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Mexico BK Green Team Retreat

10–13 January 2013 Merida, Yucatan, Mexico Awakening the Dreamer Workshop, Training and Symposium

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Science and Spirituality Collaborate for the Future of Humanity

19 December 2013  - A three-minute video interview conducted by Sr Denise

Angelica Castro PhD recently received her doctorate for Bio Physics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris. She has been a Raja Yoga student and teacher with the Brahma Kumaris for the past ten years. Her research involves revolutionary ways to deliver cancer drugs directly to the tumor without damaging any other tissues. The technology used micro anti gravity to direct sub micron particles to precise destinations. Angelica is from Columbia, South America. View the video on the Europe news page.




Sr Hemlata's visit to Dominican Republic and Haiti

5-13 December 2013

From 5th.-13th December the family of the Dominican Republic received many special gifts from BapDada with Sister Hemlata's visit.
We had a retreat on "Karma and Abundance" for the family with twenty seven (27) participants. A public lecture in the State University on "The Healing Power of Forgiveness". One hundred and thirty five (135) persons were in attendance. There were also several radio programmes and many different personal meetings. The family was very happy with the motherly feelings and the feelings of belonging which they experienced through Hemlata bhen.
Sister Hemlata and sister Rona also went for a three (3) day visit to Port au Prince, the capital city of Haiti where brother Ananta has been doing groundwork service for the past year. We have found a suitable house to rent for Baba and the hope is that service can start in the new house in April. We visited a Hatha Yoga center that is offering us space to give weekly lectures and they will help with publicity. The manager was very inspired by Sister Hemlata's meditation commentary. Sister Hemlata also met with
Four (4)UN military police officers who are part of an Indian unit based in Haiti for one (1) year as part of the UN peace keeping forces. One of them is a Brahmin and is very happy to meet Brahmins in Haiti.




Didi Nirmala's visit to Salvador - Brazil

12-16 December 2013

Didi Nirmala was the first sister from India sent as an instrument for northeast of Brazil, 28 years ago. She visited the three main centers, conducted public lecture, classes and a national retreat on the banks of double-ocean.

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Didi Nirmala in Belo Horizonte

10-12 December 2013

We just had the beautiful company of our dearest Didi Nirmala here, and would like to share the main news about what happened here the last days.

All the family in Belo Horizonte is very grate full and still dancing in the waves of natural, special and joy full presence of Didi. Her way of being is indeed peculiar and inspires a lot!!

Didi arrived here at the 10th of December,  in the company of Luciana bhen, and we had a lunch meeting with all the main teachers. 25 people were here. Didi specially shared about the importance of the main disciplines of brahmin life, special Amrit Vela and the meditation of 19:00PM.he BKs in BH. There were doctors, jornalists, educators, artists, business people, politicians. Didi spoke about the situation of the present world, and about the cicle of time. The interaction with them was very dynamic, with many questions and coments. Very alive meeting.

In the evening Didi met with 44 contact souls and old friends of t

On the 11th, Didi gave class to 70 students about the topic of Simplicity and Spirituality. This class was really special, and she shared about the subtle forms of all the vices.

During the day, Luciana gave an interview in a very popular radio in Belo Horizonte about the topic of the lecture. Also, one of the main newspapers published an one page interview with Didi.

On the 11th evening, the public program with the topic Meditation - A connection of Love. Understanding the subtleness of God. 300 people were present, which was a success, once a very heavy rain has fallen in Belo Horizonte exactly at the time of people starting to go to the program. The chorus Madrigal, famous in Belo Horizonte, presented 4 songs and the MC of the program was a journalist which presents the news in a open television channel, Inácia Soares. Didi spoke that people are not able to connect with God because they don`t know Him, or because they don`t have love fro Him.

Next day, Didi offered Bhog, and gave a class with some questions prepared in advance by Prem bhen. She ended the class sharing special moments with Brahma Baba and DadiJi, which made all of us travel in time, and fell very, very close.

After this, we left to the airport, and Didi and Luciana went to the next destination in Brazil, salvador.

 So, we thanks a lot Baba, Drama and all of you who gave your permission and good wishes for this auspicious visit at this time of the year.


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Didi Nirmala's visit to Porto Alegre, Brazil

6-8 December 2013

Retreat with Ddid Nirmala in Porto Alegre commemorating the 30th anniversary of Brahma Kumaris in the city

Theme: Love and Spiritual Power - the foundation of the future

Participants were Brahma Kumars and kumaris of the states of Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Brasília.

On Friday, after Didi's overture speach, there was a special dinner and the inspiration was "Awakening of the heart of the angels."

On Saturday, after the murli, Marcia Medeiros made the official opening of the event giving welcome to all, followed by a class by Didi on the  theme "Extracting power and love from the sakar murli."

Dinner of celebration of the aniversary.

Power Point with the history of the 30 years of activity of the Brahma Kumaris in Porto Alegre and Sao Leopoldo in homage to Aida, recording of statements of Ken and Sister Mohini when they were in Madhuban.

Statements:  Luciana Ferraz, Marcia Medeiro, Marli Medeiros, Ida Meirelles, Rodrigo Ambros, Vitor Kerber, Maria Helena Dias, Graça (first BK student in Porto Alegre) and Marcio Doernte (donator of Baba's house in Porto Alegre).

Greeting with cake and exchange of gifts between the centers.


Didi's class
Histories of power and love in the Yagya - Experiences with Brahma Baba and the Dadis.
Exchange of experiences and gifts.
Some BKs of Porto Alegre and Raquel (Florianopolis

Public speech in the Dante Barone Auditorium of the Legislative Assembly of Rio Grande do Sul to a public of 350 people.  Translation by Luciana Ferraz.
Theme:  It is better to live in peace

Some BKs and students of Porto Alegre in a moment of drishti to the public.
Cicero Fornari making a background with the guitar music "Didi" composed by him days before.


Marcia with Marcio Doernte and Cicero Fornari who highlighted various moments in the retreat and the speech with the smoothness of his beautiful songs.

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Didi Nirmala's visit to Sao Paulo,  Brazil

4-5 December 2013

News Link - See all Details of Sao Paulo Visit here.

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Choose to be Calm

3 October 2013

The CHOOSE TO BE CALM program has been very active in Brazil, specially after its new website went up (www.escolhaacalma.org.br). Below is news on the Choose to be Calm Event in the city of Sao Pedro-Brazil and our website address.

In a Health & Well Being event, Brahma Kumaris had a booth to inspire people in this wonderful campaign ''Choose to be Calm''. Baba's creative team designed a monster-like figure with its mouth wide open. People could write down on a piece of paper things that they wished were no longer part of themselves anymore and throw it inside this character's mouth. Once this was accomplished, the participants would walk by an Angel figure where they would receive a virtue in exchange for what they wanted to leave behind. 

It was a wonderful event, and a very popular booth--especially with the younger public. It was also an amazing experience and a wonderful way to spread the ability to be calm in a way enjoyable for people of all ages.





Service News from Colombia

September 2013

Invited by the Colombian Youth Wing, Sister Marianne from Costa Rica, with her love for the murli and gyan, her sweetness, and lightness, gave spiritual refreshment and power not only to the BK communities from the cities of Bogotá and Barranquilla, but also to the nearly 750 souls who were directly served in both cities.

Although there were general public programs, the success of this visit was in the service provided to the youth population, and to individuals or organisations working with and/or for youth. This made possible not only the scheduled events but also the full funding of the visit, and created partnerships that will continue the service of the Youth Wing, particularly with local government institutions and universities.





Br Ken O'Donnell's visit to Vitoria-es

29-30 August 2013

Vitoria, Capital of Espirito Santo State, is situated at South East of Brazil. Many years ago there was a BK Raja Yoga Center in the city; at the moment there has been sporadic activities running there. The hosts Paulo and Luiza Lopez organized an agenda for Ken including:

29 August

  • Afternoon: Interview for Vitoria TV (a branch of Record TV)

click on the link below to watch the video (in Spanish):


  • Evening: Lecture "Aligning Consciousness and Actions – the Future We All Want" at Espirito Santo Industry Federation (FINDES) for 250 people. Each one received a folder with BK material

30 August - all day

Course "Management in Chaos" at Institute for Personal Development (INDESP) for 35 managers.




Sr. Denise in Mexico

July 2013



Service in Prisons - Brazil

22 August 2013

Since 2012 the Brahma Kumaris Organization in Fortaleza has developed activities in the prisons of the State of Ceará, in partnership with the Department of Justice, through the PACAD (Continued Action Program on Assistance to Drug Addicts). It began with a guided meditation on the radio of Department of Justice, which covers around 5 prisons and has an audience of more than 5,000 inmates.

Workshops about "Self Esteem" and how to "Make Your Mind Your Best Friend" were conducted in the Polo of Insertion to 10 inmates who were in a semi-open system and there was a lecture about "Self Esteem" in the Criminal Female Institute Desembargadora Auri Moura Costa to 50 people, both prisoners and prison officers.

The peak of our partnership happened during the visit to Fortaleza-Ceará of Sister Denise Lawrence. She conducted with great success, on August 22, 9am, a lecture at the House of Deprivation Provisional Freedom2 (CPPL2), to an audience of more than 60 inmates, directors and prison officers about the topic "The Role of Men in Society Nowadays ". She led the topic with great mastery, addressing issues of relevance to the audience such as power, success, wealth, etc., while subtly introducing spirituality. It was wonderful to see how she managed to reach deep into the hearts of all. I'm sure this meeting will be remembered by all those who were luckily chosen to attend this event.





Fifth Latin American BK Youth Retreat, Cusco, Peru

11-15 August 2013

To the whole world brahmin family , receive love and memories of Peru divine family . This time we want to share with you the wonderful experience that meant hosting the Fifth Latin American BK Youth Retreat "Keeping the greatness of being, strengthening the principles in our spiritual life ", which took place from August 11th to 15th in Cusco , the sacred city of the Incas.

Thirty young people from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia, Germany and of course Peru were present rafiating the wonderful energy of Baba in this Incan magical place.

Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape of mountains and greenery, this spiritual adventure of going to the depths of being, with the spiritual support of Baba through Sister Moira Lowe (NC of Argentina ), who in a simple, fun and most of all deeply exploration guided the deep exploration of each spiritual principle (gyan, yoga, good company, satwica diet and purity) in each day of the retreat. For the final day a very special Raksha Bandhan ceremony took place in which Baba gave powerful experiences.  A brahmin celebration with Peruvian dances and Hindi took place as well.

The two days right after the retreat, a tour to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu was conducted, to the city of Cusco and other nearby archaeological sites as well. During this tour, besides appreciating the wonder of human history we served through the vibration of Baba as well.

Baba and the Young participants colored the retreat´s atmosphere with their joy, art, depth, and honest and brave heart. Each moment of the retreat was full of the magic subtle presence of Baba and the special energy of each one of the participants.

During the retreat, the participants claimed to take with them, different experiences such as "have felt the vibration of Madhuban" and have felt "the certainty of God". They also claimed to have had different embodiments such as: "In brahmin life is not about deleting the old sanskares, but divinizing them" and  "that the decision to follow the spiritual principles should take place in a natural  and unforced manner because otherwise they cannot be sustained over time" and "that the spiritual principles instead of tape casting us, make us free , because they connect us with our truth".

Thanks to everyone who have made this scene of drama happen and special thanks to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Curacao, that have sent wonderfully altruistic souls to cooperate with the service in the kitchen, holding the purity of all participants with the Brahma bhojan which was powerfully pure and prepared every day.




Sr Meera's visit to Colombia

August 2013

Colombia had the fortunate to receive the visit from sister Meera. She visited the cities of Bogota, Cali, Medellin and Tunja. In Bogota there were two successful lectures, one in the main center: Learn to make decisions with the ancient wisdom of India, and the other in a large auditorium: The art of living free from worry with 800 people. 

Also a retreat for Bks. took place outside Bogotá in the countryside. The name of the retreat was: The happiness of purity in which 80 brahmins tie rakhi, for the old bks it was to renewal of their pledge of purity to Baba.

She visited other  centers like Mandalay, and Lotus and then travelled to a nearby city called Tunja. There she gave a lecture Take care of your thoughts at the university called UNAD, and tied rakhi to the divine family. Then in a short visit to Medellin tied rakhi to the family and gave a lecture at the prestigious San Fernando Plaza. After in Cali tied rakhi to the family, gave two lectures in the Executive Club. 

Sister Meera gave much benefit to Colombia with her great virtues, like her energy, zeal and enthusiasm, precision and discipline among others, beside her great devotion to the divine family and general souls,  who were fortunate enough, to listen to her wisdom and through her the message of Baba. She will be always welcomed with lot of love.




Inauguration of new center in Barraquilla

11 July 2013

The inauguration of the headquarters of Baba in Barranquilla, Colombia, took place on Saturday the13th of July,

We thank very much to all those who joined us physically and also from the distance. Your good wishes and elevated company, made this evening a wonderful meeting because everybody there, were driven by a unique love: love of God and a common and elevated intention: that of service to the world.

A charming group of 20 souls, students and friends, brightened  this new space by their presence. In addition, Ken bhai, our coordinator for Latin America, was present in this meeting via skype. We received from you, the gift of being a center of stability, Achalgar, so that each person who come be able to experience stability and peace. Through the brother, we also got the blessings of sister Mohini.

Additionally, we have the presence of Leonor bhen, who was the guest host, full of spirituality, joy and lightness.

We share important moments with each soul that came, through the impact of this knowledge in our lives, which has been a source of learning and enjoyment for all. We also enjoyed the cake with ice cream and snacks!

And since nothing is coincidence, we can say that the city of Barranquilla also celebrated this event happy with very beautiful fireworks for  about 20 minutes after finishing the opening ceremony ... Congratulations Barranquilla, Atlántico and Colombian Caribbean Coast!





Retreat to explore the scope of Baba's service through Internet

12 August 2013

Bro. Shashin (UK), Bro Erik (US), Bro Ken (Brazil); Sr. Waddy (US) and Sr. Moira (Argentina), receiving Dadi´s blessings during ITC Retreat

To use Internet resources for the Baba´s service, is already a reality in several countries. For this reason between 4 and July 7 was held in Argentina, the "ITC Retreat" (information technology and communication) in order to achieve each of the South American countries, which are already underway Internet initiatives, share best practices and promote the service in a regional integrated strategy.

The retreat was held at a country house on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires and within a family environment included 43 brothers from Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Paraguay, Peru, UK, Uruguay and USA.

Sr Moira (Arg) hosted the meeting and among the special guests present, were Br Ken (BR), Sr Waddy (U.S.) coordinator of the team that Manages the international website, Br. Erik (U.S.) ITC facilitator of the whole area with the group of BK regional coordinators, and Br. Shashin (UK), coordinator of Global IT Team.

Over a three day period, which was masterfully facilitated by Br Ken, was considered especially the importance of: 1) education via the Internet, 2) content creation and distribution to ensure the accessibility and availability of Baba´s knowledge in its different forms, 3) the potential of social media and its use to create communities that value the work done by BK 4) the responsibility we have to take care of our public face and reputation online and 5) the importance of the support of all IT resources to service these actions possible.

The retreat flowed in an atmosphere of intense enthusiasm, cooperation and commitment, naturally becoming evident that we, as never before, are in front of a great opportunity to get quick and easy with Baba's message to every soul in the 4 corners of our country and region.