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51 points from Dadi Prakashmaniji's teachings

25 August 2020

51 Invaluable teachings received from Dadi Prakashmaniji, specially for the day of remembrance.

1. Our final paper is to be a conqueror of attachment and an embodiment of remembrance. Only those who constantly have the one Supreme Soul, our Father, in their vision can pass in this paper. If you have within you the thoughts “This is my relative, my property, my speciality...”, then this “I” and “mine” will not all you to be a conqueror of attachment. Where there is “I”, there cannot be any humility nor can you carry out the task of renewal.


2. Those who are embodiments of remembrance are conquerors of attachment. They are the true trustees. The stage of those who are embodiments of remembrance would not be based on comforts. Some people do service and live their lives on the basis of facilities and comforts. They can never become conquerors of attachment. Do not create your stage nor do service based on the comforts because at this time, we are beggars who are to become princes. Baba has given us a new life. Nothing belongs to us in this new life. To have this awareness and to be a conqueror of attachment is a very subtle destination.


3. Each one has to pay attention that there is no rubbish of any waste in their hearts. The rubbish of impurity is huge. There is also the rubbish of lies and cheating. Similarly, the dirt of nature and sanskars does not allow you to become clean and pure. If someone is gossiping, thinking about and looking at others, then rubbish is being filled in their intellects. To have a vision of blame for someone, to interact with them in that manner, to make out you are innocent and someone else is guilty is also not being clean. Those who have honesty and cleanliness are very humble-hearted. They do not have any body consciousness in them. Those with a clean heart will realise and rectify their mistakes.


4. The influence of bad company completely spoils your stage and it breaks true love. Where there is the influence of bad company, in place of having faith in the intellect, it will create doubts and so each one has to take very good care of the company you keep. Baba has sat us in the boat of truth. It is said: The boat of truth will rock, but it will not sink because God Himself is the Boatman of that boat. No matter how many difficulties come in front of such souls, they are easily able to overcome them. They are never influenced by the company nor are they trapped by others.


5. Obstacles come in front of many as test papers. Sometimes, a paper comes in the form of an illness. Sometimes, a paper comes in the form of the lokik and alokik family. Sometimes, the paper comes in the form of nature and sanskars within a gathering, but those who have made Baba their Companion with an honest heart receive all types of help at the time of need. Baba says: O children, the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. If you do not experience this, then there is definitely a thorn in the intellect.


6. When you have any problem or any task to accomplish, you can resolve that with Baba’s help. If you worry about it or are afraid of it, you won’t be able to resolve it. Those who have an honest heart will not have any attachment to any person, possession or comfort. In order to become free of all of these things, Baba says: Children, just be like flying birds. However, birds can only fly when they have two wings. We also have two wings – zeal and enthusiasm. If you have zeal and enthusiasm, you will continue to fly in Baba’s remembrance.


7. We need to have the wisdom to pick up virtues from each one. Someone may have a very good virtue of churning knowledge, so let me learn from them. If I have enthusiasm, then I will be able to pick up virtues from others. If I want to become karmateet, let me put aside everything else. Internally, just have this one concern: I have to become karmateet. Now, let there not be any obstacle to creating your stage. Let there not be any of the old nature.


8. Sweet Baba has made all of us into carefree emperors of the land that is free from sorrow. This is my personal blessing from sweet Baba that I do not have any type or worry or concern. I do not have any waste thoughts either. The reason for this is that I am an instrument. Those who want to worry can worry, but why should I worry? It is Your creation, so You can worry about it. Since He is the One who is inspiring everyone, since He is responsible, I am just an instrument, so what should I worry about? If there is something, make plans and discuss it but do not worry. Worry is like a pyre.


9. All of you sit on BapDada’s heart-throne and you will not have to worry about anything. Eat whatever He feeds you, wear whatever He gives you to wear, and if He wants us to be in the beggary part, be happy in that, and if He keeps us like princesses, we are happy with that. So what is there to worry about! I have just one mantra, “Yes Lord, I am present!” He is the Lord and He can give any order.


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Sister Jayanti - 9th August 2020 -GCH Purity, truth and love create the bridge to satyug…

11 August 2020

Love and Truth; ­­­ it is said Love is God or Truth is God.  We know that God is love and truth and these are the two most important qualities of the Golden Age.  The title of God that is remembered in Bharat especially is The Purifier.  The One who purifies impure souls.  I am just seeing the connection between purification, love and truth.  Dadi would often speak about honesty and truth connected with cleanliness and purity.  The two are deeply connected.  As I clean myself with the power of God’s love.  Today’s Murli makes it very clear that no matter how much gyan we may have, without the experience of God’s love, it becomes challenging to follow the path of purity and purification.  With Baba’s love everything becomes easy and gives the power to transform.  Without this it would be a hard path to follow.  Often, we think how we are going to manage with the list of dos and don’ts which are the spiritual principles.  But it is not difficult.  If it had been difficult we would have thought about starting the journey. Whatever comes as obstacles or challenges we decided that the love was more important and love gave us the power to carry on.


Today I am seeing how Baba is talking about the power of love and how Raksha Bandan is deeply connected to the power of love. Of all the relationships the one of brother and sister is about purity, and also selflessness.  I don’t think I have ever wanted anything from my lokik brother nor he me.  Sibling love is pure love without motive.   I know that in Bharat they say that the brother protects you and I would laugh as my brother was younger and shorter than me until 15 years old!  Brahma Baba didn’t speak of Raksha Bandan in the 1950’s and early 60’s.  But going to India I would see all the fuss that was made about Raksha Bandan, and I would do it for fun.  To get a pretty rakhi and tie it on his wrist.  I would never have thought it would give me protection.  I give a rakhi and he offers me protection was not on my radar.  Pure love is when we want nothing of the other.  Of the mother, we have huge expectations, and with the Father and teacher there is expectation of giving and taking.  But with a brother, certainly in my relationship there was no expectation and also friendship; very light and easy - nothing heavy.  In Bharat they have the saying that the world is my family.  This foundation is what Baba is doing at Sangamyug.  At Raksha Bandan this is very visible.  I know too as the months go by the support that the family gives each other is very special and unique.  We don’t allow anyone to be alone.  If we know someone needs help, that help is offered.  I know that when senior citizens in this neighbourhood need help it is offered.  So the world is my family.  And in Madhuban this is very obvious.  There is an instant kinship and it is informal.  We know we are all connected to the family.


Baba is saying that love is what enables us to overcome all obstacles.  Obstacles are not what come from outside.  The reason why obstacles come is that something that is happening inside of me and that creates the obstacle, the anger, attachment, greed, lust, ego, careless and the whole list of negativities that come.  So that is why I am facing an obstacle and seeing something as an obstacle.   It is possible to take Baba’s love and clean out that whatever it is that is going on inside and then there are no obstacles and then what I was seeing as an obstacle it will disappear.  When I start looking inside and realise it was my ego that was hurt, and what is it that triggered my anger.  Instead of a reaction I go inside and take Baba’s love, my perception of the situation changes and it is no longer an obstacle.  It is true for all.  The Power of love protects from the obstacles within and so transforms these on the outside.  The power of love is able to heal the soul.  If I am carrying hurts then my behaviour with an individual is not as it could be and that in turn creates more reactions and then more walls are being built, instead of taking them down.


Love is the Power that empowers me to change and allows me to go beyond the physical dimension.  I want to feel avyakt Bapdada’s presence because I wish to be with Shiv Baba in Paramdhan and the power inspires me to let go of the physical costume and take on the avyakt form.  Baba is not only giving us love but also He is teaching us to give love.  If I haven’t been able to do that then I find challenges along the journey.  So I have to take enough love from Baba that I am able to manage.  On the path of gyan, it is not only my connection with Shiv Baba or Brahma Baba but also the family.  If there isn’t a loving exchange with the family then it is difficult to carry on and there isn’t the experience of cooperation or support.


I remember in 1973, when Dadi was not well in Pandav Bhavan, and I took a group of kumaris, who were in Madhuban for training as I was part of the teachers supporting and Dadi would meet the group in the evenings in her room.  She would ask us to share our experiences and then would pick up on what we had said and explain further.  One of the group said ‘I felt as though I am not loved and it was a very difficult day’.  Dadi then said ‘well, try giving love’.  The next day Dadi asked the group how they were and this soul said, it was a very beautiful day today and what changed it from difficult to beautiful was she had practiced taking Baba’s love and sharing Baba’s love.


Baba is teaching us to create a family. Baba says that a kingdom is created on the basis of your study, which is the highest study, and the study will enable us to develop the wisdom to be able to do what I need to do in the kingdom.  It takes wisdom to manage relationships.  The world calls it emotional intelligence.  Baba calls it spiritual wisdom.  With gyan, for example, the understanding of drama and one family, whatever aspect of knowledge that I am touched by, I need to go further than just appreciating the beautiful points Baba gives us in the Murli.  Between knowledge and wisdom is the line of practice.  The more I practice Baba’s gyan the more I begin to feel it, live it, and experience it - this then creates wisdom within the soul.  Then when I am facing situations, I allow the natural understanding, whether soul consciousness or drama, to move in and guide what I do.


Taking responsibility in Baba’s work immediately extends the circle of people we are connected with.  We can be at home, being a good yogi, doing what we need to do and come to class and study.  But that is very different from extending relationships and connections and learning to manage with many.  As soon as I say I am interested to do service, although there are solitary activities, most are in connection with others.  The bigger the range of connection the more wisdom we need to deal with the sanskars that come my way.  Living in a cocoon is ok, but there is no responsibility, learning or growth there.  As it extends and there is greater responsibility I have to learn to love and use God’s knowledge so it is effective in my life, in terms of relationships.  This is why Baba says that knowledge is the basis of our status in the future.  It is connected with responsibility and wisdom and love.


I see how what we are doing today at Raksha Bandan is directly connected to the birth of Krishna and I am not sure how long Baba and Drama is waiting for the 108 to be ready.  I think the 8 are ready and in place.  Dadi would say there is still space, but now I wonder.   Perhaps there is still a margin in the 108.  Yes, Krishna is coming but won’t come until there are some changes in the world; and there have been many changes since the time Baba became silent and no longer wished to come into the physical dimension… During Rakhi here, everyday there was a song…’children you asked Me to come down, and now I am asking you to come up’.  A lovely exchange between the children and God.  We know for a fact Baba is not going to come in the way He used to. Baba now is asking us to go up.  Out of love for Baba I would like to go up. The stage of the Golden Age has to be clean and completely pure.  The birth of Krishna isn’t simply due to Baba not coming anymore, which many think.  But I have no question about it, based on what Baba says in the Murlis, the world has to be clean.  So the purification and the power of love and truth being imbibed within the soul.  So when the 108 are ready, whenever that happens - I don’t think Baba will wait longer than that.  All the signs are moving quickly with a huge amount of turbulence whether nature within or nature outside; So, the cleansing, the new world, and then Krishna will be born.


The important thing is to read what Baba is saying in the Murlis.  They give the answers to the questions we have so keep checking back and you will know.  Why I am thinking about the connection between Raksha Bandan and Krishna’s birth is because in a couple of days Bharat will be celebrating the birth of Krishna, Janmashtami.  And just as they do with Shiv Ratri, the devotees stay awake through the night ... as they say Krishna came at midnight, and then they celebrate.  At Shiv Ratri there isn’t celebration, just fasting and purification, but Krishna’s birth there is a lot of celebration.   So today we will be offering bhog not just to Baba, but remembering Sri Krishna.


The world of Satyug is definitely coming, because God, the Truth, is establishing that world.  The world of love is definitely coming and we have to be the instruments to make that happen by experiencing that here today.  Dadi would say she wanted to see Satyug here, and she was not thinking about golden palaces, but relationships and systems.  Systems based on love.  Why, because the law you are already following because you have gyan.  No one has to tell you this, as you understand the spiritual law.  The system of Satyug is totally the system of love.  Not even a balance of love and law.  Today we have to think where does love end and law begin? At the point when Baba’s children truly adhere to spiritual laws, then on an external level discipline is natural, whatever the need is what I do.    On an inner level whatever we know is right.


A quote from Dadi that has stayed in my mind for a long time is ‘if I have Baba’s knowledge then no one can force me to do what is wrong and no one can stop me from doing what is right’.  This is true, but in the world outside we make excuses saying we didn’t really mean it but we want to please those around us.  But no, ultimately it is me, and what I am doing, so my karma is my karmic record.  Someone maybe an inspiration for me to do what is right, so they get a blessing and so do I.  Equally the other way I have to do what I know internally, deeply, is right.  And so the power of love in the Golden Age.  We know what the law is and it is natural.  We don’t think about it.


Dadi would say in the early days of Karachi, they would be checking themselves; what did I do that was body conscious?  That is very different to today where we ask if we soul conscious.  In the early days, they left behind everyone lokik and it was a new birth; Baba was everything for them and the practice of soul-conscious was very natural. They would check ‘why did I become body conscious’.  Dadi said that they would simply say ‘Manmanabhav’….and ‘hey atma come into the awareness of who you are’.


The power of purity, love, and truth, bridge and link Sangamyug to Satyug and as we experience these in a natural way today we are laying the foundation of the Golden Age and truly preparing for Krishna to come into the world.  Happy Janmasthami to all in advance.


Om Shanti




From the Archives: The Deep Secrets of the Cycle - Bro. Ken (Gyan Sarovar) 14-10-2017 (ENG)

28 July 2020

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Sister Jayanti – 26th July 2020 – from London - Memories of Didi Manmohini

28 July 2020

When Baba asked me where I would like to go on service, I was not sure. I simply said, “Baba, wherever you say”. Baba then called Didi Manmohini who was his assistant – the manager of the Yagya. He said, “You are going on tour, take Jayanti with you and see where you can settle her”. Didi’s intention through the whole tour was to give sustenance. Whenever she had a moment, she would share something from her own life. Right from the moment we started from Abu down the mountain at about 9pm (the train to Jaipur goes at 11pm and arrives at 4.30am) she started sharing. I thought Didi would want to be quiet at that time but when we started the journey, she began sharing her experiences. That was the last time she saw Sakar Baba. We didn’t know at the time it would be like that, but that is how it turned out.


Didi shared that the only reason she had been taught to read and write was that a) so she could write to her husband who worked abroad b) so that she could do the household c) she needed to write laundry lists. Can you imagine the type of world they lived in; a very close community, stuck in various ways. However, Didi had the courage to come out from that and she was the first one to do so. She was the first one to surrender; earlier than Mama, earlier than Dadi Prakashmani… Her love for Baba was unique. Her lokik name was Gopi – and she was actually, in reality, the one with so much love for God. She surrendered because of love.


The other thing I came to know about Didi during that tour was her love for study. Whenever I would go to Madhuban (during the time when Dadi Janki couldn’t go for 4 years) – and Dadi would send me twice a year with groups or for various meetings to represent her – Didi would sit me down and ask ‘What is Dadi Janki thinking, what is she talking about’? Of course, there were no emails, there was no video conferencing, there was no writing of Dadi’s classes and no circulation of them throughout the world… So Didi was curious as to what was going on in Dadi’s mind. I would share with Didi the essence of Dadi’s classes. She would actually listen and take notes. She would also add some comments… So, she really would study – not just the Murli but she would pay attention to what Dadi’s classes were on. She would then give me a list of points and ask me to communicate them with Dadi in London so that Dadi would get the ‘flavour’ of what was going on in Madhuban and Bharat. It was a joy to be a messenger between the two of them. So Didi really lived the life of a student.


Then Didi started touring abroad. Before giving lectures (in NY, London, Japan…) she would ask me what she should talk about. I told her that she knew better than I did but she would always say that I knew these people and what kind of lives they lead. I would give a little description of what was going on in that country or that particular city. Then Didi would say that she knew what to speak about… She was in her 70’s at that point. I was in my 30’s. She had the humility to ask me, to listen and then to follow… She had the intellect of a student – always keen to learn. Didi’s intellect was absolutely clean, clear and sharp. She could see the masks people wore and was able to cut through them. She would share with them insights on what they needed to do in terms of their progress forward. Didi had spent a great deal of time with Sakar Baba and so it was second nature for her to think, ‘what would Baba say, what would Baba do’? That was automatic for her. Because her intellect was so clear she could remember all the things Baba had said and done. She would then follow in those footsteps. So, when Didi would speak to someone I could feel it was as if she was invoking Baba and, in that presence, would say whatever she needed to say to them. When Didi would tell someone what they needed to pay attention to they would take it with that dignity and grace with which Didi was speaking. They wouldn’t react or be upset. They felt Didi’s benevolence; that she wanted nothing but the best for them. They would take it to heart in that way.


Didi’s quality of surrender inspired many, many others to surrender. When Didi gave attention to someone, those around knew that she had seen an heir quality soul and was giving them the awareness that they could be instruments for a special task. That if they surrendered, Baba could use them as an instrument. So many of the original sisters from Delhi will tell you that it was Didi’s drishti and sustenance that gave them the courage to belong to Baba fully and start their service…


Didi gave me one piece of advice which protected me and helped me at all times. Didi would say, “Don’t connect souls to yourself. Connect them with someone higher than you and let them be responsible for their lives”. Of course, she meant Dadi Janki… So, when communicating with students my attention was always to let them connect with Dadi as soon as possible. In the early days Dadi would meet students who had finished even the first lesson. Then things began to change and Dadi would meet them at the end of their course but I always had the awareness that if I could connect them with someone higher than myself then they would be able to take more benefit and come closer to Baba. I have never forgotten that piece of advice.


Didi was very accurate in all maryadas and all forms of shrimat. Her mantras were; ‘One strength, One support’ and ‘It’s time to go home’. This was her mantra in all classes she gave overseas. That was 1982. I spoke to her on the phone just a few days before she went into hospital in 1983. Dadi Janki had been unwell for a year[AW1]  (with undiagnosed thyroid problems) and both of them were in hospital in Mumbai. I had thought that Dadi’s health was fragile but in fact it was Didi’s health that was very fragile. On the phone she reassured me that Dadi was going to be fine – she had been diagnosed and given medication and that she would be flying back to London soon. Then Didi herself flew away… I will always remember the bhog message – that because Didi had missed the final three months of being with Baba in sakar, she carried that thought in her mind and so Baba gave her 10 days in the subtle region with Him. Before leaving the body Didi went into a coma. Dadi Janki would call me every day to give me updates. Dadi told me that Didi was in ICU but her face didn’t look as though she was suffering. Her face looked as though she was enjoying time with Baba and that was exactly what the bhog message that Dadi Gulzar brought revealed. Didi was in the subtle regions for 10 days with Baba. There was such a deep bond of love between her and Baba. When there is such a deep connection of love then if I have a thought that I missed something, Baba keeps that thought and fulfils the thought. Baba doesn’t ignore that thought. If I have a pure, powerful thought then Baba is watching, Baba knows. I don’t even have to say anything to anyone. If my thought is pure and powerful then Baba sees it and Baba fulfils it.


Om shanti





SisterJayanti – 26th July 2020 – from London: Am I stable like the light-giving Sun?

27 July 2020

Purity shines from the forehead, from the eyes, from the face and Baba tells us that my purity depends on how much I have been able to clean out everything so that there is not even a thought or dream of anything that is impure or negative. Of course, the path to purity starts with having command of all the vices including lust. However, it also deals with greed, ego and anger. Purity has a deep connection with peace and happiness and we do experience this. If purity is lost through any of the vices then peace and happiness disappear. Purity and happiness are deeply connected so if I am not happy then let me check which aspect is taking away my happiness. Impurity is connected with all the vices; they are all meshed together.


Where do my thoughts come from? Where do my dreams come from? From deep inside my sanskaras. So, if there are impure thoughts or dreams it is a signal that something needs to be cleaned out from within my sanskaras through tapasya. If something comes in my dream; sometimes we don’t even remember our dreams but if we do, we should check it and see where it came from. Maybe in life I am not able to express how I am feeling so it got supressed and became anger. Or maybe I didn’t have the courage to say what I wanted to and that also got supressed. I may find myself arguing with that individual in my dream. Or if I have attachment, and I may not even be thinking about the person, but they appear in my dream. In purity there are none of the vices present in physical life but also not even in thoughts or dreams.


Another thing Baba has spoke of today is attainment; to what extent have I filled myself will all the attainments Baba is wanting to give me in Sangamyuga. Each day we hear the news and it becomes clearer that we are heading to the final period. Everything is reaching it’s extreme and for BK’s too, everything is being manifested in many different ways. If I see something manifesting in me, I need to clean it out. If I see it manifesting in others, I need to have compassion.


Let me experience Baba’s love in such a deep way that I am able to support the journeys of others. So, check and see now what has been my attainment from Baba at Sangamyuga. Baba has offered me all treasures. To what extent have I taken those treasures and filled them in myself? Do I still go through moods or am I stable like the Sun, up above and filled with light – sharing light? Do my moods go through a spectrum – sometimes very good and sometimes not? It doesn’t depend on the weather but it depends on what is happening inside me. If can switch from all the things going on around me to the attainments that Baba has given me – focusing on those – then I will experience the happiness of those attainments. Sit and make a list of everything you have attained from Baba. You will see that it is a long list.


Today Baba has mentioned that if you have those attainments within you then you will be able to share happiness with others. At this moment people are desperate; you can see it in their eyes and in their behaviour. So, am I so full that I can share something of my treasures with them and help them find God?


In this last period, think of how many souls we have served. In London (for example) only a tiny fraction of souls know Baba. So, Baba has given us the method of serving through the mind. That is very important but another aspect is; whoever I meet during the day – it may be a shopkeeper or anyone – am I able to give them a smile that is filled with the attainments I have received from God so that my smile sparks something within them and they feel that this person is not ordinary? Give them the feeling that you have something they want. It may not happen the first time you meet them but  the second or third time you see them they may mention that you seem to be happy all the time. You can then share something with them and bring them closer to God.


So, as well as the personality of purity, the personality of happiness is also very important. It shows on the face and reveals your attainments to others. When they understand that those attainments are from God then they will be inspired to come close to God themselves. So, keep today’s Murli in your heart and let it bring you closer to Baba.


Om shanti





19 July 2020 Highlights of Mohiniben’s talk on Trust and blessings 

25 July 2020

19 July 2020 Highlights of Mohiniben’s talk on Trust and blessings.  Especially interesting is the section on how to deal with heaviness.


At this time, when there is so much heaviness in the world, Baba is telling us about the practices that will help us to be double light and serve in this time.


Be a double light lighthouse. Have trust and experience blessings.

  • Recall the symbol is of a lighthouse; it’s stable and doesn’t stop.
  • Be double light, bright, sparkling and light: “I am light.  I am a double light angel with no attraction to the old world.  I am in the flying stage.”
  • Create a stage of determination & enthusiasm.
  • Trust is very important.  When you believe something, you have trust & then you will practice.
  • Trust and experiment with every point of Baba’s [Be aware of the difference between inner trust & lightness and inner heaviness.]
  • Be a trustee, then you won’t become tired.  Even with lokik responsibility, realize that Baba is sharing the responsibility.  He will get it done.  A lot gets done through a good stage
  • Because of trust, you start experiencing blessings in your life. Then, instead of feeling heavy, burdened or tired, you are constantly loving and detached – a master & child.


Transform heaviness and obstacles.

  • Baba tells us that this time is bad – not only because of the virus but because human minds are filled with anger, jealousy and revenge.
  • The biggest burden is of one’s own nature and sanskars.
  • When you feel any heaviness, understand that it is a subtle signal that something bad might happen – that an obstacle might come, and your energy will go.    
  • To overcome this, make your mind free.  Don’t blame others for the heaviness you’re feeling. Don’t look at anyone’s weakness. Remove all wasteful thoughts, rubbish of the mind, dictates or opinions of others, and realize that Baba is with you.
  • Make a lot of effort to have good yoga. 
  • Brahmins are very sensitive and may pick up the heaviness of others.  Don’t look at others.  Only look at Baba. 
  • There is power in being double light: “I am a trustee on Godly service.” Make your attitude spiritual and alokik.
  • With determination all obstacles and difficulties will be removed.  Experience being a double light angel and always remain above.


Have a surrendered intellect

  • You will have certain responsibilities, but if your intellect is surrendered, you will discern and decide from this surrendered intellect.  Then after you have decided, take it to Baba.  Then it will happen.
  • Be in the awareness that Baba is the Fortune-Maker.  He gives us marks.  He is the Bestower.  He gives us blessings.  We are also bestowers.




SisterJayanti – 19th July – from London Become the master of your mind

24 July 2020

Good morning to all my sisters and my brothers.  I am physically in London today but unable to meet in person because of home quarantine regulations but on a spiritual level we have been together anyway and internet has enabled us to meet regularly through that whole period over those last months.


I spent any months in India this year and it was very worthwhile for service and for the self also because of being in contact firstly with people from across the world and then later on with the seniors of Madhuban, and even the seniors from all across Bharat.  So it was a wonderful inspiration and you hear their stories of how they came to Baba and how they started service and it really is a very powerful injection.


Today Baba is speaking about Double Foreigners and the immense love He has for Double Foreigners.  That has been shared in the last several murlis now, and again today, the same and Baba talking specifically not just to the whole wide world but to Asia. That the first service abroad started with Japan with the Conference and then Dadiji and many others of the group went around to many  places at that time.  It was a long tour of about a year.  So you will hear that later.


Madhuban - has been in lockdown since 24  March - when lockdown started in India.  It has been a time for bhattis.  It has been a time for yoga through the night.  With everyone on one campus it has made it easy - but also, special groups coming together for four days, and at the moment it is the fourth group and I was supposed to have been there also. The theme of this group is the powers.  Each group had a different theme, and there is one more group after this also. 


Hansaben, Sudeshbhen and Gopi have been there for this bhatti and Hansaben has done a huge amount in terms of organising everything and creating a wonderful space where everyone can feel very special and elevated and so my thoughts have been very much connected with this bhatti.  They have taken up the power of introversion, the power of purity and the power of truth and I was given the topic the power of silence and so the last few days have been the exploration of this particular power in terms of both reflection and memories but also in terms of my own practical experience of this.


So where does the power of silence begin?  It begins first and foremost with introversion.  Dadi used to say that she spends 90% of her time inside and 10% of her time outside, and she used to say that it is because she spends so much time inside that we all want to hear what she has been reflecting on and so when she came into words and we were willing to listen to those words.


And that is absolutely true because whatever Dadi spoke and whatever the other Dadis speak they speak not out of theoretical, intellectual exploration but they speak out of a depth of experience.  Baba says that the highest experience is the authority of experience so we have to reflect not just on what the power of silence is but we actually need to experiment with it and see what our own experience is. Yes, the starting point is introversion.  How much time during the day am I watching what is going on outside and how much time am I spending looking at the dark and the light.  Both the beauty of the inner being and also the things that need to be adjusted and changed within the inner being.  So introversion is the journey for the beginning of silence and solitude - ekant.


Generally when people go off into the jungle they say they want ekant, solitude, or they go off to the mountain tops etc.  But Baba has a different interpretation of this word solitude.  Baba says it means to go into the depth of One, to discover the secrets of the One and so that changes the whole picture very dramatically.  It is not anything to do with the external silence of going into the jungle and it is everything to do with my love for God and my desire to be able to know God as He truly is.


Baba often speaks about this in the sakar murlis, that although we are all brahmins yet not all of us know the depth of who God really is. Lockdown is easing in some places but in others it still continues, but we have had more time to be with ourselves than we have ever had before and drama is perfect, it is accurate. Dadi flying off at lockdown time and at the same time lockdown beginning and giving us the space that we have never given ourselves before.


Service continues, but it is very different doing something on Zoom or any other conference on video than making all the preparations that have to be made on a physical level for external service. 


Public service continues but also service of the family, sustenance of the family continues, but it is condensed in time now and so we have had time for ourselves and I wonder how many of you have taken the time to explore two things.  What is going on within and secondly to be able to explore the depths of Baba.  Who exactly is Baba?  Have I understood Baba deeply?  Have I understood what Baba is able to give me at this time?  Have I understood what Baba is not able to give me so that all false illusions and things of imagination are removed from my head?


So introversion and inner solitude so that I can go into the depths of One.  This is the basic foundation.


Another very important foundation is that I should then be able to move onto the stage of focus, of concentration, because silence is a power and when something is scattered it is not powerful.  When my mind is scattered and is like a butterfly going from here to there, to there, there isn’t power.  I am easily distracted and instead of being able to come to the essence I will go off to alleyways and by-ways and a lot of time and energy is wasted because we have not learned about concentration and so these first two steps of introversion and inner solitude means that I am now beginning to see which direction my mind is going in.


I start by observing my mind and educating myself, and it is not an education from outside, it is rather an inner laboratory.  Like the Dadis during those first fourteen years.  They spent time not only together but they spent time in the inner laboratory.So going deep into myself, and if my mind is getting distracted here and there and everywhere in that state I am not really able to know myself or able to know God. It is said that self-realisation leads to God realisation and I believe this is true, even in the first step. 


Only when I am able to turn inwards and come to the awareness of the inner being, soul conscious, can I feel God’s vibrations, God’s love.  So if people sometimes complain that they are not feeling God’s power, not feeling God’s love, the mind isn’t tuned to the right frequency and even if I were to decide now, at this moment, I want to tune my mind to God so that I can pick up what God wants for me, what God wants to give to me, what God’s signals are for me I need to be deeply soul conscious, turning inwards again and again without letting my mind get distracted.


So going deep inside and finding that place within and cleaning that space.  Would God enter a space that is unclean?  God is the purifier and so He is going to help me cleanse it but if I want Baba to be inside my heart I need to keep that space very, very clean.


One of Dadi’s mantras was, of course, honesty and cleanliness, and so introversion allows me to clean up the space within and allow my mind to be calmer and more stable and in that stability of soul consciousness, when I tune my thoughts, my mind, then I am able to connect with God and start experiencing God’s presence.  So God’s presence in my life is absolutely essential at this moment.


Can you imagine how it would be possible to cope with everything that is going on in the world at present without that connection with God and the feeling of God’s love and protection?  We are surrounded by all sorts of negativity but also we have a lot of negativity inside ourselves and I need protection and God’s help for both so that the outside bugs don’t get me but also the outside atmosphere of fear doesn’t come to me. Anger doesn’t shake me.  Another person’s insecurity and lack of faith doesn’t destabilise me and so the power of silence means to be able to come to that inner state of soul consciousness and develop my focus and concentration of my thoughts of God and then the other noise finishes because normally the head has a lot of noise. 


We are not able to experience silence and this is because we are not focusing inside or up above.  We are being influenced by all the noises going on outside and in fact the inside is even noisier than outside.  Why?  Because that inner noise is being generated day or night.  Outside noise can be turned down, the volume lowered, a machine can be shut off, etc.  But the inner noise, if I tell my mind to stop it will only stop if I have learned to be the master of my mind.  Unless I am the master it is not going to slow down, it is not going to listen and so the journey inwards, the journey of silence is to become the sovereign of the self through the practise of soul consciousness not just in meditation, yes of course, but also the rest of the timetable I am engaged in.


Having gone inside I see the scattering of my energy and I say that I now want to channel my energy towards God and so I begin to try that practise maybe for a minute, three minutes, ten minutes and it will keep increasing.  The more I practise stabilising my thoughts in God’s remembrance the more powerful it becomes, the easier it becomes and I begin to experience God’s love, God’s power entering my life.  And again it is that paradox that when I am quiet I can feel God’s presence and when I feel God’s presence I become more quiet but the first step has to be that I make that conscious decision that I want to remain inside rather than allowing my mind to go racing outside.


I can be sitting in one place but my mind is all over the place.  Day and night it is all over the place. And so now, Baba has given us the method of traffic control.  Stabilise your thoughts for one, two, three minutes and it will help.  I can’t complain and say I don’t have three hours of bhatti, no but I have three minutes and if that three minute period is used well to stabilise my mind then the other fifty seven minutes that are going to pass are going to be more subtle, more focused, more concentrated, more positive, more uplifting for me and for others.  And so introversion, love for solitude, love for being able to know God and the third thing, concentration – focus and in that step of concentration I begin to develop another very important skill that I need. 


I was with a driver in Delhi at one point.  He had a new car and I asked him if he had his licence and he said:   Oh, it will come and I thought maybe it was in the post or something like that and he wanted to take me out around the block and we were in Karol Bagh, Pandav Bhawan Karol Bagh is a pretty busy place but this was still the morning hours so it wasn’t so busy but I realised that this person hadn’t learned to drive properly, nobody had taught him.  He thought that he would just get into the car and move and he did not know how to use his brakes and so when there was a rickshaw wala just in front he would just swerve and go around the rickshaw wala or the scooter or whatever it was.  Thank goodness it was early in the morning at that time and there were very other cars on the road, but he did not know how to use the brake or he didn’t want to,  I don’t know, but I was remembering Baba more than I was at most times in Delhi and so I am thankful to him that he made me remember Baba more and we went round the block and we got back and I said, where did you to learn to drive and he laughed and so that told me another story.


And so when he said the licence was coming he was saying that  at some point he would apply, but he knew that there would be tests before he could apply, or maybe he found a different way to get his licence, I don’t know, but it was clear that neither did he have a licence nor did he know how to drive properly and imagine, here I am, the driver of my life and I don’t know how to use my brakes, and I am talking about the brake for the mind. So traffic control is a method to help me to start using my inner brake so that I am able to put a full stop not only to the past thoughts but also to the scattered thoughts.  All the different thoughts that our scattered in so many different directions which means that I lack focus and concentration. 


I can develop this through traffic control and the interesting thing that I have noticed is that if I pay attention to some aspect of the life of a yogi, to some aspect of my principles, Baba starts giving me extra help so that what started off as my effort, Baba sees my effort and gives me a thousand fold help and I am able to achieve better results than I had anticipated.


So concentration, focus, clearing the thoughts of the past, learning to stay within regardless of what the external distractions are and building up that quality of love and power that I can receive from God.  Just imagine out of the seven billion people in the world, how many know God.  Even if it is a million it is still a handful out of the billions and so I am lucky that I know the method. I am fortunate that God found me and showed me how to do this and then I increase my fortune by using what God has given me today.


And so let me stay focused.  I need to make plans but the power of silence enables me to be economical with my thoughts and if I am economical with my thoughts I am going to be economical with my words and it is going to be the mantra that Baba gives us; less expenditure, greater success.

So what I want to achieve, whether in terms of myself or in terms of service, can be achieved that much more easily, and let me experiment with this power to be able to focus and concentrate so that I am then able to allow my mind to move in the right direction.


We have seen the dadis use the power of silence, this is why their words are so impactful.  I could say the same words but the dadis with the power of silence were words that touched the heart, the arrows that pierced the heart and we wanted to do whatever it was that they were saying and suggesting.


We saw the power of tolerance, the power of silence in Mama and through that silence her ability to detach from the body so that her face shone like the radiant moon but the body was settling its karma.


When there is sickness normally both the mind and the body both suffer.  The mind is weak, the body is suffering and so there is double pain but in the case of yogis and especially in the case of Mama, Mama would detach and the accounts would be settled.  She would watch as an observer.  The mind was powerful and because of her detachment she was able to catch God’s love and that enabled her to tolerate the pain to an even greater extent.  And so double quick settling of karma without the feeling that I am suffering so much.


Baba and Baba’s drishti and Baba is able to take us beyond with a glance.  My own experience, Baba’s drishti - Baba was able to pull me out of the consciousness of the body and carry me to Paramdham and give me that experience of that connection with God and so it was my new birth through that drishti, and it has been remembered that the vision of the Satguru enables you to go beyond.


The Satguru was able to use the eyes of Brahma Baba and also the eyes of Dadi Gulzar but only because they themselves practised the power of silence.  Detachment from everything and focused on only One.


Today is Sunday.  Today is world meditation hour so a special chance for focus and experimentation for the self but also until we get into the usual pattern of activity, a little bit of space even now to practise through this next period of time to prepare for Rakhshabandhan and Rakhshabandhan is a time for yoga, for bhattis and you will be hearing all the details about that as soon as the guidelines are ready but all good wishes for your experience of the power of silence that transforms me, transforms relationships, transforms the atmosphere and even transforms the planet.


So we have the knowhow and now we have to apply it.


Om shanti





SisterJayanti – Sunday 28th June – from Shantivan Let everyone have a vision of God

1 July 2020

Sister Jayanti – Sunday 28th June, 2020 – from Shantivan:  Let everyone have a vision of God…


Good morning my dear brothers and sisters. In Shantivan we can have classes in the Conference Hall. Even with social distancing 500 can fit in. In Gyan Sarovar class has been continuing in Harmony Hall as numbers are lower without so many sevadharis. In PB Murli is in Meditation Hall. So Murli continues and throughout the world the music of God’s  Murli is being spread everywhere.


A lovely story I heard a long time ago was about how when Krishna played the magic flute the gopis would just drop whatever they were doing and go running to hear the murli. They would dance with Krishna in joy. At one point one of the demons came and took the murli and broke it into pieces and threw them. However, each piece grew wings and continued to play music. So then the music was everywhere! By 1986 a lot of centres had been established throughout the world and of course Baba knew that many more would open and Baba comments on that in today’s Murli. In every home, wherever there is a Brahmin, the magic flute is being played. So the music is being played in different parts of the world throughout a 24 hour period.


The meeting in today’s Murli between the senior dadis and dadas who were celebrating 50 years with Baba (in 1986) reveals the purest, supreme love between them and Baba and the love Baba has for them. An amazing energy of pure, unconditional love.  Baba reminds them that their renunciation was total. They came running to Karachi. Even though there was no gyan at that time, there was love and faith. How did those souls have faith without gyan? Their faith must have been from the last kalpa and seeing Baba triggered that memory. When they came what they were seeing was not an ordinary man. Baba was giving visions. Many of the visions were of Krishna. Even those who didn’t have visions had the feeling of God and of Krishna. Because of this they had very powerful tapasya in which they experienced God’s love and thus they developed relationship. Then when they came out to do service in India, people didn’t see them as ordinary mortals. People saw them as goddesses radiating God’s light and love. That’s why people said Om Mandali had magic. When they gave drishti people saw that they were instruments for God. It was a magic time.


This is also a magical time because we feel we are reaching the end of the kalpa. Not just the last chapter but it feels we are coming very close to the end days. Now only three dadis are left; Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Rattan Mohini and Ishu Dadi. All the rest have become avyakt. Of course Shiv Baba is trikaldarshi but it was very sensible to choose young ones at that time. The dadis we still have were the youngest of the group. Dadi Ishu was just nine when she came to Baba. So even today we have a direct connection with the roots of the Yagya. That feels good… Most of us have taken sustenance from the dadis. Dadi Janki often reminded of the ancestor souls and if you see the roots of a tree they go deep and are all intertwined. The deeper the roots the taller the tree will be and thus, talthough it may get hit by strong winds it will be able to withstand them and remain standing. So I know whatever challenges come to the Yagya, it will all be ok because of our connection. London and Madhuban are deeply connected at the roots because there has been personal connection with the ancestor souls in a very beautiful way. The Yagya will continue – all the Yagyas in different countries… will continue well. Wherever you may be listening Baba has acknowledged you all by mentioning that centres have been established throughout the world. We are all connected on a subtle level.


So the next step Baba is saying is that we all have to come together and have a very deep connection with Baba without any difference between when I am sitting in meditation and when I am doing some work. If we do that, as Baba said, ‘the end will be as the beginning’  - we will be able to give visions of God, visions of light. Before the end can come all souls are going to have a vision of God as a being of light – as source of love, joy, peace and power… So the stage we have to attain now is the stage of being a constant server – no difference between yoga and service. Our breath, thoughts and time – what is every second being used for? If I am not in the stage of being a constant server yet then it is ok as long as I keep the aim. I will then feel Baba’s help and that I am moving to the stage where nothing is wasted. We have the beautiful example of Dadi Janki in front of us who gave  talks, toli and blessings in her sleep! These souls cleaned out their intellects in such a way that only Baba and His jewels remained. Baba has been giving us the same jewels. So now is the time to reach the stage where my yoga and service are one and the same and my own transformation is linked to that – so there is not a separate time for myself and a separate time for service… We have to now go beyond battles and reach a stage where we are engaged continually. A stage where there are nothing but good wishes and pure feelings. This is true service because this type of service automatically reaches out and touches others. Meditation is taking Baba’s love and purity and doing a big clean up. Cleaning up what is my basic weakness. It’s not just a one off spring clean. It needs to be on a daily basis. Would you leave dust lying around? It’s Kaliyug and crazy things are happening in the world. If you read the news for only a few seconds then the dust is accumulating on your consciousness. Share the news with others and the dust increases even more… So then spend a few moments with Baba so that the imprint that remains is not the negative or violent news that you have heard. Remove that dust daily – morning and evening. What is then left in the soul? Pure good feelings – elevated thoughts and feelings for everyone. What are my desires? The treasures Baba has given us have satisfied us on a very deep level and we can enjoy those treasures all the time.


Keep the pure wishes – the pure desire - that everyone should have a vision of God and take benefit from God… So then before the end of the kalpa they renew their eternal connection with God. Even just for a moment… in which they experience peace, love and joy and they know that there is someone up there who is helping, working and carrying everyone towards fulfilment in whatever is their destiny.


Then also pure feelings; keep the pure feelings that everyone in this world is my family. Even if I am having a bit of struggle with someone, keep the awareness that that one is your family, is a deity soul… See them with that light – that vision.


Baba is reminding us that in these moments at the end of the kalpa, this is the service that remains – to have no difference in my yoga and service… both things come together. We serve ourselves and the world at the same time.


Om shanti




Sister Jayanti – Sunday 14 June, 2020 – from Shantivan The murli makes us dance

25 June 2020

Good morning my dear brothers and sisters.  I have been engaged in a few other things for the past couple of Sundays but now I am with you and even though it is international yoga day next Sunday I am sure there will be space to connect with all of you also.


And firstly just to say that upstairs on the mountain there is lovely weather.  The temperature in the mornings is about 20 to 22 Celsius in Gyan Sarovar and the work that is being done for greening the parameter of Nakki Lake and the work that is being done in Janki Park is just fantastic.  A total of 5,000 fruit trees have been planted at the ground level but also across the terrace on the mountain.  There are 500 mango trees, laden with fruit.  They haven’t ripened yet.  The ones in Shantivan have but not the ones on the mountain.


There is amazing variety.  21 different types of fruit trees.  There is a tomato tree, the seed of which came from Singapore.  I have never seen a tomato tree before.  I have seen lots of tomato plants but never a tomato tree.  And this is a full grown tree with lots of tomatoes dangling from it, not yet ready – still very green.


And then on the other side Peace Park.  It was important to go to Peace Park yesterday.  The 40 brothers who have been there have been isolated from the family for a couple of months and so it was very lovely to go there and meet the team there and really the work that is being done in Peace Park is just stunning.  Really beautiful.  So Baba is creating heaven on earth literally.  If you go round Nakki Lake and the gardens there it is a real taste of heaven on Earth and if this is what can happen now even though nature, matter is still tamoguni - just imagine what Satyug will be like.


And it was just lovely to be with the brothers and sisters and the family in Pandav Bhawan.  Baba’s Room and of course Gyan Sarovar and now I am back in Shantivan and lovely to be back here again.  Dadi Ratanmohini read the murli this morning and as you know, Sunday murlis really are the benchmark.  They set the high standards that we need to achieve before the end of the kalpa. Baba constantly encourages us, reminding us of our role.  Baba uplifts us and gives us power and courage so that we can achieve the goals that He has set for us and that we have set for ourselves also.


Today’s murli, and also the murli of a couple of weeks ago because that murli struck a very deep note in my heart so first today’s murli, which you will be hearing in a little while and Baba is speaking about the meeting the Double Foreigners and the love with which they come to Madhuban and 26 January.  The Double Foreigners have been waiting patiently for their turn to meet Baba.  The Parataxis were meeting Baba in the previous meetings so today Baba is giving them their return of the lottery to meet with Baba.  But also Baba is meeting with those who are celebrating their Silver Jubilee, 25 years with Baba and the things that Baba has shared with them and not just for them then, and now of course many of the Brahmin family have gone way past 25, 30, 40, 45 years in gyan and Baba has given a very special reminder to those who have been long term with Baba.


Baba is saying those of you who came at the beginning; and I am putting it now in the context of the beginning of foreign service, you became instruments, you became nimit and those who reach nimit reach a very special level but also they are able to receive special blessings from Baba and gifts from Baba for having been with Baba over a long period of time.  So I think that is a really beautiful reminder for those who have been on the journey for decades and decades and are wondering how much longer.


There was a skit that Shakti Bhawan did in 1991 in the first year of Global House in December for our Christmas party.  I laughed and laughed at that time and I thought that this was a joke because all the Shakti Bhawan sisters were all in their twenties at that time and they had sprinkled talcum powder on their hair to make it look grey,  and they had canes and different people were around, Joy and Sarah and others participating in that fun moment and they were depicting that years and years from now, decades from 1991, all the shaktis had grown old they were carrying canes and their backs were bent and laughing and saying that they thought Vanash was going to come very quickly but it has taken its own sweet time and today it is true.  It has taken its own sweet time because we have taken our own sweet time, but it is beautiful to see many of those shaktis still around and many others, not in Shakti bhawan but in Shanti Bhawan or in their own homes, their family bhawans, all of them so dedicated and with Baba consistently through all the years and so many things have come.  You have had to face a lot, you have had to listen to a lot and you have had the courage to deal with everything and so Baba is acknowledging that and saying that Baba is giving you extra courage, extra help extra support and maybe even He will give you extra marks at the end.  Thank you for that.


But Baba is also reminding us at this moment what is it that we need to do?  I want to mention the things that are happening out there.  Shankar carries the trident, the three pronged fork.  This represents the transformation that is going to happen.  One of the prongs of that trident is natural disasters, which are escalating.  The second is civil war and when you use the word civil war the way Baba has done, I don’t know what this means to you but it is the battle between brothers and it is brothers in the generic sense.  It includes sisters as well – souls, brotherhood on one side but brother fighting against brother and we are witnessing that in countries not far away but right where many of you are sitting.  And the third, of course, the final button and OK, whenever that happens we will deal with it but at this moment what is it that I need to do?


The blessing of today’s murli gives an indication of what we need to do.  Baba says you have been struggling with your own sanskars and you have been involved in the battle of your own sanskars for a long time.  Now, just fill yourself with Baba’s power and be the instruments who can give so that you are able to give co-operation to others, you are able to give support to others.  You are able to give the spiritual power that they need.


And Baba seems to be talking about both the Brahmin family being co-operative, being supportive, and generating that spiritual power but also the world out there. If ever there is a time when we see that the world needs God and God’s children, I think this is the time that we are able to see it.  And so a very clear agenda for what it is that we need to do.


And another interesting comment from Baba.  If you wait for all your sanskars to become the same, when do you think that will happen?  At the end of the cycle?  No that is never going to happen.  Starting right from number 1, number 2.  Baba has commented that Baba’s sanskars and Mama’s sanskars were different and yes, both satopradhan, both karmateet, both avyakt, both – name all the virtues of the golden age, 16 celestial degrees complete.  Baba and Mama both but Baba ready for action instantly now.  Mama soft like the moon, the mother.  Baba the sun, radiating, radiating.  Baba the Ocean and Brahma Baba the master ocean.  So the treasures of the Ocean coming up in every murli.  So many topics that Baba covers.


And on the other side, Mama, one topic.  A powerful river, flowing in one steady direction.  Mama would take up one topic and clarify the whole subject.  Baba, trikaldarshi, the one who could see the three aspects of time.  Bap and Dada together doing that and Mama gently listening and understanding and then being able to give her words of counsel, support and encouragement.


So different roles, different qualities and different sanskars but both working in harmony together, absolute harmony and this is why Vishnu – one head and four arms.  Not going in different directions and so for all of us.  If we are waiting for our sanskars to be the same it is never going to happen – but that is not what the drama is all about.  In the drama, each one with their own role.  Each one with beautiful sanskars in their original pure state of being and that is all that Baba is asking us to do.  Emerge your own satoguni sanskars and learn to be in harmony with each other, recognising each other’s qualities and specialities and the problem arises when out of ego I say “I think this and so all of you have to think like me – not possible.  It really is not possible.  But Baba’s instructions, what is shrimat?    And yes, I know that shrimat addresses the spiritual principles but if we understand and come together on that level of spirituality and the principles of spirituality then your idea, my idea another one’s idea all becomes a dance in which we are all working together, keeping the highest spiritual consciousness in front of us and instructions in front of us.


So under the canopy of shrimat we can dance together.  Different ideas, different sanskars and it is all a beautiful game in the dance.


We forget about shrimat and the highest consciousness that we need to have and then we tread on each other’s toes.  Ouch!  It hurts and it is not so easy.  So Baba has reminded us that sanskars are going to be different


It also reminded me of the situation when, after Mama had left, 1966, I got pulled into that meeting for reasons that only Baba would have known – it was a seminar in which the Dadi’s and the seniors brothers were there and I sat by the doorstep feeling that I shouldn’t be here. But after drishti, Baba asked Didi Manmohini:  What did you discuss?  And Didi’s first point was when Mama was around, Mama visited all the Centres and Mama played a wonderful role.  Brahmins felt enthused.  Everyone felt uplifted, they did a lot of service, public events, high level people came to meet Mama and now since Mama’s departure – it was just a year later – that same level of service has not happened.  Can Baba appoint a second Mama?  (Didi’s question).  And Baba went deep into silence, holding everyone in that silence and Baba saying:  There can never be a second Mama but, yes, each one of you can go around to the other Centres and serve there and give them all your experiences and you will find the same level of interest from Brahmins, from the public and also from high level contacts.


But there cannot be a second Mama.  When Brahma Baba left Shiv Baba said in the first murli, 21 January 1969, which is like the commandments for the army – Baba said, when the father goes no one can take the father’s place.  But the older brothers and sisters come together to look after the family.  When Didi left someone said to Dadiji, Dadi Prakishmani, now you have to play the double role of Didi and Dadi.  From the ghaddi, in Pandav Bhawan in the murli class in the morning, Dadiji said this is the question that I have been asked, and it was a very emotional time as you can imagine, Didi the mother looking after everyone with amazing wisdom.  The manager of the Yagya and Dadi said nobody can take Didi’s place.  I cannot take her place.  Her role was her role and what I can do I will do as Baba’s instrument and play my role.


So my point that no one can take the place of another and no one can compete with another.  It is a fact of the drama, It’s the beauty of the drama, it’s the variety of the drama.  It is the benevolence of the drama.  Each one has their very specific role to play with their own special talents and skills.  The problem comes in when I think I can play the role that someone else is playing and I forget to play the role that I need to play.


So a beautiful reminder today about the different roles and different expectations and the way to dance together in harmony with each other.  And that will bring the final revelation of God.


Another thing that I would like to mention is that Baba often speaks about newness, newness, newness and of course on the one level Baba means the newness of my own stage and have I been able to up further, higher, better than I was a day ago, a month ago, a year ago?   And if there is a steady movement forward and upwards then, yes, I can reach my destination.  If it is sometimes up and sometimes down, ten steps forward, three steps back – I don’t know when I can reach my destination and so I need to keep moving forward so Baba said keep your aim and the reality of your practical life both together.  The aim and the qualities.  And keep matching the two and regularly, in fact I would say every day, remind yourself of the aim.  Baba said from time to time remind yourself of the aim.


So newness in effort, yes, definitely.  Each one of us I am sure wants that and is making effort for that, but newness is service.   January 26, 1986 is the murli.  In India, Republic Day and in the rest of the world it is any other day.


It was the beginning of the international year of peace and Australia sparked a title:  Million Minutes of Peace and a group worked on it together, first in London and then the rest of the world, creating a programme that was completely new.  It was our first international project and especially in the context of partnership with the UN and so many guidelines that we were not even aware of but also zero budget.  We started with zero budget and we still did not have a budget at the end because everything just happened with God’s grace and the plan of drama, and like Baba has said there will be many obstacles and may challenges but Baba will help you navigate your way through that and yes, you will have to have courage and take Baba’s power.


And so from January, the seed had been planted.  I think it was 1 January that that title Million Minutes of Peace had come to us.  I asked Charlie on the phone what does it mean and he said that he had not had time to think it through and so the team got working on it and the idea kept growing and growing.  It was supposed to be just for the UK but 40 countries and Madhuban wanted to pick up on it and then every country where there was a Centre picked up on it and in total 88 countries, so that was 28 countries more than where we had Centres picked up on it finally.  And Baba touched intellects and made things happen and the huge lessons we learned not only about working with the world out there but also working amongst ourselves.


That was the birth of the Regional Co-ordinating Officers and the RC’s group and we enjoyed it so much and found it so highly intoxicating and beneficial that more or less that group has stayed from 1986.  We have had additions come in.  I don’t think we have had any departures.  Dadi is still the head of the RC’s, helping from above but all the other RC’s are still there.  I am talking about the extended group of about 15 of us.  And we still continue to serve in that capacity and more and more have joined and that has been beautiful.


So Baba was talking about newness and Baba was already touching souls and moving things forward.  So many, many new things happened. 7 peace messenger awards and an international one given to Dadiji.  She went to New York to be there and then of course UK also and 5 other countries too.


Not only did we learn about service, we learned about ourselves.  A huge amount of learning and then of course the second international project and then the third.  So it was a time of great newness and the excitement of that period, the joy and the challenges were all shaping us and bringing us together, closer and closer.  And that continues and so a wonderful opportunity for that memory to emerge.


And I would now like to speak about the 18 January 1986 murli that we read about two weeks ago.  I found it extremely insightful.  Mama telling us the secrets of successes about the power of tolerance and the power to merge.  If I say I had to tolerate so much – 50% gone.  But I have tolerated something and I have merged it.  I have accommodated it and it has gone.  And that was Mama’s story.  She didn’t talk about her illness.  She didn’t talk about her challenges.  She just tolerated and merged it and moved forward and looked forward to becoming karmateet.


Dada Vishwa Kishor talking about unbroken faith and also intoxication.  And when I have heard Dadi Janki speak about how he always felt that he was the child of the first emperor and empress, Lakshmi and Narayan, I remembered it from Dadi’s stories and she has often spoken about Dada Vishwa Kishor and how amazing he was and Baba’s right hand and the sort of pressure that came on Brahma Baba as a human after Dada’s departure, but Baba acknowledged it in this murli.  He had the intoxication of being the first prince of the first emperor and empress and it touched me very deeply just to hear Baba say that because I don’t think most of the world new Dada Vishwa Kishore.  The original group and then those who came into connection until 1968 or who were Baba’s children until 1968 new him but that is a tiny proportion and he does not get a mention because his work was not giving classes or being on the stage or the platform.  Totally, totally background work, incognito work.  A silent supporter of the sisters and the yagya.  Always providing whatever was needed.  Baba would give a signal and it would happen.


So it was beautiful hearing from Baba about the role of that soul.


Then Didi talking about holding the hand or giving the hand.  So the Father holding the hand of the child and also I the parent giving the hand of support for Baba’s yagya.  It is a big question for many, how can God be my child and my understanding and experience of it is when I am ready to give my child, the yagya, Baba, everything; that is when I have made Baba my heir.  My time, my energy, my thoughts, and yes, even my money.  When I am absolutely ready to make Baba my child, the yagya my child then I have accepted the responsibility that I can give something to the yagya.  Baba doesn’t need anything but to support the yagya.  As a child I am always receiving, receiving, taking, taking and Baba doesn’t count how much He gives me.


As a parent, you know yourselves, many of you that you cannot count how much time, energy, attention, and money, whatever you give to your child.  You just give and you feel it is your responsibility, not just until they are eighteen or twenty-one but even if they are fifty or sixty and you are eighty, they are still your child.  And so you are still able to give.


And so a very lovely message from Didi and of course Didi was always poking further, going into Baba’s intellect to find out more.  Baba why did you send me away without giving me a chance to take leave?  And Baba:  that is what made you the conqueror of attachment.  A beautiful answer from Baba and the insight I got through all this in that passage of Baba talking about the advance party.


When there has been constant co-operation for Baba and the yagya Baba is bound to give you help and so Baba gives you extra marks to help you become karmateet.  A very beautiful promise and a guarantee from Baba.


So, I love the murlis, I love the avyakt murlis, I love the sakar murlis and the gyan keeps me aware, alert and keeps me dancing and it is good. Sangumyug is beautiful because through the murlis we can reach Baba but through the avyakt murlis we reach all the advance party souls also. Baba gives us amazing insights into what they are doing and how they are doing it and just imagine, they are asking us for our help and the definition of what mansa seva is able to do and if you don’t remember right now, no problem, I won’t take up any of your time now.  I know that you have a very interesting session ahead with the murli also, the hindiwalas with Sudeshben.


So I recommend that you read up again that passage where the advance party has specified what is the role of mansa seva – service through the mind, at this moment.  They spoke about it then and I think it is even more applicable today.


So thank you and lots of love and I am sure we will connect again next week.


Om shanti





Greetings for the day of the Satguru - from Dadi Janki ( 11/6/2020 revised)

12 June 2020

Om shanti.  Good morning.  It is the day of the Satguru.  At amrit vela, it was feeling as though all of Baba’s children were merged in Baba’s love and no one’s name or form was visible. 


Baba is wonderful.  With what words can I tell you?  Baba has made the intellect completely detached.  We are sitting with Baba under the kalpa tree, and then in the cycle, we are sitting at the confluence age and returning home.  In the picture of the ladder, we have sat in the lift and gone up above.  Baba has given us such knowledge and practically made us souls belong to Him.


We are here just for namesake, serving with a smile.  But otherwise, staying with Baba.  It feels so good, and seeing Baba’s seed form, it feels so lovely.  It is just a small light, light, light. Brahma Baba’s form also, though sakar, but now avyakt and incorporeal, and even in that, we don’t see anything but just light. 


My Baba!  Even now, what are You doing, having kept me in this body?  I am seeing as a detached observer, that two weeks in London has become like a dream.


Yesterday, in Baba’s murli, Baba said: Every scene of the drama has become like a dream, but it is a sweet dream.  These dreams are also so good, that even staying in the world of dreams, Baba is making our stage such, that what can I say? 


Sitting in peace, the power of Almighty Authority Baba is working by itself.  I am just enjoying watching every scene as a detached observer, and Baba, You are making us move with Your signals.  Thank you Baba. Thank you.  On the day of the Satguru, I have the fortune of meeting everyone.


Om shanti.





Transcript of Sister Jayanti's Masterclass on Keeping Calm in a Crisis. 1st in 21 Masterclasses in New Consciousness series Interviewed by Philippa Blackham

7 June 2020

Sister Jayanti:  7.6.2020 ONLINE:   Keeping Calm in a Crisis 1st in 21 Masterclasses in New Consciousness series



Click on the above image to view the video


Interviewed by Philippa Blackham


Om Shanti and welcome.  What was your response to spending lockdown at Mount Abu?


The Head of the Brahma Kumaris, Dadi Janki, passed away at the age of 104, on 27th March 2020.  So it was a relief I didn’t have to think about going and travelling anywhere.   I could stay in one place and see how things evolved.  I am grateful I was here for her last period, and then her final rites.  After that it has been a period of settling so I am grateful to have been here.


These are unprecedented times and on top of that you had the death of someone who you had been very close to throughout your life, as a support and mentor.  Did you feel that your practise held up in this double crisis in your life?


Absolutely, If I hadn’t had long years of meditation training it would have been very turbulent with me.  I have managed better than expected.  I have been able to manage myself, emotions and feelings and yet also carry that feeling of her loving presence, now in a subtle form.  I am grateful she left in the period of lockdown, which sounds strange.  But she wanted to leave peacefully, quietly, without fuss.  Knowing who she was as such a giant personality people would have wanted to travel on planes and trains to be there.   Due to lockdown, no one could travel, and she could have her wish fulfilled, with no expense, total simplicity and she could leave quietly with just a few around her.  Also the period after her departure, still being lockdown, has meant that being in one place means there has been time for reflection on the teachings she left us and the inspirations, not just follow her footsteps but to follow the One Above and come closer and closer to that One. This dual crisis has been one in which both events have supported each other…synchonicity.  I am grateful too for staying in one place, as usually I am not, as I travel too much.  I have had a chance to reflect and be with others who have been her close companions and that has been a blessing.  Otherwise I might have been pulled  thinking I was needed somewhere else, but actually the greatest need was to stay here with her close companions.


Dadi Janki and yourself have been promoting this idea that we, humanity, need to change, and this will come about through individuals changing and transforming  their lives.  Even so you must be amazed just how rapidly change has come.  If nothing else this whole episode has proved that change is possible? 


Incredible! I would not have believed that on a Sunday afternoon, from a studio in London, 50,000 people across the globe would join a programme for several hours on wellbeing, as happened a few days ago.  In that I asked if I could speak about God, and the response was ‘why not, this is a time when people need to know about God’.  I think people are now ready for silence and  meditation; ready to understand who is the One Above and what are the steps to connect with The One,  so that they can experience spiritual power and connection.  This has all happened in 6 weeks!  In March we had no idea that in 6 weeks the world would become quiet and still.


There is a huge amount of suffering in the world at the moment.  There is also a huge amount of newness pouring in. People are taking the time to reflect and see how their lives are and make changes in the future and many are saying they want to hold on to some of the changes that are taking place.  What do you see what is going on in the world from a spiritual perspective and  what can we do to anchor this positive change that is coming about.


I think people are more aware of the suffering of others, more so than ever before.  It has opened up a spring of compassion in human hearts.  We see people in all the services giving their time, energy, love, expertise and helping and serving others, even at the expense of their own health in certain situations.  People across the world have been sharing their gratitude to those who are serving in this way on the frontline.   I see there are those who are ready to offer that support and also the ones who are supporting them.  Often we see in times of human crisis the best of human nature.  I am also seeing that within families there is a greater bonding that has happened.   I am hearing also many initiatives with a global outreach, across the world of people coming together, such as Online meditations for the world.  We are becoming aware that whatever I can do as an individual there is of course benefit, but if we can do collectively this energy can multiply and amplify and reach others and give hope for the future.  I see that at this moment of crisis the question of hope is a very important one.  When we have hope for the future, our immunity is boosted, but when we lose hope we succumb to illness and there are dire consequences.  I see that people are aware that prayer and meditation are not only keeping  the vibrations of hope in our hearts, but also we are able to share these with everyone.  We are realising too we are truly a global family.  Something starts in one country and spreads across the whole world.  The virus doesn’t respect any differences or boundaries.  We are truly in it together, in the same boat, and are all responsible for what is happening.  It is not just me alone.  We are also aware of the spiritual bond that links us together as a global family.  We have spoken about a global family, but now we are seeing the reality of that.  I think this is one thing that people will carry from this pandemic.  There has been the realisation we can share a lot together, even when we don’t meet physically: we can share our love through our eyes, our kind actions and our vibrations and feelings.  So we are learning this new language of love and silence.  Also we are realising it is very important to bring God back into the centre of our lives.  With this love, care and compassion that comes from The One Above, then we are able to channel that love, care and compassion so that many others can experience this also.  I hope many more will become aware of this.  Another big lesson has been that we can simplify our needs.  We don’t need so much food or entertainment.  But what we do need is each other and my feeling is that bonding will stay and move more strongly now.  We will remember that it is our families that count the most and the love we can give our families is a very powerful foundation for love within the whole of civilisation.  It is an opportunity for love and compassion to return to our lives.


You have given us so much in that answer for us to think about.  You have talked about the care of frontline workers.  The one word that emerges for me is kindness…we are seeing a pandemic of kindness, and it appears to be opening the heart of humanity in this beautiful and profound way.  The other aspect that is so important is the sense of ‘me and my actions, having a consequence on others’. So I need to wash my hands not just to protect myself but I am thinking of other people and there needs.  I am seeing this experience being repeated across the world and we are coming together as a global family. 


Back to ‘keeping calm in a crisis’.  When do we just keep calm, as a right response as a spiritual and when do we respond to the call for action, to getting involved and doing things, and being out there and active.


It is not so much either, or.  But a question of sequence.  When we walk to a destination we have to put one foot in front of the other and you will surely get to your destination.  So first I have to go within my mind, and stop the fear and confusion in the mind…negative thoughts, of blame and complain.  When I come back to the inner being, that I truly am, that space that is within, I find silence, peace and calm.  Then from this space of calm I understand more clearly what my responsibilities are.  Who am I responsible for….my immediate family and colleagues, but beyond that my community, the globe.  When I understand the sequence of what I need to be doing then I can start to move into action.  If I am anxious, confused, or fearful I cannot even look after myself, let alone my family or beyond.  I don’t have the capacity. Finding calm within allows me to develop my capacity to grow and I can make use of that inner power and the qualities I have and maximise my potential in the best way possible.  Calm is the starting point.  I cannot begin in a state of a whirlwind.  If I am afraid and I speak to my children, spouse etc I will need their support, I cannot give them support.   But if I have stilled my fears by understanding it is not the end of the world, there is still time, if I understand what I need to do.  So instead of generating a sense of fear around me, I am able to stay calm and not be afraid, be positive and approach my family with that awareness.  Then I can spread calm.  If I am afraid I am infecting others with fear.  In a state of calm and deciding what, how and when I need to do, I am sharing this with those around me, through vibrations and that is moving out into the world.  Then others who are like minded begin to do the same.


Can I rewind one step before that…..Many peoples reality right now, is that they are experiencing a situation that has got them to a place the furthest they can be from calm.  I am seeing mental health issues rising and domestic violence going up hugely.  We are seeing what was weak before, breaking apart.  People’s normal distractions are no longer there for them, and they are faced with themselves.    Someone who is living in a small flat, who has lost their job, who maybe has someone at home who is not happy and taking it out on everyone around them.  Can you give us a practical first step we can take, when we feel we have become our problems, and that we cannot get out of the hole that we are in.  What is the first thing to do to get to that place of calm you are talking about?


Yes, I agree and aware of the issues and situations that are arising.  What I simply need to do is ask myself the question:  Who am I?  This may seem philosophical.  But I cannot solve problems on the horizontal level.  I have to find another way to approach this huge crisis.  I need to step up above.  I want to use the term ‘observer’.  We need to bring ourselves out of the situation. Years ago a social worker told me that if she was’ inside’ a situation with a family, she had to bring herself out of the situation and be an observer and look ‘in the window’.   With this detachment she could make more sense of what was going on,  and she was more able to reenter the scene and  help the individuals involved.


My suggestion is to try a little of the same technique.  Physically I am here but what I can do is raise my consciousness up above, and see what is going on across the globe, and in my own family.  From the vantage spot of being up above and seeing what is going on I can see much more what is going on.  Second step….to stay calm and continue that observation.  Third Step…. Can I come back into that situation with the calm I experienced from up above.  So try this experiment.  Step Up above, seeing what is happening, feel calm…bring back this calm into the frame.  Even just a moment of calm will bring a huge amount of energy to bring back into your life of actions.   When we engage with this calm inside, it will allow a different attitude, more meaning and also more laughter at ourselves, and helps others to smile too.


These are practical steps each one of us can take.  This is a time when the usual places people would go to for support, such as places of worship, or theatres, restaurants too, places where we would cheer ourselves up, are all closed.   We are all locked in to our own experience  and this is making many realise the importance of understanding what is going on inside their own mind and that the support we need through these times comes through maintaining and managing our internal world.  This then brings us to the importance of establishing a regular practise that can provide a wealth of feeling and experience that we can draw on at times of need.  Can you say a little about a practice of meditation that helps develop that over time.


You are right.  If today I build up a practice because I need it, but if you continue after the crisis the practice will stand us in good stead.  If we are haphazard with anything we lose the momentum and ability to master whatever skill or game we are learning..  Whether it is cooking , driving, computer skills.  Whether it takes a short or long time.  It is the same thing with our thoughts.  Maybe now is a critical point when maybe many are now taking the opportunity of lockdown to explore and see what is going on within their mind.   We haven’t realised that we are the masters of our thoughts. 


When I come to the understanding of my spiritual identity as a being of light, radiating from within the forehead.  In meditation I remind and remember this.  In the awareness of being the light that I am, although I can see thoughts come to me from here and there, now I can learn to create thought in a beautiful, uplifting, fruitful and noble way.  This is meditation.  I am thinking about the original state and qualities of the soul and I am allowing myself to experience these natural qualities of  love, truth and peace, that lie within.  These are available in every human being.  I just need to practise and sit and reflect and allow this to rise.  Initially it requires this focus.  Let me sit for 5 or 10 mins and as I enjoy I can do this for longer.  Let me be the generator and creator of thought., not just react to life.    If I can learn to do this, this is the practice that will always help me, in crisis and in normal life.  At a time of crisis if I am practising I can help others find solutions to problems.  At a time of calm and peace if I can keep track of my mind, I can uplift myself and  I can move forward fast on the spiritual journey and help others to do the same also.  So we need to continue to do this every day.  Know that meditation is not just emptying the mind, which is very difficult, but is generating pure thoughts about the eternal self.


Yes, this is true as everything can be taken away from us but we will always be left with our thoughts.  They are our constant companions.  The take up for meditation courses during lockdown has expanded from maybe 10 to over a 1000 so many are taking up this opportunity now.  It feels that within this suffering and pandemic and the thoughts that come with that is the emergence of something very new and beautiful.   Some sort of alchemy at work.  A new normal is emerging.  Could you say something about transforming this new experiences into nuggets of gold, and how they can carry us through these difficult times.  In China the word for crisis is the same as for opportunity


It is a good idea to make a list of everything I can be grateful for, on the external level.  Food, roof over my head etc.   And then reflect on the subtle things, such as being surrounded by love.  Although this is a very strange situation that we haven’t been in before there are things to be grateful for and things could be worse.  Even if my worst fears have been realised, and I’m in the deep end of the scenario,  then let me ask the question what am I learning at the moment and what is my anchor at this moment.  To be come aware of these things is very significant.  It is important to understand the meaning.


For example, if I get a flat tyre, how do I respond.  Grateful for it happening in the street, rather than when I am travelling on the motorway at high speed.  When we are grateful we can be positive, loving and kind towards others.  When I am ungrateful and hating what is going on, then things will get worse.  If I allow gratitude and compassion emerge I will be able to do something of value and meaning for myself and for others.  If we carry this with us out of the crisis there will be much benefit.  Now is a transition period. It is a coming together of the highly negative and an awakening of kindness and hope and the feeling of all being in the same boat.  The whole of humanity is on course where we could work cooperatively and together, instead of  getting into conflict with each other.  The next step of evolution needs to be that our goodness comes out and is expressed meaningfully.  The virus has come as the tip of the iceberg, but darkness has been with us for a long time. We have realised how mechanical our lives had become.  Now is the time to see that it is everyone together to cooperate and create a better world for each other.


Crisis, means medically, that critical point when we either get better or decease.  This being a global crisis…What is your prognosis for the global patient?  Is it going to recover and get well or is it going to get worse and die?  How do you see the future unfolding.


What are your thoughts on the prognosis for the global patient….will it recover or is it going to get worse and die?


I see that this is the beginning of a period of great challenge.  I think a few more challenges too, maybe the economic crisis is coming and this may make me stop in my tracks and think about life in a deeper way.  Beyond that I see an awakening, a new understanding and a new consciousness and this is going to be the ‘new norm’.  When our own highest potential is being expressed, the beauty of the human spirit is going to flourish and a new era waiting for us.    So a little time of darkness, to make us change that which isn’t changed yet, and then beyond the dawn, in which the most exquisite qualities of humanity being expressed.


This is a beautiful vision to hold in our thoughts and hearts…and that from this emergency will come a new emergence……Could you now lead us on a meditation to help those who are feeling in a dark place right now, to find calm and cope with the crisis that is going on and a few thoughts to help us experience some of these qualities you have been speaking about.


Sister Jayanti led a meditation commentary.




Dadi Janki's Satguru Day's message shared by Sister Hansa from Madhuban

6 June 2020

Dear Jewels, Greetings of the day of the Satguru.  


Please find attached an earlier message from Dadi Janki, in English and Hindi, and original audio.


With much love

Jasu on behalf of Sister Hansa....


Dadi Janki’s message for the day of the Satguru – 9th June 2016

Om shanti.  Om shanti.  My brothers and sisters, Om shanti.  Today is the day of the Satguru.  So, should I remember the Father in the form of the Father, in the form of the Teacher or in the form of the Satguru?  Our Baba is wonderful.  When I say, “Baba”, I feel He is wonderful.  I am seeing Baba in front of me.


We are so fortunate that Baba is with us, and being detached observers, Baba says: Play your part in such a way that everyone is able to understand that this is the last birth of the 84 births.  Belong to Baba and show the world: What is my Baba like?  Look, Baba is sitting in front and watching everything.  I say “Baba” and Baba says, “Children”.  It is good, is it not?


So many brothers and sisters have come from so many cities to have bhog offered in Madhuban.  It is good when you offer bhog.  You have yoga.  One sister would be the instrument to offer bhog and everyone would have yoga.  All of you are having yoga, are you not?  Baba always says: You need silence to offer bhog to Baba.  Silence is so good, Baba accepts everything and we just sit quietly.  Baba then feeds us.


I am seeing this scene in front of me: Baba is asking me: Should I feed you or will you feed me?  I replied: Baba, I will feed you, and then you can feed me.  This system of Baba is very good.  Thank you.  Om shanti.  Om shanti. 


Dadi Janki's Sat Guru Day's Message in PDF format


Dadi Janki's Sat Guru Day's Message in Audio MP4 format





Baba's Canopy of Protection - Audio Class by Sr Jayanti with the Latin America Family

4 June 2020

Listen here: Baba's Canopy of Protection