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Greeting for Holi (the Festival of Colors) from Brother Nirwair Ji

12 March 2017

My dear divine sisters and brothers, especially those from and connected with Bharat, and of course all members of the BK divine family, 


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.

This is to wish all of you a very, very happy Holi - the Festival of Colours (12-13 March 2017 according to the Hindu Calendar). 


May every BK enjoy very intoxicating, colourful divine lives, and also continue to shower petals of spiritual love on each other!!


May the past be burned and put behind us, so that we can start anew with full enthusiasm, merged in Avyakt BapDada's love!! 


Let's enrich our relationships by offering sweets of a few words of appreciation, dipped in spiritual feelings of love. The new world will be created when we learn from and honour every shade of life.


Wishing you all again a happy, happy, happy Holi!


With Baba's love and remembrances,

B.K. Nirwair



Watch Inauguration of 2017 National Coordinators & Center Coordinators on Youtube

10 March 2017

Dear Divine Family,


Watch on Youtube the Inauguration of National Coordinators/Centre Coordinators Retreat 2017 on A SIMPLE LIFE by Dadi Janki in Manmohini Complex Shantivan Abu Road on 4th March 2017.


Following is the Youtube link:


Om Shanti.


In Godly Service,

BK Prashant bhai,

Audio Video Dept.,

Gyan Sarovar




Update to information re: Old Indian Rupees of denomination 500 and 100

20 Febuary 2017


This is an amendment and update to the email of 30 January which was sent from the ICO, regarding "Update on Foreign Exchange in India..."


As of today, we have the below information for exchange of old Rupee notes of denomination 500 and 1000.


The exchange of old Rupee notes applies to the Indian citizens (ie only those with Indian passports - both resident Indians and Non-Resident Indians). If one has the old bank notes in the denominations of Rupees 500 and 1000 and provided they have not been in India during the period from 9 November 2016 to 30 December 2016, they can take their Rupees (up to Rs 25,000 max) to India and declare this amount in the form provided at the customs, at the point of entry to India. 

These Rupee notes can only be deposited in their NRO account by visiting any of the RBI branches at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Nagpur and Kolkotta.


If one does not have an NRO account, they will first have to open an NRO account, take their account details to RBI branch and then have the cash deposited in their NRO account. (For detailed information, see attached Document 1).


We have also attached Document 2, which is the form that one will have to complete and take to a RBI branch nearest to them (in the above mentioned cities), together with other ID proof as required.


These Rupees should not be given to anyone in the Yagya nor to put in Baba's bhandari, as they are not considered legal tender.

Please note the arrangement with RBI expires on 30 June 2017. And all this is correct as at now. Any changes from RBI, highly possible, will be further communicated.


In Baba's sweet yaad,




Special Days and Festivals for 2017

10 Febuary 2017


Special Days and Festivals for 2017


Om shanti. Please find below a list of Special Days and Festivals for 2017.


In Baba’s yaad,


Murli Dept.


Special Days and Festivals for 2017


Shiv Ratri                          Friday 24 February 2017

Holi                                   Sunday 12 March 2017 (no travel in India)

Dhuria (Colour Day)          Monday 13 March 2017 (no travel in India until 2-3pm)

Mama’s Day                      Saturday 24 June 2017

Didi Manmohini’s Day       Friday 28 July 2017

Raksha Bandhan              Monday 7 August 2017

Janamashtami                   Monday 14 August 2017

Dadi Prakashmani’s Day   Friday 25 August 2016

Navratri                              Thursday 21 to Friday 29 September 2017

Dussehra                           Saturday 30 September 2017

Diwali                                Thursday 19 October 2017




Bhog Message for Respected Ramesh Bhai

6 Febuary 2017


Today, as I reached the subtle region, carrying love and remembrances from all of you, especially from respected Dadis, all teachers, senior brothers and all brothers and sisters, what did I see as soon as I reached the subtle region? Very beautiful stars were sparkling in a V shape on one side. On another side, they were sparkling in the shape of a half-moon. On the third side, there were stars in various different designs. The light from those stars was very beautiful and the reflection from those lights was making different designs in the subtle region. After some seconds, Baba was visible coming from a distance and Rameshbhai was with Him. From the stars that were in the V shape, many beautiful angels began to emerge and they were holding garlands of light which they were putting on Rameshbhai. Light was automatically emerging from the stars that were in the half-moon form and creating garlands of different designs, and from the stars that were of different designs (on the third side), the light emerging from these was in the form of beautiful tilaks and crowns which were fully decorating Rameshbhai. This decoration was looking very beautiful. Rameshbhai was looking towards Baba and Baba was also giving very sweet drishti to Rameshbhai. Rameshbhai asked Baba: Baba, what is happening? Baba replied: Child, today, all the souls whom you have served in Bharat and in the whole world, whom you have inspired and with whom you have created new plans on the field of service, in return for all of that, all of them are decorating you in their own way. Everyone has so much love for you in their hearts and everyone is remembering you with so much love. 


I said: Rameshbhai, you have left all of us. He said: I have not gone away, I was with Baba and I am with Baba. Baba then said: In the last few days, the child’s body was working at a very slow speed. The doctors were doing their work and the body was doing its work, and this child was with Baba in the subtle region and having a very good heart-to-heart conversation with Baba. I was wondering what the conversation would have been. Baba smiled and said: From the beginning, this child always felt that new plans for service should be made, what the systems of the future world would be, and how intense our effort needed to be at the present moment – he was talking to Baba about all of this. Hearing this, I felt that all of this will automatically exist in the golden age anyway. Rameshbhai said: No, in order for it all to be automatic, we have to create the sanskars before that, then the laws and regulations, and then its setting will all work automatically. I said: While sitting here (in the corporeal world) you used to do all of that. You always used to be engaged in creating the laws and systems of the yagya and the government. Baba said: While doing everything here, the child used to think a lot about what the future world would be like and what the economics of that world would be. He always used to write something or the other about that too. How to do all of that practically – he will now carry out all of that at a fast speed in advance. 


I said: Baba, all the brothers and sisters will miss Rameshbhai, they will especially miss him in the yagya. Our senior brothers and the Dadis will also miss him. Rameshbhai smiled and said: Baba has given His company to everyone and Baba is inspiring everything and I am with all of you. I said: You were looking after so many departments. From the beginning, you created many new plans for service. As he was hearing this, he laughed and said: I didn’t do that. Baba made it happen because it is Baba’s work. Baba taught me and inspired me. 

Then Baba said: From the time that this child recognised Baba, he has been an example in the lokik and alokik family. Having been a trustee, he did everything accurately and efficiently, making sure that nothing was lacking, that there were no mistakes. No matter what happened, he was very strict, and always had the aim of making sure everything was done accurately. He made sure all the systems of the yagya were correct, that there was never anything wrong, and he did everything with a lot of love. In all departments, he has his experienced jewels with him who are doing everything now and will continue to do so. I said: Those from all departments are remembering you a lot. He said: Tell everyone, if you continue as a trustee and always keep Baba with you, if you have faith in one another, are co-operative with one another, and keep the gathering strong as you do everything, then Baba will touch you with new methods. Baba is bound to you to make sure every task is carried out accurately. Baba said: This is My task, I am with you and I will always fulfil the responsibility. 


Then Baba showed a very beautiful scene. Many various scenes were coming in front of me as scenes and scenery. Seeing all of that, Rameshbhai asked Baba: What is this? Baba replied: Child, in the final days, you always used to think that many should receive Baba’s message through the Godlywood Studio. You carried out the work to give the message here, but now I am making the child an instrument for ‘Holy wood’ through which everyone will remain healthy, wealthy and happy in the golden aged world. What will be the scenes of that world – Baba is showing you those scenes now. 


Then I placed bhog in front of Baba. Baba said: Child, you have not accepted bhog for a long time. So, today, special bhog has come for you from Madhuban. So he said: First call our Dadis and senior brothers. In a few moments, all of them were emerged in the subtle region. Then Baba first fed Rameshbhai with His own hands. Rameshbhai said: Baba, feed everyone. Baba took a little piece to feed each one and said: Open your mouth. And I saw, that instead of everyone opening their mouths, everyone had little plates, which had Brahma bhojan from the yagya in it. Seeing that, everyone was very happy. From the beginning, his mother (Shanta Mata) never used to allow anyone to go without feeding them. So, today, that scene is in front of me and Baba made the whole family emerge there. Everyone was very happy to see and meet one another. 


Then Baba asked Rameshbhai: Do you want to say anything to anyone? He said: Let everyone continue to move along as a trustee and continue the work in Baba’s yagya accurately. Let there not be any consciousness of “I” in it. It is Baba’s task and Baba is inspiring it. Make sure that there is never anything that happens that makes the activity of the yagya become slack. Let everyone do this accurately by paying a lot of attention while keeping Baba with you. Then Baba gave remembrances to all those who served him, the doctors and his companions from his departments and asked them: Did you all serve him or what did you do? Baba then said: This is not service, but you have got that experience. Working with such a brother, you learnt and experienced a lot and also accumulated in your account of charity. In return of service, you received this fruit and also blessings. Then Rameshbhai gave remembrances to everyone and said: All are Baba’s hands. Let all these arms continue to work accurately and make everyone move forward. Seeing this scene, I came back to the corporeal world. Achcha. Om shanti.


Click here to download the message.




Update on Foreign Exchange in India - Further to the information posted on 11 January

30 January 2017


Om shanti. If you or your students still have any of the old Rs. 500/- & Rs.1,000/- notes, these can still be given as a donation in Baba’s box up to the 31st March. If you wish to do this, you may send them to Madhuban at your earliest convenience, for the attention of Didi Nirmala. (The Reserve Bank of India will still exchange notes prior to 31st March.)

In Baba’s yaad,




Dadi Janki's Message for Chinese New Year

29 January 2017

Om shanti.  Om shanti  Om shanti.  Congratulations.  Congratulations.  Congratulations for the Chinese New Year.  The Chinese have played a very good part everywhere in the world.  Wonderful Baba and wonderful Baba’s children, who have so much courage, honesty and are hard workers.  It is wonderful.  I have seen, I have been to China, every soul has so much deep love for making effort.  All souls have so much love to make true effort and to serve their own country.


I say om shanti 3 times.  Who am I?  Who is mine?  Who am I?  I am a soul.  Who is mine?  The Almighty Authority, the One with all Powers is mine and so I receive power.  With honesty and love, interacting with everyone with so much love that all discrimination of colour, language, caste all finishes.  All are the children of the one God.  Congratulations.  Congratulations.  Congratulations for your New Year.  Congratulations.  Chinese New Year.  Happy New Year.  Shakti New Year, you are receiving power.  Be ever happy, healthy and wealthy.  When your mind is healthy, then you are wealthy with the treasures of knowledge.  By having interaction with everyone filled with honesty and love, you develop courage in your heart.  Interaction filled with honesty makes everything natural.  You don’t feel anything is hard work, but everything feels natural.  It becomes your natural nature.  Your nature then becomes one of humility.  You are not hungry for respect.  You are wonderful souls who maintain your self-respect.  Happy New Year for the Chinese New Year.


Thank you.  Om shanti.




Urgent Message from Br Nirwair Ji Regarding Br Ramesh Ji's Health

26 January 2017

To our loving Brahmin family in Bharat and foreign lands, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Shantivan-Madhuban.


The doctors of Trauma Centre, Abu Road, have informed us that there is no further improvement in Br Rameshji's health. Rather, there has been deterioration for the last 3 days. The doctors feel that we need to inform the global spiritual family that the soul may fly to the angelic region within the next 48 hours (as of 25th January 6:26am IST).


All are requested to keep sending your powerful vibrations of Baba's remembrance to our beloved Elder Brother. 


In Baba's loving yaad,

BK Nirwair




Dadi Janki's Message for 18th January on YouTube with English translation as Attachement

18 January 2017

Click on above image to place


Download English Translation




Launch of Official Madhuban Murli Website for Daily Murlis

18 January 2017

Dear Brahmin Family,


We are delighted to launch the new Madhuban Murli website to bring you Baba's Murlis with ease. It was launched in the presence of BapDada on 18th January 2017.


The site has been developed by the Yagya Global IT Team at the request of our seniors in India and the RCs, and this first version already has daily Murlis available in 18 languages as well as audio Murlis. Murlis are available on the site a day in advance to cover the needs of people in all time-zones. Other, Murli-related resources, will be added over the coming months.


The site has been kept very intuitive, simple and easy to use. It works on mobiles, tablets, iPads and computers.


The url to access the site is:


Since February 2014 daily Murlis have been provided on the Madhuban Jewels website. From now on, please visit the new website for the daily Murlis. Anyone going to Madhuban Jewels will automatically be redirected to the new website.


We do hope you will take the time to try the site and encourage your students to do the same. Attached is a poster to put on your centre notice board so that students are aware of this new resource for the BK family.


If you would like to send any feedback, please send it to:


In Baba's yaad,






Special Instructions for 18th January

14 January 2017

Dear Centre Co-ordinators,


Om shanti. Please find enclosed special instructions for 18th January 2017 for the Anniversary of the Day of Remembrance.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department


Download the instructions




Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat 23-26 March 2017, Gyan Sarovar

11 January 2017

Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat

23-26 March 2017, Gyan Sarovar


Empowering the Self and Others –

Exploring Facets of Self Sovereignty and Leadership


Dear Centre Coordinators,


Hello and Om Shanti. We are delighted to share with you details of the sixth Spirit of Care Retreat to be held in Gyan Sarovar. This is a warm and open invitation to each member of our beautiful Brahmin Family.


In order to care for one self, one of the essential characteristics in how we live our spiritual life is the “self sovereignty” that Baba has taught us to rediscover at the heart of our own existence…How can we truly live harmonious and fulfilling lives?


We all know how important it is to have “relationships”, but what is our relationship with power? It is important to take time to reflect on questions related to power such as: Do we have a healthy relationship with power? What would a pure relationship with power look like?


Baba has also shared with us the model of future leadership, how close are we to living it?


This 3-day retreat invites you to explore how you can feel deeply connected to your inner self; not just your own personal life but also for the sake of living, sharing and serving others.



Registration is only available ONLINE.  Please follow the link:


Madhuban forms and travel details are to be submitted in the usual way, via the local centres.


If you do not speak English fluently, please make sure with your national coordination teams that there will be someone in Madhuban who can translate for you during the retreat. If you have any questions please contact


Spirit of Care Retreat March 2017:

23 March        4 - 5:30 pm    Registrations and Welcome

24 March                                Self sovereignty

25 March                                Compassionate leadership

26 March        till 9.30 pm     Changing our relationship with Power


In Baba’s yaad,

Spirit of Care Retreat Team




Foreign Exchange in India - Message from Madhuban

11 January 2017

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Foreign Exchange in India – Message from Madhuban


Greetings in Baba’s yaad,


To help with the exchange of money for double foreigners, we would like to share this information with you before you leave your countries to travel to India:


1.  It is advisable for double foreigners to change the maximum amount possible at the airports in Delhi, Mumbai or Ahmedabad before coming to Abu.


2.  Double foreigners can only exchange currency up to Rs.5,000/- (approx. US $70) per week at the State Bank of India Extension Counter at Gyan Sarovar (you will need the exact amount of $70, ie you cannot offer $100 and get back $30). This includes the amount exchanged at the airports. So if you exchanged up to Rs 5000 before coming to Abu, then you can only exchange money at the Bank after a week.


3.  To exchange money, the Bank requires photocopies of 1) passport, 2) Indian visa, together with 3) the immigration stamp. You will also need to show the originals.


4.  Double foreigners have to sign a declaration when changing money at the Bank that they have not changed any money up to one week prior.


5.   Exchange of old Rs.500/- & Rs.1,000/- notes is only possible now at the Reserve Bank of India outlets (not available at Mt Abu/Abu Road) by NRIs, but that too is a long process and requires much documentation. Anyone who wishes to find out more can contact the Seniors or Laxmanbhai.


6.  Foreigners can withdraw a maximum Rs.40,000/- per day using their foreign cards at Indian ATMS, with a maximum of Rs.4,000/- each attempt. Charges will apply. 


Kindly convey this information to everyone.


With regards,

In Baba's yaad,


BK Lakshman Rao

Conference Office, Om Shanti Bhawan
Mount Abu (Raj.)




Love and remembrance from Dadi Janki in response to all the emails and greetings she's received

4 January 2017

Download Dadi's message in Hindi

Download Dadi's message in English



New Year Greetings and News from Br Nirwair Ji

29 December 2016

Our dear sisters and brothers from Bharat and overseas Centres,

Please accept hearty Godly best wishes for a very, very happy New Year.


May the spirits of the entire BK divine family remain ever-elevated throughout the New Year 2017!!


All of you have been very kind in sending your good wishes and powerful vibrations for our respected brother Rameshji Shah, who has been undergoing treatment in Mumbai, at the reputed Breach Candy Hospital. On the advice of his physician and nephrologist, Rameshbhaiji was brought to Abu Road by air-ambulance yesterday, 28 December afternoon. He is presently hospitalised at Trauma Centre and undergoing palliative care. The doctors have advised prayerful good wishes for him.


Some of you may be knowing Br Lakshman of Sonepat Retreat Centre (Northern India), who is elder brother of Br Atam Prakash (Printing Press, Shantivan), senior brother of the Yagya, and tireless, loving, serviceable jewel. He too has been having health problems, especially weakened pumping of the heart, and is admitted into Trauma Centre ICU. It’s something like the mythological story of ‘Ram’ and ‘Lakshman’ going through challenges simultaneously, as mentioned in Ramayana. Let’s hope that some miracles happen and they both emerge successfully from the present situation. We all send our best wishes with powerful vibrations in the remembrance of One.


Wishing all of you many new inspirations for the New Year! The circumstances all over the globe seem to be very tense and challenging, and therefore we require lot of inner strength which would only rise by remaining attuned to the Source of Strength, our Almighty Supreme Father, God Shiva, and deriving courage from the practical example of beloved Brahma Baba.


With special blessings from our Respected Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and greetings from Madhuban Niwasis,


B.K. Nirwair


Mount Abu




Dadi Janki's Message for Christmas Day

29 December 2016

Om shanti.  Everywhere in the world, everyone is celebrating Merry Christmas with so much happiness and love.  What does Merry Christmas mean?  Peace, love and happiness.  Every home is God’s home.  How can we ourselves celebrate Christmas with so much happiness?  In all homes, it is as though there is light and only light everywhere.  Otherwise, there is sorrow and peacelessness and then we don’t enjoy ourselves.  From childhood, I have celebrated Christmas – it is celebrated from the heart.  Hearts enjoy.  What is joy?  Happiness, happiness and happiness.  It is wonderful.  In the world, everyone has so much love and regard for Christmas.  Merry Christmas – young, old, adults, old people – when all say this, there is great splendour.  How will we celebrate Christmas?  We will ignite the lights.  In the celebrations, everyone is fed very good food and there is so much splendour.  The heart says: Thank you, Father, that You made us belong to You and taught us how to smile all the time.  When you smile, nothing is difficult.  Everything is easy.  God is our Companion.  Be a detached observer and play among yourselves such that your sparkling faces are visible to everyone.  The more your faces are sparkling, the more the sound emerges from within: Merry Christmas  (meri – mine).  In the whole year, there is just this one day on the 25th (December) when the sound emerges from everyone – Meri Christmas, Meri Christmas.


It is good.  I may be sitting here in Bharat, but I am aware that everywhere in the world, young, old, adults, everyone celebrates with Merry Christmas.  What emerges from the heart?  (meri dil) – Happiness, love and honesty.  Naturally, when there is honesty, love and happiness, your face sparkles.


There are three things in the body – heart, head and drishti.  See how everyone is celebrating with so much happiness!  Who am I?  Who is mine?  I am a soul and my Father is the Almighty Authority.  He says: Remain detached and interact with everyone with love.  While being in the body, while being in the world, by being detached, you automatically receive love and you have to give love automatically.  What is love? 


Love is such… that body, mind, wealth and relationships – while living in the world, no matter what the body is like, the state of the mind is good.  It does not matter if you have only a little wealth, because your heart is big.  The eyes are so good that a smile emerges through the eyes.  Who am I and who is mine?  What is love?  Love emerges from the heart.  Love is in the heart and when it emerges, it is revealed through your vision and attitude.  In your awareness, you have: Who am I?  In your attitude, you have the feeling, “Who is mine?”  In your vision, you have the feeling, “Everyone is good”.    No matter what happens, there is no nourishment like that of happiness and no illness like that of worry.  Worry or wasteful thinking does not allow you to lead a good life.  In order to lead a good life, these three things are very useful and this is why, I say: Meri Christmas.  It feels very good when everyone says this with love and there is great splendour and everyone’s face becomes happy.  Thank you.  Om shanti. 


Meri Christmas.  Meri Christmas.  Achcha.  Om shanti.  


Download a pdf of the message here. 




Season's Greetings from Sudesh Didi and the German Family

29 December 2016



New Year Greetings from Sr Mohini and the New York Family

22 December 2016



Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year: Sr Vedanti and Nairobi Family

22 December 2016



Changing Foreign Currency in India

18 December 2016

Om Shanti,


Due to the current situation in India with the withdrawal of the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes it is advised that double foreigners try to exchange as much foreign currency as is the limit at the airports before coming to Abu, as it is not always convenient to exchange foreign currency in the local banks in Mt Abu. 


In Baba's yaad,




Christmas Greetings from Sister Jayanti and the London Family

18 December 2016



Season Greetings from Sr Meera, Malaysia

13 December 2016




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