Om shanti: I am a peaceful being,” invoked a moment of silent reflection, inviting each to personally explore and open to the feelings and experience of inner happiness and freedom.


What does independence truly mean to me, the inner being?  Sister Shivani, in her unique personal style, engaged all in thinking practically about the connection between thoughts, beliefs, feelings, inner stability, and freeing ourselves from dependence on outer stimulus (objects, events, or people).


She offered clear and practical steps toward the Raja Yoga path of true self-independence.  By empowering oneself to take responsibility for one’s own creation, one’s own thoughts, she said, that one can choose to create a life destiny of happiness.  “Today is my independence day,” she said, incorporating the message with the celebrations of the US Independence Day on 4th of July.


Sister Shivani invited everyone to experience more of what she had been sharing by visiting a local Brahma Kumaris center.  As guests left the hall in peaceful, reflective silence, each received a sweet and a personal blessing card with an angel.


The event was organized by the New England Brahma Kumaris and was part of sister Shivani’s first national tour of the United States.


Sister Mohini, president of the Brahma Kumaris in the Americas, greeted sister Shivani and guests via a video message.  On behalf of the community, INDIA New England News presented sister Shivani with an award for Spiritual Leadership.


 Honoring Sister Shivani on behalf of the community. From left to right: Upendra Mishra, Dr. Manju Sheth and Sister Shivani


Dev Lingadevaru and Rita Cleary, co-coordinators of New England regional Brahma Kumari activities, welcomed her on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris Boston/New England teachers and students hosting the event.


Cleary and eight Brahma Kumari Raja Yogis from diverse backgrounds shared their insights and personal experiences of awakening.  Brahma Kumari sister Elizabeth Padilla sang “We are One Family” and “Om shanti, I am a peaceful soul.”


Brahma Kumari Kala Iyengar, MD,  director of the Brahma Kumaris Peace Village Retreat Center in New York, offered the possibility of spiritually awakening with loving guidance, and connecting to the Source of inner happiness and inner freedom.  She likened awakening with Brahma Kumaris to being awakened by God’s sweet mothers.


About 80 volunteers helped organize the event in traditionally busy 4th of July holiday.


“It was a great pleasure for the New England Brahma Kumaris centers to host sister Shivani and invite so many people for the program. All the volunteers helped in making this event happen with lot of enthusiasm and without stress,” said Lingadevaru. “For every participant,a  snack pack was given and these were cooked and packed by the volunteers with a lot of love and peace. We understand that due to holiday many who wanted to come could not come. We do hope they come to our centers to take benefit of the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris in the near future.”


The Brahma Kumaris offer meditation classes and practical Raja Yoga courses in 5 locations: Watertown; Cambridge; Shrewsbury; Providence, RI; and Manchester, NH.  Call 617-926-1230 or visit



Condition of Mind is the Key to Happiness - Sr Shivani in Chicago

17 July 2017

SOURCE: IndiaPost ( written by Suresh Bodiwala and published on July 6 2017 by India Post



Lamp Lighting - Brahma Kumaris with Sister Shivani


CHICAGO: Several devotees and large crowd of over 1500 gathered to listen Sister Shivani at Jain Temple Bartlett and UIC Center for a spiritual discourse by her on “Condition of Mind…Your key to Happiness”


To accommodate large diverse crowd, the organizers Braham Kumari’s (BK) had to arrange two separate locations. The program was also aired live on ‘You Tube’ worldwide for those who wanted to view it online.


Sister Shivani focused her talk on finding illusive ‘happiness’ in the materialistic world and to learn to increase one’s ability to find contentment and love. The happiness should be long lasting and unlimited. It is a universal feeling and belief that happiness comes from outside, be it from relationship, achievement, material possession etc. Child is conditioned to believe that if parents are unhappy how can he be happy? And this is not true, asserted Sister Shivani. Raja Yoga is key to overcome this belief and myth It is also for resolving insecurities helps laying foundation for overcoming despondency dejection and resulting depression through meditation.


Meditation is the journey inwards, a journey of self-discovery or in fact, re-discovery. Meditation is time taken for quiet reflection and silence, away from the hustle and bustle of daily living. Taking time out enables us to come back to a centered place of being.


In our modern world, the pace of life is growing ever faster and we are losing touch with our true inner peace and power. When we no longer feel grounded, we can experience ourselves pushed and pulled in many different directions. It is at this point that we experience stress and a feeling of being trapped.


Gradually, over time, this feeling leads to illness and disease and our mental, emotional and physical health are thrown out of balance.


Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It is a meditation without rituals or mantras and can be practiced anywhere at any time. Raja Yoga meditation is practiced with ‘open eyes’, which makes this method of meditation versatile, simple and easy to practice. Meditation is a state of being in that place just beyond every day consciousness, which is where spiritual empowerment begins.


Spiritual awareness gives us the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are negative and wasteful. We start to respond to situations, rather than just reacting to them. We begin to live with harmony, we create better and happier, healthier relationships and change our lives in a most positive way. Sister Shivani gave various day to day life practical examples to explain the substance of Raja Yoga in daily life to achieve inner infinity of happiness and removes inner negative vibrations.


Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual university, global community of people learning how to increase one’s ability to live with love, ways to feel start feeling great with inner harmony, honesty, friendship and peace.



Sr. Shivani & Br. Karuna in DC - Photos of a special time well spent

17 July 2017

Dear Family,


Enjoy images of the 20th and post session at the Museum...



Sr Jenna



BK Couples Retreat at Peace Village, September 1-4

16 July 2017



Reflective Stillness


September 1-4, 2017. 

Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center 54 O’Hara Road (at Route 23A) Haines Falls (Hunter), NY 12436


When we are still and silent, we can journey within to truly listen to ourselves, to others, and to the One. 


In this sacred act of listening we rediscover the blueprint of our original goodness—our true selves. 


Join us for this special and unique retreat experience; where together we return to our original religion of silence, 

celebrate our intrinsic goodness, and emerge our capacity to bring the power of stillness to the task of renewal.


Sister Mohini will join us as the spiritual resource.  


For more information, please contact Sister Dolly: 856-786-2800 or


Registration through your center only  (Centers please make sure BK Couples following all the Godly codes of conduct are registered)



On "Chai With Manju", Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumari talks about how destiny is shaped by past and present karmas and how to change it

16 July 2017


SOURCE: India New England News ( posted on 11 July 2017


BOSTON—We all wonder about our destiny, how is it created and can we change it? Brahma Kumari Sister Shivani, an electronics engineer turned Raja Yoga meditation teacher, says that one cannot escape one’s past karma, but it can be changed by present karma.


In an exclusive video interview in Chai with Manju celebrity interview series, sister Shivani explains how to change the past karma and thus change the destiny.


“Destiny is created by our past karma, and gets influenced by our present karma. So both have very important role to play,” she says. “Present karma is more powerful. Power is use your present karma.”


Sister Shivani also talked about spirituality and the power of the present.


“Spirituality is not a different way of living. Spirituality is the tool, the compass, which guides me in my normal day-to-day living–whether personal, professional life, family life. That is spirituality,” she said. “My power lies in the present moment.”


To watch the full interview, please click on the video link below.



Sister Shivani was on her first national tour of the United States and visited Boston where she drew over 900 people on 4th of July in Foxborough, MA. During her discourse on “Awakening: Inner Happiness and Freedom,” at the event, she kept drawing attention of the audience to just one point: only you can make yourself happy. She emphasized that source of true happiness cannot be found outside but inside.


Sister Shivani has been studying spiritual knowledge and practicing the ancient technique of Raja Yoga meditation, as taught by the Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu, for the past 20 years. She completed her Electronics Engineering graduate degree as a Gold Medalist from Pune University in 1994 and also served for two years as a lecturer in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune.


Since 2007, Sister Shivani has been on-screen in India, USA, UK, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia, through the presentation of practical spiritual understanding on the TV program ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris’.


Sister Shivani has travelled all over India, UK, Asia Pacific, Africa and Middle East to conduct interactive programs, workshops, TV shows and radio programs on a wide spectrum of themes such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Skills, Parenting and Relationships, Self-Realization and the Practical Technique of Rajayoga Meditation.


Dr. Manju Sheth (left) with Sister Shivani


She has been a speaker on the theme of Yoga for emotional and mental wellbeing on the conferences organized by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India in Delhi on the International Day of Yoga every year. She regularly conducts workshops for Cancer patients organized by the Apollo Hospitals and the Max Healthcare group in India.


In 2014, she was honored with Women of the Decade Achievers Award by ASSOCHAM’S Ladies League for her Excellence in Empowering Spiritual Consciousness. In 2017, she has been appointed as Good Will Ambassador by the World Psychiatry Association.



Sister Mohini of New York Honoured with Bharat Gaurav Awards

16 July 2017

As reported on Onelink's UN page on 13th June (, the Bharat Gaurav award was presented to the North America Director of the Brahma Kumaris, Sister Mohini, at United Nations Headquarters, in New York on Friday, June 9, 2017. The award was given to Sister Mohini for her outstanding contributions for world service to humanity. Sister Bhumika accepted the award on her behalf.


The Bharat Gaurav Award was instituted by the Sanksriti Yuva Sanstha, a Jaipur-headquartered NGO with a wide international presence.


In 2012, Sanskriti Yuva Sanstha started the “Bharat Gaurav Award” felicitation program where people from all over the world who achieve a landmark in their working area and made India proud, are being awarded in Grand Ceremony with Coffee Table Book Launch.



Awakening to Love & Forgiveness - A Special 4th of July Event

2 July 2017

20 Years of Awakening to Love to Forgiveness!


Dear Friends,


Today we honor 20 years of service in Washington D.C. and with the wonderful Sister Shivani from India along with Princess Bashmah, Snatam Kaur, Micheal Beckwith who join us on video as we explore what it means to be awakened.

We will have comedian Dan Nainan, Roberta Baskin, Jan Duplain, and beautiful dance performances. Please do join in on Unify FaceBook or Meditation Museum Facebook, and if you cannot get us there, don't worry. You can view the spectacular event on You Tube! Hope you can join us today, Sunday, July 2 at 3:30pm-6:30pm!


Wishing you love,

Sister Jenna and the staff at Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums
P.S. For more information CLICK HERE



Photo Glimpses of the Pre-planning for the July 9 Awakening Program with Sr Shivani

2 July 2017

Om Shanti Special Souls,


Preplanning meeting at Peace Village for July 9 Awakening program was held on Sunday July 1, with Sr Mohini and the full team of program 'experts' including Brothers Arjun, Mahendra, Erik, Ram and Peace Village full family.


Photos for the highlights so far include of the  30 foot banner across Route 23A; inaugurating the huge angelic tent and Awakening program with the blessing "To reveal Baba and glorify Baba"; and also Baba's new BIG van for PV.


Please post your favorite photos on Facebook and forward to famiily and friends. Encourage other BKs in your connection to check with their centers to lend a hand and heart to help set up and administer the program on or before July 9.


Om Shanti




Awakening to Love and Forgiveness - Sr. Shivani Debuts on the Huffington Post

2 July 2017

Source: The HuffingtonPost ( 06/23/2017 04:15 PM EST. Author: Sr. Jenna

This is the age for a huge spiritual awakening whether you want to accept it or not. We are being urged gently, or by force, to turn inwards and upwards. What if your spiritual awakening becomes a tool to help uplift the whole world?  In an attempt to awaken the atmosphere of love, kindness, happiness, and forgiveness, the Brahma Kumaris in the United States believes it will.  The more we move inward and begin to truly check our thoughts and align those thoughts to God’s pure vibration, we can call that an awakening.  The energy around the North Eastern shores of the United States welcomes Sister Shivani, a Raja Yoga Meditation Teacher who has been studying spiritual knowledge and practicing the ancient technique of Raja Yoga Meditation, as taught by the Brahma Kumaris for the past 20 years.


BK Shivani completed her Electronics Engineering graduate degree as a Gold Medalist from Pune University in 1994 and also served for two years as a lecturer in Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering, Pune.


Since 2007, she has been on-screen in India, USA, UK, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia, through the presentation of practical spiritual understanding on the TV program ‘Awakening with Brahma Kumaris’. The program has helped people overcome mental stress, depression, addictions, low self-esteem and unhappy relationships, as they take personal responsibility for their lives.


The Awakening Tour began on June 20th in Great Neck, New York with a room filled with an audience captivated by her simple message, “ change your thoughts, change the situation.” Sister Mohini, President of the Brahma Kumaris in the Americas, shared beautifully that for us to remain awakened, “ think in peace.”  So simple and so easy. 


In times of great confusion and despair we can become numb, maybe even disillusioned to the point you no longer care what happens to anyone or even for your self. 


But, when we choose to awaken our lives, we declare our lives are worthy of love, power, and optimism. We begin to take charge of our lives and stop blaming others for the way our lives have turned out.  This is our time to get inspired and awaken to love, forgiveness, happiness and more. 


We’re living in a time when we can consciously participate in our own spiritual awakening. And when we decide to do this, we uplift those around us and we uplift our humanity.  Join the Awakening Movement, and get inspired to love fiercely and speak purely. 


Are you experiencing “an awakening”? What does awakening mean to you?  Share your experience with us in the comments below.


For more information on Awakening Tour with Sister Shivani and Friends visit and  #SisterShivani #AmericaMeditating #Awakening #SisterJenna #BrahmaKumarisUSA



20 Years of Service in Washington D.C.

22 June 2017

Click on above image to play.



BKs Participate in Interfaith Celebration at Los Angeles Islamic Center

20 June 2017

On Sunday, June 11th, the Brahma Kumaris were invited by the Islamic Center of Los Angeles to participate in a panel that discussed the significance of fasting traditions practiced by different faith/religions. There were 8 panelists who represented the Zoroastrian, Buddhism, Vedanta, Sikhism, Jewish, Christianity, Islam and Brahma Kumaris faiths. About 150 participants from the various faith groups were present in the gathering. 


The event started with a short welcome from Jihad Turk, the director of the Islamic Center of Los Angeles. He explained the significance of observing fasting during the holy month of Ramadan, eating kosher food and offering iftar (meals) to others as a form of charity and humility. Then event then continued with the sharing of each panelist on their fasting practices. Sister Vino from Los Angeles represented the Brahma Kumaris and shared on the satvic diet principle that the Brahma Kumaris practice and the life-long ‘fasting’ from wasteful thinking in order to keep a healthy body and a peaceful mind. Brother Dennis and Sister Kristina also represented the Brahma Kumaris in the gathering. Further, the participants asked questions to the panelists regarding their fasting traditions. Many were impressed with the Brahma Kumaris on their simple lifestyle yet profound character. 


They were touched by the simple approach of the Brahma Kumaris as Sister Vino emphasized ‘being the mother of my inner child’ where we need to be observant of our internal world of emotions and needs. She shared on how ‘We don’t see the world through a window, but we see the world through a mirror’ which translates to how much the view of the world is a relative subject which depends on each one’s perspectives. Thus, keeping positive and clear perspectives about the self can greatly influence how we perceive society and other various faiths. Sister Vino shared on how the genuine purpose of everyone is the same despite the differences in the customs and traditions that each one follows. Our unified purpose is to reach our purest self and connect with the highest Being/God. In the end, they personally expressed their gratitude to Sister Vino on how they were inspired to be more conscious of their thoughts and life-style practices so they can improve their inner wellbeing. The event ended with the breaking of Ramadan fasting and everyone were served Iftar (meals) by the Islamic Center of Los Angeles. 


Report in PDF format



Important Information Regrading Travelling to Peace Village

15 June 2017

Dear Angels of our Region and particular USA,


We take this opportunity to express our great appreciation for your visit to Peace Village these last few weeks. It was such a wonderful experience hosting all of you. We really experience that when you all are here Peace Village is at its best.


Let us reiterate our requests for travel to and from PV within the United States:

  1. Albany is the only airport that we have the capacity to service.
  2.  If you choose to travel via New York City or Newark, be prepared to use public transport to PV in the event we cannot find a ride for you.
  3. Arrivals are to be before 6 pm unless pre-approved.
  4. Because of the major construction in LaGuardia Airport, only International travel that has no other option for entry/exit will be supported by NY/PV Transport teams.


 Peace Village Travel Team



Date Change: BK Youth Retreat - July 10 to 14, 2017

13 June 2017

Dear Instruments, 

We are writing to announce that the BK youth retreat originally scheduled for the week of 26th June is now rescheduledfor  10th July (arrivals in the evening) to 14th July  (departures in the morning). This retreat for young boys and girls of BK parents, 12- 18 years of age who are familiar with meditation and  BK lifestyle and are eager to connect with other youth of this age and BK background. The retreat will include a number of learning and fun activities, relevant to school, college, social and family life facilitated by variety of BK teachers and elders. The retreat has been a big annual attraction for a small group of youth and parents over the past few years and we would now like to open it to the wider family. Please note that 1 parent should accompany his / her child (children) and help with karma yoga during the stay. 


Names and full details need to be submitted to Registration through the center on BK registration form by June 20th. 




Thank you, 


In Baba's yaad, 


Peace Village Family. 



Updated Information regarding 'Om Shanti' Channel

13 June 2017

Dear Divine brothers and sisters (US and Canada),


Om Shanti. Greetings of love from Godlywood Studio.


Once again we have come to you, elated and happy to inform you that the free preview of OM SHANTI TV Channel is currently running on sling (DISH) in the USA, and over 200,000 subscribers of the International pack on Sling are watching the channel for free. The channel will change over to the spiritual and Punjabi pack on sling from 21st of June. This event marks another phase of expansion of OM SHANTI Channel and is a big milestone in Godly service through media.

After 21st June, to watch Om Shanti Channel one just need to be a part of either spiritual or Punjabi pack on Sling.


Please find the details below for watching "Om Shanti" TV Channel - 
In the USA:
Om Shanti is available on in the spiritual pack along with Aastha and Sanskar.  To get Om Shanti, please log on to and subscribe to spiritual pack.

In Canada:
Om Shanti is available on Bell Fibe ( Ch No. 822) Rogers ( Ch No. 694) and V Media ( Ch No. 694 ). To get Om Shanti channel, please contact one of the following Digital Cable TV service providers:
Bell Fibe - 1 866 797-8686
Rogers - 1-888-ROGERS-1
V Media - 1-855-333-8269



We urge all of you to watch the channel daily, pass the word to your dear and near as well as all of your contacts, since the channel is on free preview till 21st June.  And please provide us your valuable feedback as it is essential for us to know what you want and tailor our programs accordingly. Because ultimately we need to spread Baba's message to every human soul within the shortest time period as possible.


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you from the heart for all the help and support you showered on Bro. Manish (Owner of the Channel) during his visit to US. We are trying to produce some programs with all of your cooperation, that are suitable for the viewers of US and Canada. Please give your valuable opinion regarding this also.  We will try to telecast live programs also as and when they happen.


Awaiting your valuable feedback of the programs being telecast along with your suggestions and comments.


With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal                                                               


Executive Director

Godlywood Studio

World Renewal Spiritual Trust



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News for May

6 June 2017



Tuesday Night Insight Series: Is There Another Way?

This five part series helped participants discover clarity, peace, and determination to find and follow another way. The course included ways in which to rethink our lives to solve not only the problems of our own heart, soul, and mind, but also those of the world.
Facilitator: Helen Hall

Conscious Peacemaking

In the month of May, Tampa welcomed special guest Mark Avraham LIbowitz, M.A.,MSW, to facilitate world peace mediation. Mark served as a Conscious Peacemaker in the Holy Land for over 20 Months and was able to share his experience of interacting with the hearts and minds of the people of Israel and Palestine. He then guided a spiritually infused meditation that supported the peace building process and blessed the worthy people of the region toward the spirit of Oneness.


Sister Shivani program has reached full capacity

The Sister Shivani program in Tampa on July 6th has reached full capacity. We have started a small waiting list of 200 seats which is also filling up fast. To register for the waiting list, please visit . Instructions will be forthcoming on how the waiting list will be utilized.

Coming Up....

The Freedom of Relationships

A half day retreat with Sister Moira of Argentina
Moira Lowe, who coordinates Brahma Kumaris activities in Argentina and Paraguay will be visiting the Tampa Center and facilitating this half day retreat on Saturday, June 10th for all who have completed the foundation course. The retreat is designed to take both new and experienced students deeper into Baba's gyan and explore how being authentic and naturally connected to the One impacts the way we relate to others. If you are interested in attending this retreat, please RSVP as breakfast and lunch will be served.
Saturday June 10th
8:30am - 3:00pm
Call 813-987-2525 or visit to RSVP

Also with Sister Moira: Re-setear el GPS Interno; Un viaje hacia el Alma

Sunday June 11, 2017 5:00pm
En medio de la incertidumbre del tiempo actual en que el miedo se apodera del alma, enfocar tu atención en tu fuerza interna, dirije tu energía con profundo interés hacia lo que le da real sentido a la here for detailed report with photos.




Living Values Education Newsletter for May

6 June 2017

Download PDF format here.



Special Invitation to Sr Shivani program at Peace Village

26 May 2017

A Special Invitation to all Our Friends
from the Peace Village Family.


We at Peace Village are so overjoyed to announce the visit of Sister Shivani who will spend time at Peace Village during her US tour thiis summer.  As many of you know, Sister Shivani has been on-screen iinternationally, and her program has helped hundreds of thousands overcome mental stress, depression, addictions, low self-esteem and unhappy relationships, as they take personal responsibility for their lives..  


Click Here  and go to "profile' for her full introducton.  The web site also contains many of her talks and classes.


Sister Shivani will be with us on Sunday, July 9 from 1:00-5:00pm and this event does not involve an overnight stay.   Space is limited and RSVP is essential.  Please spread the word to friends and family so all can take benefit.


RSVP is essential! We look forward to seeing you there.   


With Greetings of Peace and Excitement!  


The Peace Village Staff


Click here to register for this event



Click here to register for this event




Public Program for Sister Shivani at Peace Village - July 9th

25 May 2017

Dear Instruments for World Benefit,


Om shanti and greetings filled with love from Peace Village. You must be all aware of the extensive preparations being made all over for Sr.Shivani's 'Awakening' tour. Most venues in the different cities are filling fast and we know that many will come and connect with our beloved Baba and strengthen their connection through these programs.


We hope you have visited the web site and familiarized yourself with all the programs being offered.  America being a huge country, we could not cover many places that we would have liked to in this short visit. We hope that some are able to travel to nearby places and benefit. The thought is to offer an opportunity to those  people and communities distant from any of the programs and especially for those  who are eager to attend one of these programs.


With this in mind, here at Peace Village, we have organized a  day for public event  in the form of a final celebration of the tour on Sunday, July 9th from 1-5 PM. In addition to the talk by Sr.Shivani, we will have several exhibits, interactive sessions and meditation spaces for people to visit and experience different aspects of Baba's wisdom for these times. We are attaching a flyer / invitation for your information so you can forward and  recommend a day visit to your contacts within driving distance from Peace Village - a day to spiritually enrich themselves. We may be able to  recommend nearby accommodation in hotels for the night of July 9th to those from beyond driving distances. If you do have any BKs wanting to come for the event from beyond driving distance, we may be able to provide limited overnight accommodation on Sunday, July 9th if we know by June 10th. 


Please feel free to call Peace Village or write to for further clarification. We appreciate all your interest and yoga power towards the accomplishment of Baba's task.


In Baba's yaad,

Sr.Mohini for the Awakening Team



Yoga Gurus Baba Ramdev & Sister Shivani to lead thousands in Mississauga

10 May 2017

SOURCE: author Nouman Khalil | | (

Dinesh Bhatia, consul general of India and chair of the IYDC advisory board, announces the International Yoga Day Canada will take place at the International Centre in Mississauga on June 15. Thursday, May 3 - Nouman Khalil/Metroland


Two famous Indian yoga gurus — yogi Baba Ramdev and rajyog meditation expert Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumaris — will lead more than 8,000 enthusiasts across the Greater Toronto Area in a single yoga session in Mississauga next month.


In celebration of International Yoga Day (June 21), the International Yoga Day Canada (IYDC) will take place from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the International Centre in Mississauga on June 25. Participants will be accommodated on first come, first served basis.


The organizing committee made this announcement at the Indian Consulate in Toronto on Thursday, May 4.


“Baba Ramdev and Siter Shivani don't need any introduction; they are world famous and I’m proud to say that no other city in the entire world, including India, has ever witnessed two such important gurus in one place," said Dinesh Bhatia, consul general of India and chair of the IYDC advisory board. “But we have the fortune of witnessing both gurus on a single day and listening to them.”


In December 2014 the United Nations General Assembly approved June 21 as the International Day of Yoga.


“This would be one of the largest celebration in North America under one umbrella where we have brought all together to celebrate and create an impact,” said Satish Thakkar, chair of the board of directors and organizing committee. “IYCD is the single platform to take yoga into the next level.”


He said in the past more than 100 different yoga events were happening around the GTA, but now most of them have decided to put their energies into one program.

On June 25, Ramdev will lead a yoga session in the morning followed by a meditation session conducted by Shivani in the afternoon.


IYDC is a Canadian not-for-profit organization established in 2015 to organize the Canadian celebrations of the United Nations approved International Day of Yoga. Its mandate is to emphasize that transition from illness to wellness can happen through yoga practice and to spread awareness about the benefits of yoga as well as taking it to the next level.


For more information, visit




Chamber of Commerce, Albany Service News

10 May 2017

Loving  Greetings from Peace Village!


Om shanti. Please find pictures of an event at Chamber of Commerce, Albany, New York.


Sister Priya was invited as a keynote speaker for the Boot Camp Entreprenerus Graduation Ceremony, Wednesday, May 3, 6 pm.


She addressed the benefits of meditation to manage stress in the business environment and how to bring balance in family and work. 


Janet Tanguay, Entreprenuers Manager is seen in the picture enclosed.


Thank you!


In Baba's yaad ,

Sister Priya

Peace Village




Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News for April

4 May 2017

Peace Village Pilgrims:    Apr 7-9: Elon and Sandy joined the ‘Madhuban Experience’ Retreat at PV and benefitted from fresh insights from Mohini bhen and special visiting guest Sr. Vedanti.


Rosa joins the facilitating team at Peace Village:    Apr 14-16: Rosa joined the Spanish facilitating team at PV for ‘Inner Peace Inner Power’ Retreat.


 Service Program at NY:

Apr 15: Meredith joined Sr. Gayatri and Sr. Judy in NY where a small group came together to think about how we might best sustain ourselves and our friends in these increasingly unpredictable times.


Meredith with ABC Network Journalist in NY

Apr 20: Meredith attended the Hollywood Memorial Wellness and Empowerment Forum and met with ABC Network's co-anchor of 'Good Morning America' - Joan Lunden.


North Port Gathering:

Apr 22: Rosa met with the North Port group for meditation and sharings.


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Living Values USA April News Letter

4 May 2017

Mindful Parenting Groups in California and Hawaii        


Annie Jorgensen and Deborah Burnham have been doing mindful parenting groups in northern California and Hawaii. The parents are enjoying the classes, and the children are benefiting from Us Time, Peace Time, and positive discipline. Wonderful work, Annie and Deborah!


Human Dignity and Values  

When Diane Tillman was not able to attend the Human Dignity and Values Conference hosted by Professionales de Bienestar in Mexico City, she was asked to send her talk.  In this video, she talks about the importance of values in creating human dignity, and the right of human dignity and well being for all. She tells a couple of stories about corruption drawn from her experiences while traveling around the world. She feels that sometimes adults are innocent when they are corrupt, in that they only wish to help themselves or their families. At other times there is blatant greed. Yet, few seem to realize the tremendous impact of corruption on the general safety and well being of the society.


Click here to view the Video on 

LVE Human Dignity and Values 


LVE Workshops 

Saturday, May 20, 2017 

in Thousand Palms, California


A private nursery school and day care center will be hosting an LVE workshop on May 20th from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm in Thousand Palms, California.


The workshop will be led by Lórien Eck, M.Ed., NBCT. A teacher, artist and LVE Facilitator, Ms. Eck taught LVE in the classroom for over ten years, and has facilitated LVE Educator Workshops in the USA and Thailand. She was nominated as Teacher of the Year by the Los Angeles Unified School District before pursuing her artistic dreams. She currently integrates the LVE values-based atmosphere in her art classes for young people and adults.


There are a couple of spaces available should you wish to take the workshop. For more details and space availability, email


Two LVE Weekend Workshops for

teachers, principals, youth facilitators,

counselors, psychologists and parents . . .


1. July 14 - 16, 2017 in Haines Falls, New York, NY

2. September 15 - 17, 2017 in Novato, CA


Both workshops

begin at 7:00 PM Friday evening and

end at 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon.

Dinner on Friday evening is at 6:00 PM.


Join us for an inspiring weekend to reflect on values and a paradigm and process that builds relationship, and empowers positive choices and resiliency in young people. Learn about methods that invite the co-creation of a culture of peace and respect, and experience activities that help young people of all ages, from toddlers to young adults, explore and develop universal values and positive social and emotional skills. Living Values Education is a comprehensive values education approach being implemented in more than 60 countries.


This workshop is highly recommended for adults who wish to help young people optimally explore and develop values. Please join us to:

  • reflect on the role values play in your life, schools, communities and the world;
  • learn about the LVE Approach and the process of developing values;
  • refine acknowledgement and active listening skills that allow adults to deal with young people's resistance more easily and effectively;
  • learn about non-violent discipline methods to help all feel and be safe and respected;
  • experience relaxation/focusing exercises that help young people be more centered and better able to self-regulate;
  • have more than 140 activities to help young people develop 12 universal values and positive intrapersonal and interpersonal social and emotional skills; and
  • be comfortable facilitating a process that builds positive social skills, drastically reduces bullying and has young people resolving issues with the language of values within months, inside and outside of the classroom.

Results: The most frequent themes noted by educators implementing Living Values Education are positive changes in teacher-student relationships and in student-student relationships both inside and outside the classroom. Educators note an increase in respect, caring, cooperation, motivation, and the ability to solve peer conflicts on the part of the students. Aggressive behaviors decline as positive social skills and respect increase. LVE helps educators hone quality teaching skills to create a safe, caring, values-based atmosphere for quality learning. Young people learn to use the language of values to reflect on challenges and generate positive solutions. Please see our website for research results and success stories.

Parents benefit immensely from this approach and note improved relationships, more peace and cooperation in the home, and an understanding of how to help young people develop positive and protective social skills, and deal with bullying and media.




Diane Tillman will lead both workshops. Diane is a former School Psychologist, Licensed Educational Psychologist, MFT, and the primary author of the award-winning Living Values Education Series of books. Her most recent book is "Nurturing with Love and Wisdom, Disciplining with Peace and Respect: A mindful guide to parenting".


Ed Wondolowski, Natasha Panzer and Stephanie Kerr will be co-facilitating the retreat in New York at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center. Ed Wondolowski is an Emeritus Professor of Management, Bentley University, and a Director of LVEP, Inc. Natasha Panzer taught and coordinated LVE activities at Mizzentop Day School, a private K-8 school. Stephanie Keer is the Education Solutions Manager at Konica Minolta and an adjunct Professor of Psychology, New York University.


Annie Jorgensen will be co-facilitating the retreat in California. Annie has a master's in Educational Counseling. A retired primary and special education teacher, she taught LVE for ten years in the classroom, with stellar results.


Cost: There will be a $40 charge for the workshop to help cover LVE expenses. For those staying at the retreat center, please plan to make a separate donation for meals and accommodation.



On-line Registration for July in New York will be available in mid-April on:


For questions about retreat facilities: | 518 589-5000


For questions about the LVE workshop, please contact: | 518 589-5000 Ext. 24



On-line Registration for September in California will be available in mid-April on:


For questions about retreat facilities:


For questions about the LVE workshop: | 916-847-0481





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