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Upcoming Online Events at The Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center – Los Angeles, August

31 July 2020

Online Raja Yoga Meditation – Introductory Course (RY01)

This course is offered Online, 3 Days per Week for Three Weeks

Week 1: August 3, 5 and 7, 2020
Week 2: August 10, 12 and 14, 2020
Week 3: August 17, 19 and 21, 2020

7:45 to 8:45 pm PDT  (Pacific time, west coast)

In this introductory course, we will explore the foundations of Raja Yoga. Journey back into the experience of peace, harmony, and inner power through this unique form of meditation. We will introduce the spiritual identity of the soul and experience how our daily actions and choices influence the main functions of the soul – the mind, intellect, and impressions. We will explore the power of thoughts and how they can bring harmony and build better relationships in our lives. We will also discover methods to understand and connect with the unconditional love of the Source. When we keep ourselves full of this precious gift, we have so much more to give others!
No Prerequisite Required.

Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center Zoom RoomLogin Link: https://zoom.us/j/99768784784
Meeting ID: 997 6878 4784
Password: omshanti
Daily Online Meditation – Mondays through Sundays
6:30 – 7:30 pm PDT  (Pacific time, west coast)
Take a break from your busy day
for silence of the mind through a guided meditation
in a peaceful and relaxing zoom atmosphere.
No experience needed. Simply your time-out and
online presence for the benefit of the heart of the soul.
Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center Zoom RoomLogin Link: https://zoom.us/j/99768784784
Meeting ID: 997 6878 4784
Password: omshanti
Building Stability and Resilience for Uncertain Times

Saturday, August 1, 2020
5:00 – 6:30 pm PDT Workshop
6:30 – 7:30 pm PDT One-Hour Guided Meditation

Presenter of this afternoon’s Insightful Dialogue will be BK Sister Supriya from Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India. Sister Supriya is an experienced facilitator and meditator who holds workshops on personal development and values. She conducts various seminars in the areas of Self-empowerment, Positive Thinking, Stress-Free Living, Anger Management and Mind Management at Universities, Conferences, Temples and Organizations in both the United States of America and India. During her stay in the United States of America for 10 years, Sister Supriya worked as a Software Engineer in major financial and multinational companies, served as a Senior Rajayoga teacher at Brahma Kumaris centers in Boston and Chicago, and coordinated a variety of service activities in the Greater Boston area. Sister Supriya received a Talent Award (Prathibha Puraskar) from the Government of Rajasthan and Silver Medals during her Academic studies in Abu Road. Currently, she is the Chief Editor of Brahma Kumaris Headquarters Daily News and located in Mount Abu, the Headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.
Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center Zoom RoomLogin Link: https://zoom.us/j/99768784784
Meeting ID: 997 6878 4784
Password: omshanti
The Ability to Bend without Breaking

Saturday, August 8, 2020
5:00 – 6:30 pm PDT Workshop
6:30 – 7:30 pm PDT One-Hour Guided Meditation

Many people imagine the perfect life to be one where it is all smooth sailing, a tropical paradise, simple, peaceful, and fun. Unfortunately, that is not the way most of us experience life. Storms come, clouds block the sun, the wind whips us and things turn ugly – it’s just the way it goes. We can’t avoid it, but we can prepare for it. It’s all about having the resilience and flexibility we need to be able to bend without breaking, to weather the storms of life and bounce back. When we are flexible we are able to accommodate and adjust to anything and anyone and maintain well-being.
Presenter of this afternoon’s Insightful Dialogue will be BK Sister Madhavi Patale from Queens, New York, USA. Sister Madhavi has been a student of Raja Yoga for 25+ years and presently is the coordinator of activities for the Brahma Kumaris in Queens, New York.  She holds an MBA in Finance and Human Resource Management. Through her ongoing exploration of universal principles and deep values, Madhavi has developed a deep appreciation of the potential and capacity within the human spirit.
Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center Zoom RoomLogin Link: https://zoom.us/j/99768784784
Meeting ID: 997 6878 4784
Password: omshanti



Rakshabandhan Celebration by Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum, Washington DC

31 July 2020

Washington DC (USA): With Covid cases increasing in some areas in America, the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museum created an ingenious way to share Rakhi (sacred thread of love) by having a Drive-Through Raksha Bhandan.

Hundreds of BK students drove through wearing gloves and masks. They received Rakhi an,d blessing cards with angels on top, to remind them, that despite this hardship, we are capable of being the kindest people.

Food cooked in yoga vibrations were distributed and BK Dr Jenna, Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris in Washington, DC, tied rakki to, and shared love and good wishes with, everyone.



Special film screening tonight @ 7pm

29 July 2020

Peace Village is happy to invite you to this movie screening ......
8 Postures of the Heart
The Greatest Love Story of All, Between the Soul and God

Throughout time, the most urgent search is that of the soul for God. This is a great love story told by eight Raja Yogi storytellers and eight musicians in celebration of UN International Yoga Day.

Join these experienced meditators from around the globe sharing a piece of their story in search of God, in finding God, and in loving God. The virtual screening of this one hour film, 8 Postures of the Heart, will take place on:

Wednesday, July 29
7:00 - 8:30 pm 

After the screening, you will have the wonderful opportunity to meet some of the cast and musicians.
Reserve your seat: Zoom
Watch live on YouTube
Watch live on Facebook
WhatsApp version

Click on the IMAGE of the flier to download.


REPLAYS OF Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum 23rd through 27th July

29 July 2020

27 July - Finding Inner Peace [1:05:07] https://youtu.be/8cui7BoCGKw

26 July - Healing- The Power of Love [1:04:50] https://youtu.be/UTuErYJIlME

25 July - Making Self Care A Priority- Celebrating International Self-Care Day [1:09:30] https://youtu.be/pf_1LVsHtLw

24 July - Being the Master of My Life [1:10:16] https://youtu.be/BYhmnEVcjDA

23 July - Emotional Detox [1:10:16] https://youtu.be/BYhmnEVcjDA

22 July - Assertiveness- The Art of Being with Yourself [1:31:10] https://youtu.be/D6o6MqegA-s

21 July - The Supreme Soul [1:06:14] https://youtu.be/R9miipZew



REPLAYS of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center

29 July 2020

26 July - Daily Murli and Meditation [32:20] https://youtu.be/EyE_sWZ6yKo

26 June - Class by Rukmani Didi (Madhuban) [12:15] https://youtu.be/WUsvPc0l4N8



“Creating Nurturing Spaces for the Self and Others” – Session on Saturdays and Sundays of August with Sr Diane Tillman

28 July 2020

A webinar on “Creating, Nurturing Spaces for the Self and Others” is being organized by BK Diane Tillman. It will be conducted in English with special translation into French, Spanish, and Portuguese languages. The sessions are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays for four weeks beginning August 15.

Beginning from August 15, 2020
4 pm – 6.15 pm EST  (east coast, the Americas)
1 pm – 3.15 pm PST  (west coast, the Americas)
ZOOM LINK Meeting ID: 915 9467 3467

Password: 291433

Kindly go to the following link and register yourself before signing for the August Course:
For Time Zone Conversion, Click Here



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center July 21st through 25th

28 July 2020

25 July - Travelling Beyond with Sister Raj [17:08] https://youtu.be/7blhFFDzqjM

25 July - Power of Contentment as a Gift with Karen Wesolowski [21:44] https://youtu.be/4aYYkEWkxtw

25 July - What you don’t Know About Karma with Dr Prashant Kakoday [13:44] https://youtu.be/_h661gN1flA

25 July - Science of  Happiness with Sister Rona [19:55] https://youtu.be/9b8gQJKmhek

25 July - Powerboost Lunchtime Meditation with Sister Rona [25:39] https://youtu.be/GbO3cOsR3Xo

25 July - Using the Mind to Travel with Br Michael of Poughkeepsie [1:01:32] https://youtu.be/O-d3YGgMVDQ

21 July - Simplicity with Sr Rona [20:04] https://youtu.be/KfW6kfzhANw

21 July - Breath of Peace with Sr Sabita [18:26] https://youtu.be/BZH3c8NNxUg

21 July - Love Yourself with Sr Kamla of Peace Village [18:35] https://youtu.be/GQlRQvXUeEM

21 July - Powerboost Lunchtime Meditation with Sarah Fitzgerald [17:29] https://youtu.be/KFa6QapbzSI

21 July - The Wonder of You with Sister Rona[16:34] https://youtu.be/yXAZmhrjzXc

21 July - The Power Cycle with Sister Kala [18:54] https://youtu.be/aY2movigWTk

21 July - Loving the Self with Sister Rona [19:16] https://youtu.be/yMl5ImDtqJc



Replays of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center from 20th to 24th July

28 July 2020


24 July -  Friday Evening Meditation by Tej [10:31] https://youtu.be/X4HbPna0bWI

23 July -  Positive Thoughts Results in Positive Actions by Meredith [12:00] https://youtu.be/9EIoR6k_ybQ


21 July - “Meditación al atardecer” Redescubriendo mi Valentía by Marjorie [20:35] https://youtu.be/s7RevWUJI5c


20 July - Spiritual Freedom and World Peace Meditation [01:06:01] https://youtu.be/A8iMl3jM43c


20 July - Evening Meditation: Think Right by Dev and Vijai  [19:07] https://youtu.be/xmntJzxuXng




REPLAY - Achieving the Karmateet Stage with Didi Sudesh

28 July 2020

Link to the recording: https://youtu.be/LNXR_pSTWLA  [56:35]


Online Events for August 2020 offered by Brahma Kumaris Learning Center for Peace, Boston

28 July 2020

Click here for the schedule.


Method to Overcome the Situation - An Online Talk by Sr Usha of Madhuban (with English translation)

26 July 2020



“A New Consciousness, A New Life” – Online Event – Saturday July 25

24 July 2020

A New Consciousness, A New Life
Saturday, July 25, 2020
5 – 6:30 PM PDT
(Pacific west coast time) – Workshop
6:30 – 7:30 PM PDT – One-Hour Guided Meditation

Facilitator of the Insightful Dialogue will be BK Anna Doilliani.  Born and educated in Greece, Anna holds a BA in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Athens and is a teacher of Greek Literature, Philosophy and Psychology. Anna’s lifetime search for truth and a higher purpose for human life led her to discover the benefits of meditation in 1987.

Since then, her actual experiences from her personal practice together with her desire to help others has led her to help establish Raja Yoga Meditation centers in Greece and Middle East countries.

Anna is currently the director of the Brahma Kumaris Center in Beirut while she also travels the world offering seminars on education and values, science and spirituality and other areas of human spiritual development, encouraging discussion, meditation and action for changing the self and so the world. Anna’s innate passion is to explore in-depth human consciousness and serve the world by helping bringing out the best in others.

Online Venue: Los Angeles Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Meditation Center
Zoom Room Login Link: https://zoom.us/j/99768784784
Meeting ID: 997 6878 4784
Password: omshanti
If you don’t have a Zoom app, you can download it for free,
either on your computer, laptop, IPad or smartphone,
and then join the collective meditation by entering the meeting invite.
For more information, feel free to contact us via:
323-933-2808 | losangeles@us.brahmakumaris.org

We know you are busy and finding time to meditate isn’t always easy. The moment you open your eyes and know you are awake is a great time to start meditating. Start by greeting yourself, the powerful positive soul you are. And then greet the One who never sleeps.



Panel Discussion on “COVID-19 Pandemic through the lens of self-care and self-growth for Youth” – July 25

24 July 2020

Milpitas ( USA ): The current world situation has had an impact on every aspect of our lives, both in a positive and negative way. It has affected the youngsters tremendously in multiple ways – unable to have a real graduation, missing out on prom, inability to experience the campus life, unable to find internship, resumes being rejected from big companies, social isolation, and insecurities of the future. How can youth cope up with all of these factors and maintain faith for a positive future?

Brahma Kumaris is hosting a panel discussion “Pandemic through the lens of self care and self growth for youth” this coming Saturday, Jul 25th. The panelists are two young adults who will share their issues/learning, a senior Child Psychiatrist (from Stanford and Director of Silicon Valley Psychiatry), and a Rheumatologist. The youth and the doctors will share valuable insights to give many options to young adults on coping with the current situation. There will be time for the audience to ask live questions to the panelists.

Event Details-

Saturday, July 25th at 12 PM PDT

The event is free .

Registration link : https://svbrahmakumaris.org/webinar/



REPLAYS OF Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum, week ending July 19

20 July 2020

20 July - World Peace Meditation Hour [1:22:16] https://youtu.be/OR1H11Rcje

19 July - Mind Over Matter [1:05:50] https://youtu.be/XuaFisJWlmc

18 July - Stress is Our Choice [1:05:50] https://youtu.be/2-jRYNEtlsc

17 July - Love Heals Fear [1:13:02] https://youtu.be/cIQ0YnlUHTA

16 July - Believe and Achieve [1:15:49] https://youtu.be/o3PuFas386Q

15 July - Using Discernment as a Guide [49:35] https://youtu.be/MftVuIl1RpI

14 July - Meditation Monday: The Comparison Game [1:09:39] https://youtu.be/03DQW9C8yM8



REPLAYS of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center, Week ending in July 19

20 July 2020

19 July - Love and Forgiveness by Sister Marianne [01:25:41] https://youtu.be/hxrtsnd6maA

19 July - How to Remove Old Sankars by BK Kamal Bhai [2:09:32] https://youtu.be/KRxZoP1EVDc

18 July - 'Experimenting Different Ways to Give Sakash' by MeeraBen [1:00:45] https://youtu.be/KhmFVeWoi9Y

16 July - Evening Meditation [59:35] https://youtu.be/TJ7YptUGt9M

16 June - Being Light and Easy in Times of Chaos by BK Santiago Navila [2:05:33] https://youtu.be/W4OZz0Ui8lQ



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center July 14 through 18

20 July 2020

18 July - Entrenamiento para la Tranquilidad with Sr Rona [1:00:50] https://youtu.be/TpiT0jpRHxs

18 July - Attention on Truth with Dr Prashant Kakoday of Cambridge, UK [18:02]   https://youtu.be/x-z31hK-l-Q

17 July - Training for Tranquillity with Sr Rona [1:02:57] https://youtu.be/xe26b1jqjUE

16 July - Caring for What is Real and True with Karen Wesolowski [19:24] https://youtu.be/qfjbKe1DMRM

14 July - PowerBoost Meditation with Sr Loes of Surinam, a pediatrician by profession and a Rajayoga meditator for the past 20 years [15:15] https://youtu.be/f1QMSyx6LiQ




Replays of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center July 15 through 19

20 July 2020

18 July -  Refresher Meditation for Calming the Mind by Marianne [09:53] https://youtu.be/SDtejsEv6IY

17 July - Freedom from Negativity by Meredith [07:27] https://youtu.be/faNpyASH0PA

16 July - Evening Meditation with Kathy  [18:42] https://youtu.be/hhxWD3XNHM8

15 July - Vivienda a mi devendra by Amar  [16:24] https://youtu.be/xmntJzxuXng



“Mastering our Feelings and Emotions” – Online Session with Doctors – Every Tuesday

20 July 2020

Sacramento ( USA ):  Let us embark together on the journey to understand, manage, cleanse, heal, and empower our emotions in a simple and effective way with these four eminent speakers:

Dr. Girish Patel, MD; Dr. Swaminathan, MD; Dr. Mohit Gupta, MD, and E.V Girish, MBA, in Coversation with Shvetank Agarwal, MD.

Topic: Mastering our Feelings and Emotions

Every Tuesday from
6 PM – 7:30 PM PST (Pacific Standard Time, USA),
9 PM – 10:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time, USA),
6:30 AM – 8 AM IST (Indian Standard Time)

Join on Zoom – ID: tiny.cc/masteremotions
Password – healthy

Zoom call in: 1-669-900-9128
ID:  381-914-3856#

Facebook Live- www.facebook.com/SacBK

YouTube Live- https://tinyurl.com/meditationlive

Organized by: Brahma Kumaris, Sacramento



Online Meditation courses Hindi and English offered by the Anubhuti Retreat Center

20 July 2020

Click here to download Schedule for the Meditation Courses.



Replays of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center July 5 to 14

14 July 2020

14 July - Donate Peace by Dev & Vijai  [Live on 14 July] https://youtu.be/NZb82H13HkY

10 July - Happiness Always by Tej  [27:20] https://youtu.be/NZb82H13HkY

09 July - Beyond Influence by Meredith [27:11] https://youtu.be/Le0soPNwJwk

08 July - If you keep asking “Why”’, you are going to “Cry” by Craig [19:01] https://youtu.be/nGwP4juGDSM

07 July - Viviendo con Valores en Tiempos de Retos by Marjorie Zurbaran [12:19] https://youtu.be/9xp2BaAiP0c

06 July - Think Right Reshape your Comfort Zone by Dev & Vijai [21:19] https://youtu.be/ZWkCLfX6mQY

05 July - Your Invitation To Online Concert by Lucinda  [00:56] https://youtu.be/V-idji-iBM0

05 July - Online Lucinda Drayton Concert LIVE for Miami  [54:46] https://youtu.be/pqb6tnEPaac



REPLAYS of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center, 5th to 12th July

14 July 2020

12 July - Daily Murli and Meditation by BK Kamal Bhai [04:26] https://youtu.be/oovmhTAzJco

12 July - Hindi Class with Yoga Bhatti by BK Kamal Bhai [1:56:15] https://youtu.be/t0UjESiacNM

07 July - 'Opening My Heart to Baba' Yoga Bhatti  [56:15] https://youtu.be/S-nIAmfcIzU

05 June - Experience sharing of BK Subhash bhai with Seniors (Madhuban) [59:55] https://youtu.be/ZQvZ9C9Sssc



REPLAYS OF Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum from 6 to 13 July

14 July 2020

13 July - Meditation Monday: The Comparison Game [1:09:39] https://youtu.be/03DQW9C8yM8

13 July - Awakening the Soul [1:13:22] https://youtu.be/N2PCNfQOFrE

12 July - Saying ‘No’ is Okay! [1:08:27] https://youtu.be/ACGPW6dWd44

11 July - When EGO Governs Relationships [1:11:20] https://youtu.be/x3YJf16zzyw

10 July - Realize Your Potential [1:08:29] https://youtu.be/5BTLKwZoZzA

09 July - Bouncing Back Stronger [1:14:05] https://youtu.be/2btp9LZaqeA

08 July - How to Check & Change Our Thoughts [1:18:50] https://youtu.be/zLn7ocvMNYw

07 July - Meditation Monday: For Healing and Inner Peace-Part 2 [48:18] https://youtu.be/ivsyPmq9WRw

07 July - Meditation Monday: For Healing and Inner Peace-Part 1 [48:18] https://youtu.be/-0ieLjs3QmE

06 July - Overcoming Anger [1:19:23] https://youtu.be/6SRW-5nd-BY



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center (10th July)

14 July 2020

10 July - Powerboost Lunchtime Meditation: Connecting To Self  [18:19] https://youtu.be/abcVBh6GfYA

10 July - Head In The Sky, Feet On The Ground [15:40] https://youtu.be/llIBBsypry8

10 July - What we don't know about Karma [01:02:12] https://youtu.be/Vb54d6Xuueg



July 12 - Special bhatti for Chandru Didi and REPLAY link of a talk by Br Raju, Madhuban (with English Translation) on Advance Party

13 July 2020

REPLAY LINK of talk: https://youtu.be/CuwHt7lGR1M

Didi Chandru, beloved Area Coordinator for all BK West Coast USA centers, will be undergoing open-heart surgery Monday, July 13th morning at 9:30 am PDT.

Today, July 12 at 5:15 pm Pacific time there will be a special yoga bhatti for Didi Chandru.

This will be followed by a talk at 6:00 pm by Raju bhai from Madhuban on the role of the advance party.
The talk will be in Hindi with English translation provided.

Zoom Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 322 040 6938
Password: 24061965

One tap mobile
+16699009128,,3220406938# US (San Jose)
+13462487799,,3220406938# US (Houston)

Find your local time here:



Online sessions on “How to Make Your Immune System Strong” by BK Hansa (USA) (Hindi)

8 July 2020

Texas ( USA ): BK Dr Hansa shared insights into “How to Make Your Immune System Strong” in Live Stream classes with Brahma Kumaris in Baroda, Gujarat.  It is a two-part class in Hindi with illustrations.

During Dr. Hansa’s 50+ year medical career, 98% of her patients acknowledged experiencing a traumatic life crisis or situation that created severe anger prior to contracting a serious, life-threatening illness.  The good news is that it is in our own hands to reverse the course of serious illness through meditation, diet, exercise, and most importantly learning how to forgive.

 BK Dr Hansa is the Area Coordinator for Brahma Kumaris in Texas, USA.

 Video links below:

Part 1   https://youtu.be/uKt2KhdoNo0

Part 2   https://youtu.be/MK7mKK_o8Do



Free Self Development Online Series: “Become the Master of your Life!” starts July 8

8 July 2020

Cupertino, California ( USA ): This is an invite for a free online self development series, “Become the Master of your Life”. Most of us would agree that we create our own destiny, yet there are times when we feel handicapped that somebody else has the command over our destiny. A feeling of being a victim arises when we think that the reins of our life are in somebody else’s hand. That somebody else could be a person, circumstance, fortune, universe, planet, or God. The blame game starts, and life feels miserable and unfair.

In this series, we will deeply understand the reasons for losing control over life, factors that inhibit and facilitate control over life, and steps to regain control back. We will also use real life examples below to practice the learning of gaining control back over life.

Tough relationship where someone is constantly bossing us around or treating us poorly
Bad health controlling our ability to pursue hobbies and passions
Inner weakness (weak personality traits or habits) have taken over and are preventing me from doing well in life

Date and Timing: A series of four classes starts on Jul 8th (Wed) from 6:30 to 7:30 pm and the next three classes will be on Jul 15, 22, and 29th at the same time.

Registration: Please send an email to jain.meghana@gmail.com for virtually joining this series.

My Personal Experience: Little did I know that I had lost the reins of my life to many things (bad habits, people, situations, etc) and was living an average or below-average life. It's not like my life was miserable, overall I was happy and had everything in life. Yet, many times I felt that life was unfair, or I did not have the free will to do everything I wanted. The gems of knowledge disclosed to me at Brahma Kumaris are steadily freeing me from my own cage. My confidence is growing because it is getting enough oxygen of freedom to choose and live life like I want. I was my best friend sometimes and my worst enemy many times.

Source of the teachings and Raja Yoga Meditation technique: Brahma Kumaris, a non-profit organization.



Zoom Into Peace Village for Retreats, Courses and Meditations July 13 through Aug 15

7 July 2020

Click here to download the schedule with hyperlinks.



Final Daily Meditation for the New Normal with Sister Shireen Chadda: Blissipline

6 July 2020

30 June - Blisscipline [08:52] https://youtu.be/BfO7K-Tyf4E


Tampa, Florida ( USA ):  For the month of June, Brahma Kumaris Tampa presented a great series of insights and meditations to help souls live more contemplatively in this unprecedented time. The “New you for the New Normal” meditation series was designed to support souls as they emerged from their seclusion with the feeling of a new normal settling in. It was run daily for the whole month with topics that inspired conscious and courageous self-transformation. The presenters were: BK Shireen, BK Karen, BK Tara, BK Virali, BK Jaymini, BK Liz and BK Anne O’Hare. It was well attended, particularly during the weeknights.

These meditations are designed for the general public. The 30 meditations which were featured one a day for the month of June took people on a journey from relaxation to self-realization.

New Normal Mediation series: Full Playlist of Meditations

The videos are featured in the “New you for the New Normal” Series and Release your wings YouTube channel.



REPLAYS OF Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum 30 June through 5 July

6 July 2020

05 July - Power to Tolerate [1:09:30] https://youtu.be/bqE-6rSE_LM

03 July - Broken Trust - How to Mend It [1:14:41] https://youtu.be/qfRPieiwPKQ

03 July - The Game of Relationships [1:12:51] https://youtu.be/6rdNJRGC-_c

02 July - Breaking Out of Our Comfort Zones [1:02:47] https://youtu.be/0c6MicHZttY

30 June - Stopping Unnecessary Thoughts [1:09:14] https://youtu.be/7DEjkxJQqc8



REPLAYS of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center 26 June through 3 July

6 July 2020

03 July - Class by Vandanaben (Shantivan)  [01:31:01] https://youtu.be/_BOn1518BJA


03 July - English Murli and Class by Chadrakala Didi  [01:15:16] https://youtu.be/RpgTQdJqEZg


03 July - Language of God Lesson 11 by Sister Elizabeth Haddad  [01:24:34] https://youtu.be/iGUZRIMBEAg


03 July - Anger to Peace Workshop (Part 2) by Sister Sneha  [59:00] https://youtu.be/pckxiFZe9pU


03 July - Anger to Peace Workshop (Part 1) by Sister Sneha  [01:38:35] https://youtu.be/cqe8V19mXgA


03 July - Class by Sushma Didi (Jaipur)  [59:00] https://youtu.be/IxrGZEJCT5s


03 July - Sharing about Mama by Asha Didi (ORC) [1:03:29] https://youtu.be/hi4pSPHsvAI


26 June - Language of God Lesson 9 by Sister Elizabeth Haddad  [1:21:46] https://youtu.be/Sr0lWJjwoXk


26 June - Language of God Lesson 8 by Sister Elizabeth Haddad ([1:21:26] https://youtu.be/dvnLdomb7Jc



REPLAYS of "From Wall Street to Wellness" at the Manhattan Meditation Center, July 2 and 4

6 July 2020

04 July - De Wall Street al Bienestar [01:02:15] https://youtu.be/7TaZ4rSgXHQ

02 July - Wall Street to Wellness [01:02:15] https://youtu.be/4BWydKFmDEI



Replays of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center June 29 to July 4

6 July 2020

04 July – Online Lucinda Drayton Concert LIVE for Miami 4th of July [56:45]


04 July - If you plan on changing... The time is Now  By Craig  [17:55] https://youtu.be/9H48VdBCeYk


03 July - Miami Screening: 8 Postures of the Heart - The greatest story of all between the SOUL and GOD [55:24] https://youtu.be/SQlsZ4hudmQ


03 July - Life's a breeze when we learn to lighten up By Meredith [19:26] https://youtu.be/0KT78Ea5eJI


02 July - The Feeling of Belonging - An interview with Veronica (Waddy) [20:39] https://youtu.be/-SQZQxKBKvY


30 June - THINK RIGHT - The Secret of Inner Beauty with By Dev & Vijai [21:02] https://youtu.be/Iq_WpCHipE8


30 June - Rompiendo el hechizo de mi propia ilusion By Amar [16:51] https://youtu.be/WZd0xLd1bUs


29 June - Teaser: 8 Postures of the Heart - The greatest story of all between the SOUL and GOD [01:56] https://youtu.be/GeabjHE04L8



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - June 2020

3 July 2020



PV Pilgrims: USA Teachers Retreat

June 13-14: Sr. Waddy along with Florida instruments who passed the 1 second drill of waving to the rest of the family. Sr. Waddy also co-facilitated a session on "Service & Relationships" along with Sr. Kala and Sr. Gita.


Sr. Mohini and Avyakti Family Visits Miami Center:


June: It was very special to welcome Sr. Mohini and dear family to Baba's home in Miami as a part of the series Complete Purity: Eternal & Original SelfSr. Mohini had inaugurated the current home 30 years ago and June 5th was also the 35th-anniversary of Baba's center in Miami.


Lovely visit to BK Miami Meditation Center





Fathers Day brings the Family together while social distancing


Click here for full report with photos.




Replays of Recent online Programs at the Los Angeles Meditation Center

30 June 2020

22 June - English Murli Revision by Sister Anjani (New York) [1:09:18] https://youtu.be/wqn8cL-Vw_8

22 June - Hindi Class by Madhuben (ORC, Delhi) [1:16:57] https://youtu.be/4eW8bQggPxw

22 June - Hindi Murli and Class by Pravinaben (Shantivan) [1:09:57] https://youtu.be/oy1l27pJZFE

20 June - Class by BK Shrikanth Bhai, Madhuban SPARC wing (Hindi) [1:38:03] https://youtu.be/wwJItmClpOw

18 June - Cooking with Love with Sr Vino [2:59] https://youtu.be/z2CFFo1gIh8

13 June - English Murli and Experience Sharing by Sr Hussain (ORC-Delhi) [1:20:05] https://youtu.be/i033j49QodI

11 June - 'Invoking The 8 Powers of the Soul' Yoga Bhatti, narrated by Sr Vino [52:50] https://youtu.be/y-Aopswq65M



Replays of Recent programs on Release Your Wings

30 June 2020

29 June - Ocean of Wisdom [10:26] https://youtu.be/Yin5fbH1G20

28 June - Spiritual Magician [13:26] https://youtu.be/m9ON8NHD8eQ

27 June - This Fond Embrace [11:51] https://youtu.be/3qgSAi5KSdY

26 June - Will Power [12:38] https://youtu.be/flsllhWbAjM

25 June - The Art of Letting-go [12:05] https://youtu.be/ZHQAkgGBjCY

24 June - Dial R for Reality  [12:4e] https://youtu.be/NCfB_VgpHKw

23 June - Adaptability  [13:13] https://youtu.be/lMS9VEHQook

22 June - Stop Mind Chatter  [14:21] https://youtu.be/HZe_ga_QWPI



REPLAYS OF Recent Programs at the Meditation Museum

30 June 2020

27 June - Everyday Karma [1:11:33] https://youtu.be/-ff4zy3rS4g

26 June - You Are What You Believe [1:05:10] https://youtu.be/F_kj6ySZUG8

25 June - Humility in Practice [1:14:23] https://youtu.be/aPJPIQGSeXw

24 June - Access Your Inner Wisdom [1:24:02] https://youtu.be/48_OJGKRpJ4

23 June - Living without Complaints [1:12:46] https://youtu.be/eDCqzCTMrSU

22 June - Meditation Monday: Cultivate Abundance [1:08:06] https://youtu.be/dqP1gV4qprc

21 June - World Peace Meditation Hour [1:04:56] https://youtu.be/5V71NeY3ZNQ

21 June - 20 June - Beyond Limits [1:07:13] https://youtu.be/Yr_lIh-rDAU

19 June - Loneliness and Belonging & Special #Juneteenth Segment  [1:19:55] https://youtu.be/VdAuG6AdUJE



REPLAYS of Recent Online Events at the Manhattan Meditation Center

29 June 2020

28 June - Powerboost Meditation - Feeling Great with Sr Anjani [16:20]


28 June - Maintain Inner Stability through Changing Perspective and Attitude with Sister Carmen Palmer [18:12]


27 June - Seeing Through the Lens of Gratitude by Sr. Susan Pollock [17:57]


27 June - Being Part of the Ascending Energy with Br Dev Lingadevaru [2:11]


26 June - Compassion with Sister Mary from Chicago [16:14]


25 June - How Often Do you Scrub Your Soul? with Sister Rona [1:05:23]




REPLAY of Webinar: Choose Stillness Over Illness, Milpitas Center

29 June 2020

Click on above image to play [1:10:53]



Replays of Recent Programs at the Miami Meditation Center

29 June 2020

26 June - Apply what you know - an intergenerational conversation with Srs Kathy and Meeta [25:41] https://youtu.be/z2DXIWCwBTo

25 June - Self Change Inspires World Change with Sr Meredithv[27:10] https://youtu.be/vuwGuQJtS5E

24 June - What's Behind the Masks Interview with Veronica McHugh [20:00] https://youtu.be/zh1ChiMfpRI

23 June - Pasos de Bebe...Pasos de Gigantes with Sr Marjorie [19:23] https://youtu.be/vnsLfISeoBU

22 June - Inner Unity with Brothers Dev and Vijay [21:10] https://youtu.be/IXe3y4l6nBs

21 June: A Fathers Journey: World Peace Meditation [1:23:27] https://youtu.be/NKnpIcHxdjs

Miami, Florida ( USA ):A Father’s Journey” with BK Craig was held on Father’s Day in conjunction with World Peace Meditation and International Yoga Day.  BK Craig teaches both Hatha and Raja Yoga meditation and the program included breathwork and a special appearance by Craig’s 11-year-old daughter, Malaika.

Kathy interviewed Craig on his experience of fatherhood and he shared the most important qualities as told to him by his children: Patience, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, and Trust. It was explored how ‘Not knowing or having closeness to a father’ can cause great pain. Ultimately, it is the knowledge of the One Father that fills the soul with the Love we seek.



“Enhancing Inner Resilience and Immunity through Meditation”REPLAY

29 June 2020

India Foundation of Metropolitan Princeton (IFMP), New Jersey, USA, cordially invites you all to a replay of a Motivational Webinar Open for all on

YOUTUBE https://youtu.be/cA85r4QZink



SPEAKER: Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita, PhD, Senior Rajyoga Teacher, Renowned Management Consultant, Brahma Kumaris Headquarters, Rajasthan, India



RECORDING of “Enhancing Joy in our Family” – Webinar held on June 27

29 June 2020

Maheshwari Mahasabha of North America (MMNA), Canada Chapter, cordially invites you all to watch the replay of a Zoom webinar on the topic “Enhancing Joy in our Family” featuring Rajyogini Dr. BK Sunita Didi, PhD, Senior Rajyoga Teacher from India as speaker

Click on above image to play[1:27:40]



Online- Health and Well Being; Meditation courses Punjabi and English at Anubhuti Retreat Center in California

24 June 2020

Click here to download Online- Health and Well Being; Meditation courses Punjabi and Englishat Anubhuti Retreat Center in California



Living Values Education Newsletter, June 2020

22 June 2020

Click here to download Living Values Education Newsletter, June 2020



Learning to Meditate - 3 day course - Letter for centers and classes

22 June 2020

Dear Instruments for Baba's huge task, Om Shanti

It was Sister Mohini's inspiration to have a 3-day course on learning to meditate as a response to the need of souls at this time. This would be a special gift from the BKs to the general public, especially those  who do not necessarily want to commit to a 7-days foundation course filled with lots of knowledge.

The course has been tried at Baba's Manhattan center and a teachers manual has been developed. During the USA Teachers retreat Sr Kala and Sr Rona introduced it. 

We are planning to organize an orientation through Zoom and make the manual available for those who are interested. Please contact sister Rona at the Manhattan center (manhattan@us.brahmakumaris.org) if you or any of the instruments at your center are interested in getting familiar with the course and want to offer it to the public. All names should be approved and communicated by the CCs. Please communicate your interest by June 25th 2020.

Some info about the course:
 3-session Meditation Course, based on Raja Yoga knowledge 
➢ An experiential course to learn and practice meditation with 4 steps
➢ Explore and experiment with a spiritual perspective of self and of life 

The Meditation Course covers the following aspects of the Raja Yoga knowledge: 
1) soul and approaches to the practice of soul consciousness 
2) the Home of souls and the family of souls 
3) the Supreme Soul 
4) consciousness with which to approach drama 
5) the enemy: Maya and Ravan 

(The faculties of the soul will not be discussed in detail since that is explained in detail in the foundation course, which people can do as a follow-up of this Meditation Course.)  

1) This is not for BK's with no teaching experience. Preferably be an experienced teacher, or at least a new teacher with love for murli,  for yoga, and for experimenting in yoga. 
2) You should be prepared to do live guided meditation commentaries before and during the sessions. Not play pre-recorded commentaries, especially not of others.
3)  The aim is for the course to be experiential which means that the teacher/facilitator has to experience every word she/he speaks, whether explaining or whether guiding a meditation. This requires knowing, understanding and experiencing the depth of the themes yourself and playing/experimenting with this on an ongoing basis. 
4) Attitude of brotherhood and equality. These are your long lost and dearest brothers who have come back to Baba for their right and their inheritance. See everyone with that vision and attitude. 
5)  The teacher/facilitator should be able to make the course appealing to participants from all types of backgrounds. 
Be able to use, as much as possible, universal terminology, imagery, and concepts. Or at least you should be able to use concepts that are suitable for the culture and society you are addressing (this might require getting to know habits, perspectives and behaviors of people from other backgrounds). For example: what is considered respectful in one culture may not be seen like that in another and vice versa.
Another example: instead of stressing the name 'Shiva,' it might be more useful to have participants understand and experience God's nature and qualities, understand and experience a sense of belonging to the Supreme, understand and experience Him as light and the eternal Parent of the soul, to have participants understand what God does and does not do.

Those interested in the manual and a group orientation through Zoom, contact sister Rona and Manhattan@us.brahmakumaris.org before June 25th 2020.

In Baba's loving remembrance,
Manhattan Meditation Center



REPLAY: Riddle of Expectations, Talk by BK Dr Prashant Kakoday on 6th June

22 June 2020

REPLAY LINK: https://youtu.be/E9THBcXi_Rc  [1:06:50]



REPLAY: Awaken Your Inner Wisdom with Sr Jayanti

22 June 2020

REPLAY LINK: https://youtu.be/lk38VBFtdqE  [56:34]



REPLAY: CLEAN THE MIND, GREEN THE EARTH - on World Environment Day (Talk in English) Speaker - BK Supriya (Mount Abu, India)

22 June 2020

REPLAY LINK: https://youtu.be/4gEq6I2l2DU  [1:15:14]



REPLAY: “Sweet Silence” Online Talk by Sister Judi Rich on Saturday, June 20

20 June 2020

REPLAY LINK: https://youtu.be/FTK2qgpJxGQ



Guidelines for Re-opening Centers in the Americas

18 June 2020

The objective of this downloadable document is to provide guidelines for Brahma Kumaris centers so they can safely reactivate face-to-face activities during the current emergency, as long as local government authorities allow it.

The center’s activities will be mostly offered online. The return to face-to-face activities must guarantee the health of students, teachers and general population.


Brahma Kumaris New York Regional Office



Protocols for Opening Brahma Kumaris Centers During Covid19



Welcome to the new series " ORIGINAL DIVINE SELF : A DEITY"

16 June 2020

Dear Brahmin Family,
Om Shanti & Greetings from NY !!!

Welcome to the new series  "ORIGINAL DIVINE SELF : A DEITY"

Avyakti Parivar has invited you to schedule Zoom meeting

Join Zoom Meeting with one click link:


Find your local number: https://brahmakumaris.zoom.us/u/aqiuG8uIq

Click here to download scehdule for the Program

1. Please turn your zoom video on during the zoom session.
2. Please keep camera position with proper angle.
3. Dress code : white

Translation: Translation available in different languages (Hindi ,English , Tamil , French ,Portuguese)
Please find attachment for zoom guideline
1. How to join Audio - Click here
2. How to select or change language Interpretation - Click here

Thank you 
--Avyakti Parivar



REPLAY - How to Be Free - Zoom Webinar with Sister Gayatri on 13th June

15 June 2020

REPLAY: https://youtu.be/i46yQ4mzOc4



Accurate Remembrance Series with Sr Rona Schweitz

15 June 2020

Click on the above image to play (audio only).

The full series can be listened to here:- https://angelofshiva.com/audio/OtherS...

Or on the free Angel of Shiva Mobile App (Android).
Download Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/de...




Online Retreats, Courses and More at Peace Village

10 June 2020

"Please download the full schedule of Online Retreats, Courses and More at Peace Village Over the Summer Months here."



Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - May 2020

5 June 2020

Inviting All Floridians.....


and while this is a gift for Florida, we invite our friends from around the world to participate and hold the intention of global mind change.

Bring Your #Presence and #Passion for these daily #15minute meditations for the month of #June from 8 am EDT

Premiered via #ReleaseYourWings YouTube & FaceBook 


Inviting Floridians for Morning Meditations for the #NewNormal




Tuesday Night Insight Series


Discovering the Sweet Silence Within

This 4 part series took a practical approach, by using the spiritual science of Raja Yoga Meditation to access, experience, and begin to feel comfortable in the sweet silence of our own heart. Sessions included discussion, meditation, practice, feedback, and homework. They were facilitated by Anne O'Hare.


El Poder Interno es el Preludio del Discernimiento

(Inner Power a Prelude to Discernment)


This Spanish class facilitated by Liz Velazquez, helped souls access more of their inner power, innate wisdom and discernment. The session explored the potential of the power within through learning and mediation. This class was offered via Zoom and Liz was joined by souls all over Florida and Latin America......click here for full report with pictures.





Taking Charge of Your Health with Dr. David Hanscom & Sister Jenna

5 June 2020

Dr. David Hanscom joins Sister Jenna to discuss the essence of healing and how we can take control of our health.

Dr. David Hanscom is an orthopedic complex spinal deformity surgeon who quit his practice and is on a mission to re-introduce true healing into medicine. He believes that doctors should spend quality time with their patients so they can listen and understand their situation.

He is the author of Back in Control: A Surgeon’s Roadmap Out of Chronic Pain and his most recent book, Do You Really Need Spine Surgery? Take Control with a Spine Surgeon's Advice. Visit https://backincontrol.com

This program was streamed live on 2nd June. You can watch it here:  https://youtu.be/6K1WKhkWe58



The Power of Eight - Intention Magnifies with Sister Jenna and Lynne McTaggart

5 June 2020

When individuals in a group focus their intention together on a single target, a powerful collective dynamic emerges that can heal longstanding conditions, mend fractured relationships, lower violence, and even rekindle life purpose. But the greatest untold truth of all is that group intention has a mirror effect, not only affecting the recipient but also reflecting back on the senders.

The Power of Eight provides that there is such a thing as a collective consciousness which you can learn to use and unleash the power you hold inside of you to heal your own life and to help others heal.

This program was streamed live on 3rd June. You can watch it here:


Lynne McTaggart, one of the central authorities on the new science and consciousness, is the award-winning author of seven books, including her newest book, The Power of Eight. She is consistently listed as one of the world's 100 most spiritually influential people. As the architect of the Intention Experiments, a web-based 'global laboratory,' Lynne was prominently featured in the plotline of Dan Brown's blockbuster The Lost Symbol.

She is also editorial director of What Doctors Don't Tell You, one of the world's most respected US health magazines which has been awarded Best and Most Popular Website of the year for Health and Wellbeing and was also named Ethical Business of the Year. A highly sought-after public speaker, who has spoken in nearly every continent, Lynne has also appeared in many documentaries, including What the Bleep?! Down the Rabbit Hole, I Am, The Abundance Factor, and The Healing Field. She is a member of both the Transformational Leadership Council and the Evolutionary Leadership Council. Visit https://lynnemctaggart.com



The Eternal You - Meditations for the New Normal

5 June 2020

The Eternal You premieres on 6th June, 5 am EDT: https://youtu.be/CYmnvB98_O8

In this meditation, we will reflect on one of the most important aspects of the soul -- our eternal nature.

The Eternal You is 6th in the series: "Meditations for the New Normal". This series is especially designed for the pivotal times we are living in.

These 15-minute meditations guided by Shireen Chada:
1. Take you on an inner journey
2. Guide you from relaxation to self-realization
3. Help you to bring light to the world In a world where you can be anything – be your true, free self

The meditations will stay on the channel. So, if you are unable to participate at the scheduled meditation times, you can always participate at a time more convenient for you.

Written and Guided by Shireen Chada
Video Edited by Ritu Gopalan

Music Credits:
Intro and Outro -- Arms of Heaven from YouTube by Aakash Gandhi
Meditation – Tratak from YouTube by Jesse Gallagher



“Transformational Resilience” – World Peace Meditation Program

5 June 2020

Miami, Florida ( USA ): Dr. Carissa Caban was interviewed by BK Meredith and BK Kathy for the third Sunday World Peace Meditation program on the topic “Transformational Resilience.

Dr. Caban shared important factors regarding the consequences of disasters and discussed how we can become more resilient in dealing with crises. Dr. Caban is the Medical Director for Behavioral Health at Florida International University and Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, and deeply believes that utilizing meditation and spirituality has been sustaining her work through hope and humility.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/_HVweqgmZ-s [51:56]



Drama and I - Accepting My Part in the Drama with Br Charlie

4 June 2020



BK Meditation Center in Naples (USA) Serves the Local Community

4 June 2020

Naples, Florida ( USA ): The BK Naples center has been supporting the Community mentally, spiritually, and physically during the covid-19.
When they found out that people needed food, they started a campaign to help.

BK Kristina and BK Yolanda packed many bags of nutritious food.

BK Naples Center continues to give Rajayoga classes on zoom. BK Yolanda,  BK Pat, and BK Kristina are conducting Guided Meditations and classes.
Tuning in to the current situation, topics — such as Accepting without resistance, Being Pure Light, Surrender to Freedom, and Connecting to the Real You — are taken up to help improve mental health.

The Center will continue to support the local Community.

Sr. Yolanda from BK Naples facilitating a session on Acceptance without Resistance



Clean the Mind, Green the Earth - World Environment Day

4 June 2020

Brahma Kumaris Dayton Ohio, USA is inviting you to a Zoom webinar
Topic: CLEAN THE MIND, GREEN THE EARTH - on World Environment Day (Talk in En glish)
Speaker - BK Supriya (Mount Abu, India)
Date: ‪Friday, Jun 5, 2020 ‬
‪Time: 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM Eastern Time‬ (US and Canada);   
‪8:00 PM - 9:00 PM IST‬ (India)
Join Online Zoom webinar
Join by link-
Join by phone-
Meeting ID: 939 8053 6270
Password: gogreen



Brahma Kumaris Address World’s Largest Meditation and Prayer Event #MAYDAY

1 June 2020

Washington DC (USA):  Every year on May 21st, a worldwide event brings together people of all beliefs, faiths, and religions to create the largest synchronized meditation in history on #MAYDAY.

World Meditation Day, known as #Mayday, was viewed by 10 million featuring Sadhguru, Ravi Shankar, Tony Robbins, Swami Chidanand Saraswati, BK Sister Jenna, Dr. Michael Beckwith, boxer Mike Tyson, Deepak Chopra, Martin Luther King III, Marianne Williamson, etc., as they share the benefits of Meditation.

It was organized by SION, a team with a vision dedicated to bringing the world together to unite as one, to pause, reflect, reset, and create an ongoing dialogue focusing on healing, empathy, and mindfulness.

The event to meditate, unite and pray included a 10-minute introduction, one hour of speakers and artists, and 20 minutes of meditation .

BK Sister Jenna, Founder and Director of the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Museums in Washington DC, Host of the popular America Meditating Radio,  Spiritual Leader and Author, said, “The value and virtue of peace are so needed now, more than ever before. I am not talking about the peace just being in nature, I am not talking about peace being hunkered down in your homes with the people at home who you may like. I am talking about the kind of peace that comes from a personality and energy in your consciousness that has no limitations. It’s not focused on worry, anxiety, pain, expectation, jealousy, competition, judgment. What if we were to begin to imagine that our original religion of every soul on this planet is peace. And what if we created our thoughts, our words, and our choices based on the religion of peace. How does your life unfold? What will your relationships be like? How would you earn your money? How would you spend your money? How would you take care of your body? I ask you to think of this.

If our original innate soul-spiritual religion is peace, we wouldn’t be in the stage which we are in right now. So, at this particular period of time, the whole idea of rooting everything we think and say and do in peace gives us a very profound opportunity in creating a world that is harmonized. It’s a world in which nature cooperates, it’s a world in which relationships cooperate, it’s a world in which our finances will actually and finally cooperate with us.  Because the energy of peace is at the foundation. So, here is my simple plea: every hour on the hour pause your work, in which our Brahma Kumaris call it as traffic control, go inside and remind yourself that your original religion is peace and feel that. When you come out of that 30 seconds or a minute walk peacefully, communicate peacefully, answer your phone peacefully, go and get a glass of water peacefully. I guarantee you; you will feel the environment, the relationships and everything will shift.

Another technique: as you are walking and moving around, imagine yourself leaving behind the fragrance of peace so that anyone who walks into your atmosphere feels the gift of that benevolent charity of yours. The vibration of peace becomes your gift to humanity.

And last but not least, I invite you to practice the power of stillness in silence. Where there is a deep absence of waste and negative thoughts. After I understood the power of silence 15 years ago, I started to pay more attention to reducing my pattern of thinking thoughts that are useless. Whether there are thoughts about other people, expectations, even expectations about my own destiny. These thoughts are not important, so you see peace and silence are both connected. They are married. And the more at peace you are with yourself the happier you will be in making money, the happier you will be in serving in your relationships, the happier you will be in building your career. But when you get to that sweet spot of silence, you will be in such a place of your being that you will feel the call from the divine to gently respect you on who you are, why you are here.

What I would like to do at this moment with you is to invite you into a moment of silence and observe how all of your answers will come from that place. Let’s take a deep breath and focus on your original religion of peace. Go behind your eyes. Reconnect and remind yourself that the original religion of the soul is peace and become still in silence.

In this practice of silence nurturing your peace, we will heal the planet because all our lives will be healed. Stay safe, be kind, and remember your religion – it’s peace.”