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News from Greece on Fire Disaster

26 July 2018

Dear Divine family,


Scenes of the end have started appearing in front of us in many parts of the world. The fire disaster in Greece is one of them. The fire, on a day of ideal conditions for a big flare up - extreme heat and strong winds- devastated a   large area on the East Coast of Attica, less than an hour away from Athens. The devastation is complete and left trees and houses in cinders. Over 80 souls left their bodies, and about 100 more are missing. About 60 are in hospitals, some in critical condition. Their only hope was to reach the coast. Many were rescued by boats, but others, due to the strong winds and rough seas drowned. Two thousand three hundred houses burned down and another 2000 are damaged.


Baba’s family is fine and we have started having intense bhattis at all the centers, to spread Baba’s Sakash to the souls that are suffering, and to the whole country. Thank you all for your messages and loving thoughts.  


The NC Team of Greece:

Sisters Hara, Fani, Maria Mari, Maria Pangalou & Drossoula




June Outreach Service in Glasgow (UK)

22 July 2018


2018 International Conference on Stillbirth, SIDS and Baby Survival.


75 minute session on Self – Confidence Marilyn introduced the topic with a simple presentation & Sister Rose Goodenough shared many deep & uplifting insights & answered questions.


“I have heard so many lovely comments from your session. It has impacted positively on a lot of people. Thank you!” Lynsay Allan, Executive Director Scottish Cot Death Trust


Glasgow City Council Offices
3 sessions for staff to enhance well-being at work.


Attendees were very open & honest. Sister Rose was able to give some very clear responses to questions about how spiritual understanding can help with bereavement, separation & stress. Many participants said they would be up to InnerSpace for more sessions as we are only 1 minute walk away !


Marilyn was representing InnerSpace Glasgow with a short talk & Guided Meditation at a Celebration of Yoga Day in Glasgow, Bearsden on 21 June 2018 In association with Consulate General of India, Edinburgh, a workshop was organized in Bearsden, Glasgow by Ms. Manjulika Singh, a well-known yoga teacher under the theme ‘Yoga for All’ for Indian and local community to commemorate 4th International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2018 .


Meanwhile back at InnerSpace , Sister Rose gave a morning talk on connecting with The Source & an evening talk.



Caring for Care-givers: GCH offers a morning of activities to uplift and empower Brent Carers

7 July 2018

Heroes of Faith: World Congress of Faiths Annual Meeting Held at GCH on May Day

5 July 2018


Alan Race, Chair of the World Congress of Faiths, led the panel through their personal stories and helped them reminisce of what their heroes meant to them in their lives.


Mary Braybrooke represented Christianity and spoke from her past experience as a social worker, interfaith activist and magistrate.  She chose Martin Luther King, the Christian pacifist and pastor, because he believed in equality between men and women.  His ‘I have a dream’ speech particularly inspired her, ‘I have a dream…when we allow freedom to ring…to ring from every village, state and city, we will speed up that day when all of God’s children will be able to join hands and sing ‘free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last.’ Mary remarked how Martin Luther King worked with the light, which is what she aims to do.


Maqsood Ahmed, OBE, Director of Community Development at Muslim Hands representing Islam shared his faith hero, the Sufi poet, Rumi.  What most strikes him about Rumi’s work was his high clarity of vision.  He came from a powerful family and journeyed spiritually on the path of Sufism.  He shared love and sincerity and he was not just a Muslim saint, but a saint for humanity.  He is now the most popular poet in the US!


Sister Jayanti, represented the Brahma Kumaris, chose as her hero the founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Baba.  He was an amazing visionary and he started in 1936 with his visions of a better world.  His vision was one of justice, truth, equality, love.  He had the courage to put his vision immediately into practise.  He trained young girls and some women in their 20’s to become spiritual teachers and leaders as he saw the inequality of gender existed everywhere.  Still today this is not happening on a universal level.  His essential teaching was REMEMBER ONE GOD.


Sister Jayanti also shared an example of another hero, Lesley Edwards, a secondary school teacher, who throughout a lengthy illness, remained hopeful and reassuring and gave comfort to those dear to her as she left this life.


Dadi Janki, Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, at 102 years old, joined the gathering and she invited everyone to sit in silence, to sit in peace and shared the following wisdom.


Sister Jayanti, represented the Brahma Kumaris, chose as her hero the founder of the Brahma Kumaris, Brahma Baba.  He was an amazing visionary and he started in 1936 with his visions of a better world.  His vision was one of justice, truth, equality, love.  He had the courage to put his vision immediately into practise.  He trained young girls and some women in their 20’s to become spiritual teachers and leaders as he saw the inequality of gender existed everywhere.  Still today this is not happening on a universal level.  His essential teaching was REMEMBER ONE GOD.


Sister Jayanti also shared an example of another hero, Lesley Edwards, a secondary school teacher, who throughout a lengthy illness, remained hopeful and reassuring and gave comfort to those dear to her as she left this life.


Dadi Janki, Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, at 102 years old, joined the gathering and she invited everyone to sit in silence, to sit in peace and shared the following wisdom.


“We are all the children of God and yet when we recognise God He consciously adopts us.  Once God adopts us, He hugs us and then he teaches us to fly.  There is no effort or ego in that.  When we are free of ego there is a great deal of happiness.  We have two enemies: Ego and attachment.  When we are free of both these, God will enable us to create huge fortune.  On one side is God and on the other side is my fortune and we receive God’s power.  Even if we don’t want it, human nature is such that ego comes in.  God reminds us – who are you showing your ego to.  Be an honest child of God and you will become egoless.  The vision of love and honesty is what I can share”.


Georgina Long, the Brahma Kumaris Interfaith Co-coordinator, on behalf of all present, thanked the World Congress of Faiths trustees, the panellists and the audience for their contribution.


Marcus Braybrooke, the president of the World Congress of faiths finalised by giving thanks to Dadi Janki: “Thank you Dadi for your whole way of life, your example and the love and for the kind hospitality we have had this evening”


Dadi Janki shared toli and blessings with all.


Click here for report in PDF format.




Treading Lightly on the Earth: GCH Celebrates World Environment Day, June 3rd

5 July 2018


BK Maria Faundez, who had organised the event, welcomed everyone.  She introduced the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative and how it has been encouraging green initiatives at all the Centres across the world.  The afternoon was dedicated to the World Environment Day, 5th June, and the focus this year is to ‘beat plastic pollution’.  Maria mentioned that a slogan of the Brahma Kumaris is ‘when we change the world changes’.  She hoped the afternoon would inspire each of us to make positive changes in our life.


A minute’s silence to send peaceful vibrations to the world was held before BK Thiru Seelan performed a dramatic dance; demonstrating the beauty, harmony, peacefulness and coolness of nature.  But demonstrating also the sudden unpredictability and explosive power of natural forces to create chaos, as a result of human behaviour.  Thiru is an Indian, classical and contemporary dancer who is studying for an MA in dance movement psychotherapy.


BK Nik Haddadi, a facilitator in social change, facilitated the discussion that took place between:

  • Catherine Allinson, Founder and Director of Future Earth Ltd;
  • Dharmachari Sanghasiha, Teacher at the London Buddhist Centre and Deep Ecology retreats Leader; and
  • Sister Jayanti, European Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, who has headed the BK delegation for the UN Climate Change Conferences since 2009.


Each speaker spoke for 10 minutes; sharing their perspective on how we can tread lightly on the earth.


Catherine (some points)

  • There has been a huge increase in world population since 1970.  We are now 7.6 billion.
  • We understand, use and, sadly, also deplete our four spheres: air, water, land and all the living species in the planet.
  • She also mentioned how 25,000 living species are, at this time, critically threatened with extinction due to human activity.
  • We over-use our resources.  We used to be in tune with nature, but we have somehow lost that ability to feel and to listen to the Earth and its rhythms.
  • The aboriginals used to navigate across Australia in search of water.  No-one can explain how they did it but they managed to feel where water was.
  • The native American Indians know more about watersheds and their management than any technical university in the United States, and they’ve never read a book
  • We are all related, connected but we’ve been blind to this deep connection we have with one another. We have lost our balance.  In this part of the world, we have been focusing on market driven economics and have forgotten that human happiness and fulfilment is based on social and environmental harmony.
  • Earth is a self-regulatory system; a living organism that finds its own balance.
  • It is our transcendent capabilities that we need for our planet – the mental and spiritual connection that is felt when we care for and love each other.
  • Every atom on this earth is a resource.  We shouldn’t waste anything.  We should use everything sustainably.  It is our responsibility to do what we can to find the inner stability to use them sustainably.
  • Earth Overshoot Day is when we use more than one planet’s worth of resources.
  • We are using far more than we should.
  • 93,000 billion tons of resources, excluding water, enters the global economy each year to provide for our food, energy, houses, clothes, everything that we use.  Each day, I use half my weight.  We are piling up the waste in the world.
  • Use of plastic.  It’s estimated that 93 billion tonnes of plastic have been produced since the1950’s.  Approximately 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2016; nearly a quarter of those by the Coca Cola company.
  • It takes 450 years for those bottles to biodegrade.  Imagine the pollution we are creating just through the use of plastic bottles.
  • We throw things away before they have reached the end of their life.  We call them waste, but we could make things out of them.  We should use our ingenuity.
  • If we lose the earth’s topsoil this planet will end up looking like the moon...a barren desert.
  • Yet we are also increasingly aware of our actions.  It is what we are doing to refine that behaviour and awaken our consciousness that’s really important for how we sustain life on Earth.
  • In 2015, economist Geoffrey Sachs led a number of working groups to launch the sustainable development goals, our common vision to help all people live happy, healthy lives by 2030.
  • We have the Paris agreement, thanks to Christina Figueres who has been speaking up for and driving awareness of climate change.  She and Geoffrey Sachs are extraordinary people who have been getting the globe on board to agree on agendas like this.
  • On a more local level, Opportunity Peterborough is part of the “circular economy”. The Peterborough Pledge meant that all businesses and the City of Peterborough came together to agree that they would make their city “circular”.  That means not wasting things; keeping everything that comes into Peterborough in Peterborough, for as long as possible.  They do this in a very practical way: they come together to share those resources, whether it is office space, a place on a training course, chairs, skills, and everything you need to run a small business.  It is a fantastic little operation that’s making inroads at a city level.
  • The most important things we can do is
    • To act;
    • To do a life audit, have a look at
      • how you shop,
      • how you travel,
      • how you eat and
    • See if you can make a few shifts, just to tread a little more lightly on Earth.
    • To reflect, to think very deeply how we engage with each other and with the environment and to spend more time in it, even if it’s raining.
    • To engage with each other, with your family, and tell them how you feel when you are out in the rain.


    • I’m a humble meditation teacher.  I’m not a scientist or campaigner but I do have a deep conviction that, as spiritual practitioners, we have an essential part to play in meeting the environmental crisis.
    • Deep ecology begins and ends with wonder and we ought to consider life, indeed our very existence, as a flowing current.
    • Arne Naess (Founder of Deep Ecology movement) held that the natural order has intrinsic value that transcends human values.
    • Big ecological problems cannot be resolved by a capitalist society but only by recognising the intrinsic value of all forms of life and the environment, rather than utilitarian rules or market values.
    • We don’t say that every living being has the same value as a human, but that it has an intrinsic value that is not quantifiable; that is not equal or unequal. It has a right to live and blossom.
    • Deep Ecology points to profound truths about our relationship to ourselves, to one another and the world.
    • Deep ecologists believe we need to renounce the idols that set us apart from nature.  Idols of technology, capitalism, and militarism, patriarchy, materialism, the consumer society and the increasing sophistication of our own lives.
    • In the West in particular, we are often engaged in a utilitarian relationship with the natural environment.  That has led us directly, and continues to lead us, towards the despoliation of the earth. This is at the cost of our own spiritual, ethical, physical, and psychological reduction and perhaps even our eventual extinction.
    • The pagan and animist world views have a sense of connectedness with life on earth.  They pay reverence to the natural world.
    • If we surrender to the earth’s intelligence we will rise up rooted like trees.
    • Connecting to a sense of mystery and the magical is essential.
    • Humanity needs to know that an inability to explain something rationally does not disprove its existence.  We have to recognise that, in addition to rational thinking, our minds are capable of other more powerful mental processes.  These lead us to intuitively grasp a tiny sparkling fragment of reality.
    • The murmur of nature is always there; the trees rustling, the peacocks screaming and tigers roaring.  We ignore this connection to nature at our peril.
    • It seems that if we continue to be intoxicated with our economical and psychological processes, we are like the active alcoholic or addict.  Then we stumble blindly into the future thinking that we can go on in our madness indefinitely. We believe that somehow our behaviour does not affect the world around us; that we are somehow separate from it.  This has led to greater divisions and inequalities within our own species, economically, politically, and socially.  Wealth and power is increasingly concentrated on the select few individuals, corporations, and ruling elites.
    • Our separation from the natural world has left us further spiritually and resource depleted.  That depletion has divided us further still.
    • Because we are sentient, we are responsible.  We know our actions have consequences.  We may not be aware of those consequences or we may deny their effects, but we are still responsible.  Our actions affect every single part of the globe and every eco system.
    • Every creature knows when a hawk is cruising or a human is strolling.  This information is passed through the system.  It is called intelligence.
    • We need to pay attention to what’s going on; to wake up, to listen, to see, to feel, to touch, to wonder.
    • The question is not now one of progress or even sustainability but one of withdrawal and retreat if we are to survive.
    • There is a saying that ‘if we are afraid to get close to the pain of the world then we will be banished from its joy too’.
    • Here’s what we can do:
      • raise awareness,
      • campaign,
      • lobby,
      • live a meaningful life,
      • take only what we need,
      • research,
      • question,
      • educate ourselves and others,
      • engage more deeply with our spiritual practice,
      • stay connected with a sense of love and wonder through the cultivation of mindfulness.


Click here for detailed report with photos.




"A Greater Love - Demystifying Detachment" Talk by Sister Jayanti at GCH on 24th May

16 June 2018


Introduced and welcomed by BK Jim RyanSister Jayanti’s opening question to a full Conference Hall audience was ‘What conversation is going on inside ourselves….is it of guilt and shame or is it of love?’  For the next hour Sister Jayanti provided many insights and practical clarifications on this topic and it was received with great enthusiasm and appreciation by many, in the Hall and online.


Please see below some of the main points shared:


  • I can only love others when I agree to love myself first
  • When my needs are met by the Divine, then I won’t ‘use’ people to do this.  When there is this inner vacuum, even if I have everything externally, I am going to use human beings.
  • It is possible for a human soul to become a devta, a divine being created in the image of God.
  • I start to give human beings love when I am able to draw love from God and my needs are met by Him.  All disappointments and expectations in relationships then cease.
  • To come to a stable stage of loving myself, I must:
  • 1st Step Recognize the inner being
  • 2nd step Know my core values and be aligned with them and then I can say “I love myself”.
  • 3rd step Recognize and connect with the Divine, by detaching ‘from my skin’.  This provides powerful love and activates all the qualities I need to develop within and to become aligned to my core values.
  • Detachment is the opposite of possessiveness.  Possessiveness causes pain to the one who wishes to possess or control.  In today’s world, many are very insecure and when there is insecurity the need to control is stronger.  When I am secure, I am not possessive.
  • When I am able to love myself, to be stable and confident in a state of self-awareness and self-respect, I don’t need to control.  Starting inside is really the key.
  • Often, people feel damage and hurt from the ones they are closest to, those who they appreciate and love.
  • When there is an exchange of help, I also have to be careful that I don’t then become dependent and attached.
  • Detachment is appreciation and unpolluted love; when I give help at the time of need and then let go.  With detachment, there is a state of love and happiness continuously.
  • Detachment gives courage and confidence to another, so they can go out and fly; like a parent bird pushing its chick out of the nest so that it can develop its strengths.
  • In today’s world, many often allow dependencies to continue, which can hold them back.
  • Detachment is an inner journey. As I focus more and more on the awareness within myself, I am able to see other human beings as that inner being, that being of light.  Then there is a deeper connection with them.
  • With the understanding of re-birth and the eternity of the soul, I can appreciate that when someone leaves the body at ‘death’, the soul takes another human body to continue its journey.  Half the world’s population does not understand this concept.
  • On a human level, we may know each other for some years, yet we also have known each other for eternity.

In terms of parenting, we are stewards to cherish, love, inspire, care and share with our children.  Yet, we don’t possess them.

  • The concept of being a trustee in everything I have and ‘possess’ is very important.
  • Many adults carry trauma and wounds that can be traced back to infancy.  The scars can then be very deep.  Wounded adults then create wounded children.  The love from the Divine is able to heal.  This is a love that never causes pain.
  • When there is pure love, it uplifts and empowers.  It always wants others to be better than they were yesterday.  It always seeks ways to help them move forward.
  • In the love I experience from the Divine, I need to fill with pure love and joy.  Pure love does not criticize or see weaknesses.
  • To the extent I am in touch with my inner core values, then I am open to God’s love and have the grace to accept others love.
  • When there is shame and failure then these scars create a block…there is fear of being hurt again.
  • We may try and love someone but if they are not ready to accept, their defence mechanisms are up and the love cannot reach them.
  • If I have filled myself with love, then it is not limited to any time frame.
  • I may think of love in terms of ‘my family, my kith and kin’ – but a greater love is available to every human being.  This is only possible when I have moved away from limitations of attachments.
  • Meditation is the way to go up above and see the world as my home and all people as my family.  It is then much easier to manage the tensions and conflicts that exist today.  If I am ready to fly now, then detachment is the key.



What is the purpose of the ego in self-love?

  • We use the most amazing energy that exists in the universe; the energy of thought.  When I think of someone I love, our thoughts connect.  We can use the power of our thought to connect and communicate with the Divine.
  • Thought is the basis of our success or failure.  So, let go of all negative thoughts until there is nothing of them left.  Now, when I understand I am a soul with all the treasures within me, I can start moving in this direction.

We are conditioned to depend upon each other to give us a sense of belonging.  What is the first stage to simplify one’s life?

  • It is not easy to declutter a cupboard, never mind our life!  It is good to begin with spiritual study.  If I want to have a state in which the soul is self-sufficient and I’m not rejecting anyone, I need to actively study, find out information, understand it, assimilate it and practise this in life.  Then this will make the soul self-reliant.
  • My experience is that I can go inside and come to the awareness of I the soul, the being of light.  In that state, I am detached from all things here and I have attuned myself to the presence of the Divine.  As my mind becomes more peaceful in that direction, I am able to experience more of God’s love.
  • If I keep giving love, then fear is reduced; insecurities come to rest.  There is then a sense of being able to rely on this consistent love that is coming.
  • When we are consistent, others are able to trust and accept us.  There is a step forward in the right direction


How do we detach from situations that are quite testing?

  • If we want to perform, we have to rehearse to prepare.
  • In a challenging situation, if I have prepared myself, the preparation helps me at that critical moment.  Being aware of the inner being and practising this will help me at a time of crisis.  Being the observer will help me deal with a crisis.  When I see everyone as actors, I get a much broader perspective than if I just play my role.  Be an observer of the situation.  The world is the stage and these are all the actors playing their role.  I can just give good wishes.  This is what works in an amazing way.
  • Let me create the feeling of sending thoughts of good wishes to everyone.

Sister Jayanti finished with a meditation commentary to draw a greater love from the Divine and Jim Ryan thanked her and closed the evening.


Report in PDF format



Jivan Ka Aadhar - Gita Saar - How to apply the knowledge of Gita in daily life with Sr Jayanti

28 May 2018


Global Co-operation House started a new initiative to introduce Hindi lectures to the Indian community, in addition to the Hindu festival events. The first one was well received, with approx. 180 attending on a Sunday afternoon, listening attentively to Sister Jayanti speak about the essence of the Gita, and how the knowledge can be applied at this present time.


The True meaning of Gita is to apply the knowledge into your daily activities to experience peace, happiness and purity. The current time can be referred to the time when the knowledge of the Gita was shared. Today the biggest battlefield is the field of action known as ‘Karma-shetra’. Each Individual is Arjuna: Symbol of the mind that is confused, insecure, and full of fear, attachment, anger, and ego. On one side, God is influencing my mind through silence, devotion, knowledge etc, and on the other side the world is pulling me through various temptations. The mind is unable to remain still.


The essence of Gita can be shared through four main aspects:

1. Who Am I? The first lesson is to know the self, that I am a soul, separate from the body. The soul is the immortal, eternal energy that drives the body. Most of the world’s issues and personal issues can be solved by being in the stage of soul consciousness.


2.Who is God? God is incorporeal,a point of light and comes to give His own introduction: those who are truly looking for Me, can attain Me through My knowledge. Sister Jayanti touched upon the teachings that God gives when He comes, the meaning of Raja Yoga and Manmanabhav, and how we can go beyond all attraction and connect the mind and intellect to the Supreme Soul.


3.What do I have to do? Karma philosophy God says that actions done in My remembrance will be elevated actions, and with no desire for any fruit. The biggest battle takes place between the mind and the intellect - between the negativity and divinity within each individual. Those who make the conscious decision to walk on the path of divinity, God helps them and walks with them at every step.


4.What time are we going through now? The cycle of time is divided into 4 ages: Satuyug(GoldenAge)the age of Truth; Tretayug (Silver Age); Dwaparyug (Copper Age), the age of Disunity, dysfunctionality, disharmony; and finally Kaliyug (Iron Age), when the signs of ati dharam glani are heights of degradation, no values left in politics, business, education, science. It is in the era of post-truth that God comes and establishes one religion, the religion of peace which enables (empowers) each one to walk on the path of righteous behavior - Dharma.

Spiritual life is the foundation to lead a smooth and effective worldly life. The two are not different, rather they go hand in hand. After a few questions from the public, Sister Jayanti finished with a meditation commentary to experience the self and God.


A three-day Raja Yoga shibir was held as a followup,to which a few people signed up and attended.



'A Spiritual Route to Health and Wellbeing' - 29th April, GCH

20 May 2018


This program was held in Global Co-operation House 29th April.  The links of meditation and spiritual teachings to well being were discussed and many insightful comments were made.  Sister Jayanti joined the programme and gave a brief talk, sharing her experiences.


Click here to see the report and photos


Click here to see the video recording of the programme


Sister Jayanti - A Spiritual Route to Health and Wellbeing




Panel Discussion - A Spiritual Route to Health and Wellbeing





Dadi Janki in London: Welcome Programme - 25th April at GCH

29 April 2018


Jayminiben thanked Baba from the heart for bringing Dadi Janki once again to London. It was not even in our dreams that Dadi would come here so soon. It was 25th April 1974 that Dadi first arrived in the UK and today here she is again!  This evening a few brothers and sisters would  share their thanks to Baba, drama, Dadi, Sister Hansa, Sister Devi and Brother Kumar who helped make it all happen and also express how Dadi had helped them in their lives. It is a dream for us and for Dadi too.


Sister Shivali sang a very beautiful song Tumhe mere Mandir… (You are my Temple, You are my Worship, You are my God).


Brother Nick (London) then shared a story about a King who organised an exhibition and someone who visited the most beautiful exhibition of all the world’s greatest works of art and beauty. The stall owners would try and persuade him to buy something but he said he would continue to look around till he found something that satisfied him. Instead of buying any of the beautiful products, he chose to go to the king who had organised the exhibition and held his hand and said I want to buy this…because it is this hand that has created all of this. However the king said I am not to be bought, not with money anyway but with love. So the man surrender himself to king. He realised that in giving his life over to the king, all those beautiful artefacts would be his anyway, he did not need to purchase anything and yet everything was his. Our life is the same journey, Dadi’s journey is the same too…


Next, a circle of kumaris came and sat in front of Dadi and shared what they had learned being in Dadi’s presence. Sr Nicole: “Dadi has become so pure that I feel Baba’s presence when I am around you.” Sr Bharti: “When Dadi has asked me: ‘Where do you stay?’ I’ve always said ‘Here. Now I’ll say: I stay up there.”  Sr Jyoti (London/Pune): “…Dadi, your presence is like a volcanic flame that’s providing light to the whole yagya and I take the inspiration from you to be a sparkling jyoti(light) in Baba’s home in London and everywhere.” Sr Swetha: “ I am amazed that whenever I see you there is an atmosphere of peace and power. You have conquered matter completely and are always on service.”  Sr Ruchi: “The last time you came you said you take baba with you and this time when you stepped into GCH I felt baba was really with you. When Dadi comes, the atmosphere Madhuban also comes; an atmosphere in which we are inspired to learn.”  Sr Gulseren: “When Dadi first came to Istanbul in 2004 there was a banner with the words: We love you Dadi and Dadi asked: How can you love me – you don’t know me! When I start to know you and to know God through you I really love you, Dadi!”


Sr Gizi then presented Dadi with a bouquet of flowers and shared what she had taken from Dadi: “I have taken lightness, how to do sukarma (elevated karma) and I guess it’s worked because I’ve been fairly obedient! Thank you, Dadi.”


Sr Rekha sang the murli song of the day: Someone made me belong to Him and taught me how to smileMany in the auditorium joined in the singing and clapping.


Sister Jayanti: How Dadi has flown here and arrived here in front of us is amazing. Just think about the day you fly to India - can you get off the flight and do you make it to class immediately? But look at Dadi, she just got off the plane and she is here sitting with all of us as a conqueror of matter. At one point I had mentioned about Dadi going back and she said to me “Who is thinking of going back?” So Dadi has given such a feeling of hope that she is happy sitting in her home.   


Sister Hansa: Dadi is truly a conqueror of matter. When Dadi arrived this morning her energy was different to what it is now so let’s hear from Dadi now.


Dadi Janki

It is as though we are holding the globe in our hands and Baba has taught us how to smile. There is no nourishment like happiness and no disease than worry. Baba too becomes happy when He sees someone happy and the entire Godly family also becomes happy. Today the murli said: See your face in the mirror of your heart. So today I won’t speak much but just look at everybody. Who am I and who is mine? We have to be free from ego. If not today then tomorrow these clouds will disperse. In the entire world there is no place like Global House, not even Diamond House is like this. Everyone has their set seats here. The Lord becomes pleased with an honest heart. When the children have courage the Father helps.  Om shanti.


Download PDF of above text here.




"The Value of a Calm Mind" - Sr Jayanti in Worthing on 22nd April

24 April 2018


“We have forgotten the value of having a calm and peaceful mind” Sister Jayanti of the Brahma Kumaris told a gathering at Sion Senior School on Sunday 22nd April.


At the event, which was organised by the Lighthhouse Retreat Centre, Sister Jayanti, a master yogi and experienced meditation teacher, was interviewed by Neville Hodgkinson, former science correspondent for The Times newspaper, on the suject of a calm mind.


Sister Jayanti explained that there are a whole range of emotions – anger, jealousy, fear - that are associated with a mind that is not calm, but when the mind is calm and peaceful we open up to joy, love and clarity. We also have a greater capacity for listening to others and for connecting with them heart-to-heart. When we learn to make the mind calm, she told the audience, life can change dramatically.


The starting point to having a calm mind, Sister Jayanti continued, is to understand that the real self is not the physical body, but the 'inner being'. It is this inner being, the immortal soul, that creates thoughts and feelings. She then spoke a meditation commentary to help the audience turn inwards and experience themselves as souls, points of shining light.


In answer to further questions she gave the following tips for developing a calm mind:

  • Have the practice of connecting deeply with the peace and love within your own self.
  • Feed your mind at the beginning of each day with pure, elevated thoughts of your own beauty and truth.
  • Have patience with the self – personal change takes time.


The programme concluded with another powerful meditation commentary from Sister Jayanti and a song from singer-song writet Lou Beckerman.


Information on future Brahma Kumaris programmes in Worthing can be found at www.lighthouseretreatcentre.org or 01903 8208



"Compassion in Action" Coffee Morning Held on 17th April at GCH, London

24 April 2018


60 women from many cultures and faiths came together to share in a coffee morning with the Religions for Peace UK Women of Faith Network and the Brahma Kumaris Women and Spirituality Group at the Brahma Kumaris National Centre in North London. The theme of the morning was Compassion in Actionand diverse organisations were present enjoying each other’s company, catching up with old friends, making new ones and hearing about the social community activities, not just locally, but globally.


Ravinder Kaur Nijjar, the Chair of UK Women of Faith Network, shared about the initiative called Share a Meal - Gift a Meal. The idea being that sitting down together sharing food is a donation to society in itself. The value of this donation of time produces multi fold results of friendship, creativity, a secure space and a raising of female self-esteem. They are more than just fund-raising opportunities, they also provide a time and a place for women to inspire, encourage and grow in each other’s company.


Hilary Wright, from Marys Meals, a Scottish based Christian humanitarian organisation, gave a presentation on the initiative of providing one nutritious meal each day for children in 15 countries. The local communities are trained to assist in the teaching and feeding of the children.


She demonstrated the real use of monies donated that for every £1 donated 93 pence goes to provide meals. One can also donate towards providing backpacks holding simple items for the school day.


Cindy Lass spoke of her project, All Hearts Beat as One. This is not a fund-raiser but is an opening for people to come together and use their sewing skills to embroider a heart. Her desire is for people all over the world to join their hearts together as one family.


Georgina Long, the Interfaith Co-ordinator for the Brahma Kumaris, interviewed Agya Oberai about her work with battered women and the homeless in her borough. After a lifetime in nursing she now selflessly gives of her time and energy to support the most disadvantaged. She expressed how, at the age of 73, she is able to serve her community with the support of her spiritual life.


In small groups, two questions were discussed: Do I have enough resources of love and compassion to share, even when I feel I cannot take care of my own needs? How willing am I to put compassion into action?

There were interesting returns from this interaction:  

·         What you give to all, including yourself, is WHAT YOU GET.

·         Natural compassion is within all of us more than we know!

·         Compassion is the CARE of my being!

·         Belief in myself comes with gratitude and faith.

·         First have love for myself, then I am willing to share that love fully with others when I am non-judgemental.


Maureen Goodman, Programme Director of the Brahma Kumaris closed the event finalised by leading everyone into a beautiful reflection on the morning.



Bharat Gaurav Award bestowed on Br Amir Chand of Chandigarh and Sudesh Didi of Germany

23 April 2018


The Bharat Gaurav Award is a Life Time Achievement Award organised by Sanskrit yuva Santha and presented to outstanding professionals and dignitaries for their extraordinary accomplishments, philanthropic work, and contributions to humanitarian causes.   Now in its sixth year, the  award ceremonies for the fourth time took place at the British Parliament Houses of Commons in London, UK.   Such dignitaries from various sectors of our society including technology, media, film industry, Arts and Culture, businesses, Social, spiritual, medical, industry and Environment, those present are mostly of Indian origin from around the world.  These individuals are honored and acknowledged for their extraordinary achievement which impacts world affairs, community, the country as a whole and in particular their work adds to the glory of Bharat; thus it is known as "The Glory of Bharat" Award.  


Prominent and high profile Indians from around the world are invited, this year there were dignitaries from 17 Countries including USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany,  Australia, Kuwait many other countries participated in the felicitation programme which was held at the House of Common, British Parliament UK on 13th April 2018.


It was very colorful and joyous event filled with love and the feeling of pride that we all belong to 'That One Bharat, the Mother Land'. At the end, we all paid our respects by singing the Indian National Anthem and everyone saluted to the land of Bharat by greeting 'Bharat mata ki Jai!'


The presenters of Award from Parliament were Baroness Verma and The Deputy High commissioner, Mr Dinesh Patnaik, along with a few members of the organising team of the Bharat Award, including Mr Ganesia, Mr Suresh Mishra (founder of the Bharat Gaurav Award) and Robert G Davies, UK Director of Reech Sports Cymru Ltd..  


Br Amir Chand, Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris Punjab zone, India, and Didi Sudesh, European Co-ordinator were awarded on behalf of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.


Best Wishes,

Jaymini Patel



Videos of Amirchandbhai and Sudesh Didi Awards and Interviews



Photos of the Bharat Gaurav Award



Sister Jaymini attends UN World Water Day Celebrations at the House of Lords, London, UK

28 March 2018


Sister Jaymini represented Brahma Kumars  at the House of Lords on Thursday 22nd March , when she attended the United Nations  World Water Day Celebrations. 


Hosted by Baroness McIntosh of Pickering, this event was organised by Sanskruti Centre in co-operation with Just a Drop, BPF, CIWM, DWI, and OneLess.  


The theme of UN World Water Day this year was: Nature for Water – explor ing how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century. Sister Jaymini had the opportunity to share  spiritual thoughts on  the nature of water, saying: "Water is one of the element s of nature . To purity the element of water human positive energy is needed." She followed this by sharing a few meditative thoughts with the gathering. 


Attending the meeting on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris along with Sister Jaymini, were Maria Faundez, Rajesh Khanna and Rajani Kumar.



Refurbishment of the Global Retreat Center, Oxford

15 March 2018


Dear Centre Coordinators, 

Refurbishment of the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford

Greetings of love.

You may know that for quite some time, discussions have been taking place about a major refurbishment of the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford (GRC), the first retreat centre opened by the Brahma Kumaris anywhere in the world.  We are happy to be able to let you know that it is now going ahead. Work will continue for 18 months to two years, during which there will be a complete shutdown of activities.

The enclosed letter gives details of the project. It will involve a big financial outlay by the Brahma Kumaris(UK) charity, and the Board of Trustees, in deciding to go ahead, have asked us to invite donations to the project from the many who have taken benefit from GRC over the past 25 years. 

The enclosed letter gives details of the project, and explains how donations can be made. We would be grateful if you could forward it to contacts who have been to GRC, and also let your students know about the development.  Many do love and value GRC and have taken much spiritual benefit from their visits.  A document outlining BKWSU UK guidelines for accepting donations is also enclosed.

For your information, this letter has already been sent to those who have participated in the Call of the Time Dialogues.

Many thanks for your kind attention and your constant loving cooperation in all ways.

In Baba’s loving yaad,


Sister Jayanti


Guidelines for Acceting Donations in PDF format


Refurbishment Letter in PDF format



Celebration of International Women's Day event at GCH - 4th March - Report

4th March 2018


Over 60 people joined this annual special event to honour the UN International Women’s Day and to highlight the wealth of strengths and contribution that women bring to the world. Quotes of inspiration from powerful women leaders representing Soft Power were shown on screen as everyone entered: Dadi Janki (Faith and Wisdom), Mother Theresa (Unconditional Love and Care), Michelle Obama (Grace and Dignity), Maya Angelou (Courage and Commitment) and Louis Hay (Self-care and Delight).


BK Vicky Rainbow set the scene with several uplifting songs .... ‘What the world needs now is truth and with truth for all there will be peace...’


MC Grace Mufti welcomed and mapped out the afternoon that was to focus on the rediscovering of Soft Power: the power and ability to reshape, adapt and recreate; the power to adjust and to collaborate rather than to compete,


BK Samantha Fraser then held a conversation on Soft Power with Jan Alcoe, author of Lifting our Spirits; Natasha Elcock, a survivor of the Grenfell Tower disaster and activist for Grenfell United, a group working with the NHS to support victims of trauma; And BK Rosemary Turbeville Smith, a mother and a woman who has overcome many adversities in her life. Each speaker shared a different dramatic journey in which they have developed strength.


Jan Alcoe, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, overcame the fear of impending mortality and the stress this created for her children. She transformed the situation by shifting her approach from the assertiveness of fighting cancer to drawing on deeper resources of gentleness and loving the self, as well as adopting gratitude and a softer way to embrace the....click here for detailed report with photos.



Under the Canopy of God's Love - 11th February at Global Cooperation House

16 February 2018


With approximately 300 people present and a further 100 online this years Maha ShivRatri celebration focused on the direct experience and relationships available to all at this time.


Everyone was welcomed by BK Kishore Krishnan, who also held the conversation that ensued.


Global Cooperation House is in the borough of Brent in London and the evening was graced by the Leader of Brent Council, Councillor Mohammed Butt, who shared from his heart: ‘What I love about us all is we are humanity. When we sit in this room we have one purpose and this is to unify to find peace and harmony.. We need to make sure that every community that we engage with and every street we walk in, whether we go to a temple, a mosque, a church....etc the only words that bind us are of God’s Love. We need to be caring and understanding because we are the ‘human nation’ and we need to remember this and make sure no one gets left behind’.


A video message from Sister Jayanti, European Director of Brahma Kumaris, explained the spiritual significance of this auspicious festival:


... This is not just a celebration of something that happened 5,000 years ago but something we are participating right now. The Gita describes the period of God’s descent as when extreme unrighteousness is happening.....do we recognize it is this same moment once again and it is the moment according to God’s promise that He comes to show us the way out of the darkness and into the light...We can experience this today no matter how much chaos is happening around us. ...let the experience of God’s love help you and others to come back to a state of harmony. The time is today to experience liberation from all types of grief and sorrow and experience great happiness in life....this is the fast which can bring us closer to God. The fast from impure thoughts, activity and behaviour......and we then experience being brought out of the darkness of ignorance and into the light and experience the significance of Shiv Ratri and the beauty and truth that God wishes to bestow us...(extract)


Click here for detailed report with photos.