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BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 30th

31 January 2021

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Sister Jayanti to be interviewed by Arnab Goswani on Republic TV Sat 30/Sun 31 January

31 January 2021

Dear  Brothers & Sisters


Sister Jayanti will be interviewed by Arnab Goswami, Chief Editor of India's Republic TV on The Nation Wants To Know programme this weekend:


Saturday evening 30 January

10:00 pm India Time (IST)

4:30 pm UK Time (GMT)


Sunday morning 31 January

11 am India Time (IST)

5:30 am UK Time (GMT)




Sky Channel 708


Republic TV's promo video for the interview is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-9L7J42JAJK8C5LgnlQpgj3kVULxstnj/view?usp=sharing



With all good wishes

Rachel Priestman

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK)

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REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of January 18- 25

28 January 2021

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)

25 January - Your Mind Connects To Those You Think of - Part 1 [24:24] https://youtu.be/-bxAgoYebMs

23 January - Finish Your Pain and Guilt [29:27] Episode 61 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/DSXR71h1pFc
21 January - How to be Easy Going Always?Part 3 [23:03] https://youtu.be/_gemES57FBg
19 January - What Can I Get From God? [24:46] Episode 60 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/m6eQzM1ttqM


BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 23rd

23 January 2021

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REMINDER to register by 25th January for "The Sanctuary Within" Global Silence Retreat

23 January 2021

Dear Divine Brahmin Family, Warmest Greetings of Love.

Certainly, you must all be extremely inspired and enthused after an especially powerful Day of Remembrance, January 18th.

We are sending this note as a reminder of the upcoming Global Silence Retreat from 29 to 31 January, an event that is open to the entire BK Family. The registration deadline for this retreat is Monday 25 January 2021.

Please refer to the accompanying invite for details; the registration link is:


In Baba's loving remembrance,

Global Silence Retreat Team

(Srs Moira, Karen, Kathryn, Linda, Kim, Tanya, Sunaina, Yolanda, Chrissy, and Judi)




REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani from 22 December through January 18

22 January 2021

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


18 January - New Animated Movie: Story of an Angel: Brahma Baba [33:25] https://youtu.be/BTZCPBw9nnE



17 January - Animation Story: Do not kill me, Let me Live [3:27] https://youtu.be/vh179V5DLK8


16 January - Animated Story of an Angel - Brahma Baba [5:58] https://youtu.be/1R9zTXyZTdA


14 January - Understanding God [29:18] Episode 59 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/TkhMGfih0f0



12 January - Why Do We Go Back To Wrong Habits?: Part 2 [22:36] https://youtu.be/Yil4He6RqOQ

10 January - How to Experience God? [29:07]  Episode 58 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/hyMgFfKaoRM


08 January - Two Minutes to Heal Your Upset Mind, Part 1 [18:38] https://youtu.be/8SsyEXHg-vM


06 January - Create A Personal Relationship With God [29:17]  Episode 57 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/_Xe1qSuHA7w


04 January - Three Thoughts To Heal A Relationship [07:53] https://youtu.be/38lXq_q5D9Q

02 January - Experience God's Unlimited Love [29:08]  Episode 56 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/f8jO2QkI1Zk


31 December - 2021 Will Be ... What YOU Want It To Be [20:56] https://youtu.be/dstKGPOiT64


31 December - LIVE Musical Concert by Harish Moyal: 1 Jan 2021 [3:24] https://youtu.be/AhNjDR_qItw


30 December - Happy New YOU in 2021: New Song by BK Dr Damini [3:54] https://youtu.be/scNU1yu38TQ


29 December - 9 Hrs New Year Meditation - 31 Dec to 1 Jan [2:56] https://youtu.be/yhkSZVY-Br4


28 December - Make Family Emotionally Stronger [7:48] https://youtu.be/48lwiPOlyW8

26 December - Every Karma By God's Will [28:57] Episode 55 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/wxVbnNaaNn4


24 December - 2 Morning Habits Will Change Your Life [19:56] https://youtu.be/C6kc3HH2fJ4


22 December - How To Receive God's Blessings? [29:16] Episode 54 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/00dCe4j13mY 




Madhuban Newsletter - January 2021 (with additional points)

18 January 2021

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for January 2021 which includes the 18 Steps of Father Brahma (sent previously) for special effort for 18th January 2021 for Father Brahma's Day of Remembrance.


This also has additional points from 19 to 31 January for the remainder of the month.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban Newsletter in Hindi


Madhuban Newsletter in English






BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 9th

16 January 2021

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National e-Launching of "Youth for Global Peace" on January 10

16 January 2021

The Youth Wing of Brahma Kumaris has taken up an initiative for 2021 called – “Youth for Global Peace” to empower youth physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually to face current challenges.


Key dimensions of the project:

On the first Sunday of each month, a national event will be organized from the Youth Wing headquarters based on a theme. Other regional centers of the Brahma Kumaris, based on the same monthly theme will have programs such as online webinars, youth dialogues, competitions, youth challenges through social media, etc. The age limit is kept from 18 years to 35 years.


To watch the replay of the e-Launch:

https://youtu.be/3IuhnCe5hmI [1:39:34]


This was streamed live on 9th January 2021. The launch featured:

Blessings  – Dadi Ratan Mohini, Chair-Person Youth Wing  

Inaugural Speech  – BK Nirwair, Secretary-General, Brahma Kumaris

Experiencing Inner Peace – BK Chandrika,  Vice Chair-Person, Youth Wing

Greetings - Umesh Patel, Cabinet Minister, Govt. of Chhattisgarh

Keynote Speech  – BK Shivani, International speaker 

Greetings – BK Vedanti, Director, Brahma Kumaris Africa

Dance Performance  – Gracy Singh, Actress  

Greetings – Amit Dhawan, Actor & Director  

Song by  BK Yugratan

Greetings  – Avni Varia, Artist & Heritage Professional 

Project Introduction – BK Geeta, Core Committee Member, Youth Wing Event Coordinator – BK Rupesh, Mt. Abu

Pledge  – BK Jignesh, BK Coordinator, Sweden  

Vote of Thanks – BK Kruit, National Coordinator, Youth Wing


Organizer: Youth Wing, Brahma Kumari

bkyouth.org | www.brahmakumaris.org






New on our YouTube channel: Just-a-Minute Guided Meditations just-a-minute guided meditations

15 January 2021

Link to guided Instructions: Just a Minute Guided Instructions



New version of BeeZone launched - marketing materials

15 January 2021



Dear Brothers & Sisters,

A new version of the BeeZone App (V2.3, to be precise) has just been launched for Android and Apple.

  • There are two new features, Let's Meditate and Grateful Mind.
  • The App is now multilingual, so these features are available in both English and Hindi. And there will soon be Turkish and French versions of BeeZone too.
  • There are two new promotional animations

Please find at the link below a whole treasure store of marketing materials for BeeZone - including the two new animations. Some additional materials specifically for social media are now also being created.

BeeZone marketing materials: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JHddBga5mKzQ3pXt_ndjJkHHsCt_PbOS?usp=sharing

It's a beautiful tool that's doing great service and so congratulations to the whole team for constantly improving it and making it accessible to many more people.

With love

In Baba's yaad

Rachel Priestman

Global Co-operation House, London


Timings for 18 January - Avyakt Revised Murli

15 January 2021

Dear Divine Family, The schedule for the 18th January evening programme will be as usual with Class at 5.10 pm, Bhog at 6.15 pm, and the Revised Avyakt Murli beginning at 6.30 pm IST.
The timings for 31 December had been earlier due to the curfew imposed by the Government for New Year's eve.  However, if there are any changes, we will let you know at least two days before the date.

In Baba's yaad,

BK Shashi


18th of January Blessing Cards Now Available for Download

15 January 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

You can now download 40 Remembrance Day blessings cards in either letter-size or A4 format from the Downloads page under Ancestors: http://onelink.brahmakumaris.org/brahma-baba-remembrance-day

Have a powerful 18th of January!

The Onelink Team


UPDATE on Living the Legacy of Love - ईश्वरीय पालना के नये प्रोजेक्ट - "लिविंग द लेगेसी ऑफ लव" या "प्रेम की विरासत"

15 January 2021

Om Shanti Dear Divine Family,


There has been a wonderful response to the Living the Legacy of Love initiative. A 15-minute video is released daily through YouTube. If you wish to receive emails with daily video links of the Living the Legacy Project, please subscribe by any of the following options:


1. To receive the video links on WhatsApp: Email your WhatsApp number at: sustenance@brahmakumaris.org

2. Subscribe to BK Sustenance YouTube channel: Click Here 

3. Subscribe to our mailing list here: Click Here 


For any queries, please write to us at sustenance@brahmakumaris.org 


In Baba's Loving Yaad

Didi Sudesh and Sister Jayanti


In Hindi:

ओम शांति

सभी सेंटर इंचार्ज बहनें और भाईमधुर याद और प्यार स्वीकार करना जी|


जनवरी से शुरू हुए ईश्वरीय पालना के नये प्रोजेक्ट - "लिविंग  लेगेसी ऑफ लवया "प्रेम की विरासतसारे विश्‍व की ब्राह्मण आत्माओं के लिए हमारे पूर्वजों से मिलने का और एक साथ योग भट्टी करने का एक अनोखा अवसर हैरोज़ शाम 6 बजे (भारतीय समयपूर्वजों का एक नया क्लास और योग अनुभव का वीडियो YouTube के माध्यम से दिखाया जाता हैरोज़ के वीडियोज़ के लिंक आप निम्‍न किसी भी विकल्प से उपलब्ध कर सकते हैं:


1. WhatsApp से प्राप्त करने के लिए अपना WhatsApp नंबर इस Email पर भेजेंsustenance@brahmakumaris.org

2. YouTube चैनेल को सबस्क्राइब करेंClick Here 

3. Website पर सबस्क्राइब करेंClick Here 


14 भाषाओं में उपशीर्षक अब हिन्दी वीडियो मे भी उपलब्ध हैंआप ये Email सभी ब्राह्मण परिवार के साथ ज़रूर शेयर करना जी|

अधिक जानकारी के लिए संपर्क करेंsustenance@brahmakumaris.org


बाबा की मधुर याद में

दीदी सुदेश और जयंती बहन 


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About the project

Living the Legacy of Love invites you to envision and feel the pull of our ancestor souls who lovingly and faithfully walked in Baba’s footsteps.


Living the Legacy of Love is a virtual opportunity created for the sustenance of Brahmins across the world.


The intention behind this project is to create a unified space, that Brahmins can access daily, to experience and be inspired by the unlimited love and wisdom of our ancestors. To deeply embody and live out the virtues and qualities that Baba is pulling us towards.

Keeping vibrations high, and thoughts and feelings elevated are the need of the hour now. Even though we are socially restricted, this project will provide much-needed family time together; virtual trips to Madhuban and a trip down memory lane. We hope it will help create a sense of togetherness, belonging and unity. At the same time, we will envision and feel the pull of our ancestor souls who lovingly and faithfully walked in Baba’s footsteps.


This project is a continuation and a development of the much-loved United Yoga Bhatti.


Each video follows a similar format: 3-5 minutes of carefully selected segments from classes given by our beloved Dadi’s and Dada’s, accompanied by moments of love and joy and a 10-minute meditation to reflect upon and digest what is being shared.

All of the content will be translated into several languages to model inclusivity.


The Legacy of love can be found on our YouTube Channel. 





Registration open now! for The Sanctuary Within: Healing through Pure Love in Silence - Global Silence Bhatti 29-31 Jan

15 January 2021

Dear Divine Family,

We are delighted so many souls enthusiastically began immediately registering for the upcoming Global Silence Retreat. We quickly learned that there was a small error in the registration form, which erroneously indicated the retreat is full...it is not! The form has been corrected, and now accepts registration. We invite those who previously tried to register, unsuccessfully, to try again. And thank you to those who notified us of the error.

Please register no later than Monday, 25 January on the following link:


Much love,

In Baba's yaad,

The Global Silence Retreat Team




BK page in the Daily Guardian for January 2nd

4 January 2021

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.


December 31 2020 – Bhog Message brought by Sr Mohini

4 January 2021

Baba with a lot of love accepted bhog and was sharing drishti with each one of us. Each one of us was communicating through drishti, saying something to Baba, and Baba was also talking personally with each one because it is through drishti that Baba communicates. Baba’s language is the language of silence, so everything works through drishti. I also shared drishti with Baba, and I felt how Baba not only loves us but was giving a lot of assurance that everything is good and will be better and better.


Baba then said, “The children are making a lot of effort.” I said, “Baba, everyone is thinking that they need to reach the final stage, the stage of perfection.” Baba said, “Yes, time is also giving signals to all of you to be prepared, to reach your own final and perfect stage for your own benefit and also because that stage of perfection is the stage from which you will serve. When you have that stage, even if you are slightly less, whatever thoughts you have, whatever words you speak, and whatever actions you do reach many souls. It’s not that you have to make a conscious effort to do mansa seva: every thought is serving.


You children are the roots of the tree, so whatever thoughts you have will reach the whole tree. It’s not just a question of feeling you are responsible, because that might make you feel heavy. Actually, every thought reaches the world. In this way, you are constant servers. It’s only by paying a little attention that every thought will become elevated, full of pure feelings and good wishes. That’s what all souls want -- to experience pure thoughts and good wishes. You all do this naturally, but once in a while, you get caught up in your own little situations and sanskars.


From now, it’s important to always remember, “I am an unlimited world server”. As soon as you realize that your thoughts are going in a direction that is not necessary, you will immediately remove the unnecessary thoughts and remind yourself, “I am an unlimited world server”. Every child has this thought. Baba said you are world servers. You sow the seed from your thoughts and then whatever you speak and whatever action you perform benefits the whole world. This is how you are all unlimited servers.


I told Baba that in our lokik world, our physical world, we are entering a new year. Baba said that in the subtle region there is no old year or new year. Baba knows the children are preparing to end the old and start the new. Baba wants to give congratulations because you children were very brave, very stable. The aim was to be consistent and the children did very well in this year. Next year you will be better. You will think of new and different things. Baba is giving good wishes and encourages the children to use all the blessings.


You have a full treasure store of blessings with you. Now is the time to think based on those blessings. Speak and share those blessings and use those blessings for the success of what you do. It’s not only a new year but you are moving towards a new age also. Baba gave lots of good wishes. Baba said you are stars of success and will always be successful.


It's a question of creating the awareness that I am a successful star, and you will be successful.


Baba gave love and remembrances to everyone.




Subtitles now available for Living the Legacy of Love

4 January 2021

Om Shanti Dear Divine family,


There has been a wonderful response to the Living the Legacy of Love Initiative.
Thank you for all your comments and feedback.


To further improve the service and experience we have added subtitles in all languages to the Hindi Video. So those who would like to hear Dadis voices directly, may tune into that and read the subtitles. This will be available from today.


We will also be able to increase the volume of the Dadis in the English version from 7th Jan.


In Baba’s Yaad,
much divine love
BK Sustenance Team


Subtitles are now available!


Hindi Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzQzJvVIw0bnnSiMmcPBfm1jRBfPPRUla