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Sudesh Didi. GCH, London 10.01.2021 - Spiritual Effort, Ruhani Purusharth

15 January 2021

Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti. In the month of January, every day is the day of love, power, blessings, fortune, inspiration and realisation. Each day is the day of freedom and self-respect.

We are following the footsteps of Brahma Baba especially in this month. We make natural effort with natural intoxication, faith and love. It was natural for Brahma Baba.

According to the points on the 18 Steps of Brahma, these footsteps are about how Brahma moved in the spiritual path with consistent movement, vision, attitude and deep relationship with Shiv Baba. It is about heart, head and hand (practical actions). Baba says the effort of some children is of ten nails, and they have to labour to make effort. But Brahma Baba’s effort was so natural. We hear Baba’s stories about facing challenges as a natural yogi, an easy yogi and a raja yogi. It was natural.

In this gathering, with ordinary vision, we see everyone as an effort maker. In today’s murli, Baba is watching how His children make effort with great love, He is inspiring us with the true consciousness of making effort. The English word ‘effort’ feels intense. In fact, in the word purusharth, purush means the soul. So the soul is paying attention to bring the energy for the self. Brahma Baba held the consciousness of the self with attention, taking care of all three, thoughts words and actions. Arth means meaning, wealth, intention and for the sake of. With the meaning and intention of consciousness of the soul, one does the work of the soul and for the soul, making the soul meaning-full. So the soul is doing for itself, with the consciousness of what is innate in me.

When we are soul conscious, we are conscious of what is in the soul. When we are body conscious, we want what we do not have. When I am soul conscious, then I am what I am; when I am body conscious, then I look at what others are. In soul consciousness, my attention is on checking myself. So by looking at the state of your own mind, you will understand how your intellect thinks, understands and analyses. So this is the difference between soul-conscious vision and body-conscious vision.

In soul-conscious vision, we always see the qualities within the souls in others. When we begin to see these qualities, we begin to fill the qualities of others within ourselves, and become all virtuous. Virtues are not just a list. Every thought and every action can be connected with a virtue. We can pick up virtues in everyone in every situation. This is Brahma Baba’s title as Dattatrey, which means one with many gurus. Brahma Baba always kept respect for everyone and learned from everyone. Baba says we should step away for our body as if it is a snake. It shreds its skin easily, yet it is poisonous.

On the one side, we can see others with many defects, many weaknesses, on the other side, there are holy swans who, from the many weaknesses, pick up good qualities and virtues. We can develop virtues by picking up the virtues of others. When we become all virtuous, we will become so powerful that the vices of others cannot attack us. Virtues protect us against the vices of others. We become viceless as well as vice-proof. For example, we have patience. When an angry person comes in front of us, with lightness, we have a loveful and merciful vision for the other person. We become detached from the other person’s behaviour, and eventually situation is transformed without any negative effect on the self. We become a destroyer of obstacles just by taking this first step of picking up virtues. This means to have the pure heart of a holy happy swan, and never to be disturbed by how others think and behave. This is one kind of effort.

We make effort, but in purusharth, I am really in the “meaning of the self’.  I am a soul, being a soul, and am seeing a soul. So, when I become a soul, and am conscious that I am a pure soul, a peaceful, loveful, blissful soul, I am then ‘meanging-full’. I understand the meaning of me. In body consciousness, I understand the meaning of me as a body, such as a husband, a mother, a male or a female, and we identify the self with that because our understanding is human being as human. But when I am a being, I become a ‘meaning-full’ being. This is called purusharth. It is not just the word effort, but the consciousness of performing actions with a good intention, a good aim, good feelings and a pure vision. And this is known as spiritual effort, ruhani purusharth. Baba says this is a spiritual university, and the Spiritual Father has come to teach the spiritual children. Have you understood the meaning of this?

What is spirituality? Spirituality is the reality of my existence, as a spirit. When I am soul conscious, a soul living in this body, in the bodiless stage, the incorporeal stage, the seed stage, that spirit means the angel of light. It is the point of light, the body of the soul. The body of the soul is light, the mind of the soul will be also light. What is in the point of light? The soul, the point of light, also has the organs to function. As a soul, I am expressing, experiencing through these sense organs of the body. As a soul, I also use my spiritual organs, and they are my mind, my intellect and my sanskaras. When I am soul conscious, how will my organs be used? How will I think? They will be pure, positive, powerful and loving thoughts, naturally expressed through my words. The intellect is clear, clean and divine, paras and satopradhan. This reality is real and at the highest level. This reality is purity. Spirituality becomes reality when it reaches its complete stage. Otherwise, it is at the state of becoming. With the effort of becoming, or the state of being, being complete. That is sambandh and sampooran, that is, completion is being accomplished. The intellect is filled with understanding. With the eye of the mind, with the light of knowledge, I see the self as a soul, the light. I will not see darkness. Spirituality becomes reality when I become pure. Purity is truth, and that is what we are seeing in soul consciousness. This pure consciousness will only see divinity. Divinity only sees truth. What is wrong and weak does not belong to me. It would only think with the light, and would make the wrong into right. A body conscious person will continue to say this is wrong, but will not make it right. In soul consciousness, instead of correction, comparison and criticism, the internal divinity only gives as a bestower, and their vision is always divine.

Spirituality is reality; reality is purity; purity is divinity; divinity (deity) is royalty. The moment the soul reaches divinity and royalty with spiritual consciousness, we call it the soul conscious actions and expressions of the soul. This means the mind, the intellect and the sanskars, all three, are divine. So with the reality that you are not the body, you express naturally as a soul. You believe, you see, you think and behave as a soul. Because the soul is light and pure, it always sees divinity as a holy swan, picking up only virtues. A holy swan only recognises virtues. Just as the foot does not hear anything, or with my hand is big and my eye is so small, it is the eyes that can see, and not the body. The body does not have the reality of seeing anything. The soul only sees light. God, the Supreme Being, sees only the qualities of the soul, the purity of the soul, the beauty and sparkle of the soul. His royalty sees only royalty. He wants to uplift those who do not have, and shower upon them with blessings and pure power. He wants to encourage them to remember their self-respect. If I want to make effort to be soul conscious, and sit on the throne of soul consciousness, spirituality will make it reality.

Reality means truth, with pure consciousness, truth is purity. Purity becomes divinity, and we care as a detached observer. In body consciousness, we are concerned with worries and false intention and attitude. Then that care becomes a defect. As a soul, we are concerned with self-respect. So natural effort with easy nature is the true meaning of effort. It is not to struggle, not to fight, not begging, but true as I am. A pure soul does not mix with matter. It does not matter if there is defamation, blame and disrespect. Body-conscious-matter matters everything. A body conscious way of thinking leads to upset. In body conscious, I mind it. In soul conscious, I mend it. In divinity, we give what we have, not what we borrow from others. What do we have? Godly inheritance, the natural sanskar that I am the child of God, a sun-dynasty soul. We have this self-respect, and respect what is in me. Self-respect does not mean I want respect, it means I protect what is in me. I value, care, honour and have pure pride of what is innate in me. This is the gift and inheritance from God. Baba says, “I have come as a Teacher to teach you, and to make you from human being into a deity.” From human, we become being; from being, we become divine. Then I am not a human being anymore, but a deity, a divine being. The intellect which was once a stone has become paras, sparkles with divinity. I become a bestower with divine virtues, giving cooperation, time, attention and care. It becomes natural to experience inner happiness and to give happiness. Giving becomes the sankar of action and interaction. This is the reality that Baba is reminding us and bringing into our awareness. And with pure consciousness, there is no other impure intention. At present time, we should not still struggle with whether I have or not because Baba says there is no time. The time for labouring has now passed. This is the time for blessing and for emerging the qualities which are naturally in us. When we are natural, as it comes into the environment, anything that is latent in the soul flourishes, And Confluence Age is the time. This season Baba showers us with powers and blessings. Therefore, think of your fortune, the inheritance that Baba has given us already, you will experience yourself as a divine being. This is not a struggle, but a fortune of being a pususharthi, being ‘meaning-full’. Spirituality is reality of soul consciousness, of divine light. When I am divine, I am seated on the throne, with my crown, with my tilak of awareness, with my personality of divinity. This divinity is royalty. This is the dignified diamond life of a Brahmin as a gift from God. This is new awareness of the new age without struggle. Every kalpa, we become divine being. I was and I will become that. Time is finishing. It is time to become complete. Time is also becoming complete. The advanced stage is waiting for us to be complete with all virtues like Brahma Baba, viceless and 16 celestial degrees complete. The discipline is that whatever action I perform, should be in soul consciousness. This is the first discipline. Then we become purushartham, and there will be no need to do  prursharath. In today’s murli, you will hear the details of Brahma Baba’s footsteps in becoming 16 celestial degrees complete.

Om shanti.


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Sudesh Didi. GCH, London 07.01 evening class. Master Class on Surrender

15 January 2021

Master Class on Surrender

We will explore the significance, the meaning and the practical achievement of “Surrender”. This expression is not a new word. Since the middle ages; from the time when warriors and kings were fighting, the kings, who were victorious, forced those who were defeated to surrender. In politics, there is physical surrender. There is surrender on the path on ordinary life where the older generations, out of love, surrendered physically to their children. In lokik relationships, when marriage takes place, there is a promise to surrender as a sign of loyalty to each other. Apart from the physical surrender, there is also devotional surrender, where devotees surrender themselves as a sacrifice to God.

Then there is Godly divine surrender. What is the difference? This spiritual surrender is a wonder. On the one hand, it is the surrender of becoming totally empty. On the other hand, it is the wonder of all achievements.

One type of bodily surrender is when you are in bondage, and are put in a prison. Godly surrender eventually makes us an angel, bringing us freedom. It is a question of consciousness in the surrender. In our Brahmin family, we use the expression of surrender a lot. Some of you would have seen surrender ceremonies, where gifts are received, responsibilities are given. It is an achievement of joy because you have offered yourself to Baba. Anniversaries of surrender are also celebrated with great joy. It is a pure feeling of belonging to God. And the wonder is that even God surrenders to us. When the consciousness of surrender comes, we not only belong, but our lives natural become more and more on the level of elevated thoughts. Something which is yours is not yours anymore. To become Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris, is one aspect of belonging. To become Baba’s heir child and receive all the inheritance from Baba, that’s true belonging.

There is one aspect with offering where devotees offer their devotion, their love, their faith and their money. The other aspect is giving with joy, which is also called donation. After giving, it is not yours. People give presents to each other, that is a pleasant feeling of cooperation. But offering of limited things such as donations and presents, are not considered as surrender. Baba teaches about limited surrender and unlimited surrender. It starts with physical surrender, moving towards unlimited surrender which is pure, selfless and invisible. I remember when Mama asked who would like to surrender to Kali. Of course, it does not mean physical sacrifice of cutting your throat!  So what does it mean? It is not sacrifice. It is a will, a wish which is to will everything to God in the task of world transformation. This is the practical example of Brahma Baba. He willed everything, his body, mind, wealth, and his lokik family also surrendered with him. By willing everything in God’s name, he received will power. This surrender is an exchange. To become an instrument for God’s task, this is called spiritual surrender; a surrender which enhances our spiritual ability. It opens our hearts, makes us generous. The more the generosity, the more royalty and divinity emerge within.  In spiritual surrender, on one side is giving, and on the other side is receiving. It is a blessing ceremony, to be blessed with the will and determination to give everything.

The first step to surrender is to die alive, to get a new birth. There is a difference between surrendered Brahmins and cooperative serviceable Brahmins. BKs who are cooperative, who are a yogi, who are serviceable, who are samples give their lives for service. But in total surrender, one gives the self totally of time, energy, skills with a pure heart. There is the feeling of coming home, and this is family. As students we feel close, but when we live in a centre, our time is now not our time. Your body, mind, thoughts, and every second is for Godly service. Then you cannot say you also need time for yourself. Recently, someone said to me that they were given a job which they spent four hours on, and did not get time for the self. It was the task of creating a programme of a panel discussion. When I asked who these hours were spent for, she said it was the sister who gave the task. I reminded her that where we use time, we also need to use our thoughts and intellect. In that way, we are gaining time, as that is time for self-benefit. For whom is this task prepared for, it is for ourselves. It is not for the sister who gave a task, it was a blessing and time for the self.

In Godly surrender, it is not a burden, it is a blessing because that giving is gaining. It is like planting seeds. God is not poor, we are not giving or donating to God. These seeds we plant are growing deep in the pure golden land of the yagya, for Godly service, for the upliftment of mankind, for the establishment of the new world. Whatever Godly task we are given, the reward for the self is unlimited. So to surrender is not to bow down. It means we are under shrimat. Dadi used to say put yourselves under canopy of protection by keeping the self under shrimat. Then we follow with discipline the maryadas from morning till evening, and feel we have come into our family, adopting all the systems. This spiritual surrender changes our consciousness. Not only the body, but the Manmanabhav mantra is about tying the mind with God, the task with Baba’s qualities, it is yoga while doing karma in Baba’s yagya.  This surrender brings us maturity in performing actions purposefully with the right consciousness.  Others see and will also follow. So yoga is with Baba, actions performed are surrendered for others to follow.  Body, mind, wealth, time, cooperation are for the yagya. There is great joy to belong to God. As we surrender, the yagya is responsible for us.  We offer yagya with great love, and yagya also offers with great love. We eat Brahma Bhojan every day. As we carry out Baba’s task, internally we feel blessed that our time is used in a worthwhile way.  As sevadharis, our blessings are multiplied because a surrendered life is ongoing, not just for one day. Some have been serving for many years, and are able to be responsible for a department and train others. The intellect becomes blessed. This is giving and receiving. Baba also checks in with the tasks we do, so it is not just enthusiasm, but it is complete dedication at the same time. There is more introspection, inner inspection. Baba then says, “OK, check if you have surrendered your thoughts.” We check on the subtle level of renouncing any waste and unnecessary thoughts, and any weaknesses and defects.

Surrender is not about just living in the centre.  It is possible to surrender at this level whilst living at home. Baba encourages us to stay at home and be a trustee. The real surrender is that after giving something, the ‘I’ consciousness does not remain.  “I have done this.” “It should be the way I want.” is not real surrender. The consciousness that after I have given, this still belongs to me is not a surrendered intellect. You have surrendered to Baba. You have given, so you do not have the right to it. So ‘I and mine’ consciousness need to go. What has been given now belongs to God’s House. Of course, as we are responsible, we are naturally careful that nothing is misused. Maturity and responsibility are increasing, but at the same time, patience increases. Being at the centre does not mean I am in charge now, and that everything has to be controlled by me, and be done my way. I have to check: I am responsible, as an instrument. When I say I am in charge, I have switched off the charger because the spiritual energy of love for others need to be maintained. Surrendering even the subtle traits of possessiveness, attachment, ego make one a yogi soul, a karma yogi.

Brahma Baba surrendered his body, and only God could use this surrendered body. He used the eyes to see, but whatever he was seeing, he was seeing with God’s eyes. He used his ears to hear as a trustee, as Baba’s instrument. This detachment of letting God works through you is Brahma Baba’s level of surrender. This is called a Brahmin becoming an angel, freedom from the bondage of karma. There is attention on my actions, performing only karma which is divine and elevated. The percentage of surrender, with liking and disliking, with preference, with favouring and rejection, these are the subtle sanskars of the ‘I’ ‘me’ and ‘myself’.  Total surrender means ‘me’ the soul, and that is known as unlimited surrender.  Limited surrender is easy. Real surrender is in fact a very subtle philosophy because this is God’s task, so this is not giving but receiving. So my mind cannot be mischievous. When we surrender our heart, we enable others to experience Godly love. When jealousy comes when someone is given more attention: given this or that task, it means I have not surrendered my mind and my intellect.  My joy and appreciation that others are receiving means my heart, that has been given to God, is also as beautiful as on His throne.

Dying alive is about living full and free through emptying the old inside. This is yog-yukt bandhan-mukt. Yog-yukt is saturated with yoga. The intellect is becoming divine. Past accounts are settled and the yoga of the intellect continues to create income through accurate knowledge. This is why it is bandhan-mukt, free from bondage of body consciousness, mind, relationship, opinion, thinking of others. As we perform elevated actions, whereby others can also receive blessings, their blessings store extra blessings for us. In this way, we are blessed souls who follow Baba’s footsteps, and are becoming all virtuous, completely viceless. So surrender all vices, in return, receive all virtues. As others are satisfied, we become praiseworthy, we receive God’s gifts of happiness, peace and love. We give service with great love.  Baba, Karankaranvanhar. is making it happen. Then we are passing the fruit onto others and become Ganesh. We are totally detached but an active actor.

Situations will definitely come. One time, Brahma Baba was praising Shiv Baba, “You are doing everything. You are Karankaranvanhar. If it was not you, who would call me Prajapita Brahma?” And Shiv Baba answered, “If you were not there, who would call me the Supreme Father Supreme Soul”. Eventually both said that drama was great. So our final surrender is to surrender to drama. If anything does not happen even with our good wishes and pure feelings, then surrender to mother drama. In that way, we are free angels, flying beyond. This is called double-trustee, detached and honest.

Om shanti.


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Bhog Message of 7 January 2021 brought by Sr Mohini

15 January 2021

To all of Baba’s elevated instrument children from around the world,


Greetings of love from Madhuban in this month of love and power.  We are sending another bhog message, brought by Sister Mohini on 7 January, to support the special efforts we are all making during this month. The RCs request that the message be read aloud in class and that it be made available to students to support their spiritual efforts this month.


In Baba’s sweet yaad,

BK Nirmala on behalf of the Regional Coordinators


January 7, 2021–Bhog Message brought by BK Mohini


Today in the subtle regions, Baba’s drishti was beautifully expanding and taking the shape of a big canopy with very beautiful rays. It looked so beautiful - seeing Baba’s drishti as rays of love and light for all of us in the form of a big canopy. We were very happy when we saw this beautiful golden colored canopy above us. Then Baba personally shared drishti with me, gave drishti to the bhog, and accepted it with a lot of love.


Baba said, “Baba is World Benefactor, and the children also are master world benefactors.” Baba said, “Tell all the children, ‘You are world benefactors. Even if some might not have the thought that I have to serve the world, but actually everyone does this because of their love for Baba.”


Baba said there are two special powers that children have: one is the power of purity. This power is in every child and is bringing benefit to the world. Of course, the power of purity is important in preparing for the new world, but even now this power of purity is bringing benefit to the world. Every thought gets accomplished when it comes from a pure heart and pure feelings. No thought can be wasted. So, use the power of purity, and as your nature becomes pure, then every thought is a pure thought and will get accomplished. Second, you have the power of yoga, soul-conscious remembrance of Baba. The power of yoga keeps you free from obstacles. So, both powers are bringing benefit to the world. And Baba is very pleased to see that each child is making good efforts.


Then I said, “Baba we are also doing homework for 31 days to follow the footsteps of Brahma Baba”. Baba was smiling, looking at all of us and Baba said, “Yes, children want to be like Brahma Baba, so they want to follow. Some are making effort to be bapsamaan and are becoming that. But some still think, ‘will it be possible for me to be bapsamaan?’ They want to remain close to Baba but still don’t think that they can be like Baba. But because of their relationship with Baba, they do receive blessings. Baba definitely gives blessings to every child.”


Baba said that Baba had the authority of knowledge. He was very detached and lovely. You children also have all knowledge, and when you change knowledge and apply it in your practical lives, then this authority becomes natural. Then you will also become detached and lovely. Always remember that because of being children of the World Benefactor, every scene of drama brings some benefit to you. Baba said that you can experience those benefits, and you should write those benefits.


Before many children thought they had to run around and go out, even for class. But now Baba has given you time. So, use that time for your study, for preparing yourself. Of course, all the children have love for service. Everyone wants to do service. Baba said, “Continue to do service in whatever way you think is best and using whatever methods you all have. The children are actually preparing themselves to be worthy and to be Bapsamaan.”


As you all know it is through avyakt BapDada that the meeting takes place in the subtle regions, and Brahma Baba is there. It was very interesting how Baba opened his arms and said, "Children, each one of you is always safe in Baba’s arms. You are very cooperative souls. You are always thinking about Baba’s task. So, Baba wants to give you not only blessings but congratulations. Always remember to keep courage and to be consistent. When you have courage and are consistent, you will find that you are very near accomplishing your aim of becoming like Baba."


Baba said to give love and remembrances and blessings to everyone and tell them that when you think of Baba, or think of offering bhog to Baba, your thought reaches Baba.


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Sister Jayanti, 3rd January - Harmony is the reality of the proof of contentment

14 January 2021

Om Shanti. Good morning and Happy New Year. 


For Baba’s children every year is filled with blessings, and on this New Year’s Eve Baba gave us a very special blessing for contentment.  It is unusual to have two Avyakt Murlis that take up the same theme as the main subject, there will always be references, but again today the Murli we are going to hear is about contentment!  Does this tell us something?  If a teacher decides to give children the same lesson, two days running…it is giving a big signal.  It is telling us that it is very important, but also perhaps some have not quite understood and it needs more clarifying as it needs our attention.


I have noticed for a long time now that where there is discontentment it leads to all the multiplication of negativity that the soul is carrying.  When there is contentment we start to deal with this.  When we come to Baba everyone is tamopradhan full stop!  But from that moment on when we give attention to something Baba is asking us to do, we move forward and if we don’t we get stuck.  Then we wonder why we get stuck.  It is simply because we are not giving attention to what Baba is giving us signals for.  These two Murlis are a powerful signal regarding contentment.


A few questions have come up about contentment from different souls, and I think these two Murlis will answer them.  In the month of January it is the time when Brahma Baba becomes the focus of our attention.  Baba often tells us to  ‘follow the Father’ yet also today there is one particular aspect of our relationship with Brahma Baba that gets highlighted, and that is as Brahma Baba as the mother. There is a very sweet exchange between Father Brahma talking to Shiv Baba, and although he uses the term Father Brahma, it is very much the Mother speaking.  Baba is talking about 3 different categories and Brahma Baba is saying what can I do to help souls move from the second category to the first category.  Do you recognise this quality of a mother, to want the child to move forward in the best way possible?  The Father too wishes the best but is a little more detached.   Brahma Baba has this thought of how do I help the child go from number 2 to number 1.  Yet If Baba kept this thought it would disturb his peace right? If I have a thought and see it is not happening it would be easy to be peaceless and get agitated. But the next thought that Brahma Baba shares is ‘OK, Shiv Baba will help them, and I don’t need to think about it anymore’. 


When someone asked me the question ‘How do you practically use contentment in life, with other people’s sanskars and situations that are difficult?’. In the New Year’s Eve Murli, Baba said when we use the power of contentment we become the embodiment of solutions and we don’t have any problems.  If I am discontent there will always be some problem or another, as that is what I will see.  That is my own upheaval that makes me see in that way.  Baba sees something, but immediately then is content.  Shiv Baba is there to help them and I don’t need to think about it anymore.  So the Mother steps back and puts it in the Father’s hands.  The heart to heart conversation that happens between Brahma Baba and Shiv Baba is always fascinating.  There is always that thread that runs through it where the mother has a special connection with the children. Incorporeal God is loving and detached forever and eternally.  But Brahma Baba has given his time, energy and breath in a very practical and physical way to solve all the problems of the children and create solutions for them, from the very beginning, with his own power of contentment.


Another aspect is Baba has categorically stated The Bestower is giving the same blessings to everyone and all attainments are available for everyone.  So why does it become ‘numberwise’?  Baba has used the term ‘awareness’ and when there is a lack of awareness we slip back to body-consciousness, but where there is awareness we change our attitude, vision, behaviour, and the world.  Today Baba’s answer is a question of awareness.  He also shares two more aspects: 1) We can only be content when we are altruistic. 2) We can only be content if we have no desires. With desires, there is always interference.  Baba is offering us unlimited attainments but instead of taking this and staying in the unlimited and seeing the bigger picture, I become focused in a narrow way on what it is ‘I want’.  Due to this, service is not going to be fruitful and the limited desire I have is unlikely to be fulfilled and even if it is, it will be temporary because it is limited.  So because I have put a limitation on what I want to receive from Baba, it will be temporary and problems arise.  In order to truly become an embodiment of solutions, I need to be free from desire and altruistic. 


This reminded me of a story from when London service started.  It was a group of Bharatwassis who started it.  When Dadi Ratanmohini arrived the first Brahmins in London took gyan and then when Dadi Janki arrived many westerners took spiritual birth.  Within this initial group, it was a troupe of brothers.  Truly a pandav army of western brothers.  This was around 1980.  We were still having Sunday mornings at Kilburn Square.  World Meditation Hour had started and that would be in the afternoon so it was synchronised across the world.  We intentionally set a specific time.  We had had meditation hour, Brahma Bhojan, and then we would have meetings, often regarding service.  Sometimes there would be disagreements and we wouldn’t get very far.  I would say ok.  Let’s stop here and have Amrit Vela and Murli tomorrow and then we will meet and see further.  Immediately after Murli the next morning the 5 or 6 brothers came to me and let me know that they had met after Amrit Vela and agreed on a plan.  I immediately agreed and they said that I would have said yes to whatever they had come up with!  I replied yes because it is the harmony and unity behind something, that will bring results. If together we can come to a state of harmony it is the reality of the proof of contentment.  Then we have no motives or impure desires.  If I have a motive it is not going to be realised, as that is not what Sangamyug is about, and if so for a short time, but not the eternal attainment Baba would like me to have.  When there is contentment there is happiness, then there are no more questions.


In Hindi the connection is sweet - it is prashna (question) and prasana (without happiness).  If we don’t have questions then there is happiness (prasan).  I am not thinking of the questions that seek clarity of understanding in a deeper way, but the little questions that come up and create a disturbance within the mind…the how, why, if, and but. 


Another question that was asked was about developing silence inside.  The silence in the mind.  I see a connection here and Baba’s Murlis always have the answer.  If I can keep my mind content and free of the little questions.  Then in that consciousness, I will be able to slow down my thinking,  be in the state of Om Shanti and have peace inside  Then when I sit in remembrance I am going to be able to experience the state of silence. If my mind has been restless through the day with these little questions the mind will race, round and round, with no exit or answer!  When I understand and create the state of contentment, the wasteful questions stop and in that silence, I can come close to Baba.  These are very valuable lessons for the month of January.


Baba has talked about when we have a desire and there isn’t altruism.  The connection between desires and discontent is logical and clear.  But Baba today goes further and gives us deeper insights and explains another reason for discontent is blame.  Maybe I am blaming myself, my lack of effort, and story.  I will say ‘ I don’t have fortune, it’s my part in drama it is like this’.  Then probably I will blame Baba, the Bestower of Fortune, and say "How come I didn’t get as much fortune as the next one?"  This opened up a new awareness for me.  When I am not taking responsibility for myself in taking up what Baba is asking me to do, due to carelessness and laziness, then the finger is out there.  I am blaming.  Sometimes Drama, Baba, others, even my own body.  Blaming here and there.  In that state of blame how can I be content…So there is a connection between being outward facing and putting the blame out there.  Then we don’t have time or space to look within.  When I accept responsibility and go within, sort it out internally and create awareness,  I can be content.  Then I will be able to achieve my goal as I am enabling myself to move forward.  Discontentment means I lose out on the treasures of Sangamyug.   


Once I was in Madhuban in the early '80s, and there was a Bharat teachers' meeting in the Meditation Hall.  There was much toing and froing going on.   Baba sees the scenes from above and could see there was a lot going on.  He said ok, for three months the main teacher from each centre is to move to a different place and after three months you are to return and tell the Dadi’s what has happened.  Knowing that wherever we go we carry our baggage of sanskars with us.  When they did meet after 3 months, Baba sent everyone back to there original centres, as wherever they went their sanskars were creating the issues…not the people, the centre or facilities.  This was a big lesson in a practical way for the main teachers in Bharat at that time. 


When I accept,  there is the possibility of looking, changing, and creating contentment with my eye on the destination.  This is where I need to go.  Then I can see the distance and the gap.   When I am blaming I don’t see how far I am from where I need to arrive at.  So a very powerful and beautiful Murli today.  Put both Murlis together, from New Year’s Eve and today and many questions will be answered very powerfully and there will be insights into what we need to do.


Om Shanti.


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December 31 2020 – Bhog Message brought by Sr Mohini

4 January 2021

Baba with a lot of love accepted bhog and was sharing drishti with each one of us. Each one of us was communicating through drishti, saying something to Baba, and Baba was also talking personally with each one because it is through drishti that Baba communicates. Baba’s language is the language of silence, so everything works through drishti. I also shared drishti with Baba, and I felt how Baba not only loves us but was giving a lot of assurance that everything is good and will be better and better.


Baba then said, “The children are making a lot of effort.” I said, “Baba, everyone is thinking that they need to reach the final stage, the stage of perfection.” Baba said, “Yes, time is also giving signals to all of you to be prepared, to reach your own final and perfect stage for your own benefit and also because that stage of perfection is the stage from which you will serve. When you have that stage, even if you are slightly less, whatever thoughts you have, whatever words you speak, and whatever actions you do reach many souls. It’s not that you have to make a conscious effort to do mansa seva: every thought is serving.


You children are the roots of the tree, so whatever thoughts you have will reach the whole tree. It’s not just a question of feeling you are responsible, because that might make you feel heavy. Actually, every thought reaches the world. In this way, you are constant servers. It’s only by paying a little attention that every thought will become elevated, full of pure feelings and good wishes. That’s what all souls want -- to experience pure thoughts and good wishes. You all do this naturally, but once in a while, you get caught up in your own little situations and sanskars.


From now, it’s important to always remember, “I am an unlimited world server”. As soon as you realize that your thoughts are going in a direction that is not necessary, you will immediately remove the unnecessary thoughts and remind yourself, “I am an unlimited world server”. Every child has this thought. Baba said you are world servers. You sow the seed from your thoughts and then whatever you speak and whatever action you perform benefits the whole world. This is how you are all unlimited servers.


I told Baba that in our lokik world, our physical world, we are entering a new year. Baba said that in the subtle region there is no old year or new year. Baba knows the children are preparing to end the old and start the new. Baba wants to give congratulations because you children were very brave, very stable. The aim was to be consistent and the children did very well in this year. Next year you will be better. You will think of new and different things. Baba is giving good wishes and encourages the children to use all the blessings.


You have a full treasure store of blessings with you. Now is the time to think based on those blessings. Speak and share those blessings and use those blessings for the success of what you do. It’s not only a new year but you are moving towards a new age also. Baba gave lots of good wishes. Baba said you are stars of success and will always be successful.


It's a question of creating the awareness that I am a successful star, and you will be successful.


Baba gave love and remembrances to everyone.





Sister Jayanti, 28th December, Baba’s gift is to sit on the heart throne and be carefree…

8 January 2021

In English there is the long stick of the ‘I’; representing the body, and then there is the dot is at the top of this, the little ‘I’, representing the soul.  In today’s Sakar Murli Baba is speaking about the awareness of the benefits of soul consciousness and the dangers of not being soul-consciousness. A simple lesson to keep reminding the self of this effort and attention.    


The Avyakt Murlis have a huge amount within each one and I will take up yesterday’s.  In terms of ‘wearing a crown’ and being ‘seated on the throne’, others are able to see and feel this state.   Baba’s definition of wearing a crown is twofold:  He spoke about the light that radiates the purity within, and also the light that is free from weight so the ‘crown of light’. It is true that waste thoughts create heaviness.


Throughout one Madhuban season, Baba took up the subject of waste in great detail and how to eliminate waste thoughts.  One of the questions was ‘What is the cause of waste thoughts?  Of course, it can be thousands of different things that we can feel, as the mind starts racing and we feel heavy.  When we don’t have waste we are able to put a full stop and the soul immediately feels light.  The trick is to not experience the light on and off, but when there is an accumulation of waste it takes a lot of time to deal with.  The main aspect that came out as the cause are the 5 vices:  lust, anger, greed, ego, and attachment.  It is true that the 5 vices don’t just lead to negativity and wrong words and actions; in particular, they lead to a huge amount of wasteful thinking and heaviness.

Baba was seeing it in a beautiful way in which in the gathering of the Confluence Age each child has the crown of light, of purity, the halo but also the stage in which the soul is able to fly easily and is light.  If I wish to experience these I need to remove the wasteful thinking.


Baba also said that the benefits of being seated on the throne is intoxication and a carefree stage.  There is a connection between faith and intoxication. Baba was saying here that when we are seated on the heart throne we are completely carefree.  The Avyakt Murlis have given great detail and many signs of how I feel when seated on the heart throne and what I need to do to be on the heart throne.  In particular, there are two big things that give us the possibility of being surrounded and cared for by Baba’s love and experience this seat.   Firstly there is my love and honesty with and for Baba so I can experience His love.  Secondly, there is the extent to which I am following shrimat.  When we make a mistake, knowing there will be a consequence of that mistake, we will feel heavy.   In Sangamyug this return is not over births. We have a waste thought and feel heavy immediately.  On the basis of a stage where there is honesty, love, and shrimat what is there to worry about?  Nothing.  Whatever is happening in Baba’s task is going to be created by Baba.  It is Baba’s responsibility and I can be carefree. So no need to worry about the past, present,to or future, He has taken care of all three.  Remaining carefree, without any worry, will reflect on my face; worrying also reflects on the face!


Baba’s gift yesterday for the New Year is to just sit on the heart throne and be carefree.  It is fixed in the drama and it will work out in the way Baba wants it beautifully, (not how I want!).   If I have the experience of God’s love and I feel my sustenance is with His love and this love is carrying me forward and taking care of me there is a very different consciousness of not just faith but also intoxication.  When I am surrounded by His love and I know that He is going to take care of everything,  there is a very powerful intoxication in which I don’t need to allow myself to come down for any reason: whether it be trouble with my sanskars or the behaviour of another.  With intoxication, even my sanskars of the copper and iron age will begin to disappear.   These are beautiful expressions that Baba was using…just keep your crown and your throne.


Another expression Baba used whilst talking to the teachers: ‘teachers are the mirror through which others can see God’.  So the image of God is seen through you mirrors.  This is powerful and beautiful yet also a huge responsibility.  My behaviour is going to give others the vision of who God is.  It is not heavy but a big responsibility.  As if I am an instrument to share God’s knowledge with others, or if I am doing anything in God’s task, my behaviour is the mirror through which others will see to what extent God is truly the Ocean of Love, the Benefactor, the One who is constantly giving and able to satisfy everyone’s needs.  Baba often spoke of Boli Dadi as being a Dadi.  Boli Dadi’s role from the time I knew her, (in her older days to when she left), would be seated in one corner of the kitchen and she would be just available for anyone to ask for anything and all she would just say yes, give the signals and get the cogs moving.  Whatever it is I am doing am I able to be a mirror that reflects the image of God?  Being an instrument is a big responsibility but we also receive amazing blessings.


Baba was speaking to the teachers further and said:  This year keep two things in mind:  unity and contentment.  When I think about the main lesson that Dadi Janki taught us in her last few years was with the fingers on one hand.  When she put up her hand we would know what she meant!  To see specialities and be able to work together in harmony, recognising that each one is playing their own role and that if there is a finger or a thumb missing there will be a gap!  Each one is unique, valuable, and serviceable, and doing whatever it is they can for Baba. 


‘My stage is my responsibility’ is an important lesson in today’s Sakar Murli.   Whatever anyone else is doing is their responsibility.  I am responsible for my feelings, thinking, attitude, and perception.  With my aim to reach the destination of becoming a deity, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing.  Baba has used this expression: keep the self safe, so that you do not get provoked into a reaction in which your thoughts, feelings, and attitude change.  Someone else’s connection is with God and they are responsible and accountable to God.  I am responsible for the self.  Let me have the awareness of what I need to do in terms of following Baba’s instructions and then the harmony of sanskars will happen.  As one changes there is an impact on those around them too. 


It feels that Baba is preparing us with these Murlis for the days of January coming up…to go into deep silence, attention and introspection so we are able to move towards the aim of Bapsaman.


This year we have seen Dadi’s departure.  It is also a year in which the search for the word ‘prayer’ on google, I am told has gone up by 50%.  So imagine this very secular world of northern Europe and yet now a sudden interest in prayer. Baba did say that as time moves on people will want to hear about spirituality and God.  That time is now.  For sustenance too there is such a menu available on the internet and on zoom – it is non-stop.  Murli is available throughout the day and that is just in English! 


Another indication of time are the Dadi’s;  Dadi Ratanmohini and Ishu Dadi are both now not so active.  Yet we are getting the messages through Mohiniben, Vedantiben, and Shashiben and that is lovely as Baba is still giving us close guidance.  If I look at the messages from June onwards they are about silence.


At this moment we need attention on the self through silence and introspection.  Unity happens when I am looking inside and not outside and I am following Baba’s directions.  If I then think about the one quality Baba consistently speaks about in the Avyakt Murlis and the blessings it is contentment.  I know for a fact that if there is gratitude for what Baba is giving me now and gratitude for the fortune of what I have already received from Baba, then there is total contentment. 


Om Shanti


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