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BK page in the Daily Guardian for November 28th

28 November 2020

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Loving Tribute by Br Nirwair to Senior Bro. BK Amir Chand of Chandigarh, India

28 November 2020

Our very, very dear Avyakt BapDada's most serviceable, divine brother Amir Chand ji has flown to the Subtle Region today to join beloved Avyakt BapDada.


Our respected Dadis, Madhuban Seniors, and other brothers and sisters of Madhuban join me in extending heart-felt condolences to divine sister BK Uttaraben, BK Anitaben, BK Bharat Bhushanbhai and all sisters and brothers of Punjab Zone in particular, and the entire global divine family.


Brother Amir Chand Ji was the ideal example of BapDada's obedient instrument. Accurate in following all principles of Brahmin life, his personal example inspired hundreds and thousands of kumars, kumaris, and householders to imbibe Baba's Shrimat. He spent his life from youth age until the very end in Baba's service. His tireless efforts all over Bharat and foreign lands have sown the seeds of divine service for which beloved BapDada would definitely double-crown his great personage. 


As my very dear brother and close spiritual friend, I will miss him a lot, but I will keep the sweet memories of our times in Chandigarh and Madhuban alive.


May Avyakt BapDada bestow their choicest blessings on our beloved brother for his future angelic role during the remaining part of the Kalpa. 


This is to inform everyone that the Deputy Commissioner of Delhi has granted permission for the chariot to be taken to Chandigarh from Delhi on the 28th night. So the final rites will take place on Sunday, 29 November at around 11 am in Chandigarh.


As limited numbers are permitted to attend funerals due to COVID-19 protocol, we request you to send vibrations of peace and regard from your respective places, and not take the trouble to travel to Chandigarh.


With all our love and regards,

B.K. Nirwair






Waving Shiv Baba’s Flag on Top of Mount Everest Summit- The Experience of BK Dalip Shkhawat of Pilani, Rajasthan

28 November 2020


Hello and Greetings!                                                                                

I am BK Dalip Shekhawat, I summited Mount Everest on 16th of May 2019 at 5 am from the south face in Nepal. I raised Shiv Baba’s flag at the peak of Mount Everest. It was the culmination of years of meditation, planning and intense physical training, truly putting me in the rarefied air of a very few peoples who have conquered the 8,850-metre peak. The expedition began in the first week of April from Kathmandu. It took us approximately 50 days to reach the summit and back.  

My daily Spiritual Regime
I get up at 4 am and start my day with spiritual meditation. All the pure energy that comes from the quiet moments, sets me up for the day. I feel calm, energetic, and in control. I feel I am ready for whatever comes my way. Through meditation, I have explored and unfolded my inner powers. The actual act of meditation is still a mythical quest for many because it involves sitting down and really silencing your mind working towards that “inner stillness” when our day is driven deep inside by societal insecurities and mundanities of everyday life.

I meditated over years to visualize and experience the powerful atmosphere and the consciousness of the Himalayas because it has been the traditional seat of meditation for yogis and spiritual seekers who meditated in caves. During the climb, I meditated at base camp every day. I awarded the climb to myself, as a pilgrimage and not an ‘attack’ on the mountain – a word that some people use. Even the oft-repeated idea of ‘conquering-of-the-peak’ is nullified in the journey. I really wanted to feel my oneness with the entity. It was not a question of just bagging the peak, then going home and telling people ‘you did it’! That’s probably part of it, but you’ve got to pay your dues, just like anything in life. You must decide this is a priority and go about it in a conscious way.

During meditation, I connected with the power and ambiance of Shiv Baba. I requested baba to secure my route from all dangers and visualized my success to the summit. Mount Everest Expedition is undoubtedly a lifetime opportunity to bring us face to face with all that is away from the mundane, awarding us the revelation both at the mythical as well as the mystical. One must be well prepared before attempting a task as prodigious as this. With these enormous takeaway’s one encounters umpteen and mighty intimidating hurdles such as high altitude, severe weather conditions, and avalanches.

In the Death zone (also known as Domains of God), climbers face a near-death experience due to extreme fatigue, dehydration, extreme cold, and low oxygen conditions. In that state of adversity, I felt the presence of the spiritual powers around me (Baba’s power) my body became superfluous with the power to lead and push through the summit and descend safely.

Mt Everest lives up to its fearful reputation, on summit day we lost two of our fellow climbers who perished due to a sudden change in weather while returning from the summit. In 2019 11 climbers lost their lives, it was the worst season on record. As of the end of the 2019 season around 309 people are known to have died climbing Everest, I strongly believe that my spiritual connection to the baba gave me permission to stand on the summit and return safely to base camp. 

How did this experience change me?
Mountains are powerful and unpredictable beyond our imagination, they have life of their own, they roar, they grow, they move, they breathe, and they recycle. Mt Everest made a huge impression on me. I felt stunned after seeing the cosmic size of Everest and getting the aerial view of the world from 30,000 feet, which helped me to understand the magnitude of the relationship between man and mountain.  It also gave me a better sense to size up my problems in life.


My connection with nature and its importance?
My personal theory of mind is that I always ask myself Who am I? I believe I am cosmic dust; my birth was a supernatural process, I need nature’s big 5 elements to stay alive and function (soil, water, air, heat, and space). These resources need to be respected and conserved.

Wrap - up
Metaphorically, I still haven't come back down to Earth. I am very thankful to my family and my father Shri Nathu Singh Shekhawat who inspired me throughout my planning, training, and climb. I am also thankful to Asha didi and Swati didi at Brahma Kumaris Center at Pilani for handing in the Shiv Baba flag to wave at the summit. I am also thankful to St Amant and Royal Winnipeg Rifles where I work, for all their support.

I will continue my journey to break barriers through meditation and raise funds to support our community. I will also humbly attempt to continue to build on life lessons that will inspire us all to leave the next generation of leaders with a competitive edge for the global village that we have become.

“Not all the challenges are real, through meditation, self discipline, and commitment to the plan, we all have the power to pull off the impossible”.

Best Regards
On Godly Service,
BK Dalip Shekhawat

(Post Sent by BK Asha behen, Brahma Kumaris, Pilani (Raj), India)







Update on Dada Amir Chand's health

27 November 2020

Dear Divine Family, Loving greetings.


You may have heard about Dada Amirchand, Head of the Punjab Zone, being admitted to hospital with Covid 19.


We have good news that Dada Amir Chand is no longer on a ventilator. He is fully conscious and alert and looks fine. Presently, he is not able to move his limbs. This is normal after a prolonged illness and he will recover from this in due course. 


Thanks to everyone for their love and good wishes.


In Babas yaad,

BK Brij Mohan bhai & BK Asha





Information on using ZOOM during the Madhuban Double Foreigner Program November 2020 - 2021 Season, especially the sessions on 28th  & 29th November

27 November 2020

Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.


For three of this coming weekend's online programs, we will use the Zoom program. Many of you are already familiar with using Zoom but if not, please find below information on how to use it for the 28th & 29th November Programs and other programs going forward. Even if you are familiar with Zoom, please review the "Additional Guidelines" further down in this communication.



Regardless of the device you are using, when you enter the Zoom meeting room, you will either

  • be asked if you want to use the audio of your computer’

or you will

  • be given the option ‘over the Internet’.


Please choose whichever of these options appears to you.



We would like to request one small cooperation from you with regard to your camera. When you join a meeting, both your microphone and your video camera will be set to 'off', indicated by a red line through the microphone and video camera icons.

Where possible, we would like you to switch on your video camera, so that everyone can experience meeting the whole family. It's easy to do this: Just click on the video camera icon and your camera will be on.  (If you don’t see the video icon, move your mouse or touch your screen).


Please, be aware:

  • When your camera is on, you should be in front of it with sufficient light on your face so that you are visible.
  • If you need to get up for any reason, even for a few minutes, please switch off your camera (because it can be distracting for other  participants and speakers to see you moving around)
  • As it is a Madhuban program, please dress accordingly.
  • Be aware of your environment, particularly if you have other people around you.


Following these guidelines will deepen the quality of everyone’s experience.  From time to time, you may like to switch to the Gallery View in the computer (upper right corner of your computer screen) or, on your phone or tablet, simply swipe left through successive screens to see your world family.


If you want to use the chatbox for questions, precede them with *** as it will make it easier for the facilitator to identify questions (as distinct from other comments).


And if you have any questions or comments on the experience of the programme, email us: dfseason@brahmakumaris.org


Please note all programs on the 28th and 29th are scheduled to last from one-hour to one-hour-and-fifteen-minutes.


Much love,

In Baba’s yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team





Sister Jayanti addresses DiwaliFest2020: iGlobal News "In Conversation" Sessions

21 November 2020

"We must not forget to look within for contentment and joy" BK Sister Jayanti

BK Sister Jayanti, the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris, offered some insightful tips on connecting with our inner selves to find that much-needed calmness during the course of DiwaliFest2020.

For over 50 years, Sister Jayanti has been an emissary for peace worldwide. She was born in Poona, India, in 1949, of Sindhi parents who migrated to England in the 1950s. From the age of eight, she was therefore exposed to Western education and cultural influence. Her return to India for several months at the age of 19 (leaving behind her study of pharmacy at the University of London) led her to begin her life’s path of spiritual study and service with the Brahma Kumaris.

As European Director of Brahma Kumaris and a spiritual leader and teacher for 50 years, Sister Jayanti has dedicated her life to self-transformation and service to humanity. She is a pioneer advocate for the spiritual basis of caring for the earth and a key presenter at the COP, the annual UN Climate Change conference, since 2009.

As the Brahma Kumaris representative to the UN in Geneva since 1982, Sister Jayanti has championed the cooperative role of spiritual organisations in creating a just and peaceful world. She has brought spiritual principles to the discussion tables of politicians, economists, business leaders, scientists, and nearly every stakeholder of our times.

Since 2009 she has headed the Brahma Kumaris delegation to the United Nations COP Climate Change Conferences and has spoken internationally on the link between consciousness and climate change. In 2018 she led early morning meditation sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January, at the European Commission’s EUSEW Policy Conference in Brussels in June and at COP in Katowice in November.

Sister Jayanti sees the erosion of spiritual values as the underlying cause of the crises that the world is facing today.

Besides an immersive guided meditation session, in the second part of this "In Conversation" session for ‘iGlobal’ she focuses on what changes we can all incorporate in our daily lives to address pressing global challenges.

YouTube Video Part 1 [14:56]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76VJ2TaWdmA&feature=emb_logo

YouTube Video Part 2 [15:00]- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhugXrCwM2A&feature=emb_logo



Brahma Kumaris Page in The Daily Guardian - 21 November 2020

21 November 2020

Click on the image to download a pdf version of the page.





Tribute to Dadi Janki - response needed by end of November

21 November 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,


We are in the process of preparing a beautiful TRIBUTE to DADI JANKI to record for all time Dadi's exemplary life and contribution to the world.


Do you have a special story to tell about Dadi Janki -- some experience that really shines the light on any one of Dadi's extraordinary qualities?  


Example: Picking up God’s signals ... Dadi and another sister were walking hand and hand down a corridor of GRC.  I was behind them, wishing that I, too, could walk together with Dadi like that. To my astonishment, within seconds of that thought, Dadi dropped the hand of the sister and turned towards me, taking my hand in hers to continue the walk.  It was thrilling to witness how pure souls like Dadi pick up God’s signals so naturally, and surrender to them with such confidence and love. 


Please send your stories -- or photos --  to  bksharonah@gmail.com.    Deadline: End November 2020 


With love and thanks,

in Baba's yaad,

BK Manda and BK Sharona






Online Global Silence Retreat for Global BK family from Fri 29th to Sun, 31st January 2021

20 November 2020

Dear Divine Family,  Om Shanti, and greetings of love.


Following the recent Silence Retreat for NCs, NCTs, CCs, and Right Hands, there have been numerous requests for more such retreats for the whole BK family. We are therefore happy to inform you that we will be organizing a Global Silence Retreat for the BK family from Friday, 29th to Sunday, 31st January 2021. All regular BK students are invited to participate. Details pertaining to the retreat will be sent later. 


This is to let you know in advance so that you can save these dates.  


In Baba's loving remembrance,

Global Silence Retreat Team

Sisters Meera, Moira, Karen, Kathryn, Linda, Celia, Yolanda, Chrissy, Judi, and Tanya





14 Exquisite Exchanges Journal - E-Books in English, Hindi & Tamil

20 November 2020

Dear Divine Family,



We are pleased to inform you that 14 Exquisite Exchanges with My Future Life is now available as an E-Book which can be downloaded FREE.  The E-Book can be downloaded in three languages: English (original), Hindi and Tamil.


For the E-Books please go to:  


English PDF link



Hindi PDF link



Tamil PDF



Epublishing links

English epublishing link



Hindi epublishing link



Tamil epublishing link



Audio Meditations

Also available is an audio version of the meditations from the journal. Hearing these greatly complements the experience of the 14 Exquisite Exchanges. Please go to: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjIM3szDrOdQn2FCkczQus0WDAQdrZS96


More Resources

Playlist of video recordings of Golden Insights from senior BKs from around the world beginning with Sister Jayanti: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjIM3szDrOdRtrDYE_PX7rEEbxps3EzUX      



If you have any questions about using the journal, please email us at:  exquisite.exchanges@au.brahmakumaris.org 


With much love from the Exquisite Exchange Team

Charlie, Judy, Petra, Manda, Trish, and Waddy





REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani from 2nd through 16th November

19 November 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)

15 November - A Bond Between Souls - Bhai Dooj: Diwali Day 8 [6:35]  https://youtu.be/uBWYg4-qqVo


13 November - Celebrating New Year ... New Era: Diwali Day 7 [7:45]  https://youtu.be/NnlrQKU3iMY


12 November - The Power of Giving [ 9:55]  https://youtu.be/fNEQf-un2K4

11 November - What Is The Importance Of 'Diya'? - Diwali Day 6 [7:30]  https://youtu.be/Y_K40MBblqQ

10 November - What Do We Learn From The 4 Days of Diwali? [5:05] https://youtu.be/yzX-AOE40zQ

09 November - Start A New Account Of Positive Karmas: Diwali Day 5 [9:25] https://youtu.be/G0GKdBH3SIg

08 November - Sweetness In Who You Are: Diwali Day 4 [6:55]  https://youtu.be/Soasg0R7ZJM

07 November - Gift People What They Really Want: Diwali Day 3 [8:50]  https://youtu.be/9yV6hAy8LHc  

06 November - New Clothes ... And A New You - Diwali Day 2 [9:15]  https://youtu.be/tNHosfDon3I

05 November - Clean Your Home, De-clutter Your Mind [9:05] https://youtu.be/0v00ooAdegE

03 November - Make Forgiveness Easy to Do [ 25:13] Episode 46 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/5aUg-lbjz1E



The Concentrated Power of Love- Conversation #8 in the series "Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective"

19 November 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,

Om shanti. Recently there has been a series of on-line panels for BKs to discuss ways they are Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual PerspectiveYou may check all the conversations at this link: http://tiny.cc/UncertainTimesPlayListThis series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years.  

Please see the invitation for Conversation #8 The Concentrated Power of Love.  This is a private link for BKs only.


Tuesday, December 1

Link (the room will be open for meditation 30 minutes before):

  • 6:00 AM (New York)

  • 11:00 AM (London)

  • 12:00 PM (Denmark/Geneva)

  • 7:00 PM (Malaysia)

“When all subtle karmic accounts have been settled, we then have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone. This is LOVE.” Sr. Mohini

“Love in other words is karmateet. When karmateet we start loving the creation as much as we love the Creator.” Br. Brij Mohan

At this time the concentrated spiritual power we have is becoming pure love - for self, for BK family and for humanity. How is this concentrated power of love expressed? What is the effect on obstacles when the power we have is expressed as love? How is the power of concentration helping us experience and express love?   The discussion will be in English. Those language coordinators who would like translation please contact Marcelo. 

Meera Nagananda With Baba since 1968, 52 years. Currently based in Malaysia as Director of Asia Retreat Centre (ARC)

Valeriane Bernard 35 years in gyan, representative at United Nations Geneva since 2005, a key member of BK Environment team.

Viggo Simonsen has been In gyan since 1985 and coordinates BK service in Aarhus, Denmark since 1999 and works as an IT consultant with Ericsson


With warm regards,

In Baba's yaad,

The Spiritual Conversations Team




Diwali Wishes from Sis BK Yogini, Mumbai, India

15 November 2020

Divine family,


Kindly accept greetings of love, peace & good wishes on the festival of Diwali. May this festival, light up our inner light & might to glorify this world to make it Heaven again.  


Wishing all a Happy, Holy & Healthy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year !!


In Baba's yaad,

With warm regards,


BK Yogini

Vile Parle, Mumbai, India



Diwali with Global Family: Greetings & Music from all Over the World

15 November 2020

Om Shanti


Godlywood Studio presents a Special Diwali Programme - DIWALI WITH GLOBAL FAMILY.  


Diwali Greetings and Music from all over the world. Watch and share with your friends and family [37:44 minutes].


Click on the below image to play.






Download Diwali Blessings from Onelink

15 November 2020

Dear Divine Family,


64 print-ready Diwali blessing cards are available for all to download (without needing a password) from the Downloads page under Festivals/ 2020 Diwali.




The Onelink Team






Update on the Health of Dadi Ratanmohini and Leelabehn

10 November 2020

To the Jewels of the Brahmin Clan, Avyakt BapDada's Centre Coordinators and the entire BK family, Please accept loving remembrances from BapDada's unlimited home.


Drama continues to show different scenes. This is to inform all of you that Respected Dadi Ratan Mohiniji has tested positive for COVID-19 on 8 November 2020. Dadiji developed high fever on the 6th morning, and was treated immediately. Leelabenji, her Companion, was found to have

moderate COVID Pneumonia a few days earlier, and was transferred to Apollo Hospital, Ahmedabad for treatment.


CT Scan of Dadiji done on the 6th morning suggested mild COVID Pneumonia. A team of doctors and nurses, headed by Dr Satishbhai Gupta is looking after Dadiji's health round the clock. Dadiji is in isolation in her own Cottage in Shantivan, where cardiac monitoring, tests and precautions 

are in place. All parameters and blood reports are normal as of 9 November morning, and there is no fever. Beloved Dadiji is eating and sleeping well.


With BapDada's blessings, and good wishes from the entire Brahmin

family, Dadiji will recover soon.


On Behalf of  Karuna Bhai ji


In Sweet Baba's Service

Brahmakumar Nikunj


Media & Public Relations Services





Brahma Kumaris Page in The Daily Guardian - 07 Nov 2020

8 November 2020

Click on the below image to download a pdf version of the page.



REPLAYS: Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of Oct 26- Nov 02

6 November 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


01 November - Relationships Honest Communication: Part 2 [23:16]  https://youtu.be/WJJFmJWoEM4 


30 October - People's Behaviour is result of MY Past Karma [12:35] Episode 45 of Being Divine Series  https://youtu.be/8YTJWihw9DA


28 October - They are not Wrong ... They are Different: Part 1 [23:22]https://youtu.be/nHLllvgH9DY

26 October - People Do Not Listen To Your Advice [29:06] Episode 44 of Being Divine Series https://youtu.be/ImDLVmR2i7M



Brahma Kumaris Page in the Daily Guardian, 31st October edition

3 November 2020


Click on the below image to download pdf.



Chit Chat by the Campfire of Dilaram's Heart - Saturday 7 November for BK young adults

3 November 2020

Dear Divine Family,

(Please share with BK young adults in your area)



2 separate sessions for brothers and sisters - pls see respective flyers below. 

Open the heart, engage in spiritual conversation, strengthen the bond with Baba and family


Event Date: SATURDAY 7 NOVEMBER (pls note: separate timings for each session)



The sessions will be neither recorded nor live-streamed, so you are encouraged to join the Zoom meetings. For creating a safe space for sharing, it would be good to keep your videos turned on during the session. 


We'd love to offer everyone your favorite hot drinks, so please help us by serving it to yourself during the sessions!


The event is for BK young adults (aged between 16 - 40) and youth instruments who hold responsibility in the yagya. It is also open to those 'graduates' (outside the age range) who have participated in previous IYF programmes or have been involved in local/national youth service in their areas.


If you have any questions please contact iyf@brahmakumaris.org.


Many thanks,

In Baba's yaad,

The IYF Online Programmes Team





Recording of 30th October panel on Death of all Deaths

2 November 2020

Dear Divine Family,


Recently there has been a series of on-line panels for BKs to discuss ways they are Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective, moderated by Sis. Judy Johnson, Canada.


This series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years.  


Please see below the list of all Conversations; there is a YouTube playlist you can access all of them:




With warm regards,

In Baba's yaad,

The Spiritual Conversations Team


List of conversations

#1 Self-confidence in dealing with Financial Insecurity

Ken O'Donnell (Brazil) and Mara Gomes (Portugal)


#2 Intensification of Purification: Emotional Eruptions and Relationships

Gopi Patel (UK), Pamela Donnellan (Australia) and Enrique Simo (Spain)


#3 Finding Your Place: Belonging

Moira Lowe (Argentina), Rita Cleary (Boston), Ash Patel (UK)


#4 Relationship with Time

Br Charlie (Australia), Sr Pratibha (South Africa), Sr Kim (Malaysia).


#5 Trusting the Divine Intellect when Facing Obstacles

Luciana Ferraz (Brazil), Kiran Coyote (USA), Yogesh Sharda (Turkey)


#6 Fulfilling my potential - getting the result I want

Asha Didi (ORC, India), Sr. Sona (Abu Dhabi), Br. Artem (Russia)


#7 Death of all deaths

Sr. Maureen (UK), Br. Eric (Canada), Sr. Marianne (Costa Rica)

As this was the most recent one, here is its link: https://youtu.be/Qf2gTNhkR78





REPLAYS of Recent Broadcasts by Sister Shivani Week of October 19-26

31 October 2020

(NOTE: All have English subtitles or are in English.)


25 October - 3 Hour LIVE Event 'YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT’ [3:00:00]  https://youtu.be/WWnvoNDg44Y



The Awakening channel continues to create programs that reveal Baba’s knowledge to souls worldwide. On Sunday 25th October, from 5 pm to 8 pm, a Special Program, You Are What You Eatजैसा अन्न वैसा मन was held.


The program featured BK Shivani in conversation with Br. Suresh Oberoi, and joining them were the country’s religious leaders, senior doctors, scientists, environmentalists, nutritionists, sportsmen, and film actors. Each one explained the impact of a vegetarian diet and the effect on the mind and body. This program was very beneficial for all to know the scientific reasons behind spiritual teachings.


24 October - Dussehra - Finish Your Ego [12:00]  https://youtu.be/ZWfHS9zN-Q0



23 October - Sri Lakshmi Devi - Power to Co-operate: Navratri Day 9 [12:15]  https://youtu.be/vIle1BXJM1o



22 October - Kali Ma - Power to Face: Navratri Day 8 [12:35] https://youtu.be/u-UZQXu0UDM



21 October - Saraswati Ma - Power To Decide: Navratri Day 7 [10:05] https://youtu.be/e0K4P8BfXpI



20 October - Gayatri Devi - Power to Discern: Navratri Day 6 [9:40] https://youtu.be/bTTFilEBaKQ






REMINDER: Invitation - Conversation #7 The Death of all Deaths

29 October 2020

Dear Centre Coordinators,



We would like to invite you for the 7th edition of our conversations on Dealing with Uncertain Times from a Spiritual Perspective. Please see the invitation for Conversation #7 The Death of all Deaths 30 October. This is a private link for BKs only.


This series is intended to engage BKs in personal reflection and learn from senior brothers and sisters who have been experimenting with spiritual solutions to practical challenges for many years.   


You can check our previous editions in this link: http://tiny.cc/UncertainTimesPlayList

1. Financial Security (Kenbhai and Marabhen)

2. Emotional Eruptions (Gopibhen, Enrique bhai and Sr. Pam, Australia)

3. Finding your own Place (Moirabhen, Sr. Rita and Br. Ash)

4.  My Relationship with Time (Charliebhai, Pratibabhen and Sr. Kim).

5.  Using The Divine Intellect when Facing Obstacles (Lucianabhen, Yogeshbhai & Kiranbhen).

6. Fulfilling my Potential: Getting the Result I Want (Asha Didi, Sonabhen & Br Artem Russia)


Conversation #7 The Death of all Deaths 30 October

As Brahmins we understand that the experience of death will finish for half a cycle as we effortlessly move from an old body to a new one. However, we still face the physical and emotional upheavals associated with death at this time despite the knowledge we have. There may be fear of getting sick, being alone and suffering. How do we relate to death in a positive way? And what can help us move beyond the fear of death?


The discussion will be in English. Those language coordinators who would like translation please contact Marcelo. 


Sr Maureen Programme Director, UK.  In service since the 1980s with a special interest in Interreligious dialogue.

Br Eric coordinates service in Canada and has been a journalist and producer for news and current affairs programs.

Sr Marianne coordinates service in Costa Rica. She works with people suffering mental health issues and abuse. 


Conversation moderation Sr Judy coordinates service in Atlantic Canada



Costa Rica: 1 pm
New York & Montreal: 3 pm

London: 7 pm


We will provide translation for these languages (from the Zoom platform):







With warm regards,

In Baba's yaad,

The Spiritual Conversations Team








LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER: Online Global Silence Retreat, 6-8 Nov 2020 for NCs, NCTs, CCs & Right Hands

29 October 2020

Dear NCs/NCTs and CCs,

(kindly share this information with your Right Hands)


Om Shanti and Greetings!


Kindly be informed that Registration for the Global Silence Retreat from 6 to 8 November 2020, will close on 30th October 2020, 12.00 noon IST.  If due to any reason you have not been able to register, please do so immediately. The link is below:-




Thank you,

In Baba's sweet remembrance,

Online Global Silence Retreat Team


For your reference, Here is the original message sent out on the 9th of October:


Dear NCs/NCTs and CCs,

(Please share this invitation with your Right Hands who have been in that role for 2 years and above)


Online Global Silence Retreat, 6 - 8 November 2020


Om Shanti and greetings of love.


For ten years, we have been organizing Silence Retreats in ORC, Delhi for the BK family, usually around the time of the NC/CC Retreat. This time we would like to offer an opportunity for the family to be together in silence online. Therefore, we are organizing a Global Silence Retreat for NCs, NCTs, CCs and  Right Hands with the theme "The Sanctuary Within - Loving Form of the Karmateet Stage".


More information about the Global Silence Retreat is enclosed in the invitation together with the link for registration which is also below: 




Invitations in other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French and Tamil) are also attached.


We will also be offering silence retreats in December 2020 for those up to 5 years and for those up to 20 years it will be in January 2021.


In Baba's sweet remembrance,


Online Global Silence Retreat Team

Sisters Meera, Moira, Karen, Kathryn, Linda,

Celia, Yolanda, Chrissy, Judy and Tanya



Click below links for PDF format of the flyer.