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The Healing Power of Love - A Free Webinar by Aruna Ladva, Tuesday, 16th February

15 February 2021



It's Time... Follow the 7 Day Love Challenge with Sr Aruna

8 February 2021



Follow the 7 Day Love Challenge starting today. Challenge yourself to practice these daily thoughts that are centred around experiencing and emanating PURE LOVE...


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Quote of the week


falling in love is falling for the illusion of love



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Meditate on Divine Protection with Sr Aruna

7 February 2021

Meditation – An Act of Self Love

Meditation commentaries to help you on your soul journey:

Divine Protection Part One [12:47]


Divine Protection Part Two [30:29]


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Revisit: The Art of Self Management - A Webinar by Marcelo Bulk

31 January 2021


Replay of the session in English is availble here [1:19:32] https://youtu.be/pUsLwM09Uz8





In case you missed it, here's the Replay: The Magic of New Beginnings - A Webinar by Prakash Chugani

23 January 2021

Click on the image below to play in English.




REPLAYS of online programs at the Bahrain Meditation Centre from December 21 to 3rd January

22 January 2021

03 January – Packing Up the Past, Creating the Future with Judy Rodgers (Arabic Translation) [1:14:25] https://youtu.be/LKVkS01H7dw


03 January – Tips for Self Care with Moira Lowe (Arabic translation) [1:15:32] https://youtu.be/Ejos9FbrO8Q 


29 December – Topic: Packing up the Past, Creating Future with Judy Rodgers (English) [1:15:44] https://youtu.be/4SaMaFH0DLY


21 December – Tips for Self Care with Moira Lowe (English) [1:17:33] https://youtu.be/ChO3WPaWBlk





It's Time: A Truly Happy New Year

1 January 2021

Hello Everyone,

Season’s Greetings and all best wishes for the coming new year.  It will be what we make of it… what will you make of it?  Be proactive? Choose and decide before it decides for you.

The three words for me for the early part of the year will be to simplify, focus, and be grateful… how about you?

This year I have voiced some of my thoughts in a video… Enjoy

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Or for Download

Part 1 new year

Part 2 new year

Part 3 new year

Much Divine Love and Light to all,

Aruna and the It’s Time Team




Packing up the Past, Creating the Future - A Webinar by Judy Rodgers

29 December 2020




REPLAYS of Recent online programs at the Bahrain Meditation Centre Week of December 14

28 December 2020

15 December – Steps to Build Resilience - Veronica McHugh (English) [1:25:18] https://youtu.be/pWjmcZM-VOI


19 December – Tips for Self Care - Moira Lowe (English) [1:25:18] https://youtu.be/ChO3WPaWBlk 





New Year Greetings from Turkey

24 December 2020


In Baba's yaad

BK Yogesh





REPLAY: Steps to Build Resilience - A Webinar with Sr. Veronica McHugh

14 December 2020

Click on the below image to replay the webinar [1:25:18]




Replay of "Living With Purpose" with speaker Lotta Arbman

28 November 2020

Click on the below image to replay the talk. [1:15:28]




Replay of "Inner Management" with speaker Alka Patel

21 November 2020

Click on the below image to replay the talk. [1:16:12]




Replay of "Strong Heart and a Wise Mind" with speaker Maureen Goodman

19 November 2020

Click on the below image to replay the talk. [1:22:20]




REPLAYS of Recent online programs at the Bahrain Meditation Centre Week of October 26- November 02

6 November 2020

01 November - Being Stable in an Unstable World [1:49:39] https://youtu.be/yiWdjbo4sGU


01 November - Being Stable in an Unstable World (Arabic translation) [1:48:57] https://youtu.be/DdP0xvKD-8U


31 October - Your Body Speaks Your Mind - Peter Williams (English) [ 1:20:44] https://youtu.be/R7zlBOCPv7c


27 October - The Power of Silence - Aruna Ladva (English) [1:23:43] https://youtu.be/Lo9-IYj2iUQ


27 October - The Power of Silence -Aruna Ladva (Arabic translation) [ 1:22:02] https://youtu.be/LY-qgBzaNi4





Concentration of Mind for Khushaal Kashmir: Event On Oct 31 – Nov 01

2 November 2020

Ms Sona Bahri is the Director of INNER-SPACE Centre Abu Dhabi. Based on the strong foundation of her learning MINDFULLNESS and IMPORTANCE of CONCENTRATION of MIND, she delivers wisdom to create strong minds and clear intellect. Her workshops and seminars span many countries like India, UK, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Italy, Singapore, Australia, and the USA.


Arif Dawood is part of a team INNER-SPACE UAE. He is an experienced mindfulness teacher with over 20 years of experience. He has facilitated extensive workshops in the corporate sector, universities, and for the UAE community.



31st Oct 2020 and 1st Nov 2020 at 4.00 PM





Report from Turkey regarding the Friday, October 30th Earthquake

2 November 2020

On Friday 30th October, an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 struck in the Aegean Sea, off the coast of Turkey. It most powerfully shook the western Turkish city of Izmir, where there is considerable damage and loss of life, as well as the Greek island of Samos where people have also died. The quake also triggered mini tsunamis.


It was also felt as far away as Istanbul and Athens. Baba's children in Turkey and Greece are all safe.


with love and regards

In Baba's remembrance






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