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News from Sr Akasah after the Mexico Earthquake

19 September 2017


Dear Beloved Family,

It was a great earthquake, however all Baba´s centres are fine, and the whole BK family in Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Puebla and Tlaxcala also.

In the city many areas had a lot of damage. Fortunately we have water and electricity; yesterday only for some hours we didn't have electricity.


Baba´s remembrance is a powerful canopy of protection.

Thanks for your message


Akash on behalf of Mexican family



Sr. Gita Patel's Visit to Brazil

2 August 2017

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In Photos: Brazil Tour & Music Performance of Sr Elizabeth Padilla, October 2016

10 January 2017



Dear Family,


This tour was a highlight for me in 2016. A Divine gift and honor to connect, reflect, share and perform. 


The Brahma Kumaris Family in Brazil are awesome. I felt such a warm rapport with no barriers not even in language. People would understand me even before the translation came from the translator. My heart is filled with gratitude.


Sr Elizabeth

Anubhuti Retreat Center

Novato, CA


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Sr Anne from Guatemala Interviewed on TV

4 January 2017

Om shanti,


This is a TV interview of Anne Bonin in Guatemala on 29th December. The interview was about "Recibir en armonía el 2017" (Receiving in Harmony in 2017). Click on the above image to play.





Happy New Year from Brazil

23 December 2016



UN Biodiversity Conference, Holistic Festival & more - News from Costa Rica

23 December 2016

The UN Cancun Conference on Biodiversity was attended to by two BK biologists from Costa Rica. Claudia was one of the panelists of the forum organized by Brahma Kumaris, where the Earth Charter participated with the topic of ‘Awakening the Biodiversity Conscience’. 


Irene contacted the of the CR government representative at the conference, who requested a guided meditation that took place during the conference and creating a friendship relationship which we hope will strengthen in Costa Rica.


Previous to the Cop conference in Cancun, we were inspired to create a project called Bio Click in Costa Rica. The biologist BK and others wrote some material about the main threats of biodiversity, and a new vision to provide an alternate spiritual solution that would bring change in actions. 


There is a website , and a Facebook page called Bio Click. We found collaborators in the Ministry of Environment. We did 3 different workshops about the connection between consciousness and the five elements, one at the University of Costa Rica for a group of students of social work, another at the National Technical University at the Alajuela and Atenas campus to two groups of students at the celebration of the Day of Universities for Mother Earth. Another workshop was carried out at the BK Center for youth. 


An interview on the topic of biodiversity was done at the radio in order to promote the project in the program of the Costa Rican University. 

For the conference in Cancun, brochures were made.


Click here for a detailed report with photos.




!Feliz Navidad! e invitacion a las charlas y cursos de Diciembre

2 December 2016

Si uno aprende a valorar los pensamientos y los utiliza con el mismo cuidado con que se utiliza el dinero, se podrían hacer las acciones necesarias para construir una realidad más provechosa para el ser y la comunidad donde se vive.

Escucha todos los viernes a las 9 de la mañana:
Café para el Alma.

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o en Café para el alma

Escuche nuestros programas anteriores en nuestro canal de youtube:

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Una coproducción de Brahma Kumaris y la 870 UCR




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