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A Letter to the Region from Sister Mohini Regarding 18th of January

31 December 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Greetings of Peace.

The New Year is now here and hoping this year will be a great year for personal transformation and unlimited spiritual service.

As the 18th of January will soon be with us, I would like to highlight this auspicious day for each of us.

The 18th is on Sunday so the entire family can be together and create a powerful atmosphere . It is also the third Sunday so the World Meditation Hour can a be an evening for a very special program or bhatti, depending on your situation and circumstance. There seems to be great sorrow and violence in the world these days. If you would like to hold a program, a suggestion for the public could be "A Day of Remembrance for Peace and Non-Violence".

Baba has been signaling our newness and to become pure in the satopradhan stage. May you all be aware of these experiences and create the vibration to help others in their time of need.

With love and pure wishes,

BK Mohini



New Year's Greetings from Peace Village

31 December 2014



Season's Greetings from the Meditation Center, Cinnaminson, New Jersey

30 December 2014




Video Review of 2014 BK Service in Washington DC

25 December 2014

This is an amateur video showcasing some events of 2014. Many were missed, but it was getting so long. Yoga on Capitol Hill, many news items, radio shows,Exhibitions, and meeting some amazing folks. But we hope at least you captured the heart of the year. Enjoy.



Season's Greetings from Sister Claudia and the Vancouver Canada Team

24 December 2014



Season's Greetings from Sister Chandru & the San Francisco Center

23 December 2014



Sister Mohini's Health - Latest Update

14 December 2014

Dear jewels of the divine family,

Please accept love filled greetings on behalf of Mohiniben. Just wanted to share the good news that Mohiniben is now happily home from her pilgrimage after a week in the hospital. She has been under Baba's canopy of care and continues to recover steadily. She is now able to walk a few steps at a time with support. She will be on home treatment and physical therapy for the next few weeks.

Mohiniben wants to convey her heartfelt appreciation of the wonderful worldwide family for all the pure thoughts and healing vibrations that have made her journey smooth so far.

With many thanks and loving remembrances,
New York family



Anubhuti Retreat Center in California Celebrates 10 Years

11 December 2014

The beautiful campus of Anubhuti Retreat Center was buzzing with enthusiasm, happiness, smiles, laughter, activities, and a sense of accomplishment. Families, children, young people, elderly and guests from Mexico, UK, India, and different states of US all joined in celebration.

Various activities were organized in small tents around the campus-- Evolution of Anubhuti, Spiritual Art Gallery, Rajayoga Meditation, Bella Gaia (Beautiful Earth) Environment Awareness, Children's activities, and Meditation Room.

Sister Veronica McHugh, the director of Brahma Kumaris Center in Miami (Florida) talked on "The Power of One Family". She involved the audience asking what does "Family" mean to them and stressed on the importance of how the present time is ushering in transformation for entire humanity.

Sister Chandru, the Director, spoke on "Magic Moments and the Power of One" in which she encapsulated the story of making of the Retreat Center. The audience applauded when she related how the challenges and obstacles were overcome easily with co-operation and undeterred faith in the Higher Power.

Sister Kiran, director of Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centers in Oregon, gave a guided meditation commentary accompanied by Sister Kyoko (San Francisco) on flute.

Children and Young Dancers from Mexican dance company Ballet Folklorico elated the audience with exotic dances.

The beautiful voices of Sister Elizabeth, the Creative Director at Anubhuti, and Rajayoga Meditation student Sister Maria Leon Gozar brought sacredness to the occasion through the songs "We Are One Family" and "Journey To The Past" respectively. Bro. Mario from Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center (San Francisco) accompanied Sr Elizabeth on keyboard. Br David Jones from Seal Beach also performed his beautiful song, "Steps".

Senior Sisters from US as well as Anubhuti residents were felicitated on this occasion.

Anubhuti provides an environment of spiritual hospitality in which people from all walks of life and of all faiths can explore spiritual values and inner strengths in a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization created Anubhuti Retreat Center to be a place where people of all backgrounds can explore their spirituality. Anubhuti has truly been a place to experience spirituality, positivity, silence and wisdom to the community through the various retreats, workshops, celebrations, festivities, concerts that take place throughout the year.

Please enjoy photos of the event by clicking here.



New York: Sister Mohini's Health Update

9 December 2014

Dear Divine Family,

Om shanti. We are pleased to let you know that with the gift of all your blessings and the lift of Baba's sakaash, Mohiniben's surgery went very well. She is resting comfortably in the hospital. It should be a smooth process of recovery and rehab over the next few weeks.

Once again Mohiniben extends a big thank you for the shower of your healing love from all directions.

In Baba's yaad,
New York family



New York: Sister Mohini to Undergo Surgery

8 December 2014

Dear brothers and sisters of the divine family,

Om Shanti

Please accept greetings of love from New York. We are writing to inform you of BK Mohiniben's health. As you would have heard, she had been having problem with the knee that was operated on recently. It is now definite that it is an infection and she will need to go in for extended treatment involving 2 surgeries and antibiotic treatment. She is scheduled for the first one this Monday at 5 PM New York time at a very reputable hospital with a very good surgeon.

Mohiniben has been talking to the Dadis and has also received Baba's message through Dadi Gulzar filled with His love. Although it will be a few months before she recovers from everything, we know that Baba's drishti and the good wishes of the family will work wonders in making this into a pinprick and she will emerge from this refreshed and with new satopradhan energy. Let us join in this powerful thought and share Baba's sakaash for her smooth healing.

We will keep you informed on her progress following the surgery on Monday.

In loving remembrance,

New York family




Beautiful Thoughts Received as Canada Celebrates 40 Years of Service

20 November 2014

Please read all messages here.



Announcing a New Year's retreat for BKs only at Peace Village

12 November 2014

Dearest Divine Instruments of God,

Please accept divine and love filled greetings from Sr. Mohini and all of us at Peace Village.

We know you have been waiting patiently to hear about the New Year's retreat at Peace Village.

We Kindly invite you to

Arrivals              Wednesday, December 31, 2014, 3pm onwards

Departures         Saturday, January 2, 2015, after breakfast

There will be various interest meetings and karma yoga to continue on Saturday, January 2, 2015 if you wish to join.

Sr. Mohini will be with us from Wednesday the 31st through Friday 2nd of January 2015.

More information to follow.

On Behalf of the Programming Team, Dorothy bhen


Diwali Program at Anubhuti

05 November 2014

Om Shanti

Greetings to all the sparkling lights. 

We had the most wonderful Diwali program. As you will see from the photo`s it was house full. We had 220+ people.

Click on the link to view the Anubhuti Diwali photo album.

Many people were deeply touched by the people and program.


Anubhuti Meditation & Retreat Center

820 Bel Marin Keys Blvd

Novato, CA 94949


Experience the glorious fall foliage at Peace Village through these photos

17 October 2014

These photos were taken on 14 October in the back garden of Peace Village Retreat Center. This is the most glorious fall yet and as of today (15 October), it is still going on with lovely warm weather 72 degrees (22 degree Celsius)...... and big gusts of wind mixing all the colors together........




Los Angeles BKs organize a Walk for World Peace on the International Day of Peace

3 October 2014

Celebrating the International Day of Peace, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization organized a Walk for World Peace. The purpose of the walk is to send peaceful thoughts from our hearts to the whole world.
About 240 participants gathered at the Tongva Park, Santa Monica where every registered participant was given a free T-shirt and water bottle.
John Levoff, President of New Frontier Entertainment, introduced the Brahma Kumaris and their work for peace, followed by an address from Sister Gita, the Director of Brahma Kumaris in Los Angeles. She took everyone into a peaceful vibration by chanting "Om shanti, I am Peace" three times. Sister Priya, also with the B.K. Los Angeles Center, led everyone in a meditation to connect to their inner being and the treasures of peace, love and happiness with a Raja Yoga commentary.
At noon, 220 Peace Walkers began the Peace Walk from Tongva Park through the ocean front walk of Santa Monica toward Venice beach. With the return, they walked 5.2 miles, spreading vibrations of peace with their thoughts, peace slogans and radiant smiles. The group was surprised several times by bystanders applauding their presence and peace signs. About 15 of the Peace Walkers carried large poster board signs, some with well-known slogans for peace, others quite simple, such as "Inner peace brings world peace". At times, bystanders would join the walk for a mile or two. 
The event ended with a closing meditation and snack bars for all the peace walkers. There is a followup meditation program at the park this Saturday, October 4 ~ 5 pm. 
Thank you for all your support and good wishes. Om Shanti! 
For Event Photos,
Click Here for Walk for World Peace Photos


Love of One Celebration on International day of Peace, San Fransisco

24 September 2014

The event was marked with a very special feeling of the entire humanity connected through one feeling of Peace and Love for the One by wise sharings, meditation experience and songs.
The panel was represented by three prominent leaders from the San Francisco Bay Area - David Hartsough (Executive Director - Peaceworkers) and Newt Bailey (Founder - The Communication Dojo), Sheryl Davis (Director - Mo' Magic). They inspired the audience by sharing practical experiences of how their spirit of non-violence made a visible peaceful change in violent encounters.
Sister Chandru in her sharing said that every day should be a day of peace. If we say to the self "I am peaceful" and practice being that way then that becomes our contribution to world peace. If we allow the loving rays of God's light touch our lives then we can convey that feeling to bring about transformation in their consciousness and actions.


Dadiji's Day at Peace Village

12 September 2014



"Peace Through Love of ONE": Photos of the Labor Day Evening Bhatti at Peace Village

5 September 2014


New York BKs Participate in India Independence Day parade in New York City

28 August 2014

The Indian-American community celebrated India's 68th Independence Day with a parade in New York City. Our BK brothers and sisters -- waving Baba's flag and carrying Baba's banners and slogans -- participated in the parade. The parade drew tens of thousands of spectators, several Bollywood stars and local elected officials. BK Rohit Bhai from Valsad, Gujarat also participated.

Please enjoy some of photographs of the parade:


The Call-of-the-Time Retreat in Peace Village

26 August 2014

Peace Village hosted roughly thirty leaders from all sectors and all continents for a Call-of-the-Time Retreat on August 21 – 24.  The theme of the retreat was "Removing Attachments of the Heart."  Sister Mohini (NY) and Brother Anthony (GR) were to have been the spiritual resources for the weekend, but Sister Gayatri stepped in to support Sister Mohini, focusing on practice and holding the morning "sunrise meditation" sessions.
Please read rest of this article here.

Toronto and Chicago BK Retreat 2014 Peace Village

25 August 2014



Judy Johnson in conversation about her new book; Seven Secrets of the Universe

22 August 2014

Audio link of Judy reading the Prologue of the book

Direct URL:


Yoga: The Art of Transformation at Asian Art Museum

8 July 2014

The Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center of San Francisco was invited to facilitate a meditation workshop series on "Rajayoga Meditation For Busy People" at the famous Asian Art Museum's fascinating exhibit "Yoga: The Art of Transformation".

The various practical aspects of Rajayoga and meditation experience presented by ?various Rajayoga teachers from the BK center were very well received by the packed audience.

Allison Wyckoff, the manager of pubic programs at the museum highly appraised the contribution of the Brahma Kumaris center to the exhibit and said that such partnerships provide visibility and strength to the work of the museum and various organizations to the diverse community of San Francisco.

More about the exhibit:
Yoga: The Art Of Transformation, at the Asian Art Museum is the first art exhibition to explore the centrality of yoga in Indian culture.
It is first-of-its-kind exhibition illustrating yoga's history through objects from about 100 CE through 1940s. This exhibition offers more than 130 sculptures, paintings, illustrated manuscripts, prints, photographs, books and films from 25 museums and private collections in India, Europe and the US.

In Baba's yaad,
BK Chandru




Sr Mohini Surgery Update

7 July 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Divine Family,

Greetings of love.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I write to let you know that I have now been home for a few days after my surgery and am healing very well.

Needless to say that the good wishes and love pouring in from all of you has been a tremendous lift.  It has been a time of expanding the inner space of silence to feel Baba's pure company and sakaash.

With many thanks and much love,

Sister Mohini



Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH) at Peace Village

6 July 2014





This hero portrays the value of Dedication: Sr Jenna

1 July 2014

Sister Jenna is the founder and director of the Meditation Museum, a non-profit organization which has been active in Silver Spring, Maryland since 1997. It features interactive displays of various faith traditions and offers tailored training sessions providing tools for personal development. The Museum hosts a variety of conversations, workshops, special presenters and meditation sessions on a weekly basis which are attended by approximately 200 people per month. All course offerings are free to the public.
Read full article







Update on Sister Mohini's Health

27 June 2014

Dear All,

Om shanti. We are happy to let you know that Sr. Mohini's knee surgery went smooth and successful and she is recovering remarkably well. She will be in hospital for the next few days and then going through an extended period of rehab at home.

She has received all your loving messages and would like to convey her heartfelt gratitude for your good wishes and healing vibrations of Baba's remembrance  that have made it so easy so far.

With much love
In Baba's yaad,
New York family




News about Sr Mohini - Surgery and Recovery

26 June 2014

Today, on the Day of the Satguru, Sr Mohini went for surgery to replace her left knee. The surgery, which took place at 8:15 am at St. Francis Hospital on Long Island, was successful. Sr Bhumika, Sr Kala and Sr Anjani visited her in the recovery room after the surgery and reported that Sr Mohini was awake and said she is feeling okay. All her vital signs are showing normal. She will be shifted to a private room soon.




Consul General of India, Hon. Mr Mishra and Sr Mohini at Toronto Centre, Canada on 15 June

26 June 2014

The Hon. Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Consul General of India, and Mrs. Mishra were special guests at a Fathers' Day Celebration held at the Brahma Kumaris Centre in Toronto on Sunday, June 15, 2014. Sister Mohini, Regional Director of Brahma Kumaris Centres in the Americas and the Caribbean also travelled from New York for this occasion.

The Hon. Mr. Mishra was introduced to the Brahma Kumaris in early 1980 and he said that he has been very inspired by the work the Brahma Kumaris are doing in the society. He mentioned that Father's Day reminds us of our deep sense of gratitude to both the Supreme Father and our bodily fathers. If we appreciate the essence of our being and are not obsessed with superficial diversities, we will feel united. Relating a story from the scriptures, he shared how Prajapita sought his origin and remained submerged in the Ocean for many years until wisdom dawned on him. Basically once a seed germinates, there is eventually a tree and you cannot see the seed. This is the reality of real life. We analyze and observe how different we are from each other but if we look at the seed it unites us. This realization does not come from our ordinary senses. God has made our sensory organs extroverted and we therefore only see what is outside and our ears only hear what is outside. We perceive what is external. To see the real self, these eyes are not sufficient. We need the eye of knowledge, the third eye, and it is the thought process that can open this eye. Realizing the true nature of all living beings is the secret of a happy, peaceful and harmonious society. Inward vision, consciousness of the original self is the perpetual quest of human civilization and all religions. All religions have different approaches to realize this and the difference is only in the approach they adopt.

Sister Mohini shared that we are brothers and sisters and have common parents. We do not have a visible connection that we all belong to one. Brahma Kumaris Centres are in all parts of the world and people from all religious beliefs and background are part of this family. Here we listen to god's knowledge and people of all religions can hold on to their practices. What is different is the spiritual practice which brings a change and helps us form a right attitude and right relations, kind of creating universal brotherhood. We are all human beings, spiritual entities and citizens of one world. In the name of peace we made a piece, then another piece. God wants to make it whole, not one piece. In celebrating Father's Day, we appreciate the role of 3 fathers: firstly God, the Supreme Father, who is the truth and the incorporeal one; secondly the founding father of the Brahma Kumaris, the spiritual father Brahma, who, having recognized and understood God and His message, became the instrument to articulate God's teachings in his own practical life; and thirdly the father of our bodies. We need to go deep within the self and connect with self and then with God and later with the world. When we connect with the inner self, we experience peace, stability and power. We are imposed by the outside world and keep taking everything in, which drains us of our powers. When, in consciousness of the true self, we take in only what we want, we are enabled to become powerful and remain focused. You can thus do well and not have to compromise truth and values.



Meditation Museum Launches Karma Kafe

20 June 2014

As it's 14th Dadi Prakashmani Day initiative, the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum in Washington DC launched "Karma Kafe Conversations" to a packed room of individuals from all walks of life. Discussions, based on thoughtful questions designed for a Karma Kafe  Conversation, were rich and revealed many insights to all in attendance.

If you would like to hold a Karma Kafe Conversation in your town, local community or coffee shop, please contact the Meditation Museum at 301-588--0144 or email meditationmuseum@gmail.com. You can also follow the movement on Facebook . Locally, Kaldi's Coffee Shop and five metro locations of Busboys and Poets have already signed up!

Feel free to post this 1 hour video on your facebook page and thanks for your support!




Peace Village hosts training for Raja Yoga Teachers

19 June 2014

A three-day teacher training took place from June 5th through 8th at the Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center in the Catskill Mountains of New York State. Aside from two sisters from Canada, one from Peru and one from the Dominican Republic, all participants were from centers in eastern USA. Whether they were new to the teaching experience or had been teaching the basic course for some time, all found the training to be informative and clarifying. The training not only covered the content of some of the course lessons, but also made participants aware of teaching methods that ensure "student-centered" learning. Through small group practice sessions, many developed the courage and confidence to speak in front of others. The training was conducted by BK Sister Kiran of Oregon, USA.

Participants in the June Teacher Training for the Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation held at Peace Village.



BK Green Angels Retreat in North America - 2014

9 June 2014


Dear Divine Green Angel,
Greetings of Love, Harmony and Gratitude!
Let us take this opportunity to invite you to become a part of the 3rd North American BK Green Retreat.  The theme for this year's retreat is "Making an Inner Transition for a Greener World" and will be held from Friday July 11, 7:00 pm, to Sunday July 13, 4:00 pm. at the Peace Village Retreat Center, New York.  All BKs who are interested are welcome.

The root of the environmental crisis that we see in the world today is a reflection of our internal world. You can't have environmental change without inner transition and you can't have inner transition without spiritual consciousness.  We see and treat each other and the world as we see and treat ourselves. A lack of consciousness leads to being separated from ourselves, estranged from others and unaware of the impact our attitude has on the planet.

Many souls are waking up to changing their lives and living more responsibly because they see it as part of the solution.  Learning to live more environmentally inside and out helps us create the sanskars that make the world, as a whole, more sustainable.  Our actions and choices emerge from the knowledge and awareness that Baba has given us.  Learning to design our lives in ways that are harmonious with the natural world brings an inner peace, and an outer beauty. It creates an inner wisdom and an outer abundance.  The world that has become a jungle of thorns is being transformed into a garden of flowers.

In this retreat we will:
Explore the impact our attitude, karmic foot print and spiritual presence has on the world now and learn basic steps to create a golden aged future.
Network with other Green BK's to continue to share ideas and project to green our BK Centers and communities.
Gain skills in ecological awareness with an introduction to permaculture design philosophy and visit a permaculture garden.
We will explore together how we as ancestor souls can live well as individuals and as a civilization and bring about an "inner transition" towards a more life-sustaining world.
Participate in a public program on Sunday that includes a dialogue, with Karuna Foudriat*, exploring the areas of commonality between Raja Yoga and the spiritual sustainability philosophy of the Transition Towns initiative.
As a Green angel, you'll be taking back with you from this retreat experiences, enthusiasm and knowledge to share in your center and local communities.  In this green retreat, let us build on our feelings of gratitude for how the five elements sustain us. This retreat intends to provide an exciting new perspective of the power of nature to teach. We will explore together how we can live well as individuals and communities, and help to bring about an "inner transition" towards a more life-sustaining world.
We hope you are as excited as we are.  We are looking forward to your active participation in the Green retreat at Peace Village.  If you have any questions feel free to contact us:
North American Green Team: GreenRetreatNorthAmerica@gmail.com
BK Shubi (Ohio)  shubhragoel@yahoo.com
BK Gordan (California)  peacefulsoular@yahoo.com


Peace Village Mother's Day Celebration

12 May 2014

Photos of the Mothers Day Celebration with all the special souls from Michigan and Central USA on Retreat at Peace Village May 8-11, 2014

Brothers are also mothers and everyday is Mothers Day at the BKs - and we have hte best Mothers of all watching over us: Bapdada, the Dadis and the Seniors, so congratulations to all.



Love, Peace and Purity: How meditation can remove the root of depression

1 May 2014 article by Sr Jenna published in Natural Solutions Magazine

Ten percent of adults suffer from depression in the US, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a staggering number of people who cannot find contentment within themselves or the world around them. Although prescription medications have had a positive effect on some, another supportive approach for improving the long-term state of awareness in individuals is meditation.

Read full article




The Interfaith Observer Features Articles & Song by BK Sisters

15 April 2014

Preparing Spiritually to Reflect on Religion and the Shadow, by Sister Elizabeth Padilla


Principles, Practices and Power: Our Inner Lights, by Sister Mary Friedland




My 98- Year-Old Dadi in Honor of Women's History Month

3 March 2014

A few days ago, I witnessed a meeting on live streaming when my 98-year-old Dadi, called Janki, was dancing and laughing away! Dadi means Elder in Sindhi, a language from Sindh, Pakistan. When I was a teenager, she came into my life via my mother and father who attended an event in Miami, Florida, in the 1980s. The live stream conversation featured, "How to Remember God Accurately" by Dadi Janki.

A few months after my parents experienced their epiphany from meeting Dadi, I inherited a mother who no longer raged with anger or lived in fear. My stepfather, who had been quiet and reserved, opened up and became conversational, to the extent that we used to pray that he would be quiet.

Like many teenagers in the U.S., meditation and being spiritual was not of the slightest interest to me. Rather, I thought people who were involved in spirituality were strange, and out to escape something. I have since had to reform that assumption, as I find myself on a full spiritual path of self-realization.

Dadi met me before I met her. My mother used to show her my picture and Dadi's eyes were on me from then on. It wasn't until many years later that I began to realize that I had someone covering my back, subtly supporting and offering me protection with their well wishes.

I met Dadi on a mountaintop in Mt. Abu, India, at her home, the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris. I was excited to finally meet her face-to-face and I basked in the sparkle of her eyes. I wanted very much to absorb everything she knew which couldn't be hidden from those eyes of light and strong wisdom. For starters, my mother had been given a new name by Dadi Janki, from Kida, to Gita, an elevated scripture and funnily her real name Kida meant insect in Hindi! So, when I first encountered Dadi in the living form, I asked for a new name, a spiritual name to make this change in my life tangible and profound. She looked at me deeply and quietly, as only an Elder could. Then she said, "Become sensible!"

My world crumbled and I left feeling like a poor, unloved or undervalued child. I was furious and disappointed that my first human encounter with this elevated, most powerful gentle force was met with me having to become sensible after my whole 24-year track record in life had been of being an overachiever. Now, after trekking halfway across the world and sitting in a room filled with pure vibrations and profound power from the presence of Dadi, I'm being told to be sensible? Great! Just fantastic! I thought I was perfect and had already arrived.

It wasn't until three days later that I came to realize that she was wise and I understood why I was offered this focus. She knew I was exceptionally sensitive, it's a Piscean gift which can also be a curse, but it was clear that if I developed more wisdom nothing would affect me. It was then that I knew how valuable my Dadi would be for my development as I found my inner world opening and listening more to an honest dialogue between my percentage of truth and illusion.

I have learned to listen compassionately to the stories of others and it becomes a tool to learn a lot about ourselves. Dadi at age 19, got her calling to view life beyond traditional bars and left everything behind. It was as if her deep memory track, which had been tucked away in her sub-conscious, resurfaced and her original bliss returned. This was the result of her profound meeting with Brahma Baba, my great-great spiritual grandfather who was a lighthouse of purity and love. His download in the 1930s from the Supreme Energy, whom many call God, Allah, Jehovah, Shiva, etc., was not just a moment, but the beginning of decades to come that would mobilize and uplift 50 percent of the world's most untapped potential, women. One of those women was my Dadi. Impacted by a glance of truth by Brahma Baba, Dadi's whole life changed; when my mother met Dadi, her life changed; and when I met Dadi my whole life changed. I am always struck by the power one human being can have on our lives.

I'm amazed by the power of transformation in a glance. That glance changed Dadi and her glance changed me. For 78 years she has remained unwavering in her belief that at the root of every soul is a carved memory of God's radiant light and the vibrations of love and power are generated when we are AWARE of His presence in our lives. She is also firm in believing that when the soul becomes clean inside with its purpose and intention, that soul can transform the negative vibrations of others simply by being clean, loving, and pure hearted. Similarly, Jesus' famous Sermon on the Mount, included, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." I now understand that very well.

Dadi at 98-years-old reminds me of seven key points which I will treasure for a very long time.

1. Situations might not change, but your attitude must change. Your attitude creates the atmosphere.

2. Never doubt yourself, your awareness is power.

3. Holding anger, lust, greed, attachment, ego (ALGAE) in your consciousness is the doorway to depression and sorrow. Don't feed them.

4. Get addicted to change by having self-realizations every day. Keep checking the energy of thought flowing inside of you.

5. Death has no calendar. Break attachment to the body.

6. Check your thoughts when performing actions, because repetition of actions creates your nature, future, and realty.

7. God is here now. Don't miss taking maximum benefit from His ocean of wisdom and love. Keep your awareness positive and you will stay close to Him.





Russel Simmons Talks with Sister Jenna on Life

21 February 2014




Happy Valentines Day to Bapdada and BK Family

14 February 2014

This Smilebox presentation features the song "God's Light" by Christopher Farrell, with the beautiful voice of Amy Fradon, is the first in a series called "Speaking from the Heart"  published by the Foundation for Universal Sacred Music. It was recorded August 26,1998 at Kessler Media Production, Katonah, NY with Sr Jayanti speaking to the same theme of God's Light and is available on a CD by the same title.


Om Shanti,
And a Happy Valentines Day also to all of you sparkling angelic ever blooming fragrant roses of this Godly Family as we all enjoy meeting with BapDada..

On behalf of Sr Mohini, loving greetings from Peace Village Retreat Center where we are enjoying an unlimited sparkling pure subtle regions both within and without as over a foot of snow has fallen and continues in this beautiful pure white wonderland of peace and happiness.. . . within the Light from the Sun of Knowledge, the moon of knowledge and all of us sparkling loving stars.




Special Event at the NY Meditation Center & Gallery

10 February 2014

Our outer world is a reflection of what lies within our inner world. By directing our thoughts in specific, positive ways, we have the potential to guide the world towards becoming a more loving place. Join us during World Meditation Hour, Sunday, February 16 from 6 to 7:30pm and spend 60 minutes of your time radiating peace to our world. Let us collectively fill the cosmos with the currents of love and light.

RSVP click here

To view/download flier click here




Recap of 2013 from San Francisco/Anubhuti Family

2 January 2014

(video is 22 minutes)




Peace Village Greetings - Happy 2014

1 January 2014

Om Shanti,
On Behalf of Sr Mohini we extend warm greetings for a happy new year, a new me and a new world. 
BapDada in seeing each one of us happy souls and singing the song of Wah children! in his heart and we are singing Wah Baba Wah!.
Enjoy these scenes of the newness in service for 2013 in this North America region and plan to come and visit us soon. 
Wishing you continued success in 2014 for revealing BapDada through your spiritual vision and sparkling face.
With love and Blessings,
Peace Village