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Sacred Activism, sacred waters, and sacred labyrinths and more

29 September 2017


Dear friends and servers


Greetings of peace. With care and compassion we continue  to co-create the future world 
of beauty and balance. Please find some news from people who have shared what they do. 
World Environment Day was celebrated by 300 centers in India in June!


If you are in Madhuban on 12 October 2017, you are most welcome to attend the Green Day -  Your day with Mother Earth. Info is already sent to the centers together with the seminar schedule.


Preparations for next Climate Change Conference COP23 in Bonn, Germany is going on with full speed. Here you have a pre-glimpse of the first draft of the calendar of events


You can also read the statement "Empowering People" made for COP23. 


Green is indeed Baba’s colour for service

best of all

Sonja, Arnold, Peter on behalf of all of you


World Environment Day was celebrated in a grand way in India in June this year. 300 BK centers did programs under the canopy of the Rural Wing. It is 100 more center compared to 2016. Sumanth bhai has collected photos and we would like to share some 

if the wonderful images with you. Please enjoy the picture report.


3 interesting links from Arnold:

The Scientific Secret to Permanent Stress Reduction - Interesting findings about the benefits of veganism.

Nature videos made violent prisoners more peaceful - The Washington Post What is Ecosia? - The search engine that plants trees 



Sacred Activism  - Healing the Split

Why is it important for us spiritual people to care for political activism? Article and news by Patrizia Heise, Freiburg, Germany


Sacred Waters

Juan Milling from Canada wanted to shared with you the mini documentary that was made from the Sacred Waters interfaith convergence in Rio. Sr. Mariana from Brazil and Juan had the chance to participate in the event  last may 2017, it is in Spanish/Portuguese  with English subtitles. Om & Eco Shanti

Morocco September 2017 - Climate Chance

Here is a report on the Aqadir Climate Chance Conference e vent sent by Valeriane.


Philippines  July 2017 - BK Golos visit

Sister Rajni writes: Baba, Ocean of Yuktis, constantly inspires His children of different skills and capacities to use everything in a worthwhile way. He considers them His stewards for Mother Earth, the corporeal world, in practical ways. One of them is BK Brother Golo. His recent visit to the Philippines was very timely, the country being among the most vulnerable to future  foreseeable calamities, and with programs that presented subjects on Disaster Consciousness. More service news


Labyrinth Experience from Leura Retreat Centre,  Australia

Sometimes you need to get lost in order to find yourself ...After a brief introduction to the ancient practice of labyrinth walking we proceed into its actual creation, all carried out in silence. .... After a few years of our self constructed labyrinths we moved to a more permanent construction in the heart of the bushland. Read more and see pictures


Dadi on Nature 24.8.17:


This word ‘nature’... We are creating our nature. The nature of having God by our side. The nature where God is inseparable. Sanskars and nature are different. The mind and intellect is in the soul. With our mind, we have to stay in remembrance. Through remembrance I can change my attitude, vision and awareness. When there is remembrance in my awareness, that influences my attitude, and that will show in my eyes. Baba is the Bestower of Fortune.


New interview  - Caring for a World in Transition, interview by Golo during Spirit of Humanity Forum, Iceland April 2017.


Facebook Page


Facebook Group



Dadi Janki Message for Environment, Green Angel Meditations and much more

10 August 2017

Dear servers and creators

This is an incredible mail to share with you all. There are 4 new publications to enjoy:

Our dearest Dadi's beautiful message for the environment

New section on renewable energy on our BK International website

New collection of Green Angel meditation commentaries

New BK statement for next climate change conference.


We also have great news from all over the world from our fantastic community -the Caribbean, Brazil, UK, USA, EU; China. We finish with Eco-friendly tips for cleaning your home. And finally your riddle - Why are dogs happier than humans?

Thanks for the nice replies on celebrating being an earth loving organization. Maybe above publications is a way to celebrate?


best of all

Arnold, Peter, Sonja 
on behalf of all of you




1. Dadi Janki: Message for the environment.

This is a beautiful video clip of Dadis deep reflections and message for the environment. It was filmed by Denise in 2013 and a group had worked together to prepare the questions etc. Most welcome to use it.Direct Youtube Link


2. New section on renewable energy on our BK International website.
Great news -in the main menu under HOPE you can now read on BK’s work on 
Renewable Energy
There is also a section on 
Environment. Enjoy!


3. Green Angel Guided meditations
Eight Green Angel commentaries are recorded. The concept is that the commentaries 
are short 1-2 min, and then we leave space for the meditations to reflect with music only. 
Thanks to Brother Mauricio from  Chile for the Dilaram music. 

You can hear and download them here, for example Tree of Life, Being Connected, Angel Wings.etc.


4. Empowering People for a World in Transition
With input from the climate change team, sister Rachel from UK has written this deep and easy 
to read 
BK statement for next climate change conference in Bonn, Germany. Enjoy reading and churning. It can also be used for background material when giving workshop and presentations. And it is already translated to German language.


Caribbean Green Awareness Tour  

Brother Golo was invited to the Caribbean region to share about the link between the environment and our state of mind. It became a full service tour meeting many individuals who are concerned about the climate change, deterioration of sensitive coral reefs and increased hurricanes. It was new for many that we can influence the world with our attitudes and power of thoughts.


Read reports with beautiful pictures from Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados, St Martin.


Celebrate Earth: Sustainable Living, Meditation and Yoga From New York: 


Yoga and the UN Culture of Peace annual program was extra special this year as the Brahma Kumaris was invited to speak on the panel. Julia Grindon-Welch, representative of the Brahma Kumaris to the UN, shared about what the BKs are doing to support climate change using the method of 

Raj Yoga Meditation. Link for more news and presentation


International Vegetarian Forum - Beijing 


On June 28th, 2017, the first “International Vegetarian Forum” was held in the Big Health Life Driving School Research Base in Miyun District of Beijing, which has taken the lead of world’s healthy eating habits


Mombasa Interfaith waste management 
The Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA) conducted a training on waste management and disposal, at Reef Hotel in Mombasa from 1st to 2nd July 2017. Sister Pratibha and Dorcas from Nairobi  supported and contributed to this event, 
read more.


For a World of Peace - Salvador, Brazil
This event was held by Brahma Kumaris in Salvador, Brazil on 15th June to celebrate 2017 Environment Day 
and International Yoga Day.  It was a joyous day filled with dancing, lectures and various meditation exercises.  
They also had a public talk on the "Spiritual dimensions of ecology", 
read more and see pics.


Invitation:  Dear eco friends of the UK, Om shanti. A slot has been booked for our second UK BK Eco retreat 
at Worthing on the weekend of 10th to 12th November. This is for BKs who are actively engaged in projects 
relating to caring for the environment whether it is in your local community, your centre or in your own home. 
It will be for sharing ideas, news and workshops, for nature walks (weather permitting!) and for planning new initiatives. Please let me know if you would like to attend. Joanna, UK.


From Arnold: The Eco-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Your Home 


And now the answer to your riddle:



Green News Letter - An Earth Loving Organization

1 August 2017

Dear all yogis and servers


Greetings from green newsletter team. Please enjoy below news. We look forward hearing from you.


An Earth Loving organization


From Sonja: After the last newsletter, Sister Wendy from the UK wrote to me saying that she feels that now we have become an earth loving organization. She suggested we celebrate that! Great idea.


Do you have any idea how to celebrate that we have become an earth loving organization? 
Please send your ideas. 


Any celebration we decide to do, can start with kindness and an open heart - what a fantastic party that can become!  Wendy has sent us some great meditations to celebrate with, you can reflect on this beautiful illustrated booklet: 
How to send love to the Earth and all its inhabitants


We two had our own celebration on Skype - sharing that what everyone needs, including the earth, is kindness and a big heart.  How to make our BK life such that kindness and an open heart is at the core of everything we do; and think; and feel. We can reach the whole world only with pure thoughts. For that, the heart needs to be put right; it takes love and forgiveness.


World Environment Day 

We heard from many places all over the world. You can see pictures from China and Munich in Germany here: Still waiting to hear from India, who again celebrated in a grand way.


Green Retreat Center
Anubhuti Retreat Center near San Francisco joins the list of green retreat centers - Welcome! Read more here


BK Ecological Retreat in Moringen
The retreat "Now is the Time" was a great experience for the participants, you can see that here


Facebook Group

We are happy to see that many more people are contributing, from different nationalities. Currently we have 6111 members.


We wish you a wonderful summer/Winter.


You can look forward to next newsletter with news from the Caribbean Green Awareness Tour and EU Energy Days in Brussels and BK Energy Days in Belgium.


In Remembrance of the Divine Gardener


Arnold, Peter and Sonja 
on behalf of all of you

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative



Now is the time: Report of the BK Ecological Retreat for Europe and Middle East held in Germany from 15th to 19th June

1 August 2017

On Thursday 15 June 16 people from Germany, Russia, Scotland, England, Holland and Switzerland gathered in our beautiful new retreat center in Moringen for the green retreat. It was a wonderful and appropriate home for the retreat, in the middle of the forest and the hospitality of our host was fabulous.


During the retreat, we had the opportunity for early walks to serve the elements.


On the first day the retreat was dedicated to the spiritual aspect of our relationship with nature. We looked at the nature of the elements and examined the aspects of gyan relating to nature and to Baba’s recommendations on how to connect and how to create a new relationship and the consequences it will have in the future.


In the later part of the morning we were able to reflect in groups regarding these


spiritual aspects and the way to apply them in life, in relationships, in our teaching, personal effort  and understanding.


In order to go deeper into this investigation we remained in silence and used art and writing to share our experiences and reflections and gave feedback on this process and then had a  long  meditation to serve mother earth in the evening.


We ended the day with Informal conversations in which people shared their stories


On the Saturday we looked at consciousness and action and observed the impacts of our actions on the mind and the environment.


In the later part of the morning we shared the work the BKs do at the UN.


In the afternoon after lunch some the participants went for a beautiful long walk in the forest near the retreat house.


Later in the afternoon there was a panel on the spiritual and practical understanding of our relationship with nature. Gopi had collected questions from a previous service meeting regarding the COP 23 which take place in Germany in November 2017. Denise and Valeriane answered these questions and other questions from the participants of the retreat on the topic.


We ended the day by participants sharing news of green service happening in their place


On the Sunday, we looked more at how retreat participants would like to engage in serving nature. We also looked at how each could imagine changing his or her lifestyle


Group reflection: How best to communicate the link between spirituality and the environment to BKs and others? What’s next?  What’s needed? In the afternoon, our hosts had organised their first public program, taking the opportunity of the 3rd Sunday international meditation for peace and the presence of our brother David from Gyan Sarovar, they organised a coffee and jazz in the afternoon and a concert cum international meditation. In the evening the group met for the last time to share their experience of the retreat



Download report in PDF format



Green Newsletter for June - World Environment Day and Growing Angels

1 June 2017

Om Shanti to all angels in all colour


We keep growing spirituality but did you know that we also grow green angels?
And do you know about the 5 keys to sustainable happiness?
We hope that you will enjoy this BK Green Newsletter with happy small and big news.

World Environment Day is coming soon - big plans for India! Enjoy below picture from last year -
our BK mothers sitting in the desert meditating on a green future -it capture it all.
More inspiring news from Madhuban below


Coming Up: World Environment Day 5th of June.

The theme this year is Reconnecting You to Nature. You can arrange you own program,
very easy with a few clicks. Rural Wing is planning a maximum activity - see below description
sent by Raju bhai and Sumanth bhai in Madhuban. You can also post your photos in the world biggest nature photo album!


Theme of the Program: I am with Nature

Expected no. of Programs: Minimum of 300 to a max. 500+

Devised Programs: Programs at BK Centers, Schools, Colleges, Government offices, Public Programs,
Plantation Programs, Peace March, forming Human Chains, cleanliness programs, Sloganeering,
Mass Meditation for Environment etc.,

Involvement of Officials from various departments: Local Government officials serving Forestry, Rural Development,
Agriculture, Horticulture, Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Panchayatraj, Welfare, Environment NGO's: Associations,
Clubs, Self Help Groups, Corporates

Place: Almost all states in India

Main Motive: Environmental Awareness & Conservation of Natural Resources

Innovative Aspect: Meditation for Environment


More from Madhuban

Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2017 with the community in Abu, Rajasthan.

Community Services - Together Towards Sustainable development
Our "Corporate Social Responsibility  & Sustainability Initiatives" team in Madhuban has created a beautiful and
informative booklet
called "Cultivating Values - Nurturing Livelihoods". You can read about Holistic Health,
Environment, Yogic agriculture, Education, Renewable Energy etc.  Very useful for community contact.

In April you received a special India-One Newsletter.  We mentioned that Prime Minister Narendra Modi honouring 
and the BK's use of renewable energy in his video address to the BK 80th year celebration.
If you like to read the whole speech, you can see it here.


Here comes the sun...
Interesting article about India-One in the Speaking Tree - Times of India Blog


More from around the World



In last newsletter we forgot to mention the extensive green activities in Brazil. They also had a poster on
Sustainable activities in the green Booth at NC/CCs retreat in Shantivan. A whole section on their webpage is
dedicated to the environment - here it is in Portugese!


The theme for the BK Australia Environmental Group Annual Retreat 10 -12 February 2017  
APPRECIATING AND GIVING -  appreciating the colours of nature and giving to the 5 elements of nature.
Enjoy the newsletter called Growing Angels.


The first solar powered bus in the UK has been launched in Brighton - it is called Om Shanti .



The 3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum in Reykjavik, Iceland brought up the topic of environment this year.
The panel was called: Caring for a World in Transition, Building Foundation for a Loving and Peaceful World.
Golo participated on behalf of the BK's and Maureen facilitated. The BK center arranged a public talk
called Green Angel with Sonja.



Biocultura is a large annual ecological fair that takes place in many big cities in Spain. Brahma Kumaris and Marta
hosted a panel called “Conscience and sustainability” with Valeriane as panelist amongst others. 
Valeriane also gave a talk on "5 Keys to Sustainable Happiness"  at the fair.


The UN climate change conference held their annual mid-term meeting in Bonn in May.
Maureen, Valeriane, Gopi, Dagmar, Heidi, Antje and other were part of the delegation.
You can read more about a successful side event called "A Negotiators Tool Kit".

Recommended link
Arnold  recommend this TED talk : His Holiness Pope Francis: Why the only future worth building includes everyone

Environment Retreat, Moringen Germany 15th- 19th June
EU Sustainable Energy Month in June - now 7 programs in different BK venues
COP23 in Bonn, Germany in November

Do you have any news, good ideas, pictures to share with us?
Please mail or post on facebook.

Om Shanti and Green Angels greetings


Sonja & Arnold & Peter & and all of you



BK Green Inspirations and News

24 April 2017

Dear BK Green Network

In Madhuban this season we got many clear signals that the environment service has arrived at the place where it belongs. It has become a natural consideration and part of our service and lifestyle with green regional co-ordinators, green angels in the centers, green retreats, environment related topics in other retreats, green workshops offered in the centers,  many presentations and talks in the centers, huge number of invitations from other organizations, exhibitions in Madhuban, new articles being frequently produced, our solar installation
recognized nationally in India, vegan BK community growing and so on. And we have an engaged community (6050 members) in our Facebook group. One full cycle of 7 years since the environment initiative started and it flourishes beautifully.

Please enjoy this following rich mail with snippets, info, pictures and reports or follow us on facebook



Looking ahead:


Earth Day, 22 April
Greetings from Earth Day Network inviting us to participate. The theme for Earth Day 2017 is Environmental and Climate Literacy. If you like to organise an event it can be registered on the Earth Day webpage

Biodiversity Day 22 May

Biodiversity or "biological diversity," refers to the variety and variability of life on Earth. It is define in terms of the variability within species, between species, and between ecosystems. It is a measure of the variety of organisms present in different ecosystems. The number and variety of plants, animals and other organisms that exist is known as biodiversity. It is an essential component of nature and it ensures the survival of human species by providing food, fuel, shelter, medicines and other resources to mankind.  UN has proclaimed May 22  The International Day for Biological Diversity to increase understanding  of biodiversity issues.

World Environment Day 5th June
The wonderful theme of Connecting People to Nature is given by Canada, the host of environment day 2017. Welcome to organise an event, you can read more and register your event here. Last year Rural Wing in BK India did a fantastic celebration in a vast number of centers in India.

Green Retreat in Moringen, Germany
“Recreating our relationship with nature” for Europe and Middle East in the new retreat center Moringen in Germany. 
The retreat is conducted by Valeriane (Geneve) and Joanna (Isle of Man) from Thursday 15th June until Monday 19th June 2017. Registration at

EU Sustainable Energy Days in the month of June. Most welcome to participate! Read more here:


Green News: The Sustainable Development Goals Exhibition in Shantivan
A rich expo during NC meeting with news from all sectors of society. From the environment side there was exhibition from Solar, BioClick, Australia retreats, Madhuban Radio and the BK Environment Initiative. At the bottom of this mail you find an unusual and happy way to sort the Development Goals.

The Environment Stall at the  'Journey of Brahma Kumaris'  Exhibition -80th Anniversary- Shantivan (26 -30 March 2017) - Two links - A-Z Values in Nature and  Overview


Radio Madhuban celebrated the Water day and Forest day
The day was packed with activities, both on air and in villages and schools around Abu, which were designed to spread awareness about water conservation, water security and water pollution. Read more and see pictures

How to best advance energy access in India
Golo presented in the One For All campaign Consultation in Mumbai discussing what the energy access movement in India needs from global and local partners -Faith, Philanthropy, and NGOs. Read more


Climate Ethics in Genève
“Perspectives on Climate Ethics: from COP22 Marrakesh onward”.  The panel was held in the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva and focussed particularly on ethics, climate justice and human rights.  Valériane was the moderator. Read more

Green Power Events London
Please find interesting report from the Green Power events held in London in January.


Inspirations from the internet:

Website For the Love of the Earth - sent by Sheffield Center

 Era of ownership is ending, article sent by Marie Edery and Sister Jayanti

Animal Communication - Interspecies Communication by Anna Breuytenbach sent by Maciek, Poland


Om Shanti in Baba's remembrance.
Today ( and always) we especially send good wishes to Gulzar Dadiji.
Below you find a beautiful poem written by Valeriane

Sonja & Arnold on behalf of all of you

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative



From under your feet I hear you

in your pace, I can read your inner world

When it becomes light, I enjoy that,

I love the bouncing energy of your pure happiness

Of course, I do hear the heavy steps of your discouragement,

The shuffling of heavy heartedness

The loud stride of your determination


Children of God,

You will be the Angels

you will bring joy and bliss


Through the breath you exhale,

I can read your inner thoughts of love

Your pure desires, your good wishes, your feelings

All are expanding in the atmosphere,

In the air others breathe and my skies

And I can stroke your faces with the breeze

Shuffle your hair with the winds


Children of God,

You will be the angels

you will bring joy and bliss


The plants you eat are also my children,

All made of earth, fire, water and air

I am in the food you create with so much purity

And when you eat, and it gently dissolves in your bodies

I strengthen your life force

and love you in all ways


Children of God,

You will be the angels

you will bring joy and bliss


Go on blowing your magic in the air

So it soothes the pain of the sorrowful ones

Go on spreading your sparkling vision of the future

Weaving the threads for tomorrow

Singing the songs of the new day

Loving all


Children of God,

You will be the angels

you will bring joy and bliss



Article on Solar Published in Times of India

14 April 2017

Download article here as pdf.



Exploring Green Power - Making the Dream Come True

7 Febuary 2017

Exploring Green Power: Making the Dream Come True

Sunday 29th January 2 - 5.30pm · Conference Hall, Diamond House, London



On the last Sunday of January, Green Power, a new series of workshops led by the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative (BKEI) was launched at GCH. This was just a few days after ecologist and editor Satish Kumar had joined Sister Jayanti there in a lively conversation on the topic Now is the Hour.


Br Navin welcomed the audience of around 25 people and started by asking what they hoped to find in today’s event. ‘I’m trying to live better,’ said one. Another was interested in the advance of the sand in the Southern Sahara. Br Navin shared how it’s about striking the balance: what we want for ourselves in our own lives and making this world a better place to live in - and a good way to start is to ask, ‘Am I looking after my inner environment?’


Sr Leza explaining how the aim of GREEN POWER series is to offer an 'inside-out' approach to green issues, giving the understanding that by changing our consciousness and re-connecting with our inner spirit we will naturally want to make the world a cleaner, greener place. Also, it gives people who are interested in green issues spiritual tools and insights to change their way of thinking, living and being to enhance their relationship with Nature and improve the global environment.


Sr Leza pointed to a beautiful, giant visual of the Earth, our home, where each one of us tiny specks is special. She invited everyone to imagine, to feel, what the Earth is feeling at this time in history and then to write a letter from the Earth to you personally.


Br Thiru performed a dance to the song True Colours.  ‘It’s hard to take courage in a world full of people…I see your true colours shining through… Your true colours are beautiful… So don’t be afraid to let them show - your true colours…’


Sr Nirmala shared about her journey in exploring her own inner ‘green space’ and the tools she uses to help others - staff and patients - relax and make better sense of their lives. She started by raising the ultimate first question: who am I? Explaining that she’s spiritual energy, consciousness, light - a flawless diamond, just like the one everyone was handed as they walked in. If we want to fix the world we have to start with ‘fixing’ ourselves’.  She took the audience through a slide show on the BKEI and its approach of seeing ourselves as ‘guardians of the Earth’. She talked through the five main attitudes that are core to BKEI:    


1.     Living with simplicity

2.     Buying compassionately

3.     Using Economically

4.     Learning continuously - from each other and from nature, and then giving back

5.     Sharing generously     


Sr Nirmala highlighted the ‘green’ meditation commentaries offered on the website, the BK’s active participation in the United Nations COP Climate Change conferences since 1990 and, in particular, described with enthusiasm two major, practical BK green initiatives: India One, the BK’s Solar Thermal Power Plant, and also their Yogic Farming project.  She then asked us to ask ourselves: what am I doing personally? There are initiatives here in the UK to encourage us to be ‘more green’. Do I recycle rubbish, do I have a compost bin for vegetable peelings, do I have a water butt to collect rainfall, etc. Some might even have solar panels, if they have the resources. It’s a case of each doing what they can do.

     A powerful video ( was then shown about India One, a 1MW solar thermal power plant with 770 solar dishes on 35 acres of land in Rajasthan, India, near the BK spiritual HQ. This plant is able to store as well as collect solar energy - a world first, that has received funding from the Indian and German governments and has been largely constructed by using and training the local labour force Sr Nirmala then shared how, just as we can take energy from the physical sun, similarly we can connect with the Source of spiritual energy, the Powerhouse - the Divine. To connect to the source of the sun, the glass has to be clean and so I have to create my own inner solar system to connect with the Divine.    Another video on Climate Change and Consciousness, ( was shown about thoughts and awareness, giving the experience of the difference between positive and negative thoughts and how thoughts lead to our impact on the Planet. Kinder awareness leads to kinder thoughts leads to kinder actions leads to kinder impact. Impact triggers change. The time to act is now. The time to act collectively is now. It all starts and ends with our awareness. She finished with a favourite Thought for the Day: Every thought create vibrations. Vibrations are like sound waves or radiations. No obstacles, no hurdles can stop them. She shared how as she started to meditate, she became more aware of her thoughts and the impact they were having.


Sr Nirmala then led everyone in a gentle relaxation and meditation experience. After the meditation, she introduced the idea of ‘self-compassion’, saying how meditation, reflection, visualisation, listening and  appreciation are all tools we can use - with ourselves as well as others. Getting everyone to put their hand on their heart and to appreciate in their minds and give thanks for something they have done today. She then invited all to remove the hand from the heart and outstretching it to offer compassion to the world and then bringing the hand full of compassion back to the heart. Then, doing this gesture, keep in mind every living being in the Planet and Mother Earth and extend your compassion to these. Holding the diamond, experience being the diamond. Using the Buddhist concept of ‘beginner’s mind’ - seeing the diamond as if for the first time, as a child. Just observing, feeling, focusing solely on the diamond, being with the diamond. Sr Nirmala then spoke another meditation commentary about being the diamond, revealing my true colours and giving back to Mother Earth what I have been taking for so long.


A video was shown of an interview with Sr Jayanti at COP21 in Paris 2015, originally broadcast on Climate Change News.  ‘Everything starts with the individual. Things are happening across the world - it’s as if humans have forgotten to stay in touch with their own hearts. But it has to start with myself. The shift in my consciousness means I don’t need to take so much from outside... When you turn inwards and connect with the happiness and joy within, your lifestyle becomes a simple one. There’s a spirit of generosity and care and you’re able to share with others. It’s one planet and one home... We are one family... We all survive together or we all sink together… We all have to work together in a spirit of cooperation, not competition with each other. There’s no other way... [Let each one] make a conscious choice knowing that your decision about what you buy, eat or wear is going to have an impact on your carbon footprint and is going to have an impact on others too.”


After the tea break Br Gil brought everyone back with a jaunty violin piece. Sr Leza then reminded everyone of the letter the Earth had written to them earlier in the afternoon about how the Earth is feeling now. Some shared their thoughts: ‘I’m really tired’, ‘Be quiet, calm, peaceful’, Check the Earth’s resources, they are running out’, ‘Grow some more green stuff to help me heal’, ‘Look for the beauty’, ‘ I am happy to be part of this planetary system, I love the sun but please get rid of the cancer in me’, and ‘I’m worried. I am one but you and your fellow humans are intent on dividing me up.’ The Earth is saying: Please help; I’ve given you almost everything.


Sr Karishma sang the song Imagine very beautifully, with a slight but significant change of words: Imagine there’s a heaven… Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.  Sr Leza then invited everyone to be the dreamer and create a vision of how they would like the world to be in five years’ time. Then she asked: If that newly created Earth wrote to you, what would that Earth say to you? Some shared: ‘You and me are just one’, ‘I’m now spinning less fast; I am healing now’, ‘Thank you, I appreciate your global effort’,  ‘Thanks, you are my pride’, ‘I am heaven on Earth’. Just thinking these positive thoughts for the Earth and writing them down have created positive vibrations for the Earth.


Sr Leza asked everyone to look back from that beautiful Earth they had created, that heaven on Earth and to feel what it feels like. Now ask yourself: what did I do personally to make that happen? What inner change and what practical, external change can I make to bring beauty and harmony with nature? Each one wrote down their own thoughts in silence and then everyone got into groups of three or four and shared their vision and their personal contribution with others and perhaps create other ideas within the group. Each group then gave their feedback with the whole gathering and Sr Nirmala summarised them in a plan for the future, as follows:    

·       Awareness – making right choices (vegetarian food, dress) as consumers; keeping a balance of wants and needs; constantly learning to make right choices; helping to keep places clear by picking up rubbish and disposing.    

·       Recycling – share importance of this to young people and others; growing more plants both edible and ornamental; creating clean air, water and sound.    

·       Creating harmony in the family; reducing consumerism and improve sustaining resources; being the diamond and nurturing the diamond (true self); creating positive thoughts and vibrations.    

·       Sharing vibrations of peace, love, harmony; creating feelings of oneness; giving thanks to the earth for clean air, water, etc.     


Based on the ideas of creating awareness, vibrations and positive energy, knowing that our thoughts can change, Sr Nirmala led the audience into a reflection exercise:  Emerging the Diamond again, knowing that if I cannot doing anything else due to limits of resources/time, at least I can do an infinite amount of things with my thoughts. Being love. Take time to clean the diamond of the everyday dust of living. When clean, I connect with the Divine and the light of the diamond shines out into the world.


Sr Jayanti joined the gathering and Navin asked her a few questions.

     Q: Tell us about the BK contribution to meeting  the challenge of climate change

“ We’ve been planting trees (around 14 million) in India. She talked of how Dadi Prakashmani made Gyan Sarovar happen without damaging the environment out of what was said to be infertile land, with everything built around the trees and the mountains. As an experiment, we started planting fruit trees and we now get tons of plums, apricots, bananas, grapes and mangoes. We’ve also won awards from our water recycling. The Founder never left the premises of our ashram after 1965 - his walks were within the ashram and for footwear he wore a wooden platform with a rubber strip on top cut out from old tyres.

     Q: How is spirituality linked to improving the global environment. We know about vibrations but what can we do collectively to make a shift in the world?

First step: if someone says they are spiritual and interested in ecology, I think they would change to a plant based diet - it’s real compassion for the Earth, nature and water, the source of life. Chatham House, a London think tank, presented a paper at the Paris COP in 2015 - the amount of emissions created by transportation is equivalent to the amount of emissions created by food production/diet (14%). It’s not mentioned because diet is culture, habit and taste and would cause too much havoc in people’s lives and the government would be voted out of office if they implemented that!

     Q: What do we need to do to shift from being aware and implementing what needs to be done.

Silence. I need time for self-reflection and the choices I’m making in my life for myself and future generations. To find meaning and significance in what’s going  on. In silence I connect with the Divine and get access to a Source of spiritual power I need to make the necessary changes in my life. We use the phrase willpower. Most of us need that. It’s only in silence I draw that power from the Source to make the changes I would like to see happen. Another thing, consumerism - there’s a neediness, there’s even a shopping addiction - we have shoppers anonymous now. How can I switch from thinking more is going to make me happy. In silence I realise it’s not the things outside that are going to make me happy; I glimpse the treasures inside and experience truth and love within and the happiness that brings means I don’t need to go out any more to find happiness.


Sr Jayanti then took everyone into a meditation experience:


Sitting comfortably, let the body relax. I invited you to follow these thoughts. I leave the world outside for a few moments and focus my attention on the world within... going deeper and deeper into the awareness of the inner being.  In this awareness, I connect with the light that I am, a tiny diamond that sparkles deep within. And the light it radiates is visible through my forehead and i touch with this inner being I connect with peace. My thoughts slow down. I realise that I am a being of peace. This is my natural state of being. This is who I truly am - a being of peace.  And in this awareness of peace I connect with the Source, the Divine, the Supreme, the Being of light. The form is the same - I, the soul, a being of light and the Divine, a Being of light. But, as I connect, I can feel from the Source of love, waves of love reach the soul and it’s as if the love washes away all the dust I had accumulated.. The power of this pure love heals the souls. Through the cleansing and healing, I am transformed and I begin to experience the inner happiness that lies within. And, filling myself with this love, I know that I can now begin to love myself and also I can love God, I can love my neighbour - all my neighbours. And the power of peace and love reaches out into the world, transforming, healing and radiating. Staying connected with the Divine, I come back to the awareness of this moment here and now but having filled myself with the power of pure love. Om shanti.


Sister Jayanti then shared drishti, toli and blessings with all.


Report to download in PDF format



Click the above images to view respective videos.





Exploring Green Power - News from the BK Green Network

30 January 2017

Dear BK Green Network


Peaceful January greetings.


There will be two special programs in London this week - Now is the Hour and Green Power workshop.  

Below you can see the invitations for your inspiration, and also join the talk on webcast. 

Thanks John for sharing this with us.


The 3 reports from the Biodiversity conference in Cancun, Mexico is now online. Keep the spirit up to the bio-team!


Brij Mohan's article - Speaking Tree in Times of India.

Helen sent us new of wind power train in Holland.


During the NC/CC meeting in Madhuban in March 2017 there will be exhibitions and presentations on 

projects BK's are doing in relationship to the Sustainable Development Goals.


Kind regards


Sonja & Arnold on behalf of all of you.



Information two special events being hosted by the Brahma Kumaris and it's Environment Initiative at Global Co-operation House, London NW10 following successful participation in the Conference of Parties (COP22) International events held in Morocco last November. 

"Now is the Hour" event will be webcast, please do connect on 


The workshop entitled 'Exploring Green Power', is the first of a series of green-focused themes aimed at bringing the heart and personal connection to all that is green in our lives. It will include a variety of uplifting exercises, music, reflections and a talk by Sister Jayanti.




Green Service News and Merry Christmas

6 January 2017

Dear all in the network of engaged raja yogis

Trust this newsletter will find you healthy and happy. This time the newsletter will mostly be about conferences and programmes. We are such a crowd of engaged servers! So many reports and news have been received, and brother Peter in Oslo keeps uploading them to our site. A big hand to him for keeping our website up-to-date and correcting all material sent to him.


BioCOP and BioClick in Mexico

Right at this moment the UN Conference on Biodiversity in Mexico is on-going. It is drawing towards it's close after two weeks of intense service for the BioTeam - Andrea, Yolanda, Carmen, Claudia, Irene and others are serving. You can see the first report here.


Climate Change COP22 in Morocco


I am sure most of you saw the news in the rosary.  Here you can see all photos and reportsthey will give a good overview of the extensive service and present trends in climate change service.  Some direct links:


- A youtube clip of 3,5 min has been made by Denise and Romina

- Press conference  Press conference with Sr. Jayanti , Golo and others The role of ethics and 

awareness in climate change solutions

- Interfaith Press conference with Valeriane and others "Getting faith communities onboard"

- An interview  with Golo: Fighting climate change with inner change: a case for heightened spiritual awareness


All reports have been translated to Spanish, link here!


World Soil Day and Yogic farming experiments

Rural Wing celebrated this UN day, see their presentation


Brother John in Soweto has made some experiments with yogic farming, see his report on "Applying psycho-energetics to enhance seedling development and crop yields"


Green Programs in the Caribbean
Francois was busy with green programs on his Caribbean tour. 
Here are some news from the Dominican Republic.

Sister Jayanti and the SDG's in Copenhagen
Exactly 7 years after we started our environment service in Copenhagen, Sister Jayanti came back. In the same hall with friends made at that time we had 2 interesting and popular programs addressing how to BE in todays environment crisis. See description here - translated to Spanish here.


The program "10 ways to change world", an interview of Sr. Jayanti by a Proffessor in Bioethics, can be heard here (in English).


Climate Change Youth meet in Ahmedabad
Many young people from around south Asia came together in Ahmedabad to study and be inspired on environmental topics.
See their report.

ECO retreat at Worthing 2016
The retreat  was attended by a very eco-active group, from all over the UK, who shared their ideas on various aspects of practical tips for cleaning materials, creative use of arts and consciousness, link


And finally a frog sciene piece sent by Helen in Australia: Frog, toad larvae become vegetarian when it is hot

Christmas is ahead, and it will most likely be green in this part of the works, as the winters are milder than before. By the way, the Arctic is 20 degrees Celsius warmer than normal

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Ever-green Happy New Years


BK Environment Initiative




Click below image for video highlights:




News from BioCop13, the UN Biodiversity Conference in Cancun, Mexico

8 December 2016

In Cancun, Mexico, more than 190 countries have met to take the steps needed to build a future of life in harmony with nature. The conference provides an important opportunity for countries to address actions to implement the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020 and promote the achievement of the Aichi Biodiversity targets. These were established at the COP10 UN Biodiversity Conference.

The aim of the Conference is to focus on mainstreaming biodiversity across relevant sectors, especially agriculture, fisheries, forestry and tourism; to contribute to the sustainable development goals, climate action, food security and other human development goals.

As in the previous conferences in India and South Korea, Brahma Kumaris activities will concentrate on the theme: Awakening Biodiversity Consciousness. This focuses on restoring and strengthening the awareness of the natural harmony between the human and non-human worlds. Ethical choices, universal values, and personal transformation are required to bring about sustained change in any social or environmental system.

The first report includes:

  • The background to the conference
  • The delegates
  • The Brahma Kumaris theme
  • Brahma Kumaris activities
  • The participation of the President of Mexico
  • Some of the side events that were attended

Download the full pdf report.


Sister Jayanti's Visit to Copenhagen

6 December 2016

Seven years after Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative was formed and our first participation in a Climate Change Conference (COP15), Sister Jayanti returned to Copenhagen on the 30th November for 2 special environment programs. The special atmosphere of friendship and cooperation that colours the COP conferences was continued during Sister Jayanti's short but compact visit.


10 Ways to Change the World

This time, the topic for the BK program was selected by our friends and contact souls. Rather than guessing what they were interested in, we sent out 3 suggestions and "10 ways to Change the World" won! Mickey Gjerris, Professor of Bio-Ethics and Laura Storm, old friends since COP 15, supported the event with their contributions.


Download full report




News from Conference for Youth held in Morocco, 4th - 6th November

5 December 2016

Marrakesh hosted the 12th annual global Conference of Youth (COY12) for Climate Change and it was run by the Moroccan Youth organizations.  Around 1800 young people from 37 countries attended.  


Included in this report:

  •     Events at the Oasys of peace
  •     Intergenerational dialogue "Co-creating a future to believe in"
  •     The workshop Generation of Change: Harnessing our Highest Potential
  •     The closing ceremony

Download the report

To see all the reports

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Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, 17th & 18th November

22 November 2016

Finally, the climate conference is coming to its end. Sister Jayanti left on Thursday afternoon and we had a fond farewell session in the morning. She praised the whole team especially Laura and Romina for organizing the logistics and the beautiful programs in Morocco. She appreciates the climate conferences as an excellent opportunity for BK to interact with the world. Many experiences were shared and finally Sister Jayanti distributed gifts and blessings for everybody. 


Faith Meeting 

Daniele Violetti, Chief of Staff at UNFCCC, met the faith-based community on Thursday morning. He pointed out that, after Paris, we need more mobilization and that faith-based communities are contributing in a big way to the process. Now is the time for action and implementation of the agreement. There is currently significant focus on regions and cities and there is the need for capacity building. 


Earth Forum in the Green Zone 

The closing of the Earth Forum was a lively and well attended event. Laura started proceedings with a guided meditation and Romina then talked about nourishing the soul. Looking after the self means good nutrition. Valériane emphasized that we need to care about all living entities, including the animals.


Download complete report



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Wednesday 16th November

22 November 2016

Women Leaders! 


Staged at the Palameraie Golf Palace, the "Women Leaders and the Global Transformation Summit" attracted an impressive gathering of active women leaders from many different sectors of human activities (business CEOs, City Mayors, NGO activists, Politicians, Scientists etc.). The main objective of the summit was to show how women can be strong solution providers and how collaboration with other women and proactive men can further the causes of sustainable development and de-carbonization. 


Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO, talked about the required shift in the mindset and attitude. Nicolas Hulot, a well- known French environmentalist emphasized that the world doesn’t need more science and technology, but needs wisdom and conscience. The feminine principle of humility is the need of this time. The famous actor Christopher Lambert and youth icon Akon delivered inspiring and heart moving messages. Sister Jayanti shared the table with Irina Bokova and other high profile women from the UN.


In her talk, Sister Jayanti said that BK is the largest women-led NGO in the world catering for women and men. She described the extensive renewable energy projects of BK and added that: "Spiritually is not only  at the heart of all traditions, but at the heart of human beings itself, as we are spirits. Men and women together “hold up the sky”. As we embark on the inner journey we can access divine peace and thus together create a better world. Sister Jayanti closed the event with a short meditation. This was followed by a beautiful live performance by Desert Rose that raised the audience to their feet.


Download complete report



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Tuesday 15th November

22 November 2016

COP23 in Germany 


Today the UNFCCC announced that next year’s COP will be hosted in Bonn and this was a bit of surprise to everyone. It is the turn of a country in Asia to host the conference, but as no country stepped forward, the conference was automatically assigned to be held in the headquarters of the UNFCCC in Bonn. 


Innovation in Action - Whats new! 


At every COP, Climate Action and UNEP organize "The Sustainable Innovation Forum". This time, it was held at the 5-star Four Seasons Resort. The 2-day Forum attracts participants from various sectors, including business, government, UN, NGOs and civil society. Sister Jayanti and Golo were asked to host a roundtable discussion on “A new mindset is required to accelerate sustainable investments”.


Download complete report



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Monday 14th November

17 November 2016

2016 the hottest year ever  

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) published an alarming report on Monday, at the conference, that 2016 will be the hottest year ever on record. According to these scientists, scorching temperatures and extreme weathers are coming sooner and with more ferocity than expected. “It is almost as if Mother Nature is making a statement,” said climate scientist Michael Mann, Penn State University, USA. 


Interfaith coordination meeting 

Valériane chaired another interfaith coordination meeting which was attended by more than 20 people from various organizations as well as students. The discussion touched on topics such as climate justice, equity, caring for the vulnerable, decision making processes as well as climate and awareness. The participants agreed that a common voice and unity is important for the success of the faith-based organizations.


Download complete report



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th November

15 November 2016

The weekend was dedicated to the Forum of the Earth, a civil society initiative mainly organized by Terre et Humanisme, Morocco, Orange Bleue Maghreb and Network of Agroecological Initiatives. Saturday’s event took place at the local university. Sunday’s event was on a farm, one hour’s drive outside Marrakech. It was an opportunity for the team working in the kitchen and organizing transport to participate in those programs and learn more about the topic. Piero Musini, Fransesca and Elia from Gubbio, Italy arrived especially for this forum. 


Forum of the Earth 

The Forum de la Terre, initiated by the civil society, organized a 3-day program starting at the Cadi Ayyad University. A multitude of different stakeholders came together and Sister Jayanti made a presentation on "Re- establishing the sacred link to Mother Earth" at the opening session. She described the different aspects of connecting to nature; visiting forests, celebrating festivals related to food and thanks-giving ceremonies in cultures. 

Just as a mother gives discipline to protect the child so it is the same for Mother Nature who can only protect the inhabitants of earth when they follow her disciplines. Therefore, if we need to bring about a change in nature, we must first bring about a change in our inner nature; which shows in our thoughts and behaviour. Such a transformation is beautifully demonstrated in the gardens of the various meditation centres around the world through the practice of respect and care to the plants. A meditation commentary translated by Sister Laura concluded her speech; followed by a performance by Desert Rose who lifted the spirits as everyone danced to their tune.


Download complete report



News by Jayanti bhen in Morocco (11 November)

15 November 2016

Finally the rains stopped and it’s been beautiful sunshine but also been very cold. About 40 km away are at the Atlas Mountains, which are as high as the Alps. There is snow on the mountains already, so the cold from the mountains has reached here, so it’s now become sunshine with cold air, and quite cold at nights also.


The COP is going well. Everyday there are lots of different programmes. I am not sharing news of COP, since there are very detailed reports that are coming to you every day.


One particular evening was for about 30 people in a hotel in the old Town. This was a very beautiful experience because once you stepped inside the hotel, it was like being in a different world with beautiful Arab features in terms of courtyards, fountains, doorways and exquisite ceilings. This was a dinner for Faith Leaders, various Philanthropic Foundations from UK and USA in particular, and people connected with Carbon Finance. The programme was a dinner in which we were given lavish hospitality, including the three of us who had fruit diet. A Rabbi joined us for the same, and also had Fruit Diet seeing our plates. It was a time in which we were told how trillions have been now divested from fossil fuel investments to renewable energies, so it’s a sign of great hope that this is already happening within the Faith Traditions. Many, many churches including now the Anglican Church have decided to divest.





Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Friday 11th November

15 November 2016

Today history was written as all the mosques in Morocco dedicated this Friday’s prayers especially to the environment and for the protection of nature. This action was supported by the Kingdom of Morocco and marks a great turning point for the faith-based communities. More than 600 mosques in Morocco have received a green facelift and are being equipped with new solar systems. 


Interviews with university students 

Juan had the chance to give three interviews in a row to students from the universities of: Brussels, Sherbrook (Canada) and Uppsala (Sweden). The interviews focused on awareness, spirituality, interfaith and youth within the context of climate change. Juan emphasized the importance of the power of the heart and the crucial role played by a heightened awareness in developing sustainable solutions for communities.


Download complete report



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Thursday 10th November

15 November 2016

The day began with two press conferences, plus an interfaith and intergenerational program. Over the years we can see that interfaith communities and youth groups are having more and more relevance in the COP process. 

Early morning press Conference 


Rabbi Yonatan Neril, Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development, Israel had called for a press conference titled "Getting Faith Communities on Board for a Healthy Climate". He asked participants to share their views on the spiritual roots of the climate crisis and actions taken by their communities. Archbishop Seraphim Kykkotis, Orthodox Metropolitan of Zimbabwe and Angola, emphasized that we are trustees who need to protect the gift of life that God gave us. Valériane spoke about the activities of Brahma Kumaris (BK) and highlighted the connection between our true identity, our awareness and our relationship with elements and nature. Dr. Sailesh Rao, Climate Healers, United States/India, talked about the rules of life and 

how, if we negate them, we will find ourselves in this situation of crisis. He also requested the audience to adopt a plant based diet as almost 30% of green house gas emissions are related to meat production. Imam Ibrahim Saidy, Daru Salaam Islamic Centre, Norway, shared his view that climate change is a reflection of the crisis in humans. It is rooted in greed and selfishness. In their mosques, they promote peace, sustainability and meditation to live a greener life.


Download complete report.



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Wednesday 9th November

15 November 2016


In the first week of any COP conference, there are normally many requests for interviews to the non-governmental delegates. For the second week of COP, the environment ministers from all the represented countries will arrive, so the media become much busier

Juan and Romina were interviewed by the Community of Tetuán, Citizen Space to give a message to their youth. Later, Romina was interviewed by the Arab Press Agency on the relationship between thoughts and climate change. 


Side event 

The Global Ecovillage Network and Foundation for Gaia organised a side event on: “Faith and climate resilience: Ecovillage Inspired Solutions Around the World.” There were interesting contributions around the question of how can spiritual values and beliefs inspire and engage solutions for climate resilience. Sister Jayanti participated on behalf of Brahma Kumaris. There is a detailed report in the appendix, at the end of this report.


Download complete report




Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, Tuesday 8th November

9 November 2016

Action has started


Today Valériane was attending the first meeting of the Constituency for Research and Independent Organizations (RINGO) with whom Brahma Kumaris (BK) is affiliated. Over 50 people came together; working on topics of adaptation, climate funds, the implementation of the Paris agreement and capturing carbon emissions.


Later in the day, the first faith based organization coordination meeting took place which was attended by 30 people from various faiths. Valériane and Nigel Crawhall, one of our old friends from the engaged Buddhist network, organized and chaired this gathering. After a meditation, they shared news about the Fez Summit of Conscience and that a declaration by the Muslim community on climate change will be shared next Friday in all the mosques of Morocco.


Download complete report



Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco Monday 7th November

9 November 2016

COP22 off to a flying start 


The Brahma Kumaris delegates have all arrived in Marrakech, Morocco in good time for the start of events for the COP22 meeting (Conference of Parties - organised by UN Framework Convention on Climate Change).  This first report includes activities of:

  • Fez, summit of conscience, Mr Nizar Baraka, president of the economic, social and environment council of Morocco and president of the science committee of the COP22 was the host for the summit
  • Conference of Youth (COY12) (detailed report to follow)
  •  "A Sacred Relationship with Nature", a programme held in Casablanca
  •  Getting organised - meeting after a year of intense preparation.

The whole world has gathered here in Marrakesh for the opening of the 22nd Climate Change Conference (COP22). The COPs have a long history - the first one took place in 1995 in Kyoto, Japan. The Foreign Minister of Morocco, Mr. Mezouar, acts this year as the president of the conference. The Paris Agreement came into force much faster than expected, but there is still huge gap between what is needed to keep temperature rise below 2 degrees and what has been promised by the countries. So the Big questions is how to create more momentum, how to raise the funds and to implement the required drastic changes in economy and lifestyle. It remains to be seen if a consensus on this hotly debated issue can be found.


Download complete report



Green Newsletter - COP22 and Moving Forward

3 November 2016

Om Shanti to all BK servers and the green network

It is now 8 years ago since we established the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative.
So much has happened since in this service, from “mind and matter”, “sustainability and spirituality”
to “consciousness and climate change”. It is with a sense of wonder and appreciation that we can
now see the environment becoming a natural part of regular BK programs.
We have started to live our environment policy!
A few examples:
 - Peace of Mind retreat is now incorporating environment presentations and a visit to solar site as
part of the programme.
- Green Day on the Double foreigner program Madhuban
- Peace in the Park includes more green topics
- Regular Regional Green Retreats in our international retreat centers– both for BK’s and contacts
- Many centres becoming vegan
- World Environment Day celebrated in India and abroad in a big way, and India want to do again next year!
- Eco-friendly management of the centres now very common, i.e LED lights, composting, eco-friendly
cleaning products, organic food products, less printing, etc.
- Increasing interest for talks and events on environment related topics.
Anything else you see?

UN Climate Change Conference COP22 in Marrakesh, Morocco
The annual huge climate change conference starts 7 November. Sister Jayanti has already landed and she will be a keynote speaker on a pre-conference in Fez called Summit of Conscience.

The COP delegation you can see here. The group is much bigger as the civil society conference (that is happening at the same time) this year is very big, and no UN accreditation is needed for that. 
Brahma Kumaris will be part of approx 25 programs, see this calendar of events! We have been invited to many platforms and panels organised by other NGO's /organisations as a result of our stable peaceful presence through many years. Our local hosts Laura and Romina have been very active preparing many programmes with lots of love and dedication. The conference period is long - 2,5 weeks - so we need all your good wishes to keep going in an intense service setting for so long! We hope you will find the reports interesting!


Our Facebook group is growing steadily, with members from all over the world. We know have 5428 members.


Green Day in Madhuban
Will anyone be in Madhuban on the 26th March and/or early April?
We need someone who can help co-ordinate our newly designed Green Day:
06-06.45 Silent Morning walk in nature with David
10.30-12.30 Presentation by Golo - Creating Healthy Relationship with Matter and the Earth.
17:00-17.30 Class on “Serving the Elements” by Brother Raju , Rural Wing. ( translation from Hindi needed)
17.30 -18.00 Guided meditation by Brother Raju , Rural Wing (translation from Hindi needed)
18.00-18.30 Walk to new Dadi Janki park,
18.30-19.30 Outside meditation in Dadi Janki park – either down in the grass or up on the mountain side


Greetings from Mauritius - news from their World Environment Day.


Many have sent a link to a new film (Leonardo DiCaprio will be in Morocco) Before the Flood - The science is clear, the future is not “Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future but, at the same time, addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to ..." Join Leonardo DiCaprio as he explores the topic of climate change, and discovers what must be done today to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.

You can click on the above photo to watch the movie.


In remembrance

Sonja & Arnold

plus Happy Diwalli from Solar Site:



Bioclick Initiative for Youth!! A photography challenge to protect Biodiversity on Earth

1 October 2016

Initiative of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

“BioClick: A photography challenge to protect Biodiversity on Earth”

Using a new lens to reflect best practices that help and protect the planet’s biodiversity!


BioClick is photography challenge organized in parallel to the Convention on Biological Diversity organized by the United Nations from 4 to 17 December 2016 in Cancun, Mexico.


Your challenge is to express through pictures a change in awareness that is needed to see the world with a different lens, prompting all of us to act differently (best practice). Add to your pictures a brief explanation that reflects why you consider this practice to be paramount in contributing to preserving biodiversity on earth. Post them on FACEBOOK challenging three of your friends to do the same. Remember! When uploading your pictures on FACEBOOK add #BioClik. 


Your picture will be exhibited at various Brahma Kumaris exhibition sites at the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (COP13) in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2016. Pictures will then be published in a book of memories. Even though we would like to publish all the pictures, it is possible for only a limited number to be published in a book. The selection process will take into consideration votes from visitors to the different exhibition sites and also an expert jury. ECO BAHIA Foundation and Solben Soluciones en BioEnergia are the sponsors for the printing of the book.


If you would like your picture and best practice for the preservation of biodiversity to be included in the book, send it us by mail to Also include your letter of consent (see below)


Be alert to the posts in FACEBOOK. Information will be posted 3 times a week starting in October 2016. The posts will be in the section “Do you know?. . .” In this section we will inspire you “using a new lens and actions from the heart” to implement best practices to protect the biodiversity on our planet.


Participation guidelines 

  1. 1.    The image must be unpublished and original. All the images, whether they are photographs or photomontages or digital illustrations must be the authorship of the artist.
  2. 2.    Give a tittle to your photograph
  3. 3.    If the images contain close-up faces of people, they must include their consent in writing. If minors appear in the photograph a permit from the parents authorizing publication or dissemination of the photograph must be provided.  
  4. 4.    Minimal resolution 1024 x 768
  5. 5.    Review in one paragraph: write a brief description, font Arial 12, no more than 320 characters.


 Personal information

  • -    Full name 
  • -    Age
  • -    Country
  • -    Phone number
  • -    Email address



Fill in and send by mail ( the following form if you would like you picture to included in the book 


I (full name) ____________________________________, id number __________________, resident of (country) _____________, and _______ years of age authorize the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, to include my picture of a best practice for caring and protecting biodiversity in the book of memories to be publish in connection with the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP13) organized by the United Nations in Cancun, in December 2016.


Pictures reflecting best practices to preserve biodiversity and inspirations will be displayed during first two weeks of December 2016 at the Convention on Biodiversity in Cancun. Exhibition visitors and an expert jury on the issue will select the pictures to be published in the book.

Launching of the Contest

The contest shall be officially launched 1st October, after which the photographs shall be received in our FACEBOOK, mail, and webpage.

    •     Contact and further information
FB – bio click


Download PDF of Proposal



Inspiration to BK Greens

19 May 2016

Dear BK Greens

Many peaceful greetings to all of you. Here is a wonderful mix of news about a solar award, yoga in the fields, mother earth day, nature funk from Brazil and the UN's environment assembly in Nairobi. Enjoy!

Breaking News: CST & Solar Cooker Excellence Award 2016 for Brahma Kumaris and World Renewal Spiritual Trust, handed over by  Sri Piyush Goyal, Minister of Power, Coal  & Renewable Energies (NRE) in Dehli 29.4.2016. Congratulations to the team. Read more and see pictures

Nairobi, Kenya: The UN Environment Assembly will convene 23-27th May 2016 at UNEPs headquarters in Nairobio. The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) represents the highest level of governance of international environmental affairs in the UN system. The Brahma Kumaris will be part of a side event "Exploring the contribution of faith communities in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals", plus many other programs. Read more

Wanted: ChangeMaker Explorers - We have a new workshop to pilot - "ChangeMaker Hub - for the ChangeMaker in all of us". It has 3 main parts -  Session 1. Optimism in Headwind - maintaining optimism and dealing with resistance, Session 2 - The Creative Headspace, Session 3: Tuned-In-Thinking. 

We are looking for 5-10 people who would like to experiment the process on themselves

Are you curious and like to test your ChangeMaker qualities? Write to us.

W-E Digest publishes article "Yoga, Meditation and Empowerment in the Fields" written by Piero and Tamasin.

Mother Earth Day celebrated in Geneva, Switzerland: "NGO solutions for a better world" with Sonja and Valeriane

From Malaysia. Article in New Sunday Times, interview with Golo: "A spiritual Approach to tackle Global Warming"

New material in our Spanish section.

Like to move to some Brazilian funk?
Invitation from Ana Christina Dias in Rio: It's a very good short video with famous singer here Caetano Veloso, that lived many years ago in London because politics needs, it has some funk. Its narrated by the famous Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen that lives in the US.

Again we would like to invite the centres to hold ‘Eco-conversations’, where the students can have dialogues about:
- The need for sustainable practices in the centres
- The link between sustainable practices (related to food, water, energy, waste, other) and our virtues and values
- What we are doing now and
- What we would like to change and when

Through these ‘Eco-conversations’ we do hope to increase both the awareness and the ownership for sustainable practices in the centres.

Please do share your results with us, ultimately by July 2016. It would be great if our ‘Green Angels’ (those of you who are members of the Green Network) could be the facilitators!


Remember our Facebook page!

Om Shanti, all the bestand have a nice summer/winter.

Sonja and Arnold on behalf of all of you

"Why try to fit it when you were born to stand out" - Dr. Seuss 


Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative

Please write if you don't like to receive the green news.



Invitation to a Green Retreat in Portugal, June 2016

9 May 2016



“Caring for Nature”

Lisbon Centre, Portugal

Thursday16th June with departure Monday 20th June


We have a special responsibility towards the environment and it is so important to have space to think deeply about our current choices in relationship to the earth and the world. Gyan helps us understand that we are at a time when we have to serve the elements and create a pure relationship with nature. We know we are now sowing seeds for the future.


How can we care properly for nature?


You are specially invited to come and participate in the environment initiative and join the team in thinking, and meditating to reestablish a more spiritual reality in the physical world. We can make a difference in our lifestyle and service; by reconsidering together our bond with Mother Earth in a practical way.


On the first day we will reflect collectively and individually looking at the relationship human beings have with the environment. On the second day we will look at how we could make a difference. On the third day we’ll discuss about what we can practically do to serve nature and people to create a new reality.


During this retreat, we will also serve nature through meditation and share the work the green team has accomplished over the years.


This retreat is for all BKs interested in the environment. You are welcome to participate even if you've participated in a green retreat before now, because we explore new topics every year.


Remember to book your tickets quickly if you want to come economically since the retreat is taking place in summer.


REGISTRATION: To register or for more information, 

please write to

Our website:



World Environment Day Coming, new Facebook and more!

9 May 2016

Dear all in the BK environment community

It is spring in this part of the world - fantastic time and a good reminder of golden age.
Enjoy all the green service news, full of opportunities and creativity, including a big award to Madhuban for water practices.

World Environment Day 5th June 2016
Our Rural Development Wing are encouring the centers in India to do an awareness program dedicated to World Environment Day!

You can also celebrate World Environment Day - this year it is a Sunday. Maybe dedicate Sunday meditation to the Environment? Read more and register activity.

Please let us know if you do a meditation/activity on this day, and we will include it in the UN Environment Program report.

Brahma Kumaris Environment has now it's own Facebook Page!
Most welcome. It is administrated by Romina in London and Juan in  Canada. Romina writes:
We have just recently launched our official Facebook page Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative. The aim of having this page is to have a presence on social media and enable other organisations to connect with us. Please like us and share the page with other people who may be interested!   Kindly note that this page is not a BK page for personal conversations about gyan or related matters.  There are many other closed groups you can join for that. This is just our official presence to connect with the world.

UK EcoHub on Facebook  - a closed group, mail from Joanna:
Dear eco friends, just to let you know that a closed group Facebook page has now been set up to share practical hints and tips on how to be more eco friendly in our homes and centres.  I have joined a few of you already and any members can post material that they think will be useful.  I have put a few vegan recipes up to get the ball rolling.   If you are on Facebook you can just ask to join.  The GCH eco group in London have been busy experimenting with cleaning products so it would be great to hear of any recommendations they have come up with.  In Baba’s Yaad,  Joanna

Award - congratulations to Madhuban!

The Brahma Kumaris received an award from the World CSR Congress for BEST WATER MANAGEMENT PRACTICES. 

(CSR means Corporate Social Responisbility). A short report can be seen


EU Sustainable Energy Days in the month of June. Most welcome to participate! We enclose the invitation letter to the centers in Europe. Read more here:


Australia - Growing Green Angels
Malaysia - Golo visits Malaysia for World in transition programmes
ColombiaFrancois doing environment programs and help the start of a green team
BrazilEco retreat place Vila Serena - Management of solid waste and composting, reducing and reusing - link to come


Thanks for all your input on our question: 

What environment-friendly practice at the centre would make you most proud of the BK's?

 There were many occasions where we have asked about our next steps:
- Sessions with BK Greens, COP team, NC meeting in Madhuban
- Mailings to BK Green Network and BK Rosary.

Based upon the input, we propose that the centres hold ‘Eco-conversations’, where the students can have dialogues about:

- The need for sustainable practices in the centres
- The link between sustainable practices (related to food, water, energy, waste, other) and our virtues and values (of course you can add other relevant virtues)
- What we are doing now and
- What we would like to change and when

Through these ‘Eco-conversations’ we do hope to increase both the awareness and the ownership for sustainable practices in the centres.

We do invite all the centres to start with these Eco-conversations’. Please do share your results with us, ultimately by July 2016.
It would be great if our ‘Green Angels’ (those of you who are members of the Green Network) could be the facilitators!

Green Retreats for BK's
Portugal, Lisbon 16-20/6, please see attached invitation. Facilitated by Valeriane Bernard and Joanna Kitto.
US, Peace Village, 29-31/7


The Four traits of climate leaders - Good article from Sustainia

Class Brother Nirwair– 7thMarch 2016 – Diamond Hall, Shantivan 
Serving the five elements, attached word doc.

English documentary on the interconnectedness between awareness and the environment, see link. 

Many peaceful greetings and om shanti


Sonja & Arnold on behalf of all of you

Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative




Dadi Janki's Message for the Environment

4 April 2016



One Important Question and Green Team News

31 March 2013

Dear all in BK rosary community and network


Many greetings to you all. The work for a future green and more harmonious world continues on many levels, and here you will get a fragrance of a few environment related service news items.


One important question for all of you is  to help us update our policy. Finally some news and inspirations.


BK Environment



ONE Important Question


We are working on the next steps for our Environment Initiative. The process of updating our organisational environment policy is part of that. We need your input. 


What environment-friendly practice at the center would make you most proud of the BK's?


We would be very happy to hear from you. Send your views to Arnold at


Intro to the topic by Ken O'Donnell:

Why BK organization involvement and concern for such things as re-cycling when we say that the new world is coming soon anyway?

 Bring elements and matter back to their original state.  It's the DNA of the deity soul to have love for NATURE.

Through our thoughts, words and deeds, we have an effect on the birds, bees etc/ - on all living species, because our consciousness is the basis of all.  This responds to the questions about presence of BK's at Climate Change conferences etc.

 It is important for our centres and retreats-centres to reflect this awareness.

 Most environment groups are seeking grants and subsidies.  Our principle is to serve those who serve others.  To serve those who serve and to serve those who destroy planet but also learn how to take care of self and others.

 It is important for our centres to align our service with what is happening in the world.


Invitation to Green Retreats


 June in Lisbon: 

Dear friends. This year the green retreat will happen, in Baba's beautiful home in Lisbon and we wanted to share the dates with you in case you want to book your holidays and flights in advance. So keep the dates: arrival  Thursday16th June and departure Monday 20th June. The proper invitation will come soon. With kind regards, In Baba's yaad, Valeriane and Joanna


 July in Peace Village:

Dear Green Angels, Greetings of peace and harmony! This is to inform you that the fifth BK North America Green Retreat is scheduled to take place from 29th - 31st July in Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center. Please mark your calendar for these dates and we will send you more information about the upcoming retreat as soon as it becomes available. Looking forward to your continued participation and helping us make it a successful year once again,  Love and light, Gordan and Shubhi


News Section

EU Sustainable Energy Week registration is open - invitation letter will go to all European centers this week.


Green Tour of Malaysia


Newsletter from the Environment Wing in Australia - Growing Green Angels


Post COP21 Conference Geneva


Awakening the Dreamer Workshop in Quito, Ecuador  The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop at the Brahma Kumaris Center in Quito, Ecuador on December 19, 2015.


Climate March November 29, 2015. On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, 785,000 people were out in the streets, participating in more than 2300 events in more than 175 countries. They took to the streets over the weekend for the record-breaking Global Climate March to urge leaders to scale up action on climate change to achieve 100% renewable energy, eliminate poverty and protect people from worsening climate impacts. From the Brahma Kumaris, we have received reports and news from the following countries. Most likely many more participated, which we didn't hear of.

Paris, France, London, UK - 5000 cards printed.

Budapest, Hungary 

Melbourne, Australia - "FAREWELL TO COAL"


Pilgrimage walks in Hong Kong and Madhuban Sept. 2015

The interfaith and environment movement is growing. In Kenya there was a "The 2nd Interfaith Youth Forum on Environment and Peace" 9th and 10th October 2015



Want to relax to some vegetable music?

Formidable Vegetable Sound System's


A lovely ecological alphabet! 




BK Green News - Retreats and One Important Question

26 Febuary 2016

Dear all in BK environment community and network


Many greetings to you all. The work for a future green and harmonious world continues on many levels, and here you will get a fragrance of a few.


Two green retreats for the BK community this summer, in Portugal and in the US.

One important question for all of you to help us update our policy. Finally some news and inspirations.



best of all

Sonja & Arnold and all of you


 Invitation to Green Retreats


June in Lisbon:

Dear friends. This year the green retreat will happen, in Baba's beautiful home in Lisbon and we wanted to share the dates with you in case you want to book your holidays and flights in advance. So keep the dates: arrival  Thursday16th June and departure Monday 20th June. The proper invitation will come soon. If you have any questions please send an email to:

With kind regards, In Baba's yaad, Valeriane.


July in Peace Village:
Dear Green Angels, Greetings of peace and harmony! This is to inform you that the fifth BK North America Green Retreat is scheduled to take place from 29th - 31st July in Peace Village Learning and Retreat Center. Please mark your calendar for these dates and we will send you more information about the upcoming retreat as soon as it becomes available. Looking forward to your continued participation and helping us make it a successful year once again, 

Love and light, Gordan and Shubhi

One important question

n  We are working on the next steps for our Environment Initiative. The process of updating our organisational environment policy is part of that. We need your input.

What environment-friendly practice at the center would make you most proud of the BK's?

We would be very happy to hear from you. Send your views to Arnold at

The same questions will be taken up at the NC/CC meeting in Madhuban next week. Ken from Brazil will facilitate a session in this.

News Section

Awakening the Dreamer Workshop in Quito, Ecuador

The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop at the Brahma Kumaris Center in Quito, Ecuador on December 19, 2015.

Climate March November 29, 2015. On the eve of the Paris Climate Summit, 785,000 people were out in the streets, participating in more than 2300 events in more than 175 countries took to the streets over the weekend for the record-breaking Global Climate March to urge leaders to scale up action on climate change to achieve 100% renewable energy, eliminate poverty and protect people from worsening climate impacts. From the Brahma Kumaris, we have received reports and news from the following countries. Most likely many more participated, which we didn't hear of.
Paris, France, London, UK - 5000 cards printed.
Budapest, Hungary
Melbourne, Australia - "FAREWELL TO COAL"

Pilgrimage walks in Hong Kong and Madhuban Sept. 2015

The interfaith and environment movement is growing. In Kenya there was a "The 2nd Interfaith Youth Forum on Environment and Peace" 9th and 10th October 2015


Want to relax to some vegetable music?
Formidable Vegetable Sound System's

A lovely ecological alphabet!




Video of Messages Given by the Brahma Kumaris at COP21 Paris

4 January 2016

Please click on image above to play this 31 minutes video.



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