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Bahrain Events Update - July

5 July 2022




Strengthening Your Mind Body and Spirit through Meditation - A Free Seminar on 21st June, 7:30 pm Bahrain time

19 June 2022



ON REPLAY: Emotional Immunity with Mathias Steffen hosted by Harmony House Kuwait

23 May 2022

The body's immune system is simply a miracle: it constantly fends off pathogens in secret and thus keeps us healthy. However, is it possible to fend off negative energy to maintain a positive and stable state of emotional health? This seminar covers:

  • How we can strengthen the "emotional immune system" in such a way that we are not overpowered by "diseases" such as frustration, fear or anger.
  • What we can learn to prevent the same people and situations from taking away our peace and strength over and over again.
  • What simple principles of living will bring us relief in our everyday life!




ON REPLAY: Keep Your Mind Clean with Eric Le Reste

27 April 2022

Harmony House Kuwait presented this webinar on 24th April. You can access the REPLAY  (English only) here: https://youtu.be/ginnyDZAEwM [1:21:15]



ON REPLAY - Bahrain Meditation Center Presents Defining Happiness - A Webinar by Aruna Ladva on Tuesday, March 15th

14 March 2022


Click on the image below for the Replay in English.

Unfortunately, the replay in Arabic is not available.


ON REPLAY: Mind Management - A Webinar by Yogesh Sharda

13 February 2022


REPLAY LINK: https://youtu.be/a1PQro-gDsA  [1:19:39]

REPLAY LINK (Arabic): https://youtu.be/B1FNh9HCYuY  [1:20:24]




On REPLAY: A Special Master Class on Brahma Baba with Sis Jayanti in preparation for Avyakt Day 18th January.

14 January 2022

This special class was live on January 10th. You can access the replay here;









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