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Rajyogini BK Munni Conferred with Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy Degree On Universal Brotherhood Day

30 August 2021

Abu Road (Rajasthan): On the occasion of the 14th Ascension Anniversary Day of Dadi Prakashmani, observed as Universal Brotherhood Day at Shantivan, BK Munni, Joint Chief Administrator of Brahma Kumaris,  was conferred with an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy Degree.  Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha, Pro – Vice Chancellor of Commonwealth Vocational University,  Kingdom of Tonga, Oceania, conferred this Degree on her, for her remarkable contribution in the field of spirituality.

Dadi Ratanmohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris; BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris;  BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris; BK Santosh, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris; BK Dr. Deepak Harke, National Secretary, World Book of Records, London, were present on this occasion.

Dadi Ratanmohini,  Chief of Brahma Kumaris,  paid oral tribute to Dadi Prakashmani.  She said that Dadi was an important pillar of this Organization.  She had an easy manner, honest speech and treated everyone equally.  People of all backgrounds sought her blessings. She avoided referring to herself as ‘I’ , being very humble and soul conscious.  She nurtured everyone as a Mother.

Dr. Ripuranjan Sinha, Pro – Vice Chancellor of Commonwealth Vocational University,  Kingdom of Tonga, congratulated everyone on this auspicious day. He said that today we are conferring this Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy on Rajyogini BK Munni, for her contribution to spirituality,  knowledge creation and dissemination. He congratulated everyone in the Brahma Kumaris family worldwide.  He said that spirituality provides the path for living a legendary life. We must understand the difference between religion and spirituality.  Research shows that spiritual people flourish faster than others.

BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, also shared his experiences with Dadi Prakashmani.   Dadi gave him lessons in humility, was always protective of those around her, preferred him to dress simply as a Brahma Kumar, and was a wonderful synthesis of traditional and modern values.  He also sang a beautiful song dedicated to her.

BK Munni, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris, expressed heart-felt gratitude and regards to Dr. Ripuranjan Sinha and the Commonwealth Vocational University of Tonga. She said that this honor being given to her belongs to God, Dadi Prakashmani, and the senior brothers who taught her the skills to handle the unlimited task of the organization.

Dr. BK Deepak Harke, National Secretary, World Book of Records, London, felicitated Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, honoring the services he offered to the society during the corona pandemic by presenting a Certificate of Commitment.

BK Manorama well conducted the stage program observed on Universal Brotherhood Day held at Diamond Hall.



Godlywood Promo for Tamil Brothers and Sisters Who Live Overseas

29 August 2021

Dear Divine Angels,
Please accept greetings of love from Godlywood Studio,
The Tamil department has been creating programs in Tamil since 2015. They have now opened a new Tamil Godlywood channel on YouTube. Some of the programs are: Good Morning Message, Daily Tamil Murli Essence, Gnana Ponmozhigal Documentary, Saathveega Samayal (cooking show), Dharanai Vaguppu Tamil BK songs, Amutha Mozhigal, Traffic control songs in Tamil, Aanmeegamum Arokiyamum, Puthiyathor Thodakkam, Mammavin Gnanam, Bk Dr. Sachin Bhai’s Tamil classes, Dadiji's remembrances Videos, Manathai Vellungal, Rajayoga Dhyanam Tamil (for public), Sandror Nerkanal(Scholars interview), Dhyana Varnanai etc.
The programs above are for both Bk’s and non Bk’s. These HD Quality programs can be used on both TV and cable channels.
Please share the attached link and promo message with your Brothers and Sisters who speak Tamil so they can enjoy access to future incoming programs.
Thank you so much for your kind support.
Much love in Baba’s sweet remembrance,
Overseas Communications Center
Godlywood Studio, Shantivan


Celebrating 1000 Episodes of Amulya Ratan

24 August 2021



Dear Brothers and Sisters,
To take Avyakt Murlis to the masses, Godlywood Studio had started "Amulya Ratan" wayback in 2017 and the responsibility of the program was given to our beloved Raju bhai, well known as "Murliwale". Rajubhai with Aditibehn did a tremendous job and made 1000 episodes in 4 years. One of the main aims of Amulya Ratan was to digitalise and docket Avyakt Murlis from 1969 to 2017.
On 15th August, the completion of 1000 episodes was celebrated in Godlywood studio which was graced by Respected Brijmohan Bhaiji alongwith Rajubhai, Aditibehn and Sarla behn (Mehsana). (Please find the photographs attached)
Join this effort of the studio where for the first time an anchor and speaker completed a series of 1000 episodes in the Yagya which is an amazing feat in itself. This achievement happened only because of the tremendous acceptance and love which all of you showered on Amulya Ratan.
Amulya Ratan is already being shown in around 500+ BK centers all over India as a regular show. If you want to use 'Amulya Ratan' to be used for intense effort making for the benefit of the BK family, please write to us, we will send you the episodes.
Once again We thank Beloved Bapdada, Dadis, Ramesh bhaiji and all seniors and all of you for your love and support.
IBY, With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal                                                               
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio




Raksha Bandhan Celebration at Shantivan, Abu Road: Photos

24 August 2021



New Animation Movie - Dadi Prakashmani with English Subtitles

24 August 2021

Divine Sisters and Brothers

Loveful Remembrances from Madhuban


We have all been reliving our experiences with Dadi Prakashmani Ji for the last few days. Sharing with you a new animation movie, which will give you a visual experience of your memories with Dadi Ji. The movie has English subtitles


Dadi Prakashmani - Nimitt aur Nirman Banne Ki Kahani (Story of being a humble instrument) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERUBq5do5sE

This movie will connect every member of the Brahmin family with Dadi's qualities which made her Baba's ideal instrument. This movie also reveals the expansion of the yagya under her leadership, and so it is an important movie for seva of contact souls also. 


Tomorrow 25th August, request you to please show this movie in class and also to share with all new souls. 


Thank you for your support always. 

In Baba's Seva

Awakening TV Channel



दैवी दीदी और भाईसाहब 

मधुबन से याद प्यार


पिछले कुछ दिनों से हम सब दादी प्रकाशमणि जी के साथ के अनुभव याद कर रहे हैं। इन्ही अनुभवों पर आधारित एक नई एनीमेशन फिल्म है -


दादी प्रकाशमणि - निमित्त और निर्मान बनने की कहानी -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERUBq5do5sE


यह फिल्म हर एक को दादी की उन विशेषताओं से जोड़ेगीजिसने उन्हें यज्ञ सेवाओं के निमित्त बनाया। यह फिल्म सम्बन्ध संपर्क वाली आत्माओं को भी ज़रूर दिखाएंउन्हें ईश्वरीय कार्य कैसे चल रहा हैइसका प्रत्यक्ष प्रमाण दिखाई देगा।


कल २५ अगस्त हैआपसे निवेदन है के फिल्म को क्लास में दिखाएं और संपर्क वाली आत्माओं को भी भेजें।


आपके सहयोग और दुआओं के लिए शुक्रिया।

बाबा की सेवा में 

अवेकनिंग टीवी चैनल





Rakhi Greetings from Dadi Ratanmohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris

23 August 2021

Sweet Letter of Remembrances from Dadi Ratanmohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris


To the dearly loved children of the Ocean of Purity, to the Rajayogi Sisters and Brothers in Bharat and foreign lands,


Please accept lots and lots of greetings for the pure and auspicious Festival of Raksha Bandhan, along with love-filled sweet remembrances.


God says, Sweet Children, in yoga make your love for the Father take on the form of fire, so that all waste thoughts, all weaknesses and all remaining old sanskars are destroyed in it. In this Ashwamedh Rudra Gyan Maha Yagya (the Great Sacrificial Fire of the Knowledge of Rudra in which all weaknesses are to be sacrificed), incinerate these great offerings in a collective way and cleanse all the sanskars in such a way that this sorrowful old world gets transformed into a new happy peaceful world.


Our sweet brothers and sisters, so this is how you are engaged in yog tapasya with a loving true heart, are you not? At present all the signs of the end of this Kaliyug world are visible before our eyes. This world will go and our new world will come! Sweet Baba is giving us divine sustenance and the blessing of all powers from the Avyakt Region and is making us powerful so that we may fly in the flying stage.


On one hand, this alokik festival of Raksha Bandhan binds all souls in the thread of love, and on the other hand it is also the memorial festival of sharing the Godly Message with all. Along with that, it is the memorial of us taking the determined thought to become completely faithful in our mind, speech, actions, relationships, and contacts, using everything in a worthwhile way and making the self completely pure.


God says, Children, now commit yourselves with these elevated thoughts:

1. I will become a sparkling flame of purity and dispel the darkness of impurity in all four directions.
2. I will serve through the mind by maintaining pure feelings and good wishes towards every soul. I will constantly speak only words filled with sweet love and instill zeal and enthusiasm in all. I will give happiness and take happiness.


When you get a Rakhi tied by your spiritual sisters, experience that this Rakhi has come from the unlimited Madhuban home on behalf of Sweet BapDada and all the Dadis in their Avyakt form. It has come to give me, the soul, the blessing of remaining healthy in mind and body.


So divine brothers and sisters please experience supersensuous joy while merging Beloved BapDada’s love in your hearts and binding yourselves in the thread of love!


With lots and lots of loving remembrances to all.
On Spiritual Service,
B.K. Ratan Mohini


Click below links to download the greetings and remembrances in PDF version.


Rakshabandhan Greetings in Hindi


Letter of Remembrances in Hindi


Letter of Remembrances in English







75th Independence Day Celebrations at Brahma Kumaris HQ


20 August 2021



Abu Road (Rajasthan): On the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of India on 15th August, the Brahma Kumaris hoisted the National Flag and a National song was sung in due respect to the country’s flag at its complexes, in Om Shanti Bhawan, Gyansarovar and Shantivan.
At the flag-raising ceremony in Shantivan, Dadi Ratanmohini,  Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris; BK Munni, Joint Administrative Head of Brahma Kumaris; BK Brijmohan, Additional General Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, and BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, were present to unfurl the National tricolor flag.  Amidst floral decorations and the National Anthem, the tricolor flag was unfurled by Dadi Ratanmohini and silence was observed to pay homage to martyrs who sacrificed their lives during the fight for National Freedom.
The National Flag was hoisted with due respect in Om Shanti Bhawan by Senior Rajayogi BK Shashi, in the presence of BK Sheilu and BK Avtar, who gave greetings on the occasion.


Madhuban Newsletter - August 2021 & Specialities of Dadi Prakashmaniji

7 August 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please find herewith the Madhuban Newsletter for August 2021 with points for 1-31 August in English and Hindi.


Also attached are 25 points of the Specialities of Dadi Prakashmaniji in both English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department, Madhuban


Download the points in English.


Download the specialties in English.


Download the points in Hindi.


Download the specialties in Hindi.







REPLAY: 'Earth Day (Apr 22nd)' Special Programmes on Awakening Channel

24 July 2021

Click on the images below to access the replay.





Stress Management Program for Railways Protection Special Force (RPSF)

24 July 2021

Mount Abu (Rajasthan): The Brahma Kumaris Security Services Wing, Mt Abu, has conducted a Stress Management Program for 12 Bn, of the Railways Protection Special Force (RPSF), Dombivali, Mumbai.  Brahma Kumaris are conducting such programs for all zones/RPSF Bns of RPF. This is approved by the Director General, RPF.
Around 150 RPSF personnel including senior officers Mr. Sanjay Pise, Commandant, 12 Bn RPSF; Mr. Shakeel Khan, Assistant Commandant, 12 Bn RPSF, and Mr. Shariq Khan, Asst Comdt, 12 Bn RPSF, attended this Program.
BK Faculty were Lt Col Vikas Chowhan bhai, Jabalpur; Prof EV Gireesh; BK Shaku, Dombivali, and BK Kamala, Delhi.  BK Meenakshi, Delhi, hosted the session.
You tube link of these sessions:








Madhuban Newsletter - July 2021 & Specialities of Didiji

24 July 2021


Dear Centre Coordinators,
Please find
attached the Madhuban Newsletter for July 2021 with points for 1-31 July in Hindi and English (being resent to include the Newsletter).
Also attached are the Specialities of Didiji (28 points) together with sweet teachings from Didiji (16 points) in both English and Hindi.
Click here to download in English and Hindi.
In Baba's yaad,
Murli Department, Madhuban




Online e-Conference on ‘Inner Strength – Key to Overcome Challenges’

24 July 2021



Mount Abu (Rajasthan): A two-day Online Conference on the topic “Inner Strength – Key to Overcome Challenges” was organized by the Security Services Wing.
ITBP, BSF, Ladakh Police, Rajasthan Police, UP Police, Meghalaya Police, Tripura Police, Tri Services (CDM Secunderabad), Army (specifically 11 Div, Gujarat & Maharashtra), the Navy, etc., attended the Online E – Conference.
Senior Officers Sh Kumar Rajesh Chandra IPS, Director General SSB, Sh Virendra IPS DGP West Bengal, Sh Arun Dev Gautam IPS Secretary (Home, Jail & Tpt) CG, Sh Ramphal Pawar IPS Director NCRB, Sh Robin Hibu IPS Spl CP Delhi, Dr Soumya Mishra IPS ADG Odisha Police also participated.
Prominent BK Faculties including BK Shivani were present.
The vent  was telecast on the Awakening Channel of Brahma Kumaris and on the You Tube Channel “SSW Mt Abu”


Leaders of All India Congress Seva Dal Honor Brahma Kumaris

24 July 2021


Abu Road (Rajasthan): The National Head of All India Congress Seva Dal, Lalji Desai, along with its State Head, Hem Singh Shekhawat, met with BK Laxmi aka BK Munni, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris, at her residence in Shantivan.
BK Munni, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris,  said that a real leader is one who knows how to rule over his own Self. One who cannot lead himself can never lead others successfully.  Although the meaning of politics has changed today, but real politics should be about serving others and building an ideal society.  Brahma Kumaris teach people how to govern themselves successfully.  To know one’s own self, we must practice Rajayoga daily.  This is the biggest service to society.
BK Mruthyunjaya,  Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, led everyone in pledging to serve the society on this occasion.
Lalji Desai, Head of All India Congress Seva Dal,  said that our aim is to organize our Cadre in villages and serve the people.  We want to inspire people towards good values and a Supreme life.
Hem Singh Shekhawat, State Head of All India Congress Seva Dal,  also expressed his good wishes.
Both the leaders felicitated BK Munni and BK Mruthyunjaya with mementos.



Union Minister for Agriculture Praises Brahma Kumaris Work in the Farming Sector

24 July 2021



Mount Abu (Rajasthan): The Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of the Rajayoga Education and Research Foundation,  in collaboration with Brahma Kumaris,  held an e-Conference called ‘The Pride of Empowered Bharat – The Self-Reliant Farmer‘.  Held in multiple sessions, the valedictory session of this e-Conference was addressed by Kailash Choudhary, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India.
Kailash Choudhary, Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Government of India, thanked the Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of Brahma Kumaris for organizing this program for farmers. The Brahma Kumaris organized this program with the vision to improve agriculture by standing with the farmers during the midst of pandemic. He enumerated the various steps being taken by his Government to make the farmers self-reliant and double their income. If anyone is fulfilling the future dreams of the Government of India, then they are Brahma Kumaris. He shared that he went to Madhuban, Mount Abu, the International headquarters of Brahma Kumaris, and saw Sustainable Organic Yogic Farming being practiced there. He attested to its efficacy and said that it should be the way forward for the farming sector. He extended all governmental support to farmers.
BK Sister Shivani,  Senior Rajayoga Teacher and Motivational Speaker of International repute, while sharing her thoughts on this occasion talked about the subtle and all-important effect of the mental condition of the farmer on his produce. Food has a bearing on our very being, as we become what we eat. Food remains with the farmer for a much longer time then in the kitchen.  She urged the farmers to work in the fields in the ‘Yogic Condition,’ that is in continuous communion with God. Food produced in this way will have a higher vibration and better nourishment.  Rajayoga centers of Brahma Kumaris teach how to be in Yoga or communion with the Supreme Soul.  Farmers are the building blocks of a Nation.  Golden Bharat is not possible without their transformation.  She bowed in respect for their efforts.
BK Raj, Zonal Coordinator of Agriculture and Rural Development Wing of RERF, New Delhi, said that we all wish for a Bharat which is prosperous and happy. Our inner transformation is a must for that to happen.  Yoga is the way forward.  Connecting the mind with the Supreme Soul will lead to the making of a Supreme society.
BK Lakshmi, Senior Rajayoga Teacher from Hansi, Haryana,  explained the concept of Sustainable Organic Yogic Farming and how it can contribute in uplifting the condition of the farmer and his produce. Positive vibrations improve the produce and also help the rural folk get rid of problems like drug addiction,  blind faith, superstition, etc. Organic manure gets rid of harmful pesticides and fertilizers,  and gives proper nourishment to the crops.
Virendra Kumar Shishodia, Deputy Director Agriculture, Lucknow, and BK Mruthyunjaya, Executive Secretary of Brahma Kumaris, also addressed the e-Conference.




Special Sunday Talks being Organised by Brahma Kumaris, Education Wing. Replay of July 11th talk by Br Bala Kishore available.

24 July 2021


Om Shanti, Dear Divine Family.,
We are all faced with numerous  situations in life. We can look at them as challenges or opportunities to grow. To do this we need to generate and sustain inner powers.
Education Wing are coming up with Sunday Talks where every Sunday our experienced Rajyoga Practitioners will discuss how meditation and spirituality can support our lives and the issues we face. There will also be a guided meditation and question- answer segment. The sessions will be  from 5 pm - 6.30 pm IST. 
This Sunday on 11th July, we will have a Session on "Science of Meditation" by Mr. Bala Kishore Bhai, Rajyoga Expert & Vice President - Transformation, SEARCE Technologies. He is also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as accredited by International Coach Federation (ICF).
Date: 11th July, 2021 । Time: 5 pm to 6:30 pm
YouTube REPLAY Link: https://youtu.be/QSRLv6FJJc8
We invite all to attend these sessions. 
Warm Regards,
Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya
Chairman, Education Wing
Brahma Kumaris, HQ, Mount Abu




Report on the 9th June Online Programme of Rajyoga Thought Laboratory in Collaboration with Brainstorming & Sehyog Club, organized by the Education Wing

24 July 2021


Dear Divine Family,  Greetings of Peace.
9th June, 2021:  Rajyoga Thought Lab - (an Initiative of Palam Vihar, Gurugram Branch Education Wing, RERF) organized an Online Program in collaboration with Brainstorming Club & Sehyog Club on the topic – ‘Five Changes that will transform your life forever’.
Around 700 participants consisting of Students & Faculty from 200 institutions and 25 universities joined this online program.
Warm Regards,
Dr. BK Mruthyunjaya
Chairman, Education Wing
Brahma Kumaris, HQ, Mount Abu



Watch or Replay: "Humane Service to Mankind" - National Doctors Day Celebrations on July 1st - Godlywood Studio & Peace of Mind Channel

24 July 2021


Dear Brothers and Sisters, Om Shanti.
Brahma Kumaris Godlywood Studio and Peace of Mind Channel celebrate National Doctors Day on July 1st by bringing you the collective wisdom of a handful of experienced Doctors who are pioneers in their respective fields. Dr. J.A Jayalal (National President - IMA), Padmashri Dr. Rajan Badwe (Director, Tata Memorial Center), Dr. W. Selvamurthy (President - ASTIF - Amity University),  and Dr. Ashok Mehta (President - Medical Wing, Brahma Kumaris), along with other dignitaries, will grace the occasion which will be blessed by Dadi Ratanmohiniji - The Chief of Brahma Kumaris.
Tune in to Peace of Mind Channel/Om Shanti Channel at 8.00 PM on 1st July and be part of an enlightening session!
Link to the Program:
Link to the Promo:
With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio



Celebrating the Life of Mama – The First Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris

2 July 2021





    Abu Road (Rajasthan): Brahma Kumars and Kumaris gathered together in Diamond Hall, Shantivan, paying heartfelt tribute on the 56th Rememberance Day of Mateshwari Jagadamba Saraswati (World Mother Lovingly called Mama), the First Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris.

    Dadi Ratan Mohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris; BK Nirwair, Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris; BK Brijmohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris; BK Munni, Joint Chief of Brahma Kumaris; and BK Karuna, Multimedia Chief of Brahma Kumaris, shared their personal experiences with Mama.

    Dadi Ratan Mohini, Chief of Brahma Kumaris, who was with Mama since the beginning of Brahma Kumaris, said that Mama personified every word of the Supreme Soul.  The power of her purity radiated from her face. She was very loving and ever-equanimous.  Her three main qualities were Divinity, Soul consciousness and Complete surrender to the Supreme Soul, God.

    BK Nirwair, Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris,  recounted his six years of close personal association with Jagadamba Saraswati. She taught him how to give a speech publicly on World Peace.  According to him, her greatest contribution to the Organization is the accurate picture of Lakshmi Narayan, that she had made with great insight and effort, for posterity. She endeared herself to one and all by her all-encompassing love. She exemplified surrender to the Divine Will. None interpreted the Divine Message (Godly knowledge) as deeply as Mama.

    BK Brij Mohan, Additional Secretary General of Brahma Kumaris, said that Mama personified Soul Conscious state. Her life was a glimpse of the Divine in human form. She spoke very lovingly,  powerfully and accurately. Her eyes had the power of Divinity in them.

    BK Karuna,  Multi Media Head of Brahma Kumaris, who had the good fortune of receiving personal care from Mama, shared his experiences.  Mama was the embodiment of every word she spoke. Although she met countless people,  she remained untouched with anything and treated everyone equally.  She was very introverted and spoke sparingly only when required.  She was forever lost in Divine Communion within and cheerful outside.  While she gave love to all, she was attached to none.

    BK Munni, Joint Chief Administrator of Brahma Kumaris,  said that  she has learnt a lot about how to progress in Divine life from her. Fruits, especially grapes are distributed specially on Mumma’s Day, to revive the memory when she lovingly distributed grapes to all shortly before leaving her mortal coil.

    BK Rukmini, Senior RajaYogini was seated on the dais and offered bhog (food offering) to the departed soul of Mama who is now playing an incognito role in the transformation of this old world to the new world (Satyug).

    History of MAMA:

    A divine messenger of love and peace who descended upon the holy land of India in 1919. A jewel of a girl, Radhe, who was born to mother Rocha and father Pokhar Das at Amritsar. Right from childhood, Radhe had a razor-sharp intelligence and personality of multifaceted splendor. Radhe studied in Kundan Mall Model School at Hyderabad (Sindh) up to Matriculation. She always topped in every class and was equally adept in singing and dancing.

    Radhe’s mother and her aunt lost their husbands and were grieving at home when they started attending Geeta Satsang, where Dada Lekhraj used to elaborate the essence in the verses of Geeta. On seeing a miracle of transformation in the life of her mother and mausi (mother’s sister), Radhe began to accompany them to Geeta Satsang. Her mind danced with joy when she first heard the divine knowledge. Her interest turned from being a doll of fashion to becoming an angel of love and peace as she started to chant “Om” and everyone started to call her “Om Radhe.” Om Radhe realized the Divine presence in Prajapita Brahma (Dada Lekhraj). She would be intoxicated when Brahma Baba would render the “Murli” (Divine Versions).

    She had a magnetic aura in her personality. Her flashing eyes exuded virtue and power. She commanded the love and respect of all with her powerful personality and merciful heart. She could dive deep into the essence of each point of knowledge and come out with the subtle implication of that. She was gifted with exemplary intellectual powers and a sweet voice which resonated with a special kind of divinity.

    Om Radhe — through her dedication, sacrifice and tireless service — came to be regarded as “Mateshwari” or the mother. She was lovingly called “Mama” by all. She gave sustenance to the spiritual children with her powerful words and actions. Her words carried the conviction of truth and her actions the strength of divinity. Even more beautiful than her words was her “silence.” Her angelic presence would transfix the whole assembly and her loveful and divine gaze would transform the hearts of the onlookers.

    Throughout her life, she made many, many hearts dance with joy through her sweet and divine songs and discourses. She discerned the futility of sensual life when compared with the permanent bliss offered by spiritual life. She sang with all her heart and moved the  listeners to heights of bliss.

    Mateshwari was the epitome of service. She was given the responsibility of managing the “Yagya” (the Institution). She would look after every need of the spiritual children and was at their service until her last breath.

    (Experiences with Mateshwari Jagadamba)


    Mama was very mature and silent. Mama would speak the Murli as well as look after the yagya’s (organization’s) responsibilities. While performing all her duties, she always remained cheerful, peaceful, sweet and focused. When the yagya faced financial hardships, there were times when there was absolutely nothing for anyone to eat and this made a few faces fall sullen. But Mama’s unshakeable and unbreakable faith in Baba would keep her constantly smiling and free from worry. Even when Mama’s mother left her mortal coil, she maintained her mental stability and inner calmness. I never saw Mama reprimand anyone for making a mistake or get angry even to the slightest degree; I never saw her upset or angry.

    Sister Santri used to stay with Baba (to take care of his needs) and I with Mama, and therefore I have watched Mama very closely.


    Mama was a perfect blend of simplicity and royalty. She never laughed loudly but merely smiled. She would say, “Lust, anger, ego, etc., are the doorways to hell and so you children should not become angry. Anger is said to be a ghost. When I get angry, a ghost enters me. So children, never become a ghost yourself; never become furious. No matter what happens, never get angry.”

    If someone spoke too loudly, Mama would explain to him or her lovingly – “You live in an ashram. It is not good for you to speak in a loud tone. You should speak softly and peacefully”. Even if someone had committed a big blunder, she would tell him or her, “Is this really true? Please pay attention in future. Don’t let this mistake be repeated.” Mama never asked the soul why the mistake occurred but she would lovingly give a method and the strength to bring about change. In this way, she would transform them with love and gentle caution.

    Whenever I looked at Mama, I felt she was definitely going to become Shri Lakshmi, Empress of the Golden Age. Mama would inspire me to serve: “Go, daughter. Explain the knowledge to people. If you do seva (service), you will receive meva (reward).” Mama taught me how to serve and give knowledge to others.

    Mama was an intense yogi. She appeared to be ordinary but was in fact a mine of virtues. She had a unique way of sustaining others.

    I called her “Ma” (Mother) or “Mama” and addressed my lokik mother as “Jashoda Maiyya” (Mother Jashoda). I had been brought up with much affection like a princess; we had servants who attended to every task at home. But Mama taught me to do everything, be it driving a vehicle, sharing knowledge, cleaning utensils, etc., and it was her power of love and patience that made this possible. It was these elevated sanskãrs, sweet nature and divine virtues that made Mama, Mother of the Yagya.

    Mama always spoke about how we can claim the inheritance of Baba’s throne: Firstly, we should not make any mistakes. There should not be a trace of lust, anger or body-consciousness. Constantly remain in the bodiless stage, remember Baba sincerely and then do service.


    Sweet Mama, whom we used to call Mateshwari, was the goddess of our hearts. Her expert organizational skills in creating the new world were unique and incomparable. Mama sustained so many young girls like a mother and was adept at bringing about transformation in their lifestyle. Whenever Mama heard something wrong had occurred and the person involved was hesitating to come before Mama out of shame, her parental affection would emerge. She would gather all the children of the yagya together and make them aware of the incident, so that they would see it as an insignificant incident. The person would then own up to his or her mistake and reform themselves forever. The mirror of their heart would become clean.

    When Mama analyzed the knowledge, it seemed as if goddess Saraswati was speaking. Once in Secunderabad, some citizens were opposing the BKs. When Brahma Baba asked Mama to visit the place, Mama accepted the shrimat (Godly directions) whole-heartedly and set on her way; I accompanied Mama to Secunderabad. Mama met with the opposition party. Hearing her sweet and meaningful words, they literally melted. It was their experience that Mother Saraswati herself was speaking to them. Witnessing this form of Mama they said, “Mother, forgive us. We did not know who you are. Knowledge heard through your lotus-mouth is unique and worth contemplating on. Whether or not we follow the gyan (knowledge), your presence has opened our inner eye.”

    She left her mortal coil on June 24, 1965, now celebrated as Mama’s sweet Remembrance Day.

    Sayings of Mama:

    . Committing a mistake is wrong. But after committing a mistake if we don’t accept it, it is a sin.

    . Those who complain about others must look within their own selves and change themselves.

    . It is not worthwhile to repent for our past actions, instead we should perform elevated actions in the present to make our future better.

    . Every moment is our final moment.

    . God’s directions are making us move along.






'Music Godlywood' completes One Year!

6 June 2021



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REPLAY THE SESSIONS: “Inner Strength- Key to Overcome Challenges”: Two-Day Online Conference May 22-23

6 June 2021



Click on either of the above images to access the playlist of the Conference sessions.




REPLAY “The Secrets of Time”: Animated Movie that Debuted on Sunday, 23rd May (Hindi with English Subtitles)

6 June 2021



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The Rise to fall … wisdom to ignorance … pleasure to pain … victory to defeat … freedom to bondage: We are witnessing it all. Did we deserve such chaos? And how could a loving and powerful God allow suffering to pile upon us? Know the greatest truth ever told,

Awakening channel presents “THE SECRETS OF TIME“, a unique animated movie that weaves all the insight and power we need, to tide over these tough times.




“Holistic Sanitization”: E-Conference on 5th & 6th June

5 June 2021



An E-Conference on “Holistic Sanitization” is being organized by the Scientists & Engineers Wing (SEW) on 5th and 6th (Saturday and Sunday) June 2021. The Conference will be inaugurated by H.E. Shri Bandaru Dattatreya, The Governor of Himachal Pradesh, on 5th June at 10 am.

Program Dates, Time and Topic:

    5th June 2021, Saturday 10 am to 12 noon IST- Mental

    5th June 2021, Saturday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm IST – Social Sanitization

    6th June 2021, Sunday 10 am to 12 noon IST            – Emotional Sanitization

    6th June 2021, Sunday 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm IST     – Spiritual Sanitization

    The topic assumes great significance and all are invited to participate.

    The internationally respected speakers include :

    Rajyogini Dadi Ratan Mohini, BK Nirwair, BK Brij Mohan, BK Shivani, BK Jayanti, London, Dr. Nirmala; BK Sudesh, Germany; BK Santosh, Russia; BK Asha, Om Shanti Retreat Center, Delhi area; BK Sheilu, Mount Abu, and others.

    All the sessions will be shown on Awakening Channel.

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Meditation Commentary for COVID Patients & Families by Sr. BK Shivani

8 May  2021


Dear Divine Family,

Loveful remembrances from Madhuban
Sharing here Meditation commentaries in Hindi and English prepared for covid patients and their families. It will connect souls to Baba, help them to remain calm and radiate healing energy to their body. Please share them with the BK family, contact souls, doctors and hospitals.

Hindi Meditation - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUVUQmoCfTc
English Meditation - https://youtu.be/42Zp7ok719A

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E-Summer Camp Organised by Education Wing Brahma Kumaris (एज्यूकेशन विंग, ब्रह्माकुमारीज द्वारा ऑनलाइन समर कैम्प का आयोजन)

8 May  2021





Experiences with Dadi Gulzar shared by Sr Neelu and Sr Neha

18 April 2021


Dear Divine Family,
Greetings of love from Madhuban.

Please enjoy the experiences with Dadi Gulzar shared by Sr Neelu and Neha Didi in Hindi at the links below and via the downloadable transcripts in English:

Link for Sr Neelu's sharing her experiences with Dadi Gulzar:

Download English transcript of Sr Neelu here.


Link for Neha Didi's interview about Dadi Gulzar:

Download English transcript of Sr Neha here.


In Baba's sweet yaad,
BK Dr. Nirmala