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Sudesh Didi – 30th January 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London The seed is within the fruit; the power is within the awareness

31 January 2022

Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti. Good morning.


The morning to once again become aware of "om", of who am I? Om, I am. But what am I? Who am I? What do I contain in me? What exists in me? How do I express myself?


Today, Baba said that awareness is the seed of all four subjects that we are studying. Awareness is remembrance. He is reminding us how awareness and remembrance are connected. What is reminding us? What it is that He is Re-Minding, bringing back to our attention that awareness. We say, “Oh, I was not aware of this.” Something which exists there, but we are not aware. When we are not aware, we are not using it; when we are not using it, gradually, we are losing the track, we are losing the neck of using that power. The consequence of not using it was feeling it as a shock that I have forgotten. Forgotten what? Baba says it is a game about forgetting and remembering. But the question is what is remembrance? Baba is reminding us. Who really has this awareness and is able to remember?


All of us are the same, the embodiment of this potential. Baba says that you are the seed of this remembrance. In Hindi it is smriti, and the meaning is samrathi, potential , strength, power. But you are only aware of this power when, either you are experiencing, or after forgetting and experiencing the loss, the benefit or loss. And this is a game of loss, that we lost our power, there is potential in the seed. But if I am not actually planting the seed, I don't see the potential, I don't experience the taste of the fruit; I don't see the power which it contains.


The question is: Can you remember something which you have not experienced? Can you remember something if you have not experienced it and I want to remind you of it, will you remember it? Instead of believing in it, you will have doubt about it. You would say, no, I don't. And so, there are souls on this Playground, who have heard about paradise, heard about inheritance, heard the praise of God, but that experience of His qualities can only be brought about through the experience of the qualities of the self. This awareness is called Knowledge. So, there are two aspects of awareness. Knowledge is given, Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from? What are my powers? But, unless I use it, I won't know the power. So, I know I have lost it, and until I exercise it more and more, I would not actually become the embodiment of remembrance.


The embodiment of remembrance means, through yourself organs, as well as organs of the soul, when both have experienced. If I have not experienced anything, I would not remember. So, Baba says you can experience something only when you are using it. To use it, you need to have the knowledge. The method is: it is just like a seed, we will not be able to see the fruit of the seed, the taste of the seed until it has been given the right environment with water and sunshine. So, it is time when God comes and makes us aware. He gives us many methods: He gives titles; He reminds us of our positions; He reminds us of what we have experienced in the Soul World and when we were in the Golden Age. But we have also experienced suffering and sorrow. If we have experienced sorrow, it means we have the experience of happiness as well. Different quality, different personality. And so, Baba comes and now says, “This is what you are experiencing. So, I connect with you, you have that power within you.”


Just like a candle, a candle has the potential to dispel darkness, according to its potential, time-wise, it will melt accordingly. But it must be ignited with another light. This is why there cannot be any connection without yoga, without the relationship. Your experience can be of sorrow or happiness. When these two are in extreme, they touch each other and we remember that.


From our childhood, so many things have happened, what it is that we remember: either very beautiful moments of surprise, happiness, unexpected things, especially the moments of failure, realisation, defeat, repentance.


In this cycle, Baba does not come in the middle, He comes in the end, when both experiences are there in the souls and so, reminding us, “This is what you had experienced, and I have come to teach you to connect with Me.” As soon as you connect, your light is lit, your qualities are there and that experience will ignite again when you are using it. Okay, the product is created. But the fruit is there. I do not know the taste that says very sweet. But how do I know it is sweet? I have to eat it. I have to practice it. It is not about the blessings. And it is not with any external gift. It's the awareness within my own self. That's why practice makes us perfect. It's our personal experience that becomes the authority, it becomes power.


Baba says "Experience is the greatest authority", because that is truth. I have experienced, you have experienced. Then, a time comes when there are indirect experiences. Someone asked me, “We say Baba has come. Now Baba is not coming. How do people believe what we are teaching? Because now Baba doesn't come. And we read the Murlis, we revise the Murlis, we said God has come. How will other people believe it? I said that it is very important to understand that when the seed itself is growing, it creates many fruits and by eating from that fruit, you know the seed and what the seed is like.


Baba, as our Father, as our Teacher, as Satguru, our Friend. Our one wish is that they also are able to do the same, to have a true relationship, the Godly qualities there are. Now how to recognise God? It is the function; it is the taste. It is the power, the power of purity. Someone does what no one can do, to make the impossible possible.


People think that purity is a very difficult subject. So how does it become so easy here for us? God wants to see success. And this success reaps fruits. Then His children become the image. He says, “You surrender yourself to Me, and through your feature, and through your character, I will be visible. I will be visible through actions.” That's why, when meeting with the senior instruments, you have some very powerful experience, through Drishti, through some words. The parent says, “I am doing this business. And now I am retired.” So God is retired now, but He is still there. He is not functioning directly; He wants to do it through His children. And when the task of purification, transformation is taking place, He says that you are the instrument. That’s why he says, You will become an example and sample of this. You will continue the business and I give you the power and let them experience the quality, knowledge, love, purity.” So Godly power will remind you that the fruit you're eating, the seed is there, and so, God says, “You are the fruit. So, you transform yourself, you transform others, and the fruit has the seed in it.


The more we become aware, the better we become. Not only aware, but using what I am aware of. This is why Baba says that it is not just one subject, but all four subjects. The seed for all the four subject is smriti (awareness), samrathi, power, strength, potential. The more we use it the more it increases or it emerges.


So, Baba is reminding us of different ways to become the embodiment of remembrance. Time is telling me I should stop.


Om shanti.


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Bhog Messages of 27th January, 2022

31 January 2022


bhog message -- sr. shashi hindi


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bhog message -- sr. rukmani hindi


bhog message -- sr. rukmani english





Madhuban Newsletter in English & Hindi - February 2022

30 January 2022

Dear Divine Family,

Please find herewith the Madhuban Newsletter for February 2022 with points for 1-28 February in English and Hindi.

In Baba's yaad,

Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban Newsletter in English


Madhuban Newsletter in Hindi






Sudesh Didi – 23rd January 2022 Sunday Morning Class - GCH, London Faith brings victory

24 January 2022

 Om Shanti Om Shanti Good morning, golden morning.

Every morning, Baba makes us aware of the teaching He is giving, the yoga He is teaching. And in essence, as today's Murli,  aana and jaana,  coming and going. Didi Manmohini’s mantra was: Now is the time to go Home, ghar jaana haiJaana, means to return. The return journey is the aim of the devotees as well. So, she also wants to return. 

All people in this world are looking for Moksha. But they are not aware of the experience of liberation is a contrast. It's the freedom from bondage and the achievement of happiness. It is like a contrast of a healthy body and a diseased body, of happiness and sorrow. And Baba’s main mantra of aana and jaana, in the teachings of knowledge and yoga, dharna and seva, the mantra of Manmanabhav, be mine with your mind, tune your mind to me, focus your attention on Myself, make your mind like My Mind.

These are the stages: Turn your mind away from others and tune with me. When it is tuned, you are connected, and the intellect becomes focused. In fact, the mantra is of Manmanabhav but yoga of the intellect is “Yoga of the intellect with Me” because it is the power of understanding, faith, nishchay, to make sure that these feelings of the mind are real feelings. These are based on my experience. This is when the intellect is clear, then with both mantras, Manmanabhav and Madhyajibhav, I become a balanced person with knowledge and yoga; I become Vishnu, the embodiment of virtuous, the embodiment doing actions with divine virtues. So much time has been taken because, in order to bring the truth in life, it takes time.

Faith brings victory. In Hindi it is Nishchay buddhi vijayanti (Faithful intellect is victorious), those who have a faithful intellect. Nishchay means deep within the intellect it is clear, it is convinced, it is aware and recognise the contrast between truth and falsehood; it is experienced and is able to make it clear everything as it is this, and what is right. And, in order to make us aware of the truth, Baba is taking a long time. What we had been believing, we thought it was the truth. On the path of bhakti all that we believed, which we were deceived, looked very true, but it is not true. “I am so and so,” So, we were convinced that, in our whole life, we were body, our bodily name or position or fame, but it was not true. In order to achieve this, we were struggling in our whole life in this concept about bodily relations, in the concept of the rituals and systems of the world. This is why Baba has to explain. But the intellect is able to grasp this, and that is why some people get confused. Again and again, Baba is speaking about the scriptures. Only when I have understood the real facts behind, the truth behind, truth brings victory.

Truth is power. So, it has to be given the contrast. And that truth is the truth which are the eternal qualities, powers of the soul. And because truth is immortal; truth never changes. Falsehood changes, it's clever. It changes its favour, its flavour, and its form, but truth is truth.

I am a soul, bodiless soul, originally a pure being. This is truth. I am an eternal, immortal being. With all this fear of death, fear of society, fear of the problems, then the power is lost because we think it's real. This is why Baba has to explain the cycle also. If He had not given the knowledge of the cycle, then we would not understand the contrast, or what we are making effort for, or what it is Baba wants us to achieve. And so, contrast the whole cycle of swardarshanchakra, then that becomes aim to achieve because when the intellect is clear, convinced and has experimented the practice, there is no doubt. Unless the intellect has understood, it gets blocked again and again by what we have convinced ourselves, that becomes a barrier. Then Baba has to remove it for us. And so, every day, Baba takes the broom to clean, gives us a shower to take away the dust and influences.

The influences are attraction, temptation, desires and gradually, it becomes a bondage, that becomes suffering. Baba wants us to have faith, that in fact, you are a free soul; the body is not in bondage. You have been influenced by the desires, and that becomes a disease. Desire is a disease. When desires are not fulfilled, the intellect begins to doubt in the self and in others. Then Baba makes them clear for us. Doubt is there, doubt is danger, doubt is delay, doubt creates waste, a lot of waste through imagination. A lot of energy is lost through confusion, and you begin to lose your power.

So, first, faith in yourself. Faith is not just in the mind, faith is in the feeling. With the right understanding, it is an experience. Nishchay buddhi, the intellect begins to experience. Whatever we do, whatever actions we perform, they begin to trust ourselves; they begin to trust others. And nishchay, faith, in other words, in English translation is faith. Faith is belief. And if we call it belief, then I need to believe it. And when that belief or faith in translation is also fine, lives within, and we become that, then it is nishchay. It becomes my personal property, my personal achievement, then you are able to become victorious because you have faith.

When this faith lives in me, I begin to conquer sense organs. This means, you understand and change ideas; you understand and change your actions; you understand and become powerful enough to overcome influences. We are not fighting anything; we don't conquer anything else. We are conquering our own falsehood. We are conquering our own ego. The moment we tried to conquer others, we fail. We are defeated. The moment we pay attention to conquering ourselves, we become victorious because conquering others is a false fight. Fighting with others is a waste of energy. How can you conquer the ego of others? The more I criticise, the more I become egocentric. And I will take in their weaknesses.

With faith in myself, I am a pure soul. I recognise you are a pure soul. This faith brings great relationship, and with the relationship is the power of intoxication. Because it's not only my power, truth is teaching me truth. God is truth. And this truth is benevolent. Truth is not painful. Truth is a healing power. It's benevolent. This is why Baba says Baba’s praise is Satyam, Shiam, Sundaram (The Truthful, the Benefactor, the Beautiful One), because this truth is benevolent, and it is beautiful. And when it is beautiful, we believe this belongs to me. And it is mine because it's my Baba. So, when I am a soul, the faith that I, the soul, am the child of God, this intoxication and relationship. 

With these two I have a very powerful experience of two little girls. When I came to London in 1974. There are two girls coming in the class with her parents. One girl was called Shelly, she was three years old. She had a very, very bad cold. She was vomiting. I told her mother, “Please don't bring her to class. It's too cold.” She says, “But she gets up so early. She prepares everything, dress, and she actually encourages us that we have to be in the class.” I didn’t believe it, actually. I thought it was the mother because she didn’t want to miss the class. So, the next day I told Shelly, “You should not come to class.” She said, “Why? My mama comes, my grandmother also comes, my father also comes. Why should not I come?” I said, “Shelly, because you are sick. You are coughing and sometimes vomiting.” She replied, “Sister Sudesh, I am not sick. It’s only my body's sick.” I was so ashamed. Such a powerful arrow hit me. She's the one who was practical. I was a priest. This little girl had a strong belief that she was not sick. And she was not influenced. That was a very powerful realisation. It was the faith that the parents had instilled in her. And she was able to believe in it and live in it. Of course, the parents were taking care of the girl’s medicine as well. She was okay in two days. Then the other girl was Mona. She was also two and a half years old. She loved me and I loved also, Again and again, she was running after me when I stepped into Tennyson Road. She said, “You come to my home. You should come to my home.” I said, “How would I go? I don't have a car.” She said, “I have a car. Come, I show you I have a car." Outside Tennyson Road, the car was parked there." She said, “This is my car.” I said, “But this is not your car. This is Manu bhai’s car.” She said, “No, my papa’s car is my car.” Such great intoxication: Papa’s property is my property. And I realise Baba also reminds us about His property. Baba’s property is your property, and still, what is missing? This little girl’s innocent intellect has faith. 

When I become more innocent and recognise with a pure intellect, then this divine intellect has faith and becomes victorious. Then I begin to trust the self, begin to trust others, believe in others. Whatever you believe lives, and that becomes living. Victory is our birthright.

Om shanti.  


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