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Sr Anjani, Incharge of Delhi Rohini Sector 25 Centre has Passed Away

24 December 2017

Om Shanti Divine Angels,


B.K.Anjani Behn, Incharge of Delhi Rohini Sector 25 Centre has left Physical Body.


Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul.


Please see the attached photo which the details are self explanatory.



B.K.Santha Krishna

Personnel Admin Dept.,




BK Mangala Bhen, In-charge of Washim Center (Mah.), Passed Away

1 December 2017

Divine family,


Om Shanti.


This is to inform you that, our beloved divine sister BK  Mangala  Didiji,  (Loukik Age- 48 Years),  In - charge of Vardani Bhavan, Washim (Mah.) a sparkling jewel of Baba's eyes, has left body  after prolonged illness and has flown into Baba's lap around auspicious time at 2.00 am. on 30th November 2017.


She was surrendered from 30 yrs, in gyan from 1980. She had given her service at Nagpur, Nandura, Khamgaon, Akola Centre also.


The last rites has performed today at Washim.


Our heartfelt tribute to the departed soul.


Thanking you,

in Godly Service,

BK Rukmini



Sister Claire of Hongkong has flown to BapDada's lap

17 November 2017

Our dearest divine sister Claire, a sparkling jewel of Baba's eyes, has left body and has flown into Baba's lap around auspicious time of Amrit Vela (between 3.00-3.30am) on13th November, Monday. The soul left body peacefully.


Claire looked after Hong Kong Centre for quite some time. She was dedicated and committed to Baba, Baba’s family and Baba’s service.  She personally held high regards and valued importance of Maryadas in her life and she also encouraged and empowered new BKs to follow.  Her face always sparkled and glowed whilst sharing Baba’s jewels.


Her body was in severe pain for past year and half, but she endured the physical pain with royalty, dignity and grace.  She preferred quiet simplicity and has encouraged us to keep everything simple.  It is as though “KEEP IT SIMPLE & SOULFUL (KISS)” was her motto.


Three of our BKs Corinna, Mina and & Bimal visited her in hospital on Sunday.  Mina informed me that her body was in pain, but her face reflected sparkle and glow of almost 30 years of Gyan, Yoga and Tapasya.


We are having a series of Yoga sessions. Please see below time table:


Yoga Bhatthi Time Table



All are welcome to join in corporeal or subtle form

Thank you.

Godly love.

BK Rohini
Hong Kong Raja Yoga Centre
National Coordinating Office
17 Dragon Road, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Phone: 852 - 2806 3008
Fax: 852 - 2887 0104



News of Sr. Veena of Uxbridge - Funeral Services take place Thursday

17 November 2017

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


This is to give you news of our sister, Veena Khanna of Uxbrigde who left her body on Thursday 9th November. She was 77 years of age and had been Baba's child for the last 33 years. She came to Brahma Kumaris at the Southall Centre and despite many obstacles became a strong child of Baba.  She has been serviceable throughout her life especially at Southall Centre and then 9 years ago she began weekly gatherings at her home in Uxbridge. She was diagnosed with cancer 6 years ago and with her determination continued to serve. Her son and daughter lovingly took care of her.


Baba has called such a serviceable and loving soul for another service and our special loving thoughts are with Sister Veena and her family.

The funeral ceremonies will take place tomorrow, Thursday 16th November.  The details are attached.

With love and regards,

In Baba's yaad


BK Jayanti


Click here for details of funeral service to be held on Thursday.



News of Sister Beverly Crooks of London

25 October 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Greetings of love from London.  This is to let you know that our sister Beverley Crooks, Baba’s child for over 20 years, left her body on Tuesday 17th October.  She collapsed at her desk at Brunel University in Uxbridge. She already had a heart condition.  She was 60 years of age.


Beverley was born in Birmingham UK of Jamaican heritage.  She had a long career in education including teaching in Zimbabwe, as an Ofsted inspector and as head of the board of governors of Uxbridge College.  Her current role at Uxbridge University was as Widening Participation Officer to help bring to university those without the traditional qualifications and also from ethnic minorities.


Beverley touched the lives of many people, young and old.  She also brought the gift of meditation to her workplace.  This is what Brunel University wrote about

her in their tribute:


‘On campus, Beverley ran a 'peace of mind' meditation class each week, based on the Eastern philosophy and teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. She was a vegetarian and very much centred in her belief, which she kept private but practised daily.’


Beverley first came in touch with the Brahma Kumaris in South London and later moved to Wembley and was a regular student at Wembley Inner Space and Global Co-operation House.  She was very active in Living Values Education in the UK and also in Ghana during her visits there.  She also helped in the development of Baba's service in Brixton.  Beverley was an eloquent speaker and excellent stage secretary and just two weeks ago participated in a special event for Black History month at GCH.


Beverley is remembered for her royalty, faith, determination, love and constant cheerful and optimistic disposition, despite health challenges.  We share with her husband Eric and her brothers and sisters a feeling of saying farewell to a special soul, but in the awareness that God is taking care of her and will use her for a special task in future.

Below is a tribute to Beverley from Uxbridge University.


We are not yet sure of the funeral details.


With love

In Baba’s remembrance,


BK Jayanti


Our tribute to Dr Beverley Crooks, Widening Participation Officer

Human Interest

Published: 20 Oct 2017


We are extremely sad to share the news of the death of our much loved and respected colleague Dr Beverley Crooks, who passed away after suddenly becoming ill at work on Tuesday.


Before joining Brunel in 2002, Beverley worked as a teacher of English, local authority advisor, Ofsted inspector and then as Mentoring Co-ordinator at the University of Greenwich. She joined Brunel, with a doctorate from the University of Reading under her belt, on the same day as her colleague Lesley Mortimer, with whom she has worked determinedly every day since to brighten the future of many hundreds – if not thousands – of people.


With the concept of Widening Participation in its infancy when she joined Brunel, Beverley had carte blanche to think – and continue to think – of new ways to make it possible for people to not just get into university, but to get on once here, and when they leave.


So of course, she worked with local schools and colleges to inspire young people about their futures, but she didn't stop there. Realising that the transition to university could be tough for those from families without a tradition of higher education, she devised the HeadStart programme, bringing WP students to campus early, giving them a chance to settle in and sharpen their skills in readiness for their studies. She then continued that specific study support through the expansion of the BrunelAcademic Skills service. But still she didn't stop.


Observing that WP students find it more difficult to access work opportunities, she introduced the Brunel Professional Mentoring programme, giving WP students access to professional networks that they had no access to otherwise, and an internship bursary scheme so that WP students could afford to take up unpaid (when that was still a thing!) internships.


For Beverley, there wasn't a barrier too great to overcome in order to open the doors of higher education to as many people as possible. She was a great champion of the disabled, and worked closely with Brunel DDS. She supported young parents, and established an annual summer school for teenage parents and their babies. Most recently, she helped to set up the SantanderPostgraduate Care Leaver bursary. She was an active member of the Brunel BME network, and supported BME academics and students alike.


In 2016, she was appointed Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, an honour usually reserved for practising educators, and so a real recognition of the impact Beverley had on students' success at university and beyond. She was a valued member of the Forum for Access and Continuing Education, for which she wrote several conference papers, and latterly of the AccessHE Disability Forum, and too many other external groups and panels to mention here.


On campus, Beverley ran a 'peace of mind' meditation class each week, based on the Eastern philosophy and teachings of the Brahmakumaris. She was a vegetarian and very much centred in her belief, which she kept private but practised daily. In the office, she was a treasured, inspirational and generous colleague with time for everyone, relentlessly positive, a great listener, as well as being plain good fun. At home, she was a devoted partner and aunt, and very proud of her large extended family. 


It isn't part of the WP agenda to encourage people to come to Brunel, we simply aim to encourage them to attend university, but it's no surprise that, on meeting Beverley in their schools, so many young people have followed her here. It has been so moving to hear this week from our students who remember the day they first met her and are able to say exactly how Beverley made a difference to their lives. We know she would be terribly proud, not just of their achievements, but also of their ability to speak up about the difference she's made to them, even in the saddest of times.


We would very much like her family to know how valued she was by Brunel and what a difference she has made. If you have a thought to share with them or can say how she's made a difference to you, please share your memories in our Book of Condolence, which will be available in the EGW atrium from Monday 23 October. Alternatively, you can email your memories for inclusion to



Sister Maharani from France flew to BapDada's Lap

10 October 2017

Our dear sister Maharani took her spiritual birth in 1984. It was an instant recognition of Baba and Baba’s knowledge. It is Dadi Janki who gave her her name. During her whole life, Maharani has been playing with the jewels of knowledge, sharing them with depth, love and great enthusiasm.


Very quickly, she went on the field of service, opening a bhavan with Sr Madeleine. They then run a service place in Paris: Bhatthi Bhavan, which soon became a kind of nursery for pakka Brahmin souls.


A very powerful soul, she had an impact on her lokik family. Very soon, one of her two daughters and the husband of the other one joined the Brahmin family. Br Didier is now in charge of Baba’s centre in Montpellier, a city in South of France, where Maharani started the service in 1990 until 2007.


Maharani had special love for the murli, her only reference, for Brahma Baba, Mama and for Baba’s Yagya; that is what led her, in 1987, to translate, type and edit ‘Adi Dev’ which she then offered to the French family.


She had the great fortune of having personal blessings from Avyakt BapDada who told her she was an angel, a Bapsaman soul, very merciful, and also a Shiv Shakti, always with the Father, her powers being His powers.


Her motto was: ‘One strength, One support’. She had unshakable faith, determination and will power.


Very authentic, she gave a hard time to Maya as she was strong and stable, independent and uninfluenced, ignoring any doubt. Indeed, we will all remember her as a real Shakti, a true Kali, filled with honesty and love, able to face any situation, fearless, full of dignity and self-respect.


For the last few years, she was living with Parkinson’s disease, never complaining, and lately, she developed breathing difficulties and then also heart problems. It seems that this powerful independent soul very quickly decided to leave the body and fly into BapDada’s lap.


We are grateful for her subtle incognito angelic service and support to the whole family whom she loved so much. Our love and powerful good wishes accompany her on her way to new adventures, obviously full of service…


With love,

French Family


Tribute in PDF format



Dadi Sarala of Bengaluru Passes Away

13 September 2017

Om Shanti,


Baba’s beloved and Yagya ’s Aadi Ratan  Dadi Sarla ji (Kumara Park, Bengaluru) has left the mortal body today (11th September) morning, 3:30 am at Kumara Park Centre, Bengaluru.


Tribute in Hindi in PDF format



Sr. Loga of Sri Lanka Flew Away 0n 25th August

6 September 2017

Divine Family


Baba's tireless server and special child sister Loga flew to Baba's lap on an auspicious day. It was the day of Ganesh Sathurthi and Da di ji's day of remembrance (25th of August). The easy and peaceful manner of soul's departure showed the result of serving Baba's yagya from the heart.  The age of the body 73.


She met Baba in 1992. Ever after she met Bapdada in madhuban more than 25 times. Studied gyan for 25 years. And decided to dedicate her life serving the Father of all fathers and Husband of all husbands. led center life for 22 years facing many challenges. She was instrumental to bring Br  Wicky (her husband), Radhe and Gopi (2 kumaris - her daughters) to Baba and was a great inspiration to get her daughters also surrendered in Baba’s service.


Started Brahmin life in Colombo. Her initial services were to give 7 days course, cooking for seniors during their visits (She had the fortune of cooking for dadi janki and travelling with her when dadi visited Srilanka in 1994), accompanying seniors for outstation services etc., later started giving public lectures, led groups to madhuban, conducted BK classes etc.,


She was instrumental to start service in Kandy from a temple. And when a center was established started living there with no training as a surrendered sister because she was the first surrendered sister in Sri


Lanka. Then moved to Kalmunai and served for 7 years. Good hands for Baba emerged from that center like Bro Suresh, sister Rajani of Batticaloa center.


Mainly she had also served in Matale, Badulla, again in Colombo, Batticaloa, Nawalapitiya and recently in Jaffna.  Other than these places she had served in other parts of S ri Lanka also.


With her stitching skill had made lots of gift items for bks in Srilanka and also sent to madhuban as per didi’s request and sr Meera’s request for international children’s program.


She was always very enthusiastic and tireless. kept everyone around her also busy. observed yagya deciplines strictly. very courageous, detached, clear and stable in her decisions, always followed baba’s directions through instruments, never said NO for service, There was only one baba and none other in her heart, very tolerant and patient. – these are some of her qualities.


In any situation she always lived at the center and maintained the honour of the Father. This was the first funeral held at Baba's center in Sri Lanka. She Served Baba with her body, mind and wealth. For her love and sincerity towards the yagya she had the fortune of Baba's Main instrument in Srilanka brother Ganesh lighting fire for the cremation. Baba had proved that He will serve his serviceable children. Body was cremated within 24 hours. Bks from other parts of Srilanka also came for the funeral travelling overnight. Baba's most of the main instruments in Srilanka were present to salute the soul for her next journey. The body which served Baba for long was garlanded from top to toe, showered with rose flowers, incense sticks, sandal wood, sprinkled rose water. It was such a royal, silent and spiritual final service. 


Bro Ganesh and other main instrument souls shared some of her specialities and services and blessed the soul. Coffin box was carried to the cemetery by the bk brothers through the town where she served last. It was brother Ganesh who lifted the box first along with other brothers.


Sr Loga lived her life completely for her full satisfaction. She was not sick or bed ridden before leaving the body. The soul went to Bapdada's lap as if the hair pulled out of butter. It’s the fruit of a loving and detached spiritual life.



Sister Lorna of Cyprus flew away to Baba

5 September 2017

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


News of Sister Lorna of Cyprus


Sister Lorna left the body in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus on the morning of Thursday, 31 August, aged 74 years. She left the body quickly in Baba's presence and in the arms of ever loving Trevor after a long period of illness. Her wish was to be cremated but Cyprus does not have a crematorium so her body is being flown to Bulgaria and her ashes will be sent to me in Cyprus.


She came to Baba in May 1985 in Hong Kong where she was active in service until 1997. She was active in service in Gubbio after leaving Hong Kong in 1997, and also spent some time in Oxford at the Global Retreat Centre. She came to Cyprus from Gubbio in 2006 where she lived very happily but in poor health until flying to Baba's lap.


In Baba's sweet remembrance


BK Trevor



Sister Nagalakshmi, Incharge of Hoskote (Karnataka) Center has Passed Away

30 August 2017

Divine family of Globe

Om Shanti


Bapdada's beloved child B K Nagalakshmi, center incharge of Hoskote(State - Karnataka, Subzone - Bengaluru, VVPuram) has left the corporeal body and is in Bapdada's lap on 28/08/2017 at 1.00 am.  She came to knowledge in 1999 at SPIRITUAL ART GALLERY, KOLAR Centre. First Dedicated Soul in 2001. Badge no-ktv/17307/2001/2006


She served a lot in Godly service and constructed Rajayoga center at Hoskote town in 2014.


She was very compassionate, powerful yogi and humble nature soul, who was loved by all the brahmins. She used to conduct spritiual classes in such way that every one could understand Baba's murali verywell. She had done her Diploma in value education and M.Sc. in value education.


Our heartfelt condolences to beloved divine sister BK Nagalakshmi ji.


On Godly seva.


Center incharge.



Sister Helen Northey has Flown to Baba

22 August 2017

Dear family,


This morning (August 19th) at 12.30am our dearest and much loved Sister Helen Northey flew to Baba.  She left very peacefully with her brother at the bedside.


She left at the auspicious time of the Melbourne family’s rakhi (just a couple of hours after its completion).


Details are to follow.


Thank you for your continued loving sakaash.


Om Shanti


Dear Centre Coordinators,


News of Sister Helen Northey


Sister Helen Northey... with Baba since the earliest days of Gyan in Australia... has flown on the next part of her journey.


And an angel has been born.


Growing up in country Victoria, Helen always spoke lovingly of her childhood as a free and happy time on the farm. It was a simple life, filled with a loving family, and with nature and animals as her companions. This gave her gentleness, mixed with a strength and compassion that she carried with her all her life.  Helen brought that love with her out into the world as she grew and blossomed.


She had grown into a beautiful young woman when her life took a new and unexpected road. It was the early 80’s when that ultimate light, the Divine One who captured all our hearts, captured hers. Helen fell into Baba’s heart and He into hers. This was a permanent love that would be with her forever.


When Baba entered Helen’s life her spiritual journey began.


The first of Baba’s centres had just opened in Melbourne. This was a synchronicity filled with meaning that would carry her into the future.... and first she learned and studied... and then she taught what she had learned at that very first Fitzroy centre.


Helen carried truth like a banner into life and her love was always backed by a courage that saw her facing life with a smile, no matter what it brought her.


In time her journey took her from Melbourne to Sydney, where she lived for some time at Indraprasth, with Didi Nirmala and then there came the bhavans and centres of those years... other places where she lived and taught and learned and grew.


From Sydney, that Divine Light, that she held to so faithfully, took her to Hong Kong where she was to be for some years, still teaching, but always... always still learning, for one of her delights was investigating the depth of the jewels of knowledge she was given, and she never stopped learning.


After a few years she left Hong Kong and returned to Australia, but no matter the country – no matter where she was- Helen always left the world a little better.


Challenged for many years with an ongoing physical condition that was often filled with pain, Helen never lost her smile, and she never let go of Baba’s hand. She was always true and admirable example of courage.


A shining inspiration and an integral part of the BK literature department of Australia, Helen had not only knowledge and training in that area, but was always a creator of deep spiritual beauty, for she was a writer whose words sang of God and Light and what the future would hold. Her words filled the world with beauty in many ways.


That beauty stayed with her even through her recent battles with illness and pain. She always saw the pain, no matter how strong, as an opportunity. She spoke of it as a gift... a chance to learn... a test to pass. She always saw it as something she could be grateful for in some way, even when it was at its worst.


Helen was an example of strength and courage and truth... and how aptly named:


Helen, from the ancient Greek meaning ‘Light’ and ‘most beautiful of women’.


And she was indeed both of those things. She carried spiritual light with her into some of the darkest corners and banished shadows for many, and the beauty of her courage and compassion and love... and that wonderful laugh... made the world a better place. Travel well, dearest friend.


There will be a private service and cremation followed by a memorial service.


With special love in Baba's yaad,


Australian Family

Tribute in PDF format




News of Br Patsy from Ireland

14 August 2017

Dear Centre Co-ordinators,


News of Brother Patsy from Ireland


Greetings of love from London. Brother Patsy, who had been Baba’s child for nearly 20 years left his body on 10 August. He had been on a journey with cancer for the past few years. He was aged 77.


Patsy came to Baba in London. When hearing Gyan, he had instant and powerful recognition of the soul and of His Beloved Baba. He was like the chatrak bird, and continued to share his experience and intoxication. He would travel about one and a half hours daily to come to class at Global Co-operation House despite being a little unsteady on his feet. Because of his experience, he never shied away from helping others, and after a few years decided to return to Ireland where he continued to serve many. He encouraged people to empower themselves, as he himself had done.


He had been given a message from Jayantiben on Monday, whispered in his ear by BK Maureen Ryan, along with a meditation on God's Love. When he heard Dadi was in London, he asked to convey his love and remembrance to Dadi. Dadi in return sent him Baba’s loving vibrations.


The funeral mass and cremation for this beloved soul took place on Saturday 12 August.


We send the soul many loving good wishes in Baba’s Remembrance.

With love,

In Baba's yaad,


BK Jayanti



Sister Paloma from Granada, Spain, left her body

9 August 2017


Dear Centre Co-ordinators,


News of Sister Paloma from Granada (Spain)


Sister Paloma was 59 years old when she left the body on the morning of 29 July 2017. She had cancer. Sister Paloma lived in a town near Granada in Spain and she had one daughter. She had a great love for service, the family and knowledge. She was always ready to help, even in small tasks, and was very active and joyful.


Her first contact with BKs was in 1997, and she took knowledge in 1998. Sister Paloma loved going to retreats, and never missed the Spanish national retreats. She was very happy when she could go to Madhuban as living far from the BK centre she understood that the retreats were an opportunity to be close to the family and it was good for her spiritual progress.




Our special loving thoughts are with Sister Paloma and her family.


With love,

In Baba’s yaad,


Spanish family





Sister Encarna Unica from Granada flew to Baba

9 August 2017


Dear Centre Co-ordinators,


News of Sister Encarna Única from Granada (Spain)


Sister Encarna Única was 57 when she left the body on Monday, 31 July, in the evening. She had cancer and her health was already very fragile.


Sister Encarna received Baba’s knowledge in November 1992 and in 1995 she first met BapDada. When her health allowed she went to Madhuban where she was very happy and enjoyed the closeness to Baba and the BK family.


She was the mother of two daughters and she lived in Granada in Spain near to the BK centre. She liked to participate in the mother’s retreats and in the national retreats. The BK family loved her very much because of her natural sweetness and deep understanding of knowledge. She was gentle, sweet and knowledgeful.



The qualities that stood out in her were her humility, simplicity, sweetness and generosity. She loved the murli and had great faith and love for Baba, and purity for her was always paramount.


Our special loving thoughts are with Sister Encarna and her family.


With love,

In Baba’s yaad,


Spanish family



BK Vaman Bhai of Madhuban (Father of Atam Prakash bhai, Toli) Has Passed Away

31 July 2017

Om Shanti Divine Angels,


Please see the attached photo which the details are self explanatory.


Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul B.K.VAMAN BHAI (FATHER OF ATAM PRAKASH BHAI, TOLI) MADHUBAN HAS LEFT BODY.


Please do needful.



B.K.Santha Krishna

Personnel Admin Dept.,


Obituary in Hindi



Sister Denise from Hendaye, south of France, has flown to Baba

15 July 2017

Our dear sister Denise took birth in 1923. She was the eldest sister of the French BK family.


During her whole life, she had deep love for God and was devoted to others. A nurse during Second World War, she then worked as a social worker and finally as a supervisor managing teams of social workers of her region. All this resulted in her being rewarded with ‘Légion d’Honneur’.


An anecdote which gives an indication of her strong love for independency and freedom, her determination and inner strength: just a few days before getting married, she cancelled the wedding. Not so easy at the time… A real Shakti!


Denise found Baba in 1988. Born in a very Christian family, she immediately adopted BK lifestyle and very quickly engaged herself in Baba’s service.


She loved silence and was always studying Baba’s murlis and only speaking about gyan or service. She used her home for Baba’s service.


While she was more than 80 years old, she decided to build in her garden a full house designed to be a BK Raja Yoga center and until recently, students from Spain and France gathered there as it is near the border. Denise spoke both languages.


Denise maintained a good balance between all four subjects and was an example for all. Humble, always eager to learn, she shared gyan with great tact, an instrument to give others real experiences.


A great soul, she was a great lady, refined and very smart. Everyone will remember her loyalty, her full love for Baba, her constant spiritual intoxication through constant study and churning, her strength and her very touching and/or hilarious dry wit.


The French and Spanish families lost an angel of wisdom and purity who will now share her deep joy and serenity with all the souls she will meet on her way in her next part…


Click here to download report in French.




Message from BK Nirwair bhai on the departure of BK Prembenji (Dehradun)

15 July 2017

Dear sisters and brothers of the Brahma Kumaris divine family,


Please accept hearty Godly good wishes, and special blessingful remembrances from beloved Dadi Jankiji and Dadi Gulzarji, who are both presently in Mumbai for health reasons.


We hope they will return to Shantivan in due course to continue showering blessings on all the BK sisters and brothers attending different Bhattis and programmes. 


On behalf of beloved Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and all senior sisters and brothers of Madhuban, we extend our heart-felt condolences to our dear sisters and brothers of Dehradun, Rishikesh, and Haridwar on the flying away of our very dear angelic sister, BK Prem Latabenji (also known as Prembenji), on 11 July 2017, at the lokik age of 77.


Prembenji came into knowledge in 1952, and dedicated her life in Godly Service in 1956. 


She was lovingly known as the 'Undeclared Jagatguru'. BapDada had made her instrument to serve the Gurus, Mahamandleshwars, and religious leaders in prominent pilgrimage places of Bharat. She was adept at serving them and inspiring them to visit Madhuban for Religious Conferences and other events. Her speeches and magnetic meditations endeared her to not only the BK divine family but also all the religious leaders who came in contact with the Institution. She shouldered the responsibility of being Chairperson of the Religious Leaders Service Wing for decades. 


In recent times, these great Saints and Gurus always showered petals of respect on our divine sister. 


The very special pair of Sisters Prembenji and Achalbenji (who was one of the Main Coordinators of service in Punjab Zone, and left chariot some years back) were Baba's spiritual light-houses who had taken sustenance from Sakar Baba, Jagdambaji, Dadi Prakashmaniji, Didiji, Dadi Chandramaniji, Dadi Dhyaniji and others. 


The entire family joins us in paying loving respects to our beloved sister Prembenji, and wish her all the best for her onward journey. We are sure she would play a very respectful role during the transition period of the kalpa.


Our thanks to Jayantiben of London for reminding us of the service Prembenji had done in London/UK many years back. 


With Avyakt BapDada's love,


B.K. Nirwair



News of Sister Heather, Australia

15 July 2017

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Our dear Sister Heather of Baxter Retreat Centre, one of Baba’s original jewels of Australia, left her body quickly and with minimal apparent discomfort on Saturday evening after many years of cancer. Many of you who have visited Baxter will remember Heather as a part of our Reception team and always happy to have a good chat!!


Heather began her BK life in Melbourne in 1979. She recognised Baba and remained his dedicated and loyal child for thirty eight years. She spent some time in the Blue Mountains in the early 80’s when service began there and then spent many years in London which she always held very dear in her heart. She returned to Melbourne around 15 years ago.


Over her years with Baba, Heather helped in many areas of Baba’s task and was also part of the team running the Inner Peace Inner Power Retreat in Madhuban.


Heather had taken an extended trip to Madhuban, England and Malaysia just a few months ago. It had been a trouble free visit to see so many of her friends and Heather had an absolutely wonderful time. After a fall recently, Heather’s health deteriorated quite rapidly but it was only last Thursday that she was taken to Palliative Care from her home. It was great fortune that Didi Nirmala and many of Heather’s friends were at Baxter for the National Centre Residents retreat and were able to visit Heather during her last few days.


Heather's many years of close relationship with Baba prepared her for this final journey. The family of Baxter had looked after her with so much love and care.


There is to be a private funeral sometime this week and we will have a memorial gathering at Baxter following that.  We will let you know details as soon as possible.


With special love in Baba's yaad,

Jacqui, Charlie and the Baxter team


Report in PDF format




Dear BK Family.                                        


BK Heather left her body on Saturday evening and a private funeral service will be held on Thursday in the afternoon.

We all knew Heather and loved her for her wisdom, her practicality, her wit and her willingness to help.


There will be a Memorial Celebration of Heather’s life on Saturday 15th July at the Retreat Centre at 5.30 pm followed by dinner and you are all invited to share our love for this great soul who has helped in Bada’s task both here and internationally during the 38 years of her Brahmin life.


It would help with catering if you could let us know you are coming.  Phone 5971-1599.


In sweet Baba’s remembrance and loving good wishes to all of you


Jacqui and the Baxter team





News of Shantamata of London

2 July 2017

Dear Brothers & Sisters,


News of Shantamata of London


Greetings of love. This is to give you news of Shantamata Mistry of London, Baba’s child for over 40 years who flew into Baba’s lap in the early morning hours of 30 May. She was aged 91. A few days prior to departure Sr Jayanti and others had spent time with Shantamata in Baba’s remembrance and just hours before departure three generations of her lokik family had gathered around her, so the soul took leave in an atmosphere of great love.


Shantamata came to Baba in 1976 at Tennyson Road. She introduced Baba to nearly all her family members (80-90 people) and inspired them to stay close and co-operative with the yagya. In fact, both Shantamata’s daughter Manjuben and son-in-law Nagin Bhai have been daily murli class students from those early days. It was Nagin Bhai was who was the instrument for Baba’s London family to have murli class in Dudden Hill Community Centre for many many years.


Shantamata as well as being a keen and accurate student was a dedicated sevadhari in Baba’s Bhadara. For many years every Thursday she would make a special toli called Peda for Bhog. Whilst poor health in the last few years of her life prevented her from physically being able to be present in Global Co-operation House, it didn’t stop her from staying close and connected, as every single day, without fail, she would listen to a recording of both the murli and the murli revision that had taken place in Global House that day.


Shantamata had many many friends and one of those was Dadi herself, who had a special place in her heart for Shantamata. She was affectionately called "Baa" by both the loikik and alokik family and her great grandchildren in fact, called her "Om Shanti Baa".


We send all our good wishes and love, in Baba's remembrance to such a special soul. A photograph of Shantamata is attached


With love,

In Baba's remembrance,


BK Jayanti

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Sister Claude of Marseille has flown to Baba

13 June 2017

Last Wednesday, our Sister Claude, one of the old & gold jewels of Baba’s French family, left her corporeal costume to fly to BapDada.


Sister Claude took gyan in 1986, one of the first ones in Marseille. She was then a journalist. Very quickly, she got invested in service, especially in the ‘Global Co-operation for a Better World’ initiative and was instrumental for creating the contact with the wife of Marseille’s Mayor, met on the Marseille Exhibition in 1989.


Very creative, Claude had a lot of love for churning gyan, always able to find practical examples or scientific experiences to give explanations. With her refined and sharp intellect, she loved sharing knowledge with others, with tact and discernment.


Claude always was very attentive and careful towards her children who never came close to her spiritual family and remained independent, loveful and detached.

For many in the centre, she was like a mother. Generous and benevolent, she saw everyone, pakka or not, as Baba’s child, as part of the family.

She found a bridge with souls who had taken some distance over the years, understanding, consoling and comforting them…


Claude has been courageously fighting against cancer for many years. Since 2013, the body has been too weak to allow her to move and come to the centre. 

After four months in palliative care unit, she flew to Baba on Wednesday…


Souls who have had the joy to share a beautiful spiritual friendship with her love her total absence of judgmental attitude towards others, her acceptance of each one with his/her difference, and her insight of the unique part of each one.


As she herself was saying, she had decided to go along BK path at the highlander’s pace. Determined and faithful, Claude was a fearless soul, filled with benevolence.


She will be remembered as the stick for the blind, guiding souls towards light with patience and motherly love. Also a good number of souls in Marseille thank her for her care and sustenance through her knowledge of alternative medicine and Qi Gong, which helped them remaining alert in action and Baba’s service.


Now that this elevated soul has spread her angelic wings, we wish her a wonderful journey, borne by our gratitude and our love… You had the wish to interview God so may you spend some time with Him now to ask all the questions you wish!


Report in English


Report in French





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